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The secrets of a medium and communication with the deceased

Dec 1, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with medium Siobhan Smith about her work as a medium and what it takes to communicate with the dead. Siobhan shares her insights and the process by which she became aware of her abilities. 12/1/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. There's always stones front man he's just prayers are somewhere between welcome to be on really reading Uma so just because you always know. Go KG each I feel like I'm stuck somewhere in between right now I've got slick and Alex in the interim playing Christmas music people in the chat room talking about the hallmark. Cheesy Christmas movies that are on some Prius that it's not even December well kind of our blog Jackson now it is sentiments and like geez I feel like I'm stuck in Christmas Twilight Zone. I love Christmas don't get me wrong but I'm just arranged. Carolina and get to 23 more days before I run out and get her speech I why do something today when you can wait the last minute and get the sales. Yet. Yeah I guess Greta and that's right justification to actually it's all of those things I'm always like asking to my daughter's face him you know mom once this year and suffer in. I don't know. I prefer to do all my Christmas shopping and December 27 that's the best armor and tell my personal that's why you celebrate December finalized but that's because I think Christmas yeah exactly they welcome to the show everybody we've got a pretty in restaurant one lined up freed tonight a couple of guests know no one is going to be trying to hypnotize us tonight. But we have Cheryl Costa coming on Cheryl is a UFO expert. Author of a book called the in the seats do you UFO sightings Dax desk reference in the chronicled member hurt. It was too which was telling us which was on last time jedi chronicled all the UFO reporting that thing between your back and 202015. Or something around the country by county. Yeah as she actually did it with Rhode Island to an emailed me a bunch of stuff in the past as well and it's it's cool she says she's a two two service military veteran or retired aerospace security engineer. A published whereas middle schools aren't yet very very accomplished person who were excited to have her back on should be our first guest tonight and then. Later we'll have chiffon c'mon chief on Smith she is a medium Ahmad the UK actually and there should be talking about medium ship Powell works how she. Communicate with spirits how everybody can communicate with spirits people that have passed on. The fact that the spirit and the human body to separate things we're not connected to spear can leave the body and lives on after the death of his body so all lump all critical stuff tonight. Under the UK you I'll probably be there and scope martz you that's going to be agree trip to fifth at all what happens when we think it's gonna happen it's gonna happen. Should be should be good to yeah I'm looking forward to ticket into too much and now. And oh yeah it is it'll be good times anyway because I'm don't forget tomorrow night is a best stuff program and then mind you we've got a really really special program coming up. Yes we've got my good friends nick in Katrina and they're going to be coming on and hanging out what's and night time show normal lockdown. And just talking of Ole really getting into the third season it's going to be coming on as well. So and then god bless us am I'm excited to talk to their keys and there's probably share some of his days with. On ghost adventures and in his new show and a lot of people Manassas asking for. Nick come on the program were finally happy that we were able to get it to work. Absolutely so make she'd call and if you get questions for nick or Katrina and it just great people looking forward Evan Mon and Tuesday we got will Hart author and UFO an inch in alien and Agassi here. Discussing his book ancient alien ancestors as recent trip to Japan where he visited amazing ancient sites. And then when is that we've got my good friend Jack Hanna coming on spare more muscular and officer reportedly discussing Jack's new book haunting ghosts and demons which is now available on Amazon.com. So injection great guy known for years just a wonderful investigator look forward to our problem. So I'm sure you heard the report and I'm anxious to talk with Sheryl about this tonight but to they found some odd bacteria on the International Space Station I. I did and I've heard mixed reviews I've heard bunch people talking about it and then I heard some people saying that. It wasn't wasn't accurate sorry I'm open Sheryl actually has some information on. Yet I'm hoping just to enemy interesting to see it Kazaa as you said some people are saying it's could be alien in origin some divorcing it's just Earth's bacteria that gotten contaminated something whatever it's not uncommon so. The B interest in the dish. Oral statement on surviving. That's a story that's what that's really matters now goes to show you things like cancer which. The story that is definitely if I felt just need to find this we do. Don't forget the phone number 8446877669. Would love to have you be part of our discussion and they love to have you when the car Olympia. But he tonight if you can guess the right card I mean weaving on on its two weeks now. It's been you know going on through to resist the idea that you know this is the third third week is actually 52 cards in the deck and Montalban and that the odds are definitely with you. I think tonight's gonna be united and we'll do that later in the program the right on the number 84468776. X nine maturity for that. Yet so and it was would you under the don't I just did a bunch stuff as I always do run and round keeping busy and get ready for the show. Well pay a Chinese man actually had been working on this new invention execute find real interest. Does it do something from certain sleeper known around the cities like state of the art incredible technology you're going to be in my time parent so. An inventor in China has filed paperwork for patent on a plan that he believes console Beijing's smog problem once and for all. I don't have a smog problem because her but I mean Beijing made they have a real name to Medicare they have to Wear masks have the time because again brief campaign said the city's infamous air pollution issue responded vasser and ideas over the years of course palm. Well this is this. To Hong lies concept whose name is so wrong on seems to be one that's very possibly might worked chimp OK Aaron his idea. For his design. All fifteen million residents of Beijing. Would take a fan. And poll all move their fan back and forth night same time you're talking or those fans the fans a sold out yeah handedness. Yet they would do this all the same time in the same direction for one hour. Turn power I mean. According to his calculations the fame and power would create a massive gust of wind which in. Turn would push the smog cloud a distance of about forty miles. So just shows it off into the country or something and just bush is to the next choice is are your problem and can mean it's like when your garbage gets blown over in in in a storm and it ends up your neighbors your stomach problem anymore my neighbors for a rate so that would criticism that he did the math at fifteen million people all waving a fan for an hour yes it's enhanced their fans. That would be provided of course both Chinese golf course here is plans if this plan goes through who would also alert residents via. An emergency broadcast system when there are needed to spring into action. And all those citing him sound so we're pretty other muscles like a warning bell pretty good it's an announcer leaving it exit of the think of it like this when I when I was in Arkansas that time and it was every time tornadoes are common on the in my iPhone to start right concerns alerts and so if they got that they just run to the building open a window to better and just start fanning. Fanning for power. I'm Veronica. In cash and you know they get to work I mean if you get fifteen million people doing at all one Tyson match in fifteen million people always been a fan in the same direction would create some kind of hair movement I don't know if would be enough to clear up the Beijing. Skies or not. But I would say this and a week it's all gonna be back the industry created and I mean this is going to be understand there was where when or if you're if you're just you know trying to fight the oncoming wind is blowing right back and phase isn't. I mean if the if they have storms mean if the storms pushed and pushed Smart doubt. That likely ness of fifteen million people using little hand held fans is there and yes there and a month. You gotta give you got to give him kudos for return equipped with a unique solution to have a major pro all that's a unique solution but I don't know if we can William kudos but. I'm just being generous. The tickets away to. All right well let's just take a break and when we come back we're going to bring our first guest in Cheryl costs will be talking about you a full has been a lot of sightings a lot of need discussions about what's going on in our skies nationals the experts Olbermann and ours are gonna take a quick break more more to come you listen and Jason GVB unrelated radio today. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Or it's. Easy Brady. And jail again our number 8446877669. You're going to want to write that down you may wanna join our conversation or you may wanna. Participate. In the psychic remote viewing experiment that we will continue later in the program at this point it's really become basically about the odds mean atmosphere. Honest here it's experiment mr. William a backward for a the experiment kind of failed as there was an experiment of personalities. After that it's pretty much shot in the dark. Yet any and then and people in the chat room have been I think we've been going back through old programs listening on the web site. And actually marking off the cards have been guest. And because somebody is counting and in some recent lesson it is like six yards and Ayman guessed yet or somebody sent me a link to an idea right at a lower house but. And that are like it went to the I I clicked on it. And it was somebody had listed all the cards that we is that have been chosen so far on the show on a website. Yeah there's some web site and it was just say links I think some recent opinion MS FaceBook but. Yes or somebody so he literally posted all the cards. It had been said so far some movement on under is telling anybody where I was not quite a couple of these said that it. Probably show opened chat. Anyway welcome back to the show or working on getting our first guest Cheryl Costa under the program in the meantime I'll talk a little bit about these booms that are being here are here to listen to me heard. Around the world. You knew you talked about him a few weeks ago and they just keep. Happening and no one can explain. Where these noises are coming from. There are strange and I've I've heard some of the recordings on the men and assure you probably the recordings aren't as well. And it's just I don't well. This is odd. It it and do people reporting them all over the place the most recent reports have come from the Tucson Arizona area near Luke air force base in fact and you know it's a little bit telling them that it's near military facility yet there's something going on with the military facility that he just can't. Big knowledge who knows not even that but you'll they had some a few weeks prior in Colorado and stuff but a special engineered air air and air force base. Dialogue menu with you know one time where we have the one fighter actually break the sound very aura at the end even notice sounded like somebody a little off a stick of dynamite in the parking lot yes and Tressel will sonic boom is quite Lou quite something to behold on mimics a tremendous amount of noise obviously it's what's called bloom tells you conceal. Yet and so I can understand when you near an art airforce base but I mean one year house somewhere else and there's just some weird wants a pop pop out of nowhere. We are working actually degette says an expert on this on the program at some point hopefully we'll have somebody soon to talk about it but the other thing we've we should talk about as we talk about that particular phenomenon as these mysterious. Trumpets too there's these trumpet sounds that appear around the world lot of them indeed have been debunked I mean I've seen some of the debunking on some of these YouTube videos. However there are stone summits Stoller bit puzzling. Well even beyond that you've got that weird home that he movement hearing his own in different locations across across the whole whole world. It's just he's weird homesickness seem to come out of oh come from the ground yeah. Yeah there's a lot of these strange phenomenon going on on many people feel as though this may have something to do was need to be the end of times so of course that's something that people jump to quickly through rapture the rapture. Something that very very spiritual there's a whole bunch of explanations and theories about it and again getting it's an expert on to talk about the stuff because. It is interesting and it can't just be dismissed it's got to be just discussed. Yeah well and had an hour and yet be overlooked in this whole rapture rapture thing. Now we've talked about it a little bit you know I've read some stuff from me to Zito is terrifying when you only use are used to it. But it suggests a and it's also it's far that I have a hard time with a lot of that because we've we've come so far technology lies and everything else. That I would think that. Yes there'd be something at lake wind when Jesus was here it was a time when. It was tough people keeping know expect and and and there was no way to really document a lot of these things. Now I mean you have a million different ways to document that's what you think that somebody would. If if it is true is all true and I'm not saying it's not please don't don't think that but if it was all true and you think that. Come now I mean we can document TA we can prove that there's something different you that you that you have these abilities and impetus that happened you know this is I guess of bill goes to the mystery of faith. And I'm certainly no religion expert but I tell it's always been a puzzler for me as well you know it's just it's one of those things it's can't. Since there's no reason that explanation for. Well and I and I get and I believe I have faith but any wind does it come to a point where. You will you just got to question a lot of a lot of those things I think that's a that's what it comes it comes to that point where you just. Faith is one thing but I mean. It's just there's just so many in so many ways to try to. So look into admin and expressly now. I would just think that it would be a perfect time for something to show it and somebody who we have somebody on the show not too long ago talking about how. The end a day's work coming in the antichrist and all this stuff and he is going to be showing up on TV. Number two entering into this Solis and happened on that hasn't happened a lot of things that them people are projected. Hasn't happened but that isn't in the meg going to and we continue to talk about them and bring the guests on a let them the past their information along and they're bleached long Emily decides. Cancel it so Paris you hear about these this these cattle ranchers and Hawaii that have in this crazy issued on on. You know very well there's this is I guess they're calling it like serial killer buffer cow's milk and and bottom Paris all these cattle ranchers and Hawaii's big island where dealing with. Either a person or group has been killing their cows in and a strange fashion and it's not not the typical way aware that you're you're thinking you know they're being. Dissected Nall avenue relations. But literally somebody appears to be shooting these cows and with a gun and just leaving the bodies behind otherwise untouched. A lot of their answers out there. Pretty aggravated because they're saying that the authorities aren't doing anything try to figure out what's going on. Bada and numerous other victims to the newspaper. The they'd lost cattle similar fashion in the killings going on for almost two to three different years now. So if you if anybody out there and our showed is played over there as well quite a bit. On anybody has any information on this police contacted authorities welcome now it's just that's just yet it's insane it's miserable I mean why her why would you do. I'm disappointed that's for sure no point in that. Are gonna take a break when we come back we'll bring a guest I'm not sure which ones coming number will have one of our two guests on for sure. They'll be talking about one of those two topics. Introduced in the beginning of the joy always a psychic so still. Are you listen Jason and Jamie if you haven't you know all you know it'll get into that we get back are able we'll be back right after. It is beyond reality dating Jason and GP website is beyond really radio dot com C. Book is beyond reality radio when you go to FaceBook stop by both those places check it out blog into the chat room join that that group tech crew in there and have some fun. But everything they're talking about crazy cutesy can be crazy details. Three insightful a lot of fun so the damsel pick that up. We'll also ahead when you go to beyond reality reviewed dot com you can download the free iPhone an injury to operate there and illogical listen lies catch red shows only dolce can join our chat with Syria. From the actual app. Or any time you line you go to the web so you can also click the station tab final decisions we are across the country urged click the listen life tab and like TV says that catcher into the Jeremy GB and I immigrant community people usually hang out. Yes all good stuff so change in programming schedule here usher ocostas Costa will not be able to join a Serena holding your phone conversation. Are for when she can be with us some last minute change in her seductive. I think she may have been abducted them may be the problem let me show us a great stuff to talk about when we bring her back is remembered. It's crucial to be a remembered so we're gonna go to our next guest and as we've been talking about this issue Vonn Shaun as a medium we're going to be talking about medium ship. And all aspects of it how we are all spirits anybody and we're those are two separate things can be detached from one another. How we can communicate with the spirit world and all those sayings let's go to our guests line show my welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. I can I hide tanks and let me speak in. Honolulu. And it's great to have you on an and we appreciate to I guess it's very very early in the morning for you because you're in the UK. May I expect that and I am not quite at least I NT. And yours your ass failure awfully cheerful certainly in. I'm excellent speak in bank with an exciting thing in them yeah. Eight wind I nothing yet let's started learning a little bit more about you started the oldest. Well I mean I. Went out. In new kidney as talent and on and in on honestly creeps me out. A man that was that man used to see him at the top was sent in reply all following points on eight. In my sister among them see it seeing all. Not an act it's he ran on in the house and my sister was in the time when nick Kenya I grow up arsenic that. We natural and the spare and that was how you want to. Now. Land and got out there are important on omelet when you know banging on the ball. A man I can't thank you kind on sat out when we're in house helps a litany. I'm baton. Why ask why. Quite a lot and I. In a phone call while. Went on won't mind me now she paying me. And need to add on and help with all that we knew about it on and on Israel's they're being bought and we would not help dispense only. And people think I thought and on the hunt block out more. Than on Bo don't fall. On me. And it's their former house he was born harmful. And I'm on then that when he and wet B but. It. I'm on the rule. On them. Onions aren't landing an arms that men in the remark ham and being in the warm. On them are men not those lessons having. Seen him Wallace. One. Arm tool which it was 83. Earn him on her do what I read it over but. My doubt that on. The door I'd. Be saying. And what. Then that you're so right and on a sign yeah he does that mean. He was Martin's tedious boring its ruling house my dad was a sneak out house but he wants to clean. The order. I. Had a patent. War and will end and in my principle on a written in that Williams and running in that Mitt and me. And we need entry which way how is it seemed out. Remembrances are getting it in backwards order I it's not right in there. And this is more. We're not when lean insists that on the plane and I am amendment on our bed and stop or the white laying woo that's their act and. The long freaking out west is not that. Eight at appetite IT ID. That's great and it's. Deed on not see cost to sign on ya and Brack is not a nod to find that. My at all. And and then nine needs I. On me when she was talking to me and move on with. Ams Cincinnati its emissions. In winning and I left I love and break the rule on on the game. No he wasn't content in the upper hand he might shall we ran an aunt and Allen and every time Ramadan ends but in the chance and don't stall. And then what he meant and then and not. This was different in their parents and 99 out. Where that that he ran and won it eight. It's quite well and equal. Irons at the important message while they that we wobble spared me. What can think it's all so I went there was I was in that shot. And he likes our meetings in and stepped in with the 08. Is so or preachers and on law and dang he and others like on about. Ups and downs mean each other and it's his. Yeah definitely needs ninth that we can all mean but would not when not not let me he was. Wanting us now and he finally got it out. At all. Oh. Well and you in and you made a good point you largest and second ago where. It's it's common. Just the history view KE SS so much more history and it cost in the United States. And it's it's fun because every time adrenaline there withers and in England or Ireland or any of those places on its. It's all these places are haunted people inquiry said and you see your sort of it. If you don't have a haunted house you're sort of the weird person on the block because of my check him out there and but again glee you guys you get so much in reset were over here in the United States. For almost the time if you had a haunted house your kind of weird person on the block is then it's definitely become accepted to a little over the last ten years. Switching insurance and they give me and aren't well. The only that he I'm not accept not except we let it tastes. Not on when you yacht. On an eight. It was very sick with Kenya. On his with a friend it was quite three what is free eats are not once ounce and an autopsy is sick and that sneaking up. Interestingly and aren't towards she is like. Arm English garden not saying. What she sleep arm ain't one. Thank you so long months it's 18 ones aren't so leaking and I did it in the it's our own mark on Republican. And aren't knows she sleep. Tying run. And it on and on the spot on. Now I am also wants out there. Out and out to them and we need mom's. Side. What is it that's normal. When I mean the month he is now our own stock and anonymous in London on now and then and in an honest opening an on its own about the mountain I speak in eight. And with my aunt and my grand on its cost why. I'm not cheap and they are now it's got a nice up and move on now yeah. Nineteen his. That might found any Irishmen on us on my secret and on went on it. And then he went on spell on you mean once they're on our thanks. And yeah he is the only. And have come out and then I bet. RD and Whitney. Outran. And then also she cannot or not he has been put on. And you are not that I'm wrong. Then but it is narrow both stops me which you're fortunate titans despair while unease. Every month so in Sydney is because that just I can't use the problem knew how is he is content but now or frightened which complainants on oak I was race. With Irish Catholic parents site like you and I am not slide because of lightning. Everything in religion and what people's beliefs are when to show. On what it equally I think it's apps on tops but I in disarmament sake and Ricky hoax. And it's like oh and sport and the adults oh. Are not any more police and Arnaud. It won't Wear purple and you're more tests and read more in April and want to fly. It there in each. He brightens. Ninth. Be laying in Manning. And Asians. All I want to sit in spirit. And rain. She writes I wanna I wanna I would have we have so many things to talk about we've got a good amount of time to do and don't get too far ahead of ourselves. I wanna go back to talking about your experience as a child. On it sounds like you had a very very active home a very very act well and for lack of them for lack of a better word I'll say haunting. ZEU you went through a lot there did you ever document any of that or was that something that date that you never even considered did you get pictures did you get audio recordings. Did you want to use any tools to try to contact. And actually have conversations with the with whomever was that was haunting the house at the time. You know honestly because on about a nanny eighteen cent on top and obviously none and caught my ceased to fight it out now. In an eighth at them. Only those nine lead but let me on it and it was insistence Batman or that and I just loved or is like a tendency to dance. Seeping cleaning should have that cleaning and he was stood at the top she eats its bad sign a card round and round. I was quoted by the normal in just to fly we had unit cents the actress say we didn't and so it because Reid wasn't. Spike while in or out it's great pop in number now that are in a wee bit too soda. Yes this is kind of normal but it was a brilliant nine or eight. Like three. And not in the top. It should be right London and on none out and aren't we are out. I'm black and so it's it's near the top on their acts and becoming all of. Yeah did you ever have a did you have guests are relatives in the homes they didn't live there and undermining chances and expected experience center. I ate out and easy like the evening in the hull house out of why was that was a like all right. Not could see on the finance house to do it's there now. And I would know how to clean up and get ready and each and I don't once in Britain on how to do see the snitch. Yet and we'll talk we'll talk more about that when we come back from the break we got to go into a break here it's beyond reality radio or guest this Yvonne we're talking about her abilities as a medium. We've got a lot more talk about. Absolutely some achieve tune in and phone numbers 8446877669. Ginn told treaty for four. 6877669. Listen Jason G. GMB unrelated renewable back. Classic for sure. Let everybody's joint news they can go to radio stations during the program from the country by the way we appreciate you being part of the beyond reality radio Sam wake. Reading stations all the time we look forward to announcing some more relatively soon we're excited about that. Yes there's going to be a bunch more being added so on that's gonna while we're ready we cover the entire United States and where we are candidate now wellstone. This thanks always keep on adding more more stations and itself because you out they're listening and tuning in every week sung. It is it is absolutely of we thank you all for that so we're talking with chiffon tonight who is a medium and just say you know we will be taking calls for questions we won't be doing readings tonight that's not something we're going to be doing so. If you watch him on the contact the level and that's something you're gonna have to contact her on her FaceBook page. And I do that separately but if you have questions will take your calls I know we have some people on hold with some questions please stand hold 'cause this is a short segments don't have to know. We don't have time to get to the calls Reynosa should Von. I'm before we went to break we are talking about your experiences chiles and and asked you if people who were not family members not related Ormond relatives who stayed with you. Had the same experiences with the haunting that you would be described and I think her answer was yes. Yet they basically were picking up on it. But they didn't have this week so I mean none of 88 we sent spam they hit the like it sent. And it was a nice like a doc and routine and sometimes which Cummings I and it doesn't feel iTunes and I was actually. Meaning it is an easy feat and I meant I mean I messed. Read read back when thank you haven't you haven't had a chance to go back. As an or not. And I happened and I I definitely like Steve that I want Gary and when they still. This has caused this is a relatively it's actually very short segment arrest of a break here in just a minute amendments and I mentioned it as is a lead into this segment. If people wanna contact you because we're not to be doing that on air tonight but if people wanna contact you for your services in some fashion how to they do that dispute that to us before we go to break here. I problems faced at such me on arms. And why it ends Smith and on meet in sad and Dan I find out why not it's an unique eight. Side and it will come up with white box me in Munich. Taints so it's like on me crap at me. And then I did and on on on my formed an entity that can't meet from the Shia that's 380. On equating your rates it. Us reap we were on hand and right now I'm on who wouldn't are. Oh that's awesome that's a that's terrific offer will talk about that emirate talk about more. About what you said the fact that the spirit in the body your two separate things we all have bolts they can be detached from one another another. And people don't either spirit lives on we've got a lot to get into on the other side of the break I want to remind you that tomorrow night is a best of program. And Monday will be bringing nick Graf and Katrina Wideman into the program we're gonna have a great conversation about the show current normal locked down 72 hours locked in a known haunted location. Season three has been announced that be premiering next year in this nation America. Capsule and they're good friends and it's going to be great stalked women Tuesday organ talk to will heart. Author and a ancient alien investigator will be discussing his new book ancient aliens and ancient healing and ancestors. As recent trip to Japan revisited it's amazing ancient sites. No one's they were and we talked to a very close friend Jack cannot. Is colonel my investigator and author on the discussing his new book haunting ghosts and demons. Which is now available on Amazon dot com's machine check that out yeah having had had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio machine like the FaceBook page. Are winner take quick break more to come Kissinger. Those certain skills. Mistakes and. Selfless cause they always Ellison GB Johnson. Great show underway tonight Cheryl Costa was supposed to join aspect it was unable to sowell have Cheryl on later in the on might not this week obviously but we'll get around at some point. Talk about the latest news in UFO sightings. But we are talking with chiffon tonight's Ron as a medium from the UK. We're talking about her skills how she developed them how she uses them and how all people are actually spirits. And human body bolts are separate they can separate from one another you can communicate with spirits if you open yourself up to it. There's a lot of stuff to talk we've only scratch the surface in this conversation tonight so far. Yes and being in the UK mean it's it's a place that has so much history and and the game and so many analysts haunted locations are such a wonderful place to be located in to him to be in this field. Certainly no shortage of those stories and histories and haunting in the UK don't forget tomorrow night as the best stuff program Monday we've got nick Ross and Katrina Weidman coming in. Talking about their show kernel lockdown in a lot of people like that show. Season three will be premiering on decimation America next year a lot of stuff coming up on their show. Hassle in the Tuesday will Hart author Renee ancient alien vesey it will be joining us and them when C Jack cannot Paramount a skater author will be joining us makes you tune in. Larry let's go to our gas line breach of on back in we had to cut her off the last segment has been a short segment which Von. Again thanks for being here and I want a Jew to reiterate what you said going into the break that. You're gonna off for a the first three people the contact you for a reading through your FaceBook page a free reading I think is which he said no and it gives folks one more opportunity. To know what your FaceBook pages so they can reach out here. Yes it's I sets out space. And mine should guns at IE eight in it and I'll see medium and I cannot white box acne in and rights community. And quite very easy and sent like I miss me that's three PO. Conned me I'll cry continual Shalit and on and off then a three rate and that fast 38. That's true that's a great offer thank you for doing that for our listeners let's let's talk about. Is here come the concept that you brought forward when you said that. You know we are all spirits and human body. What do you mean by that if you had a really define it and what does that mean for eternity for four people. Basically it's like we get into account says it now human bought Ebert or if he sees it Sinise is account. And it you can count on it links and and tank. That is how Sperry is basically we're always there and we it was Britain's but it is sites you Tynes and Stan copying and in nineteen and how and stand it will always been and we bought it went in she intending to precocious pop. Equal body length and has there is out late in the that you might need an apples to count on the old beat Al. And hope and on the I was paying around and and my sister actual spot in his mind. In intense and I'll tell was a nation I want the links swearing in summit where world. Aaron. Obviously those that owns bank and why warm. Are in. And that was back in the now I was elect Mena. That she didn't her long black. Oath happened a while and getting back. And I sat out what went to a thing like England is in the let them on. She need her help and sheen's many are brought this up though. While knowing you opt opt. I think it's sunny as brick or in the back off and on and you Mac and eight. If not hit it might in and night defense to answer our sport gate directly on every. Washington's Dana shiny tricks she's not sell. Any apps is on on actual nearing its. He or she needs it as you to be in this or any night Ortiz is as important the bar or on our on our. Current. Obviously there is free will grant went well op. But what she was in the show and rips on and let Smart aunts and this is why she let that orbit on and that's been shown spirits and artwork. Won't she will always a wrap all. So should I should pressure on what you're sister did break before she passed when she visited you her spirit body. You know that happened and that doesn't happen to a lot of people what are the circumstances that allows that to happen verses. The rest of us who have sat with loved ones and not had that same experiences they've passed. Because it is all because MEA's is out right and that's what it is not special not keep its. Under she used to believe I'm extinct because we're okay it's we all have an affect parties camera or how packages we need and wrap it Dick Cheney is just a case have been stunned and we hang on like on about it wrapped up. Because of RE not. And yes I was rights and national law I can't go back and just aren't an idea and just on the whole. Not one to beat ponson on an eating as well because when I was younger or are still cracks and I was in sit on between saint this is a right. Wing night on the rational well. But yet when my name's Nate. And that's why there aren't adding you need it knew what that we need around them down and all of us in our burgers and Jason let them and I. This up on all T Danny's end of saint bench it. So are you are suggesting and I hate to keep interrupting here but anybody have questions based on what you're saying are you suggesting that those hesitations let's say you know. The somebody Narnia two has a lot of what I've had has had a loved one passed recently. And they didn't have the same experience are you suggesting that that spirit may have been visiting but they weren't open enough loose here. And were. It only. And it. Is shining it's such texts and not YE and at Yale study many of us he announcement. She showed me she cement I. When seems on the strain our study sometimes. She is the Sunni. And I walking around in spirit while when it won a shameless I ate a lot regions loud but she was prop one. It's patent on the op not that she was being knee issues top the biggest at Barrett and why more apartment. Thank. In any Arab nation that did it was is that. She made people we thank Dolly. And Stan. And because I had to come on my own organs aren't we are insane and use it in oh. Gary aren't you were on show and they. And that's the state thank you sneaker lies. I mean can't they simple and all. Be simple and not that you law. And some that once you aren't. And just treat it as normal eighteen and they're on and on will be by the bad eight ain't why I kept my hang on. I eat out at me he says is why. Aren't out and act. And then a bank and I teaching. Council and not sit there than it is too. And on and be right I mean who's there and so the link married Asian. OYER. Well let me do the necessary in Europe Q negative it's clear the you can talk about this for a long time and I'm glad because we have a lot but we do have a listener caller who's just got a question about this and I wanted to bring Cameron in Cameron's from Indiana. Been waiting on hold for a long time chairman get a question about. How this all works. Yes. I'm just very curious armed. What is the easy way to be able to communicate with my sister. She. My sister passed away or more Brothers irked that this past year. And I'm just trying to find the weight to how to. Popped. The Belmont and the more you know. Yeah that's that I think dances solution that a lot of people looking for did you get that question so on. So you do it easy I mean spirit. Is eight and hostile so we can speak out. And we met and now we are wet I hope it don't all seeping neat how. Added to each. The easy way on its site in interest in our could be cut it could be a day it could beat the eight like. You tell that. What you want as it should mean to pop and she is that step and she costs ET today. So that. I states. And how many. You will say you sites and I'm showing three. Or very loud and sharing them are right. I'm one more and won three times I beat back at it CC and then you see gang and you see it again I found to ancient. And more what he and Stan last. Shot today and be at the Asian. It can be like not speak seat gain that spirit and it and it carried on ice or mouse now you can fill might use student sink washing and felt some men. So I say he people won Iowa and unite the past come in saint. That's sent out campground. They mounds and this is like that spirit and my keeping watch. Re the utes get it at H and if you tell them because his treatment is knocking because I steal. It's saying and it's eight C you don't have to do these Rick chose people seem to think. Any parent down on the ball a lot like you and I were you. History and despite picking up buying and saying all right art. And each Taliban. That whites and I. Am reading night. At least physical body patrolman I went straight back strong. I am that ace because when it's like Assad by its. On by members and about and lots of lights last past it's it's expect it saying. It asks us a ring we are trying on a reading all you explain them what you want to say. Death in the house and three on the ballot ancient and keep backing. The Malawi wants one tool we get. Gang it's sanctions as loud when it each and real. All right I know every tree and obviously it's. If you have you remember and intent it's sees it is ancient and united are remembering the eight. You can almost sense of smell coldness all of that spirit mean each and it's why you and he went Regis and choke on the maps carrying seat them. Spirit and so now you think our nation is and you are we're in. English and it. Bang on. Nine act. And I'm like and it crops get. It and I shot. Can't help bill yet thanks for the call camera appreciate that show I would ask Cuba because. You're talking about signs and you talk about dumb. Of these these methods of being a of communicating with those that have deceased but you've said you saw your sister is news as solid as a brick ball. That is different different type of communication as everybody. Is everybody capable of having that kind. We can apps and you mock and doing I delete and that is because you have to remember that we spirit human articles the US is people are balking at. Because a rights and all thinking. And that's Conte Conte and it's acute in optical and yet we can't whispered and bought any. And I hit into acknowledges no sense announcing it. Is people are so Asus and it is shocking and you gain or mouth right back. SPI and edit. I know why it's so simple just a the biggest I like it's in coal. Because it in the I I wound up ones like whacking and I got in on. Eight entity still in some sense is still acts announced it signed acts around me. The OC a outs there it's on book on her young got zapped that choice I can eat that. But Aaron you soul away in ninety. And bleaching spirit its boats. And armor are. Well and we and we talk about that often winners that's why children are more prone to cease parents than than adults because the children wide open to a child anything's possible adults. For whatever reason it's it's the minute adults are being told all children are being told by their parents. What's real what's not they start closing off and they they lose the ability to be able to to witness sees things a lot of time your brain. Sort of shuts down and he goes into a defense mechanism and and block your ability to seal these. Are we're talking with Javon and we've got to jump to a break here when we come back we'll continue our conversations don't forget the phone numbers 844687766. It's. Farmers before her 6877669. We're talking which Yvonne get a short segment here before bottom of the hour break. The before we went to the break we were talking about the types of the different types of communication and visitation as you can have. From those who have passed on she on you had an experience actually before your sister passed away. Where she visited you basically telling you that she knew her bare in our shoes in her final hours on did did that bring you comfort. Did did it make you rush to the hospital what happened apple as as that unfolded. Rainy. Right. This solid night it may be strong I mean an ice bats and heads. Out. And in and night meet the man in town and my Brothers and I don't think we need it. And went down and she's at the time except. And then. And he is and now coming little round she's there. Has two games and on and on net. Which is Nazi and is eating out experience is none of my sister and me ounce in the house you tap and it. It's almost like it's in except as well like so when people struggled and sound will. But in any Huck and mini nine but me myself. So ironic that spare on the eve and on Chapman's and we wound and on. All. And so rent on our brand and none of my crop aren't. Not an oral report that he was not Aaron. Saying yeah me how that went on sentences and amp a she might change tricks she's been. Little markets where some of ops and button and that it's not new home. Meanwhile brown it in rates and deep. I get equal on the anchoring novels what we're doing what I mean it's me any. Eight or nine weeks now. Yeah but you end but then again you're never really 100% prepared are you going to lose somebody like him in in two this spear world or whatever but when you lose the physical. Body that being able to actually touch personnel. And yet being able to touch that person and see that person and and so forth and it ditches are really hard hard thing. It's very hot and the singing is anchor at an ounce on its current quite click on who's young and on it in house must is eighteen counts and that sucks so I it was a low grade wit and wiping out. House I was very happy Benny on. You run very nice balancing stick is at the Tommy in and stuff she. That's. Yeah I think we're all reading it it was cool but it's out. And yet has to be we're talking wish Yvonne Smith are gonna to go to our bottom of the hour break here we'll have more bullish run when we come back. Are you listen Jason yeah. Carlin and trying to use your powers. You're skills sensitivities. Or year or your guest introduction of the nicest man in two two name the card that we've been looking at for three weeks now it's playing cards regular 52 card deck. We've had a lot of guesses a lot of people tried we have been anybody get this one yes and honest you know what it is don't yet you're going to. Our guest Shimon. Who is a medium and she's based in UK once again you can find her on FaceBook should minus spelled completely different from any letters that you would expect to be in the main threats from it's a beautiful thing and it's that I've I've totally am I'm totally screwed up with how it felt powered sounds so if you looking for on FaceBook it's SI OBH. A N and it's Smith that is spelled like it sounds on medium on face speaking confined to her and direct contact -- if you wanna reading in. Javon has graciously offered to give the first three people that contact her. And mention beyond reality radio. Free readings the first three peoples thank you for doing that when. When you talk to people and you guide them on how they might be able to make their own communications needed that whether caller Cameron a little bit earlier. On revisit at the types of things they need to do to open themselves because I think a lot of people. Don't really understand what it means to open it open themselves and they sit down they tried to have sometimes communication are assigned from someone that they've lost. And as something still blocks for them so what they need to deal. I think is a simple I am going. I just caught on Angel Michael Eaton went on what he wants a seat at the Italian. And then Michael on McCain's apria. Is out and they called on it you know is right in and then. And you want apps be nothing like an innate. And you sit and you basically equates them. I'm I don't mean we need that extra sense of being you know you envision. I eat well or. Not. You'll want you mean ancient and site I want you on the bank and think oh thank you are well. Obviously those are allowed. We at saint who aren't part of what it is. Artistic and a as well or that when. People find it and I think our and our battery ups the outback. When people see where we are being patent anything at spins around and it's nothing like that man would beat it in oh really it's the key according to action to sit at. It ain't what you to end and speak with us and you want to wait a we. There. It can be a slight cut it spot but the meaning for me. It's like called me. Shop across we stoplight and on and then some codes on her spirit and oh points importance and will sometimes. With them and pay our. Sitting in Mets eight nation bury it. But he still mines and unarmed but they obviously is different and why. Wilson's knees us when it infants and it's so it doesn't want. Is owned by bank by bank of IE or whenever innings three outs lose we're not mean as the ever written and and just and eight and despite down eight. Postman not the right about it right now would be well with a brand. You say you and and now signed a month odds and now I am now. What T so what ends in Amman it is they're into in your pants with the each. You'll beat out rounds us out on. Lying sits down with somebody. Writes down bolts cleaning and it. Asians in. At 90 ya. Then honorable. And just rights or are like no. Date line or down. And then saints of friends. This night cents EA. And then announce stops and mart is making sense so that we're in you know on the Haitian with Sloan let one. What you can write to them. Said that about me and are asking them by constant and when and where is that we've seen that one. Austin the sign read on the outer banks not reading eat this copy may not be in its arms and ancient and should all. It's and I thought what what what like at. 80. I'm not it's the Renault rant and its us and our board. And saying when you rock costs went up one thing. How can you walk. Up on our bench shank. I think what's in court and stands out. I had. Some. Students. In flight I bring need ops I green eat out needs money list on the ground means. Sending out on the night was sent its armaments and then. And your entry my site so that each and as angry as well. That is very real as a saint every tree is H and ran in its new age when it's being so you break up the car and wait. A night in the ring we ain't person's right to patent and we need to be seized greedy. Lying since ounce. After eight days every freaking me you know I date the time on my ring and make sure I leaned back. So Mitch mutation that is Barack 08 and that you are angry. They can Davis and sounds why it's and thank all white or why not eats them. A bit more away. Nine pistons now is ask what's important. We penalty sauce on a red line on not sounds on on that when inspects because obviously in the died and at Aspen and it. And I want you know we we cry for me on the baton. On my success is now it's a talent is. On it in arms and you can experiment. As fund so that. McCain is no idea how that's nine down. And I went and things like on this thing on its. Will I think it's important you said it's it's more Hollywood and TV that makes these things scary and we we talk about that on the on the show all the time. Where and in love a lot of people are very standoffish about the stuff. And it's yeah you're you're not taught me you don't you're not born with the end with the knowledge they ghosts there are scary thing. And that's why children a lot of times don't have problems on the CM but. The fact of the matter is Hollywood and TV. Most of those who shows out of it had anything to do a spirits or ghosts put this terrifying spin on. Apps and they bait and has nothing to Pia you know I every not to say I can tell that he's you see oh. Ounce up or down cents in and I keep posting at spins round and it's an upside down and aunts and explain his own and our hopes is like picking up. Friends and I'm. I see so I brought up my uncle. I and it really is he just needs an edit I just that it's like just keep it simple diet I called right. You know at the most simply Kiki. Easier is not is the best priced in between Israel is currently about eight and get to the nation can't do it she oh. Our team's net at that and how you account on or without heat or Snyder might have beaten by round. She's on we're gonna run out of time here and I'm one of our mascot for a couple of questions gonna move the conversation for the what do that you talk about when you consult with your client's past lives and life contracts what sound. What can you find out from. Do the work you do about somebody's past life. And what is left contract. Cain is weakening the party so we old. In. Its body if if many aren't a lot to remember them off line so you Robb's seat upright comes out all people I think equal. Mean my south are you saying that's taught I need my six and up. It is a young buying what he's saying it at the end the type but he almost taste spot remembering. Unit we respect your body if many nods times and the best way to go with. Like thing is it gang looking deep south this while going into meditation gang back in I may get the in the past or question that's great but at the end like some Gary. You know it's only it's like I know lined up by processor it Jack and a lot at stake this club or cents all. I shot a long lean on. You. Makes. But with a like contract. Ganging it means that brought you may or constituents as it insists it needs Barry this and bought eight. Right next notes on that many on she always come she and staying we'll come back Suu Kyi sentencing. Mean once you know I think aren't satin. Option and they will be if that means aren't they seized by the day sentence on its lot ot. Since a 91 at the end I app I've gone through order in the right date at our. And got the and I icing lights. I've gone through its ninety and retreats and I Trudy and eyes and eat oaks we're net cons and hops it's like I. I get but it gang my contract it's about what you apology. Making its toy so it is only tick next. A month it bring me. It's only went to what you want to come in on this is brat sometimes when spiritual and back in marriage all. It's your own or like Ed Warner is out the continent's. Being. I worked on you know spirits when that night and being. Strict they want to experience compassion. Treat ball. Anything that is only like kicking off like a ya is our armed when they occur and it's like on and then I. She damn sure well one mark sorry one more question as we're gonna run out of time here due spirits helped guide us through daily lives and we're not aware of it. Silly apps and they say you know I'm not sunny. In eight to sleep like the spirits business night in any meets at 988. And I need at least he's not on. You just caught out I'll spare unit ticket idol. Eddie was struck and write downs and white men and eggs and sent. I need you nabbed in Spain and help make albums we can't just get it out and saying that I might not fall and I beg my own I've sent sneak in eight. But out and find out that it needs to assign meeting in that unique needs to stops so it's about. Not spending on when you Russian sneak in just hang. I'm visualizing send out that and I. Mean I Wii two won't get out in. It's like you ringing at army men are. You can still more and more and more on. What they are. And me each and end Aaron. I. Chew on about well it's not cynical answer. Thank you so much Rhonda time it's been a fabulous discussion we appreciate you joining us again or finding you on FaceBook is a little difficult only because your name is not spelled like it sounds the name is spelled SI OB HA and in the last name is Smith. Oh Ireland look on. To hello we look forward avenue on again at some point and it's been wonderful talk and he all right thanks for joining us and she Yvonne we're gonna I take a break here and when we come back we will start taking your phone calls regarding our psyche experiment you can call entity four for. 68776. Or so I don't go when we got. Religious. Should prompt for joining our search her FaceBook he cannot contact to their for reading and to get more information on her FaceBook page yes and now let's get this remote viewing. And we're gonna do this quick we don't have a lot of time so we're gonna go through these rather fast let's go to our first caller this is Ed from Pennsylvania he and we're focusing on this plane card. Tap in our minds what EC. Okay guy he's going to take it would call the Joker. No I'm not it's not but thank you so much and they go to Dorsey in Oakville something I'm not sure where dork he's calling from door to welcome to the show. Thank you I'm kind from all crunch cereal. Okay great thanks for calling in Ari were focused on this card to open our minds what he sees. What. You know would you say what was the first thing you said. Now on our it is time to thank you for calling let's go to. Mrs. part lean in Wichita heartily welcome to the show feature turned to shine right here were focused on this plane card what do you see. I hate the eight. That indictment. Now thanks our radar thank you very much and under and I thank you okay let's go to events say Vance welcome to the show take you time buddy what do you see. I. No it's not mince thank you so much basement or just turn through these OK let's go by the way the numbers 8446877669. If you wanted to join in this particular exercises is our psychic remote viewing experience Moscow to jell O Joseph was calling from Indiana. My Jamaica's brown OK Joseph were focused on this playing cards one of 52 what do you see. The future. To commit independence. Now it is thanks it is not okay we burn through those calls rather quickly so slicks got to do some screening before we can get back on the thought opens that we went fast we did warm believe we didn't want and not have everybody and get a change or who's been nice we've had to do that that's exactly right it's so -- they're you know lined up here again reminder tomorrow night as the best of program Monday night nick Graf and Katrina Wideman will be joining us will be talking about their television show. Paranormal lockdown season three debuts on this nation American next year. And do us a favor if you download the show from iTunes or wherever just rated forests helps push it forward so on makes it easier for but it finals back to follow OK so this is Michelle calling from buffalo listening on our affiliate WBE and Michelle welcome to the program were focused on this plane car. What DC. I mean. Now at all. Thank you though thanks so much Michelle and keep listening in buffalo we appreciate it we love buffalo we've been buffalo bunch times we started I was born and raised like thirty miles from etc. that said he knew considered let's start let's go to this is and I think it's. Surely. Cohen from Ontario is that right. Oh. Well thanks for calling in and we are folks on the card what he got. No it's not thank you so much for calling you know yes this is Chris from Boston. Chris mr. time to shine among local. It. Now know it's not the queen of clubs thank you Chris for calling and continued it is of course you're mr. faster than slick I can screw it I. I tell. Let's go to. Listen this might be the last month we're running out of time here. This is James I'm not show James Cohen from Kansas City hey James. Take your time on this and I think you're going to be the last call tonight were focused on this card what do you see. There. Now known James it's not to thank you so much slick is slick is. One more call here just finished an earnest and so let's. This is Doug and usher where Doug Doug's going from Missouri hey Doug welcome to the show. What you see. I did that the queen of diamonds. Now is not I was nine and I really thought tonight was going to be the nine provided to this is a cigarette makers this place. I don't wanna have to look at this experimental blocked on the start there's literally a mental block from the start you know and and and despite whatever he may think this card this scene cart has been sitting in the same opponent is or weeks mingle backed him there when somebody final legacy you go back and listen all the shows and realize that nobody has said it's this card it's it's mind boggling but what I was saying earlier as if he if you do download the show from iTunes. Do us a favor and just read it for us because it helps push shall forward and we greatly appreciate that makes it easier for people to find and Seattle Lexus or Google home. And so you know he can always listen I tell you can listen to beyond reality radio rate there. Just say Alexa played beyond reality podcaster. You know I'd Google Google OK go will play beyond reality podcasts in the place where is well. So yeah are so another little tip for. So best of tomorrow night have a great weekend everybody and next week will resume with nick Ross and Katrina Wideman talking about paranormal lockdown will Hart will join us talking about you'll foes an ancient aliens. On Tuesday in the your buddy Jack Kennedy joining us and once did you. Yes senator having had head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio animation like FaceBook page I think Monday JV metal to a FaceBook life post really get things cranking sentiment but awesome and everybody have a great night have a great weekend there won't catch shell suits Jason NG BB unrelated radio. And don't know ingredients taste good she's supposed GB Johnson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. It's an old home week you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's stuck my feet in the agency's slow fade getting some peacekeepers will purchase almost all actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be sure to visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.