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The most haunted hotel in America...

Dec 20, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Keith Scales - the tour manager for the 1886 Crescent & 1905 Basin Park Hotels. The Crescent Hotel, as seen on Ghost Hunters, has been the site of intense paranormal activity for many years, and harbors some of the most active spirits many investigators have encountered. 12/20/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. There are. Al West Coast Wednesday and east as you start somewhere between welcome to be on really derailed myself chase analyst the always some cheap. It's a tough forgive me if I left field. What is my voice probably exactly that it's like a very late column on it at a pay my teaching me how you do. You know but I do I told you for the show Jean Philippe can get a sore throat coming on so that's the must be contagious sewer connections you have an enemy. Maybe yes excuse my voice everybody I'm sorry but it is this is actually a lot better than it was yesterday yes he could barely speak I told everybody last night when we're talking and I said you know Jason sic in fact he sounded like when we connected to test before the show we sunlight. Those creatures from Mars attacks remember that I think we can expect well that's sort of sounds horrible movie photos good retail I love that movie actually endeavor but that that's kind of how bad your voice was but it will welcome back in and did have. That music which in the mood a little bit. You know they've been playing the music since late before Thanksgiving yeah I'm so to listen to that side I don't mean that in some stations altar that's all they'll play. It's it's just it's. It's ridiculous yeah they go to the 24 hour music 24/7 oh Christmas music programming thing a lot of stations do that now it seems to be pretty parks and I miss the old. And missed the other Christmas songs were always out there whether it's. What child is this sort of little drummer boy and the more oppositional ones and those are things I haven't heard that I haven't heard this year. At all let's intrusion you say that because they've they've moved towards these secular songs which are more and nonreligious. Non Christmas specific just more winter songs that's in due to more popular stuff. Just I guess none of its sensitivity or just kind of move though who knows who had an I don't know but. And maybe it's a reaction to our guests last night we had just when Andrew and I know you were dying to be part of that conversation. But he Dole's what's scary Christmas stuff and you know it makes Christmas not so bright and cheery FDA you're just pitch. Yeah and Jeff Jeff is just a great guy and I wish I wish I could have gone on but I was at that point I was so doped up arms and I know I mean you use the next day and night time and and you name it and it was just trying to knock myself follow knocked us and someone armament. Yeah well we've got a great show lined up for re ready tonight actually were going to be talking about the crescent hotel. And the basin park hotel key scales is detour manager for both of those hotels. The crescent of course I Joseph your familiar with the is known as the most haunted hotel in America want to stuff going on there are lots of activity. We do a lot of great horsemen are talking about that plus Keith's book. Will be talking about it it's called house of a hundred rooms tales the ghost tour guides do not tell. A bunch events going on in a play that he wrote called not really door which is a supernatural murder play that they performance Cresson much stuff tonight with Keith. Well if it if if it's anything there. It makes you feel better and chat because I mean everybody's talking about my voice tussling apparently tells us embassy overseas Chinese I need to keep this on news news is so if you haven't had to make Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality the only two FaceBook page. Then had to be unreal radio dot com where you can click the station to. Final stations we are on a cross country click the listen libel and you can listen right from the website join me online chat. Or download free iPhone and injury returned from the website as well to listen life expressions and and more on the ego. Have you done all the things you need to do to prepare for Monday which is Christmas. I if I have this is the first time I think I can say that before Christmas Eve. I've covered her I've got to wow I'm impressed that for you and then and then we do easy things to I went around them because my birthday is two days after Christmas. I went on ball my birthday gift to give it to one solution. Tournament are primitive in Nagano and better the ego a good about the way this way we deal with things and it's you know I I think it's one of those things that we've been together for so long. Hum. It's just it's one of those things it's like delightful and Sammy hey I want this for Christmas I want this Christmas we'll talk. And I do the same it's just you know most of my suffer usually tools well why is it to him when I send you notes on this for Christmas and want this Christmas and ever seen anything show up I don't know 'cause I forward attacking me. An achievement that's just that's your voice that well I mean he got a boy where he junior aren't so there's has been some crazy news it's tomorrow. Excuse me and lot of cores news they're attributed aren't so. This this criminal. Sky was breaking into a place and he ended up having to call the cops on himself. Don't want it called the cops on himself or had to or you would have died stock and rich and 01 of these one of these criminal salmon turn them. Criminal Santa Claus guys are exactly I'm. So a suspect in California had called police and himself earlier this week after getting stock in it chimney. According to police Jesse bird rube who's he just 32 is attempting to rob the business and Citrus Heights and Tony could slide into the chimney. Once he tried he found himself stocked with no published in the way to get out on the zone come Subaru. Reportedly was able to move just enough to reach a self went down 911. Responders from the Sacramento fire department arrived at the scene and have you special equipment to get tomorrow. He was removed from the tight space on the injured now faces charges of burglary. Authorities referred to the minister criminals Santo says he doesn't have so he does not seem to have the same skills. I. I just don't I don't understand because if from my experience. Chimp you chimneys are basically impassable I mean there's very few chimneys that are just a straight shot down into like a fireplace and there's there's there flew lose in the way it is actually losers if there's stuff at him and you can't get threat an award burning stove warranty yeah I didn't really can't hit a so I don't get anybody who thinks that's the way to get into. Home other than Santa of course he does a magically. My name is in its not only Cheney's arm big area. You're looking in an area that's that's like 1212 which is why it in about 1010. While but ten inches wide by twelve inches long. So. How on the this is not a not a Smart move not about they're not built like these to be built way back in in in England held there. These monstrous hit areas right. Yeah that makes no sense makes no sense by the way tomorrow night we're going to be talking with the doctor Craig Bauer he is the an author and we'll be talking about his second book it's called unsolved the history and mystery. Of the world's greatest ciphers from. Ancient Egypt to online secret societies and I'm a big fan it is because he was part of the shoulder and watching search search of the zodiac. Right on upon for the sodium one yet knows the History Channel count yet. And it's just it's it's a great show and it's really it's it's unique to see how they're trying to they're trying to break this whole this this code it's just wild steely duel. So yeah I'm and then on Thursday we've got Johnathan gray archaeologists historian and author and lecturer. I'm we're going to be talking to him about warrantless ancient technologies have been discovered season and more so and that will be going and then you have got the best of show of course on Friday in the we're going to be going your Christmas tree yes which I can finally heal thing. Yeah hopes so and so on yeah will be taking up hug and a little bit of time between Christmas New Year's two can recoup and new and it's meant its move our. Stuff done that we haven't done during the course of the rest of the year and and accurate and come back as a new programs beginning of the year absolutely 2018 will be agree here Tucker are the Conrail. Absolutely or take a quick break when we come back we'll bring our guest in key scales again will be joining us by the way jumped on the phone number 844687766. And beyond reality radio Jason Jenkins. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Christmas is but I want one I want to have one of those on one hand. I'm always telling us to be -- -- not a sexy Jason voice Christmas hats on the you have to doing out what is going on which camera and no I mean everybody wants things to sit here and talk to what they want to play music in the background you know like you know some cool jazz you know like Cleary was cease I feel like I feel like I sound like I drank a fifth of vodka and spoke at carton of cigarettes unless you send me. And part one don't know why you know looking at a six and or else no I can't bail you see what anywhere else I want you to sing as sticky issues which is if you remember the friends episode Phoebe got sick and she's singing mother returned to like that raspy voice and she says now. You know what I remember from our from her was dead cat yes nor cats always telecast. Welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio phone numbers 844687. 7669. We're gonna get into a discussion now wind some key scales to talk about the most haunted hotel in America keeps. Welcome to beyond reality re agreed to be on the show tonight. Great year. Now you were the tour manager at the crescent and the base of perk hotels of the before we get into the specifics of those locations to stills and good about yourself. I am okay IE year hippie mansion Tuesday for a gone on to seven years so I think. Have before that I had a career in theaters I think that's pretty much were brought to do its job here at I just I think Lester getting constant and what tournament presentation and start telling. And the them and give my great surprise and never expected to be a ghost you're categorizing people with the colonel really. And although it had a fascination that my life similar to what they did. In mixture and hear what has involved. Where it's the mythology and raised the supernatural. That and let the planet in hand and sent out to become guys. Back and fact I'm very very much in during the work here just let it. And that is that starts after the other night and I get to murderer born and raised in London and that I can't America 125. I have to ask unit or Jason a follow up on this question as well being born. In any word your for that matter but one in specifically their souls its strong tradition of ghosts haunting stories. Hum all that kind of thinks you you must have heard a lot of that stuff is as a kid and young adults. Well yeah and it's. I live in succession if for some different and that's the first time that in fact I think that it was brought up went the idea that. Goes and supernatural and get people are still here it's just a him back to life than it was so they're the questions there. And Indonesia to immediately go truly exist in them you know which is understood that they didn't. And I I think. People thought about landmarks and analyzed them that's what we did today. I am exactly how it happens. Which has some problems that you know the first and ask it and then the organized. We don't we talk about that often we we actually joke about it because the one thing I spent time in England I spent time in Ireland. And the one thing is everybody over there they're. They embrace the except that it's you know and yet you have such history over there and it to have a house that's not haunted seems to be the odd person on the block and it. Silly and that's it has its economy don't ever grossing apps. Exactly and over here in the United States its looked at very differently where and you know and ghost is easily the scary thing and nobody wants in the house. And it and we don't really have history you'll do well there so and it's just an amazing difference when you when you look at. Supernatural paranormal aspect of it from Europe from. The UK over two the United States. And end one and run it's it can show you how far back to tradition goes some. And one. We get people on the posts tourists saying dammit you really believe in ghosts and to hear my usual sort of fairly basic answer is. Would that there's never been a culture. At any point in history or any language. We weren't ghosts were not accepted as as part existence. It's always been talked about and there are everywhere and Matalin here in Africa where I stand America. And. I don't and then just just to touch on that the one thing that seems to. Is it is the whole reason that ghosts are scary thing these days are because of Hollywood movies and in some of the TV. Shows that are out there in vein here there are what bring ghosts into this this negative light then him and makes everybody believes they need to be terrified of these X. Yeah after I'd necessarily agree the end and them. I guess it's unfortunate fact election everybody likes to be frightened without actually being in danger. And so we will look to go to these movies stepped earth and the you know make you joked that he sees her that you know again they are watching one of the I think you're PPP program even on the car must. Until about older terrible danger of these planets in and around that person you know that the whole universe where the two candidates like every. And everybody out there was out to get curse. And to the world interpreted it somehow gonna blow up to this kind of stuff economic. Chasing and spreading fear no apparent reason and one. In Toledo won their it would be more appropriate response to what's out there. Well one of the things we've learned for sure even in paranormal reality television is that progress is that is that fear breeds a readings are ratings and ratings are what it's all about when it comes to TV. Or take a break right now we're on which he scales Keith is detour manager of the 1886 for six crescent hotel in the 1905 basin perk or tell. By the way the website is America's most haunted hotel dot com there's also book house of a hundred rooms tells the ghost tour guides. Do not tell we'll continue our conversation with Keith than just a moment remember the phone number eight. 446877669. If you haven't ME Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like to FaceBook page and had to be unreality radio dot com where you can click on the station tab which lets all stations we are on across the country. You can also download free iPhone and android upgrade their from the website which was listened to show life catch past shows join online chat more. Or join us anytime that we're live just click on the listen live right on the website they'll connect in order chat room GP myself and secret community people now. And you listen rightfully theirs to German make it easy easy as we can measure sexy voice come through chat when you're typing as well can you tell an I'm not have enough chitchat rooms all abuzz about it's like there's something going on there and all right thanks for coming to keep this for so. Aren't so you'll listen Jason GBM beyond reality radio we'll be back. Conversation skills and listening to Jason in his new found dead Barry White imitation voice in check. Analysts turned on the lights and the let's talk a little bit it would be bad turned on the lights and talk about ghosts that's an appropriate thing to do. Yeah I mean nets were powerless spent my time complete and. Exactly so let's bring our guests back in key scales is to tour manager at the 1886 crescent in 1905 basin park hotel's. They've got a lot of stuff going on there they're gonna talk about he's also got a book it's called house of hundred rooms tells the ghost tour guides do not tell. He's also written a play a whole bunch of stuff going and keep again thanks for joining us. Let's let's pick up your story when did you actually start working on and and and managing these tours at the crescent hotel. I'm into about seven years ago restarted the ghost tour guide. And then Adam to carry demanding at a time social stories from the and then he moved on an amendment to get an institution. So it's been little fighting is probably haven't actually managing him and before that and giving it to its. And I pretty much for a couple years. Now what's your opinion of haunted tourism in general. I know that personally I've worked with some hotels. That have found a new revitalization. Or they've been revitalized by there haunted history whereas previously they kind of shunned it they wanted to avoid talking about it thinking it would scare people away but that's not necessarily the case is that. What I did that very question and that it actually really figured antics and the history of the hotel here. The people who own the hotel now mart unleashed Arctic ordered in 1997. And hectic when they bought the hotel the kind of shambles that. Eight determined that they would restore it to the way it looks religion in which is how is now particulates and present itself. Am I Jason knows it's very welcome back in time. Am but what they discovered was they get also inherited a hundred years worth ghost stories emergence sightings. Am and at that time just in 1997. He most hotel would have tracked cover that up. Because they were afraid it would keep people like. By the Linux I think liberated and happy when that man actually hired to medium genetic guys who appeared in the camps program that. Am as chasing grant recorded there in 2000 uptight. Ken and Carol. And those guys went through the eighties their talents to read all the rooms are aware Kerry has always. And came up with some scenarios. Well what day. Believe it happened that sort of checked with the historical. There are reports that have come down at the generations. Decades apart that it seems story. I am and so they started to do most treacherous. One SN if you want Nazis. We had at night manager here who had been here when he would have an acute. Is mother and it's important to work and he looked terrified her place and most of the people in eureka springs which is a little town and visit the bottom of the hill the president of talent top you know. Most of continue to expand imported products like the plate it was just Gucci. Since that thing had happened there but also at this. Very hostile atmosphere Chet. Well when as our manager. Grew up he went landed a few things and came back injury ended up to my manager threatened tell. She's what convinced the place is still extremely active. But no longer hostile. And gentlemen here they are in order resort. Analysts that the reason hostility had gone anger at gun and the and the he had terror factor in the building with mr. watts. Where it because it's. Eighty we're being honest and could it be recognized and talking that's if stories and treating him like are real people they won't work. And shouldn't respect and she felt like they still they're that they would no longer. We cancel. Living beings in beating their space. Apple they coast tourism when I started to direct. Quite frankly I thought it was if it. It's dark well this'll be kissing different companies here. My most of this and beyond something out because it will be something else of people injured it and we haven't seen that at all we've seen a rise. And I traffic well more people come in thousand came here banking. I am. Turn turn of the century. I am and it's like every year or traffic goes up more more people want to come here. I think it's not because of our PR efforts it's just because it's experience since that people have. When they come here and tell each other out. And so am and the other. Fought about the whole thing is that as science is getting more and more sophisticated. And as also ghost hunting equipment is getting more more sophisticated. Am I think the children together. Don't know what he's talking to a panel of investigator war they. Are concentrated and sometimes it's in the like what contempt for the same language. Soul I don't know sometimes a wonderful not much on the verge of a breakthrough. And it. We. Well one thing I will say though is the place the place has it has agreed in a morbid history as well and you know from the the person the person who was there it was claiming they had to cure cancer has all these people were passing away and and and all that stuff but is so there there's been a lot of tragedy at the property but honestly through the whole time we were there and we investigated we never got. The feeling that anything was malicious anything ones. List and there are tuned to do any anybody harm and it was it was agree investigation we have some incredible activity. And no but the place was just it was a wonderful place and just. You know I did a great feeling place even though all that stuff happen. Yeah all of dome the more serious had happened here at the time when the building occupied it from an occupation that it's not as united. I eighty Charlotte and the man claimed he can cure cancer learning actually couldn't. Those stories have been inflated and Wear nice. Came on the sequestered Qaeda found that during an inflated to the planet being totally preposterous. And so I asked the management if I can investigate. And turned trying to Petraeus as the stories and they let me do that and went out to admit that Norman Baker either in a broadcaster. And run loose. Order Boston radio stations you know label of great review just beyond the range of steam the American market speculation to make it wouldn't be latitude on is airwaves. And he declared it is time Q lynching is peculiar. And political opinions and selling what he calls his secret remedy number five which was going to him guaranteed cure for cancer. Well to urban legends about him it develops into outlandish. B movie kind of stops talking about him. Chopping up bodies and hiding in the walls from hitting the incinerator and all that well and none of that picture that's. You don't know diddley never had and we had never knew that users. Oh well I'm I'm prepared I think it's sort of exploded on the Internet and just got more more out of hand. At the am I think the real story about a guy in each respectable enough about. There are making an adopt Frankenstein he was an awful man. We made himself equipment 65 million dollars of other people's distress and promising people acutely. Obviously that nobody. And so it yet it was our time and that's a time when most are power. Spirits. I'm from China from that they took a couple of years when he built the place separate sick and dying people. So our top story. Keith Keith wind. And at various times this hotel has been closed for. Three or four years at a time I think. Just before they bought it. Hotel had changed and several times and being remodeled several times. And I've done that's what standard question about that. Yeah actually when it's. Careful Norman Baker came and the doctors he also had some security has. While decoration and she took this absolutely beautiful building and contribute and garish electric honorable. And humble caller hasn't. As yeah it's fetish for the color purple and cheap tangible large parts of it including pitcher gets chimney stacks which it will appear here paid an animal bright purple. The purple chimney stack for the only remnant of his decorating ideas. You can still see those today than normal but it's a purple. I'm that and Wendy Linux came in they did indeed. Import I think something like six million dollars into the wiping out all the history and or baker. And and I don't want to do that time and not that it used to be hundred remote south. And now I think in 82 and a little bit and headed back to locker room. And made sport to suites circumstances now that if you rooms. That path it is it very very much like what Imus when we're stressed built in eighteen basics. And it's an absolutely beautiful and striking. Leave beautiful building give us a sense describe for us though the surroundings and how someone would approach the building what they would seek. Well we are fortified my residence which backs from civilization. I restrict future course. Tasks that sound of the ridge springs and there is. Yeah next to our basic features here is that the village itself. And then I won't ski hill one road in and one road out. And at the top of the mountain. It's the crescent hotel and when you first look at it like what what is that why it's there it's it's it's still a huge. Blocks of limestone. And it sits on a limestone mountains. And it lists erected by two families of Irish stone masons in what they called it terrific starts that little mortar holding it together to ballots. There but it's and I am so it looks like a fortress. And it commander 360 do you greet you in all directions. And when you look to the horizon in any direction pretty much what you see is first. Well it's like this that are castle in the woods. Our independent UT the year. Magnificent building comes from its bulk I think it's just these huge stones in this gigantic. I was a monolith who are worth. Getting up on top of the mountain it's it's similar it's remarkable and it's completely unexpected and it's. And test and so it was so the style is what they might pull American gothic. It was actually built by the architecture built a lot of the just buildings. Yeah very tragic stabbings and sent list that debt architect also worked on civilians or the world here. And an aunt came on super extensible architecture. In the western billions and I think that that's what you see influence shops in fact fairy tale castle. Who is not like I didn't try it. It's much much more solid and it's much more archaic. And then anything like that it's not a party colored thing is it just says it's ancient atmosphere. Yeah it's absolutely gorgeous and we're gonna go to break when we come back we're gonna talk more about that the history and the stories that paranormal activity that's been. Witness there. We're talking with Keith scale sees the torn manager of the 1886 crescent hotel. Also in the ninth unifies a basin park hotel B website is America's most haunted hotel dot com. And the phone numbers 84468776. X nine dental free 8446877669. Loosened Jason TV and be on. This show it's beyond reality created tonight talking about. And sir. The most haunted hotel in America we're talking about the 1886 crescent hotel. With the tore manager their keys scales and Keith we've got come about four minutes in this segment were less than that. And I know that's probably not enough time. We have touched on the history of the hotel little bit but what that you take respect to when it was built kind of walk through baucus through its uses over the course of the years. And give us gives some foundation is to that what this building was all about. Well it's originally them they'll split the first governor of Arkansas have to turn reconstruction after the and the civil war and Mittal Clayton. And at the time it Weinstein. Most Nancy cultural west of the Mississippi. It has been issued ballroom and the stable for a hundred courses in. It's an orchestra and swimming pool tennis courts and bowling alleys. I am and it was for planetary except for the very very lucky people and they actually didn't really make it regulation stating that different Apollo acquaintance. And I think a lot of movers and shakers of the time and decide what happened. With the territory at northwest Arkansas. Afro American decisions behind closed doors so cigars and in the present itself. And then. From mentioned principal student from accumulate and it's pitiful it Serbs secured the school year as conservatory for young women. And again at long story short period of time. Citing. It was filled with 88 students from remote if it's from. Don't have that oil boom at that time. And the local sage and girls went there. And to Iraq. We can start written those younger guys couldn't education as a woman can get anywhere in the country at that time. In the crescent hotel. When they wouldn't need any hard road to get to this and touched your place in and starts. Am. And the next. Insert a period act and that was the period when it was hospital won't debate and so it went through a long period primarily and not just exclusively hotel. After long baker group. Lighted people came in trying to make it work at a hotel different points to consent. Decor. Nobody really made it Lamar and a few years and in England came and restored it the way it used to be when it was first built. And they had been riding ever since it's. Now a major major landmarks in the south. You know there're. A handful of these types of hotels that still stand across the country they're magnificent they're grand. They're just they're actually national treasures and and and I would imagine that terrorism seeing some of these others lost to time on that we're pretty lucky to have the crescent still standing and operating. I think we have a lot so it's Atlantic jets and interest saying the entire town of eureka springs. Which grew up overnight around the magic healing spring when it was ray disc everything that's happening in England lost limbs that native Americans and looked out. Am and to hold from an historic register its largest collection and still occupied victorians love links in the country. And it's. Built in the last place anybody in her right mind would build count them very steep sides it's what used to be hidden valley. And that the whole town actually had a reputation for being pockets. Wanted to really it's it is it is a middle of nowhere place I'll say it but when you get there it's such an amazing location and I don't it's just so beautiful really news. And that it's well worth the journey and it's so. It's similar except Indians didn't just waiting for people you can you imagine wanting to to make a picturesque Torrey there. Especially when you stand out on the back porch and you overlook all via the land and everything else just to gorgeous location. We're talking with key skills he's the tour manager of the 1886 crescent and the 1905 basin park who tells. The website is America's most haunted hotel dot com. And when we get back from our break we're gonna release are talking about some the nitty gritty what are some of the things that you have heard what have people reported would have guessed reported. What of ghost hunters reported what it's been seen in some of these tours I know there's a lot of evidence. And a lot of pictures and videos on the web sites even wanna check that out again America's most haunted hotel dot com. That's where we caught that famous thermal image via spirit down in the I want rooms with the number two. Harris we're gonna take quick break more to come to listen Jason GT and the unreal. So just because it was awesome GD Jones sounds like you're stuck with a frog in your room. Home into it. Susan this is not to pay and it's not easy to return my office ribbon in my chest. And it's got her way overall sending. Get well vibes to Jason for everybody in the chat rooms been saying and I'm sending it from my sued him and am recommending we near you. Until that's all figured out now while it's and hopefully Italy out of out of systems soon enough you sound better today than you did yesterday Julia yesterday so horrible and everytime I try to talk similarly computer Brady when you know I still missing that's still -- you sound like the martians in no Mars that act act that's I don't so that we've got a great show lined up for you and I were talking with Keith skills he's the tour manager of the 1886 crescent hotel also the 1905 decent park hotel his website is America's most haunted hotels dot com. Is also got a book out called house of a hundred rooms tells the ghost tour guides do not. Tell which sounds pretty ominous to me and. It's just an incredible place we spent a lot of time and ambitious and a wonderful location to be beautiful location with a crazy history. And a lot of paranormal activity. Yeah Emery get into that in just a moment I don't forget tomorrow night doctor Craig Bauer will join us to talk about his book called. Unsolved the history of mystery history and mystery of the world's greatest ciphers. From ancient Egypt online secret societies he's the guy that was in the miniseries you like get on for the zodiac killed meant handing out he was to start. He started that he's also got a book called. Secret secret history BS story script apology so probably be talking about that as well. PM Thursday we've got Jonathan gray archaeologists historian and author and lecturer. Are we talking to him about past ancient technology. They're forbidden discoveries into. And the future prophecies so should be a great show and an average every Friday of course is the best of beyond. Assuming she'd check up that show. If you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page. Had to be underwritten and had to beyond reality radio dot com we can now called Treo iPhone and android app. July should listen the show live catch Pashos chewing on line chat more or just quick conversation tab and final stations winner and across the country or click the listen live button you can listen rational website or joining the online chat or GP myself and a great community people usually hanging out. Do you remember when. Yes I know a slick is slicks Ternium attention do you remember when we had. Dagestan the great Howard Dini. Oh yes well apparently he he listened to the program and he realized that he beat. Talks I would tell us something advertise themselves and the slick says he's actually he's actually on the line he just wants to offer a quick apology so let's go to like. They agree Howard Dean hi you're on your back on beyond rylander. Ruin her mind so you do. I think this is that's right he kits that you can do those you don't know or talking about yeah he's. And it is at tech excessive fitness test and yet he's he tried to hippie who's gonna hypnotize you were nine and slept through. And it's an hour and a half to conduct its snorkeling and we kept checking in with them and he was just whenever in every woke up with a very very good anyway let's let's bring her guest for tonight back into the program keep scales. Is he tour manager for the 1886 crescent in the 1905 basin park hotel. And decked Keith you know there's there's a I guess a book full maybe each several books full. Of reported paranoia paranormal activity at the crescent and down is a spans the years. But let's set that tell some of the highlights what are what are some of the people telling you. Well I am I think maybe that did that. Highlights apparently it is he experience at am Jason grant had when they came here I mean we're down in the place still. There are potential doctors used so called morgue. And to act out their thermal imaging camera down there and me which is sort of taken some random shots and mumbled something turns up. On the the war and the steel cabinet steel cabinet is still there. And gears and number two economic some reason glowing bright red on this I'm imaging camera. And attitude is still I mean. He has to do the work. And that's where we and our troops and I am also with a very small snippet from Serbs fifteen. And I actually. Watched Jason enough for a couple of minutes. On the tour. Creepy. There. But you know then though that the play the first off the place is phenomenal and I'm sure if you heard about the other things that happened while we're there. The building getting struck by lightning and catching on fire. And just a all the crazy stuff it was so we we all got in. Really late the first night so we stayed up hanging around like 5 AM we went to bed around five I thirty. And that 6630 in the morning the buildings struck by by lightning caught on fire but it blown all the electrical systems of the fire alarms could uncle and caller rooms. So one or older gentleman had to walk around everybody's door and knock on until the buildings on fire and we had to get well. If you'll actually attack act that. It is doing pretty astute when it started another couple transmitter power outages and it's it's really had a lot of shadows of their. Think that process something happened to end them. Courtroom for a nineteen Fyodor Islam. And Wear something moved inside of the room podium there. Yeah that was grants grants bag analyst to move all up against the gore which is amazing because nobody was in the room there's only one way in the room. But his whole bag systems all pushed up against the door so you couldn't just open the door. There are many credible and there and they really has only one way and the mom what happened that room is only one door that works and you know alchemy so. Much of Spiderman is related incidents. They're room except through the door and legislate is blocked on the far side and decided explanation. Yet cheats on you they told us about a gentleman that was spent a lot of time at the hotel. I think you sit as a child came back later. I'm filters are different vibe to the energy that was there. Has your best ever been in a situation where you've had an employee before or during your time there that experienced something and just would not come back to work because of that. We've had a cup lea who left around. I can't Coastr parents should do critics after the first day. I'm just I'm just too weird lately. Spoon student center I think or maybe it just it. Experiencing their their presence. Especially down in the morgue and especially. And I have penthouse that was occupied by Norman Baker. Well doctor. In those two places particularly people who are just sell something very heavy toward that area Sunnis and it's something that they just don't want to be around. And at lust for mr. gates. And we lost people from the kitchen in the kitchen it's famous pot compliance and flying around. And things just jumping out shelves and and or from working more in your final tune in disarray that's common in countries you know my. And older and frequent. You know every few months so we we insulin like that. Tell us about some of the guests I'm sure you've got guests coming down to the front. Desk on occasions saying you know why I was or somebody in my room and obviously there was nobody there. On the of those types of stories you must've had some of those. You know we don't hear it right every day I am. And in particularly. Stories when it happened that seems to happen in that it's I'm listing cult of reaching out about what Thompson. Think sincerity in the morning that seem to be in the building most active. What we get yeah people from NASA has ever that are in this race things don't not a murderer. Lot of people come here because they want to be screwed they want to experience something and so they task force. The room sort of noted as being active programs. And and sometimes you get too much from them on maintenance circle the fight and what an experience for them and that's our experience and and they have left. And Serb missile on a woman run. And run out screaming. About 2 o'clock in the morning she market manipulation incident this year Americans finishing circuit kittens and these. Went off into the night I don't know that it fattest states that lack of you out of the building. Just recently we have a woman. Who would outspend and she had rancher and experienced on in the morgue where Protestants or nothing like into the computer before. Actions we've tour. And suddenly she started to become worse and children around here in the morgue and they were asking her health and she had no further Russia history of being immediately connect that it. And adventure became hysterical and it sure guys and cute. Helper. Very much forcibly Al more at. But that's the reason there's an amateur record on the way. And then they pulled me over. And there and the road course street and and and it came into calculating trying to talk a little bit and queue that just. Adamant that they were kids stay out of network and needed help that you weren't built that down. So I went down myself and then two more lists and turn it empty. I didn't have. A novelist on my phone. And I had gotten going just. No justification children and it's and it's sure to extreme levels of activity in certain areas of the world. And then when I came back up to the lobby with a woman has some work. And the direction that it should come down a little bit and achievement scale. I'm. In very urgent to be kidney packaging error. What has been that they weren't staying in and so he took away. She went out the door down the steps and Richie steps he must step up the hotel which you expect to normally. Would just try to. And the following day we called her cheeks had pretty much know mentally and things that happen. Now. I don't know I explained that kind of thing yeah it's so subjective. Maybe it was over her head animal. To be moved around her she seemed very. Particular. That he and present and just let you talk about something that was really helped me. Am. It is our room. Called the governor's suite. Which tests. Our whole way and tournaments and the little parlor. And one of my poster that's sitting here alone. It's western. Power. What victorious team we can't cheer and shall I open get a truck. And you know coming in January. That's what happened last year. My great Charlie was sitting in the car there was nobody on the floor everybody was up. A vote on the fourth floor doing an investigation without lead investigator Larry sex until I'm sure you know. I'm. And so that was on him and it desk clerk the only people on the entire floor. They shouldn't per hour and your screen knocks. On the wall. And he gets sucked into so what can you can veteran Q was it like it is coming from. And he actually knocks from the other side at all at which point he just abandoned it. To. You that it would appear under anymore. And in that same apartment. Just about a week ago. One of my guys it's what I had taken a group through which chicken without children back to close the door switch course in door to door certainly. Great force scram itself in her arm. And her home hurt in the states in that there was that much forced under that there was nobody in the room it's it would. The wind would not account for that you know we we try to find reasons for everything. I am. Our state and isn't 95%. Of the reports coming can be explained by a rational means. Always say the 45% at different explanation which is. Interest. Pork products that we try to focus. So. You know it's not like we're easily condensed and crescent hotel we that we go to try to find which we try to dunk it's we we can't just like you guys do. Am and some stats you can do about it it's obviously. Is there something going on and got back locked out. I can tell you that some of the other stories. And they're very very first. Earliest and ghosts what we have in the building was one of those terms or relationship built the place. Young man. Deeply concerned in making that golden and Michael. I'm looking guy on the ground here so they say. And he liked girls and before to building was constructed its two idiots put together well and still shell it will open topped the building looked counsel for the full growth and an envelope. We can get your attention. And it didn't work so he sort of jumped up and down a little bit which is arms and over about it and so it down commitment to building. And it on the beam. Which is now on the floor courtroom to eighteen which is our most requested that its full Michael Short. And them police hadn't it's so popular. Is because Michael is currently still there and apparently still likes it hurts. Them. Well this stuff happens when women and their remotely much more encouragement. When woman veteran. Well shall current electric slide open or an opportune moments and that. That streamed toward will fly open by the catapult effect activity can move won't be wound and changed the outdoors and start swinging things like apple will happen. Adams and women have actually reported being. Grant in ways I am I living particularly with. Sounds like Michael's so taking full advantage of it is at the real existence. Yeah yeah it does ours or we're gonna take a quick break more to come. Listen Jason TV. Christmas time. Welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio tonight's program we're talking about with key scales about. The 1886 crescent hotel in 1905 basin park hotel. Crescent hotel was known as the most on Dotel in America America's most haunted hotels pretty cool place. We'll continue talking we've Keefe in just a moment. A great show lined up for everybody tomorrow night we're going to be talking with doctor Craig power about his book unsolved the history. And mystery of the world's greatest ciphers from ancient Egypt. Online secret society. And if you watched the hunt for the zodiac killer he's start and he starred in that show as well on the History Channel so. It's just it's him and agree intriguing charge from their interest and and Thursday were talking when Jonathan gray archaeologists historian author and lecturer. Really talking to him ball passed in ancient technology. Forbidden discoveries and a future prophecies. So make you tune in on that never Friday is the best of beyond realities Amaechi checkup showed that point. The phone numbers 844687766. I can talk trinity for four. 6877669. Were to take quick break more Colombian. Pizza pizza express hotels tour manager that. This course was perfect for awhile. Is also for the I ninety unified Jason Parker tells Keith scales have been talking about the hotel four of the most of the show here in his roots and lot of great stories and Keith again. Thanks for joining us how quickly go to work phone lines here because we have a listener who wants to share some stuff when bush the society's Sherrie from Missouri Sherri welcome to show. I am gonna talk crap because I have a lot of questions and then I'd I'd ask you. Where I can send some pictures and we stayed back in early 2000 down they're cracked and McCouch. And I have some pictures I captured. And or the more attack which lived there he was a resident cash and certainly see more laid out in the whole way. Restated her entry or email language Daily Mail. Are. You there really wouldn't come and deal and what not. It wouldn't come in. I also have some armed. Spirit or of some little girls in the treaty. That I tech outside of the hotel and they were they look like if you don't with the chair looks like a chair colonel assured I'm Harry that they had. And when we went to enter our rear door wouldn't open. And we her German speaking voices. On the other side of the door and I wonder if that had any correlation. I didn't know that we restate their but when I got back from my dad told me that my mom was searching south street and before she died. T she told him that. A distant relative of Barnard's. Steam roller full ten among the base and the traffic at one time and they are only about that what you're seeing what I think what. Or. Is it MI answering question. Yeah. I'm well Purcell we'd love to have people sending photographs and what we do you put him on FaceBook page and then we are open to. Are they the community to ask people what they think and what he's seen me. And get rid of that conversation that way and the real unfortunate WWW FaceBook dot com slash. Present hotel. Goes to lists. Crescent hotel ghosts to rest and they would still be present an immigrant who administered that page and will be delighted to do action pictures. Am I really emulate the hotel. Not so much. A welcome back. State comeback can end January and we have various Pete weekend sent yeah. When a lot of our returners come back and because have a much better chance to do and unimpeded investigation. In here. He's what did you think of the names on that Sherri had mentioned I think said it was forced a Fuller Sherry. We're. Eager Poehler well in hand on mom died in him for a key. Question. Jack had told me. Cheap I. And it's the last eight that suit restrictions or are well. Yeah as those in those names ring any bells Keith did you see those and any paperwork or anything along on. Fuller is a very famous name around here there at that gentleman named Fuller who was one of the greatest ever change if you've ever had here you list. He owned to present a towel full well. He on the basin park hotel for awhile. He was married to count five times he's a congressman he's the guys responsible for getting 62 Irish 62 built. And also for pushing through. Social Security. And forgetting that. The dam is built around here they have to Stoke City and relates. That's surrounds the area where the anti hotel they they're very very big and important person and his family is still here. Jerry thanks so much for the phone call and sharing the stories of this we appreciate it. Keith we're gonna run out of time pretty quickly here and I wanted to give you an opportunity to tell us about these ESP weekend should do them throughout the course of the year. What are they about how often are they now people participate. We do them by the first two weakened to every year this year it's Eric January science. Choose. Eight and twelfth two fourteen. And its path and opportunity opportunity for a broad panel investigation groups of people interest internal investigation. To command explore the building with new equipment. Are from midnight to dawn. And Albie are highly active areas from the open floor area of foreign mideast we have a couple of lead investigator it's. Our headliner at first weekend is very flaxman remarked that's auction eleven books and that has been on all products. I am and program and you'll know him. And you also know and I hit out of the second candidate trader. And he and it's coming listed in the Guinness and talk about another investigation in general and echoes comments. And participate winless in our best and I am Nightline investigation. Every year I kind of have a question or ask because I'm little so aware of how little we really know about world it's. So that this year questions. Why do some people. I have the ability to see ghosts will read the people line agencies future or seeking them out here. I am and other people don't or do we all have these abilities that it just have to be awakened and some of so if you're in the day when we are not investigating. We have pictures of psychic. Explorations storm on instead I would go out and the future and if we go in. Am so we have so that the C assessment. We have a cycle and you sure I'm sure it listeners about. All any report that agency kind of almost like sensory deprivation chambers and then it. Renminbi. I'm. And Patrick aggression and experiment cancer remote remote viewing experiments. And both weekends we have fortunate to have. The uncanny intrigue theater who are solution rests pack and mediums. And I too am Sean Paul and Judeo faith. Who had an uncanny knack and that kind defy anybody to tell. Where there what you're looking at you know these guys you and they cannot be done. What were you watching just kind of happened and yet it's happening out before you very nice. And so I'm they leave they're both weekends at your headlines then we have our activities we have our exterminate expirations. We export present hotel on Friday and Saturday. And on Sunday night for those who want a failed lethal to our assistant hotel. Which is even bigger hit in downtown. You to explain what the basin park. It's steps away from the original magic Cuban council and that played the religion first place. It's seven storage sign on the top floor looked as global. They're football program. So that building will be closed and empty for the investigation. And in both hotels at midnight will be having access saying ops. I've actual science into psychics out on the air with street psychics have different views different. Tools to try to help. People understand themselves and futures. And also we can't see entertainment into play they're written. Not really a door which is and collecting. One out to actress supernatural. Comedy murder mystery sort. And subsequent sales which is authentic stories from the Ozarks. All. Rankings are ghosts and witches and monsters and spoke lights. And all the some teacher student. Well it's happened to expert too weak and and people can go on the lines America's Most Wanted I'll tell them linked there. And out from where to get a package I would advise you if you wanna come and I hope Pete you are probably sheet get your observation producing. Before we let you go I have to ask this question could you've been at this a while he's had I think seven years you've been I've been doing this at the crescent. You must have seen some stuff stuff for had some experiences what's the thing that's impressed you most. I'm. Well one reason or that discretion whether some people spiritually sanctions some donors could not a lot of stuff happens to undermine open sit. When I'm not. Their whole towel then usually found reading quantum physics somewhere and the importance trying to reach an understanding. I am. And bleeding but our little universe is and alternate realities. Is dangerous place in the same time. And so I have. And Epps an absolutely convinced that there's something going on that I am not agree rarer that some people are. I am so I cannot say that I myself without experience and I would put forward as incontrovertible. Evidence. We'll look forward to today that it didn't. Even at Sony happens to me about them in the morgue in the past are detached on the shoulder somebody speaks to me something I I am looking for at stake. Then. A little. Nor have they confirmed. But at this point had. And still waiting. There you know articles saying to happen that can be. Put into the manufacturing category and if we can't that's worth put them that's our. My guys to have a lot excited. And I ask that you guys can say oh look forward to hotels and they have several of them are much more open and had. Packed. Experience is at saint. It had absolutely no doubt that they were communicating with. And and that's fact what I look forward to me is the days that maybe science and I'll turn the investigation comes close not together that we can actually. Lou make some headway in understanding water if it's over there and had a site. Sit there and interest in question that they tradable Apple's own post post a couple of nights ago in camp and burnout and so. Maybe this time is not to fly on the future and we will actually be able to have a two way compensation. It disembodied spirits and find out. What is since gone on movies out there why are there why are they still here and are they really get people were hanging around early. Speaking truth from some parallel universe and what what is still not all we know is that. It's a mystery. That's turn of the chair and hopefully some day we can come up some answers and and and it'd be great if we can actually hold the to a conversation. What we could learn. I think this is such an exciting time to realize we're learning. So much and so many different fields and about the cause months and then about. Sub atomic particles about the brains and biology it's it's such an exciting trying to be alive which is so it's. A week can be allowed to continue their investigations a little more war more. Around Keith we don't yet there's there's a lot to like to learn still and I love the fact that you ask their questions because it is so true that some people seem to get to have the experiences and others just don't and there's got to be some reason Ford. Or at a time and we thank you for joining us tonight. Give the website one more time and so people have an opportunity to find out more about the hotel and how they get involved in the things you've got going on. If America is most haunted hotels. Dot com. And Marty day compliance and information about the book the American stroke called out 100 Graham Taylor that you guys do not sell for sale on Amazon part of. Yeah we we ran out of time for it ask you about that left have you back concert to talk about the little booklet but more. Oh I'd let become regular kid just a long conversation with the guys sort. About this whole subject and I don't think your brains people like to do. Well thank you very much Keith and it was a pleasure talking and I look forward to talking to again in the future. Are we're gonna go to break when we come back we've got more it's beyond reality radio and decent GOK okay. This team. Yours because Jesus teenaged. Forward it's. You're sure the person. And your calls one. Can do. Your Federline is very challenging me. You can only. What. Moral flaw yeah. You have polls. So dirty tonight show. Given. I take good. And here. In my. You're just wrong. Miss and king. Winning and thoughts. Yeah. Rubber tires but mr. Sole reason polling jumpy overflowing the most disgraceful sort in the rubbish imagine. Mangled up the tangle. Yourselves Jesse. You must see nothing. That's right you. To me. I wish you tell me you really thought of. No question there's clearly letters sent to schools and people think that we hate each elbow we deserve so much. That's all about that it is tomorrow night we've got doctor Craig Bauer joining us to talk about his book unsolved at the history and mystery of the world's greatest ciphers from ancient Egypt to online secret societies. Then Thursday were talking with Jonathan gray archaeologists historian and author and lecturer. We talking about past ancient technologies forbidden discoveries in future prophecies so that should be agree chose well and every Friday of course is the best of if you haven't yet. Make you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page for us then had to be on reality radio dot com. You can download triage for an injury separate from the website which was listen life catch at shows and more. Com or just click on the station tab which lists all the stations that we Aaron cross country and that list has consciously being opted. Samie she checked in often in case if not your area chances are we will be eventually. And or any nights quickly some life to you can join us right online you'll scratch your computer will joining us and them online chat. On to his favorite Donald shell from iTunes are viewed downloaded from. He's rated Taurus because it Els was shall or makes it easier for people find in this pretty much what it's all about yet and organize more Christmas 14 in the next couple much looking forward to that we'd like stick this time a year and and have a little fun with the poke fun at each other poke funny you poke undated. Somebody else I don't know but in front office poke poke poke ball and local and Christmas balls in practice a hurry and everybody that's gonna duo for us have a great night cctv and beyond ameliorate it tomorrow. And I don't know it's hosted dungy supposed GB Johnson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. It's in home week the only. News distributed. Yeah you never stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason long slow and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.