WWL>Topics>>Did the ancient cultures have technology that rivaled our own? Did we lose some of our most important scientific breakthroughs to history?

Did the ancient cultures have technology that rivaled our own? Did we lose some of our most important scientific breakthroughs to history?

Dec 22, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with adventurer & archaeologist Jonathan Gray about his discoveries relating to the advanced nature of ancient cultures. All over the world, Jonathan found that many technologies that we have claimed credit for have been previously employed, and there is an active campaign to misinform the public. 12/22/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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While and you eat you and me we've always in the China is slightly even when you feel crappy truly equal you enjoy doing it doing you wanna be that you wanna be a part of it. And I hate the fact that it was like an hour and change into the show. We want to break and you like ease you gotta go you gotta go back back there and because at that point indoors or on a fever and I ended just everything is and you know but I want to doctors today he set me up with a whirlwind of medication and and should be flying gas and heads get started and NASA should be feeling fine for Christmas that door opens analysts say it isn't Christmas depending on where radars only three of four days away ya that's right so I mean it's like three days were here and of course on the West Coast or four days but I. I don't I mean it's it's come on fast you know what. You know in my we might find out tonight. Is that there was. There's ancient technology that may have. Cured this thing for you much more quickly than modern technology or guess I Jonathan gray. Has researched and written. About ancient technology secrets that have been moss to time that is that he is rediscovered some awfully some information about that. That actually is he. Superior to our technology. When I've heard. Of course you you look at a lot of this stuff and you wonder because a lot of technology that the ancient egyptians and Romans had. Of course has been lost time but come. And do we we have our own technology but there's there's talk about them having. Lights and having all these different things being able to do dental work and and the list goes on and on and it's amazing when you look at it. And then you wonder well if it was true then why aren't we being told. Yeah yet and that's part of what Jonathan is gonna talk about he says that there's every there's an intentional. I'm effort to keep a lot of this information from public. Domain if you will the keeping it out of the public domain to people. Don't know about it the media misleads people about it it's an intentional effort I'm not sure why but he's gonna tell us what he thinks is going on here. Lol hey if you haven't yet mission head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like to FaceBook page then had to be on our daily radio dot com we can click the station tab. Final stations we are on across the country you can click to listen live town there and they're trying to work on that right now mom and I know there are some problems with the stream. But and you can join us in the online chat room listen to show racial marriage leaving myself a great community people are. Or if you got the app you can download the free iPhone and android app which allows you listen to show life catch past shows join me online chat and more. So if you download the show from iTunes or who wherever justice a favor read of course is helps push it forward and then makes it easy for people to find. Yet and if you're I'm having trouble and did that in the stream is going out on you which we know there's difficulties were trying to fix it trends fund wanted to review stations in the area that's airing the program go to the website check it out look look at the list of stations find one that's close do you listen on her regular old radio that can be fun too in fact there's no delay there. Now that there is in the chip a little bit of a delay. Slowly they and so are the other day somebody sent me something and I had checked comics it was a church this Chiluba. Overcharged. Passenger. Over 141000. Dollars were five mile ride across Toronto now here's the thing. We knew. I've used it that's in about you'll that you tend not to even looked. At what's being charged he just assume it's going to be OK you hit the button come pick me up there's no cash exchanged in the in the vehicle told on through the gap. And you you know if you don't pay attention. You could end up in this scenario now where they charge that money because it took way longer to go that five miles or what some kind of error in the age in the process. Nestle can you imagine an out of every day that he had a cheese you I spent all week in Vegas and it didn't cost anywhere near that. Garrett sell a Toronto man took an Hooper across the city to experience fully extra oil and just. Ours is just an extreme example Serge Serge. And counted toward an oracle but yen and the unidentified man wanted to go five miles at a peak time. And the right should've only cost about twelve to sixteen and the US dollars at most. Instead the man was charged. 181500. And each one dollars and fifty. Canadian dollar meanwhile in the US is 141401. Dollars and 25 cents. So and here's the here's the here this what drives you crazy OK some of these companies if nobody was complaining they wouldn't do anything and witness in the windy and aren't so at at first who were insisted that the bill was legit. How do you how do you justify. Charging somebody 141000. Plus dollars for five miles would have loved to have heard the explanation so at first they they insisted that the bills legit and they refused. And that's the key where they refuse to reef on the money. But and until somebody posted this stuff on line. Actually somebody named Emily Kenner who claimed well I mean for an her friend was in just gouged and and so forth which put not Twitter. Then and who were spokeswoman admitted that the massive charge did happen and said the company cents decided. To refund almost as if they're doing him Friday. Right great lake Odeo look how nice we are as we decided to do this for you got you charge somebody with 2500 dollars break it down 2500 dollars a mild mild now. It seems as though the other credit card company would have done involved in that as well as seems like they would've gone to bat for this this customer and in the other thing with the Seubert rides in it's it's pretty cool I mean it's a really convenient service but. A good chunk of that money must have gone into the bank account of the driver. The PayPal account or something of the driver 'cause who were leaked excerpts percentage of. Yeah life I would think does that take a certain amount of time before that I happen W that is not here you know but still I mean just the fact that and at first the insisted that it was correct I don't know how you can justify it. A four to five mile ride crossing 141400. Dollars as being correct. But then. Tootsie even come out and say that you have decided to refund the money it's kind of arrogant anyway yeah it it really is it's just I I think it's to sport they only did that because. Because the public started you know and then that person posted the images and everything else. And the sort of spreading and going viral and they knew eventually it would affect their bottom line and people would stop. Dealing with them and that's the only reason they did and that's just instead of doing it has its right. Yeah I'm and I think it was a our guest James Bair was talking about. Artificial intelligence and and now we're relying on this stuff so heavily these days it's very very important to check and see where you're doing when you're clicking on your apps and pushing buttons. Except to be on reality radio up of course because there's no one's idea it was explicit there's no threats there. Well exactly charge but fourteen and I'll look pretty I mean I'm a Mac imagine when you've got all these apple cars are these school cardinal these into a self driving cars actually demise. Working on a bunch of cars have no no drivers and is taxed but you get charged you get hit 141000 dollars in that car but he got to complete ten. And I have to end it rumor going long in this segment I've got to sympathize a little bit with with that particular. Victim of this kind of thing because I just had a situation where tread ran car. The the amount was charges one of these pay online now and get a special rate deals I paid the that is the news the rental car fee. And then I went and checked out the in the confirmation and it said in the confirmation that the rental car facility closed at its you know certain hour and done you know that that the travel. What's gotten me in later than that so I wouldn't be able pick up the car so I called them and I said I am looking for refund but he can't get anybody on the phone. You can't get anybody in Customs Service tucked in around in circles from these voice mail amazes me can't get into ultimately took me two days I finally got somebody. On the phone and they actually did refunded and I was OK you know the end it was OK but I shouldn't have to spend two days chastened that did they get your problem that first with refunding. Then I see I did it through travelocity travel Osce give me a complete problem they were gonna do anything from now I ended up getting somebody on the and then rental car company itself and once I got a person on the phone after two days of trying. They were he had no problem mr. Johnson it's fine we were from the home so. But yet it what most people would just give up you know most to Americans spent two days chases down but I wasn't went into it that way when so there's your consumer lessons. I am beyond reality radio much of the credit card and you're dealing with a over other places ours it will take a quick break but again. Jonathan gray is going to be on and just a few and unity archaeology. Historian author we're going to be talking about past ancient technologies. Present forbidden discoveries and future prophecies of the should be really interesting show the phone number. Is 844687766. Night until 3844. 6877669. You'll listen Jason je Giambi I'm really radio. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Yeah you're out and let it run its flights there'll. Packet every breaking dawn the back and about long. You walk yet and it we were talking about earlier if if we need another psychic experiment we can netted as people this tell what color that. That's the growth of sorry I. There has to do well connected to show it's beyond reality radio quick reminder tomorrow night of course is a best of program and next week Jason undertaking an off for the holidays and do Libya. Best of programs for the week. So all great stuff great great shows from the past year that you'll be able to listen to tonight however were going to be talking with Jonathan gray he is and archaeologists. And it explorer. But historian. And author. It lecturer his website is before us dot com he's got a number of books and in about sixty books on the market including. Once you're gonna talk about tonight dead men's secrets the weapon that global lists fear and 64 secrets ahead of us. And that's welcome to the program Jonathan gray Jonathan welcome to be on reality really agree to have you on tonight. Always loved allegedly with you bought. Spots open itself for and we we've been looking forward to talking with you especially and just checking out some your books and also checking some things on the on the web site. It we there's a lot to cover my earliest. And are you talking to us from New Zealand is that we're York. Yes talking to you our New Zealand's yellow solid all the easily so you're you're headed in the summertime it is that right is that hope works. All to dice thing a very hot dogs infected. We're we're we're looking for a cooling systems now because we're really telling us is the first local some. Boy if we can never figure out how does swap some air like get a little bit your warm air during our winner of Mormon appearance and you some cooler I mean Libya Libya that be the technology we really want to look for the let's. Let's talk a little bit about you tell us much yourself. Well or first got interested in archaeology at the judge of tame. Are there was rating and I yeah popular meg is going to build the British explorer is also new wind in trauma. The civilization into the unmatched headquarters of the Amazon. And there he can oppose a poll like huge. Towering. Said the buildings. Might have stuck and no one living in the about the local and chucked and trees were growing everywhere everything was deserted. He went back to Britain and a truck going through the British. Scientific community to begging for a full scale expedition but like I just two and interest that. So he took his son back and the end the sun disappeared and just vanished into the week. The little guy and an awful lie I would love to get into an area like that it would be fantastic to just go and explore and see what could fly. And as it turned out luxury first expedition laws into the headquarters of the in Mosul by some unexplored parts of eastern nick would rule. Two win it's also that you don't have any area that net. Reaching their tool. It wasn't that Fossett explored the Amazon. That would be in the early in daunting hundred votes. We can't yell out a couple of finger on the blood but in that period. Yet Amy is hard to remember a time where we didn't have a pretty good command of the entire geography of the world. But it wasn't that long ago that that was the case there are a lot of parts of the planet that we just didn't know anything about. All that's true in fact when all arraigned and had that little logs in 67 with one very first expedition that's like ages ago now but. And we're not winter in all it took a net with the U that was totally blank in my area and that's the area little balls moving into. The head and main mapped when you do that what were you looking for a did you just wanna see what was there or did you have a specific objective in mind. All I wanted to slowly what was Leonid always intrigued by the effect all of his report and a full height of luck to get in. To the Syria and then begins with the solid will. A bit Rayed everything like cans and explores her brain into the jungle and serious and silly what they have to sign and as it turned out and all idea. I dislodge load go into an area way I have blood plots and poison darts and and to sleep muscle through there was still shrinking human heads and and a as it turned out all right I had fortunately had an American machinery. Two laws in Kato liquid fuel and they got me literally introduction to suit. The the military. General who was flying supply is now what happened was this it. Wrote and equitable will boast distributing this a mixture of torturing claiming it is Iran. And seller in that we have the expression possession is a non tinsel global and you expression absolutely I'm. And so the Ecuadorian government had brought in military to go in and and John pedals going into the jungle and and Mike clearing here and clearing they aren't and that's different places and named a pulse looked. Army personnel. Might be a hundred army men in flip each of those clearing. And then records label its sales were we put down and they. So a full lets a good place to stop if like and get us into one of those clearing and and start walking past let's. Little slightly few weeks of walking from tourism is serious. And as subtle a slit her introduction to general particular general curriculum was in charge of the little treatment would rule. And I used to be ambassador to grow at Brooklyn. And this letter written in Spanish. On what it took. Actually the bus. Over the Andes mountains as far as buses would go as far as the road to go and and ended up double walled old west and to let uncle shelled era when you distort the village delegates but what does well which. Ceilings. It just looked like Banda or remained that when all was then waking Kimball a slug back to stop a guy in the next. Weekly trip to denied. Its introduction there waiting for him. And light sound and full pledged to slowly above and all hundred hill. And the Hamlet in the Sony room and then next and what Tony room praying name applying billiards and and having all sorts of left. While older guy engines Lowell. And so I slipped in the chemically structural budget and I'll stroke belt and arrows there suddenly the oldest open until ultimate. One man was plotting another mennonite bushel plummeted to rebel and will look like sleeping place and that's happened a couple of times during the month. She we're talking with Jonathan gray he's an archaeologist and historian and author Andy lecturer his website is before us dot com whole bunch of books to his credit. We're gonna get knew that after the break you or take a real quick break Mort Tomlinson Jason TV. It's 8446877669. You can join our conversation. A little bit later when we open up the phone lines tonight we're talking with Jonathan gray he's an archaeologist in this story and an explorer and offer a lecturer. And we're talking about some of the work he's done and it's led to his books including dead man's secrets. Also the weapon the global lists fear and 64 secrets ahead of us and a whole bunch more you can find them all over the place is website is before us dot com. And Jonathan before I went to break you were telling us are pretty. Interest in a little bit humorous story. Guys blasting into your romantic or didn't cut anybody or for only time you and in a kind of a rough and tumble a little town so. And it picked up what happened next. It's have been slowed like the wild west of America brought Clinton bulb in the but the judge in early eighteen hundreds of assembly and hundreds whenever. And this sudden but in general think you're Roy do you Sid yeah assaults like Q&A that we he put the slate among stole what cargo. And we flew over several weeks of walking territory. Until we got to the furthest clearing where. Ollie was going to start my journey drawn. And a general picture everybody else in the as a got a long holes sold lined up and it would to walk through the got a bullet. And o.s give an idea of pledged to him so make sure if you does wall legend. The incident. And one of the soldiers in or several of these soldiers into some the nearest might have village and to bring out Kerry as people could carry much stuff like actually own. Done and I'm already such a bill this part of the world in news that we were getting close into. There were tree where. People can shoot you in the back the blood clots and so who went on bought I play a U boat approached the latest from the waste disposal school in Los Angeles before we condemn that what you see. And they sold earthlings and plus all the love selling student to give the name won't. Well the widely shall we lift them to portray post Solomon Mike sure ought to come back. So odd the little boy bullies are little trinkets to hold. Tortures and which talks and brought total bottles and all sorts of things that would like him look like millionaires in the odds of the of people. Things like that it never little Olsen before and I'll say it nailed these old he holds. Did destroy an interpreted plays a role duels when you bring me back slightly they're going to be waiting before. And that insured like written. The stuff. Smart move yet SON net debt that really started juror. The year lifelong. Effort to uncover a lot of secrets secrets lost to time. Lost to geography. Lost so what we would consider modern civilization. Well yes that was the beginning all the and you know the interest thing slowing and August this is that the Baltimore and Ole Ole Ole Ole saying trust fielded a metal walls of mutual means you do not. But on the the bottle and this blaze was. Jungle clinical. Did not know anything about civil laws elation to further and you went it and you can tell you it was like somebody dropping out of the straw that Nicholas and what men and dialogue before. Like no I didn't sleep anybody wearing clothes like these before we went into. Totally unknown country and the people eventually like understand the light of the night of lingo because it through the jungle slope. One but helpful the interpretation on the light switch to the soldier too many. We discovered that leads staple. The Iranian sisters living were ranked. Sure lining it's what we would call cities. Huge buildings were in light of stone going up until this all I used its naval widowed not. And they we do they have a burning what's going through the knowledge and least they sit like. Play head big stone in all around Olympic stone houses and they did all sorts of slings and I actually was given to handle. IE. A year a blight and metal plight. That was in gripe with the Egyptian hieroglyphics. And like sit Delray insist the Houston. Can down the road goes a long long long journey to make but it's coming to the melts the a muzzle and a like COLT that plug the U the the Spanish live Rios Solon us because. Like delete those from the ridge route king Solomon British ships time. And the this this was felt solid the biblical story totally I didn't undergoes another wrinkle wouldn't a belt these Vince and I said way to gold down and instill weren't exchange's aim for. Things that we had new parents to submit soon before now that's old gold and we are living room because. Elson was elation at will that's where we interpret the word. Elsa blows election laws destroyed and he had to go from middle and we are living simply that we know about the announced but. It is certainly in malts. A pus that we've been told built in L schools that by and was very much and when you so I'm up slowly and gradually be time. The a jungle Mahan were Shiite mineral sampling. But. This story mostly opus that. Elf. So flood yelling wait wait wait Beck will carry live update will like to do this like could do that like could slide like to do all sorts of oak. Slings it weighed on held there. And that is the story Oswalt will mail all I've got to check this out sure there is this just a but a fantasy from laced people or is there a test and we'll all and it began to launch money on the personal tension treble that Newton told a belt. It will burning launched it we never knew existed in the punched. Whole civilization nickel what 2000 India. This descendants and help from the living in Papua New Guinea you'll out of metric fuel cells and they're human so long. Is syrup patent is destroyers or is that just a fantasy homes destroyed yet they growing him. So that began leads the searcher will Lloyd and all to go into emboldened forty countries. And four pistons also touched and lo and behold. It was affect and that's what did millions Lakewood Russa and actually assured the has them all the attention treble pedal luncheon machinery the tests on the bunch of medicine but that all the different things that. We go to die. And hell they originally it will help our ancestors knew it helped get these slings in an advanced nation. So should that walls that that was peddling that sit mean yelling become like you coaches such. On from there you found that there was all this technology honestly technology that we look at right now as modern technology. But they and their ancestors had complained to him things like that I mean. Although all these different abilities these big buildings the lights burning throughout deny aid I mean I I would assume that we're talking some sort of electricity some sort of things of that yeah. Yes distraught all the white all all met minerals what's burning tree blocked a dust bowls all of slowed us via. It is a is Papua New Guinea and the western section Papua New Guinea is piled them into the nature of school Irian Jaya. And some explorers will look going into that area in the jungle. And a few years back and employees. Trouncing ruins. Symbol little ones and in the a Muslim angle you sort all will rule. Drill bits down to little blunt but interestingly as the darkness time on. I should what's going on via I looked up and just watch everywhere still burning. On huge twenty fortune pillows. Big circles big bulls with our lives that that could only be signed at lunch on burning and it was a little nudging their place which late. And like report little loose two like cells. To a south African. The symposium. In Pretoria. A town planning conference and I said what they light I knew what to litter and bug that was interesting to mud. Jonathan why eat it you mentioned it to in the beginning of vote with talking about some of this technology why have we been taught a different story. It it if if what you're telling us. Is what the truth is what is the agenda behind those teaching us something completely different. Well aren't your ability then that yeah. I'm going to be very shrink you don't who trained anybody but I do believe that day there was some religious people wrote it but not living they'll launch an religion be time. Two and some maple. Are you. A toddler you can't you can't go into the sawdust and it'll turn into absolute doubling time almost nine. Understand this is flout the will was a big shot nailed one just reacted the Ottawa. And a hey he decided he was going to flying to a it's a story that he could put out to the world and he became what rebellious against increasing religious. And the he actually judge Russell Darwinian theory of evolution. Which is that. Name. Is it holding slowly from late soul all the and sisters who like so or relatives lunch and meet regularly becoming clipper and clear brook and people in the jungles. A little people. And so long delays are just tough labeled savages. And that some of those have come a bit salute so that was a teaching and and on on the Smithsonian institute was a sit up while Mahan was very genuine he didn't bully that theory but none. They set up the Smithsonian institute union audits Dutch to assimilate knowledge or slings of people did not a but it is all mineralization mini dog steichen likable on Maine had this agenda. And I actually projects the league universities and the education systems and a straw on that the media. So that to Dolly we told a story which is more true tool because it doesn't chick elbow regulatory. Before we get into some of the details of some of this loss technology that you outlined in the book dead men's secrets. Do we have a sense of where the technology came from we've had folks on this program that have talked about. Alien civilizations bringing technology to ancient people that's a cut commonly discussed theory. Do you have any sense of worth this technology had come from at that time. Yes I do believe that they if we look at genetics certainly laws of genetics of course run on in went. Proposed his series. But the rules of genetics tell us that we can all. Were we doing on a boy yeah. Having children who have children have children a creatine nude in Jane and cool all the building we are only. In Heller what has come before its natural you know appearance. And genetically speaking. This is the favorite the Dublin and Buddhist temple is scientifically impossible. And as the laws of genetic show that to be seller. So and what's. Who watched. Is a terrible thing is that Elway and sisters were plentiful in the beginning. But that's natural disasters. And like I invented Clinton's. But I had technology they had sought counselor and still bubbles and nacho. And to help through an homage Clinton. And like Russia built them inspect. And let passed down knowledge to mature. But natural disasters in and night does losses. Have during the year rip the the Coles all the lost all of this in the touched in there Russell scientists to do all you're old enough to slowly dwindle by mutual interests are relived. L rains systems were brought any of the announcement and we've lost some. But at least we are now re discovering what it launched in the us. Well let's just make your body no now we're not talking about our radios and talk about televisions are not taught him things like Abu we're talking about technology whether it's. It's. Them using certain types of drills are of them creating like to Baghdad batteries and things of that nature that and these are there was a lot of technology back then. That even when is found and discovered seems to be. Kept sort of quiet success and kept private not not really told to everybody. All yes all on our officials in universities who had been threatened to do with the big thing dismiss this little break up a couple things that discover. Our let's not let's hold it right there let's go to break when we come back we'll get into this a little more detail and we're gonna is specifically talk about some of the things that Jonathan outlines in his book dead man's secrets. Harry did you have a question it was equality for 46877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. You listen Jason did know. I know how to. Expressed that's our guest Jonathan great news connecting to us from New Zealand and it's summertime at Christmas time for the folks in museum and it do you ever have a white Christmas Jonathan. We have all of us in what was because he usually all you hear that song you hear that song and you say what the heck is that about means nothing for us. It's welcome back to the program everybody we are talking with Jonathan gray his website by the way is before us dot com he's got many many books to his credit. We're talking about dead men secrets right now and we only have a couple of minutes in this segment Jonathan but still when you started to write this book what did you set out to deal. Are setting out actually choose to watch history bull according to that the general pets and that we're ritual and understand that because of what travels well you that all just beginning actually almost an hour into it. Russell will like like a man of few things that a couple of times trembling and plus what the analysts on it big. In South America that on. But they can easily went in and started a checking out this full well what goes reputable and the much. All of the stock what's the beginning Nell and on gotcha and choice the music. Fumble and exploit the ducks have dividends for it so what better be careful what there. And ought to quit searching until it's elves wells thousands of pieces of evidence the evidence was all world. We're risen. Or was too is that something you wouldn't touch smell and insulin. And have a many thousands all slings as the hasn't developed just. Some morons just a group sales and local and global it means it ought to bought up according to a tighten in different towards the times they helped us. Let me. When you and asserted to put this stuff together were you amazed at the number of things you found or. And did you did you expect there to be more Amir is sound sounds like if you got a lot of stuff in there. Our didn't expected to be obstruction what originally granted. Are Russell will and I'll get a fly and it and duplicate in this might be the only place on August were up over it anyone can edit and lots. And then albeit flawed. All over the world I'm talking about this budget people and then off embedding some 200 ai actually wrote about. And that then there were reports all people now Abdullah could actually see it and reported Saudi word of mouth was possible. And does begin to easily the test its old ladies like until eventually know full well this is just so much Ruble. August and I have looked like the most interesting ones and and the ones that can be more easily Rubin and and they've together. And saved it means they protect you wolves a lovable that was planned it was a book that's developed album the rebel. Well John John let me ask this though. And we only got about a minute left but I'm. So in these countries where you from you find some of this this information that seems to be kept kept out of via the public's highly Egypt and so forth. To the people in the from people certain countries in the US New Zealand and so forth. Onslaught and that the general public gets a whole matter what country coach restrict and ignorance beat the papal control of the insulation. I have an agenda and unfortunately I talked with the other at least play electorally. And judge all Ella educations. And all must bloodless. And they throttle at our we're gonna we're gonna get into a lot more of this we get back from our break we're gonna start kind of ticking through some of these technologies and ideas that have been lost to time the Jonathan outlined in his book but again the book is called dead men secrets. And we saw we start talking about us it's surely it's going to be mind blowing some of the things that that are elderly people and nobody got a phone numbers 8446877669. 844687766. I would take a break more to come listen Jason GB on the on island radio. Sergio. East Coast news at some. So righteous cause always awesome TV Johnson did you grow up thinking that to everything you were taught in school. Was the truth. You know it all when your kid yet. I think as I got older I started realizing that people seem to have their own agenda and whatever he's not expressly we knew you know you watch the news from channels typically meet each one tells you something differently in different view so. Yeah I. So when your Q do you expect when you're reading in the history books. Is the way it was that. But on the honesty there's been a lot of lot of things that have been discovered since we were kids and net and none of the history books have really been updated to to show those for the kids today. Five to be honest I don't look that history book in a long time. So I don't know but what I how I mean it do you think that there is more or less of this agenda driven education going on now in public schools purses when we were in school. I think there's a ton more. Now I think there's so much more. Hidden agenda isn't in on trying to or just get yeah. And they all you know Helio and I talk about this and I feel it's just there's there's a lot of different agendas and it seems people are always trying to push their own things. A judge crazy as you want your kids to learn. The the way things really are. That law and also does it come at the expense of the root immensely mathematics reading writing those things that you usually ours that we talk about da do do those suffer. In exchange for an agenda driven education Kamal atomic or. Yeah that's exactly Chuck Close to the times 714. Hit a minus three just to get so what's four plus or I mean it's it's ridiculous yeah I have no idea how that works but our guest tonight. Has written about the fact that there are many things about the world around us and about civil in civilization as we know and and as we don't know it. They're being left out of our creek when we are being taught about these things in his written books about it including. A book called dead man's secret in the guest is Jonathan gray by the way the website is before us dot com check that out to Jonathan. That's kind of what we're talking about here you've uncovered a wealth of information that illustrates and demonstrates for you. That many of these civilizations that we considered to be primitive. Warm so primitive in fact they rivaled our technology in many ways. Well yeah it's absolutely. And it doesn't matter what what direction you want to go and we've got the sun assigned tasks and judge enjoying it. It's. Risk that we we look at our ancient shriveled. Old we we look at. Television. We look at radio. What we look at two buses that carry in your hand at street two year. You you look at machinery. Ole Ole miss. Or. Sure shall we Sally. Metallurgy. All a giant slides. Or. It doesn't matter what you do everything they can travel to learn what it. Anything that we're doing it seems to get things done before. And their us Alexis who will almost enough to have at this and let's. That we involve the list. They were others before us and we. Ten point consistently and not exactly well like you because it's a long this has been resolute that body they're watching from the pops. And if the walls for the destruction. All the Alexandria library. When it the Arabs took Kroger. Egypt. Couple thousand years ago yeah we would have could have tremendous amount of knowledge. To consult but that lobby was destroyed and the at the books were of the big swimming pools in Alexandria and. History is unbelievable one and one of the greatest greatest tragedies of history obviously have silly and animals I was safe for somebody somebody just browsing the Internet is. If they're close minded or whatever in the challenger website they started reading through it they would sit there and thank god c'mon this is crazy I mean you're talking Egypt you're talking. You know. Drill systems and all this stuff no no way as possible. But you've got you've got a lot of evidence to back up exactly where you're writing about what you're showing what you're talking about your book. XO. Yes and checked in netbook it means secrets what was ahead to be resource with the installation is much too much wearable. And also I. Deliberately pushed solid many things which or almost convinced were correct but let's just lift the melts it because it did not have back up if independent evidence to produce somebody time to means is like I've whizzed toward. And so this is the bull that I'm as a result evidence that can be consulted and chick. Jonathan let's talk about that a little bit let's and and Jason brought it up you mentioned on your website. In describing this book that the egyptians had a drill. That would do who that would drill through rock and a at a at a pace much faster than our modern drills so. Walk us through how you learned about that and how you can support that. Our colleague well actually a judge to rule. Are captured in the hell are left to battle but not that we can support that because one of the world's. Leading. Girl specialists has himself examined. And as the around the turn of the twentieth century. The Scottish Egypt told just so Williams and his victory was almost of toe to admit that. He was puzzled Beloit. These old laws that he would sound and budget Egyptian archaeological slots. And it was clear to him that chip lipped rules had a huge hole about luck blocks oh please. Very hot stunts. And the drills hit big spending rightful sense they'd. Bell that you can actually calculates. The amount of pressure is showing both the repeatedly group which the rules the biggest the huts. And it's very surprising. Lloyd of at least a tunnel to it was placed almost orange drills cut in granite. And on the granite Colin on the center. I'm talking about what he found. The spla all of the cuts into one inch in this company to six engines or what in six to now that's a right of plowing through it reached an astonishing. And laser records or old group skin obvious brought it. But the the same till the drill into the granite underwritten all this pressure. Now just hell in all of us that ridge line of blade was confirmed boy outside the school Chris Dunn. Now he was an expert. Machine tool like yeah. And the eventually it was given senior position at Danville metals to end Indian audience ducts. At his calculations in Detroit that the ancient Egyptian rules were turning 500. On its last open wheel rules and I'm quoting him would words 100 arms last. Then Walton payout rules. So in addition to the relates and that takes allegedly tipped. We have hot physical evidence. All the full of the drool cool hole the drill hole cools. And this. Tells us that the judge did you options must have had access to some sold all as yet. Cartilage into flood councils. Which like Huddleston of Roger you poison and used for different clips including. Well and that's amazing to think has I mean I'm I'm plumber by trade also I do a lot of a lot of woodworking and I can tell you just has a plumber. And the and the two drilling today to rocker concrete amusing and biggie here general system. And at this spell its spending on anywhere from two 5000 RPMs. And I'm I'm actually trying to using amateur system to to get through that it's sort of think that they were able to do things like that. Way back Stan is just it's mind blowing. It suggests slings that we haven't yet found that those things most of these disposals. If you think through some of the other technologies that you inclusion in the book there must be a few that really just completely. Amaze you blow you away offer us one or two of those. We've reached to restart. Look let's explore its pale blood accurate what that we didn't didn't let okay. Bill. I saw his ball the night mode G George Q is director of the international academy of cents reached Litsch. In Marshall were in India. They has translated into English. I document which is 3000 years old. And fondness and pronounces directly you all think in the Indian you call it blood Monica church drug. Which reminds us alliance of aeronautics. And that trick translation before translational all of that don't that is. Out analytics a manuscript. Trauma that prehistoric touched eldest was published or call relations race in muscle in the year in launch needs him to throw it. And it has 6000 lines of mixed with dog Gramm's only construction of three taught civic robbed. Does it mean to this comes from a 3000 year old document. The installation. Couples a dismal end of the helicopter taught target line. And roaring for a double Dick and triple Dick passenger blinds were as many as 400 people. Planes for the aircraft that flew in the year. Traveled underwater or floated on tour and like all the water so our view was. It was I I'd be vehicle that was my that the treble in the year area oral socially. All idols. Then hit the it was a document on the document which dealt with the alt click gyrations and the writing it all out and and then there was another putt which talks about the lines being equipped with chambers. And radio. It's a tight snapshots all all the public it prost in the straw and then radio and declined to write. As well as other references that could not catch Lola Albright. And they there was instruction in this one blowing up all of Helton like you'll run rough invisible to maintenance. Help paralyzed outlet it structural Mueller aircraft. Helped create the illusion. Almost Los angles on. Health Ziggy wagons or look as it looked helpless civilians solid at enemies they applied. Help us all all all activities going on down below wildly round. Also the correct proportions of certain chemicals which will envelop the thick rough and give the appearance well. And this budget document two times formulas which would like calorie rough manufacturers. Letelier judgment astonishment. And if we could Muster at it would herald of near him. But each for ever regulations dot. You know there's there's questions and immediately comes to mind is if if that if that is the case then we've got no reason to doubt what you've presented here. But if that's the case why are we using. Because we had we. I think once guys public control this student groups. The book that that's what this what. When Tesla. Short shoot bring out some of his discoveries and ended bring will benefit the public. He was persecuted bought the system which controlled the electric blue ribbons so. And that this is has been sought that there is easily the oil industry control sleaze that they and Leah. Look at the cover industry you blocked solid wooden and and teach it like we're rich college to the the oil and destroyed. And somebody says now you can you can run your counsel water or where we've actually all of moderate but they've been papal lecture is stuck doing it. Like some hill looked like it they haven't really dismal. Or something you juggle with the what that golf it's titans' home. Yeah we'll let that dipped fight off the plate if you want us oil law that you've got to give us material and we'll tell you for. Yet and we've seen that we've seen that overdo it in recent history in fact we're talking with Jonathan gray he's an archaeologist a historian and author. A lecturer and an explorer. His website is before us dot com were talking about his book dead men's secrets you've got smothered books were gonna talk what he's about sixty of Mary on a check. You know it's like a lot of work order and never ending list so are we're gonna take a quick break more to come to listen and Jason javy. Have heard we can plan our guest tonight is Jonathan gray were talking about his book dead men's secrets. Hopefully we'll have time to get some of the other books as well should check out his website before us dot com and Lucy Jonathan were to go action to Foreman sets of people waiting and holds some questions here. This is Barry from North Carolina he very welcome to the show. Hello there Jerry did it today they you know our own. Great holidays so they've embodied. I'll thank you very Symbian. No kidding and Johnson grand day out walk up pleasure it is to hear you all manner how much just must cell biology and chemistry. And the end of Bolivia but you have been aborted Debra contrary to Allah some. Our question hey as Walt was to have power source. All the Asian euros at current drill 500. Faster than the girl we have today. That might be the million dollar question what do you think Jonathan you have some answers for that. Our our election I can give you ha ha hut the city a lot of from certain knowledge that is alleged to energy. For example I mentioned flawed what could be held blog there are. And the tensions talked about the hell that's like inaccurate that had to be absolutely. Put under very strict control because blow up the city. Now we got to help that well in Mercury I can do that nor do we know about how we can Floyd with Mercury but. Yeah IE a description in the past talks about what single drop of Mercury and saw the special and China could actually. Pitched us meaningful. All it could Intel a thick rough and slides out she died out thick rough a huge petrol or other guests and we use a sledge ham reproach to get off the ground. And we you is how we accomplished very much military insists did but we do it a did it meant. And probably a much more difficult myth that they'll Mercury might have been one of the element is to. Well. The the house sources for these rules Berry but that it might not being accurate it could have been something else but that's just what's dished. Thanks for the call. Are you appreciate that we're gonna have to go to break here again want to come back. Morgan I'm get into some more of these these are technologies that have been lost time. While there's a lot of weird things are Mercury there was a whole scientific study on. Magnetic fields can give it an anti gravity yeah. Field around so Switzerland's Lotta we're support comes on the Mercury in our it's we're gonna take quick break again for numbers 8446877669. Until free date for four. 6877669. You'll listen jays who. GBM Dioner relatively new. Rival powers lost to time. Don't forget tomorrow night we have a best of program and all next week to celebrate the Christmas slash New Year's holidays will be presenting best of programs here I'm beyond reality radio good stuff though some great shows. Scheduled for next week. Yes and the league in JoAnne nice week off the Stanley in the kids and and some good time family time and two in the come back. And you know harassment just phenomenal shells into when he eighteen raring to go for sure. Let's bring her gas spec in Jonathan I'm mean one thing I was I was kind of going through some notes here during the break and it's a little bit off track but. You know you present. Some information about I would call them scandals within scientific community things like. Artifacts being dumped in the oceans so that we don't know about them. And in the whole concept of of mystery is satellites orbiting the earth that don't come from any of the country's that we would expect. Putting satellites into orbit what what's going on here what tell us about the artifacts I dumped into the ocean first. Scandals of what will belong to on although it's being done knowledge voices that and grateful. All I actually. Have reported on before. That I dumped a book blood and other effects that didn't sit the evolution theory into the Caribbean so it. Now when I announce that in some Tom Beck obviously idea I live a trauma gentlemen. Living. In Charleston. And they say it. One of aborted with Clinton went all the tugboat captain you can Google long diamond blended on legit all literally written the book called talk about. Angela king told shouldn't. That you'll mention of Logitech dumping it a 100% correct. Would just under three years during 2000 salute through 2000 slaughtered hog wecht. Outlook looks really nice lead there's subcontract with the low level security. Clearance altered products. And all kinds firsthand knowledge of this reckless. We're sunk a tremendous amount of materials. Delicate hold back notable. OK Dick told we're globes to like shortly tells I'll remember it correctly. Well I know what what portal large lord's day here at home just down in storage not hard to figure out. And the judge me his line from all regal locals NS tugboat company and Duluth. Minneapolis and Charleston. Sales general and so they you have a firsthand testimony that all lit models useless like did stump. To show. Do you know where the artifacts came from and how long they were held before they were dumped and specifically what they were like what types of artifacts and work. Kelly. One of them got what back to the judging under its where in the Smithsonian actually had a man and it. Seemed to made dumbing down to Grand Canyon. Now the interesting thing was this goal likened his leg was can judge. He reported that that's I looked way way way way up. The wall of the Kenya. Blake could sleep the reminds of something man knife and was it like up above they've. And blues some difficult late like climbs. To almost on the bottom all lodged to the top all the Kenya. And they like shelved the reminds all like you walls. IE you are a bunch of people bunched up only. And that was sticks giving sold they got into a huge cut pieces like into the Kelly. And they found that there was a huge central room but then. Total yelling also likes flexible we'll trauma in all directions. And wrought through this walls ejection Barbara affixed they will mummies live there was debt issues they were watching us. And it read beyond any doubt today and that's the egyptians had visited malls America around about what 2000 please. And this to this was. Even mentioned in the local news like when he cut back to some laws election up coming out of the Kenyan he reported to look used electrical or tell me a bullet. And the Smithsonian took an interest and and I had truckloads of stuff eventually. Sink to the Smithsonian. And if you forgot which has seen this on new diagnostic Libya that let's let it at. Because the evidence was destroyed that's just one example. You think Arnold that you used to that they wouldn't destroy it know even even if they were keeping it must that they would warehouse at or something for their own. There own purposes but to just strike to get rid of it totally so there's no there's no evidence of it ever. Bullet people's love from the or what. Not money that's on goats. Evidence which on page document with the johnnies did you. Modeled on miles and play a whole North America actually cells believes it. You can plug into Floyd Kenyans dead on Melton acknowledge it or realism lines that. The holes and sect or like talk about some raw is like the Grand Canyon let's talk about it and what can be Oded Floyd sentences Obama. And yet you say so volley as treble all you want to travel just likes to dot. Now's the full sales in years ago on the shoulders at the wool balls none. It was understood it was meant to you and and the maps show I levels Leo or illness. From multiple. Exactly as we would do well on a neglected. Except that goes into like out long they tell Antarctica shown to be on us for a well actually. Yes I watched Rory. Lleyton Utley kept it launched ending come with bullets progressively as the league's next 100 read a lot. And the events have not in just a metro hundreds of years. No going back to that the Grand Canyon discovery. With the Smithsonian's involvement today's seal up the cave was a destroyed. Well the tight wasn't destroyed but it's been sealed up now you you have to have a limit to what the government Grand Canyon and they are Kenyan goat. But since then there have been public prevalence and all I have this little from a couple we'll. Those sites like have themselves gold exploring. Under the Roy does is such as it. And like have they not. I able to consume the jury symbol of slings lost yelling into this line Kelly but of the judge dale what is the types that nobody boarded up. And I'm trying to figure out what the value isn't keeping that information secret you had mentioned one of their motivations for keeping our dumping some of these are six was because they challenged darwinism that doesn't seem to challenge darwinism to me it seems to be. Kind of you know. Bit of innocuous in a bit of information idea what is it threatened what does that information threaten. But coastal ecosystem that's that's technology Cadillac or suspects. And that's the problem chose helped cost rates come down we haven't come up. And that doesn't actually through an agenda which lenient in new world order people. Wanting us to smaller you have to sleep real risk is that we're all right the bull the web on the bloodless Leah. Because like a tip blades at the six bugs is it the EU legislation and the reasons horrible. Well we haven't even begun to talk about the global listen that's a whole other topic but I wanna ask you about these. These satellites that are at the polls of the earth that you say there's air and they have not been put up by a modern country are always one that we would recognized weren't what do they come. It's. Well. The the ancient rice's actually Russian girls at lord's. Just like put satellites in the year and that destroyed the USA as the settle lots more try to chisel. So I'm just tell you we have reports shuttle launch and destroy bacteria. So that's years ago they had they had reports settle it in the stroller which will midnight that would put up later. Not to its interest linger that wind. In Allah Ali. Wind. The you Cilic Sully. The spice I began. We have. Younger Russians Mort they going up to us the before the American one. And when that wind up. Scientists then began to become more. School like on Jews and I began to look at slings let it looked at before and taking notice and Manila trying to trek this essential like going. A strong east to west. I suddenly felt there was no such luck going to handle ourselves a whole lot about polo oil and Russia and America do it the only two countries that had the technology to put up settle at that all of had adults put up any single hole this is something caught short and it was to a 300 miles above the U systems taller than. Then the ones we would not. So this Walsh. Stick Juli has been tracked and charged us launches it was and since it's still up it's still circulating. And understandable second one is being felt well witches going in a similar direction. Well. Jonathan we just have run out of time here sadly we've only scratched the surface with the information that till we wanted to talk about in in your books so. Once again give us the name of the website and where folks can find more information about your work. Our guys who whips launches www. Before us called the TV if I worry viewers don't golf. And at the bottom of the Taj. Well actually this whaling so the near the top of applied to lower the list and solid nothing walks. Four more quickly what do. But anybody who wants to invest to guts of the church gold medal multiple that night I generally smuggle pledges. Wolf thanks so much for coming on an analysis and we definitely gonna have you on again at some point because it we could talk for multiple nights on this. Yeah we have a lot of information we didn't get too thanks so much Jonathan was started to cut you off you're running at a time. Fascinating conversation went back. Twice three nights before Christmas and all through the show the mood was quite strange wind we don't know the guest was on target without any Pratt. And people were listening from Boston to Seattle. The talk was all light. But we did have some fear what would we flying under the tree this year did you behave I ask jeeves and was relieved as much as you did my good friend Jesus. But first we were chatting with how much concern. To we have the first mission of many more we learn. This was clad in a fancy Rogen and some might see. It was a tiny bit that he said he was here to offer some needs and with great lines some warnings meaning he says hold on tight this might give rocky and many. Offered his name he said clean fun to. Can't treat patients that they needed to share. The first is that Jason never grow. The second is more serious and needs send them. Achieving the police had he studies them. Students in this age of creek import and snapped McCain if info that you should retailer. My visas have told me as soon you'll find. Two more visitors as a spiritual community. And we set pronouncement this funky did leave and Jason and I were grateful for the reprieve but just when it seemed things would be quiet another visitor appeared in creative writing. This man was crude. Had an older blues and in between works he often gets. My name of the doctrine and I've been charged with a river task. I just need to make sure I still have my plot plus. The words I will say it may seem of their Roth. Obama open and that they yearbook and be tough. Well they greatest gift you can find this isn't. Israel proview. Would this be if your reason. And out of his mouth as out the door he strewn he said don't let a mask their day. Four I will surely explored. That left us wondering both scratching our head what once this gift referenced in the words he had said. And before we could blink and other vision which song. This home was friendly. And not very tall you know me as Eddie. Like to be precise. And my name is Alex you both have been nice. You give to some amazing. Yeah glistening. It's the gift of the loves of everyone who's listening. Those words we've both shortage realize. That we were indeed receiving a prize. For its all of you Alter who tune in each night that make it all worthwhile rewarding and right. City each and every one of our listeners directly from us we wish the most happy of seasons and merry merry. Christmas. It was early. Is this season. They can say. We haven't urged. Manners. Larry has. Show. As far as we. Elites. News. Christmas and the strangest. And it's. And verses and crews. Stumbled. When he's tired it's on T. To these days turned bright blue. This was. Oh. It's. And Kelly. Came. He says. AD creature well. It's. It's. Answer came to us here. All. Jamie's at the strangest times eSATA. At all. Here's mine. It's time it's. It was all. DE. Yeah. Please ranch. Is I mean. I need days to win it all on Jason wins javy keeping. Homeless friends. From his head down to his feet. Okay. Grossman's. Primary Christmas everybody thanks everybody thanks for everything thanks for tuning in makes from being a part of the show and making the success we all love you. Until 2018. Catches him its Jason GDP on morality radio and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson introduced by Al Simpson told students who didn't. So can only be a really great news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello fading centrist because well for Jason is slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.