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Psychic Vincent Genna offers predictions for 2018

Jan 10, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with psychic Vincent Genna about the coming year and what he sees as a year of challenges and rewards. 1/10/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Aaron I. The L West Coast Wednesday on the east and start somewhere between welcome to be on really reading it myself kiss and laws they always Allison GP jumps you ready for some predictions soon. I am ready for some protection. It's we're going to bring Vincent Jenna and in little wild and he's going to offer us his predictions for 2018 and he's gonna talk a little bit about you know his work as a psychic and spiritual teacher. I've seen some of the and you have TJ some of the look the predictions he's made he's got some pretty interesting stuff that east beast going to be talking about. Well he does and it's funny because as I was reading through some of them might block some that just happened today some look at him he took should just that the sales regarding exactly so but it won't make him make cheated on him. It will be taking calls and eat for 4687766. Night and told freed 844687766. Yes and later in the program I'm assuming we hasn't time. We will revisit our psychic remote viewing experiment with the playing card that we picked last week that we're still trying to get someone to be able to tap into our. Energy and our mindset our shock resort every have to tap into to do this kind of thing and get the cart. And you think that somebody you like just print out a list of cartons and just check check it sort of like as it exists and didn't you have to have a deck of cards and funny ample amount as the boys I mean which is in the office we should be offering these hints how ultimately help people help people win. But then again we events and on tonight if he comes on extremely blows it for us and you'll Picard the current and everything is that is over but but it makes you do write down the phone number it's 8446877669. So. You know what's going on you we were just talk about something there you. Yes something I mean they just hadn't brought him tsunami warning you wanna Puerto Rico right now seven point five magnitude earthquake at the Caribbean. And so hopefully everybody's everybody's okay are safe. I mean I I I have to admit I'm a little bit behind in the news cycle here I didn't realize that it happened as those doing other route show prep stuff but mom I'm I don't even know what's going on Puerto Rico since the hurricane I mean. They were supposed to be without power for like they thought up to a year or something wasn't the case. Yeah it it's it's strange how it happens because honestly it's you know he sings he brought up the news news goes crazy with it all. And then all of a sudden the sleeves and Newt the news we'll just. Drop something they'll just drop it move on here and I saw that when when I headed down when we went to foment Jefferson. And attacked him I don't Jefferson Azeri the penitentiary opener. It was just weeks after. All those tornadoes in and of going through the area and totally destroying entire town. Andrea and all these people were without electricity there. At one point there were people shooting each other bottles water and then all the singing here you heard enough about it on the news then all the sudden it stopped CO thinking all right well things have been resolved. A win we ended up getting out there. It was still chaos there was still just craziness going on these people were still in need of water and food and in all the stuff. But the news stop talking about it. Due to a really make you sit there and think well I mean why do these just randomly stopped talking about things when. People are still in need when people are still in jeopardy and it makes you wonder if somebody. Above says you know political bosh Arnold's mood on something else women these people are still in the. Yeah I think there attention span is just the way short and it's more fun to talk about tweets and and other things coming from government officials or sex scandals and in congress or whatever happens to be and and you know it then to continue to talk about a story that they were we talked about for a couple weeks and just this move on I think they don't have they don't really care what happens it is still move onto the next lived next. Of extravagant story. Knowledge is retreat since it's whatever you can boost Tampa. Most of the way to the ratings to view and views from there but I am pleased hopefully everybody you know Puerto Rico and while the Caribbean RC as well and I'm sorry just gonna mention too because we're talking about disasters I know that Derek California's is going through flooding and mudslides. And a number of farce right after the fires and right after of drought I mean it's amazing how is goes from one extreme to another and we had originally. Had done Deirdre Haiti is scheduled to come under the program to join us tonight but she actually had to be evacuated. Should let us know late last night they she wasn't going to be able to do the show because a she's one of the people that had to be evacuated because these mudslides. Stuff that's crazy and and again in a lot of friends and you know him. People who work with and so forth so. President girls season and just that and peace how it's California it's one day it's it's either of wildfires. Flooding earthquakes if it's it's. Always something that's going to be its own it's gonna be it's on balance it's going to be it's gonna float offspring into the specifics and run into Hawaii and frequent replacement actually and more exact. Hit two I pray and you hear about I yesterday we we talked about the cold in Miami and Al. You're getting these type foot iguana is just randomly falling trees written. Well let's go to the other end of the spectrum. Concern headed off there and US arm okay so bats now are just falling from the sky in Australia. Really yes. Hundreds of and hundreds and hundreds of bats who died in sweltering conditions in Australia tough month total opposite end of the spectrum. A with many dropping from their perches and and pretty much sky. During scorching temperatures. They're saying that it frying the Bat's brain so while officials that. All the way into its. It's bad record breaking heat wave saw the the arrive Mercury rise to 45 Celsius it's a 113 degrees Fahrenheit and Sydney's western suburb of Campbell talent on Sunday where hundreds of thousands of animals all from the trees. Coming from the heat. So they have more of the officials said the basically boils. Gambled on flying fox colony manager Jesus at the title. I'm Kate Ryan told local Camden advertiser it affects their brain their brains just Fries and they become incoherent. It would be like standing in the middle of a stand it no shade. I get this Sydney recorded its hottest day since 1939. On Sunday when the suburb a generous reached 170. Degrees Fahrenheit while. I mean that's insane well. And they're saying that. Wallace is a loss at bats and brutal conditions they expected to run into just thousands and thousands come. They're saying that in these animals are you finding and scattered all the ground. And also just a lot of stole perched in trees and still clinging to trees debt. Because a lot of news while so I mean we go from falling iguanas because it's too cold to falling bats because it's too time. Actress and do their toilets in their. Under way when you flush and apparently or this or other houses if what are Southern Hemisphere that tax cut and you let. Well we're going to be talking about a whole bunch of things events agenda when he comes on and Vince and actually is agreed to last minute to jump into the program. I know we talked about it last night the right after we heard the Deirdre was going to be able to join us we asked Vinson to come on. And he had graciously agreed and he's got to grow in very very interesting list of 2018 predictions as you said Jay we might be seeing some of these things unfold all right now. And in Vincent's defense he knew at a time that we are going to call him and now it's your day you are waiting all psychics thanks so if you haven't image she had to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial to FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com review final agree stations we Aaron across the country. Constantly check that list because we're we're updating it all the time you can also download the free iPhone and android app. Great they're from the website that illogical listen live catch past shows join him in check and more. Al Oracle's original website just click a listen lifetime which is up in the right corner. And then connecting on online Charron ridiculous right from your computer while joining javy myself and some great unity people hanging on the online check. All good stuff worth your time and energy for sure. And if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just rated forest oaks goes to show Ford makes it easier for people find and that's what it's all about it is. Are you ready but soon to jump in a break here and you're in neighboring Vinson and all right sounds good are you listened Jason Giambi on really you really only. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Aren't aren't always changing things around listening to the radio stations that carry the program we wrote really appreciate that affiliate list. Growing all the time we're looking forward adding a whole bunch of so new stations in 2018 and I'm hoping. Our guest Vincent Jenna and one of his predictions is that beyond reality radio led. 500 radio stations there's just it. If he says what are going to be canceled six yet I don't hear that he doesn't say that at all let's bring event Vincent welcome back to be on reality radio so great to have you back on the shelf. Jason and JB thanks for having me back it's great to be back and now I'm not gonna tell you you've got hit too good. To good I'd being canceled. You will be expanded if that it won't hit 500. I think just a little bit less than that this year but you're gonna expand. Oh you say all the right things in Georgia I think I got right to want to get back to life to let you tomorrow the day after. So what are you gonna do sensor on the program last has been over a year I think. Oh my goodness yes it is actually it has I've been real busy traveling the country and doing lectures and a lot of radio show is. Lot of interesting things because of all the things that have been going on the past year that not so positive that a lot of negative things going on. So I do a lot of explaining I help out like try to give a different view of sayings and just help people move forward give them a spiritual umbrella to carry with them so that they can take care of themselves during all of this nonsense. And for a month and SF like crazy times and this is there's it's on instinct when he seventeen was just pure chaos. Compared to any other year I can order by huge you know I think it's true it's been I think as I mean B says we get older things just get more chaotic may be as technology comes and relies things give more chaotic. I'm not sure what it is Vincent but it is 2017 was quite a tumultuous year. Well it was but that's because the people. Work that way to see. He seriously history the history of the world we always packed some type of crisis for some time or another whether he. A hurricane or tornado whipping through an earthquake and tidal wave. But then that would be about 51015. Use would go by it would give people a chance to rebuild it would give people a chance to grow a little from the experience right. Apple what's been happening is crisis after crisis after crisis I mean. 2017 we had the earthquakes we had storms hurricanes writing to reach one right after another and then we had fires and then we have. Every single one not absolute craziness but you have to understand. That people have been going nuts. Individuals. That hatred the anger the stupidity during. During twenty to seventeen over here in Charlottesville Virginia where happening not seem marches you know where are. Having white supremacy groups Sen and toppling of statues and not sent and people cheating people that. It's going to feed into the negativity. Now I hate to tell you where will get into wit. But because nothing new shingjang amongst the people. That means 2018. Is not going to change in fact he can even be worse. Well I hope not on man but I will say that's when he seventeen. Just became a year that you realized. That long scary enough that these people are a lot of people have a problem are going to be running you know country and to have 101520 years but the fact of the matter is that you're not able to have a different opinion than others now and that that seem to really. Spiral hole heat issues. Around the entire world if you felt different and somebody else. Then knew that you were and all these negative things geology and it just became a thing where you were heated that you were literally hated. It like frenzies that we get different opinions and then you know that whatever I respect them for their opinions but that seems to be a lost cause these days. Well let me tell you something about that okay it intends the opinion. That's the problem. Okay it's the lack of human values. That has become the problem and the fact. That expansion within the people. Each then if you'd think it's not there. What has happened in 26 team going into 2017. Is bringing to this surface the deep seated stuff. We we would love to think with such an advanced species. And we judge our advancement based on our technology. Just because we get in new iPhone iPhone ten comes out. All we must be so incredibly advanced and we are impressing people all over the world and yet we've got people starving in our backyard we don't know how to feed them. We got people we've still got prejudiced we still have to were reached about geez being beaten on because people can't leave them alone. Movement is minorities and immigrants. Being good at. Transported out of the country get out of here even though we've invited you wouldn't have a big contact you with open arms that invite you and so so all of that has. Being hidden. We in the people. So that's not based on an opinion. That winds up being based on where do you how. Have values and you don't have values so it's been coming to the surface and it's been shocking the world. Because we don't expect to see it and operatives are friends we have good friends right. And we don't think oh my god my friends not prejudice isn't hate black people he doesn't need in the right now we get along great not all of this button. You see what he's supporting and you he would be standing. Think for an extra sneaking out yeah I go along with that we've got to get band we got a bit in the we got to get rid of this we got to fight we got a and then you go wow I never knew that we continue but it was. All you're seeing. Is what was already within it stick garbage talk like using a new single Clinton there. When you use a new phase Oakland you can start breaking out because it dirt comes to the surface and you've got these temple. What you're seeing in the United States in the world today is that coupled with the dirt come into the surface. Well that's what way to school I got him we've got about thirty seconds erected jumping to break an idea as he may have already answered this question but. This angst that your defining its. That's bubbling to the surface and people is this eight in angst. Isolated to America is an isolated to the western world there is an ice is at the whole world that's feeling ness. It's the whole world and it's why it's coming out all over the place in different ways. We'll talk more about that he sees the end everybody because we're all the same. Jim Arnett and and you did you do UC cast throughout pretty much the entire world these days and it's just it's crazy it truly has yet when and we will talk about that and much more we come back from the break our guest tonight is Vincent Jana by the way his website is his name Vincent Janet's GE NN day. Dot com we've got so much talk about when we get back from the break. Absolutely if you have a question for us or Vincent is equality for 4687766. And again that's shall freed 844. 6877669. Who listened to Jason. G beyond beyond really the real. Renowned psychic. There are respected spiritual teacher dynamic animated speaker. He receives into ciphers messages from the other side we're going to be talking about his predictions for 2018 and a little bit. Check out his website it's Vincent Jenna GE NNA dot com there's a wealth of information there there's a whole bunch of things you can check out services that Vincent offers his clients and it's in your ear pretty unique in the way you you handle your client to take a very very special. Approach with the people who seek help from you. Well guess I due primarily because we don't have time for hand holding anymore. And and most people are going through such hard times in their lives and in all aspects whether it be health whether repeat finance in job and relationships especially. So I'm able to receive the issues he's the problem and to get into it with some really deep I have a psychotherapy. Background on Maine so. I've got I know will be in denial of the mind I know the excuses and I know all of those things and so I grab them by the shoulder I loved them to death. But I help them break compared Barry isn't walls that we we carries so much with last. And lock ourselves from from having the lives we want to guess that that I don't opt in to like breakdown that wolf event. And then they can create collide they want to yes that's the work I do with them. Is that a little bit of tough love. It's very tough flop now the way I like to admit it. I could be walking down the street which you right now in new York and I see a a bird coming towards your head that's falling off the building I have three choices of the way under the tree view. I can need to run like hell because they faced separate your common might not get the hell out of the way I. The other way I can do it is to waste some spiritual teachers do it and tapped you on the shoulder and say I really don't want it. It is feeling your life it really isn't up to meet but I'd like to let you know that it was and you know by the I'm on the birdie that you want pet. All right Greta by the game shoulders I fully web in the way in the process. You mainland bank may break your wrist I'm may break your ankle but I can save your life. How do you want me to deal with you do you want me to shake him by the shoulders and get you out of the way it helped you your life. When you want me to be polite and perhaps you want initialed an askew if you'd like to change. That's the that's got to also be tough and balls and certain aspects I mean yeah depending on the individual that you actually worked at. It is asking it because you. With love they thank you I was a hospice social worker and I was the one here in North Carolina they don't like telling patients that get dying. I was the one who hold them that they were dying and every one of them thanked me. They have their their children and not or the doctors may have gotten made me I didn't want and I know now he's gonna feel a bit. Know the patient thanked me because they have the right to know and even my clients today thanked me for letting them know for caring enough. To tell them that they heading towards a brick wall. And I and I think that's important and and I've always been under the same impression where and I tell people hate me for my honest. Yeah I hate it hate me for my straightforward missile from I honestly don't hate me because library beef because and because I'm brutally honest. That's right but I'm brutally honest because I care. Is it is and that's the most important thing today and I wish people had told me that I was headed towards brick wall when I was younger. I I would have made some of the mistakes and I make but they've you know politically correct it's not my life it's not my right. It you know I have to be nice and I don't wanna get involved you know that type the stuff that's nonsense now. We are our brother's keepers and we do have to be a light in some way. It's infer our listeners who may be being introduced Jews for the first time how long you've been up to this how would have been working with people like I. Have been working on this since I've been 28. And I am 62 now and I can't believe I just doubled that in no I'm I'm supposed to be hiding my agent based on what other people are telling me. Whatever that may I think is between matzo it's over 35 years that I've been doing this work and that's including resurgent perfecting might appeal is that the fact that. That entire time that's why I went back to school despite it. Sixty twos in the new twenty sick that's right. I believe so you should jamiat I mean act. Act like a kid anyway I don't know what Ramirez says I don't care I don't look at it. Yes I gonna stop think in the way idea I had guys deterrence against had a burst in my account Nam athlete in 92 spell. I was the only way to my locker good and ill but I guess public and Italy and white costly sense that she's you get a stop looking at elect digest it but then we'll commute. No -- parents were much older than we were anyway because we're much busier we're much more at. Active we have younger minds and younger mindset so don't worry about the age it's only a number. Nancy you recognize he had some unique talents when you're very young. Yeah I was actually it's what kept me alive. I was the one who was tormented through my life by the kids in school and then by mom and dad at home and sexually molested and all of that stuff plot. What I had going Romania is I happened to be a really good singer or actor and dancer from a very young age I had a big four east. And so acting became a salvation to me getting up onstage and hearing some applies kept me going. And so I was able to do a lot of things that they are a lot of musical theater it became a professional actor I was even in the movie respects might be regional one not the second. You are and you're in the original. Yes I was missing on cancer in that movie throughout the entire movies TV and various parts and behind John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in part time my. I even danced with John consisted during the Jim scene then though yes that is that and apps don't read keep it residual checks from the bad thing I love it. That's awesome it's a great movie it's a classic for sure. It is a classic it's like being in gone with the wind and and I was and one of the dead people that he's not a result. That was pretty cool and and it's taking me it's it's given me a lot of mileage so. And it. It's also when I use it is an inspiration for other people to argues it's to help people. Learn about dreams and going at the dreams and how you can also met some up to. Well it is that you've been at this for quite some time I'm sure you've been making predictions. Like annually annual predictions for quite some time. Take us back over some that that may be even surprised you know something you had a vision of needs that can't be true but it actually ended up happening. Paying. Out that's really interest staying well I think in the 27 team. Was really clear to me and and like that I that the people I said. This is going to be record breaking storms and is bad it is natural disasters. As well as man made disasters and I think I just knew that it was going in that direction I saw the storms. I saw that one right after another and any antibodies saying not at about. Happen that way and I was like no it's so when dictated and any time many in my predictions even any psychic. You know where where not infallible you know and future can always change in a moment's notice it's not. Written in stone we change it all the time. Just based on our energy so when anything does happen I'm like while that really did come to pass and and in a way I always say it was a patent. It's the one the one thing that I can say I wish it did. Come to pass that I was wrong on but many of us will wrong on it and that happened to be the election. That was really a last minute flip. And all but admitted that the majority of psychics in my field we all felt the exact same way we even talked about it and I have to words. It was a complete shock. That it didn't come to pass the way it was supposed to but it proved. That the future can change at a moment's. Notice and just have just a flip of a point. Tweaking up the the ending up of the the boats. Any thing can change it but it date change I was disappointed in baton I was upset about that. I'm hoping I'm wrong about my a lot of my predictions for 2018. And I'm afraid that I'm I'm not going to be. And edit in Japan I hate being Debbie downer you know everybody's their second date is 2018 going to be better and I'm like looking at them going within. Make your life better that's what's going to it is healing. The world. But don't be expecting it's going to change overnight turned OK just do the best you can to make your life positive to. Two hits and values that you know are good values compassion. Eighty carrying. Tolerance. Equality. All of those wonderful words that we know that define a good person that's what we supposed to be marching towards leaning towards and standing for. And when we do that in our own personal lives. And that's going to send out a better energy so any of the predictions that I come up with now and then I'm gonna be sharing with you. Can actually be changed then and defused it thwarted. Based on the positive energy that we feed the universe with it really is about we were told at the beginning from the moment we will created. That we have dominion over this Erica what was meant by that is we are. Image he's having a physical experience an energy manipulates matter. Therefore everything on this earth including our bodies are made of matter. And that means our energy affects it and science is showing that to date want in science quantum physics quantum met these people were moving back. Proving that. That is seeing more of that information coming out. Which is not to have an open mind to accept that we're still not willing to accept half of the world as it was still not willing to accept the fact that this climate change going on popular. Immediate break people stop being so obstinate duke holding on to beliefs just for the principle of the facts. Not because you're you really believe that way. Most of the things that. That people are claiming they believed that this spanning four they really don't believe they're just afraid not to be on the bandwagon with the big mouth. The answer words is the information come from when you'll make a prediction what are you what signals are you receiving and where they coming from. Okay where it all happened to the same place Carl young called the collective unconscious or the mind of god that. How much a metaphysical. In practitioners call to the posture record. Dare cupid did mention. All right. We are all of these. Knowledge and wisdom restored because here's here's a really easy thing and teaching you can appreciate this with the all the work that you do dealing with close. The past the present and the future are actually happening at the same time. Albert Einstein try to teach us the theory of relativity. Which he was talking about it. Timing is relative it's actually not a measurement it's up late it's a low Asia. It's said that mention. So you are past. Is going on at the same time as your president which is going on at this same time as the future. It's just been a different place that's the craziness of it then why it's hard for to wrap our brains around it. So all I do is open myself up to that dementia and I'm already talking with spirit in another dimension so tapping into that. Act dimension of the future is not a typical thing to do. We'd do it all the tying people. Okay for example on 9/11. There were many people who had the feeling of not going to work that was the future peace plan to fit them. And they felt something something Haldeman inspired them to do something else to call in sick to take their kids to school. Did you take out. Brain day air arrest they meet day and and they weren't fair at the time at the event happens all the time. If you really think about this okay we are always living in the past. Think about that everything that happens takes moments. Before it registers in our brain. What we see take a moment for the brain could see it translated into an image so therefore by the kind of changes it into an image that you'll recognize I think it's already in the past. No. Yeah we'd have to look at reality is something different. It's not what it seems to be so yes I can tap into that it's really easy thing to do what you just opened the door to more. One that opens up the hole and cool question because one thing I I have talked about numerous times is. At least some of the EV piece that we catch on it seems as if the entities. Are still living a date in their normal lives doing their their same thing and I always try to bring up tomorrow Washington I'll tell investigation because. We were there we made contact Weirton and we are able to and catch something answering Cellini answering us. And the fact of the matter is when she's answering us she's talking mug going getting security and so forth so. It she still living it day in her life and it's as if time was overlapping. And that's only limited that's always been one of my more my thoughts is thinking. Well then that opens up the door to sensitive search psychics are they is it really that they are able to communicate with the dead or is it just that there. They have a thinner veil which with jumping through the timeline sitting there you should just like somebody in the past a hundred years ago. That we might be making contact with now are they being sought as there are psychic because they're able to hear us who's who are really in the future they just don't know. Acts that take equal rate concept and a great understanding. The one thing that I would want it to that is that factor back. Any spirit that leaves the physical world is now in spirit no matter why they no longer happy body okay. But they can create then any reality that they walked. So for example the Mount Washington thing has nothing to do with the fact that that. Woman is actually living a date in her life she's creating what she remembered for herself because. The heavenly dimensions are going to be exactly what you expect them to be until you understand what they really are. OK well ours so what we're gonna take a break as we get all we've got a lot more to really get into here but and the phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freed before four. 687766. And neither have any questions for us or or our guest Vincent. Gives a shout you listened Jason dvd owner. Here business we really are completely we're talking. Welcome back to the show. I'm just a quick reminder tomorrow night we've got doctor Carol Osborne joining us she is a an integrated veterinary and will be talking about. Pets and their ability two cents may be to six cents may be something else going on but they certainly have of the ability to pick up on things that we don't and figuring out what that's about his. But we're going to be talking about tomorrow night. Seoul and I'm sure if you have pats then the new CNN I mean they just they seem to him realize so much more is going on them. And really want and you when you go to the same thing it's amazing. Yeah there it's there it's been quite intuitive and more talk about that tomorrow night tonight we're talking with Vincent Jenin Vincent. We only have vote about a minute here before he actually have to get back into brake from the top of the hour but in time tell us what's on your website of people go to Vincent Jenna dot com what they're gonna find. Well would have a lot of things that they've got to find in my interviews which had a chance to give a lot of information I've got television interviews I've got a hot out. My point being is that I went to heels so to education's group would definitely appreciate that as well as my my eight. Talk show interviews took but that a world of of information I've got to resource can't bomb that would with tremendous books that I recommend for people. Ways to communicate with me questions. That can be answered so so it's a place vote. Knowledge that I'm hoping empowerment big guy. And people case before interest to do not communicating with few regarding services that's on their as well right. Absolutely they can book readings with me they can talk with me at. Now common might FaceBook page which is and to Jenna and MSW. And and and literally lifted now and get some readings that I do the first of the month. Each month encode anything that I can do to help people gain some guidance and insight that's the most important thing that it wanted to. 2018 predictions you saw you've got quite a list of things in day as we are talking about before the show. Started some of these things actually seem like they might already start. To be occurring and from our. Yes yes they ourselves but I have. And while Devlin will begin into a lot of that if you have an Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. And then head over beyond reality radio dot com REIT and the stations we aired on across the country can also download free iPhone and android operates in which laws to listen live touchpad Shuster on the online chat and more. Or at any time just a feel free to go to the website click the listen live tablet in the right hand side. And join me online chat achieving less challenged Greek community of people Sonia glossary of web site. We're gonna take quick break more com to listen and Jason dvd on an island really. West Coast can sing. I self righteous and cause they always awesome GB Johnson he's. Have you heard this Janet airlines. Is Janet yes you can hear Janet airlines that regularly hurdles. Well I there's probably good reason for that because it is east top secret apparently. Top secret airline. That flies things into area 51. Really yeah I went with the any cheap and I ice I I don't know some people suggest the name is just another nonexistent terminal is an acronym for that which makes really no sense but. The US government doesn't admit that this airline exists but this you can see these planes Leaving Las Vegas airport tough frequently and they slide area 51. But despite the fact that there is no admission that this airline actually does exist it appears that if you are in the Las Vegas area there and this nonexistent airline is actually looking to hire flight attendants. This or nonexistent or exactly how does that work I don't know but they say if you're a oh loss. Vegas based flight attendant and you're looking for work and you can keep the secret. You might wanna check into this particular job. Ice ice either see the planes not quite with the red and yeah deadlines yet and you need in need to government clearance to actually work for this particular airline on the. To Brit I've got it. You know and then you can tell you've got the legs for it to be Flynt why you do you think so my main and center in the summer I'd say yeah but now maybe we had to be clear to the Pentagon had to investigate Wright Patterson and much of other places. The government called us into so I can probably get a job. As. And they'll tell you so much and I've juniors under his may in numb feeling vodka with resources. Now to exit very good at that. Bob welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio our phone number you're gonna wanna break this down because we're going to be talking with Vince in general gonna go through his 2018 predictions and also take your phone calls. And that you can chat with fancy yourself. It's 844687. 7669. And when we open up the phone lines to be happy to have you hall. I don't forget tomorrow night we've got a great program also re talking about your pets with doctor Carol Osborne do they have ESP can they sense things. That are beyond the normal census. A lot of people think they aren't they can and doctor cause one's gonna talk about that. He should be an instinct show I'm a firm believer that they do and and we'll get into that but it's is that always brings a lot of well a lot of calls a lot of people of questions to come when it comes on the pets yet. Yeah oh yeah very very popular topics are looking forward to that program for tonight's agree when to with Vincent Jenna on his website is Vincent Jenna dot com to talk predictions Mensa before we get. In sheer 2018 predict predictions some IA I picked up that you say. You talk about the fact that the journey to a deeper understanding of self can be uplifting but it can also be gut wrenching what do you mean by that. Who. Well here's the thing you need to find out what you really believing what you think you believe. And what you really believing about yourself. He's weighed down deep in this type key and we'd either suppress some of those feelings or unconsciously. Repress them. But they were created forest from the very beginning in our early youth and if that first segment self belief I called on the Mal adaptive. I cannot believe I'm not good enough I'm not lovable and sometimes people have pushed them down so far. They need to go deep and as you do that you'd start discovering. What you'll really believing you know when when when I'm working with people who have been relationships and they can't get them working. I have to get them to understand that they don't believe there loveable so getting there and actually feelings that believe. Is really painful to start with. But that's very healing because of that you turn around and go and never realize that I believe that way of course I'm lovable can round you didn't believe that. For the longest time and that's the reason why many your relationship to work you're just working against yourself so that's why it's painful you find out what you really believe. Rather than what you think you believe. Well that's a that's a big one hour a lot of people who don't feel that lovable it or don't feel that the and they deserve love. Tend up push people away in and peace and really self destructive. They are and sometimes you can even do that unconsciously. Like when you keep attracting the wrong height. It but he needed. Relationships are based on attraction and not based on you know just getting on the Internet and and picking out somebody. Even that person that you wind up finding on the Internet this group a law of attraction where ever you put out into the universe is what you gonna get back. So all the ones that are not working little ones that were abusive. Well the ones that that wind up hurting you the most. It's because that's what's going on inside if you would you believe that yourself you can I. Actually sabotaged. You're wrong relationship because you believe you run work. It's just air. Senate are so let's some let's open up this door now. And at the door to the T if if you think the government is going to be hiring any aliens and illegal or not for the Janet airlines. I know I really wouldn't do you do you realize it was last year the psyche do you think that I might not like you like to get to back up there lugged a bit too I've nice enough legs to get the job. You do you're actually very attractive and police have you been on some of those airlines and us absolutely no qualifications whatsoever now. This this is very very true church. It so Vincent Vincent we we already talked about the fact that 2078 was. A a year that per who have probably be writing about in the history books for a long time as such as a turning point in some way or another. What do you see for twenty team. Okay well it's it's already started one of the things that I'm. I'm really say it is about because they have so many friends in California. Is that devastation that it going to be going on to California and the mudslides just started it. It's pitch just to be giving so it's gonna be continued fires there. Up in the northern part more destruction that wake coming. Down into communities. As it did this past year. But what I'm most concerned about is is sometime during the day it's the sun is out. So which during the warm months so he's there. And Ian Hague June July August. I'm feeling a four to five point here earthquake in central. California. I'm feeling that the plate tectonic shift if they hit it you know groups like tectonic strike I. I'm feeling the plates shifting and shifting from other parts of the world. And it seems that in 2018. It's coming over to California and going to affected there. Come and Anton concerned about that obviously. Some riots breaking out this way as well because they are summed again sound stupid bigotry stuff. And another cop shooting another black person in another city and riots breaking out in Chicago and LA over at this time. It's only getting bigger everything is. Escalating because people are on edge so therefore this life this little disruption. Is going to Coolidge refused to blow OK it's like up. Award balloon that's about ready to burst that that's what everybody's feeling right now. So I seeing. A lot more of that half. Happening and so it's going to be affecting a lot of relationships throughout the world and especially in the United States he going to be especially in Hollywood group because you hear about them emotionally you could be here all these break up in the start left and right. It breaking up a couple of them gonna be coming out they'd be it. Sharing the fact that they have answer. That they know the thing only this is going to be writing a lot that tends to. Happened when they get dvd goes on. We'd we'd pack. Kuwait will be negative feelings that I have to come out in someplace in the wind up affecting our health and and so you guys know in 26 teens and 20s17. The rate of deaths in the world has been the highest Tibet has ever been reported in the history of the world. Iteration the ratio of population. Is 08 spin. Overwhelming. The beat the changes and the and the number of debt so and so we've got those continued storms. There will be also earthquake in Tokyo I'm feeling on the other side of the world and in India. So we've got California Tokyo India experiencing earthquake. It's going. Activate a volcano. In Asia. I'm not sure of the specific one I'm just seeing the volcano and starting to spew lava. But it's in and near a CD so there's going to be some promise there in regards to lob a coming up at out. All of this volcano they were not expecting this volcano to become life. And so it is more of that. Of course we've got to continue with the stupid terrorist attacks but god sakes I don't know when that's going to and come one right near the Eiffel Tower it it doesn't cause damage but they've they were fearful that Eiffel towel will be clues. For a while because of a bomb exploding near and there are going to be checking it out to see if there was any structural damage. It was it was interesting and shootings and I actually got a name of the school high school in New Jersey the saint rose high school came to me that it was going to be a shooting there. And so it is like some of these prediction that I have by you know it's not like I can call a potential sale by the way I'm kind of feeling that it's going to be shooting in used. Oh yeah that brings up a really really interesting point how dare you how do you handle something like that if you have a vision like that. And you know that there are people in danger bite it's almost an impossible phone call to may commit. He had been impossible phone call to make it's you you'd you'd just hope for the best thing you'd use and this is where where comes in so when I know something like that and I'm involved with this spiritual organization and group. What we do we is will send out as much. Positive prayer and and protection and that and I guess the universe helped me yet let's get some. Let's get some some way of getting information because we have ways of inflow when king each other even unconsciously. So I can defend a proper but can. Messages to that principle. That he winds kept taking extra precautions. Like I forgot what school was in high school debts or within North Carolina will be here they they heard one gunshot to. In the woods nearby high school and they instantaneously locked down high school. And it happened to be hunt there. But they were acting protectively. Immediately so they're not overlooking anything like that so I'm kind of sending like this. This wave of information. To this particular principal of that school saint. He protected be protected be aware keep your eyes and ears open pay attention to the students. Because they don't seem major devastation so obviously they get it under control but yeah. Other than that it's really hard to deal with some of these predictions quite honestly because they keep them and all I can do was pray for the world. At all I get a totally instantly good to have you ever. Ben so. I don't know what the word is but. Troubled by something you saw that you actually did make the phone call and did say I don't know what you can do this right now but this is what I see happening. It's never content to meet that specific. Like for example there are psychics who worked with police to find loss victim's right kidnap. Have children and found things like that. I have not big and not a forensics like get cup and so therefore. I would I'll get. More generalized. And act. Absolutely specific information about one troubled bank where I do get specific information it's about my clients or refinement of groups. A time met an offense. I will absolutely get specific information and yet that might direct it right to that urgent and I turn around and I tell them what they need to do. As far as world things. Now I'm I'm I'm. I I don't necessarily want to be there right think that there are others there. I also don't think that's where as accepting as we should be or could be at the time will com. That they will respect it more I know that there's a lot of police organizations. That do work with psychics because they respect them. But we're not talking that everybody does that especially here in the United States. Yet our soul and we got a lot to cover where we're gonna take a break when we come back I wanna revisit some of the things you did bring up are ready in the mean there's a whole lot more years you haven't brought up but and we'll get into that. Are you listened Jason GBM Chiarelli. Case can be our guest tonight is cancer Jenna his website is Vincent Jenna dot com we've been talking about 2018 predictions were gonna get. Get a short segment here we're gonna get into it more one on the other side of the break. But so you. Vince he talked about a lot of stuff already and not a lot of it is necessarily happy news. Now like you have happy news though with cancer treatment and actuality and I I actually predicted twenty increase of seventeen. And cell research that was going to be used to. Cure cancer and I wound up reading an article towards the end of the year that they are actually discovering that it continues that so instead of bombarding the entire apart body would seem all that wind that killing all the good health and the bad spell. They're actually using stem cells to increased strength of the good cells to take over the beta cells. And because that's the reason why can't to develop is because you're not having enough of the good cells to stop the base itself from multiplying. And I kept. Because of the tracks that we go through physically as well as emotionally so yet so it's gonna be great research with that. And it's working on breast cancer in particular site do you see that coming up out of that apartment and. I hate. It's a very positive. Did a very positive but of course then there's also the political nonsense that I expect happening and definitely trump family members that are going to be brought up on charges by the time. 2018. Is over the you'd think that politically things have been crazy in 2017. You ain't seen nothing yet. Now let's just learned something really good for us to. I think Vincent Vincent is just sealed the deal for me I will not be watching the news starting tonight yeah. I'll give you because. That's the boy is going to be the same old crap book but what if if we'd done differently what do people done differently. Two to help it to the positive what have they done in their own lives intact there radiating to the negatives because this frustration because 2017. Was so bad. They QB in Walpole police more frustrated more fearful that the actually feeding the negative pool so they're not doing anything to become positive and turned around so why would be any. AG turn band and we think there's still believing that life happens to them instead of they happen to like. Well we'll get into more that we come back we've got our brilliantly get a tape a US in the Jason G beyond beyond really. Talk about tax. And whether or not they have ESP psychic abilities of their own why do pets seem to know things about ourselves that we don't even realize were projecting lower. Why can they send some things above and beyond hearing inside that so we don't sense what's going on there is totally awesome when they are awesome and they are. Arabs and encourage guests tomorrow night doctor Carol Osborne's are we talking about that. But tonight we're talking with our good friend Vincent Jenna and we're talking about some predictions in 2000 ET Vincent let me just let me go back really quick I know you had said some things earlier or you you've covered a wide range of topics but. Some of the things were in their do we be looking at an earthquake over in California about a four point five or five point oh and you're also talking about. Some. Well known actors or actresses I am going through divorces and stuff like that. What do you say to the people who would sit there and say well I mean Hollywood's notorious war. Pretty much getting married this year in merit somebody else next year and the year after or the whole thing with earthquakes are pretty common all that. Now well this week is one of the reasons why we can't. Predict things too because it is it is evidence that it happened in the past and so they've that energy and that remnants of it. It's really hard did. For anybody to come up with something that's new. You know so somebody dies of a new disease or two new disease comes out there are that the 1000001 diseases out there that are affecting people so. We'd where our planet is so old our civilization is soul so it's really difficult that would not like Nostradamus. Right. When he discovered he said that have peaked. Explosion. Was going to occur and wipe out a whole civilization everybody back and it got all my party kidding a a big explosion how do you make a big explosion. So ticked. Hey any of the predictions that would gonna come out with aren't going to be very common to what New York it's already experienced you know. Knowing you know we've got people that are going into space and make landed on on you know on the moon already so. That is not new that's not not novel anymore. So space travel that we would predict that we'd be saying the same things. I'm so but the thing is it that we try to as best as possible get people prepared. And and and have them but it the only reason why I even come out with predictions is obviously. The we're not gonna be able to avoid some of these things. But what we have to understand is how we're feeding into them. And and rule understanding in fact we can even attempt to reverse that so I'm more concerned about back. Then whether or not my predictions are gonna really come to pass you know what I mean that's but more importantly is how would you going to help you. Well and did and I would assume you're also talking about just the amount of negativity towards one another that's going on in this world today and that sort of few holes and feeds a lot strike. Absolutely 100%. It it it's not that kind of it does it can absolute. Results. Of what's going on the correlation between the amount of negativity especially Alec escalated over the past couple of years and I'm not just talking about just won the two years of this has it been accumulating. It shut the past two years that it came out so strong right. But like I can't it's been building up inside of everybody that's the whole reason why trump is president is because the amount of saying. Anger that people have had and feared that they had over the years. That's been building up building up building up and it finally came to a head. And this is the result so which is same thing with the effect on our planet. And what was going through in storms and earthquakes. And it also pinpoint spots. Because there's a higher concentration. Of negativity into certain spots around the world I didn't. Think that New Orleans again I'm feeling Louisiana getting flooded taxes just got flooded there was so much negative activity that was going on at Texas. Prior to the storm. Are right this is such support for one side and such negativity against other side. And so easy to build up a hurricane comes along. Devastate and entire community in the state you know what I'm saying his dislike it we can almost predict you can do it. And predict what's going to happen. But what we see is is definitely more of what the future has outlined of what's happening even now what happened already. That's how we feel that we can see that it's happening already. Vinson when you'd do. Your predictions for an upcoming year do you. Take Knight and and does this come to you or does this happen over the course of maybe the preceding year this stuff is just constantly flowing TO. Well I. I'd do it especially when am I try to focus on it so it actually over several nights I would sit there and focus and and I kind of make a white board and see what comes on the white. Forward so that I can get the ideas of what's happening. But yet then throughout the year things keep coming to me OK things keep coming to me. It and so they should. Just like even just from us talking this could be other things that'll just fall right into my mind. And the can be the be shown to make. You know so so yes it does work that way because once the doors open and then things can enter. Our telephone numbers 8446877669. We've got to Vincent for few more minutes here let's let's go to the phone minuses are lean. From Kansas who has a question from and welcome to the program. Height didn't chip very matched my question is an answer and so little the and it but it's not dignity to the dribble past years so. Many Times Square in my mind is Serb wrist. Ice sheet that dowry law. And I have no connection whatsoever. So I was wondering if he had any interpretation this year regarding Nadal a lot. Oh for you how low Arlene and a happy new year. And yet if it means. That you should be taking your spiritual path because some way or another you have a connection not necessarily to the person himself. Well what he represents. Com I don't see what you really good soul and a very open loving soul. And you might need to look at yourself more are. Had that type of per cent and given your age you certainly could be a light to a lot of people now. And I'm kind of feeling that that's the direction that you should be going in it's not being afraid to be alike like the Dali Lama that's what he does he walks around. He says great things people laugh and they feel inspired by him. So I would liking yourself. To who she is. And not be afraid to beat satellite and start opening up. Or thank. It's very match. Thanks for the call. Thanks Arlene. When you work with people Vincent's. View we talk about life you talk about. You know you bring you who you referenced the soul and I think in one if you're one of the services one of the consultation issue offers his soul to soul. I don't know how you put it to two reading her. And in case. Yet when you when you talk about that oh regarding somebody knew in my in my east understanding of a soul is almost from a religious standpoint. What is your understanding of the soul. This always what they define force the big force what you wanna call it source created. Okay. It's our energy to our exit it's what makes us who we all are okay as as a total being. And the physical world it is only a place to experience. That essence of us. So now we combined the soul with a human body in the human mind. And and this'll kind of goes for the right. And tries to guide us the entire way part of the Soviet still connected to the other dimensions the other side are higher sales as a but he isn't here is my actual feeling about this I do believe in the god force. OK and I believe the way to god force created as was by dividing itself in two. Each one of those pieces. We have named the sole. But that's who we are it's our efforts. And it's who we tried to. Evolved to be the highest part of ourselves and each lifetime give it to chance. To keep evolving to the hype yourself he eventually we won't even come down to the earth. Because we will be fault. Half the physics talent and we will continue to leave all of the other dimension to what you leave here you get to the other side there's work to be done there as well. Vincent what you just described to may have been in the past considered to be somewhat of fringe idea. But more and more people more and more very very serious people. Are saying the same thing that did that that force that's soul survives the death of the human body cut it comes back it would it grows. It's it it learns and its eternal. It better be because otherwise I'm talking to a lot of dead people I'm schizophrenic the. Cook a let's go to lead. Joseph in Indiana hey Joseph welcome to the program Devi on. Did you rate make sure make sure you catch your audio source radio whatever it is turned down there and so that we don't do any feedback. Writes what's on your mind. This one they've been operating. That your. No reading for the entire year had gel okay well well good to meet you and listen unique focused. Okay is what I'm feeling when I'm feeling is you've got to. Make a plan for yourself a goal and dream I don't feel good to rein in your consciousness. It continue its deep inside because you came in with one but I'm not. Seeing you moving towards anything match strong and positive and that could be because some of your past has made you feel. Based at about yourself not necessarily believing yourself it's time for you to start believing you are special and you have a dream. Because there's a lot of stuff that can come up Hewitt 2018 back and really purple. Pushing forward in other words okay. Bigger things I think it yourself bigger think of you being able to succeed more. Any gains in Joba. Also good relationships so I don't know you're not married now or you want to marry that when you you're not doing well. Been departure work. You're doing good okay well I'm I'm not necessarily feeling that you would you let your fullest yet. I think there's more depth to your relationship. But share talk. It take some classes together read a book together but I guess do you being Pope held forward and Spansion in in the future coming up to 2018. But I think the dream. Focus on it over then focus on what you want to do you're really really good creatively and also technically so so joke combined that. Add in some of the work that you're doing and think the expansion of possibly you wrong work. A great club you're very welcome. Air quality. So events we have about two minutes left here with few and in that time I wanted to give you another opportunity to. Let people know how they can get in touch with you. Find out more about your services in everything that Europe to. Well one of the greatest things is if you go to my website and you EU registered there I don't send out a whole bunch of teams LA only to send out to me emails when visit something important to say. Or events that I'm doing so you can register. You'll also get an audio of mine called. Life is a hallmark moment and it's really important to give you an opportunity to understand. Why we need to celebrate ourselves. Plus eight gives you ways of communicating with mean my web site. Might you get my email address there you can see all of my videos there. And they'll also directly to my FaceBook page where I have lied defense every single month. And ways of asking me questions so that you can get some guidance and tell you don't. Always have to have a reading but it gives you an understanding of the type of services I do offer and yes I do meetings for people privately and and mostly on the phone all over the world so it doesn't matter where you war. Vincent thanks so much for sharing everything you've shared tonight it's been a fascinating discussion and always kind of last minute we appreciate that as well. It's so great to talk to you and I hope you hope you're willing to come back again soon are. Absolutely general and thank you so much you guys are so great is so positive that you touch of light force in this world so thank you for what you do and not love to come back. Well thanks so much straight talk and you only look forward to talk to you again and again the website is Vincent Jenna dot com stop by check it out there's a lot of information there you don't wanna spend some time now. We're gonna go to break here in just a minute normally come back we're gonna revisit our little experiment here we've got a playing card that we drew from a deck of 52 cards regular playing card deck. And don't give you an opportunity to call and an 8446877669. And double focus on the cardinals see if you can actually tap into those energies and figure with card is that she ten UN freeze could throw the assists as I told us that says that niceties. Aren't so we're gonna take quick part you know every woman in Europe give their as they were gonna have some pretty cool coffee mugs pretty soon yes we are perfect for us listening to be unreal literate and do if you're gonna be up this late listening to the radio you should have a nice mug of coffee in a beyond reality radio coffee mug. Or precipitously he should have won for the morning to remember why Aniston obviously itself aren't so the phone numbers 8446877669. Gets a cold turn against the current remote view the card would you listen Jason TV be unreal it and it. You have to go to our site so I can promote. Human experiment you're gonna. Guess the cards you're gonna try to tap into our energies and tolls what Carter Jason are looking at we pulled it from her. Regular 52 card playing deck and we're ready to go here you have it let's just say Eagles and it's not a joke solutions for the Joker that would be a 54 card debt do you wanna do is an important weapon and moving on to correct let's go to a Jenny in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania he Jenny welcomed Michelle. All my body I'm just technical route gets for except I didn't. Yet that's not it Ginny thanks for trying though thanks article parent let's go to another expert called this is Tony. Tony welcome to the show. I know you're going to. IE what CPU before first time caller. Yeah you do have a little Gypsy media and so I'm gonna. Pitched. I don't know I don't know the last time mutilated. It was a number hard book I'm thinking. What are there to decreed arch. That's not dead and dead just say no it's totally random it's totally random here we pull it at random out of the deck thanks Tony for calling in from looks very great little town their let's go do Christopher. In New Orleans. Christopher Europe where concentrate on hold on nominee I'm and give this boy Jason and look at it extra hard right now he see you here from New Orleans c'mon. And that's like spiritual area all over the place at a when he heard what do you see. It no that's not right but thank you so much for triangle gap and it's that. You know this this is not an easy experiment we put people on spot we named him one time they have to answer very very quickly. You know so I can understand why he it's a difficult process let's try this is Mary. And where is Mary is calling from Colorado Springs hey merry Colorado Springs and good luck place you really get this I love that place. I didn't get a candidate and I could collapse. Now. Thanks yeah thank you so much for calling in trying Ari let's go to events in Missouri events Iran program. That actually show how I don't know what the the tide pods. No offense they strive and it's not Vince thanks so much for trying to think that's gonna. Do it for tonight we're out of time but we will continue to do this we've got a couple more shows this week and this part is still gonna sit here shall be taught thinking about it and talk about. And tomorrow night are we talking with. Doctor Carol Osborne and I entered and veterinarian and we're going to be talking about pets and are the psychic do they have a six cents and I'm a firm believer that pages they seem to be able pick up a lot more than people can't. And energy do you feel very much the same way. So a lot. The B and inching shall summation you can call in with your questions for that that's 8446877669. If you haven't yet made Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio FaceBook page for us. Then had to be on reality radio dot com final station we are across the country can also download the free iPhone and android app. It's their from the lips aren't logical listen live sketch nationals on ago also joining online Chad as well or any night you were on the were lives you know go to let's say click to listen live button up on the right hand corner that connecting online charm -- he myself a great community people usually hang out so again a big shadow goes out for instance Jennifer coming on the panel this night talking. And or Ohio mom again at some point but that's gonna do for us Hillis in the chase NGV beyond reality reel catch Omaha. And don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell incidents with. It's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will purchase most hope that she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.