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Dr. Michael Lennox discusses dreams - their meanings, and their origins

Jan 16, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talkwith Psychologist Dr. Michael Lennox about dreams. Where do they come from and what are they trying to tell us. Dr. Lennox has over 20 years experience analyzing dreams and he offer some perspective on what these nocturnal images are trying to tell us. 1/16/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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As the seesaw temperatures are they're not great for people trying to stay healthy because there was spring and colds and stuff. Yeah well and that's it sucks for a guy like me who spends much time on the garage doing what we're doing projects. And it's funny mighty my son came home on Thursday and he said. Instead the and teacher asked if you can make us train whistle for for BN and train mosque from being and yes one of the songs and it's so I'm literally I've I've taken PVC this is the best part of being a rhetoric because I'm used to all this stuff. So I've taken PVC and I've got an altogether and now I'm just creating a a diaphragm and everything and so he's got to train whistle so one of the hole they can do the whole global men and go from that looks like fun place but it sucked into an intense degree weather yes that makes a little more. Welcome to the show everybody we've got an interesting we've got an interesting one for eight and aren't we talking about dreams Michael Linux doctor Michael when it will be joining us. Yes it'll be it'll be great will be talking to him about dreams dreams interpretations and and things like that so you're gonna have a question about dreams you've had. The numbers can beat 44687766. Again toll free 88446877669. In the tomorrow night we've got a a little fun we've got the Clinton Brothers Miriam bred to two friends of ours who also you might remember did the show. On Discovery Channel and a ghost lab. And they're gonna come onto the first hour in this there were some new stuff going on random bits of your projects in the works and wanna talk about and we're going to be talking about some well we're gonna we're actually mean doing some events the other two so. They're they're great guys and it's funny because it is Wheaton and I never know from all bull and not until that we'd just today casino town in Minnesota and news where we finally meant after all these years test where we now and absolutely we clicked and seem like him could what did you think you're did you clean. We client replica it works yet hassle flat. I don't sell on if you haven't yet Michigan head over to FaceBook dot com slash B unreal radial like FaceBook page forest. That had to be unreal you radio dot com Rican download free iPhone and entered Greek finance news stations we are across the country. Tom or just click the listen live tablet in the right corner analysts analysts and social life and join online chat TV myself hang out and keep people also if you don't show my iTunes or whatever just do us a favor and read it forest as a hoax was shall Ford makes it easier for people far. Yeah and if you keep contracts for the rest of the week we've got some cool stuff coming up artery Israel will join us Wednesday night he's a psychotherapist and author. They'll be talking about his book how to survive your childhood now return adult. And Thursday Steven Kirk intolerant he was on the program. Briefly memory did quick fill in thing. That's very talk craziness so that's right he was talking about his new but I think to web series are known. Remember specifically. On the nose and be released on Netflix be had to turn it was an economy Netflix it was the haunted tours TV show I think and day he was he was describing one of his investigative techniques. Where he held a loaded a gun to his head. Yeah memory that it was a controversial so. Years and I I have some issues with that lead but you know he took our criticism well I get a gimme credit on the and just not something I would teach their own on the it did you hear the lead singer of the creditors to. Geez yeah I guess you really I I did I did hear about that and them you know it's sad and choose what 46 years old 46 it's actually how old I am but she if you don't know which negotiations lead singer of cranberries known for songs eggs can be linger promises and things like that arm. She's still she had a life tough life and she dealt with sexual abuse and mental illness depression and bipolar disorder. She ended up losing passed away and not sure on the details yet she has still some drug issues in the past and shame. You know it's sad that our best goes out her hurt him. Yeah it is it is clearly sad and you know anytime we lose to somebody would do her celebrity or not it's had some you know. Bumps along and on the way in their lives on the have to in your heart bleeds for. Jeanette and it and art staff legal Alter everybody else in California I noted they've been dealing with just massive flooding out there and got a lot of friends and well just Franzen and people I've known for many many years being in the TV industry that are out that way. And our hearts go out and twenty people have now lost their lives and god only knows the flooding in the south and it's not flooding its its fighters in minutes everyday earthquakes you name it. You know listen to heaven non stop wrote rotating a list of things that occurs there and it seems to come. You know in the in this pattern where they get drought they get fires they get what heavy rains they give mudslides men at all starts all over again so. I wanna last year for a arms caters. An article came out today and a news talking about how come soon. You may be able to buy a ticket or visit the Titanic. Now let me get through and get your thoughts so I assume you're saying actually. Did as the submerged wreck of the Titanic that is correct mom Stockton Russian businessman and a exploration enthusiast you whose once actually the youngest jet transport rated pilot in the world. Com and he he he he made a statement saying that more people will scale Mount Everest and in one day than it ever seen Titanic. Mom sent center went down of course are. But this summer he has company ocean gate is. Themes mean to change that by launching a ground breaking submersible that is expected to travel nearly thirteen thousand feet underwater to take clients that same issue a shipwreck every year. I'm initial and wanna testing on the finish cyclops to hustle it is they have it set to begin this month near the company's office and Everett Washington Tom. And today really there's only a handful of sub second can make it down that far and most of them are owned by governments and we all know that. One seat on one unseat Odyssey is going to be 105129. Dollars for. And that that the state is the inflation adjusted price of a first class Titanic take. But it's convenient. He that that sounds like gut what we're gonna end of seeing with these these tourist trips to the moon now from SpaceX in the you know his return about. You'd be really really wealthy to take advantage of it but you're right there is immoral. Dilemma and ethical dilemma that is it agreed to. It's it is basically graveyard although I think probably there there were some bodies trapped in the ship itself most of them were on the surface. Imus where they died but still you know it is it's a monument to the on 15100 people are so that lost their lives in that tragedy it's one of the most that memorable and certainly remarkable. I tragedies in the history of of travels for certain and mankind in general I mean it's just it's a nun who was an unbelievable. Turn of events and it to disturb it would be would be ashamed. Yeah I just don't know how I feel on the and feel free Asia have time Tommy assaults on I'm. But it's just it's one of those things where it's normal ethically it's it's. I mean I suppose if they don't touch anything you know denied that the men don't poke around in the shouldn't just kind of circling in observing it. Maybe that's not so bad I don't know I don't I just I have really mixed feelings are and what it is but it's something that's about all things are. Whatever are it's a phone number is 8446877669. Guarantor treaty for 46877669. And we still have that cart reorganized some point trying to get back to this remote viewing thing that we we've been doing where we picked a current about all week and a half ago. You get an environment within half. It's part of our remote viewing psychic experience. If you think you have any of those abilities and skills start thinking about it now is Jason I have displaying cart in front of us. And bold thinking about it throughout the entire show and and give you little time kind of warm into. Our brain waves here are our brain waves and how many we house yeah wanted to but if you officials at licences past shows than you can kind of deduct which cards it's not. So far and go from there but you'll be able to win a free but he and god knows in this weather everybody needs it. So are you with that we're gonna take a quick break more calm you listen to Jason TV and yeah. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Chasing GP type and talk about dreams are guests tonight doctor Michael Lynn. He's the spiritual teachers psychologists. Astrologer. An expert on dreams and dream interpretation. And we welcome into the program. Michael welcome to be unreal Ed Reed agreed to have you on the show tonight. Update you would have been great to be here. On extra coming on this is the subject that always gets so much attention and every everybody so interest in and. Absolutely I universally fascinating how did you get your interest in this. Paul really mean it started this as a kid just being fascinated with with dreams myself and in the match and so little boy and I just thought they were the coolest thing ever. And when I was a teenager. I stumbled upon a copy of Freud's interpretation drinks and ready at. You know to get into the extent of my sixteen year old ability to understand you know what he was talking about but I certainly. Got firm reading that you know if this seminal book that getting toward tax on the that you could. To be examined and interpreted and get some value out of and then that was just the matter being in social settings didn't. You know happy about my school wouldn't it to come to school and say I have the craziest dream last night. I just sort of stepped into this idea that. If someone told me dream I might have a perspective to offer and in fact. I think it had a natural sort of sense. Listening for the story behind that story when I heard change it was very unique. Have very natural what's it really had so yet decades later. That I decided to turn it you know it's a kind of the lights were economic eventually got a masters and doctorate in psychology but that wasn't until I was in my thirty's but by then I was really already running around the world saying. I can interpret troops. So you're fascinated with the dreams as a child and that brings up an interesting question do children. Or teens dream differently or more vividly than adults may Izard difference in how we young younger people dream than adults. You know I think that that this is the difference would be not in the quality of the style or the sensation of dreaming that the content of dreaming I think that especially today. Kids are so inundated with media and images and. That shows up in our dream world know that happens for all of us because part of one of these happening when where and Rem sleep dreaming as we re visiting. Deeds the sense of the data that we collected during the day in the brain is clearing itself off that's actually happening why it's very common. Two you dream of things that we experienced during the day but think about how much. Visual imagery that kids today are exposed to in media that is just it look ever ending sort of onslaught. Of the same characters in qualities and story lines over and over and over again between video games sends you know films and television. I think that there is you know when I expedient or people about the treating its people open inhabited. Very much in one of the world that that that there are exposed to. In decent media driven imagery that I think adults have a little bit more size and scope to dreaming about. And that's one thing I've wondered how much have dreams changed in our younger generation last. Two or three decades now specially with the Internet. The video games where they've really come to that now. Well the Internet never everything they see on TV is you know men possibly nuclear war with north yeah analyst is all this craziness I would think that their dreams have changed a lot and just from a guy who I've got six kids. In my youngest kids aren't twelve twin thirteen year old. One of them is walking on numerous times telling me about. Crazy dream she's had him because he's also watched a movie red dawn and all the reasons when I was a true credit with no extra. But about the looming behind dream insist that our movies and our video games and our you know all of the things that we consume. Also have meeting the archetypal hero securities that are played out in. You know blockbuster action flicks or video game changer is that that characters go on so you don't get to the next level. These are characters that live inside our own imagination as human beings and it's in fact you don't want to say good deeds. The story lines in Indian these movies and in these video games are created. Probably unconscious just as they always have been and I think we're. Deep deep level of indentation is what has you know increased but certainly the deep did the shot that shows up into the dream content of somebody can still be interpreted. Whether they're dreaming about something that is apocalyptic and destructive in one moment or so that. You know ask operational and science fiction need another you know evening of dreaming. That don't the country that we focus on an entry and does have meaning based on what we're going through emotionally or psychologically in any given moment. We have about a minute here before it jumped into or break buy term when when you started interpreting dreams for people did you find ECB kind of felt like he had. In an eight cents to be able to CA and meaning within these story sure being told of dreams. Is that something that that a lot of people find the within themselves or is it is of rare and if they don't have that can they learn to interpret. Well I think that I would say that the rare piece is that this facility at the speed with which. I Kinect demeaning right so beat. Beat the meanings that I can act with art not a country that our usual to me they are universalist nature we can just talk more about that. Later in the show but like that thing itself. Tells us what the meeting is because of what it does or what its use his or what its purpose or whether captaincy itself to the glass holds some water. And the symbolic meeting of classes like capacity to draw something towards me. That I need it like like water. Buy gas isn't so much that I know these things because ultimately we all connect to these meetings we all. Know that the tree of life is you know a symbolic of Bob. Community living in expanse of this has its roots have mean this in branches mean that. It's the speed with which I was innately evil do this that really allowed me to listen to the dream and describes a meeting until it without thinking too much about it. Ray were talking with doctor Michael Lennox by the way is website is Michael Lennox dot com. It's got to books to his credit to find information about those there when I go to break moment combat brigade in more into a dream interpretation of what all the stuff means. Yeah and if you have a questions give us equality for 46877669. In this tall tree at 844. 6877669. You listen Jason GB on the island. Doctor Michael Lennox I'm just a moment his website for the way. Is Michael Linux dot com you're gonna wanna check that out. Tomorrow night Douglas Robinson join us but also have Brent Barry Klinger coming on the program from ghost lab cling Brothers you may remember them from goal slab on Discovery Channel into some great guys I can't talk to us voluntary though there are up to and things there they're working on yeah we'll have them in the first part of the show that Douglas Robinson will join a season internationally recognized author he writes about vampires are we talking about vampires. Wednesday night. Is there Ira Israel join us he's a psychotherapist he has written a book called how to survive your childhood now that sure in adults and and also wanna know that but the just like you know kids forever and it and Garza settled Toys 'R' Us Lehman kick at the brackets are right Ed Thursday's Stephen are intolerable join as he is a paranormal investigator of course she's got a new paranormal TV show called haunted tours we've had him briefly in the program we'll be back in. I had the whole show to talk about the work he's doing in the what we would call Contra. Herschel Texan techniques he uses it as investigations yet and say and it's interesting but he's a great guy and two he you know he can take criticism back and forth and all of positive light and he's he's a pleasure to talk to yet and a little bit later in tonight's program will be taking phone calls for our guest tonight doctor Michael Linux if you wanna talk to him about some of your dreams some things that happen when you closure rise in night he'd love to do that let's bring them back into the program. Michael wanna ask you about. Our concept of dreams and be one of the things that today you know we all do is talk about our dreams as though they are all. Goals or objectives and our lives you know hope you you know poppy satisfying in and all your dreams come true where we get that notion about dreaming. And truthfully I don't know the ideology and that's why can't speak from you know from an actual origin nation like why do we used that word. I think from a conceptual place I think the idea. Spit in our sleeping dreams there's a sense of mystery and magic and and an infinite possibility. And anything can happen. In the dream states. And so the idea. Sort of grabbing that notion that at formulating a word they could connect to the idea of creating no life. Where or something magical mystical fantastical. And and and and enormous. It's a key in in the actual creative you know landscape what we want to do while we're here. Calling that a dream I think yes. And next the idea that. If you infuse the notion which is you know possibility. That anything is in fact. Possible until Little League but we achieved that we call it a dream come true. Well especially but also in return I mean a lot of people. Panel nightmares or else just saying something like ten it would do sometimes in a positive aspect to think about it. I suppose you like to look at you know the darkened light side of any you know concept I tend to be a fairly optimistic guy and did anything. In the direction of law what the value of this including the nightmare scenario or you know our you know our peers because of no force reality. And you don't but the fact is is that we are. We are being in this wildly creative landscape and I think that one of the things that. I see happen when people pay attention to their sleeping dreams and really get. That we are connected to this magnificent thing called the mind of an imagination. That that that same possibility aspect of creating a license available for us or are waking life if we. Are willing to you know put the effort and energy into. And navigating. What we desire to create and then you know moving in the direction of manifesting. I'll ask about nightmares for just a second because I mean we've all had them. We've all we've all had the nightmares that we wake up our heart is pounding and he almost. You wake up you're thankful you're what you you've woken up and realize it's not real. But it takes awhile for you to calm down it takes a while your body to get back to normal and you almost don't wanna closure rise right away. But it's not always the images I've had that experience. And I and I thought doesn't what was I just dreaming about it really wasn't that scary dream itself wasn't necessarily fueling that what is happening there. Well you know I think that life itself is terrifying at times I think that we see. You we'd have to chase all sorts of things that scare us. From the actual. Tape you know challenges. That are bonafide. Scary. Two things that live in our unconscious mind as as frightening withdrawal have. These visceral. Body responses. That would lead happened to fear we're gonna have elevated heart rate and and respiration changes and band. And the like so I think the one of the things that happened in dreams because. Conscious rational minded orient ourselves to try and space and identity is sleeping it's. Resting. We have access. To the facets of our unconscious mind and in our unconscious mind. Fears are multiplied. You know tremendously. Because it's this fast it's creative landscape and so. And an attitude at its extreme I think is part of what we're doing in the dream state we're. Practicing what it's like to face our worst fears. And that's survived and in order to wake up and face life on Mike Stearns and so I think that you're right that it isn't so much of visual oh. Figure is scary and therefore I'm terrified it's really the other way around. I didn't terrified. And so my imagination is gonna create a scary image to match the terror put on its. I think intrinsic fundamentally human psychic level that terror is what drives the image not the other way around. Interesting and taking that to the other extreme we've all heard stories weathered served from from people we know our ourselves or you just studying here and interview would somebody who's successful. And frequently they credit. Part of their success whether they had a hit song that they wrote in the state came to me in a dream or they invented a product may said the idea came to meet in a dream. Where is that inspiration come from. I think he used the right word there which is inspiration and on a certain level inspiration this mysterious we don't really know where that comes from more understand it I think the thing that makes. The dream connection to inspiration. Is again about that. Waking mind that we are so quick patch to thinking is the greater part of our identity that. And then the dad never had big chatter that reminds me that I am a person I have a name I have a history. That is the tiniest aspect of our humanity would so we think of it. As the greatest aspect of our humanity shall we have an idea or a problem that we have solved or. A notion of something to create this magnificent. The though we might express it without thinking mind. Where it's coming from is from but much. Gray here. My English the capital patent. That is part of the human condition that is so extraordinary creative and powerful majestic. Ten and that part of our consciousness is. Completely accessible. Through the dream states. Because of the rational. Limiting mind it's you know being. You know kept debate through the sweep. So it being dead. Interest period. The mystery of where creativity comes from I can only see this. Ditty is accessible to us through the dream states because we're not shutting it down by our ridiculous limiting plots. And so you hear that tale told over and over again I got the idea in a dream. Because I think great ideas and really creativity. And imagination and all come from the same place in mud but psychologists who call the unconscious and what's mystics might call. You know god or the mystery of the divine. When you hum worked with clients and you hear their stories their dreams some and you're you're interpreting them. Has there ever been a point where you've got you've you've heard the the dream itself and you've actually. Been fearful for them achieve a you've uncovered something that they they truly scared of. Now that eight day may be a I think sometimes clients. Seeing or believe that there's something. That I didn't see. That is scary that I'm not telling them I've often had been notified applause all right we make a change so arrive responses something. I dream I might have a client go oh my god what he's CEO woody you know segment and that's the typical work like that. I have never personal I think the idea. That and he's saying they could come up in life that that is actually that scary or that awful but it doesn't it would my world view IE. I'd love the human condition even the most painful challenging elements of it because. That's the game we're here to play we are here playing this magnificent game. Unfolding. Who we are both. Within ourselves and in with the global consciousness and then in lit led by my call to divine consciousness so in that. World view there's actually nothing to be terrified at not mysterious about the most challenging. Nothing that she even and you know did too desperately tragic. That is beyond our capacity to meet greet and growth from so no I've never. Feeling that way though I think sometimes the people that the work that might feel a little tidbits about. And then another thing that that I'm curious about has. Our bodies tend to send us it messages through our dreams frequently and I am curious as to whether or not. There's ever been an instance where you've experienced that took somebody's dream was actually telling them they had a medical condition that they weren't aware of that they had to have five checked out. Is anything like that ever happened. Can I wish I could call to mind experiences that were specific that I can tell you like it came token wouldn't that be fun. I'd I'd I'd we'll save that. Even just hearing that question I didn't know that I have had conversations either with clients or people like metal long the way. The defense had to soured since and thousands of conversations with people about the cream experiences. I know that there are people who. Trust. The information that continent's. Through their dreams to be guy needed in terms of choices to make and them and practical decisions to to investing in. So rather than you know make sending up to San Clarence. And so I'll say this you wouldn't. Shock me at all in fact I would take it as safe spot at face value that it is is that it is possible that since. The idea of the dream state in the waking state is like a conversation. It's a conversation. Between the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. The unconscious mind doesn't have the limits of not knowing stuff. The intuitive expressions are the unconscious mind knows a lot more about what's going on about body. Then we'd do you know waking conscious mind so why not have that beat. The absolute guiding post to move somebody in the direction. Discovering something or stealing something or having to change trench relations. Of of great importance by listening to what the approach is to say. Jack is that what you're saying it doesn't have the limitations relative in a lot more of what's happening at that time and sometimes you can and can fill you then you can give you a heads up on things. Absolutely what I would coalition people. Even just in hearing about this is that you don't want that up. Look at John medical personnel and stimulus sitting audience to go certainly thinking our Mike I thought I had this dream about a heart attack it must mean that I'm gonna have a hard Jessica's. I still think it's it's played out quite that black and white. But I didn't think that we can be guided very powerfully by paying attention to Eritreans and why not you know the health and the well being hit about to be part. We're talking with doctor Michael Lennox is website is Michael let exits with two n.'s by the way Michael Lennox dot com. I'm he's got a number of books to his credit to talk about those books we're gonna talk more about what it means to dream and what those dreams are telling us also take your calls a jot down the number 844. 6877669. JC GB on the honor. 68776. Attacking drier discussion about her interpretation or a little bit later in the program I'm thinking we're gonna have some time we'll revisit our. Psychic remote viewing experiment then you can call in and try to figure out what playing Carter Jason ire focused on intently here. Now it's the same playing currently haven't changed playing cards same one that we chose a week and a half ago and some people have guessed or remote viewed and gotten an incorrect so. And disorder lowers the amount cars that are out there it goes to zero job make your chances are better put itself started at one in 52 and it's it's drugs are usually one and 46 hours aren't there. I'm a reminder tomorrow night the heckling Brothers Brad very clean will join us would be talking about some of their new projects plus Douglas Robinson who is it. In internationally recognized author will be talking about his book series about vampires. Wednesday will talk to psychotherapists and author Ira Israel about his book how to survive your childhood now the turn adults. So should be interest since may she tuna and then Thursday were talking with Stephen. Mercantile oil up colonel investigator and MB discussing his maternal TV show haunted tours and as some of this controversial things that he doesn't Russia. And net tonight we are talking with said doctor Michael Linux again his website is Michael when X dot com and Michael. During the rig it occurred to me that some you know we we all dream and I think science has proved we all dream every nights but we don't always remember the dreams. What's what makes a dream memorable verses one that we just had no idea we had. One of the things they think that did did. We can focus on and in the psychology genes or even the mystical sense nutrients is that if dreams are. To be honest messages from the unconscious mind. That these. Memorable dreams are ones that are conscious unconscious mind wants us to remember. One could even say that since nightmares are so much more memorable than regular dreams and nightmares are. Up out odds processing shadow material that's scary stuff in the fearful aspects of our humanity. That we remember them because they're important to remember. From brain structure perspective. I think the reason why it's so difficult to retain the memory entry means that. The dream being imagery though it's visually nature is happening. In a different area of the brain. Then the area that we actually process visual information from took so we are seeing imagery it's not the scene that our eyes do but it's another element of brain structurally interactions. Steak creates the visual images that bit that show up intrigued silly the way he could think of it is. It's just a window that opened when you're dreaming that slammed shots. When we wake up. So seats. The memory isn't so much function indeed being memorable is that we all had that experience at all I'll never forget the stream. It's too vivid and then two hours later we can't figure out what it was that he's been dreaming about. It's the at this. Quality of service. That did doorway being opened. Is what we want to cultivate staying open in order to remember treating more you know effectively two people can. And they say usually I you've got to try to remember it was like for sixty seconds a waking up and that's kind of the only way to do so. I think that we train ourselves to keep that window open by. Go into recorded dream right away like if that's what if what people last week as we get this is part of that question and up. At the most just. How can I remember make trees more effectively. And the first thing that I would tell anybody is to put the recording device next year that. Put the patent pandora the digital recorder next to your bed so there's no interruptions. Between that's. Securing in your bed as you waking up but having that dream floating around in your mind. To going right for the capacity to actually record actually don't interrupt it would fought war. Simulation from the room that you're sleeping and but the most important. Piece of advice that I give to people is to write something down no matter what I. Don't just wait. Pretty inspiring dream to come to write it down do you have to any very long time but if you go to the pad every morning and right. I don't remember anything from my dreams last night you're kind of signaling the end conscious mind. You have a conscious desire to have that. Capacity to remember your dreams and expand and it does and that's the trigger that helps people trained themselves to be a little bit more. Flexible fluid with the kind of memory that wants to shut itself down the minute you think about you know go to the bathroom and having got caught. Gotcha aren't so we're going to be taking calls from next hour members 844687766. Oregon toll free 8844687. 7669 if you got a question about a dream or dreams that you had. It's a calling elicited Jason GB. It's among them. It's. Her. The owner a veteran myself Jason Hawes and he always awesome GD jumps of course. Today is the day while we are past midnight source technically yesterday but I like to think of us of it as today is the day that we recognize. A great American leader. Somebody who is a key and two should takes a tremendous amount of the creditors deserves tremendous amount of the credit for repeat. Advancement civil rights and equal rights in this nation. Of course Martin Luther King Jr. meant what a day to be talking about dreams actually with the quicker guest doctor Michael Lennox because. Martin Luther King Jr. was of course known. For many things but including of that list is his senate I have a dream speech. I'm Sewell and a what a great guy and I saw my two things I'm today talking about how how different the world would be. If if he was issue a sore and I totally I I totally believe that so I'm just an amazing individual and and chips in and made it sadden me and we we with talk to people who are actually very close friends deterrent with him and so forth you. Focus in on what he believed to happen. And it was it's just chain. And that's old mother story with the assassination conspiracy involved there that something completely police departments involved yeah yeah we've we've had some conversations program about that central have a chance to talk about it again. But we're talking about dreams is doctor Michael Lennox by the way if you like to call in and and share a dream experience with us or maybe get some advice sun on something you've dreamed. 8446877669. As the number we do have some people on hold be patient we will be getting your calls during the course of this coming hour. Yet she avenue a mission head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality repeal it FaceBook page forest. Then had to be on reality radio dot com reached final agree stations we are across the country can also download Treo iPhone and Andrea temperate there which allow us to listen life had chosen ago. Joining Allen each and more where you can always listen right from the website you score goals and lies tablet in the right corner of the website that allows you to nine connection into anomaly China rumored TV myself and agree community people you know. You listen right from the what. Our let's bring her guest. Into the program doctor Michael when it's easy spiritual teacher a psychologist astrologer and of course an expert on dreams and dream interpretation. Is website is Michael Lennox dot com Michael I need to ask you. What might be one of the a million dollar questions of the evening. And that is what are your thoughts or beliefs on the spiritual. Nature of dreams meaning this spiritual. World affecting our dreams are communicating to us through our dreams. Well I I mean you know I have I always present to the world you know in terms of one. What I do and how I think of myself as a spiritual teacher first. And yeah so right there you conservative you don't capture the notion that the spiritual mystical. Yet elements a dream to dreaming to lead the most important part of the richest aspect of what. You know what. Consideration of dreams has to offer us so. I think that's maybe the simplest way for me to respond to my particular world view is is that the notion of the world that we existed in our dreaming state. It's really much more are who we are. And T waking mind you know identity. Ego consciousness that we each walk around with I believe as spiritual. Teacher and a spiritual human being that we are all connected energetically. We are connected certainly quantum physics is starting. Really illuminate from from a theoretical or scientific perspective. That notion. And I think the true green. Speech. Allows. It's too. Happy in shoot that unity universal. Connected place. That we need I lived in that invented that if you will that the did dream is streaming it's. So from that perspective the spiritual aspects of what dreams represent. Is key for me personally. Now than you also a believer that people can. Can do the out of body experiences during the dream state. Absolutely you know what one thing to be even my own belief system besides I was put that over Europe where on the shelf for a moment. I have heard enough experiences. From people. Whether it's. You know Astro protecting the leaving their bodies were being visited by people who have passed on I've heard enough experiences of that ilk. Described. Over and over again by different people in the same way and that's. That period of itself as an empirical study in the possibility that these things are and then meeting air quotes no real. Because people described have been similar you know waste. I myself have had experiences where I have had the sensation of leaving my body or where I've had Lucy dream experience is. That were as fitted to. All week. In a dream state as I am now sitting in my home in in Los Angeles, California. That having. He'd give it our I mean my body I'm here in this place but I also known as sleep at night dreaming. And it feels 100%. As vivid as if I were a wake in this dream landscape. I don't know what that means like I can't explain the that I mean it just sometimes it's my job to attempt to explain that. But the truth is I don't know what the mystery of the universe is but I know that as a participant. In the mystery of the universe I have an appreciation for the mystery that doesn't dismissive. Because side and we'll save this for the hubris or science says that. Let's go to the phone lines of spring in this is Kerry calling in from Colorado he carry. Welcome to be on Rihanna read a great to have you on. I they care in the show you're on with the doctor Michael Linux. Well thank you protect my cop. See you a question. While I have. I guess I don't that question her our blood bank. Like I remember a lot of my dreams. And I'm actually able to control my dreams. And so like to buy and having some kind of bad dream or something's. I can just tell myself to stop. Can't tell you about. A little Lucy Jeanne experience which has a lot of different. Generations of how which shows up by just described one that is one particular way. But just being so vividly a week in the dream state but the but. Another element that lucid dreaming is the ability to have a try to conscious and not so. Thread of slot with. What we're experiencing and so the way you just described it is okay you're having your dream you're aware that you're dreaming or at least aware enough. That you're dreaming but you have some control over the kind of imagery that your in gauging where it's. And you can take gets scary moment and sort of temperate or shifted so that it's not quite so terrifying. That to me speaks a little bit of hope we were talking about earlier about. The mirroring the way in which are creative process in the dream state is actually something we can cultivate in the waking state it's like if we can beat. Lucid in our dreams at night we can be receding in our creative power during the during the debt. Gary do you have the ability to select what you will be dreaming about and any given night. You do is that common Michael. I don't think his comment I think that is something that people strive for. And work and then just like any sort of against. I think that there are people who are more. Or are innately. If he would that this is the right word to use innately talented at a particular way of being with their trains. Not unlike singing if you got the ability to talk you have the ability to sing. And anybody get your ear might not be allowed have you you know you know who's sitting at a later date to the people wanna hear it. But you can that would work with what you got and make it. Better. I do believe that there are people who are just naturally he. Wired in such a way that the city. In the dream state is much more natural to them. Jerry thanks for the call let's take one more here before and go to or break this is Julio also in Colorado help hello Julio welcome to the program. I don't use it on the show. Well alarmed that the leading occurring dream that ended well it would happen once the wildlife at least intent can be. Where. I'm glad. Important school import a high risk move I'm excited gave and to pay it seem so realistic so evocative it you know and scientists thinking you know I'm gonna get go when my friends and at its plants in movement and I would. You know plan out that day and then that they both but I am tired weary like I probably shouldn't be if in glad by relatives. Go to class cent benefit turned into the back Adrian brown just. I mean class I am I it's collateral like I don't know what's going on. We're chapter we what are we learning I don't understand him being and bite it start to break out like am I gonna graduate on time. I'd love it it's a morality tale built into your recurring dream experience so let me first start. By aide describing the notion that. Most of us all of us have some form of aid. The. Recurring anxiety. Imagery dreamed that we'd. Latch onto early in life. And will happen over and over again whenever light presents us with a certain kind of stressed. The Braves very economical liberals though. You don't stress is president let's bring up that image. That is a stressful one for this particular tree or so percent people at such are for others it's a guy with a guy and for somebody it's falling and in this case with Julio. It's very specific. To. Responsibility. And showing up in in it was the level of integrity right you are. You're shooting. Content and and and the interest seeing over the important and the serious. Which of course is probably fine to do in high school but when the stakes are so a lot about how about in life. Do we have to do the responsible we have to do the important and so this dream is reflecting moments of anxiety. When you feel like you might not be quite as prepared. As you wish you were our and it's sort of using a little bit of an emotional trigger. That. You might have gotten spark in those high school years. I'm not being responsible. To the things that to show up for. So the anxiety increasing in the dream state is actually probably being triggered. Glad you have a life experience that's causing it questioned whether or not you're ready forward showing up. You know irresponsible mattered to the things that you have to focus on. What what you need to know is the reason why it happens often is. It's that actually go it is causing anxiety in the dream speech. Actually relieving you of anxiety. In the waking state. It's processing. The unconscious fears that you are happening. While you're sleeping so that you can wake up and lead a relatively anxious for life. Thanks Julio for the call for sharing your dream of us are numbers 8446877669. If you wanted to get in on this conversation. We're talking with the doctor Michael Lane next. And of course he website is Michael Lennox dot com or to take aware real quick break Mordechai a mile strategy seeing javy on the honor I would. 200 returned to her dreams tonight. Yes retirement doctor Michael enix and pretty much stream stream interpretations what they mean in and so forth you give us a call if you got a question or a dream you'd like some answers about an 844. 6877669. Until free at 8446877669. Michael this is kind of a short segment here on but it's enough time to talk about one of your books loans little book of dreams tell us about that book because it seems to be. A pretty nice foundation for anybody who has the same kind of curiosity you had when you first started to explore this. You literally couldn't describe the best way to market that but that is exactly what it is it's a primer. Opt for anyone who's got some curiosity about. Diving into the dream world Levy hasn't had a lot of experience with it but has a passion for the curiosity reentry and so we talk a little bit. About the origin of dreaming and what we know a little bit about how they you know sort of came about in terms of our. You know consideration now bend and then it dispense the rest of the book just talking about. Common dream come entry in tights. Animals dreams dares archetypes the chopper melodic screaming. And so it's it and it's a quick easy read and and it's mean literally. A little book it is cute little book. And it's a perfect gift for anybody who it is curious and thinking about what tree and let me. And of course their links to that how you can purchase suitably and Amazon through an. Can now see anywhere and everywhere that books are sold. Yet and then about the minute we've got before we're gonna jump in to break. Let me ask this question. To all of our dreams originate within ourselves. Whether it's sub conscious or are conscious mind and end in fines which would dream. Or is there a possibility or have you ever experienced. They shared dreaming or some type of dreaming that is actually projected from one person or saying to another person. Absolutely effective civil section on shared dreaming in the book there is. I did not think experiences that I had. With people sharing experiences where it needs. Dreams that we are shared either two people in the same thing in the home more room or you know relatives or loved ones I've heard. Experiences. Married couples went pregnancy was part of the narrative. Where you know that the couples sharing a dream experiences. And I and also as somebody who just this domestically. And I'm inclined to think. It is way more possibility. Of scientific psychologists would ever admit. To being possible. Well that's what they bring that up I had the situation where I had the same dream in the same night as the life. And it's just one of those things where you wake up morning and she brings up one I had the same experience and it's mind blowing how they can happen. Well there you go right there you know back cannot be refuted by a you know some scientific explanation that says that. You know that that that symbolic somehow because it's on under it un understandable or its mysterious. But you know it's true your life doses true and I'm certainly right there. In agreement with you that there's something to be said about the connect community and human beings that allows us to have experiences that are. Not explainable but defensively. Experience double. Jets totally mind Larry at the numbers 84468776. Or tying until freed 844. 6877669. Give us a call if you won information and you dreaming got to turn it on interpreted. So forth you listen Jason NGB on the honor really reveal. Her her program. And then we have Douglas Robinson. Joining us and he is an internationally recognized author will be talking about his books series which is based on vampire characters. And we listen to retirement vampires media and the ones who are we talking with pirate Israel psychotherapist and author of how to survive your childhood to now that your and adults. So should be an interesting show a lot of great stuff tonight we're talking with doctor Michael Lennox his website is Michael Lennox Lennox is spelled LE NN OX. Dot com you can find out more about him their but he is a spiritual teacher psychologist astrologers and an expert on dreams we spend most of the evening talking about. Dreams and in fact. I'm Michael. When you. Go about interpreting dreams I'm are the worse standard definitions for certain meanings. Does does somebody flying always mean the same thing to somebody falling always mean the same thing or is it more contextual based. Well you know he's only starts with a sense of the universality of something right and then you've got a temporary and deed the dreamers experience and they're in port so music flying is an example certainly. Gravity is something that we live and ended the whole session down and so. The idea that we could treat ourselves from that as things flying. Dean is very aspiration that feels awesome. And and then people who have dished. Dream usually report that they want to have it right so what would go universally to this sense flying as an dream image. Indicating a moment rising up aspiring to hire you know experiences and and having. Lofty experience. You know put. What is retriever. Is also experiencing. Avoidance what if there's something on the ground that they ought to be paying attention to. And then dust flying becomes the symbol. Rising over something that really needs their attention below them. He is so and so it's EU what we always wanna start with the universal sensibility and then it's ultimately. Back and forth conversation because the dreamer has to have the experience. Feeling you know what. Excited by what I'm saying and interpreting hopefully they're not just coming and saying what he's thinking that they've taken at face value and and lead. There's an odd that happens and that I hop doesn't happen then I haven't you know landed well. As another example blocker. Is often. A symbol of our emotional takes precedence because we are mostly water we at least get out of my eyes firmly. Get emotional and so someone has a dream about water. There's a sense that. We are starting. A conversation. About either their emotional experience or are there unconscious expressions. Then the conversation has to happen and reveal more at the context of the dream. Has to reveal more and deep experience of interpreting it. Isn't something that happens in a vacuum it's kind of a living. Reading experience that two people are sharing myself and the dreamers. OK Italy I've got a friend and I don't give out any names to CFC anonymous who just normally Gigi who. I had I had I am proud volcanoes I don't what does that mean. Well so think about. What do we know about what's happening where the volcano. We know that there's this great tumultuous. Thing that's happening below the surface it's invisible. And it's. It's hot and probably has a lot. Potential power and that when it's finally express what we see it. It's an explosion. And that explosion is cataclysmic. And destructive. So we know that about volcanoes are now if you just. Use the same sense of imagery. To describe. Emotionally towards the experience. Something that is held that day for a long period of time that rumbles under the surface. Ly eight. Rage past inequities. Challenges. Spheres. And that certainly burst into conscious awareness. With a great sense of cataclysm and potential destructiveness. Do you use these. Same thing we know about the volcano. As safe structure and then we'd give it a kind of saluted emotional interpretation. What are what are your thoughts on pre cognition in dreams. Well it's updating the hook that you know it's good day and I will tell you that 2030 years ago. Well I was first hearing lots and lots and lots and lots of dreams. I didn't hear that many people having creek active dream experience is that what I did. It was usually something that they described as being frequent and often something that ran in families like they would say yes. I have to cognitive dreams and my mother had a guy they've changed and her mother and regarding their dreams. One of the things that I think it's happened in the last couple of decades is. The lead of the human race is starting to wake up to more that our sensitive energetic and intuitive. That expressions. And so I am noticing. And certainly with younger people but I work with and talked to. The many many more people saying that they have pre conducted a dream experiences. I think it's expanding that the intuitive capacity of the human organism is expanding right now on about planets. And so I'm hearing you know just a lot more are people reporting it and I think that we are all intuitive I think it's part of the human condition and one of the things that stops people. From. Being actively able to connect to their intuition is that rational lie and the one we've been talking about that orient itself to times space tonight. Indeed it's very loud and not intuitive but Linear irrational. That interrupts the flow of the mind that is more fluid and expressive and intuitive and when we're sleeping. That. No rational mind isn't there the quiet you down or to the gate or to say though that can't beat. And so in the dream state I think very intuitive express edition is free to show up. Have you had to go with an opportunity to work with anyone and bring you probably have probably many actually. People who had dreams is they've actually been afraid to go to sleep knowing that they're gonna have. A version of a dream that. Oh yeah smoothly. In when when that happens the way that I work with people is that there is often. A resistance. Mechanisms right eat you know that that shows up this is true for PT SD. Patients as well as. Would you describe in which is actually a form of PG EST there's a trauma. From the dream experience and mayors city resistance to going back in the direction upbeat. You know the originating and you know. Action that's scary dramatic. When that. Someone is having that experience what I will ask them to do. Is it worked with the imagery in it created an expressive way. So that there's an actual response from the conscious mind. In the direction of the unconscious mind in the language. That the unconscious mind is using. So if the dreamed image that is frightening to the person. Let's just say. It's a volcano but but but I would ask that person to spend some time drawing a volcano. Using. Creative imagery to tap into. The very image that the unconscious just growing up. That is frightening to the dreamer and of course it's probably more complex than one simple image. But you understand that the unconsciously speaking to it's in the language that symbolic in nature. And so the best way to respond to the unconscious mind used to use that symbolic. Language not talking. Do you keep talking talking talking talking talking about the dream it's to look at it terrified that there's still gonna have a diversion to going to sleep. But if they draw it out or be expressive in some way that created an air rational. The unconscious mind will throw out different images it's almost like out. Stuck mechanism that way in the EU response to the unconscious. In this way it on the stock. Tip or on sticks the let's focus on the scary imagery that might be tightening the dreamer. And more fluidity more information will be revealed an awesome what will happen is. The dreams become less frightening because now there's like a conversation and back and forth happening between congress mind that a conscious mind. And more is that repeal. Michael we've only got a couple minutes left with few and wanted to take this time to let you talk about two web site a little bit you've got a lot of stuff on their you offer a lot of things. I'll walk us through some of the highlights where you might people might want to check out if they disease site. Yeah I'd sure like a lot of stock obvious you've been saying you know because I'm also an astrology are a lot of what is act. You visible when you first you know a lot of dog is. This is you know articles and information about astrological occurrences in new loans in full loans and kind but firm believer that. If we tap into what the you know and cosmos is doing that we we have a richer experience at our own. Who lives because we need to you know beat the idea is that the planet's don't influence that they reflect that they are. But if your adjusted in the dream content and you go to the search mechanism in the in the web site there's dozens and dozens and dozens of articles they're on. Dream symbols and different spiders to colors to numbers. Hobby could also yes tapping into the links to purchase you know the books I've written there's three of them dreams site. That's about universal meeting that there's an actual dream. Dictionary loans complete dictionary dreams and then of course the latest on the little contingent which we spoke about. Gap so the web site has all of that and then that there are you know announcements are traveling head to travel around the country and do workshops entry into communications. All over the place isn't going to be in a couple of cities this coming year Travis a little less this year he's admitted his some online curriculum but. All of that information is also they're available on the web site I have a couple of ways did you get a game interpreted I have a product that I. How about there is that if you send me a detailed. Typed written dreamed I will send you back and he's ten to twenty minute recording. My dream interpretation I might write you a couple of emails asking some questions if I need a little more information. But it's definitely less you know expenses. Way of getting my input on a dream experience that you pattern information about that is also the outside. But I saw something my dreams circles. I actually you know I haven't done one in awhile but I did them for about six or seven years and there are these things that are actually happening all over the country and so it is. Yeah anybody has interest in it seems circle certainly feel free to write me an email. And I can guide you in how the side and these are happening all over the world these days everywhere from. Casual people who just love the dream idea of talking about trains getting together on a regular basis to do that. And some of them are facilitated in the way that these are the games circles that I have done. Are at that facilitated and I do at least one or two. Dreams circles on the Internet through like a conference call in system I want to tries years so it. So would it just didn't sat at the web site you just get onto my eight you know newsletter mailing continued you know received information about that. And that's like gathering of people who shared dreams that the community level. So ten or twelve people might get together and everyone shares to train and gets a dream interpreted. But there's something that interest thing that happens when people do this in big ethnic group level is that that route tree. Emerges wind and it can kind of an interpretation. It's almost like like actually wrote card reading. Where each dream becomes like a different card in the reading so there's like an intuitive experience that everybody in this circle gets. Spike coming together as if they've had a dream of twelve people sharing stories. Thanks so much for joining us and it's been a fascinating discussion of fascinating topic and we hope to have you back at some point. Absolutely anytime it's been a pleasure. Have a great night. Aren't so we're gonna take a break but just before we do let let's revisit this this whole remote viewing current. It's a JV and I picked a card about a week ago and who we reits is still same cards if you listen to the show you know which cards it's not. And we want you to remote users aren't touched it is shot and our consumer efforts and if you can guess what card is it's just from a regular playing Decker currency if you can guess what card do you would free quality. Aren't you wanna free on the phone numbers 844. 6877669. In the Stoll freed 844. 6877669. In a listen Jason GDR. Beyond really revealing back. My. Great guest preacher. It's. Psychic remote viewing experiment we've got a playing card we drew it from regular 52 playing card deck. We've had here for about a week and a half now own people flood tried to get the answer haven't gotten the answers you've heard earlier shows you know. Some of the cards and it's not but basically we're gonna go quickly through the phone lines here. Give you an opportunity to tap into our minds to be to figure out what this card is as we focus on. Let's do it rated G this news you've got the card in mind your security guys you and your parents those code to this is David in South Carolina David your first what's on your mind and what do you think this artist. Well and you can I recurring injury you know I thought that we had time otherwise it's Arctic hard. First thing about it right away it was by the globe. That's not that's not it I'm gonna put you on hold and if we come back to your gym we might have time for them just hang on okay. All right let's go to this is. Just an amateur just in this going from a Justin you're on the air what do you think discard this. Since this really nice nice stride just in thanks so much for calling that just that's not right let's go to amber. Amber hey Kate apparently this or else. Yes. Yahoo! which are yes. I'm driving from dateline backed alarm at an actually called it earlier not Harriet Harry Carey. Which is very crazy I'm glad I don't think you guys but I guess you'd like opt out ahead and then as part. Now that I lived thank you very much typical way yeah. In in thirty seconds give us richer recurring injury miss. It's about going back to school and I happen recurring nightmare I'm going back I actually call it. I have like one week and I'll play one month and it did drain the treaty had it right. I cannot. I what they'll work insert unitary like eight. It's. About going back right well and then you know I. Yeah where you're gonna you're gonna have to get back on the show with us when we get Michael let expect on our one of our energy and dream interpreters we had several but. It's funny how so many of these dreams involve school. You know thank you so much amber let's go back to David David give us the 32 version of your recurring dream. And it tells everything written so our KeyCorp well all's Parker are hurting her at. Partners such evil force candidate they snippets trying to technique and it's deeper feeling so ironic that I can't or not suspect are not accurate cemetery. And zombies and irk me you know how to get me to keep running a tight run double robbed of a horse to elect our our. You into the safely editors skilled and side. Oh yeah school's front where. All right here's the I've got two things the city David want as you want the Walking Dead a little too much. And secondly you have to call on the next time we have a dream interpreter on because we need to get somebody needs to talk about the dream murder charge it one more call here. For the playing card Richard and Indiana what he seek. Yes. Our ability to Oprah about two agent driving you know Olivia incentive played promotes buy. No it's a lot to thank you very much. Oh. Yeah thanks thanks for calling in Richard that's. That's gonna do it and we just don't have any time to get to anymore these calls as summation you tune in tomorrow yeah we're gonna have to cling Brothers are gonna come on talkers and talk to us about what they've been up to what they're working on oral CME joined by Douglas Robinson. I'm an internationally recognized author about his vampire books and so forth but I you listen to Jason GV. Beyond reality radio catch old mine I have great night. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's entirely on really renews. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will purchase most hope that she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.