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Douglas Robinson talks of his visions of "vampyric persons"

Jan 17, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with author Douglas Robinson whose "Siliently Series" [of books] takes his visions of "vampyric persons" and puts them to a story line. Douglas has been plagued with visions of blood and demons since childhood and believes this book series is the product of God's influence to exorcise those experiences from his future. 1/17/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Stimulus goes wins and the East Coast many years. Somewhere in between what can be on reality review myself just as they always arson chief each its two for Tuesday tonight. 2 for Tuesday morning actually Wednesday Noah and his but it was Tuesday when when we start first started doing getting ready for the show. My past so I I just feel sorry didn't revisit the literacy completely pop my Valencia. You know we've got to actually a couple of guests actually three for Tuesday because if you do the cling Brothers are to win then we've got dug out Robinson coming on after so we've got to clean Brothers talking about their latest kernel morrow exploits in the first part of a show. And then we got Douglas Robinson coming on in the second part of the shown to be talking about his vampire books now. The interesting thing about his books is that he actually isn't a vampire fanatic and he has researched vampires and he talks specifically about people. Whoever vamp Urich condition not the un dead kind of vampires but the ones the people who feel like they need human blood to survive real life people that suit that. Way people actually it would low iron count is things like that many dead and there's a medical condition for that that's right the throat boldly having Barry and Brad cycling on you guys on you all guys and girls you'll remember them from their show that was on Discovery Channel called ghost lab. And there their public protest this guy's huge let me just tell. When I first win until you I was I was standing as a minute now to our development actual physical size and you say did you initially linebackers from of that so you match. And half you know I'm not a small guy and the ball got my family which is funny but what else is 64 to me but those guys are big. I mean jeez they look like a football player to sell but I'll marry leg got a hang out with them and talk with the equipment in Minnesota together and just a bunch great guys and highly interest in the field and interesting to see what they're up to what are working on and where they're going from here. Yeah I'm excited to talk to them to kind of let that worked out in tomorrow night will be speaking with pirate Israel who's a psychotherapist and an author he's got a book out called. How to survive your childhood now the churn adult politics a lot of assumptions into play here you be assumed that. We're adults I mean I kind of feel like I'm still making that transition I'm trying to survive this estimate goal certainty yeah. It's like I do I like the can can consider myself Justin. An older kid at heart you know. Oh I'll never I'll never grow well thank you have to go look and I'm very I'm very immature. What tells me it'll tie him you know the constantly she's messing me I'm assuming that amendment total for its support its irritating pillow blanket sports the best that she can't commission is the fact that he's a he man woman haters club that would it is humid and the rest go. He has got Thursday night steepener Intel will join us he is a paranormal investigator he's got a new paranormal TV show called haunted tours and if you remember. We had him on for a short segment earlier on a few weeks back and he was talking about his investigative techniques and they're kind of controversial sore we're gonna have an opportunity really get into it with him on a Thursday night slash Friday morning. So. Remember how. All this stuff with a flatter theory everything's going on German route to start popping up this one guy who's who who's supposedly set to. I take is his homemade built rocket. India and or bitten and prove that the resourceful. You've heard about this Karen yes of this and had my accuse innocent people he abused his own rocket he's he wants to get into the Euro stratosphere and do able to reveal where the crew of the earth is flat while of course he's supposed to do it last year to two different times and one time it's supposedly got so Tom government regulations. And then now source happen another time somebody else property it never happened but. Now he's got to. For the he's gonna do a duty crucible that day before the Super Bowl he says that he expects to draw more international tension. Then the Super Bowl itself while that's that's some pretty big. There's an claims. At some giant claims that its giant clams on. It's it's too bad there's not a lot of time between now and that date because to be interesting to have my on the program and get him and I get an idea of what he actually thinks he's gonna see when he gets up there I say we get slipped to try to contact and go to dinner then get a mom because of the guys he's he's out Thursday's he's looking for a just for any sort of exposure. Yet to get the word out about what he's telling and so forth and don't be adjusting if if he actually does spot. Is name's Matt my cues and he es voice daredevil limousine driver unit but he planes or ride a rocket into space this is like Granada act means a title he. Roadrunner records strap in and on his bags and lighting a fuse that and he plans to do and animals so we'll see what happens. That will hopefully get him on if we don't get a chance to talk to you good luck Mike and let us know what happens when you get up there. Hopefully a lot of snow and evidently I am I accurate do you remember when we recently had doctor Carol Osborne on the program shoes veterinarian we talked about ES PR and museum. One of the things that I thought was kind of interesting story just came across the wire here about scientific research with bees and they've determined that. In a hive of bees there are certain b.s that are that are called. More tuitions basically they are grave keeper b.s and what they do they monitored the highest for any dying or dead. P.s within the colony and what they found out is that when a B is dying. It releases a ceremony. Which we talked about yeah in this ceremony is picked up by the antenna of peace corps gathering. B.'s and they drag the dead or dying be out of high so it doesn't spread disease in the high. So they're already slicks inked up the minute that today that they take that role they're sort of saying parents. Tests that since it is and the thing I found really interesting about that know what they did is they took that same ceremony put it on healthy bees and the da that did grave keeper b.s couldn't tell the difference between healthy ones in sick ones as long as that ceremony was present. So remember when we were talking about how dogs can sense things and and they pick up on things and we talked about Fairmont possibly being the cause of that well this is just another step toward improving that those types of indicators exist they existed b.s they exist in humans exist and probably all living things and with the dogs are such keen sense of smell. That could very well be something they're picking up on that makes them act the way they do and make some have those what seems to be pre cognitive abilities. You army and for your time Judy well it is it is 1213 and he's doses of. Public it's funny did you did bring them and then but that that's amazing to think that. The bees can actually just sense that often their antennas that one is sicker dying so Mara and and it's just. Really it's a wild yeah I was yelling just almost like robotic. Yeah it is it's almost an artificial intelligence kind of saying it's it's really fascinating and they're doing more research on this in the gonna continue to learn more about the east but they called death pheromones that these bees release when they're dying more they are corpses. Interests and stuff. Aren't so Walter and take a break can only come back will be joined by the culling Brothers that Brad and berries so are you us in the Jason and TV on Dioner. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short on help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's it's. Jason dean. Hey don't forget later in the program for some Time Warner's jump back into our us psyche experiment here. Give you an opportunity to use those psychic abilities tap into mining and Jason's mines scary as it may be. And and figure out if you could determine what playing card we drew two weeks or be a week and a half ago now that we've had sitting in front of us that we've been staring at the we've been dreaming about we've been having nightmares about. That whole time. Thirteen of arts it is the thirteenth artsy you're you. To ordered him kept. Secret wanna jot down the phone number 28446877669. But just promised. We have special guests tonight joining us and we're gonna rate to -- guess trying to bring in Brad and Barry playing of course the playing Brothers. Most of you know him from ghost lab but they've got a lot of pedigree in the paranormal community been doing a lot of work in gentlemen great to have you beyond reality radio. Oh you guys. Already guys. Are you both with a just to make sure we've got you there. Are. Current and a new rules. So look. Let's get you do get used to play guy on the get 51 so he's you know guys that tell us about tell us what's really going on with the guys since since you. That was sub doing ghost lab is there's been a lot going on. The Boeing has built log on him to go whatsoever got canceled back in 2002 and two years ago so you know we've been doing units we've been. There are a little documentary series of media news. Little middle notebook itself so we just patella hanging him man and and do and are saying and garage holocaust as a dealer the other people out of there you know in the kernel but it. Got a charter along just fine our niche we know about the TV show and can't do something good. People are not doing searched. Mr. and should fund it's been a tough road but worse still they don't support the wrong. Budget it started with colonel. You know not everybody wakes up schism to be paranormal investigator what what are you guys into the field. In that's AM Brad back back in ninth it would be or India as you know regularly. Read little stories when you're needed you what the old TV shows like. That incredible I don't regret ship at as a parent or post up on it and unsolved mystery and stuff like that. But back in 1990 it was like you know Gettysburg. And broad daylight out of though you'll. Looked across and I haven't beat Uga will be took your camera. South they're on they it would parents. The group reunion so grew by about like a cool deliberate act all the view camera. Art film and hand out those field. They expand no weapons gear down there's nothing mayor. And so you look back camera. You know you look at the environment like there's no way these these that got much right the quick. And I mean no I just had burst real kernel experience. You know there's there's there's so much for Ogden. There's a bit. But the fact that. I thought I recorded the broad daylight there's got to be some source right to speak read and has to. Why the step patents so that kind of wrote started I started going down one. Not disproving the kernel with him and end but it Peruvian side that you know bidder could be some. Explanation. That that we find out. In from merits just you want and you you've got to try to figure it out it becomes one of those things the passions try to understand how these things are possible. Yet and we've done every unit at the weekly government experiments we actually look at conventional science conditional eerie. Q you know to the aero well. Or come up with what these what it's an area as the war that the cause seek you know. We based everything on energy. This earlier in the week we talked conventional appliances and it's it is it kemba all of the game at what it I'd say hey how close and eat it even protecting. This stuff was that Meehan and league members are. You know I I find it heartening to hear you say they Gettysburg was kind of the inspiration for all of that because that's not an uncommon story a lot of people got their first paranormal first taste of the paranormal. On a visit to Gettysburg in many of those people went on to pursue it even if it was mourn a hobby sense but. Really became fascinated by a getting some answers and dead Gettysburg is just a really special place when it comes to the stuff. Alana Alltel reserves and the well loaded with similar occurrences in the regular several times justice scenes it would lead to senior prize going to at least on the video and navy. And that she culture gap to visit Meehan and Miami. And or each of their videos like I was just power coming into the interest isn't. And brigade per training. Doesn't answer went on film at a so absurd you didn't ventured into the doctor so just a challenge in an air enters. You know you just beat him though to American Apparel bit about the cattle in remote into our historical tours. Erin and of course it's a you know you've been there recently at. You know there's don't lose goes towards all late in 990. That you know there's nothing like that right and that was. Look important thing that happened it just it and you know. Well I said that I said that often I used to go to Gettysburg who almost every year throughout in the ninety's and there were no ghost tours and may have been one reference to ghosts or something like that but then numb I think after people started doing some investigations there. And particularly. In one go senators. Started to air in your show started to air. In this whole interest in the paranormal became someone wrote of an epidemic. The ghost tours popped up everywhere in Gettysburg I think you know I can give you choose between probably a dozen different ghost tours and tonight. We've got Martin Nesbitt is that Alter forever doing news and then but you've got to watch other sort of really pumped up all over the place well. I'm prejudiced or hurt to overlook it shall restore. Of the battle sometimes you very vigilant. A backseat to the actual coast churches. Kind of sat and waited again you know the battle to pertinent history there. I mean where and when it goes became. Before you know very not taboo anymore is buried it in the media and on in the or produce. China produced all of these dunes has popped up and different news Somalia it just. I became mainstream and such it's kind of different longer queues and her growing company. We're about to sign a two Summers ago I took the family down there on vacation and it was funny while we were there we token historical Torre and the historical torque took on hold ghost tore a feeling that lift a lot of stories. So they are merging a lot of them together. And we charity which is good as well because you're getting the historical aspects girls are getting all these experiences that people patent and what they've seen all the craziness because there's there's endless and claims that things have gone on down. Get an immigrant oracle perspective you know we've done a lot of the or late battle's been like that it we've actually. At the ma part is Indian taxes separated he is history. Well a lot of that decision collapse were actually using tumor goes lab episodes. Fatigue crooked stick a history. Because deduct the interest is. So you know. What what want to learn about the Alamo and you actually up about the note that it could be is that there's then you know and there's some good. Yes great point we're talking with Barry and Brad cling to cling Brothers of course from ghost lab fame and many other projects and we've ran keep them on for another segment Tom after a break we'll get news more of the stuff for the. If you have any questions give us equality for 4677669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. You'll listen Jason NG Giambi on reality radio will be back. Recurring revenues vary. Read cling from my ghost lab in many other paranormal projects and exploits and guys and one out I'm get a sense you mentioned Gettysburg is kind of the door the opened the paranormal world TU. We've done a lot of investigations and a lot of different places what are couple of the ones that stand out as. Most interest in TO. Our grants you know any problem read our contrast prison in just tattoos are. How big of an undertaking to in the which of three nights without return doesn't everybody get Robert quick note not a blow to destroy it. Logistics who has. Just really mind blowing and how critical evidence senator had a good experience a business you know you don't give those experiences. Those you know. Need to do rebellion averages as some willing delete kernel group in it took a big undertaken person to do dad knows. Estrada the coolest puts government. And it's amazing really. Emitted even paid off all of the record or off the thing that we didn't do it goes Webber's old. Ghost now abandoned town here in south x.s. That. You know yielded some really cool evidence then you know wrap their part so the middle of nowhere little couple elements exit. That people that eight years you never bare and in a matter that negation we had a we had a wasted just appeared in front of us that came out of nowhere to our base is there. Made a kind of double think of we know of a student parent all of war. And so that was empirical investigation that was the only thing that was on television that this is something that we did it. One thing I gotta say though and I mean yeah we had never met until we met at Aron and Minnesota so I'm I was the first time we knew we actually got to talk and you get to know each other which was great at. I do have to say I. And I especially over the last almost I've learned and I had a whole new respect for you guys just because and I won't get that too much details but and there was a there was a company that took money for an appearance you guys were supposed to be doing in cedar. In January in Florida. And that there and do this company had no right to take the money and you guys still knowing that. This can this guy took the money and pretty much ran with it. You guys are still doing the event you're still you're still being a part of it and I just I think that that really shows that it's not about it's not about the money for you and you guys doing this and of course to help out and to make sure that nobody loses out. And I I just I have to give you gas kudos on that's a big respect. Earlier appreciate it meant to show have been arranged disarmed and a grown up at just angry we do and on us this happened so that we talked to go to the boat but hasn't been on and you know they got to throw a lot of money every amid advertise this coming a mirror mirror out so we'd made the decision page which is certain. Don't believe they're back to two weeks Susan G next bring choose Florida. We're going to be doing a lecture national McChrystal hopes that that Saturday night and actually try and and driver from us and China to under its potent. Can we can have written separately trying to lecture. And like just do things always come out of it resent despite the string in Minnesota we have in addition there. Great pains to have a remote unit upon to people who never met and yes it's have been talking and hope relationship so they don't just endorsed some are happening so. Yeah and I don't hold it against Barry for costly send me pictures of him fishing wallets you know six degrees appearance in general and I'll button and I'm a serious now you were going to actually east start doing a bunch of events together. Cling Brothers and taps guys and a bunch of others and yes a lot of great things to c'mon of the Minnesota. That's right and it's nineteen degree church a not so we're a little closer Leo also. So you've got an event coming up in Florida what are the projects in the works. Leo lit we mentioned that we we don't leave it over the past couple years that the dock and not senators called street area speak. In it's only film directed edited by. Com it isn't. Right now. We're in what we call season two palm sees no one is currently out on. Amazon AM C two were actually. Putting over a one bet the copper project where keep putting on the is it Herbert patriarch. That acre web sides basically. Org a subscription web site but for our subscription it's two dollars a month and you get all the exclusive. You know is that the that documentaries Siri and evidence then you know paranormal talk in tech is in and just any pain imaginable. And what it does is two dollars a month mark aired it helped us continue to build new documentary series because that you know. These things are cheap and all this comes right out of our pockets so. You know the little little help but they are you give us. Is great in terms them that that. That's the direction we're going right or were put on all seem it were put all work Belgrade on with it. That's awesome true he has. So and I know you've got a bunch of events who wanna throw couple Lou the ones that are coming up soon there and he mentioned Florida what else. Parachuted out of Florida and we get Serwer second albeit. You just put your tuner corporation it's our annual event which. The universe ever appear on WB and they're just steps are bitter and brutal ship it's only fifty bucks. And it Serbian retired ships due to bar she can't Vietnam. Proceed in April were indeed. Opened Toledo Ohio. And then late April the DP Glor. Psychiatric museum. A dust a period action Peter Arnold. Sending AJ that's an epic its April 21 and and and so it ought to restore order a video totally in Brazil urged it to Accenture. Yeah we're gonna be in order Arnold just. Some city Missouri investigating the prison altered to have their income but took taps guys room myself my daughter and you guys and everything else that's through. John bright men and bright star so yeah in this going to be great tenor we had a bunch while the ones coming up too so I'm looking forward to. And so do a certain never. Cost until Minnesota number looked toward Jerusalem material beard the attrition. So guys everything you just told us is available on churn your website and I want to give the web address and let people know how they can keep track what Europe to. Yet Debbie did dairy queen cruise dot com and our secure outside as patriarch dot com slash clean bros. That KO IE EE growth yet mr. KL recorded in GE broad laws that pale it's. Were. You know and I I would I wouldn't say SATA Miki has here you guys are. It all I gotta give you that I knew it was a surprise of their first match actually I was really I was small guy. And deceit did you see it just seeing you shot yourself in the front seat that truck was abusing an estimate. I. Four guys thanks so much for joining us it was short notice we appreciate you coming on and hope that he'll lucky percent to eight. Up to date on things you're working on so we bring you back on the program. And very nervous and did not. You guys ever in Iowa talks are okay so again it's clean Burroughs it's KL ING ED RR ONS dot com you can keep track of everything Europe to consider them to do about just yet that is great guys are real negative I'm just happy that we finally got a chance to meet Upton and talking connection. I think that's that's important so that's the one thing I I really enjoy about going to these events and only doing a lot of the events it's just too crazy. Miss too many people you'll get a chance generally talk with anybody you've been of those events agreement. Where it's like you got 300 people deny and its unity pretty lead at any time taken to communicate and get to know anybody. It's nice Dylan in the smaller uncertain and things like that new if you if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. And had a beyond reality reviewed dot com where you can now. Donald Treo iPhone and android app right there shall listen live sketch pad shows children online chat more you find any stations we around across the country. And where you can listen to or you can just click the listen live tablet in the right corner of website listen right from the website wall connected into an online chat and GT myself agree India people right now. He also dies you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor injury to force helps push shall forward makes it easier for people of fine. Yeah and head into break when we come back we'll bring our next guest Douglas Robinson and we'll be talking about his a series of books. Called the silently series it's about vampires and is getting unique twist we'll have that conversation Douglas and we come back. Ours are gonna take quick break Mordechai and listen and Jason TV on. He quick reminder tomorrow night. Irish Israel will join us irises psychotherapists. And an author of the book called. How to survive childhood now mature and adult will be talking about the book and his experience and then Thursday Stephen mercantile we'll be within Cesar colonel Moore investigator was in new. Paranormal TV series out called haunted tours. And we'll talk about his investigative techniques some of which Sheryl Robert controversial in Julianne that's like controversial but very nice guy and he's a pleasure to talk to. Right now we're gonna bring in our next guest tonight will be talking with Douglas Robinson he is an author. He's got a book a series called the silently series two books in the series right now sign only comes tonight and rites of passage. And it is website is silent lead dash publishing dot com and Douglas thanks so much for joining us from beyond reality radio great to have you on tonight. Thank her. So let's get started tell us a little about you when did you start writing and how did you choose that career path. What will. You know running his mouth full time careers. You know I have a tight job. Two I started running in activity operate. A total fiction running class that summer. And as portability. Writing class you brought to little short stories. That summer I started seeing. And my second little short story it was essentially ending of the personal polling stories. And when I finished my class over the next few months assault is Coppola of the entire storyline within about two blocks. Now we might be jumping ahead here a little bit what do you mean by you started to see and you saw entire storyline what does that mean. Okay all right I was taking another little class that summer also. And I was sitting in this classroom and we were all sitting in rows now locked classrooms students to him. And what they did they started with the first person in the room. An affront. Size something to the next person tries something to the next person says something to an expert on. An atomic get to me and Alice sitting in about the middle of the road and the person and probably turned around and slipped. Two men are dragging this semi conscious woman down the street. Al looked up and I'll literally saw it. Tim and were dragging us in the country as well down the straight. And that became my first little short story because this command is on vacation and las break us. He sees this these two men dragging its semi conscious woman down mystery. And they followed them until bar basically it's framed for murder. The police are different the mall rats scurrying the only person it seems to bully to mrs. white trustees drugs and to. She has an old golf ball there and a young son about six years old and she's not married. And basically he's gonna get caught between the mob in the police and put current dangers well. And that spot personal short story. Oh I looked up and I literally saw. It plays like a movie in my head. So in your minds you actually had the story play out in front of you. Now you had some really really. I guess so called him strange experiences as child. Are as he as a younger person at least before 1979 tell us what happened do you. During those days that that good tennis. Served as the foundation for what you later became and what you leader Preston did write about. Well essentially it when I was about seven or eight years old I had very bad dreams. Largely thinking of myself dying. He was always very personal you know lock following crushing and so for us. I excited about dreams turn to Blida and Sam Perry people. I'm my heart. As far back consecutive but remember. Now opted to subscribe to your audience what that's going to vote plan impaired person. I am describing it living person who has to drink blood taleo. Because even in the early studies. I started to. Thinking about this time the world calls with the umpire. And the a paltry. Thing to go with it just it really makes cents. I just. I just had them on my heart bright for the for a very very very long time. So I guess what I came to the Tom watt class and attending a trail older brother primed to. To your job also into the store club. And we've got a lot more talk about when it comes to your childhood in the things you experience you actually went through some memory loss and some other things plus. You received the baptism of the holy ghost and Bible college whole bunch of stuff. That really sets the stage when he started to Richard books cool getting to that after our break. All right so we're gonna take a quick break more to come to listen Jason G beyond beyond. Please tell us. Yeah. Myself Jason policy always some team each sport gonna bring our guest Douglas Robinson into the program in just a little bit and talk about his him Kurt book series called other silently series been before we do that I wanted to dispute mentioned something that I've observed recently get your opinion on it. Have you noticed the number of commercials that feature big foot on television these days they're everywhere what is. Everywhere rate downward Turbotax commercial interests are. Turbotax that one for don't text and drive there's one for an beef jerky. There's several others and just like this all the sudden this flood. Of bigfoot commercials almost as though all the agencies. In New York that can make these commercials. Saw bigfoot documentary the same time and all the side wish me commercials of. And giggles and we're trees I mean you sealed the commercials kimono zombies and well and I did a bunch of Turbotax commercials on March father wants him and also I just saw Turbotax commercials and that pattern and ghosts panel to add ghosts in it as well and it's INS so that definitely happens and waves and that your line. And if anybody is a subscriber to spectrum cable the company spectrum. You know they have those commercials that run to promote their own products and they feature. I'm all these monsters a mommy aware wall faux vampire character and and something else which is kind of body cannot stand around Halloween. But they're doing year round so apparently monsters and bigfoot internal. Phenomenon is in these days recruits in June to the Christmas business cynical stake could as the new synagogue so close at. Let's go back to our guests like to bring her guests Douglas Robinson is an author his company is called silently publishing. And it's only publishing a dot com with a dash in between silently in publishing. Other silently series of books includes silently comes the night in rites of passage. And Douglas tell us a little bit about your introduction. To them puritan people and how you became obsessed with that idea. Well originally I think. What I'd go to guy comes from that time that can make it very traumatic. Fiction writing class. The main character in the story her name is taken. She's really female impaired person and we found out later that she's about. 294. Years old from the series starts and I can manage Tories. It is considered modern day but there's a conspicuous lack of things like Internet and cellular phones. So it sits close to modern type but not exactly moderate by historical round against a nominee Torre. And goes to about honey cake pan in. And it's all about her and her relationship with a young men I'm Tom must. And when we make Thomas originally is a college student and a relationship. Horror. Has placed pillows stick but he doesn't know who what you earliest. And he fund so much earlier this. You make a real distinction between what we would consider a traditional or full glory to vampires. And you're damn puritan people are vamp here person again tell us what the distinctions. Well one. First of all Arkansas when obsolete these people. I think people suffering in its supply. What you would seek somebody dropping by that are totally missile cardboard sign pursued. And living under a bridge somewhere. So this is like something that touches my heart NE YE editor on my mind. Aside this forest who's on your mind yeah. Well. People that have to drink blood to live out make a distinction between those that are physically changed blood drinkers. Vs everything else to double throws out there to make himself look good. All public got mixed all. Did stir hold. What you normally consider vampire or not I didn't go that crowd I just took a started looking at a person and the story line. Just came into my head all it wants assay of pampered person I mean a person who has gone through physical change. To make him a blood drinker and they can't. Sure about was anything gilts to play a little. An end and these these gun is this an. Fictional condition that you rating a boundary is this something that the people actually afflicted with. It. In Israel and if you met some of these people. The men loyal in my head. Has to cite just quite a sign that. Mean OK but I know there's a medical condition fiscal Q let him take off or he or something like that. Where people during blood. Well the it. You know upswing Macon for years but. The only one that I could Saito lock out walk up and shake hands with since sailor was sore from. So Wal-Mart wants. And the EU so you ran into an Indy indeed did you know they were what are person had a timers as something you learned after he met them. No when I saw him I knew what he was I just knew. But he was with friends and I were shopping sort didn't approach him but I know. What gave it away for you. Yeah. Is this because you've had these occasions and you've had this this you know contact through through whatever sensory perception you have that you you can sense this. More upright for the melodic but that's what opened the door. I say. And that's another point term view. When you started to learn about these few police that you generated a lot of sympathy for them and you begin to pray for them and for their souls. On does most of your interest then in. Him pyrrhic persons come from your deep religious background or is there they go to not related you just happen to. You know pray for them because of your religious spectrum. Will and I had already seen the storyline and and I had already written the first book brought to passage I'm sorry silence becomes a night. I had not yet written secular and yet and I went on religious retreat. In 2002. That's called a walk through him I guess. A walk to a my guess for those people. That are involved in the us. His day international organization where you go away for a week Keyon. And people just Slavonia that whole week in India to and talks on the levels go the grace of god levels of God's grace of god. During that. Retreat to outsell vision to poor third morning. Us help people. First of all. It was a very digit. Vision experience. I'm in this darkened landscape. Everything is black. Except this guy is outlined didn't read like there's fire burning. You can see shields in the distance. Originally I hear what what could be in the sound orbit I get closer. I looked down and there's a chasm cut in the terror at its very deep. And there are people down there and it chasm miners are peripheral blood pulling double law. One of the people in this. Body of people being pulled along its bottomless chasm. Looked up and when I saw horror I recognized tissue was. I look for something that I could use maybe have to put down their great helps a mile. A pick at this limited borrowed it crumbled in my hands. So it took a few steps back to go blindly Putin jumped. And I wake from has them going down into the chasm. After them. That that vision gave me a lot of peace and answered a lot of questions two. It helped me understand and happening garbled. Go after. It's not as much saving their soul as it is hurting everybody else is because. Dampier people. Especially in a church I think have to be handled assert boyish. And that hello my heart truth but besides telling the story line. Well when you say that you believe god wants you to go after them like Elliott said I know there's a medical condition when it comes town to buy. So would you would you and what do you mean go after them matters. Like. All the console or not solve. How to change. You know it's. Pretty much everything inside the change is select the mobile striker I don't know that you could. They're different human conditions that would come along and we saw it well it's a little practice so little extra bit. What I saw was rather distinct and very specific. Things in them to make them a block breaker. And cute he is have to remember that when you're dealing with faced physically changed blood drinking person. You're looking at a human predator perk. Hand you're looking at somebody who is basically stuck. And because they are stuck. I have no choice. Now. In most cases they have to drink human blood. They can drink animal blood for a while but invariably it's different from human blood. And I go back to their human blood supplies essentially cam. The typical clamp pyrrhic. If you want to call it meal. You remember these half pint milk cartons used had a scope. It's got those. Anyway. Typical Dampier mill is three or four of those oh brother half pint containers. Typical Olympic villas like three or for the post. And post blog and I have two or drawing blood. Either every carrier ever other big. And so the only thing on their mind from Dario and I his to direct blood to or my gonna do it. And what happens to them if they don't get the blood today is do they perished just like I don't know anybody would if they knew couldn't the nutrients they need. The other blood needs are gonna pretty much. When varying symptoms that do it more and more unpleasant as the days go by. Studies. They will eventually be forced to get to put their bodies were forced them. So it is today as they become more desperate they become. More aggressive in their effort to get the blood. And more adventurous yes. No no Douglas she said that god one don't want you go after these people but what does he want you to do when you find them. Well for people that don't know good if you look in the storyline and the stories to entire story line. Is Britain now for you it's sixteen stories. Twelve of them are considered moderate Perry four of them are considered historically goes back into americans' past. Charles Clark when she first became Dampier can rely if she got to in this country and things like that. But yeah. She became a Christian in this sacrifice historic. She was changed and it dungeon type place next to an assembly of god Pritchard nine Corey. And over the course of that story. At least a third of their. At least a third of that story is they're discussions and two. Dungeon while they were awaiting sacrifice. That is too big burn to its historic. And yes Macon did receive Jesus as lord and savior. In the historian he she is still buy him pyrrhic even today. And she is also Christian peace and but people don't. Especially on the Turk. The Christian side. They don't understand why she still has to drawing blood. They don't understand how condensed activist girl be a Christian and she still has threatened butch is 300 not taint now. And she does serve. You know beyond the story hand. Helping people understand. Her. I just pretty much just what I'm trying to. Okay all right so we're gonna we're gonna take quick break when we come back from me a lot more questions if you if you get a call if you got a question feel free to give us quality force for. 6877669. You listen Jason GB MB I'm really radio. It's. Turned her. We're gonna show paying on their we'll get you remember a time the segment businesses particularly short segment. Our guest is Douglas Robinson we're talking about his silently series a series of novels about Tempe Urich persons. And I'm I'm gonna ask you Douglas in relief in your your company as a Christian based company. Your books are about vamp Urich persons how does that reconcile people must look at too little strange when they hear that. You. Distant. Typically when I go to the Turks. Our own if it doubled him to know about the series that cutter approach team. Senior pastor. And usually the words of one sailor I have a story about Dampier people are blood drinking people. Has generally about as far as it goes in the they don't they don't converse with me much more. I keep trying. MM how do you try to rationalize it for them. We have but we about a minute here the first did you beckon to break. If you see people suffering whatever the situation is. That's for a safe and it's. I can't help but that they have Dracula called the Brian and there are. Partly programmed both what they've seen. You know the double the gonna make himself look good anyway cam and he uses fist. Has leverage to get people interested in the occult but what I'm talking about is people suffering in people's spell out. And if you look beyond what they have to do or survive but it's actually the map or you understand them a lot better. We're talking with Douglas Robinson about his series of books to books articles silently comes tonight and rites of passage. And we're in a jump in to break we're gonna would talk more about the books fossil take your calls on the other side. And the phone numbers 8446877669. Until treated for four. 6877669. You listen to Jason TV out. Beyond a really great deal. So appreciate it. Her ground stations during the program. Around the country is that list continues to grow in the BRR Stanley continues to expand we welcome everybody listeners and stations like. And that's all because it used. The listeners are greatly appreciate the support for making an issue such success tonight we're talking with Douglas Robinson he's an author he's got a series of books called the siren we series. And they've recently chronicle and outline the stories some scam pure irk people and Douglas so but welcome back to the show by the way I'm. I want a job performance because we do have a caller had a question about what we're talking about this is Justin. In Missouri hey Justin welcome to the show good to have you on. I can't question. How did it more common for people do eat. Drinking the blood is it more common back end and my age bracket. Or visit our comment Audi. Is it war at this phenomenon now or how common equity. Great questions Justin Douglas rethink. There have always big human blood drinkers. Who excuse me. That always been human blood drinkers. And the human blood drinkers largely outnumbered the program Perry wants freedom. And I don't think it was really. All lists are more eat audited like they've always the end. Even back to that ancient times. In the second story rites of passage introduce you to some of these human blood drinkers. And there are many. Of them. Return but in a time now where there's more people on the earth wouldn't it and two I also like I was saying earlier medical condition and so forth. Wouldn't that justify saying that there would probably be more at this time. Well I think is the world in general gets darker you know Laura were approaching the end of a change. And yes as the world gets darker the doubles thrown everything he's got and it's so yes it appears to be more. Now than ever. Just and I just have a question about your question. Did you have you seen something there is something may Zhou think that that maybe the nineteenth century. I had more blood drinkers than we have now lawyer what did you not a bad idea. I don't and that act in the eighteen hundreds. I don't know well anyway. And they had or more key to her about it and didn't get people born. It would more except for the cot back. Where. Would rather ballplayers and honest people. Shooting ability knowing it was like there was no law. Operate. Yeah. He just in the finance mask called you are. Old had 1111 mile and I think you very much just wish you were you pulled from. It. Thank you very much for call yet and your questions are very very insightful and in very intelligent thanks for calling us and to forgive us to shut anytime okay. I. Answered requesting you. She she's it's just from my own thing I don't enters really Amman time. You have a different feeling on the end there Douglas. You mean it came on like a demon that will position. Yeah I mean they're good time to them is really. Didn't doesn't really matter correct. And here they're not born in Dayton they don't die they just existence. They're disembodied spirits from the first world. And they can because they don't have a body of form of their own they can inhabit. Like you. But. Played they don't have my pop's band. For instance if you see a young man and he walks in he says he's Napoleon. And he speaks French like Napoleon in those historical facts plus Napoleon. He would swear that you were content to Napoleon. The cannot really tell content Napoleon because that demonic spirit which in this scared. Was whipped Napoleon. So I don't really have a lot of spam is such states. That moved from person to person has played very two and had been different people. So they've been around since them before time and then they'll be around probably long after but hopefully that answers your question just. I have great pet. Think you have the NHL. Thanks to mark thanks for calling let's jump to a John in Kansas John also as a question hey John welcome to show. Thanks. You know first draw upon because opponent Denver improved by. Thirty minutes it's. Kind have a twofold question. Number one on her. But it did say that. And this lady that he was talking to reflect 316. Years old. And my question about that is. He sent to excuse Christiane. And if you 360. Years old. And he's a vampire. There in the does that. Did she have to be possessed by as someone to begin with who were bitten or whatever in order to Luke become a vampire. Or how to treat. Come about being an event. Great great question Jon you may have missed the introduction into the conversation so I Douglas go ahead and and then give John some insight as to exactly what you're talking about their. Okay what I'm just probably impaired person on even ultra the spelling a little bit like at different. I'm talking about a person and a physical flesh and blood body. That. Has gone through what I call this change. And in most cases like can make an escalation was attacked when she was thirteen years old but right captain. The young man that she was where that the town was cutting her free underneath this guy has his. As Nicholas was standing him. His blood got on power. And she was already cut and bleeding. So she was exposed to Dampier explode and she she became Dampier access process. There's this scripture in jolt to. Chipper to first say that talks about a dying of darkness. Clinton in this clouds antic darkness. When you look at the band period condition it manifests along and along one of these four. Aspects. And in American's case she changed on the darkness has waited generally involves. The cult consultant why. Her father had a pulpit runs around his neck in the operated and fear that's what that's what it. Gave it permission to quote to attack power. The issue was just an innocent kid that the hand choose exposed to bring impaired blood. She didn't choose this shoot it won't just that it happened to her. And or consideration at the time of the story lines she was. Two under than four years old but not too many early. The storyline goes from not to nitrate Joba not to mounting. And today that would micro about art 300 in nineteen years old but yes she became a Christian in the sack a process story. Meaning she accepts Jesus as her savior and lord she is a Christian today too as I am here today. And then in associates which he has. And mrs. explain a little this is the character in your book referring to. It this is part of the silent least silently series of books. That terrain now we've got two outs so. Other may explain some confusion and you're mission or your objective with writing these books is to help. Bring some understanding to basically anybody who suffers from something in and and and show them that are choosing. The right path could help them with the any affliction. People. You know he mentioned demonic. And the other general young man did to. They're impaired people Issa Turk are no more or less affected by demonic spirits everybody hopes. That means. I think the percentage roughly were basically 20%. Eight included the general population you can have a demonic spirit for any number of reasons but they are more no more or less affected by demonic spirits anybody helps. So you're saying you're saying you leave 20% of of the human to human race out there is affected by some sort of a demonic entity. Yes. To assist my rough guess that could be more debate lists. And when you say effected to the we're not talking to him about complete possession British talk about being influenced by eight or. Guided by is that what you mean. Oppressed and influence to. You know demonic spirits are gonna pull on you they don't have to be in European. Poland you anyway because you are being kept in certain things. But to yes the devil has his artillery ulee's shooting youth. I Douglas were were pretty much out of time here tell people where they can get more information about your books I know we have your website silently dash publish publishing. Dot com and I'm so I'm sure that's the best place but where what else would you send people to find out more information. If people won't to find the series title taken typing in the silently series. Story line. Talked to my name and they are on Amazon and Kindle. There's another Douglas Robinson who rides but I'm not him. But if you search for the silently series storyline. You can either on the mall Amazon Kindle. All right. Thanks and thanks a lot for your time Douglas and we look forward to at some point talk to you again. Appointees are so much for having me. They appear again it's Douglas Robinson and the website is silently dash publishing. Duck comic phony check out and get more information about the books now before we. Go to break learn and take on the number because we're gonna we're gonna actually do the remote viewing thing which we want you to call we picked one card out of typical just playing card deck. And we still have that cardinal people of cold and they've tried to remove Hewitt and try to guess having gotten it yet so as long as you listen the Pashos. You kinda have an idea wall he can probably take like 101015. Guards out of that Minnesota and lower and lower the how hard this forum put on the phone numbers 844687766923844. 6877669. Sir give us a call C cannot turn or more view this card and possibly win a hoodie he'll listen Jason GBM beyond really revealed. He hungry I just heated up a couple potatoes here let me grab my out of the microwave built JC don't like myself. Don't let this have to do you Brett goes it's umbrella is the perfect protection for the perfect and finger. Grab the umbrella is made up of high quality heat resistant asbestos and perfectly suited to handle the most dangerous jobs just don't breathe here. He used the umbrella for apple to get some protection while using mentions during coffee sunbathing near the pool changing spark plugs handling kiln fires ceramics and so much more and how about those romantic candle lit dinners can you be the last. Maria and fraud protection tanks umbrella. The umbrella usually. Sells for 2995. But pulled now and we'll triple you'll order. One for Pete's not the end we get reported today crap global donate thirty seconds to safety seat the forgot. Don't international. The craft umbrella is the only safety approve some protection device on the market that isn't your thumb worth it. The crap go from relish not. Not be considered at some protection device and is illegal in some states techno states that Allstate. Aaron Carter and again thank you. I Douglas Robinson for joining us remember his website is silently dash publishing dot com if you went if wanna find out more about his publishing company plus. The silently series of books and as the vampires associated with those. Books and thanks of the calling brush prone hang in Alice for a little while as well in and telling us about what they've got going on what's coming up and so forth okay is always happens to us roaming and up with a couple minutes here with the end of the program to do this from a to my folks what's going on. We've we like to do this is it a remote viewing slash psychic expert in the experiment we have a lot of people in our audience who feel they've got some sensitivities and we liked even an opportunity to put him to use so we drew a card out of a deck of playing cards. Standard 52 card deck. We had that card in front of us for almost two weeks now and worth thinking about it were focused on that we're gonna go to our listeners on the phone line here by the way is still chat time to call and an 844. 6877669. Or try to get to as many as we can't. But remember to have focus on this card and think about the card and give you an opportunity. To try to tap into our minds and figure out what the cowardice. It's so are you ready for the essence trying to do an apparent. Stood right so first we go to the C this is John. In Kansas say John take your time here. Trying to tap into what we're thinking about we're looking at the cartel's recent. OK and I am I think and so Riordan. Face covered in that case or it is Korean harks. In well sorry buddy. I swear I heard it yet hey John thanks for your British shot OK all right let's go to Lou let's see though this is Justin Justin Missouri we were just speaking with him he just and welcome back. So wait I don't rush it don't rush into anything here today we're gonna really focus on this card for you need to think about it. And tapped into it and it happened in our minds seeping Koppel with the card this. Two of our. Justin Moody's says. Or. Just doesn't it's you just and you just want to. Eight. You just wanna be unreal and he's just one nobody from beyond reality radium at. At just gradually she Selig you've got some psychic sensitivities. And. Fixed game be it well that sometimes that's all it takes you listen just stay on the line. And our producer open cup the lining pitcher address and some information from you in the mullah we'll send out of Ian thanks so much for listening and thanks for joining the psyche experiment congratulations. How well. I've been probably. A lot needed at this tragic event. Well oh put John hold you can talk to our producer about that was knotted at CC about the Nancy Adams and Ian LT and so forth to so anyway well that would take good for Justin that was that was that was excellent. Metabolism actually a little surprised a great match and allied hours. Little lost there and when he hit a fifth if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app laws listen lies catch Pesci who's doing online chat more you. Can also listen right from the website and click the listen life tablet from the right corner. Or just find any station that we are on across the country and listen there. If you download the show from iTunes just or anywhere else to Austria retreated forresters helps which shall Ford makes it easier for people defined. Tomorrow night we've got a great show coming up we got irate Israel coming on psychotherapist and author of how to survive your childhood and now that your an adult. Will be discussing that on Thursday we're talking with Stephen mercantile. Colonel invested all discussing his new kernel TV show called haunted tours in TV. And a lot of these techniques and a lot of those techniques are humble controversial here in there and but you know he he's great guy takes criticism while and has his own belief system I'd. I just think it's a great exercise to talk to people who do things a little differently get there is some information about why they doom and a certain way and on you know and helps help solve think the world of. About the stuff. Absolutely so and everything every Friday night is a best of beyond so makes you tune in then nine and catch the show but listen to do it for us again thanks turn in the story just Douglas Roberts and coming on the and tickling Brothers are coming Nang and Alan congratulations to Justin for one in the teacher. I mean that a sweatshirt so you listen Jason NGB on beyond reality radio catch you tomorrow. And don't know ingredients used to play Jason thanks GB Jackson introduced when Al Susan Johnson since it's can only. The only angry news. Yeah you know stopped going to finish in the agency hello and anything sent inspectors will Jason hello slow and it chiefs host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.