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Stephen Erkintalo discusses his new paranormal show Haunted Tours

Jan 19, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guests Greg Pollitt & Noah Maisel about their new venture - the Supernatural & Paranormal University. The Stephen Erkintalo joins the show talk talk about his controversial style of paranormal investigating and his prospective TV show - Haunted Tours. 1/19/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Are. There's they'll still try it's. Somewhere between welcome beyond failure to do it myself just in Austria always and chief each ounce so you saw what we got in today. We asked did we go to nifty little thing we're going to be able to offer the people read along here. June nor Michael could this week that we got the first official beyond reality radio coffee mugs they were delivered fresh from the factory today. And to move him of course it's like a perfect partner Italy actually Eagles did exactly is it do coffee and beyond reality radio go hand in hand. Or hot chocolate which I've been particularly in the last few nights Nestle change but I love chocolate which is not good for Sydell idol but I'm slick and he's gonna throw picture these new mugs up on on the Chad and I think some social media FaceBook associates who they are at some point you know I'll figure out we can get them on the website and get. Do you make them available people ordered them. Absolutely soundly agree idea we're really got a great show and me first for him to talking with Greg pull it and Noah. Mays fell out colonel investigators. And we're gonna talk about supernatural and turn normal university project alpha. Yeah heart and our paranormal evidence context well they're more evidence content SP. Yeah they've got some interesting projects under way they reached out to slick and Asta funding to come and talk about them and we thought what better and need to do that. Then a night when we're going to be talking to another paranormal investigator of course Stephen mercantile. Who I think slick just told me is actually currently at as we speak in the middle of an investigation and Bobby Nike's. All I have been there relentless hi actually one of the best TVPs miracles from that location on mad he's mad he's my dogs digital recording those around her neck that's where we got the. The dog sees death rate amp so I'm he'll have things to report he said they're getting some pretty cool stuff there hum when he comes on and there will be talking about the show. Haunted tore his. And all the other things that he's been working on of course we must and we had a Mon we were talking about some controversial techniques used uses an excited to chat with him about that a little bit more. Yet so if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com you can final stations we hear across the country and it's free iPhone and android app. Me to return as well or you just click the listen lie which connection anomaly check you can spread from the website. And hang and only TV myself I agree community of people who called the hearing them and I think it's around and twelve degrees somewhere in the neighborhood twelfth so. And here it's or about fifteen. The Wii U it's pretty much summer summer for us compared to a well let's just say compared to some areas Russia. Really you know enthusiast and unbelievable temperatures in the remote Russian region. You Katula. I have dropped two and yearly record lows plunging to minus eighty degrees Fahrenheit will hall. And it stadium. He'd seen either of commerce can't keep up with it temperatures can go that low. If it eighty point six or minus eighty point six degrees Fahrenheit. And Tuesday. They say the region has one million people. And it's all 3000 miles outside of Moscow. By and students routinely now our kids in Africa it's too cold and I mean I mean if it's minus ten a lot of times they'll cancel school for safety reasons you know what it feels like when you go outside and it's minus ten McKee take a breath and everything freezes your nostrils in in the name when I was a kid in upstate New York and candidate good when he got that meant that cold police tell you the main reason why you Wear a scarf so when you're breathing now you're warming. Warming it up and when you breathe in seats or so you know taking Beckel guarantee your lungs. But so I guess between minus ten they cancel school little duel that stuff. These guys go to school. And a lot of times it's minus forty. Minus fifty degree well they actually cancel school when it was hitting minus 88. And product that. Well you know I guess it's all a tall and everything you know I mean you know what it's like you know let Atlantic. Gets a dusting of snow and everything shuts down we get a dusting of snow we go about our business. I don't know we it was 66 don't know about him exactly I was in Norfolk Virginia they got an inch and a half and literally the whole the whole area shut down for for the day yet nobody knew it still yet so it's always you know and if you're used to sub zero temperatures which I'm assuming there are used to them at negative mediate but they are used to them they probably you know haven't haven't figured out pretty well I mean that's what you do drive round of northern parts of New England prickly Maine and you look at the farms and all the farms have their barns are attached to the houses so that they didn't have to go out and in the winter months out through the elements to get to the barn. I'm here we think that's crazy but you know people learn to adapt to those things. While only say that pretty our students go to school leaders during a minus 4050 degree temperatures around it was canceled Tuesday it was so cold that. People your eyebrows and trees home mom but they say every house help their as a backup heating system back to generate assistance for this. At one of the lowest it's got wasn't actually minus 98. But it's so cold that. Actually two and two men froze to death when their car broke down trying to walk from their car to a nearby farm. I can I just it I trust him yeah I can't imagine it takes long and and would those temperatures for someone to freeze to death I mean I I cannot imagine it takes long at all you and I you and I'm worse don't healing and minus eighteen. And into the mirror and snowmobiles you'd get heated he ingress heated four arrest and weren't snowmobiles jackets in Lowell hit slate. Orderly usually how are we an apparent got a pair of thermal courage and semi snowmobile and stand up and and on top where again thermal emission assurance that a sweatshirt them myself mobile jacket. And the heated helmet split so it doesn't really affect us like that but I mean I pushed and pushed her active you know when your personal use don't have sitting and writing your actual sweat you know you're so and pretty decently and amino it was the average it was same for 500 calories an hour you're burning and those things yeah. So it's insane but yet they froze to death trying to walk to a nearby farm. It's just that's just rural America change blossom. Yeah I mean we're we're seeing very very abnormally low temperatures really can't complain about it. No course but we are seeing abnormally put low temperatures around the world I know that to even the south been done to George tonight's by chose Atlanta. Other dropping into the teens overnight which just you know it's just really unusual so. To some on odd year Ferraro cold temperatures warm is to. Fisher explains that it is safe my deck a plan you know so that they have back competing systems my backup heating system is a trip to Florida but and even that this year that doesn't help too much at. No I mean down there you're likely to get snow as well you know it's it's just insane. Are right so again we've got a great show tonight we're going to be talking with a couple investigators say about colonel university and a colonel more evidence contest and the only joined by our other guest Steve American Talal. Borrowed talking about his shell haunted well. I ought to tour's TV or take a quick break more to come elicited Jason Giambi on really revealing. 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Clear cut and made that record clinker while they got it to be life changing yeah I think it is late to change my life I'll tell you that it's welcome back to the show it's beyond reality really great everybody along. I'm also just to say thank you to all the radio stations during the program that was continues to grow and we love adding new stations to beyond reality radio family and if you talk radio station. In your community that's not caring the program. And you may be listening online which is great but it's always nice to have it on a radio station because if he you know jumped in the car you do and some announced just the phone might not be convenient the computer not my not be convenient. Reach out to the radio station Telemar there's a great show be unreal to really love to have and check it out are always welcome new affiliates yet economic animal signs in front of the place. Yeah we've we've encouraged that you know we've if they give you a hard time and Allred for the picket fitness we're going to be actually adding a bunch more as soon and so on makes you and you stay up to date on that Weston and just articles. So were we talking paranormal investigating all night long but would have thought a couple of different guests are gonna start with a couple of guys Greg Pauly and no it may sell they are term paranormal investigators got a whole bunch of things in the works. And we're gonna Bream under the program now and now guys welcome to be unreal you re a great heavy Armas. They certainly don't appreciate it great to hear what. Welcome the show guest so the first thing I have to ask is what is supernatural and paranormal university in one at a time guys. Whole kind of decided to do this and we took a look at the fuel burn more investigation at all. And a lot of egos involved where people don't really wanna work together. But it is ultimately detrimental to the field and got the Nobel cola. So we wanted to come together what's. Here unity as we know that's never gonna work. People can understand that they don't have to like each other buttons don't work together for better out. So we come up with the supernatural or normal university to be a way to share evidence to pull another. Sure tactics and stuff like that and help create a better outcome to maybe develop better equipment. I'll better ways to enter bracelets you know supernatural colonel. And ultimately provide better answers were all. Well and I and I can I do agree with you right off with there's a there's a lot of bickering and egos or whatever and going on in the kernel community is judged crazy it's it's written it's disheartening to when you look at it. I don't understand the logic behind it and that's why is the tab extremely groups or groups all around all around the world and we work hand in hand together and I just think most group should be able to do that why you think that they're unable to. I think ultimately honestly a lot of the gel. You know a lot of urge seawater you guys started warming he shares are they want that same. Approached them in Spain or whatever do you nervous anticipation argued venture. And they're afraid to release shear your best piece of evidence because they want them to get someone else. So what outlook. Well first off they got into this field to be famous in the first place in the and then there in the wrong field I'm Mulder and for the wrong reason I did exactly I mean we we turned down shows five different times forward finally agreed to do we shall we didn't wanna be on TV. And and there has been a lot of people who have shown up. All just pops up in the field and mainly person that they're doing is looking for television show. It's a certain reality that they grab a camera and a lot of minutes later there are professional. Paranormal investigator and they know everything that. You know people that are spent twenty years and years that have never been known by anybody. They seem to note same and they don't even show within the first few weeks they get upset. And it's I'd find myself not only be so a light duty. Terror professionals that. Really are are about professional list. That nobody dig into our old school boxes of cereal for toy. One idea and I agree with him but if you if you call yourself professional. Professional. Investigator. I think great there's flawed and Erie county be professional in a field for it for something to improve exists or makes no sense. And none of us a professional or. Novice or professionals were all people that are better have an interest in the subject we're looking for answers looking for explanations. At that totally addicting that we wanna do with supernatural colonel and university. And adults are the next stepping stone to next evolution apology. And the lawyer becoming an accredited sign. I'm the only ever gonna get there is lives groups like yours and called he called the field to give better equipment. Fine. The ingredients to wants climber surely up and we can talk to on and you punch a people it. Guys asked just to clarify here the supernatural paranormal university is this something when you put the word university into it I'm assuming that you're offering classes or instruction of some kind. But the way you described it it was more of a community that it was a university can you clarify that. Sure all less words starting era now ultimately we want to beat woods educational or. We want to be offered degrees eventually. For being there in the gun or better to feel all overall. So. Gazans or nearly there are no expert but we can put expert in this field so wouldn't have any person nutrient. Analyzed photos and video on the forensic level you can have that kind of circuit to get back in their name. When you do an investigation present supplement that is paranormal. They're unique and 100% be on what to degree. I'm buying your name that's gonna have a lot more validity to your investigation more credibility to the field overall. We don't have a lot of time before the break here and wanna get both for your story is how each review were introduced to end to became interested in the paranormal soul. We've got Russell from little lesson three minutes maybe two and a half minutes or most this one of you wants to star in the won't pick it up after the break. But it. I'll do my best to make this quick palm. Let's see short version abridged. I was a kid that was more hidden Casper and all the others that are irons. It just didn't make sense to me that all these stories and everybody he would scare in pickle ball the night wasn't real. So by first grade I was already looking internal charge as much as you can when your. Nor child. I'm never ceased I continue to delve into it. Thomas hit a pretty substantial section are current here. Few days for my birthday in Anderson township Cincinnati. Unfortunately my job my father wished which kill. What the house turned into. That was something right out of what most people would consider to be a horrible. They don't know what the impossible aren't. They know what. Know how a whole junior because you're you're touching on some things that we really need to talk about and ask questions about so I don't want you to rush through it. So why don't we just hold on and and pick this up after the break because it's just too interest and let if fly by. Our. So we're gonna take a break but before that if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page for us. That'd be on reality radio dot com he can not find that free iPhone and android app laws shall listen live catch passions join me online chat more. Or find any degree stationed we are across the country emaciated you check that list periodically because were costly at a news stations across the country or just click the listen libel and join me online chat hangout with us online all while listening to the show if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just read it for us. Helps push shall forward makes it easier for people find him a question for javy myself for a guest the phone numbers eat for four. 687766. Night until three B 446877669. Loosened Jason Teague. Her 68776692. Like to call in join our conversation we were talking a book are more continuing to talk to a two guest right now. Greg go Paulette and no amaze Ellen Noah was telling us a story but is. Introduction to in his early experiences with the paranormal and you said something during that story you kind of rushing through because we didn't have a lot of times piece said your father was killed. I don't know how much you wanna share with our audience as to what happened but that's a pretty remarkable thing to happen and it's anybody's life. And you're using it as part of something in that did turn your life for around. I don't know which direction you consider turning to because that's. If so horrible tragedy. But he can you tell us a little bit more about what happened. I certainly on. It was a couple rooms down where I was sleeping. On its third night of July 2 which is a day that I actually shorter take off from the world Serbs. So is that your. Let's. There was there was. Lot of confusion not only got thrown at me. I was a kid very confused. You know understand what was going on but. By. He's just trying to independently my grandmother. Was one of the treaty folder may. She was yelling at. He was dead he was dead and I again you know I woke up from actually not knowing what's going on. The only other car and a house what are my dad. I grabbed the phone. Are rendered him kinda looking for a little. Direction on what's going on and from what I saw he was asleep. She had called 911 and I didn't know it I started hearing somebody speak to our own. And I got on with them and I certainly be questioned she actually ran. Way downstairs at this point. And I was yelling to write my dad wake up eat it needs. So I had to go through the procedures to check there's also instruction. What I got a little closer I saw such. It's amazing how much somebody just looks like they're actually. I'm. He had a I'll jump to a park that some people are gonna accuse. Is not too pleasant just speak about but I can talk about it openly. It was any cover up suicide. Murder was made to look like shoot. So I don't know important conservatives are more important. Yeah I'm starting in erupts but are you saying that it was a murder that was disguised as a suicide. Mean. Cheney's. A when it but I can't imagine living through that I mean there's just unspeakable but some. You know I've had I'm not sure what else to say I am sorry for the loss that's unbelievable. I'd appreciate it I gotta do what. You know and and I don't mean to me quite a bit at all but. A lot of people. I had a lot of different experiences happen to him and are. I'm not want to live in the paint over it I do my best to use it constructively years much like Aaron. Not saying that I don't you don't feel it or have gone through. What I consider to be my process but. I hear you're gonna go or something like that. You better learn how to use it to help. Rule being sick and even abortion. So you said it at that point everything changed for you change for you in many ways but including in a paranormal cents. Yes there is that it. As much English you know are becoming you can understand. These things. And then to be living in again where at least what our call and look quite a few others that were in the home. The call is living and all or movie. The things that can't happen and that things that don't exists. Happened. Byrd gates. Arm from the absolutely you know ridiculous. In hand shaking off count Irish plates breaking. Com. Source ramming. Yeah. Creeping national. You know Muqtada. Horror movie type growling. In its. Edge for you that's for sure and many of the listeners they've been through these things and it's it's hard to explain. What most people consider to be sued over the perfect science. And help them understand what you're saying. Was not your version of reality it was. Is reality. So my truth is that we were living in the impossible. And that just tell me deep into the world of colonel Maurice church and I never laughed at. Interesting. Our turnaround time pretty quick the guys don't know negate Greg's our version of what happened to him or how he discovered this field and film over the. I send my first major experience titles are what your own thirteen fourteen years old. My mother was watching my great aunt. It was totally immune its computer in my grandfather and I and our lives works op was returning back London I'm. And on our trip home we vote to you make little bit style she's about and on back country roller brewed in the eastern Kentucky we call you the cemetery that's subtle some side of the honored. And William you'd take a week. As my grip all all in Canada the parking lot and turned headlights shone upon them during. And there is gentleman standing out there overlooking degree burn like a one picture in what are we weren't sure. Can really make much more meat on the clothing bound by. He. Looked at us you know in our direction and not that is and then and are also well just normal and so we will all. Well well for a week or two later. On my friends and our our armed almost. And we stopped in that same cemetery for our eloquence and reason. And we see. The same gentleman standing there overlooking the great. And don't. Really young my curiosity. So we started walking around us senators receive no kind of nonchalantly and workable no matter. About it how we got there or mutual literally statue of Jesus. And that was kind of really continuing to move. In the statue look you could have been there for a while we have now and that it was just recently there were were very. Well. Someone went back and calling her father Steve he never believed then and what that is my view there. Speechless you know and and bowl event like that. Along with numerous other things that happen on our home. You know I always do the same thing that most parents were telling. How settling a little else I'll just creepy worst worry about it. And then I would now older this thing became more. Questioned them and that really what happened or what model. Guys again via a sorry June donor I got a fast forward to hear just as the organ run at a time tell us about project alpha. Well product output is just first thing we're trying to kick start supernatural colonel when university will. All and we mentioned earlier we're trying to get everyone knew worked together. To have agreed to help make things better assume that we can be as splurge sharing evidence. Also we created the colonel evidence contest. Don't at least five dollar interest we all on you worked hard and on there will be judges of that. They first second and third place that. All the content Brown's brilliant Fred weary and on March slope or announce the winners. While on. Assignment to be flown sharing needing forever one on one block from. Our own. We only get everybody's talking to each other and find out how to use capture some evidence what equipment he used. That button. Communication dialogue between each other so weak and our question is still forward. As I think that's important numb and what are the factors when it comes down to evidence what are you basing the winner on. Evidence is going to be wide open the judges are going to be looking for a better text of evidence soup. We're hoping to have five joke at all. I won't narrow everything down you know they're five and and that didn't get together and narrow that down you must first second and third course. Can you put our you know photographic evidence video audio. We just sat and any beauty you. Pictures be minimized like in a minute or two when it's wrong for a while I was. Immediate explanation I want to creditor or whatever when you look at. And have you already had a lot of people's final four. We got. Entries so far today. So managed just kick started last week and started it almost seems soon start to get there. Great guys. Thanks for coming on the program and sharing your stories with us in in keeping us updated as to what you're doing DP make sure you keep in touch with slick Geddes so that. As the stuff progresses we can stay in touch the older if we have to have you back on. I greatly appreciate it it's the national talk what you perky and I look forward to that out and get. He has had a great night we'll talk again soon okay so we're gonna break here in just a moment and when we come back we're gonna bring Stephen mercantile into the program again he is a paranormal investigator with a new television show called haunted tours and he just finished up an investigation of Bobby Mack he's just aren't often investigation minutes ago yeah. She's should be awesome are it's a phone numbers 8446877669. Guarantor Freddie for four. 6877669. Gets called you have any questions. He'll listen yeah. It's. For joining us and thanks to Greg and Noah for being part of the show in the beginning here and some return turn to turn our attention. To our second guest of the evening steepener until. Yeah this Stephens apparel more investigator were going to be discussing his parent new journal TV show haunted tours TV they welcomed the show Steve. It. So I so I heard your or over heard your over investing Bobby Mac keys. Yeah actually here right now armed. Outside that are very quick about about our book is a putter war or not. Let Eric have a comment or OR I know you're familiar with it to read heavily. Yes we investigated there we are here there for quite awhile actually some of the best TVPs we can't work from there are one EVP. Was from my dog Matty and ownership history cord around her neck and this year it started growling at a pylon in the middle of via. In the middle of the room support beam and rate from her digital recorder at that time we caught and he VP that said the dog sees me. Oh my god where were you where was the talker. That would we are right on the main floor she was right near that is a big support beams its rate rate. Before the staged here on stage in Austin last this sport be right there that's where she was locked on growling at. Yeah that's for a lot of your third quarter curb actuators for a lot of anger that's where a lot of things to pick up that. Area. Yeah that is protect that actually are pretty large gap there and I have a pool table back quarter. And of course debate and everybody wrote about the basement or hurt in other. Staircase to nowhere in the history by the Robert. Yeah it was an extra sleep late Ximian com. Definitely picked up and I did read it really doing EB peak but. There was a lot. But a lot of activity move that we saw a lot of movement on record cover eyes were generally that that I recruit anything but. Feeling that we got an and hearing. My name quite a bit actually being caught and sent by. Nothing nothing to do you know. Nothing too out there but not I wanna come back or for that tradition rather than a quick at our sport at a much are not radically cut a little more. So other than investigator Bobby Mack he's and as we just kind of a short segment here what else you've been up to isn't even on the program last. Our whole lot I. Or do you mean. I did not go to murder investigation. Just I think something's up. Really getting ready for the shuttle launch. Going over the footage making sure everything is kind of ready to go out Ellen good. Then or now a lot and I just up in arms myself rather than a well well Russian. I don't know your drive gear like here though. Right now just up and actually hooked to a higher dilution with or checks and are ignored our partnership. We're different we probably heard about it back so. Those are the kind of take it out of my car back and fort armed and so what buyers are also friends. And other. So this is so there is there Bobby MacKey investigation you said you went on and Torre and they dislike you stay after to do a little bit of an investigation so what some part of the show. It would not not good so just all of I don't get this would not part of a shot whatsoever that's just coming to come because I always wonder I've always wanna be here. And you know flying in to Cleveland Ohio today well where oil first. And it. We are only four hours away it's utterly distraught about care what we all grew that we are distraught appeared to a quick little investigation just no cameras no nothing just. Spare pocket digital voice recorder so called just. You know how far take it back polite you know. It was when I first started rabbit and not a camera's at under lights on you know I shall. Are going get back from marred our break we're gonna get into the details of what the show's about and how you got your start in your interest in the terminal because those are always fascinating stories. I'll remind you that tomorrow it is a best of program on beyond reality radio but Monday night Douglas Stearns will be joining us he's an author and he's got a book that talks about the mysteries of the great pyramid of Isa. Talking about standardized tuning an out owns inspired his scifi series called her money wars and there's been a lot of talk about. The pyramids. Being much more than just a big monument or burial site for the pharaohs that they actually had a much more significant to purpose. And reason you know for being built so that be interesting conversation. Yeah and well and they've been finding some weird said he would some of them you'll minor things lately that meant finding out and hidden hidden chambers and things like that so there's a there's a lot Alter. Are it's so long and yet you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like to FaceBook page do us a favor if you download the show from iTunes or any of those other locations just read it for us because it's all bulge at the belt and make it easier for people to find and you rating and hopes pushes for attendant we greatly appreciate that we appreciate the sport. British take a quick break more to come to listen Jason did beyond beyond I don't. Still striving and schools. Honor and character myself Jason Hawes there was awesome JV jokes so slick Eddie just said to me. You know I love I love doing tonight show is like our Friday I said slick it is Friday yet what are you talking about it is front protect and I really ethics I think he needs medication all at little or he's thirty on medication you shouldn't wanted to aria probably not a prescribed medication colleagues let's. Slick guys good good art though but it we welcome to the program everybody we're going to be talking with Stephen are intolerant just a little bit he's a paranormal investigator East Coast of the TV show called. Pointed toward you can find out more information it haunted tours TV. Dot com before we get to that remind you that tomorrow night's program as the best of and then Monday will be talking with Douglas Stearns was an author and we've talked about the mysteries of the great pyramid of keys out. And deaths Tuesday's actually show that's a little bit in flux. Easy you apologists in a researcher be discussion discussing alien intrusion. Which is and making a deception movie nets actually documentary that he's got out. And a whole lot of alien things in the news lately and UFO's and it's been it's been nonstop some of the inching inching topic yet and we haven't had much chance talked to talk about. The fact that the government had released rather recently. The secret program they spent 22 million dollars researching UFO's through the military to talk about it mean. Yes so and we haven't had a chance talk about that too much but we will at some point. And of course on the and I'm blanking on the gentleman's name this is very very silly but the that the rock and roll musician who was recently. Formed a group of very high profile people ex CIA ex FBI folks an ex military people. Who are dedicated to uncovering the truth about a UFO activity in the United States anyway. What value that only mainly sense that panel probing thank you wish you know I don't auction I don't like to talk about it we will talk about a trunk in Mexico I don't understand that apple aliens were gone I well I woke up in a trunk with a Mexican is what I thought yeah this is our. First at Mexico. To make you know you're gonna spread these rumors proved reserves thinking that this stuff really happens. Well I'd equipment passionate initiative or childhood. Anyways so obvious we get a lot of great stuff coming up on the program and we're excited about and of course we appreciate you being part of it in the rate on the phone number because calling in and join in the conversation is always fun 844687. 7669. Chrysler spring I guess Steve inner tile back on Steve thanks for hanging Alice. Steve and Steve don't the other guys. Are now it's great to have you back on you know we we had a short segment last summer concert and really get to to this question which relate to. Introduced people to our guests by letting them tell the story coming in entrusted in these topics to begin with how what was your paranormal star. I'm not animals start it is you want talk (%expletive) about what now the child. A lot of crediting note I was always that and not by my upbringing org or different. I just you know all parents. Orderly or it literally pushed up march. All the mental state are really nice way to mark a lot. And do we go out create imaginary friend my head and I really being you know. Al knowing what I know I believe that may be an Al push. Opening something up and and doing that I started actually puritan you know and I am a human name of that which here in will be in the kitchen and I go out there and nobody there you know about her past now. And so be it just started going commander maturing demand. I got a hundred have a degree temperature had to get rushed to emergency boot. All these crazy things start happening to me and that's what kind of first I didn't even know paranormal back I had no idea what it was. So I just didn't do other credit no you sure but equal stuff I know anything. So. You would want to let that house that currency I really rejuvenated saw that on a everything worked fine and you know and it really think about the paranormal anymore until it became older and I was able to love watching you know what goes show and other upper back. And to be there. And L credibility after the Florida and fortunately he'd like to stop that other people and with the Catholic order I had no idea what I was doing actual really awkward talking myself in the dark and from from that point for urgent kept moving pushing forward and though it was and I guess it just kind of open up doors and I just went with every door that was opening out. And it's somewhat bad or good somewhere you know. Let wrote box and I just you know just kept going because it's what I found out that I love doing it literally is just something I'd love to. Let let me ask let me ask you this you're saying the when your kid get a much match there entrenched you'll look back now and and wonder if they were really imaginary or if it is possibly something else. I do think about that I've been doing the feel like you can get by them possibly something else and that's just compared to other people period and experiencing the voice is now you know what I'm trying to sleep and you know ski. And you know what you think like we got poker street. And things like that so. If you indicated that it relates back and going out I was just thinking like you know Alex during the then I also hear them now and I'm more while the current formal denial but not something that a child. And it wasn't just my head because you know we're more and have children you know I know so you know what it could be all right Paul. Well of course I'm at to a child yeah it's possible some are more prone deceased things than adults because. They've they've never been taught that these things are impossible or get any of that nature. Exactly so. You don't then I thought I looked at a crazy but I eat even then I I ain't gonna think I want because as weird things are happening record. Explained about an animal adorable I do look back on an. It's funny because some of the peek into the puddle that happened there on the locations that have done before on a course. And I lapped at Michael I know that actually happened when Alex is two but he battle. Actually document there and I captured. And I can prove that what apparently just as. So I do like that that doesn't look great. Steven you say that the paranormal is greater than assault what do you mean by that. Arm I feel like you know escalate the panel was greater than it all by you know we live we live in 8081. Basically you know what we here's what we get back. All we do you know we did board Albert coached at port are we trying to sort out. We get inside the door. And that's Trevor got a car start you'd be like a drink we whatever everything that we see that Tariq Al. The paranormal. They exist and bear reality and our reality. You know they have more round pick Chris crossed over to. And we can document. We can't crossover to their world unless that turned out relaxed breath we take. So I feel like you know that it's more it's greater than that you know what we are at the you know I think at that kind of what our answers lie. And you know we gave religious without I secretly dependent parent or whatever you think being a great forgot. Or whatever religion you believe whatever that you want call or got and that's you know but he never seen our spiritual which still ready to embark Kirk. And that's greater than we are you know according to your religion so to content that by and I can and I believe that that spiritual alternates are important document them. It's their living in two different realms are living into the complaint it where are answered a lot happened to why are we after I mean I'd like ever thing in the my lifetime network going to trigger that not Alan we're at you know you know short little arrogant yes those greens. Altering or gonna pick up out of actual conversation with a spear or they color. What happened to. Our lack. Somehow somebody can pool later Freddy Kruger who would pool the dead when your sweep and murder trial and O. Stephen what disappointed tourists tell us what that. Actually is. Artwork is you know it is another teacher at another without credible reality show little contract. We. Cosic Soria and then we had two producers in the background you know the double Brothers Jake and Bryant and the Mexican other camera guy. Basically were all hadn't called in and at the documentary I don't we go in there. There's there's no format. The weather's kind of that we go and act. And the host who go in national go pictorial Golan and every you eat. The poor guy or the owner and manager corporate that individual decides to be and then. And then I command and we do the investigation. You know I don't know anything about it but it full documentary style like you it YouTube to get wired up turn around a major crime wired up spoken at all is well with the camera bottom. I'll put the cameras down go get a ball. It's just it's it's a different. It could provide it to different you'll war and you don't we don't ever want to Cameron. And you know still cameras I guess that's what in other known or do we eat we build what we go in and we go court and you know a lot of people consider you know looks. Like the Blair witch project territory but it's not like that at all other or walk but that document tree. I'm out here like on the spear box what do what do you BP which are gonna hear lives. We don't go back and tell you we believe we are. And try to manipulate that to the audience and therefore you're here because he wrote it on the screen. And here. They hit and reaction that we heard something to and I have to people before it airs watched people that are friends of mine. I met our friend and our people paranormal and you know they love I love that they are what the other not being manipulated or not what we're telling them here and it's you know they go back and I want to re whining and what would that I did hear that arm go back here to get loud you know they did it and that's that's kind of what we want it. That's the deal that we wanted to people are doing back so. I love you I love that we were making it also interactive program where everybody who watched they become part of and it's very hard to understand that can't tell you keep watching and watching it each episode. It's almost like a story mark. You know you missed the third 13 episode. It is critical what happened and I you know. I don't going complex opera watch the so we understand. So we panic buying all these things in awards show but make it and conduct that is literally a reality document colonel. And where can people actually tune in and more and watch this show. Right malware. On October we decided to hold off on October we can't we couldn't. There whatsoever to crawl or not match court we we can't do anything and the bark just took off so we just sat on one episode. And it at all edit it right now. Everything ready to go. Or actually reading on our how much are without. But you know it's. Yeah. I know awaiting on a couple major networks they wanna take it or not they did not want to take it we're gonna you know we're gonna barrel by next week. They are not wanna take it then it's it's up in the air. And I don't wanna bore everybody with the business side I think what you don't like take it they want all the right that we put it and you're Al. It's one of those staying on where we going to put there because we don't want Patrick now you know. Court and we can't put it on who we can't give it to a network and network wants you know so it's kind of one of those one of those things that we're debating with but. Beat the release date is going to be and like I can't I try to get an actual bit about it you know it by it will be. The. And I. Okay let's jump to break when we come back from the break I want Iowa open up the question about some of the techniques that you views that we talked about. Outlast the last time your on the program summer bit controversial and I just wanna see what you've been doing. In regards to that he'd been doing some of the same things and what you think about and how you justified is going to be good conversation makes is to have. So if you got a question for us or against Stephen mercantile little and give us shouted 8446877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. Analyst Jason. Can beat her. 46677669. Is the number we're talking with Stephen I can tell it's ninety's host. A they show. Called haunted tours and it's a show is currently looking for a home and have some good information probably in the next week or so. Stephen we only about a couple minutes here in this particular segment. I I need to ask the question actress on the Karen and a windstorm. Yeah yeah yeah trying to get out we had a flat tire trying to bodies. Just. Who we try to ask this of of most of the paranormal investigators that come on the show. Sure. Thoughts on what we're actually experienced when we're having a paranormal experience and what are we always is it is it inner dimensional. Receipts souls that have just not found a home after death what what are we experience. I think it to you you are we talked about. And I did that briefed Obama preclude you guys about a month ago. How and I beat you mention that it was at a book kuril. About how a lot of this I believe is. What we leave behind achievements you know we're leading culprit behind or leading the Greek people out think ourselves. I think that's more today. Are actually speaking to the debt now which stated that you hear what what are called. Now that that's that we. It's not Andy yep that's not that moderate it'll be glad that we hear directly right to. Exactly that's direct communication is stating something that it seeing right then and there are so that's that geoscience of the intelligence right onto. Yes I think that would be an inner dimensional type deal. How do they do hear back and forth. That is. I mean that we that we considered talk about that politics are political cause our all week. Because that's that's what makes her interest record and a trigger that who can of people want that literally couldn't solve this. And until then I think the current more always going to be creating are always going to be creating new. Crisis to turn to you because. Whipped that does not tore away that's or trying to figure out. You know court outside the box. Or that are yours are but he you know. Who enters. Well not all of us here at it all we want enters as to why are still here. You know where do you come from what I allow a walk in and out of the is it a ouija board that does it or you'll hear it or portal yours are why don't hear what actually caused you to go back to work. Different dimension that not for I. Believe that occurred almost bigger than what we are. Yeah and we were gonna hopefully get some answers to those questions soon and when we come back we will start talking about those investigative techniques like hey I've said we wouldn't a few moments ago. Are you talking and he'll listen to Jason Giambi on Ellen revealed that. Radio Jason JP Coleman truck before. 46877669. If you like to join us and join our discussion. Monday night Douglas Stearns will join us to talk about the great pyramid of Giza. Tuesday will be talking with Gary dates about UFO's and we will have another guess Tuesday a slick still working on that Wednesday. Kevin Malick who is a paranormal historian and a U apologist. You follow it just will be joining us discuss. A whole bunch of different things including demon Knology meta physics characters who apology imperil Perez crypt to zoology. And then we've got to return guest on. There's an agent are good friends Sloan bella astrology expert and a medium shall be joining us and discussing her abilities and and so forth so a lot of great shows that tonight we're talking with our friend Stephen mercantile paranormal investigator. From the new kernel show haunted tours. And if I very. It's OK before the break a tease it a couple of times we talked about some of the more controversial things she do on the program. I believe last time you were on the show you talked about yet Jim headed Donny your head at one point. To try to provoke some activity tell us about that experience again and let L what are types of things that would kind of rise to that level of controversy have you done. Aren't yet 200 current situation you know and a Cuban club. They're bored you know and even location. It was in North America that you know that was cool to a Cowell though the altercation at a man. Went in and shot another man and recreational part of the mob type deal. And and I would I just wanted to read it back. I wanted to be done to my head and pulled the trigger yet. The spirit that would reconnect with the spirit competent aggressive level or just that trigger something and then finally get the you know what actually led to what is it. Spirit have that mean. It's not like it because you know well we have a vessel right now you know what type diet my spirit over the top grossing personality. I can eyeball that to what our personality of the spirit. So what I'm out of their body guard vessel why would experienced go to put out yet you can't be all the it could be that I did and you know Mike human rights so therefore that kind of speed. Direction I would going look at the kind of see how worker not. You know would you. It made me and even made a noose an adult. What the news little to read about that situation when. A man killed in Coke would produce. Look. What I'll have a dot I delayed awe and that's really what that. I really dislike really whether that attention I just went out. To train tracks while the train was coming. That's pretty intense. I guess you could say that will add salt which. He gonna cut in and out on this they're for the I don't know I don't Marshall opens. Not a hiker. Yeah. And depressed yet tied laid on the train tracks enemy however Richard. If you did out there aren't that good arms but you know. It's see the train coming when I got also without waiting sport to get that goal last minute like ten seconds before it may. Just because. Of an individual that I don't train tracks like you know they trips and this sort of on a train track at all that's about registrar I get what history tracked. People playing on the right track they trick truck got stuck. And that's how they got so that would just kind of like a double weighted investigation. Just tried brought up at the ouija board I mean tried to open talk about right there on the tree. So you're trying to make contact with these things are you trying to make contact with with these entities and in walls some sort of a connection with these and tees on how they passed. How they got wrecked but I'll ever they catch. That's how I try to. And you're oh you're hoping what that's going to try it all make it all too. Open them up to wanting to communicate with you to talk to you to connect to deal. That's really Dutch really an editor ticket different route in the field and try something different assured that has been done before. Wide open Doug Herbert park to abort her 00 triggered by. I'm sure you are at least at the apple worked are not work perhaps dead. But you got to. So far they have more and you'll see that I didn't want. Now I don't know everything that's gonna be able to be shown. But it now we're you know we're also going to be coming help wit clipped the port optional about gonna be at its support that we have. Eight or nine episode I would call or go to that but. One of Alaska Alaska the. We don't have or aren't you don't have to quote you decided on national radio so everybody herded them selves. Do you think these techniques are more effective than just standard you know standing in room saying are you with us kind of technique. I do you know I was I was doing it before accepted it deliberate well without all the questions or are what are. It's always what you name bare feet now applicants started out like that are being a brickyard or. There an image great those are great to have to let that. That thing it is reported that done and as we know a lot of parent or should they go to the same location. Spain that equipment. And really it's urgent it's a different think different name behind the brand trucks sit behind the grain. Oh what they really Greek and our personalities. Show. You know what we wanted to do was bring the personality different techniques that implement those techniques are not. It'll start out and aren't so you know or who are pretty op or you're. That's happening as well as bad as Egypt so those we just try to or do. With more tempting. So as youth who are doing these senate investigations for the show. Aren't aren't the sole investigator I don't remember exactly when you listen to people involved and Lisa get a cameraman gets of producers or something been. Our are you he'll only one that's actually doing the investigating. I'm Neil Warren. So. Do you think that do you think that solo investigating is it is a benefit or do you think in some way. Not having more people involved there's not as much energy. I think I think it does benefit I think based off the economy. The camera people are still back their their video encoders energy there other's energy look at our or if you look host I'm just sitting there are being the spokesperson. For. You know. Everybody here like contact. So I didn't say you know you can't use cameras and heritage are victorious and you know but like that so I think it helped keep. The distraction very amenable west in a bunch of other Internet and part people go there. We're all over the place you know you gotta talk and upstairs now you're in the key yeah that. What really EO what are caught or that credit around or was it really spirit. So keeping them together I think that's I think it religious cults. Got to fight wasn't real what's not real what the paranormal. Paranormal. And then there's times where we just caught fire so just give me the camera you guys are like us that car and we know Whitman. They and I don't think it's safe I don't think it and I don't get carpal parent normalized but I don't think it's sacred something happened triple stairs. You see it mainly just trying to cut out the contamination issues and I knew that's what we did listen with my show is. Where we would only go one with a cameraman. And he'd have pops honest camera so we didn't even have to have a sound I. Our thing and a just to cut down on the amount of people that are location because a lot of shows ago when their logo only cameraman and sound man a story producer and and all these other things and by the time you're done you've got six people in a room that you're supposedly investigating and trying to see if anything's going on with all that contamination. Yes and that behind the scenes and behind you so it's easy to say oh yeah well here what really knows Bob cameraman back they're not doing anything to strip all the wire. So it's that we can make that would. So Stephen and in the number of investigations you've done for the show what some of the most impressive evidence that you caught that stuff that's really impressed you. Or. And stuff collected at least they weren't real would be. So much it comes to mind but you know ought to include the show I would say. Like that happened more what they weren't really warrant all I think a lot of us did agree with that operational period to. But camera was rolling. And I which is sort afford it right well actually before the show. Much want to know about the show. And I don't any I mean personal experiences are obviously interesting but I'm I'm curious as to what you've caught whether it's been video audio. Are still photographs as something. It's really pleased you. Okay yeah actually before on a course before like everything else I went to. Huge Indian. Court Eugene Indiana. And it caught critical willows we. And went there. And the story line behind the plate is brilliant but went that route sitting on the couch where the man called behind the back to shot out of the shotgun. There was the whole house was built like a cross and look at it it's still weird house and story behind. Ellis filming the person economy. And she was turned around and held fingers and sure what it is you're boxed turn around and sent that bumper. How according not claiming spirit box that is not what happened like this it on YouTube go to superior paranormal or seen it on YouTube that under willows we. And a shadow figure for a minute ride right by her. Idec captured I didn't know like captured that and I part of a writer Munich had just heard the way to the right. Now I reviewed this footage back in a hotel you either show forming a running or slow it down it. Running with it in the upper income shadow running by. And right when it does have a Packard that's why try it wouldn't dare them to the right to that could actually caught it and document and comment. I can't there was another and today will we as well where. We are in the room where X and that would really be accepted over those October although she died or not they're. But I don't tilt on the bed and I'll admit there wheelchair what Lockwood we will. Into the room you can see on camera the wheelchair sitting there block the real are hard at not being pushed. Expanding network talking ready to go a wheelchair in the shop you can get your just pushing and hitting hard against the bad. And other Judith Michael particularly did you push I don't get it because she was part of the wheelchair what expert guide me. I don't try pushing the wheelchair back and it would just slowly wall were locked into what I want back to look at footage of course the wheels were hurt. A lot so I had no idea how that happened. Would that quaint old we I would say at the most part of history behind it. I don't I don't believe and what that it I think a lot of that fabricated. But needless to say I know they're out there why I do not know but I do another stop urban that it dog. Pitched courier curveball well. Just to check that out. I'm we've all got a couple minutes left here so once again you said the show is being debated upon by some major networks and harsher words going to be available but it will be available. Eyes soon and you'll let us know where that is at that point ranked. Yeah absolutely yeah it's gonna be yet to blacks and everywhere. All over to yeah once once a lot of release that are date date stopped work that they are now they're. Out. And then I don't either a couple of seasons thirty in the can idea how many how far have you gone with assuming power. Not not actually a whole lot you know are we actually haven't even want to read more about crop out our summer. June and yet we heard had a location picked up for that ready to go so it's sort of Kenechi go go go. And the web access haunt is the haunted tours TV dot com I'm sure you're gonna keep current information there for people trying to keep track what's happening. Correct yeah we're gonna we're gonna be doing it and I think you're. Yes and you go to auditory Arctic outraged you're be active. Right now the web site now is mainly to typing your email. And then you'll be able to get update on the show winner coming out more at all on YouTube that. We we know you get your Hansel sounds like you got a lot going out there we'll tell tell changed whatever Sobel we appreciate you being on the program keep us up to date look toward having you back on some point. All right to we're take a break when we come back who back to wrap things up it's beyond reality ready to. Can play every morning and look at would I just don't know what to do with the Fletcher were gonna make me. Or table you should go to waste in an ideal year. Builders and want them. Would you have a lot of new report just a little bit you won't go to waste with the press go. Can I just finished watching Baywatch and I waited that I realized I have to do something as well what's a getting crackle would playing can't get to go to bed satisfy. Playing kids comes with all the added. To finish the job. Keep telling my place and stop beating around the bush and his outlet for something constructive. Since I got the practical plane can never stop smiling I've never seen him get so much enjoyment out of his blood and that can slam team. Who would placate is the complete picture and how to work with hardwood BM software especially with the you meet your friends party in the kit includes a special policy ran into two extra speedy team. When he decision and look you can function yeah. Just think of the cost of would software it even makes all for the heart it's funny party you can play with Norwood. You guys. Together and play with each other's way and what about those special uses as a tongue compressor changing spark plugs Kindle killer fires ceramics which attempts to endure what operate with the optional would correction and a crap we playing kid is that. Perfect gift for that someone special I was gonna build table my way after beating the crap who were playing cat and all the possibilities are endless ordered to date for you're happy handicraft. Would plague it is not effective for all types of looking at happy ending not guaranteed. Maybe before source pointers and. Ariel Jews in general. Many analysts you know. I look for the idea that you've seen that the to show it's no longer on but it was on for a long time mystery science theater I loved that should yeah I I'm a huge fan I've I've watched bad bit of dvds and watch multi. What we should do. It's take some of these paranormal reality shows into a mystery science theater version of it. Where you and I are silhouettes of the kind of you know in front of the screen there and we're making jokes as soon as we watch and comic can you imagine it could be a lot of fun doing it this week and that's kind of MO I think yeah I think I think we probably gets censored but before. That would have to be something we have to do like her own YouTube chip yet you that would be perfect there we go. The religious right beyond reality YouTube Jacinto and make fun on Rio we I mean we can even make from the mine too much yeah all of them and the so good stuff beyond reality radio. It's theater 3000. I doubt change and ample time to change. But I definitely a big shout out to our guests Greg Pollock and Noah mes sells for coming on talking out tonight and also Stephen mercantile overcoming I'm talking about the new kernel TV show haunted tortoise. And next week we've got a great points against them now of course Friday is the best of but Monday we've got Douglas Stearns author and we're going to be talked about the mysteries of the great pyramid of Giza. Some achieve tune and that night. Yes it's a lot of great stuff coming up of course we always invite you do stop by the FaceBook page stop by the web site. And visited Sydney nor social media sites because and that's how we keep buy in touch with what. With view what did you play you know what's going on with us and a lot of great news stories popping up there too much good stuff. Absolutely so again I'll do my spiel if you haven't yet made Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. With the FaceBook page for us and had to be under reality radio Dutch arm reach its final stations we are on across the country. You can also download the free ice one injury to operate there which allows you to listen I've catch parachutes join me online chat more. Was click the listen live to -- any night we're alive and join the online. Chat which you to listen to great great men earned an analogy he myself and Greek community people can download the show from iTunes or anywhere else just do us a favor please reinforce Apple's push shell Ford makes it easier for people to find but a big shout out again to our guests who joined us tonight transferred from a non. Amaechi has all tune in and this is Jason NGV everybody have a great night. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell students it's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah you know it's still going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.