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Steve Alten discusses the inspiration of government secrecy that inspired his book Undisclosed

Jan 24, 2018|

Jason HAwes & JV Johnson talk with author Steve Alten about his latest book - Undisclosed - which presents information regarding alien visitations that the government does not want you to know. 1/24/2018 - Beyond Reality Radion with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Yeah. Skills enhanced somewhere in between wolf and me and really review myself Jerusalem Israel's. And Jimmie Johnson I'm kind of stuck in between and I'm stuck in between being cold and warm you saw me just before we started the show I took my idea fleece off because those warm and now I'm told again. I don't know what to do. And it should stop ship it back. But some ups and probably due for a couple does show everybody I was really interesting show tonight we're going to be talking about a bunch of different things with two different guests actually in the first part of our show. Gary Gates will be joining us he is a researcher in New York folic just and we'll be talking about. His movie called alien intrusion unmasking a deception and John Schneider actually who's a friend of of of mine he's been to scare economy and a bunch of other stuff was done some pretty cool movie uses it himself since he was in Dukes of Hazzard of course it's as big role. He's here he's involved in this project compartment just find out how I know he narrates the film. So be called assume would you would you actually does. And watch a preview for and it's it's actually done really well so looks good there's a lot of great information on it and really makes you wonder and then our second guess will be Steve all of New York Times best selling author. He's the author undisclosed. In May and will be discussing his book undisclosed and then again we're going to be covering UFO's and and go from there and I ask an embarrassing question sure did we have Steve Bolton on the program previously because I know what we have somebody on who wrote a novel about a monster shark. That was it was an adult under some deals. You know what I thought I thought I thought we talked about meg. And that's what I remember too is slick is telling me no but that's what I remember it was only Jesus states or something's Bosnia. And I don't remember but I do believe so I mean meg stands out in my head but to own is slick casino I'm crazy but everybody remembering the same thing to me how this is an in house at times like dozen or maybe this is an example of the Mandela effect. I mean if he wishes or exerted that's phony million for you brought that up because I was talking with Fiona. I sent her an email the other day and Fiona is a big one on the mental affect and weren't talk we'll get her on the shell of a be awesome if so. Set that up pay if you haven't Imation head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial it to FaceBook page forced. And had to be on reality radio dot com weakened download the free iPhone and android app. The lush listen live cast shows during the allied Chatham or find any of the great stations we are on across the snow across the country right there. Or just click the listen live button on the website you to listen right from the lips. I join us live anytime JV myself a great community people aren't there if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else is to us a favor memory for us rose bush of foreign makes it easier to find people. Negated cherub slick is actually at this moment scolding me in the chat rooms and no we did not talk to stick a well. I don't know I think you read the slick sometimes has memory issues. I'm I just wanna point out we've got a couple other great Gascon and all we did because look I'm looking I just looked up the movie meg you did Jason stays them. Is it isn't so we did it slick slick you gotta get your facts we are together. OK so and while we're going to be called slick out on this one. On tomorrow night we've got Kevin may elect joining us he's a paranormal historian and you followed just as well be discussing in northern Wisconsin paranormal society. Which is involved in new folly G demon allergy medi physics crypto zoology Perritt crypt is an apology or sociology breast. Hamas conspiracies summer wind investigations. Summer when we've talked about that place absorbed and also equipment and then it's all about coming on Thursday yeah Thursday are good friends Sloan they'll be returning cash and astrology expert and a medium. Will be discussing her abilities and just and should probably be taking calls which usually don't she's wonderful talked. Yeah it's it's you probably want you to dialing fingers ready for that speaking of which don't forget the phone number 28446877669. Will be taking calls. Toll free 88446877669. Or let's take a break. Analysts are getting our guest on here roasted Jerry dates an iPhone you'll soon Jason GBM Dioner. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I can't Jews and chanting thanking her for joining us so great radio stations during the program around the country were happy to have you as part of the beyond reality radio family. That list is growing as we head new stations throughout the course of the program and this year should be great year for that yet we're going to be having a bunch more coming up. Relatively soon cancer decisions yet but I agree it's Haitians are we look forward adding to the Fam. And they didn't do that because we have great guests on the program like the guests we have tonight and our first guest tonight is Gary BAT's you've followed just in a researcher there's a couple of website should check out what his creation dot com and the other is alien intrusion dot com. Which is a website dedicated to the movie only an intrusion unmasking. It deception let's bring Gary into the program Gary welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. Murray is thanks for having me. So on before it started. Talking about the film to also direct yourself. Well via first groups such you mentioned creation dot com is in fact whipsawed all of a Christian apologetic minister called creation ministries international. Or rather you can hear that strange speech southern accent which of the awestruck at number CEO of the US officer for. Policy of logical ourselves. So we're what the north the Christian I didn't have a person to my adult years or grow up science fiction fan am. Believe in the idea that term evolution was a parable of the universe. And so good luck a lot of things certainly have that putt to see China just so to revisit a few things about lots. And this is. I was content have been a mystery just but the bought a new approach for moments. Probably well passivity is the mother managed. And so well barring a bit and so the colossal now on the yeah maybe apotheker a fresh look at that. And and say well we cannot come that led to my first spoke with in 2005. Which was called Writely an intrusion your present the evolution connection which action because I'm and Amazon top fifty best seller and that's actually broke. That the movie is my response based on albeit in hundreds more up to sites and relevant information. So you brought the movie are the obviously it's called alien intrusion as we mentioned unmasking a deception go what's it about. Yeah Iowa we had or premier had. In the US on January 11 and have the 700. Theaters. You know what you'd mentioned that this subject to pick people up particularly curious to pick a Christian buddies and I dove into the subject that's the first reaction I get. But. You know what I have is everybody's got an opinion. And that your opinion is generally shy. The boy your worldview we have recoverable at the site said the factory inside planes in the media. And must present Scott brought the experts recite well I think it's just I think it's that size for example ought to have much of on this hundreds of times now. You get somebody who sat up and he's the real UFO believers that he believes. You know commerce science fiction version which is not that the extraterrestrial ought officers. That all dot. You know why is more technologically advanced by aliens comply themselves around the universe in the past month spaceships and does Libya from. Have been doing such millennia. You'll get another taught suit I'd pull the cover the skeptics. That says well like you know on my belief in evolution and on other worlds but I think all right that. I have to break the very laws of physics to get here and account happened. You know you count plus possible state of law and spices for Boston's. You know legitimate gripe about the 110 of the space of lot what have tons of see incident activities spaceship. But lots of other problems. So that he would have to he's constrained by his world view this site well every saw I think that we see in the sky. Or every time I alien abduction for example a probability. Psychological collusion. It's going to be manmade. Aircraft fuel pools some technology. All natural phenomenon like you know bolt lightning goalie particulate traps something like that. And many from the traditional Christian do it is I will spiritual laws of all the outside well let's review this content demonic and so on. I kind of canvassed four years or not come to believe and force here. And that is it. The defined things that we see. On the on occasions a small percentage. Do actually defy the laws of physics. They don't appear. As physical objects in the movie we show IDF force hopeless little tips from and and if you IDF also the suspect. The confidence of the Washington press club. And I describe these cropped slog that's 7000 Malta now. Do it right ankle terms of that slowing down. And some type of play bad about themselves Harlow has an effect of the prussian regiments about nuclear weapons. I'm innocent stuff but most people that know about an attempt very conspirator analysts. But what can facades but stoked occupation via we can detect irrational approach. And then you meet all of these people replied that I have experiences. And got in the movie primarily it's. You know with a lot of secular expert plucked to popped up to job back out forma. Professor of saw a car trip hop of medical school. But it appeared on the other Prussia and he's that you talked about interviewed hundreds of people that my connection to each other. Come from nine different geographical. Regions of the world demographics are different but I don't describe very very similar experiences. And it was the right of evidence that might in the believer in his ties that United's. We're actually visited house. What the most popular view I think today amongst you followed just about statements seriously researcher at. Is one Colby into dog manageable hot pockets just. Which is the view that I aliens are not coming to us from a galaxy far far right at the coming to us from another realm. What Dodd mentioned. And I would agree with that I think the evidence of what we say the evidence of experience as people have we share a lot of that in the navy. In the types that and of course for mark what to do that fits struck the wheel house. Of my Christian worldview and they've. We have got to cut with a major religions of the world because I've always believed in the spiritual realm. What Don mentioned. And Bob for example records of visitors from a spiritual world and Bob mentioned that manifested wrong physically. But can affect our environment. These big of sat down and eat them. How people leave until papal on occasions in the frozen section talking about what the bubble quote was I angels. Because we have a cultural view of idols in front of ethereal spirit big to have very rigs. But that's never have it recorded in the bottle. And if causes Achilles followed just to listen to that description not give about the outcome of the gut check yet checked checked checked because exactly. That's exactly have a unified phenomenon manifests itself. And I around. Well I like I like hell even even in the trailer that I watched him which is it is great Adam it just looks like it's it's going to be an awesome movie I'm. The fact that you're bringing out at all traveling at light speed is expected dostum would just totally. Decimated destroyed and any craft because that that. And you hear a lot of people out there talking about the know that Syria telling news at speed light never because they watched Alton Starr tracking everything else. And people don't really. Consider that aspect I don't think a bow well imagine if you hit something even even at pebble going at that speed it would just it would all be over. Well trodden and spices not empty uninstall and called it. But he says it's been a medium through which log is transmitted that they can imagine what plucked fabric we conceived when. Spaces. Curved and war due to gravity because you know the light beams Trabant it was a distorted. But it's estimated that about a 100000 dust particles so it's a cubic kilometer of spice. And even you know that Hubble space telescope that just sits up there in GS to close over the has been absolutely battered body inspects about of that do a lot of damage because it doesn't travel anywhere. In the near the stage you need to to get around the united they've also looked a little bit of the galaxy Julian invest. That there are other problems you know G forces when he says captain Kurt you know and so old. Shall live cattle on the bridge of the enterprise mostly make a silent night and jumped into warp factor. Five. You'd be exerted millions of geez upon the occupants. And so science fiction you know it comes to the rescue and I have to like initial depth and development and now what to grips by the Star Trek. I'm reduced charge fiction fans that support it's actually science. Fiction and you can't use science fiction. To explain why. Spots fact you know when we look out there at the finals of physics apply out there that they do here. With a look at the rotation of the galaxies and everything else. There by different physics upright again in different parts of the universe. So it's not a matter that's of something like Condit get challenged little apartment draw flip ultra to its site where you've done what technology will be locked in the future. How about that will break. It's not a matter of about technology we can build beat back potentially faster and faster and faster crops. But the minute you do that that you would put federal resolve the problems and if you wanna build force field that you just adding to the energy requirements. And so on such flawed concept that that. You know I think most people do seriously study the unified phenomenon. Have kind of abandoned that. Colby extraterrestrial pop opposites. The view that the flaunt here and real physical cropped. That the fight broke what like all the more into the conventional view of. Gary I know your time with this is a bit short tonight are you able to stick around for the break in and stay with -- for one more segment. All right that be great okay sort of go to break and we come back again and get into this a little bit more there's a lot to talk about here at Seoul cell I'm. And and so phone numbers 8446877669. Aegon tool free date for four. 687766. Dying if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. And had to be on reality radio dot com find all the stations we are on across the country. Which we should be Aaron and station in your area so I'm constantly updating that list Amaechi check back often. We're into a quick break port Douglas and Jason didn't. It's the season and maybe you recall personal encounters and strange entities. In the popular view is that these are advanced aliens visiting us from far far away. I'm John Schneider. This compelling new movie takes a deeper an honest look. At the events of beliefs and the experts. And the people it's shaped our beliefs in all things. Other world. I occasionally think how quickly. Our differences worldwide. Would vanish if we were facing an alien threat. From outside this work. It was the mayhem surrounding the cover up. Created. What's being cold the Roswell incident. Had multiple experiences through. Like little beings in my room it's a global we have reports now from 140 countries and our commanders won't resistant promotional. Join us live in peace or pursue your present course and face obliteration. And our investigations. We were finding things that we just couldn't get answers. I was literally thrown into the bed I couldn't I did help me. Jesus please help. It's one thing to adjust and there's another thing to say. We believe you have experience but here's how he got Stan. When one takes a deeper look at this phenomenon it reveals one of the most disturbing and powerful affirmation. But the truth of the Bible and christianity. That of course is the I trail I'm going to be. Yeah disappointed. If you have host from out to be nothing more than visits us from another planet because I think they could be something much more interest. The trailer for alien intrusion unmasking interception our guest is Gary Bates easy followed just send a researcher. And Gary yeah they that they have very talented and heck of a guy John Schneider is involved in that project he narrates the film. Which is John. A personal friend a believer how to get involved in the project. Back at. No in fact services. Movie we might we've ignited than. I was thinking of someone to merit the last. One it's called evolution particularly cereals and we kind of approach human and we decided to not actually use an outright that. For this one Heidi and yes sort of bet a lot of people that the movie obviously crosses the spectrum all of the secular. In and fight so. Because they had to pick somebody's who is middle of the road to be honest and jobs gave them a lot of fights friendly films but he's also well known and established credible ultimate Hollywood actor. His got a great voice. I he's a good rookie guard sector if you providers like NB for some products as well. But like we simply have sorted amount approached him he was he was choice authority would be good and I got into the wanted to get involved. Himself because he says he's never come December tyke. On this subject matter that we had. Because you also played segment that in Smallville silent yet he did have a bit of sought by connection as well. Yet he's a great guy I've worked with them some projects myself now the title of the film is alien intrusion unmasking a deception. What's the deception here. You have that. That we wanted to be up front about one of his little fat people approach be different views and a you know what I'm about to fight might be an inconvenient. Truths from about a guy in the I would I'm not try and argue from authority about. If you looked at all of the serious investigative piece followed just sudden visibility movies and interviews and features. All of the big guns and that movement. The label but I mean come to the view that it should Saddam mentioned a bit you know for example you technocrats and you might ignite Lombard and it keeps love forty books. On the subject matter and other related. Phenomena and then he says whatever it is it's masquerading. As something extraterrestrial. And that is an iPod it's true intent it's deceptive at night Chet. You know people like Bob Hopkins who's probably the most well world renowned UFO researcher. Is spoke missing pond which is. You know what I what type called me actually taught and did. People while lose during their time in abduction experience. It has Condrey got out of the traffic treaties. He says that. Recognizes that to that deceptive way and that people have this experience. A guy John Mack John Q so we can do it got called Mario higher caliber has been interviewing her for forty years. He says we can absolut ad be absolutely sure that these are not. You know extraterrestrials visiting but Turkey called them deceptive supernatural entities. So. You know don't object ally you might well remember that time. And doctor Gallen haunted by what Condit consultants is stupid ridiculous and Campbell's. Off the first time in fact the lead investigator in the movie used by the infringement and and that was actually based upon talked about like. He says affecting you had him at the end of the campaign so it'd be disappointed defects and had to be nothing more than. Extraterrestrial it was about the Cambodian above mentioned a hypothesis. He says that big without some for as long as we grow up recorded riding. As ridiculous to put towns. You know a 150 years ago 200 years ago people had encountered in their rooms. We've entities that described themselves so that's the end of these themselves describe themselves as favorites. And if you look at the captain of the experience. The closely parallels what's called the classic abductions in drug. To die now. If a little entries to the the bottom of your bit about that in the middle of the not so bold you know on the very. You'd bet you don't sanity because you know if fairies of the stifled myths and legends now and I Harley. And lots and culture but guess what 200 years ago by the pop culture. And do what is pop culture decided to do the belief of you know fought fought and to I mean the world to nab the known universe. Is the idea that extraterrestrials complies. View remarkable act of Favre. And Stokely abduct people in the middle of a not that tough albeit a bunch within a tight. Over the experience as a real that's certainly not extraterrestrial looked like China and so that's really what the perception is that Griffin says you know why that I hard to. The true intent ballots have bought and play hard themselves. From months you know whether there where are they when they're not plod through the star. And abducting papal except for a so two we've got attacked an honest look at that. And I think as a said that's what the evidence presents but think about I have to believe little jerk Christian here as the sentence was what the secular researchers affirmed. And we tried to Libya could speak for itself. Of course we have not icon that based upon the evidence could not say about sick of the truck with about mr. Boca. Well Gary Norma asked us though it do you guys look into the whole theory the hollow earth where there's claims that these people have seen ships coming out of these areas in Antarctica in different areas like. Yes I'm familiar with that and dumped sadly a lot of that they've decided. Provides Christian sort. I don't think that they need biblical support. For props for that idea. Dunston is any scientific support. For a all so I certainly do believe in in the spiritual oppression and spiritual position what people Michael. Demonic possession. Not only is the red you know entities. As opposed to the united angle hole or lead abatement because of the cultural and out of you know on most terms that you know we've certainly had given that they spiritual well bore right. I Don mentioned all room that come exists. We're about. That the issue is is. Maybe even sides spiritual. We have the view that spiritual means is not content of Cyprus. Walk us slate and wall there is evidence that it can manifest itself that way all silent and Burbank hidden problems. Clearly it bit peck and appear as physical. Just a beautiful objects themselves this thing in on right now. There's some energy Google physical. Apparition military connection. You know reflect right signals. Obviously if things do go bump in the night. People do have physical experiences. As well and the people of a camp to the productions have. They can be left with physical marking its bruises. And stretch as a as a result of their experiences. So immediate site spiritual. I am referring to what the bobbled the -- about this. These entities do appear physically and I think that. Receive truck last pretty dot slate. We have we have found are exposed by a three dimensional yes spice Communist. And the Adams of the molecules that we see around those but this certainly is another existed to let me just give an example inscription. I knew Michael well by this woman who depict what was the ten commandments you know you've got Mosul so an Arab. In fairest court and Egypt and it says that errant throws then he stopped. And it becomes suspect. That's not a hot stretch for probably does because I believe that the hunt brought would have the power of creation. But then a typical magicians told congress threw down there if this stopped. And it became a night and went outside people saw what was best optimize Taiwan must have been an illusion or an operation. But then the bubble goes on on record that Arabs like I. The conference. Well the magicians like that actually make something that was physical. How that happens now that because. I certainly don't think that the spirit realm has. The ability to create a violent but it certainly looks like it has the ability to. Manipulate mass or energy to create these physical transferred to visit to a room that's for sure. Well I think it's interesting that you bring up the connection awareness and spiritual. Aspect of it I word worked very closely with and with numerous religious organizations and we get sent in to write a preliminary reports fourth Catholic churches and and so forth and so called the session or demonic type pointing cases and I never really heard that connection really associated with. Impossible. That your terrestrial life associated with them demonic or enjoy type entities so I think I think that's really interest. Well it's. It is hard got to be honest strike by fabric comic confronting myself you know when you come from a pretty conservative. Christian background did you attend you have five conferences and as a suspect not but. And it is since the publication a bubble here in 2005. For. Dog now met hundreds of papal. And the phenomenon and you've probably experienced this was well a new era in reception. Into the spirit spirit realm that. I don't I think if you didn't have a really good ground that will do a job killer actually wrote that he so horrible. You know you've followed just going off to date and yeah because. That you can't get canned get taken about the strangeness of little. You know when people claim deductions like sighting of the items walk through the walls and ceilings amend. I would like an apple board despite ship and I went through the world and Simmons. You know when you see cropped as bush said that. Literally to follow the rules of physics you cannot opt out got descriptions of my bulk of them accelerate into the ground. And giving you sir and I'm going back cover that slowing down I mean just. Not under the occupants would be smashed but the propped itself. With terror pot so you've got a guide to resort to exotic science fiction plot on it is. To try and avoid that and yours better off dealing with what you dollar. To try to explain it rather than doping with what she's done and of course the problem is when we do. Think that the spirit realm and you and I cannot go to that place we can't physically test that we count less in the US five big have been and it. Empirical scientific tests on a step that the fonts fact is it is there we can see that. The fact found that people are having that experience is that the bite of evidence it's scientific approach. And it's we we didn't use if you like off filters. To try to interpret these reality world facts. That have been presented to us. And you know as a set I think from the Christian worldview. It's fraud and now wheel house because. You know the Bobble away is that it's said that recess spiritual realm. We have been the does that relieve my lord Jesus Christ the it at least trouble full parlux said. In my kingdom is not of this world mark kingdom from about applies. And yet now after his resurrection and yeah that he was obviously physically said the public project can get here and and project and here and he could physically touch him. And yet we have recurrence of life the way he's it's that he manifested in the room. In front of the disciples. That he was physical B that was able to two of leaflets in and out. All of our realm as well. Gary we've kept you longer than we promised we would so we appreciate you taking the time we have so many more questions but we'll have to have them in a follow up discussion. Working people see the film. Charles well I can actually pre order the DV day we had a short pass it around which is now finished but I if they just got to alien intrusion. Dot com. All wrought on the front right there it's as a pre order you'll pre ordered the DB date deliveries are going to be around that much there's a few extra bonuses this plays if they pre order as opposed to waiting. And of course on the upside web site I've intrusion dot com because the whole bunch try to look there. That people who you know can look at to get a ties to the movies. As well. The so I appreciate having me on my many of Charlie shorter a sort of pumped about that. If you wanted to get in the future of have. More about ability not only is lived enough. Absolutely thank you so much for coming on you have a great night now that sounds great that was Gary Bates again the website is alien intrusion dot com you should check that out. We're gonna make room now and bring our next guest Steve Alton into the program and in just a moment he is a New York Times best selling author. We're going to be talking about his book undisclosed. Harry Wilson Jason JB on down are illiterate. I segment. But we're happy to bring our next guest in the program Steve alternates joining us he's in New York Times best selling author were happy to have him back on the program Steve. Welcome back to be on reality radio great to have you here. Thank you guys could be here. I say we don't actually looking forward amnesty says things coming out so we've got to run short segment here but I think we have enough time for those who haven't. Heard of your work or you are much you give us just a brief description of you know how you got started we do. Well I've been writing for about twenty years have got eighteen novels. Most known for. And United States for my make series about cart Karen and make them on the seventy put prehistoric great white shark. Make it will be at a movie in August starring Jason stayed in the ruby rose and bring Wilson and a lot of other actors. And out my latest book is called undisclosed it's actually. I can the right faction which is sort of fiction and makes with faxes and an undisclosed is the most factual of their every need notes in novel. Because it became a doubt because I was given access by doctor Steven Greer. Three years ago to testimonials from members of the military. Intelligence defense contractors that says the FAA. Regarding these secret black ops programs called Yousef switches and acknowledge special access projects. And student just getting over colds here. But the the information in the book is just mind blowing and it's it's woven to tell its story. But it's all factual stuff. And watch a trailer that you have for that actually Annan on YouTube in the end and it's looking phenomenal I have to be honest. Thank you and both we've been it's amazing because it's a book of fiction but. Ever since he came out this past summer. Strange things have been happening and these these powers that be don't want this information out even in that ain't even a novel. Well that that makes it even more interest in serie so we have to go to the top of the hour break when we come back we're gonna get into the details of this again. The book is called undisclosed. And you should check out Steve's website by the way it's Steve alternates a LT ENN dot com commission check out meg too it's awesome so are you listening JC NG beyond beyond LA and I. It's got some. So it's always and chief each so and just a minute we're gonna bring in our guests Steve vaults and using New York Times best selling author and we're going to be talking about his book undisclosed up plus the other books of these rigs could hold on to really cool stuff to his credit. On the before we do that I wanna remind you tomorrow night Kevin may elect will join us he's a paranormal historian will be talking about his work with the paranormal society in northern Wisconsin. They've done a lot of researcher investigations. And diamond has been ghost and you'll fall on smoltz on the cover everything and on Thursday we've got a good friend Sloan bella returning astrology experts medium won't be discussing her abilities and it should be taking taken calls and so forth but. Should be gracious yet should be greats loans always awesome or really really happy to bring her back on Thursday night of course and again. Tonight talking with the Steve Walton in Steve's book is called undisclosed. And down Steve I've got to ask you used throughout some words. In in the first segment. That it would probably should get into a little bit more detail and one of my action was an acronym I think was Yousuf. Yeah Yousef that seems to be an important part of this story is as to how EU decided to write this book and as you said it's it's considered faction. And this book is probably more faction than any other ones you've written meaning that it's closer to fact than it is fiction. But tell us what the use apps are and how they play an important role in the story. Let me go back if they can just tell you how it came to write his book because. Years ago I had contacted doctor Steven Greer. Because I was writing a book come about the mind calendar. Third in the series called for robust and there was a section there about. Extraterrestrials and and having watched his. Two hour on disclosure project. I I it has permission to to exit take out some of the quotes from some of his. Twenty guess that he had up there on stage. And that he gave me permission and as a thank you like cinema copy of the book and they rented his wife read it and were very impressed and and next thing I know I got an email. Inviting me in my late to dinner. In 2013 December 2013 when they're gonna be Miami so. Three nights before my wife and I we're supposed to have dinner with the careers. I was on December 14 Saturday night at approximately. 11 o'clock at night. My wife and I driving through our neighborhood we just and seeing the movie and the way home. And I noticed something bizarre was moving toward it in the night sky. There were these pale amber light like nothing I've ever seen before. They were about eight to twelve of them there are flying its staggered pairs. Approaching from the day out. I guess that they were maybe a thousand feet off the ground cloudless sky. And they were way to silence would be helicopters or anything like that and then they pass over us. Because see the outline of their saucer shape vessels. And then as we sit we stood outside the car and watch. They just simply. Disappeared into the ether. We've unbelievable. Now had I not had that experience. I would never written undisclosed. But it was that if spirited pushing forward now three minutes later we had dinner with the careers and of course the first thing we say it was in there and guess what happened last couple nights ago. And doctor cleared sort of smiled and said that haven't been Camelot he Padilla. And so it was that the first experience you have my dad and have you had any sense. That was the first. I've had nothing like that again. But I did go on a week's excursion wanted to see five inclusive kind of live expeditions. And we did see some pretty wild stuff out there. Now on that particular encounter usage you actually saw. These this saucer shape of the craft as they flew overhead. Demo edit them a cement in itself is unbelievable and a lot of people claim to see lights the when you can actually see the silhouette or the shape. Of the craft that's that's that changes everything. Yeah we were really close. And it it was just you know root it you feel honored these fuel. That this is you're seeing something majestic capping before UN and it's nothing scary. It's just the estimating. So you've so then you proceeded to get some information that so opened up a lot of doors and open your eyes to a lot of what you ended up putting into the book. Yet doctor Greer has been having problems getting things mainstream. And so I propose that we were going to vote together that that I would help them write a new book. And help get it published by and get into the in Barnes & Noble and the other bookstores. And so we we co wrote and acknowledged together his book which is. Fact. And then nonfiction and that I wrote mine caught on disclose which is all that information will lead to a story. So tell us again about the on and knowledge special access projects. Well these are these are projects that. There are so compartmentalized. That the people working on the don't know what they're back out and the most guarded he steps involved you foes in extraterrestrials. Secret subterranean bases in and the big thing is zero point energy which is. This frequent source of energy that. Basically has been reverse engineer from these down craft. And as the black shelves since you know since Roswell. Well in the zero point energy. Well that that's a real thing days and it wasn't. Reports well hidden reports talking about the oil companies turn to keep that keep that down. Absolutely yes it's it's a real thing and and you know we we first came of course zero energy. It would Tesla was the first woman who discovered zero point energy. And you know. That your point energy is what causes some without. Sub atomic particles to jiggle them literally jump in and out of existence and what's actually happening is that the vote on this collide and there are absorbed by sub atomic particles and and it doesn't delegate makes a lot of sense but the thing is that these things happen and indeed. In the fourth dimension and Tesla had come across distant. He would he was actually on the verge of providing free energy to the planet he was. Involved in. Experiment back in 1901 that would go to broadcast electricity to ships. Without using any wires and that would lead to free energy change the world of course. JPMorgan. Intervened and he was a wealthy industrialist who. He invested in copper wire to use for. Homes and businesses to you know why Europe for electricity and he wanted. Investment going sour so basically before tests that he conducted experiments he's shown them. Well that was that was definitely the downfall for test it there mentally after that everybody sort of black sedan and a and he just went downhill cracked. Yeah. So it went in regards to these are big knowledge special access projects recently the federal government acknowledged that it was spending 22 million dollars or had spent 22 million dollars or so. A bomb on some depth projects related to the US slows. Is that the type of project were talking about her or terrorism and completely different. Well that figure first post actually bogus. They're there being estimated to spend about eighty billion with a B. Not twenty million. As it built bill admit 120 million to try to keep people. From. Looking any further but in reality here. You know got to agree or feel that there there. You know sort of leaving a false trail bread crumbs leading to. Would he fears most which is a false flag event that will. Make 9/11 looked like. Well. Fender Bender. Well we know that 220 million dollars in government terms is not even a drop in the bucket so if they're serious about something. They're spending way more than that on it but you said also earlier in the discussion that the powers that be don't want this information out. What's the danger with the information getting out. Well. I don't pull any punches I mean I go ahead and name where these are underground bases are located. What they look like inside. A lot of things that. If they don't want out there. That comes from doctors information with. Having interviewed hundreds of people and in the military and intelligence organizations. And even members of majestic twelve which is. Was called sykora and now is called PI of forty and now actually it's called magic now. So all these all the juiciest stuff from these testimonials. Have been woven into the book. Have you had any incidents where you felt threatened to or personally in fear of harm. Because of this information in the book the hero. What. I ask you we had one interview in them. The major stations Chicago and about eight minutes into the interview. They got it by an electrical discharge. Which. Knocked me off the air for a few minutes. They were able to get back on and then a couple minutes later they got hit again. And that ever happened to them prior I was at the first time that's around. Now I don't know. No never. Did you mention this to our producer before we branch on the show Steve and I am sure we get back of that and I did you know we're gonna take a break you're just a minute but I wanna I want him kind of rewind the discussion a little bit and talk about how you got started as an author because you. You really believed in yourself you believed in you work your first book was meg and geeky because the timing of it all kind of worked out pretty interestingly I mean you ended up making some real sacrifices to get that book done but it all worked out real well for you didn't. It's been a rollercoaster but did it I mean it's it worked out. And I think you actually lost your job by just a few days prior her. Viewed getting the contract to for the room for two books I think it was. Yes that's correct. I was on Friday the thirteenth the old days that went to work I was working as a general manager now also a meat company. And found out that I have been let go ahead. Forties but it may went out to the six biggest publishing houses in the in New York can. We got a nice deal out of it. On the outs in the emotion pictures so that's awesome all right so. We're gonna take a break more to come to listen to Jason and GBM beyond really Dario. It's 600. At best and brightest people are talking about his book undisclosed and you should check out the au website Steve's who have said Steve Alton a LT EN. Dot com not only is undisclosed list their buddies got a number of books to his credit he's written. I guess you coma prolific writer. Writes a lot. Well he's definitely you know I had I'm lucky enough to the New York Times best selling author as well but he stiffly got me beat a scotsman credible books may issue check it out against Eagleton dot com right Steve I'm just actually jumped to a listener call here's some new wants to have common the stuff we've been talking about this is Ed from Wilkes-Barre he Ed welcome to be on reality -- are telling young. He's sick and Mike called sure you know if you look you're actually guests earlier Warren this was the last of both and the school that in his line. And they don't want this information disclosed it and you just. Plot to blow some of the people majestic twelve and social and civil older people weren't on the up. On the inside and he never answered the question that meant that it was and we wonder about what needs now weren't disclosed. Steve I think you tiny did touch on it what. What is the reason. Give it you know it all comes down to. Energy. It comes down to big oil wanted to keep this thing under wraps. Because you're talking about zero point energy which can basically change our planet you know you're talking about an unlimited source of clean energy. That would make oil and and nuclear energy and coal totally obsolete. And so additionally in a win win rot so happened back in 47 and and even the media. These drones. That took place during World War II which is all mentioned in the book. They're initial response to keep their VP who was because. You know we've we've just finished World War II we were in a state of Cold War over the Soviets. And so there was you know there's legitimate concern about letting the public know about this but. You know since the 50s70s. And beyond. It has all to do with big oil company in their position. Qantas trillions and trillions of dollars at stake to execute really when it comes down to as the amount of money that they can make off. Ed thanks so much for the call on the great question we appreciate that Tom does the book a dress that part of that it's Steve does it does it talk about do you do you. Do you incorporate those ideas into the book the economic ideas. Absolutely yes that's the driving point of the plot impeccable taste placing it almost real time. After. Take it opens up in January 2017 win trump takes office. And the bureau of the story is that basically recruited to. Go down the rabbit hole and bring viewpoint energy out to the public. Did you start writing it before trump took officers do do do do I actually did all that. I initially had. Hillary Clinton as the president had. Interest in. We've got it we've got about a minute here before he jumped in to break again on your website did not only talks about this book an undisclosed did you get a bunch of stuff on their if you had to recommend to our were listeners. Where they should start his first working through your books were where would you recommend they began. I stole an undisclosed and I think that's a very timely. And then. If you like giant shark stories them at the diplomatic. He liked folk if you prefer the Loch Ness Monster then there's the law. They're pretty much you you cover the gamut of everything in and meg you've got multiple books pretty much covered that. As well so on again that Steve Alton dot com. But I heard so we're gonna take a quick break more to come if you haven't yet over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality readily to FaceBook page and had to be unreality reviewed dot com each final stations we Arab across the country. It also download triage from an injury to operate there ritualized lesson life can specials and more. And or just listen leveraged globes at the clicking the listen live tab will be right back after this you listen to change. Games against same people who took. About his book on disclosed and make sure you check out his website Steve Bolton dot com. Steve owner. Take you back to megs for just the second time because it is so a motion picture will be coming out I believe you said August's is in August of this year. How does it feel. To have something that you would obviously was an intensive labor of love for you become a successful. Book. First and then I'd turn into a major motion picture with some really. Amazing talent. Being included in the film I mean that must be a great feeling. Well like I mentioned earlier it kind of bit of a roller coaster we actually had a movie deal with Hollywood pictures which reported that the before the volcano now. And they went through two Lebanese groups and the president of a Hollywood pictures was fired. And so when incoming president comes none of the project from the old prisoner taken up. So with the rights reverted back to mean that in 2005 we saw them again. To New Line Cinema. And they went to compete consumption. Ridiculous crips. And of the project reverted back to us again. So this time around I put my a friend of mine a producer belly recharge. And bill. Didn't bother with the studious she went and raised a 150 million dollars privately. And we want went to Warner Bros. to for distribution middle of the project and got involved. And then the actors retention. Doctoral of the director and now we'll see we'll see what happens. I mean that you know I I've I've dabbled in independent film making and under sixty dollar a 150 million dollar budget is. That's that's a real budget for so that's that's and that's an impressed number. If they're actually spending twice that much on just the advertising and so. A lot of money. Yes it is of Paramount so. When we go objected to talk about undisclosed. What do you hope people take away from this book. First and foremost. I want them to know about zero point energy because there is solution that will result global warming resolve or energy crisis. Result poverty. Pollution. You name it it takes care of it and if the people demanded it it would come about. Yep the second thing I would want is that. But the biggest thing it seemed clear view of the fears. Is that this. Magic group will launch. That is basically the military industrial complex will launch. A fake attack. Where you have these. These you know fake what these men made ships I should say that look exactly like the real thing. That are being produced in these subterranean bases in. You know. It will become the next 9/11 which will be the military controlled basically of our our planet. And by ships you mean but soul alien craft. Exactly. Do you think. This is and this is imminent do you think these types of than this this is gonna come to a head at some point in in in them. In our lifetimes in in in the next five years what do you think the future holds for us when it comes to this. Well to share were put doctor Greer got the better we talked about a little bit and when this announcement came out of that twenty million being spent on the view of dozens of he felt that that was you know one of the first seeds that they're planning to get it in people's heads so when the when this false flag events does happen. You know people already been set up port. That's why it's so important for the books to get out the truth. Because if you expose the truth before it even happens that it won't happen. Well and in the book you talk about them on form the government I assume wiping out billions and we're talking billions of people. Yeah I united in the it's not the government to say it's sort of the shadow government. The government inside a government. Or separate governments. To what would be the reason why did they would want to pretty much weight Powell billions of people. Well it depends put billions of people heard you talking about you know they're not talking about whipping out. If 250 Americans. They've you know. Yeah or use our little teach you how other other races and so forth. Exactly and and you're also talking got control you know basically putting our planet in this state to. Warfare. That will let you know under years. So you know it it'll out in the vacant maintain control. And it's pretty disgusting you know but you deal with sociopath. Not dealing with normal people here. On that memory control would be global control correct I would a cigarette and beat and pretty much the whole idea would be just wouldn't be in control of the entire plant. Steve along it. It's read like fiction but it's. It was that these eyewitnesses called Ford has said that these things exist. They spent you know trillions of dollars over the last seventy years building these things. Reverse engineering. The ships that went down. They've got to technology and they reproduce the. So and a senator Jimmy but with the with that too. And we're talking to him are we talking pretty much the shadow government in in the United States sore because I would also assume that. Strains national it's strange national. Okay. So go to Sarah. Steve you a lot as a lot as has been made of artificial intelligence recently were hearing a lot of the bleeding. Cutting edge about corporate leaders. Forward thinkers like Stephen Hawking talking about the dangers of AI is that it all addressed in any of this. Know women really don't get into AI at all. You know. But we do get into bench trash your own intelligence and and and it gets into. You know take -- tees that they've actually produced. You know that again would look exactly like the real thing. So we only have a few minutes left out with few here obviously this book. It's really connects with the listeners of this program and anybody who's kind of kept tonight at this guy and and ear to the ground and a big question mark over what our government is up to. Do you see anything with the Strom presidency that it will bull make anything different then the results we've had and with past administrations will we get more disclosure will we get anything out of this government in the next three years that we might not get otherwise. Well it consistent because you know trump sort of is a wildcard. You never know what he might do. But. Peace is certainly in favor of big oil also. I don't think there's much so with that. You know strangely actually wrote him a letter a three page letter. About information undisclosed. You know basically promising him that he would go down as the greatest president district he just released zero point energy. And I send a copy of make a long poorest child but the course never expected to. Obviously in addition to your book talking about this hum of recently I caught in a new know which channel it's on May be was History Channel much further is there are they you there's a reality program about researching Tesla and has worked science as it was a so whatever and they were talking about these series and who have trying to find. Ever. Ince and documentation. That would indicate how close Tesla was. Two. Perfecting these techniques. Do you think with programs like that and your book. Enough pressure will come to bear on the public and that they can in turn pressure the government that we connection makes progress of this. What that dope pusher that's been galvanized the masses and and and also. Along with Tesla you know Durbin breakthroughs by people like you council brown and and and others and and you know these scientists have basically been shut down. Or in some cases poisoned. That's happened to a couple of them. So you know they're they're not allowing this information come out. Just trying to take down anybody who has who's able to try to get the word out on medicine so they're just trying to. In my take him. Any side is to make a breakthrough. Derek you know. First or they could not allowing any patents they happen they rejected over 500 pat interpreting. Different energy. Clean energy products. And you know that a patent UK raise the money to the fund that is to produce it. But they're also threatening the people's well. Well you and you've seen things in throughout the years I mean. It stood. Actual stories that he had a look closely for about even the electric car thing just see it start start showing up this amazing amount because. Years ago when on they were actually manufacturing a man companies diesel oil companies from buying them and just destroying them. Fine let them behind the scenes and nobody can nobody else can purchase them. It's as crazy it's crazy how these things actually happen in that and how well our government allows these things that. And and that is actually a law that allows them to just break into somebody's home. We're laboratory and confiscate everything if they feel it. It is objectively used the threat to the United States. Drilling has been deployed along constitution goes out the window. There's a law that allows them to do that yet. Well you dress a lot of very very important issues in undisclosed and do we encourage her listeners to grab the book. Before we let you go what do you have on your horizon obviously you're excited about the release of meg the film. On the in August but what else is going on. Well Maxi rating that's sixth book in the series may generations. And that goes on we're not. That one goes on pre sale on people.com. On. Category first. And we're we're not gonna put that one out bookstores. Just doing something for my leg head. My devoted fans to make it. Allowing him to get something that I think will be valuable news become because we knew we predictable felt them. But that they can be pre ordered starting February 1 once people.com. Awesome and the book on disclose obviously you've got new information on your website about it but is it found in the traditional venues. Yet in bookstores it's on Amazon and we also summon a discount on people.com. Well Steve thanks so much for coming analyst tonight and it's always a pleasure talking to you we look forward to talk to you again at some point. Yeah I really appreciated great talking you guys are big and you work in and apologize for my scratchy course. That's our starts are still some better than we did so I do it has so many people are her fighting these bugs this year it's just so glad you're on the tail end of at all. Thank you. I have a great night. Are once again the website is Steve Alton that's TEN a LT EN dot com you can go there there's a whole bunch of information not only about the book on disclose the true talking about. But all of Steve's book plus his newsletter the VIP club writing tips public to stuff their movies everything's Allred as what sixty volts dot. Humble and he is a series of books for the mag in the conference the law and it's not mean he's got a call him I'd just a great great books and British get a ton of them is written throughout the year so. Are it's a we're gonna take quick break more to come you listen to Jason and TV I'm beyond brilliant. When will be talking tomorrow night. With our friend Kevin may like he's a paranormal historian will be discussing the whole bunch of things including paranormal. History you follow G demon Knology meta physics crypt as a while general if it all that more. Showbiz on the weekend over ultimately did him a week's output and then Thursday were talking with our good friend Sloan bella she returning guest astrology expert medium. We'll be discussing her abilities and taking calls and dangling masks and she's always great aren't so if you haven't seen. This there was an eight point two magnitude earthquake in Alaska. Earlier area and there are fears growing that this particular. Quake could actually the shockwaves from this thing could actually set off a volcanic eruption in the Pacific northwest. Specifically mount saint helens which you remember. In 1980. And erupted two and killed many people and it was just a devastating eruptions first. I'm torn. Volcanoes go and they're afraid that this earthquake. And the shockwaves from a close enough to it and then strong enough that it could do trigger volcanic eruption of mount an ounce on Mario tax. I would you know. Now going to be good. Now there would be a serious serious issue yes so I I would recommend anyone in the business Pacific northwest to. Be alert state. In contact with the dictionary in Hawaii might wanna take any warnings with a grain of salt. But if you're in the of this Pacific northwest particularly say to Washington keep track what's going on there. Different local picking up my income totaled anywhere enough in songs you know and that's good advice so Aaron. And if you haven't yet Amaechi had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio it to FaceBook page for us. And had to be unreality radio dot com final season we are across the country right there to check that list Austin is a constantly updating and Burma. Ready to add some more. 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TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.