WWL>Topics>>Kevin Malek talks about the paranormal and his investigations in Northern Wisconsin

Kevin Malek talks about the paranormal and his investigations in Northern Wisconsin

Jan 25, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Kevin Malek - founder of a Northern Wisconsin paranormal group about their work and experiences on investigations. 1/25/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. Our policy analyst who serves and I skills and you're stuck somewhere in between welcomed me on really reveal myself Jason Mosley who has some GB Johnson you'd annoys you have funny Norris. What's funny and annoying you're like voices in my head tonight. Well it's it's commentary and it just did you take just take the medication. I forgot the victim in the case of us who welcome to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio and that we're happy to be here we've got. An interesting show it's gonna cover a lot of ground tonight with Kevin may elect he is a paranormal historian and you followed just. Will be discussing his paranormal group and the things they look into announces that this is a long list of things parrot just regular paranormal stuff go sign. You followed -- demon Knology meta physics crypto zoology Perreault Eric trip to zoology. Paris sociology conspiracies. Investigations. Equipment and then some wind which is a place that Tom has a quite a reputation with talk of. Before on the program you know he broke a place up so that's a lot of things to cover I want my share for the time that isn't how it's going to be a lot. Oh my gosh but hey if you have yet meet Seattle FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio that the FaceBook page. Then had to be on really radio dot com rekindled the Treo iPhone and android app creditor or find any stations we are across the country. The apple vital supply catch passion it was a more religiously some elaborate more upset by clicking the listen lied Bodden and join us online and you know so. Anyways it's Unser similar voices in my children. Repeat do. Don't look at me like I mean should an affiliation text your life at. So are. JD checked the south side Mary's you know how this is the Walking Dead stuff and everything counts you know everybody kind of bushes are zombie apocalypse. Rican who wishes it there's the fantasies about Nigeria baucus and scientists are warning to a mysterious. Deadly zombie dear disease could spread to humans. Dear disease a dear disease that can so I'm meters zombie your business and then and I'm curious you know walks and two mysterious disease that's killing deer across North America could spread to humans scientists are warning. It's chronic wasting disease CWD. It's similar to mad talk. About how toward humans to kill launched people. This he WT. The deadly neurological disorder known to some as zombie disease can be found in deer elk and moose. Infected animals are easily identified when they're they're near their death some. They're not hard to pick out at the end stage doctor Marc Siegel told New York Times. They have a vacant stare at him stumbling gate there heritage were drooping editors are down you get seasick saliva dripping from their mouse it's like a true zombie disease. Humans were thought to be isolated from the disease. But a new study from Canada indicated that the disease could easily. Affect humans. So interest and you know I've heard about the the did. Can't remember exactly what it is but to the disease that affects aunts that makes them like zombies is like a look there's a loss for something to write yeah effects and an excellent gentlemen were not workers from and now we're talking about mammals have forgotten about deer like creatures having nets that same kind of effect. Yes it's getting a little too close to home against me. Especially when it comes to deer and how look at things and meet the ethic and there's hunters and stuffing your face and they're in the woods stayed patient these things drag a mile there and close. Close quarters with these animals and whether they're dead or alive and you gotta wonder if he can jump and I mean I would think that the initial jump probably be fair. And then goes through the hunters. Think hikers things like that are the ones that would bring it back yeah two of the main population was a little scary and. And the other thing when it comes to deer are known in the community that I live in Cooperstown. New York. The deer has kind of been jaded the village and you know in in search of food they come out of the woods and the people trumps a mineral brown people's homes all the time I and dumb. Yes they're getting more brazen and closer to home and you know so nose runs a risk to them. Oh yeah and they're everywhere especially even them even in my house accounts in my backyard remember last week I had one run out of the woods hasn't turned a corner and literally bumped the back in my truck with its head knee doesn't. Who's just trying to move too quick it was it was okay. But so far the other everywhere so if you do have to worry about the office I mean he has said they're saying it that they think you can easily jump to humans so we'll see. And in scary out there be no it's not scary. The great radio stations that are during the programmer on the country and were really happy to have them on the on the list of affiliates and I didn't mention something Tom we've gotten several emails. About a while particular station the scary the program that that no longer carries the program it's a pretty high profile stationed. And mustn't be out of Boston. And I know a lot of those people are are listening online and and would really like to have it back on that particular station trying to point out that the reason it was. At the show was taken off that particular stations because the station was sold and new owners have their own programming. More so hopeful we'll get back on that or another station in the Boston market now we're working on most things but. I just wanted to make sure the folks knew what was going on there is really out of our control the Sierra. Mary when somebody's more and I never accompanied by his station from the company that where were syndicates are we can't we can't. Makes them take this show it's it's whatever they have slot. We will not discourage you from contacting if you go to the WRK a whole whole web site and click on the contact they need considerable amounts they would love to have be on reality radio back on. At solely. Are so we early June Hussein we've got a great show tonight we're going to be talking mark paranormal paranormal you followed GD Knology meta physics and the list goes on and on that tomorrow night we're gonna be joined by our good friend Sloan bella. Which are returning guests astrology expert medium are going to be discussing her abilities and and readings and the ability to pick up a medical problems and communicate with those who have passed on in and even reading and. It's did you hear about the in this is kind of off off topic here and they just occurred to me but I think it's worth talking about that. Scientists have developed a new. Blood test that detects I think it was eat different kinds of cancer. Well before any of our current screening methods. Are able to detect them it's highly successful and tests the FD day FDA's currently examining it for fast track approval. And this revolutionary this could. They receive. Millions of lives. Because our eyes we all know that the key to curing some of the cancers that affect humans is that early detection and this blood test. Is is able to detect the disease will before it even shows shows up on any of you have scans or any other type of tests that we currently have now they are using this now they've used in trials they used and in non. To isolate ten years before the well there were signs off on what they're saying is that they're trying to fast track and they're hoping they can get it to to market ended in regular use and about five years within five years or so so would just like you had your cholesterol test and an annual basis if you have a physical. The B running this test for these very very deadly cancers that if caught early and yet have a chance of being results. And it would be great because you rivals who lost loved ones and counted that in Canada India are sort of arms find it early enough street Guillen that was one reason I'm so excited I heard the reports that it thundered past announce great news great news from the medical community artists elegantly got a great show tonight in the call in number is 8446877669. In this talk for 8446877669. Road take a quick break. You get our guest you listen Jason. Je Giambi on really reading back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners to now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's beyond crude chastened and changed team bring night lined up 49 we've got Kevin melee. Coming on he is the founder of a group called. The northern Wisconsin paranormal society. Regarding about a whole bunch of stuff and go signing will be one of those topics but the list is quite long and dim hope we get it all in tonight. Yeah while we we might want to just take a couple interest or tour buses because Lewis is really really long probably good idea let's get started the spring Kevin in the program hey Kevin welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show tonight. And it should not. So we got to start to beginning here how'd you get started though this were did you develop your interest in paranormal topics and subjects and now when did you get started. What sort of early edge both my parents are free thinkers. And my mother knows quite an extensive library. But what kind of softened on an unexplained. And she had Bosnian. What I honestly and my own encyclopedia sat on the turn normal. 125 Porsche. It's produced were agreeing to be published and Lou we're geared more toward younger you sure. But then really keep my interest and all things and explain. And so. Between that we have experience of head. Nine life. You know and and well what about. That's talked into being. So you had eight. An encyclopedia set of the paranormal when you're younger is that we've sent. Yeah yeah I know what that's what keep my interest that's going into the turn normal you know one. Young kid you know I'm not only having this encyclopedia so. But having access my. My parents library. And having parents that are like a century thinkers open. You know outside the box kind of you know well. There's more to life in the Shiite kind of thing noble. Your parents were free thinkers but worthy did they openly talk about the paranormal did they have any connection to the paranormal or is this just something because. It was allowed to be talked about the you just pursued it. Yeah I think you know didn't have any involvement in any groups or affiliations or anything like but you know all. You know that if some Jamal. You know whether he alternate source you know yeah we are allowed to talk about it and it wasn't kept food. You don't it wasn't anything or you know back in the day. It's like in the seventies and couldn't even walk out. Well as so they were pretty much they were just open are open to hold the whole idea the possibility of things being out there are and and were a lot. Louis city and oh. Yes and I and I think that's important when parents are open or not shutting you down for your belief system failure saucer. Telling you what's real what's not there allowing you to make your own decisions in this life and and learn. Learn on your home. Absolutely. Yup that's huge now armed. It's been. 30 premier. There any any topic workshop. You know don't. Taboo or whatnot but it always been open aerial you know that they get but he taboos are. That does not mistreated that it used to be. You know there's an awakening nor not people are opening up to. You know. You ideas. You know different spirituality is what not at all. You know to put apparel yet the paranormal. Little bit more in an ever more interest. However. Well there's no there's no question that the paranormal conversation particularly when it comes to discussions about ghosts or spirits of the afterlife. Those conversations have moved from kind of back room conversations to dining room table conversations and that's all happened in the last 1015 years. Com I think that's great. For for those of us who have an interest in this because we can talk about it more openly and there are more people that are. To you know willing to do research in to explore these ideas so that helps assault. An and I am sure that's probably something that influenced you along the way. We are not absolutely. The dollar bought it. Yeah let's get back to this encyclopedia said because you said it was written for. A younger audience or younger demographic how he's content was this written for and how did I not find this thing when I was growing up. Okay well. What you're gonna grab on fox yeah that you still have great they're great but we're going to out there aren't. That's when you know also today between me and my life you don't Tucker's loose. Merge library folder. A paranormal supernatural. Esoteric. Or yen kind of topics. I think it's great we go to go you when you go back to the older books too because a lot of the newer books. They're good but I mean they they don't have all that information when a lot of times you're able to go back to the older books and find things that. Information from back then that really has sort of been lost in time. Yes and there's always. You still can't be Elin due. Newspaper articles. News. You know letters or reports of big. We I don't know I saw that quote the reentry children's books. While there are good out of Milwaukee trucked over Melbourne and London. I saw this on the target for launch on everything from Europe slows so. Our visitors so Kevin Joseph Kennedy in the wake him I'm sensing you're describing this like there's 25 books and each one covers a different topic like there might be your 40 and okay that's. That's really cool and so these books written in a sense and a scientific answer they more storybook fashion. Well. You know I. I would. Are typically. The old pretty much no way other than. Meaty references did you know while it exported to keep the interest of the U at all. You know especially from back no. Well no public books that are coming out of on unfortunate topic so what are. And I think this is just extension of that to our traffic you know. He can addressing the subject to know you aren't in these books of course from. Certain books on the ground. And overtime we don't. Particularly at cyber Erica. Resource centers. You know on and as for the pop the cover each secretaries of unknown and explained. That no books or library to be divided into one ability. Yes and we're to talk about all those categories plus all the work you've done with C northern Wisconsin paranormal society come after our breaks a stay tuned for that. Yes all right you gotta get questioned Prosser against the numbers 8446877669. Until free at 844. 6877669. You listen to Jason Giambi on really radio. And our next hour so jot down the phone number it's a 44687. 7669. And I didn't want to mention that we've got some really great shows coming up on were excited about tomorrow night Sloan bella. We'll be coming to bet coming back Sloan of course is an astrology expert. And a medium. To be talking about her abilities and taking some phone calls she's got the ability to pick up on some medical problems are not sure should be doing that on the phone with us tomorrow night. She can also communicate with those who have passed away she's been on the program before and we had a great time with alas I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. You know every Friday as the best of beyond reality radius me she ten and then nine tests showed that errant. And some gracious next week we'll springer guest Kevin mailing back and Kevin they string analogous. It. All right so now here you better how long exactly have you been able. Well but are you confident. Northern Wisconsin journal society. Binders were certain accurate or 2008. What and all about it moved back up from southern Wisconsin into the northern contour pursuit from. Around. I had a couple of experiences when my. Why. They seemed early twenties. When that. Popular point IR. Read about the paranormal and steady apartment but I had experienced it I want to next what I had experienced it. Are. At that point I wanted to be involved. And investigation. Now when you step experienced at oil what did you experience. Well I shouldn't couple different York post. And bigfoot experience what we have. You know a buddy of mine had witnessed trust what crush or growth Greg travel. And when you see something like that won't really change your paradigm. Yeah yeah it's been a lot more had it been a long while we go to told anybody about it. But beyond that I had somebody would mean. There was any time we were sober. We both achieve the same thing it was you you know you you couldn't seek a and it would that happen to be how to stay at Europe on that particular day it was the middle of summer. The worst town in the morning great. It is actually rare for you know a bigfoot sighting. You know early morning citing so yeah and seeing across Europe right in front of us and we. Assumed that it was headed for water sources initial pop it was or hundred degrees in the. And I'm assuming this was a Wisconsin. Yeah and then. Yeah so trying to help after that experience and Michael you know this is real like well and the greens are walking around and it would appear. And the dirt you know like there with the report experiences I know whether it's government or her dimensional or extraterrestrial or inner structure real. You know sums aren't around people are seeing it. I actually meant. Real art involved in the past. Yeah and bowel. That that I am the PS our role was existent but it'd have a president should as far as the weighted each debate the other shall. On. It and it will unless around. But there was there's nothing. Akin to what you know that would go and helped hand he's had an index and a parent and and deal with. Yes and all the paranormal or at least that's what I had a lot of I don't wanna focus just aren't. You know all paranormal or or just kind of followed you're just trying to propose a wallet U courts quite a lot of the focus on all of that you know look at had a he categories there. Well I just interrupt you here because I wanna learn I wanna know more about this bigfoot sighting because anytime someone has that kind of encounter. It's pretty big it's pretty huge and don't no pun intended there. But that you saw this creature did it just dart in front of you how long did was it in your field of view. Alternate what happened was we were. Pregnant or colony road we're probably 6570. Mile an hour but he was driving a horse riding shotgun. You know and which him around a band in the road and this year he walked up on the road desert crossing the road. And the first stylish. You know who we are still at that point. My first thought was this sort of all hunched over old man. Jerry shoot five gallon buckets. That we're chewing and accurate blocking. Extraordinary you know like law and strides. And you know aren't they refused. To what I perceive to be bought it to force necessary crossbow growth. I went back down shoulder and then into the woods. We realize that then I don't bucket or purchase or arms. Which are gone almost all the current. In. This process early and 84. Direction how much I mean they're at you know all had. But China and went economics yet it was all brought a replica channeling color brown. Carl. And I'd but he stopped car right where cross we looked in the woods expecting the seat either. Big foot and that's what it looked like you know. Or apply news or old man yelled someone else I don't buckets that we get sale opted for a minute there are those big. But no I've stopped the car and there's nothing. You know in addition to bend very noble moving there should have been because you're under the conduct highly Tony Roche. You know under you know it was aside whatever would either walked in the inner or dropped on. I'm all source birdie eagle in the country. It was one or the other because there's nobody locking. You know and it had been a person cheering I gal bucket it would be stumbling control what you want to have been able to choose. Police say disappear in the but he looked at me and us. Wanna go and thereafter let it should no matter what you creepy. Evil killer secure big elections. That was you know all the way home we are talking about it like that could just be. You know Ursula shall ha it's like you know 10 in the morning we're in a Bermuda shorts. So Brookstone you know super hardcore like this thing work I'll when it normally would have spent I'll. And we got home we looked at a map and they were headed for water source server under for the local. Watershed. The river he had. You know it's got on the first call are packet so there's nothing human original human. Try avoid or don't trail there is we're stressed woods. In hand column. There was no reason for the person being thing to be crossing the highway were dead. Other than. Michael and intended for the water source it gets shall pops. That it did need a lot of those had we didn't let's say look look you know but there were. Sandra so quick to buy or something that would be just so incredibly hot you know I can't even imagine. Being an actual like. And you're still very real but we just do you deny that there. Is there actual like Frankenstein intranet when they're there aren't out of your Shia appear in your heart and how they walked. This was stride you actually are clearly swinging from side to side. It across. Kansas won't. To the sync technology you didn't look at you pay you any attention. Not bad that we could see I think what happened is that we are probably down when we recruited pretty fast. And advocate said it would probably in this spot normally want to band but under the circumstances. Whatever reason. It would all the ball and you know we can on the corner and it crosses on a host. So you send you also early on personal how many years ago was at the had to bid between count. Our early. Early nineteen turner and that's some achievement that will report on imported record. Of this is about twenty X 20/20 five years ago. War yeah okay. And ECU also early on heads as some UFO encounters was that we'll take it like right in the same timeframe or was that you know before or after. There would have been. One would have ban d.s for that. Not to premier. And the other one would have been a couple of years after that. So we probably either late teens early twenties that area paralyzed. It was it was before the bigfoot sighting. Well there are some different sitting on some sort I don't understand. Right right so. Right what I called the content three. They are actually in this guy in my life. Yeah I can't explain. And they are all separate and apart from each other. Okay they don't look like he trotted I don't think there are some like to see how bad they're looking in shorts. Perhaps we may be Christian. They do not action to reachable. Okay mom too much on. Fascinating. One of them scared the hell out. And because of that there really piqued my interest and already called. Came here wanted to. What talked about. Yeah cola will get into all that in just a minute we're gonna take a break right now and and when we come back I wanna talk about how you formed the group. And some of the other experiences that you've had along the way it's cellulose is Jason Judea and unreal. Rockets center Jason GDP on reality radio and we are talking with Kevin may elect tonight. About his experiences as a paranormal. Researcher historian and a you've followed just. We were talking Kevin about sure experience and a big with the bigfoot sighting also some UFO sightings that you had along the way that really. Really got you interested and excited about the paranormal after you had an interest is a kid. Along the way you decided you're gonna start paranormal group tell us how that started. Won't like it so. I didn't decked out in Madison in that get rid. I had wanted to really get involved with dust. They're investigating aspect and there was nothing culture. No society she could join. Nothing like I had a won it you know so the thing to do is just shared a group. Yeah and for the first four years avert this and Sweden ever tries. You know on what I wanted to make sure we had experience. And equipment. You know and so you know the first couple years. Wess Tobler. You know what. We degrade your. Go to the abandoned palace as those kind of things. After first. Erupted for years. We have reached a point. Where. Are public so we we could advertise and do respectful and responsible job. And shall we started a FaceBook page. You know I'm so we were contacted. One probably in by a in the local TV station in the papers and shut up and and we had. We were interviewed and we were put out into. Our society basically I want that happened. More people drawing we had attracted academics at that. And that the original idea I had to society. We're during the best paranormal minds in northern cut into one place where we created. Well families or individuals that had concerns about paranormal things. Now on. You know it's there are. Myself of course and then my wife Jennifer glided back through our. Social media. Children toward a shoot out in analogous and she got abilities. Are psychic intuitive. And she received director of she had a colonel at the time. Well we had met each other. Not only do what to a mall were just doing the society will be what public. And that's from their market sent the other members have joined in double. Let me ask this Kevin you say you say you're wasting demon knowledge us and where did she what is she learned that. Well (%expletive) started off. Would it send it to a medium walked and let her abilities and whatnot and she had had encounters. Which she called in human. No level one dollar in their daughter on her career or studying or whatnot. Aren't so she says shutting out her own are eventually she became fully with the city rumors that Michael. I'll. She went out which yacht. And most excellent mentor you analogy. And you know what she had join our. Group should move to Wisconsin. Join a group we are married. We needed somebody inner group who is. Who. Basically it even omelet yes you know and add up until that point she had not called or Socrates and our focus. And it said nobody. What with all the experience you got in certain stunt if you aren't you find yourself a good mentor. Because you know the even argue it's technically a pseudo science and I thought get a doctor didn't you know apology. You know you can laden. And six dollars and buy a certificate and become an overnight but that's incredible. You know what you're gonna do it should do it right. And I'll sure let out and she contact leadership thought towards the best always for what you want it. And you know so you know that'll transfer that worked so there's nobody here real. Okay solely as you put this group together and we're not gonna get into the easy tech categories of the unexplained until after the top of the hour break we'll do that next hour and we'll also be taking your phone calls next hour as well. But as you put this group together you had in your sights more than just ghost hunting per say you were looking into many different disciplines of the paranormal. Absolutely. Not. And preached discipline there are multiple facets and off two on the right to our society. We have a resident psychotherapist. OK look everything from the yeah. I psychological aspects. We have reverend charming one parent should get a doctorate in. Theology. And religion you get Petrie and pollution problem social civic entry that eagle river creek into August Donald Young. And there's pretty well known him. The picture community. In hand. So you know any time. And you report coming and then we do have let up here you know would actually like myself another running around up here not here as soon and we do get report. And so you know called. Neck and you just ID course I've been corrupted August he had. As a society it started there's a point where I realized we didn't have the one thing we get out. Covered whoa Willis. Investigation. That you all that you. Or let's hope that's hold it right there Kevin sorry but we do have to get toward topic go to break bowl pick it up on the other side of the break don't forget the phone every 44687. 766. And we'll take your calls in the next hour are a lot more to come elicited Jason GBM beyond Tyler. So. Aren't there myself Jason was the always us and chief each are so the cold has returned in forests we Ehrlich could fifty degrees couple days ago now we're back into the teens. I degrees yesterday it was yesterday or day yesterday now Actuant pouring rain in the northeast. The last couple days to its mineral mass spec to I guess its price to pay for living in the beautiful northeastern. I love the northeast four months four months and appeared to best place to live welcome to the show everybody we've got a great win tonight we're talking with the Kevin may like about. Paranormal investigating his paranormal group in northern Wisconsin with Scott Wisconsin plus. 88 categories of the un explain that we're gonna get into tomorrow night we've got Sloan bella joining us Sloan is an astrology expert and a medium will be discussing her abilities. We'll be taking phone calls she's gonna talked you about her ability to communicate with those who have passed away she also has the ability to read animals. Which is always a popular topic when we do that I'm on. Snitching topic to notes sura. So and never Friday is a best of beyond the realities may she tuna and he haven't yet had ordered FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like to FaceBook page forests and and had to be on reality radio dot com you can find all the stations we Aaron across the country constantly updating its check in Austin. You can also download free iPhone and android app too logical listen live as well cash past shows on the dole joining online chat and more. Or just click the listen live button anytime on the web site to listen right there from the web site. If you don't show my iTunes or any words to us a favor and read it forested hills pusher show Ford makes it easier for people find and that's what it's all about. Yet you gotta have again we don't know lets us it's we really appreciate it when you do when you share the show let people know about the chat room on social media as well give more people on there it's a great group of folks who are having a great time in sharing some great information so. Kudos to you all and get to friends involved as well. Tonight we're talking with Kevin may elect he is the founder of the northern Wisconsin paranormal a group and he's done a whole bunch. Of things and he's got a unique approach would this group and Kevin again thanks for joining us on the program tonight. You talk about eat categories of the unexplained that you you dabble in with your group. Define those can tell us what the categories are what are the eight. First one and go on equations. Corporate zoology. Monster's. Ball in into your post. Theology. Medical ethics. Conspiracy. Forbidden archeology. And folklore. And urban Russians. No idea but yeah I didn't count but I'm assuming that was a okay. And do you help clients do you work was families and people individual clients. On all eight of those categories. But more popular because compilations are far. I would say. That the quality we have the U technology. Would your part for Shaq and geology and corn and obviously every camera gutter religion. When you are helping but you know here's. Beck and all falls into that. Armed. So not a critics of course is important as far as. Very area known. Our society looks set. Yes we helped families were apart 01 C three nonprofit organization. The primary I. You know we'll do. Like lecture. No likened. You get or content or library. And now we have been involved in tourism shops before in the past. But the crux of what we do is helping challenge and the crux or or it the majority of are people who have. Either their home or pocket or there are basically. Or comes country. As far as being. Forbidden archaeology. That there are some that your approach let. But that is something I bet that follow it then how many categories in some Ivan attraction. And you know. Yesterday archaeologist and a top third of Wisconsin who thought that it addressed. In our society no we absolutely. The open now well. And I together conspiracies. Seems saying. You know people are purchased what you're sure she's touched mostly young governments and then the church organizations and and that kind of thing. And then got there. Urban legends in folklore and we get a little of that and we have a Kodak appearance content. Our our society a bit better right trying to track and that's on the order. You know you're gonna have to help us or Kevin you gonna tell them what did you use resistant cryptic scripted creature you're talking around. What order. People called the crooked but it's it's really not that she insists are strict urban market if it's someone made up in legion Aldridge basically to drum up business northern Wisconsin. Yeah it is a laden camp that had shut up list last checked photo. I'm sure these waters. I was this little light. Carrot Top China creature. What should call the ho bag instead towards their camp and and anyhow so there's little black art photo and that's really gonna put her. Which are circulated. To look at Milwaukee and Chicago and then Minneapolis and get it. Yeah it's not real we don't really get reports of Port Orange that pitched urban like and dislike so under man. Our media. You know those kind of things. Okay so what I wanna do here is a wanna kind of break and a few of these categories because I just wanna understand how will your group gets involved with them because some of them. Arch normally. Lou used in a list of things that apparel mold group would address like theology for example when you say. US theology is one of the it'd topics are categories that you are involved in with the with your group. What types of theology. Connections do you have. When you talk a theology like except that we Shanley has got a religious belief most of them do. Had you gotta appreciate and respect that so you got to understand. Yet that based on the Internet yellow. Problem. It's really important you know what it's theology that your religion. Ready and really didn't based on spiritual beliefs but don't know yet he supernatural. So it it does fall within that category. And we have at ya just. That it had reverend while turning on pot. You know so. She is. You know academically educated delegate really cautioned that we under characters finished that we've come across that we don't you know actually their trust. On March Jennifer's car or astronomy. Interest. And theology. Church Community Colleges. Are being a Christian you know how it just. On you know. So. And yet just you know there are trying theology passing whether we're talking about are the religion practiced today or. Religions of the past these are eligible. So you. Like do you get calls from clients who say hi we want you to come help us sort out our religious beliefs sir I mean I'm not sure how it falls into. Your group activities I guess other other than you clearly have an interest and that's that's one. Won't need you know due to interest but again and yet ever appreciation through the country on the bench that's hard you know. We we will work with any greater good religion. You know like on ice now not all call it involves. Malevolent oppression. Tulsa OK but put post maybe 10% called we get that do. Okay down at the ideology behind beacon is superior court. Because the religious beliefs whether either age you believe that a religious aspect the supernatural helping or. If you believe that is a placebo effect or not either way. The guys suspicious of never having respect so that. And then some understanding. And appreciation for hundreds to the people call and say we are a lot and read it it's nothing like that. I mean. You know called. I guess you know and some paper you know and Richard we're not a ministry you know. But it administrators helping them what you won't see it we don't bill anybody first service. Well and I and I think that's important and that's just the way we've always and we we don't bill anybody either it's we do treat feet. Because honestly each by charging we can only help people that can force services must write but I understands the theology aspect of it is just pretty much understanding multiple. All in the room basis behind the religion everything else you don't wanna go bringing a priest talking about Jesus Christ to a Jewish persons home. And I had to get off and that's important. Very important. You know art or because a lot of a lot of these cases a lot of these cases can be. A lot of these cases more is more about empowering the homeowner they in the person there so. Fact of the matter is. Whether whether bringing somebody in to preach or bringing. A priest or or something of that nature into our house. A lot of times is more to empower the homeowners in return them. And being able to to push these things out. On their own or be able to deal with these things on the home because you've you've you've you've empowered them you've given them the power back. Natalia no paranormal team can claim that they can like. All the hot or not solve our underground you know party. On but you kind of power he individual. When you alleviate the fear factor the more information good solid information. You know if you can get the client. I what they're young and the different aspects I mean you know look at the apology to look at that the sociology differently unit. You know there's all these different things apply to this situation. You know on the this is. You know we can go and and and have cameras and went and do my best you can do that you know and and try to document. And anomalous server or anything. Paranormal. But there's that's just one shrapnel or process. Well I think what you said there was important noted TV and because there's a lot of teams out there are individuals out there. Who claim that the common and can either make these things leave or. We're somehow force these things out and then that's not the stature by any means and you'll see get that from a lot of self proclaimed psychics are sensitive to people claim with a sensitive that there are going to be able to make contact to negotiate with deciding to leave arm. The fact of the matter is. They keep the if you if the best way forward a Stanley to get an intelligent type on this and it's hard today and it's fairly Q and after we pass on we're trying to communicate. It's pretty much sit around as an entire family and say you know he's not welcome and we don't want you here anymore when this is our house we wanna Bakken and hope that testing leaves. Comment a residual type on of course is gonna fall under different differently at a find out what to ease the energy is attached to it in a property and try to remove that object from the house. There are there's the ability a law also to connect to with a chance at true sensitive which it is rare for a few between. And have them. Somehow make contact with something in the house and get it to leave as well but the fact of the matter is there's a ton of charlatans out there that'll that'll sell you anything that they think. You wanna hear. In hopes of whether it's financial gain or writing a book about how your case or whatever it might PA. Is there be great you know on. That's that's short like I like for instance which would somebody want to talk to her about not a prediction ever command. And you should accept on. They didn't approach her doctor she's gonna like pitched if you want a internal investigation. By our society which is a collective. OK on. That she becomes just one spoken to we. Which is completely vetted by the society. You know we protocol in shock. You know Egypt has psychics arkansans policy saying include while. Some of loading bloody about your bad or you know I think this should. People are that that's a good place to just pauses paws the discussion as we go to break here we'll get it would be no more of that when we come back we'll specifically talk about how you conduct. Your paranormal investigations when your out go stunning. Aren't phone numbers 8446877669. Elicited Jason Giambi on reality revealed that after. She's actually here guest tonight has kept me like we're gonna bring him back in him and I think. This is are very good short segment here because we know my long in the last segment so we'll bring him back after the next break owner reminder that tomorrow night Sloan bella joins us again will be taking your phone calls for Sloan. So is a great conversation she's a medium. And an astrology experts she is the ability to communicate with the other side. Plus. Community with the animals which makes it to particularly interesting conversation. Yet and she's always willing to take calls and I think that's important as well so. Make sure you you give us a call it. And disastrous request always put on the hot spot because she's really good working under pressure yet she is she's one of the best dom and is speaking of calling a feel pretty give us a call tonight if you wanted to join our conversation when we come back with our guest Kevin may elect. The numbers 844687. 7669. Don't forget Friday night slash Saturday morning show is a best of as it is every week. To be one of the great. Interviews that we had done during this on the last four days so you can join us for that to actually aren't so we're gonna get rid of this break get it out of the way in the murdered aspect can you listen to listen to. Sorry for. 46877669. If you wanna be part of the discussion tonight our guest is Kevin may Leckey is a paranormal historian and you'll fall just he's a founder of a group called. The northern Wisconsin paranormal society and I Kevin again thanks so much for being with us. Let's a quickly jump to the phone lines of that's of people waiting on hold for awhile they are the wanna get in our conversation. If this is Matt Matt Matt welcome to be on Rihanna read a great have you. They got a read on the show. Saying they expand our actually have a question for Kevin can. They can aren't soaring. What what church who is to experience well. You know looking for bigfoot or you oppose or goes on. Well I'd say my. Book yes it's very. We're probably. Well but you're experience happened during whatever you're up all experiences aren't we talked about before on the run aren't involved creation. I think people react to. Our during on deliberate it's actually know how people react adversely. You know armed. Say. Address partially addressed. They haven't really. Shake ya arm. So yeah I hit it would be one of either of those true church in front of the Europe of one or. A time where we were Bono on liver which had we are realized. Are in the process of this. One of the the camera number. And the attachment. Or watching could be that kept. Okay. That major question Matt. Yeah yeah hey thank you. And then talking about one with a one of those issues and it's funny because at anytime and anybody asks me what the scariest thing ever countered as I always tellem that it's it's homeowners because you never know whose house you walking there are all grown into your value truly never know what you're walking into and we've had situations where. I've had to hold somebody down so old teammates to get out ask ST did you ever talked to win it wants to wish and I did not doubt somebody on the stairs. Because they wouldn't let us out of there with a lot of some of their basement. So you get the situations but also working on in human cases we did Kason in school he can mean. And we're still close to family but. Where it was a negative it was in human haunting case and the problem was when we showed up there and there was six or seven. We drove there in a blizzard. And we got stuck there at this house for four days and we had even and we even had New York Times best selling author Judy the call with us. And it was Jesse what do you do start canals where there's an inhuman XT for four days because of publicity can't go anywhere. Yeah they can be terrifying at times or let's go back to the phones this is Vince say Vince welcome to the show. Any act I don't. Show. We have a little delusional Iraq double our carrier dead or are appreciated laudable Garrett there all your cupboard bare here. Our parting question very remote on the big footnote you know I live in the Cairo or near the Syrian Arab mood in the country and come back you know. I am black and alert and stuff like that but I don't you know. We can't try and we have no bale went down a very but probably weren't being there and about. We don't know below comic book so I'm honored at it did very populated by being heard a miracle worker Kirk Cameron in and out. Yet that's a great question Vinson is certainly one that Ted and a series that's been talked about more and more. Kevin watchers thought on that. Carriker to zoology. The idea or beliefs. Couldn't script it may have powers are abilities are humans don't possess. On the art you know art for years I was on the parents. I guess in the last couple years I am. I lean towards more of the terror proposal which side only because there are so many. Are unusual. Report expect along with some of these crickets sentenced. And even in my own experience. We came within moments upon something that trust so highly right in front of us and it was gone. It was completely gone. And we had both seen and I guess federal there's a chance because dropped at all or spread eagle which of course. 50% chance so that it that job I'll let you know whether what in the city there whether low. Plural I don't know but all these series are out there you know people were portraying light your return our. RE XP. You know all in a row. Or supersonic should say Tom. All kinds of things that that come along with these reports now obviously there's a lot of disinformation is excellent list. But shouldn't be reports are genuine true term people that are credible and reliable. You know army can't so bad that to me there's just too much I mean I got a look at the fact that. On and this one of the reasons why are trying to. I'm leaning more towards the Sarah was there. What what some of these now there's. On is we have. So much amazing equipment. And you to get through it yet traction and we got in ultraviolet infrared. Pomp and what she got thousands of people now thinks that show is like trying to pick for. On. Encourage people go ahead and good luck you know and then click here to accurately foretell the jetBlue so much anymore. So. Yet group gets brought up while I'm unfamiliar with bridge across America that there are wrong you know they're altered they're looking for. Whether he bigfoot or thought man army and I think opened creatures extent Doug mentioned I mean just turn normal parliament to document. You know and yet the sheep shift. You know. Some you know it yet they're going. You know. One commentary is that it's a cult related. Popping. You'd decadent geology Gary. The I can't get there may be some tourists and our crew you know what's wonderful is. I brought up. Donald Young before. He's been featured on much require a certain book trailed just watch. Well. He now you also shocked and Eric shot. True trauma that a truck you know argues he's been. Used six. You know from early on his childhood is a true definition. And all. So he's got a very spiritual side didn't. You don't play he's also two daughters and tractors armed. Where did you hook up their society it was it was actually an ally as you know. I didn't follow it just. I do believe it and you know other. Being siphoned out all the apologies stewards and you're nuts and bolts. You know military he is it kinda tell you about earlier and I believe there's more out there I certainly. It's actually in the objectionable spectrum nearly Sheila. -- 10% and you know somewhere in between ultra violent threat. So yeah all this this. You know space and or or or something that you actually. You know we we noted. Dark matter out there. You at all on that again on that yet to calculate it. But we can't achieve it or we can't you know on. A mission to get caught trying to lateral the ball. Yet the people have experience as a tradition there. They're being. And I think your dad in the shelters where do you look at noting. On connect to the question yet it's sort of impossible you know follow traction miles in the solid alternate disappear. You know what the girl. You know on sand attitude and treat a jump in June has got a little later. No. True I mean there's you you can look at it from so many different angles and I just feel like at this point. You know it it would put into week all we do these Turk is a logical expedition. Where we are not only a fine crypto zoology. And its terrorist searching for bigfoot or dogs aren't ready cricket for that matter but. We also played paranormal you don't. Whether it be known on cassettes. Donna got you know genetic abilities Jennifer how life. All it and get a meeting abilities. You know associate I noted physics two on children has traditionally the we can try it you who own investigation could you know that's something we look at. To try to. You know we get the trap or are. No thermal cameras and you know we we put up front will grow and for cameras although there are serious separate species interact. Our own. Well I don't know it 100% to turn it in from being an area especially if the could be. Invisible part of it's hard. You know we've tried to follow us cameras in the field you don't accept speed power laden ordered yet we had. You don't. Deputy published cheated we can't kisses or Richard that's posture setup at homes. And skeleton. Will blow a pure onscreen and it's like a large delicate Italy and little cute and let alone you know. Earlier court you know it but it would against some like at the field in the middle of nowhere or repeat how eager are you almost incredible that he. You know so these are editor trying and we just because it has. I don't know how many people are trying to from the shops but look at. It's certainly why not yeah I mean are or you're spinning your wheels. Yeah our let's go do let's see this is Joan Collins from nor owns a Joan welcome to the show. Eight. And they are you and keep kid Dave Brown's yeah picture. If you eat well thank you for listening. Well luggage. And but something you said earlier who. Evening or something about peers are on irons you know like. We add the lately and one Italian restaurants and in this morning on the weather channel where I am pretty sure it's South Carolina. Where. I was doing and opt is. At night and you learn black tank and then gear and I don't know the window would open in Russia but is geared to jump through the window. And it came government debt in this not to laugh at pop and the guy ran into another you know groom. And he looked it up the weather channel. And then the Giricek. To step on crane EP. And it was like a verdict that is like kicking that Blake says. Our military track and the guy came out to the ground and like grabbed it's gonna Arctic could photograph but. It really. Conducive to what you were saying earlier at the bit beginning at your show about. Gears and fine and it's like asking weirder haven't they don't like a mad cow disease. Who and that's a thing it's it was a story is scientists are warning of a mysterious deadly zombie dear a disease that could spread to humans man. And they're calling its chronic wasting disease. I'd just like mad cow disease error and years and two years old and a moose are all all showing up a tennis and it's that's crazy I mean there's. And Jimmy you guys just had a crazy when shown up and in the store there Cooperstown yeah yeah I mean it's not that all that uncommon anymore secure about these deer that find their way into into a store go through a door in and just cause Havoc and Joan you might be onto something there that might be a symptom of of what we're talking about it but either way the best thing to do is keep your distance. Away from these animals especially when they're acting oddly you don't want to get too close because even if they don't don't have a disease that you can catch. They can be pretty dangerous flail about like that yeah ice I think Phoenix's. Just felt like people around it. Exactly exactly like I don't know what I'm gonna show when animals attack ordered I've read taking need to change it to win stupid people get too close to him assets practice that a whole export decisions on these people aren't they John thanks so much for the call we appreciate you're sharing that with a sense and it's very interesting. I'm Kevin we've only got a couple minutes here on. We had more questions but as we thought time would run out with a all these different topics we wanted to bring up but I want to ask you. If people want your help in northern Wisconsin they're looking for a a group to come in and help them with. Either it's a possible haunting her or spiritual problem in the home. Or they think there might be a creek did a bigfoot creature or something wandering around in the woods behind their house up out of the gate holding. Well he's been find out spinners. Got FaceBook can't take another record just Google search northern trust's internal society she. I hope she. They'll kick return like page I don't like page Italy to our web site. And egocentric or try and they UFO center research team. A division or an affiliate of the and that yes. Our army. Can also be found on. Our FaceBook. See there's like atrocities. Can check out our round per person universe are threatening radio show on inception radio network. And that you're trying to see there. Aldrich or supernatural magazine. He could find car there. Are one more quick question and we have to what you go here it is if it in and going to the roots here the ghost hunting routes if somebody is experience in some type of problem in their home. More they think there might be a haunting. Maybe not necessarily malicious but it has them concerned. What would you advise them to do what's the first step. Well first episode. Talk to somebody who. It has to do a natural and electrocuted. You know I explained and want to problems. If you're looking poverty you know if you had summoned him home. It looked prepared are looking in your area first but do your research picture there had been around profile picture there act changed. You know. References are great if you could get up and I know not all kids divulge. So like that about some tunes aren't you know ethnic have been in achieving unity long enough that did you come up what reference. Yet result of the respectable group and yet so right well now. Not that I you know that that's you know and do interest rates and south and also you don't even given certainly pleased now. It's like anything else always what you're looking you're the second opinion. You know why not you know again they'll make sure you know you are talking to someone who's doing the Sherlock. Aren't always Alexio Kevin but thanks for coming and hang analysis and and older actually talked to against yet we appreciate you being on the show again it's given me like his group is northern Wisconsin paranormal society we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll wrap things up. It's beyond reality great chance to. It's. A lot of phone call as you might have to try a bunch of times of the lines are busy do we certainly wanted to be a part of the program. I would Sloan tomorrow night's immigrants show heavier animals calling him until you know I don't personally that was quite a terrific business loan is an astrologer expert and medium and be discussing her abilities. Also will be talked long she's able to have a medical problems can he communicate with those who passed on and the ability to read animals I think that's that's always a neat ones so. And and some people are dead on with those things too which is amazing to. She's got a great reputation and it promises to be great show and soul and a member executive Kevin Malin Akerman panelists tonight. You can check him out northern Wisconsin paranormal society. And if you have an Emmy Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page and had to be ameliorated dot com we find stations we Aaron across the country can also download the free iPhone and android out. Listen library there from the website as well and if you download the showed us a favor please rate it forced helps push shall Ford makes it easier for people to find that's what it's all about. Shows successes because you only greatly appreciate that it's gonna do for us tonight it's Jason NGV we'll catch you tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell students it's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jayson host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following act. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.