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Mystic Deirdre Hade discusses the inner light of your soul

Jan 31, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Mystic Deirdre Hade to the show. She talks about the inner light that guides everyone's soul, and is the essence of our entire being. She offers guidance on how to strengthen it and make you life more fulfilling, and successful. 1/31/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Stimulus goes once in the East Coast. I can't start somewhere between welcome to be artery with myself just cause and the only sauce and chief each ons so you have days. That some kind of her a bit of a turning point in life I mean you kind of recognize may be after the day is done that you know things are going to be different from here on out. On previous days you know those kind of like an awakening happens gonna yesterday from Maine and dumb and you're one of the things that if you people who listen the show have known for wiles and if I lost both my parents are the last few years. And yesterday was there and it would have been in their 53 wedding anniversary. And down. A and I didn't think I'd forgotten all about it. And you know something my sister post something on FaceBook and it hit me like a ton of bricks but it was a good feeling it was one of the first time since I lost them. And actually had a very very positive. Feeling about it like I finally felt there were some peace involves and I felt I felt that denied personally come to terms a lot of it. And I'm in reason and even bringing this up is because our guest tonight is gonna talk about things like this and I found that to be very human yesterday. Well when I saw your post on that and it was a surprise to me com. Honestly the first thing the first thing they came to mind and it's probably a great feeling for it was just. Molinari and when I sigh are you see a mom and dad all the time I mean those two were always together now they were they were so happy always walking around together. And what with the were at the conventions are you and I swim by their house and everything Austin. They were just awesome that they truly were two of just some of the most wonderful people and so happy together and and to know that they're they're together again and yeah that that's most important thing and that's probably where. It's sort of like. Where I where I can I can understand. Where you're saying it between those emotional things were you also have a positive. Outlook on. Yeah I I really do I left the whole process feeling very uplifted by it and that was a great thing did too that come away with sand. Our guest tonight Deirdre Haiti will be talking about the light of your soul and a lot of it relates to its value lives how you can live better. News a lot of things that we can do and we can come help ourselves improve on so that our lives are better and I think that's probably something I should do and I'm probably everybody should do a little bit of. My kids like to expressly to this weekend to decent and what. My twins in my in my own life and my son is my sons took first and second place and gradually TV wrestling state champion when you JG be wrestling in his -- with me own and operate our GDP is just magnets and WWW you know and junior varsity read your voice of cumin and jumped on me before is so that's general assembly have gotten a little I know I Lebanese take college teams together but but they they actually first in second place in their weight divisions forward junior varsity state championships. And so now the next thing is a get to go up against you know varsity and and so forth and like two weeks put. And that's such a huge thing for it's just seat like Lowell can. Logan was too used he'll literally taking kids out in under thirty seconds out. Just boom taking these kids out that are you know 1506070. Pounds. And just an hour or so definitely a big shout out to my son's thirteenth soon to be fourteen their animals they're very well behaved very respectful guys. In their chips. Just see them excel something like patents phenomenal and definitely big kudos out then congratulations boys you guys speak hasn't worked hard you've earned yet and they may winning mace at their minds on something known they really go at full force and congratulations. Guys so it's a through Austin and truly in in and it didn't have anything to do with me telling them if they lost they weren't going to be able to eat dinner. It and they did it down mineral. We have something else that's pretty exciting golf we've had success that I thought that idea which is on the other it's pretty exciting that time actually Alex just mentioned to mis we have a link ups of the people who get the official. Beyond reality radio. Coffee mug. Hey you know now and I'm just gonna say I have to read the links are gonna find it here so you go and see who you going to similar look for so I had to get one of those but I gotta get one that does exit Torre ended up getting me this coffee mug actually it's so we're seeing the world but. Never thought I'd like it it connects the Bluetooth on my cellphone call in Anchorage yet and amber in a soreness. And I can adjust the temperature. And it literally keeps my coffee at the exact temperatures set to my phone. As long news has long on this I don't have to get him you know he gonna be you're drinking coffee got to get up and microwave to keep it won't print this thing keeps it at that perfect temperature now we're gonna get to be our mugs do that and that and that and that's when you have been. Anyway they they if you wanna check it out it's in the Chad Alex keeps posting the link there but it's square up dot com slash store slashing Joseph on dash productions. Dash slash the word. Dash scared dash a dash economists is that I know like I don't know I just wish we probably could have done that trip for a month has put a link to and beyond realities FaceBook page about that what we'll do that and will also get it on the website at some point but I do wanna go back to the guest tonight Deirdre Haiti will be joining us she's a mystic healer and an author. We're going to be talking about her life as a mystic from childhood to present and the experience with her mom that led to the discover of the light and the light of the soul. And creative ways to move past the obstacles and fears of block your inner light lunch unconscious energy leak in simple. Five minute techniques for igniting the soul of your life. This sounds it's going to be great show now and then tomorrow night we're going to be talking with great guy Troy Taylor he's an author. In view and familiar with the paranormal to slow Kamal I mean he's been altered forever. We're going to be talking about American haunting us the rise in the spirit world in the the birth of the modern Osama. And he didn't a lot of history of it all on Thursday were going to be talking with William gem in Germany and bigfoot researcher author and expert we discussing his encounters a research on big four. Now. Answers did you get the snow. We definitely are like 45 inches yeah I mean it's kind of been steadily coming down also. Wanting to treasury crazy in the and the media who were the guys who actually runs only had the cameras from meteorologist I was like three houses down from him norm for years. They told us we're gonna get a dusting to to an inch. And sound and that nobody prepared to have access to the plow on just because I kinda figured that and just better safe than sorry. Com we did of getting about 78 inches then that haven't shut the schools and everything else it's snowed and it finally sound just house and few hours ago but it was just nonstop. Yes and it's where Powell that happens they don't see it coming but somehow it just kind of distaste Constance are just keeps coming down and builds up and more than ever said. Yes so and US parent but take take on the number if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial to FaceBook page for us. And had to be unreal he radio dot com you can actually listen right from let's say just click the listen Liasson tavern turn their operate cornered he'll listen right at the website or you can click the and chat which will connect you know chat room he can listen right they're walking out talking with everybody GB myself immigrant community people. You can find any station we are on across the country. Or download the free iPhone printer it operator it's free analyze adolescent life catch Pashos chewing on line chat and more. And phone numbers 8446877669. Again missile treaty 446877669. British take a quick break more to come to listen Jason did beyond beyond reality revealed. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Reality creative juices in case you were so happy and ready when you know. Whole coarseness in my voice a yes I have to say NA unit with a total on a personal stuff tonight but he does have saved my sisters does midnight approached years. Is celebrating the birth dates are very Smart guy for stake. And Saturday night actually this last Saturday at her bar in the shipments to own and in town nearby might I played my band played and I sang my vocal chords out meg. Bruce talk now. So that's life sound a little raspy. But anyway so happy birthday suit he had absolutely so we've got media upper a pretty big weekend coming up football fans big gay the big game and I know you'll root for. Well yeah I but the worst part is OK so now this aren't Amazon. Lax when you now ask her you know and when the Super Bowl. Engineers you know who's gonna one big game yet she says the Eagles are you serious she says the Eagles. But a little over that come is that just is that military both she's saying this that with a logo and Aaron asleep via pitchers are favored the stats are saying there believers are patriots favor like 66%. But I'm. Ever she says you know she's she's going with the Eagles the underdog Eagles because some I'll let her on this big Ron and all that stuff and was very hurtful and Aaron. Then I was rhetoric like hitters and why you would be and a billion middle Lexus got a different agenda so the only thing I have to say as. I. Am worried that it's sort of agree. It's one of those things where I don't you know I want my guys to win it. Those those Philly guys that are just Franken. Well I do you know they have had a heck of the season then there are good football teams will be in the Aussie yes we universities who have or are you still as enamored by. The big game particularly commercials that play Garrard have you do you think it's become too much of a spectacle it was just kind of. I overdone I like the idea a lot of that because I have so many of them have these funny twists since Adam and and I like it's in others they've got to the kids and I launches. And Alpharma. I'm but I mean your target people paint three million dollars for six for 62 spot yeah no I think it's up to fives in its present five and six. Nine for 62 spot is just it's our agents while there was a day when them you know. Used to watch those things and they were fun to watch and I think this comment and then on the Zemin is impressive lesson years as far as I'm concerned that it had been a little bit off. Yet while here they have been but I like the idea that they have had to me the humor side now all that stuff in the end of that really personal time and effort at all. Though it seemed like every other one is gathered to reduce her car commercial. Yes so why do we feels like car and beer. During those cars and beer but I guess it's a fascinating and legal godaddy once every every fifth time in our 150 point and there's some good ones from the world's those godaddy ones where you had to go online to actually see the full commercial because little more risk gang of yet. I sure do remember and so. I don't know let's keep our fingers crosses and he has a world. Working on getting her guest on here and if you if you remember correctly Deirdre has been scheduled on on the show this I think is the third time. She isn't hated on because once we had to reschedule. Then yeah yeah natural it's just a natural disaster house with a mugs the mudslides in California she had evacuated. And an action at this moment I think when I'm I'm hoping we don't have a problem but we're working and I getting around alliance we'd get this discussion started. Or trial. Sailor coast so yeah I mean we've got we've got a lot of things talked about and down for some money on and get Alex here for a second and when you jump on this Mike Alex rate here no way to tell us what this link is for the the mud Zgonina Tampa. I must go grab and go grab it here go grab the link. And and from we have to yet we gotta get that out because it's a little complicated don't want people to make sure complicated that they know. Mom you know what it is so. So anyway and dormitories on the merits of theirs you what you wanna way to make 50000 Euro where I can help him. Of course if you aren't well there's a monster hunter who's willing to pay a 50000 Euro for proof. That certain crypto creatures are actually real. Yeah Denver and one just hopeful but hopeful monster hunter all. Of Australia. Hopeful monster hunters all across the globe have until June 30 2018 to collect staggering 50000 year old bounty. For genuine evidence of the world's most talked about peace. The party was put up by veteran team developer cap com which I'm sure it was kept coming treated atomic games of course to celebrate the release of its latest title monster hunter world. The Japanese company mine Megan in street fighter Resident Evil is certain that renewed interest in real world monsters could lead to exciting discoveries. It's like Capcom actually partnered with John downs director of the world's leading research Saturn authority uncooked as a wallet senator for forty in zoology in north DeVon. Renowned composer largest. Will be at the forefront of the competition analyzing every piece of evidence that emerges in the coming months mr. downs said there are stories are monsters from around the world. The lost some may be flights of fancy. Not every one of these monsters can be made out. It's one of its greatest mysteries and similar to monster hunters. Underworld. I spent the majority of my life traveling across the globe to hunt for evidence of these creatures. Although it had some success. And yet find the abuse of proof and it's time for me to offer my help us as throw down took it to the gauntlet. For the next generation. On income sunny 50000 Euro on translates to 6 1000000000 dollars American morning. And if it works out I think it's like sixty and in US currency. Right well let and they you know I day anytime cement proposal would money into the had to try to get something some evidence of some of these things we talk about I'm happy about it makes me wonder about that lawsuit coming up on California has it all based on. On the right trying to trying to get this guy right. Are you know it's a gas line now we finally are all sent here we've got Deirdre paid joining us he dear you're welcome to be on reality really is great to have you on. Great aching so much and I apologize. Well at Oregon that's finally make it over the thing is the delay wasn't just the few minutes that we were struggling to get Joseph on the phone but we've had you scheduled a couple times and things just kept getting an. No look like tired mud foxy. She keys out of my. I am hoping that not a sign or maybe maybe was maybe they did the stars aligned in the news that tonight was an ID action that should it worked out right. When you get collapse might be every bit with our port to connect to visit big rainstorm outside an out Conrad now. And at the big wind started blowing I was like why. Did the president get. Get a little weird when that happens appear at the mountains. Whoa how'd you how do you make out with all those mudslides and everything it's everything was safe. Well we we're so glad to really Americo. The light side of the old days. When mr. out by about 1520 feet on one side. Of tired came down the mountain. You are out. Burning may hedges. Twenty feet from my house from the other side. And I house tech summit on top of the hill there's this time. Now all they don't. These you know I'm it just seems like the you know with parts of the country particularly California have just said you know disaster after disaster and it's just these extremes flooding drought. Fire and wind in mind is just one thing after another and the deport folks trying to just live their lives in those parts of the country just. You know is that he can say but jeez I you know hang hang in there right. Great well it has been. Yeah well have all tried. Sugar packet. It really has been some bold. And if it's one and a different kind of the mindset. When no one is attempting to live a normal day by day. What you're dealing lab. Disaster and then another disaster and then another cleanup and then the speculation. Has. Been in the and law are and you alienate your friend a lot of houses in the and a lot of people they love. Award when. When we come back from the break we're gonna turn this conversation is something a little more optimistic in a little passing years for sure don't forget to stop Ed that judges website it's Deirdre he'd HE DE dot com. And you find out more information they're going to that level reconnaissance you listen as Jason TV on the on an island. Her number. Already down. We'll open up the phone a little later for our guest in your drift paid. It's 84468776698446877669. Now. We've got a special treat here would bring Alex into the program you can hear anything our lows so debris into the programming to take your bones often hear that way. And give us that link because it was awfully complicated. All right guys that are really slow seek and understand and be able to write down it is www. Square. Up dot com slash store. Slash Cho ha that's JOH. Eight W. Dash productions. Dash the word slash. That's scare. Dash day. Dashed content. Couldn't be any more complicated rhythm I don't know I was that are done you the better solution Jackie out a struggling to them. The calendar page and make a lot easier but anyway the monster out there and they look great when you're either sit around enjoying the show late at night need a cup of coffee to help you know get the mind thinking in the right way looks great and I've been on real hundred a month for sure I'll give up on saying just cycle aren't supposed go to back toward gas line to bring. In our guest for tonight again it's Deirdre hated Deirdre again welcome to the program. A little bit up about yourself give us give this kind of the end of the brief bio. Okay well I am in this state and it. In this state to someone who had 01. Vote in the alternative reality. And went for it. In this reality per grounded in the multidimensional reality a mistake to. Accident say translate very rich doorways. The cattle. View. Brain inflammation and add this horrible. And to hopefully make the world a better place without defined information. And that and I am. Oh yeah and and and I know that some you talk about. Actually being able to see energy at an early in each tell us what that means what most what was the energy that you were seen. I'll defer up remain had a with what you call paranoid now honorable herb. Mystical experience. I would is. Like three and a half. And I was talking to treat that told me it was my grandfather. And in his Blanchett. I thought cloud open and in the cloud right. Eight pick up truck rental where our family's tent where we were camping. Brand by any baby brother was sleeping. I immediately turned and ran up ilk to attempt. I grabbed my brother. Ramat. Afterward. Eight track did Leno or Ike and pop crashing and try to treat it right in standing. I heard my parents screaming. And then when that dust settled base and default. All you really could not believe it I got my brother out and the bulk of interest still lies. I would be able to articulate that story. And it would. Can definitely Stanley folklore from that odd but haven't really my first experience of being able to. If these sound saying and then being able to. Help someone's from the in my days. Perfect here it's really can help you help people. Have that deep intuitive ability. (%expletive) me. So that you can't. Have a happier healthier. Life yeah. We're gonna get into all that but I'm I'm fascinated by the story in any I wanna know a little bit more as you were look my three and a half years old you send. And you were looking at the tree and in the branches departed and a vision appeared. Now is it you're understanding the impression or it's our belief. That the tree US presenting this or was there another force presenting this to you just use the tree is the vehicle. But that's an excellent question I believe that. You boys another forward it was a forward from higher power. Of the book called god however I also believe. That nature of the train. Home. And and nature animals that they are emissary in many times. I used to view bring messages. You know booted that under the party tree in the deep it went into the world and it looked at cedars. Now it feels that this spirit we work. Very deeply and closely to nature. NIG who got this vision and you recognized. That what was happening. I'm I mean the first three and a half year old to wreck to comprehend that. And to take action is pretty remarkable in itself. But who do you remember being afraid do you remember being guided to in your actions or was it completely you just saw what happened he knew it had to be done. That's exactly right I can't tell what happened and I knew it had to be done. I had no feeling. I had no fear. I just felt that deep urgency in my gut I and I just knew it might go. And they can't get. Would completely in the moment now of course an adult I can analyze it. Looking back at the time. I didn't analyze that it would get like. I remember that. I couldn't speak English very well and I remember trying to tell my parents. What happened. And that they couldn't understand me and I remember thinking that English twit secular slowly calmed some language. I had a languages might. And I was really get that that they might parent didn't understand. Violently. I'll but they kept things slowdown. Slowdowns. And then I called them the whole story about what happens. What I brother. I'm all it did even as an ad out today. I'll. It's hard to believe. Any I didn't have my family backing it up I might say an ad out called I met it is male that I. Well I can get sent the other. And we can mention here is that you know when that was the first incident but wasn't the only incident you and you've had a life long experience and relationship with these energy sources and the results of them. And so therefore it wasn't a one time thing. With not a one time saying are even up to this day. I'll break before the fire in month to see go. I came home I had the surgery and I was gonna come home didn't go to bed for a month and I had it all planned out. I would get it do anything but Koppel left. I came home that was walking down that step. I have and all of a nice cup of agent right in front of me like a movie screen and everything went burned to the ground. And I said no no now I must be. Kept hallucinating. From the drugs separate surgery I said no no no I'm not speeches. Imagining netbook that has been so dry it would make sense that would conjure that up. And I went and in the next state this same thing happened I thought everything burned down. Felt I began to the raid deeply deeply I said god please please. We count me if this true complete protect our home. Please protect this I had a plane bode. Well. A week later ten days later the fires started. And then within four days after that the fire was it at our doorstep. But this agent. But it is tried to scare me because. Maybe go to the grand award because our house was perhaps the saint. I have to bird down. While. Newt is amazing yet beat you. It's so talk about the lights. Of your soul and you talk right igniting the light of your soul when he used that phrase what he's talking about. Little he is. In the zebra man 29 nation not a done that the very ancient mud trade got lamp light of god is the human soul meaning that. I sold. The part of got the pot itself well flat. And that we are at Atlanta plight of god Asian god. Desire. Of God's goodness. And and to. Learn how many many years ago and I began to do my healing work. Went fact we couldn't attack. A greater. Energy of course so then the present. In the physical well we could include pretty. So light in the physical world of who we are and apple light to these little light we he'll. Is politely to protect his satellite which. Keep you bet deep into leash getting into. A universal knowledge in information so that you can't protect yourself. And I got over and over. Hundred demanded the people that. And when people with experience. This all this intensity at this. This plane be lit with men its it took real estate. I would bet your life changed and changed for the better. So all I just decided that this was my job Ku and DD two Pactiv sonim. And help that many people. Where open and willing to having that it's kind of experience. Well it's it's a noble cause for sure are we're gonna take a quick break here and when we come back. We're gonna continue our discussion board and get into this a little bit more and more detail with Deirdre paid. And the phone numbers 84468776. X wagon too free at 8446877669. Who listened Jason GBM beyond Ellen revealed. Beyond radiance. Last night and where. Inner hurt 290. Let your soul and it's something that your dream. Discusses she instructs she guides she mentors and usually I don't want to get into this a little bit more. Younis had a lot of things about. Poll this and and working on this concept can help you improve your life book are we talking about religious force here. Are we talking about it as something that's just innate in all of us or is it something more specific that you can describe. This same age spiritual force. And to be spiritual well in two teenagers order. Informed. Our religion. Let this but here it is and they eat in all of and then I'll borrow reality. Is that what. Linked life. And we we are two different ways to experience that and their religion and others through. Get having a spiritual experiences spiritual. Another words were all pretty much connected new overall even though and their word. Looking were talking about in certain religion world release still talking about the same thing. Absolutely we are all tracking. About the same thing. And what about. People who. Sees I'm turning to determine how to best put this in the words such as the make sense people talk about a life force and they use the word this the soul and they use. From other words to describe this a Wii U is it all the same thing that we're talking about. Yet I executed there aren't many different. Different warring. I. Mean the great soul. Worked out why my background is. It. Judeo Christian background. I have studied became due date is and it band and other other religion com. But I found in every study. Period the concept. I'll look at divide the part of our nature that. Always exist. And that has stayed in line. This state of divine light to state. Where we outlined. There have been active. That you see get out or. Put up talking about the same day. Yeah and and you reference this is being our true essence. Does it in doesn't survive. Physical death. Yes it does absolutely surprised the physical test. Bit so. Goes to come life determined a lifetime. To learn. I hope to grow this song if you your soul is huge and human experience. And counsel people that we're really here to take care personal. And to make it and without soul. And ask her soul pure pictured her as to what you hear patrol or what do you. What do you need to grow and expand. In your development. And when you begin to have that conversation. It's pretty wonderful yeah I'd be surprised. Also whether it is the definition well some people generals say he's an old so she's an old source she's she's a brand new soul. Does that really fallen and fallen to play her is pretty much all the are all the muscles just old souls. That's an excellent question. Yes there are doing so meaningful that have. Not. Coming into reincarnated into our existence. And any time. And the shareholders sold. It has been here aired many many many times. On May in the other reality. What we called cult had been. There are blamed the existence. Where sowell. Lived daddy. Where our consciousness. Lived and studied. I'll make you feel we have. Three parts to myself that may the whole we have. Our soul which is. Here is part of course so we have a consciousness. And that's the ability to to watch herself to learn grow and kind of the whole package together and then we have our ego mind eagle behind his you know get this in trouble. Armed ego mind is the can't. Part of our intelligence. They have to do it for survival. And then that's simple old getting along in a physical world so we need to eke out. I'll let campaign eagle to deal with crown men. Ended sit on K Matt took to get in trouble. So quick question here before we have to go to break you know we all know that we boomer talking when were existing and more aware of her existence that's our consciousness. Is our soul part of our consciousness. Or again and it is OK so they're not two separate things because you said. You know YouTube talking you learn from and teacher soul and take care of your soul but it's retirement our conscience consciousness being our part reversal. Yet in the consciousness since the tank so less they can have that are cam. Questions together. And say all the old poll tonight can't relay. Experience do you. Teach kindergarten. Is okay that's really when you need to get so. How can I make that possible well. For the soul and consciousness like you're right handed your left hand lightly electorally. Still part of the body. Same day did you get it. Right and what we were gonna go to break here when we get back or I'm an askew in Georgia the good the it to tells a story about your mom and how that changed your life as well. 6877669. And 8446877669. Got a question for us or against Egypt. It was a show you listened Jason GBM BRO. Stops him. So it just sounds real results and GD Johnson. Yes great to beer tonight welcome everybody in the chat room we've got to really active and vibrant checked going on up past lives and they're just see that going on. And I own my grandma pass lines critical stops if you're looking for the chat room just go to the website. If you're if you're on your computer and just click on the chat room or if you've got the app on your Smartphone you can find it. By a launching the app in navigating your way through. There not a serious dog yes or reduce talking about the they were saying who they they weren't past lives slick well you and I it has to be either -- party around. Well that's a wrap and party maybe it was Edinburgh have an idea just from an X and apple that. There excited to to cut those are two company teams I love would mind being either one of those. Tonight we're talking with Deirdre he'd Deirdre. It as a website which wanna check out it's just turn name and it's spelled DE IR DRE. HE DE dot com home actually post that and our social media and we've been talking about. The eight day igniting the light of your soul and Deirdre again welcome to the program. And I wanted to kind of pick up the story of your life with the events that that. Involved and happened to your mom and how that change like say no that was a very very important point of your life. Yes it it really really late in the game change everything from me well. And end and it growing up being a little ahead having this kid how. I felt satisfied angels and top stayed out there is another part of my cabinet my mother how. You know would say to me let's just keep this to ourselves. And that's. That we did bleed out there have not shared it with with people and don't really are very close. Tom it that it is a cattle older after about twelve all these mystical experiences stopped they just went away and I felt well. I might just be crawling up and what happened and I can't stand to become. You can tell and it being the regular kid is on a plane. Beat cheerleader and going to school being in place. Com and then another win right before it turns sixteen. Arnold she went to the hospital my dad said. Retained net gains in check out should be home in a few days. It one day to day attended two weeks three weeks. At this Rebecca de Nolan talked about what was really going on and and then my father said your mother's coming home from the hospital. Called she came home and she is. In a wheelchair. Hailed what she'd lost a lot of weight. And I realized she had a lot. A brat. And she'd went Tommy she had. Radical mastectomy and she export stage cancer was given a year to live. And she came home. To be the presentation she died. As you can imagine I would come completely distraught. I just I just. Thought I can't live without my mother I won't I can't live it's impossible. So I started hitting with my mom nine. Just steady diet. Really that's it just said and T and my parents are trying to fight it didn't quell rampant religion household. Home I get religion world tennis from my friends and what a but I detect it hitting them a mother and and they just said well I'm gonna pray. I'm gonna pray to that he doesn't remember from my childhood. And I started crying. Please please help another. And then one night. A light show that the the remaining in the hole real. Was built with raped by someone had to turn modeling. And my mother. Opened her right then she let you can light on. I said I didn't turn it ninety killing your Brothers domestic coming internal I don't go turn it off and I ran around like that none of the lamp Bob. And being above where flabbergasted. We are like oh my gosh is now lamp some odd and a municipal light. And then my mother's said wow my pain has gone on. I feel for it loose fit right pill. Oh wait play. My depression title so depressed. And she said well I have I don't know what was happening but I hope that continues. And I just said well I was just met following Gillick. Sell all my mom and I really bonded over it is and really starting to. Work together amnesty prayer. And she. Lived thirteen years longer and they said that medically possible. But generally cutie is not the doctors just can't say will lead they don't read and prior to being here. All the cancer went into remission. And then about seven years later he came back out in the bubble. But it. Again the light came machine did so it's slow down and columns. And they can't say it did not go into remission. But the doctors that we don't know why she's doing so well which case there. She should be. Not being able cup action. But she went getting batted really well home. Eventually. After thirteen years she said to me. Two he had many many incredible spiritual experiences in this whole time. And she said to me it's time for me to go home. You know well when the boy you're OK I wanna go home well I wanna talk to about it. And I said OK and mom it's OK I don't want you to go but I'm a woman now and I'll be OK and then that same light that came. And gave her health came on and Sheila and I saw her with my eyes. Lee. On beam of light. I just saw currently providing. And go on this flight. The window. Mean at what. Do you do you think that a lot of the reason why she stayed as long as she did. Was mainly because you Lynn and Lehman Brothers movie you were you were younger she wanted to make sure you made it to adulthood and and either through that does that that is of course. Do the most and while the toughest time for for anybody in in the least thing any parent would wanna do is. Is albeit traumatic situation and in the child as long as she can get that child to adulthood. What happens after that. To choose to an individual is it is what it is split you just you wanna make sure you at least get your children to to that state which. Absolutely and now let's say yeah I have two children and I think oh my gosh yes it is quite you don't wanna make sure they get cloud up the and there are okay. And I do know that she really wanted to be here until. And tell me. You know the Communist out. And I was very very grateful that she was here and in the process. I was able to. Really go deep packet into. My spiritual self and really take heart stopped them you know why am I here and what my purpose then. Yeah just. And just a fact she had the strength and the ability to to inflate inflate how long it's either that. It just speaks wonders about her. She will thank you so much she was very very special woman. In a little break inflation has dealt where I was looking manner and she she had quit aging. And people would come over and say you're my work so yeah I and I know it's the creepiest thing. And cute smile. And great refreshing to have the last day and they started shifting and I LP different faces on her. And the last they humid and native Americans. Are shocked and and I think I said mom. Here's how many years here at native Americans how to get him here's solid that you really are. And she just can't I got really big and she said thank you first see me. Say Q Greg Nolan who I really am. I'm forever grateful. And she passed over. Everything and have. Usually his go to the phone lines of we've got some people waiting who wanna join the conversation this is Barbara from Kansas hi Barbara welcome to the program great debt beyond. You know. Lets you. Well I'm asking you to kick my car I am. You're I. Apparently that part of the accident or when I'm eighty. Accurate opera that I worked up your tank and can aren't that many many lots. And the last everything that Democrat myself to be news or arm and you know spend like. It's like back into our nine and I just thank Pete O'Brien I'm. I just can't figure right from wrong anymore and my my job as pat back to work three jobs. And never happen and that's what I practiced I guess. I don't know electric post account like I pray and I ask god for guidance and I made eagle forgotten Connecticut don't. He can get when he altered company and he speaks so. Spiritual. And I think it around and just looking into my faith and I and I detect where to go from here and the strawberry locked. What. Barbara I think thank you for calling in thank you for your bravery and I am so very very sorry. For your loss and that this strain notre difficulties. All. Fine and sometimes. You know why you think of this story of channel but he is is the one thing after another one thing after another. And we we get to the place so we gave my my state is being acted like nothing else. And all I can say you know what I have read. Just so. They say use your head strong and powerful full. And I'll just go deep deep deep into that state if well as knowing that you will be supported. You're being tested. You're. You'll be tested so that you will find that. I wore it center of who you are. It is deeper and more powerful. That you ever realized. And right now I'm just gonna send you an energy. On July. And I was hitting it into your heart. And it did and that I want it get there in your heart correct action hands. And made these hands are. Did they healing hand. To. Archangel. I've gained a lot and I well. And home crowd trial is holding your heart to update your heart well heeled. And you'll be able to call it varies but goodness state city airport right in this world. That if sending Matt Light and does it feel that at war happier higher flight ticket and feeling kind of war haven't gone to. And decide that that the president said energy so your whole body. And netted his presence now is Indian. Fully activated fully ignite it. All in we'll guide you ain't gonna turn around. Send me an email K they're gonna turn around he'd keep that they. Couldn't believe they are. An immigrant. Future how how does Barbara sending emails and on the website or do you ever been. Egypt comes to. In in Dallas at Deirdre hate got comment is right on the contact page. Com and please keep in touch home. I'll I'll have a my web site and begins and made me radiant activation. To. Activate. Healing light inside that U. And home it's a powerful powerful medication so. Please comment and receive an epic can receive that. And and and going into debt because that will reignite. Is this presents that you're feeling now MTV this string. Com that's part of the lesson here completed discovered. This enormous strength he asked the you don't know you have to put. Yeah and that his page of life's gonna make it turned around. Barbara thank you so much for the phone call and you're just thank you for that we're gonna take a quick break here we'll have more this would come back you'll take more your calls numbers 8446877669. Again 8446877669. Elisa and Jason JPM down Miley and I. Kaesviharn street returns aren't here guessing it is Deirdre heed and check out website Deirdre heed dot com we're gonna go right to our phone lines. For dear drew this is John. Calling from spring Spring Hill I think it's Massachusetts Johnny caller from Massachusetts. Narrow or older will welcome the show Jon your arms Deirdre. There are sworn to rent arm Jan eight young Seoul told her older or does just. Like in different stages like. Age although currency. Charl Charl becomes achieved their own special. Still so the question is Kenny and so. Can hold. Well again so what can grow very quickly. And yet they young and so does go through those same stages. Well I don't want it would be midnight EO. He has been told me that kind of they'll have a operate here. They have a hard time figuring out how it how this won't work. And goes through learning bet against the British so no matter how young can learn their technically accurate way encourage you get. Hit top gear solid same what do you what do you need. How can I Serbia how can I help you can command when you that if you're asking the god party new. You know gotten what do you need how can I help you. See Washington. Yeah. Because Howard or green. Or bring in Charlie talked in power. You have such an old soul. Used you know I have you know these past fly an hour just oratory. There told soul. Broder that same proportion. Yeah. So it goes public and and then all an altar so they've been here many times. They just simply have another set of lessons to learn. A home. They may be here to learn how you know how to fully appreciate. Being in a body and out of fully appreciate it. They'll wonder. Of Livni here in this world. They may be here till land com. How can manifest their spiritual can't stay healing give a pillar. Get settles tonight more on here at any stage of her hair color back. Yet each time there to learn something yard were to take a break and we'll take more of your calls at 8446877669. You listen Jason in GDP on Elena radio. Hear her hair and continue that conversation in just a moment don't forget. Some great shows coming up as well tomorrow night Troy Taylor who is an author. Of American haunting the rise of the spirit world and the birth of the modern ghost hunter will be talking with him and about that tomorrow night. Yeah and Thursday leak out William jedi and jamming on bigfoot researcher author and expert will be discussing his encounters and research on big foot. So are issued to and never Friday is the best out beyond reality. Do us a favor and over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page for us. Then had to be on reality radio dot com the final seasons we Aaron across the country can also download the free iPhone and enter an operator illogical listen life catch Pashos. Joining online chat and more on the go on me and you know. And yet if you download the show from iTunes to to us a favor please read it for ourselves what shall foreign makes it easier to find and that's what it's oboe. Yes and again thank you to do your job being on the program we're gonna get to your calls is you can we've had some people waiting on hold for awhile but Deirdre one. Just as a quick question here because they know that time that you and your husband and I believe wrote a book recently called the not so little book of surprises. Yet absolutely. He can't beautiful coffee table book we'd be part of entry dialog. And he isn't really based population of many years their money out. And there is being lifted divine messages from that define the mountains. About where we are in the world and where we're gonna play and hope you know how how well we can do it this. If the kindly let all the men. Time again it's beautiful pot of people because people love it. And it has enjoyed it makes so you see decided on our web site. Hard disk got to look at the right dot com and find out Amazon. What was the inspiration to do it. Well I'll. I've been writing a memoir which I'm writing a he can't imagine there's so many stories I had that one date will arts and made the movie what the bleep do we know. Many years ago came to me and need I'm not as many sets and we have to get a block of my favorite. Exchange for me of my favorite messages. Type but it together and based on his track record that movie making a book writing I say absolutely. And that's but he can't he went through out. 3000. Pages. More than bat is acceptable up volumes my writings. And Paul about quote he felt that we're really really important. Oh port today. Really meant to do it on the define Mike. Confirmed. From their spiritual realm which is you know you you're speaking speaking imagine eight related to the point now regulated time player. Call your choices well. That the course is it fair for a million years. All he had to bed and talking about there is time to gather it's time for it to come together. It is it spiritual family. Had to find each other again. About. 2120. Candidate but sales will be getting to I. Part it will be able to Miami. Heat until these alternate reality. As a frequency about world changes so it while it's pretty crazy diets com. But it's been fun. A lot of fun and that there is confident so Republicans surprising because. It was gonna be a little blood and then we got the picture up and I am ever so beautiful we decided and they get a big book. Let's go to the phone lines let's bring in our Lena calling in from Boston hey Arlene welcome to the program. I hate sand. Easy. I did and I try and aren't and eighteen general and parents senator Gregg quotes Karl. And and I implementing it he is my head hanging and saying. That's. Yes absolutely well at that your your time is that it was not the there's not many kinds and you learn that nearly. Meant to be here on this planet. You have many call ancestors. Bad blood view and carefree you know watching I'll refer you call and they are working so we have that PayPal in so. All that is archangel sorry apple. Archangel Michael. And they need to protect cheap. That they follow here they protect you. Well you know when we're down here in this world com partly it's it's chilly in chants. Meaning debt. We and it kind do you get him predicaments that went out supposed to be in as a spiritual happening the paradox. It will everything's supposed to happen but I'm that they play. It's not supposed to happen sometimes it is that the wrong time to want to place. And that is the physical world that is out the article laws that this reality. Now you have a lot of protection. And I would just encourage you to. Beat teary Angel. To get to know them to say thank you because you thought you'd have a purpose here. I think I'm kinda signing Matt when I got diagnosed her brand canned search. And starting. FaceBook groups for breast cancer awareness. And I'm currently being advocate Larry genetic testing because especially with adopt each. The don't have access to. Am only medical history. And I just ten and there is Brian and Jeanne thank you didn't cause any different facing cancer and ten cent to big advocate. Lower. Science story Carol unravel that strain that would otherwise he would tell her a lot of them that adoptees that. On haven't they convenience. Asking her relatives business plan that Pam Weiner did that run in the Champlain. Absolutely it was fabulous service here are doing to help realize that people and as they've lied to. I completely believe in genetic testing you know I've had genetic testing for the breast cancer my balance and also wanna tell that you. That we had jeans and science season says it's true. Of course I'd been saying it's a long time they just kept. Up to me. Is that you can turn off those genes he can turn on this Kentucky. What happened is that genes get turned on so how do you turn it off we need to turn it off site. Quiet meditation not light. You do get our top spy. Well yeah positive thinking. It really really does help. Column and with all I've worked as a healer with hundreds that have cancer patients. And and I am mother and I know for a fact my new car emit light when you make nice lady pistol. Sword genes. With different to their original state to. And you don't have to be a victim. This gene mutation in say magnesia it's still get that testing issues still left. But you also can really help yourself. Working with the energy ports you would positive energy at night so. Really Beth best of luck and come home they typically a pretty good work for everything. Thank you are lean we appreciate some phone call from Boston and slow leak I'd Georgia we're the kind of getting close to running out of time here but I'm askew about. The book that was very very important as you. Did kind of travel this path called a course in miracles there was something there really. Helps fuel view and give you a direction in life. Gizmodo. As a friend of our family and driving to town and he. Say after my mother was diagnosed and he. Haven't Xerox copy it'll bookie and look at that course in miracles then. A person channel that then I met this person. Do discuss to matter and home. And one day they're gonna make this until booked and he's psychotic and I have to exempted on the piano. And one day I was on the piano cleaning out and I found it. And I said look what Michael has. I'm Michael is that Chinese made marquis de Michael and I started reading it. And I began to study course in miracles for 2530 years. Home the fact copied and NN com. One of the first carbon copies. I think is really instrumental. In. The formation at a Miami and the support and I believe really really supported the experience of light coming in the room with the grandmother. Yeah I would go back to that. When that happened to because you and your mother at the time polls thought it was the electric lamps in the room. In turn out so was it didn't do it in your memory now did it. Really appear that it was that just your first thought Amos who delights but we did a really looked like it was just beat is the room was being illuminated by electric lights. He did it look like quite like and looking in the room right now I have a lamp on. I'll eat it looked like like like regular light and we thought would have to be a lamp could never entered our mind. It would be. Something divine. We were really surprised. At. News or save always got that. Yeah and in retrospect as you look back to back army and now I know that you obviously believe it was divine about. Could you define what it was firm but what was it to the hand of god was it angels was it something between different. Well I I believe it went the hand of god. I'll and I do also death I didn't like the even before. He's always people who they'd like Shula. Album because I felt I did that we should speed up palatable but hasn't. In other being. Oh and I just felt like don't win at a high and eat I felt like. Like this who won an independent deep deep sense that deep feeling. We've had other guests who have talked about encountering Jesus in every one of them has said the same thing in the pro I. Person wasn't introduced but they knew exactly who was. So common that's common thread through the story. Loans. Have met the wonderful I love that confirmation. And you know I'll be like. I kept all of it but I did tell myself you know it why there's so many years and I have been really well thank you got atomic you've got to talk. I've Tammy that they kind of a mystical. A spiritual closet and I couldn't speak at these stories. But now I really wanna share and can inspire hope and in for poor people. Home. That they that they are these great beings too long time and they're here. Here Calpine. Another journey. Home you know it's complicated. And don't they're here to help so they'll have ever hesitate to ask. Well I think people just need to understand a little more on wall first on how to connect with these things and how to. How to really accept them especially in this day and age where were all connected but were so divided and so yes it's it's such a crazy time. Any any packages and I know wrapping up but I do want to share. I would really has developed a technique for connecting to the divine life and I will tell you is that connect and it technique. It is Paul from ancient mysteries school where we used to learn how to make our prayers powerful players. So asleep between Howell who average interest dead. We each have come from my web site. AirTran hate dot com even without my name on it will come to me. I and I'll. Get the late night polite English soul are pretty radiant activation. I am now giving up FaceBook collide seeing. Every Thursday morning. Noon eastern time 9 o'clock. This fit the crime giving free rate won't healing and getting all the information free. The foundational steps to living. You're here possibility. Making two dozen eighteen year possibility. And the depth to co hearing your energy. So that you can be a conduit to. And have these experiences with the divine being a country music ambulance birthright. It's just said. May not know. How to get there. Any it is in super bright so I I just wanna share it so. Anyone. That wants the interest simply. Come see me my life is about terrible and I'm just getting out as two way. It's yours and. And one more quest we've got another competitor maybe two weeks you hear. You also talk about healing and work with some healing you know meditation and what would you recommend for people who were looking for some. Healing help along these lines. While I recommend that you kind of get my free. Meditate healing meditation radiant meditation. And also check now on. Launching a beautiful. Healing meditation from archangel RE LB archangel a lot. And she's made. Have to wait just he'll support chambers of your heart to. She said that we each have fourteen of our heart that are energetic the point where we hold. Out on top. Or experienced a block ask a lot of and sheet cake fact. On a journey and energetic radiant charity to clear these deplored chamber. So that your heart and locked them and Tupac left do you and also. Expand their loved your heart once again is such a powerful and beautiful. I'd journey and it home I think years Conning in and we get through at least at this week so. A club to share that would keep him. And I. Think you so much for coming in all of this tonight it's been a pleasure tank. Yeah I definitely look forward to having you on again hopefully you'll deal with them in all these massive. You know I. A message acknowledged itself where a man of god bless you god that you want I have to go pitted against so I think we're gonna be okay they. I looked back. I know that I have you on again at some point thank you so much for taking time in the NL tonight. Are certainly going to break when we come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality really juicy. Rehearsal for the beyond reality radio official coffee mug of coffee has never tasted so good. And then why the Yugoslavia British let me call them but sometimes does make it look into accidents then and she doesn't mud connection change it is of the golf and I agree injuries and zoom yeah. I don't know who knows ahead if you have a new head over to FaceBook dot com slash B on Syria and beyond reality radio like FaceBook page for us. And then head to beyond reality refute com where you can find all the stations we are on a cross country actually get rated at a bunch more. So and keep checked out Austin. You can also download the free iPhone Internet terror to logical personalized catch past shows join him in Chad more on the go. Or you know just a click the listen live to. Which allows you to listen to him some assurance from the website if you can chat life to. Chat with chief he myself and agree unity of people listening to the show we try to make it easy. We do we try to give you a million different ways meals and Asia union dues and we won gonna hold much different up there if you download the show and just do us favor subscribe to show on iTunes and read it forest has that helps push it foreign makes it easier people fine that's what it's all about. We appreciate all the downloads and shows being downloaded and then tens of thousands times and we greatly appreciate that support millions are the reason the show's success and we know don't forget tomorrow night we've got Troy Taylor joining us to talk about his book American and haunting the rise of the spear world and the bullets of the modern costar and juries Torre is awesome are you listen to Jason je Giambi unreality reel catch Omar and I. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced my child Susan Johnson since it's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah you know it's still going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will purchase almost all the chiefs host Don taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.