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BRR - 020218 - William Jevning talks about his 45 years as a Bigfoot explorer

Feb 2, 2018|

Jason HAwes & JV johnson talk with William Jevning who has spent 45 years collecting evidence and information regarding Bigfoot. 2/2/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Tell us trying to expose many years and between what can be honor rally radio myself Jason cause they always achieve each K it's great to be here we've got a really good show and we're going to be talking about big foot with William Jen Ming of course he's got a number of books related to the topic particularly notes from the field tracking north America's SaaS squad actually check know about that. You know how the flu epidemic. Sweeping the country right now is like. I think the worst in ten years is what they're saying yeah and what it's like six times six times the amount of tests at this time already. Something pretty significant and I know the local hospital where I AM has like converted cafeteria rooms in two patient rooms full of flu victims and I know hospitals all over the country doing that and clearly you know what our best wishes go out to any family who's dealing with that hopefully it's not as tragic as as some people have faced but. The other thing that's kind of interesting in the so goes under the heading what's happening in nature. Chimpanzees. In Africa. For the first time. Have caught and are dying from the common cold virus. And its common virus is common cold virus the one that just causes a regular old common cold and people. And eight used to be. The pitched it chimps wouldn't catch it it's not something that could be communicated from people to chimpanzees but apparently it has become that and five. Out of 56. Champs in the national park in and conduct. Have died from the common cold virus once they're effect decide its nearly 10% it is basically on just about 10% of them and the fearing that this could turn into. A species. Extinction. Event or think about that at 10% I mean when you sir are looking at Paris. Countries 300 million people you're talking about. When you're talking about losing nearly thirty million people. So it's it's terrifying when you when you think of it that way and and that's a lot of nasty things going around right now besides the flu I mean. And it will you know on my house right now we're deal with whatever it is I don't want my kids my kids are running fevers armaments fever. And secure for days on what's going on but it's scary with some of the stuff that's Alter these days. Yeah well this is a pretty unique event in when you have diseases that one species predictive particularly humans. Have evolved to could be able to combat their immune systems jumped to another species that don't have that same resistance. You know you get an event like that what happened when Europeans came to North America and brought smallpox and other diseases that the native people in this. Continent had no resistance or immunity to. Well and scary it's kind of like that disease we are talking about just and a about a week ago with these him these deer and Al can moos. That are suffering that that disease. On which seems to be able to jump to humans. And there they're calling it with a zombie diseases or or whatever. I mean and it's killing them. So in fact of the matter is when Simpson humans there's a lot of Alter and it it's scary things that are just popping up let alone all these all these. Antiviruses and everybody churn and term mixing all the time I mean you're sort of setting setting the stage for super bug if you think about. Well that's what medical science has been saying for awhile now. On another one of those diseases as mad cow disease that used to be affect only columns and it jumped to humans and it can spread people I actually. A friend of mine's father in law died from it maybe ten years back so would mean to start the show under pressing hoped because that's not like the way we like to go with that but you know what parents have to you can't just you know what's going on it. Heads up and not to be you'll pay if you haven't image he had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality ready elect FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com. We can download the free iPhone and android app. July should listen life such pressure was joined in Arlington more or find any decisions we are on across the country right there. On the can also listen right Milosevic's quick to listen live button and listen right there on your on line. Hey I don't know if you have you heard them the most recent news put. The new Natalie Wood and she died from a 36 years ago. And what you can you can tell a joke book Underwood doesn't flow no that's not a -- you know it's not I have to laugh I'm just on February there are no but the plea the police announced stating that Robert Wagner is now person of interest well if that is what he Natalie Wood that's been a conspiracy discussion for a very very long time wannabe celebrity conspiracies so now they actually think they've got some evidence that they need to pursue it more this is about how many years ago and ended November 29 1981. Because when they found her body she. Drown in November 28. Now in California. Off the bulk products of CBS 48 hours a report Saturday that actor Robert Wagner is a person of interest in the 1981 drowning death of his wife actress Natalie Wood. The story quotes lieutenant John Corina Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department telling 48 hours minutes. As we've investigated the case over the last six years. I think Wagner is more more of a person of interest now. I mean we know now that he was the last person do you Natalie before she disappeared. And also just the fact that she was bruises Marshall over cheeks and everything else when they finally founder. A deadline also writes that in the 48 hours report which set here this Saturday February 3. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department tact of Ralph and and assessed. Addressing an autopsy report indicating various bruises on woods' body she look like a victim of assaults. I think it's suspicious enough to make us think something happened and I don't think she is Shia and the water herself I don't think she fumble. Story also knows that Wagner who did not speak of 48 hours is long denied any involvement would step and I know I'm. If there were others there and the captain of the boat actually cannot. Not too long ago and saying that there was a big fight between Wagner and wood. In the night she disappeared in on the end of finding in the next race are. It's. Holders were holed despite you know he's seen Newman and seventies were I don't know what to and it wasn't long after of her death that he married the other lady and they started doing that Hart art show here remember so. I'm him I'm really not on its chairman and he's in the tourney since they're gonna charge and they wanted to assume. It's him nor ridiculous it was born in nineteen. I'm just a couple of program notes obviously tomorrow night as the best of program on beyond reality radio and then next week government and we've got. A lie Asia from apex paranormal to discuss their investigation of location in Saint Joseph, Missouri called the BD mansion. Sure you've heard that utterly some people who pay attention to haunted locations have. It's going to be featured on a season finale of of a major paranormal show sometime in March sort of talk about that animal also have rod Pyle joining. Yes and then Tuesday we've got Karen Anderson and communicators psychic and medium with her new best selling book the amazing after all if animals. Messages and signs from our pets on the other side and how oiler and how to understand their language Powell's noble when I was cup. So there's a program taught her about as well did a great stuff coming up on the show of course our men and again tonight it's big foot. And different we don't know more than one it would of course be big foot seuss' exe bigfoot deceased now. Big foot whatever you say potato I say potato whatever whatever aren't sold on the call in number tonight is a 44677669. Until free at 844. 6877669. Are sore and take a break more to come you listen to Jason GB on the honor alien radio. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short fly help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's just yeah. Now I don't celebrate our kids and I. I got my daughter Haley who's ready to give it you know I mean she's she's yours she's Dorman nine did you told me anytime you can get a phone call in have to run out some analyses be an analyst suddenly you won't necessarily think that Kurtz in a cartoon characters on the run out of the light. Quickly out of Romo like these character Bobby pins are all flawed in the air in the fall that I rose to. We are here I don't hear she can't Bobby Kenzie grandfather for the fourth time out I wouldn't yet for the fourth style while each piece. I've got you beat on that and you don't Andre I'm not a grandfathered in and got me belly 22 year yeah I almost wanted to. Welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio and as promised we're gonna venture into the woods tonight we're gonna talk about to that mythic iMac is a mythical creature because it is more evidence to to support Fiat loosen that's a good word that's a great word actually a creature bigfoot also assess clutched. And our guests tonight. Is going to talk about his book it's William Jennings and he's got a book called let's see what would notes from the field tracking North American says questioned William welcome to be on reality re it's great to have you on the night. Golfing trip to Riyadh. I should come out. So the best place to get started here since and think this is the first time you've been wind assisted have you tell salute about yourself what you started with the office. Well can serve what I was. A young teenager back in 1972. Friend that I. Different people spend the weekend and it's note so middle of December and the Luka airport so this Sunday overture for the French toast. And to force was blocked so we couldn't find trails we saw at Nortel road and that's where attraction walk over that way and on the way there we're finding. Budget footprints in the snow than we've ever heard the word bigfoot or anything at that time. So we're kind of standing there looking at peace these Princeton. Stretching circuit structure what they were and he can afraid this week and taking from where they were French so often. Yeah two sisters and two Brothers salute litter for kids sit you know and pandemonium and instead to a message boards civil what's going and so we told him what recent he says okay take me back a potential resource group of 45. Systolic Cameron we dole went up there and sort which pictures and so he told us what little he knew probably twelve magazine article or something. Of course you don't have 141000 people somebody told you there's posters that would. You know what photographed her marriage nation so we we looked every weekend. Ever found those things we gonna go forward a couple of years later. And my dog was going crazy one night. That those closest tree lines so I figured it was a regular. Scott of course hoping sorely. 22 in couple bullets and so okay go get over. He went out for the Treo line of frozen and training to running back past me what the heck. Didn't respond to anything like that. And I got a trio record something moving in Eritrea and maybe support you finally gotten into it. Flight chamber around him and pushed a waitress wolf hanging tree. Boat there. And then reporting about fifteen feet in front and front of this massive. Creature. And it was sort of an underwear changing over the lawyer calls you years. You know so many things go through your mind and in the split second. Mostly was in shock. At how big this thing was. And and what was it and I thought oh that must be one of the things that made the foot Patrice. Sort. Our order by gonna do you know I'm this close to simulate those twenty well shoot here and they've been scared slight dip. And I heard of Nordstrom way right rear. And I turned slightly keeping the little. Although go toward willful behind them virtually walked over for Ursula. I had to do with the dog and it took off running. So. So after you shot last few shots in the air the other one just walked up and leave it says that the gun didn't really scare them. Didn't seem to bother although to me in retrospect I think having a rifle might as probably. Made a big difference in you know the first one's just standing there and it kind of glared at me you know but it didn't make any move. So you think it recognized what the rifle was a new it was a weapon. Yeah. So now you're the kind of surrounded by these creatures. Well we're just to Obama. At that time there were three in the area but there were just too there at that time. So you know I took off running and think increasingly going to be bringing building actually second opinions foaming. I hold. But he Jarden exit polling what happened and we decided to go track from the first flight the next morning. Trusted have you that night so we're willful trail for quite a ways. I also think about all that and that we never certainly think anybody. You know we talked quietly occasionally but never really told him but he is the first a refund from prince my parents and sisters may try to be so we shoot well. You know that's that's going to be going and telling everybody. Another friend of mine who was kind of a quiet shy guy who overheard a friend just like talking about it one time. And we have to seek to interview him so well okay yeah I don't suddenly going to work if this guy doesn't say whether and so. He gave retrieved John Greene's book jargon as a Canadian officer on the subject. Back in the sixties and seventies. And I were charged in another it was a much different outlook on these things. The level on anything at the time and following summer effort at the counter. A man by the name of remaining in the that I recognize true greens looks he was one of those pioneers of the subject. Came to my Allison and want to know about what I unseen source told him and so as well. Were were controlled Washington the only seven miles or in my home. Investigating coach Kramer since 1975. And places fuel at all. You know he chartering some new people aboard all and it won't so. A different vibe is that we went there can't opens at a couple days there and independent asked me to stay in contact with the going to be their eyes ears and in the pews and an area. And the becoming friends with them. That's sort of how I got all the all this. Probably wouldn't have had it not been beating those two people. So I'm backed up we only actually you know what we've got to go to break let's do that first we come back wanna kind of go back to the beginning of your story and talk about when you that the incident resold for footprints for the very very first time. All right so we're gonna take a quick break more to come elicited Jason GP yeah. Yeah we're talking about big foot and I were talking with the William Jennings about his experiences in his book notes from the field tracking. North American SaaS watched and William. You saw the footprints for the first time you think you should you were fourteen years old at the time. Does that rank yet when you saw them you said you were frightened. In he had heard anything about bigfoot and obviously seeing very large footprints in the snow. Both could certainly frighten somebody especially kid but. A what was it about him that that frightened you. Where they should or should explode went a little bit more. As we were walking along the tracks road tracks. We noticed something red line between the real silver cultural thing that was exposed. It was really cold that morning it was probably around seventeen degrees or so. 46 inches of snow on the ground and as we approached the spot with the red object was we noticed that it was a parliament test and from something. Around the side of a coyote Arabian medium sized dog. And we saw Willis is really where there's no footprints in Slovenia came around this. And it gives too much for Tibet a big bird to a program like and so. If you pictured is the scene if you're looking down or the rails. There was still and they are persuade the sort of left lower side tore right. In the worst fire eccentric and either side trail. Tracks we conceived. Obviously nothing that we became the footprints that thing on the left of the race they blow us. Sort totally different look to walk it prepared take a look at I would I'd look just twelve foot. Thank level left to the other actual truancy feeling that there are so. And I crest of that I I saw all these footprints in the state of dozens and dozens of them sort order for the collector. There were standard looking at these things in there and they're big. Well look like they're human footprints. Except here you know couple feet long. And we're just kind of dumbfounded not really thinking. You know what sort of what made these and then it dawned on this we look at contestants. And obviously something itself. Right on the edge of the bank and drop these between the rails and they were frozen yet. And it and it hit this is the same time that whatever date that was really close by an end. What are the baby's footprints was big. And and it just its future hold which took off running. And when I could do when you hum. You know look back at that and you actually wreak you went in the city got an adult to a back up with a camera. Did it any points do you think there might have been hope seeing involved or were you convinced right away and obviously if you see some type of re lying there that can add some credibility to what's it what's happened. But was there any thought through your young mind or maybe the adults over with you that this this was just somebody hoax and. Well we would have seen anything you know especially its resiliency of anybody. Else and then there there were no signs of any other people around the area. You know we've we've just church were at Princeton all of us there was these footprints. And then they went off in the the timber that was pretty sick so when he birdied hoax that they're mean and who would see it. I. Illustration fracture I was pretty wild areas so you know there would have been anybody out there. And then you said that you had a camera to those pictures still exists somewhere I'm Gary do you have moment where suddenly. Uncertain I've listened to Walt back and so that these steps still has actually was penetrated they go about forming. And you said there are dozens and dozens of foot footprints as a steroid numerous of these things. There was there were three different sizes. So it looked like he just walked over not just but palatial want to sit down right at the edge of this indictment. And there was even if this premised on the and I had called silent. And I extort money. Gloved fists in the suit print and there was at least in the neutral ground. You know my fist so. It was you know pretty decent size. And you alarmed you know obviously that's quite an experience for anybody to have at any point analyze. But it wasn't long after that just a few years it checked you had a face to face encounter and wanna ask you about that did you. I eat you the way he described it I'm assuming you wore like face to face hope quote what a what was the distance is between you and these creatures when you when you stumbled upon them. I I you know might just that's always been about 1520 feet. So certainly close enough that there was no mistaking what you're looking yet there was no way to. This it was dusk it was dark yet but it was sold and candle lighting was kind of weird infantry going in there like opinion but it wasn't great. There was no doubt about what was probably. And I have to ask you this too because I think most of us who group in the seventies. Were introduced to this whole concept with the introduction of the Paterson film which was obviously if I shot 1967 minutes. Kind of the still kind of holy Grail of of bigfoot footage. When at what point did you seen that for the first time. Where were there too long I saw it in agreement that saw the pictures in greens books. They had the one we'll take all the famous frames. Great with the arms Armstrong apart aren't you know. And then after meeting remain dependent. You know he oldest sole rights to films so. You'd correspondent in pretty much every month so he would always send me you know color post cards you know from the film. Still some things and then. I remember Fred slaughter on television are actually went to his home British Columbia and so they're. Probably television at some point. You know it was it was. Later seventies were actually sort of film. Yet and I yum now I get kind of tired of saying this but we even talked about a last night the the TV show in search of was where I sought for the first time and I think that was probably 7677. When that aired. I think that was probably weren't sought to. Yeah I think that'd induced a lot of us to that footage. So of again and he unity that you ran into you encountered the footprints and at a young age too few years later he actually had a face to face encounter clearly. Your geographic area had some pretty hot activity when it comes to SaaS watchers. It did and into the stands still getting people from. That area. From my own part has in fact I had just hit a three part interview with oh lady that I went to school as. Really loose. I think for the most part. And she had a couple of contenders at the same time it. You know that I hadn't and I felt that there were other people. And other forms in the same area that we're having some more content owners. Now over here. There's still encounters happening in that area. I don't know about that exact period bird on the purer. People having encounters. You know at least. We're populations kind of pushed about a little bit you know on the outskirts of those areas that. There are still around those. So you said you mentioned a town I was in the town again. Although the draw. Goal lead literature. Q Puyallup that's a Washington all right yeah okay. I'm via a so you know as Jason said that this sightings them in and no northwestern party United States is pretty if pretty well known as a is that if if you wanted to go assess watching that's probably the airy you you wanna hit. You'd have done a lot since those early encounters. And before he even got to the books themselves when to walk us through was some of the people that you've worked with and you know some think adventures in and expeditions I guess that you went out. I know it's a long list announced the for some highlights. I dentistry forty try appears so. Well of course it all right here are my original associations were with your what I. With what I call it original pioneers soaked people who liquidated and then giant green and Bob have missed those people. Who were really. Kind of the forefront of this to electing independent. Was the guy who. Really certainty that this in the mid fifties. You know integrated Switzerland. Look for forward in the East Coast of Canada. I read a freak out here and they say they were listing to radio show what we're having ambulance and they were. Curriculum. In English well and pollution gonna go look for the yet again. Independent they've become that would that would be great goals over there and do that than the former comptroller considered. They get those things up British Columbia a picture didn't accept in this British Columbia. And started looking into it seriously he was very. Very troubled black and white sort of person you know either something is real or it isn't and you want to know. If there was anything to and so. He came to the conclusion there was enough material effort toward the serious investigations. So. You know and rest it history you would have put joint agreement that was newspaper publisher. In British Columbia. And who are suffering. In the same time and things started happening in northern California so. Pretty curious so they knew that going there. And rest is history things went from there are so if I got you know those guys so they let people like Bob took this to. Great tracker. As one of the few things should own that they didn't really think about it and things like territorial markings and stuff like but. They deserve. Figured out much later. That. Well as far as expeditions there was a mean it is a good one. What I was and I want area after school and what I came back here domestic or foreign listen you know insurgent. And a family friend who was a pretty much. Type person looked up the grid very much an outdoorsman and every sense of the word talking inefficient things like that growing up. It never got a folder anything I totally up to group. He made an effort to find a phone and called my parents are mostly just have to be either when he. And it says. Is it technical appear right away. Yeah sure it Dre vote. So they drove oaks is where he was looking at home. And than usual visit today. This is one of the game importance came by here testified. Urgent need strange screens or anything at night. And so I just played doubling what he's talking about entity called me because you know wind towers they knew it was. Involved and so to that point. So. And so hysteria. Holding short were present written report apparently some mushroom pickers is found to oak that were totally torn apart. Of above where he lived. And one as a teenager we've we've made most roads. Coming cedar shake bolts of that part of the country so I knew him very very rolling and we're talking about. And he says in the report that was written that they had been dismembered with LT use tools. And they follow wallets that's interest in England and the guy you know he still played dumb so. The important basically threatened embassy told anybody. You missed the picture of that local power company knew where he was placing of electricity up. Oh it. It. And actually called me and I looked so old ultra look for an instant forensic looks so I drove up there. I did find a place where the old have been killed with a blood was bodies have been removed. And I search Syria and they did find a bunch of sun scorched trucks. So it was pretty obvious what it thought it. It took pictures and indigent agreeing. And as a Serb became a little disillusioned with John Green a twelve because it's sending things. And any destroy together two good footprint or whatever and then nothing ever does look it. It has the same thing before that time when we restore its school. Greens holding as well. A couple of college students. That would like to talk to witnesses are doing some of the papers so I think surely Coakley. And so that's what I called for organ. And we talked in Britain as a pure bent to. The site at mount saint polls were at the miners were attacked in 1924. At. A hundred years by my dad and uncle but has never been particular site. So we taught me how to find it. I have my body is why we took off. Didn't beginning cursing your first few days and drove down rural. The first nineteen weeks in a letter tracks in the in the national swung slope. And same general that we took few pictures and we didn't have any other. Anything highlights from the truth is. Teenagers. You know regulation green pictures steroid those are great pictures you know who's worked. It is and having never followed were dependent on the other hand. Would be out there feel old time there was another trip. Where oh. Geez. It. Hold hold hold onto this one because we get a ticket break Rex a little late overtime here's will come back and we'll talk about that it's beyond reality Rita Jason JB. Guess I was just talking about the court and tell William I'm here in the huddles talking about some of your expeditions by it would this is actually very very short segment when we get a couple of minutes you're so instead I wanna ask you right now. You mentioned even doing this about 45 years. You know doing anything for 45 years can get frustrating a monotonous has this been frustrating and monotonous for you at all. Sometimes. You know sometimes you have to you know take a break and that I just I am stubborn. As they just stick with something. And as you look back on those years and obviously the M incredible body of work you've done in search of this very elusive creature. If you if you re one of the clock to the point where you started would you have expected to have much more evidence and much more information. By the end of that 45 years. I actually got a lot of material so. If you. I'm gonna guess the bottom line is we don't have we don't have a SaaS watched you know we don't have one that that we had the that we can touch you know that we. We were yet exactly as I'm saying that we jewels indeed in the beginning did you expect. You know that that that many years later we still wouldn't. Yeah I mean I figured it would have been no affect your original pioneers but so there and they were talking about a one time and retract what Patterson field. And I was at his home. And we can be seen we were sitting there and he he pulled blue but still vote on the rose slightly or in the formulation clear they photographs. And and actually grenade. How come how come and you guys didn't go back and and continue the search. After Paterson gets itself and it says we thought we were done we felt we had everything that was needed. And it didn't prepare to be that way of course. You know so ask questions are very skinny you. Human activity in areas and to mature so believed in Maine I've ever come back to assert certain. Kind of lost her chance of. But image but it makes you also want I mean with the amount of people speaking through the woods and and so forth especially now over the last you know 1015 years. And everybody having a Smartphone with a camera or whatever on the important goal pros. It makes you wonder why they haven't been seen or that hasn't been more proof of them showing up. Well there's a couple of reasons number one it's not not just about a little more could talk about something that's probably on the not human but you know kind of in the same. Stanley group. Extremely Smart. Don't like human kind of technique. You know of period in the Cubans servers specific reasons that. X similar they're far more aware of our presence in the area than beer there's. There are pictures to effect the book important currently. We've got a couple really good ones and there's another foe or friend of mine. We got a film. It's a very poor Selma was made twenty years ago break. About an area of Oregon. And only only surfaced because. One of my investigators. Father happens to your friends of those guys so. It brought so. So why ghost written. A lot of work into it to try to get if you still sort of certificate he says they're very good I haven't seen it yet but. All right we'll hold hold the rate they're it'll get into that don't come back after the Spring Hill hard break but he'll listen Jason G beyond yeah. Myself Jason cause and the always awesome GB Johnson. And work great night we're talking about big foot tonight with our guest William Jeff's name we'll get back to him in just a few minutes we've also started the last hour talking about illnesses and return but the flu epidemic that's going on. Around the country we talked about viruses jumping from humans to chimpanzees the common cold virus which chimpanzees don't have an immunity to his killing chimpanzees which is a scary thing. But this might be something that will help people. There is a new apps you can download action action pressure it's available yet it will be available soon. That is a disease tracker and basically it tells you where. These diseases are concentrated and where you should avoid. Or you should take that extra precautions. Based on things like the common cold the flu Lyme Disease and other you know infectious type diseases. I wonder how accurate it is it's because you get a lot of these stories and explode. Glad to have a survey of doctors reportedly in these doctors are supposed to upload in reports on a daily basis intruder getting some type of a compensation for doing that based on zip codes. And they rate each disease on a scale of one to ten. And based on those ratings you know whether or not do you when you go to a certain area need you should be wearing one of those masks or you should just stay away altogether oral whatever happens to me. We need decree an app that actually if a person's sick there are phone. Scents are destined to read your radius Weis led everybody noticed it and should do it I mean they they have find friends and all that's on your iPhone and you can find your friends in the local may just need nap that's in on him so if you if you're sick it. And it sends out this pinging signals and and warns religious status and actually oh right I somebody's house starts going off just make sure you keep on Colin. You know I started noticing ads I think it's a billion dollar ticket is Julia easily and you know and another billion dollar idea is the beyond reality radio coffee mug. And that's exactly how to pick me up for her as well as to billion dollar dollar idea if you need a cup of coffee in the middle and I we listened to show but. We've been posting links in the chat Roman site can get your. And their hot off the presses here brand new official beyond reality really coffee mug and on this link on the website as well they look great with any kind of beverage you could put hot chocolate in these aren't things you can put something that's little more adult oriented in their if you wanted to make the coffee Irish if you need to. What are effort we have we don't judge. Those are the best infomercial ever and it's opted out what did you really call what we actually we do that we aren't in the midst of putting together some T shirts as well so garrison because we're gonna try to get that done as well but anyway let's bring our guest back into the program. William sorry about the long break there were happy to have you back and that we are talking about some of your extraditions and things were going on and we interrupted you in mid story sue me would you Seve picking up where he left off. Sure you know and I had to backtrack a little bit. You know thinking about. After first met. I green and ended in 1975. And and it really kind of struck me you know these guys you know especially those daisy sees somebody in the book if you actually met that person the author of that book that was kind of a big deal would at least it was for me. You know thinking these guys are famous. Children's books. And I guess a little starstruck. It was the other but the you know they analysts' mean to hope. Well why not. So. My buddies I decided let's start taking a look and seeing what's going on areas so. We sit around school and they end it and except the guys just. If any of Newt has what I group we were spread out quite a ways it was mostly in the forums and things like entered rural area. And that's why just because if you know in their areas they've heard of anything and immortal we can sit well. Near Fort Lewis where he lived. There was a place called the clerk clinch and there's been some weird noises there are so ancient world. Can you estimate it's okay if we want to earn epic Sweden. In the future. And four of us went out there. And an exit well. They pointed out towards squalid murder initiatives he's always these loud screams and coming out there. For weeks at night. Well if you want to what are going a little bit. Let's take a look so he took a bad car packs and we went out there that you were gonna. Launch in. Well. We we decided. As dark was commander of the sort of came out. We've from the actual cedar thicket. Sort of campus the ten we have a cold. If the English and haven't with no foreign it's so. We were accidentally hit upon fared so that the children need something in and listen to scale that we shouldn't Rico search Syria the next day. And mr. the most ever tennis court where the terrorists as well and it can sleep in it I thought to myself well. We probably ought to well I guess it felt better back up we didn't start hearing these weird streams. And we are fairly close in look and feel like we never heard before. And we should or something it would certainly be a quarter mile away this would go back and forth with his well what's. That's going on here so we we shouldn't we just looked at this and then. It would stop for all of them would start again and it was stopped them. And but I would guess that he was tired I should world we probably ought to. Stay awake it ships in Portugal is on two guys sleeping. In just rotate we need to be kind of what aware what's going over control of so we split up in the teens and they're gonna wanna go to sleep has partnered at wanna go sleep and I'm just trying to. Thinking well just grabbed a way to wolf figured out so through this settlement with her back for the test. From a fire. In Italy cure this rosling after about twenty minutes in the sense. And of course from making a lot of jokes about. It but it can't you know and then pretty soon he can reaching a little further terrible terrible thing done looked terrified. And should not very different guys. Messing with me. It and I we can look at it like what you're talking about words in the and I should ensure your dream. An overworked sleep. I just pointless and just talk. It will look. If something really happened what was it what happened in the world and for the April when he goes reaching under the tent. To grab something of the products. And lashed out against her pulling you know tent. Ultra all right shall we would have considered. With a big guy there's all sorts of none of us are going to be pulling you relevant and so it's what really happened after some kind of proof so. And I told we'll just give me flashlight. Where what part of 10% of them so we pointed I went around and it was just plain where I was kneeling down. And sure not true with these. We measure they were eighteen inch footprints went on placing a slow. In the soft. Telephone. Material that was her leading back into the forest. And there was kind of oh world bolt impression right next it's and so I I might guess something was kneeling down there. And reached under the tent and a was rummaging through the stuff shouldn't have happened last Sunday his lower back so they usually if it is so the big guys so they should go. Would it feel with a handle what it is carefully and that's an okay if you look at Japan from the base of the flow. To the fingers of fork in the stretch clustered back. And it had to be you know. More than before it crossed. And and I said geez if they're if the opinion that like Q. So now we're really on guard you know these things actually abandon them screaming stirred up and respect from the which in circles around McCain opened. And I went around there one point. We were spoon to the plural form which Lou had heard after the fire we are facing gulf war directions. Keeping a close like we we could hear the tree sort of stopped awards for the so we probably could total motor oil to. And screen Russell going on shall we knew at least three maybe four more on this and at one point I was facing the opposite direction it has in reference Marleau was asking me some questions so they can. It has turned and didn't answer in retrospect look my direction and he yelled I guess when he turned back. His way this thing was standing behind the tent where. What I mean this for a wrongful. Four partly we fluctuate gave. And you know we can only. Did we don't venture out first for a way to get more word regret the words so they truly believe we all just. Played against this big log in shoulder to shoulder and went to sleep figuring that they really got into this week we interpret state did we. Try to fight or whatever but I guess we must portable reluctance. In the quick you know for a first eight weeks. Groped or stiffer quick and whether. So with with the incident. We're joined green and call me a couple weeks later he drove down from British Columbia you want to glow to the court French so. Went out there you know we all of the it is and we drove up there because they're right at dusk and as soon as we go to the bench greens started. And we also go there for more listening. Than any city had to go back to British Columbia actually glowed at the very dropped a sort of and years later I visited many instances. Essential kicking myself for not taking a recorder. Are. Ulcers and invest it can be in this if you don't bring equipment if you. When you I would go back to the incident with the back now being grabbed did you look at it at his back ends whether any marks of any kind. I didn't see any. Other cardinal why did you I don't know you'll. M yes so and then come as did you do you think it that that during that whole episode. That. That these creatures were being menacing or was it already being playful. Well I don't think you replace full but I don't vote they were menacing either I think it was more. Or curiosity at that point. There are plenty of instances where there permanent thing but I don't I don't think they were in that particular. And we've been no longer possible. So you didn't feel necessarily threatened but you're of course were on guard. Absolutely yeah I mean. Especially given thinking loyal to begin with I mean that's. And I was raised that way you know what it was and they ran faced Cecil. They like there so I mean about five feet away from it so. I get to. That's the mindset early on to pay particular attention goes to enable wild. Yeah of course has received sick. Now you had said earlier in this race in which a weird question but you said earlier when you've had that first encounter you felt like the creatures. Recognized your weapon do you think. They would they would have any inclination to. Like DOD's disarm you at a camp like that if could what do you think that something may be concerned about to try to. To protect ourselves themselves. There is it would be different. Even in. So I'm let's talk a little bit up first hole I wanna I wanna mention your website it's just your name William jet Maine dot com. On and I know you've got a books is a number of books we've mentioned notes from the field it. Tracking North American south squashed the what did you is it is that the most recent book. OK so that was at the top of listen that's the first one okay. You've got to think what five books. I have been just three more of the drug lords. While okay so big big foot field work one on one is that the most recent one. OK so when you started writing about this. What perspective did you take re writing just present evidence. Just you things that you had found during your expeditions Surrey where are you theorizing. As to what these creatures are. Obviously there's a lot of different theories floating around whether there flesh and blood are there there in two dimensional or can hold on two different things floating around. Well you know is back in 2001. What related and in died. A friend of mine who also knew dependent. Called me interest geez you know since you you need disorder rating treasures. You know with him gone. And then all of the original ones on. Need to start writing because you know too much not too. Put something in writing so. Those recipes current book was gracious reader but it. I have no idea but he began and so wave it's so well you know this whole do written. And what I intended to do with those from the field in the which was actually the title of the newsletter we were doing. In the early 1990s. And so the Washington. Was to basically. Become a kind of a beginners because a lot of substance thrown out there. And I think a lot of people don't understand it. You know they think subject started in 1950s. When injured crew that those are operator from from preacher and his equipment. And and the reporter from the recent times coined the word recruit when he mentioned. So sure has big feet. So. I think a lot of people think well it's probably not real because it just started all of us so that the and that wasn't case you go back. As. I mean literally thousands years in just about every culture have sold and a reference to these in a large very well. Yet these these creatures have been seen for a long time William we gotta jump in to break your mobile pick it up or get back RC listen Jason GB MP unreal. Radio pharmacy for 46877669. Tie her judgment about big foot and a William won't have Letterman here goes are we all along the last segment and wanted to give you that minute just to tell people who bit about your website. Well web site is. A little bit about what Marshall for it doesn't. We have a blog that's. You know weekly. Articles director's position pretty interest and stuff. You can join the web site and actually joint venture in research group which is actually spread worldwide. Today. That's great and also links to your books around there as well. Right in the and they can be found on Amazon.com. OK so when we get back from break we're gonna pick up where we left off talking about tell the fact that these sightings of these creatures sightings which shows seemed event or pop culture anyway in the fifties and an end than the six he's actually going on. For thousands of years in an all culture. It's a long long time so. Our phone number again is 84468776. X nine until freed 8446877669. Your listen Jason NG. It's. Her. Heard 67766. Now we're talking about bigfoot tonight with William Jennings and his website is William Jennings dot com. It's got a number of books by five books up there have been talking about a few of them and William before we went to the break we are talking about the fact that these sightings in these reports of focus ask watch type creature Spain and cultures. And spend thousands of years this is not something new. Now that's less true than in the first look at that was kind of my intention of Serb bring the subject and focus from readers. By showing that. That it didn't just during the 1950s and some that are very very long time and mostly. You know with the advent of sort of kind of mass media or the media sharing all over it really didn't happen much before. World War II things like this reduced localized events in the and one of the early chapters in the book. They've demonstrated that by showing. Articles go back as far as in eleven. And then they give some examples for. Each decade showing from teaching whether on it's it's a continual thing it's something interest started and stopped to but it was. It was ongoing so. You know it's it's pretty interest in from that standpoint that. It's something we're going to be Hoechst are purchased NATO it would have that sort of continuity. Let's talk about the evidence you've collected over the years and all the expeditions and things that you have. Don and you know you've obviously bad B. Canada and met lucky in some sense some people go out look for for ever and never see anything you've actually been pretty fortunate to have some several encounters. What are some of the stuff to you've collected that your most impressed by you think other people are most impressed by. Well I think I think footprint courses the big. A given sample it. Have a friend and can always send me some of the best clips are very overseen every. You this can work for the gas and oil exploration company. And they were up in the Yukon. Territory. And so they drove two miles to get an hour two hours to get to help. And then flew another sixty kilometers. To the site to work yet no roads no access. From anybody in this place. And and if so they were twelve hours on twelve hours social and talked. You'd like to efficient. Social the social stream. Any edited so all of these things. In if photographed footprints test what attracts. Bloody bodies on the show. In effect on on the cover books in the field or what do those photographs one of those programs. You know just absolutely impossible frequently in under those kind of conditions especially with that all of these so. That's one of things usually impresses people of photographed people say well you know we don't have the post and so for photographs. The truly not true you know what you see on YouTube instead of 99% of those curb which. But what I'm finding in this is recent. Except people send me pictures not very many if you. Slowly coming and I think largely because my podcasts and books. Let. Because it's the people in terms of these things that you really traumatic experience in most cases. What are Trenton park tennis is people. Usually don't use names locations. But they wanted to publishers can get off to test. They've charged people haven't told anyway. 2030 years. And it also people listen and then they'll contact and then we'll talk about what they experience. So as missing thing of fighting with pictures people can take pictures occasionally. But they don't do anything. What examples or ladies and anyone. From Michigan and it it rivals. The quality Paterson assumed they'd be better showed the photograph effective the program in new book. And it's The Beatles incredible. But the actual witnesses. So were found out about what they wanted nothing to do that they would give their names they gave. This person the pitcher we sent to me that I can use our World War II. They were in such denial over that in terrorists its broad daylight. Creature who's running away from person took a picture. At the tail isn't it it's a massive creatures you see the race for it is. Exposed to the camera. Another one also heard recently was native Americans drove it and all Moscow was holding. And it took photographs rule in these things civil war. Disturbing surrounding areas and it got a photograph what a night that's pretty good photograph. These people are very. Very grudgingly trend for group pictures as. Yeah asserted the replied if they so becomes concerts you know making a big. They can go so far as tens of what they're pretty critically. It tends to move some of Toledo picture that I tend to believe. Our let's that we were running out of time quickly here I am I'm gonna just pointed out the we've got some people that waiting on hold for a while so let's go to actually good friend of the program does is sense in Missouri events it's undermined. Hey guys. You know error or remote viewing my notes. Our the other original art and mom and Marcia are about our guitar speeder gets about the physical aspect there's some management. There's our ops that are gone wrong are actually take it out magnetic detectors receivers some type of magnetic super met area. There are relax and let it slip and say yeah to be worn out farm and the elegant because. Barack Cameron are the merchant we're actually finally meet magnetic poles and work correctly in the rural world and that's why they're running away from my house. That's what I'm looking look like. Lot of these people who are there are world. An interesting thought Vince any thoughts going. Well I don't subscribe to the intervention inner dimensional aspect of the first question told her. Very you know physical. Creature you know nothing nothing unusual for a loose you know and then open is. I don't think there's anything out of the ordinary day in terms okay. Flesh and blood is what you're saying. You know there there's plenty of government. Let's go to this is Justin and he just welcome to the show what's on the mind. Community expediency. Am. I when it came the same as maybe years down then we're. Normal individual incident that looked like a trip there to me. Dealership. In Berlin and that people can. I can say they have their kids I think. I. That horrible individual can consider when to put my family ultimately look. There's people. And really. Casesa some computers for the bird. Bridge and hit some creaky. Says come on can't look through there and personal use your computer. And. And then return we'll take a hit on the head. The knock out. Well where was this just some where were you camping. In Nebraska while. Let's let's ESCO William William is Nebraska known as a as a hot spot for bid for its critics. Not large numbers but they are there. Hey Justin thanks for the call and thank you for sharing the story with a us we appreciate you just yet thank you very much. William there's been a documentary that's a done on Netflix flicks at least and true it's and other places I sought a Netflix. You know you do register you giggle a little. Yeah exactly and I was gonna ask you about what are your thoughts on. In it's an open I haven't seen that I have been asking people for saying. Perfect he's been promoting fruit. You know you're too and he says yes so. You know I have looked picture you have I've seen a fast courts in the flesh a couple of times. And they don't look anything like what he's produced. Like concern. And there's a lot of there's a lot of controversy when it comes to his his footage in his was images and all that stuff but. But do you think people like Todd standings and also if you think about it like richter dire. Who back him one 2012 thing was claiming that you've learned a big foot in the way. Yeah exactly and did you think people like that really are hurting the field you know and as a drawing attention to a but it's just not right kind of attention. It is. Oh absolutely. And this goes back even to the of the creek is with Hillary Wallace who's in charge of the or actually ran a lot of crews were working those areas. And I think some of these people and isn't a number of reasons to say they perpetuate hoaxes. We're creating hoaxes. Sometimes like and in Walsh's case it was. You know he was he was very interest is best to begin with and then sort of got pushed out by the original pioneers. And so I actually think he it was case celebrates his case these other guys I think it's nothing more than. Play different tensions in money. Directly over a 100000 dollars and of course you know Todd standing obviously Netflix or whatever he's doing traffic report. Well especially now les are opening up lawsuits restraint suits in California. Sewer Canada and solo. I think that poll or wait to get attention for his fellow. The Portland wolf recently didn't have to assume that they they purchase it. Yeah and and I agree with you I I've I've got simply system on the. Do you know if anybody has taken the time standing some Hillary's I don't wanna pick on Todd standing per say but it's the one I've seen recently but has anybody taken in general analysis southern tip. To come up with a knee. Educated opinion. Other than just. For a guy who a friend of mine who's a screenwriter. Oh on hold me last week that he saw something that I an adult in fact I don't and he kills off public have been civilian group of people scientific credentials that didn't pick it apart pretty well and and they excitable mountains. You know so what else have you got going on and first of all the we discuss this question we've talked a lot about your work is there anything else going on in the effort to. Locate these creatures document these creatures she did Maybin appeared in the headlines. The last six months two years that we should be paying specific attention to. You know my opinion usually not anything good going I mean Versailles I am. Particular about my own people but you know we we keep a pretty low profile and has tried to us through real for a job and what's going on but. As far as any real efforts they're. There really isn't anything. What about these TV shows that are popping up finding bigfoot this kind of stuff. The one that's popularly called not finding the holes. A artillery from having been growing up hunting and fishing you know going out banging Eritrean screaming you can Disco lights. It was given that you in the opposite. You're going to gain. You know able to run for the hills. I mean I remember. Something as simple my dead telling me they're really drilling it into me. Before we go on sort tracking and we'll take the safety off right. Because you have something in the site and then hold safety purchased at any quick and it seemed animals do it with a small firm like. We'll take our friend and you should shut and so. Obviously an end I don't these people it's a sort of the mark of a lack of knowledge about so scorched doing things like that but it really spokespeople because concessions intangibles subject to truly hard. We of 100 times and not see anything. And of course you know hopefully it 101 time we'll all find something that makes it all worthwhile buy it. You know most people who there's assurance that we can just went into the historical scenes and so. The import of the critics of these towards what was going on these countries. You can interact with so exports which is not what's happening here in the like that. It is very it is very intelligent and they only. It without going agreed to until part of the time when they haven't. It's a it's a coordinated group effort like template changed and sometimes. And if they're making noises like that it's you do without the presence dictator which humans. Or. They're trying to drive. I gain. Inaudible into until though. Trap basically so it has nothing to do it in communicating with people. On budget now do you think that the show even though the you're not big on their efforts of how how they do there. Investigations or their searches do you think that there's a positive sides at its least drawing attention to for a younger generations to get. Well it's a sort of really start trying to pay attention and look for look for a possible big floats as well. Well it does some effort to some extent a lot of people contact me they tell me. What they like about the show are the witness the witnesses coming forward. But this but as far as the team itself from what they do they they don't like so. And we're sort of my agent sort of working towards trying to. As television show either so behavior or do it ourselves. I don't really wanted to wait the hyper show. But doing but it it would be much more interest in doing anything that's currently there would actually show evidence so. That's that's one of things were and what you know right now of course I eventually screenwriter friend he wrote a screenplay based on my second book search you know. William more or to. Yet we're just about out of time here I know you've got at podcast that you do we've got the books of most of the information to our new website board LC of coming up that you like. Our listeners to know about. Cheese off the top my head we're doing I guess select people and CO are doing eight of all things political here. First we can were also. That's kind of the next thing we're doing that's coming up. Great for what we've really enjoyed having you on the program hope you'll agree to come back at some point in keep us up to date as the hunt continues. We have a great night thanks so much particular time. It OK once again the website is just the name it's William. And then wrap things up elicited Jason GPM yeah. Yeah it just showed up that feed us at this. I guess got to play in this it was just too wacky now to cheer everybody up they're greatly appreciate it good I vividly remembers this it's it's shut off your face by father Guido sir do you TV was a Saturday Night Live character I do remember and let's. Quote double eviction. I'm a big shock you know it's an inventive and freedom and you know. Listen I'm talking about his bigfoot research and also his spokesman issued check on his website. Tomorrow is of course or Friday as the best of the unreality radio. Having Amaechi had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like to FaceBook page forest. That had to be on reality radio dot com you can download free iPhone an injury to operate there ritualized listen live sketch pad issues during online chat more. I just I just have to point out I have to point out that as an Italian American my mother was born mentally I'm not offended by the song and all just so people know. Want to complete the effect on the heels of finalist nations where an across the country or just a click the listen live button and listen. Join us and normally chat listening right from the website the sort of do for us tonight they should tune in everybody have a great night and will pitch Sudan. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only the only angry news. Yeah. You know we're stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason is slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson follow. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.