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Embrosewyn Tazkuvel - psychic and spiritual author discusses his UFO encounters, energy vortexes and dimensional doorways

Feb 9, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Psychic & Spiritual Author Embrosewyn Tazkuvel about his experiences with UFOs, energy vortexes & dimensional doorways. 2/9/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. There's analysts toes friend and the East Coast many years and somewhere in between low and be unreal here. It was myself Jason Wallace in the ass sometimes. You know as you do chance and if he's to which he had to do you say we are gonna say he's you know you are what you eat all those good outages pseudo makes a regulatory or socialist idea I was just eating when did you see me do I decide denizens. Those little candy you know as I don't I hadn't had him in probably thirty years and paying someone to in the grocery store and it's in the Goodman bottom and I have been kind of addicted ever cents. That total caught people who are going to be unrelated radio everybody if you haven't yet made Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash BI under ordinary elect the FaceBook page forest. Then had to be on reality radio dot com. Final stations we are on across the country. You can also download free iPhone and android operate there or listen library from the lips I just click the listen live button. We try to make it easy for everybody via the easier the better because I know that has to be easy for me I won't do it justice just as if it's complicated had to do something else. I'm Leo yeah I didn't the click we've got a great show lined up for him and actually got a surprise guests to. I'm for the first few minutes of the program we're gonna bring in closer rose in many of you may know her from her. Starring role should actually teenager at the time any film called sleep away camp it was one of those slasher films from the eighties there was it was a currently and I she's sweet yet and it's one of those films it's often cited as having the best twist ending in horror films to the media yet you haven't seen it when I could tell you how it ends because it is quite a shocker but anyway she's a whole bunch of of the projects he's got a film premiere coming up. Not this weekend but next week and in Charlotte, North Carolina so we're gonna bring her on just a little bit to tell us about that. And then after that as we have been talking about all week long. A long Ambrose join task of bell will join us he's a psychic and spiritual author we're going to be talking about his encounters with UFO's also positive energy vortex is. And dimensional doorways. And every Friday is the best of the unreality radio Sumi issued to YouTube and at that in the next week at a great sponsor shows. And then at one point at the end of the week meant I hit the road you fly across the pond you know not a road you fly cross like project and it couldn't go to hit the road after Atlanta and on the wrong side road after an event to Hampshire a lot of you have seen that I'll be doing the show called celebrity haunted mansion law ordered Jack Osborne. Ozzie Osborne's son and myself we will be team captains and each of us will have five celebrities on our team. And the other going to be life five days notably light street for five days and viewers actually call in and vote off different celebrities of course Jack and higher. Six that the TV they're seeking to weed out which is great but. You know and I agree to do it because it's uninteresting concept it means something different than the normal what's what's held there. And it really sound like fun I posted a thing about it earlier today in a bunch of people. We're asking is is there going to be anything fee can end. And don't that was the first question when I was talking to them that was the first thing I product was you guys going to be doing any saying hey questionable right. And they said now and we went through all the stuff and do so there will not be any scurrying around. Because I wouldn't sign on to do if there was yet and it's agree disagree policy and agree that green I think it has just too many shows out there that I have done any in support to shows like most politics and everything where you've been able to watch them actually actually do that's so. Just don't need to. Now nobody does so we're going to be you're gonna researcher a little bit and see if there's a way that it can be viewed. Here in the states whether online or whatever might be maybe it'll show up on BBC America who knows and light because it's on it's on three or four different stations. Over and over and your everything northerners BBC oriented so -- in other their government owned television stations so. Are going to be interesting to see that we do want to welcome a number of radio stations to beyond reality radio family and fact. We are very happy to say eight KH HO AMH fifty in Seattle has joined the family of stations WPS CAM 1415 hearing Pennsylvania and of course your favorite KB OZ and those. In Montana settlement fair I don't know it is his last one on the list. That political theory that's ridiculous I would definitely welcomed the unreality. Welcome to be on reality radio Fam have certainly it's great to have you on board. And Amaechi in nature as you tuning in the use check out that list on beyond and beyond reality radio dot com. Austin does were constantly updating and adding new station. Yes and if you're traveling around you know which stations to tune to. Right so we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll bring closer rose and we'll chat with her first few minutes and then not after that it's a broad joint task develop on the program it's beyond really radio. And activists. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Aren't. Chasing the change came when this special treat foreigners here kind of a surprise for American Express for us to actually she's just awesome are offering and I was a little conventions and nutrients and of course we're talking about the lovely and talented Elisa rose to listen welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the show. All right thank you so much for having me. This is the most reserve governor her. I don't lie still and very content escalates its military saying nice things that you don't believe it's. You've got a big weekend coming up not this weekend but next week and tell us what's going on. I will be happy meeting mad monster party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. So that they charity and Charlie has now. And meets the guest list is incredible they have Robert Englund and Peter Crane from ten. That's really cool yeah Robert Englund of course known for his role as Freddy Krueger in the nightmare in elm street movies and Peter Chris of course the drummer some guests. And then these nominees they can never met him I'm freaking that pregnant I'll be jumping around like it. They did little puppy died. I'm going to be stuck in the UK it should be speaking on the set which you choose. I know I now tournaments analogue back. There he so I'll bring you some Cisco and a two night I don't wherever we did you get so many new projects that. And pressure which of the ones is actually you're debuting a film or your premiering a filmed got a special premiere at this event of when he your. What I would call what are your very very meet ambitious and successful projects have to. Songs are saying Q well actually this week you'd be hugely became yesterday are. Found Victor Crowley which is Patrick for the Adam green sound just keep that. So that was tremendous speaking is I've been a fan of his for many years then. I think that he need to read these new these I was the fact that all of them to when he called me to ask me to be. And I'm just you know. Islip dad and the movie's great it's getting unbelievable review to me across the board its interest glowing for him signed. Really really proud of the project. And we had death had coming out in theaters February 20 Terry which he debut at scare. It's. And now it comes to theaters February 23 we have. The LA New York premiere and then it will be in. Limited theatrical all over the country. That film was named and best new feature it's Garrick con last year so that's pretty exciting. But the Victor Crowley film you'll actually took me 21 of the premieres at that chrome I think it was Chicago's or where we went on national and that's yeah that's that's a great film Adams agreed director and real up and coming star particularly in the horror genre. But that's almost like cue from him practical jokers in the film I mean it's got cool people. In video Larry is that if you look at the whole movie tongue in cheek I mean it's not a straight up like slash or you know gore effect where you're just. Terrified it's really funny humor is grade the acting used to you know I mean. All of the cast is terrific and now we had so much fun making them that they. Want Adams to great guy and know them personally and he's ready he's from Massachusetts. And extort Orion. And one of the first we'll easier on them economics McPherson a few in was the movies for frozen are aware. Where he had the the guy went on to actually play nice man and in the X-Men and that was a phenomenal ball he really laws. And I creeped me yeah I heard that the case. It's astonishing and in the entire community. And seeing Stockton in Larry let's get on the chairlift they're going skiing and just go home in it it's just it's terrifying thinking about being west like that. Yeah and he he really mean he's such an intelligent director and he's been real actor's director Eric. He he works his route. Diligently with us on her characters and you know just the talent of the whole film he's. I'm amazed by him and and I've only been true fans say yes. Definitely throws in is one of the day you know he's great films then digging up demand was one of them he's produced by Japan on his TV show policy stated. Starring in south St. Joe lynch another great director and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister he he's just he's an incredible person. So I have to ask this year who started acting at a young age you started any horror film for sleep away camp. Did you realize what you're getting yourself into at that point. Now how apps but that would you not and you know it really might not she was sick stage mother. And she you know had gotten near a local manager in New York. And that was my first auditions replay camp I was twelve when addiction. And you know I never even thought about it I mean it was such small little harm that he. Little that I know we kind of you know jeans. This cult following and he needs to adulthood. And now I I just I love making films I'm excited to produce movies and it's just it's been great journey mean it's very exciting you meet wonderful people in the convention circuit is definitely part of my. You know my life and typically get a mention every weekend but it's been. The chant and and it's it's really cool I just kind of go with it pets to kids. He that they admit as a kid you never figure that. Seriously but he didn't do but I guess it just kind of did it actually cheated me Ellie say in athletes like a disability that. And you did that at a very young age you DB to normal childhood I'd say you're right you you are at school all the fans and then you can isn't shy away from the film industry for awhile and you jumped headfirst back and. Jessica I really felt like education so important and IE lying to attend and why you like my dad. So I choose to go day to school of the arts. In the drama department and it's quite a harrowing experience that we you have to you I would. I went for early admission too I was sixteen when I was applying and you had to interview an audition and then. Decrease through an entire process and finally. I had gotten in and then they decided he'd sleep like Cantu is three and two when they called me it was kind of like make a decision and I Condit like you and they said. Nearly hacked to delay you and then you have to kind of re apply. So you wouldn't be led in just automatically you know and I you know what this is really can't polite country go to that school that I believe. Wanted to attend and nineties and then I just did theater in New York except I would be great training grant. Toy Tibetan men come from there. I got back into sound like in 2000. And you've worked with some pretty cool people horse in your favorites. I've worked I mean a lot. My first experience where I was just sort of like head over heels feel like I was playing Super Bowl was with Eric Robert they'd been agreed to hand of his front. At this Greenwich Village and start AD still to meet key section that dynamic actor he's a real. Actor actor you know like he can sit with him in and you can count his prosecute. Farrow and and and hands so I learned a great deal from him and I work with people like Billy means. He was wonderful. I loved genes involved with that many teens do you mean he's fantastic. A lot of the Vivica fox Michael Madsen. Some pretty you know cool actors and they all they can't turn and giving in I'm always like to typical thing think. And I'm rich it's good but that. But begins I truly love these people and what they've done for you know for final senate. And second so excited that dad dude is incapable either. He and I do this pilot TV pilot together and at least it exploded in and so excited. He lied to see him on the forefront of everything that's gone on the awards. So it's cool to see people that you work with now gained so much exposure and and and the love that they deserve. And would you prefer do you prefer being in front of the camera behind the camera in their in their producing chair what's your favorite place today. You know I choose huge sort of go into the producing around BK. And you get older and your would you know being a woman in the industry you're really. Scrutinized so greatly and I just felt like. IT would prefer to sort of produced because I am a mom and I like it could be a mommy said he always running with so many different had to have three young kids it's like. Where might go with. I run at a fast pace it's like driving everyone doing everything. So producing felt like that he was very natural. Fun loving that area right now but of course you know. Went to we can make you different felt I was on that yesterday. In these slasher and it's like. I can never get away from the acting to kids I just I loved I loved to crash. I love creating characters it's therapeutic it's exciting. Working with fellow actors it's. It's it's a wonderful. Area but producing is definitely. The reeling in net. You know you're kind of on a time crunch and have to get everything done and you work with a key minutes you know it's kind of like. Playing any sport he detested jumping in Dili you know run attack do everything. You know make everything happens so I I let it have done is it's. In the film world and really I'm and I'm excited. So we want people to check out Victor Crowley which is now out and also if you're in the Charlotte area you can go to mad monster party and check out the it's the showing of death house. Yeah that's next weekend. And working people find out more about your schedule what Europe too where you're appearing in your website social media world where should people got. I do I have to listen red dot com. I'm on Twitter all the time Felicia underscore. Let it slip through twenty Syria and in Japan and peace but to flip through just yet. Also it's always great to talk with you and I are. Hanging out with you again at some point soon. I meant thank you so much thank you for having me. I agree kept. Thanks so thank you are right so again I check it out you concede Victor Crowley it's it's been released you can check that out also I go to mad monster party that's in Charlotte, North Carolina next weekend. I think what's the date and you know. It's not a good. The sixty's success and teeth. And also just check but check out some of Adam's other movies and he has his movie frozen rose and it was for after I had met Adam well we've talked a botched times. I'd I'd watch that movie actually Steve recommend it to me and I wants and are playing well are flying out to an investigation. And I have to pee on me it was it was a terrifying movie it really was just a sonic being student being stuck in a unit chairlift. You know having up. The mountains to ski. In three people it's just it's one of those things you like that to what would you do yeah. It is disturbing it's one of the stories like the one I camera what's open water one doing the audio people and passed out water in the sharks very very similar but this is in a frozen setting. Stephanie chairlift they can't get down from pretty cool aren't so we're gonna take a quick break more to come you listen as Jason TV on the honor alien radio. Jason Swanson TV Johnson thanks for joining us to get a chance to by the website check out the new official. Beyond reality radio coffee mug it's a perfect mug for drinking coffee hot chocolate. Maybe wanna put all is something Nelson their abducted a judge I I even put my little orange slices and a nose can eat mine on the mug is kind of a nice little tool. So a bit but is full but continued to the super you have to reveal much. It's whether it's on the website it's up their click on ID in order one for yourself for as a gift for a friend Valentine's Day is coming up makes a nice gift for that special someone in your life if you've got one offs and you won the hearts you're such a sweetheart for next. Tonight our guest is a brochure intestinal we've had on the program before he's a psychic and spiritual author we're gonna talk about a lot of things tonight and we'll take your phone calls later in the program. 8446877669. Task of or brochure and thanks so much for joining us on the program great feedback. Great Arab and had to be back seat and JP thanks for having me. So what if you've been up to enjoy on the show last blog don't know. A lot going got to come out there on the show last outward. Three new bestselling books. Into the miracles and manifestations. Were just power and transformation. And then the follow up books and those two magical little bit of heaven and her. And I am but tonight outlook nor I talk about some of my. You put experiences and also. Energy or Texas than dimensional portal last time I was on your show. Right thank you Margaret just finishing talked with someone about your vote perhaps a couple really married to your experiences there that you're electors might. Enjoy hearing about. Yeah we absolutely Lou we will have that conversation tonight I wanna make sure that everybody knows your website is your first name and Bruce human and it's it's spelled EM BR OS EW YN dot com. And all your books are listed there is a lot of information not only about the books are also other services that you offer our so there's a lot there for people to check out. You started all this kind of at a young MITRE. Well after talking about he horror that former first memories and like yeah seeing actually now or around people and not really realizing that everybody did yeah. And was that something that you'd talked about with the other people or how did you communicate that because most people wouldn't even have known we were talking about. First person I ask how I'm with my mother. You don't outlying and open my amount is outline. At a that doesn't always work does it justice run. And we are from. Altered weren't exactly exactly. That really begin a lifelong journey for you 02 learn. Find answers get some understanding he really. Really just was the beginning of the road. A lot of but I don't matter very unusual. And that one night benefit of these abilities but I ended up. Gravitating into the science fields. Got in Europe and the terminator in college. And I became very scientific oriented and I reached a point that beat them adjust and I had my own abilities for a while and I thought anybody believe in the concept of marble greens. Until I actually started channeling myself some years ago. And couldn't explain it anyway scientific sort of give up on that went on explaining that it. Except that. What is the sensitivity or what is the skill. That allows somebody to see chorus. Anybody can cures it didn't seem out of line even if you Wear glasses that matter going in the other two are. You can cure. Came hours. Is not really a psychic gift it's classified as that. But it's really physical ability that every single person has if you happen to like keep anybody and I clapped then he wore the department. It's really not hard it's just a matter of learning how to poke her ardent different way than you're used to focusing. If you buy it if you go to dramatic 3-D pictures you could feel my line. When you combine calendars and that victory pictures you learned your Atlantic treaty pictures that exactly the refocusing yard and build new. If you are so when you can train your hard look at the map retreat picture and within seconds. NAFTA and the focus you're gonna go to YouTube or. Oh what does an aura tell you about a person. Well. That's another interesting question regarding. I it was a high school and that's I would probably the most intense setting or what what people and serving them trying to. Corley. Without seeing their actions and what you're seeing them moved here and there are happy yes with the enveloping an aura. I think on your right arm and then other times I find them ordered something there that are should be indicated that they actually. Not so I learned to start not to relying on what I was seeing repealing the word. The two. Serve the people on the body language and basically have a second opinion. What you're telling me to make sure what I thought was happening what was really happening. Well and that it's gotta be tough because X specially as myself unfold maternal field many times somebody sees. Something red or black the instantly go to this. This belief that it's a negative in nature that it's bad and that's really not always the case correct especially when it comes out Lawrence. That is exactly correct there the like Adam what do thing that I do for people is to coincide current reading. Years ago but it's your question around though a year ago ID. I didn't think of some part to help me would Marty opportunity with people. And I just picked image is out there. Magazine they have different because he all the magazines are literally hundreds and hundreds of magazine with every single age to out and do that. You'll believe whatever reason. And cut about how important are currently no ligament in my into court which a slot. Nikkei typical of those cards that tell people that. The image has no certainty it depends upon the question. And get a good example there's a cart in the dark that the while we're on fire just when and where. And the very first time we ever had anyone or cart as a very curt Hebert did it just made my deck. I had a friend. Who are elderly aunt had had cancer in your earlier. And the purpose and it had gone to complete remission or your own for her cancer treatment to her captured. He lobbied. A observation and keep it to conduct. And ten years and never come back to you should agree to go into her. Medical check up. And cute or copper preliminary check of particular spot and you're gonna famous psychic in the LA area and they colder than fine. And here under a very good you shall do to and he had no confided in him there and what part of short news. Everything was arguably. Have helped me through my very first reading it well our but he entered the question of who hadn't cuter cards. I like a return look a lot of popular perk him up. In relation to that question. I had Taylor not been Carter don't mean that can't be right because. Heart failure cantor consume news. Very rapidly. Which you went back for a final second to keep it out there. In the final check of this show that are Internet return team and courtly guy. Within a month that I'm. Not that they'll ask you this is another question premium related. He's that they've inherited 101000 dollars would never have that much money in my whole life. I want and got it in the business but you better equipment other job who has been hacked exe. Or I'm at it and in my life. So it by darkness that is will it succeed. How big part of that question the same cart came up while our part. But they come back we're like all of your business is going to be a phenomenal success very quickly and well. So oracle like that new. Sometimes color like red for income and I think people traditionally associate read that the angry. It off and on and nor can indicate that we can indicate a nickname agreed that the country it is. When you. Can read somebody's aura. Does it change based on their personality or whether they're telling the truth or lying ended does that affect what UC. Absolutely you know the aura is very complex and so much more. Complex and use in typically depicted in pictures or your people describe your. And when people Gilliam who weren't Ritter who are in your. I I look at it as a million different lady jewels. Color. And there can be dark spot there can be. Creek there can be all kind of been an interesting things but quite complex and not just the simple. You know the person got a red or blue or something like that people like to make it simple. But not that simple. Right we're talking with a brochure and task though his website is Ambrose who went dot com and Richard to break Grenoble we come back bring you get into the UFO stories that emergency share with us. And colon number if you have a question for us our guests is 8446877669. Dental traded for four. 6877669. Elicited Jason dvd on Alec. The show it's beyond reality ratings Jason GDP our guest tonight is heard from intestinal talking about a whole bunch of things and bring a organ turn our attention to his. UFO encounters brush when you have and had encounters with the UFO's and this is something that we wanted to talk about for awhile we have the opportunity tonight what do you tell us how it started for. Oh yeah you're not a big I haven't had to go to Minnesota. A lot of experience or your own counter perhaps at 21 of them spectacular. And the other one quite interesting. I'm in both cases are what we only want CD and learn the choir club. And put the word maverick. Or you know import yeah. Sir Robin shouldn't. Cooperated a year ago you can. In any case. A commentator. For what many people assume. On the other ones myself and white and her good friend Scotty bought out the pectoral and went from last. But the further point that you're familiar with the Seattle area at all eat a gavel town called north that. And north and that kind of that the end of the road before you start getting into the wilderness area what you go into the world mr. Palmer then there's. Well reverend Merkel spoke on the river has multiple works. And if you follow up the Mitt fork of the book on the river eventually it'll dead and at the end of the book only that for a corner valley. That tally only have one road not now in the bottom of the valley. And that's steep mountain on both sides about it right there on both sides. No wrote except for one very very primitive road. Major possible. At the bottom of the valley. I aggregate friend who had a quartz crystal mine. On one of the Karen one of the wall of the mountain there. And it's broken record could remind. I remembered the Smithsonian institute in almost major museums that have national Christian geology. Many case I went up to help in mind or. And spend the night there. Anybody myself trend anybody who spent the night in the mid fort valley for more than a few and I would he. Be light. And the lights and all they looked like it looked like headlight on car motorcycle. Parked outside. You're looking out Hewitt came across. All talked about the other side. He he'd walk numbers no road no people nothing bear. And they would be traveling but it wouldn't travel like Karl it was sometime we want partners and sometimes could be five or six. It would travel independently of each other somehow it didn't slow and they didn't let up now all around. We never knew what you where all the users nothing that we knew. On this planet that could do what opening reviewing overly excited about. That my first. So let's let's talk let's talk about that went for a second before we get to into the second one. The way you described that sounds very similar to what the brown mountain lights is that is that I think we've had somebody on the program before. That is that was talking about the browns' Joshua or Josh war on drugs very similar type they almost. They kind of had the headlight appearance they didn't beat heat like cars that didn't behave well like anything that might behave. That stretcher when nature. So it has anybody gone to that part of the mound with the intention of trying to see if there's any evidence of anything being near that you're aware of. It took Potomac this political mountains very straight up and I'm not a place that anybody you'd like it's very very rugged spot. That the mountain. If you're hitting the courts are among the 12100 foot elevation carved on the road. In the struggle. As Butler thing apart. So addiction and I know nobody ever been gone over there on society you know proper mind. They're psyched out of a lower levels. Grip on the river but that's longer and longer ago and nobody goes up on the outside itself. There's nothing there and to go out for. And what you saw what in seeing those lights did you think you were seeing the origin of the lights you do you think you were seeing flights that were being projected from somewhere else. Not a great day they've been cut if you'd like that we're looking at something that was the life. You know creating its own life to those traveling along again I have no idea what it works. It was beautiful or some other natural phenomena where I'm unfamiliar with what it was definitely nothing that I can explain. And he said he had people with you they also the same thing nobody had any big dead discrepancy in the description. No I I've known him many people over the years from. Force her to. Number of people reminding people to just acres anybody who spent time. At night in and at fort valley Freeman a couple nights you do you quite certain that there were reported that. And are you aware of anybody that's caught any of this on film or any kind of and is Stiller or video type photography. That would be fun to do it now I don't know of anybody can now but that would be definitely do you gotta do that us. That he's felt rental car ready Pinochet to bring your camera you'll get some good pick. By the way you described it I'm not so sure lesson lessons and flies in and helicopters. Making extra below tell us a. Well I don't know how I don't own a helicopter but that's exactly helicopter and a lake or whatever helicopters that we lose them. I don't mind turns into an immigrant delta helicopter but they're predominantly helicopter pilot this landing on the short who evidently can. I don't let the helicopter the lakers earlier. So we'll have about a minute here before we have to go to breaks I don't wanna start the second story yet but did you ever we only up there in that area that one time. All right I used to go crystal my mirror. Accurately. OK see you there are a lot and and you saw these things on multiple occasions just the one time. Eat sleep and I hear they're pretty right NC yeah. Or shortly not ignorant or was there any ever talked any talk in the area maybe people that lived close by you of any other type of alien encounter or signs of alien presence at all that you're aware of. I think I think I think you have to rethink. Oh by the nearest. Written in the nearest place close by their. Probably at least twenty tomorrow where the mountains wilderness that there's nobody on the spot. I say. Are well that's that's a really interesting story can we turn the second one and when we come back after the break we'll start that conversation. A reminder that to tomorrow night will be a best of program on beyond reality radio and then Monday night reads Summers joins us easy teacher and a representative. Of the new message which were going to be discussing the truth about UFO's. Contact disclosure and revealing the alien presence. And its agenda in the world. Walter forensic geologist you might have seen a month history and each to America on her stand. Are we talking about the Kensington rune stone Tom back to Minnesota and ET ninety misdeeds only back to thirteen 62. So they should be mentioned he haven't yet makes you tune in Howell the minutiae that you like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And then head over beyond reality radio dot com you can find all the stations we err on all across the country right there. You can also download the free iPhone and injury separate from the what socialist Melissa my touchpad shows. On the go. Or click to listen live button in conjoined TV myself immigrant community of people while listening to show right there on the web site. Receive quick break more to come to listen to Jason GB MP I don't. Kennedy was myself Jason Bosnia results in GG Johnson. I looked talking about this stuff of course tonight we've got Ambrose when task to vote on the program we're talking about his UFO encounters but he's a whole bunch star for going to be chatting about. Throughout the course of the evening news she jumped on the phone number we're gonna start taking phone calls you can line him up at 8446877669. I also wanna remind you that tomorrow night we've got a best of program on but Monday. We will have read Summers on easy teacher and a representative of the new message which will be discussing the truth about UFO's contact disclosure. And revealing an alien presence and its agenda in the world. On north little yellow little message out as it works and women when. So on Tuesday we've got skull tab of forensic geologist you might. Remember him from always been bullish on the past but he's gone History Channel. H two American on earth rim talking about the Kensington rune stone found in Minnesota and ET ninety. Said DB dated back to thirteen 62. And we're gonna get into a lot of different things on so. And you remember the she school watchers strict. Yes and the all female bigfoot country and our team they're coming back we've renamed themselves. From she's watchers to swatch her crew chief her so I venture with ads about that we're gonna have them on the first part of Wednesday program Wednesday's program and Scott Harris of take the second half of the program he's these CEO all of building construction group in building creator going to be talking about. Intuitive building how Earth's gravitational pull. Relates to homes and how a home's energy can heal or harm people and the perfect proportions of homes a lot of stuff coming up next week so gracious. Yeah. Tom but let's bring our guest tonight back in M brochure and Tesco byways but they have by the way his website is a brochure in dot com you can check it out all those books are listed there and as a whole slew of them and Immersion before I went to break you were telling us about your first encounter. With some type of view a folk craft activity what was the second one segment said the second one was actually something much more substantial. Second with spectacular I'm a white samarra. In her good friend scarred. And I had gone gold mine in her gold mining up on the Klamath River. On the clincher. And there we are late undermining what about two and a half hour charge. And highway 96. From where we are minding depicting interstates art. Major artery now I would at least six is a very rural road. And after we're finished my end of the day we got the car. I'd been driving for quite some time in that and much equipped and I'm like perhaps an hour and fifteen minutes or so it or have been driving on the trip. In that time might seem to other cars that's how into this routed. But a moonless night. Holy dark outside of the new headlights of the car. I'm quite tomorrow it's asleep in the front seat I was beaten back he now are striving. Came around a blind. Warner. Bros. And right probably. Not more than a quarter mile away. Was an enormous. Enormous. Chip that I don't it off the ground a hundred feet you slowly. Going upward at about 45 degree angle. Kind of took a Dark Knight. And I could feel that ship when the light underneath it and what a series of white. Orange and blue light. Sequence one or the other all on the bottom of perhaps twenty like altogether. Media when I saw this thing up in the garden not hire and cut right and probably taking up they'll hold you in front of me. And flying upward angle very very well record only like maybe this can put him up now. I really knew that that beautiful and I yelled out yeah. I've remarked quote merely woke up and about a minute or remote watched this many and we huge crowd out. Slowly. Work upward of forty are degree angle. And then just can't appear piece by piece starting up front I could go to a store. That it went through that door it would behind them until we just. Appear. Starting at the plot and working playback so all we never saw him and a portrait that we stopped we got the car we're wrapped by the I'm where it happened that. We couldn't but it worked. Unforgettable because it was so big. And so cute your movements both slope and absolute State Street Weiner reporting partner local boat disappeared. But not a lot story but it was very unpredictable is that. And by looking at it would you give him 100% say that it was definitely something not from this world. Well we are in the middle of nowhere and keep the car. And over that few minutes twenty minutes he Margaret not. Where you're any other room we camera aboard corner with no other part about. We replaced where their where there is no paper where there could be anything else other than something made it. All the side there's nothing that I have ever heard of that is that size that can fly at that low and 45 degree angle. There certainly so that's why when I came around quarter. And immediately knew just by looking at a that it was something. That a lot of commitment and and there was this interesting because who took most nights it was very dark there was nothing lit up on this ship above the white from the bottom. I really couldn't discern. Actual shape of the ship rather than it had a very straight line bottom like ruling on. Under the one facet of the ship. Could you describe any other parts of the two new holy blacked out of the older black I know you know now polite shortened an RR I tortured and murdered your little. Well one of the reasons I ask that is because we got to spend time around Nevada where filming out that way and geared your three he has three hours three plus hours from Vegas on the middle of nowhere and that is a big place were they do a lot militant testing with it with different types of planes and they cease to some of the craziest things when you're out there but these areas these very remote areas are notorious for. Government facilities and actually doing test flights and you're you're talking about a chipped it just me up windows silent anything that we should be working honor. Or anybody be working on him on this planet. So yeah out there. I didn't hit it kind of like the Mets were relatively cramped river offer runs through action actually he found them both sides. So highly rumble along the river. Both sides there are I mean the mountain literally come right down wrote. And they go straight from the wrote thousands of you here started so. It says it took place that there's no facility that probably people of their political carts there's very. You play better return in up to protect house. And that another note facility there are no government that you know anything like. Can you describe where this was again. Yeah if you go on them. Right in northern California southern organ order. If you coming coming down from war in. You'll see an exit for highway 96. I would basically run a dollar to the coast from interstate five. And that's a long trip that you can go into the coastal Carolina an expert in extra. Ticket. So that's the road and where were on the road would probably be get it and where we were driving. Probably about a half hour away from our part so. And was it time or rectangular shaped craft are circular it didn't quite get. Get with the shape was. I actually I don't know you all like oh like all our secrecy about its lack darkness. Well it the straight line at the bottom of the ship with a light on the bottom. Moving upward of forty per vehicle went about what was above that line. We're totally on Google could have been treated a rule fraud nor could have been called the Arctic or what I would note note. No visible light from the mood that you could tell what was the star like this what do you know there's actually determine (%expletive) And you said it disappeared Izzo is going through in two or something like that which would bring up some inter dimensional ideas here but we could you also say they may be was engaging some cloaking kind of device setup for as a progressed. You know I am going to be total speculation that I couldn't say. Only hit. I thought it would start at the front and worked it would have been a two car so more like what happened with the war. Interest or interest in. We're directly at me under. And don't open in my pocket yet and we will grow when it went talk about so inter dimensional doorway -- dimension of the Royce. Is that what you meant an important number ordered earlier OK well let's let's do this let's take a break when we come back we'll open of that discussion. It's beyond reality really Jason javy your phone number seats 446877669. I don't know. 68776692. Never talked with a broad to intends to bell and we would talk to it is UFO encounters from and turned the attention now to kind of a related topic but energy vortex is and the brochure against thanks for being with this. Define for us exactly what an energy vortex is. Okay I'll do their erotic program quickly back to the Yugoslavia got through it do you. One that slept without crying about totally settlements there were no sound whatsoever. And true to its flying so low and it went out X spreading out disappear starting in the front were moving to the back. That easily could have been going behind kill. And into your world going to mature way because of low enough that they were killed that it could be cap on assignment and cabinet same appearance. There we go back to. Cortex is indoor race. I'm I should also note. If you have an affiliate to speak KBR art thirteen 40 AM Tuesday organ you and they are very close to him. Have to. Positive energy markets. And I'll tell you guys about that so that you let this go visit ministry eager to get through. They will have an unforgettable experience going to. Debt if you come out don't want to coast and we'll get to you know what he did admit to put. In town called Pacific city. Ryan on the coasts. And not that far from Kristen and when you look at Pacific city if you look on Google or. See their date. Nicholas six out into the ocean right at that location opening possession giant and you're out there. He's tall. And the cup without you as a marvelous portrait now is that all packed up our work there. You know what happens you write their senator in the path of the recent pull all the recruits we have sought to have all the sort but interviewed well. Very detailed description of hitting her partner to peace walker in the top Hindu India makes. Animal we're talking about vortex are talking about a place on the areas where energies either entering into words coming out of correct. Right exactly in Newport Texas big to be concentrated. Compliment is that either positive uplifting experience energy. Or the optic negative happening energy. Very very respectable people know about of course the donut and their positive energy or taxes they have their. Coupled with a lot of beautiful scenery but. I can tell you haven't been disability and the other places in the world ports sections. Northern California. Southern Oregon area. Can't you be anywhere in the world cricket on and we have. So many wonderful work a computer. Big powerful. Undeniable. I mean my wife and I are short time to sort of regretted ticketed her cities who started up but I didn't called portrait of intercourse it is no longer. Operationally and all the different Umar because we used convict apparently. Got involved and we realized we couldn't that would permit but. We got web site still up we're sick of it toward dot com you can see some pictures of somebody please at least take. And this area or California some organ. You cannot be it and what are my favorite thing to do would be to take people wouldn't believe it important to stop that put him into the white wanted to go. The ultimate you know go along but they're not real. And then bring into the vortex. And I I don't know cortex and walking even try to end up because the energy a problem swirling around. Is typical in a little to actually keep your balance and not just knocked over by an electorate the world. You know you don't give me back. Well hello how to people actually find these look you'll how do you verified that it's an actual vortex there. Ego I mean we we go to you know we wait we discover where they are we for all they most. Pop is energy vortex. Are going to be at some natural location that actually conducive to creating a positive and it worked so print them. I'm a very sharp at a peak could you help would be about but look and make sure that he is very conducive to. Focusing and concentrating that energy in that very quote your spot. Wonderful other greatly to the water all the better lock the positive or are rated very common currency. A positive energy vortex by either in the war forward explore all on anything that you don't know or. You probably walked aren't. Are we gonna do what sectors and not realize what it where you're. Exactly close to a if you walk or a whole bunch of straight tree trunks. Ultimately one drug maybe two or three at each other or all around and viral. We don't want spiral out you know you're talking about economic go straight like hundreds of crying her doubled her up like that he was going to spiral. I don't know where. That's not normal something made or grown parliament almost always work accident treaty ends up making a growing spiral. And around here they're not the outcome hugely. Even in the and the Coventry that are just like extreme first PG. Are drawn to him. And I and and all through the US senators who said before Texas and pretty much all states are all Arizona Arkansas are right got a Massachusetts Pennsylvania so. Pretty much they're all over the place just to define them correct. It puke again it could go to war all go and force and looked for trees are growing spiral. Go through very pointed hill. Are the property that hill and she what you feel their support it there even if you don't believe are important you'll feel very different I'm not on the spot. Aren't so what we're gonna take a break and we had a lot more questions come on California. Other phone numbers 844687766. And again to free the 446877669. He'll listen Jason did beyond beyond really. Web sites could be on reality radio dot com click on the picture of the mugged there it'll take you rate through the process makes a great gift you need a couple of them too because while one's being washed you don't want a second one. Do you would drink the coffee or herb hot chocolate or adult beverage or whatever it is from. Because nothing tastes as good emotion drinking and on Avaya be on reality radio fish took off mobile SPR started to answer that's for is typical double fist that. Tomorrow night is a best of program Monday night reads Summers joins us to talk about the new message she's a teacher and a representative of the mood new message and it'll be discussing the truth about UFO's contact disclosure and revealing the alien presence and agenda in the world. In a Tuesday style Walter forensic geologist will be talking about the Kensington rune stone and Minnesota. Some achieve tune in that night and Wednesday we've got the swatch herders. Persons squads hers instead of via. She's quite she's scorched so let's requires him to confusing at Wednesday's initiative and that might as well. Yet it's all good though tonight we're talking with a broad joined task of fell we've talked about a number of topics and visit his website to broach when dot com. He's got a number of books on their whole bunch of stuff we're kind of ticked down through those and a little bit but before I went to the break we are talking about energy for Texas and Ambrose and wanna ask you. What tons what is the effective one of these vortex just that people will notice the ring there there during the in the can feel them but what is the effect and is it. Is it a permanent long lasting. At that there's a positive or negative or text book content. If there and and negative vortex you're in the noticeably. He'll partner apathetic. Or anxious maybe in the crept through the hill. Native ordinances are likely cause it to count computer processor property that took it and that's some time ago could be. And there are storm earthquake rape murder genocide or even refer to aren't. Pop the vendor network exit on the other hand. Making her peculiar for and that skilling will usually stay with viewed or at least 200 and the week after you've been in the vortex. And a natural high. A lot of people I think the work that I really never. Experienced euphoria in their life and only went to vortex. And can you tell other than how you feel. Whether it's a negative or positive energy vortex are to do it had yet to feel it firsthand you know. Well no I put them there get polio epidemic so if you kill. Rep for anxious sick. Apathetic. Prep you know you're in a negative or technically euphoric RP IQ and how the world your apartment or connectors. There's no doubt about it you don't know what you'd tell you which we don't know. Well on it and well I've heard in the past and amateur if that's accurate but in a negative type energy cortex you'll hear when you're in the area you'll hear no emerge cleaner here Knoll no crickets pretty much you'll hear nothing. Is that office. Is there aren't that that is sure to the united very sound around it were sexist but to a lot of and that's not a really good. Indicator because they're made that he don't afford or you won't hear. You walked around Port Washington. How hot boardroom or. Is the desert a positive energy for checks vortex always remain that way here can they turn from one to the other. I've never heard on the terms and connect or exploit other negative one I've done and kind of corporate research arm. That there does not gregarious or you're interpreter. Indian war in the in the Terex. Settlers dispute should any any number in the past it. That will bear incidents. And the fact what are things that. And it might open some of my friend knew that we go to places that inordinate and an exit. Using our combined nor are we beat changing energy to partner I'd never no one that actually yeah actually changes. Back upon their war to prop up into negative. So off to place its flu. A lot of negativity and things like that it happened and could Gettysburg and be a negative vortex. I've never been gave birth but I would suspect that the giant. Negative portrait. Interest and so how. How does this conversation turned from the energy vortex two dimensional doorways and are they connected. We actually are somewhat connected. I never. Are very rarely on the dimensional doorway and what within walking distance of an energy. They're not normally right next to each other but they're literally within a quarter of and so that is an interest in connection. Dimensional doorways are fascinated. When you Marco portals are always it's very passionate. Basically. What happened bleacher world. I call them dimension that I was first introduced them now dribbling the book oracle but in light. Yea well. Talked about that dimension and people through the portal miracle I learned the basics of them myself. Followed up the books that I wrote. In particular series of steps and they're being talked about that and much greater detail than anywhere in my own life. If we've had look at these experiences we. Dimensional doorway at the very first one I ever saw. One who actually in my college days when I was still in my very strict scientific mode. On starting on a road on the way to Monroe Washington. A major route not a a little too close carton wrote. How. And I noticed a light opt Meyer right. Kind of our little pop rock outcropping of the capital or an absolute. And it happens but it would argue that is brilliant electric blue collar. And it went ridiculous. On mutual caller. I think I did put out here on our protection under current finding. Are pulled up here they like it if I got out of my car and walk back to the fascinating they had talked this looting in the air and height and I was about to be wanted incredible and electric blue. Slowly spinning clockwise and what it did religious. There is heard he could look I didn't look what could have been more than two inches thick. Tune into people aren't. But when you look through it can boot and we knew it. What you saw crying what what what what you're behind it was something completely different. And that you know looking at some kind of oil and some other place besides we're. And it doesn't record date Greek port Stockholm and so Cameron. I you have bigger picture than another camera we're gonna McFarlin all the tackle all of it back. Their camera work there anymore but that was the first time ever saw one. Lot of my awareness that these indeed did it and read about it during. And that was really the beginning of the the people more woman and find out what their role now and if they are quite fascinating. Well when you found that one and we're looking at did you try to put something through it whether it's your hand or a stay or anything did you trying to. Do you make the transit are. I note the Arctic habit to break into our I had no idea what outlook you know there wasn't purposely let anything or had a volatile. And mind your natural crossing that you don't. Own great ticket you can study a little more overcome that with a camera steady at. Look at who scientific aspect they've had an opportunity this particular woman. In the end your cap as an opportunity many times but that particular line did. OK so sense then you've actually had opportunities to use that. Yeah actually take people of course this to these places them. The interesting thing about these dimensional portal whistle blowers. Is that they're not sometimes broken them at the close. And under pick them and their small amount that they open for the the few hours sometimes reputed two week. They didn't have a schedule and it's interesting. I think most people work think about that development that happened late from one world another person about the computer mind. And that's actually what I I'm not their primary purpose. Secret this record Oracle's there actually a mechanism that was installed. The creature ever universe. Exchange similar energies between world to keep the energy and every rule from becoming stagnant market. The fact that can also be used as a parent it's actually kind of secondary benefit. We'll have but have you ever. Again my GB it's at thrown anything into it down or walked onto I can return. And I according handed. Must not going again. I have my hand what. The reduction go through when the crime. And we could have been if it. Strange because. Like Burt and I did. I was in the summertime to about hundred degrees out there put my hand and in it was freezing cold. I'm Hamlet where my Iowa it would be optimal. Body. And now I can call me you know that would certainly. Have to sit somewhere else. Now the other thing that people should be aware of and then we're really cost people who bring. In these locations. Debt. Just. You're on could have won it would want it. I think can come out there haven't directions when people talk about England cattle mutilations are even sat watched. In my mind that quite possibly at that these things are being created by being there completely blow. So creatures are coming through and killing these killing cattle and so forth and then heading back into the vortex. Perhaps the possibility it can't be discounted for sure and interesting thing about the war however is that it. Creatures that come through from the other world in the works for a Super Bowl are hard might be completely toxic to them despite. You know you know go to when your public in Oregon that it couldn't complete Arctic he was well just that they aired their greed and temperature whatever. But the cortex is that he would be the potential doorway and well exert magnetic pole on anybody that going to blog world and or any creature. So here creature you're going to another from the well to the world. It's like probably get away from the Portland more typical of the lucrative portal like or you don't want you to go into the world when you dark it. You can get like a half mile away. You can break or you can be in the world if you can survive the environment. I'm sure we have the creature dumber than it did come through these portable and did it get it great that magnetic porn and stayed here and reproduced. So you said these portals open and close on a schedule are they fixed in location however. The one that I encounter all excellent finish yes. And you've mapped out some of these I take because you've visited them in you've taken people to them. I want to northern Scotland so murder have ya. Well there really makes you think that things can pass through these things that are probably explain how to scratches and and something's got to expect it was a. That was actually won the first stoppage in my mind. What is it do you. Woes it was a number of them say do you have evidence of what can you can just summit summit was just walking by this other than maybe that glowing disk that you saw there at the first time is there evidence that it's there. Not when it's not open when it's open anybody can you do stand there but are open there's no typical there's quite good. If you're dealing marry you know feel really weird there. Not not like a negative. Energy cortex are completely different product you know he just you'll very and settle. You know you're very alien place even though it sure hurt your place your appeal. Very weird. If some problem if somebody run you have somebody comes across one of these is just stumbles across when they can tell us opens and I know it's there what do you what do you recommend you reckon they stay away from anti recommend they explore it what would torture is okay so what's your recommendation. Gilbert doesn't he can. Get away. Yeah if you don't know what you're doing with. Director Jacob. Well do they can do is divorce one on one of these doorways when they open and close do they seem to always open a close in the same spot. Are OK so if they document where it is that something that can be researched further. At that point me very gratifying to sketch out here when it opens up we're always. Well and we had our business that's who we started doing. It during and after getting people to this spot. When they critique of. Yeah Immersion we're gonna run out of time here pretty quickly I wanted to take a minute and talk about your book she's got a bunch of stuff. You write about things that you have personal experiences with a bit of work. Somebody comes you boost your website inserts looking through the books where would you recommend a start which of your books do you think is the real entry into the stuff you've done. I would say or are you don't know that's been an. Number one best seller know about 2012. Years without an eruption in niche genre. And two very popular book it's something every single person can do your own and that book clearly explained how to do it so. I think currently introduction book that's perfect one because you are guarantee success. Yeah and you've also written about psychic self defense which if such a time. Read it correctly on talks about. I'm protecting yourself against not a psychic type attacks but demonic and other I negative energies Tulsa little bit about that. Yeah that hooker with a spin off. Margaret who wrote the book could Lisa psychic powers to the report pages long. And that started out chapter in the book and I got so many people asking me to elaborate on that I am not writing the book on him. But yeah that'd have batted Xperia. Useful look at a lot of it helped a lot of people. Who when they're encountering. Demonic forces that are just unknown. And keep that they don't know what it is my goal is to go whatever that bothering him in in disturbing their lives Wrigley. That book helped. It give you specific techniques. Not ambiguous these specific techniques and in three different level. Let's start with simple thing go to. Number they wouldn't hire them and Italian specifically how to counter those that. And there are effective method that I used to help he used many years. So that's certainly the book that can be done virtually anybody who's encountering any kind of unknown pork certain energy that lets them get out there like I wanna get rid of. Why if I think that's really important because especially when you're dealing with negative or inhuman type spirits. These things easings can really drawl and draw a lot out of you and halts a constant it's a constant attack against your site. So anything to defend yourself will be able to protect yourself and family Euro and other individuals might be effected anything and industry. Embrace it and yet embers and we're we're out of time here I know we've given your website as anything else you'd like to direct people to to find out more about your work what you got going on. Nobody pirate have a web site that I do not offer the people on the block more excitement books. I think if people go to our web site they're going to find. One of the most interesting part of the question and answer part people people I give a lot of you know that we. Probably true don't you know. And that the only one or two that are very interesting question that I enjoy answering because I know them a lot of people and those type of questions are worked in the question and answer section of the web site. I should let everybody know who are listening. I'm just in the process of getting ready to transfer my web site from one server to another server. Probably don't partner than on Saturday or Sunday and web site will be down for him to the arcade going that your ensure that there's thousands of well then went so that tortured. Though if you go to it and nighter tomorrow we'll be there but probably. Saturday through. When they're hurt the next week it won't be. Thanks so much for coming Langer all of us and we we definitely had a have you on again at some point it's always a pleasure. It's been a great pleasure I love you reassure them. Definitely a lot more Angela Park. And I agree it'll take you up on the offer and have a great night again in its Ambrose joint task of bell and his website is just a brochure and dot com or post and our social media in the chat room are serenity a quick break and wrap things populace and Jason dvd on elegantly. Read summer's great program Darnell and to a close and the whole thing and make sure you check out Ambrose one's website at. EM BE RO. NS. EW YNN. Dot com Rosalynn dot com are in the head over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio mayor Sheila to FaceBook page source and had to be on rarely radio dot com and finalists east we are across the country. And get the free iPhone and hinder it Etsy and listened to show all on the go if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else. There was a favor injury that forced his hopes pusher show Ford makes it easier for people to fine that's gonna pretty much do it for us this week tune in tomorrow we get the best of it's Jason TV beyond reality radio catch on that we can. And I don't know ingredients used to doing Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell incidents with. It's can only be on video in real news. Yeah you know stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason long slow and chiefs host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.