WWL>Topics>>The SquatchHers talk about their Bigfoot searching experiences and Scott Harris discusses building health-friendly homes

The SquatchHers talk about their Bigfoot searching experiences and Scott Harris discusses building health-friendly homes

Feb 15, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with members of the female Bigfoot research group - SquatchHers about their experience. IN the second hour Scott Harris discusses building homes that are health-friendly and the dangers of some of our current building practices. 2/15/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's constantly on the East Coast and you're stuck somewhere between welcomed me and really review myself just in Australia was awesome. Gave each steely say it's starting to show this way and we've done it too often enough how many months have been doing the show eighteen months or whatever it's been but thoughts and prayers go to the folks residents kids' parents. Relatives so in Parkland Florida. Just a tragic tragic series of events that culminated in the the student that have been expelled bringing an assault weapon to the school and apparently he pulled the fire alarm fire I have to bring people out of the whole way. And just opened fire now seventeen people dead and again thoughts and prayers to those folks just another senseless tragedy. And if you haven't earned only achieve you sang at the seventy Internet apart when high school Florida. I'm nineteen year old expelled student Nicholas Cruz campus security guard pulled far alarm opened fire on students faculty and it is it's just it's it's sad it's disheartening in. Really not much when you say about it except our hearts and our person votes or everybody everybody that this might have touched or affected. Jim and we certainly don't bring down the tone of the show because we are excited about our show tonight we've got the swatch errors which were formally known as the she's watchers have beliefs is a good name was she's watchers she's clutch yet now it's this watchers. They're joining us they've been on Iran awhile ago that area all female. Group of bigfoot hunters in the gonna talk about the things that they've been around investigating things they found evidence they've collected. And Desormeaux who they are presentations they give when they travel around should be an interesting conversation with that group. He in the second hour we got Scott Harris sees a seal of building construction group and we're going to be discussing intuitive building what it is Earth's gravitational pulls us or leaks to homes and how home's energy can fuel army. And also prefer proportions are loaded into a bunch stuff like that so and it's always an XT topic he's disagree got to talk show a lot of great. Great concepts and theories to. Yeah and tomorrow night is Ron Moore had to be joining us again talking about big bodies and explorer and expedition listen to be talking about some of the things that he's done. And of course Friday night is a best of programming as it is every week did you hear about. This you know Union College in Schenectady New York's not too far from here near Albany, New York or Schenectady as. The union colleges is of fairly prestigious schools private school. And they were doing in inventory in the library and they went into an archive of old books that they had and they. In the in one of the old books that they had they found an envelope that had strands of George Washington ten year. Yeah it was is stuck inside the them pages of the book it was six in strands of white hair looped in tied with the peace. A bread folded into a letter and sealed in an envelope. They were tucked into a won't a red leather almanac that was published and say T 1793. And closed up for the middle class. Nobody knew was there. When they opened it up there realize what it was there was a note saying this is a lock of George Washington's hair of course George Washington the first president of the United States this is a pretty cool find. No one expected it in Schenectady new York and they're pretty elated there right now. That's wild and I imagine they're gonna do some DNA testing or something just to be sure could clone him. Apparently the hair was giving it as a keepsake to James Hamilton who's the third son of Alexander Hamilton was one of the founding fathers. So it's it's a pretty cool find and is that the type thing biggest giver I don't know of humor when you were a kid. Some do into garage sale bought an old painting your Mets story of the day in this on the decoration in decoration and yet it was studying the Senate's idea that's a kind of find that as I think it's a pretty pretty neat little thing part of American history can. This is funny how it's like it keeps agents I am I see. Minutes from some element back Kara says she was keeps your backyard you can grade it isn't that bad it has its spread long analyst and but at a different note arm and if that's a little scary to think about the World Health Organization warns that were officially on the path to a global in time. Now that's just becomes kind of terrifying. We have a problem a serious one at any moment like threatening global pandemic could spring up and wipe out significant amount of human life on the planet. Two drones. At on him said the test will be catastrophic one disease could see as many as 100 million people that. 100 million people that sun yup that's catastrophic says it sounds horrifying dream of sorts something that couldn't possibly be true but it is in the information comes directly from the Director General of the World Health Organization. He spoke yesterday at the world government summit. According to his assessment things are not looking good. This is not some future night missionaries said this is what happened exactly 100 years ago during the Spanish flu epidemic. He stated devastating epidemic concerned any country any time to kill millions of people because we are still not prepared the world world remains vulnerable. According to take rose. The threat of global pandemic comes from our own staunch refusal to act deceive ourselves refusal to find in our hearts. In our current differences and our greed and now he makes a good point. The absence universal health care's a greatest threat to global health. He proclaimed. Almost a hundred million people are pushed into action in poverty because of the cost of paying for health care out of our empire out of there are pockets result people did not go to the doctors to do not seek treatment. They get sicker they die in office he explained the earliest signals an outbreak missed. Surveillance them most vital forms of protection. Of the world's public health agencies can offer. These agencies and the money of the government's they serve on. But yet they're talking right now programs preventing infectious diseases such people label and other things are scaled back in 3949. Countries that at a point. So it's really it is terrifying. Anytime you sir talking or that type of deaths from. Something the ticket and infectious or contagious disease in me and it happens throughout history in this wouldn't be the first time and it's certainly not going to be the last time it's something we do need to prepare for. You were looking at any brain about X are going to lose their effectiveness which is a scary thought all by itself. There's a lot to stuff like to be concerned about. You know fortunately we have some pretty robust. People in the medical community in the scientific community they're looking for answers to a lot of us. And then we have to rely on them and and hope that they can find some of the answers that we need to prevent any this I mean just things like immunizations. You know and giant leaps forward in the effort to prevent certain infectious disease disease being spread and those attempts things we need to work. All in the United States was and which of course are presently in dealing with a flu season of record breaking proportions. The center for decent disease control and prevention recently announce that they will be cutting their epidemic prevention programs backed by ED percent. That's 80%. Yeah I don't know I don't know the numbers are don't know when and that means frankly. It's in any time you have cuts like they get a look at a pretty carefully by. I don't know. It's it's just it's terrifying situation and anyway once something cap and skated. I want to lays out today and exactly once it's out of the bag. You can't go back you know. Then it's true the incomes of fructose convention as the as the key if you haven't yet make your head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page for us. And had to be unreality reviewed our com you can download triage format I android app you can also final stage two we are across country. You cannot listen why different from the website more if you down militia from iTunes or anywhere else to Safina registry to force help push forward makes it easier for people find. Yeah and look at Ford are great children and again we've got to she's learned that the not a she's got a disease really she's grudge is now that this watch urged. Joining us in a little bit and we'll have the C Stephanie Ayers and Kimberly Juarez join us a of that discussion and Scott Harris will. Puppy was this for the second half of the show 844687766. At nine as the number. Are so we're gonna take a quick break more to come to listen Jason GDP on. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. That's com. All. Despite the line of lying naked on the floor we're pole winner then that is in fact when I was and I was just jug in radio we that sums popular. People call my doctor that some of the lying naked on the floor nobody knew the names cult torrents Natalie Bruin anyway welcome back. The program beyond reality radio Jason and javy and as promised our first guests of the night are the swatch hers. That's likes watch and hers put together squad terms. And in the two ladies that are joining us Stephanie Ayers and Kimberly Juarez so I ladies welcome beyond reality ready organized. Take you wanted to time here and kind of give us an idea of how he got started. Within interest in south squad Steffi Juanita first. Hi Katie and having a fat and well I thought and instead and cat scratched Yemen quiet and then you know looking for exciting and you know I'm. Paranormal investigator and I've been doing that for years and no we don't Byron Coleman from Minnesota terror attacks and he gave at the idea that he felt like when man. Would be. The first to make contact with have much. For many reasons and I think we got to do that so we practice team together and we've been sent her a couple of years now so it's been really interest things and it just makes this one I'd just. Be on the web all the time I know we haven't and we update jobs to us so we can't be out there. All the time but it's sure as I'm. Steffi when you say that tell you investigated the paranormal. Were you a ghost hunter type investigator or did you think investigate all facets of the paranormal. Own now we have I'm one of the founding members of supernatural investigators in this town and wheat and investigate all supernatural things you know then. Goals are probably 80% of what we do hope but we have also marked for big side and the Minnesota by Atlanta and we look at. They've been investigating the crazy lake monsters recap what I'm an economy that's been dynamite caps and and we also within the US policy so. And Canada and I hope we can do just about everything meant to do them supernatural. So pretty much just covering any anything that's above the normal four used so. And back and and one more question before we bring Kimberly in here you said that you had talked with Loren Coleman obviously very respected crypto zoologist with pat on the patent on this program several times we always enjoy having in your but he. Is the one that suggested to you that he felt that women would have a better chance of encountering bigfoot before men one. He actually my husband Gerry as a radio so called the culling and he it was interviewing him. Capture time pac 10% for. I think women are going to be the first. That will make contact with that side and for many reasons. You know we can get into that later but and while my ears just picked up because I'm the one that had to get the team up to the minister and a I mean I'm not that Canadian border land. Nobody wanted to do I really except Jerry and I. I might not text while to get it Arab group dropped together and that is what we're gonna do it now that's how we Epstein get to Atlanta and got them. It's great hurry and we will get into that and more detail Kimberly did you get started. I don't study were thank stretch file that document on the Paris and then and then. Video yeah amity go to like probably handled in my mom chat at town and I would like just a child so. I saw that I was blown away and ever accused them I just wanted to see that. Explorer you know being able to look for big trek out in the California mountains and that's where I'm originally from so you know what I found ballots that. You know solid entry Ali. So when you start up when you saw the Paterson game when film. Did you as a twelve year old I think you said did you look at it and think while that's an amazing creature need to go see if it exists or do you think oh that's a hoax at the what were your first thoughts and read a lot of you know different things on the first time. I do little strait economic hit that I would like. Oh my gosh you know it's they're really a creature out there like that I want them like Vijay and what hopes I was thinking more. That's been made it out stature maybe you know a little scared because on the child. But truly fascinated about the creature like that that chop and that attention and I wanna kill the should something you don't look for the pixel you know. Yeah so. Did you start as a general paranormal investigator first there was your goal always to hunt for bigfoot find it's I hate using that word hunt possessed not really what we're doing search I guess. Jack reached. On no I want more time paranormal first you know I had ability went out the child that some extra step militia and its. I'm not small like about eleven and lot of young adults. And and I didn't cheat but it cannot function and shuttle and I do have some ability is Paramount so our founder cat or not all of Minnesota. So I do you have pitching out here and we're very active it's usually ash. Your abilities being able to see things have an insanity sensed diminished or they still there. Have a stronger. Now much stronger I I would I I turn them very much stronger learning to teach myself how to. Don't cap understanding and meditate and do whatever I need to do to get my top that my parakeet cute get more stronger all the time. And you set a little bit you know went out their cute you know so. You know I try to do whatever we can to see how we get closer to that they try it you can't pick out there. So those cell was those abilities that this sensitivity actually helps you in searching for bigfoot as well. That's correct back in the late oh yes how does. And not just you know it's like when you're looking for experience and such like that you confront safety content and more parents are. Creature had been stopped like Egypt since being. It automatically. To capture I'd tap that ability to do that. Not for some cute little debate you were to. You know look for the extra in our fellow. And when you say you have you know the sensitive isn't just an awareness that you just have a general heightened awareness of what might be happy are happening around you is that this. Yes scratch that's kind of like unaware netstat we have around actually get sent in Egypt's more closer arranged you know. Make sure we're not giving looking chap or anything like that you know you cannot control of animal park there as well when you're out in the lips yeah some nuts. Yet and you got to be aware when you're out in the woods doesn't matter what you're doing looking for bigfoot or otherwise you can be very very careful. We're talking with Stephanie Ayers and Kimberly Juarez from just squash Hearst. The website is watch hers dot com we're gonna get into more would them on the other side of the break. I don't forget the phone number I will take calls later in the program at 844687. 76 and 69 we encourage you to call and are not know why keeps stuttering and the. Success tonight in this the second time Tampa I don't know why it happens in real time with the 844687766. Night pretty quick break more to come. Listen Jason GP DI Israeli radio will be back after the race. Are so it's been harder and longer and longer as it does we had in Seattle we ended Erie Pennsylvania we added. Bozeman Montana which by the way a good buddy of mine who's of it was a skiers has Bozeman is like the best city in the country I don't know if you're gonna Bozeman Montana I have not I've been to Montana and Edwards was too beautiful it's a beautiful place in an arm. Never I don't think governments are opposed. Well know all of you folks listening in Bozeman Montana there are some real big fans of viewers out here in the east anyway so tonight we're talking for our first hour when the squash hers. A group of ladies who formed a group to. Start looking for answers as it relates to bigfoot in tonight Stephanie Ayers and Kimberly Juarez are joining us and ladies I've got to ask the question because the wind when you. Talk about. The idea that women might be the first. To encounter big foot there's got to be some science behind that what is the reasoning that. Loren Coleman suggested that and then you think that. Wow. So we now that. Some people are some scientists well a lot of people think that big but is just in the timing. And we now that the best that researchers that it had the most success and the PL have been women I mean he Jane that there's stands five feet. That's part of that the other part of it as bad you know men male. Coming out he met stand on that the primate simply don't play. That is why they think women are mar six app on I. The other reasons are that you know women are just Smart nurturing and there are more trying to bear. I don't think they have anything to be afraid of the mainland and that you know Richard you know we're just little creatures strain and we a lot. I don't know. I don't know I can't there's nothing to do it straight up when you look at need for example. I'm. I'm sure the situation arises where men tend to give off more masculine thing when they're out there and a more of a defensive nature. On Thursday in all the guys are notorious for trying to do that and and that definitely would. Shell and tutor creature like big foot I would assume and a woman. Has some women can get lost that trust me hey if you ever met in my life she acknowledged she terrified. But the fact of matter is a lot of women out there tend not to lead and he seemed to be more greeting and and acceptable and announce an offensive. And then and then you know that's that's a big part of the camp I mean we're just not threatening. At all you know I'm it's so silly not there we don't you know we don't have any weapons we don't have any man like that. It happened where policy that and we we have well not let them keep the you know men occasionally we have. United India remember who actually has a team and buy a pair and he wants to take it out because he is he's teaching us you know we need we need that teacher. And so we have no problem at app but 90% of the time. It's just ask there are certainly not without being a man weapons fox it's just not a sound and went. When you go do you're about. Investigations or research explain and describe how that works do you is it just a matter of wandering around in an area that you suspect has activity. Or is it something more structure than that. Well we did do we connect with people that are around asks. So like we're ground investigation pretty soon here at Patrick coming weekend with India leading up arms until Gordon began his during the chat. During her and then we'll get. You know people information and that's like that's memorable searching in the area that. Are more you know apparently like they streamlined it's it acted out there stinking so trance are in right. So we try it and you know. We try to communicate with keeper that are out there expect a little hard into a competition competent it's not easy to talk about the picks you know hopes and tacky trashy. So crank it a little bit. You know where you have to give them bring it you know drop the men and start talking tournaments and let them know that day contract tax you know. Sure amenable starts pitching in the areas where. Where most likely you know the most active area that we can travel. And we can't really say where we're going to care. They don't try not to single any. That recording at the current goal contaminated or whatever you know we can't have people going in that intricately. We don't. I think you used the phrase in what you just described gift to gain their trust and draw the men have you ever gained their trust and drawn them enemy you've been that close. Yeah. Mean the big excitement. He had you know why we can't have an experience that what I thought it was the summer before I. You know we can't say it was big fact has read and look them in the eyes you know here's my deal as I wanna look big but in the yet. But it was a pretty lab experience we are out there was militants who won in the morning. And we felt it we thought there was a presence around that for now could it be and I am absolutely you know what were all into it sensitive. But we have blocks. Something went out there with route in the middle of this out you know densely wooded remote area. Something out there was lobbing rocks at a like matches aren't taxed at a than it was they were like drawing them up in the air and then they would land attack the let's play ball. We're all your husband's unit that. Yes selling and one Arabs on the iron outlets don't have an idiot. And we had. For your excellent and we have players we had and correct camera itself. If it was humans it it was if there was some kind of animals they would have most certainly showed. While it's what would have to wouldn't wouldn't. I don't want apple you know we never somebody said did you luck out and Eritrea. I didn't camp this year that it's one thing we can't do it what happened Patrick that's when what do you in the anyway right. All of a distracted not yet responded to it you can't see anything up their hero to art you know only have a flashlight. So that's why I can see that. Boxer being thrown did you conceive them sticking to ground. But I mean you do that you can't see your hand and yeah yeah how much. Can you just milk or being launched Oprah can you could see it there. You know the blue sky aren't you look at the argue I've touched. They're being thrown like. Almost two stories high it would just but aren't increase teach our backs are to each other and we install. Just wire and mill town and it's really creepy film. So. And remember we heard Max and you know are Max and and then it felt like all the fun and I'll like they were around yes. And then much really and saying it than just all the fun. Everything. I was scared me I was scared to death I and I honestly admit that I was scared to that I have never been that scared out of turn on the investigation be part. What sort of like Tom Tom for the storm and everything ran everything comes to all you wonder what's next but also a critical fact of having rocks lobbed at you. Do you feel that you didn't feel threatened with that you just sell it they were just lobbing rocks close to you to get your attention. Yes that's what we. Men. Which rear which is also weird because if they're doing that then why wouldn't they make their presence known for you do these people to see them are. Somehow record them. Yes re excavation that shot that potter and correct camera and and we also have different cellular apparently something when it picked him up and we could hear them. Whatever it was you know moving. Through the woods next to last an hour around that you can you do with splash me I mean it was it it would have been a big animal. What Fisher one of China. Now see there's a whole thing where I feel like fast watch it from another dimension by spirit. And that is why is Matt China funny. Well that's that's a that's it's that series it's being discussed more and more the senator Mitchell creature of angle I mean it does explain allotted explains why we. It's there are so elusive and it explains why we may not have found a corpse or any other kind of remnants are remains of of one erratic you know so I understand that it's it. It's still something that needs to be explored and discussed a lot. But let's go back to this experience because one of the biggest frustrations for anybody who is looking for someone of a smoking. Gun when it comes to the evidence of bigfoot. You know we get a lot of these experiences were. People are in the woods at night they hear the noises this rocks or twigs or branches being thrown at them and other types of things but nobody can get a glimpse. What what's happening here why can't we get. Good eye contact on one of these things. Why I sure want to look him in the eyes on the plane that I think you know what that particular app that would happen in the darkness. Mass of night and it it would it is so Derek amounts woods that you can't see. Foot and trying to do you really expect Eric. Did your other router. Slid in front of you big or otherwise. Wait. I mean. And I'm thinking that you know unless they Wear. White in trying to back literally like with and to bewitched I don't ever get tackled Q. There's no way we get you know it was that dark. So I don't know it's one that was a big fund I don't know I'm also a parent I'm on that he's as moderate elements of. Yet the next day the next morning then. The next day after this experience did you scour the woods in the area and see if you can find in other some stands subs you know anything substantive that would have proven. A creature like that was near you. Break everybody gets dull looking the next inning and we took pictures and everything they weren't knocking it would mean and I just don't understand it because we were just open bar. It was so and parents. I mean in the panel investigated. It you don't mean we can't into the dating back quickly you know and your remarks. It would just keep it seemed like it was coming from. Out of nowhere in Algiers suburb are. But I mean yes we did scouted. The area we looked for trends and such when we didn't see anything so they would not being like trig being moved into a but you know he got into the brush in all that you really stick in cucumber in game four you know we're like in dense dense forests so. You don't need to say now at that point you know they'll they'll attacking that we can find that can bring any kind of evidence no hair no nothing like that. One more player but when you one more question I'm gonna jump in the break how often do you go on these expeditions are these explorations is it do you do would freak is of more monthly is a weekly or once a year are often. Well you know what in the wintertime him in effect because and so the wheat is getting I want to months you know on its 10-Q. We create. A but we're going again we cannot for that will be aired February excursions. And we're gonna be there's so well yet they're the only comes weekend so you know crafted fingers which has lacked. We hope we can kind. I remember back evidence and then let us all about it so iron about how many of these in these expeditions have you gone on so far. I don't know Kim do you even know that until on the line now we get out there at top and as we can in the summer we caught. Are we talking a hundred are we talking twenty. Approximate. All I probably trying to Italy and cam. I'm more than funny I'm content and morning when he. Needs a wake up it's cricket so we tried. Aren't so we're gonna take a break Mordechai and we'll listen to Jason chief beyond beyond the and then there's sort of two taps you and the blue oyster cult just to a taps event my daughter Samantha actually still as the drums. Drum set sort of silenced X Ers signed by them but they look they showed up in Maine they wanted to play and they live literally didn't do a concert at a taps event which was phenomenal. And a blister and the music's just it was forever. Yet welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio we've got a few minutes left for this watchers again the web site. Four then you wanna find a more information is swatch hers dot com and as Stephanie in Kimberly. Got a few minutes left here and I want to talk a little bit about the evidence of collect and you've had some personal experiences we talked about that. But if he ever been had any hard evidence even look like footprints. Anything that might fall under the hard evidence category. We have Tom but trend you know I'm not and militarily. At. Good and I have to pass. But we have actually seen coming in a lot of the things that we all at spring without that you're gonna laugh at that. At its stake footprints that people might put out there so that we not ever going you. And the car felt if there's any question won't take them on put an you know put him in the ground. I I'm. You know that's about that but I had all these personal expanse since. And you know being out then we just can't have a lot of kind of moments we have predictions of some text structures sweet and could be checked Chechens however. We don't know he's likely that we have our. And BFR man who is teaching us that have been ropes fell hopefully will be will be as good as him and some. You do. A series of talks I think colts watched Chad's what do they act what are they about. Well I having on the weekend and maintenance. And actually there I can't hide and so legally and and that we Tom just a little bit about Aspen where we're trying to do land and we open it up and people can't fish to right this is where we. People counts where they've been saying that these task option. Relations blackened and they get really excited initial pictures 11 of the ones we can this man gave me has fallen. And I literally stinks because it was bigfoot you know I just can't. What is it like a guy in a suit it was big spread in the trees and nineteen minutes. So they come armed with their what their evidence and callous about what they've seen their stories and where they've seen him and it really is helpful for us so really it's much mark for us. One of the things one of the things has been creating court quite a buzz throughout the big foot. Research community plus just people at home with Netflix is this documentary it's on. Netflix that Todd standing has done have you seen it. No I have no I'm. Now it's pretty quick history might wanna check it out on he's got some what yeah but he claims to be very very. Clear and distinct video images of the SaaS quite creatures. Alan I have seen I have I don't now aren't. So yeah I have to keep you can count on someone that in the scientific field and he immediately shelled him. And these pictures and I I think it's called discovering big site taking to the name of the title of ball. I'm not cute sure but yet I had seen that I think it's millions and they actually. Yet it is in its controversial a lot of people that are not convinced it is what it's being portrayed as but you know that's that's what this whole field is about is trying to dispel controversy so. The next question is as we got a woman a minute left here are you gonna take Jason and I out of one of these watching new adventures. All share the world who just come right out of the Taliban in particular out pressured Jason can you patent and went out the current. Yeah I don't know exactly do we got to bring to express. Not not that. Expo. And not a winner but a senator to Texas were leading causes of Sino downs and the moves out of the Iran terror. We have what what's up what's up next few days you get the squad shed anything else he said he had an investigation coming up is that this weekend. Yes so we aired during the investigation seriously and we have that lacks tact and actually we're really excited about a new documentary outcome cultured big let. If he didn't actually get about them that's now. They'll culprit actually it's it's all about the culture of the bigfoot community. I'm not about the watch it's about the sponsors and we were interviewed for a best. Last year when we were accepted time so we're and the sound and actually had just got to watch it tonight it was just released today. So it's erupt on my own I'm just put the plug and act for them because I think it's going to be a really hot and really had some. Scurry well again the website is watch hers dot com you've got all sorts of information there about what Europe to what you seen what you're doing. And we appreciate you ladies being on the program with a spent every time. We can't I have to thank you guys that. Well thank you it's always a pleasure we look forward talking again. Again it's Stephanie years in a Kimberly Juarez and its squash hers that's two words watch Hearst dot com it's there's no space in between for the website. And Justin donors to resign but I just an excellent two inches in their mix of old big and I periods excursion up but didn't say that teacher so the next hour room talking with Scott Harris Scott Harris is the CEO all of building construction group. He's a building creator it will be discussing intuitive buildings. What it is Earth's gravitational polls as it relates to homes Howell home's energy can healer harm you. The perfect proportions the Earth's heartbeat as or lease your homes say it home investigations and the list goes on on. And starts to agree guys so this should be really adjusting to show the phone numbers 844. 6877669. It will freed 844. 6877669. If you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com. We can Donald Treo iPhone and android app you can final stations we are across the country who listen live retire from the website more. Take a quick break more to come to listen Jason G yeah. Myself Jason Losman is awesome JV Jones went to. And we'd like to send out our condolences our thoughts and prayers to the families suffering in Florida after a tragic. School shooting again we've seen in a one of those too many we've seen way too many of those over the past years and I don't know what the answer is the man. I I hope everybody is sending out positive thoughts and condolences and you know one of prayers to those folks now because they need it. Actually heard everybody. Everybody suspects. Extremist. There's excuse no excuse and really no words but. I did change the topic to something more pleasant we are excited to bring our next guest into the program is name is Scott Harris but the wood before we do that is one image to mare Ron Moore had to be joining us. Again will be talking about big foot. Friday named as a pre record actually Monday we've got a best of programs scheduled for the night and then Tuesday Stuart miner who is he theatrical medium. Will be with us as well as neat in Keeley router men from the museum of shadows. Interesting show some cool stuff coming and it's also hear from that I know you're going to be overseas will be over Austin. Haven't heard LB in the UK filming a TV show and had called B life so when a screw up that'll be great so everybody is all right tuchman went to crisis triggered guested. I'm Scott Harris is the CEO all of a company called building desks construction group and building creator the website is building C group dot com. Scott welcome to be on reality real script have you back on the program. Thank you for having me appreciate it our readers. We're doing great and it's always pleasure to talk to it it's such a great topic and elegance or some wild stuff yeah I think one of the things that people don't even think about and nobody thinks of their home was a sanctuary this is kind of the nature of what it is but it isn't always that the materials it's made of can actually beat. A bit of a dangerous thing and and that there's a whole bunch of aspects that go into home that we don't often. Think about that affect the way we live and that's something that you're setting out to talk about and do when you already do it. You're trying to build and design and build homes that tag offer positives when it comes to all these things whether it's materials or. Proportions or whatever happens to be first of all how did you get interest in this specific niche. Tired you know right I got interpreted very. In order kind of right rumored there are particular. If you spent a lot of time in the house and you think that the plates it's gonna kill you it it was my sanctuary was my sixty but it was only six. Never felt well in Iowa is depressed. And so I sat in that room trying to analyze that may be too much wondering what it once they're. Could change my life from make me feel better also acts appearance on which it didn't realize at the time was because the good old in the house so. I don't know fighters holed it started trying to reply over how it looks so good. I got myself into trouble like they are not happy that they're that the casing of the windows. Probably would lead on the parent but yeah that was might start I haven't stopped since. Let's start with the definition of intuitive building what does that mean. You know into their building is. Is something where I guess that would fit into their their the reward that means it's something we're not following them for logically. You're following your instincts are following what you feel is right not what you were taught was right. They're feeling what you know make Coker not with somebody else told still skirt. And that's a hard distinction to make because. World are you recruit trust your your you know advertising there. We're taught what tilt right where we're told by others what looks right we're old you know what. How we want to be seen or what we wanna be seen out and so. Most of us forget to listen to our organ stinks as to what makes you feel great and so if you're not feeling parent. Your current building something or creating something in your life it's actually going particularly here in our. Hold should be a place that your new partnership the year with a place that anger and should be a place that you'll your heart and you'll are sold. Well in the east this image homes alone in all honesty they can be in a deadly place as well with all the chemicals and all things are coming out of whether it's. When the pressurized would it's being used certain to certain chemicals that are being used in that right down to. Or rocks decaying and under the house creating gases that come up into the house. Yet no one of these home prepare the bishop bureau America's most of what you are or. Should there. Extra perk. Unfortunately a lot of people aren't we hear a chemical that are in the homes nowadays. And the other thing here's what we're doing here we're trying to beat more at fault for trying to get better we are. Making homes more airtight right within a mile border tie excuse for the energy and area so what we're doing in creating these new chemicals legal envelopes they called an article called. If you're really locking yourself in your building your own crypt. You know you've got from all the hype their expense leaching out of all of our governor replied with the trees this thing. You get from all the hype here you know. Is that oftentimes are small the walls there's so many chemical but it could go on the part with the crust you'll put. You know one of the simple way just could not work without a problem but as simple as economic climate opened the window. It's such an easy way to fuel accounts is just open your windows amounts of the pressure on our interior home. Will send TC saying that when you live in LA there's got about a ten when you don't have it on the East Coast and its winter you really you don't have that option so what do you do at that point because honestly do from. December January. Through four February march and sometimes in the may. Your house is scooped up out here because it's the only way to keep warm so what do you do in that sort of a situation. Well you know aren't excuse me are very quickly earned our. With some degree to be discussed but there's simple book here's what you have central air conditioners are full. Systems and that you. Some zone some do some homes do it it's not an extremely common thing where where everybody has just because our wind our Summers where in LA you guys might have 9095. Degree days it's very. Unusual trusted to be 1995. Usually Wear somewhere in the seventy fives to 85. Degree reach and sell a summer house is due but now am the majority of them don't. Right yet I mean one of the easy things that we do when people are tenth children don't wanna put their doors and quicker players your article here. I will go to their home and I'll turn on their fans are austere trucks cool an automatic to stand on. In the sand on because what it's doing or trees or collect all their house. The healthy finger puke and I think it's really simple to do it's amazing the other. You're the UV rays of the sun will burn Europe and cause skin cancer but also kill off a lot of things during your house so. One of the easiest thing destroy your blinds open opened the drapes and allows some of the sun to come through it's one of the ball squirted into it you can open doors overcoat. You can do both and you put in California your critics. Well what about those addict. Tight sands the ones that draw the the error from my house and actually put and a push it out to the ceiling and in return drawing more aaron's for the house sort of the other areas. Yet that's something that you can install we're actually in California specifically Los Santos and ask announced that Merkel called Al. That relations system those are great to have if if you can get one of those. They're not that hard to install widget they're currently probably didn't want tritium. You can have a hard time verticals are committed to going to have to think about it. You can size in the pro police so they were extremely Adobe here your house basically Aaron oh within about five minutes so they edit the great option to have. We're not then nope never not a nice thing about them as wells a lot of our house out this way that have been installing them actually haven't had the need for air conditioners because in doing that. You're actually lowering the temperature in the house anywhere from 51015. Degrees depending on on where you aren't. And how the sunset in our house but. Because it's drawing heat ran out as well. Correct in this argued out in the there's pulling its actual creek. You know it has they're pulling their negative air pressure from outside two starts to pull into the house. Bottom and insert and not a fantastic thing to do. And it's very expensive there installer goes as well. Scott what are some of the symptoms. That someone might have if they live in a sick house. I'm sorry about the sneeze. Coughing it others have been repaired our there's a lot of people help regard we have our tickets went to be your friend Michael the other day and yes and it's not part of over achieved its couldn't stop coughing couldn't stop sneezing or that. Do you think we have some bold and announces initiation that but I analogies when you have every aggregate all the by the have analogy. Is that it you think you're allergic to your house so there's one of the most common symptoms usually watery eyes and some kind of an ideal conditions coughing. Essentially Bulger. Cavities pitcher and heroin aircrew. Will get some credit irritation took a because they don't like what they're reading and they don't like it to chemical. There's it's there's our help or hurt little like this you know Woodward senators in that regard though that it hurt it now cries are hearing upper house every night. So one of the most that's one of the most obvious thing that duels start to see. It'd be more deadly than that can be more than just severe attempt. Oh yeah I mean actually you know they're they're black mole is literally isn't that great. It is extremely deadly too. Young children or two elderly you know are critical lot of cases of people passing away specifically from that ball I. You know I can tell you for myself which is. I've I'm highly allergic to the ball put everyone at the symptoms I don't know that it won't happen but I get a sense of having Parker glass of red wine. You know I get a little bit of just tips in Bosnia and I think it's. On some level you know you consider that alcohol content your body also small so. It's also on some level of your feeling a little bit tipsy or killing a little bit out of it than just a little funk in your house. Maybe you aren't here are some kinda point. And it's very easy to get it checked by the way you could use examples for a few hundred dollars but there's local companies probably near you that you're. And that you don't you have it or not it's too. Welcome your home shall set up a little on disk. It's rotates with white paper on it and bill you'll find out what's collected in the air it's a little laboratory and vote tally. If you if you're gonna get a blood test your article you were here in order here near tip your house. Well I'd selena's as a plumber item and import for many many years I can tell you that a lot of times house's have black mold and people don't know it just because it can be the smallest little drip that's behind the wall or whatever where people are aware of it just over time it builds up there and and you have black mold in the house even though you have no idea that it's there. Yeah it's it's one of the craziest things that I've ever heard of it is just you know who critical down the book or the super distinction for this but. Is putting paper on the back of drywall. It's at Salem material but took root source from bowl if you want to create won't be exporters that are in the air lock it up with the paper back trying to wall. Had a drop of water and basically it becomes Kremlin Tibetans are exploding there have at a party insider law and you know and here's something that's interesting to know about the bark all. It's actually find wallets alive. While it's growing it's not hurting you it's when it dies. It's for the quality guys off and the buyout talks start kimono that big you're basically inhaling these dead. You know became little organisms become toxic at that point and that's where it becomes dangerous settle. Sometimes when you smell that must expel. You may not have it's not dangerous it's what you can't smell it anymore when it starts to become dangerous. We're talking with Scott Harris Scott is the CEO all of building construction group in building creator his website is building C group dot com. Brit take a break when we come back and get into this idea that the Earth's gravitational pull. Actually has some effect on how we build our how we should build homes anyway. Yeah if you had a question for us or our guess Scott Harrison Amaechi Gibson call at 8446877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. Listened Jason GB. Radio JJ here guest is Scott Harrison as the CEO. Building construction group in building content creator it's Scott sweet no hear those two different company users of the same company with a couple names. All right the name of the company is building structuring group you are. I think doping creator term but something creative at our title or. All I see that her title got you okay. And the others are yet website is building the C group dot com I don't know if we have enough time we've got about three minutes here lyrics to a less. Is it enough time to open up this discussion about the gravitational pull the Earth's. It or not I let's talk about it how does that affect their homes. Is the way to fix several of their partner think the way it effects your body. Order fingerprints pressing as. You'll look at the way they we've positioned our own share of north south east and west right in Ramallah where ever gravitational pull. And you're. And the bodies piled being that the pilot curt machine. In your body is there in terms that I think you rule. Gravitational pull the Pentagon where it is and so for the country on the political right from country non. And if you noticed like their homes that are generally by the state now under the oceans. If people are generally happier they're pure noticed that. People are happier. Yeah I mean it's. In regular rhetoric is simply don't have the market that they're probably don't do. Yeah I mean I think maybe a little different look at California are. You know there's always the desire of people that are the pace of about you got a lot of real thought probably a little bit different or by the water bird. It just. A part of their trust in the confirmed that art art understood well the gravitational pull used to walk around kind of was pregnant and your record prepared but I was special cricket kind of guilty. Different field rapidly here. The public got to stick implies that appears is that what was that the current. So it's just adding it's fascinating because some cold and they are where they're placed armed Peter. Can have a very different feeling go for the or other currency in the have a feeling they're just makes you wanna go out and run. Interest and are where we can pick that up and we get back from the break again it's Scott Harris he's the CEO of building construction group in the web site is buildings C group dot com. And the phone number is 84468776. X nine dental relief or for. 6877669. Give us a call to get a question for us our guests got harassed. You'll soon Jason GDP on military. Jason okay. Scott Harris and I were talking about it. Healthy building healthy living and our homes are they a source of shelter and comfort and protection my own usually but they can also be dangerous and they can also be a problem to be tombs. They can keep our Gloria to scripts whatever. Sky before want to break we're talking about gravity but I also talked about proportions. You talked about it. For perfect proportions for home is there a formula or is it is a dependent on the person what are the perfect proportions when you're looking to build a home. So they resist genius and permit renewed her production. Who discovered there is actually the formula. That represents all of the repetitions of life. It's basically. The son. Equaled the prior to that starts so one plus one is YouTube plus one is three treatment who has five. Though to do it on paper CP. And what's fascinating is that formula I although it just seems like a really boring mathematical equation. It is I while talking to Garrett connecting your dirty enough for you get. Is. That's the same repetition heard everything there are critics of my external public it's simple though you know going to treat grosses. It starts out with Warren then it turns into two and three and five. If you if you start to look at. A ranch that grows the same way if you look at the lead it does the same thing if you look at the words in novel which shall turns it has the same formula. So now if you put that into your pick you know our proportions and Sarah block of Warren or two blocks are kind of like common or rare. It starts to represent the exact proportions of human body that we can find to be perfect. It's the exact proportion are. You know. The pyramids under its exact proportion of Clinton states. And so all of these things or went to me I think what's interesting about it is that. It's a very fascinating way to make something feel comfortable. So if you go to a home and you can introduce these types of proportions. There are some things are being cellular. Operator level that it should attracted to it without adequate understanding or our troops. It's basically beat your own. Mathematical formulas in Europe and that started when you recruited her once though the result of our thirteen. And I have something that's simplistic copy could not that into the design it in 2000. It's as simple as just having a Maggette hit here's how he can do it real simply. You know do you do here's a test you do you do your three when does Purdue forward. The question. Don't you would soon it was sound Robert M for windows. But threes in numbers and yet. Very as the number yeah it was a good start. But if you're designing something what contrasting it to do for people have a look at the standard that these particular three sort of in particular design course like that you're. Being in group because three. Or grouping with five people don't really understand why. The shaker chest what they did what they are so colonel though. If they actually converted into anticipate it of course three inches five pitches in into thirteen and so. That was something that. Became so popular begin to the state in its funny to people for China the but it there'll current Chinese people. But unfortunate it but you know they don't understand the proportion so they pocket optical you know. There's corn picker a little bigger a little picker didn't understand that it is so mine you'd and to understand. That's simple thing of Peter Kuper typical the proportions that. All of aren't you know any of these things. Every single one of those relates to or urged to replicate the human body basically cook not our beat shall there in one under their own you know. That is the exact proportions if your putter if you were to take that paper portrait tree technical part. You know consider by the center provide drew the where they proportion and make it bigger statement but had. And so when you look at even a multi select the things that we find perfect place for the program. Arches. The blocks that are inside that are being good arms it picture currents and the mind. There are geeks actually they fall into that proportion. So and I think you know to go back well we talked about earlier but intuitive building. I don't think so but he understood the formula back then you know it taught me a bunch of people until right now correct that all right I think that's all right I like it. Really probably set info on our part of the block the electric itself right. You know it and have advertisers and keeping it relevant article so it's something that's intuitively inside of us. And I think that's what you you know to encourage people to actually. Great things and build things that are killing we've been doing it's that egyptians. So why not open into our homes so. So we've got a couple options for somebody who is looking to by a home. One is mine existing home obviously. And we're gonna talk a ready to these and others in my new home so some used to going to and an existing home and wanted to to take some of these concepts and some of the things that you're talking about and transform an older home. In to a more healing home how would they start. I mean well the first thing is you're making sure that it's it's actually helped you over the sensor yet to be things you have. The chemical PR gaffe thing. Won't those types of things those are obvious the second being in his. The proportions. And I know that you're not have been able to teach the regular person out there to look for proportions but here's what you can teach. You can pizza burger walker house and that's it feels good it feels right you. You know what's right you should have to second guess that nobody should ever tell you. That you like it if you don't you know aren't so some of the simple things to look for which actually forward to the proportion is alignment. You know there's just nothing better than walking down a hallway along all day and seeing a repetition of doors and at the very then there's a window that might occur all. You know it's and it's one of those things that are attributable pork barrel. That it took a that was the right there you know or god apparently does offer should dirt. So. It's fascinating because the bunker extra Ridley perhaps an article is it even go to great out of that world calculus or crap. Your brain it is constantly calculating things in prior to connect the dot. You know that's how we find somebody to be group or not. You know whether their eyes and he could and China group of a quarter inch over the prank that constantly clicking in trying to find the proportion. And the rain does not rest until the moment that it still like everything lined up. Otherwise it's just constantly here in this group of you know short circuit note so if you want to go out and start to get a little bit of that Inkster bringing it probably clicking away on a much higher level that you're aware of and you're not able to remarks so. Simple answer is one game trust yourself that you like it or not in overture you want to go home supporters who seemed to get you Disco. Canada limited and they like it yeah definitely count but the school here I don't get it you know that you bring that we kept woman want to couch. So it's a matter of trusting yourself. Isn't an easy target as an easier process if you're starting from scratch building the new home. It should be put it in your process that's torture do you know the right team. It could be hellacious process if you don't have the right team. And you've got are are a number of people that have opposing opinions. And your opinion yet if not stronger you're looking it will practically. It can be benchmarks so. I actually gets my answers. Being that most people don't really know what they're looking forward to open find it. They're probably better off actually finding your whole thirty been built. At least allows them to walk through it understand the better. The opinion is really easy to test as far as air quality is. You know spend a few hundred dollars and have a company under and last year quality. Well taken sides of sample picnic outside samples both network but bedroom to kitchen of the few rooms and it basically about the year all paper house. Simple thing takes a few hours could result from back America don't have been people should not forget you when they're bombing counts. Let's talk about the Earth's heartbeat that's another. Kind of a summit of an intangible for some people. I'll what do you mean about when you talk about the Earth's heartbeat and how does a relate to our homes. It's you know our. The title on our conductor guy truly about this whatever they come vocal except the Arco extra I always feel you know in. A sense of rhythm from where right now. Parents wherever I travel to and currently it's a little bit but back their guilt or you know I'm sure you both have been at New York right. China times new. I mean. The polls that song net it is just fascinated America goes there and I'm concerned so there are you'll. Because of overly sensitive or articulate about it I can feel that energy that's coming from the air. I'm on and it's really simple but since that I think our bodies are by electric machines were highly sensitive missions. And so we incensed the Earth's magnetic forces. Earners are much higher energy that's in that you know piece of rock. There's elsewhere. That it's fascinating you go to some place like Hawaii delicious Cutler. Any slow. He's O Eric. It's just fascinating that. You see groups of people in different areas and in our trying to exclude or maybe not as well Kurt. When people geographically here in different areas they and starts to becomes the alert and it is gone the Earth's. Heartbeat of what it is. You know aren't I guarantee you take all the people from Hawaii to put up on your car pretty quick work equip or eight. Those people probably don't start to absorb the energy of the earth a little bit more defeat transformation happened I don't you know. Can't imagine everybody's saying I don't it will burn you work in more. Yet another great. I think it would lose their minds and a sort of a situation which has its two totally different world. But there's something fair and it's something to be talked about that there's something. You know beyond just the city you're just beyond the zip code there isn't something they're bigger they're actually. Does impacts. In Europe pots your feelings your ability and Peter. It's in there it's at the core of the earth so it does impact us and so that's something that we know what you're also selecting home. Are building Google. How important is it in today's. Jane age. Two when we're looking at homes and a special specifically were looking to build a home how important is it too. Plan for being awesome grade. I think its efforts to be one of the smartest things to do agree if you considered that. Patrick or how many generations and generations what river are on the grid or does that into the great governor thank. So pick compacted basically getting off the critical to be dependent on. Utility companies number one is just you know Orton especially when you consider what you paying. Indicts a much more natural easy way to live you know art. For you to be able to live just off the resources that naturally fall onto your lot are property of land why not do it. Why he wired into something. If you don't have to. Involved a lot of the homes are building now we're building them off the grid. We did want for Ed Begley junior. And we have him a little bit more beginning thick forests that we have that are a thousand calorie water tank. In a tactical weapon to order trade goals. I think its power bills are and utility bills are down about eight dollars a month now though. And he's charging his car off a career and it's that healthier way to be able pollute. You know there are forbid there's ever. Occur there's begin to the world covering. You're gonna just be sitting near her house of occurrences during watch like actual global watch it and there is the executive of everything. It don't feel that live it's it's it's the independent way to do it why not then there are seated Gardner and build the son yet had your. No but it but the fact of the matter is he is a lot of states put this to bosh on trying to do things like that what you are talking 101000 gallon. Holding tanks Rainwater and stuff it's it's weird but some of the states out there are putting restrictions on people actually. Knowing catching Rainwater and seeking Rainwater correct. They do a lot of Ahmard you know who's behind their rights if not a conspiracy. But. You know there's basically there's very simple reason for that good you know. As the one of them that they claim the work they are concerned about contamination. Out of the secure not. If he's in the water for the wrong thing you know water all the water detain camped very dangerous. There's there's not a drive throughout the United States to have people start collect mineral water using yet. It would dramatically hurt in Oprah metropolitan water companies. Which I do own stock and so you know hey. I'm not critical plays your rent. It's. They claim it's for health reasons. They claim that they want the water to go back into the water tables that. You know and then it's interesting because you're lost their lives there actually requiring us to two put great water tanks and all of our projects so. I think eventually it'll become something that we have to do at the and it spreads through it's just we're on the tip of the iceberg sort it. Yeah we'll leave a few minutes left here actually knowing couple minutes left with the scud. I want quickly just ask you about it's a psychic home investigations. What what's that about. To what I want it to operate are either very strong sense of every person that's been there. I get a strong sense of I mean I get flooded with with this information from my talks. I conceit. Layers and layers and layers that are important walk into a hole and our little field where there's something wrong. You know I actually and sexual opinion and it's a source of that are hurt somebody beat some great diet. And I couldn't nail it down to it just that the but I'm able to walk into a house and I can say that the coroner as well portraits are totally in the open about your the kinda termites that they're like a walk over to something parents that something is wrong right here for the strap off Valencia. And this happened the other day I find that the plumber put a staple over the copper pipe but just barely nicked the party. It seemed like. And my teams so while we need to force to be with the threats like crazy. It was just something that you Joseph for people as as a service that you provide. Yet studio with two full plates I don't tell people butter Griffin the cap so the fact Alpert. I do it in the sense that what I walk in the house but it's source epic kill over all that anarchy is bad. And so are highly highly highly motivated encouragement to basically down or cure that area out. And I walk with demonstrate is still better right. On. This that then off it does right now so weird it just felt bad here but now when that. You know and I just smile outside that's why you hired me evident also it's very helpful for me because I can usually stents were something crawled that go with that. That I don't wanna turn over mistaken they can't help it so. The dole is that we turn over when people walk through them they have a sense of peace and that's really what we want create for people in front of the walker Disco. Kind of know this is but I just felt so community the right you know. It has to do with the right proportions and has to do what we're not having viewed as more confidence to do it. Picking the bad energy out there there's no errors and outside that it. Our home page to be a place that he'll do it needs to be hatred in others it's one of the few places that anyone of us can never go to heal and if he can't heal a durable. If you're not gonna find the pledge to deal. Scott we have about thirty seconds working people get more information and we talked with website 'cause at the best place you more information about you and your work. Yeah so it's for you consider any ballot Scott. At buildings sikh group dot com love to hear from him and well they help people so that's what were that the war and you can also probably Google saw the weather factors are out there Scott areas and building construction group. Scott it's always awesome talking to you when we look forward talk communion at some point. There was blood love but the park and you guys are like one of the few times you can actually talk about this. That's awesome we have a great night we'll talk again I once again the website is building C group dot com gonna take a break wrap things up in the combat the only. Joining us don't forget tomorrow. Or didn't talk more good stuff. As sowell in Friday like every Friday as the best of the on realities he makes you tune in if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality readily to FaceBook page for us and if you download the show from iTunes just do us a favor and read it for us because we're trying to get those ratings are up. Helps push him helps push shall Ford makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about the greatly appreciate the support. But listen to do it for us everybody have a great night's Jason GBM beyond reality radio catch on my. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Johnson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's only you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason both smoke and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.