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Judas Lynch discusses "Spirit theater" and Nate Raterman talks about the Museum of Shadows

Feb 21, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with theatrical medium Judas Lynch about his work in spirit theater - which includes seances performed in the tradition of Victorian era spiritualists. Later in the show Nate & Kaleigh Raterman talk about the Museum of Shadows in Plattsmouth, NE. 2/21/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. It's beyond reality radio and can't be Johnson Jason Hawes who normally is with me on the program of course is so awful actually overseas who's in the UK he's filming a show with Steve with the BB CTV there. It's lie you've apparently I actually tried to go on the BBC website and figure out exactly what to you know when when this was airing a couldn't find anywhere some have to shoot him text and and see what the deal is 'cause maybe we can get some audio cuts from under something to have love two figure out exactly what's going on over there and what he's doing but he's there all week. We'll be doing shows here of course I'm we've actually got some great stuff windup I'm excited about tonight's show we've got Judas lynch who is a theatrical medium. He and his wife for spirit feared that theater performers in the they've been doing sold out shows in saint Louis Missouri they're gonna show called the theatrical seance. And it's an immersive theatrical experience that uses the authentic style. And techniques of Victorian mediums to recreate the same announces that were popular in the late eighteen hundreds. To double check that out the first part of the show. And then the second part of the show we've got need in K Lee router Maine joining us they own a place called the museum of shadows. Are also paranormal investigators the museum of shadows of is is purported to be one of the haunt us museums in the world. Housing over thirteen hundred onto artifacts so we'll talk about that. As well that's the second hour of the show. Tomorrow night we got dot doctor Susan Chomsky joining us she's got a new book out called the maharishi and Meese seeking enlightenment with The Beatles guru. It's an insider's take on what really went on in the mockery she's ash from around the world it reveals secrets of transcendental meditation. And now what happened during The Beatles time with the maharishi it's demeanor in a race and discuss discussion on Wednesday night amended the words out. And then Thursday is a pre record best of program. As we head into the weekend so a lot of great stuff coming up I do wanna remind you to stop by the web site and check out the beyond reality radio official coffeemaker mug it's there for sale. It also will do great for hot chocolate they'll do great for heat. It looks great on the shelf she can use it as bookends whatever you want to all right they're just click on the picture of smog. And you'll be able to order one for yourself also announcements are underway for scare content if you've been listening to his programs while you know we're involved in an event colts Eric Klein. And the New England version of that event called scary con New England is coming up the dates are set for the weekend of June 15. It will be held in Framingham Massachusetts friend us at a Boston. Guests are being announced and stuff start showing up on the website it's scary con dot com Cassandra Peterson. The way if you know who that is she's a better known as Elvira. Mistress of the dark it was just announced for scare council shall be their among other great celebrity guests and a great time for for anybody who can make it. Again that's scary can't take a look at the FaceBook page of the website you get information as is posted there. And then one more thing on a mention Haley cause of course Jason's daughter and you may know her from her time on ghost hunters as well. Had her baby and and Jason has been no waiting for that moment and Christie had to go overseas so he wasn't around for it but congratulations Haley cause cause where were very proud and happy for. All right so we're gonna do is gonna take a break. When we come back we'll bring our first guest in Judas lynch on reminded the phone numbers 8446877669. We of course. Love freedom call. Be part of our show it's beyond reality radio to listen to. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Jason's overall you can spill for. For BB CTV stated we could exercise and film slide shows so during the course of this week like I said he. I tried to check it out and the BBC's website to see exactly when it was airing it maybe get some clips of some like that and couldn't find any information. But I could have been re reading in incorrectly so often Jason send that stuff to his welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio and you know it's going to be a good night when slick Eddie comes out during the break from his little boost and says you know you pronounce this word Brahma I don't know what I did you know get a so much going on your sorry slick you keep track of just ready down next time we can talk about it after the show. But as I promised our first guest for the evening is Judas lynch Judas is a theatrical medium medium and I Judas welcome to a beyond reality radio script have you on the show tonight. You didn't think you for having me on garrido and tonight. I'm doing very well now your website is Judas and magnolia dot com you've got a whole bunch of stuff there. I'm I wanted to just mentioned that first but before we get talking about all of this and about you. I think it's probably good to set the stage here what exactly is spirits theater. So spirit theater well what we do is we re enact. I think not since from the 18100. So we like that spirit theater because the. It's been opened mixed revolution. Answered yup and Dick technique the 18100 spiritual. So we refer to its theater because. Some of the flight and at some of the not to let let people know that it's no Mercer situation they're getting built into the. And and we're gonna get in the but you know any time someone talks about same ounces of the Victorian area era or the late eighteen hundreds and you've got these. Visions of a crystal ball in the middle of the table a dark room and a big circular table bunch of people sitting round hole enhanced. You know and in these images can the showing up behind people is that kind of what we're talking about here. I noticed a little bit torture of these really opened up but our liberty gathering together in a dark candle lit room around around people what you just described. And at first we got a short introduction onto record what you get which has little bit. We checked to make sure the yeah hours sort of appropriate for communication during a little bit enjoy the walk. That removing that and he won't get any glass flew vein and Eileen we live show are weak dark out of the room. And that's why into the step shows up behind people people get tap on the shoulder. And all kind of other creepy things. Sounds really really cool let's go to would have to buy you hear offer small how long you've been doing this. And the spirit theater for a year that we my wife and I have or street staged a format structure to sort its around the world for. And almost a decade now. And death I know the use of spirited to the number of different things Renaissance festivals steam punk events a whole bunch of different things and York. You were. And this as specialty if you will could extends way beyond what we're talking about an enemy you do. Escapes and what would might be considered. Allusions and and magic tricks kind of thing we need you gotta cover the gamut. Yeah what most people know me at 60 part of central weaker format. Most frequently we get god back performing risky stunts yen Cairo Egypt. We door kind of think it is straight jacket yet walked under water we get locked in boxes set on fire. This is gonna be home other conversation so what prompted you in what developed your interest in this because this is not one of those things Regis wake up one day and say. I'm going to mean escape artists and a spirit theater specialist mean. What what turned you in destruction. Well I decided I didn't want to be sort of critical step in ending indeed the whole process. I took a look at myself in front what I wanted to Dillon well I wanted to become a model. He can just become a limit you to learn how to be a mind like Paula we Guyana because you know little production between the mine battalion or phoney respect and he says. Why nobody likes a mine morning. To act after a little bit longer Taloqan that's a guy like tour Meehan what do typical theater. And that gets me on stage at first speed we kind of rightly nobody likes a mind. We're liberty it is acceptable at what point were mines popular I mean a really wanna know that because right now they just Cindy brunt of jokes what what was the airline industry I'll earn certainly fortunate. Because their religion can be done of mine. I think mine really had its heyday but she would you have kind of like 196060. To the seventies the had a lot of stuff going on a look at the mine we think of the limelight thanks mind. You still seem all over the place now we usually don't recognize. So I usually will no longer like strikes. So the so you got talked out of being a mine and he started to who's in the other direction. Well yes so I want like want to mindful of the sport bring any gay. So I was telling need to find something at there was more work and down. That we haven't peaked ecology because. It's extra. A little bit of mine in that ever being a liquidity is that few people ever get the seat once you that you hardly ever get it skateboard. So it was a nice simple laid to fill in the hole former cart community and we did really well let we've won a number of awards traveled around the world we are cherished. But I wanted to do something that most of our solar exciting and funny. We wanted to become that little bit worse here. And the first letting it keep all of you Vietnam Dini what a bit. And his speaks few spiritual. And not let opinion on how all of the spiritual did their thing back in the day. We totally industry enacted they're working to a lot of interest in that time period right now if he knows what they upstairs the equal to experience that. And even fewer people got to experience what it would have been like back in the hundred. Open that door and started treating the show and the pursuit on the market. Each and everyone have been sold out so far. That's really really cool. It it kind of reminds me of the popularity. That's entry growing anyway of these escape rooms that are popping up everywhere it's kind of the same thing people like. And immersive experience and that sounds exactly like what you're talking about. They really do they like being part of the story like and it's not just that they like shaping the story you know like walking away with a knowing that they had. Part in what happened but it literally script apart like they got to do what they wanted to do and what control. And that's part of what happened to our spirit theaters with people are figure on the people who reached. Equal players on the on conducting the evening. Everybody else has as much Al roper what happened to digest. And and when encompasses the escape work you mentioned Houdini and of course Denham I was gonna go there as well and the connection between Houdini and the spiritual world and in a lot of it was his effort to. Call up the frauds in the industry. Because at that time there were quite a few women that he we he wanted to expose them for what they were. Well right. And company try things happen from there clean all of these spiritual I don't think overall. And if you were there. But what they were doing and we'll just magic tricks there's been a really interesting evolution in the field. Like magic illusion that and and it illusion or something called it a little you know it's moral act retreat somebody's mind. Well most of those tricks evolved out of the spiritual movement would Houdini sort of pulled the mascot Joseph that they what they really work. The spiritual as fake comedians can no longer practice being medium to a lot of them moved into sort of the bottom they'll magically became mental. The further reading people's minds. But they're really just doing the same thing they were doing when they claim to be met with the kind BD. Do you do that as well do you do the men's list work. So we do need to list work but. As part of or spiritual which show because reenacting. The trick for the median Q is second at that time period. We don't prefer or we don't present ourselves as peninsula and we don't perform any minute to list. Pollution outside or spiritual shop. And did you meet your wife while while performing or did you use it would you were you married prior to getting into this. So we met back in college. State university in north Texas. And we were together and decided to clear one of us is gonna be on the road we both wanna be on the road so we don't peacekeeper to show both the so that also but so pardon. It's great it's great way to do it. A we've got to just a couple minutes here before four we have to go on to break and I don't wanna get into the details of some of the same ounces yet because I think we need a longer segment to do that. But give me an idea of how often you're doing them and how people can take part of them. So at this point we're doing a weekly I'm nor hosting them mostly in saint Louis Missouri however all. April were gonna be endorsed taxes at the apple in recent months I will be doing them on every Saturday night at acceptable. Serwer is the festival again. It's in north Texas near Kilgore Texas it's called the Avalon and it's not fair. And you do a lot of traveling with this Soares did he said most years shows right now our in Saint Louis but do you travel that is well. Slogan yes Armstrong right now. Most of the spiritual well look look they ought to that we don't have been in Saint Louis we travel all your long park skateboard show. And now that this skeptical they are up and running will also former shuttle over the country. That's great on would you describe the experience. For somebody as. And not to say this without I don't I don't mean it sound insulting for people who are looking in to their people to go to San ounces with a real intention. I do you welcomed those people people like her better actress trying to communicate with somebody or is it somebody who just wants to have the experience. Putting it great for both that we had great responses from both financial. Tables are usually a wonderful mixture of the skeptic in true believer. By the nature of their Seale were doing table that they were doing last movie we're doing. I think it would be considered legitimate. Forms of divination and Spierkel contacts. So they're pumping the air for the true believer that the same time the skeptic gets to approach it to a local theater that they could probably wouldn't like public table otherwise. That's great okay we're talking with Judas lynch his website is Judas and Mongolia dot com easy theatrical medium we're talking about spirit theater. We've got a hold much more to a chat about only get back from our break our telephone numbers 844687766. And we'll try to get to some phone calls. Later in the broadcast don't forget coming up on our second hour. Need in K Lee router men of the museum of shadows which is a very haunted museum one of the most haunted in the world. I'll be talking with Zander also paranormal investigators and they've got over thirteen hundred haunted artifacts. In the museum. Tomorrow night doctor Susan Chomsky will join us talking about her new book. Maharishi in me seeking enlightenment with The Beatles guru that's actually just out just hit the newsstands entry confined. More information. About that. On now on Amazon and other book. Retail outlets. And don't predict stuff by the FaceBook page and also the website you can check out the website in and join our chat room where there's a lot going on you can also see the official beyond reality radio coffee mug there. Makes a great vessel to drink your coffee out of or anything else might wanna put and it looks great right we're take a break it's beyond reality radio. I'm Jim Johnson don't go so it's. Jason. Like television show for the course of the week there's information and a chat room about that we'll try to also posted on the FaceBook page. To get a chance swing by that. Our telephone number is 8446877669. Tonight we're talking with Judas lynch whose theatrical medium later in the program meeting Caylee router men will join us they own a museum called museum of shadows are also paranormal investigators. They have over thirteen hundred. Wanted items in their museum but Judas once again thank you so much for joining us we appreciate you being you being here on the show I'm getting into these seance is a little bit. One you know again I bring up the images and probably from messed me from movies that we've seen of of the traditional seance during the Victorian era. A late nineteenth century stuff but. Walk us through a little bit what are the differences so between that experience in May be a modern day saying counts. So whatever they theatrical and immersive we like our audience members to really take part in trying to be. Did beamed at the time period into the proper rest and into the proper seen so when they first tried to cut in what we do to get complacent. Mine why magnolia she can actually help their electronic. Served a little meet and greet with the mall people at finger food once all the guests arrive she didn't meet some sort of two by two down to the chamber. And the Chamber's candle lit we only use items it would be appropriate for the period. So there are some of the things we can there that separate us from a more modern trade exercise it to theatrical and rescue people to address a top hat and so. I'm dressed up and quoting from the air myself compete. And try to hold but it is building in the room that would be appropriate for the kind period. It sounds really cool and how woody area in a group at a time how many do you bring in for any one sitting. So we try to keep it is in two minutes possible how I'm an actual footing on the traditional number is twelve guess. And it happened in the exit twelve apostles. But because what I wanna do it in and then an immersive we try to leader speaks to the public. Badly each person that we're doing think blacks moving everybody can have their political action. Or for asking questions the spirit everybody so what if an equal power and so we try to keep the groups a little bit smaller than what you would find it in the traditional. I'm the same constant excitement. Is a glass moving is that something like which Ford type of exercise. And so interesting glass looting was popular. And from what I find him about the 1860 to or. So how that works is there's usually a wine glass its turn to play down the center of the table and later call or click around the united. People put their hand on the collapse. In the poll on the spirit and movement but the predecessor. Title like that talking border earth spirit board. And AM age do you find that sound. Do you have. Successful that type of communication I mean I know they've that this is an immersive theatrical experience but at the same time. The lines are kind of blurred here between fact and fiction ranked. Yeah they really aren't we had some an incredibly strange experiences. Although it's. Theater in the consider for pretty strictly at the plate part some of the communication we have there's been. Very authentic we and. Read. Seeded spiritual get the same name had been delivered from Cleveland plain aren't Mohammad. Which not the same audience for none of them note have you request the same letters and I'm not touching the last. But somehow the word sweetheart sometimes the names sometime let alone. Are different now repeatedly from group to group. The very interest he do it do you do anything and to document any of this do you film and T do anything where you can go back consider while we got the same. Answer five times in a row here or something to this. I agree that dale and I'm in order to keep the immersive feel we don't have any electronics in the room we don't have any electric light we try to eat at all period. For the mid eighteen hundreds. So nothing to videotape after the they are on all right Indonesia I felt personally try and. We worked from time to time to Saint Louis paranormal society. And one of the building so we used to hold the theatrical thing options should the building that they can towards him. Playoffs the past information on the bare metal they can use it in their course. When you started doing this stated did lose. How did you study Heidi how did you learn about the practices of these Victorian era mediums and Andy saying ounces what was the reference material. I'm like we chatted it up for the break out my interest in Houdini. Sort of opened the door for me let me ask start learn about how they did it as far as that the media were not quite jet how they did. And shall run that tied a little bit deeper into it we started reading about our sisters and you a few other nature. Mediums of the dying in that let me and so what that world looked like from the point of view of a medium who. Believed in what they were doing. Anybody who's been on the ride in one of Disney's parks other haunted mansion I'm goes through a scene because it's one in my favor rights of all time. You go you go through a scene where there is a woman number runner crystal ball holding but would be kind of dead Victorian era seance with things flying through the air. And and all that and I imagine that when people com to experience this with use their public did some that leave a little freaked out. I imagine the same thing and I know that for a fact once we're Dinah. Because it's such a small intimate group I have released the chamber I usually meet up with a group a little bit literally we talk kind of debrief about what happened a little bit. Some people who went into it very skeptical non believes that sort of thing shake and the. Some people who were already true believers to Austria farmed and in the keep some people just had a good time fell theater. And I feel like each of those late viewing that are equally. Reasonable and real. Let's talk about some of the escape work that you do because I looked at the website by the way the website is Judas and magnolia dot com. And you have I think. Smaller release a good portion of the escapees that you do listed on the web site. Tell us about some of women's you know and how are you do worked into doing the IC one. That involves you being underwater in that just electrifies me. Right we do a number from one that we do. Most often. That's when we've won a few warts board we're known for around the country. It's. Just like we do skeptical the nuances so we practiced. XT theater so instead of just doing it stolen two week total theatrical story where the we're east east of the sort of declined to. It was another thing we got from Houdini you oftentimes beat you know a star in movies. And he would tell a story and then it hit a skate could be featured in the movie but anyway we did something very similar we nordic ski theater. And the war and we're known for so favorite stories so we told street retreat take over shipped. They capture mean we get an audience volunteers the pirate. I Katrina straitjacket wraps mean ropes chains beetle wood in yellow. Feel you know fourteen else thinking and the facts and I mean a lot communal wooden box to the umpire. That's our that's the show that we do the most hostile. While. You you bring up Houdini a lot we've talked about Houdini on this program a lot I happen to be a big Houdini sand. He was an amazing performer was an. Oh my gosh well. There's some there's a little bit when he about that. Is do we week to get maintenance the colossal performer. He's wonderful allusion. But there's a little bit of controversy on the war on his kind of stage presence on how he was. How he presented himself on stage. He was fantastic occur moody himself but there's reports that he had a camera on stage there's some report that. He let them but that's showman in person. But yet such a gift for promoting himself but never mattered people would turn out to shut. Never hang upside down from a skyscraper and a straitjacket Judas. It is how we. It has a skyscraper we've done from the play down skates so ideal Belgian straitjacket before. You get to a skyscraper would anybody into building up today and trounced San unrealized let me know I'd love to come do it. Today that takes lot of guts let's jump to our listener line here let's bring in vary from North Carolina he very welcome to the show. Hello Larry gave me out Jerry or at Gerri at certain ball moved to ban urged. You are there day. You say the nicest things very. How I've got a couple questions. And are are it argues hurt your current governor of worrying Hershey oh anywhere near Charlotte bolster our energy. In the near future are all. Powell saying here. They're great things from the question unfortunately were not scheduled to go anywhere near Charlotte know that she and this season were mostly in the everywhere from taxes throughout the midwest and Michigan's. Yet on how hard it say you're sorry Lewis her ear and note George Noory approach approach. You know I never met in person in assert. But everybody knows and Barea everybody knows in a. I didn't shoot attack. Made it a couple times international role Carolina but any worry. Why are you Obama's first day. Junius. Radiation don't know who to Judas like the apostle. All. The way she says. Were regular bird hero roast. It's. Our purge candidates that are of lower short girl very. Clean up the first one to make that the state of so that. Yeah. Yeah. Jay or bury your prayers and lowers your parents ask yourself more surgery DiMarco Jerry create. If you're a little. Pleasure ROR restaurant we our show or just move forward or ghost coast. And and thanks for calling in we always enjoy having on the program bearish North Carolina and just declare that as Judas JUDAS. Because if you gonna check out the website you need to know that it's Judas in Mongolia dot com. On the bear brings up an interesting point though he is talking about Charlotte, North Carolina. You know did the you don't EEE city can be in the midwest you're gonna be and Texas speed on camera having kind of made it east much sounds like. No no anything image and elected me we do a lot of run a contrast to. And ignorant of the acceptable community there's three major circuit you have one up from the open down the middle left. And in their one on each count. In the for the of the festival sort of wrong and one after another soldier in one circuit you can work festival and work and access to the next fiscal. Making your way up and down the circuit and since we're pretty established in the midwest. That's the circuit we stick to it. It makes a lot of sense we're talking about Houdini a little bit too and you mentioned his ability for motion and I think that's legendary I mean he wouldn't he he was the master of creating tension and drama that would draw crowds to watch whatever stunt he was up to. And sometimes that that that promotion and that debt effort created a larger than life figure that we know today. Oh absolutely Lucent has again that you would ask them in their penalty deserve to compare what you knew he was the man that new. Count to use that sort of the media and at sage. Like he really understood the power of the newspaper and the power the practice when it become inevitable to happen to be reached at giant are. And how to we use the media of our age to do something some warm and sure that you're your on social media pro wanna give that out for folks define you as well but. It's really it's a completely different animal. He added that kind of question every entertainer. How do you promote yourself correctly in Spain managed I think it's it's it changes incredibly rapidly. Right now I think these ads are good tool. We have a lot like online marketing get a word out. But it beats the ever changing and there's good interpreting its change in more rapidly now in the Trevor changed in the yeah it's gonna continuously struggle to keep on top of that. Yeah I want to thank you got it figured out everything seems to change overnight but one thing's for sure being MB on reality radio helps. Just were to take a quick break here will come back who's got a few more minutes with you it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy Jason. Is in the UK. Doing a live television program for the week and death on your home number four. America. Yeah. Her welcome back everybody or telephone numbers 8446877669. We're talking with Judas lynch this our next hour we've got kneed in Caylee router mean joining us from the museum of shadows and I'm Judas who only have a couple minutes left here. Tell people how they can now monitor your shows where you're gonna be get a hold of admission if they want until I know that your kind of lit it limited geographically at this point but. You certainly your schedules changing all the time so a lot of people follow that. So that would keep up with less is defined it's either online shouldn't yeah media. And at magnolia like the tree cute and the magnolia. You get credit on line and you're defending it dot com he is kind of a peaceful outcome would Twitter. All the social media outlet. And he said that says it. Of this are just most of your most of your work renounce in the Saint Louis area on Sunday travels today is it easy to get tickets and receive in cell and now put some you know how far in advance of people there were traveling to Saint Louis area have to books open. So we could throwing out about two months in the currency. Right so it's a little bit we're leading next week can be done ineffectual and often taxes reliable pitcher would force trainer. And we're gonna be at yet belong here in north Texas sure another mark my vote April. And we traveling on up through the midwest or the rest of the year. You can usually find different Saint Louis toward November and December sort of let the month when festival park running. Right more of Mitt of those stay home kind of a time of speaker. On the right indoor and yet they hit the here's an odd ball question here as we finish things up you know if it's so if somebody young performer was aspiring to do something along alliances of what you're doing you know the escape work specifically. How would you and recommend that they try to get a start that business. Yeah so I would recommend that. You know a lot of really great mentors are there what I usually do that they are part of it and he joy electric stuff. You don't want a secret they're doing what you wanna get inspiration trouble and I did speak skateboard you know we're not the solution is such that you want to get into the look for comedians look for. Actors look for all kinds of people who inspire you in that hole what you like troubled. And what she found a lot of stuff few YQB cobble together to make something that's truly unique unique EU would include other. And you mentioned Houdini is being a major influence and everything you did which makes perfect sense was anybody else on that list that tell you looked up to and really admired and help you help you you'll find your path here. Rewrite so I really into Marcelo Marcelo the physical comedian and stretch my. We do we turley chaplain or do we Buster Keaton to a Marx Brothers. You can see a lot of their influences from a to redo the ski theater. Higher than electrical tape. The way we tell the story of physical movement on stage. We titles together what inspiration drew from Evgeni in the form of the state. I tell you and I have to grab a beer sometime because I'm a huge Marx Brothers and I'm Houdini rhetoric and I think united able to talk about. Judas thanks so much for joining us on the show tonight we appreciate you coming along again and the website is Judas and magnolia dot com. Great ever have great success with the show. Hey thank you very much as they keep pressing me on have a great night. Married again it's Judas and magnolia dot com. Coming up in our next hour Nate in Caylee Renner mineral joining us from the museum of shadows are also promo investigators they do haunted tours are ghost wars. As well be talking to them in just a moment don't go away it's beyond reality radio with thirteen he isn't off to. Johnson and act. Her life to our program all doesn't last all week it's just in the evenings for a week and others information posted in the chat room if you're looking for. More details on what he's up to over there and I believe it's on her FaceBook thinks look put it up there. Bill welcome to beyond reality radio I'm GB Johnson we've got a great show tonight we're going to be bringing in need in Caylee router man from the museum of shadows are also paranormal investigators. Are we talking about the museum also the haunted artifacts that they have their over thirteen hundred haunted artifact so we all know. That you know this type of phenomena can attach itself. To an object and many of those on Jackson's museums were going to be talking about that. Our phone numbers 8446877669. Will take for calls later in the program if you wanna join us. A sore right down that phone number also stop by FaceBook in our web site. Look for the beyond reality radio official coffee mug it's a great way to assure you support for the show. Make other people jealous goods it's such a great looking mug I'm looking at mine right now I've been a coffee in your slick somebody should take care of that though. On let's see here what else we have going on don't forget tomorrow night Susan Chomsky doctor Susan Chomsky will join us to talk about her book. The maharishi and me seeking enlightenment enlightenment with The Beatles guru it's an insider's take on what really went on in the mockery she's world. Revealing secret trends and dental meditation practices and what happens during The Beatles time with the maharishi. That is quite an that around the world as The Beatles kind of legitimized all of that and it's a pretty interesting time so. We talked with doctor Susan Chomsky tomorrow night about that. We've got a best of program fourth Thursday and always on Friday night and then we'll be back I Jason Beck with this next week as well. So once again the phone or received 446877669. Don't. I also want her mind that these scare content and guest list is being announced that you haven't heard about scary con it's it's a great event that features paranormal. And horror film celebrities it's a bit of a fan convention autograph convention if you will. And the next one coming up is in Framingham Massachusetts the weekend of June 15. There will be information about guests and schedules posted on the web site. And also the FaceBook page it's just scare con dot com. Arm I don't think there's anything posted their yet but it will start going up I know the Cassandra Peterson who's better known also viral mistress of the dark. Was just announced as well as some other guests to OK so let's let's take a break and when we come back we'll bring our guests for this hour in again it's neat in key leak router men from the museum of shadows it's beyond reality radio. I'm Jay. Anyone Jim Johnson pixel. This assurance that their phone numbers 844. 687766. And open performance a little bit later acacia the questioner wanted to join our conversation. Our guest this hour. Our owners of the museum of shadows meet in Caylee meet in Caylee welcome to Rihanna really to read it's great to have both the on the show tonight. We think you'll pleasure to be here. So for our you're welcome so first mission there at the museum of shadows Murti had people in our chat room asking about what's it's a legitimate and certainly obvious question. Is located where. It's located in part from the emperor error. Except for a virtue range street. 502 main street in Platz Smith Nebraska now is Platz Smithson known for something. Specifically haunted or is there something specifically paranormal about the area or is just happen to be where you war. I won't return has a lot of history to it. There's even been as far as much you know hunting than human remains in talent getting back insurance each and hundred Earl. It's a very. During the actor town and that's on one of the main reasons why the church chooses to have earned his inner. You'll both are also paranormal investigator so you developed an interest in the paranormal arm and ultimately opened the museum of shadows which by the way than the website is museum of shadows dot com it's pretty easy to remember. Tell someone need to each take a turn here OK we will start with few. How did you develop your interest in turn normal topics it's this specifically ghost hunting type stuff. Well actually. Commit certain and I are here I. Always been sensitive Q or some sort of energy board act. Now my great look that different to where I am Ali any booklets and spirit and energy I'll tell the air well. About four years ago I found out that my now husband went looking for another group that during that than that he meant. I'm. At arraignment panel and more about the chair arm a well. Other than what I experienced Corina might him. And can create their diet and art. Now Caylee said that you had some sensitivities and you've always had them what were the types of things that world making you more aware of those sensitivities were you seeing things re feeling things. Re hearing things what was going on. A little bit of all are right out. I went how are you about what happened or it actually happened starting around and it external. And that developed from bear I was able to hear and see her and she felt it then. Definitely a unique experience and a lot green to an incredible work. It it's pretty amazing experience. And of these things. Didn't try to use a child. Absolutely. Arms are very caring and a lot of people didn't believe me of course I'm just looking and I haven't had a creepy imagines and and which a lot of people knew about it and our people to experience energy. Act your are oh. Good at what it all back in and not tell you ever seen another time I kind of am now and left it up to them whether or not they way belly putter Keener and eager are. You a lot. Times when we when we talk with people who have these sensitivities. And especially at a young age. A couple things can tend to happen one is that. Parents or other adult figures try to squash it turned it kind of say don't pay attention that it's nothing in Jamaican and upwards of ten friend or whatever it is. But then your purest kind of raise an eyebrow as you search or to share this is that is that the experience that you had is as a travel this. Pretty much yeah I. But lucky enough to have appeared. Open and then under and mom so I was able to share that up her attempt. A great record as its two year. Harm other people have a foul or are very quick at our topic now. Matt. I learn really quick who like it and went in the literal. I would kind of an. Keep that mental educate and. Do you have any of your own children. I don't know while okay do they had vanity immune either too young I don't know there ages but so I'm. As as a mom who went through this I would imagine if they search shows some of these characteristic to would you would encourage and I would imagine. Absolutely. Actually off my kid their critique and content you know spirit energy in the while. A couple more than other they're actually 1411. Now. And I'm very openly and you know they know. My abilities and different ethnic. And I never watched it on. Record. And a comfortable about it. Help them understand at least what Taylor. They were meaner leaner. Making them a marks a terrible about it so what I'm quite it's scary to them. Maybe you had an experience along the way they kind of turned everything around for you wouldn't created a real desire to get some answers tells what happened. Well in 2006. I was actually need more of the structure iron rich legacy strategic CI it's you told me goose exits are spirits exist or electric actually. Groups. I group and how so well and strange things start happening doors were open includes you actually a source local secure operation of an older gentlemen that are not from the basement and stand right here in the kitchen. And look right there me. And I wanted to help him to. Get more evidence to get boring answers and to understand that to one or seen the stats experiencing. Premiere you know it and went in to helping others around oral. I yeah that's a car RO. So so telling us tell Nate knows what could be be prepared for little backlash here because what you're telling this illness in the experience that most of us yearn for. And look for for a good portion relies that's how you started a full bodied apparition. Yeah well I mean it started out with a small sprouts you know elected daughters learn. You know be covered the orders or something moving. Appliances now functioning or turn on the different hours than Larry and analysts say need to hear footsteps and then literally just as terminal and an Irish and all your preparation. What truly turn to about the gators are able to a hundred research on the home I found out. A person who actually choke in the house and I. Photo or that person and now are exactly. The figure sitting well. Areas it is pretty pretty neat and very interesting pressure. Where you'll loan in the and we did you live in that house alone at the timer when you were there other people in the house with him. I look at analysts. For a portion of their alone and then. The person ever has slipped at the time literally you know they search campaigns but I. Prominent shortly after that and that actually moving so. We look at that there are out for years prior to moving. Yeah that's I was gonna ask if if anybody else in the home experienced some of the same things and then I am I imagine you probably didn't. Maybe you did did you have the where with sol after you saw the full bodied operation to try to capture some. Of that on and on camera or video or something. Yes so after insurgents seeing on the and there are short circuits and keep your assistance are pretty cameras around in her parents. I'm also. Yours rolling onto your twin ports Saturn right in person like a little light feet or so people. From around the world can literally help keep our honored along with me. And there are things that you you know let me no specific time and go back. As well. But senator Roberts senator ensure just and equitable amount that are. You know you know getting answers are so same in funeral standing insert shouldn't. And status and tensions. It's it's so amazing just Gillick captures something and then not being able to you know just proof that it's well that's one of my biggest thing in our reports here. It is true. Something first before I actually they're it's something paranormal or exploit. Right and I think that's something that time that this show ghost hunters in the taps organization really taught a lot of people and I'm not sure that's where you got it from but. I do you know little Lotta paranormal groups that existed prior to the show being on the air can handle things a little bit differently and there when taps came in and really went into dis prove over vs proved. And when they couldn't do bond or dis prove something then they would have to. I consider other options I'm they didn't really change the paradigm for the way people do their investigations. Absolutely I mean I didn't picture and that capsule and actress you know this chart or are. Mean I know a lot of them personally as well. And I external. Still learn from our apparently has ever. I know you progress into the field just like you know everything every in tatters. You know can help the whole Lotta people and you can particularly a different approach to that statistically you love and respect prior cheer. You know apparently you can actually say OK well it was the first let's turn to our current article of the resort. Or something actually unexplained. Yes and by doing that I think it also added some legitimacy to the field that may not have existed prior to that if if people felt as though you're going into approval haunting verses. Disapprove or find reasons that may rationally explain whatever activities going on I think it it just change the way. Even non believers or skeptics. Looked at the whole thing we're gonna talk about the museum of shadows we come after the break we have about a minute. Left here before we have to go into commercial. Tell us about your group Brenda how long you've been out investigating cases. Hello nineteen minutes trip paranormal. And went and investigated for our 2006. And are we are all over the world are in custody different. Are different locations errors and world. To Rupert is critical hunting. And yeah we also have been using you know rich are usually manageable part. We'll get to that after the break tell me that he and we got about a minute here maybe a little bit less. What are the top two or three places that you've gone out and investigated. As a group. We don't typically they're okay transparent you know belt or wine Kerney and liberty Azeri. A lot of residential others you know present. Cards you know insane asylum. Or Ann Hurst. I mean can be beaten when international center like Dracula counsel who earned dollar islands. You've done some of the disorder and some of the house possibly prevent some reallocation. You're. Let's do this really you know we are jumping to break here's let's go to break only come back we'll talk about the a museum of shadows a little bit more plus we'll find out. As some more about some of these investigations that your group is done it's beyond reality radio. We're talking with need to NT leave from the museum of shadows the website is museum of shadows dot com. Our phone numbers 8446877669. Will open up those phone lines for a questions in a little bit don't go way beyond my own. Thanks to her radio stations around the country for caring in the program we love the affiliates that have signed on to carry the show we love the people that were talking to to bring the show. On their radio stations and we look forward to a bunch more in the future it's great stuff thanks for joining us and being part of the family. Our phone number is 8446877669. And we will I'd take calls and questions a little bit later. In the program we're talking winds. On the need in K legal on the museum of shadows they also are paranormal investigators. Even talking about a whole bunch of stuff then. What is start talking about the museum at what point did you. Decide that you wanted to. Open up the museum it's not something that people often think of that you did what made you do it and when did you do it. Well actually back in and Brian mentioned earlier back in 2000 fixed panel it started my whole past eating. So one of the main thing that part of there's literary writers haven't moved into the house I would certainly. Are a bunch items and you're so close thinking maybe there's something actuary. Turns out it wasn't here to actually competitors can open accounts. And her daughter went to Twitter you know parent just tweeting about it and where our water that the time. And then people from around the world just started sent me all these items. That they believe at some sort of spiritual attachment to and from there it just kept building and building and which. We started doing research and storm. In turn give me Accenture tissue or even something attached to their own as well and then chemical products and that's. And that's it great out there in the can got started as we regard. What career you're a public process stopped so that put it on display at the oracle did. The storied history by Anders who. What can check it out. When somebody sends you an item what is the process that you go through to determine whether or not something spiritual. Is attached to it. Well what we do you repeat orders they urine and I don't eat or even. And there would have peer group that item from just structure or business it's you know activity would stop. And if that turns. Grant so that. They're right. They intended to withstand one trader even to restore quarantine concepts which we have a separate building sector of the museum. Or every item. Is researched their story that the experience as a researcher in Britain chocolate that we are chew on sports announcers to work with such. They pull records where it will eat where it's not a cool that's sort of thing where police records. I'm too. Basically it validate the stories lectured at actually Richard prior to coming to you in actual museum and then also during the same time. We go and each earns a some little room to go in and actually got to hear what are born equipment. And everything usually runs about that you reprocess some terms longer depending on your activity. That there's nothing attached we know property act and act the person. That donated. We've all heard of thing's going up on eBay anything but not too long ago there was a dollar on eBay that was purported to be haunted. And it went from some for some crazy money for America correctly. What is it about the marketplace. That people are just fascinated by items that have a reputation of being haunted. I think everybody just wants period you know parents something. Just to shape that they have something on it and just to see inexperienced that's for themselves. VW how a lot of Marie. We can talk a lot of people come. In and out to buy her heart attacks. I'm. Out and that's not what you're about how they're more they're there are people is experience temperament now. And ill and you'll agree that story. Or you can well. We don't now are trying to send. Actually have an up or an. Yeah that's actually going to be very gratifying the people CQ out for that have you ever hand somebody contact you. Within item that was actually is someone malicious or causing some type of five turmoil within their home or wherever it happened they have been stored and they are actually afraid of the item trying to get rid of it. We have we have and so are couple different people that turn into something that they believe what some people around or are your kids demonic there was the actuary. One indicators turned matters it's very intelligent spears or nothing. You know negative braking and there. They're the other kid sweet it has something has to where there was something a little darker. A little more warships that were hatched. Right now that's still under quarantine doping or stop commuting an error error an observation. And see what's going on. And closely monitoring and it's been in there that are. Not a year now actually. Now if they determine if you determined that there is some kind of some type of demonic activity associated with the item is that something you'd still bring into the museum. No actually I was denied just because I wouldn't want for myself I would wanna be around there. And I don't think anybody else should just because there's something. Demonic or lower around that you know would be a catch. But it interpreted sixty elite taxpayers. Any you know even my next air just not to be around that. Let's go to listener line here let's bring in Justin Justin is a great friend of the programs calling in from Missouri hey Justin welcome to the show. He says if you aren't really advocate for my preparation. Talk passionately about. Ask the question again just to. If you cannot afford to. Careful what appellation trucks fortunately. OK so if you saw it a full bodied apparition you're trying to communicate within I think is what we're talking about here how would you do it. So we actually it's physically seen the poll by the declaration I learned. Just talked to them just like I'm talking Merrill are ordered. Carry out normal conversation secretly get under respond to possibly part. It's that yeah. Our concern here Robert spears settlement on the other paper actually parents and others let you know in majesty stronger also I am here you know repair and are there going. Watching. To. At that they. Thanks so much for the full go a little and Justin calls the program. Caylee if you've seen a full body their parishioners in need. The one that's privileged here would that. I actually seen. Multiple full body operation in her aunt learn to read you have. A leading new Sarah. She ran out. At a time. Inner building. Ended up path there. Back in the early 19100 shoot part of the purple it's a brothel. Actually don't eat line. EMC's shock her call her my hat. People there at noon and orca current that we eat Eric. About fourteen bit weak arm he's had several evening where everyone in our everywhere baker actually experienced being able to see her. And show at extreme eating expert and I accurately and startling that current you know you're not expect the net. It definitely him painting. Well that brings up a bigger question is in regards museum. Was all the artifacts you've got in the air housed in there that down all. Have something attached to them. Do you have cameras running do you have other surveillance type equipment whether it's audio recorders. Or whatever up monitoring. Active because it seems a good you'd you'd you'd be able to capture a lot of pretty cool stuff. You know we have over 300 in that effect cameras better monitoring. Our paltry different level right now. And actually we're an attic area are doing on carriers ordered. Reach you know all that. Along with our you know. There's always something in ordinary. Echostar and our leader Stuart Little includes. I can just. Randomly is still plan on shelves so the mainly hit your critical call all. Oh cool. Literally went out to shell and of course we have eight actually. And politically but are told a world. Pretty much of a daily basis even more gorgeous twittering or you know that term they're just to see current rhetoric Rasheed air guitar to order. Her hair her her armor or something blue. There's been an Caylee mention during our current terms you beat everybody to see her moves. Act upon all the other items just. Ers so much activity occurs on where our world or capturing something. Well we also have cheer rule. Cameron Kerry then watched 20% or so. There's always somebody watching. I worked where he's injured so when they see something. Right there where some better looks you know a little suspicious so. Don't document that career that. All the what did you immediately and then send that it's. Tell us about the down what's the history of the Dow. In order she'd learned. Law she actually are manufactured in Germany in early are you in the nineties. And she her from. It Brisinger munition that somewhere to a local partner and perhaps he can. They. Founder and how concerned I like it outside. One area. You aren't cheap contempt for Cameron. And ended at turner Laing. And. She went to a landfill and then and the cut back two years later. And the standard and taxing spot in the released earlier when insight told her husband. Elections in particular dark outside. Sure parents where the travelers were out of the trash here and that's when they called best and pastors their very best of these can get to install bleachers. They were gonna hurt anywhere with that in just what everything that they experience. Doctoral error in there there's you know really creeped out. Well we got there to actually get adult. You lose. Don't know where that apartment donated your public relations eating and I ruined her at. We couldn't actually see what the dole looked like he can do it wrapped in several different bag is. Up. It would if it very interesting where parents in her right. To the court into. I talked to a lot of people on this program about this topic in these types of things that he I have to say very few times do I have shivers run up and down my spine and you just did it with the story there of the doll. Disorder that is really spooky and since the Dow's been in your possession as anything than usual happened specific to the doll. On the alone she was. She shouldn't barter and there are key now. That they'll order. And we have like this. Screen typing rhythm track record totally epic last but it. Which neatly into the cutting out right it for the eclipse just as a literature you will we wanted to teach you would actually move and that sort of thing. And you know it would help a little bit and should there and then just recently actually you know our column we have did you put it out there on our FaceBook and Twitter pages. And start sucker crawling how to handle Accenture tractor shall there. And arrogantly to shoot thirty direction according lynched when that happened it actually trigger emotional sensors actually dispatched police even know who you're nobody with an opening because of our camera guys are. I'm Eric shared art and our amber hurt her current sixty so yeah all our continual it. And precious daughter and Bernie. A very active. Yeah that's that's that's amazing actually let's we have six quick break here we come back we've got a few more minutes we is need in Caylee from the museum status I'll be ready on TV. Yeah shadows and I got to tell you guys our producer slick Eddie just came out of the production boost and and is afraid to go outside after the show because of the doll story I just I mean this thing is really shaken our. Are stacked (%expletive) is up to these should be proud of that anyway. On the wheel we have a few minutes left Caylee I know that you also you've got another website. I think is just your name and you offer reiki and I think psychic reading his stuff French. You know I'd feel and you see healing and teacher and master unit or anchor people you. Media reading now. Arms if anything can you help people like you be. My level under the cap on. At helps me back a little while. No we don't going back to museum on my C even on the website and again that's museum of shadows dot com. I see the you have something highlighted known as the death room what is that. Well the debt relief has it's don't little. Remember it's all your approach to turn them on and it will and there are. Another heat over the rock hall on the war. I'm back in nearly 9200. Who literally or others killed right there we actually parent well and battle stabbed in the ailing. And it worst kept it just if there's anything corner there are actually in Medina on it. This year also ensures children there is it possible that let it. We may never know but it shook her and her at the start literally a few feet in the U link from where she was. Our sound. So the more snoring the more you talked. Nate the more I think Platz what's new hit nine Nebraska is is this place that tell you got a little courage to go to. A reactor in return itself I mean just as I mentioned that are just so much the streets and we're. Senators are eighty schools lyrics are. Designer out of the or her across the street from our museum in. That they are just. It there's only one complete skeleton that was spared. Arab all the big east schools and making it fiscal accurate strictly to sixty years prior to nine and thirteen. Yeah so. It is a water water interacting stern pressure or are there are you school which as he. Has randomly very that are. I don't know. Oh yeah we've got about a minute left and when it comes to the museum. What are your hours so you open year round to Ambien what do people need to know. Are we are open year round Aaron we're open and how Wednesday through San. The hours Wednesday through Saturday here in the side and and so it ought to order and that you offer because I'm sure in the evenings where is it tickets on the insurance are com. And you can check it out on all social media platforms is a sister or Twitter just let me in the Sharon's. At some point Jason and I are are are going to do it but beyond reality radio bust war of the most interesting paranormal places in the country and I think museum of shadows is going to be on that list. That would be perfect it really looked at these guys there. Thanks so much for joining us tonight it's been a great conversation very fascinating world and have nightmares about the dollar and you we have you to thank for. Oh thank you it's a pleasure glad to be here. Eric. Who get new website is museum or shadows dot com. Stop by there's a whole bunch of information there about the museum the hours and everything are posted there as well he and you know make you check that out. There's a great conversation tomorrow night we're going to be talking about the maharishi. Going to be talking about The Beatles and we're going to be talking about their time with the maharishi and transcendental meditation it's going to be an interesting discussion with. On doctor Susan Chomsky. And her new book is called the maharishi and me seeking enlightenment with The Beatles guru so join us for that. On Thursday that will be a pre recorded best stuff program as will Friday night and then nine next week we'll get into life programs again. When Jason gets back from the UK. Thanks everybody for joining me I had a great time thanks Torre guess it was a great show we'll be back tomorrow night it's beyond reality radio take care and have a great night. You don't know ingredients used to Dynegy supposed to GB Jackson into this why don't seem to regional incidents with its entire week. You don't really read news. Yeah. You never stopped going and finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason long slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.