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Dr Susan Shumsky discusses Maharishi, transcendental meditation & The Beatles

Feb 22, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Dr Susan Shumsky who spent decades serving, learning from and working with Maharishi. She discusses transcendental meditation and the explosion of interest in Maharishi after the Beatles infamously spent months with him in India. 2/22/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. It's. Only you know you radio I'm Jason on. Jimmie Johnson on Jason's not with us and I did you been paying attention listened to the show you know that he's overseas in the UK. He is doing any celebrity haunted. TV show alive shell that's airing on one of the UK channels and we've gotten I actually want to the website earlier some updates there they voted a couple of the celebrities off it's like a survivor slash. Ghost hunters kind of combination there's two teams Jason's in charge of one Jack Osborne's and charged the other end. I don't know but we'll get some reports on that as the week goes on I know Jason becoming back over the weekend some trouble let's talk about only get back. So tonight we got a really great show lined up doctor Susan Chomsky will join us to talk about her new book it's called maharishi in meek. Seeking enlightenment with The Beatles who real. And it's an insider's take on what really went on. In mockery she's I Russians around the world and to be revealed will be talking about secrets of transcendental meditation. And what happened during The Beatles time there and the lasting influence of the maharishi here in America it's a name that that we all know now. But prior to The Beatles and prior to him coming to America around that time nobody really knew anything about this so learn all about that. With doctors Susan Chomsky in just a little bit also remind you that tomorrow night is a best dump program and Friday is always a best of program. And then that you will have this time on Monday night too so we'll have a series of best of best of shows in the Tuesday. Jostling Kessler will be witness she's an animal communicators and actual. Energy communicated with animals and humans we talking about some hundred no fewer dog is trying to communicate with few. We'll talk about animals how they're connected to the spirit world and other. Outer dimensions our minds and our animals mines and how they connect. So much stuff and people love the shows we talk about animals and then Wednesday night we've got Michael Boudin rejoining us he's been on the program before. He's a psychic and he wrote a book called growing up psychic from skeptic to believer so hold onto great stuff coming up on the program I'll take this moment to. To wish the US lady's Olympic hockey team. Best of luck I know they're in a tight competition with Canada for gold medal in the Olympics right now and a lot of people are paying attention to that game and you should. It's do the ladies are playing their hearts out and their great competitors and best of luck to them and hopefully bring home a gold. A for the United States. Couple other things coming up you should be aware of scare con is in its planning stages and if you are familiar with that it's a contention that features paranormal and or celebrities. Doing the signing autographs and have parties and panel discussions and film screenings all of that there's more information about. Scary con as these things develop if you go to the website is just scary con dot com. Also check out to be on reality radio web site and you can also pick up baby on reality radio official coffee mug you'll see a picture of a mug on the website just click on it. You can order from from the website right there and be delivered to you in a matter of these men concern during your coffee or hot chocolate whatever it is. I'm of the official beyond reality radio coffee mug. And if we have some time tonight. We should might I mean are you re introduced the S psyche experiment. And the way this works is that we've done it a few times already it's a lot of fun and it gives people an opportunity kind of test their psychic abilities. I'll draw a playing card from regular 52 card deck L put it in front of me I'll concentrate on it. And you can call in you can try to tapping into what I'm seeing some people like to try to use remote viewing techniques other people like do you psychic mind to mind connection whatever works for his fine. And we'll see if we get the card more have a price Korea and we do that that's if we have time later tonight if we don't more mobile reintroduce it next week but either way it does stick around us who we've got going up. 200 check out the chat room go to the website or download the app for your Smartphone either way you can get into the chat room it's a great place to communicate with other people with similar interest lot of insight on. Our topics is exchanged in the chat room great place to be a lot of friendly people. And then shut down the phone numbers join it join our conversation later the numbers 844687. 7669. We talk about a whole bunch of really cool things and we love to have. Your opinion on them so. We're gonna take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest and again it's doctors Susan Chomsky talking about her new book called maharishi and meet seeking enlightenment with The Beatles. Guru and I should be a great conversation so don't go away so much to come. It's beyond reality radio. I'm Jim Johnson. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas cap in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. See me. That song has sent us. Songs from the white album right now known as The Beatles. There's an important connection with the what we're going to be talking about tonight won't talk about that a little bit later the first thing was introduce our guest doctor Susan Chomsky. Is an author. She's got a new book it's called maharishi in me seeking enlightenment with The Beatles guru Susan welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on our show tonight. Oh it's great to be parakeets tonight. So let's let's start learning a little bit about you first saw the book is called maharishi in Meese seeking enlightenment with The Beatles groove rule. And the website is maharishi and meet dot com Tulsa little bit about your background and why you were the perfect person write this book. Well I spent 22 years in aren't Shrum with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the area thought Shrum. And six years on his personal staff at a very very involved with maharishi into the organization. And I really had an insider's view of what I would like to live whether a spiritual master specifically mention really famous spiritual master. And really popularized meditation and I'm try yelled. In the west he really single handed late mid though then the household word. When he came to the United States in 1959. The concept. We really did not exist at all. He is the one person to. Made. Medications. Popular and look what happened today we have yoga studio in every corner. People are practicing meditation all all types of meditation. And you know I have to give props to maharishi and that. Yes and you know it all all those concepts and those practices if you will seem to be making I mean even bigger comeback now it's you know I'd I may be a just paying more attention to it than I used to but. I'm doing the show we have a lot of people talking about the stuff is a senior resurgence. I believe it is and actually transcendental meditation which is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi created and founded. It's so very popular now through the David Lynch foundation. There's a lot of celebrities doing it now I'll. Now there is getting a lot of and getting very popular there they've been a big book about it right now that's come out. Rank and don't let them live at combat Bob brought out the guys that I used to not. Hanging out back in the day. That the isn't in the areas in international staff is not on staff. So tell us how you got involved in this to begin with. You know this not something that everybody's had an opportunity to do what you do the things you just listed how did that start for. I hit the with a sixty you are letting them Francisco Bay Area. And probably your listeners don't like this but not to work is. All about sex strike to Barack Obama although I'm part of it. Well what it was mostly about was seeking spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment. And our group that that time where. Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert who later became rom dot. And they turned us on impact they'd tell that the turn on tune in drop out. And and then returning act on two psychedelic experience says they wrote a book called the psychedelic experience. And if so I am reading the Buddhist scriptures I was reading autobiography he yelled eat by Paramount deal that conduct. Leading the way and then by Alan lots and other but I am a lot. And in odd but I noted that he could you have to find a meditation. Right. And I 1966. In Berkeley California you didn't exactly. Look at the yellow pages it's our medication guide or anything remotely similar to that. Now I have roommate law how to like find the men and guys in the tribal have you ever tried to meditate on your aunt. And I said OK well I'll give it shot by laying down on my dad and completely clueless obviously I didn't give ignited at the setup when you meditate I am I dead in kind of trade floor at war in medication. And immediately I was propelled into an ecstatic state I could feel the rush of energy rush from the tit for my toes all the way to the top cat. And I felt like I was logged into an electric socket and in the most ecstatic way and actor. Against Cincinnati a little bit and I know that I had different meditation experience and also couldn't believe me awakening all at same time. And I wasn't too long after that that I didn't mean to the transcendental meditation center that does in 1966. And in the center. There in with a knife wielding that there were no not a teacher that why had to wait nine months of regular Chia. And but that doesn't I walked into that center I saw the picture on the wall of the room. Was maharishi Mahesh yucky and I immediately fell into some kind of spiritual love with him I just felt like this so my teachers and how. What I'm gonna how I was gonna learn medication which I was very keen to. Nine months after that a teacher I'm making I learned it was actually the summer of love. In August of 1967. When I learned transcendental meditation. And immediately I was I had such amazing experience in advance that. And became like a PM walking advertisement I wanted the gallery but it got it up fantastic at what. So you know not to light after that accurate myself in India would lottery so you're. Standing with him becoming a teacher. While let's let's define if you these words because you use them. As part of your common language they may not be common for everybody Seoul would be defined forest transcendental meditation. Such a meditation is a practice where you sit down and it's very close your eyes. And you used something called aim on track in Monterrey in that sound. Is the word actually sanskrit word. And you get by repeating it quietly. And it takes you from a certain level. Spot key the and the double consciousness. People might know and a lot heat. Mean even that the blind and still learn the body. And a state called stock hit a nonviolent means absolute list. Content and that that experience and unbounded awareness and experience and deep relaxation that he. Found it. Technique that anybody can do and in the thing. Lottery theology can say that if you can think of thought that you can. Think them untrue and you can you income bracket PM while. And what is and what is us from. I'm sure it'd. If the price you would go to study went that spiritual master from India a residential facility. So it's the actual facility that you would go to study with that as a teacher yeah okay. We finally were to rule. Aren't there are means teacher in the spiritual teacher. And attacked the word is native teen hearts and it's hard. Light and darkness into light and darkness which means the person bringing light to the darkness. So when you found yourself. In India and you were actually with the maharishi did you. Stayed there and outline how long were you there Holland did you study with him and we use there. When the the of them mop tops from Liverpool that The Beatles. Showed up. Not that fact was that you can learn meditation in 1967. A for The Beatles I learned. And you airline become a teacher it's like kept finding Gundy teacher training courses. And I applied and I tried and I applied in the kept saying to me you're young you're young you're too young they would let me go out. And I applied in 1967. Typewriter and I did that pay cuts which do you think he's not. And the video went there in 1968. Even though I did that court that I didn't know The Beatles would be hurt nobody knew who don't you know they got there actually. And so. I didn't get a Mac. And and then finally in 1969. I got accepted because I'm drinking decided to let some younger people got out. Under the course you know. I did that in nineteen in I think she not a travel there and gonna stay there. And killed tune of 1970. I did after about six month. Re a month the birth and onto the court I was on the course and the street non bank stayed behind with. Handful of people actually there were. Five people and maharishi Andy. And I would get so I stayed with him for quite in time in the very close proximity obviously. Situation. And they're quite a long time in 1970. I cannot shrug. While now. Once you do that we look at and admitted here before we have to go into break. But once you started to discover. The but at least you used the word I think a static erect Ecstasy or something when you describe the feeling when you had your first meditation experience. What what what is it a balancing act that is so euphoric. I'm in the the reality is that date and tried every one about is our true self. An hour trip south are higher self or whatever you want to call it is today. The state of consciousness. And that's spin consciousness is PPP. Poll this one that. Fulfillment contentment. And some people call on the list. The people might call it just great joy or happiness within. About it in this state where you feel all. 11 with all of creation and you feel unbounded awareness can kill unlimited. And that sent there yes he is euphoric state as an ecstatic state of consciousness. So. Meditation can bring you to that state. I just yet another form of meditation can get. Right okay order go to break here when we come back we're really get into some more detail we're gonna talk about The Beatles and their experience with maharishi and and more about what to our guest doctor Susan Chomsky. I did learned taught all those things it's beyond reality radio phone numbers 8446877669. Will open up her phone lines later for calls or questions. But again it's a 446877669. Don't go away more with doctor Susan chunks. Television stations it's a kind of haunted celebrity survivor kind of thing and when he gets back over the weekend we'll talk about it and definitely next week a lot update guessed what was going on we did have a link floating around who wanted to check out some information about it. Among receive slick Eddie can put that back into the chat room welcome back to show everybody is beyond reality radio we talk about a lot of things on the show and were really really privileged tonight. To be talked into talking to doctor Susan Chomsky. About her new book maharishi and be seeking enlightenment with The Beatles grew this is the guy. We're talking about. A pop culture and aid but western culture changing event really is what it turned out to be. In retrospect. On as our guest as Susan was telling us some words like meditation in Montrae and on this in this eastern spirituality. That we now kind of overall little bit familiar with really didn't exist in the United States anyway. I'm prior to Amare re she bringing it here on in the late fifties and then into the sixties and then really. Really gaining popularity and notoriety when he was working with the celebrities such as The Beatles. And Susan I mean we take for granted now but people just to know what this stuff was back then. It a different world completely different world back then. There is. People didn't practicality that in practice martial arts. Meditation there's no munchak there was no yoga noted that the access. Didn't. And we've and we found over the course of years that they are very very Sarah Putin. Healthy. You know it's change a lot alliance for a lot of people and and from what you're telling me you're one of them. Yeah I'm in my life really changed once I got involved with medications. And it. Actually saved my life I'm in the drug had given me out of my mind literally it got me in saint so. When it on medication. I was curious I was healed I no longer wouldn't say and could you have like get semi normal life. It was lifesaving for me personally. With great. So a lot of this and your and your book also talks about it you had a lot of experience for the moderation but The Beatles really put a lot of this on the map to The Beatles did so many things that changed pop culture. And they changed fashion they changed haircuts they changed the music industry for sure. You know when The Beatles did something everybody took notice and The Beatles in 1968 went to India tell us what happened. That says it made The Beatles pay attention to mar Ricci and actually spend time with him. An excerpt from that currency. In. Aren't on August 24 and 1967. Where they met him at that helped deliberately giving a lecture there Hilton in. London. And they are very favorably impressed with what they heard and what they felt really. Because battery he has this incredible. Had this incredible charisma. Amazing aura about him. And I met backstage and an express to maharishi that. They really wanted to pass spiritual experiences and they had tried drugs that didn't really where. And Larry King was very pleased to meet them and he. Invited them to come to. North Wales Bangalore. North throughout prohibit teaching in a ten day retreat. That with the start the next day which is artists. Twenty action 967. So. Now through Upton worked well on the train and went with moderation and putted. By the way Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull his girlfriend at time. And that revealed wives came all. Lingo black didn't count Conchita just had a child but. The rest of The Beatles wives and girlfriend came. And also from other celebrities like they were black ski and the mother so they ended up there at this. College. On the pharmacology and they were put into bonk and NA in the canteen food that they don't like into my so they went out the Chinese that it. But may they learn transcendental meditation there. At this retreat. From maharishi. And now it a couple days unfortunately there treatment and they've retreat that they only eighteen days because Brian Epstein their manager. Suddenly died that's on 127. And they had to rush back to London because of that. But ordinary keen I mean they've really promoted trend to down meditation they'd get a lot of interviewed like it that brought another interview. And in the papers as well and there really promoted yen and then in one wanted to make it popular because they shout. The change they really had great experiences with that. So that we're invited to go to India Malaysia and to go to India in. They actually ended up going February. 1968. Exactly fifty years ago. That's pretty amazing fifty years ago. When they went to India what do you know what was it expected to be. A short stay a long stay I mean it is I think it a lot of heads turned when that happened people just weren't sure what The Beatles were up two at that point but won't truly why. An effort by them to to find some answers to the use a phrase it's kind of cliche but the meaning of life. They aren't they we're searching for the meaning of life they wanted to hit. Get online. In the universe in a month in there are a little night. And so yeah and they we're gonna stay there are nurturing bunch that was the plan. Rings are only at for a couple weeks apostate Vermont. And John and George stayed for two months. Though on the Georgia where they are more into the whole thing and the other Beatles and that any longer. I think as time went on after that experience George. Talked about it a lot more than the other Beatles did and seemed to carry it forward to carry with them from that point on I know it affected all of The Beatles but George really seemed to. Tuned to become part of that philosophy and interior ripping tools death. Well actually George you're the one that brought the other Beatles to the Hilton to meet Larry in the first place it was his wife Patti. First learn transcendental meditation in February of 96 and tissue on ad. In the times of London at the declassified hadn't she went there are other girlfriend and they actually learn PM in February. 67. And then he told George about it a greater Atlanta and George. Declare that he wanted his own Mon try you know. Don't actually dumb argument anatomy that I want him on track. Allard is that I look I'm I'm doesn't retreat and get it. And you are ready with very spiritually and he had been. Learning Sattar. From the most famous guitar keeps. Guitar player. At that time who is his name is rob decent car very very popular very well known. And if so George studied with him and tried to learn to target never really learned that very well unfortunately. But he did on a few Beatles songs he's there right yeah. He did play and there was some Qatar on some of the some of the V a song like. Norwegian wood as one of the more famous ones it has Sattar yeah. No we you let it also. Went to benchmark overnight and definitely in the inner light. And I think it might have been in garnering I was not sure but in any case. He was really into the culture park that he thought the guitar that really expand people's content to an Indian music. Not just Qatar in the music in general. It felt that it was something that could raise people's consciousness and would really be beneficial for the world. So eager keen on that and we're in India by the way. George Harrison there were the hot that was. Up on the half. Overlooked in the Ganske near mile per received little bungalow that he had there. And like George Harrison did it he transformed a little hut into a little music group. He carpeted Ed and a lot of ground and there were musical instrument that Indian instrument there anybody you invited to come and play and learn. How to play need to start. So he made it kind of like a little music. On clay. And also he he would playing music on the roof. You brought up AM. And Oregon up onto the roof above lecture hall and he would have a little mini rock concert thereto for the twenty somethings. And it's a little hand. And it's fun activity everyday. One of the things appear people don't realize because The Beatles seems seem to transcend their ages but when this was going on when The Beatles were learning transcendental meditation and going to India different their. Mid to late 27. Years old they're so young guys. Yeah there were very young and I mean. Because bike instead of for example. Job and had the idea that there are some secret that receipt hat. And that he got this week Brett then. You didn't go well. I'll. Like. And there and there was industrialist named comeback and he brought a helicopter. So that people could take a helicopter ride receipt. I think they would have been taken down to Delhi for some reason anyway Erica a helicopter that showed up again it. And laundry she went up in the helicopter. And any. Susan we lose you are in the middle of a sentence. Usually that's reserved for. What happened in the helicopter later when they asked lighting it up and how after. And John said well I thought maybe he would let me answer. Yeah and it's. And I'm Don Webb. Really not that think that there where courts participant there there are people who Wear you know becoming. PM key here than that they knew the answer that they were holding on amp. Yet John yet Johnston for two months with with George whereas the other Beatles the other two left earlier than that. A border take a break here but would come back I want to get into. A little bit more about what The Beatles. Took away from that because we have we know that they were working on and rating songs for the white album or that it is actually called The Beatles book was better known as the white album. A during that time and there's a lot of influences in that music. Based on what they were doing in India at the time so we're talking with doctor Susan Chomsky should check out the website. Maharishi and meet dot com her book her new book anyways called maharishi and meet seeking enlightenment with The Beatles guru. We're gonna take calls a little bit as well 8446877669. We have a lot more to talk about. Don't go to town. Start time overseas TV hopefully to sneak peek at that some point. Our phone numbers 8446877669. So we're talking with doctor Susan Chomsky about her book. Maharishi and me seeking enlightenment with The Beatles guru the website is maharishi and meet dot com you should check it out there's a lot of great information on there. And as Susan we don't have a lot of time in this segment so I think. In this is a good opportunity just to reduce trinity for us to talk a little bit about some of your other books you've got a bunch of stuff. Is it all related to your experiences. We've transcendental meditation. And as spirituality and to walk us through some of the other books that you've got. I have several books on medication and and career. Spiritual healing. And Shannon. I intuition developing intuition is actually have fourteen books in print. So I've got a lot of books and I'm not an MR about it techniques that I teach region called divine revelation. Which is about learning how to listen to the inner voice how to develop your intuition. Had attacked that have a trusted. How to tell the difference between that true inner voice another blatant in your mind. And also about how to use the power of your word. Game healing and prayer can manifest. Your desire to manifests what you wish accomplishing airline and also. To transform your. Energy field and Europe mine. Plan to create. Higher atmosphere are. We can't mirror Orix field. I don't read books on Olerud and chocolate as well. I'm a lot of blacks and their online web site doctor Stephen Dodd who are GD. When you talk about a lot of these ideas and the the the ability to to. And reach inside yourself for healing and forgotten for guidance set. Worst of power coming from is it all in turn colors or something divine. Happening here. Yes well but the buying is within us infected device is that in everything. In fact they're read scripture in the unit in the world tells us that god is everywhere. That this is universal presence that's what an all changed at all being. And as matter of fact with them not so well because we're somewhere. God is everywhere and we're somewhere and then by definition mean if we're got as. So. We have that we cannot. And we can tap into that. And we can use that in a very practical way in every day life solve every day problem to receive. In your wisdom in her Qaeda. To help but to become more creative and expressed our creative potential. We'll tell our mission. They all have a mission there's a reason why we're here. And we can I can't buy a turning which CN. And having a starting a dialogue with our higher now becoming aware. That's higher. Aspect of our being and begin to express that in our everyday life the practical way. So somebody was new to all these ideas and they went to your website and they saw your list of fourteen books. Where would you recommend they start. I know a book that's real simple and easy that anyone can use. That they can start using immediately is called instant healing. I love that black. I don't think it's my biggest seller are anything but. As far as Amazon review of god you go to Amazon and see that book on Amazon it has. High rating above my Beck and it has mustard and on and on. While people are very enthusiastic about it you write about it and look bad and carrying it around the ban the dodge here did not. And so I think maybe that book would be the one that I would recommend people begins at instant healing. Great OK again there's the website is doctor Susan dot org. Also for the book that we're talking about tonight maharishi and the dot com sort of go to break right now we come back we've got a lot more to talk about other guests tonight doctor Susan Chomsky. Don't forget tomorrow night is a best of program as is Friday night and Monday night we've got a bunch of best us coming up. And then we come back to you live next week countries and we've got Jocelyn Kessler joining us. Jocelyn is an animal communicators she uses energy to communicate with animals we'll talk about whether your dog is trying to communicate were you how animals are connected. To our spirits and our minds. People love the discussions we get into talking about the animals and this is going to be no disappointment for sure and then Wednesday night Michael beau dean who's a psychic. Will join us again he's a returning guest. His book is called growing up psychic from skeptic. Two believer it's beyond reality radio I'm JV don't go away we've got a whole much more hopeless. So it's beyond the Canadian team Johnson TCU. So he's not going to be with us tonight I didn't mean to make that rhyme but it just did but he'll be back with us next week. Don't forget tomorrow night is a best stuff as his Friday night and Monday night will be too and then Tuesday Jocelyn Kessler Kessler will be joining just talk about. Her ability to communicate with animals had to be a great program Wednesday Michael beau dean. He's a psychic he's wrote a book called growing up psychics from skeptic to believer we've had him on the program before it's it was a great conversation. Jot down the phone number it's 844687766. And we'll take your phone calls and questions if you've got some wanna join our conversation with tonight's guest doctor Susan Chomsky. We've attacked her book maharishi and meet seeking enlightenment with The Beatles guru. And Susan again thanks so much for joining us before we get talking about the soul that I want to try to. See what we can do we've got a lot of people listening this program around the country and the US women's hockey team. Right now is in a fierce battle with Canada for the gold medal. In Korea and I think if anybody can send positive energy to the ladies over their competing in and been battling their hearts out for our country and our honor. Then nine that'll be helpful and it's it's a tough it's a tough saying that this is a heck of a rivalry. I think. The Canadian team has said is dominating the gold medal count I think they've one. I don't know last four anyway the glass time the US ladies have won a gold medal was in 1998 so what we talk about twenty years when he hears Susan's in my math for an amount. There. Yeah so positive energy is going into the ladies as they compete against Canada's not much time must now game and know that I think they're down by Goldman anyway. Susan. Before the break we are talking about The Beatles experience with the maharishi now first to ask was it saw maharishi Ers are just maharishi. It's maharishi. You also hear that Obama she decided to give an economic I don't see. It. Never got that Bob lotteries. Says that's a press invention. OK so when The Beatles spend time with maharishi did. You know a lot of people thought maybe it was some kind of demented to drum up some attention or maybe it was just a fat to me how serious were to say about. Really trying to learn from him. You're absolutely period all of them are not just Donna Giordano Donny George. We're more keen in the whole thing is not a whole spirituality. Ass back. But they were all. Well Ringo and pollen along with that they said. But they had great expert insists though they are very keen on that you want Spain found out what it wasn't started practicing has been a bit. And we know that The Beatles were working on in the white album at this time I don't think all of the songs were written there but some of them Maurer. Walk us through some of the creativity creativity that came from that experience that showed up in Beatles music. Well and John described he said he was. Going into Spain. And he was dealing pour it but he was incredibly creative and all these signs are just coming and and eat out I'm going to how many how many comment I'm going crazy but all these on the coming in and so his compounding that so many songs. And so I applaud very actively composing and island Georgia. And whenever a really great shot there. That where. They stepped on what they Wear experiencing and learning for example you played one of them earlier which was that. Got something to hide that for me and I'm on key and that particular Don is. Basically what it did it and maharishi. Expression that they always used to say. Come on come on come on come on it's such a joy come on mistaken he need to take it easy and take it it you know. And that. That would not maharishi. A quote from maharishi. And then later in the Don the deeper you go the higher you lies are you by. It BP guy you're inside of they're outside have been so they are. Expressions of what it's like to be. In meditation. And and then it actually got said that some monkey was actually you know go now. He was referring to Yoko Ono. There's no reason because of. Any it was it was in code a little bit because he was still married to Cynthia at the time. You've yeah. And I'm Elliot and his heart was broken when they were in reaching cash India because she thought it was gonna be like a second honeymoon. But to sneak into their stay Mary John moved out of the room that you Engler terror. We daddy wanted to have space she wanted to be bunched out. And then he would. Daily rubble in telegram's. Others from Yoko. Yoko was already taking possession John before he left for India and actually wanted to bring Yoko and Cynthia. Indiana bleaker. That's what Heatley told the press. And when we talk about the music one of the more infamous songs and references as the song sexy Sadie. Now tell you tell us about that one because then that when isn't so nice. Yeah I'm in. Georgia and Don left India on April hand. And then left earlier than they expected Q because. Days weathered many reasons why I left that why the region had to do with a woman named Rosalind. Could there. Taking a course. And she had told. Her lover election marred at the was trying to PM hanger honor I'm sorry and TM a deal hanger honor. Anyway she called election that the maharishi and it Passat horror. And then. When The Beatles taught that they Wear. Has stopped and they. Negated ended they wondered where whether elections tell the truth George never really believed election but. Electric convince them that it was absolutely the truth and that he shot maharishi make it past her and hug her. Even though there are fully clothed them. Indicates. So there was this rumor got around rush from that. Operation had been attacked at that moment. So that was one reason why The Beatles got angry and then laughs. And as they were waiting for the taxi cab to Lee used. John Lennon wrote a song called maharishi. And it said. You know. You made a fool them every wine. Broke the rules related outcrop to see what have you done it on he wrote this song. And you're and there was some curse word tonight and well by the way. You called. Maharishi by the C word and other banks diet literally what I'd asked if dot. And George said I you can't do that what are you doing your crazy it got to change. And the words of the song. So it ended up being sexy Sadie. That was how that song was a good and it because. I live Matt maharishi and completely disillusioned. Yet John is that John was never one to hold back when he was writing songs sees he's got a fuel from in his repertory that has some nastiness and toward other people but. On another C kind of a mystery perception that it's me afar all had something to do with this right. Yeah well actually what happened in the row and back. On her birthday which was on February 90. My drinking invited her to go downstairs to his taped the call that cave with a basement actually that was why let. Gandy and rock. And he invited her downstairs. To do. Let's call the true Jack ceremony. Which is a ceremony that done when a person learn transcendental meditation. It involves offering that fruit and flowers and think Richie and write another thing to do that. To maharishi guru maharishi teacher. Is. This ceremony that's traditional in India. So I'm people birthday maharishi Ollie. Did it a ceremony for people in fact he did a pretty every year on my birthday too. So you don't stairs. Is with him to the basement. And apparently he made that matter. And that night after her birthday celebration. She was with a small group of people and she started. To say. The things like. I'm leaving I'm leaving tomorrow I've got to leave. You know say you made a pact that we. And then people started they let me talk about. Yeah you know that's some pretty. You said. I know a pass from open Jack. And so machine. Claim that are you had made a pass at her. And in fact he. Didn't. Furlough loud but she came back and he came back you rent on an animal safari actually after that. But then she did come back which you found out of The Beatles were happening in Chicago when the match and she came back with beetle. The John Lannan rather than their car actually from the airport back to our Shrum. And stay there another on and actually their chill about march 7 I believe. And but it was another milestone for the penal offense he had nothing to do with the beetle leaving. Absolutely nothing to do the deal leaving everybody thanks. Moderation minute past it if there on that by The Beatles. You've gone. You know she actually had to go and star in a movie called secret ceremony that balloon that Taylor. Then she left a month before the Eagles left. It was the other woman would involve what this. What that is a leading one reason why that left I left for three. Three different reasons but one had to do with the woman that operation apparently made it past that. Rain now you used the words. You know that. That to them hurry maharishi was would that was which charming and try to turn the exact words you use but based parent charismatic was the word that's right. Now you know when you hear recordings of the time on he seems to be a PT man. He's got a soft spoken voice or soft spoken. Some kind of higher pitched voice was that part of it was it was that just captivating. Not really has lied about his voice is kind of like honey it was very sweet. And you felt like it like that arresting people on almost. But it what does the boy that was home appalled demeanor with his energy he. Had a very very strong energy field. And when you're around him you felt the incredible. Lot of vibration that what that eating in front of him. And you're receiving their loved vibrations are the healing up I would call it grace our blessings third grade that. That came from him and you did we seem to buy out not that when you're around him with a very proud experience to be around him. That feeling of tremendous luck. And at the same time that you spent a lot of time around like I did so many years. Whenever your way can't you felt like there's only this time only play and only this moment. And there's nothing out there in the world and that nothing is real. In the world that the Monday in the world is unreal. And that that fit the reality that reality about about it concert up your feelings when you're around him is the only reality. Not that sounds kind of far out but. It was like to be around them. What won't when we get we get back from the break here we've got to go to break or number we get back I want to talk about because you you mentioned in the book that there's something. Very very. Unique about being in his presence that not everybody experienced none of many people didn't have the privilege of being in his presence but you did and you can describe that you talk about in the books when we get back. We'll get some details on that this is The Beatles song we're gonna to break right now with sexy city. When you just took me to. That song so. Stern past except to say it was written about maharishi as we were talking about our guests decide doctor Susan Chomsky your book is maharishi in me seeking enlightenment with The Beatles group. Susan we only have a couple minutes in this segment because we went long in the last one. But again you were starting to talk about what it was like to actually be in the presence of maharishi. Give us some details about that because you say isn't an experience like no other. Yeah out well and preferences in like everything you like a belt finding the golden glow. And has app and it was so profound that it created. Corona. Urgent. Immediate that you felt like. You have to be here. Everything is. So important. As anything that goes on around him feel like the most important in never. And maharishi had an unwavering. Focus and a 100%. Immediacy. And he was charismatic to the point of being hypnotic. Because big unit that magnetism. That powerful magnetism and that trance thing and in need creating. And we're just glad that he would. We would become our I would become Atlanta let him the only person in the universe and now only time ever yes then. And the closer I want him in other words closer physically. That deeper that I was saying can prevent timeline based lawyer in the etiquette. They're in a deep silent they're the kind of a thousand that I heard there was his glance. That was very power are all. I know the southbound blue moon race is. Really really well as a main thing. We have about a we've got thirty seconds here we ever met anybody else would that same type of presence or heard anyone else describe another person would that same kind of presence. Actually because I have gone to the coup in the mail in India which is. A incredible. There are. Spiritual masters. Where thousands of them assemble. From time to time in the Ganges River I have yeah I've met some other amazing urgent action that we're quite similar to maharishi. Interest and okay we're gonna continue this conversation after the break our guest tonight is doctor Susan Chomsky check out the website maharishi and meek. Dot com and also doctor Susan dot org both solar it's full of information and you can find out a lot about doctor Susan and her books. Including one we're talking about tonight. It's beyond reality radio on TV yeah. Carter so I'm not so personal things in the form of Charlie Manson and his group put into welcome back to be on reality radio I'm Jay-Z. We've got some good stuff coming up we've got the best of shows tomorrow night and Friday and Monday and then Tuesday Jocelyn Kessler joins us. She's an animal communicated using energy communication we'll talk about how you do that. How do you know if your dog is trying to communicate you or your or your other pets but to stuff coming up with side Jocelyn then Wednesday Michael Bodine he's a psychic he's been on the program before. He wrote a book called growing up psychics from skeptic to believer. Our numbers are 8446877669. Tonight's guest doctor Susan Chomsky has a book called maharishi and meek seeking enlightenment. We've seen Beatles guru. The website is maharishi need to come Susan again thanks for being with us. I didn't want to mention that apparently be beyond reality radio audiences volumes being sent to the eight US women's Olympic hockey team work they tied it up there is and in BT an intermission going on right now. And there will be an overtime period coming up so they're still hanging in there and they're playing tough hockey so those good vibes worked and I would recommend we continue to send them. Over to Korea for our ladies playing hockey so Susan again. You spent a lot of time with maharishi I mean new. And we're not only a student but you served on his staff is that what are understood. Yes let's served on the staff for six years and that was when I was in Europe went down. It was in Italy and Austria in Spain my York. Mostly in Switzerland however. And the time that you spent on his staff were were you traveling with him teaching other people are worried lecturing what was going on during those years. I worked various departments because you know he had a big organization and he was teaching classes over there and Europe. And thousands of people that come into the classes. I worked inside now I work is an accountant. It is kind of calendar again because it's actually an artist. But. Yeah how he knew I had certain capabilities. And he kind of exploited those are the offense developed them and help me develop certain. They're in two capacities. Our doesn't account without a work in editing I hate that it did to edit king. Publication. And I worked into an illustrator. A publication. And I also worked on a pain came are coupled it pertaining to actually. When I was a staff and I out so. Was in charge him a huge hotel over there in intra lock I don't count all the Victorian for a hotel which is. Magnificent entertainment hotel and I was the hotel managers don't. Care about the people who came there and were. We're coming for teacher training classes. So both from the job I had. And listen if I did a lot of things and actually had developed a lot of skill frankly doing these things I was there. What do you call the person who is studying studying under the guru is it a student or a disciple what do you call that person. It would be a disciple in India that Soledad Chela. CH ELK. Chela. And what is the relationship between the disciple in the guru. Now that I'm really glad you asked that question yeah. Because. It's a profound relationship between. The Bible and that yeah. And you know you read about it for example in the new testament was he doesn't hit the psychology read about it or you read about it and other acts. But few people have the chance to actually have that relationship. And it never said that really it's like. Contract in a way where the guru. Is there can help elevate the consciousness of the disciple. And the disciple is there to learn from that and all. The singer you know there's something to be done. But mainly. And how do that live inside a lovable. A lot of very profound love between. That disciple and the guru and true that love. In the transmission of knowledge in the transmission content that it takes bite. So when we were in his then. We got vibrations buyouts at the vibration not telling you about earlier that would separate out the deep. The very deep silence for example that permeated his energy field that that this year. And the deep sleep and the awareness of expanded awareness. And in fact he would transmit this year. It's hard for me to describe it a feeling of grace are feeling a list where you would. Well. Like an ecstatic waved. Coming over. And the more you are in his press then the more of those ecstatic waved you would experience. And there at the tradition in India of this is not is not something that he made up or something you. There's been going on term millennia. In India and in the fiery. Wearing the disciple receive this transmission of energy. Some people kind shot deep pot some odd shot on Parra. Depending on where now they're tradition or whatever but it is. Real and it does the transmission of energy. That elevates the disciple. So we are all seeking that we were all like in competition. And a much as possible lithium. And to be ended through the lucky we tried. Because we wanted to have the experience. This blissful. Ecstatic experience of being around him. Windy juror. I guess a color professional relationship. End with maharishi. Well OK so I stayed in his Russia on the 22 years and then. In 1989. I left. Did not strong and what are are you talking about. My staff I would now want are no longer on staff. In Europe in 1976 I went back to the United States. But maharishi the written that I heard she told me to believe it can then he set I was getting too dependent on him as a person. Instead you're cute dependent on on me as a person I would always be here. Now he said that I had to leap of about sue you know him unilateralism. When you left did you still maintain. A relationship with him was it do you do you still seek guidance from him. I know I didn't seek guidance from him but I still continued to live and hit the Philippines you're out. The world I I went back to the United States tonight. Lived in various facilities there was one in not the state New York current day and by the way Howard Stern was there at saint. We're Yeltsin burst the ups Steve Chamberlain was there and you know where's the upstate New York facility because you were lying in an. It went in Armonk it was a senate comment you are my. House kitco yet at that area and that's out. So I stayed there and. And I say that there is other plankton. Also in Washington. I also stayed in Fairfield Iowa where he had. Maharishi. International university was called maharishi international university has now called maharishi university and management I stayed there for about seven years. I lived in various places are still very much part of his organization very much. Staying. With can be. China's. Protection I don't know what you wanna call it Bobble. PM organization. I'd stay there until 1989. And then I left there feel that way in 1989. And maharishi past. What about ten years ago was it. Yes he passed exactly ten years ago February 5. 2008. And has anybody risen to. His stature. Census testing with the organization that pop up what how does that does the organization continue to thrive despite his absence. Well there are invasive we had talked about in the beginning and Israeli. Getting a huge. Boost at the moment with David Lynch foundation. And David Lynch's promoting it and in Hollywood and an in New York City. And it's becoming. You know very popular again. Yen is becoming popular as you know that's the cool thing to do now. So yeah I'd becoming popular again but. Now there's now. Charismatic. Leader who took over after my operation married she'd get the passing on the torch to a gentleman from Lebanon unnamed Saudi Nader but. It doesn't it's not like I appreciate that my active you know I met some amazing saints in India and that definitely. Would rival the stature of maharishi there have been amazing saint I'd come across. And that I'd smack. A female and male thing. And it is a tradition in India mean there aren't spiritual character. Who really have an elevated consciousness and I believe maharishi would run about not everyone would agree with me that I think you're a very great thing. Sure. When The Beatles left after. A couple months it was the longest that John and and Jorge stayed. Did they ever re united with Murray sure was it was was. Did they just go their separate ways. Well that's really interesting what you need to that's. I'm good when I was in India. John Lennon came to. Delhi. And he sent a telegram. And maharishi. And you said. That he really wanted to come and visit maharishi. That was two years after he left okay. And these secretary. Told maharishi. John Lannan didn't you know there's a telegram very important telegram that John Lannan. And argued that ooh. Catch the secretary said John Lennon maharishi and learned she said Wu. And you know John Lannan who was with The Beatles. And maharishi said to her. I do not know it John Lennon. That was that OK. And they had. In 1991. There is Lex writer obviously 1990. Over twenty years later a tank. After. And such a long time. And George Harrison. Called Deepak Chopra that he wanted to meet with maharishi and could be pock set up an appointment. Electors lineup now that Deepak Champa with a very very close back all of maharishi and checked every she made it park's career is made in China urged. So. The access. Opera apple meeting. So deep pocket and George Harrison moved to. Blow drop Holland. To meet with maharishi. And they haven't meeting and there was silence at the beginning on George gave you both. Path and then after some time that George said. Ari gets into apologized he argued that the problem. And there are set you know a lot of and Marcia that held Epoch the story. And then George Harrison. Hauled the Epoch. A story about the fact that the that. When they were in Ritchie cash India. At some of the people in their party were taking drugs and drinking alcohol. And that would definitely not allowed in the our shop while. And they're back maharishi. Was angry with them. And he told. Some of them I guess I don't know who exactly that they would have to leave. And so maharishi asks them to leave the shop because. But. Maharishi. Never told anyone that in fact The Beatles. Made a pact that they would never tell anybody what the real reason why they laugh. And the so liberation of the very you'd have very strict master I mean he was so. Extract about everything. I mean overly district he went overboard with district insult. And but he didn't tell anyone in Allen told anyone on this story. So if we believe they've tightrope for our people on that told me yet Times of India and the story. We believe Deepak and not that there is that they ultimately left in that they were kicked out by her she'd. While. We only have a couple of minutes left it's been a fascinating discussion I wanted to revisit. Divine revelation has on your website its habits a series of that's a program that you offer tell us what it is again. And what people can it could expect from it if they embassy. Look for more information pursued it. And I had. The divine revelation. Is a very simple math says. Asking and receiving. Asking I'm receiving spiritual experience says asking am receiving. Dealing asking am receiving. Two manifest. Your desire. But it's mostly about learning how to listen to the still small voice within which is the voice in the situation within. And to be in touch with our higher also in touch with the true divine nature of our being. It's really develop spiritually through this process. That's something that I love and something that I teach and a couple of my books talk about it divine revelation that one of the book and the other one is awaken your divine intuition. I don't of the book them mainly. People look back at you can actually learn it through the and there's been guided meditation MP3. That. And that's. Listed in that in the book URL that is listed in the book awaken your device situation they could go there aren't actually. Get a guided meditation and have a direct experience of. Know your web site has links for your books I believe there are also all available on Amazon.com. Dot com as well. I'm an action available. On Amazon and a slight but maharishi and media available on all. Tons of different sites should any that you wanna go to like Wal-Mart target. Amazon Barnes & Noble well all the books are on Amazon Barnes and obviously but. That maharishi in the Israeli available everywhere and your local bookstore chip ins. Earlier local folks Jerry get my version because that it's everywhere now and it's also not only in hardback is docked now in Kindle. And it didn't CD and it's an empty tree. Audio book as ballot. All the good stuff now. I'm all I'm just a few seconds left to do you make appearances in India of talks and do that kind of thing give a schedule that might be on the website as well. Hi you thank you go to Q didn't show on. You click on itinerary you'll see my schedule and even my radio appearances are there. That's awesome. Susan thank you so much for joining us about a fascinating conversation we really appreciate you being on inhofe we'll get a chance to have you back on some night. That Davey thank you for inviting me. All right thank you again the name of the book is maharishi and me seeking enlightenment with The Beatles guru check out the website of maharishi and need to come. It's beyond reality radio I'm javy we're gonna take a break we'll come back wrap things up don't go away still. It's beyond reality redoing DP that's good tour for tonight again thank you doctor Susan Chomsky for joining us it was a great conversation I had had a great time. Tomorrow it is a best of program as is Friday nights are always a best of and then Monday we'll also be a best of Willie Mac with Jocelyn Kessler. On Tuesday night as gonna do it for me nobody ever great nights beyond reality rehab. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Simpson told students they. It's entirely on really renews. Yeah. You know start going don't finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason hello slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you like to be just on beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.