WWL>Topics>>L Sydney Fisher discusses her latest book based on a true crime with a paranormal twist

L Sydney Fisher discusses her latest book based on a true crime with a paranormal twist

Mar 14, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to L Sydney Fisher about her latest book which is based on the true story of a murder that has a paranormal twist. 3/14/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Our own race or I don't know a sense good evening everybody it's beyond reality radio I'm GP Johnson Jason again in the throes of power outage. Due to inclement weather when I see inclement I think he got like two feet of snow in the last 24 hours she's digging himself out big time and where he lives. He's in the middle of Rhode Island they've got a letter to treason with a heavy snow it falls on the power lines pretty rat readily and then Max power pretty easily so I think of the last. The C two and a half weeks anyway he's been without power at least half of that time. On he's got him back he's lost again we get another stormy loses it again gets it back a day later is suspended nightmare for him but. We're hoping that as situation gets rectified pretty quickly and we've got him with a senate tomorrow night in other news tonight sad news and actually alerted I was alerted by the chat room. Beyond reality radio chat room that does Stephen Hawking died. Today he died down you know after complications due to his illness and he was 76 years old he's of course are renowned theoretical physicist. Best known for his work on black holes. He always had to some dire predictions of about artificial intelligence in the things we were doing it to contact. Other civilizations in space saying that we have to be careful who we let know. We are here. Because we don't know what their intentions are it was a brilliant man. Overcame a lot of unbelievable obstacles in fact. He is a disease he was diagnosed at 21 years old in 1963. And and that ALS. Diagnosis. Usually kills people. Pretty quickly within five years and I know that for a fact because my uncle was very very close to died. Of their disease two years ago and he was diagnosed in six months later he and he died from it. A hawking however. Was given two years to live but he survived for decades in fact may be longer than any other patient with the disease and medical history everybody is. Familiar with images of Stephen Hawking using a wheelchair to move around and very sophisticated computer system which allowed him to speak. As he went through life has a very very public figure and a brilliant man and so. Our our thoughts and prayers are with his family in Stephen Hawking in his work will be with us forever for sure. We've got a great show lined a free tonight I will be talking with the LCD Fisher and Sydney is an author and researcher will be discussing her book called the haunting of Natalee Bradford. Is this particular experience was the beginning of her paranormal life and it's a murder mystery. Based on paranormal true events. If you remember the book at midnight in the garden of good and evil is also moving you'll appreciate the haunting of Natalee Bradford will be talking about that plus. A lot of her other work she got a number of books to her credit. And we'll get into all that when we bring her on the program tomorrow night Keith cosmos will be with us to talk about discussion of the east. Area retest Golden State killer cases and on. Solved unidentified serial killer in California. And the east true crime stories are becoming more and more. If not more more interest in percent of people are finding more more interest in them. As more and more TV shows come out there's something very recently on the History Channel. I don't even know what happened to a reserve while seem to disappear maybe it's coming back but the country the zodiac killer pretty fascinating stuff. On celebs keep on tomorrow night and then Thursday. Robbie Thomas who is a psychic criminal profiler will join us to discuss his new book called the psychic profiler in the real deal. True crime cases volume one Sobel kind of continue our troop contact crime scene. Into Thursday with Robby Thomas a lot of stuff going on on the program obviously right on the phone number. 844687766921. Join our discussion later in the program when we open up the phone lines would love to have few. Join us for that. Also stop by the web site beyond reality radio dot com that's real find the chat room or eco mode the app on your Smartphone to be on reality radio mobile app. Not only can you get into the chat room through the aperture can listen live to the program on the go. And you'll find a whole bunch other news if there. As well. And as a final reminder we've got some pretty cool stuff coming up for scare con which we are involved with scare con is the convention for fans of horse scifi paranormal entertainment. Lot of celebrities lot of parties a lot of fun panel discussions film screenings and a whole lot more. The information is being posted regularly now it's scary conduct comes to stop by. And check that out when you get a chance. In the meantime we are going to take a break and when we come back we rule I'll bring our guests and again tonight we're trying with Cindy Fisher about her book called the haunting of Natalee Bradford which is based. Construed to come. The only Canadian. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radio and TV Johnson Jason without power and I want you to join. Shouldn't that tomorrow night regular phone number 18446877669. If you wanna join our discussion with a bit later in the program a one more. Kind of housekeeping announcement to make here on for those of you follow the program for awhile you know that my father was a musician on a musician. And my father passed to a few years ago from an illness and my sister and I decided to us start a scholarship in his name to help students that graduate high school that are looking to go on. To college and pursue a career in music of some sort. And don't be doing this for a few years and actions to be the fourth year and there's a fund raiser coming up. That and short what we would love to have everybody there it's a little difficult to get to it's an upstate new York and only on tough and Saturday the 24 of march. If you're in the area it's being held at the beside it's a night of great musical whole bunch of dance performance just really really wonderful cause and great atmosphere. And great event. If you still like to contribute. To this particular scholarship fund it's really easy to do so just go to Gary. There's no side and the website titled scary Johnson memorial scholarship. Dot com Gary Johnson memorial scholarship dot com. If you scrawled on the page to see some pictures and stuff like that and is a donate button certainly. Don't have to but we would love to have thought any any on any type of you know donations or help or whatever goes to a great great great cause so if you see fit to do that would love to have to do that. To a further ado let's go to our guests are and bring in Sydney's Fischer's Sydney is an author going to be talking about her book called the haunting of Natalee Bradford and as city book program great to have beyond beyond reality radio. Hey there. So banking. Yet no thank you now he I have to assume that you're located some someplace it's a lot warmer than what we're dealing with here up in upstate New York indoor Rhode Island we're Jason lost power overnight last night. And I was watching the news and I saw that and so moms so bombed and now that. That Jason's not going to be able to big with I had been a long time fan of all she I am ENL this country. Ed dean been yeah. Elvis Presley is alive and Wales in Tupelo Mississippi. So I am and the north east or the state about knotty now on east of this Tennessee which is Chrysler yeah. And also. Also. Ice are from shadow yes it was about 55 degrees today was how. Has. Yeah. If there was no. Well we're getting dumped on it just keeps coming down here I know that Jason had two feet in the last 24 hours. We've had something similar that missiles in another five to eight inches here in upstate New York so we're just plowing through it effect Jason I'm in taxing on my when are we moving south and where. Are we moving it's time. Well it got to really like the snow to be appear. Well that's the strain of sweet love that the occasional times that we get to say this now we tell freaking out tightly not prepared for it but it's it's it's a major at the and we break out the sleigh adds in. You know we just have a big time so listen if you can handle it at each and it when it's hot and that's how we mean it's really. Really. You do have your worst season to eat it too have you ever does that in and out. Bet. LT. He's an out and you know it's funny I had asked for and soda. An end sheet. Sydney an email not too long that she is going to be visiting us now first time she says so what type of clothing should not worrying about us an errant email black -- latest now say the heat. Yeah. This ship off that was really funny but it's really treat because you'd never know we can get that you know we have. The cool what are for or they come in and. It must don't blame us we don't Ahmed action hits us to wherever comes out now. Before we get in talking about the book and all these things are gonna chat about tonight tonight I'm gonna ask you because I I have always been an Elvis Presley fan since I was a young boy and I'm fascinated by his birth home in Tupelo Mississippi now did you say you were in Tupelo are very close by. I am the eminent sic had. Have you have you visited that professor Aysu to museum now tool to room shack that he was born there. It'll say have been to that museum many many times and I am I he's streaky and actually op designed some walking two wars like they do and other cities. So it it you Jason are ever in the Tupelo area sure give me a call I'll give you the walking tour of downtown you can walk and assigned areas or Elvis walked as a as a boy. Nature is Qatar all a Berkshire you know the sidewalks and ate clay didn't. Oh yeah. Now. They can't hit end at the same. You know that assigned trying to turn the same everything I need to me. Personally. There when you're in the well and you got to take into consideration that I am unclear at this way. Also I do have dug a due to end and end there are certain license or you'll like this year she is more prep. And even in particular rang in my house they let you go on all grace. So are a bit at the bar crisis really Nate the coast are so there's lots of stories here. Of where Elvis played us she had an all kind of stuff and get us. We you might be aware I'm not has anybody ever done any type of thermal investigation that either Graceland or. The home in Tupelo Mississippi. Not that I'm aware of at home and Tupelo because a home in Tupelo is just to bring Shaq we're. You know he was born in net. Little small brain mayor are on. There's a lot of detailed well about the night that she was. There aren't people though they say that they feel his presence. There at the birth why it's so scary interest and I did talk to a lady atomic she took my seat belt light that scene was still wearing a bomb. But you know you went out that that conjuring up the spirit I don't gist at we'll. Pop. Well whenever we show up at so Tom but I will say that I did experience and very interest in how and when I was visiting Iceland one top men as you walk into the front door the mansion. On the coach is a ring now when it Christmas time so an Elvis a lot Christmas. But did. Have an experience for us all on its residual tight. Clear a way that type of experience where Kirk asked Salah passed in the past out she'll seeding in the ran on the so. Interest that was very interesting. Can't pick up on his attitude and things it was thinking at. The image at what I experienced was and help us. The late sixties early sixties. Tour and that air wasn't that out. But he was there. Ran. And no other thing I'll say just because I find it interesting on Elvis was born with a twin brother who died of births. And I am imagining and I'm assuming that he they were actually. Gladys his mother gave birth to them. Inside that home right into the other one in the house saying it was in that home so be interesting to investigate that at some point. With some real primal equipment but it. We've got because we talk so long here we only a couple minutes left in this segment so but I think it's enough time to come sent to how you got started writing. Well I've been riding that was a key it I was about eight years old story that writings of Helms and sayings and this. This date with me throughout my teenage years from got intercity in the parent mall based on my own experience. You know that I had at age about eight years old and so armed. I tell people all the time because it's the most popular thing that people ask me ask. You know how did you get interest in the pair on always at the same thing don't think that we're born. Necessarily believing in the paranormal were shaped during our live from our experience. And some of those experiences are transformational. And so that definitely has. Amber spears the normal specially your skeptic to began when yeah where you're unsure. Com it's is transformation. So far it you know shape she went to the adult that you are and many have always had that. Creative outlets. It was a theater major when I was in college. And then of course change a course of study at the dog riding and creative arts and things has always been their forming so maybe that was just it outweigh. An outlet. But I was always interested in my Stephen King books and Agatha Christie and I would end up over in the library when I was Qian and I would dearly and it's ailment in the new age section and check out a ghost stories stopped while the other units were checking out doctor series. Said he how this just count it it just sport institute is years. Are tying LC Fisher writer. That. Is interested in the paranormal and supernatural and not just can't get enough you know. Well we're gonna go to break here we come back and talk a little bit more about the experiences you've had and then your inspiration for writing the books. The haunting of Natalee Bradford is a pretty interesting story make sure you stop by Sydney's web sites L Sydney with a wife Cindy Fisher. Dot com L Sydney Fisher dot com to see a whole bunch of information including a list of books lot of great stuff. A that you wanted to check out. I'm also we are later in the program we're gonna give away a couple (%expletive) copies of Sydney's book the devils board we'll talk about it we'll give some way that'll happen later in the program. It's beyond reality radio I'm JD don't go away we. Beyond reality radio friends this is JV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick conned. Dot com check it out. About car now until I almost can't expect the words out. Because it's happened so many times in the last couple of weeks but I knew they would just keeps getting hammered. My mother nature I swear Jason did something to upset somebody and that he's being paid back for at the time but. We're open Jason be back with us tomorrow night power will be restored and things will be back to normal. Tonight we're talking with the L Sydney Fisher website is L Sydney Fisher dot com Cindy is spelled with a YA check it out for her books a whole bunch of stuff there were we talking about her. New book the haunting of Natalee Bradford based on true events paranormal events at that and Sydney I wondered Burton take you back to something you said before the brakes wouldn't have time to really get into it but you said. When somebody has their first paranormal experiences it in her first paranormal experience a really changes them and I have to just say that throughout the years I've been involved in this field. I cannot tell you the number of people that I have met that is set I didn't believe in anything I never thought any of the stuff existed until one night. XYZ happened and it did change in life I think you used the word it's trends. It transformative I think that was the word you used in Europe shall we write it changes everything doesn't. It's a transformation. It's a trends of forming. On at the end where you know everything that you knew before. Out the columns. In its its socket on grapples eight completely unravels. Everything. That you'd call your name. About. A crisis sometimes. Or yeah or especially after the existed Arnold. Things that are on XY. And you know. Out we had today. As skeptic that was a straight to the family it was so funny how that he would teach me and you know until late that yours yourself silly all this step is to state it's just your imagination. And things like that until 19. Hop he and his wife were at our Howell and we get. I had been at the dinner. And we had walked outside. And he hurt the shuffling a across. The grants. And unity. You know what the sound of heavy date in. Like a cross. A concrete. Slab or the grass or are grapple. Rock and it was it was it was a shuttling sang out and it walked right yet or. What I thought I meant to be a ghost of a person who once was and that area. Walked right past him he just stops everything that he student Andes is to each year they had itchy. I promise and so he was a believer and he has to this day and it's so funny America's crises brought all these Sony says things he says do you remember that nine on 010 yes remember that was that not. Only search but. That was also a time when at that particular home that was it yet we did not know what order a skier wise. And numbing and a little bit of some Marie starts out to find out exactly what I do it there. What that lane and how was I do have. And idea. And I do know that that particular area out was a confederate camp ground. And also it was an area that was written now for CoreStates. Om and Iran met Tom. If you got caught statement worse is how you or hang. And you were buried. Where you dot. Says. It's sometimes not very. It's just very interesting. I have a theory of what that particular arrest. Who was our RO. What they were you in the air and that kind of thing but I am I got to do a little bit coach researcher at the courthouse and see if I really can't wait what area was what the land ST there's any. 150 years it's come interest. From hearing the end of the footsteps in the that would sound like heavy boots walking across the lawn. On did you do any more investigative work there and he's EPs or any other. Summation then may help you figure out exactly who this might be you. And I'll lift hit I lived there for five years and you know I didn't even need any VP. I had that particular town this was several years again so well was actually you send a quick. And things like that top. But you know I had. The apparition. That walked into the live in Iran and plumbing problems that with just water which is outlets are just starts UN watt at it from the back and say it was crazy stuff not seen the worst. Aren't being no way she had ever heard like in addict in this was before I had children I was in my twenty's. And Aram. I would even say I think that there must be homeless person that is leading an hour. And it was a joke 'cause this is just a small house nobody even hardly stand up and our attic it was old male she you know stay ears itch pulled out you go up there was an ad -- Are you know during day brought out search. But it was the worst wish you had Osaka marching bank and it was the worst no it's not and the bank acting wise is that a lot of times I was there must have not because of my husband. Out worst that I. Am so. It struck me nuts so terrible and he which. He was so scared of this type of talk. But he used it till late due not talk about this stuff not seating EU I will out. Out they they everything out in one day end it. And there will not be a milk crates say they believe the Grand Prix to see. Typical plays out date they had and we talk about it so even dirt at town went out without a ghost on where I'll have to brag. Can't edit yeah so I worry 'cause he at say eight yes of course happily spear or Mets or think they shoots yet. So yeah I don't wanna typed as tightly for him. But anyway I seers a lot of things yet and I don't I ain't what I don't do it. Up projects when I get involved an amicable about written. I'm not one of those people that has to have. You know it has to. The parent normal pet I had made some sort of validation. How did that all I'm not one of those people passed they can dance at the pair Israel but Kazaa or idiom globally for calm after you know. Almost three decades out of being and our parent or restart and have been ones of our own experiences. Cash so a lot of times what I do when I get him Bob project I don't Cherie are wearing out by. You know Jason against Connors. Grant and you guys. You carry a lot of equipment. At your hearing camera is your Cary Yang are. Computers and things and it text you don't have that it's a cumbersome sure. A cult or clear but it's with people I trust that our beer very gifted I rely a lot on our own abilities. And on we detects small hand held devices like a tank at top EM. Recorder spirit boxes stings like that com some thermal heat detectors. So sometimes you'll take the losing end. But a lot of times when I am investigating or inner dealing. So one a particular. Project it. Someone has you know a lot of times you know you get people all the Tom CG emails stepped out should resorts Diaz are our debt so it has to have our criteria for actually commit to a project. That went on aliens a certain locations about interviewing. Did her son com and you that's a story detail or. Some of that out looking and saying mom I'm not necessarily looking for that validation I'm just try to find out what's happening. Around you know like when I used to what goes towners. All the time. You know it's really helped me to always going to be a skeptic. Approach thanks Matt. Sam when always because not every thing is. Now remember Jason and you don't grant when he ad and you got school when he and and sometimes it's just wiring prop people aren't spirits and paranormal phenomenon hasn't. Horrible. Electromagnetic fields that are being aided the cause some bad wiring that god I wherever. There's other times when people take their stories Cheney. And no matter what you hailed the him. Even if you haven't you know what she may get an electrician I'll be your essay does. It almost as if it is not like that can dance to them sometimes. Because there experiences are still want to be. Their own. Age and like you and I were talking about our earlier. Sometimes when you go in too hot it how supposedly it's our hottest location. When you show up you can't just say OK we're here. You know I'll look become real nail. They don't Herschel and more. They do it's it's doesn't work that way. And so even when asked how to surf setup has done you know about seeing a full body preparation asked that they sent when usual. Are really for that happened around and I explained to people sometimes look you. You might have a lot of activity for a week and then teen years scope and you have nets and and I can't this is certainly explain night. But it but it happened and then there's crisis where it's it's it's all the time it's they. And you know last June not got into a situation where I had personally had not a very experienced. Problems. Shadow people. You know all my life I'll never encountered AS. But heart a lot about it I have saying all body preparations. End. Everything else that you can grow at eight probably steer. But that I had on at that was not familiar. I wish I end so I had a lady one Alice Marie starts for. The hot exterior e.'s volume seen enough on its series. She wanna make it come out and tax of Alabama actually investigated as they say their port the homeowners need to report and I looked at at end date you know claimed at least. I an off site I think may be a lot whatever of you guys. But so. Anyhow went out went out to investigate this place. I experienced every single thing. And I had not written report I did not know anything and I like to eat at that white outburst when some are you know anarchy people. It was unbelievable. And it might attempt terribly in the end it's me com. What is they're is very very sinister. And am I was only there for fifteen minutes I did not even inner. The property did not go inside the home the home was abandoned. It had to already had a really negative history. Any. Murder and then suicide. And some drug activity at one tab must shank from somebody might have been on the property each. So there was already negative residual energy efforts and oh my gosh. Salt a shadow of it tootsie solid. With our own two eyes and I didn't even a sane about it because at that moment. My daughter was swift and out won it seemed really. Just get in the car and get out of there and so on. With as a deaf mainly suffering and Utley hit down. The street from this par eight I thank current and went over she get me you know it's contains anti terror and and all and I Leah and the lighter the owner of the property data that was tunis research she contacted me and she cannot discuss some things and and she'd have me some things that had that sun hits saint while that there McIntyre and it all confirmed everything that I had saint eye it's saying the com. Old L Berkeley woman that was standing in the window at the door staring now with the hollow gray has I saw all ace day. And while she was telling me these things I just haven't had bet. Jaw dropping. Xperia X where. I could hardly stain anything. Because it was really frightening and it took you about. Couple weeks to shake the she asked me to go back to that property should sit back to back and I unlock the door your ass oh. I don't need debt at each had a cop I should not late entry single and tell. I believe you and and so at the end of course when they say it ain't that attacks are. Report and they hit field and had done a year or so a follower. I just couldn't believe what I was reading it was just amazing it's so true. Com that property is still sitting mayor on a didian streaked. In the woods. And it is a bandit while. Eight or asked us she's. Histories that are so we have to jump in to break here we went long in the segment we get back we're gonna talk about the story that led the to the book and we're talking about of course the haunting of Natalee. Bradford and it's our guest is Cindy Fisher the website is L Sydney with a wife issued a comet's. On reality radio. I'm GP. Radio I'm. Gene Johnson Jason Howell the power outage contrasts and I'd be back with us tomorrow assuming National Grid can get things repaired in time they just had a heck of a time of it. In doing Nolan into England the last couple weeks we're talking with the L Sydney Fisher tonight. She's an author and paranormal researcher and investigator. For book is called the haunting of Natalee Bradford and to Sydney we have just a couple minutes here and among hoping it's enough time it's not. We'll pick it up on the other side of the break put. Tell us about the paranormal experience a kind of led you down the road to write this book. The hunting of mentally Bradford is on pebble that. I was a living witnessed him out during not to comment as a child under the Bradford family she and I have to be really careful not talking about it cause. All the day's big change to course to protect a living but mom. I spent a lot of town mayor with the records a hand in the home that in the book is referenced as Linda Linda Linda what was on a house that what you really intriguing about the us to truth from church paranormal thriller. And it is been with me all of smile on and god when I started writing years ago are really seriously. I had seen I actually got bobbed in outs I rod. Seminar tie saying and I was toe took some that too right and everybody sit you know you brought about that the bread her story so years ago let it he has this has been in the works for a lot top. I'll actually. This book was a novel it with its number one on Amazon silk quarry salary is constantly does not us our. It necessarily. It's really really an intriguing story on discuss some prophecy and the nurse whale and I don't give Wayne eating at us all or eat or listeners who watt. Rate DS butts on it happened right here in Tupelo miss CP. And it happened on the front parking lot of woody restaurant that is theory on it she and if you're ever in this area you have me up I'll be glad to get this press a parent I roper I'll show you the front dotting the air we're. What his record withstand the night she just moments before she lost her life and then of course she figuring out how badly. Houston canyon to the pitcher and she ended up Mary dampened Brett hurt. All right well which was a good idea let's go to our top of the hour break will pick up that when we get back we're gonna continue talking to a L Sydney Fisher about her book. The haunting of Natalie heard there's a lot more to discuss. The telephone number we're gonna open up the phone my education have a question. Is 8446877669. Don't be afraid culture beyond reality radio on its. Jason is Paris where he is suffering from and the power outage in his little state of Rhode Island. Storm coming terrific surprise a lot of people I don't think anybody expected it to dump as much snow. A New England as it ended up actually flew into Boston yesterday afternoon and I just got out of there before. The thing hits. It started shortly after I got away and then now it's been continuing all through today and I think Jason has a couple of feet and it's knocked down trees and power lines and caused. Real Havoc for a lot of people so hopefully Rubin who get their power back shortly soon overnight police by tomorrow morning or something and adjacent we're back with us tomorrow night. Never heard Stephen Hawking died today Eads a long time suffer a LS in fact. Most people who contract AO last died very very quickly he last many many years. Would that disease in fact he's considered and considered to be probably the longest survivor of somebody who has has suffered from ALS and of course. During that survival he offered us a lot of five a lot of insight and a lot of thought. A one of the most brilliant man ever to live. And we've used him as a source of inspiration any source of information on this program many many times as have our guests when they've join us joined us as well also. Does breast well Stephen Hawking in our best to his family. As anybody. Would be morning anyone they lose regardless of the circumstances so. Our thoughts to you and our prayers to you. I'm we've got a lot of great stuff coming up the next few days if you're a planning you're listening skating should listen every night or listen to the podcast if he can't stay up. A late enough to listen good life program every night you can download it of course. Tomorrow right Keith cosmos will join us Keith is an author and researcher will be discussing the east area rapists Golden State killer case. Which is California's most up and kind of unidentified serial killer case there's very very interesting case and Thursday Robbie Thomas. It was a psychic criminal profiler will be discussing his new book. It's called psychic profiler. The real deal true crime cases volume one will be talking many factual and well documented cases with testimonials from detectives. Letters from families behind the scenes text messages which. That's becoming quite as saying emails photos and much much more going in depth on scene was law enforcement solving cases as a psychic medium. Criminal profiler it's we're also talking about another murder mystery to this one has a paranormal event is to it as well. Our guest is L Sydney Fisher website is L Sydney with a wide Fisher dot com and the book is called the haunting. A Natalie Bradford. And again Cindy thanks so much for joining us before we give jumping back toward jump back in that this particular book. Are you a lot of books to credit this is the first this isn't the first step book that you had a chance to talk about you've got a lot of stuff that you've written. Lot of great things on your website and down you've done a lot of work. Yes thank Q I'm glad to be here. Com. I have done a lot of research. Into the paranormal not all of it has been necessarily get extra light at it was really neat Ellis listen Jane armed. The music player just mama Dick go in the state here normal claim that. That was go on and it was talking about at one time you know our govern that was. Training psychic spies are hot seat right in each two. My control coach and one if not series how the training series is actually was actually inspired by our research out. Into the start pro. On you know that went on during the 1980s. And on sex and about two decades to start around 97. And actually it was about re president say were. Advocates of the asset. And you know even when I was in my research most notably at interest was Ronald Reagan. And so. That was a very very. Fun. And to. Exhausting. Resurgent. But it but it was some of the most amazing. And you know it's so. You know we just heard about even I always was always I loved her Stephen Hawking and and his passing is very sad arm but he you know contributed so much star understanding of the universe and all cash and it's just so funny held it you were mentioning that and I was thinking about the Phoenix series and and all the things it uncovered during that. The resurgent also. I'll there was a lot of parallels with that particular race search psychic abilities that went along with another are good idea cults are you know people that they'll with the twentieth century site. Com and it was my slide the sleeping profit it Tracy. So. Definitely. If you're interested DN. Casey. Are had never read anything much about it Casey would probably enjoy saint illegal that also dealt with a murder mystery slightest error. Now I'm one of the books that we've talked about when we first approach into the program a little bit ago was that doubles board. And damn I don't wanna get into. And do that but you also have its it's on sale right now currently for people with Kindle. That's correct Kindle it it is on sale for not an ounce against in light that's great test just for this week. Just for this week in and that's on your website right. You corrections some through their OK let's go back to. The haunting of Natalee Bradford you were telling us the story you said he if if anybody came to Tupelo you actually could take them I think when you said to the diner. Where all this went down. On and there's also paranormal bent to this story so kind of walk us through without revealing anything they shouldn't be revealed for people are gonna read the book kind of walk us through how this'll take shape. Can't in 1974. Around midnight. On December the 21. All Lee is director was at work. Add at an upscale restaurant. During that content area scale restaurant one linen table all she she was. I server. Waitress fair and she and her husband had. Had a domestic dispute. Within a couple days of this particular night he imam that this is around holiday. Close to Christmas but. On that night she was martyred out of the front parking lot. Which was what was called him the Rex plaza. And he also have a record also was on sank three gunshot and at. He was transported to Mississippi medical center. Actually their bodies were I am probably within an out war after the actual altercation at slice which he was transported to this medical center where he are crossed. At least Houston's pat. She was O rating are that night she assisted inciting his sly. Powell's. And was accused of killing his wife. She band finds her sales in any situation where she has taught at about it goes to Liz Brett catch she's living that landed it which was to stay home. Bet they had and a lot of things start to unravel. And and start to come July now he promises that Houston. A wonderful life she is a single mom with two children she has children also but he promises to smack. Medical home and everything is just got a great. And so it's not end with the and Tori my ex she's trotting for life and daily we have. A host of crazy parent normal things that are going on and keep him on that Natalee used in the cabinet like Brett heard thus the haunting that record. She was not a believer in the pair all. So. This was. You can imagine what this was like she she went through a trial with the mayhem that she's engaged to be married to. Totally convinces her that he is innocent. And so I don't wanna take you weenie thing else but it's Aram. It's an incredible story. We're basically what happened he says it's it's it's the story of how went sentences can deal terroristic of the acts. It's the extreme amount communication. It kind of beckons all of us to listen. Closely too closely Torre listing all cents a this. On and it and it begs of you to say you know to ask yourself how caucuses. Are dated eight laps many argue where are you are out of light of what's go on ram you. I it's it's dishonest. Com and if not why I. Because you know argument that now has badly Bradford wise. And she was. Cause of heart announce she is an able to really say calamity that was unfolding before I. Says. Odds that a factor of love as well I mean are we blinded by things. 'cause if you Hamid in very serious question right and I didn't think we probably all variants this. Right oh definitely isn't it funny because he know when love. In orphans are on all these chemicals like eating a box of chocolates which I'm a lover chocolate soccer hall cash but say you know I would be one of those. Those people that is that look the law say ha ha. The whole thing is is that yeah it definitely Kane at but in her particular situation. I think she. She wanted to. You know this this. She wanted to happy ending to her life and she just sorrow this. As I guess being able to do they matter to you don't he can get Sharon. And so. You know that she and the town here. You know today. It is a little harder are our hope that it S. Ticket may at some one you know I'm hoping that people will be a little war discerning. But in this this was out of one on during the 1970s from around 1974. And nineteen cent seven even though it's a long comic Darren each tank that story in new breed an asset say this is said Nate about this particular story line as asset and the circuit clerk's office for about six weeks researcher story. A little bringing in and work for or it's almost word for word is that happened. But so you'd get a glimpse of what to trot a lot and to each. Even after I got straight with the files and stopped it was so strange occurrence someone that word that I was a basket this story. And I went right down to. A couple weeks lighter after I'd finished everything up I'll miss a tackle one more time at least solve this might not miss it and I actually even child in a box that. That was out of place. So when I went back in the air to attack a little one last battle will might relate a net but a what do you just glance over one more time guess what the fouls were down and they are big fans. Really. Yeah so that. What I secretly happy that and it really. Aggravated me more than anything else because I questioned the 1%. To do where I intentionally. Miss priced at shop. And the response that I got was alone I you know base attorneys come down here and they all are also detect them upstairs medal. Yeah all right. I'll bet it was put in a box that was completely out of slice and it was only one Ers were it a shame what they were worried about this is a ghost story but I think. More or less I think what they were worried about is some and that got out of I'll bet (%expletive) that mayor. You know possibly our arsenal here. And you know what she can great historians say for your sales but it is it's it's really a phenomenal. Prosthetic. True com paranormal it's cut all of that all of those elements in net. We have to jump we have Jim can break you but we do were you able to during your research for the book actually meet any of these players and I don't know we know again don't know how the story ends. I don't know when these people passed away or didn't pass away but did you get to meet any of them. I don't Jamal OK enemy to even more interest and okay we're gonna jump to break it's beyond reality radio our guest is L Sydney Fisher. Us up by the website just to name Al Sydney with a wife Fisher dot com. Also call and if you've got questions or you wanna get in line to pick up one of the copies of the devils sport we give way to copy some nights it's beyond reality radio I'm javy. Don't go away. Jackson pitcher joining me tonight that car radio stations carry our program around the country we get more and more added to list all the time and we have a bunch of new markets in new stations coming on line. Very very shortly can't wait to announce those. And again thanks all the stations a sign up early in Ben faithful to those who been over Romo for a year now with Westwood One effects a year and a day. And only year in a week. Since we joined the west of one. I'm system and the rest wood one radio networks great great bunch of people were very very happy to work with them and all the stations they bring us to. Our guest tonight is L Sydney Fischer's Sydney we do we only have just a couple minutes here again we went long in the last segment. A gonna hold the phone calls to Mack's second segments of you're on. On remain on hold we'll get your calls a prom issue in the next segment but you mentioned before we went to break that the story. The haunting of Natalee Brett for your book on has all the elements talk about true crime we talk about paranormal elements mystery thriller all that stuff. And when you live read that list to me. And I couldn't help but think of the fact when you turn on the television these days what are the most popular reality shows anymore they're true crime there paranormal there mystery shows you cookie you this story wraps it altogether in one nice little package for anybody whose interest and any of that. It really doe eyes and an you know when people ask me. Which one of your books do you think quick look would make a great expectations for Dielman on a 10 my goodness this is an easy. And I always say the Hodding Natalie grant her. It just really an up had nibbles. For the story I had not. Written a screenplay. On idiot Somalia sent to do it that I have not done yet. Com someone else's certainly will let you know if you're well the tech Ed aren't you wanna. Odds. Got me but. It would it would make it incredible. Feel really blew it. So it does have all of those elements there and down. You know even even the restaurant here so funny this the first debuted at a restaurant or it you know she. Restaurant. The wrecks are as it would ease was featured on. Oh goodness what's the gas tank or restaurant and possible. Idea I always look Woody's just you know it's they just retrain it bicycling and it's. Day of colors thanks and shot but. The gas from the UK you know what I'm talking about I do remember Yankee group the two and so on it's terrible. Let's get it we gotta jump into the spring cures are hard break when we come back we'll pick it up their roles gonna take your phone calls are given a chance to get him on the phone my deceit for four. 6877669. Call now we're going to be giving away a couple of books on the other side of the break it's beyond reality radio I'm Gene Johnson. Yeah you'll do this again tomorrow night assuming that National Grid can get his power restored. Glad everybody along. Our phone numbers 8446877669. Tomorrow night Keith cosmos. Or call Mosul join us his name is set almost not cosmos and he is an author and researcher will be discussing the east area rapists. In Golden State killer case which is one of California's most interesting and disturbing on identified serial killer cases. And then Thursday Thursday Robbie Thomas who is he psychic criminal profiler will join us about his new book called psychic profiler the raw real deal true crime cases volume one. That is a bit of a tongue twister but we'll get through than answers and it was found with Robby tonight we're talking with L Sydney Fisher about her book. The haunting of Natalee Branford and I think we should do right now let's see here let's go to the phone lines Sydney let's send a lot of people waiting on hold so let's. Passcode two this is Lisa calling Lisa he welcomed the program. Who are old are here thank you. I am aren't written they're important. She. The coin Italian island. And. I'm glad I believe there. I. Police I'm assuming that you you know Sydney and. Aren't there and you'll soon to blue. Act like an Olympic. I'm out spotted cat island eloquent account I Murray back I was born well I've delight in that diatribe about comments start the year yet. I'm I'm I'm I'm and it didn't pay well. I'm clean out there and eagle on the call and I got on the Italian island Agassi. And anger anger and guy and our by appointment content about you and let your I was a math they're on eighteen on the. Thank you sound high and she is and held at gently she she reads all of my books so I'm grateful to you or she's a great. Great reader. That strict thank you so much for the colleagues and also thank you for joining me chat room Tom we appreciate you being in there and and adjoining the chat a lot of great stuff going on and there are have been trying to keep an eye on it. As best best I can. City let's talk about. Very good this story because they know there's a second book right away and kind of figure out how hold that works. There is the second book the second book actually covers part of the top once that. Once the first art and a high out I have really care allow house all she learns right but once I made it onto once. The first part yen set out say how that in its butt. Areas that second part that continues that story that mentally or actually it continues its story inch she ends up an and not exactly SI circumstances. But. Areas a continuation of some issues there. So it's trillion to send it in her. Her story at the end and she she had to get some. Hail. And she'd actually called and someone who was ditched it and yet. Help her with some species so it's a continuation as very interest in that the second part of a series that will take you coach there is a little bit more drop house. Changed and the sparse art so when you when you're looking at a book that has inspired by true idiots. Take into consideration that there may be sitting in the book to have tasks. Let's sum let's talk a little bit about the doubles board because we're gonna take a calls right now to give away two copies of that book it's also available for 99 cents for this week. As a Kindle edition but to the doubles board I saw the cover of the book it's and it's a ouija board on the cover so tell us what that's stories about. The gavel sport is a story that was arbitrary advance is actually true audience that happened ironic Muni college campus in 1987. And the follow 1987. On every student started I am with the board taken in you know ice assist seemingly innocent game. Of contact in the day at an age is rated NC. Over the course about six months grew until about forty people. And and they asked on this campus and Charlotte are taking exactly what happened but. All it was a very dangerous situation. I'll turn target really dangerous turn in its use someone just absolutely I had contacted us spirit shoots him. You know. They all act for a innocent and benign at our training at. It it was not a good situation this arson plan with the board of themselves. And day out you know. They just became obsessed with and it turned into an all matters. What some people would say is that a case a position. So it was sub. I personally feel like it. Amber Simmons with us can say gassed but I think she was very much pain control. You know or not. Your dissent and used just a minute ago is probably what is funny is sends I've ever heard a very simple game of contacting the dead at a I just think I play and yeah exactly exactly are as good performance give one of these books away let's go to this is a line number three we're gonna gonna take these randomly with. This is Joseph and Indiana he Joseph welcome to the program. They are out there running done tonight. Great. Did you have gotten we're gonna give you one of the copies of the doubles sport so make sure you hang on after we finish our conversation every did you have any questioner I think for Sydney. I don't want to know we need her books were on. Audio books. They are the doubles court Arizona com audio and thanks Jennifer colony and very nice to talk to you to die shot on net. And it did Apple's board is on our audio. Also the scenic series. Is on audio was whale and see no evil. You're welcome. Joseph thanks for calling in stay on hold here and slicker Alex a pick up the line and get your information so we can send you one of these books okay. All right thank you. So that's an interesting thing too because this whole concept of a downloadable low books and an audio format Tuscany changed things for people to actually likened to give you can throat in the car and listen measured driving somewhere travel Lott makes a really convenient. It does is great and I got the job that. The gavel sport is is job is narrated. The 2017. Naughty winner and yet EB she does a fantastic job on the gambles or coach the Phoenix series is narrated by day all Ali and let me just. It's off some. It is just absolutely awesome. You. So you're youths to say you live on a haunted landscaping and you told us the story in the beginning of our discussion about a place she. Used to live where there was some activity but who does that indicate this taunted landscape indicate that where you are now. You still have paranormal activity going on. Well thank god it hits it hits. The columns you know. Not enough hot not but she eighty mile or Mary now first went out first AD and their eyes. I'll and it's real strange habit she how that when you made into a new place to be on it and I was thinking that eight year old lady got beanie and go on. All but there was and I ended note doing historical research on the eight. After I made him which is it at least I should've done a follower. But. Idiots. In two different time periods the house were all out it was actually a native American village. And at that she just nomination. Which currently have sheer. They'd be eerie thirty head underneath or houses or let's. And there was also the legend of the white. That actually. Lithium here according to the alleged white wolf for the white doll led him to the Mississippi and north Mississippi area. From the way asked and there's been people knew that set a Gypsy ask. This doll. I had no idea other religions. But how about at saint Nadal. Let's go to the phone minds again must give way the second book can't pick one randomly here this is. From. And so events in Missouri hey Vince welcome to the program. And yeah. She also. Question her apparently believe it yeah Leo what's next. On the they're they're here to sort. I. Met there and American fair game. Unless you actually cheered bird or my little fort he ball drill here. You're gonna have to you get learn pretty young thing here is a little more. And when he I don't know necessarily that they're aren't they are narcotic. Like I don't see their current record in Panama who. Let's could do this forest and just hold on the line because we're going to take your Dresser we can get one of these books out here okay thanks Vince thanks for the call it. Yet thank you so much thanks. I'm yes thank you that's OK so slick picked that up OK so we only have a few minutes left you're gonna share something with few on Sydney if I could because again going back to one of the things you said in the very being beginning of our. Discussion you said. In a lot of people particularly skeptics who are now believers had a at an event in the life in their lives that was paranormal the nature they change their minds. And down I bring this up because. To today's actually smiled that march 13 which we've kind of crossed the midnight minding your bit for me it's still today. On was the first anniversary of the passing of my mother and she was ill for quite some time. Rather young but it's had a list had liver failure and I spent four days in up in the intensive care unit with her. With her and knowing what was about to happen and on on Monday march 13 of 2017 she passed at about 9:30 in the morning and I was standing next her holding her hand. And I had paranormal experiences before my life but this wind blew me away literally. I've been in that room for four days of my mom. And the moment she passed as I watched the life leave her. A gust of wind. Crossed my face unmistakably. I know it was my mother leaving in the know as my mother saying goodbye to me as it as she she could and in what was happening and I bent in that room for four days there was not a breeze there was not a fan there was an event. There was nothing. But the moment she passed away a win crossed my face that was it was striking. It was obvious and I knew exactly what was happening and wife had other paranormal experiences. That experience certainly changed my life one year ago stack. Have a and you're absolutely right these things do. Transform somebody's life. They do and what so we are sending us is that that have to see you know that happened to you when you're out. Today. And something very similar. Happened to me. But it wasn't it was and how this particular day. But experience that was in the brain and with a dear friend of mine. We sheep I asked. And I com. It's I'm working I've got about. Great book projects I'm working on right now so but in one of these upcoming books you'll get double hello the S when this is actually what would you rate that you have an opportunity to every day this eight year there's Celeste steals series. Is eight series that are working on right now is a short stories series all the promise that she can't is our suit that comes out today so what were picked that up. It's gonna tell a little bit about what. What I experience carries similar which she spears that your mom. And every man on man Cheney I am able to connect. Com. Wish people who have passed on. Com. I've done this for a I don't ever tire has CS city anyway because I don't want. To bait car now as you know someone Mets. It necessarily does that orbit takes money for it matter what it because it's a very personal saying yeah. But occasionally. I am I able to help people in our. Grieving relate back and to really needs some closure. And it it's just you know I had a near death experience when I was ten years old and travel to the tunnel lied and all of those sayings. And so they are staying at half empty and they change she added a bailed when my dad is very deep end and once she. I don't know whether it was the crossing over that happened that many. There's times I alto where I tend. Actions mail. Speaker it acted here at. I can see some. You know they have conversations talk and take you thanks I say your whatever are saying. And it's way. But it but it does happen occasionally and and there has Guillen and it's a blessing to me. To be able to hail ends up and candidates that but. That's phenomenal at tickets wonder how well under you had any other. Time. In a way to do it in an associate this with you and then move on but. I waited and waited for my mother and my father passed two years prior to my mom also from an illness so we'd in a tent at a series of tragedies there but. I'm I've waited for one of them to come to me come to mean agreement was until after my mother passed that my dad came to me. And then or shortly after my father came to me though mom came to me the problem is is I have to worse talk in remembering dreams like here remember the details. But I know they were in those dreams and that was very very comforting so. We only have a we basically have two minutes left here I didn't wanna ask you one more question before we just chat a little bit about how people can get your books and that's a whole horror you're literal literary influences primarily. I grew up reading dean Kate's. When I had a lot of bravery in many I would greet stayed in scene but he HS scares me to this morning. And he says that they asked the high. End. I've read. Agatha Christie Mary Higgins. Clark. Heather Graham. Iran. A lot of Agatha Christie. I don't know. I just outlaw purple and I remember it looked at every at age it got into the chain. JD out when I got into the pair research in that I'd I'd go into these slices com. We're looking for ballot that patient what tablet or he has no calls to. This is a story that. There's always a reason why not that it's happening whether it's residual. Or whether it's mentality taunting is cost someone was martyred exchange. Is it just because that's their fight for house and I just. Also our. What is the deal on those. Agatha Christie was attacked off dirt had made that stop was just a lot ministries. And didn't or not was very sparse angry at and she just she hooked may well always had this detect its tight. And talent always warning to dot the end seem true prom that has a supernatural flyer and that's where I've got. So I'll. Thank you so much for being with us tonight fascinating discussion and the book is called the haunting of Natalee Bradford. They're all your books I believe there are links to all of them for purchase on your website is that correct. That is correct you they're all available at Amazon.com. All of them. Mom or you can get ill Sydney Fisher dot com and you are Carroll met her screen eating book that your interest in you click on it takes straight am on. Terrific again thanks for being with this and it has its intestine and I hope we get a chance to get you back on the program again soon. Thank you sell my it's okay again the website is L Sydney with a wide Fisher dot com check it out all the books are there it's beyond reality radio I'm Jay-Z. But back to wrap things up in just a couple of I'm on reality radio on JV tomorrow night Keith almost will be joining us to discuss his. It researcher on the east area rapists Golden State killer case in California. It's one of California's most disturbing. And interesting at the same time unidentified serial killer cases then Thursday our true crime week which team to turn at turning out to be. Will continue with Robby Thomas he's a psychic criminal profiler. We'll talk about his new book release called psychic profiler the real deal true crime cases volume one lot of great stuff in that book we're going to be talking about. Always stop by the web site in the FaceBook page given alike and it makes you checked on me out on FaceBook I'm I'm GBJ paranormal. Angie VG current normally confined me there. I give my page a follower like what do we do these days. That's it for me and I'll see tomorrow night hopefully Jason I mean where this is Powell will be back and will be all set it's beyond reality radio thanks so much from listen. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one elements international incidence and it's something we don't really read news. Yeah you know it's still going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors well Jason host hello and chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson don't act. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.