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Barry Eaton - Psychic, Medium, Astrologer discusses his work with the afterlife

Mar 21, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Astrologer, Psychic, Medium Barry Eaton about his work exploring the afterlife. 3/20/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's one down the list goes Tuesday on the East Coast. Start somewhere we will be utterly ridiculous Celtics and Israel is some achieve Egypt's OK so yes schedules changed tonight. We had originally scheduled as we were talking about quite a bit last week the naked which joining us tonight. But the naked which actually had a conflict and had to cancel. So everybody chat can get re closed whatever they're doing. There this critters are going to be communities like that they were talking about it I don't know you assess the chat room for a shipment until that moment yes so instead. We are going to bring in Barry Eaton today we're excited about this because Barry is it an astrologer he's a psychic and medium and he's going to be talking about the afterlife he's done a lot of work. In research and has some explanations. About the afterlife and that's we're gonna talk about and it was buried. You know we're gonna get into reincarnations spears spiritual of the evolution in and why there's no such thing as death as he claims Eden and so it should be an instinct topic so and I got to give a shout out to my buddy. I know what we did and he's getting really old mentally it is it's becoming a coincidence that hours ago senator did the tangle certain angles and I took weakness Steve and I took a month. He was like eighteen years old was he that young he was he was ET and and it's funny can we celebrated its 21 birthday together and everything else out less hair than you. You any excess fat and they have actually mine the aha ha ha a yeah and then but just in it's. He's just a wonderful person and you know I've I've got to share so much of his wife with him right down to this wedding. Remember when it went down so it was for reception did you share his wedding but is that most annoying when Detroit yeah Sherri I felt like you're gonna join Freeman nodded and what is that thing in our dreams are freemen not a paranoid guy he shared enjoyment it was like in a wedding and they called us all down there because they said the tape at a low season and we all went down there were all IEL. Perhaps with his dad never even if his dad thought that he would come all the sudden all the friends and family there. And what happens. Karen walks in and can mayors in the front of us it was there a little tricky getting everybody together it's cool. It was knees so yeah and just to see announce a spurt so I love the kid is my little brother and I had a birthday it is. I am happy birthday Davies a great guy. So tomorrow night we've got to Jody dean. Joining us endeavor house may know Jody is internal more investigator warlock in an impasse will be discussing the haunted dal she bought from a garage sale recently that's got to be. A very frightening experience you go to a grudge so you buy something in me bringing home and it turns out to be hasn't attached to a like that I mean that's that's when those things that you don't wanna do. Well but if you're an impasse when you know on a we think and think you would get a clue maybe that's why she shot in the dark and maybe that's bush about it who knows maybe I mean I have a lot of unwanted objects over here so it will be a great show and that our second guess will be Debra Houseman. Psychic medium will be discussing now. Heard a psychic medium and the messenger to spirits yes we've got a great we two programs coming up of course on Wednesday Greg Craig nearing will join new season you repeating their returning guest. And then Ron Murphy junior was a crypto crypto zoologist would join us and there's an. So a lot of great things and hey welcome to first this spring though you wouldn't know it Jeter. It's today isn't today the president has ten minutes and minutes ago and I tell you what this week. This has been the storm yet this has been the coldest of most miserable one quote spring. On and I know that just started we usually have some some saw some warmer weather leading up to with enough in my. I think we're paying we're being more hiring to pay back February has Federer we're getting 6065. Days and stuff like that. And so announced just payback by the it is officially the first day of spring even though we have a storm coming that's going to be hitting us. Wednesday affairs to drop but enough talk it's so me should be a wonderful and non headed to Florida assuming it gets more mother beats and sunshine I'm doing it undo. A promise to Sophia having an issue head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality elect FaceBook page forest. And had to be moderately radiant and you find all the stations we air and across the country make she'd check that list Austin is constantly updating musicians. You can also download free iPhone and android app. That'll shall listen live sketch pad shows joining online chat more where Nicholas or want to exclude the listen libel and you can join JV myself and a great unity people an anomaly chat room listened to shore there if you do down the showed us a favor interest rate at forest helps push a show for it makes it easier for people to fine. Always great time. The chat rooms they're all fired up tonight I think there're there are came in here looking to hear conversation with the naked which has been a shift in the schedule. So there is kind of a little bit flustered but there are all worked up in the chat room tonight. I mean doesn't really do justice you talk and make it was an idea how well. And and and we think it takes a ways that'll while there isn't there is it there is an ST thank you tell you an hour and it and well I concede that you're not so we don't know Gonzales should answer that this is just look at a temple. I think the third nipple a handle it are it's a take on the phone number tonight numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. Torre to take quick break more to calm you listen Jason Giambi and really radio. OK beyond reality radio friends this is JV and I'm telling you need to go check out scare con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June sick and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out. Are there Jason Hawes. Had the Nikkei two which is scheduled to be on this tonight but she had a conflict. And I shouldn't have to reschedule remembering him and her in another night and and instead we're returned to Barry Eaton tonight. Absolutely and should be should be really interesting. Or interest and has any time he has yet to incarnations stuff I mean. It's it's focusing should talk about four effort failed yet know it's it's obviously one of the greatest mysteries in life and in despite whether you have the answers or not there's always more questions and our answers so. Identical to the story today actually. Had Aaron Yahoo! into him later but I'll sit for labels are quietly OK so let's go to our gas line let's bring in Barry eating berries and astrologer a psychic and medium his website is radio out of their dot com Barry welcome to beyond reality radius we Debbie on the night. Right thanks a lot Greg regards and a Mexican not so we're talking about a number of your books including the most recent one which is called the joy of living postponing the afterlife which is a pretty interesting title in itself but let's talk a little bit about you first how'd you how long you been doing this. A lot more. Duel and would only helped a lot yeah yeah exactly Oliver and indirect communications about 400 used and Albert 700. Yeah but no I started as studying astrology Beck in 1991. Laws working full time in the media and radio TV and whatever and an undated a bit of a bright whites are gradually. One Zynga took over that. And I lose more more down on the U metaphysical podshow sight while still combining. My idea I'm ready on to victory. So he started. With the astrology and that's that was your first. Kind of venture into this mystical world armed you'll also a psychic and your media how did those two sensitivities and turned the picture. What must have been astrology because he's kinda a regular guest on a regular Shaw is turned back in the eighties nostalgia I had this very strongly in shooter message across cultural marriage break up. Get in there do something different going studies stole solid he would. And then half of that I'm wolf in two. You study of the Taro and one of us saw a moved into that they're role found at a natural bent so that. In the late and nineties. I don't he just mixed. My apartment Judy at the time in 1993. To four years later she crossed oiler suddenly. And I was connected with on a solid on medium. And told that we would build troops continued. In contact with each other from I think seven on woods says that happens is coming a long story short as you can imagine. I am always told we would maintain contact and it would grow and indeed. It did so. From then on like a chip on communicating maturity and eventually she chipped on nagging me from the other side. That's as honest there and I'm sort of when regular right temple among our probable horrible. You know you go to audible and Russia. Cool Laura when I had a Canadian media and friend of mine. At home front and shut to make a Barry's that I got this so I'm on the other side the label that Judy Chu wants to know. What are you gonna write that bought a home and gone. Or but on the remarkable Saudi and then I argue mighty I'm a bill that she's shall we say. As as a medium. Increased exponentially after that connecting with with Judea and many other spirits on the outside and I wrote my first and that was published in 2011 cold off to life. I Sosa Scioscia tired hounding you and you let your friends and have them around. The chill that's exactly what it sounds like. It should look at. In or related nagging normal actually just don't. Historically Berry when you're having these communications with Judy that's how it started for you what form did they take was it was a nocturnal was it just. Did you was it something you just sensed did you actually hear her voice had that work. Yeah look I Singh stood at first because this medium and I'm really working with after the funeral who helped me get through the funeral by the way out here to emcee the funerals where which is pretty daunting experience. But a filter connection with thoughtful subtle vibration. And I knew that she was around and we have this little. Message system to start off with. And I have this little tiny bill and I would bring the bill and it seemed to open up that line of communication between that was in the vary materially guys. After that or do it really didn't need that but I just felt communication comes true. And good communication on the side it the outside like some celestial loudspeaker something. X. It's full. Because there's not a physical body on the other side then and they communicate like full. So now am I communicate completely registered in many other sports on the upside purely by fort. And the attention Dracula trust as you can imagine nearly Sturges and am on my cues up on my man what's going on here but then one by one. Questions are sponsored proof has given. And you deal more confidence and so when your own abilities and little by little and build up. Tune. Coming under and colossal for a full time medium by any means but on or from my from books. And occasionally when I'm doing a reading for somebody somebody will come through will just got to help and I don't do what sort of 24/7 like a lot of mediums like two. And wrestle that from the drug premiums to. Well and I think you make great point there were eight years and he comes through a slot. And a lot of times that's where this whole I had to rate this whole paper of one point on the possibility of sensitive about people being listen to schizophrenic. Some actually opening up and becoming sensitive or just. Shall just becoming more sensitive having the ability to start hearing and seeing things that many others it can't. And then and that was a big thing can voice is all the sudden would stay the tough part is expressly what's happening later in life because that's where. Schizophrenia also is known to kick in as well so the fact of the matter is you'd really do need to trust trust what you're hearing. And tried to just try to make sure that it's accurate because. Again that's that's that's where people start to label it put labels on yields are calling schizophrenic when it's really that you just opened up you become more sensitive. You wrought and it's funny that difference that's harder to stop opened this us at this topic in my mansion is MI going Mandela becoming schizophrenic bipolar what do. And that's a natural thing everybody on that has gone through this process has the same thing you do opt in messages Forrester dot yourself you've got your own abilities. But then little by little you do find the credibility and the U the fact that the the confirmation I guess that's the word I'm looking here. And once you get that then the confidence and trust and it'll look old ball on the trust. Berry a lot of people who. Exhibit psychic abilities or even medium ship abilities. Have those sensitivities with them. All their life. Did you have those did you sense any of that as it as a younger person as a child or are these things that you were able to awakened later in life or did you learn them later in life. Sort of culmination of the loss to under the really sort of a selfless suck like some psychics of interviewed on my own radio program. So that as little children are currency spirits in the room and I absolutely will no I didn't in my head pro freaked out right but termed I was too busy wanting to become. Weather radio and radio announcer and those guys know little cute dole all been no one has studied acting award and actor. Saw is too busy issuing a Korea. On on regular TV and and to a lesser extent and shall. And that was the first part of my locked up. Consequently. Let's throw unless told to Juno got confirmation that these walls. The experience and the training that I needed to go to do I'm doing now sought from the one interesting revelation of fact that I needed to go to communicate. And duke professionally so that now like to run a write your program on this site and come on a radio programs such as you Swedish oh. Not electric and reduce or months. And knowing exactly how the whole system works and combining all of his abilities so it really. Through the Yankees I was very interest to do this at least have a a cold bankrupt open show on radio where I interviewed people like psychics install edges and neurology experts and one event and a little intrigue. But it shall catalyst all the breakdown in marriage leaders say you know. It is the full dramatic returning I think a lot Foreman doing a need to do something different runner on jump up and down scramble. And all of a sudden then. And you get this and come on strong coastal which. Which I didn't and the challenge unlocked or auto. Model and you can be very skeptical about it until you end up having your own experience or start. Witnessing starve yourself. We're talking with Barry Eaton his website by the way is radio how they're dot com his most recent book is called the joy of living postponing the afterlife of and be talking about that. In a lot of detail after our break cars sort of take quick break more to come to listen to Jason GP. Here they could pitch that's not happening tonight we are going to reschedule her appearance on the show and instead we got Barry Eaton and we're going to be talking about who refuses to get it just hit it on the and so it just deserve it's clear chat room conduct. Or are we talking about the afterlife he's got the number of books including his most recent called the joy of living postponing the afterlife. His website is radio out there dot com. Right down the phone number because we'll take will be taking your phone calls a later in the program it's 8446877669. And Barry just won't be clear here are you are an astrologer a psychic and medium which is not to be doing readings tonight on there rate NetSuite we talked about. Kerry Wood this. We may have lost a dad and mom I've been here that are you offended him with the naked con man I'm not really really sure many thought it was a total. Other type of show and by that who knows that by parents or and try to get him back on the air and to Cutler is off excess Gamal will reconnect he's in Australia so you know it's it's it's like 3 o'clock accounting nor during their wish of their due to show wouldn't stay up so late tonight and that we wouldn't deals is a national and I was when I was China and us telling you earlier it's our posts in the story now. Court rejects Romanians claim that he's a life. But tennis he assured the court rejects a Romanian man's claim that he is still alive. Officially he's he's that. Even though he's a life so. Some scary Constantin wrote Lou. Learned in January that he was dead. After more than twenty years of working as a cook in Turkey's 63 year old man returned home to Romania to discover that his wife and him officially registered as dead. Wow yes with that one of these things really he just took off and nobody knew where he went. And then I usually heights emotionally they they knew that a and I he has since been living. It just a nightmare trying to prove to the authorities that he is in fact alive. He face a major setback Thursday when court in the northeastern city. Refuse or return his death certificate because requests of was filed too late almighty god I mean this is is just it's just Salinas accessories and he's telling entering now that he's a living ghost is what is telling the Associated Press. So urged parents Alyssa. Let's bring Barry back in very but we lost their for a second here but I just wanted to clarify something new we're gonna take questions later from listeners. But we're doing readings that right that's we've we're not doing now. A listener readings. You know not particularly recently in the medium ratings and to. And Steven emissions or thought come through the town but back. Right and it won't do that later okay so let's talk. Let's talk a little bit about on the differences between a mean when when somebody comes and says you know on the psychic Ayman astrologer enemy medium you're getting messages from open to different places how do you sort through all that. Well astrology is assigned sensitive body of knowledge it's it's not and sugar low there's a little bit of intrusion involved hero suddenly look at yeah I feel that's the real treat this person. But not psychic and Anna and medium I had two branches of the same thing that's using urine Jewish new learning a new wisdom from inside an opening itself up next with the outside. Psychics normally are in conflict through gardens and through whatever and and my an intrusion obviously medium on connecting with various people only focus on there so they're all related but different in their own when it. When you on the view you had an experience senator Nelson was recently or not and I know that you had a cancer experience and you also got into some holistic medicine and I think if I read. The information about two correctly. You tackled that problem with a combination of traditional mainstream meet treatments and medications plus she did some holistic things in that kind of opened the door some some things trying to website today Selig natural healing natural foods and recommending tells what about that story. You'll find years ago I was diagnosed I've chuck in wonderment suddenly. I've found a total at a footlocker sum him up front. Oh and on the dot much from the achievement so I was in salt issue and soon like accounts borrowed as well. We're gonna do all right opinion and have a little shots are gonna have to do chemotherapy. Radio. Oh you don't willow. I mean to natural sort of medicine and whatever and this'll all that tough for me out of it so we're going to a lot of meditation. And commit to with mockery on the outside and so I'm gonna do much and caused them go and on the from the type in the mountains he grow vegetables. And count all the oil. Six months as a but then I decided to opt a lot of consultation. With myself and my guns and goes on to combine the holistic sought in the natural in my expert. Along we have all of you the mainstream but no chemotherapy and my intuition screened or no treatment there it is just mind decision on the outside the mobiles that I shouldn't do it but that's that's a personal decision. So I agreed to have radio therapy on the basis and that Mike got this from a strong message we want you brought a book about it afterwards I can help other people. To make this decision themselves and maybe combine. But. If you go fully on the natural tracked most people are gonna tour and on the sale all that's to woo her stuff for ago there. So it was very much a decision. Are based on combining mainstream and holistic. Which. I do lower preparation. With the ballistics on things are Biden. Did many good many different areas. Of therapy to prepare myself. And how to prepare myself for the radiotherapy that those who had also advanced healing our branded Jonathan gold in Brazil. In 2009. And I was lucky enough to use a crystal him. You can balance your energies on the ice crystal but they're they're of the western amateur and states. And then so I I do it alone of just under preparation and spiritual preparation as well. And it worked short story is it would end. I ended up rod Campbell with my partner and Morton and Panama run the ball all the joy of living postponing the oft. So having written two books about go to. A sort of had this feeling well I don't want me coveted students. And maybe that's age. Was that experience obviously a very very scary one. Anybody who gets news that they have cancer. Meet immediately I would assume think's the worst. The dead did that experience may cue or a police in the work you do plus your connections with the other side whether it's through medium ship or as a psychic. Did you feel a strengthen those bonds. All very much argues the court should go through you that's that's natural but I used the analogy you and I'm totally immersed people and I think I'm also mentioned that in the book. I told my story and then tells this story yeah. The air take a look up and down. Are using analogy for fear FE a and once you can move beyond that that false evidence and move through the fee is you start to look at the positives rather than. What might want might not happen to rid of that negative attitude. Moved into halted next month then you can start to do something about it which is what I do after that. Everything was right. It took awhile a minute wasn't all just sailing through. But it tons a lot of work involved in the whole bill but it's worked out the money now a couple of months short of being even completes. Healing since you know I was struck specials my love deployment you mean remission Lisa not a you will be fueled in June you'll never have to use and you'll like talk. Well. There's a big cool so it went short well short and so will so mainly just. It's just your way of empowering yourself. And and gaining net and getting that strikes terror into early flights were written and also help push this pushed aside now cracked. Yeah very much so and more than that it's taking some under responsibility. For as well instead of saying to the doctor is a kind. This cancer on the tree in my you've got to do something about it he'll reduce some quick and I sit back and cower in the corner which is. What. A lot of people do and this I just retreat into themselves. Only took responsibility knowing that somewhere along the line ahead of the creator co created this whole situation. And once I didn't act. Then I was able to move on and work with the power of the month later on I found out that. Many years ago is local MC two and now lives sporting team isn't huge award in this and things like that. Sponsored by a cigarette companies saw I had second hand smoke and admitted I've never been a Smart. But this I was I was informed the upside was the basic catalyst. All my throw attempts. So I can't create that I was when he accepted the the bookings for those guys aren't due to do is on my ammonium spend the money and they'll have to take. Responsibility for Sony did in my mind was I don't do it changed the whole respect. You know it's it's. Interest in new and scary at the same time when you talk about secondhand smoke being the catalyst for that enormous. And I think back to my childhood driving around in a sealed up car with both my parents smoking or being in my house. For the first probably fifteen years of my life for both my parents smoking and all of their friends coming over and smoking is I mean mold many of us grew up that way. And I've never smoked myself. But I did have those experiences as a kid and that's it's a pretty scary thing because you know clearly you live what you would you live the consequence. Well that's a hundred notably was icon wearing an orange during the -- cigarette company chemicals weren't right big ballrooms 500 people it'll smoke. It only ones who didn't let my. Had to us and I both of them could smuggle my mother was in at least market. So oldest secondhand smoke I was surrounded by them and most people smoked and working in radio and leaving everybody smug they are well so was the old man out. Adam says you're. You know if you work in the icu like giving some kind of implicit commission. To accept the conditions you're working. And does a commencement that was just part of the environment. Yeah and as a musician played in a lot of bars there were just filled with smoke and singing and you know when you when you're singing your breathing pretty heavily in deeply and that's always answered me as well let's let's let's take a break. When we come back we're gonna at we're gonna ask the question we're gonna get into this discussion about the afterlife and the question is gonna be what is the afterlife and get that chance when we come back our phone number. Is it 446877669. Dental treaty for four. 6877669. Ellis. That Jason JPM URL. Receive four point 6877669. You know go to the. Her own minds and our next hour for our guests Barry Eaton he is an astrologer. A psychic and medium and a mayberry you Australia is that where you mark. Time in Australia when I'm certainly sounds like an excellent Sydney Australia comes later Nichols is a way around the world. So before the break I teased the question what is the afterlife we're going to be talking about your book the joy of living postponing the after not afterlife but let's establish what what it is ninety. I think a lot of people have a lot of different. Visions as to what we're going to be talking about here but in your vision what is the afterlife. Well they'll. To look as the place we go bad too. Off do we leave this a lot of talk because. If you tie three. The viewpoints that we are in effect. Spiritual entities. Having a human experience and using our ability to do that so that's out of vehicle slowed the spirit is as pure energy. And as such. Energy company distort or physics so. Where it is ago too often so called death who wrote as it were came from logically which corporal spirit off the line what a label you wanna put on. So in other words it's just cause economic numbers and we here on honestly adventure through a whole bunch of experience has been we go back to our real hum. Which in district is the oft. So we start there and we end up there and analyst vicious circle keeps on going back and forth. Well it can be a vicious circle but you're you can get off the treadmill because basically were coming you'd have as many experiences we ten. And develop outsold there was a two and injuries in the salt which is probably. That the griped. Spiritual soul NG and in the spirit as the vehicle for the salt and so. We were coming here to advance to assault the sexual we don't need to come back. Mike Jones some morals on the world so will stay out there in and help people on the side though there are many many different things everybody liked having a lot here. We'll have our own unique story Aaron unique life and Aaron unique circle of life. And so would you go from Kia is up to you but you know and in the meantime human have to have a hundred Durham couple thousand Toms who knows I already is different. So in your description of what the afterlife is deeply is you used to basically a bunch of the different term. Variations I guess what you might call or are are interpretations that other people have I mean some people. Consider the after afterlife heaven or hell and some people consider it maybe it's another dimension some say it's a spiritual world. It you're do you fall into one of those camps do you say everybody's interpretation is right is just days kind of all of the above. Well it's part of all of the above quote let let's get group Hilbert that's just gone off the other side is another dimension there's no doubt about that. It isn't a different dimension to vibrates and much higher ranked in the cost us. It's basically just above us it's Obama's around us it's not sort of op bullying and heavens up there and hills something so I think and and it's another dimension of reality. And as such when we jump in there are many many different levels. In this senate dimension and some of the low levels we can go to Europe and pretty low sort of a person. Will it is no blood down there with a certain shop who crone and that in that Holmes and titles so pushy and tries to return and eternal hell is none of that nonsense. That's old made up. To skip that many years ago and doing what you're told otherwise you'll go to London and ill forever you know all old and that's a bunch rubbish but they're used. A whole different sit all the labels all. Signed and it looks like any kind of graduation in life you end up on the label which you attain because of your experience because what you're doing you are where you want. And The Beatles lyrics that are levels within levels within levels on the side it's it's a pretty competitive price but the high you can climb the bidding you can. I enjoy shall we cite some of the benefits of being in the world of spirit. Well and one and one theory that's out there and a lot of people believe is that held doesn't really easy you actually manifest your own hell you create your own health for when you passel. Yeah well I suppose that's another way of looking at it and because there are a little Chico to then they can't exactly change spirits up so I can't put in prison. But they are in certain areas and didn't they help it's not punishment it's not you go in there and stay there forever. And and it's an area where people to go to the that are troubled and had huge problems. That may or may be down also so horrible things in this lifetime. And then I can't helped but it's old on a loving sort of Hawaii is none of his punishment due Gunner. In Juliette let me hill font for the rest to go lifetime. And it's helped to be held to move on everybody has helped but you know sometimes that can take a lot of what we were cold time. But there is no Tom and up saga took two dimensional reality could put it to can take a long period all of existence shall always. And one last question about this and we've got to jump in to break here but some. Is this afterlife that your talking about the you're describing the one that even though there might be different interpretations of this but is that the one that were taught about through religious cents. Will it. I'm as spiritual person not a done sort of cut down the religious tract to be quite honest. But the VA is only one half to life there's only one other dimension that we got back to if you wanna call and given the political apparent us into medical Willis brutally off collect they just titles are just labels. There is only one place that we go to to stop many many different aspects to. Is god there. Well gone from my experience and I have been in in and sounds bit arrogant has not been indirect contact and through meditation. And I lost to be connected no Sean a boiling CEO energy. And that timing is what gold is gold is not a well man and over the long lobbied sitting in a chair checking thunderbolts are on the that's the zoo's image right forget that. Gone is actually fuel energy fuel the consciousness. It's the energy the creative energy all of these and many other universe it's. Okay we're talking with Barry Eaton and Barry is an astrologer a psychic and medium is website is called radio out they're dot com or to take a break Mordechai I'm listening Jason GPS. It's got some. So just because they always and chief each are so of course if you tuned into hear funeral horns and naked which we've been rescheduled her share conflict come up at the last minute and we have brought in Barry Eaton as our guest tonight talking about the afterlife in his book the joy of living. Up postponing the afterlife from remembering him back in just a few minutes. Tomorrow night's program we've got two guests see each taking an hour Jody dean will be with us first Jody is a paranormal investigator a warlock and an impasse and he'll. BD talking about a dollar she'll be talking about a doll. That she bought from a garage sale recently and using. Which crafts to fuel paranormal investigations. That is something we haven't talked about the number I can remember on this program yet. You never buy it doll from our current so no not when I'm sleazy and outraged by golf former Russian the only entity they all pretty you never know what's happened at all in the US and its second hour we've got a Debra Holtzman psychic medium who will be discussing introduced as a psychic medium and messengers to spear. Spain Craig nearing will be the we will this Wednesday night he's the founder of fox valley goes to earners. He's got a couple of books out about Wisconsin's most haunted places plus seized on some investigations. So that'll be an all normal investigation discussion on Wednesday night. And Thursday will be covering crypt of zoology with the Ronald Murphy junior and a so make she tune in checked or show out if you haven't yet had over at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality regularly to FaceBook page over there. Then had to be under reality radio dot com we can find associations we Aaron across the country which were constantly updating Melissa check in Austin. You can also download free iPhone and enter an operator virtualized listen lies touchpad shows John Allen Chad more. Willis or from what sites click the listen live button and join GG myself and a great media people an anomaly chat room listening right there. And we're going to be bringing Berrian in just a moment but give a question about so that our discussion tonight the phone receipt for 46877669. It would be happy to have you call. And chat with us as we talked with Barry Eaton capsule priced at 8446877669. Let's bring Barry back into the program they bury we are talking about basically the definition of the after trying to figure out what it is exactly that we all have in our future at some point. When you talk about leaving many many lives. Coming back bum whether it's this plainer or however you would describe it. Is this something we have a conscience. A conscious. Awareness of because I personally don't remember. Any thing but the dome to the years I've been here on this earth in this life so what happens torque consciousness in this whole process. It's a good question because and it would taunt went drop in the final and if you came into this planet. Remembering your past lives it's hard enough as a little kid learning how to operate and how to educate and how to. You know I get on in this world. And as an a delicacy and Honda. So if you had all those other memories crowding union you go absolutely bonkers so that. We are protected and the vital drops it's just an expression there is no physical violence such but it's a mental well but. All of these memories are stored in the sub conscious and you can do past life. Readings which are down not a new ratings but regression not bringing regressed several times over written about a month or smokes. I've just finished actually writing a book about past lives and reincarnation. Which is some getting towards publishing mount hope somewhere along the north. End. They're the whole thing is that yeah we do lead many lives and and when I was regressed this let's smoke for instance I went back to a very very interesting life as. And as sort of a philosopher and Boris in the run and occupation now wouldn't even for. But the information that came out of that. Was absolutely amazing I'm looking to preempt what goes on in the spoke but in the other books that Britain never buys and went back to one as as a life Rizzo but shame on you want as one. Back in in about 10900000. Years ago. And what you learn from his lives is fantastic in your brain I think you can bring a lot of comic stuff back which you. And listens that you might need to repeat all all I am the result in some way. But you don't actually bring them in in the anxious month. You also mentioned cents as you progress through this process. You may actually. Improve your. Standing there from I'm running exactly sure how to describe it but you might. Bring incarnate in different. Place and a different world what is it that we might we have the what what what is it that we have to aspire to here. Well the first thing to respond to is to be out of balance come from previous life comes learn the lessons. I'm Mike them stakes Portland on them. And get off the cycle of reincarnation on this planet. Because that the extent you've done all experiencing unique to do you salt has reached that stage where you don't mean to come back anymore. You've balanced your karma and that's the most important thing. You've you've you've ballooned all of that is valuable. Things that you needed to find out. And helped Tola and installed I hope people. Rather than just a tight tight it's learning to Cuban balance a lot so when you reach that stage you you can move on to the world listening. And no matter what signs Martellus. There are billions. Of other worlds out there and to think that we are the only full of life in this or any other universities. I should say arrogant stop. And and most. An intelligent people and I would agree with that one so there are many other worlds and many other experiences infecting my latest book a couple that put. Only veteran next armed guards. What and what but when it comes down to an end to mourn more of us have as you know figured out all we needed to figure out so we don't pass to be reincarnated. Where these noose Sowells. Originating where they coming from. Good question and I have covered that in the book not a good byes. When I contacted my name like on the Judy's shoes explaining through a medium. A wonderfully you're you're in Australia called belt owed and I am belt connected with her she has gone talks with Iran has put into talked about the fact. Also how news holes are created. And it's it's an incredible process. And basically. And she explained. That. She used an image below liked. Which was shattered into many fragments a solid putt which remind intent of the coal and this is really didn't score the energy. I had a rookie since all the old souls fragments exploding to the outside represent new muscles to rural utterly. The same original spirit. And the fragments as they spread outwards. The new souls are on the out of fringes so that was greet the visual. Listen at the Judy Costa but overall it was a very very experienced freedom travels the world learn. Wonderful medium where I never ever had that before she was sure is really knocked out by that and our explanation. Prescott or listen why in the spring you know this is Barry from North Carolina he very welcome to the program. Hello Jason today they have to have a dragon forward. You're going gray Berry has a remain the Carolina. Tea watching out of hand when he had nor'easter this year I did it and you should. Well barrier this banner and our borders today what do you like about this area that I have. Not only do we add salt cured differed imagine what we're back here all our. And possibly another liar is now nowhere else in the universe but I also blade. That would have already live of possibly. Dozens. Previous lives and and a march or possibly the Milky Way. Universe or even Andromeda. And we're aware of where we're at where are getting ahead and now we've article in the more battle and and now we're here. What do you think about via. Look I totally agree with you but it's not for everybody of course but there are certainly and I was regressed and only recently in a written about this in mind. My new spoke which welcome battleground because as well publisher. But very definitely many many people being born on other planets and calm yet I had that experience in a regression. And another a lonely young kids that are coming through now we we talked about the music goes into goes and crystals and start children. Well bet smooth dawn on picked up at an interview on my break you have. Program this week ready Arctic. And talking about this whole thing forget the crystals to get in because this is the upcoming generation. I am very Smart kids and a lot of these kids. Have come hear directly from other worlds and they are bringing experienced they're bringing knowledge they're bringing wisdom all sorts of things. That is what the funny it's a difficult to cope with a low intensity of this world and also the fact that last so far ahead of us in older generations. You know and thank them cutting and we don't country and we knew them out Howell the witch and cook with these kids coming through. Thanks for the call Barry let's go to Liz in New York hey Liz welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the program tonight. I died Ariel Highbury. Could have real. Hum I actually have I was honored to have any thoughts from me but my main thing was deja Vu. Is that blank some thing like like you get like these really quick like flashes of something that happened in a previous flight. Yet they can be it can really explain their spat at and explain that where we might have been in the past plot not against many of us have had this we've been walking in the new CD you're down a country lemons and I've been here before this is so unfamiliar. I don't know whether it's every time a past life or whether we can be visiting here because we do leave the body not. The salt leaves the body not spirit because. The body needs to rest but. But the spirit doesn't so this burka as walk around and all sorts of things going back to the U the world spirit connecting with God's connecting with a beloved ones in spirit and we do remember some of these things in grams but definitely. Alone measure of Luke can be related to Costa launched. Troops paying very intense thing. Hank. Liz thanks so much for the phone call we appreciate Conan. Let's this is yet let's do this let's take a break and when we come back we'll continue our discussion again we're talking with Barry Eaton tonight he's an astrologer a psychic and a medium his website is radio out there. Dot com the book is called the joy of living postponing the afterlife. If you got a question for Mary Gibbs call at 84468776. Exciting until freed 844. 6877669. You listen to Jason NG beyond beyond our own. He can from the 6877669. Again. I like to thank all the radio stations during the program. We've got some months I think some on good news coming up sooner we have real glad that list we've got some good stuff in the works were excited about that Jonas will be having a much administration stimulus and so. Of course can't say too much open button there yeah we're we're adding more morons make sure. This year check that list that beyond theory dot com Austin too costly it. Yet and then a course listening online is always an option we thank everybody who's in the chat room where this tonight our guest is Barry Eaton were talking about. The afterlife and Barry this is particularly short segment but he didn't wanna ask you about addiction and substance abuse how does that affect the sole. We have to fix it because it meant. Mike's an imprint. On the yeah on the so let's let's bring incredible thing that we think that here you can just have a bit of drug use here and if you pass over. End up back in the outlook Gail old old gonna get your cloud your view. Pompano forgot it doesn't work like that because it makes such a deep imprint you're taking that back with you. And some of these things can be rectified so we're certainly up to laugh when we go back again because it's not just going back here for a bit of a fun time before coming back here there's a lot of work that needs to be done kiddies are also up. Working up the mistakes you might. What you what you gonna do next on the so there's a lot of good times as well but those people who go back with his imprint on this Burke then it's very very confident because. The the worst I. Into drugs and alcohol them and the various other things in life. Then. And an appeal to get that sorted out in one and beat and one sergeant in the afterlife. You probably gonna have to come back again and not the life and me at the imprint and come back and face the consequences of ten. So it's you're really not doing so any fine despite getting on drugs and thinking necessarily go to fund. Does alcohol phoned the same category. Well excessive use on an alcoholic and drug isn't so excessive use where it's impairing your health can you mental health as well. So all of these things have an imprint. Which is good and have some kind of consequence. Guess or fall all fall moderation and so fourth grows. Ilya union coming in Orange or glass of red one as much as anybody in the old Scotch here in the but that doesn't register if you really get stuck into all the time that is not going to have some underground detention. We only have a couple minutes before the break here tell us about your post graduate course and medium ship. And one of into the out of Findlay college in 2012 is one of the best known colleges in the world it's just to stand stood outside London. Ended a weeklong residential course they're working with some of the the very hope mediums or round England and and and Europe as well. And it was a wonderful wonderful or some and I've been working and on imported written two books that stacked. Not I don't learn so much and developed so much from doing that course and it's. The sort of thing that. Anybody who is serious is gonna do course like this because. One of the holdings on did you hit in my book no goodbyes from Leo assigned as the fact that they are very worried about some of the low level. Spirit. Psychics and mediums one of the coming in their early enough money. There aren't often bringing in very wrong in election election to fumble on the broad. Or go to be very careful you go to such colleges like the outlook and like the really bring out the biggest and then not confusing people people and want to know just for money doing it because I wanna I wanna be pot of the the solution rather than part of the problem. Will NG the united talk about that Austin on the show just how there's people who self proclaimed sensitive source psychics out there who. Then the main thing is to adjust to throw out what they can turn it what are people in. And it won't soon just for him just for financial gain or even same you know Joseph also miss are trying to appear on television and and so forth and it doesn't help out I mean it it's it's damaging to to the people that they're supposedly helping it's damaging to the field general. Quality is because a lot of people go one on dual weekend. Tareq also something and then go and then suddenly say well I'm a month now under the gun become an install and I'm gonna become a a psychic or whatever because there aren't aware that goal eventually that this syllable Mon minimal prestige is sentiment you're on television. That's not a thing to do you do out there helping people it's not something to do and just for money out of people who are doing that. IE would regard them. Very suspicious and I 100% agree with you all right so we're gonna take a break on the phone numbers 8446877669. Again get a question it's 8446877669. Loosened Jason GB. Final segment with our guest very. The phone number is 8446877669. If you wanna be part of the discussion. Tomorrow night's program we've got two guests coming on one and each hour Jody dean will join us the first hour journeys of paranormal investigator in warlock in an impasse will be talking about. It haunted doll and she bought from a garage sale recently. And we'll be talking about using witchcraft to fuel. Paranormal investigations which I mentioned previously is I don't think that's something we've never talked about on this program using witchcraft. To fuel paranormal investigations which me interest in the second hour we talk and Debra Holtzman. A psychic medium will be discussing her guest psychic medium I'm messenger to spirits. And Wednesday night Craig nearing will join us and Thursday Ronald Murphy we've got a week full of great programs but again tonight we're talking with Barry Eaton and Barry I wanna ask you about. The title of your book now. Again we've been talking about it all might it's called the joy of living postponing the afterlife. Throughout all your descriptions of the afterlife it sounds like it someplace that. And be careful how we see this because. Not looking for anything to happen but I'd Suffolk someplace we might wanna be and why would we wanna postpone. You and I just mentioned stuff with heard the Joseph during post on your outlook for my latest book. I wrote about the oft like my two previous off to law from mug replies but. That was blown torment postponing me out a lot yet you one thing in here as long as possible and so at the joy of living was about the story you might cancel trips and working up a holistic thing on that but. Getting back to the hostile sectional yeah it is it's a pretty cool place to bring the senate about that. And birds as. The with a road there's absolutely sublime is not as some shot into the parent as soft liked all the time the weather is really lovely lovely and warm and the colors of the day you go wonderful. Concerts and films also isn't happening as well as we are the work that you're doing. And eats a lot of people just do not normally have to come back to work microbial must summon dragged kicking and screaming and wrecked on a lifetime. Not it's. When you're ready to studied it and who dimension. And say look I'm starting to feel like I'm ready to get back there and hang in April. Then yes it is a wonderful place to eat and and certainly very pretty peaceful and. And very well all. Have you had the opportunity given your work as a medium and communicating with the other side have you had an opportune did you talk to anybody. In depth who's heady an out of body or I guess in more of it and near death experience where they. Have temporarily crossed over and you vehicles compare that information at all. The experience of somebody lost Ted that that have experienced purses so their communications you've had the other side. He's his own accord a few and talks and interviews with people who got. And out of body experiences and Edith experiences. And a lot of them. Blow down the either the yen the tunnel is a word suddenly found themselves on the other side and the surround her. Relatives and friends and sometimes and then look at iconic figure they'll like a -- uses aura an angelic figure whatever. But I never sold it to Joseph and an experienced the whole outlook it's sort of looking in the window as well and then. It told note U operating normal things you go to deuce I beg your. And if I did go through the window through the duel through the keg whatever then that wouldn't come back. So it's the people who have the need to have expressed their lives are changed for a every single one of ever talked to Lebanon to be quite a few of them and say. Do not come back here and do the same things all over again the lives are changed at. But it's sort of like almost two washing up experts it is just that little teen age of the off a lot from nine note as usual fee year. All of if I had it before I lose all fear of chuckled to. Let's go to the list from Lima spring intense from Missouri agents welcome to the program. Hey guys I this'll also idea and slick heading I got my book to build more vital Sydney Fisher. Anger and just start met. It will actor gets questioned bears. This started crashing and I was looking to. I'm probably looked goto school a program note hysteria that they're fractured Eritrea. Ordering cards troll relived you know thousands of years reporting the actually worse you know. Do prior cute another ribbons. This South America is after India and the commander reincarnated as different being in Peru. I'm armored out here. But if you apart back there trying to cheat the people you know how to live and how to be an Arab to have be right. But he what do you think about the whole deal is I you thank you might have been recurrent or incarnate over and over and over. Yeah and Vince that was a discussion we had on this program a cameramen name of the gas so we definitely had it here what do you think there. Yeah well I think that's a distinct possibility you don't just get to become. A position buttons such as Jesus was in by suddenly arriving on the for the first time. You have to build up to it but now we associate cheeses with various other ascended monsters so he's being as as a very. Why I have personally I'll assign helping in many many different ways. But prior to that I can more I don't know anything about his salt in your joy and relief can't help on that one but it. It's quite obvious logical that he would have and many lives an and they would be helped. That would be spent in helping the people say oh yeah turn off. Thanks for the call Frances Berry is it possible to reach. Any one end or every one who is on the other side or old are only certain souls be able to be communicated with. That's a very interest in question not a done many many ready and abuse since the first how many bodies across the question. It depends on the person. You can put Cole in and a slight ringing somebody at time fans the call for an interest in not out somewhere else. Now when we reach certain labels on the other side weak and then move on from contact with via so we might not go contact him and clinched. They wished to be in contact with a us. But we can communicate with most people but despite what some people think what I've been told anyway and and everything I've been saying to not is all about. Inflation not received. And I'm told that. People are not allowed to just sort of drop down here and and hang around in Britain year internal social wonderful things so. Usually it's and so will I can only to a certain amount. It has to be done with permission from the other side. Conscious summons elections train somebody else's life because we have free will we've got to work on that's part of out distant what we go to work out. And the free will it cost associated with that so so really it's it's not a matter of just being able to bring up anybody on the other side. Because the market off doing all the things. And yes but if we put a dean and we're gonna go unseat a medium and gurgling in. You can put that thought out and commit to unscrew them to be there at that particular time. And years that that definitely it's like putting and at the mile beforehand oh putting it in the body yeah. Objections scattering two more not to can come in contact so he's been there like four and. Does some. The I'm trying to think got asked this question. Tom does our perception of time exist on the other side and when we make the hall to try to reach a deceased loved one at what point. Does would that Seoul have gone on to live another life somewhere in their four. Is it still available for communication on the other side at that point or is it gone. Yeah that's this is little triple barrel full out on the it will for stuff is no such thing as time on the other side tons of food dimensional Libya reality. The amount of time the earth text or travel around the sun. And if you go on another planet it's a totally different measurement of time in the other dimensions. It ease at no time. They're past present and future all happening at the same time that's very difficult for us to understand that sort of thing. But beyond that part of your question used the there's just been now on the sought. And I just living in the now in the moment and it's very difficult for Al mind took home two iron to comprehend. But if somebody has moved on into a higher. Plane shall always. And on the other side. You might not be possible to contact them again. But you can almost put that sort out and you can bring in touch you can mosque. The things. You're gonna ask you don't get in the slot tuchman has the same thing on the other side and after the universe put it back to God's sight. Are really wanna connect with my mother my father my brother who had a and and I asked if that is little possible and then if it is possible and confront the rod linked. And there are many ways of doing is to his nominee mediums but the most. When I have communicating with people notice on his dreams. And how many people who who are gone through the death of a loved one. Have had a dream about them in the not too distant future if after the funeral. Or maybe sometimes sometimes before the funeral. And dream used. A wonderful way of communicating. You had a dream dress and with somebody in another sign or driving. I have fluent in absolute yet. Peca says that he's been connecting with you it it's not like a telephone call all the time you don't discount to have the woods Terrell time it. That's because us here before we leave the body not the body goes to sleep. But salt spirit rom story and connects and that can be. Seen or remembered in a dreams and it's and I will say those. Dreams are usually very very strange compared to your average stream because. And things will be like things will be said. And it'll just seemed not right wording in a normal dream of things have their their process a lot of times are there own direction that. That they seem to follow bull when you have those kind of dreams I mean things things are said to you and it's it's just it's just really weird it's not it's not only. You you have no control over that and that's exactly what it is you have no control over what's happening when you're making those connections verses being in a real dream state. Yeah that's a fair enough common to nothing when you do that if you really wanting to connect have a pet had beside the bid with a with a pin. And when you wanna cup Russian town struggling because of nearly evenly but ten minutes gone to us or whatever. You forgot. You really do need to brought that down as soon as possible and then reflect on and think about it afterwards because the message can be there for you. And the can be inclusive to compete almost stereo and fights but the message will be they have from his dream sequences than not they're by accident. Various possible. To have somebody come back. And come back to this earth where we are. And actually recognize them at any point two or be able to determine. Who they were could a loved one actually be reincarnated in front of us and we might be able to recognize that. Well an element reincarnated in front itself. I didn't want to remain with the while we're watching but I menu and while we still exist but we're still here. Yet well look it's it's very true and in fact there have been quite a few paces. All people who have gone and discovered. Themselves in a past life and their physically very very similar has gone cold little cheerleader who was the mid excellent shooter who works with common Manx. And he. Reservist is on life and found out that a picture of this famous don't. In the nineteenth century and the two of them could look like a Broncos for stock. But the work that he was doing in the the first thought tonight and centuries sort of finished off at a point and he's picked it up in this in election. So there are so many strange stores out there you can't discount any possibility. We've only got a couple minutes left and I've got to bring this up because I think this might be the most fascinating facts about U of the night. Perry is it true that you were actually the voice on some GPS systems and cars. The fact that. Yes I have is that really true. That's really threw Obama a I've been doing voice service for a long time now Annan amid a typical it's not a realist and yes I tell you where to go out you get into certain path. But so. I just curious about how do you how does that happen day did is it an audition process or did somebody call you tea wanna do these wanna say turn left turn right drive 500 feet is that it doesn't happen. Oh well and my agent got a forming in Sydney and I had to fly to Japan and total sings would you put it to date for a long recording session in 300 pages you will in 400 made his view real in 500 made his. And so on your record hundreds and hundreds of these things in the computer puts together. Having written the the GPS supposition that the. So javy he's probably the weren't costly telling you it's to make you turn it all the time and computer I've got so many tickets are men have to send you those tickets are very advocates all your fault that. We'll again we only have become a minute or so left we've talked about your website you've got a lot of stuff on your website and I I'm not even sure I mean there's so much information they're tell me a little bit about what people confined if they go to your website. A dual radio at that dot com as my regular program metaphysical programs similar fuel on you guys but it's sunny on once await. And it's available. Two exodus orchard download or Acosta what do you like. But on the got all sorts of other little segments up in the people want you to be having a result. But basically the radio program mused. Meeting and some of the wonderful people and I'm sure you guys are meeting which in which as well a shred Gillespie or around the world. Making a difference and that's what is sold out. And you really it is and bill thanks so much for coming in Dallas area it's it's been a pleasure talking with human and we definitely look forward to talk to you again in the near future. Right guys thank you are really in Jordan and any time. All right so again it's very eat in the web site is radio out there dot com the book you're talking about his most recent the joy of living postponing the afterlife. We come back just a moments wrap things up guess you licences and. Join us tomorrow. First half hour program paranormal investigator warlock and path endeavor Houseman is a psychic medium she's really taking. Readings in the second half of the program tomorrow night. Which can hurt people tend to like bills yet and I know that people are listening all around the world so coming to pony onto new work which is an upstate it's whom no place of a place in upstate New York to a fund raiser over this weekend when my band and several other bands will be playing in support of a scholarship in my dad's name. That help support kids who go on to college to study music in some fashion. And I know that's kind of impossible but if you. It's something that tell you you might consider contributing to you go to the website it's Gary Johnson memorial scholarship dot com. And there's a donate button on there and it's really a good cause we've helped out so many kids who. I need help put paying college expenses especially when they're going for music aren't really any. Scholarships earning some innocent like the athletic world where people can get scholarships are. Whatever this is a great way to help kids who are in a music. It's awesome it's such a great thing you guys do amendments so much respect especially checked and it's so much on. And if you aren't your only Artie should just definitely check this thing out it's a night of it's a great time really this end hey we I get a Mount Washington event coming up that's right April April 9 simply this somewhere now. There's on the weekends after that it was a thirteen certainly gets to check that out on FaceBook dot com slash acknowledges in Gaza and taps. But it's under the events to get much they're tuning up again. Being a good time Washington's replace Steve really there's stereo either and politics can be and so it was a good time. You haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make Shealy to FaceBook page and head over to be unreal you really attack on free iPhone and android app or final ceased with Aaron car crossed the country. Or any night we're lightsquared to listen live button and join us right there on the website. So that's gonna do it for us tonight again thanks to our guest Mary for Alan hang around with us that you listen did you stingy DMB and really really look at shall tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Townsend insisted. It's only you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason is slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following and it. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.