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Rebecca Foster - Spiritual Medium discuss her gifts

Mar 27, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Spiritual Medium Rebecca Foster about her work helping people. Rebecca also takes listener calls and does readings. 3/27/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's an analyst goes to Sammy skills many historic summer. We welcomed me on the radio so chase scenario is awesome achieve each and we're looking forward to a really really good night tonight with so our guests coming up Rebecca Foster Rebecca has been on the program before she's a spiritual media every talking about a whole bunch of things including Angel double experiences that we all go through kind of these challenges we face in life why they happen how we can handle them. On animal also be taking readings so be prepared to your phone calls and we'll take readings probably in the second half of the shuttle Omega tomb so we'll see how how that goes how most complex on the plane on. It's some and on the money there let some you know when I this is kind of are pretty cool thing that I wanted to bring up to eject. I have a my grandfather my dad's father. Passed weigh many many years ago. And I did I knew him pretty well but we didn't have much of relationship I was in my teens when he passed. And I have to be going through a box of things that he gave me probably before my tenth birthday I didn't even know how old I was at the time but I got these things and they got kind of thrown into a box. I lost track of him forgot about it. On and then just the other day I was actually going through bunch of old sayings boxes came across this particular box and I opened it up nor couple things that he had given me that he got during World War II but then there are three books. Three at least three books throw from the fifties and Richards of the titles of these books one is called flying saucers on censored. Race could start the second one is called the case for the US follow. I'm really like the third one is terra psychology. Quality and you saw the book I have here it's. Suppose the first book on her psychology. But I find this entries in my grandfather. Who I didn't really know that well apparently was really into this stuff and gave me these books I didn't read them when I was I was from obviously way too young to probably understand them at the time but I find it fascinating that that he was into the stuff. Didn't realize it now I'm gonna get a chance to go back. And read these books and see what they were saying in 1955 about the stuff that's experience that's why I don't really kind of give me a warm feeling inside I don't know what it means and means yours are following this with CN can cool and cool I don't know it was a it's really interest him anyway welcome to the show everybody we're really excited about again tonight Rebecca Foster joining us tomorrow night. We've got Joan Lundgren who's a demon siren a psychic medium we're going to be talking about animal communication negative entities spirits ghosts and thermal investigating. And only gets and then Wednesday night we've got Robert cope techie who's an author. A three time near death experience survivor also and illustrator and an animation design are going to be talking about the three. Near death experiences cities had what they are what are a near death experiences how it affected his life how did each of those three differ. And what with a different lessons learned in Ichi also wrote a book about him called how to get to heaven without really dying shall be talking about that as well. Arabs are and I'll be trying to figure out the so stacks and Thursday we've got bill should joining us bill Izzy is an author as well he wrote about cannibalism in the animal kingdom. It's widespread and it has many functions were knocked Minnesota talk about. People like Jeffrey Dahmer who we know we know it was accountable and in the end and a serial killer it's a tablet but there are. Cases of cannibalism. In humans whether it was survival Elmo the story of what was the Argentinian. Soccer team of the soccer team crashed in the mountains in South America and then ended red resort cannibalism survive or the dharma party which did the same thing known trendiest yes so. That'll be with doctor build shot and that's there's and its programs. Aren't they on on me so I've got this audio stuff going on where they'll hand so. I hadn't wanted to bring us up because you know the craziness we've been dealing with here Brendan Mars so. We made national boost from all this craziness fashion moments only hat and VP. Crews finally replaced. A Rhode Island telephone poll that's been held together by duct duct. Yes here it. Duct tape talk to me utility pole it can hold any. I tapers are pretty powerful process in Providence, Rhode Island crews have finally replace it soulful colon province that was being pulled together by duct. The whole split in two weeks ago. And you know I was struck by a truck anyways National Grid used duct tape pulled pulled or supervising deemed it safe. So well me anything we don't fit that to a 66 the best things are let's take a quick break when we come back we're gonna get ready to bring our guest in tonight's Rebecca Foster. You don't really juicy to. Okay beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check out scary con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick conned. Dot com check it. Are there are chasing champion right down the song I'm gonna wanna wait are we searching calls. I guess Rebecca Foster be doing some readings over the phone for you. The numbers 8446877669. And will be taking calls a little bit later in the program on but yeah and if you if you ever again. She head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond real theory elect FaceBook page Faris and then had to be on reality radio dot com we final CC two air across the country which were costly updating let's welcome. Him 116 point five in Mobile, Alabama to be unreal accurate family. And of that list is counseling being updated but at that lets say you can also download free iPhone android atlas atlas and life catch past shows join me online chat more. Find any decisions we Aaron cross country or listen lot different from the website and clicking the listen live button in joining online chat we TV and myself and a great community people. Yet we're really excited to have WA easy each FM 106 point five in mobile joining us and also. He TB LAM ten this scene Albuquerque, New Mexico. We're what is a Bugs Bunny did the de Albuquerque Joker always came from you know take turn left and held a quickie then I'm reference analysts and that'll sort of lightly carry anything or it's amazing it was Riley in Arizona Arizona summer anyway it quickly welcomed most of the new affiliates. To the beyond reality radio free and we were so happy to have them along were also very happy to introduce our next guest to his returning guest Rebecca Foster. A spiritual medium her website is Rebecca false Foster dot CO. You can check that out as a whole bunch of great information there about her and her work you can also go to FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash God's. Reader Rebecca welcome to be on reality Rio it's great to have you back on the show. I think you very much saying I'm. We'll have to be back thanks guys I appreciate it. It's great to have him back so what do you bet yeah it would have been a decent chip on the show last. Well my. Base that I I don't know I covered at fort that I finally graduate Annika I doctorate so I am now PH. I've seen I've seen the Ph.D. being slaughtered runner congratulations that's terrific. Ilk yes it would be huge huge bonus that and it's funny because that was my reading I've been doing different 32 years and I never. Have never really publicized that I had my web site said that people who work client could you know really kind of keep in contact with me but I are. Willie put out there advertising agency relied. The word of mouth referrals. And accurate recently this year I just boosting app that. Full anarchy just put it out there and Q. And it starts. Bring it to work place since. Com and so that's I've really been focusing on the top of a couple other friends send. And just try to get it out there and and and just reach as many people possible so attracted Julie. And else and I also see an and we'll probably get in this a little bit later but you do some. Lie youth stream readings on another under YouTube channel right. I do I do right stream that's I was doing it on FaceBook and then I thought you know what I can. Reached just how many more people on YouTube. And it's a lot of fun yet it Egypt's people just get on dialogue on it I just go with that a quarter pops that they carry as many as they can spot. And now again and you probably in the same boat I MI noticed that I was watching one of them earlier in your having trouble getting the extremist opt for a walk up. It's a kid takes a while that stuff figured I. It's you know much about it but it's a lot of fun and it and it. Panel its technology deluge hit it in you know you'd go with the flow but it a lot of and down. I tried it just let my personality. And them it's crazy and it's exciting. I have returned people but it's nice because they tried ever forget everybody every four. Well that particular item when people tune in that and they get a little bonus footage that night you made toward the end there you just give little bonus footage Ager trying to figure out the technology but a lot of looks great and and you know you if you've been doing this for awhile I think the number I heard his 32 years how is it possibly you've been doing this for 32 years. Well I started actually using my gift when I was thirteen I hit a very remote spot light and I. Had opened up or left to the darker side of things. And I think that only strengthened my ability to do what I do because I was able said that early. Turn around and grabs a lighter side of things within the spiritual fights that. Once I knew that there was a dark I think Ottawa got there really must be. Quite the sight to things and so I started. Do you read for people that like Denny's and restaurants and done it's actually how I built my clientele with both of my first customers were at a. City apart we play a cup does anyone reading with a grand slams and how worked. That was my brother it usually they're going near it carry it right if Paris off. A but the. You'll. Obviously they have to have come along way since the Denny's days I do initially said he Kenny didn't didn't publicized so much no but now you're making I think a greater for using so using other. Technology. To kind of get the word out what true what would you trying to get accomplished what's the goal here. I do OK I think it and the hard part of the reason that never really publicized his I don't wanna be seen it. I've done that previous life pretty sure I didn't like it I don't wanna be payment I just want to be able to get out there get the word out about. What people are going through what they're experiencing. And then help them to sheds some light on. Seems that people are either suffering from or really having it. An issue dealing with it a loss of someone. Maybe. A mental disturbance that. Isn't explained drilled medication they can't figure out. Com so what. I've really wanted to be able to just get out touch lives in the 80% of it was site they prevent companies from doing something that. They don't understand and he has a confirmation on that. And have someone else say something that they think well I feel like I understand that I get at I I guess it now. And just to bring some light immediate and hoped to people it's really what I'm trying to do it that there is. Something else out there it's not just us here in the little tiny. I play. And the universe. That's what I really want to deal. You talk about spirit guides that's where the information comes from and I think in and one your videos that you're referencing the fact that. If you're doing a reading for somebody very spirit guides are talking to your spirit guides which is how you get the information. This let's or the beginning hear what our spirit cuts. Well I steered kite or more last. I want to Angel flight angels that are part of this lifetime. And from what they have shown me we each have an arc Angel that has been with us through all of the different light that we lacked. And when we come here we have a new set. That are given to us this type who are also learning and improving at bettering look they are as spirit guy. And so what I'm connecting. From. Wisconsin if somebody who's lived in Singapore. The only way can really explain it is my energy. I find that person. And I'm guided to them either guy and my guys. And then they transfer data entered that information to me as a tactic because I I get. For myself I try to stay as humble as possible about it. I'm not fit. Magnificent. Magical person it it really comes down to what spear it provides to meet. And without that I cannot do it so we're talking god. Whoever you wanna call back or whoever part entries do. That is Eli ultimately. At the top of the pyramid is providing that information. And soul. If I'm reading someone's. Princeton Q let's say and your guide say to me right now. That you should keep your money in your pocket and he should not make a large purchase right now. And it is what I'm doing a faster reading for someone like what like it was due to night or when I'm doing something on its. Live stream it to sit. It's at what a person needs to know right now they're guides are going okay slam that he did rod get extra back and it's quick and it's fast and that Howell. Spirit guide there angelic they're not human error. They were never like human energy here that the different energy. Different beings. No you referenced guiding your description there and you also. Consider yourself God's tool. Armed. And you said also that god is whoever. You wanna review pray to where you think god is and it's not you're you're not saying that there is one god you're not saying is a god Nasser in the Christian sensed. You're saying god is god in and it's it's interpreted in many different ways but it's odd but it's god that is at the tip of this iceberg if you will and the spirit guides OK I'm just wanna make sure I understand that because we offer it's often have confusion about that it just high. Bright and and I can tell you that regardless the play reached for repeat them that the masses as some of the month club is Christian. And it doesn't matter the Catholic girl or whoever and whatever religion that does not matter I never had somebody come through and today. All I did this god or I am back got it it and that earned differentiated. And and and there are so many things that. I've never had. Clarified Simien and a sense that this person excluded because of the way they look or who they love or would they worship. It's all really comes down to walk talking the same person every time I talked to different people. And so. And ethnic and what you said was interpretation. That at all of the different religious. Information let's say different Bible as a title it crimes. They all are interpretations. And so it just. What people really have to really is it just depending on where you came from I've just never had anybody do well climate that I belong to these people. It out and we're all very connected. And it's a very hard concept to grasp. We're talking with Rebecca Foster Rebecca is a psychic medium we're gonna get into a spirit a spiritual medium as well we're gonna get into a readings a little bit later in the program straight on the phone number 2844. 687. 7669. Nursery and take quick break more to come to listen Jason TVM beyond her elegant radio. Across the web site. Is Rebecca Foster got CEO. Her FaceBook page is at FaceBook dot com slash God's reader and there were very very pleased to have Rebecca she's also in the chat room if you get a chance to log into our chat room you'll see. Rebecca there are no she's doing a great job of answering questions and talking to people during our breaks as well. Yeah you just go to beyond really reviewed dot com click the listen live button in the upper right corner and it to lecture into the online chat room he can hang illicit TV myself a great community. Yeah a lot of great stuff going on there but anyway let's go bring Rebecca back into the program Rebecca again great to have you. Omelet I'm one of a go go back to this idea of of being God's tool. On and does that imply. The day. There is God's work being done I mean do you feel like cure actually is providing that kind of connection to god whoever goddess you know regardless of who who god is but I mean is that is that how you feel that what you do is. Oh absolutely I I if I. When I like going back to our at before the break. When I was thirteen nights that I opened up and I denounced them I was such an angry teenager I told them I hate him I wanted nothing to do with them. I wanted to let you know I didn't believe in him and everything that that child would could possibly. Do and say to a parent and when I finally. You know realized that I had at. I went back and I thought my knees and I said I will do anything that you want me to do in your serve and for the rest of my life whatever is. You can lay it on me and that way and I act as a child I always seems things I had seen irritates seen goats but. I take guessed it Egypt expects that I I thought that was normal and and at what after Wright did all of this trade cannot go to hell. That's planned everything started becoming clear I was also able to actually read people which I had never been able to really do. Consciously. Make out and I I thought you know what this is like what he's guilty he's actually going to use me I don't know all of this is like a blessing or if now this is what you want to do and I prayed I haven't taken away and it. Won't go away and and I say that because it it it's difficult sometimes they really have to keep it turned off. So when I say that I am reading for him. I truly believe that the highest. The messages they hope people they lift a mop and they actually direct them back to spirit. And and one of the things I was told that it they said well I mean I would you choose and I am dinner I am stupid app that time I swear. I get the timing small. I'm a bad influence on people. And that was just because I'd. You know partially Krejci and so I replied what I heard it in return was that. The people who are imperfect. Hand. Befriend more than if you're perfect and if we want you have. Experienced. Problems were then a court however you may see that you judge yourself west. Then you'll are imperfect and then you can be molded the way he wants it to people that because you're pretty much on your knees skull and I give up. I am just no longer mean I don't care anymore exceeded this setbacks. And that's right out of the Q which is being halted so. I I will be used without my heart that. That is the purpose is the because you can. He can sit down somewhere it doesn't matter where is and you can't talk to somebody or. It they you know because this can keep this could apply to other people who have sponsored that but. From Viet as you can sit down. You can talk to Joseph the biker bar and only the rich person and talk to them on that level. And before they know what all of a sudden. These people who have no peso prep lot surfing you're kind of slipped in got under the table to them and he's like hi fighting is because I. I don't know like oh my gosh we aren't talking about god. And I've never believed in him but you just opened up the like planted that seed. And so apt to use this to me is for people who are just had a drink or have lost their trade. We've got caught up ice. Could easily go to church but people at church you know what they. Could. Surprisingly it do not have crosses burning in the front yard though. What you were saying earlier about and you know an imperfect I mean I think people mainly need to understand that that nobody's perfect. I think that's the most important is all these people strive to be perfect but really no matter what you do when nobody's perfect. Exactly. That's that's it and you're right people think they have to be a certain way and especially now with social media and with everybody like a here underneath this little microscope. Not only get the family and friends with everybody an event. Realizing that in so many ways people are used to be able to do good here and and they're at it you know it's an acute bringing it up it's just people also you know you go through it that school of life let's say in quotes and some people will go through that spiritual really difficult journey as a child let's say their bullied or they've got a really difficult. Issued a family immediate abuse sexual abuse at the cook is meant to abuse addiction. And then later in life they are able to their power to get through it and figure out. And then you come across people who are now at an as an adult. Now they're going to go through that as well and it's its side both people who have already been through that are there to help. They're they're cute they look at Ben there I get that I understand. And so they can see it. One of the biggest thing that you're meeting Kabul is staying humble and it's satisfying is that maybe is he your bully goes down later in life I've seen that happen. It can also help you prepare yourself by helping them to get back opt. And so there's so many spiritual journeys we all go on. And we all have both angels that are around us that are helping guide at the Jenny Craig get the voice that I could get ahead. Is sitting there going public cookie. In that he had no could lead to cut key to cooking and we don't want to eat the cookie bad porn being built like eating a delicious results and we all everything to reconnect. If spirit everybody needs to reconnect teel who they are. And opened up Q what they have a again it may not be the same as mine but. Detectives talk me because I woke. A walk on it. I like talking. There are listening via I wanted to ask though and I may have missed in your answers of apologize if it's redundant but so what what did something happening your life. That means you turn. From being away from god to god was there an event or get would you do have an epiphany of some kind. No I like it fed I'd open up the door to the other side and I ain't. My older brother at that time he was. I have not stopped and he had turned him you know he turned to do basically lake. Out old things and he would do some strange things with a ouija boards and spirit that I thought oh cool. I wanna try that I opened my itself publicly deport. And making may only deport Napa title we deport don't make one belt which anarchy in doing it. I. I would call whatever was around because I'm Peter what where we come here let's hang out. And I would say look leverage in the room corporate peer protect like to ask well. My brother my other brother that it Rebecca LA era in Arizona highway in your room is something stepped into the back of my neck I ran out of like. Cali and her. I felt like while I do something with things on the other side but they weren't good things. And they would open my windows. And I have a doubt ha that I created an addict a little people with Adobe support the appellate cheers all around it with the cool little. For a thirteen year old once I realized the energy that I was creating and bringing in I thought all my god I. On top of everything I said it god I seriously was terrified. And so old that when I. I need to I got again I need to. I need to figure out who he is an accurate he's gonna let me back in because. I have been a bad girl so that was. Really content to go back and knowing that there is it a darker site there all the time. That's what keeps me. One doing what I'm and then also it really does keep in line and it's really cool too because. If you are really connected to your guide and they're always there and it last week you they laugh at shield. They guide you to help you and the other thing it just kind of sit there than darker angels. They kind of sit there at the window and they tapped like I'm I'm not going anywhere and I knew weakness cents. That they they always will play into that and felt that fly. Tried so hard to continue on my spiritual journey. I want the accountants. I your bad days it's like you know hello my listening and hearing and the hearing that could change that but the dark lines would look who's talking right now silent tell people. You're hearing voices figure hearing. You'll only the positive things it except have good for you work at a one I'll listen to that helped quell. More now that out Rebecca. What if you don't know the difference what is your hearing these things and we've all had these internal struggles and we're not sure which is the right way to go on. These could be things that you know in. In a relationship with a parent and in an hour and a love life type relationship you might be being pulled into different directions you think one things right but you're being heart's telling you something else honey I know what the right way to move this. That's exactly the struggle that is the struggle that people experience let's say lake effect. Somebody's set on edge okay and in that marriage it's been they've been married for a long time and all of a sudden. It's kind of loses its to bad. As someone else comes along. And all of a sudden they're exactly what you're looking for how you wanted to beat the Catholic now what we do my post became married without presenting you with a new person I'm supposed to. US if you put on the posted deal. So what I really help people is that he wanted to have this situation different I have to do it attacked the spears on a passed this situation. And like doing what. One person let's say you can't the situation you're dealing with it now a the benefit of the doubt you go back you recruit you to deal with that you'd you figure out what am I feeling act in this situation what might. Not doing anymore that I could do it if IQ would it improve the situation. That's one way to do that because it hit you that walked away. Then that means that the wrestling can stop for now you know that that her sentence. It was coming into my life may not be that wanted it to but I I I walked away from what was once good. And it may not be you may be at an abusive situation that you know that that other person is there to help kick out of it. And so I really help people if you're struggling or really truly wrestling with a decision like it from the right here is that I don't know. It passed the situations you'll look at the current situation. And you'd decide have they given it my all. Have I provided that person with the opportunity or the situation with the opportunity. To be everything I needed to be east. And if you answered yet developed and that person or that situation cannot rise to that. To that level and you got everything he can't beat you have exhausted all options. And he had not. And it made it very well be that it's time to walk out of the of the job our relationship of uncle living situation. It sits up high and canned. If it's gonna help you grow it it's going to improve your situation. And you go for it there are any kind of doubts I always tell people you're not done yet. If you have a doubt of any inkling in your mind and you walk away you're gonna and that turning around and looking back. And that. That's bad that's kind of like whit what I would. Pay it right. One of the messages that came viewed not as kind of went out with lots life. And they only give me these references to things that I really get you know at some point I don't even know some of the biblical epic. But people like oh really that's really cool because that's just support sort of say. But if you're gonna turn around look back you're not done with that situation yet it's not complete. And that you'd think that you can a person everything the you have. You know the benefit of the doubt what you need extort book what ever hit and if you have well and to a lot of that it's not your journey to try to fix someone and make them fits your life. You know I think. Or and I get that but everybody's perception of the situation is going to differ. And it. That's. That's a tough situations well and I know he we have to take a break and we can get more and to that we come back phone numbers 84468776. X wagon tall treaty 84468776. X nine you'll soon Jason GB. I start to. Those darn orange slice candies are just really good but then I go to open the microphone and make him move my mouth so hopefully answer assert strategist and ice pack yup Monday at 600 it will be my third year of the reductions true that I can resist images candidate welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio were going to be opening up our phone lines in just a little bits and jumped on the phone number 2844. 6877669. Or guest Rebecca Foster will be doing some readings for you when you call and Rebecca what's. When when some is gonna call in for a reading on as an intern next hour what did you information do you need from them. And and grant so they just do they ask you question are you just. Just get him on the line is that they're silent and some other things and I donated Saudi there man or woman to sit their silent. Yeah it that they want to think hire whatever that's fine I don't care but my biggest thing it has always then. So that nobody object and say oh she knew that because so she seagate that's how she got that I I will. I won't read anyone anytime they Canseco they are fully cover it does it could it not mean so I. Compact at what I read I completely remove myself from an eight and from the idea. And I allow everything to come through it out how people feel that helped totally crazy to me however. I learned to say crazy. Skip to yeah I don't need a think. We have a couple of minutes before it to jump under our top of the hour break and we'll open up the phone lines during that break but I want to ask you about your book the beach is a journey of answers. And I've also noticed that when you do readings you refer to people. As you refer to you the reading as their beach explain how that works and is that a metaphor uses that does that actually what you're seeing. No it's what I'm seeing is what my guy kind of trained me to understand that went. And stayed just act that the first thing I'll look for for everyone at the beach. And the beach represented safety security and crowd being bought or any kind of present problems and situations that interpret that opportunities. That people feed coming at them just depends on how everything is presented to me that this whole bad. That I actually drawn out potential people disagree you are. Posted it yet I really need to do that. Felt that for they've kind of told me that taught me and everything comes through symbolically so. They'll show me. Like a movie clip special meal who'll face of what's going on and then I'll tell people. The people I'm reading for this is what I see and then outlook held I want them different what this means. So it's just like a bit deeper ways for them to show me what things. What's going on in the life. I came before we jump into the break here where can people find your book. They can go to Barnes & Noble dot com Amazon.com they can check out its its it's. A quick read basically to just help guide people and to get to realize their own gift. Customer we're talking with Rebecca Foster again a spiritual medium we're gonna take your calls and open up the phone lines here. As we get in to break it to 8446877669. If you haven't Yemen she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial like FaceBook page. Then head to beyond reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app which allows atlas of lie catch Pashos joining online chat and more. You can also listen right from the website and click the listen lies tab and join an online community with TV myself listening rates are from the web site. Well listen my opinion the stations that we Aaron across the country were constantly updating that listen check it Austin. Are this is Jason GM. Or myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome chief each. And welcome back to the show it's great to have already long we of course want to welcome to new affiliates to the beyond reality radio family this week we're really excited to have thought Mobile, Alabama and L Albuquerque. New Mexico and couple great stations there. Soul so that's morals or six point five mobile WA VH FM one of six point five in Mobile, Alabama. TT BL 10:50 AM in Albuquerque, New Mexico and concrete channel all those folks are joining the show and info those folks are listening for the first time even wanna know the phone number it's politics. That's their OS and stayed for 4687766. On her phone lines are full right now. On as we get ready to take calls for our guest Rebecca Foster. But as we take those calls lines we'll open up and you'll be able to call and I just one remind you what we've got coming up the next couple nights. A tomorrow night June Lungren will join us June is a demon sear any psychic medium. We'll be discussing animal and unique communication negative entities spirits ghosts in paranormal investigations. And when is there will be talking Robert co picky he's an author and three time of year tests survivor which it's I mean one times more yeah times sparks yet it really does he wrote a book called how to get to heaven without really dying and that's were going to be talking about insurgent right. Doctor bill shot will join us to talk about cannibalism cannibalism in the animal world. And in humans and Emmy some little weird but there have been cases throughout history work people had to resort to that for survival. There's also medicinal cannibalism and some ritual stuff too in some cultures will be talking about that it does a really sound weird when it's coming from the Shia. I guess when it comes from her now because it's just sense that he does something for today and normal Thursday accessed are about people leading people. It says exactly right so I'll be sure to join us from those programs again or guest tonight is Rebecca Foster her website is Rebecca Foster dot CEO. Her book is called the beaches a journey of answers and Rebecca are you ready to take some phone calls. Mary you reduce Jeff Yellowstone let's start wins he has been in Toronto he has been welcome to the program to caviar. You'd be different than. Command yes then how are you don't answer that people. Didn't mention that you get people out there are. No not in the first thing that for you that you're guide it in the eighth. Is that you are how. Let me turn your energy is at this place you are standing by the edge eight stream and you'd have all Canton. Some high heels are not very high and he. And along share average ticket design can accomplish what we are so amazing and the water businesses. That at the water's very brassy it's very fluffy grass very beautiful. Stream it over for at this very shallow crystal clear and you reached down and you picked that fish up out of the water. Any kind of lead you to talk to its. He's thinking it. He put it back in the water and I think you may think it etiquette so check your whispering our luck that you. That act out on the water and I'm looking around I backed up I'm looking for away free to crush supporters how she could across the water. And this doesn't. Seemed to be a situation where you're crossing from somewhere to go to a new place. It almost looks as if this is the blocking and it's coming from. Becoming ill with passed over the public or other securities. So it would be on the paternal side of the family. And it's an answer to a question or direction and it's somewhat. Countered that the saints. They worry buyer now. That we can. That you're resource center blessings block com from your current situation you don't have to look elsewhere you don't have to go outside your comfort ballots to count these left. Near you or come to you it's all within your reach already said it is sometimes we look outside of both things and you don't have to do that it's. All right within your grasp right now and it will either find humor make itself couldn T you and that the culprit that's what it says she would you put that actor Michael thank you what you're asking the question and here's the answer. Sold months. Few Sweeney I really need it that you don't mind. It very well I got I think he retired. They circle you. Yes thank thank you as in the scooter do you draw in Florida he. Do you can speed and he's from home they need. Right here cat okay. So you'll have a you have a lot of light around ill and I fear energy. When you walked toward me. You almost look like hate. And your energy kind of spikes around you. So what they tell me what the first thing your rights act in all is that you'll kind of act as a beacon to people around you. And an. It's interesting because it's almost as if you have an ability to be able to block certain energy had. By your start like keep it around his core point that. That it is blocked feed the people would be attracted Q but at the same type you have the ability made it through time where if you're putting it. To be able to protect your own energy your own psychic and I think that like lightly in quote I guess it's sort psychic. What psychic energy and and being happy can means that people who aren't locked or who are really seeking or thirteen. They they're. There anarchy will pick up your energy and not look like they're looking at Cilic who should help right it's that there energy is picking up on your ability. He helped heal and give us. And so they won't find their way to heal and that usually those that are trouble or having issue. But that the patent thing here is that you have this. Funnies spiky energy that says although you would help them you don't enable them and so you're able to turn off. And allow them if you will always on their own. And again. Not enabling energy that you're kind of the kind of giving you a confirmation that they're hoping new. Alcatel means that you made an experience like digits like 1112 GG 333. And you may find that they communicate. And everybody they experience these things to sponsor. Eight they're trying to really connect with you might find a lot of pennies others indicted and so they're letting you know at the confirmation that there are around helping you know and help mr. continue to help others that makes. No yeah it didn't happen. Month month. As being diagnosed to a thousand on rumors. And it. I didn't cancel our machines and looked around and not team and I had ten many coal and how are about it. Chi is bill prior stand there mainly men. I truly miss. Slipped to eat out. And out then Bay Area and move on teen age if they don't night. Guard differences only getting heated charge you're right back kept mayor he had to take care my mother. Well let me just really quickly connects it used to your mother has alzheimer's let me just see if I can even connect. Terror perjury you know it is indeed you any kind of advice as to what you should do because that's kind of how work. And you're. I can tell you this that when I. Try to reach your mom she I can tell you that she is not. She's more in a place. That is. Like that spiritual I think that I'm looking at like six it's more like she is very disconnected from her typical pot. And so anything that you're going to be doing for your mom at this point is going to be. Basically just from your heart it's going to be helping. The person that you see it maybe it's. And it. Her and it looks like there's like five people around her. You went created. And moon. And I don't I don't know why. But I can and feel that. Yeah that that's not something I think I can really go into an in depth on the radio beginning a limited time. Yeah you're gonna do is. Focus can't get up your mother. And don't fall into any of the bickering or the fighting or that or they attitude that. Big issues that are out of that earthly stuff just do what you have to do for your mom that's pretty much right to leave it for now. Yes thank you for the call your draw the telephone numbers 84468776690. Trying if you're having trouble getting through the winds are pretty busy. I wanted to ask director before they take the next call. Frequently. You know people might get frustrated if if they ask a question you don't get the answer right away but this isn't tenement on command saying you get the information you get. Yeah no one I especially love doing that the guys say they won't give me what that person needs that a very quick. Tied at that he may not be expecting and it may not be what they want a year. And I tell people that and so it really is just what they need to know right now in this moment in the short time span. An and that's really what a person meet its its not like it you know people can elect to greater things however. It's it's much more satisfying to know that I'm able to give somebody something that they are supposed to have they got paint four biggest app that they need to know right now. Our let's go to this is Jerry in South Carolina he Gerri welcome to the program Iran with Rebecca Foster. They know how Ariel. Answer that. Okay Jerry let's take a peek here. I'm not. The first thing that they show. It's interesting could it looks like you're in a room that is like what panel now I've not actually remote viewing you right now that don't take that to heart. But you're sitting in front it's about it there's it would be handling all right at the couch. It's to our and a TV is trying to deal and that the development did not like it definitely. Symbolism that they're showing me. And it smell like. Like a TV dinner at all. It's difficult to put something quick cooked something that's. So packing up out of this hit the first thing they want yet two of the action is to add that there is like this cup missing cloture. Where something epic and it's something has happened that has left an open door wait for you and both are no fun. It it almost looks as if you'll did not have a chance to ask somewhat something you can kids do. Get clarification. And there's this loneliness around this whole idea the whole picture here. The very quickly I'm going to pick up 'cause I need some clarification as to what they're trying to show yield. That puts you down on your speech and I know people like that you got in your beads. And you say OK I don't wanna be here the that this could tell. Is that there is something going on where you're not comfortable with yourself or the situations around your right now the parent a lot of speaking. And that it's it's almost when I put someone down on the beach in this is not a place that they wanna be it helped me. That there are issues and things to work out personally I would end and that I would. And clearly say that it's kind she'll let Cole out things that are out of your control. And two. Actually Egypt wanna kind of couple way you kind of wanna get up and walk away and that may be right that they also put trying to track on the road because it is kind of like get up and go actually we re going get kept. We're trying to get some freedom going. So much coming at the same time but I'm hearing Helen not to go Taylor told not to walk away try not to run just tell him. Kill kill with what is exactly happening right now the feeling to go with that and technology and then release set. And it L com account to for keeping self. Letting go and for things that you have no responsibility over more control over and and again. I can't there's so much here that I would psychologically you. But I I'd limited. Yeah oh yeah we actually have to go to a break cure we're gonna run out of time sewage is Gerri thanks for the call we have to let you go. We're gonna take quick break we'll come back with more of your phone calls beyond reality pretty decent. RC 44687766. And I took to calling that other one gets gas. Six or whatever yeah it's pretty clear some say numbers in this series around a bit yeah I just keep trying to give you some combination you'll probably get them get them out our guests on his Rebecca Foster Rebecca is busy in the chat room during the breaks and she's also busier on air. When we are not on break and Rebecca let's continue assuming it one more call in here before an expert they would sheets up fast and furious here. But this is Harry in North Carolina Harry welcome to the program. Already. We're back all you can and I just wanted to get like sort of day Vietnam. Against. General Annan reading. Absolutely. Okay Harry let's take a peek here what's happening with ill. Would equals. The one who you have says. It's funny to kick your energy. Is to it. I'm hearing two different things so all it. Probably get maybe your name is an area I don't care but anyway it was no no honey can handle that. There it is presently in agreement says that the presentation. About who you are. It's different than who you actually are. And sell it it that's probably. Something that it just baby it light for the way that people. Look at fuel or. Keep up the question right maybe give people like me for who I am or what I can provide for them to people like me for who I am as a friend or. What they think they can get out of me in. So it could be that. They're looking at cheap tickets sucking out a few and it could be that. Based think they can get. How do you prevent its only interest seeing a very chameleon like I'm like you would make it feels person you'd make a great lawyer would make. Some I am. But as some what you have to remove your inflict an ocean. And be able to do something. Com where you'll have to is totally focused on the task in the very short limit times and it's important that some of thirty seconds precisely. That kind of an energy you have respect engineering minded and if you miss read by people though who you are is not always presented. And I think maybe it's a protective thing that you might do it's it's cool I'd it's really neat because there's a lot behind the curtain it's likely and we demand and a curtains. And dole. If only this little light that I am I a that I was initially shown to kind of prevent that and it's cool it's neat. But make sure that you are 100%. Keeping of your help others dependent. You'll that attracts that in return by genuine people that that you'll. You'll have people around you like gas that are important to you that. Are also willing to give it seems like Amy that there's people around you who only. Mir what you provide them and then you're asking yourself why am I not getting a 100% from the individuals either at the French are part inter relationship and it it's because. They're kind of mirroring back what you're giving them. So maybe that is solid attack I hope you can see that not everybody out there. Is bad. That that that the relationship that you can get up and coming up. To be completely fulfilling. It's just you're making sure that you are giving exactly what you want in return. Perry can't yet Perry camp. Thanks so much for the phone culinary more to come after the break you suggest in June. Because we've got. Orchestral backup Foster to keep trying as we go through our callers obviously lines we'll open up to get a chance to maybe get through. Yeah and that number's 844687766. Night until freed 8446877669. Rebecca I want to do kind of touch on this and and we do have a lot of closer we get to them pretty quickly be you featured on an unsolved mysteries for helping police located at locating a missing person a missing man and and a murderer is a true. Out out that was but little while ago it helped too with police cases before. But the one month apart mysteries is actually a mother's. Character actor and my mom was telling her what I do specific things she called and got a reading and I didn't know really about it. She just that I can you tell me anything at about EU court some more. Well since it and that's really option set and so. I can't reading on her and it came through. Where to find him and that your brother where to find him and where you would be an candidate Howell and she'd have the police go to the place that they count him and then unsolved mysteries completed because they'd been following the case against. They keep posted up there but yeah it's it's like Jack. Again I've done a few police cases not all of I don't I'm not one of those people jumped I wanted to sit. It hit me or somebody says hey Rebecca. You know can you fight on this picture. Appetite is under way this story's popped like an alien thing. Our let's go to let's go back to the listener line this is millennia from march from actually calling from Syria welcomed the show. All. Right let's take a peek at what you doing you ark line I mean what appears should be. But dusty laughed at her trusting and then you're claiming it here kind of brushing things out of your way and it's funny because these letters. There on the beach area we are pleased to have them but the fact that it on the beaches saying that it's grounding. They are safe and secure any decisions and choices you make great now and that a latter would meet that you're bumping up. But that it would be breaking through a feeling that conflict there. And the fact that it's just he is also telling me to tell you that this could be something that will be like reprisal it'll be something from your past that you may have overlooked or. Walked past at some point and thought you know what qualities that have really like to do that. As the letters that appear any date you're walking epic now are kinda get now Horry will be converted. And they don't be discouraged if it seemed like this can work is that even possible now. You're kind of saying gulf war and babies to learn new language it's still back to school it's that it's something that you will. Just we consider that you turned away from in the pro in the path and the saint Dudack I think you also have to listen to what appears to be like. An energy. Coming through Q the penal support from the other side that it would feeling like it's maternal energy like grandmother energy. So. And it's funny picture can't see something else she's not calling you. Can calm me like cash. And music games and it's short. I can't I can comforted to excel when she finishes like cheese going and it accountant. Like I like you would do to an animal or something in between here and they can't make it out exactly but. It's taken that six to tell you to that don't don't be afraid of anything spiders a couple of those keep climbing keep going for it and don't walk away from. As a opened up to this time. And that is. Your message to not the crack again we don't want her craft. And other appointment before it stopped talking. Aiming it comes from the past. That you walked away from previously written. I read presents itself to you again this is something that you want to do this is something you want it and that you wrote in your life that I really wanted to that this time. They took. Yeah thanks for the call and you appreciate you listening and being in the chat room with a written all the other folks let's go to Rick in Kansas City Rick welcome you're on with Rebecca Foster. I'm. Erica hi I'm Rick I would bet you are but. I don't want to I'll tell you so let's take a peek and so Rick. Let's see what you have going on here and your energy is such agree energy. It freaked food squishy and Conley senior and taking care of people and how it calmed. It can't accept that really giving loving caring energy like you to take your shirt off and get to a person on the street if they were called it you know or wet or whatever. A you have an agitated and they get like a hopeful phonetic you want that built hoping people. There you also have it and I achieved that. Help is far it like I say even people and I think it sometime we'd pick these energies. We don't you know what caught fire fighter I would be if correct would be a doctor and they hit it the funny part is that the energy was coming at Catholic you're supposed to actually come to compensate people. And so we misinterpret. Some people in island work may work for spectrum or for AT&T because there's thought to going to communicate. And it just sometimes in this interpretation and you're doing it's like saying that regardless the plea deal as long did you are. They don't wanna just generalize and say you know helping little guy eating people I don't wanna do that but it in such a short on time. Looking at this you'll also I you have around you know what looks. Perhaps and they look like a bunch of servicemen all kind of arm in arm around behind it was felt. They give me the idea if there's somebody your family was in the service for you were in the service that there's a bunch of people why you arm in arm they look. I'd look at them and I would think these kind of looked like. They'd be like Vietnam or. Something may look like they would be it career or convict they're definitely not my dress twelve or two still would be like a grandfather energy. The younger guys. And then the next initially and I know it at a quick I don't hurry up but it's like just a barrage of information free that the huge American flags. That I spoke to show you know and could be intentional I'm not sure that it means brother our brains but there's that big. So I don't know of any of that makes sense to you but. Some who had done this here thank you. It's very locked out have a great night they keep calling and. Thanks for the call Rex yeah okay let's go to Susan in Kansas City hey Susan welcome to the show. I think yet. Thank you end it is okay very. You will the one thing that's coming through right away is that you're going to have another option opportunity coming into your world. Still. Bring in another in com. And it impetus secondary income. And it also feel like it's something your comfort song but it is additional money income. Well. I don't that they have for everything it feels like it will be if something to help fifteen. Or will view through. Passage or a certain point in your life right now and it's a positive thing and it. I wanna call it today. I'm Richard helping hand for to respect. For one financial aspect of it until the camaraderie that is brought an by these new connections with these people that you'd be working around. Kelly you know our if you are contemplating. A new job or a second job or something on the fly past of the creative and hearing it tight it. Go for that it's going to be a positive impact your life. And it's also gonna deal with your personality your ability to lead people. Because it's your energy feels very beautiful and so. People be attracted cute not only believe that you speak but also how you look and how you present. And so this'll be a positive and it helped. The Grohl. In the process of helping others to grow this as a positive thing ethical part absolutely. And it contemporary art that could make it longevity I think if you wanted to. Susan thank you for the phone call let's go to Stephanie in Wisconsin as we try to get through all these calls Stephanie you're on the air. I deputy. I'm OK let's take a peek at Il. You'd have energy around you and you feel like you've got someone around you right now. Male energy. This that there are usually at his light bulb go you know you have to answering I think I'm just talking but. You'll have a meal and cheer around you break out that this could tell me that you might have liked static think's happening in animals would react to it and if you look like. From where I'm standing up I was remotely viewing you know I would be almost looking down. Scared. Or her as getting edit doorway that would lead to appeasement working fairly downstairs as sound like it just. Initial awful hard to Jay or Jeanne sound comes through. And one of the wrote a note if we expect. One in yet acknowledge. Light that would change that you would have to like pull up which aren't. Want to meet its I don't know why he said maybe it's something that you would recognize. But let us hanging like there's an earlier poll which are definite change down in the middle of the room. Which you Dolly creepy. I hate asking questions so they also looks like there's like a smaller. More white within maybe some brown and that. It could be a dark but I didn't twit rattled Ottawa once in awhile and take it very well could be cap but it looks marble. That at all from around you and it feels as if that energy might be attached to me you know and so. It may just be within a home but it can create. And expect you know can create strife within our that was that family or relationship and it catches it is definitely misinterpret what. There are cropping up to peel and we've protected. And so that if they're feeling stressed out are afraid or what we might protected and others and people like what is going on can cause issues that relationship. So what I would just suggest just using you or you're facing your spirit and just. Asking whatever would be to leave your water to catch. And I don't wanna freak you out they they don't wanna freak you out but it just feels like it's something that you can take control of and that your face is very strong and that you would be able to unclear how. Again analog not sure I think it would be a living animal but it can be on the test over but. Something very simple and it well at. I think the main purpose here guys want me Italian about it is that it'll help you to clear mind keep your last thought he helped me to sleep at night. Stephanie thank you for the phone call we gonna move along quickly here this is Sheila calling from buffalo they Sheila welcome to the show. Thank you for taking my call hi Sheila how are you don't answer that statement just habit to ask people against top. She late do you have. A female who is living around right now. Appreciation slipping and the Adam. There's like. I would have to say it like at the chili bonds because it's a friend typical front. I'm not sure which one it EO. Has made both of you have darker hair shorter. And there is this that there should be able to locking down the street it's like this wonderful thing happening here. And it not like her twins but that tweeting like meeting. Not see full plate but it principle here is flight time. Connecting with that individual here. And it is important bond and it feels medically related. It is getting through something in you having already been through something in and sealed in in charity or. Fixed. Apple however whatever the word is but I can't come up was but. As far as your health. They're saying that having gotten through something and then helping someone else get through something as others is leaning on each other leading shoulder. And and you have to keep cable around you so that's helped me that there is spending healing process going on around your energy. And that will come through both personal reflection and and and and prayer as well. Out tight healing and so I guess that's part of the message to actually know that there is this healing that's happening around you. And then also if I were political they're very quickly and it would look it would be something maybe auto immune related. Because the white blood cells around she they were quite immediate spending increased a little bit and so that would. Despite some form of infections sometimes you know it just. It's just wanting me to acknowledge how the body is hiding something within itself right now. And it paint peeling around you know and then this email around to that will be going to something calculated as well that you will help support. I hope that makes sense to you. Thank you can yeah. I agree I. Thanks for the call Sheila Ari. This one's going to be ups you Rebecca we have so maybe it's two and a half minutes left you do a quick reading we begin with Terry and you are OK so let's go to let Tawny calling from Missouri Tony welcome to the show. Eating. Honey okay so Freel. You aren't a break Michael you are a great habit your guide serves like like yelling at each held her. Bad habits have to be stopped like. And Nicky and it's not like a bad habit like an addiction it can be is that relationship or personal people kind of an addiction. That you are attracting certain people feel you are lake. You would have what I would call a sheet of conflict free you are out to help heal and solve everybody's problems. And felt people would come to you that they all the past and it got problems. When Italian let me tell you would like you and that you know how people just like kind of for a lot everything on you I would package and I think you would be great behind are doing here. Anything worry you just have to be quiet and listen to people talk and it it it's just like. You have this energy that the Europe beat you here where people archived. They're all wanting to talk Q it SharePoint Wiki but the same time you're also attract teams are affected people so there's things you need a break habit. You need aid even need to stop attracting or allowing certain people in your life could be learned that last sentence. You don't need to learn it anymore and you need to focus on. You know. As for finally finally potty pack finally in life. And you need to cut people off that they don't you know let I don't have time for that today or he'll and feel I need to go to different me. Very important it's time for it in this in your life and it looked like you may have some. You may have to work on that a little bit to get that base in time. For yourself but it's time for Egypt is that it's very important street do this now. Dealt breakaway. Help that make sense for a. Tony thank you. Okay good time today thank you thank Evan Carl Russo and simply running out of time here. And Rebecca you've got to manage here and people obviously we've given up the website Rebecca Foster dot CO. And you what what's what do you find a security website. Basically they would find any kind they've figured out how to contact me I have all the links up there that they do regular by extremists. I can repeat things all the time that somebody has something that should begin wanna get out and see what comes through. I do the life Jiabao put out an out as people can't output on the web site Twitter YouTube and you can follow. Describe how everyday and I do it that you'll see when I'm gonna be getting on and and people can contact me at so many different ways with social media now. And I I respond though. You know I'm I again and I'm I just a person who is trying to help. As much as they can't with Mike yes she is that it well I can't settle. I do respond to people. And I just go to my web site it has contact information. Event that LBJ leading. In and updating note that they happen. Well where most your offense and they essentially located about worry where you live for you travel the country. Yeah I've been I'd actually like I said at the beginning and just starting to really branching out so I didn't scheduling thing is both an Allah well in Illinois Virginia. Iowa and Wisconsin right now. So. Just wherever people are saying come by and he. Rebecca it's been great having you on the program thanks so much for being with us all. Think you know I I'd love being thank you so much you guys taking JB I really do appreciate it. Eddy Cue for contacting you replied I really think you got a lot it's a lot of fun. It's on a collision it's always a pleasure of the green eleven million are we're gonna take a quick break we'll come back to wrap things up it's beyond reality. Thanks so that the Foster which. Independent. Nation tuning in on it. We got June Lungren nominee demon sea air and psyche mediums should be a great show. Greatly appreciate all the support you guys are the reason shows such success and we know so. Or is Jason GBM beyond really reveal catch Omar and I. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell students who didn't. Yeah true and normally you don't really read news. Yeah. You know stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jackson household and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.