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June Lundgren discusses her experiences as a demon seer

Mar 29, 2018|

Jason HAwes & JV Johnson talk with Dem,on Seer, Psychic/Medium June Lundgren about her work and experiences. June is also an animal communicator. 3/28/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Aaron I. It's Tuesday on the West Coast when handling skills and you start somewhere between low and beyond reviews myself Jason Allison is awesome NG each arms so. Are you ready for these fireballs are going to be streaking through the sky over the course of the next united says this Chinese space station comes tumbling back to earth. A little scary if there's a lot scary and that things are heavy one too so yeah they're talking about this thing is starting to answer the Earth's atmosphere sometime between march 30 in April 2 that's when they expected to come into the atmosphere start to burn off. But debris will be hitting the earth they expect and the places that need to be concerned there's still much sure entirely. Focused on well Cooper zones not on the list but it's just stress does parts of the northern haven't it's going to be in the Northern Hemisphere at cities including Boston de Moines Detroit Milwaukee. Philadelphia and Salt Lake City are all potential blow up spots. A population that some of this debris could hit Powell Powell I didn't I didn't know that aid that I had heard numerous reports are talking about areas but. That's all scared yet they they're not they're not necessarily concerned they say the actual. Chance of any kind of human injury based on the on this reentry is very very minimal but it's not out of the question. So I would recommend as it gets a little closer I would imagine we have a little more information probably by. Our Thursday night show will probably have a pretty good idea where it's gonna come anywhere might hit. That dead people by some hard hats and we can fit into their basements I don't know I don't know what to recommended this and more so this is April 2 so when march 30 if he's our second is that is the rains just don't April fool's joke plus business owners who it is serious now speaking of April fools I mean this is the first time since 1965. That April fool's Easter will fall on the same that's an interesting thing. And this is those two I mean I just don't need to for the show it's I've I blinked still a little. Confused about Easter being this weekend personal still freezing your in the northeast via secondly. It's just it's awfully early this year it seems. I want him but it's it's so this the first time since 1965. Today they'll fall on the same day the next time will be 20/20 nine. It's time after that'll be 2040. And then we may June that'll be it for the century watermelon month so that's when 41 unit units have a really big party. If it's a lesson for the Centralia idea. I mean not to be leasehold match when he two years and opportunities and immediately yeah entities swell and doing the show will still be here broadcasting yeah how has sealed. As we take care insurance and so but I RA if you haven't animation head over to FaceBook dot com slash BI under reality radio with FaceBook page for. Then had to be under reality radio dot com. The final stations we air on a cross country can download free iPhone and enter it out which allows you to listen life cast the show on ago. And all that which click the listen live and you can listen right on line joining GG myself a degree in eighty people in the online chat room if you download showed us a favor and archery at forest has helped push forward and makes it easier for people fine. That's what it's all well. Yeah and you get to participate in great chose like we're going to have tonight with the June Lungren she's a demons sear and a psychic medium we're really talking about. Negative spirits. Negative entities ghosts animal communication not sure how that fits into the picture but we'll find out. And this whole idea of a demon sear verses a demon college's. According to June it's 222 very different things will get into that discussion. All the stuff that team acknowledges these days because anybody who reads about and being demon colleges just means the study right the study demons right. I mean you can pick up good book and demons tomorrow stern reading it and it's which are calling so human mountains technically were you become one because you're studying it. Exactly so there's just federal fine and on that but a so did you hear. Then what happened this last pass well this past Saturday. A silent or you're pretty much. Just embedded in the in the farmers I didn't have the fund raiser probably didn't hear about this so you didn't hear about the flat earth that are I'm mad money. Blasting off missile and rocket this is the guy that wanted to prove viewers was flats or use building his own rocket that's current and he was going to launch it several times right in several scientific minded canceled so this past Saturday flatter or mad my accused blasted off and homemade rocket he launch himself. And was able to hit a height of each team 175. Feet in the air does that throw the I think it is a trampoline helps get hectic in an effort to reach orbit and reassure himself the world the sheet like a frisbee now you're not gonna reach or entity 270 feet yeah 61 year old limo driver said he was fine apart from his peeking back after the launch near Campbell California. And now this is from him. Tired of people saying chickened out I didn't polar rocket. He said after being checked paramedics I'm tired of that stuff so Amanda and I did it. Mr. Hughes worked on or holing his rocket his garage for months before launch and Saturday which was given the go ahead by older Cora who owns land men men might launch from. Mike it can converted a mobile home. It to a ramp and modify its launch of vertical angle so that you did not fall back to the ground on public land. It appeared Saturday might not actually cancellations can win. Sometime after 3 PM gas without even a countdown he's and he just wants front pages and nobody is yet to count down for nobody's won just push the buttons on surrendering a two guys are writing and importantly blown so far. But he reached a speed and that he estimates around 350 miles per hour before pulling its parachute. Problem drivers dropping too fast when he had to deploy a second parachute and everything else but. He led to a solid than those rocket broke off to different places supposedly has designed. Com heated seats reporters I'm glad I did yeah I guess I'll feel the morning and I won't really get out of bed. Nada in the future he wants to build rock coup in which is a rocket that is carried into the atmosphere by a gas filled balloon. That separates. From the balloon doesn't have like the stripe across the guy is like her record I don't. It is separate from the balloon. When lit this would take this take about 68 miles I'm. He also plans to run for governor Californians. The I mean sixty miles is definitely a big change from is eighteen hundreds. Out of whatever that each unit two was the rocket one of those water rockets that you get UK department of water do you pump it up there and it took me. Legally and formally drone attack on his back four times and height and of course I'll like the middle of the desert bottom. I guess the bottom line is regardless of whether yet the rocket in the and that I have to say it didn't get credit that's that's a that's an amazing feat unto itself to build a rocket and actually get a launch but he wasn't really able to come up with a new incidents it's gonna prove flat earth or not. I think you're doing that from 18100 is that he feeds get a lot higher than that I mean that's about hey congratulations for him getting getting up there and good luck and run for governor for California and I'll and the rock cool only wanna hear about the Cochran I mean this just sounds it is heat. On a couple things notice Wednesday night we've got a Robert Pataki joining a season three times near death experience survivor renewed talk about those experiences. And his book it's called how to get to heaven without really dying. It's three times I mean that. That's just a wee too many times newest and then Thursday we had doctor bill shoot around that they'll be discussing cannibalism. Any animal kingdom and and also in humans and many more so and also how it's used in rituals and medicinal purposes which can travel rampant and it is what it does. Aren't so let's take a break and the susilo dinner guests are you loosened Jason TV on. Beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check out scare con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out. Our our our our chief Sanjay can break down the phone numbers you can use it later when we open up her phone lines it's 8446877669. Com our guest June Lungren is a demon seer and a psychic medium and we talked about a whole bunch of things and if we have some time may do even better to do some readings later in the show depending on the how time goes we didn't launcher readings last night with record Foster so that's on our intention night but you know most of time works out to dinner and I mean if we get fitted with us to be able to do for yet Jews of website is mystic connections dot ORG mystic connections dot org she's got a number of books on the market including the mediums guide to the paranormal paranormal encounters one into and the dark side of the paranormal just a couple of them. Let's go to our lists her guests trying to bring junior and he Jim welcome to beyond reality radio script heavy on. Straight to be here that. Having me. Excrement on ninety a bit of a an introduction here but there's a lot more to your stories also about yourself. I'm a nurse and nurse for over forty years. And then helping people live there paranormal issues. Ever since I can remember. Grew up whip my grandmother. Who was also a medium. And she cut me. How to tell the good from the bad and how to help bring my hips forward and it was kind of a challenge. Inspect damage as well as I'm done you know people didn't can. And psychic powers is there anything else scenes and as a teenager you wanna be part of this weird or strange. So you kinda kept it to yourself even though and our family all the women have Gibson is the kind natural for us. I guess spent five years that Terry. Where I got my Anderson's training. I joined. Before I graduated from high school and then left after that. And I'm band remote mean. England for about 2627. Years. I'm an animal communicate here and it on a farm. In rural Oregon. Hands. That I am a writer of course and I belong to several panel teams. The original one was it and still lives northwest paranormal investigated team. And I branch stopped and formed. A group. Powell goes in girls paranormal we specialize in. Negative identification and removal. And then I have been. Made a an honorary member. That age paranormal and the UK. I left over their last chance and great lewd and deem and that's and at that age her. And how long long time. And that I still keep in contact. With owner rabbit Vanessa Mitchell. And I'll be going back in September. We're gonna get into oldest demons stone saw a little bit later in our discussion don't learn a little bit more about you but some was fascinated when. We have somebody on the program who has gifts and sensitivities. As to how they were growing up with sammon how they dealt with Sam arm and as you mentioned you know he didn't wanna seem strange to your friends are as a child. But you also had other family members Wear the same type of guests and sensitivities. Did you recognize what you had would you to confuse you as a child and as you were growing up or did you just kind of suppress it into your your ready to deal with it. It was always there because my grandmother and noticed it early on I might other kind of talk me off at my. Grandmother trying to sell a baby and so. Furiously for the first five years and she noticed that Gibson. And so she started teaching me about it right away. And so it became natural for me to use them and she also though. Spoke. Being careful with my gifts and. You know how some people wouldn't understand when she was a girl. She had you know. A lot of abilities and her mother told her. That she needed to be careful not to use that how bleak. Because spec then they would Christian mental institution locked up. So that was kind of a family secret that was passed on from generation to generation. And over the years Koresh I tell people where there are issues with honking and things like that in. And. It's just and I was doing ghost. Goes. Investigation long before it was popular. So was I. And a lot of it is but the one thing is also though being open and being sensitive. Especially at a young age is is a dangerous situations well because you don't know how to control you don't know how to shut yourself down. And a lot of times these things are coming around. People who are sensitive or open because they're sort of like lantern in the woods attracting moths to a I'm because they're giving off a different different type of energy different type of late. So it's a really it's that it's a tough situation for a younger individuals to to deal that was and she says. It is if you don't have someone if you don't have an answer. It can be very very difficult fortunately coming in my grandmother had dealt with negatives. And so she taught me how to tell the difference between now the good and the bad and and how they can tricky sometimes and how to look beyond lacked. They wanted to see and see their real. Entity beneath that. And for me that was ski and still is because he they can. We change your mind. And make you see them as they wish to be seen they'll reach him and help find your. You know you're scariest. What you did you know what you think it even would look like and then they magnify that now 400 a hundred times. But you have to be able to look. Beyond that and see what's there I mean they'll show themselves as kids and animals. Has loved ones and friends. And you have to be able to differentiate and that it took me awhile to. Get that down pass that. My grandma told me something she said. You need to stop for a moment. And search yourself. You know what do you feel does it make you feel cold inside. Or doesn't make you feel. Because as negative will make you feel colder in the courier beat. A ghost you can physically cubicle but you can't is. And negative agreement. Okay well all we've got a lot more aware of it we wanna will be getting into we're gonna take a quick. But not the phone numbers 84468776699. Again toll free 8844. 6877669. And we're talking we June Lungren. You listen Jason GBM beyond reality radio. Taking pictures of the show and so. Student instead of this week really excited about getting stations in two new markets. And Mobile, Alabama is one of them Albuquerque, New Mexico is the other one and there were really happy to have both of those. Community is now part of the beyond reality read your family. Absolutely we'll come to be on reality radio friendly in of if we. Don't err on a stationary go all the lists zombie on reality radio dot com you can check that list osment are constantly updating. In at a news stations so we don't Arab station in your area chances are we will relatively soon so again checked that Louis Austin and eventually wannabe pop and. Yeah and the new stations by the way or WA GH FM morning six point five that's in Mobile, Alabama and then also KT BL AM 1015 Albuquerque, New Mexico welcome guys have great to have you as part of our family. So tonight or talking with June Lungren June as a demon senior also a psychic medium her website is mystic connections dot org. She's got a number of books out including a mediums guide to the paranormal and the dark side of the paranormal. And at June I want I want to take you back a little bit because you talk about demons is though. You know it's kind of just like a Tuesday afternoon for do I am assuming you don't treated that casually but you've been doing it long enough that you feel pretty comfortable talking in dealing with. You know have been doing it for her so long and they've meant I have always known. Where they where you know last night even as young child. I knew where they Wear what they Wear but. It really didn't start dealing with the amount removal basis. And you know I have my motorcycle accident and I died Jan Michael said you know. This is you know this is the job that you have to do you have to go back. And you have to is the removal. And you know it took me awhile to come to terms with that in. Kind of you know and I I have Michael the archangel with me since I was born so I'm used to it am. And he said you know this is just something that you have to do. And. Analysts like it at about 28 years ago. Place so you actually you'd die from motorcycle accident. And that it was likely dead tree two minute. And when you die you know they may Q we live all that lives that you've ever lived. Hand back to the course soul you know as a missile has its own name. Unlike anyone that chair likely to have. In the physical world and dance. And Canada and eye opener because when and I I ain't initially living my life. I get to. The course Poland. And he's just that says he'll bark like process in your area there Angel. And Michael and never even heard of field there archangel. And he's site but look at out. Michael at wicket of the camera. So there's not a lot on her and she's. The the by the guard determined god. And her name means lion that god so. I had to have Michael in Hampshire only. In my head he showed me and my and what she was he said. That there were five and and that we're what do you would be equivalent of the leak snipers. In the physical world they. Dealt with the humans it was their job to. Deal with the demons and kill limit necessary. And that there's aerial and Michael. And they feel Raphael and Gabriel those where the fight that where. That sheet he said that she was. Really good shooters like second round him. But unlike and it took me a lot to digest that even come to terms with it. And what I did come to terms with it did Michael taught me how to communicate. With her. And to bring her out when I do removal. People that have seen. The removal with me that in and go with me do it removals. Became external light and I basically. Change is completely. Land and of course I don't even. Well let and then they start taking videos and stuff I'm Mike. Okay whatever. I don't like I pictured it in bodega. So you know you set a lot here we kind of have to break this down a little bit just so we understand it. Tom you had a near death experience you're clinically dead for two minutes during that two minutes and of course time doesn't have any meaning on the other side of the right time isn't earthly measure you but during that time. You were shown all your past lies and you see that's what happens to people when they are in that state. And he says they show you all your past life whose day first of all. Well Michael my grandmother and grandfather were there that Michael. Chose me our lives into basically. Touched my end. And I reviewed them all and seemed like forever. And sheriff just a matter seconds. And then as as as that progressed he got to the point where you were big either add or became your core soul is that we sent. Yeah you have. The soul itself. Has its own name I can't the court so. But it's it's you know it's facility near when you relive all Lisa all of life's. And each cell has its own name individual Maine that is different from anything don't have the physical world. And he said that you know you're Arial the archangel and like I said I'd every heard of area. Yeah to look at out not because I'm not Catholic. So you're being told this you did you want are your coals here cork soul was not aware of this you have to be to hold this and then you had to be taught how do. Palm Beach area and then how to communicate with Arial when you came back to earth. You know it's like. Once. Went under relive all reliant. He says this is too far and it is his aerial. And then it was like I woke up or something in. She became. Ticket here or not. Am fielder feelings. And so it's like a separate NC albums like somebody ripped. You know by pull her or area now local first. Also is aerial is aerial always present where is the other arc angels and new access that part of view when you need it or. He does did aerial threw in in and you become personally again. Yes area and made it and I became seriously again she passed to the I have found out the reason why. Is that she forgot to have compassion for mansion didn't know I have compassion or caring program kind. What ultimately happened was she ripped and demon out of their living human. And the human died. And bait and god said you know. I can't any doing in this you don't have any caring for that person. Is just ripped the demon out did not Karrie Webb at the body died. He said you're going to go back and re live lives and to learn have compassion. So it is this part of your being what makes sure demon seers that's something completely different. Yeah its I have. The ability. To see them in their true form. I can't see them talk to them understand them. And get rid of them. And how lawsuit and will you be somewhere. Will be walking honest reader here in an airport or wherever you happen to be and spot a demon in a crowd of people. I. Does that not good this I'm. I am in America are better and that yeah I can't imagine it happening very often at all and I'm curious some you know if they take these other forms. And most people can't determine distinguish from one of the other. How often is that happening how often these demons walking among us that we don't even realized it's going on because we can't differentiate. And not as prevalent as you would think. Nighttime static and someone will have like an attachment. Council positions are are you know prayer. But every now and then you come across one. But it also promised people that haven't attachments. A you know and the wrong place wrong time or there these things are attracted to like substance abuse and mental disease. You know they get and people that are depressed. Land. Yes they just aren't that I'd check it by all that sort of thing or if you happen to be. No Matt Cain let you know something like people talk about that we boards and things like that. But it all and how he used to. Everything that you used like depth opened the portal. And if people don't close the portal. This thing can count me and that's generally what happens. Well then the main problem with a ouija board is the fact that your your allowing something to use YouTube channel. And Nancy it and I've never been under the belief that feel the portals opening up and so forth. I myself. I work on an endless and I have worked on analysts so call possessing cases where it is tempting to write a preliminary reports by the church's. And often that I work with lists clergy and so forth comment. As they do their ritual that if they deem it and that's which 9999%. Of them. Arm and nothing to do with demonic possession of them are anything from. Over overactive imaginations. And over medicated under medicated self medicated. People would just summed yeah mental mental illness and you never hear of somebody who's not overly overly religious becoming possessed. So I mean he's so so that falls under their over religious people there they seem to be the only ones that end up you know quote unquote possessed. So this of the rarity to find a real possession or am demonic and environment type haunting is is extremely well. Yeah I've only run until one. And I have been in the metro Lyle. You know I know that time. Only one. So June. And you're in your description of what you have seen and you talk about an attachment. Tom as opposed to a full blown possession. Does that mean that these demonic. Entities always need some kind of hosts so either there is a possession or there's attachment 'cause I was on also under the impression that the demon itself can disguise itself as a human aura of animal or some other form but is it is doesn't always require host. Now now I can do it on. The cavaliers they liked to have fun you know they like to terrorize us and you know they speed up the negative. Energy. And you know they can each other's clothes I've seen in. They look at here ahead and they like hey spiders can't really hate spiders. You know what I'd do it does show themselves as you know besieged by later this creepy crawling home and. And it's like really. But they do that innovative electric chair line and they finally your fears are what you're afraid of. And then they show themselves says that what they're afraid of spiders there bugs or adding now. Whatever. But they look at this site. And they formed animation. I had to like amendment like doctors. Because a lot most of the time. They will watch a person. If that somebody in mind state something somebody catches them they're trying. And they'll watch. And watch from a distance. So what trio weaknesses. And watch for. Any thing any kind. Sections. And they know. Just wait for the right time and then they'll move the end it can be a surge usually little amp does something moving here. Or I have been feeling them how old Serb replace. But you know that they get salute and eventually. Analysts analysts say game that you're not really worth their time and effort. They move on a. You were talking would you Lundgren. Emmerich and junior commerce nation by demons we've got a whole bunch of other things talk about as well on the inside of the break but we it's gonna it's going to be you know it's going to be a long night of discussion you're losing oil plot talk about. Yes well parent numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. You're listening Jason TV. The honor earlier you. And open up the phone lines next. It's down 08446877669. Is the phone number. Yes and it is June monogrammed we're talking about demons at this point world's talk about animal communication and some other things as we continue our website is mystic connections dot ORG. I should guide books including a mediums guide to the paranormal paranormal Connors won in two in the dark side of the paranormal and during this is a very short segment but I did wanna take you back to something you said when you we sort of talking about demons he said they used the phrase if they select cure if they pick Q. I'm curious as to why they picked people what what are they looking for and why would they select somebody and what should I be worried about. Yeah it is funny because it had said earlier that you know you don't find people. We're you know. I really did face strong faith and have issues with that sort of thing. But really I actually that was called regarding. Anti limit contacted me several years ago. And she told me that she had. You know. Trying to cross over friend parish. She said this you know friend appeared compared. And tenuous. Yeah man he needed help. Crossing over and spoke. It looked like Air France and it and it's not military crammed. It and she said OK let me help peel. And when she did. It was not your friend it turned into this dark. Map. Faith in god she's stand about camp. And she ended up with a bank stepped tour is and band attached to her for. Three or four years. And she hadn't been able to get rid of it. And I collectively you know have to go on to your church and she's like absolutely. And they I was crazy. And I might be you know the sorry to hear about that. I tourists continue to define you know someone there and mature tech could help her with that because I'm their press United States. In I can't help her with that. But them she had absolute faith and she's like you know I'm going to be this you know like. God will help me and the last thing new it couple years ago and she's still have to thank you can assure. Pumped okay we're gonna go to break here in just a moment we're talking with June Lundgren again the website is misty connections dot org undermining though tomorrow night Robert. Cope techie will join us Robert is an off thirty cents three near death experiences obviously has survived them. We're gonna discuss those 3-D near death experiences plus a book that he's written. Called how to get to heaven without really dying in the without really dying part is the important part of that title. Will also talk about what is consciousness. And what is our relationship to it and why do we die all very very important questions questions we ask all the time on the show. Our dislike our yet distress appoint obviously he supplied her. It clinic got a lot of this is beyond reality rate imagine the guest that we have on the didn't survive the near death experience that would be an and we got to include nausea and chest app but that -- Thursday night we've got doctor bill shoot on and will be discussing cannibalism in the animal kingdom. And also in humans. Or survival ritual and and medicinal purposes I can think of too. Very famous cases of survival. Button requiring cannibalism the Donner party and our soccer party had an incident that crash in Argentina wherever was. In the mountains. And they end up resorting to cannibalism to survive until there others still. Yeah opportunity. Ahead of us and they never Friday as the best of beyond reality radio so I emaciated but are the phone numbers 844687766. Going into freed 8446877669. You listen Jason GBM beyond reality. Aren't you with myself Jason was merely sauce and GP Johnson. All on on just I disagree answering question and check their action item in question is just my initials with a bunch of dots and when would that mean could you see. What are the caucus this show you know it was some you like to actually bring good news to people listening and this I think is actually very very good news now we've had a lot of false hope may be during and during their years of you know good information that seemed promising in the fight against cancer. I'm but this seems to actually have a very very very hopeful message. There's they're about to try human trials. Of a commuter chemotherapy free cash cancer vaccine. That targets tumors. And apparently it's been 97%. Effective in mice. Why it's been able to cure or 90%. Of the tumors that it's been used treat. It's amazing it is amazing. It doesn't affect all. Kinds of cancers just certain kinds of cancer. But it's a giant step forward. And at what it does it it to eliminates the need for chemotherapy but it doesn't eliminate the need for radiation so it's used in combination with radiation but it stimulates. The body's natural amino defenses to attack these tumors and kill them and again 97%. Effective in mice. And they are now looking for volunteers. Who are suffering from certain kinds of cancer. To try this including. Lymphoma and some other ones I don't know you know is this something that they're just gonna start with those and then move on to more complex cancers or how it's going to work. But this is very very hopeful. Pencil and he just can't fast enough I mean you know who the amount of people who lose their lives every year removed from. It's just it's horrible. So that's great news I mean let's settle his keeper fingers processes and this is a giant and sustained step forward in the fight against cancer as a very positive way to kickoffs at an hour yeah feels couldn't bring that continues if you haven't yet Macy head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality the only FaceBook page for us. And had to be unreal at your radio dot com can now old Treo iPhone and android app which us atlas might catch past shows to Long Island chat more. You can also find any of the stations we are operate there on the web site. So check it off to a good or not we have daily news stations. And you can also listen lights click to listen lifetime and you can join GB myself and agree to mean the people online chat room while listening to the show rate from yet and tonight we're talking. With June Lundgren who's a demon sear and psychic medium we're gonna get into demons and why they attacked people why they attach themselves to people are you recognize them. Plus we're to talk about in between animal communications other negative entities that kind of thing. Tomorrow night Robert Culp pec you'll join us we'll talk about his three near death experiences his book which is called heaven or how to get to heaven without really die in. Plus we'll talk about consciousness how it relates to us as people and why. We die that's like the million. Our question write to him Thursday doctor bill shoot we'll be talking about cannibalism and white people t.'s Richard. At a conference that would that that was more of American commitment to end these guys are about Jewish you can take that back up back and no I'm will be discussing cannibalism. In the animal kingdom also in humans for survival ritual in the medicinal purposes and so it's going to be an interest during night it was. More actively vintages like chickens. Coming at us look like that it is a Polaroid it is like to get the are so let's go let's bring her guests into the program June 1 degree in June we are talking about it demons of course what's the difference between a demon. And and another type of negative and Steve or are they same thing. Paris and sound like there's earth bound to a chair peoples that. We have seen analyze and southern nesting in debt. And they've they've always they've only had human form. What most people think of as a demonic. Has never had human forming cannot take form it to be reborn into the physical cold. And there are different classifications. You know that everybody compliments something else. I grew up we is telling him in there where will iconic old demons. They're the ones that hardly ever come to that down here and they don't bother us. You were not worth their time and effort. And then there's the car what I call the lesser demons as the one share or more likely to. I hope people and creepy colleagues who liked but if you Crowley. Though things quick follow up on the laws and feeling. Things like Stan. You're demons sear. I know you told a source your story about your near death experience and the information you've gone from that but. Is that all that made you a demon seared just disagree if you go through that process to become a demon Sears that's something like a medium this hazard or. Some enormous psychic abilities is a something that anybody can do if they have those types of sensitivities there's something special. I don't think. Attacked delightful and dark and offensively about that. And case says that most people who are. Even colleges though are at but calling you know it's not something you choose for yourself I mean heck I would do it but in fact do. But it's the it's a calling from god and we know the way if you wouldn't do it and most people. Didn't do it. End up dying yeah I'm having health issues. Things like that it has its exit poll on the body mind and spirit. And the only reason. It has sent to a I don't really have. Any problems. So far better not that would. It because of the angelic energy inside of me Michael explained it to remain on time pieces because I'm here. And Gallic energy that's within you. He's that your kind of like protected from that sort of thing. And he's says that's YE you know you can do it hand. Take out the Damon in a matter of minutes. And. I'd you know the first time I did I was forced to do it where. My brother has my sister in law had called me and said and something wrong with your brother you know peace. He looked at me and his eyes turn black. Man he growls. And hurt her aunt Carrie let's civilly. And she was in a medium. And so he has some abilities. Sound like Taylor would come down and a and I came down and waited for him to go inside the house. And he didn't see me Michael said I want you to just get out of the car. And I want you to call the demons pay you something to myself are you out of your. And it but I get it because the united absolute faith in him. Am outcomes. This thing comes through the wall it's like a black map just. Coming right straight out of the house to the law and it's getting closer and closer and not like getting more more afraid. And then. All of a sudden I wasn't there anymore that they must have been about I'd get away from me. And I was not there any harm my consciousness just pushed backwards. And aerial came forward hand. She it was it started swearing pattern kinder everything I can't think Arabs and they were afraid of her and she grabbed it. And. Talk sit down it literally disappeared down downward. And then she went and then my consciousness back in. After I turned in my collection used may is it and they. And he's like you know. You have to understand. What you're doing it had to know that you could do it. And not be afraid. He says. Here in the first lesson. So I've been doing here percent. This may simply cannot and maybe even a trade question given the seriousness of the conversation but did any of this get recorded in any way was there any audio recording a video recording of these events. Now that my brother ish areas. Audio. There I went right into it I'm removal when I've had somebody litany patient doom all by myself and why can't I do you have like. Recordings. The demons screaming anti anti pull them out to. And I do have various some video. Attacked by yet group might Paramount group planned to place and Astoria corner of the norm Blount hotel. And it as a demonic now married and one of the women don't get. I'm going to be in that they want me to preyed upon the web site is now on that it's. Yes there is one already on my V YouTube channel goes in barrels panorama. And there is. Removal. Done a few years ago when I had my aunt Childress trigger. And so my partner and I was training at the time and still train she. Took a video. At his cycle might. Why. If I look at their diet as close as scary. As an anchor at. So so and how how do you actually. How are you able to pull these things out I know that when I'm when I'm dealing. With with these things are when I'm when I'm dealing with clergy there's a whole ritual and in this ritual could go on for days. Right yeah I heard them yet so how are you able to just. But in Holland is Terry told you to pull these things out. As it's kind of weird it's like. I can see them. I can. You know like that might conscious decision goes to the back but I can't see and hear everything that goes on. And I see through her eyes and see what they look like. And what they're saying. And it's like. She reaches out. And grabbed him by the throat or. Shill like she and Michael showed her. I can't showed me how to create what the color and it might. Or the debt actually acts like a prison. And you just she just pulled these banks. Away from the person and dumps amendment bang and then Michael usually there Mike our game is usually there aren't. And they take it am ticket down at least ago. I wanted to go back to the question I'd asked previously about so how. Often or how common it is for you to cite these demonic entities Asia may be just walking through a crowd of people he citizen doesn't happen very often. But can you tell us at a time that it has happened can you recount that for us. Yeah. I was out. Having dinner with some friends in downtown Portland. And. I think his ability to meet and October like okay. The packed my car about a block away. And a lot you know I it's like. 6 o'clock in the evening it's summertime. And I can see. This I can see these. Three. Make it. But I see them down below the ground to see them through the building and down in the basement. And I'm like really. No way completely ignore them. And. So have dinner with my friends. And. Leader of my other group not such Paramount says hey you know we've been we've been asked to. Go down and do an investigation. And they're in now and he actually I council might cool but still. So we finished dinner and we hit amity that basement steps. Under the restaurant and so close. It and there are. You'll walk into a dark whipped up flashlights. And light Sonnen. And that. I hit three yet those three negatives I saw earlier. And they start growling. And the lip hacked. Airtight what was that. I like them have been acting you know it I never acknowledge them until I'm ready to deal with them. And state followed me around the entire time I was down there. And then we left it may follow me up the stairs and out into the street. Hand they were trying to get we do you know acknowledged that to pay attention to them. And and and I left. But I called a 10% and there's three of those things down there and really they shouldn't be down there. Welcome to find out the gentleman that was running the place has been steadily from being applied. Virtually every time he went down there and people are ground planes people are being scratched. Hands. And like. OK so these things need to be a little bit. And they're like yeah and we lack of it to happen. So will endemic to lose yeah. About thirty seconds we have about thirty seconds to. I like damage or move on my hand he dropped the camera so. It didn't get killed. Checks and Alex we're talking with the June Lundgren we've got a lot more to talk about we have take quick break it's beyond it's beyond reality radio adjacent to. 67 cents. 66 times already greater chance it's hard concert Joan 100 June Lungren about demons in June we only about a minute here is going to be very very short segment. But I wonder did you know you've got a number of books out and if someone were to go look at your books and try to decide which one was the best one to start with what we recommend. I'm probably the best and certainly it is a means thank the panel. Because that explains you know date challenges I face the first part of it counted. At face about in dealing with mind. Abilities and coming to terms with using them also have a lot of information and basic information. About likely lines. Religion and ghosts demons. You name it it has a lot of different information there. And it so it worked really be the best because it has so much information. And it was sent Houston from there to move on to the other ones and parent home owners' right here. Do Larry you know there are my real life paranormal and counter action. The course people have been after me for years to write about. You know what I know about the dark side so late that phenomenal wrote the book attacks by the panel. Are great we're gonna go to break on combat we'll continue our conversation with June. And the phone numbers 844687766. Night until freed 844. 6877669. Jason GP. 6877669. Talk. With June 1 grin tonight demons sear psychic medium the website is mystic connections dot ORG June. You or a nurse you mentioned that in the beginning of the program. And I'm curious as to how. Your ears sensitivity is particularly when it comes to being in demons C year. Affects you as as a nurse do you ever have these two worlds collide during your work. I hadn't happened a couple of times. And you know we can't area where a lot of I was in the military band which is where restraint. And they worked a lot of hospital work and the crushed can now see a lot of debt there. And I got tired as you know seen all the death than I would act to. You know be very careful. Plan. A little left and they were confused about where they needed to go. You know most of the work that you telepathically. That you can't just stand there and Natalie. Under currently in light it up it really connect elect Chara and you. Have to like tellem telepathically to follow me and I go into. And if you were Lorie utility around. And help of the crossover that was that was hard. Did you can't really say anything. And sometimes tango and a patient's going to lose you know to process over and. You know as it's something I've seen many times step on people's space. And Kelly up to comfort the families and things like that. Says that the public can't really say hey you know I got it says hi. And yeah I don't think it will take them very kindly so it kept at the plate where. It was really. Impeding you know what it was doing so. I went to work in traffic heading. And in clinic setting she don't deal with debt partly. So that's. Except where we're at work right now. Try implement a pioneer Craig. To make a difference being your graveyard. Yeah I unfortunately attracts. Spirits one side and I've worn them do it all out by the mile networking. But I rarely got a great marriage because he had like like you say it's like a mop just plain. They know you're there going to be there before you know there is going to be there. So they're waiting for help. So do you actually see a lot of things happening at graveyards because as an investigator of the paranormal. I've never really. Graveyards in your people are he's dead for days before their bodies are put me back integrated so I've never really. Then 12 fault of the belief that a graveyard. Has really a lot of activity going on just for the fact that they've been dead for days prior to that I think it's just more of a whole Hollywood and the zombie movies and everything else that may graveyards spooky knowing that something is better. If I was at I was a normal person yeah I mean I would doesn't bother me but you know the problem is they cop. When I'm there in the soles will are drawn in from every direction I'm there. And probably. And I nine point action that is because Michael with me and they wanna go home. I there is. Little guy a little boy Ian Macgregor or I'm behind where work you know on. And is I was coming out from. Getting my nails done one weekend and that's like Saturday and it foggy in Munich typical speak he down. Thing careful look like they come to degrade and Mike Connell at the appointment. And come to the brain can impact our right. I Hyperic events. Why go drag him through the graveyard like that down torched. Old section where people are barn and Berry from eighteenth at these and and that becomes dear patsy in you know wandering through that. They got my cool I looked out my camera taking pictures that. And that is so much of their now I'll take my picture. Slick around take his picture. And then he drained by camp. By I thought on battery and you're just like yeah carry an actual one. I didn't even look at the pitcher until later. And I and what I might take that I. Oh that the pitcher you can see him standing and a great year. Yeah is in particular guy convinces name is Edward Teddy visit me at my lunch hour. He doesn't come over you know a lot working until about for lunch hour. We're gonna run out of time here. Pretty quickly I wanna change the topic to animal communication. You can talk to animals tell us. I love it some people get that I have friends that are animal communicators. But it everybody gets. Information differently so people get the planes and people get. You know bits and pieces like can't words some people get. Video innocent people get dismissed as splashes the pictures and things like that I get along conversations. And like my son is is also an animal communicators so he. He gets he gets his in the form of feelings and pictures. And I've always been that way my grammar and show me that I was sit for hours and talks and the cap and about. Have prolonged conversations. I was little and I guess you know and that there is a line and running pay attention. And people you know people come to me and say you know. I had that had problems with a dog or cat or whatever and an outdoor reading farm. Had a lady that is down south trauma and and it just says you know like cat just lost to said Elaine. And he seems like is depressed and so it intimate picture of the cast so. I had a picture of that and I said listen this is very depressed he needs a partner needs somebody else. I headed their local shelter by you and she's like yeah. Said go down there this weekend. Look for. A long. The term black long haired cats female. And show am and search for the name of innocent. Which is not anchored at that. Issue we can't and she can't I can't answer to name a citizen. And she adopted it brought it home and he took tours right away and they are inseparable. When I'm when you community it was these animals. Parcells did they have to be alive and Ari can also communicate with those of past. And we ended constitute. That I I prefer the light and. Yeah that. What type of information can you get from these animals I mean of frequently we talk to animals communicators and often it's you know how they feel or what might be bothering them or there's an ailment they can kind of communicate that is that what it's limited tour is there is there more to. There's more to it as like you know don't know depend upon it like for the individual communicators. But yet that talked me about you know how they're not feeling well or how late. Like I look confidence is this one dog and a husband occasionally moved up here and you know that the congress psychic packing my life now. And I am like well I he would never done that before. Like OK I'll come over. And captain Alex so. Patent battle over there and I'm like wow OK so. Message you need to stop means so anxiety ridden and he's picking up he says that your anxiety is through the roof. And scaring him. And yet I want you leave it around him because of that. And I reassured the target you know it would be okay that this is just short saying. That she would get over it. Now and and defiant comes at a time. That they have personalities they have. Probably just like the rest of us do although not as much you know what they cross that prostrate away because they don't have our hang up our baggage. That when I first start communicating with an animal that never had communication. When that humans. They're startled pursche they're like not sure what to make of it and then they're like all right I got to live audience let me tell you what I want. When she opened the floodgates are right on what do dizzy and have to be your president the dimensions in the go to picture. Yes I'll like it the pitcher to make the connection. And when you have pet owners contact you what are they generally looking for. They're looking for is there there is election thing either there are behavioral issues. Or that you know are they being says that cat is suffering pain. Or they wanna talk to their dead pet. Those are the three main issues. I'm. Glad. But it Sheridan I can make it. Let's jump to our listener line this is vents from Missouri Vince welcome to the show. You are a lot mall or eleven years when it it. My April and why I'm here. I think anybody wants you show that would allow the look at Q Margaret. And yet the power. Aren't about the what you guessed it right in thinking he that she beat Victor Burgos yet he. They're. Actually give like and talking to you if you were present. Walked out. Right. And to associate such and depressions that blow hard. Welcome. Well we'll. All right so you so you actually see them as if you're talking to a person. Even hurts. Sometimes social themselves as. They want to be seen like them say they died cancers. And they re out basically wasting no wait they show themselves as they were in their younger years. So that they you know as they were healthy. They don't want to be remembered as that same. When it comes down a pet that's passed on and on the other side I mean really what information are you going to get from them aside jam doing fine mission. I don't know. About it it's kind of like I'm sorry I think in listening to help. Salad potato. And went like some society. He just saw a picture and and he's started communicating with him right away. And I and then when he crossed. I started talking countered by somebody that because he had died in. And he said that you know afford it and I he didn't want to. Go I underwear ever Valenti said he wanted to stay there it wanted to help teach people. About you know. And whales and animals and how they shouldn't be in captivity but eat it less wanted to stay there he did not want to be. Set pre and now people were like treat it now behind him to be set free. But he's like the code that says when I'm mostly dealing him explicitly teaching man. Because she died at. Achieves aka. Well but I just be when you're talking to somebody's like. Cat or dog and you know what sort of things eagle when he did I I would just expect especially when their animals have been passed on its. Arcade don't worry about it and then you have others that say I'm coming back. So look for this color of cap or look for this kind of not because I'm coming back because I was so well loved. I enjoyed my life I'm coming back. Notre. I'm like yeah it's it's just it's definitely a different thing when you hand when your communicating with an animal I would suppose you wouldn't really get. Much much out of them but when it comes down to. And what you were saying earlier with hang ups I mean people people hang ups for for different reasons feeling guilt on on different scenarios and and things like that I guess animals it solid cast in a field gilts were killing temper. Now up and that's just natural part of them instinctual. That they do Lawrence Chris there you know master. Now they're manipulation like you Ryan lot of people think that they don't. We've done that really they didn't he get stopped a they treated that way that we get cooked up. But Albanians say well you know Australia I'm going to come back or tell them I'm finally here. And then next time I'm gonna come back as a nugget sort of attack. It. Entrant. So when so there is so beyond that but but when you're you're able to reach out and and connect these animals. You you're also able to connect with the small people and so forth now when you're communicating with them our. What do what's the majority of the hang up reasons that you didn't find that you find it here your connection to the other side. A lot of a lot of the problems is now if they stay here at bound it's because. They don't wanna leave their loved ones you know say they worry they wanna protect him. They wanna wait for them. And some outcome it's because. You know Dave maybe they've killed themselves and their thinking you know would it they're still stacked and their physical world mentality. And that they you know my guy you know I'm I'm gonna condemn Michael Kelly can pick up. Yeah worrying about being just get the job. Doing. Yeah and it you have to sit down and talked element onion what kind of a loving god would do that really. And me stop and think about it you know and 99.9 percent at times. I can get them to cross and to get and understand that that's not what can happen. You know and that of the other things there. I had this one guy on I was. And mistakenly went to break Eric and he's like. I don't wanna cross and had no leader want to run across and he was still stuck in his death states yet you know black man and Elvis. And then and he can't it was just almost out. These kind of brief case I'm like. What your public. And he says I was on my way to meet. You know I lover. And I committed adultery. I do I don't want I'm not raise costs. Am I an OK. Okay you know country you're gonna have to answer that. You can cross and he wasn't ready to face. So egregious what doing. Junior were pretty much at a time your website is mystic connections dot org we've talked about your books and they all available on your website. Not yet. Am not on dot com. Okay and you do what you do some private readings it's all that's what are upset is not yet okay great well great we appreciate you being with us. Best of luck to you thanks so much her great discussion. Thanks for having me at looked up and with the bank. I agree in nine. It would take quick break we'll come back to wrap things up it's beyond reality rating agency to. Mrs. Carter. Castro I'm sure sometimes find radio stations during the program moralists and lines on miner through the app is great experience when you can listen live call in and be part of the show. Absolutely and you find that list at beyond reality reviewed a company can also download the Treo iPhone and Andrea and schools on an on you to listen life any night that weren't life scum on an analyst. So tomorrow night we got a great show makes you tune in we're going to be talking to Robert co packing. Three time near death survivor even though once is more than enough. And the Thursday were and talk to a doctor bill shoot about cannibalism in the animal kingdom and also in humans for survival ritual and medicinal purposes so. And not sure if there really isn't medicinal purposes when it comes on that but thanks return and everybody this is she stingy beyond beyond reality radio catch a Marron and. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's in the league you don't really read news. Yeah you know it's stopped going to finish in the agency hello fading certainties because well Jason hello slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.