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Robert Kopecky discusses his 3 near death experiences

Mar 30, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Robert Kopecky about his 3 near death/out of body experiences. Spanning the course of many years each experience taught him new things about himself and the afterlife. 3/29/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On the West Coast they're staying in the East Coast many are stuck somewhere in between welcome to beyond value review myself just in Bosnia was some. Chief each so you know that Phoenix. And all of Arizona and one of the southwest. Has been known to be pretty active spot when it comes to UFO activity. Obstacle here. And it's Shaq to Phoenix Phoenix lights are still a major mystery twenty years ago those lights were seen over Phoenix and still want explained today pretty fastening. But events in US fall Agee and people sort sort of that is. One of the most intriguing and exciting. UFO sightings. Ever reported. And seen by a lot of people. Collapse rule and Justin credible report yet and recently there's been some more fuel added to that fire. Last month's two separate aircraft flying over the Phoenix Arizona area reported seeing an and an unidentified flying object. Yeah I actually I had read a story on the chilly days alone was. What clearing jet another one was Michael and I share. Yeah one was an air an American Airlines commercial flight that was flying over these southern Arizona airspace and about 330 in the afternoon. On February 24 and there reported seeing. A bit of an object flying if for them quite aways away from the but within sight today headed very large reflection and the pilot told air traffic control that they didn't know what this. The object was it certainly wasn't an airplane and it was going in the opposite direction so the air traffic control told an aircraft that was flying a similar path but behind them behind the original aircraft. To let them know if anything passed over them. Within the next few miles and turn off if you my minutes later the pilot of that aircraft said yes something did pass over the aircraft I don't know what was but it was at least two or 3000 feet above us. It passed right over the top of us in the air traffic control. Person said can you tell us that was in motion or just hovering in the pilot said negative we don't know what it was may well if it was a weather balloon or not had a big reflection and was several thousand feet above us going in the opposite direction. Going in the opposite direction of wrote aircraft in that would have now. So when the minute weather and because pages scams that they can just sit there yes so that's it's still a mystery and then. Just the other night Monday night viewers reported seeing an odd but they're calling cloud in the sky over Phoenix Arizona who's kind of in the west of Phoenix. And throughout the night. A number of TV stations received photos and videos from people throughout the area. Including as far away as San Diego California. Showing this mysterious glowing circular cloud in the air. Some people say this is this is a type of thing the that might be seen after a rocket launchers but there weren't any reports. Of rocket launches in the area so you know it's just kind of interest in the all star seems to be happening in the Phoenix Arizona area all runs in time. And that is inching and I've been altered and Arizona many many times especially when you get away from Phoenix. Mean it's so dark you see any and everything it's happening in the scale. It's amazing you generally win when your own Nevada as well. And a that'd be really a wild place just Tiki camper and go home park for awhile you have someone who don't know where I really would not have what vehicles have eyes kind of moment but a it out there and just be able to see what what's really going on scout yet. Those are interesting UFO stories monitors report tonight we're not talking about UFO's though would you be bringing our guest Robert come techie in in a little while he's an author he's survived three near death experiences. We're gonna discuss those experiences plus. The book that he's written as a result of that called how to get to heaven without really dying. We'll also talk about consciousness what it is and how it relates to us. And didn't mother of all questions why do we die. And that's that's a flea bit and honestly biggest pay day if you're having Emmy she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality. Like FaceBook page forest then had to be unreal radio dot com where you can find all the stations we air across the country. You can also download the free iPhone and enter it. Atlas and life catch chose a more. Or just click the listen live button right website you can hang out which TV myself agree community people online chat room. While listening to the show if you do if you download the show which we know many people do as being tens of thousands time today and greatly appreciate that. Just do us a favor and read it for us has helped push forward makes it easier for people find and that's it's all about. Yeah and then just a reminder tomorrow night doctor bill shuttle rejoining us he'll be talking about cannibalism is gonna book about this topic. Whether it's in the animal kingdom or ten humans. It's pretty widespread in humans it can be for survival reasons it can be ritual will stick or can be medicinal as a whole bunch of Stosur and talk about. I'm sounds like he might be a little. Me know if not I'm gonna say little gruesome but maybe not gruesome it's going to be a little off color yeah I think as long as you avoid topics like and Jeffrey Dahmer and people exact figures safe but. He wants to talk in there and in the interest thing anyways and every Friday is a best behind her real you make she'd check out the show that night. And yeah it can be good week in the next week we've got some ratios as well so the issue to an alias CIA officer's. Union. Yeah my good stuff coming up I do what I mentioned that to the guest we had on a couple nights ago Rebecca Foster who of course is a spiritual medium. Who's at the terrorists exactly ashes I just noticed she's in the chat room she had reached out earlier and said that she better you know she does these lines reading streams. On YouTube. And she's scheduled one for Friday night at 9 o'clock central time. And I think slick Geddes got a link that he receiving it in a posted in the chat room and also on FaceBook if you wanna join Rebecca Foster for the life stream Friday night. 9 o'clock central some B 10 o'clock eastern. Good Friday then go. Got a little back a little bonus there so moments Ariza take on the number everybody it's 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. We're gonna take a break into. Get our destiny to listen Jason GBM RO. Beyond reality radio friends this is GP and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great Sanders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick conned. Dot com check it out. Sarah turner. I don't know what's going on only nine I mean I have my studio said Andy my normal 62 degrees out great we're like it. I'm swinging and I'm here to explain to an errant air quality you know I'm gonna do what I have to do to cool down I can't do the show and sore and all over the microphone in the console everything to Munich Cole attack over here it was a warm today and we had 62. Doing its and I mean sixty got moved I don't know what's gonna maybe. And may be my body gets us. Thinks are both in the heat up and let your full ideas over the as a privilege and trying to give us an idea man in answer mental attitude and like I am problem solved all right so it's and we talking with Robert compact he's an author any does survivor of three. Near death experiences he's also an illustrator and an animation designer we're going to be talking about those three near death experiences plus. His book called how to get to heaven without really dying that's his most recent book Robert welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. I gentlemen thanks very much for having me. It was going to be here. So let's some let's learn about new pre near death experience tell us about yourself. Well let me CA came from San Diego California from eastern San Diego I came from kind of a difficult. House sold. I had a hard child in the end. In a way. And as a result I think Adam. I think frustrated searching a kind of a young age you know I remember looking out to the stars and wondered what was going on out here and and they're taking to the road quite a young age is his second drive and started. Traveling around quite a bit and doing a lot of different kinds of jobs silence and it was a welder in a factory in south San Francisco's. Ski bum for awhile and a top martial arts and cut the hair and did all kind of different things until it settled into. Into my back ultimate career as soon as an illustrator and designer. Mostly because they can I have no choice I was always good at doing our work you know you could say that I was maybe I was a reincarnated artist and I. I had just had that in meal ready to say never had to learn how to. To draw. And you know that led me into this insert the centers of culture I want to school in Los Angeles and and ended up in San Francisco in a New York City where are still still live I've. Talking to you from beautiful Brooklyn New York City right now. No while okay. You know I find very interest in this some people in the way you just described you're one of those people just have these in neat. That abilities years M has to be illustration and drawings some people have muse music as. As that there are some people have the ability do or Easter whatever happens to be. On and I am hoping we're gonna connect this to our discussion. That little bit later we sir talking about the you're near death experiences but these things that are. They in your opinion that are are born within us. Or they given to us so by some divine way after were Warner ward is this any ability come from. Well let you know I I don't make myself an expert in any of that kind of stepped naturally I believe in reincarnation. Because I believe that we're are alive before we're born and it where I I have to. I have an estimate experienced. They're being alive after we die so to speak. And so I I look at examples. Kids to can do really amazing things you write symphonies and stuff like that at early ages. And then in the course of mine independent studies and travels have discovered. Debt to doubt the University of Virginia they have a division of perceptual studies. Couple of doctors named Jim Tucker and Ian Stevenson had have done. Have to a lot of research on children who are reincarnated. Spirit they have like over 2000 cases. Have kids who can describe. Places city's families. Here are those times in the history that they can have no business knowing about it. Some of whom even shows the the marks of their previous death. You know like where the gunshot wounds was or something that child is born with embark on their body like that so let's and it becomes. Pretty remarkable. Right away when you start looking at back at SF and I think there's a lot of evidence of that certain things so. I chuck adapted. And jeans and and karma. And you're not yet and you mentioned during your description that you felt as though you may have been a an artist in a previous life which. And give you a head start. You have had had a couple of past life memories I think core in Warner remember having a very vivid dream and I was with a good friend of mine and we were in someplace like cat like ancient Egypt. And I think eight died drew were part of something that got us in a lot of trouble just tremendous to have a detective picked it. But. Yeah I mean. I I just know that I can always do what kind of from childhood that I had never had to learn how to draw. And so whatever that wherever that gift came from I've always been grateful for a because. It's been a nice Twitter living. And if I don't wanna get into the specifics of these near death experiences yet. We've all got a couple minutes left in this segment but at what point in your life did did the near the death experiences start. Others started in my late twenties says there's a beta period that they happened and was pretty much from like 1984. To in 1997. So. So like about that fifteen years stretchers so there are pretty. They're pretty evenly. It's based through that too so I was in my mid twenties with my first one. And again. You know he gets in the going to be. Yes here's my property that doesn't useless and this is on their kings county hospital system and you might hear. I was hoping you weren't having another one as we are talking and yeah he's as a return. So you know again prior to having those experiences where you religious person. No in fact just the opposite I was raised really without religion of any kind. I grew up on the very edge of town and so and away the the canyons were my religion so to speak because I've. I headed out into the hills. From the time I could remember and had an experience of nature the I think I would equate with us and got experience should now. I didn't have to go to church my parents didn't go to church nobody took me. As a result they didn't have any kind of religious training and doctrine. And all. Having it done that way helped amplify. What your beliefs have now become with with this hole with a near death experiences never fails to say no. We're religious people tend to automatically believe and in a lot of us are faster but if you're not really religious at that point. I mean did today at wooten you were you rethought more amplified because of that. Yeah I'm not sure that I can really describe what I have now and is religion. In sort of conventional terms you know that's. I think it'd spirituality would certainly had some of that and probably more accurately. I don't know that it really. I don't know that that as I have that much effect on on I think that the experiences themselves. You know because speak for themselves on the lessons that I got from them the one thing that I can't tell you about what you are asking though is that. It does seem that that that near death experiences are sort of custom made you know they're kind of culturally or religiously specific to that person having now. So people from different religions tend to have. Near death experiences. That bring in that religion they have some kind of sort of pattern recognition. Although a lot of people who aren't religious who have near death experiences and suddenly become very religious right yeah. So when that didn't really happen that way you. You know I I do I'll tell you about a little bit about that wanna go through the experiences the yet I didn't really have you know the huge transform this thing and I had changes in my life. But to a great to degree exodus suppressed that you know there wasn't a great community of near death experience here's I didn't have people that I can really talk to about it. And I just kind of got caught back up in my life after each one although there were some pretty profound changes going on as a result. We're talking with Robert Cooke Jackie he's an author three time near death experience survivor his website is Robert OPEC he dot com. The book we're talking about is how to get to heaven without really dying that's his latest book he also has a book out called. How to survive the life and death a guide to happiness in this world and beyond. And if you have a question about near death experience or your own character ethics parents feel free to give us call phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. Nielsen Jason GP. Beyond rarely reveal will be back at this. Three time near death experience survivors website is just his name Robert cook Becky dot com the book is called how to get to heaven without. Really dying in the book's title alone. Opens up a whole bunch of questions and Robert again welcome to the program great to have you on. Let's start walking down the road here about oh it would these near death experiences I don't know what the best way for you to tell us about them is spurred. If you wanted to start in the beginning and we'll just follow along with field. Sure you out just I've been that did the first one happened let's say sentiment mid twenties I was living in Los Angeles is busy illustrator and our director and I dropped my wife at the time off at the airport that was heading back home it was dusk. I was driving through. The kind of an unknown neighborhood and the roads did some sort of funny things that they had. But particularly bad moment to tell you when this happened and I had a malfunction with my cassette player so she's basically. Got swallowed by the tape player and I just as I was fussing when that. At a glance up and oddly parked car went right into the telephone pole apparently going about 35 miles an hour or so. Broke out the windshield with my my head in the yen the steering wheel might think hey he's so unfortunately. And the idea the very same instant that found myself. Certainly at the top of the telephone call looking down at the scene of the car crash below me. And I vividly recall having. The street light next to me with the mosque flying around it and I could look over hedges and pushes into people's yards and see lights going on their porches and people running out and I started to realize is I was looking down at the scene that. Did the body that was kind of hanging out of the driver's side window and it was me. I was fine I felt great in fact I felt in in many ways like completely liberated. You know kudos to order form so I don't really remember having a body. But I do remember you know seeing it through my allies so I was still myself. Beside the ambulance pull up that they called and they put put me into it and I tried to talk to people without any success. And I was not a alone. I there was. An entity Whitney like of benevolence or like shepherding meet up about my left shoulder is the way I remember at. And I was sort of escorted off the scene after a certain point and in two into what I recall is being any kind of a cloud pain can. To where I ended up being in. Castro plays like a park or certain unnatural setting that was cool quite beautiful and green. And having this I've sort of an interview. Within entity in its features I don't really remember and I don't remember the exact contents of the of the conversation. But I do remember that it was important that we are talking about important things. What I tell these near death experiences. To you know that happened quite awhile ago so I try not to expand on them. In other words I'm trying to keep the story just exactly like it was like I first remember that. So even though I have things over the years that it kind of surface that I felt like the part of the story. I usually sort of keep those to myself because what they're really trying to two communique is just this story has very member because. They're they're planning amazing enough you know. Of course you don't wanna change Jamal yeah. You know and I know how unreliable human memory is so this kind of leave it at that and say that I had this I had just. Sort of power allow with an Angel may be at the end. We came to some conclusions about things apparently in an open up my it's about eighteen hours later in a hospital with my head heavily bandage to. That was my first near death experience it's a motif that's pretty common an out of body. Experience it's called. Now and you you where you were saying that this in this entity that was there was over your shoulder I'm. Were you feeling compelled to look or not look at it added. To make any kind of contact or interest connection with the. I was not there actually because I think perhaps I was kind of fascinated. And everything that was happening. I don't have a real distinct memory of you know what my. Props as they were worth and I do remember it then that helps liberated thinking lies even like my mind and expanded into kind of pay. Greater intelligence. And I felt very secure and seemed as though I were supported by a kind of an expansive Illumina it is. Field of love energy that a lot of near death experience teachers talk about it had I had those experiences this kind of transcendent experiences definitely. Well and I ask because I've heard that I've talked to many people had near death experiences and they and they've said one there's been something there are those that claim that they've and it is an entity there. They felt like they didn't wanna let it know that they knew it was there as if that was going to be. 100% committed to them them passing on them and going from the full way. Then I know that I felt that way exactly I don't really remember like I said but I did I could do you know that's. I felt that same kind of presents a couple more times you're on my other experiences and I have since come to an understanding. Of food that is sort of form myself. At the time now I just it just felt natural to me. I felt like there was some benevolent kind of pitch shepherd who was with me. Who is kind of whispering in my hearing guiding me along. You give us the overview of the near death experience part what was going on with your physical body during that time and you must've learned afterward to must been told what was going on physically with few. Yeah I have been I've been loaded into the ambulance and taken to one hospital and I required. Plastic surgery apparently to repair my head and face and so they took me to AA university hospital that had. They're patted department. Where there were interned in the south who were getting good at that sort of thing. I had ended up but the only condition they're really had Lewis. Let's head trauma. Basically the rest of me was OK but it it did take me sometime to recover from. At a budget stitches and stuff like that to you. Yet into what were you ever. In a situation where your heart stopped beating or any anything like that. I don't know. And that's something that I'm not aware of what the details of that was that was on mine on my wife was out of town. I didn't know whether friends came and and told me about it what happened after I woke up. Where is that I had to lay in bed for about three or four hours. And then in the nurse put in a wheelchair and we'll be down to kind of the loading dock and they put me in yellow cab and sent me home. This is because they didn't have health insurance as. Yeah at the time. And so in. Actually in none of my. Experiences. Do I have any kind of like the like real hospital documentation might serve everyone else to say about no Lyle was the closest to that so I have to you know have more detailed sense of what that. Medical trauma involved was. But I don't have any of these situations where it's flat lined or anything like that BP. So and oh yeah going back in picking up on what Jason was asking earlier you talked about somebody shepherding used to this. This experience. And you talked about sitting and having like an interview process now. You me you mentioned prior previously the or religious prior to this happening. You really don't consider yourself religious at this point but beyond. What we understand is god and and angels and those types of things what could this have possibly event. Well I think today it's in his tank and I came back from that IA. Believed it to have been an extra dimensional spiritual experience. You know war. I was. In a place is doing in these are very vivid kind of memories server they're kind of dream like in other rather surreal obviously near death experiences. But there. There's Doug different from regular dreams and that date in my case and in many others that I've heard. They make more sense there's more of a sense an actual reality involved and they seem sort of hyper realized in a way so. I do remember them more clearly in a way that almost any other memories that I happen. And whip that I think part and parcel of that is this kind of enhanced expansive. Consciousness. And this being in folded into. Greater intelligence. That. That's sort of informs the whole experience and away you know so I I didn't I don't have distinct memories of who was or exactly what we talked about stuff. But they do however memories have it. Vividly being of great importance. And possibly having something to do it you know where I was in my life and what I was going to be in my life certain things but. I don't know enough detail about that is certainly did not have any religious undertones whatsoever was not all that different from you know like now. Well. Trauma today head trauma to the brain at that point you gotta wonder what doors that might have opened and order you were saying second ago possible. And a parallel universe type stuff I mean it very costly kind of open to the gateway at that point. Correct. The yo yeah. And I definitely believe that we're extra dimensional beings in that respect to mean there there's certainly a lot of validity and looking at the neural anatomy of the brain and all the discoveries that have been made about. How our brains work but there's also an awful lot that we don't know. I have come out of the whole thing's certain believing that. The consciousness is it is a fundamental field of being the ground that everything's sort of and our brain is like a receiver transmitter projector. That engages with that not that it's not capable of making up all kinds of things spontaneously. In its own chemistry because I believe that too. But I I don't think that that detonate gates. And extra dimensional spiritual experience at all. Robert do you did you recognize how profound that experience was when you woke up or did it take some time feed it to come to terms of legend but it just happened with. Yeah I you know I probably realized it immediately. As much as I ever did until many years later. One thing that I did do was that about a week and a half afterwards I went back to the location. And surveyed it from the ground to confirm the fact that I could see things over hedges and behind bushes and in people's back yards. That I could only have seen from the top of the polls so I got that kind of confirmation from myself. But as far as being able to run. As far as the fact the experience in my life that was it. That was a little tougher because it's collected connect I didn't really have anybody that I can talk to about it what has charted to describe it to people they look at him talking. Which they did a lot anyways so. It's hard to know for sure whether that was the cause of that but. I don't think that there were too many damn near death experiences that are well known at that time I think in May chat louder and doctor constraining and doctor Raymond booty may have had their books out. In fact I think they had their first books out there and but there was not nearly the kind of interest to our our. You know the market for asset. If they and you referred describing these things assessed that there is now and so I just. You know I was very busy guy and I was embarrassed by the whole thing and I just kind of clocked back into my eagle lies and just started living. The alliance for the materialized for the busy illustrator art director again and sort of went on my merry way united deeply affected at a certain level but. I just kind of you know muscle through it. It is one of those species sort of try to put on the back burner and a little deathly we'll get into that only come back. There were to take a quick break Mordechai homeless and Jason GBM younger Ellen revealed that. It's tough way to force things with the teams went on to do something. As soon change and it's number of those tunes great tunes great voice out there missing you but I had no idea who with a guy yeah that was when he was with the babies babies had a couple of hits great songs and we welcome back to beyond reality radio ads Jason and javy in our guest tonight is Robert co pack he's an author. A three time near death experience survivor. His website is just his name Robert OPEC he dot com and I believe Robert you have a secondary web site with they might be a blogger something does that rank. Yeah Robert cook Turkey dot Blogspot dot com it's called art base in the cocoa line and it's whereas I've. Post a lot of spiritual essays and artwork and and the resources and uninteresting step back and. Let's stick a second and talked about your life as an. Artist and illustrator. Buren award winning one at that is there anything that people might recognize any of your work in my Debian pop culture the people would know about. What year like right now I think it's still on the air is code named kids next door is on the Cartoon Network had designed though the two by four technology for that not all the facts and stats site. I visited the principal designer and art director of the show on PBS kids called word world. It's 3-D animation shows so those things are still on on the air. You know I'd designed to logo for Eric Clapton's record company duck records and have and illustrations for the New York Times since Sports Illustrated in a lot of stuff like that most of that. Is now getting to be awhile ago because that Bennett mostly in animation designer for some time. And going back to the near death experience and tricks tie that into. Bring your profession. You were on a telephone poles were you first describe in you were looking down upon the accident scene you're looking around the neighborhood you had a perspective that most people don't have. And then you had. The additional experiences of of being moved through a process and it going through an interview did you ever tried to. Illustrate any of that in in in drawing. No I didn't I have done more of that in the last few years since since all of this kind of crystallized. And in my heart mind and I started writing which is only about six. Six or maybe seven years ago I started and then it started doing illustrations to go a long list. Some of these spiritual assays that are running out of there web site or the mound the Blogspot blog that I have was mainly for Miami art and animation design. And then it started posting these spiritual assays on and they they got popular and people started they're calling me and asking me if they could run them on their sites and and that was kind of how other writing began. All right we're gonna have to go to break here again only come back we're gonna get into the second near death experience and Tennessee how things have changed since the first one to the second one for Robert. You have progressed and so forth if you haven't yet may Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under reality radio dot com where you can download the iPhone and android operate an illogical so I catch press shows Jeremy gallon chat more. He also find the list of all the stations we are on across the country and that list is constantly being updated so check in Austin for not on the station in your area chances are we will be soon. You can also any time there were alive just click the listen why Biden. Right on the web site he can listen live for it let's say lying on the Sharon JV myself agree community of people. If you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else just do us a favor please read it force and helps push shall foreign makes it easier for people to find. Yet and don't forget tomorrow night we've got doctor bill Schneider joining us to talk about cannibalism I know sounds a little gruesome but. There are a lot of examples of cannibalism in the animal world. And also in the human world whether it's for survival like the Donner party or the soccer team that was stranded in the mountains and in South America. Or it was for rituals and ritualistic purposes or medicinal purposes this smooth human kind has a long long history of engaging in such things absolutely. Are sort of take a quick break more to come to listen Jason GP Dioner Eleanor hill. It's just. Stop some. Reviewer myself Jason caused me always talks and TV Johnson. We've talked to many people on the program who have had near death experiences and there's no question about. It that every one of them is gone through some kind of transformation it's changed their lives when they've come back from that in a meaningful way. And really opens tomorrow. A lot of cases it opens it up opens up a lot of cases it it introduces them to senses sensitivities and abilities that they didn't realize or didn't have heard and realized they had prior to that too and there's a lot that goes on when these are very very complicated. And our guest tonight Robert OPEC he had three such experiences we spend. The first part of the program talking about his first. We've got two more ago. He's got a book out this call how to get to heaven without really dying Tom Anderson addition to a book that he had previously still available obviously called how to survive life and death a guide to happiness in this world. And beyond who's got a lot of experience. On the matter. A lot of information to share his website is Robert cope techie dot com. Robert thanks Frankie and Alice. Sure thing that I just went the lecture and boosters know that they should not follow my example accounts to. The best to avoid having tree near death experiences if at all possible they are amazing experiences. But the circumstances surrounding can be pretty sketchy you know. Of course and late religious sang I'm a lot of people have these experiences. A lot of times. Sorry open up and it has become sensitive they start being able to see and and experience things. That they were unable to before need to did you happen to have any of that happen as well. Yeah I think that that definitely happened to me and particularly the whereas this kind of transformative experience I had a few years after my last one where. I had another kind of depth I had this kind of an ego where my whole life kind of stopped working for me probably the result of you suppressing these three incidences throughout my life but. Everything kind of went to hell in a hand basket and I found myself in a state of kind of absolute humility and my life. Turnaround I became a Medicaid or and I started studying ancient texts and things that I had never been an interest in before. And started dating service and working with people and at that led to. To the content of realizations about these experiences so didn't really have at the time so much because they kept getting caught back up in my life. When you for so how much time. Was in between the first in the second experience. I think it was about six or seven years or so and then I mean that's an example of it because one sample. What I had to have the first one I've. Felt normal I felt OK I didn't feel like anything changed a great deal went about my life but the fact was that I was not fitting in real now. And I came home from a delivering a job and ask my wife if we can quit everything cash outing go around the world for a year. And she agreed to it. And so we took off on this long trip. And even though we weren't spiritual people we went to a lot of you know kind of spiritual landmarks around the world for for quite that. A long time. So I to have this. I had this kind of inspiration. To us search for something more than I was finding him narrator life. We and they when we returned back to the United States. I got a phone call we're living in the Bay Area. And I got a phone call that an end to had been there had been very close to my childhood was was. Unexpectedly dying as at a medical serve a malpractice kind of thing actually happened and I. I went in I was at her bedside when she died. And I think that that really kind of knocked me out of my tracks quite a bit to like and and I ended up leaving my marriage and moving to New York City and that's that led to my second near death experience. And you wanna tell us about that now. Yeah I haven't. What kind of left my regular life behind it started to live the this certain nocturnal downtown and self destructive bohemian lifestyle and and and did get her a number of years. I just was kind of a groundless and nameless and oddly enough I was probably more successful career wise and had ever been up to that point. But that what is. That was his self destructive time for me and led to the experience of Serbs following out whether it was just kept toxic reaction to the lifestyle that I was leading at the timer that there are hand. The drug overdose I can't I mean I can't really put my finger on exactly but I have fell out on the floor of my apartment. One night. And was essentially paralyzed from the neck down I couldn't move at all I felt like all the life was draining out of me. And at the same time it would appear to be a brilliant light cloud filled in to the rumor around me so that I can no longer. Why is there anymore at least in the middle of this cloud. I became. I want to cancer of untethered from my it is accountability I felt sort of formal us and liberated again and and folded in this kind of expansive builder imminent if matrix of loading intelligence kind of you know and I felt like I had once again this entity up over my left shoulder group pointed. Towards the middle of the cloud that I was sitting inside of and I kind of screen opened up. And not like a movie screens but sort of like a box of time. Is it. Probably the best way to describe it inserted to play these kind of interactive scenes from my life. There were not the greatest hits it's. Two and a highlight trio. Or maybe it was that highlights reel and a very particular way it was these kind of scenes that I had. I should've been more present for. Scenes where it's something of great importance was going by that I wasn't aware of that I was engaged in an. Four times what analysts and injuring people without realizing what I was doing. And there are maybe maybe 456. Of these episodes certain strung together as I recall. And each one affected me quite deeply I had this realization in that exact moment. All the feelings that were tied to its and everything that it meant. And and then paternity here my girlfriend hollering and I think after the crowd. And that issue has some very cheated around me on the floor and was screaming and hollering because there but I wasn't. Responses. And reality kind of started to come back into my experience the clouds sort of faded out and the room came back into this kind of harsh reality would turn my face and I am was able to strike communicating again and then maybe about an hour later so I am I. I was able to stand happened in BO OK and never went to the hospital or anything so I have. And no you know medical record of what happened but you know I'll Holler. All spiritual experiences really anecdotal it's very difficult to prove anything but you're talking about these kinds of experiences that. That was my second experience which was what they call life treaties I was motif for my preview. Did you get any sense that the second one was in some way a continuation of the first one or they just come. We lead separate events. Well they're completely separate events but I'll tell you the whole thing this. They were all tied together by what my life experience wives and misses this thing in retrospect having had three of these I think makes me. Obviously different from people who just have one in just have that informing their life. I am fascinated by what the differences are I started to wonder why they were different. I didn't go to the same place I had these very specific kind of things happen to me. This seem to have a lot to do with what you might call my karma. At the time. And so they were firm you know instructive. As well as as well having this sense of being unfolded in this field of love and transcendent sense of connectedness. I there was also insert an instructive aspect to four of what I should be doing or what I could do differently. And I'm just curious the first experience you had you had this interview process the second time. There was no interview process a lot of the elements of the same but you then had a life review and just wondering if that's kind of the continuation of space if you had a long years or or B didn't come back from the experience if it would have been all of these process he's in a row. To complete on the transition. Yeah I have no way of knowing whether that would have been the case so. If the first one what I definitely big get out of it what I call it in the book it's the first section of the book is the gift of a what I called the gift of perspective. Where seeing you that your body. Being out of your body it's rather difficult to get the genie back in the bottle after that you know and so. I'm able now to look at life. With this kind of neutral detachment getaway where I can see consciousness in the farms that humans are we are. We have no choice but to filter this experience through these human vehicles that we live there. And so there's a kind of a compassionate perspective that one gets from that experience. The second one I outside of this realization of at the moment of these things happening. In the light preview. These instances occurred in this moment where we are always present where we always live in. And this exact moment right now all right you know. And that this is what it's always happening is in this now. And so I call that the gift of presence then announces second part of a. So as you've had this second experience no you have the first one several years prior you go through the second one. Did you separate putting two and two together demeanor having to must have made them you know the whole is greater than the sum of its the sum of the parts is greater in the hole or something our that would go oh. It was it a cumulative effect and you. Yeah a lot of things began to change pretty dramatically at that point you know I could not live the same lifestyle after that. I I couldn't keep up my relationships. I left that relationship and actually moved. Back out last suited to the desert of Arizona. Where I've ultimately have my third near death experience that. Which you know what they still didn't really change my past spiritually. Significantly. I was not turned around her transformed. But it was working on me in a very profound way lecture. I just at that point that it hasn't coalesced in me and I just wasn't fitting in very well I wasn't able to live a very effective life. At that point. Gotcha aren't so we're gonna take quick break that phone numbers if you got a question for us or against the phone number 84468776690. Until freed 844. 6877669. Use some decent dvd on our island Rita. Near death experiences and then threw to first to hear Robert and I wanna and kind of go back to this idea that there might be some connection between the two do you feel like in some way. That these experiences and then when we talk about the third concluding that when in this in this course of your lifetime. It indicated you've been selected for some type of mission here. Well I guess for getting hell beat out of me at the end my opinion contention that gets selected for. The third experiences really guys kind of all about that. This thing that become beat was becoming obvious to me was that I was creating. The reality that I was being forced to live you know I still is not really very aware of my life. I hadn't and it really. Seized on that expanding consciousness that I experience in the first two near death experiences. But. It was. Sculpting Meehan now is recognizing. That I was the creator of mine all of life all the time. So I began to get that sense serve my car wreck responsibility. As soon as speak. Tonight I. When I moved back out to. Snowbird back and forth between New York City in Arizona. And again deny it's really kind of detached. From lights still not that it had really coalesced in. I was going to get married again and I was today here at Super Bowl. That's Super Bowl. Sunday at a sports bar and after the game I went out and I called my girlfriend on the phone. And I was assaulted by a guy who is turned discontent like a big part kit. And that he. He started to harass me I was still dressed in New York close I think it looked a little out of place. And I made calm them down. And then he came back at me more violently in the animated terrible mistake I planted minor foot and I punched again rat on the chin. And knocked him down flat. And the people around me applauded because this guy had been harassing me and I kind of got confirmation about having what I felt. Was doing a great thing at the time. And when I made mine. Tried to make my escape kind of I didn't realize that there was a whole band loaded these guys. And they clocked me on the back of the head with crowbar or something like that and knocked me into my third near death experience. Are we're gonna get into that after the break we just a member of time to do it here there's a lot going on the next few nights don't forget doctor bill shut joining us talk about cannibalism and on the chat room is on that all worked up about. There's been some craziness going on by yeah actually like doing this song titles with the turn new release Campbell's instead is so very creative group there. We titles are details of that but the whole the whole thing about candle and Campbell isn't a will be talking about it in the animal Kingdome mom. Well in humans but for survival ritual man medicinal purposes not that I see any. And so forth but America really use our cover an arm all the craziness from our goals in the past by and every Friday of course is a best of beyond Algeria the phone number is 844687766. Night until free at 844. 6877669. If you get an easy to talk about with a near death experiences gives a shout. We take quick break more coming listen. Jason JPM URL and radio. Six and seven. Part of our discussion. With the Robert cook packing tonight we're talking about his near death experiences he has had three. Altogether his website is Robert OPEC he dot com and the book that's the newest book anyways how to get to heaven without. Really dying Robert I I have to ask you because in several. Of our conversations here. Yeah we've talked to a religion and you indicate he's not necessarily religious man but in the title of the book you referenced Kevin. Are you talking about the heaven in the religious sense or you just talking and having them in a more spiritual but could be interpreted the way you want cents. Well I I had experiences of what you might call happened and all three of these near death episodes. Kimbo what are really was was. When you what was consistent in those episodes and I understand from other near death experiences. The consistencies. That describe the heavenly state of being so to speak rather not as a Placer location. But as this being in folded in two disc. Illuminate matrix of loving intelligence. That you know it refilled a larger part but that transcendent sense of total connectedness. There's this innate understanding no one's one's purpose as being love. Basically and then there's this receiving instructions or this kind of Harvick guidance that takes place so that's what I'm talking about what I'm talking about happened at this stage of being. As a tangible. Understanding of our true spiritual nature where we are engaged in consciousness. In a way that we can live with. This grace in the July 8 in the sensations that one experiences and happened so honestly. So tell us about the third near death experiences tell you kind of let up to how it happened but what happened during the experience itself. Yeah I was I was riding a bicycle away from the scene and nick and his band with these said. Skin cancer these pop guys drove up alongside mean hit me in the senate in the back of I had. Not me up for the black unconscious immediately and head first into the curb. And then I guess that dates stomped and kicked means for the worst part of an hour because that was in pretty bad shape afterwards but. I was gonna always opt in to the next world so to speak I was having another extra dimensional experience. This one was not as. Has evidently in terms of their being does any so rational quality. Whatsoever. To it. It felt kind of terrestrial or almost as though I were in the womb like as snapping. I still had this sense of being in folded in love like its giant hug the giant having kind of being freed from the mine. Form and I think that probably at that point it really recognize. It was and energetic spiritual being that you. It had been occupying. That vehicle the bodies so to speak. I still have a sense of the body is being damage is getting damaged but. I was in this place where it was safe and kind of surrounded by a group of entities the lame. Really remember exactly who they were anything but they were all telling me but I had gone about everything the wrong way. And that I needed to go back because there are things that I needed to do. And then I had not done yet. And I listen added I didn't wanna come back I was struggling to stay and begging and to let me stay put they essentially. As I recall it. Picked me up and kind of pushed me through was sort of membrane. And I popped through its. And I opened my eyes laying on my back on the street in this small town with an emergency medical worker wrote for me instead he's back. And that was the third one. Which I may call the gift of purpose because this is what we're talking about earlier I had been creating my life. The karma my life. That led to that point the gap in that situation with. With those pucks and that. Then led to this realization. That I had to come back here and do not supposed to do and go about things the right way for a change. Define that forests remain well with the things that you had to change. Well I had been living a pretty unconscious slide that was very ego oriented I was very caught up in. Who I was supposed to be at what people let me and that time. I was trying to particularly at. Juggle all of these to edit this is at mile high. If all of these representations. Of myself. Opt in and knocked kind of an artificial way. This is one that that experience that is the kind of dark night of the soul that's sort of ego death happened. Sometime after my third near death experience. Where everything's sort of fell apart in my life and I can kind of no longer pretend anymore. And I was reduced to this stated certain teach ability. And I came back to New York City and at that point. And I arrived back pretty much just in time for 9/11 happen I was downtown. And in Manhattan. The data that happened. It I had this is the sense of this almost like a swirl of spirits. I'm sure that the near death experiences have opened me up to two larger experience of that catastrophe that today. Because they had a real sense of the Russia spiritual energy. It was kind of leading this plane. And what a long after that that I got a place at a town up on the upper Delaware River and sat on Iraq by the river for a good part of the next six or seven years before it started. A posting my writing on my animation block. And the experience is that been telling you about this evening all cholesterol crystallized within me and I was called upon to. Right there at the first book how to survive life and death. And it just got like magically published by them are fairly major publisher and I had never written anything before in my life nobody knew who idolized. And here and we made the second book out. The first book was. I had he noted it was the Woody Allen quote I'm not afraid to die just don't wanna be there when it. Oh. Because that book is really about commitment mean a year rating to death experience for people and helping them deal with it. This book how to get ahead without really dying in the without really dying is an important part it's. About how to realize. He's Serb. This stated being that we we think of what we think of haven't booked a place is heaven in your imagination. And have you had a little pieces of it and this slide and what I'm suggesting is that that's available to you here. Well it when I'm moved on from one likes to another there was not that much difference we are always alive in this moment wherever we are. And we always have this opportunity to experience heaven or hell regardless of what life for a living. As you wrote the books and done next. Went out and started speaking about all of this what was the message you were trying to impart to people what did you want them. To walk away west. Well and naturally were all near death experiences or are here to tell you that you don't really die. It's kind of like stepping from one room into another and that one just experiences. This sort of freedom from the constraints of material life. But also I think that that sound. Get them that's sort of perspective where one realizes that the reality of being a spiritual being in this form on this plane and recognizing. That. That people are subject to being humans that there's going around that credit and that that ever. Thing happens in this eternal moment and you really can create. Right here this presence. This is where you couldn't make the changes and build your karma. Or burn your bad karma. And then the idea that. There is a purpose to you being here then only you can fulfill all of that everybody everybody is unique way. You know we've been talking about. What seems to be rather serene experience that you had. During these events. Is journal and and alternate. Sooner than people might be it might go through is there I guess I held version of all of us. Yeah have you ever experienced a hellish experience in this life. It's a very actually yeah I have over its summary and Alex. I have suffered a I hope it's not because of me I know. But you know what I mean is that sound if you are replaced without love. You're essentially in a kind of at all. And that if people are parachuted into this very world. In terrible circumstances. And then they'd make the most wonderful thing. Well our conversely the you know they commented that these integrated advantage in this world. And they end up living in the kind of the hill. So we really are these packages of karma of comic energy. That we can create that we always are create. And that we just need to have awareness about it so that we. Are able to do. To define what our purposes. To have that perspective of our own spirituality. And to make every minute penalty. What do you see for yourself from this point forward obviously you're talking about this year writing about this but youths are you still getting messages are impulses from. This other. Part of view. Guiding you through this process. Yeah you know the that is the nature. That kind of heavenly state of being here is something that I do experience and slide. And really and in many ways that comes from having a meditation practice. Because that really is the only place what kind of really experience. Some of those same exact kind of feelings has been. In meditation has society. I had that feeling of being folded into this Illumina to have loving intelligence that the and we talk about. So I would like to encourage people I mean through the book. I talk about different ways of getting there and and go through meditation and try to teach people who. Really don't think that they can do it that they can't admit it's quite as they noble to a minute really isn't doorways to some of these sort of lash shall experiences in life. And also to talk about. About spiritual sanity and how we can bring happened back to this earth if we look at the conditions of the earth and how much we've exploited it. We all know and our hearts that we need to step up with the kind of spiritual responsibility. And act as responsible stewards. To kind of recreate the beauty that we are given on this. We've had many people on the program the Fed near death experiences and a lot of what they've said. To us mirrors what you said toss and in a lot of ways. There have been some differences what have you found if you as you spoken to other people would these experiences. I think India and it's just it is fascinating differences. You know bit. I'll be around very specific custom made details to really apply to each person's. Package of comic information. As a war. You know it. My experiences were perfectly suited for my life where wives. And for what my life needed. And when I talked to other near death experience is about. And they are generally the same way. They generally had an experience that described. It their life to that point in a way. And then provided them some insight into the kind of infinite potential that we all have. Going forward. So I think it's probably to give people a sense of what. That shared purposes collectively the weekend we can all work to make cool lava and spirituality. Serbs are real basis of reality rather than having it shunted off to decided. You know I mean everything's spiritual and everything that. Everything that has banned. Great. Great. Inventions. And and explorations. Of are expanding the reality all of that was paranormal one time. Haven't just turned normal right. Yet just above the normal or used to. Right and asserted that the fact that it's all kind of shunted off into the into this you know other category. Is is possibly one of the big problems in our world right now. What we needed this kind of spiritual sanity that is truly informing us all. From our heart from this dimension. You know loving connectedness. Where where we're all being guided to. To have to make the changes. They have to be made around us. Well and that's one thing we we've heard from so many people war that has had a near death experiences is when when they come back it's. They just they changed their entire life a in these people who were have been broth and toss and just bad individuals are tireless now become these very caring and and devoted individuals and it's just totally changes who they are. Yeah I am on the tree hugging animal loving vegetarians. Pieced neck. I expect that at that and now. And you know one point analysts. You know have. A bad ass downtown troublemaker. And that was what I was devoted to public. I think everybody moves from. From ambition to meaning in their lives and hopefully you don't have to do play like getting your room here had it hard numerous times like like I did so. The book. Yeah I do if you've got you've got two books the most recent is how to get to heaven without really dying in the her first book is how to survive a life and death. A guide to happiness in this world and beyond your website is Robert cook techie it's spelled KOP. EC KY dot com. And again give us the other web site to which has your your blog. It throughout recuperating doubt Blogspot dot com. And do you have any speaking engages or anything coming up that you don't let people know about. I'd development of deep down at the to Casey center and at Virginia Beach. April 14 fifteenth. Coming up here. I'm going to be at the afterlife awareness. Conference that's going to be in November in Orlando. And I'm going to be speaking at the international association for near death studies conference. In Seattle in August next August and all that stuff you confined on my on the FaceBook their page your on on the block. To. Parent or would they make so much for coming hang analysis talking us we look forward to talk communion at some point. And it's been a great pleasures yes thank you so much for having me on and blessings to all of your listeners ask. Great night. Are sore and we're gonna take a break more timeless and Jason dvd on oil. These animals were. NASA happens among humans as well we know there are cases of survival ritual or medicinal cannibalism will be talking about that. With doctor bill shut tomorrow night. Yes and every Friday is at best though beyond reality radio calm him and I'll do my normal spiel if you haven't had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality you'll FaceBook page for us. Then head to beyond reality radio dot com where you can final stations where across the country were costly updating that at a news stations. Every couple weeks. You can also download free iPhone and android app which is atlas life cash Pashos during the online chat more. Or just click the listen live button on the web site listen liable joining TV myself agree community of people in the online chat room while listening to the show. So that's some pretty much do it for us tonight any US Jason Jeep eagle catcher tomorrow and. And don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Johnson into this one I'll simply tell incidents with. It's entirely Dario and radios. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will purchase and install an actress and host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.