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Chase Kloetzke discusses MUFON and the latest in the search for UFOs

Apr 5, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with MUFON Director of Investigations - Chase Kloetzke. Chase discusses her many years of experience with MUFON and what the latest is in regards to substantiating the UFO phenomenon. 4/4/2018 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's changed and the list goes on yeah skills and you're stuck somewhere between welcome beyond really review myself Jason Bosnia is awesome TV Johnson even. Had a good UFO program and while we even talked your foes and none few weeks anywhere I. Yeah Russell Hendrix yeah and and there's been some pretty interest from reports I think is maybe it was last week we talked about some pilots and Arizona's. And to certain occasions seeing an object that was flying overhead than they couldn't identify that. Air traffic control was actually having them look for. And then even more recently there's been more unexplained. Visuals. On the camera feeds from the International Space Station that. People who watch this kind of thing you're saying hey these are clearly some type of alien craft that are out there watching the space station kind of an. An apparent pattern around the space station kind of man on me and encompassing and it or something. You have to be talking about when it counts cut the feed to things of those mysterious blackout yes exactly I'm not sure what happened with the seats are yes yeah. But tonight we're gonna have an expert in you a follow Agee you follow gene that's going to be chase clad ski and chase says been on the program for. She not only has credentials it with move find as you follow edges but she's also done a lot of work the crypt of zoology. And a short for the Department of Defense for a long time she's gonna want to talk about tonight and she's just agree. Person talk win if I mean and she's also been involved in hold DNA. Stuff going wrong with the elongated just Olson the list goes on and on and she's she's everywhere. Yet she is and I were really excited to have her back on the program tonight and then just so you're keeping the schedule cleared tomorrow night we have. Gare. Our Gary. After an hour embassy Gary is Gary yeah we'll be discussing his latest book ghost crimes and also talking about what it's like living in haunted house since nineteen banging on it till we tell slicked mixes of connect phonetic pronunciation for anything that looks a little unusual and this is spoke GRE so I mean he seems like right. The circuits but it's what camp right at the front has uterus on and yet anyway. So we're excited about tomorrow's program programs well we had a lot of great feedback on last night's program in fact the conversation. It couldn't have been more. Poignant given what just happened at the YouTube offices. All right Josh that's just promote its chain that happens anywhere and I guess as of right now. And last time I heard reports in only a life that was lost was finished the shooter she took home life. And gosh I don't mind and prayers go out everybody. Yeah we do always senator sympathies and than anything that's thankfully. It was not nearly as tragic as it could have been although any type offense and like that is tragic. But you know we just do these things just seem to becoming almost daily currency. Yes they really it really is. A who welcomed the shorter but he has you'll since Jason Giambi on really radiating having a mystery head over to FaceBook dot com slash or beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under reality radio dot com where he cannot find all the stations we are on across the country and I checked the list Austin are constantly updating igniting new stations. You signaled Treo iPhone and injury to operate there which a Los Angeles and life catch Paris show mr. Ahmadinejad moral ago. And or you just click the listen life tab. In the operate in corner of the website if you're online and listen right from the website on joining JV myself a degree in needy people and online chat room he did if you download the shows to me a favor and read it for us from iTunes or wherever rated forest. It helps push forward makes it easier for people find. You. Knew you know that wreck tones can be very juries ferocious animals he has my yankees have that. As a pet like them as a pet she sounded loser be an obscene new York and she took it in Anaheim I mean it's always it's things Amaechi had skunk at one point com. But out after everything was great until it matured in the twenty man became the most special achievement ever it was it was like a demon attack now. That's a great way to describe than they are nasty animals when especially when their corner disposable thumps at their kind of cute and cuddly and all that from a distance on but they are nasty. Well police in Youngstown Ohio having more than their fair share of trouble with these things because not only are there. Raccoon is around the town that are getting into things and kind of approaching homes and getting a little too loose close to comfort most people. But they're they've been spotted standing upright on the back blades legs bearing their teeth showing their fangs in coming at people which is just. Extremely. Strange behavior. Now go do that when they're cornered. But to be aggressive that way a means we meet at least are thinking of rabies but on these animals do not have rabies and they're being called right now. Zombie reckons the sex and it's fun extra source say while some miracle yeah that's exactly what the car and they can't figure out exactly what's going on yet. Some people think it might be dis temper which is also a disease that affects animals like that. But they're not sure and they're just saying at this point keep away from any animal acting like that because they have no idea what's going on. I'm just temper can cause digestive problems respiratory issues and seizures and animals. On and it it's it can't be true transmitted to humans however dogs can pick it up so we need to be careful with and he had it dogs or other pets you have in the area. What areas this reducing Youngstown Ohio which time. Iron while it's funny is since long you know our island home until I grow up and raccoons were everywhere. That sense sentiment learning more I'm looking here and Tom I haven't seen a raccoon and it's been 1213 years. The funny thing is out here we don't have direct loans because we have Fisher Carol this is because even worse and be killed off all the rack who owns the skunks squirrels unanimity kill off anything and everything around now and in all my and it seemed a radical and forever. They're even where those Fisher cats are probably the most tenacious rather change gushed. Well anyways you see these these them in these gangs of clones running round they don't apparently don't they don't care about their surroundings they're not afraid of anything. And they're walking on the daytime which is another sign that there's something wrong with them yeah that's that's usually a big sign of freebies yeah yeah. And I thank you actually had to deal with them on when I was and I own a horse farm for awhile and I do had to shoot a couple of rabid raccoons in the and his dangerous stuff can be real careful with that yes that is terrifying so. It's extra. And aux sable I don't shows there's a discrete I mean these are richer on our government. Don't you think your face off now does correct it for your data center just totally changes the this is feeling it in years there's nothing cuddly about that you look at the little things around their eyes and others Q. There was a click that little band since it went like I've never seen is those animals rehearsals are IE if it when when I was said the stolen in the war part. The date they figured out how to get in to. I think we we kept on the back torched an art and I'm and they would open the same no matter how we lock that we point that cinder blocks on top of it. They remove it they get in and take all the food they want to leave it's Jesse you cannot keep them on effects. Gillick little little bigger terrorist or tell ya man. All right so well let's get ready to go to break here and won't come back we'll bring her guests and again we're talking with cheese Colette ski tonight and we'll be ignored UFO's and much other great stuff. Sounds good I on the phone a receipt for 46877669. Until freed 844687. 7669. Elisa and Jason. GPS and beyond really revealed that. Beyond reality radio apprentices champion and telling you need to go kick outs silicon dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick con. Dot com check it out. It's yeah. Yeah chasing the champagne and the Capitol Hill and of course we are every night and we you know we we get ready to do the show we sir doing our show prep we get all worked up about our topic we open the microphones up we just an appropriate time except Mondays. These are little more difficult to say when or if there is our third advice this day we are Roland and then Friday. Beckham. Go welcomed everybody great similarity in the chat room and if you're listening on one of the great radio stations around the country carrying the program and that number and that list is growing. Welcome. We were great we're grateful to you and happy to have you Sparta to be on reality radio family. And if you're listening online that's okay too we know we have listeners all over the world now we have people ordering the coffee mug to be on reality really compliment from Sweden Norway. And what the nordic places are pretty into it but their religion or coffee probably I don't know. I would think so yeah most likely upon its its good to know that I want shows listen to worldwide and I think that that's great that's awesome and it's just have the show's success because all you're greatly appreciate the it is and jot down the phone number in our second hour we'll take your phone calls at 8446877669. You can join our conversation. Right now let's bring in our guest for tonight chase Croats Qi is joining us chase is a move fun director of investigations and author and a forensic expert. The website her website is cheese collect ski dot com will spell that for a little later will also put links up. And as she got a book out called admissible the field amenable manual for investigating UFO's paranormal and unknown. Biological reports chase welcome back to beyond reality radio. Loop and they'd be agreed to didn't think I can I. Well thanks for coming on your so chipper tonight. Complaint is that we had but eight amazing content they can last time type I'm really happy to be here. Well we're really really happy to have you back but what you've been up to since you've been on the show it's been awhile. Yeah act at an addict I was mad because when I'm I recently moved to Washington DC. We think that need to do a lot more lobbying. Upper hand with boots on the ground. You live get a couple of block in the capital put it on purpose that he wanted to be right in the middle of the action and I definitely am. Good gig Jack and all the sound that the information would break in about our government and military. Investigating you upload. Well it's funny because we had brought that up at one point and about how they finally admitted that they'd spend 120 million dollars and javy brought up a great point that. Probably only admitted that they spent that much so we didn't really ask about the hundreds of millions of seemed to go missing time. Absolutely. Different black project and get money. Leg secret bit rot by Harry Reid in 200 senators by the way that it happened. Since they had. Got ripped money but it was definitely a black operation. So you say you here in the middle the actions some people would say you're and you're in the middle the cesspool which which do you think it it's a us. But it really it and break something very magical about DC I loved living in pretty fit that. Have been in labor New Orleans and the great example. But DC has its own set of rules and I think that when I first got here you know I was knocking on the door of the opposite side of the technology. Thinking that would be the appropriate place for you up or lobbyists. And it turned out not really feel kinda can't act are a couple months to get learn how BP work and believe Palin. Yeah my Bentley then. I've spent some time there is all deserved I've got some good friends in congress and if you if you run and Adam Kensing her say hello and helmets from adjacent good enemies in congress and yeah yeah we do ended but it is it's it's a total different world amongst itself. Absolutely. And 800. Part of you that sound factory did you know when you when you hear what goes on here are some time what does that happen. With. Yeah our political leaders. Because I don't believe in that raid so here. It's fair that people govern. And he yelled at a tendency to be the case lately and then you. Luckily it frustration a couple of block certain and you can't help but look into the indeed Lincoln Memorial arch at comic actor in building and then you get remembering your neck. I'm a very powerful played by the magical place at the same time. I don't think that's in the case of west 6070 plus years correct that. Barry you're absolutely right advocate I think they heroes and the radical the radicals that changed everything in and I'll framed in this country. This and then these huge huge reminder about. What we need to get back to in my opinion we can dignity and people work done. Take care of Americans. This is always a bit of a fork in the road for Jason and I because we love talking politics we know that an overnight everybody loves here let's talk. Yeah that's what we kind of avoided on this program but when it comes to the government and the search for Eric extra pressure lifer visits patients. We I think we all kind of agree we were were pretty well confident not all the information is being passed on to us. What do you feel when it comes to government disclosure do you feel as though they're there mostly disclosing or do you think that there is way more. And we've only got the tip of the iceberg. I don't actually I that we are getting the can that the IR I'll I can see actually age and not only the information that being released and it is being released systematically. And it's all Billiton. But even have a media portrayed it. Probably decades I've been doing this in 1994 and you know it could always a you have a story that yelled from the bark at pilots on military members or even after not. And the media would inevitably. Play DX ILP lynch rocking and the anchor would almost make a joke. In an apology for even run in the door each lately that we get getting hard news coverage. Which is all acting for not trying to convince anyone let it lay out our case and let the public decide. Wellness thing and they were notorious for putting a comical spin on its choice to try to sort of take away any legitimacy from the whole subject. Eight so order talk about a whole bunch of things when we come back. From our break here but before we go just gives your website warmer time and spell it out Forrest just matured he's got a right. And carry it is cheap but he dot com and the lab named Eric KL. I won't be me and VKE. Awesome Ariza were gonna go to break here in just a moment before we do remind you the phone numbers 844. 687766. And we have a whole bunch talk about we're gonna get into a chase is book it's called admissible. The field manual for investigating UFO's paranormal and unknown biological reports kind of covers a whole gamut. You know we're definitely and a you know we're gonna recovering quite a bit stuff going on tonight and again remember remember tomorrow night Wednesday are we talking with Gary Allen he's an author. We're going to be discussing his latest book ghost crimes. And what it's like living and haunted house since 1999. So ultimately being punched you show you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page for us. Then had to be unreal you radio dot com you final stations we are across the country Melissa is constantly being updated so check it often. You can also download free iPhone and android upgrades original us listen life catch passion was to an online chat more. Or just click the listen live button and any time in the operating in core of the web site. The connection to an online chat room we can listen the show on line. All right analogy he myself a hundred Indian people and online chats. I were to take a quick break phone numbers are 8446877669. US and Jason dvd on an island radio and I. And maybe Jason Allison Jimmie Johnson. And a receipt for. Her 6877669. We'll be taking calls later in the program she can join our discussion with our guest tonight. But chase class ski and we're talking about her work as a move fund director of investigations and author and a forensic expert and we're really excited to have cheese with us tonight. Yeah thanks for hanging analyst chips. I played a guy. So that's good about your background for those who might be new to our program maybe haven't heard one of your discussions are and her views along the way. Telus oh what you've done and what how significant it is. I have basically I'd done also been on an investigation. It. Kind of my ninth added that you don't know what it is I'll probably go look and Mike OK it really you upload content and but claimed that. Kind of around that. I believe that that's only been very very important particularly that bit. Paranormal. That can get the land and get into the wind you left both phenomena. Acknowledged even bigfoot I know the creature is it definitely talking about. Alleged that millions and some of the other and could be better reportage. He could very easily be considered a creek it fell out. You know it being that little bit of blending but adequately equipped UFO report. I've been investigating the coupon in 1996. And kind of a delicate period so I kind of like a rock and roll. Which. That and that job in blue on meetings start playing eighteen. Some of our rapid deployment. Unit. And that flight that was my time. They did some work with the Department of Defense is well and I know that you're a master trainer master instructor what does that mean. What about bio mechanical engineer and market for the department and I would create programs. And they're accurate timing. An example that would be you have a cadre. Marines would be signed. Q do you begin tracking tracking. And yet you don't get compound. And my job was to make sure they work physically emotionally. And psychologically. Prepared in every way Arctic dot. If they were gonna happen vertical and they're in triple canopy Wii and make sure that. Every bottle in their body would it would be ready. President to be able to do that they believed that makes cents. And that is one component or a little bit like. Pop is a loan and it would take them almost three days to crawl across that he'll take it shot. Probably the train him to make sure he could survive and not cramp up victory day. Did you. Did you say we've that's a real life situation sniper would have to crawl across a field over the course of three days to be able to take a shot. Absolutely and some of these guys are and yet. It hit into the crap they may have been dealing is done and can they not be it. It will bid to be felt small and and Arnold. Online news on they would take entry gate there and get a crack actually. It took that shot absolutely. And sometimes even longer. That's San. Yeah on that's a Holden and another discussion in itself. What else did you do for the DDB could you spent a good time and it took the time there. Yes I went to basically get in that role as bio mechanics engineering get. You know work in a program and it wouldn't matter if they were water. Defected in nineteen. Why do you think you're an Atlantic Coast Guard in the can. Right after nine elevenths. When they transition. We can't guard from department get it into Homeland Security. On a big eighteen nicotine. And kind of the rapidly on board with the Philippines or lack of a better word. In the Coast Guard but very little bent back and respond in kind of the high tech guy I've become a kind. And but these guys are so off on and weak debated gentlemen of the military. And they were gonna have to work that deal. He should get back to properly and little things like that such. He never knew what you were gonna get some kind that have the command like I did with 9/11 no way out of southeast Georgia. I'm I'll go to trained the Coast Guard. In net New Orleans. So they get never know what you're gonna get some kind I would have one guy that I would have to make your was. Properly prepared for it at certain mission. And what you said. When did you Serwer to remove fund you you told us but it didn't catch today. Okay I'm 1996. He started when I was sport a little grumpy about. Give us it can outline your path that brought you to be being entrusted it to begin with in working with more fun and and actually got you there. It would be funny because I was really get it. Had gotten a computer. You know the third computer in the home I'm in the early ninety's and yelled at Gary Byrd saying II Google dark. You'll put in a real well. I'll break the US followed and I target fine being happy chat room than these little organizations I think I'm lying. And move on kept coming up until I get looked into that green light. Have a certification training program. There was a lot of things I like about it. But the interest in UFOs. Started way back as a teenager and I'm just fascinated by. Something in the period and yet. It changes everything at this to. And just just trying to find. The truth are just real answers to what these possibly could be and mean. That sounds like the coolest job clearance. Larry did you know you got it you got that job is allowed. Investigating you let alone or pairing normal. Horry Eden cricket type. An inquiry. I believe are all basically fit. The domain and that what the long course agents in there you're investigating. Armed robbery at home IR. I traffic accident. An insurance company. Your hair and things that we have to have a place and that per repeated interview with the witnesses we're gonna candidates. Meaning that we're gonna look for cooperating witnesses or security cameras so we know we're looking for things that I'll call a cooperate and the bad. I'll be you know we want to make sure that our evidence is collected stored transported properly paperwork in place. And we want to make sure our analysts. Are stripped. Providing the type packed street now. Dad actually working tort cases and offered. Answered or more cooperating. And yell and you did the taping in paranormal investigation. So it all comes out first with that interview most important thing. When you heard about this. An amateur I pronounce the acronym has occurred is that he tipped. Yeah amidst the AT IP programs the advanced aviation threat identification program and its feet. It's that the program that was revealed in December of last year that the government had been spending some money and I think is like 22 million dollars which. From a government perspective that's not a hackable and went on a ruler yeah that's that's not a ton of money however just the fact that they. Acknowledged this money being spent and it was something that people didn't know about what was your first reaction. I about a block like haired guy because your lame that you have military members. And I had I don't know if senator and congressman actually admitting they can get an act. I'd get pregnant went to my head. OK gotta I gotta cranky today at the I would get today at night. Like a little indication. Of course I mean if you're you're finally the government admitting to something that. Then you're you're in search of as well and as it's threatened it's great that really help solidify what you're doing and shows that there's a lot more that. They're trying to figure out as well. Absolutely. And we'd know that they'd been contracted. You know bead and ruled on we have any government and believe we have yeah even former intelligent. Maybe even par you know I've been pushed to delegate doctor Mitch yeah it is an open organization and when you doing move on. You know the act that the information that the public web site so nobody. Stealing anything from that the hall free for everybody you know appeal on it doesn't matter who you are worried work everybody get that they information which. I'm decades in the game. It went off on a winning came out and the fact that. Yeah it broke into New York Times and Politico. And then of course Washington Post about. Acted fight. It is off on the ELE in effect get rest and prepare and they agreed by the light a lot of our ballot here. We've heard the reports we know this program existed we know what the name of the program was we know how much money was spent. The least what was it knowledge that was spent. But what exactly what they were what were they looking for what we're trying to do what was this program all about. You know I'd be interviewed off Luis Alibaba though a couple of times and yeah I think it was that the military report. Would be trying to ban to figure out what did that. And when you have you'll highly trained pilots that are eagle emotionally. People yell they kept a day and there's a lot of scrutiny on there that can't happen to be their physical help emotion stability. Either people not prone get into the north Philly net of cash. You know. It was windier terrified. Because they're in a plane. And they're seeing things or experiencing saying. And indeed needed somewhere to go and that we want to know where that technology was coming from we needy Americans and I'm wanna know where that technology it is Russia that China it'd be aware of it coming from wind. Village they're no longer options being the only one other. It's an unknown and quite literally left. But for the fact that these pilots coming forward it's actually just recently with some of the things that were seen over Arizona I mean it. They and their coming forward knowing that there are job is on the line right because a lot of times and pilots come forward they say something. They start being deemed as as an issue and and Nixon you know there. So are losing their their position their jobs and a lot of them are told not to talk about these. You're right an 88. Indeed being deep and we're kind of scratching our head like well wait a minute. Why now everything rolling out pork a lot of debt being. You've taken seriously and and being get. And what happened with the US illegally Arizona is that the I bet it got hit over the radio would greatly and we didn't know who the pilot work are and it just. Believing that you'll be seeing ticket and pushed out to the public. I'm a lot of people picket pocket closure or you'll maybe get confirmation. You know I think confirmation prompt disclosure I don't need president. Trot telling me anything right now about the US a topic arch. You know I kind of don't even want him involved in it trickled it is likely it would look better come round. You're a sighting or something like this I think this is exactly sort of role. We're talking winds chase click ski and she's a director from my investigations and move fun also an author. Book is called admissible the field manual for investigating US foes colonel and unknown biological reports were to take a break. We come back organ and get into more of this discussion about what the government. Was doing with the 22 million dollars in the program that's known as the AT IP program. Why is it so secretive why they've formed around white woman just toss. What's that it's happening. 'cause it's government self explanatory but anyway spirits and we'll be right back at this you listen geez yeah. About 1980 Carter started about some dancing and white snakes cars this just talked to Tony contained in the ninth. And interest and and you notice us that line in the song until now welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio great to have everybody along with the reverend a good discussion tonight about. UFO's and we'll throw some of the things in there with a chase let's ski who's the move on director of investigations also an author. She's got a book out called admissible the field manual for investigating UFO's. Paranormal and unknown biological reports and again ninety so great to have you here we're talking about this government program and I think that. You know. Anytime you start talking about government disclosure. And particularly when it comes to this type of topic. You know these just is that the government has no its own worst enemy doesn't give you a complete picture therefore you have to assume the withholding information. Well and I think we've been evident in bid videos actually that guard academy put out. That he would turn it I'd be a period. You got to be claimed about this could be opting addicted to the net and beat the indeed and then you see that the video. And that's not what we're seeing. A lot of people have a big problem with that including myself. But the one thing a lot of people don't do when you call the sport and I'm like hey we're a couple of these video. Mind if they're not clap and cry to. Why. Are we not putting out you know it'd be the entire laden video. And of course it was explained to me that there are ways and means and you know pilot identification on the plane didn't like that that you that you don't wanna make. Public. I thought I could be videotaped a classified. Try to get back in it made a lot of sense when it comes to. Personal security of our military members. Actually when I contend that week. You know had tallied on the outcome of these people we wanted to yell protect any idea identification present at all. But even that we didn't mean what we're capable of capturing it on the plane cameras. You know it would make sense and sound happy days at least put out a little bit. So why do why do you think they black out how are these cameras are on the space and space station seem to always have technical issues when something's in the distance. You know an intent and spirit the spirit in the market today. Active you know obviously. They're up but they don't want it city and again to be patient although I industry. Still happening better secret. I don't look back thinking to do with it but I would imagine there's eight left Herat rebrand. And possibly will likely including. Dvd don't wanna be out to be something that they can say. We're gonna talk of more about that in a few minutes because there's been some new reports. And some new discussion online about some of these images that have been showing up from the International Space Station. But as you've got working with move find. Were you a field investigator to begin with a mean how how did that process work. Yeah I I joined the group on and I'm back in the day at Winn walked Andruw led the ad executive director. You know to get back to reform enacted if you had any interest in you know volunteering in there and that's what the field investigator and I'm Michael had to have. Are you got a little I'd be that they dealer and act by treating me. And you've talked an annual and you took that captain. That he tapped to became. Field investigator. And then we'd have grown any ball. Tremendously. We have the fine university. Which is. And the amazing training program on everything from a strong astronomy. To. You know I Mandarin versions. Of Africa can that you would need to understand BUFO investigators. And I'll tell how to investigate. And we have against corporate bond evidence collection and Carol and I'm university is amazing. Kind of a great place that you are just wanted to he could drop in your lap we get between. Right now about. 700 to a thousand you have a report from month. I'll I'll go to the date where and that phenomena has been reported already that happened allegedly. And they're trying to investigators concluded that day. It hit and I want a pretty easy you don't have to marking yourself are remote yourself that Kate and can be it. As Graham will get and a lot more than in the next hour point comeback. The phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. To listen Jason TVM beyond island revealed. It's Tuesday on the West Coast once again spokesman respects. On her own review myself just in Bosnia was awesome G each. Many times in your life if you looked up at a clear sky at night scene on the stars and just waited for something else to go by that you couldn't explain which would give you an excitement and an appreciation for the fact that there are other things. Close by circling the earth on the earth in the skies that we can't explain. I do little we do a lot especially with the kids were out on the boat and night during the during the summer I mean because it's pitch pitched and darkness yeah. And you can see everything are always looking for shooting stars and that's a few in August and and so unity and a lot of times you see weird things you gotta wonder wasn't a shooting star was something else the way it's moving in and. Right I mean it's pretty common to see airplanes that there are sometimes hard to identify. It's also pretty common to see satellites just that are just kind of streaking through the sky they move kind of slowly but that's a straight line generally. Amid everyone's so why you'll see something if you're looking enough that he can't explain it moves in an odd pattern. Or it has odd lights or it does something else assists and explain like it'll disappear Foreman come back demeaned. Those are the types of things that Tom our guest chase spends a lot of time looking into. Eight chase thanks training and now tonight. All of my played a guy. Once again they website is her name chase let's deal which is spelled KL OETZKE. Dot com. And the book that we've been referring to is admissible the field manual for investigating your foes paranormal and unknown biological reports. You must have I chase says a child. Are being young adult for a got involved and move fun anyway looked up at the sky in just wondered and just hope that you see something that would confirm for you what is a suspicion from any of us at there's. More than just us in this universe. Absolutely. I hate it one of my favorite memories even grownups that. At a couple of good friend bench. He can't play all day on the track on her night couldn't beat you I'd be helped get you and Lleyton in the Grafton and looking up rocking back and forth with each other. Obviously I love doing it with my friend today would get landing him alert you know on the cards on the and we get it out there and the whole time I didn't get up. Concerned journal little experiment here were their video screens but. Did you have you had any personal experiences yourself that you and Ken Cherilus. Yes and every once in awhile that you know when your are there and you're chasing something. Especially phenomenon. That put it much timed to the idea that old time. You've you've been abandoned at something every once in awhile and there's been several times that this investigator became the witness. But probably the most improved sound I'm. It then we'll all end up back applicant canopy. Compared to 2010. And it would probably. Does night that. When I left I got my car and I kept again you'll be asked. Nobody gets that much of one night and it would hit one of those events and evenings. And it still would beat today because from. And when you see the things that they bring up more questions than answers and that's exactly what I out. I definitely get me on that investigator items everything. Well and I think it's important also went in when you're talking we're talking my UFO's a lot of people. Automatically assume then that means we're talking aliens and then if we're not we're talking just an unidentified flying object the minute week. Mitchell is an alien ship shall we do it mean then it would be aliens are no longer feel unidentified. A bright eyed and you know on it. Try to tell people all the time we're at I don't deputy US power I investigate you have a report and and that usually they could different however. You know about two to 3% of our agencies will offer some sort of Trace evidence of physical evidence. And and that's like four K that's what I like to do it get out there inch and Od DOK. Track mark Thornton ended march and you don't know build out there you'll collect me out for a trampled Britain also are the things we have had to be. Hi I'm all that and it felt when you are getting and you know physical evidence and can't compiling. Report after report. It is just amazing. The program again that we're talking about the eight tip program advanced aviation threat identification program of the government revealed that Ted funded and was some operating for some time. Was it a game changer of any kind. Definitely like the game changer because now we know you know with the government actually come now. Immediate action has an open and you know I think yeah as a lobbyist he'll whom I can talk to you a little cooler that died because Harry Reid. Obviously had a close connection to Robert Bigelow and have not touched and he'll be believed to be campaign congress and contributor. And if all goes back obviously you all the money every time. You know these things and really open guy and I'm trying to find now that I'm learning. Happy people are little things like yo why wouldn't I call the senator and Kentucky who's a libertarian. On. I'd hit act and trying to weaken million dollars added to drop in the bucket if not it'd depend sluggish but. You didn't know that was being banned you definitely didn't close that program. Where is it now and how much money that they Andy can you be buying that it would be and I thought I was not aware that when he got a point. They're gonna get some answers to that sometimes you get back at the Bloomberg and find the right people what. It is badly that. Well it and it makes a lot of sense but when it comes down to them coming out and admitting it as best they spent this money now. You know that they did it for a reason there that there is either it was going to come out and they were covering their tracks and trying to get ahead of it. Or there's a hidden agenda on why they came on did this now do what what's your thoughts on on which one that is. No I am I liked a little odd I think to lift our gondola. Need to patriot. I believe that he resigned play exactly. The reason he's back he dead on because we know that he out and broke a letter. Straight to his resignation went straight connect your Defense Secretary gain that it. Well if they that the program would not be picking up and take it seriously. Can't can't Ali and I. And a quick being investigator Mike retarded by whom the kind your hand luckily not. We know that the DNA. We're not any blood. A lot and it but that's not where he worked he worked at the Pentagon until he wasn't working for the DIA. Gets funded duty black money. However little that he was at the Pentagon on the fifth floor but he winked. Like I'm trying to get in there that the by the way defeat reluctant to share. No it hit. I agree out that we are trying to figure out. A little bit and only a little picnic in that some of the made feed it information or. I think I heard another reason. The Republicans and true before. I'm definitely you have a researcher have been approached by. Military members. Such negligible and how wet ability to actually block on the military aid he would. Blocked off that are encountering Pollock and and probably I thought it was crede. Well it's always a slight handling it's sort of pay local hair I'm showing you what I'm doing here so you're not seeing what's really going our minds saints. You're absolutely right and then I'll go back in Bigelow would keep Arab state that fully admit he. Delta new hangar for evident. Chase this program. Any revelations anything that's good that's come out of that we can point to this says okay look at this this actually did something that Tom we can feel good about. I'm I I think even opened the Dick Jim. Not really. A lot of saying they are talking about that we're not gaining. And I think a lot of it had to do a crock of I information. But not so I'll even grant kept lit Bigelow which would tie the industry and he's not under corporate site. Right. 8446877669. Lines are open to wanna join the discussion at all. I want him I kind of change the topic a little bit because you've been working in DC as a lobbyist. Or at least I don't know if it's an official obvious and how that works but what type of work you're doing and what are you hoping to get out of it. Yeah education and hopefully trying to get. You know I could document and he'll bring that topic. Into. Yeah like I can tried to get over the little. Dorm. And everybody is trying to do that these days. I still there to she's she's our power off a mean. Let's do this let's take a break an image she's gonna get cleared up there at city she's in a bit of a coughing spell which should have to check the snow so again the phone numbers 8446877669. We'd love to have you can't be part of our discussion. And don't forget that says tomorrow night we've got Jared Allen joining us he's an author gonna talk about his latest book called. Ghost crimes and one was like to live and on at home since 1999. Marry you listen to Jason Giambi on reality radio will be back after. Our kids can't stop by our website join the chat rooms got a great stuff going on there. We enjoy all the participation and if you wanted to join our discussion tonight you can call at 844687. 766 and I think almost everybody. Has had one of those experience religious experience is really looked up in the sky and saw something that they just couldn't explain it everybody's probably had something like that. Yeah in nick specially when the only trying not long dark road all alone I mean it becomes a terrifying scenario it's great out of it close encounters. Yep exactly. Let's bring our guest back in. Chase Clint ski and chases the a director for move fun effect director of investigations. And chase open OP you're OK thank trying to recover from the flu that's just a nasty thing but we are talking about your work in these DC. What exactly you're doing and how and what you're hoping to accomplish. I limited picture looked. Make it scared card carrying a lobbyist and and what I do is object really try to influence the lawmakers in Q. I'm opening discussions. Much like the Chilean government and South America and France. Eight you know I I don't know why all of this has kept so secret. Even in the investigation. Part that nobody knew that it different going on in the Pentagon. The guy to go to work every day get alcohol had no idea that that unit was investigating helical report. It it ridiculous and I hate that the public. Couldn't handle it quite frankly. Yelled get the other countries nobody freaky now deal people in cramped side. You know the stock included an heading for the hill I peaked. Most people realize now especially with the science. That it probable and most likely. Even the hard court can be bunkered. Little. To be that much. Well you know that's really what they do it it talked a lot make very much present case to them and really. Really hope that they opened discussions then. Can actually add up to have a grant. Can you imagine if we were on dead on the good we can do in the places we could go lynch really grab some of the evidence. I mean just a fraction of what they show I mean with the guardian throw altar at it it it could do so much good. Are accustomed to or listen remind you we've got Kathleen calling in from Pennsylvania hey Kathleen what welcome to the show. Okay. What I would like to ask is did it possible. That the people who couldn't drop it did you have. You all live here aren't aren't a month off and the knowledge that he's not adopt it. We don't know I'll. But that's a great point Kathleen and people have speculated about that then maybe this is just terrestrial technology that nobody wants to admit to what do you think guys chase. Absolutely all we know that when we're investigating unknowns as we call them. I'm aware investigating I'll art and there it. Yet because a lot of and where there's a big belief held they're that the technology that we have now is based off of a lot of wall extra terrestrial. A spacecraft says that it we have found thrown throw on the last hundred years correct. I can't even back in the eighties when Reagan announced that. You know he wanted all Star Wars program. And program was never shut down it directly dark I went into the black world. And and beaten Italy India Cochrane that even in his own diary. And he's talking about be being licked at the top scientists and we actually talking about uncorked at Lockheed bullet. You get that would be sidekick and he said yeah that he bought a shuttle that would working that could carry 300 people. And he says it looked like an on. Paraphrasing here that. Looked like something out of it you know I'll ward but it independent retail. Cannot begin tonight I'll probably wait what. Like hearing 300 people that anybody can mean that crop up to yell we'd be back one of our you have all of you'll be in such a large. Object in this guy okay. We definitely know in a court you'll hear the allegations of secret program than. There's all sorts. Avenue in the UFO field you can go down sometimes we have to be really careful about those rabbit hole. Okay we're gonna go to break here just a minute we got some more phone calls were to get to those calls on the other side of the break or truck talking with chase clip ski. Who's the move fund director of investigations also an author of the website is just turn name dot com. And then now you can go there you can also get more information about her book called admissible the field manual for investigating your foes paranormal and unknown biological. Reports. All right head over to the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest and had to be under reality radio dot com. Download the free iPhone and android app makes life easy to listen in the show on the Golan then lie if touchpad shows and more. Find all the gritty stations where on right there on be on Algeria dot com that is constantly being updated its mate she checked in Austin. Com or just cook to listen libel and anytime you get a chance and you're on your computer and you wanna hang LGV myself and agree to community problem online chat room almost into the show online I were to take a quick break more to come to. Soon Jason dvd on Hillary. I got a great cats our great conversation continued almost every night but tonight we're talking with chase Chlumsky about a UFO's. Bunch of different angles were going out here if you wanna join the conversation I know we had some people wanna hold. And the brakes tended to be little long for folks at 8446877669. Is the number to call if you wanna join this discussion I know. That virtually everybody's listening has had an experience of their own that they discuss still scratch their heads about. Yeah absolutely and you know there's mission so much going on in the sky that. Most people are never looking up opinion enormous especially the state NH where everybody is looking at yourself former buddies you know that's pretty much where it faces buried. And there's just so much going on out there. Yeah a lot of stuff and error I guess is an expert on at all. And Jason we you know we view lobbying and and not show that we got to cut complete answers to what you think your objectives are what is the ultimate goal here. What do you want the government to do what is his legislation is that money is it Ted disclosure what's the what state golden objective here. I think there are taking it a little bit at a time I'll be honest guy out and you've Pollack it had picketed. We have petitioned. We have held it can lead geared into the hearings for disclosure. The cut content congress won't do their job the people well which is the model of ot be it'd been hearing. And you know did just walked in and say we want to quote Jared you know give it everything you've gotten you know beat these programs. Train parents. Is that gonna happen in the city one of the things you learn when we need to hear and if so I made my objective. Is what kind of response. Starting the conversation and and prevent me. You know professional pro updated information. And that he yelled they understand that something going on and get the government is investigating. We kinda like to know about that. We have those reports we touched on them earlier in Arizona there are some flu two air traffic control and a couple of pilots who were talking on an object it was above them. Flying and I think they're pretty high rate of speed in the couldn't identified it wasn't identified as an aircraft. Did you get any more information about the have you looked into those incidents at all. We are absolutely I would definitely contacted. At Akron and our strongest aids. Lack from the top investigators in the world are in Phoenix childish. You know in the parking area for the cap and it happens on the ground and then on it immediately. Probably hopefully here is that. Yeah I'll be died at the scratching their head they were a little more nervous. And usually they branded. It a Democrat. The reality or severity of what happened and that it was truly an unknown. And they were given the answered back from the you know the. Powered plug it radar guys and I'm being hit it with something that carried over I'll lose a few more days and get what you hear on and on the radio. And what were they saying who's saying look like they did they witnessed. Yet it it would is he really didn't describe an object like should be quicker any change. Yeah what they said with a reflection. I believe that the exact word that they use. Trying. Over their head back. The side and speed. It was phenomenal and you know it it appeared at the. Solid object all barrel they are a reflection. And we definitely need to criteria. A little something in the omelet shouldn't be trained at their record in the air and being here. Pretty good without identifying it seemed that all right there. On people's right to say it was a Google. Yelled into the balloon or weather balloon in its site guide you can't wait 35000. Feet in the air could be in for a light. Three if I see. Above that. Really. Can't hit you know don't don't want to act it just par jumped out here it's like and I'll give it a while gas. That lets get real let's start determining who are investigating. Or let compared know what it with the government had been you know what the loop on field investigator in doing. Felt it Wear the boots on the ground. That's what every move on from it even got national UFO reporting an Irish you know they take a report. But not in investigating that you'll will find it an international organization with the the 40000 people around the world. I have been trained to go out and and start. Dealing. Professional investigation. Pretty amazing. Now we just talked about those two incidents or is it actually one incident that had a couple witnesses in Arizona other any other high profile or maybe not so high profile. Reports that have impressed you recently. Yeah out of me I'm getting the European military. Type report that apparently love those because again trained observers. And people that. You kinda know what should be flying around to what isn't so we've not be capable of the military because because they're typically note why don't. Felt confident that there that's not good. And we probably one of my favorite cases that I work right now really beginning to. Is a Haiti and Cuba. And Abdullah national director of act Cuba and Mexico a couple of other countries. It hit the needing. When you have. These guys that are you know in a military I'm military base. Saying something don't they react. And some sort of rat Larry you know and a neat. Technology is it somewhere above them and when they all converge they can explain it I love both cases. But again we'll find it has been collecting cases since 1969. We got hundreds of military Kate and. Well indeed and I'm sure the military guys are trying to come to you totally anonymous right because that's something you really can't let let Al that there are talking with you all won on what are experience. Absolutely and and you can do that would move on because we do not release witness named address phone number is anything that's all protected. And what the public. Either it all the work done and and the plane. You know everyone has that right to privacy we have to keep that confidential. But. Yeah I'm a bill would put a lot of time Julie after they retire. Once there they left the service and yeah I think it feel like it's time. We want to have a special assignment team in that part I appear for investigations. A group. All the special assignment team that and this kid did he actually work each with a blow her foreign government. High ranking military cases. Because they require effect indelicate but we'll take a report and the guy that they look you can't put that out yet. And that's where it would be investigated a case like that. We're gonna start running out of time here I wanted to ask you much your experience on the low files in a first what think it's pretty amazing that Rob Lowe. And is involved in a program that. Is set trying to get some answers in some pretty interest in topics. Tell us your experience. Good it was wonderful. A bleaker. Actually credible because I flew out to Dan Diego and boarded a research Ethel made the bold all right then. I've worked with the equipment group which led the same group that worked with Steven Spielberg and some of the other guy on the Titanic. Oddly located under the water. And we were investigating the alleged Malibu under water alien baby. We rode the Mohawk can you yelled at a meeting drone that has act kite getting radar and I HD video and we've landed on the structure and you went private and get a full investigation. And it ain't your pick someone like me who likes to be group on the ground and you're very scientific is passionate investigator. I'm live on the ball in the field. What the dream you know I spent three days that the diet. You know they admit they are critical they would they were wonderful. Are they is serious about two these topics as we are. I didn't know I think. And grabbed it and it probably will how he said that it had completed this Friday and lobbying to get more fine he believed. And I love that because he's right you know to be so critical that any mystery or you know I like Catholic. On hand I got more of the oppression that it was kind lit kid believe. Before it. Yeah that kinda outgrew all that and get going back. And investigating the story they grew up on they'd love to talk about the topics. I will say that. Yeah with some kind be your big Hollywood guy now now have prick a million college is because it yelled kill technique. An app like. Is that they know where Arizona and really true at their partners here. Yeah I don't know what it funny that the like I can't pick like forty people now. Well speaking of current events is a relates to this topic come we talked about it earlier in the program as well the International Space Station. Recently there's been a bunch of distant objects but not so distant that they aren't suspicious but it almost appears as though there alien craft kind of circling. The International Space Station to keep an eye on it have you heard any of this. Now we've been collected those reports are. A long content. You know and again the good thing as a lobby effort. You know something network pushing each group is international. And this is something that. We believed to break apart talking about what went on the Atlanta and a light some of the video are are the total war you know get. Some of the things you have. We. Obviously have more experienced people to help them trying to decide how the work. And they get it. You know even a hit the work in out of the Pentagon. But we're using eighty. You know kind of they're a little. We used in their own expert and they have access to everything and the top of everything. The highest hat and I'm back they'd never been put on the ground. They'll probably author a lot. I think a lot of relative and important information. And they need to partner with us. Oil and a lot of times and I am on the whole motto now there is the person with all the information is usually the person charged. And it really goes to show that the government really tries to keep and keep themselves. With the knowledge of everything to keep everybody else without a just and forward Marreese. An aide to protect taxpayer dollars and Luke Bonner and again. You know the people should be covered. Where the governor PO where we're the ones that should be taken the policy and you know. My lobby effort maybe. Throw less. I'd be hard I'll read by big gamble that. You know but it can pop up here is quite frankly in DC and yeah we had all our law maker. You don't create a budget although the other senators than everyone else. They need to have a shot to make their case I'm maybe not good in their day it hit the idea here lately and down. You know around and get tried to use at this track it and everything vehicle crazy to bring my training up what they need to protect the economy. Talk about your book for a second admissible. It offers insight into whole bunch of different paranormal field work topics but can you define if they grab the book what would return him. I think mostly ethnic. And you know if some of the things that get locked out here. I'm when people are properly trained or have the kind of experience. And you know or the integrity. I think the popularity. Investigating. Phenomena. I've created a lot of people that thought it was on Eric you know big big candidate out there and you don't get paid and that he should actually you know. And they went around crop and an and a ticket to bigger than that so I look at the lie on the ethics and even things that they may not know on some of the pitfalls of being investigators such as. A big year. Usually meeting people for the third time and. You are some time the only person maybe even pull the tube because they don't want their family and friends who think they're crazy. And you'll get like ten years. Not an act. And they feel connected to you because you know you shared that have been very intimate secret that they need big carrying. And we just can't become their friend and they're like family and to impact shouldn't. He'll make it about that we can't insert sound good to dairy band or life. Because the minute we get that next big case we walk away and they feel abandoned or they feel like. You know and be counted on in you know it is hypocrisy that hurt so the little things about. Studying how we need to passionate how how you can. Approach. And the investigation and had that compassion that our goal in yet that armed like keeping that relationship professional. Little things like that and that cryptic complaining Hillary in there about you think that actually happened to you out there that you don't act like. We have about a minute left with few what's coming up next story. I am going to be speaking at oh with our conference in eureka springs and I'm actually next weekend. A weekend I have a week from this weekend. And I'll look again I'll. You know did he look to move on me and I'm really clicking. Can be eye candy here clearly trying to. Kinda back hail and mold and Poland and the eight chip program. Let them I have a couple of conferences the loop on period is gonna be any year. We get pretty often because. People get become an an experience and often crude but he could hang now live in your favorite speakers didn't. You know people and we do short skirt into the staff could have really called on Craig hi I'm really loving that. But yet quite a few things coming up. We're counting at Netflix documentary. Home. And and that should become an out later in the year I'm producing the tone for the first time with his bloody can no idea what I'm doing to deploy again. This is all the Netflix train wreck about it. Well you'll enjoy eureka springs 'cause I've been there many times in the such an incredible place. I love it. Grounded out there. If your website one more time. And then she cracked he got arm and the left in the K Aaron. A eighteen C eighty. Chase thanks so much for coming and hanging out with us and it's always a pleasure to talk with you and we look forward to talking you again sometime in the near future. I hope that guy you brought you guys that culprit in Auckland. Your own you have a great night thanks so much unrealistic to break whom to back to wrap things up it's beyond me DC. So it was. It's neither it's called and it's not clear I glow in the in the sky to nine's emergency anything mysterious of from the outside nice and he's trying to do so and 61. You know it's gonna be it's going to be who we actually get warmer overnight here it's gonna we're gonna wake up. A NN lake noon a win thing's gonna come through and is gonna go from 55 to 35 like instantly. Are you keep that I don't know but it's demeaning way I think simply isn't big shadow for to chase for coming in and I all of us tonight on what goes on tomorrow night we've got. Gary Allen and author will be discussing his latest book. Ghost crimes. And what it's like to live and on to house that he's been doing that since 1999. And this Thursday's actually going to be a prerecorded so. As we get some stuff going on but it may cheer to an end. It over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio it's FaceBook page if you download beyond reality radio as a podcast says iTunes do as a favorite generated forest because it helps push a show Ford makes it easier for people find. And that's what it's all bow it greatly appreciate the sport you'll have made the show's success and we look forward to keep on building with. Let this that's him to have for myself NG fields adjacent GBM beyond really reveal OK till tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one held since it's coincidence that the it's only you don't really read news. Yeah you know it's still going to finish the agency hello fading centrist because well Jason is slow and it chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.