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Gare Allen discusses living in a haunted house since 1999

Apr 5, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author Gare Allen about his experiences living in a haunted home since 1999 and the many books that he has written as a result. 4/5/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Excellent zealousness thirteen piece those many years. Torn between what Rihanna earlier you myself Jason was it was arson Jimmie Johnson what a great night we've got a plan we've had such a variety of topics this week it's pretty exciting we talk to a UFO's last night. We've actually got to gas coming on tonight one that we just ten on a few nights ago Rebecca Foster who is a spiritual medium. We're gonna bring her on in the first segment she just just talk about a couple things she's got coming up and then after that Gary Allen will join us and care. Is as a person who's lived in a haunted house since 1999 has been a ton of experiences as in Britain a ton of books. About paranormal topics including his most recent book which is called ghost crimes. So crimes that have a paranormal twist to them. Whom I mean they would be the perfect criminals think about it. I hit yet and income I know how you implement that put a missile acute Mac there's just no way in line exactly so just know if you have a get me she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like FaceBook page for us then head to beyond reality radio dot com. We can find all the great stations where across the country checked the most often to constantly updating and adding news stations. You can also download Treo iPhone and android app which is listening lies touchpad shows during a chat more. Just click the listen liable and in the upper right hand corner of the website and connect rate went online chat room it was in the chill pain you know GP myself agree community of people. He try to make these. Yes a lot of great stuff going on there and of course is always great stuff on the show and the phone numbers 8446877669200. Part of the program. At some point we'll open opera phone lines in the second half of the show. That allow you get come on and ask questions or make comments do we always like people to get involved in the show. Yet and I if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor and read it for arsenal's push of foreign makes it easier for people find. And that's what it's all about. So he JV. Quickly added I know we're hard for the show and I didn't get to tell you about this but did you hear about this shroud deterrent and how. It was used create three top BG's. No whole idea actually didn't hear that it was done but he heard at one point they were considering doing that they thought it might be willing to do that they did and I don't have all the information on about one of the most well known relics and archaeology history is leading researchers to believe that they now know the precise image of what Jesus look like on this earth. The shot a torrent of a fourteen foot long linen cloth it's believed to have wrapped the body Jesus Christ crucifixion. The REIT researchers and and a Italy Italy have unveiled a 3-D carbon copy what Jesus look like based on the precise measurements of off. And also marks and and the university via Padilla and to a hospital worked in collaboration sculptor Sergio rebel. Street Alexis image. So it's pretty neat and I actually got listen I'm beyond reality radio and beyond reality news outcome. Yet and it's and it's really really cool and the shroud of turn of course we've had even in the program talk about the shroud of Turin but it's it's a controversial yet very very fascinating relic. If anybody is studying media of history you know that holy relics were. Every king had to have a holy relic every prince had to have a holy relic and they were. The lot of them were or were just forgeries were just frauds Hummer hoaxes. But some of them still remains today is being unexplainable on the shroud of turn is one of those that has stood the test of time there aren't really sure. What it is or what it is and but it's a pretty fascinating relic that if nothing else itself from the Middle Ages and it's pretty fascinating in that respect but it could be. The cloth that covered Jesus after he was a. Secure new direction from Chris site just to see the things that they're able to deal with with this 3-D printing in carbon copying and so it's just amazing it's mind blowing. And wall let alone I know asylum or printing all some of these three system and how big food's a pretty body parts. Palm print and just endless things and and it's it's just incredible it really has. Yeah it is and it's amazing stuff and down there the more they can do with that I mean. Like you said the tone of the of the tournament creating organs for transplants and other medical devices these are these are technologies that are lifesaving. And its interest and easy something that starts out to be somewhat of of a novelty turn into a life displays saving and life changing device that's what's happening when this. We'll and that's it and really it is it is there when it comes down to it I think. Likelier talk we've talked in the past about this whole traveling through space and how long it he should get certain areas and all that. Anna is in the whole three printing I think it's going to be a major thing because they're gonna be able to print different body parts make it on a different material. And that's one that's really mean your brain here. Ukraine a trolleys and halt hopefully still beaten him eager to your normal brain but the rest he used just gonna be in a printed. And you be able to replace you know your arm went bad to replace it. And do things like that it's it's amazing but I mean think about the possibilities and all I'm you have really no life expectancy effect. You know island again this is all changing as the every time we open our miles. Something has changed and technology is moving rapper. More rapidly than we can even keep pace with the maps of trying to figure out what sent chip but chip snap Chad and and scram device so once again that's the stuff but. This time he keeps him on stats Mena what's up. She's had a it's crazy but up. Yes still for number tonight is 8446877669. Get told freed 8446877669. Or to take a quick break here Rebecca Foster joining us and you listen Jason GBM. Beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check out scary con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick conned. Dot com check it out. Your honor it's OK okay we're happy to have you along with a cell welcomed everybody in the chat room welcome merit to everybody listening on radio stations all across the country were getting excited because we've got some pretty cool stuff there were going to be announcing soon. Yes well I'm pretty deep throw me under a bus I'm not trying to throw him out can't know but it's pretty exciting regardless re absolutely silent and let him and shows that it's growing it's getting bigger and bigger and are greatly appreciate it in support any got to tease people a little bit it gets me excited to just keep listening to in the Dominican and know when we're actually an analysis you know that makes me wanna do something else. The throw you under the bus Iowa. We even done are one of our psyche experiments in a long time. True media if we have time tonight depending on how that is our discussion goes if we have election time and remove drug card. I am game you know you win of the shirt or something that's always good to me to give the listeners so we love sending things out to listeners. Yeah that we do want to sit I didn't I didn't say we do. Are so as we said we've got a couple of guests for you tonight we're gonna start with Rebecca Foster and after Rebecca we're gonna bring in care. Alan who's gonna talk about his book and the fact that he's lived in a haunted house. Since 1999 and how that's affected him and brought him closer to the the paranormal world but Rebecca is a guess we had on just two nights ago not long ago anyway. And she's got some stuff coming up and we wanted to give her an opportunity to join us in the show because I actually participated in one of for online YouTube. Sessions and it was really fascinating and Rebecca welcome back to the program we don't usually do this with a guest bring him back so quickly. But that was so much fun I thought it was probably worth having me on to talk about what you've got coming up next. And yes thank you guys for having me again and I know you don't I know you don't need it. Off off to that gas thank you very much no it was a lot of fun at around. Galleries or interest because. Anybody can jump on and it's it's can get create it net the last one where all the people from the other LA radio chat room it can make all of them were there. And I happen to mr. reading people there was just so much going back and forth with Perry when he was. But a lot of energy and it was exciting and it and it just now it was pretty cool I was glad or potential and a. And we had a lot of folks from our beyond reality radio community joining you for the first time you were doing readings and I know the first time you're on the program which was about a year ago. A you also did some free readings for further beyond reality radio listeners and I know the people listen to this program are very very appreciative of what you've done. Yeah you know what I am after that first show I I had I did not know that there was the chat room of figure. So I got back on your web site I was looking to do everything finally into each element I don't like actually could chat room. Seven hi located I don't even know I think I comment on. FaceBook or someplace and I thought all these people listen and how many try to get through so I'm just going until. Read for as many as they can I think there was like 33 of them. So yeah. It took it took a couple of days for the I was also getting sick proliferate. But I when he comes to topic that I really feel like I read twenty trying not gonna read the other. So that says you know. I try to read it is possible. Well I know that our listeners truly appreciated that in this one reasons part of the reason we brought you back on the show and one of the reasons who brought you back tonight because. Tell how these things work on you you're sitting in front of eight webcam. On YouTube. And are you just looking at the names in the chat rooms and how you're picking the people you're reading. Yeah elect people come and I just read their name and that cycle from there and I and and my other. I didn't do it the last time I don't think. A lot of times I'll pick up my computer at all seller ready I it looks like I'm looking at somewhere but I actually. Just finding a blank space to look at kept my eye came that when I do would be shut off and I'm using. That extra sensory against perceptions and flight I don't what I look like a person I adore it can't ride brings me back into my body and it. I lose the connections so I have to look off. And away from a person and fight so they pick up if my computer like I'm not looking at anything. But you on FaceBook right now it. And again I just go through the list and I grabbed people who have the app the strongest energy first because they will kind of get from the other people under. When you when I was just spinning in the reading you did think it was Friday night may be. Yeah you had some some weird stuff going on around June does that always happen you mean you have these are there were some noises you you may have heard some voices what was happening there. I can't conflict that's since I was little itty bitty and we have something. Every house has ever Lipton has always had something in it and it seems like we attract. My mates on the does the same thing as well I think we attract beings. And so we've known that something has been bothering him at night in the basement it plays with his hair that poke them in the masses with and Molly sleeping. And I like he can keep it because if that bothers me well. It turned out flashlights. In our Howell and did what kind of things all the time and I just don't give it I don't give that the energy that it asking for a do not acknowledge it. But the and gained strength and it it's really not articulate and that doesn't harass sensitive to massive without at least in the house. And that's a big thing if you if you pay no attention and they tend just go on their own way and it's it's when you're interacting it's when you communicating either you're giving it attention giving reasons to stay. Is when Anna when they they tend to hang around because somebody's actually communicating with them. Yeah no. I don't Deepak. M I'll I and really also not had Larry not to take photos and Leopold. I had a camera one cult that whatever I pulled my camera out. This guy that was in the closet. Would come out and joined the everybody for the photos. And I left the cameras are also in the woman on I read for a living and she. Tommy edit gallery at a hot it help when I issues like he left his camera the Karachi I think you can keep it in the and I told her why ancient Lake Powell. OK I'll keep the camera that was pretty funny. But yeah. I've lived with demonic things before Q and hoped I would never go back into ever again. So in demonic it's a tough until than in the past and it's let alone make it just winners and tears on you and treated drains all your energy but just to have anything like that around. It's just say in a negative environment you don't need. No you're right and even knotty not even acknowledging that it was some. It was very powerful and it was intrusive. And it was becoming more and more a parent and I finally put a couple things together led it's time to leave and it was a very straight home on an intricate passive a couple of times and I I feel so bad for whoever it was that off and off. I would never even go back in furcal. So in no way. You had your feet you're talking about you know what was going on around you when I was watching the particular stream that happens like you can saying. Referring for referring to an Izzo is a person that you're familiar with it is do you know what who this is what what this energy is that's a that's around you. Nell I just know that it's human and I don't believe that there any relationship be. I think that probably have brought it home. By an antique shop or something else. And I chipped it acting thing just hang out because. A lot of times is especially with the children. From what I spent hold firm on the other side is that our energy we're just. We have this global products they have the magnetic look and that sometime this spiritual must understand that felt he and thank all happened. For a good place to go and they will bind to that and so they easiest thing to do this just to say prayers and to cut court. To ask very you know what white light to be shot down asked to send them home and it and it. Just again that kill it helps to strengthen safety so if people are fearful of fat. It can help them to just relax even if says. It did become model kit is hanging around and I can't apple for it's it's. I don't know I don't know who is in the basement truly I don't and they hide from me so it might be someone younger as the ability to play with my. Owens got to be a tough situation being a sensitive as it is very much the best way can and I always refer to it is sort of like being Lannan in the woods. He attracting all the mosques because she impugned legislate young children who were able to see these things. Are you they they give off a sort of an energy a type of a glow that these things see and so they follow so they they had to that area. And it's it's tough because I'm trying to get them to leave is a hole that hole again. You're correct you're 100% correct that's exactly it. It's exactly at an end and there are times Utley out now don't worry about it it's a blind or kit that's okay it's nothing. And I usually tell. What I know that there's something merit and that it will present itself to me I just turn my back comment if you don't talk to meet you launchers helped to mean. If you're not gonna acknowledge you are I am not acknowledging Neil because I'm not gonna play with something is so that's one thing. Well presents itself as one thing and it's not a because I've done that the tour and that's bad. Tehran understand. I heard so and we had a million more than we'll talk about we come back from break you listen as Jason GBM beyond reality radio. There aren't. Say paranormal researcher and an author and he's sell lived in a hundred homes since 1999 he's written a whole bunch of books. A related paranormal topics were gonna get into that in just a little bit in the meantime we've got I guess we haven't just a few nights ago Rebecca Foster spiritual medium. And Rebecca is sick getting ready to do a couple of life YouTube reading sessions Rebecca what you call these specifically these sessions you do live on YouTube. I get column gallery. It's similar. To what I do in person with people and it is. Basically is not a pride agree or of one on one like holiday gallery so that people understand that I will be reading them in front of other people. And they. And no man. I mean you get a lot of people when they're so you spend you try to spend a minute or two with each person that your reading and Nikkei didn't do too much detail on that amount of time but at least gives them a new little bit of an opportunity to see what might be. The obvious stuff going on their lives. Hot and and sometimes it's not what they're expecting a lot of times is such a quick. Burt that I have to do it something that they need to know or that's important for them to know that maybe somebody upstairs wants to confirm with them more. To let them know they're headed in the right direction and that wasn't what they were looking for rather they went to speak to someone but. I do not search for our information unless somebody asks something in the PM answer hit me that I. Will it if it did give in to be right away. Then I will look at personal but if I get to stop it really think like is this person there is is this court I won't do that I've learned not to do that he'd. Or another and another tough thing when it comes down to it and while doing gallery readings and soft with everybody around is people need to know sometimes some personal stuff might come hell in that reading of frontal other vigils. I and that's true IT IQ let people know especially when I'm in person with the gallery. That if something comes through for one individual and I hear it and it has a sensitive of the sensitive nature. I will not address that person directly and will present what I'm supposed to tell that person to the group. So that individual and I help people this right away and it's something come through for you that you like pole dancing and no you don't want the world to know. Then I will address the group about this and it usually gets a laugh because that relaxes people a little bit and but I'm not gonna call them out on something that. Is it is price it. Well and I he assumed the couple dancing thing was scandal around about two Jimmy. And so are we really wanted interact. I was just going to say in in the session that I joined on Friday night. Which I had a great time with by the way. As the at the very end that the group there that were beyond reality radio listeners were encouraging Rebecca to do or reading for me. And Rebecca took I don't know maybe thirty seconds of men and in just a little bit of Reading which he hit it being him and he really. On not only the nail on the head but I'm offer me some really great guidance and advice I appreciate that and I thank you for. Great I'm glad I'm glad I ate a lot of times they don't get feedback I don't sit there and ask people you know how is it like that I'd leave it as is his. If it was great great if not then and tell me that was added that was bad or if I was completely off base help me I. Not Hamlet I I had that happen one time quite a few years ago it was late night in a by. And I used to do these greens back behind. With the likes helped to Chicago and I would sit in the back room and people would come in and trying to tar I'll be there for like seven to 2 AM at 7 PM that it was creepy and by 2 AM you can only imagine. That would essentially like I was called up. Now you can't he can't. But we're gonna we're gonna let you go here in just a second but and let people know how they can participate in these readings plus your website and all that stuff. OK so on my website is actually I think events listed and there are links directly to the gallery that I'll be doing and doing them on April 12 during the day at 11:30 AM eastern standard time. And then on April 13. That Friday I'll be doing them from ten to twelve. Eastern standard and you can go to my web site Rebecca Foster dot cult you can click on that it's free yeah it's no lake. And I have to pay anything it's a lot of fun and how politicians that chat room as well the links to that too. Great well thank you so much for coming and hang out with us for a little aren't. It's always good to talk with you we look forward to doing it again. Yes thanks a lot I appreciate chasing aviat it's always great and I appreciate you have me back on they very much. It grain. Thank you Rebecca OK let's take a break only come back we'll bring Garrett Allen on the program we'll talk about. His experiences he had he bought a and has lived in a home to home since 1999 he's got about twenty books are so. About paranormal topics going to be great conversation lot of great things coming up so make sure you stay tuned you'll listen adjacent. It's. The breakdown phone number so you can call us when we open up the phone lines it's a 446877669. We'd love to have you participate. In our discussion tonight me talking about ghosts primarily it's an almost turn a 101 tonight my fair topic it is that it. And are just tonight is Derrick Allen. And Gary is the author of many many books including goes crimes really talking about several of the books that tonight. He's also lived in a hundred are bought and has lived in a haunted house 1999 he bought a house has responded we welcome Garrett of the program it's great to have you on tonight. Thank you guys are having me on I appreciate it. Archer from an analyst. Let's start by learning a little bit more about you tell us he got interests in this term stuff to begin with. Okay all I was on born and raised and I still resides in Tampa. I'm I had my first paranormal experience when I was twelve years old kind of set me on a path of looking further things outside of the normal men on my mid twenties I was introduced to math and physics. Through a channeling session. Can put spoken out on a whole another direction. And I 1999 what you that I ought to help the turned out to be on it. And then 2006 site started to write about my experiences and that brings me to current day were idea of their personally release goes crimes were reached out to. Law enforcement and and even TE MTs. And I'm got their stories and put them together to tell them so yeah all started back when I was twelve years old actually. And when is when you started to us ponder this an easy you you grew into an adults what are your feelings about ghost send. You know what we're seeing when we see ghostly activity what is it that we're actually seeing. You know it's it did it what I originally was looking at the other side it was like OK great because I was sort of we know it was sort of a no it was typical white side worked retail many years and I don't know furor over retail but it does Wear you down and people can Wear you down and all like. You know making good money don't like in the old buses you know wouldn't you know going Allman. Going to work and you know maybe going on having Beers with friends and you know that I have has got to be more than just that you're the Monday and on the existence. So for me when I found out that there were things on the other side of Mike OK there is something to this and there's something. That motivates us to look in and ask questions outside of ourselves and outside of pinot the mundane world of physical reality. Unfortunately in 2000. And I and I lost my mother and it took me a whole other direction. How I saw the other side so how might seat goes now I mean they're people. There are their old individuals who have. Then and sometimes or oftentimes their loved ones so which changed in recent years certainly is and and and I actually started to worry and wonder. What it's like on the other side before it was just all I can get some. From the you know there was something merit now Mike one visited a better as the worst what kind of reality is that that there are experiencing that we get these glimpses of. Almost thing when it comes down to human experience it's it's just it's you and I after we passed on a specially if if it's intelligent I mean the main thing is just trying to communicate and and let people know that repair. Exactly I had an amazing experience about a Europe my mother passed and and I started to worry you know issue okay on the other side issue on the other side as she moved on and in I was wanting aside like cutting wood most of us do only we lose a loved one. And I was using my phone one bailed doing voice dictation does sound attacks. I hit the boards dictation button and it is just turned itself off and I didn't say a word there was no TV no radio there was no sound. In my home. But if reported to work as a mop and good. And I just took that is just so wonderful message you know that that she was OK on the other side. So we talk about ghostly activity and the fact that they're just as Jason just had their us that on the other side you know it's just a transition her period. Why do so many many people fear. It. I think. Number one you know we've been missing naturally there will we don't understand if we can't put in the box you know I think we're left Bahrain. Individual or will look bright people it would take things are analytically we got you know makes sense of that and you know our primaries census sites. You know we if you let your eyes closed and there's noises and then you open your horizon there's nothing that made that noise. You rationalize that no they don't look at it didn't happen you could actually still at an avid latency at we'd have to see it to believe. And because we cannot concede that even though there might be sounds are our impressions and feelings we don't see it it's not real it's very easy for us. The dismissed those things. Because of that. Yeah I think that's them in the unknown obviously you know when somebody series into a dark room there's an automatic fear that kicks in regardless of whether that room is a familiar rumor strange room it doesn't matter. It's just an unknown quantity and that alone is enough to put fear in people. Sure and then in the secondary sense for us always is something we have to touch it. And again making it real now we have another sensory connections to it that makes it real so we can't see that we can't budget and then there's the paranormal. You really can't do what that is you know it's very prosperous Muslim. Yeah that really they're really does summon up so. You have any prior to this 1999. Purchase of a haunted house did you have experiences leading up to that. Oh yeah I had I had quite a few when nom. So most soldiers old Mariam bedroom was that the top of the stairs and I went upstairs to go to bed I laid down and the family dog was at the foot of the bed. And I playing their first few minutes and then suddenly the bed lifted itself up and I think it was only a few inches and it wobbled for just the second and then it just rocked back down and that dog jumped off the bed you know my limbs moved I moved you know from from being dropped down. And just at that moment my old liberal have been walking up mr. Ayers. And people deserve a minority is what we'll let north. And there was no there's always that have been made and tonight I just looked at a I was probably white with terror in its. You wandered off and on probably chalked up to another word little brother moment but come I just rose I was just frozen in terror after that experience. Play elsewhere and you know you're never able to figure out any explanation or an east any reason why do what happened. So me what was interesting was in fact that I was big enough the Osborne and black south as some might hurt you know birdies special place culpable. And select at this tapestry and that was not the other board dot mr. Ouattara currently reluctantly bought me for our Burke their presence and the next morning I wake up and it's not on the wall thumb tacked to the wall. And it was it wasn't fair. And I founded underneath my bed and so that you stir things about that was the bomb attacks were still on the wall. It hadn't been pulled off so it if it had been removed by someone may have to take the tax well taken off the mandate that the tax back in the holes. And what was interesting about it and I didn't realize until later on was there were there was attacked and Bagram or are tentacles five pointed star in the middle. Of that tapestry. Do you is Symbian we we talk to a lot of people on the show and there are certain people and there's certain people to this activity seems to. Cling to and maybe in India maybe it is kind of an attraction like I think you said Jay before like a light in the middle of dark woods scene in the dead insects attracted to it. On do you think you're one of those people there were. You're just kind of a magnet for this type of activity. I think once you open up your mind I think it happens more often than people probably realized but. They are quick to sort of dismissive or even just exploited the way even if it's subconsciously. I think once you open your mind who wouldn't and maybe even start well for it. I think given that presents itself even more I think. The d.s spirit on the other side if they turn and realize that someone is open to it. Or they see that you recognize assign or a noise or movement are touch or something they do. Electrical okay dispersant you know consider Jeremy and they probably are on you like like dollar price and those cases from. And that's exactly and that's exactly how we explain it where it's it's once they notice that you're able to either see them or hear them. A lot of times human spirits that's the main thing they're looking for somebody to communicate summoned to acknowledge their existence. And if the mini you do that. I mean it gives them a gives them the ability finely and I'll let somebody who can acknowledge it is that there really fair. And that's that's huge that's what it's all about but then in return they tend to try to lock on you. And say there as long as possible even if you don't want them there because you're the only person who's acknowledged them and god knows how long. Right and and you know when there's a draining of energy and and it happens in the physical you don't feel about. You know what clean or friend or someone who's on your you actually feel drain you know from the constantly wanting attention from you and I don't think it's any different and may even be. You know on a spiritual energy side where there polling energy from you you know to it to gather industry. Of the strike you know to show themselves and so now. Do you think Tom dead today at some point we're going to have definitive answers when it comes to our room questions related to the paranormal mean right now. You know we've got bits and pieces of information we've got bits and pieces of evidence that people collected over the years but we just don't have any real solid answers. Now it's tough you know and then we have our instruments and you were trying to use physical instruments to measure. Not physical activity and you know begin that's how we eat at how we take him that's how we sees things about the which existence scientifically but. In others but thought process while they're in the metaphysical world that. You know bigger purses is shifting into a new reality in the an fiscal fourth dimensional reality and it's what are. Those two things join so worth physical not metaphysical. Meat and colleagues. And if the you know glimpses we're getting now is sort of giving us you know trained our you know. Winding up so to speak and to experience that. I think we're probably a long ways away but at picked up where your experience for what. It'd be that socialist priming us little by little two and to get used to instead all of sudden dropping him elapsed. A look at I mean you know someone who's never seen a ghost before and then suddenly wandered to the full body up operation. And sent people to therapy that is extreme especially if it's something menacing her birthday you know take it is is being aggressive or. They're fearful of a back and that's very traumatic. And so. We're talking with Gehrig Al and he is an author and a paranormal researcher his website is scared GG ARE Allen. That's with two wells and need a LL PN dot com his most recent book is called ghost crimes rig going to get into that were also going to get into the fact that he bought. And has lived in a haunted home in 1999. A lot of activity there there's so much talk about with scare when we get back and we're gonna do it after the break. As silly and if you haven't yet make she head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like FaceBook page Taurus then had to beyond reality radio dark com you can download free iPhone and android app. Or just click the listen live button in the operating corner of the web site. You will listen right there on your computer will joining GP myself and a great community people in an online chat room. While hanging on talking so. Yes and we are just so you know we've got to some traveling going on both Jason and I've got some commitments we have to go attend to sort NASA Modesto is coming up tomorrow night. And Friday night is always a best of and then for the better part of next week you'll get some best of programs is some of the best interviews that we've done over the course of what how many years how a year and a half I want to do in Michigan and feels that won a year's time. Heck I'd I don't mind I know we've only been nationally syndicated for a just over a year he had just over yen zone you have a lot of great in view is like a great guest in those will be best of programs. For the next united so I'll be prepared for that they're great interviews are going to enjoy them and then will be back live when Jason I get back toward studios. It'll be opening up a phone lines out to the next hour of numbers 8446. 77669. And told treaty for four. 6877669. You listen Jason GDP on the radio. This Wednesday on the West Coast there's been discussed. So just in Bosnia is awesome GB Johnson it's always. A real treat when we get to return tore routes and we get to do that tonight whether guest Gary Allen we don't talk about ghosts. Enough I'm just because so there's so many other interest in talks topics that we need to talk about we need to get. Different guests on the program but this is the one that's gonna near and dear to our hearts. We love it when people share their experiences with us because everybody's experience is different and one way or another. Well it's and everybody does they have everybody's perception of what they would they've experienced differs from from each other so it's it's always great to hear. And different takes on on the experiences and then in what happened how the Khalid el. So our guest tonight is Gary Allen again the phone numbers. 8446877669. In those phone lines have been opened if you wanna join our discussion we'd love to hear about your ghost experience your paranormal experience but her guest tonight. Is Gary Allen he is an author. On any paranormal investigator his book is called ghost crimes so let's. Start this hour with discussing the house that gear bought in 1999 Gary C it was a haunted house. Tell us the story about how you got this house. The about how the 1999 and not it was had been vacant for about four months. The owner was up at Massachusetts and they were selling it as it is and I looked edit. Under the pretty rough shape then and I mean all around and I remember one on the bedroom up front of the house. Properly sustain blackened insult really turned off by it as a fixer upper but made an offer them. They they didn't want my pick offer so few weeks ago they circled back and said hey you know you saw just it. And by the Obama go look at it again I went back and it was all cleaned up in new carpet everything that particular it wanted to make the same offer to also. I'm moving in the next weekend in the neighborhood kids come up in a like a year that you know the history dolls and I'm like now. And they're like all the guys killed himself what else. Great and and so on but neighbor kid and actually and fortunately found the individual. And who. Yet shot himself in that front bedroom. And I was able to find in all the wall that once that's the other side of the wall which are themselves. And now now that stained black carpet you know suddenly make sense to may. And be seen it was described what that there were candles and pictures and for more than Alter. And it was you know support of them do or not but he would be you know chicken Eden and many other items. Like that and so okay so. The first day right here moving in and we have even a hole about ops yet. And my buddies here in in there we're hanging around ceiling fans and winds exceeded everything else was on the walls war. And we needed something siren on people around the corner and I come back and my friend is talking a little walk in the court much we talk and so and he turns around. And he just looks confused and he's looking at the front bedroom down the hallway and looking at me and back again. And he's like work you down like I just got back to he's like oh look like in talking to. And while I was gone he had been having a conversation. Was what it will result was meal multiple stories coming from the very front and German now hall. And I simple what war won't avoid saying Bjork couldn't. They're asking questions like what are you doing what you're doing in my house lawyer you argue hanging nose in the and he said he thought I was just messing with. And it's sitting like I don't know elect to spend money on the on the you don't win and that's you are gonna do it and the very first experience and that happened of this. Well let me says in Massachusetts they don't have a disclosure law where they. They have to tell you about something like that happen. How will the first effectively all the little girl might get. And then Florida unfortunately. Although not legally I thought they would be ethically bound to disclosed that it might realtor didn't know about the suicide and certainly yeah I didn't know but. I didn't have to tell you as the one now I know wide number one was vacant for four months. And why you guys circled back and I get to get it cleaned up and so apparently beyond his wife had left and and moved. And so he was distraught and and killed themselves. Trees you know it's exhibit tragedy for civil that Tom. If puts an error into home on that you can't you can't just you ignore it's there. But it's also that type of tragedy and turmoil that tends to lend itself to more active and more intense paranormal experiences and that's. Clearly what happened to you here. Yes Seoul on it it actually. Grew in intensity and it kind of took an interest in turn now of course the paranormal guide me it was like sweet picked up that would let it got opened you know the right about this from the main thing. We don't even know the sad story but you know like at things happen Nora was sitting in my computer in the lines just just like somebody just smacked them as hard as they could. And you know my dog jumped up and you know like people took their word though does assuming ban on the air and picked on you know windows open. You know sort of a lot of things like that lot of things go missing. You know I'd wake up to every electronic house and every battery drain on the nothing. Things like that. Knocks on the blasts constantly you know that they wanna get in or or get out I'm not sure which was the case says. Public that I had a pretty rough experience where. I was and that one night I was laying on my side now as agitated like configure a lot of couldn't sleep I had to get up early targeting more agitated outlawing my side. I had my shirt off and I've felt two fingers just not only poke me in the root split enough that it. Pushed my spot. And I turned and there was this. Yellow why did I holed a demon but does this work face in yellow lies and it just staring down at me. And if I jumped up and ran out of the room and as I jumped up every inch streak down my hallway towards that front bedroom. And all of my dogs jumped off the couch and off the war and chased it down not only to the bedroom and giving me confirmation that. And they were seeing something as well. So that's what it took a really we're turn and I called them medium and us and any help here psychic. And what we added that they've determined was that. Demon that negative entity was a result of that's rapidly over the Buddha or whatever the previous owner had been working. Solid human with two things. And I had to reach out to a a modern day shaman and have them remotely clean my home. And since then I still have activity from the ghost but Tom I haven't seen the demon again thank. Now at any point have you thought about setting up cameras to be able to document any in this or some sort of record in its system. So why I you'd. I had an experience were from there and he doesn't currency it definitely changes anything weren't making it to even it is putting up Christmas decorations the activity increases it's almost like. Why you keep messing with my outlook and just feeling like. I'm sorry we we needed to do door it's an indictment Dora lawyer but so what sort of Christmas decorations and I have these Santas are on the tree. And pick I would walk by in one of the salmon as would be like he worked for the maturity completely just moved in the middle of the room. It's not look like wow so what we get my camera I put it back at hiring to get my problem come up some might only catch it and I go back in its back in the little room. Michael cop on the soul I'd set it up and of course opens up the phone it didn't happen again. But I don't have any kind of you know like. Cameron's system like that are electronics like you know professional stuff like you guys do or consult. But. But yeah I was I try to get out on the market but it's the opposite let's. So and so you have you haven't made any cut conscious or. Concentrated effort to catch any of this use some more it's more anecdotal feel what happens you just dealt with that you do if you were looking to document it. No I was more concerned with the demons by you know the ghost thing I'll click OK keep every now and in the U subset that I am changing things around but. I'm like usually brought a ouija board in the thousands of working with the Ricci. And you know a lot of those have the five pointed star on the board and I don't believe those to be a portal and opened so. That those experts of the ones that I focus on so IE I had experience where Heidi. Either but actually the demon actually capital right after working with the board support our convertible. And I dropped off and out of the front among we're at another jet and I dropped off one of those. Donations things or you put it didn't want to that you can't region areas helical golden parachutes. And the next day. I come home from work and my friend as what may regret to get riveted Japan. And the ouija board descending on the dining room table and he just looks at but he has did we drop off yesterday. Like wow so. Those. Does the fruit for me is is that those kind of things that happen it's like wow you know I'm a believer well I guess that's why haven't you know focused on getting in China you know recordings. Yeah and had only gonna ouija board isn't like a portal look at Moran is just want to devices in Europe you're allowing something use you'd in multi channel through you to. Says it connects us to talk quest to communicate. And I think that that's the dangerous situations isn't really the board itself but. Agency were it and you know where you'd you'd look at it sort of like a portal of opening the door for these sites. Yeah I think what happened was when I talked a little but we EG one time the same thing happened the dog started barking and and they sort of like darted off to another direction. As that something had come out. And again it you know it's it. That is my perception of what happened but I just about Gillick yucky connect with the ones you know that. I and I read years before about they've on the pipe when it's start you know depending on how what's termed. And positions you know that it could open the doorway between the two worlds. Our were talking with care Alan he's an author and paranormal researchers website is Gary Alan dot com we're talking about his book ghost crimes what we have been really breached the book yet. But after the break we'll definitely get into that. If you had a question for us or Garrett. Org ghost a ghost experience to tell us about. Number is 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. Allison gist. GDP on relatively new. It's. Four. Her 687766. Mannered guest tonight to scare Allen is website is Gary Allen dot com. And shuddered about books because Garrett has got a bunch of books to his credit which you'll see them all if you go to his website and hear. That you most recent book is called ghost crimes tell us what the books about and what inspired you to write it. Sure so law on the book actually chronicles on the investigation of just a detective Burke on the Central Florida. And he reluctantly experiences. Paranormal activity. And several others investigations and all of the cases in the book. Are based on actual cases that happen and even to talk to Burke is based on an actual. Retired detective that I spoke words so. What happened was some have a friend and as a result Serbs and he was kind of joking one day that he went to him and responded to wage. Domestic abuse cases and the there was there was minor but in that since the the person he accuses of attacking other persons that I didn't know the ghost of it. And you sort of joking that they blame goes and I made a comment about that and he's like wall sometimes that happens and not much was it. And as I certainly think about it how old you know I've had experience of the coast but never anything really egregious where it was you know blatantly attacked. I'm certainly not harmed or anything horsepower fatally. So I reached out to some detectives in the emptied and firefighters first responders and eight. You know that you guys had experiences and I'm thinking about putting together a book in the first out of the collection of stories. And as they happened I'm and I decided to actually just weaved that into a narrative. And I was overwhelmed with the stories that they provided may. And even know at first there are very reluctant to share with me. For very different reasons once the they started on the story the floodgates opened. And you know like I have such respect for these folks and you know restarting have a better. Respect of these guys I mean these are fighters and she's been pleased and you know they literally leave their homes in the morning and say I'm gonna put myself and danger for strangers to that. And that's what I do for a living and and you know they deserve so much respect for that. At a 100% agree with that many many of my friends are firefighters and law enforcement and also just that the fact that a lot of times they're the first. People to show up on site when somebody's having some sort of a crazy paranormal activity. And and they have no idea what you know really what to do at that point a lot of cases that that have come my way have come from friends of mine that aren't law enforcement who being called people's homes. For all different types of reasons you know objects we've seen on their own invoices and all these crazy things. Yes and and you don't lot of their training doesn't involve the paranormal and so it. Get there and of course they're looking for facts they're looking for evidence you know looking for concrete you know physical things that they can say okay here's what's happening yours Tony do. And they don't find those things but you know with. Do you detect and I talked to you know a lot of retired so back in the day. They were reluctant to share their stories and nobody want to be spooky older you know of the present office. And but nowadays it's you know. Shows like yours for example and it just it what everything being out there are people more rapid and more open about. That and then move more widespread belief in the per normal the never before. I in Ann and I find it very fascinating that you're talking about this my father was a professional firefighter for 32 years and on several occasions we have been a small town but. There were a couple of incidents than I remember growing up where it was life threatening stuff and remember my mother sitting by the phone waiting to get a phone call to see if something happened my father because firefighters were being injured and few died. If you instances and that's a very very scary position and people and often think of the families so though you know that the firefighters putting their lives on the line in the sand listening or what. Hoping and wondering but my father all cease atomic because the firefighters in our town you were also the ambulance people they were the first responders and ambulances. And he needs to tell me about some strange experiences that he. Had encountered going to you know fatal accident sites and seeing things and hearing things and feeling things that I guess in retrospect we would call paranormal experiences. Sure and and and again you know back in the day they're just like OK you know I've I've may be you know they worked to 2448. Hour you know. Couple days in a row and so they chalk it up to fatigue. You know again we we will like to discount things in the you know brush it off because it doesn't you know match was in our physical sciences led. You know I've ever great example of that there was an empty who argues he said he was extremely tired you were a lot of hours on doubles. And down they got a call from a woman on that there was a deceased woman I'm really needed assistance social to the house each other to the house. And needs he knocks on the door and the door already able to open and so we just pushes it open and the woman's stating there. And yellow rope and she's physically she's. Visibly upset she's crying as you just points to note to the stairs so he rushed up the stairs. And he finds the deceased woman and it's the same woman and the yellow rope line on the war that. And so he runs back downstairs and the woman is seem forced on and to some like about movie but the caller come from within the house them with a woman's voice. While you know let's just devastating to send shivers down your spine this I if I hear in the back in my neck it would instances they're anywhere. I would ask him that satellite and dinner is served let's look at a very will get into the arts organization. Break him as a lot more to come phone numbers 8446877669. Get an 8446877669. Gives us a call to get a question for us or our guests gear. You listen Jason GBM beyond our own. I'm off her and the seventh generation granddaughter of a woman who is hanging in Salem. Big city in the black gay after performing your kitchen and this simple answer is and then animals. Happened to honor. Afterlife and one of the common thread the first thing you know every dollar man report that I haven't taken he is. Everybody gets and her own little over oil thing is that people. It's beyond reality. And welcome back to the show it is beyond reality radio was Jason Jay-Z we're thankful to have you along don't forget tomorrow night and Friday named both best of programs on the show here so Il be hearing some great interviews from the archives of beyond reality radio. Yes you can also check out all of those are precious coat to all beyond merely theory who had dark comedy to subscribe to our. Event won't show the podcast you know and I rate there on iTunes and in other but it when you do huge to us a favor and read it for best results Bush's foreign makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about. It is senator guest tonight is Garrett Allen he's an author and paranormal researcher even talking about his book called ghost crimes and Gary again thanks for being with us when it federalists are lined with pets and people wanna hold. And I wanna see wouldn't get to at least a couple these calls this is David calling in from Florida he David welcome to the show Richard Leon. Thanks mr. Allen. You mentioned that. Being a parent unit where they ain't ghost at your house. Stoke. And I was just curious on predicting friendly and if so. I don't make it clear that in our cable. I believe in action quicker than to let the East Coast. For a few unknown couple I don't guarantors. Or you know likely and only you know back. Port. No I mean it is he's not helpful and anyway yeah pathetic that you mr. devious. So things will go missing and then again I guess that affords more. I do renovations. So I don't know what from the other side he seizes als. Still away it was when you look and it. So when he changes I've made keynote disturb that. And you know he's clinging to that flight be had in the physical and so I've tried. A pet psychics and mediums and I've had people command. To help them crossover comes about China and actually notebook those terror you know and he will support them but I have tried and help them pass on and move on. And to you know whatever is next for him I can't imagine that it's you know help the stage that long you know attached to the physical. You know it was a dramatic ending for and the certainly had a traumatic. Experience over the separation from us what they called that ending but I'm more you know adjusted and and having and move on and in and where does he goes in and be you know happy healthy spirit. Sort of give your house back. I. David before before we let you go there just ask have to ask you did you have you had an experience worry spirit has been helpful or you set the a dinner plate for a spared me if you had to kind of interaction with some kind of spirit in the past. I. It when I was let them out of my mom asked polish got. It was my mom so yeah social. And any comfort level. Sure sure no I think I think a lot of us hope for those are two things and we thanks for the call David we appreciate you calling in order. With this book with the ghosts crimes. Are there any specific stories that you can share share of those that are based on true events. You have there was I'll share one from the book in. It was that or did it actually did happen very near weren't live actually so. Officers show up in them they get into the 1054. Which is reported that they a dead body. And a woman who owned a furniture store arms she was close were they doing inventory per doors were locked and should be. Came across from and elderly gentleman and he was just add on report along. Black coat and a black hat and yet like brake light air beneath. And she you know went up and at the time of the public. These seven or so or revealed it earlier than that and should put a compact under his nose and there was no breath as such immediately called please so. The police show up and suddenly the man has no longer there. And she's like no I don't know why have video at video and she older cover picture current case and back that was. You know tapes that the agents as exe from the VCR as what she had. And they pull a video and they see the man and I see her walking up whether compact and putting and Anders knows and as she runs off to call the police department store. That you demand stand up and walks through the ages of wall. And they can't believe what they've seen and then suddenly a woman appears and you weren't 1960s. I'm outfit. And she disappears into the same mall and the woman got hysterical like what extort a likable as a donation people people drop off. Donations so they go next door and they talked so wanted to like have you seen. You know a woman and a and a and an elderly gentleman and you like now I haven't had anybody command. Except this morning I had some big apostle donations and she was going through them while they were talking. And that detective looks down and he sees as long black coat in the box and he polls without in any pulls out a black hat. And on the jacket like little white pairs. And he says this was struck up this morning she said yeah the elderly gentleman's funeral was this morning in the apparently dropped off. After the funeral. And Jerry looks and the other box and there is the same 1960s style dress that it's in the moment where in the video. As of where those box come from. And they explained that the woman had died many years ago in the sister was so distraught that you couldn't work with her belongings which you just drop them off those more. Inched as if it was attached more to the clothing. Exactly exactly so would've there was it so they see the last might sit did you go back in all the video. And they said the by the time they could support and I got back to the present there were like okay war you know there was no it was unfounded. And I symbol somebody reported as a dead body of one count of basic yet but people report creepiest couple times. You know don't report dead bodies and it turns out to be you know maybe homeless person or somebody fainted so we're really wasn't uncommon. For that to be. But when because of the circumstances and it weighed on their minds they did circled back. But it again at the time they're using Vijay is at the HSH tapes or those recordings and for those dirty and she recorded every thirty days over that. If you already recorded over that video of them weren't able to retrieve. Now that book is called ghost crimes as it out is it already down here. It is it is and it came out in December. Okay I wanna talk about some of your other books to do you have a whole bunch of them one of them are not one of them but it seems to be common theme in many of them at seven. Lessons seven session seven. Aggressions. What's with the number seven. So look back and and the mid ninety's I took a chance and I turned into shopping plaza knives ought to do a metaphysical bookstore. Another psychic. I experienced. Everything medical level and I possibly could read every book in the store I had experienced an individual channeling under the spirit guide to me. I went through. Like progression hypnosis on many occasions. And I it was such as choosing subject and so many people ask me somebody think the bottom and I just so I wrote. Fictional characters but all the old books are based on what happened so it starts with a seven sessions and seven were questions which talk about. My aggressions and then the next one to seven operations. And at all the experiences I've had opted not to that point. I'm seeing ghosts and continues on. Seven projections where I actually double the national projection for a while I wrote about those experiences. And apple what I wrote those seven blocks and it was more of us that it was more of I'd never written before and I did a structure. Source settlement have seven chapters and perhaps second book tonight at that there was more people looked boring kind of structure thank more than anything but an end up becoming a team. Throughout the books. And then as I got to box six there was seven predictions which was my experience with. I Montero and detonation. Everybody was asking me to these things really happened do you argue the main character I used Grier than Damon and I said yes all based on everything happened. Com such as you know what let me just right the dead and so the debt resulted immediately after. Armed in the dead this everything that happened I mean it starts would be bad levitation or twelve years old all the way to 2014. And it literally everything that happened to me. Verbatim. I mean for you to be able to write a book. About just your normal experiences. Over the course of that period of time it indicates again what I had said earlier in the program you seem to be somebody who has. A way of attracting this type of activity. I do and and I welcome that I really do it and and then the crazier the better and I've been lucky there's been nothing. Armed Fuller egregious certainly scary and certainly sometimes you know not totally explainable I don't like a demon in my home. And and I see that as you know having it goes to my home. So that's a positive individual that's there another human being that is a sinister form. I'm OK with that we can occupy the same space so to speak. But a demon to me that's a whole another level of of negativity. And Bob allowing them a MySpace. I'm not comfortable that that means some allowing way too much and so. You know there's been business survival instinct that kicks and mayor and and I just don't need that in my life but. In order to experience one you sort of have to experience the other. So I've allowed it and then control points so it's it's it's it's tricky game. Because if you want one you gotta have the other right Earl you don't get the pole experience and definition of the other. Well especially when it comes down to dealing with demonic type and Steve demonic intensity is there from malicious reasons it's there to traumatize should scare you too. Well to cause you harm when it comes down to human type spirit. They're just bear for whatever reason whether their track whether it's residual type being trapped with an object that makes a house or. Whether it's intelligent wanting just passing through or whether to poltergeist I haunting words weren't being manifested by an individual who's in the home. Yeah of course. When it comes out of human spirit and that just like us I mean as long as you're OK with it and I'm bothering you and there's no reason to push the mount a lot of times Stanley's. Prefer them had to go on their way so they can get on their life and and not have to worry about it scariest part of out having a ghost is the fact that. I walked into a room and sees somebody standing there that. Yeah he's here not you know prepared to see. And and that's where the terrifying part comes in or the little you know moving a small objects of the tugging on your clothes or tapping annually you know there there. But not a monetary I totally agree with him policing at wanna stood to have one of them in my house. You know him in the other apart as you know and I've always thought that you know the bedroom as the sacred part of your home if you go to a friend's house you don't go when there. The veteran hasn't played at all limit space that's like you know very intimate place but and if you just try to go in there and and that so to have something in my bedroom. Like okay now you've really crossed the line. Palm but again you know what. How old what's my energy like that not allowing something like that and the like do the best Cecil took only water barrier outside my album Mac guy. You know but let one of these are protected. So responding to get through that that sent pretty strong message. Yeah Gary I wanna take you back to seven predictions I think was at the name of the book seven predictions. And he said it was about your experiences with Toro and and some other of forms of predicting now and I these things that you did you made the predictions or were these predictions made. On your behalf for you while you're getting readings. So I got to many many readings and and I studied the Cerro Roland. I was I was okay you know you really have to open yourself up in other people to open themselves up to you I'm really understand where the energy is heading. I didn't stick with the because it's one thing to say okay you're heading this direction but what you have information you can change that so old. It was very difficult for the latest is we're going to people wouldn't hear that they would hear this is what's going to happen. And I didn't like that because you're you're the master of your desk actually believe and you creature reality and then you make decisions and so. I'm like hold back quickly from that but in the notebook come I pay homage to on the first psychic I'd ever had a reading list. And they did everything they taught me they told me no gonna go home Republican for a job at the time I was in between jobs and going to school. But I wanted to get back into full time gig and they said when you get home there will be a message from someone asking for interviews and when I got home their war. It was just talk about somebody who was dead all on. On saw one the pay homage to that and that's where some predictions came from. Well it sounds like you spent a lot of time on collecting your experiences and your thoughts and putting them in that putting them into a number of different works. There all available on your website if you were to recommend somebody to a book one of your books to start with where would you have them start. I would go to so please sevens series numbers seven short stories they're all together available on Amazon. In one collection called seven Muslims and it's sort of might attempt at a medical physics 101. And it takes you and you know the deed the main character Greer is. You know sort of opened to it but he's not overly excited about it but he is an open minded guy and that's the things happen and unfold in the life. On the approved just sort of built up. But he is also able to apply what he's learning and experiencing to his current life. And actually enhanced that and I think that is the biggest when a ball so it's it's fun to chase ghosts and and and have like for Russians and and do these crazy things that we do but when you can apply it to your life in and and make it better or are better for the loved ones and your life I think that's the biggest one of law. So what are you working on now are you any other books that you you're you're working out. So. You know I just finished goes crimes in December. I'm I'm actually taking B seven series and I'm I'm writing a screenplay for the first two books it's going to be screenplay and I have three more planned for the remainder of them. Goes prizes is done very well for me. So alive or disturb the outline for those crimes too and friend of mine joked I should call it because crimes to 33% or those. But I have to go back into a lot of the a lot of interviewing a lot of research involved in that. I think I wanna switch gears a little bit and then try the screenplay and if I did. Some of those some of these great stories and experiences. On screen. Poetry yeah we appreciate you being on the program tonight again your website is scare Alan dot com the book we're talking about tonight your most recent is ghost crimes. And that's actually on one being on August. Hey guys I certainly appreciate it thank you. It's always a pleasure. All right so we're gonna take a break in more to come you'll synergies and Jeter Giambi unreal at radio will be back after. Hermit morning her if you wanna call right now the numbers are 8446877669. But wouldn't try this psychic experiment again with a deck of cards do you know works. On no idea yeah so aren't so they'll idea is who will pick one cart on the deck we won't be it it won't be one of the jokers are most are anything like that. And just watch what you do it javy is people I don't know I now so let him say you're against saved EU call and then if you're able to guess that card. Well then. You win you win the teacher yet the idea here is that to use any psychic abilities a row remote viewing abilities lot of our people when people listen to show feel they have most of the sensitivities in this is a really. Quick down and dirty way to see put some of those test apparent the phone number is 844687766. Nothing at all freed 844687766. Night. Irina see the current. You see the Paris he's either prior to OK now you and I are gonna us concentrate instead we don't have lunch time so we need that when calling here. Born focus on this card again. Your objective is to tap into our minds remote view whatever you have to do NTELOS what playing cards this is that we are looking out or let's go to our line number one. This is Laney calling from Missouri hello leaning. Are gonna are you tonight. You think you condition might be the only call we have time for tonight's arms and god does a lot of pressure on here and they'll pressured but if you don't get it right. And I mean ever everybody else screwed out of it that affect us who saw Leo and take. And it's psychic ability let's go lift clean up parks. You don't you don't have and so meanwhile you're you're you're like a rock ethical. Ex. It's slightly thanks for trying. And we just realized something though we've got a best that's coming up the next united soon it's gonna be awhile before we get back to this I think we might have time for one more call many thanks so much for trying implant along with us again. We might be I think we get one morn here innocent it is yes slick is trying to screen when you're salute so let's let's mushroom faster car of tomorrow at times hey how close the words fast and slick actually go together at a aren't let's go to this one this is Sparky calling from Missouri hey Sparky it's your chance your chance to shine here. Me. Did you pay. She's a queen of hearts. The we should told you all as are we didn't said that he's got an advance. It's done a few one car is now a man didn't. I was talking to that lady get it here needing to. Leon thank you. Looked yeah. Can it's not it's not spree Sparky Romero and a nickname Sparky. Thirteen year Allen. Nickname for thirteen years. Number two possible thanks for calling him that you know shot. I am gonna try to get one more in here and then we got about ten seconds this is Rebecca from tech is Texas they Rebecca you got a quick shot here. Yes and the first thing they came into line with the nine of diamonds. Sorry that side at the thank you so much for the call yet thanks for calling in thing I know we had a few more calls on hold just not we will get to them tonight we will pick this up. When we get back onto life programs after the death says it's a lot more time into it yet so right thanks everybody for two and it's Jason je Giambi on really you reveal can chill soon and. And I don't know ingredients used to doing Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced in Alexandria jail sentence and didn't. Yeah so can only the only angry news. Yeah. You know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jackson household and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson's final act. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.