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Isabella Price discusses awakening the divine feminine

May 3, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author Isabella Price about her book - Goddess Power: Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine in Your Life. 5/3/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's always tell us who serves and the spokesman and start somewhere in between woke me on really reveal myself Jason almost the only solace and G each. I've got spring fever or not to maligned you have a full blown spring. Fever it's coming on in my ears on my fingertips to my approach. Some medication for that rate is Satele got silent thank you know yeah I mean you're it. Where has my friend and I know I was outside get Google already do polish that chrome dome a commotion when you're not because now well I put some want I want among adjust stuff and some black Guatemala on on the boat actually session but I was just in the driveway today. We we hit 86 degrees island aha and I was just down the driveway today trying to -- get the motor Olson and everything else I can drop it and and a man it was hot. Yeah knows one thing I mean that's the thing is so weird goes from like. You know winter temperatures to mid summer temperatures in a matter of you know 2448 hours crazy. Yeah by the way I just have to say something that color on you is perfect for tonight's discussion about feminism it's perfect that was good thinking on your part. And to get you to look so blue shirt it's gonna look but it's a what a powder blue does that and he made a much of this and easily somewhere on a penniless. It was the Clinton but they can log on being fairly radio everybody it's just been TV if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash B under you know. With the FaceBook page forest. Then had to be unreal you radio dot com final stations we air and across the country. Also download the free iPhone and Indra separate terror which allows listen life kept pressure goes to an online chat and more. Just listen rational upset by clicking the the slide button in the upper hand corner of the web site. Listen libel Chadwick TV myself and a great community people. Of course what I was referring to here is the fact that we're going to be talking with Isabella price tonight. She's the author of the book called goddess tower awakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life. And that's that's I think you chose her intentionally and certainly an area that's so now now like powder blue yeah. Whatever I mean there's she's at work picture one -- father daughter who cares I don't care what color what it was it was about was that Valentine's Day you can understand we whose father daughter and then a Valentine's Day it was just that just forced. We've got a best of program actually tomorrow night we're going to be making a schedule change here and of course Fridays every best every year always Friday's. Have best. I don't wanna take a second concern is still the still thrown off by the color. Up Monday night we've got GD Petersen joining us he's an alternative healer and author an impasse and a medium. And he's going do you talk to us about the fact he does house and area clearing he's also gonna discuss reincarnation. On his life was changed when he took a trip to Europe state G-8. Newport in Rhode Island Ed. She spotted a white swan thrashing in the ocean breakers on a cold stormy spring morning this one actually followed her down to the beach. In spite of those rough waters. JD took notice which led to discovery of a story about a young debutante called Sarah swan Whitley winnings so we're gonna have we're in good explanation for what that means on them Monday night. That sounds great. And we are so we had a great thing shows that if you don't the show and from iTunes or anywhere else may issue you read it for us and helps push shall Ford makes it easier for people to find did you hear about this. Please see UFO siting on the Texas. You know Texas is is becoming more and more common when it when it comes UFO sightings since becoming and actually more and more common there. And this weasel different. I'm so sheriff's department Texas respondent whom bizarre calls over the weekend were residents reporting senior you fold that was has landed in the field that night. I'm according to the post actually on the FaceBook page the Collin county sheriff's office they received numerous calls regarding this unidentified crest. Which was sporting multicolored lights. Witnesses told police beautiful appear to come to rest in the field located in the city of Princeton. Leading to leading to officers mean to special seem to investigate. Com and it's funny because. In the detailing incidents sheriff's. Office jokingly observed the police officers being sent to the site. And we were there there were joking this to be the biggest scientific discovery ever. Or however Britain their hopes are sort of shut down when they arrived and found that the UFOs are remote control helicopter. Yes and creep up there you go and yes so the police have it in custody there waiting for the home to show up but how do you. Mean are remote control helicopters UFO it's you'd think that a I mean I saw the subject it was you know two feet long or whatever. I guess sometime. You know you've seen those pictures where you look at some thing it's a picture of something and it looks like it's really you know big but it's in the distance when it turns us too small in the foreground. It's a perspective thing you don't get three dimensional. Perspective. When you're looking at some types some things sometimes but he won't forum to grow a Egypt's justice. And you get here I guess at the some audio that goes you can hear it's halftime and chase. I would thought that a more people to realize it was small and may be a really tiny aliens. Oh you don't do it could be to us why do we think yelling just museums as exactly and that that's a big that's a big thing that we will we had some neon and passed it process and what if aliens. The shelter plan to twenty times our size or right. A thousand times smaller how to we know. And how to even know that they were there at that point. So the fact of the matter is may be can be tiny tiny little aliens flying around are remote control helicopter. It's mixed nose is simple go that for next weekend at Texas and mean and mean and heavy drinking yes exactly. Anything goes up the phone number you want you on a one rate this down for later in the programs you can call and be part of the discussions each 446877669. And it will open those homes lineup general for the second hour of the show is what we like to do. Are so we're gonna take a break more to come you listen to DC GBM young Israeli radio will be back after the. Yeah. Champion and tell him to go check out scare con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it. It's not wrong. Our guest tonight is bill physical price she's an author and are we talking about her book called goddess tower awakening the wisdom of the divine feminine. In your life and Isabella welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on our show tonight. Well I'm be guided to beat you with fuel and as thank you for. Inviting me. Banks we've been looking forward to talking about that yet let's let's start by learning a little bit more about you you've had quite an interest in career and life tell us we don't know how you got your start no lists. Well I was born in sleep command and can't get what they want my hand up and down. It's eight XPE fifteen that searing heat really spell I'd eat when I'm left to United States eighteen years ago. Did you know had a web page cannot be higher education three point land and you know I would seem appropriate peak of the and then some guy you know I met with special farmland and debt debt. Then eventually after you can't taking back and forth over the I don't of the going to take a look and I had to make it these fees should know what I would settle out and kept. I'd be happy to. And you know put them and moved to California. And compete the Bay Area or acting leaving for a seventeen year and not. And something really. Because when you have to make recommendations. That I can bet you'd be truly you know what. If you look back to medical iWeb paid higher you know didn't hire and I had to let go many feet and what he got beat each. We need you he creates these. Spacious open means. And he suddenly it's like old beat you possibly believe peace bad enough political life then and and eat eat eat eat suddenly going to be like that aspect. And Atlantic ten and they're they're hybrid UPD put Pancho. And that's very exciting. About the most on one hand because he's not healthy that I kitchens he flat out elderly possibly beat. But I'm not and of course they are the big scale because we don't know how that sure and he didn't all know expecting you to beat. Yeah territory he ultimately going on full field and played how I look you never have to porn scene. And that I did. I mean what some think he would be needed told me I'd eat each to take those eat you know Cooley the police shouldn't call it out feeling. And or not live up or wake speeds you would be deeply to my internal guidance system and and really failed that. Is this at the moment in my life and I just have to do that. And CN. Eight speak I didn't need credible terror and because he did this thing. Talking about theory glad that he would Allen Bailey can which as you know is this is my field of expertise that you know one of my great passion. I really. And what did consciously. On this vehicle passed while I was still leaving saint Helen because he put that in fact he looked culture knocked. You know people have to you know there are legal problems with the conventional lie and the world. Be critical work hard he never mentioned when act like even my own family. And how to act or get somebody mentioned there would be bullied what separates the few guys about what she pulled looking to speak at the Perry thought. That's what that's like a lot and and it truly is being and then when and after moving to California that order your opportunity just started teaching at the California college to be thank god because then believe these Mac. IMac you know interest in secular. Ready to be opening and unite ability to bad the person and and had a you know a teacher. An actor who had studied I can be sure you have mentioned Ed you people said yeah it looked so he understood what the web and my ain't. And was able to. Kept me you know that does not did the police. We've been teaching see no way that made so much and and he'd come you can't open my eyes because they think I had all of these are humbled and speak in fact. And I just so we guaranteed two completely different ended. And you'd think that these tyranny let me back to study do so my own safety which of course quickly to any peace I looked up. And then he did he achieved that the sky the we've been teaching you know who you lied to build and support what he's meant to be patient recent tribulations and it looked at me care act. In my conscience demand and and you know it it was really quite entrap people and that even my turn we traveled to eaten yet. And could constable subcontinent. And to build. Five and that this god and apple that. Hi -- going to be April hi I'm probably like it intoxication. That shouldn't get enough he put temple and you know doing the act would and I don't know I think yeah I think so. I don't know if you know that. The Dubai motherhood even achieved on anyway I mean you if he'd probably don't bond C if you think as Boxee box means restaurant. So that defending his face so that you dying in. I can keep it well when he took that probably don't even try to come back one out. You know I'm not used to that yes you know I'd love with mob hit man he. And my mother you know BE panic of course you know Lockheed does still well being you know detect early Lu Jen and I don't laughed. By the man they going to turkeys and Billick something very good line about there at the legal I would look up that term. Felt you know drama to and chipping. You would people kind of the stars serheo attacked by the way it connects her to. We increase in god this is like the other side if he keep them. You know on a bed pillow and yet so much the many who really could certainly stand like that. They re American Eagle or it is good to be done and the next big increased anything. So anyway if you just and I look back at the hope transport meant he would. Expedient opted yacht I need to shift created the major change in my awareness and that we're expecting 2000 true read. And then iMac and up W not a field yeah off their return from Jean yeah. And found out that the some very close to where we eat and I have an Amy I'll match he's he's known as the hockey and saint or market will be more told police. And so I am I got my purse pocket without full and have. You know it definitely looked at Peres who went helped my vehicle and turn them and I have many others too that. I was glad that we see so many hunt and there's been a trend Venetian on over the years. And that I can definitely say he opened my heart and made me much more acute wound. To did you dine effect meaning to the defendant's fate of god and he got at them actually paid and the Fleming and take them beyond formed. But I'm not that completely open my heart and you know who may need people should help out these days that that he'd met each page and and and so I'm going to be his. Award went to bed but with the other leg I'm I'm really prank speaks because. And we can't just pull the pot theory we really have to war are full and we have to embark beat you two weeks. But it is how I will get beat that's why you know practices and retool are so essential to an open. You could just come to a point from my children and they know wherever you want that I've seen more Leon I'm more I think it's total that is keeping you and I'd. You give us a lot of ideas there. We're gonna have to take a break just absorb them but when we come back from the break Isabella gonna get into some of the before I went to bring to sway understand this. You were telling us that when you made the decision. Not for a four I'm assuming it was a love interest he said is that special someone or significant other you decided to leave Switzerland and moved to California and you said at that time you were leaving a job very good job a good career. On some security and he threw it allow. To move to California for a lot of unknown and he said it was it was a scary experience but it was a liberating experience rate that's set. We've got. About thirty seconds just tell me how. You know how role at what point did that transition Cora where you realize and it. You know yeah that's kind of scary but it's actually so very very liberating now it's the world's a blank canvas for me. Get up and it BP could be immunized but it won't kind of Murdoch. I know me often I had no. You can't wait for yet that lack laugh out Sunday at forty your opportunities. That are you encouraging on the ice and that doesn't even know where about that because he. I tried to god for the optical out we take delete these court. I'm so I want I wouldn't you read people plead that. But the PC filthy you know it would be open to build he had been off student. I text trend patient enough guys settle back and not that he wasn't just the old US CME needless you know the war can't. Sure it's always it's always difficult and I emirate again and more that we come back from the break are you listen to Jason NG via an analogy revealed back after the. It's. Guest tonight races ago. The price the author of the book called goddess power awaiting the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life. The website is one truth dash many paths. Dot com we don't want check that out before you bring her back in a couple things going on we definitely want to stop by the beyond reality radio website check out the beyond reality radio official. Coffee vessel. Coffee fassel it's a vessel now. It's its own shares yet it shipment gets everywhere or whatever you wanted to leave. That's exactly what it is there's an image of a bread on the website click on you can order it. Domestic shipping is included at no additional charge if you its international we have somebody ordered from a Czechoslovakia viewed her legacy project it's a Czech Republic now. And we we work our special shipping for those international orders but domestic shipping is included and I will tell you this I have head. Coffee out of mind. I had hot chocolate on a modern tastes better it tastes so much better it's amazing it's all right guys the delay doing the midnight infomercials are right vessel will change your life I promise you in the be unreal to radio official coffee mugs available read on the beyond reality review website. We have to get one we get a gambling case at Taurus at Torrey and that getting it for my birthday one of these amber coffee mugs and we're showing you that you assume it'll burst office so it charges its often in June halted new. You could set the temperature on your phone. And sweetest thing in the world is and when she got it has like I just mind pat what of course showing thank you and and Michael never use this thing. Now every time I travel to pack my bag yeah I don't think well that's it that's. Think news like these two new technologies we don't even understand the full BR. Implications of these things that can be done with the east technologies it was these Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and all these things we have. We just and you think you could it can also control coffee mug or control your refrigerator can go to the grocery store. And you can pull up your review your grocery lift from your refrigerator at home I mean it's stuff is crazy things in his tests. But anyway that's not or talking about although we just did. We are talking about awakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life the author of that book is Isabella price and Isabella was telling us about how. She letter what letter up to this point in his develop a good askew is somebody who grew up in Switzerland. Moved to the United States fairly recently. Do you see much difference in the cultural. Perspectives. Of how women are viewed enough feminists and feminism. Is viewed. And she changed from one culture to another. We head into the inquest can have even meet some votes. Well there are clearly considerable cultural different seats now you mentioned the word you know Sammy do you match and that is go right to the pet. You know pennies and I you know we studied in this week these by the way when one or do you surge was being conducted by. Some pretty respectable. Female school at all of the goddess the quest of the gaga. And and need to you know and coincided with the American that you know what women's movement and the need Mac but Tony that was. And then important I don't need to seek deep and served its purpose. When we talk about the guidance. Yet I had an especially about you know gender and women I actually like to. Eat more as a part of sheep and a corporation. And and I believe this is how. You know again accused of that god is expected results to date corporation. Ten and now I. That's the more confrontational. Approach. You know even reporting act and awards were what was became you know like the result of and the need that we should end with a very important. There are open across women and I'm when I'm looking at ways in the United States and you know in comparison to two sweet guy and the one thing that struck me out gotten put. How women not. That and he more pro car. More outgoing board felt that certainly. Didn't sleep so I am not depend swirling north up I mean this this. Beep beep did you know am on the European countries that. He's determined by the sleep time. When I flop as a woman I wasn't really encouraged to bring forth my my greatest potential my highest heat. It was not the culture. Deadbeat dad and the woman. Good looking why. What army produced in 1971. Week Helen that's helped a lot of Americans always blown away when action and I bet that. I'm crying and behind the left the field up and US. He kept enough to world Orlando won the women talked about looking buy it because of their effort you know to keep the war in this streak going whirlpool Latin. To come back to the US today and women today so that's what I picked up again women being more at thirty. I would say even to the point that sometimes you know people a lot of blue and and and you can't you know when you think of the human yanks can sing and it's the Yankees the speed they are being. Putting people that the economy. And then he needs more like you know arresting insists. We need to be man you know perhaps the more passing. I found you know could definitely be at peace this. Dropped me and and you know. Would just be more bullet cook in general but I also pump act but paid. And and how how people pushed himself went and how you know women pushed himself into the workplace you know my husband didn't basement. And and just to make sure every year they feel compact without travel speeds. And hide the man doing behavior patent because they feel that otherwise they if they can't made it so they. Pushed himself element to the brink of extinction and I'm I'm actually. It's slipped it should take it and I'm actually from. So my thing that I'm more foreign decoration and a healthy balance they'll put equity market pie Apple Mac doing and Bianchi pat effect meaning. Westinghouse. And what I mean by that eat certain quality he gave. Certain. Potentially add any peace and so we have one when I spoke about the architect a man who Lehman and the need each. Daily important that we be associated. The term from changed their. Because we head. Yeah I can tackle Mac Lehman feminine qualities would he not regardless of gender and full. Bad day quality that I'd describe like the poor shooting effort teen you know to activate that they can book. I mean handicapped culture he would actually much board any new autopilot that was you would gladly eat eat. I did the friend any. It's the content that drive steadied the completion people feel they have to do that to be successful in being met so. Whatever their field of expertise beat Ben took women of course have to adopt that and sometimes. It's competitive that I quit. I'm healthy man Leonardo hyper masculine because again. The Mac lean and as I mean happened on the healthy expansion and that hailed the expire until. Sometimes it's like people post insults them to deport illegal to pull that and that to mean something at this point you know. I'm just gonna be front page I think about being copied it. It's and it's gotten quite extreme because you know I leaping to BP they can't it would allow MySpace is just. I have deep down mean it's it's gotten so intense over the long view years. Talk a little bit about your life's pace I mean you've spent many years is a freelance journalist you've traveled all over the country. What are some of the though the points during that journey that you think we're transforming it in your life. Well that's good break at him and I think what buddy black black expo board I believe again. Ban treaty tough when you culture. Exploring eat an apple and at the very curious minds and acting like the writing forests and felt like the post something immediate pushed me to just gonna talk to the conventional. Many patients so all the life of many people as I know you know I'm going to be don't be and hit it 98 Eagles Q well. You know he put it just part of who I am an attempt creating person you know riot act. And you know somebody who just. This stuff and feel comfortably in more conventional settings I guess it was since he came natural to deal with or any collegiate. Apple I have to again. Travel expert. You know it's something new and then integrate the experience. And and and that's what I've been doing with my book feeling toward the hole creating process of writing Heatley to a lack of cool Arctic. Tyranny and actually used the existing saying what came out of these tyrannies that. Deck it attracts me to my leave me at times but. Also forced. Needs to trust that the process. And to surrender at twenty unknown because you know I could know at the end result of these driving part of that I'd even even know my apple will be population because. It was during that time one. Opted to that and they won the war publishing industry you know the tank stand and so it was very hard for a first time warp between even get the publisher took. I'm did it you know signed up because I think the same patent like Mike Tran they Dorothea fact that this. I have. Take another deep and and translation again in the Palm Beach ubiquity lied to delete it has so many XP unity to offer. If we get gold or even open that self opt to leave so. And you know I guess he beat the heat take Couric's and it's not always you can back at mammoth but instead he kind of I think possibly it probably. To meet the Miley may not sound I just can't do would say anyone do you think oh well I mean it wasn't just the more they eat the Iraqi. Right it never is especially when you think it's going to be that's when it's not we're gonna take breaking just amenable we get back we're gonna open up the question. What is the divine feminine goddess and of course we're talking with the Isabella price who's written a book called goddess power awakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life. And the phone numbers 8446877669. You're listening Jason GBM you know. It's. Her on the phone number next hour and her via phone lines for questions and comments and an opportunity to join the conversation it's a 446877669. Tonight our guest is Isabella price. Author of the book goddess power awakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life who whips it is one truth dash. Many paths dot com in his development to talk about. The divine feminine goddess in the second to my question is. When you talk about a weakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life. Is that specific to women or are you talking about a feminine energy that might exist and everybody men women. Child or whatever happens to be. And I'm so glad you're bringing these quakes cannot absolutely. Are very important that. The guy that expected herself in pull appointment and man. How bad he could kiss them kick ample. Like you create TV heat because you know she's them they can't police port changes to work you will hopefully that until you know social change and then what's going on in the world right now because they've got the swift aggregation helps serve too and get it deeper understanding so. You create TV people and expect to you gene deletion and you know we cool. Doubt feeling. And also believed stand at least the dead and he's gained based on how life experience this because let's not forget that the story of the god that that he is that we. Fine being the go out this week that could be seen. I actually well thought out story every dime until ten and they're why because even this door league. I hope not and you lean burn and that we knew who and change. And that it pumped South Pole again regardless the standard that this has been very important. And distinction it and the other. What do you not as nothing to look for an acute because she put an end Hinkle before that you know we need yet. They Cortese content to Sammy amenities that come from that you got market shopped speech he could cost me not force that vital force that. Ride cultural revolution and work. And to a regardless of gender. So tell us then what is the divine feminine goddess as you speak of it. Yes and that's what stopped you know. All the power of the defendants face the that he got that he got seven the power went season. All of prospect connector still doesn't bother because cooler tomorrow you when you very. The mother of creation at Q school being mean gam I'm referring you know to the shops that radiation. And and beat at any faith that the need dining expected or to god it's expected first felt enormous needs. Singled. Manatees and you'd across cultures and really seemed so she's known bank. So many names like eighteen now. As far as equine mean. The white buffalo cough cold and of course breaking married. And and at least those god that I do believe that you need. All of these these fronts that fit at stake and symbol that we sign in to link accents of did you dine. Cramming in which ultimately he's always the same and these 21 just expresses itself in these little derailed. Form names and painful. We have about a minute left before we have to go to break here your website is one truth dash many paths dot com them a seven meaning itself that name. The one who think. You know I what you could call that cost me intently to and known by many names. Theory supreme conscious now and then did though whatever you want in naming it god. Andy the man need and are they different. Vehicle really to treat patients that they need to restore and you know what ever resonate with Hewitt if it's the past that you're going to to. Great we're talking with Isabella price author of goddess power awakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life for gonna continue our conversation with the Isabel after the top of the hour break here before we go to break I wanna remind you've got some really good shows coming up the next two nights are going to be best of programs. But Monday night will be talking with JD Peterson who's in all it's an author an alternative healer an impasse medium and will be talking about. Her efforts. As a medium and we'll talk about reincarnation. Also talk about performing house an area clearing and a lot of people have issues with. Some things whether their spirits are other energies in their homes and are often asking how. They can get rid of them or as satisfy him whatever happens to be some people don't wanna get rid of them this might be good discussion for that. And and that's at one of the biggest discussions at wal biggest questions people are always asking how are you are these things and the problem is a lot of people out there who claim that they can get peace and still leave. How can you how can you clean the gets completely the scientifically it improves their first place so it's kind of a touchy subject comment but then now Tuesday we've got Christopher surge Sergey coming on. It animal communicate or will be discussing and all the communication with living and dead pets which. That always his close to home and and a lot of people feel so. I if you haven't Imation head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio elect a FaceBook page forest then had to be under really radio dot com. We can find all the stations where we air across the country. He can also download the free iPhone in the hundred separate from the website neutralize illicit life catch Pashos on the go. Or just click the listen live tab in the upper right hand corner any night life and listened listened to show race analysts say it all hang on would you be myself and agree community people. And and challenge us. If you don't Alicia from iTunes or anywhere else is to us a favor please read it forest is holes should Ford makes it easier for people define. Four numbers 8446877669. And take quick break more to come listen Jason TV on generalities really. This. It's wounds in the West Coast it's close it's tough summer. The owner agreed with myself Jason Bosnia always some GP Johnson and we have. A great show underway here tonight. We're excited to have Isabella price is our guest talking about her book goddess power waking weakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life to phone lines are open. If you wanna join the conversation the telephone numbers 844687. 7669. Some programming notes coupled nights of best does tomorrow night and Friday night. And Monday will be back with GD Peterson who's an author an impasse medium and an alternative fuel healer talking about reincarnation. And house an area clings among other things some some pretty cool stuff coming up next week as we continue the life shows. Right after that'll be M communications with Christopher surge will be discussing our communications with living and dead pets. People really enjoy the enemy in group animal communication I'm gonna. Something in my program and your but people really want a source I haven't. I don't know why I mean that's the process meant big ethnic and after what armed people really enjoy the and we animal communication discussions of fact there was. Talking with somebody here in Cooperstown just one earlier tonight in fact. And she was telling me that she just moved into a new house and she swears there is they they ghost of a dog. In the house she says she constantly sees this dog. From the corner of her side turns there's no dog there. She hears like in a dog panting noises on occasion. She. At times feels like something which he thinks is this dog jumps up on her bed. And she's convinced he's only been in this house a short time in the end it's not an underdog that she feels like she. Owned or lost but it was a dog that she thinks has with the men house previously and so. While I've investigated many claims of people who've actually had animal spirits and believe that they haven't had animal spirits. And G some YouTube dealing you don't socialize and that honestly after I lost in my in my German shepherd cheek comment afterward fourteen years. In a couple nights right after I still felt him get up on the deadly every night. And it me Jim the so I'm I'm a firm believer that. Then those things do happen that people do have who ghosts of of dogs and cats still roaming around the house it's. Are so we'll have that conversation Tuesday night next week let's bring in our guest Isabella price we're talking about her book goddess power. And debt Isabel will when we we wish her talking about these concepts. You know you've done a lot of work on this but you've also is studied and I'm sure over the course of your your journalism we're interviewed. And gotten to know many of the well more well known goddesses that exists in our culture horse some of these people that you would consider goddesses in our culture. Well. People I mean of course. And the more we Q let me until our own you know spirit of potential the more we embark eager entities so we have perhaps been become like an argument of of the doubt that but. Don't let that call to well first bout you know of course. I would let mother married probably the most well known I can gulf of did not say meaning and even increased Danny gill though he's not you would that the darkest. Policies that treat need to keep it nevertheless a lot of receivables Centene. Connector to the league need to retreat in Gaza is said that being where we need that so. Another thing that the agency needs that especially the black mid Dona. And has little from being in gold. By clay would movement. Social TV sport change you know what changed what social Justine. You know creating a world that works full hour like. For example you know the Mexican farm workers have often invoked that while those who they and other black Madonna if you marry tests against the oppressive government and import. Letting the AP. It looked at work as movement so it does not Caylee and the black Madonna of Portland. And when they protest stayed against the practice saudis who. And let's look at existing and a lot of people don't know that about all the band aid that in frogs don't have a wreath presentations don't hurt. They actually matter what of course carrying that child that he's the caddie in her arms when her man took it close but. When you opened and a man until he actually revealed the cool. True EDT whipping her being within our offense got the father of this stuff and this. Be a great column paid looking hurt he does she become the great. Cops beat Maine tweak the great can't be bothered and that's a great presentation of mother married that's. Well I mean you never hear about Eddie mainstream church hit a speed increased to anything that. You know she really becomes the continent not a decent business day every presentation that bill expected to meet you looked year yet. And then it's cold up yes LeBron didn't need to be met frank which means that the breaking that you can always open her mantle and then she revealed the pool. Treaty keep working. Parent. Felt so they cannot demand yet all I can beanie bowl it's like the ultimate Patriot Act BD. To ride being change social change and speaking into it because the media. Highly bit dark skinned mother with Scott the panic buying many pit station chief dark ski. She's the one we factor shred out for a few years how he who shouldn't have these guys peaked onset. So that we can grow psychologically. And spiritually. And at different dimension and need to be nick sample what happened on people campaign year and therefore looked without compete you in New York CD and you've got may even recall that. As you would he need to you know went up they seem to god that this the black mother and he knew it was protecting on deep and high tech. Stay below the Cuban guy clicking and helped put true being I can't comment you know like really. Panic in her camp is trying to get mad at the station. And to meet that once there we'll speak with them highly symbolic it could be the mother said I arrived in the United States. I'm not going to take these concrete. Until I didn't. That change and he knocked him to be greedy peach it will be chaotic and messy Andy that it may. Transformed aviation. And I would like Connelly not meant seek and sort of not let the bank to look at. So election year it was the aftermath sent to sell its bad at spacious than insisting that the Cox ski market. I changed it black culture evolution. And they weren't tool that came out you know I think is on the line. Pac ten and and Nicklaus built you know all of the Madonna and Kylie they help us to come to terms without Chad though. Usually get up to use the term from young and psychology. No doubt. Doubt that weekly prankster psychologically. And we don't want it you would think it's content with that there are fake and it's staring right IE now say we cannot ignore it anymore like it call it like. Think the fact is now. Global pro will be valued them multiple appeal whatever you want to name the deepest that time where you can see it coming to the perfect so that weekend. Product simply that and hopefully he'll meet that we have to of course to our own and you know even a transformation. Work but I just spun it. Mention the word map collecting legal and with these temptation these changed. We took the quote the Dark Knight tearing you'll this'll be it determined that meat except you would speed or really can. And these are equally important to collect. Correct deeply and he DB Juliette Powell died. That is not to mention these hugely trampled. Because there are put time in. Why do you think. That the wisdom of the goddess in the divine feminine has been ignored. And maybe even distorted for centuries I mean it's been it's been sentries and were only now starting starting to have an awakening to this. That's a great question and then two I definitely if you go back accepted the PR defer to treat any you know achieve this when you're caught football team you're. We let them know that the word for god at that time the Arab man Jake was actually not got X. Who completed the falter as many people still. Believe these notion that you look god except parents. Which include the export the father and the bother won't brush my debt to equity means. That's the mother I expect partly truly lost intensity translation. It would still leave the he'll meet people lend. And getting increasingly became you know institution outside and duty to managed exclude complete guide me. And that she's still could in this second century after he stacked. When at Wayne and who can't patent issued put these campaign did decades of Dickey is the distinction. You know they were. Mean you know then. Burned loud and they were talking about you know that the gospel that did you would set. Don't change in the second extension with the church strict patient. And then eventually run you know did doctrine what can forced him especially the fourth. Second street at Whitman had been completely exclude it from and you negotiate a patient would think that church. And you know I can only go back to the panel T describe you it's true I have purple swing and I mean you know the grapes itself for a fixed sampled. We know that he I had met a possible primary met Billy what's the most important. She could initiate meeting this week and teaching when you look at the Gnostic gospels that you feel that I did these particular. That in front of mention that we do not find begging that Craig consideration as well but. That matches between then you are really consistent and has become increasingly patriarch cold with the Fed curious. And you know now good that he died and the need is if you re emerging again and then we CD ignored these grassroots movement and social change movements across the planet so. In control. And how like he. Well and most most organized religions actually today you worship god as I'll fodder and on the far right and so forth. And put god really hasn't always been viewed as a father correct. We write to accept it as we can he narrowed the creek and UT now I make what are we do. The word of god really means god is apparently chief Parker and market. And of course then met them mentioned you know the bother aspect out literally got into an isolation or what deliberately. Only date. So you could just what you did and again it's been attacked and really since the third and then recede even in doing is meant that you know even forties and the third except. But the great to be able beach in Greece. And pioneers like you know she described or the board that eat what. Although lately including women and knowing their community police and and and they'd been surrounded themselves with what Wayman. I mean it's just you know you have to go ahead. You know I didn't you know and these can argue well I had a peace time. And then. That the fact that eventually changed there really shouldn't trade I don't warn you that lead can withstand you know could cool imperial creek yeah I think it's a few hundred here click. Really don't have much in common with steely keynote teachings that you describe them. If you wanted to act more deeply than an hour of the world illegal pull quote. You know achieve described the rough and external the first centric may speaks so you can read more about that. If you're inclined to leave you that particular pool it's so without being pulled speed cable and printed decent. Barrett our guest is is in the low price author and we're talking about her booking goddess power awakening that was the most divine feminine in your life you listen Jason je Giambi I'm really review and take a quick break. 6877669. And again we always like to thank all the radio stations that carry the program they've become part of the beyond reality radio film when we thank them for doing that we also thank all of you for listening. Whether you listening and one of those stations are you listening online or some people actually. So they loaded in their phone or whatever and they listen to it on the way to work or whatever happens to be no works well. Can you define the stations at beyond reality radio dot com oh stations atlas a great there. It's constantly being updated and stations are being added to end and actually asked at a couple tomorrow. But us would check that list Austin and a and that we sit today you know. Our guest tonight is Isabella price we're talking about her book goddess tower. And is well this is a short segment we just have a couple of minutes here but I but I but I want it to give you an opportunity. To talk a little bit about your website. And any other place that you mice and people you said you had you were talking about another book that you had written as well. Anything else that you wanna let our audience know about them before going into the break here on this is good opportunity to do that. Okay yes and unite he would like to stay connected deep it's bad it just go to my wet side the one truly. Fish many pets dot com and debts to put your contact information being bad and so you will. Get updates and I'm I'm still in the process of Phoenix and pummeled by offering them hope to have an online offering to get it's who I am currently working on it have been you know teaching. Shopped here to hand print it at Bay Area I'm giving booked full. You know the usual thing that you do when you have that broke out. And yet and check out and you know all of my other books if you wanted to acting more deeply until. Early christianity and the waste and teachings of Jesus Christ that you might. You know resonate more with the other bulk gene does and then that. To read books one on probation mythology cross cultures you know your eighteen for pop culture invasion you know how we humans can hide everything. Or 1980 banquet would come side TP delete search and a little bit of Kwan do and he's sixteen Tibetans need it to really cross cultural tour needs. And then. I even have both run on different notions of at least until the end of the pulpit cropped up just because that's a topic that comes out in the legion and even the New York Times you know cool. Will back these big headlines about that you are probably leaving in the end times. Even that we're doing these major transition and change his solo around so. It's it's that haven't fact checked so tacky that and then you know he would resonate with fuel and then. It is still keeping touch stiff you know sign up on the wet side you know contact for all states so that. That's the best way to staying power to. Okay and everybody out there if you having him make she get over to FaceBook and like us like a page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio or China up those lakes and and it would be greatly appreciated by us. Yet so we're gonna go come back with a Isabella price in just a few moments after the break here continue talking about goddess power we really wanna get a sense of what. Isabella wants people to take away once they've read the book. And phone numbers. 8446877669. And told treated for four. 6877669. You'll listen Jason NG beyond. Dion really radio we'll be back. That the pace slowed. That's that's their affairs for the next show after harsh it's a late night shows gets the added bonus should. But if you do like a good time you should check out scary kind outcome is a great event coming up in June June 16 and seventeenth. In Framingham Massachusetts raid outside of Boston. It's gonna have a lot of great people lot of parties lot of film screenings agreed vendors panel discussions pulled out of stuff to check it out scare kind of come. And we are talking with Isabel price that she's an author we're discussing her book goddess power weakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life. And this bill before it went to break a little while ago we were talking about how. Most religions or look at look at god as a male type figure and and that hasn't always been the case but now. Also in the in this same men in the same area a lot of religions he stays for whatever reason put the man up on a pedestal. In the women down beneath them. And would you agree with that. Yes yes absolutely. And again it is of course part of that historical development. And you know Patriot Act of cup chances at which were eventually treat you would normally lead to see them. But when we go back to the panel pretty pink streak before the invention of the equate to a talk about the fourth state 67 mil and you. Before the company area and you've Glenn Beck 20000 musical. The only good parade bothered seeker were shaped. And go back to you know 25000. BC NN shale Terry that the introduction I'll take safety Scott is deeply worried because. You know I and kept it bottled at the miracle Opel keeping bird of bringing you lie if into the world and so it's not that surprising that gobble up worship that the great mother and then. You degrade legal entity like stations starting pre thousand BTU like you cheap and make them put Pena Bangalore on and so forth. They had it. Parade powerful mob I doubt that this then they would actually playing the some of these inscription says the queen don't have put it attacker that mother married later topped take interestingly enough. They. Even claimed that the one growth ordering the and yeah I can see life Asian tour and and you happily put packed church I mean it's time he'll probably it's great can drag that you know ignored does this feel will be dramatic. Feel bad position. And then. It's it's really fascinating that even the god if I think PDT for not to carry sort of contention I want to. Little time this needs. What club different idea of peace you and the rain east which is the paddle that she's described later on adopted within. As the checks should be guided rocket didn't get these few. Great example so you get The Beatles the friend instead and you know at peace. These dotted it looked elite powerful. In their function in knowing him pretty tweaked in times. Well I am but why do you think said first off I mean in the the female was who is looked upon so incredibly. And it's powerful back then and then somewhere as. Even society advanced it's seen Blake hit it. How about it. Just became sexist and it became very sexism where the male figure was. Was up here and and that they have friends who are belong to different religions and and did their wives are not allowed to walk into the temple mosser accompanied by a male figure and and these things that you think is this teenage wouldn't it wouldn't be white hat. I wholeheartedly agree it's kind of talking bad inside the big heat of the 25 and we haven't got connected further. And that's how we need to hit it that's good news that the union have been Smart people factors that have contributed to that stipulation. From a leading go to bed. You know look at that warfare. And you know became increasingly. But feature like conquest and domination. And what the emergence of the great save a lot of people I think it does put the meal would look you know just. Until and increasingly greater. Bad Hewlett. And then of course the mood of the ratification of the fighting that these different groups the key in the united public opinion even then holed the other question. The fact that some of these. The patriarch of the development I mean I can go into orbit because there are many the only I mean he's still alive clean sheet speedy divorce. You know patriarch Coke. Conference this idea they kept it very complex and park you let that just being killed as he and and you think to try to look up to date world you know I've been dangled that I think condit's other parts of the legion Doherty. Eat into it's it's really at our own opinion but could he have found. I haven't stood repeat itself until back from Latin. It's so important I believe that was. Do we Americans don't that he died Friday meaning that the tab complete support change and I explained that want to talk about the guy this college yen and the like mad dog especially thought god this is that the cap the lead foot chain said. We we really won't be bad to look you can make your triangulation. And I was I firmly believe that the we need to and do what could actually because the first side these. Pretty much everywhere I have got too much into the hyper masculinity. Unhealthy meant to leave work. But the fact that you know on the nation hierarchical structure. And you know economic inequality. Between national may actually lead so I think. Do you think are an expansion of a happy man after weeks that we need to reclaim the French trading the Mexican League as well. To gather in Crawford these pardon issued. What that can be mean and when you look at the top of the men need to build habits which could patients we kind value effective. And Shane. Couldn't bring in Wayne played pollution particularly the include CD keep part initially peaceful resolution of conflict. We pocketbook do you think people also mother nature and and men and you know Lisa would be. Value is that right that we meets those bad and treat badly on the planet we need to be declaration we needed court. Option and we need to reclaim the sake of being pulled the man to lead and the economy needs so that we can quote lead at hailed Europe balance. And the integration and that upon reason and say don't be mad become correct to put something but. But I believe the fact that god most of gave us when you lose. That we were you actually see we had no future I'm just saying that they are you there it clearly is this. Didn't sense that heat. We're talking with Isabella price we're talking about her book goddess power awaken her wisdom of the divine feminine in your life Isabella. What do you want people to take away from the book after they've read it in his at the same for men and women do you want them to walk away with the same. Ideas at the same message. Well at this of course I'd that I wrote that everybody leaves it will drawing spew radiation from those east. And you know that guy that went into decent may be big he could self reflect deeply troubled bank youth or act that took a lie still going to perhaps a lot. Some greens and they were relayed to you now I'm back on the world curing mean and then you know letting go. And it'll be uniquely different for every person because you know we'll have our unique pet and and you know even regardless typical. And I think he can be inspiring to know man this way Ellie if you step back to balloting took. The cove you know the Doctor Who written tradition soaked through and yes you one thing but also. And happy not to understand what's going on on the planet right now of course left peacefully with a little bit changing. Under way. And shift and you know I conclude thick and lift. How the guy that they expect insert itself to that day you know we eat and eat enormous crowd and especially the thing in. Some movement side that say the woman's smile back sort. You know the meat from the movement that back side madam movement I believe that she'd like to cap the leak into the driving. I'm expect. Kept the power forward so that we can hopefully take the next they've pollution may need because guess what we need. These evolutionary leap you know actually keep it going to be a breakthrough short break down and we know that and we don't have told that time on our hands. And I'd include so they're taking care of the mother nature you know god that's how I lucked out Fred smog there. I'd rather than keeping you know people leaving her lead so at this event contact mean making heard that we. We need to be responsible. Hewitt that these beautiful planet than under oral either that I formed with whom we share these planets so. I can't talk and say these kids don't really create eco evolutionary threshold that we find ourselves that and each 1 o'clock. My talents and needs to. Hey bill how is contribution. And what ever you could lead annual nation stopping doctor I've not yet and he doesn't mandate for our. You know what I would consider a candidate well. I look at these could be put time. Two new need. Stopping Dublin and to do these course correction because it's obvious that we can't compete yet found that beef up its pet that we beat on the I think that's. My job is to every thought it was dark content front and thank you know everybody tickets you know that I CNN day and eat. Highly demands for UN Rabin situation you're uniquely drought for US attorney. And it looked attempt you hopefully to get it deeper understanding what's going on in the world that the lord Q. Now you mentioned the meat to movement and I was actually bring that up myself we've seen two in recent months may be maybe going in a year or more now. Uncovered what seems to be a culture of highly. Lee placed male figures taking advantage of women and you know it's something that would probably many of us. May be a suspected all along. But now the women are coming forward the men are being confronted and in many cases as we just so Bill Cosby. Going to prison. For their crimes. What is the messaging your book. As it relates to what we're seeing unfold in the news when it as a relates to this. Well you know I know people before they good. We need to look movement you know came to the that the so on the collective consciousness. But he beat Lohan makes splash and I believe both old funeral the modern you know acting as these this has police you know. And and and anticipate need to collect these. Psychological shed deletion of that has been ugly pranks force so I'll live to the forefront like it cost me mile that we cannot. He north. And you aren't they need to movement he's a part of and I think it's important PE because. We have to come to terms put these these functional behavior pattern with you you would be because. If we don't acknowledge him and he didn't pull out they we cannot heal. These things so bad side yeah I pragmatic so much coming to the third baseman you know effected in the race pace maker and a full IBM needs. Left the eat eat that's the purpose united had quit playing that we have to look. You know. What would you prefer a circular YY be we allowed these things still happen while I was looking at black. Look the product until Kim a pizza guy in power yet he can get away with it became apparent. What that's not the case then you obviously can he didn't have made just east. That's already on the wave. And all of that we you sense you know in the deep because. We have to know that even the mob that can be so does yes tiger even that Perry talk about it like Kylie yeah. But if you miss you must be in the power of love it's true acting BP some very important to understand that. And so do you think well we you IMAP going on and it's not even so much about staying at point B I don't like that confrontational. There and stick approach because it's not how pull it up. The going to the other extreme and opposite side may oh yes they need to take. Responsibility for a bit found it. We want to get into the nuggets and the war because that absent further possibly get there have been enough speed be patient and preparation on up planet we don't need more aspect. But he too important to look at these things and too deep soul searching and really do they duly. Deathly quiet day and you know of course men have to take responsibility. For the direction the adept at. Look people what they lied they died with these things then you know they need to cut happens the Pope told. We need to heal themselves from these these functional patents. Isabella were at a time and we really really appreciate you coming on the program the book goddess power awakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life. I know others information about on your website working out people go to find the book for purchase. Well I would take the main platform meet them a dime you can add import them digital and print version Amazon Barnes & Noble indeed found if you wanna support independent platform. And then of course mango my publisher you can orderly there as well so let's take it that the main platform. Well thanks so much for coming and hang analysis tonight it's been a pleasure talking do we look forward to talking you know at some point. Yeah that the thank you so much in again for having me and that I've really enjoyed outcome that they can and yeah and then. Again you know would love to. Come back at some point been scam war so again thank you so much. Thank you view the website is one truce dash many paths dot com you can check that out there. The order take a break here and a second I think will we come back we're gonna have a few extra minutes in the program that we can use for our psychic rove viewing experiment because people have been asking venom and went over weeks since we've done Ambien be careful kennels are currently not gonna hold the card up to the webcam from. Sorry that's a few on if you wanna test your psychic abilities and see if you can guess a card gives shouted eat for four. 68776. X nine and told freed before 46877669. And listen yeah. Got tired first call. Couple calls were gonna try to get to his many ways we can but done time will be short. We've got to playing cards from regular 52 playing card deck we're gonna focus on the card and take your calls and give you an opportunity. Two tried to read our minds or use remote viewing during the other sensitivities you think you might have for just wanted to guests that the work it's too. I don't know Antarctica that works and if we Samie gets organist sentiment a teacher okay so we routed Fresno by the way the numbers 8446877669. If you wanna try to get in line here let's do this at let's go to this is Greg in Colorado Greg welcome to the program do you consider yourself someone who's got some psychic because sensitivities. So okay so we're. Current surgical Augusta yet Jason and are focused on the card here we're looking at it thinking about it and as Suu Kyi concede tell us we think artists. Well yeah. So. Eight states. Now sorry that cited Greg thanks for trying OK let's go to herald herald is calling from New Orleans and Harold do you consider yourself someone. Who's got some psychic sensitivities. We actually know. I won't let scripts and so grades so that it's just a shot in the dark reviewer. All right blatantly give us a second to focus on this card and then see which you can come up with a OK we're focused he tells what you think it is. Oh. And he does. Aren't fair. Now sorry but thanks for calling thanks for trying we probably don't have enough time to do another caller justice here we're gonna keep this card and keep it going. One of these days somebody's actually going to be able to enter one of our minds. It's in the middle Curtis and I mean he'll be last with I'm less and less each time as a time to get to your odds that a little bit better it's a little better idea allegations blood. Barrett so and it list. Debuted big shout out to Isabel pressure come and hang in Alice and I didn't talking about her book goddess power we can and the wisdom divine feminine in your life. And if you download the show on iTunes Josephine average rate at forest trying to get those numbers up. In head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond Greeley reveal what the FaceBook page for us. Let's get to pretty much you do it from for us tonight everybody have a great night's Jason NGV beyond really. Ray and don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one I'll simply tell incidence. It's home week you don't really read news. Yeah you know start going and finish the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason hello slow and chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.