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JD Peterson discusses reincarnation

May 9, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnso talk with Author JD Peterson about her American Trilogy series of books, and reincarnation. 5/8/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Our all our reliance on oil and we're joined JB Johnson welcome to the show Jason's off tonight and I am excited to be here because we got a great show lined up. We say that a lot I know and it's true every time and tonight is no exception we've got a ged Petersen joining us GD is an author and an alternative healer an impasse medium. She performs house an area clearing school also be discussing tonight reincarnation. GD had an experience with a trip to Newport, Rhode Island and let her tell you what that experience has been changed her life. It would let her down a path com that we're gonna talk about and you're going to be quite amazed I promise you that said Judy Petersen join us in just a little bit. Just a look at what's coming up we've got some great stuff later this week on the program and tomorrow night candy cane Cooper who is an animal communicated will join us. To discuss communicating with pets. Living and passed. So we always have a great response we talk about pets. So we expect a lot of phone calls for that. Discussion tomorrow night Wednesday Thomas Hewlett who is a writer and author of the twelve stakes series which is about vampires. End alcoholics anonymous how addiction fuels his writing and how he sees ghosts in Los Angeles. And much more with Thomas on Wednesday night and then Thursday. Colleen morrow who is an author founded. Intuition a magazine for the higher potential of the mine. Too into that it's designed to introduce readers to an emerging fields in tuition development we talk about this from the program before. Pretty fascinating. And her books spiritual told telepathy as she takes readers be on the intuition basics and introduce them to the next steps. A more advanced form of intuitive perception called spiritual telepathy. So a lot coming up this week I'm sure Jason would backward this morning not exactly sure what is plans are but I know he's not with us tonight and do wanna say something about those brave. Residents of a large Ireland in Hawaii that are watching volcanic gases and lawful. Seemingly come out of nowhere although it is and know where we know there's an active volcano there but lava spewing in fountains of up to 300 feet. Hi. It's already destroyed 35 homes and other buildings sit officials and they've warned residents that if you're anywhere near these active zones on that you need to be out of there they've let some residents go back in to retrieve some personal belongings gets some pets that kind of thing but they said be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. About 17100 people are currently under the order of evacuation. And it's on the eastern side of the big island of Hawaii and they were permitted to return for a little while. Yesterday and today during the daylight hours during a lull in the seismic activity so with. Our hearts go out to anybody who loses any. Anything. In any type of tragedy or natural disaster like daddies and these are powerful forces they just can't be. Can't be controlled the certainly can't be messed with so our hearts and prayers go out to you stay safe that's the most important thing on your material items they can be replaced lives can't. So well. They can't but at the same time we're gonna talk a reincarnation tonight. With Judy Petersen. So well let's do this are gonna go to break and when we come back we'll bring JD and we'll start this discussion. Jumped on the phone number it's a 446877669. You may wanna join this conversation as we get going it's. Young reality radio. And you too expensive. Yeah Celebrity Apprentice TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick conned. Dot com check it out. Johnson quote within 446877669. Gonna write that down we're not taking phone calls right now but a little bit later in the program we will take. Your calls. As we bring our guest in the program tonight we're talking with the GD Pearson GD is an author an alternative healer and an impasse medium was quite a story to share. Way to a path she has traveled a gonna get in nova JD welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. Keeping them and it's great to beat there. So it's gonna get a little bit confusing because your GD IN GZ. But I think beat the pub people probably can teller voices apart what do you think. So little bit about yourself. You know all the stuff you can idea. How you got introduced to these ideas before you get into the story about the books. And you know what to what the real conversations about it just a little bit of a glimpse of you Pryor told. Well like many. Your dad and I grew up in a home that was content. And that started when I was about five years old. And children Amare and haptic. Than adults it was pretty much expecting me. They kept on my mom about it and up until finally he hadn't experienced and we you're out of that house in thirty games a wild. And I bet as they grew older I became very interested in the parent unwanted a lot of independent study. And as I thought into my twenties that started getting certifications in different healing modalities. It'd expand any lift energy and hot and really into that not that everything is vibration essentially. And that someone is ill. There frequency is that he will only healers hot job is to correct that he went C and then finally do that you can do that would sound. You can do that with light and color on photography are photography. He could do that with aromatherapy. Crystals. I'm also into a native American ceremony inside in an apprentice since 1986. He started my apprenticeship. I'm really an apparent to anymore now I do housecleaning in house was in. He thinks there are ceremonies towns in picking things that they can't and tarot card reading. I've also had cool wet expand their or if he does very well quite insistent. And confidant quite a bit of steady at traveling around the world with my studies much he is unconfirmed and the Bolivia does political base in England compositional grotto. They do not know what. Whether it came from it and found underground with millions of shelves and that it in the wall. They think it might have been some kind of Juliet. Ceremonial ways. Also been to the serpent mound in Ohio the serpent mound my own systems that are through that part of United States are quite fascinating. Eric had to dang it spiritually at community down to Florida that vortex is but. Mount Shasta I think was wouldn't mind most fascinating places because I found that. My spot or manifesting there within thirty minutes in I was thinking now. We're actually manifesting I think I figured out within like 2.4 hours of being in there need to be very careful about what he. Now that's a challenge right yeah yeah. So yet it you've you've done a lot of tremendous. The number of things and experiences and wanted to ask you about ready and I feel dimension beginning the discussion here that you website is American gilts. It's GI LTE. Dot com. Which is a reference to your trilogy of books called the American guild trilogy tolls would guilt is in that a reference. Well and that threat and is when you take a piece of metal like iron and you put gold on top market. He would not curable. Killed it. Just the top of that has been he pleaded with the goal. And they that the terrible gilded age in the actually coined by Mark Twain and novel of his. These very accurate time in America. After the civil war are about 1865. Around the turn of the century 19100. There was a tremendous. Amount of growth in the United States. And the tremendous amount new technologies being developed in intentions. The automobile went public on the telegraph. Electricity. On and on and on and a lot of people we're getting very very wealthy. Very very wealthy and there was no income tax. There were no employee unions nothing to attacked. The employees. On the long how where's. That's sort of things so that is kind of the iron under the gold part these people who are making a lot of money. But as a tremendous expense to. At oracle or worker. So is there reference is is to a need just two and apart at a time in America where it was very transformative. Hit. Ended it. Who is kind of the Victorian into the industrial area aero wasn't. Actually the Victorian and the gilded age kind of overlap and then once you get to the nineteen and says that trying to overlaps with. What kind of thought of as a more. Industrial age. Where it was so a whole new beginning you know in technology in the way people lived. Though there is an overlapping like Edwardian age of the Victorian age those referred to Queen Victoria. In her hair up. So that this time is that the kind of depicted in America. In in different because the ballot pop. In America have it it pretty much started after the civil war when everyone started to rebuild and the country back together. And went on until the 19100. Oh yeah. Was it exclusive to America there was this happening in other parts of the world as well. Well if it did years listeners have watch downton have need that pretty much is around 1910. I believe that begins so. That's coming out of that era of tremendous. And well. That was being experienced. And many places around the world but America. Was really really taking it by storm. And you know we had that Vanderbilt. Does Belmont. Vanderbilt has had more money in the United States treasury. And at one point sent at Vanderbilt let money the United States treasury but. It's unbelievable it's really an unbelievable time in. So many of our institutions. And our infrastructure for that matter it was created during that time and its many that much of that still exist today no we'll tell you just anecdotally. I love old homes and I'm particularly love the old homes of that era because they were built unlike anything. Before or sense. But that is absolutely true I mean it at anyone that's been to Newport and think some of that cottages that are actually. More like for palaces. Gold that they used to build those homes but the real cold that's not guilt that that's a that's. I mean actually had so much money by the end on there was no income tax. There was no union then it's no health benefits none of this. When the United States government. In that a lot these people. We're in trouble and a lot of Stanley. It got to wander. Yeah it was it was it was kind of the wild west in financial terms weren't you it was and to do and you can say that any connection look at. There is gonna two sides to it certainly into the side there were talking about but it also and it almost. Offer unlimited potential for anybody who had I mean Andrew Carnegie is one of these people who came. From you know as an immigrant was absolutely nothing and became one of the wealthiest man in the world. It that I can speak you can expand that my grandfather was one who worked in those hot bath and he's easy. So I mean there's the other end of that slope Carnegie made that kind of money he went down about a beautiful library. You know. People's lives they're constantly in danger and it's like you've got people like Catholic. Okay who was so brilliant and came up with all of these wonderful ideas they're free energy. But then it at JPMorgan coming into the financing and then saying not I'm not making money out there and poured down his. You know. Machine. And we're still trying to reclaim that knowledge. We're still working to find it that's that's another man whose whose life was fascinating and we talk about him. Frequently on the program I don't wanna get into the story about Newport yet because that we don't have a few minutes left before the break here. I'm but you also do be you know alternative healer. You're an impasse medium do you do a lot of work for people in in regards to your abilities as a medium. I do I do that I am more divided people that know me word of mouth they don't really advertise but. I came to do a lot of house clearing. I'm living out in Laguna Beach and there are quite a few areas out here. Or need to the Marian there and acreage land. And has been turned into. Housing developers. And that has constant problem and and homes around here that. As it. It's kind of like that's kind of the stuff of movies as an offensive. It was that the foundation of poltergeist yes that's the story area and it really happens it really happen. That's the thing is it really does happen and I've done regular house let things out clearing where there's just goes you know it is still possible military easy. EER. A little more challenging and I really have to pull my tools out of mind native American. Draining. And because of those. Spirit that are put here at their guardians. There. They're not just goes and not just the person who died these are guardians who are put in place to protect this land. And it can be challenging. The Wii speak with them to them with great respect. Yeah you have to we've got a lot more to talk about whether guest GDP percent. TDs and author an alternative healer an impasse medium her website is American gilt dot com guilt dispelled GI LT. She's the author of the American guild trilogy were gonna get into what that is how she was inspired to write at the whole story truly fascinating. Journey that we're gonna go down here when we come back from the break. In the meantime the phone number is 8446877669. You should write that down you can join our conversation. And I also remind you a couple things one the beyond reality radio official coffee mugs. Are available on the beyond reality radio dot com website you can go there click on the image of the mug they are available with free domestic shipping if you wanna order from overseas. Just contact us weaker got a special arrangement for that. Also scary con dot com scare con is an event coming up in June in Framingham Massachusetts. With a bunch of celebrities. Film premieres parties vendors panel discussions the whole works it's a great time a great weekend it's informative it's fun. Any need a lot of really cool people. If you have. More questions just go to the website it's Garrick con. Dot com or you can just search. Horror convention Massachusetts juices and you know like -- and Google probably bring in order to take a break when we come back more with our guest again it's GD Peterson author alternative healer and path medium website is American guilt dot com I'm JB Johnson to. Its. It's. Half tonight we'll be back with us tomorrow night we've got a great show under way though we're talking we GD Peterson offer alternative healer. And path medium author of the American guilt trilogy guilt spoke GI LTE. And the website is American guilt died. Com and today GD again thanks for being with this I want you start with the story that late June down this path and if I understand you correctly was a visit to Newport, Rhode Island the kind of started this whole venture for you right. Yes it will then I wouldn't let it stayed that I'd protect the story under the cover and wrote the book and I've never really scared it so. I've picked it up speed gave heated there with your audience. We're honored we are honored and it is a fascinating story were a little bit I know that so far it is fascinating so tell us what happened. Well I am I'm a widow I was living at that time in northeastern Pennsylvania raising my two teenage children ahead be and eating a guy named Steven. I had an alternative healing and Iran is doing great Ian aren't the isn't as reading and actions. He had a family that lived up on a quick nit title in which is. I think in Newport wrote I mean in that I've been to where Newport. He had to go out and visit his Stanley inhuman me to come along and I'd only known him I don't know 67. Weeks and then it was the chiller let that that. When he decided I would because I love that ocean attempt to go to the ocean so we let out. And we got there late at night and it got up early the next morning and went down to that compete in Newport with is pretty wild this. In south pass. It was a very very cold day in and about the time of the year but it was so cold the wind would blow in the paddock. A blanket over that. And we'll end up under the beaches there at these heavy gray cloud hanging down then. So even blocked an economy where the economic following him and pretty and we get down the. Shoreline and I'm watching him talk and I catch a glimpse of something in the Brady's. And I'm focused on it in the book but if Dwight. Blatter and couldn't make it out and keep talking to me and I'm looking at the liar and a sudden I realized it was a war on. And I think it might sound is doing in the ocean on the street think cold day. Public didn't even see me look and he put down you have to put it that's wandering in the water. Yeah I don't know iPad maybe that they want an ocean another island SS. And his that you know we don't want them ocean they'd been over Ernie in Hannover and the other way so. And a made light of it and just took off of lockdown would be that. Did think it was very gain so reluctant on the beat get really cold with trojans did in the wind whipped around chatting. And a great time that it really. And competition kind of goes to a ball and I said to him what happened to that one that was pretty crazy. Well we turn a book and more on the bright side that won the breakers it has eight it down the so I look at him he looked at me to keep up. With it on. So we took the act and the warmth was gone. I mean con. But instead like suddenly in instantly. Suddenly and instantly I mean we're looking guy I'm bleeding into the ways to go back down and look at nowhere in the water it's nowhere in the side. But even looked at me and he does. And if. Is likely that but that's the bonds and maybe it it's better that you that the reason while having my native American background. I immediately thought that this was some kind of medicine animal some type of sign. Thank you know why and I didn't know why. And he had to know something and I mean new habit I would being given a and the deep regret we decided we wanted to show me that the man and of course into the break is in third you listeners who never all the breakers you might wanna do a little video tour because it is like how. So we go into their knees and then having the feeling of familiarity. To the point where we're walking down the driveway. On almost felt like at airports and moved in it was night and see people going to or as some type that. You have kept pressing the side get in you know at the impact in me. If we go on tour at the house and more coming through the room and it is just amazing of course that we had in this one green veggies and then the app manager and on the second floor and I just was like Michael. At the window and why haven't you think you can hear why does. Why isn't. It was like they knew the place it was so bizarre. And we ended had been in BitTorrent ending up and then mention it got. And it says that in through the it's up as a group and that the one book called the Vanderbilt in the Arab states. And let me denies withdrawn the book. And I think I didn't do it that. So later we went back to our hotel and that looking that the book. I Agilent that he didn't quite panic and it really didn't eat anything that could give me a clue about the swine. I don't know I gotta tip the index. And that's when I'm feeling a little discouraged that it decided that would lead the index now have gone through these means aimed it means like at sir. And Belmont and conditioning and the hearing and these I mean the handling. New port in New York. Society. But and then getting towards the end of the index in on getting bored discouraged you know Rockefeller Vanderbilt. And I get that this W and I get to the bottom NC. And then why eighty Barack war on lightning. And I can cut spilled all over. I knew it knew he did yes I'll wait on that on lighting. So it's there in the book and read a little hesitant paragraphs and about the woman. A deadbeat time. An 1883. He had they're 1880s he hit debuted. I can't get no more I'm being killed in other mean that I can has had no more. There is the story continued I've stated can't be a little suspicious about my familiarity with new port we were driving down several street. And I just knew whereas what. And the lack of a good thing and up. Not I've read a lot of books that people have said that sort of thing. But it never happened to me. And it was a really today I had done pat I think aggression and that type of thing but to walk into a situation like as. And also that weren't into me and I was trying to figure out why. So I've done a lot of hypnosis in my life and any good hit the as the plane that'll get them to sell the note that. And I had even lead me on a regression. Day. And this regression not knowing what to expect and I have. Or anyone who has not had a regression. You know it's not like you do. Go back in a memory in all that doesn't promote the paint my name's Jane I live here this is when exploring no you don't get that information. What you get is like this snapshot into their life it does it wherever you're this and hitting their right now is it that that part of there. Awareness. Come in here right. Now on this regression at least. Sort of but the dining room they're hypocrites the scandal there over and there was an older man with white hair and white beard. And he was patent back in on the meaning he was great. He was clearly angry. And the maintenance and fiscal that they eat I thought that he was my father. And the Manhattan awareness about the pregnant. But it didn't feel like I was pregnant out of wedlock. Is just. I could not really understand situation. Though came out of that regression. And actually had more questions. Than they add content. So it can and I don't in Europe the story here because it wanted to keep you on track but at the same time curious about this regression and aggressions like this. I do is that process one by which you were just pulling out memories that are rig where recessed. Or is it actually transporting you somewhere. I think that it depends on the ability of the putters and how deep they can go. A pretty much didn't like it there it it is. You feel that feeling of the person from that I'm here more or less submerged. And it. You know I had done other big questions there I didn't like Egypt or what not lag putt like I was watching a team. Found sort of like as top of the roof above room and looked down on and on myself. But in this particular regression and I was inside of my body. He never had this kind of experience before. I had regression but I never had when he these linemen to ever so many things that happened after that is that is that. And it's really. It was demanding to be paid attention to. OK so as this started unfolds and eastern today have the realization of what was really going on what was going on in your mind. I have this. This Dieter who find out is much ethnically about the woman and I didn't mean under and why. But I had no like contacting the historical society in Newport and I contacted the historical society in New York. And I launched. Search. While I think I got information. About the same time. I have land. Now Arad had eventually married all of their own bonds it is the son of August. On it was known at picking up that avenue. Realities that not even know about. The Belmont races the amount or. August almost started that. That they where he did very wealthy than you know up there with JPMorgan and all of them in rounding up together but the that antithetical to develop collect cans of and if I could find out something about her there I'm having a challenging time trying to find out things about her. So we ended up at Oakland which is this theory gothic mansion. And it was a quiet in electing anyone around there were many people are having an oncoming. Arm and went went into the shop and the only to people in there. Other than that in our. Related fetid as the clerics. If they had any information about terrorists want waiting. You would have thought I said the most horrible thing in the local. Really the up in the lake based stood up they erupted meet there how do you know her name. It. Corporate. It wasn't really prepared to tell them story of the ball just. I didn't do glory and I mean it was out of her current that are aristocratic society in the near and I am at my paranormal. And abilities. But Damon at this point in the tablet something was not. Well Ben honor went down Egypt after the walked into the gift shop and made it to hurt you know about there's more waiting. And all the good it felt like it if I'd have much. Yeah that's that that person who shall not be named. Exactly that was ballot now. Now the owner came out of a car have a that meant because that some people don't really want to be connected with this idea is these sort of not. Pending exit Erie so whenever. So anyway they can count mother and she wanted to know. What I knew why why and how I knew there at one wedding and why would I asked about her. And I said well you know I really don't Annika went to detonate eight circle means that no liquid that you have to tell us we have to know. Now I get I told them about the worm I told them what happened in all of anyone in the was include well. And that owner looked at me he said I think he let her in the past like that it is what you get. He's buried at that I haven't animate cemetery and that the book. The Belmont in the Fifth Avenue written by David black. That book and there are available lot of information about her and that. That's what I did that was my next grandchild. Did any of those people that you've told this story to initially. Have anything similar to report had they ever seen a swan and do behave like that before anything like that. You know in all the years since that's happened I've only heard of it happening more time in Australia with black. On. And that is just last year. At only comment never heard of it on easily like Obama armed. Hi newbie. Inept in the agreed in. And that little known to want me in light of the fact that it was you moment all the killer. Right let's do this Judy we've got to take a break here we went over Long Will come back we'll have a short segment for a top of the hour break. But we're gonna get into more of this again our guest is Judy Petersen. The website is American guilt spelled G I LT gilt dot com. We're talking about the American guilt trilogy it's beyond reality radio on Jimmie Johnson don't go. That are here. Her telephone number 28446877666. Wickets one to me sixes and try to get 84468. Sentiment. 7669. And it will be taking your phone calls in the next hour our conversation is eventually gonna get around reincarnation we're kind of setting the stage for this other guest Judy Petersen. Who was side telling us an amazing story actually one it's none in the interest in just fascinating. And I think Judy we've got about a minute and half here. And I think if you were to sum this up obviously was a life changing X periods but it also. Was kind of a life defining experience for you wasn't it. It was. I mean that was delete them while these things are happening in the best that I speak your whether or not Abbott and had to be picking up Sarah. Or she had a story to tell me or if indeed I was her in the past like. Apparently she wanted her story people. But the first most important thing with the find out the truth the story which had been pretty well very. And when we come back from the break Peru gonna get to the reincarnation component of this because we've ghetto but a bunch of things to talk about an addition to. How it's affected you how this story and its connection to reincarnation is affected you've adjustable reincarnation. Discussion by itself it's one that's evolving and wouldn't you say that it's one that's coming of age to a degree. I believe though because when this so started happening without. I don't know 2003. Now earlier becoming more main game. And in fact there's even a lack Newt he recent things that are coming out with the advent of the digital age and it's really change our conscious. Because we can graph I is now that we couldn't or. It we're gonna you know that after the top of the hour break here. Again the phone number is 8446877669. We will invite your phone calls will open up those phone lines during this breaks of the and calling. And comment and and to our discussion our guest is GD Peterson it's beyond reality radio we've got a lot more ahead of us so stay. Here tonight. Her concerns are. Are welcome to the program it's great to have everybody here with us and we appreciate you joining the show. We also appreciate all the great radio stations around the country that has become affiliates of this program. If you're listening. And you need a radio station near to carry the program because you're listening online that you wanna listen in your car somewhere on the go or whatever happens to be. I'm just contact the local stations say hey beyond reality radio's on the and we love to have you have it locally. And surprisingly enough one of these stations will jump remind they like to have that kind of feedback from the listeners we have a great program underway and we're gonna bring our guest back in just a moment Judy Petersen is where this. First I wanna talk about what we've got coming up later this week tomorrow night candy cane Cooper was an animal communication will be joining us to discuss communication with. Pets whether living or they've already passed. We always have a great response when we have animals communicators on the program so we'll look forward to your phone calls for that. Wednesday night Thomas Hewlett who is a writer and an author of the twelve stakes series. Which is about vampires and alcoholics anonymous and how addiction fuels his writing. Also. He'll talk about seeing goes some Los Angeles making monsters. And the heroes instead of villains are making monsters the heroes instead of Phillips and then Thursday Colleen morrow who has an author who founded a magazine called intuition a magazine for the higher potential of the mind. We'll talk about introducing readers to the emerging field of intuition development. Charles was a book called spiritual told tell look at how telepathy and she takes readers from. Beyond the intuition basics and induces them to the next step. More advanced form of intuitive perception called spiritual therapy that's all this week come beyond reality radio. If you don't get to listen to the program alive which really encourage you to. Eco is downloaded and listen to a B can find it on the beyond reality radio website to be on reality radio dot com. You can also find it on this particular YouTube streaming feature new to JB Johnson YouTube stream it's also available on iTunes. How much of options for you feel good to listen to a life or if you liked the program might be just joining us now and as we continue our discussion with Judy Petersen you wanted to know more about the background of the story that we talked about in the first hour. You can go back and listen to the program as a download and makes it nice and easy for the phone numbers 8446877669. And the phone lines are open to an entry in this discussion point in the spring GD back into the program GD. He told us a fascinating story about how you became inspired. And down he can learn a lot about yourself along the way here. What things that we didn't get a chance to mention when it comes to the story of Sarah swan Whiting was the connection to ghost hunters. And some information that was actually kind of incorrect that was presented on the television show when they you know when they did an investigation that right. Yes actually go to and it did an investigation and American pickers and also to this show from there on the History Channel. And both as the threat that errant husbands. Eventually he would intend her. On her honeymoon and she was pregnant. Just to give it a quick lowdown and speed because women back and they could not vote they could not own property. She took the brunt of the candle. And her good name was just. It dragged into the mud because he was the party boy played well. And it was just so wrong. And as this story went on I just felt that he needed to have it says that you told as the and honestly is possible but when I started writing. That's how all of these occurrences that I'm remained Hedo and I am writing a book now on that subject. Because. My editor and economic growth and simulate us now that people really has no. Actresses. Right yeah and what had happened to her because if you go in the process and it through some of the that. You know. Boys will be boys there. Of course at this thing well let's talk about reincarnation before we get into some of the specifics assistant general ideas here what. Mean this sounds like a very basic question but I like to set the stage with the staff does not everybody thinks of these things in the same way but what in your mind is reincarnation. In my mind I think that the soul is ever. And their existing unique internal. And since some of Einstein's work you know this is anarchy doesn't die it just changes form. Those adept at not is that hustles. Have lessons to learn or karma to work out that they come into the earth. They've lived these lifetime they've learned lessons or attain. A crude. Negative karma. And no in his announcement doctor Michael milk here and in several books on what he called like between white. You did this re search. A doctor Raymond moody was giving out of body and is in the near death and then. Doctor Michael Newton. They actually kicking people in regression. Acting has lagged but lingering. Between the night time. And he could ever it is not a lot of things between so many client of his clients with the aim. Teachers. Guiding the rules are helping them to work through our mock copying them to. Only in the next flight time and to sort of a work out these different arm on. So badly that that that theory insisting. You worked at doctor Michael is dead. And then recently have become family with doctor Bruce Goldberg who's actually went as it started doing hypnosis. For his patient during dental work but he ended up completely changing in coming into the regression. And it's getting expensive stadium packed that he was also coming up the I'm nominal information regarding her which again. In the unspent theory of relativity he had proved that it was possible mathematically. So doctor Goldberg is giving. Regression but then he started doing the pro aggression and going into the future. And he also started doing things with parallel lifetime. I'm capital interpretation. Of these are things that. Our brain we get in trying to comprehend it but I can't hit with that concept of the digital age. Did speak to her and able to observe. The different things. In our language. For example the word out about this you know. I think by going to a that has a lot of energy in it I'm going to be getting eight download quote unquote. Those. And in science that did it and the mad at this that are really coming together. And instead of hilly it is speaking about two completely different animals. They're speaking about. Similar concept just with the language in the fact that let you know Jason did put both honored. Pulling out there with equipment that made the difference. You know scientifically documenting things that it things in to a whole different round. We need videotaped something or you and make a recording something. Then you know you've got a whole different set of that we. He's thinking about. But back to go to his aunt's. At the adult court and so there had been a lot of press going and where they pick somebody who wanted to support that all of the Belmont was bachelor. Only everywhere and that this guy is the bachelor. And when in fact that they would take a tour of the house didn't look at his white Belgium at the time it was all the Vanderbilt she remarried him. So it was a lot of propaganda governor a lot of propaganda that about eight news you know it's nothing new. Right right so if if we get into this reincarnation discussion when more I'm deeply. And I know. You know you've talked a lot about going to the light. We have all heard stories of people's head near death experiences and very commonly this story is they seal light. Kind of a tunnel experience to see a light at the end of the tunnel. And they moved toward it. And I think almost invariably. Those that we that live to talk about this experience don't get to the light they come back. But talk about the late for a little for a little bit force what are you understand like to be. Well I fear it is pretty much what you've heard that when new diet that a light on the Ben Wright is soul is. You either have an Angel are your guardian Angel or your eye or loved ones they have not uncommon Ricci viewed eighteen into the light. Into that we think is a higher dimension has been whatever you want to call about college. But recently there has been some pop about. All right. And about. Some had suggested now again this is not really my April leaks. I'm pretending it's there for you because I have liked to have our information in front of some are saying. That there is. I'm all right. And that. That's you know men and is actually being. So hot in rural phone recycling. In US. Okay quote the how I just wanna make trying to understand this because. I know you've talked about it's a full slate spirits. Right are we talking about some type of from. Evil entities that is trying to mislead. Or is this something different. Well you know that is the question of the Allard. Ed it could be a dark entities coming from the low or second dimensions. Or her some had suggested that it is at the end goal from other areas of the universe that have. Come to earth to kind of create a certain EE. Com says the Marion packs which are the oldest effect on the planet that we have DP date egyptians. They were actually carved in they talk about. Action. When enough room on the center with enough for him coming from out at sea and mining Merkel. And as taking in then and genetically modifying them so that they would typical about. And they says that some say that I have when neighbors genetically modifying the imminent it programmed in and need to worship in human. So that they humans would worship and causing less problems making them more easily controlled and manipulated. You know did a real. Hook that didn't end there and number one flag we're talking about a little. Acting at through multiple lifetimes. Evening out I armor. But then again it became a goal a pure free soul and ethnic and a human body. They're going to have to deal with the ideology of the human brain. In have to do with gravity in 3-D T physical reality. Then had to deal with China's parent inflicted upon that human during their lifetime. Where existed that. Don't the karma doesn't really been out there it looked at a decent but come on trying to feed their children or something and you know they're dealing with the what with the brain that's been traumatized or what ever. Reacted in a certain way that there are you know that they're not going to re act. With Lynn Neary in the higher dimension as a little or if there. And in fact. When people do have these new near death experience and strayed across the board in all day that when they came back in their body as it felt like the green. Really felt that they Wear a weight when they Wear when they were quote unquote yet. Yeah it's I've heard those types of descriptions as well we have to jump to a break here we come back we'll pick this up our phone or received 446877669. We're talking. About reincarnation. Their guests tonight Judy Petersen check out the website American guilt that's GI LT American guilt. Dot com now. Pitching staff for the website beyond reality radio dot com check out the official coffee mug it's available there and also check out scary con dot com for great event that's coming up if you like to a C grade movies particularly or movies and you like to meet celebrities from war. And paranormal entertainment. And you like informative panel discussions. Very very unique vendors. Parties all of that is happening the weakening June 16 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts at scare con. There's more information to scare conduct come our guest tonight is. JD Peterson were talking about the American guild trilogy of books that she authored plus reincarnation is a whole bunch of stuff going on here JD we've got. A just a couple minutes for its take our next break but I think it's enough time where people find out more about the books. By the books and find out more about your other work. Well yeah the book now available on Amazon and they are also available on Kindle and hope. You can go to Amazon.com. And I in American TI LE and they will come up. Also on my web site. And you have the right now I'm in the process of writing a book about this story how this you know came to me. And and I put it out as. And just this far is describing the trilogy. And give us like you know a paragraph of description if somebody was completely new to what those books might be. This story is actually based on the two stated that on lighting a young deputy on who is. Her job in life is Marion to marry well. He's idealistic want to. We thinks he's found the right man but instead she finds that now caught up in the scandal. That impacted her life and her daughters right. If it's just that fascinating. Story. The propriety. That went on back and in the challengers at women he. I have is when they learned the cot in a bad. We relationship essentially. It's not like now Larry's known group on the mean it would stay with he your whole life. OK so we come back from break we're gonna get into this reincarnation discussion a little more we talk more about the light. The experiences that people shared after having a near death experience. It's a fascinating thing and there's a commonality that through permeates all of it. And wanted in that discussion in more detail. Again the phone numbers 8446877669. We'll try to take some listener calls on the next half hour. It's beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson pulling him. And talking about animal. Communication. McCain Cooper. An animal communicators and won't talk about how she communicates with pets living and passed. A lot of people like to find ways to communicate with pets they've lost and Kenny came talk about tomorrow so be prepared to call went. Our phone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna join this discussion were trucking. About reincarnation would JD Peterson. Judy's website is American guilt that's GI LT dot com she's the author of the American guild trilogy. And she so much more matches also. An impasse medium and alternative healer. And has had some amazing experiences working on another book to talk about those experiences. Ended GDR wanna ask about this going back to light conversation. I'm weekend a gentleman. Who had a near death experience on the program not long ago when he was talking about that false light. Concept that you had mentioned. And he was but he he he he described it as he was moving toward a light but then several. Dark figures grabbed him. And tried to compel him. To continue moving in that direction and he fought them. And eventually was returned to his body have you ever heard of it in experience like that. Oh yes oh yes I have her and then I have sometimes it happens at the beginning of the so called uncle. Now when every you do any kind of spiritual work in of course only at the lately are all there at. You have the power you have the authority over rehearsal. He it'd spirit encounters you if you talk ignore all that there's the spirit of married you'd have to ask are you loved the light. They must answer it do you answer in months in the U. Okay now a dark spirit if he had they're very cunning in check he. Do you. Mean I am lying exactly bill they are kind of later we talk about Kitna. This is that yes or no questions. And they'll try to don't try to above evade it if it matter if they're not yeah. Yes they well. You know that he cannot understand that the light is definitely a week when you were talking about frequent here. On one on the idea to take up track you're at the back to this concept where you have to ask that query you can if you asked that question they've got to give you an honest answer. That almost implies that you have an option to go with them or not go with him is that true I mean that in some people when their passing actually. Don't have the option of coming back to their bodies no solid the near death experience folks that we talked to that it experienced it can come back and talk about it there are some that actually passed. So where in that process I mean let's assume that. You know you have some of these false slight spirits. You asked the question and they give you answered your relation don't wanna go within does that mean. But they leave you alone then you can go to the light or does that mean they leave you alone you can come back your body or is assuming it completely different. Well you know there's a lot of different things that people be out there now I haven't died due to. I'm not dead now I don't have the answer but what I do know is that. Creator I'm creator. Is her neck and we are at the post has been could be 88 and the pure consciousness of creator. And if you have bad karma let's see your horrible murder and you passed on and you've got these dark spirit that won a com. Taking it down into the rubber dimensions. All that's the prime creator. And ask for forget who asked for at those little lob great a lot of great is instant forgiveness you know. Now at what I was saying that. Now let's we're gonna word answer moving through some of these ideas rather quickly because we as always ran out of time on these great topics. I have what I expected decent that's Rick yeah we're sound as you know the grass seed tight end he is at at at this end and he did any. Summit on with a bunch of majors scientists ready to act. The nature. And they eat scientists said I'll come up and said that we could very well be that big intimate act. And Ilan mosque. As also said that doesn't want in a billion chance that we're living in of these reality. And it says that will leave the cult of real world. So you don't you really have to look at our frame of reference to where we're at these. Spiritual beings you know physical body dealing with brain physiology. Body's physiology. And it would be asking you these incredible. Spiritual. If that we have that of many of us hadn't even developed. When we yet when we wouldn't you know I'm sorry and I do mean erupt if you finish that thought. OK okay to make sure. Aren't we when we talk about. Recycling souls you've you've mentions these some souls get recycled is that a punishment to sort of understand. You know Beckett there Symantec. Without all the facts and it was on and not leave that where at that people it will. He could have been actually translated them what this story that they panel. In about an alien remains became the and it it into our planet looking or resource is and I don't think you meant in the low form. Master that the teens. So that they would have to do the work at the mining. And at Bartlett that we were some type of addict parent. And that. Debris site skilling was he a year there that we would continue to work. And work to create you know greater wealth for the 1% to a I mean these their idea is there out there that any of your listeners want to know Rory just go on the Internet and do a search and you'll find. Lot of material. How does it nerves and how does the idea how did these ideas as we've talked about several. That's as they relate to reincarnation. Hunters they reconcile. With the major religions because specifically christianity. Well. That is a tough question because we have to really. Consider how much the Bible has been changed. How much of the Bible has been emitted the you know the whole book of Enoch and take it out and the story there. It's very close to a lot of what's being said in the variant act. That religion. When it all calmed down to it it's all about the prime creator. What I call prime creator. And about being. Created in that image and aren't real purpose here is if that's not known not talking about. Of so much is emotion and love as the Greek. And I. Spreading around the frequency of vibration that as much higher than the year and anger. That's part of most of our daily lives but stressed. You know he's moving out of our brain with Japan so dependent on and moving our consciousness I don't look like putting it on an elevator. And taking it into our hearts united brain cells and our heart. And there's also a secret speech in the heart the surgeons know about it eat at it to my heart surgery the patient died instantly. I believe that where this all too well. And I believe and that is what IE and challenging myself to do that BP to. Speak from my heart to come from my car to to comment light of that wave rather than on the head. Well if if my hard has brain cells that has ever used them brush habitat. I'm working her over again we're gonna quickly run at a time here and wanna bring this full circle back to your experience that inspired you to write the that the trilogy. You have worked holes and I'm not sure where you actually follow on this if you if you have subscribed to this or you're still trying to figure it out but you were told that you actually may be. The reincarnation. Of Serra swan Whiting what do you what do you think do you think that that's what you want. You know if you ripped I really got that instant I thought that I have a speaking out fantastic. Memory. That's as time has come by and so many things now in place people that contacted me. Things that came in in my hand photograph. I really think yes that's it was one of my life to her. Now that they issued only then is how it's impacting my life now. And why was this brought into my awareness. Have you been able to answer those questions. Yeah and some land. I think though I've lived in a very male dominated. World. I have a lot of brother is a very in his father. And that was. Part of what there was dealing with in. Impact of dominant males in her like an intact in society. But it was. It. It might have churning in the overall we are churning. Does does it comes familiarity. And yet he does it console you or scare you or both. It and carry me. That example I found out that my daughter's birth it was the insect Earth Day as errant daughter. Yeah and that and that is an implosion might you know if it becomes very into leaking and not look at me on this quest. If not only finances about and that's what really delve into the subject of green carnation and find out these crazy ideas I mean there's a lot of stuck out there and you know I take it and I just kind of that was that and see how I deal with that as you know let's think about the positive effects of the incarnation children detector test Gordon clearly met with on a few weeks ago about children in memory. The talent that they bring in a prodigy. Will not make perfect. That they were a coronal clay are royalty. You know something in a past life then and also the same thing with it phobia as someone who maybe perhaps died of starvation. Now in this light they're having trouble with their weight because they can't stop eating. Yeah we actually had a program last week about two. Past life memories in children and we had an author who wrote a book. That helped parents try to talk to their kids about this and one of the benefits. Of helping kids try to remember some of these things is because they do have some of these skills and talents that may be embedded in them. And they just need to be brought to the surface I mean how do you explain Mozart writing symphonies of four years old I mean things like that yet. Pretty amazing stuff so you set that you working on a the the books that kind of thought recounts the experience that you told us about in the beginning of our discussion. Which led to the reading of the trilogy. When you think that book is going to be ready to be published in and read. I'm hoping by autumn. Making good progress on its. And I'm just getting that outlines cleared once that's all gone announced to have already got. Quite a bit of that act and it just reading it yet that it kind of like I don't wanted to I. I added I would my story I was reading like I don't have to distance now. How do something LC because war one of the things that you do as well as you write music. And you wrote a song about reincarnation you send that to us and I think it like to play who play it we don't have a lot of time. But I think I can fit this in now I'm meant to do it earlier this time I just slipped by me here to tell us what this song is and then I'll play it. It's called tapestry of time and it's about having that experience where you meet someone then you know let them. You don't know how you know them at the first and he's met. I'm just at a whole feeling we've all had that it ain't the on the money you know in the community let. But then you know are that final burst of it is is what my main messages. What really is important is not a past like not you can elect so what's happening right ear now and how we in. Make our life more have more impact that a positive. All right so we're gonna play the song and then we'll come back or wrap things up quickly as we don't have a lot of time. It's beyond reality rid of the song is called tapestry of time but he. Judy Petersen. Yeah. Yeah. Is CN. Yeah. Tanks in this stage yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay this fungus tapestry of times by Judy Peterson our guest tonight in JD would we're just basically out of time here you wrote the song did you perform as well you. Yet that they just wrote it and I've performed and recorded at a post start idiot in Philadelphia. Jury to get a great mix. He had very very impressive so swung one last time working people get more information about the books may be the music whatever else you gonna. Well my editor put her foot down about Maine in my music in my book but does album read some of the chain is available on site and also a lot of although I don't buy just look at the and it's also on TV maybe a rhythm of the dream. That's great thank you so much for being with us tonight it's a fascinating story. And we wish you much success success and let us know when the next bill comes up. Thank you I live out. Patting me on the than wonder. Thank you it's JD Peterson again to check out American guilt it's GI LT dot com it's beyond reality radio. I'll be right back. It's simple team here. And demagoguery when lined up freedom and I'm gonna talk about animal communication. And talk about that with candy cane Cooper. Pets that has passed on plus those that are still listening honey can communicate with them. It's beyond reality radeon Jimmie Johnson thanks for being here and we'll catch you tomorrow night and. And we'll ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only you don't really renews distribute and yeah. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello smoke and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.