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Animal communicator Candi Cane Cooper

May 10, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Animal Communicator Candi Cane Cooper about communicating with animals - living or deceased. Candi takes listener calls and offers readings. 5/9/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's just down the list goes on sale on the East Coast and you start somewhere between Logan and beyond you reduce muscle cheers and applause it was awesome. GE Johnson okay rule number one do not eat. Several handfuls. Of Tempe and Eminem's just before going on I'm just. It's I wouldn't I'd probably be due like Pete and I'm an oops I left him the umpire Dickie is the chocolate. I mean I'd be up almighty deal cracks or yeah. And that's or atmosphere really. Now other really really good they're really really good they welcome to the show everybody calm you if we've got a lot of stuff coming up tonight we've got an animal communicators and we're excited about that candy cane Cooper. Will be joining us to discuss the communication with the living and dead those that have passed pets. She's been doing it a long time she's Ben and a lot of media talking about this moment ever on the children. Yeah and then tomorrow night we got Thomas. Hewlett on the writer and author of twelve states it's a series of vampires and alcoholics anonymous. So I'm wondering how they really have those two together. So it was I was curious to know what you know that to hunt and those teams who thinks I'm inclined to me to do his show is going to be in recent the other works and definitely well so. If you having Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio it to FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under really radiate out and the final agree stations we air and across the country. You can also download the free are from an injury to operate socialized listen life tech specialist Jeremy online chat more. We're just listen right from the website right clicking and going right to be on reality radio dot com and dot com. Clicking on the button in the upper right hand corner Papa Bowden and it opens up a nice chat room where great community people hang out Youkilis and right there or listen to the show. Yet there's a lot of great stuff going on their so on we appreciate you joining us on every place that we offer for the attack happened whether it's you know listening live on the radio were listening online are being on the web cider in the chat room whatever happens to be elected all. I've got some and it's pretty interestingly these they're scientists this is the stuff that scares me. You know we see things in movies and we say while mentions that ever. Actually happened and like when New York City taken down in the event received a yellow lab now and that when general thinks happened yet but I've come on the actual duels. That is happening now and I'm a little bit concerned about this because. They're scientists say Yale University that have figured out and have managed to successfully bring. The brains of a hundred slaughtered pigs back to life. First off that. Is incredibly scary he Newton and I don't even I Kenny is easily that's impressive it's terrifying at first often are slaughtered what's last may remember. Well they dated they can you figure Iowa when you know what the effect of this is yet but what they did. Is they re animated these brains kept them alive for 36 hours. They started to die off again after 36 hours they couldn't keep them alive longer than that. They believe this same process the same procedure. Will actually. Work on humans. And that is scary to me they see the base of the process scientists look at this is a way to use. It deceased. Components whether to brain or otherwise from from cadavers are those that have passed on to study. How they can you know better repair and affect human organs when you're outside the body in the I think this leads to lead to huge medical advances. Now the pigs actually never regained consciousness as far as they can tell. But they too the team actually believes it could be possible to restore some level of awareness at some point as they get better at this. Clearly this raises all sorts of ethical Columbus. Well of course it so and abdomen wrongness there might be positive positive aspects to this is somebody. Gets him terminally hurt or whatever and they're able to do this and then transplant that the brain or whatever into something else. Mean it opens up worlds of incredible possibilities. Medical. But it also terrifies. The life related. Well A you know this is what I'm talking about we've seen in movies where you're only you know we're not we're not far off from the from a zombie apocalypse Newser there are re animated brains. It's just I don't know restaurant they have a soul when they get re animated they have these the components of life has life was created originally entitled the pens and now we're where's your soul wearers why are you bodies have been NN. And they say that they never really regained consciousness but how to how to they know that show or they just sang it never really woke up yeah I think what they're saying was it never displayed no it wasn't moving arms and my new limbs or whatever when have you two pig phrase so but but now ethical question on this if they start doing this with human beings. You pass son. Or supposed to passed on. And they do this to you are you sitting in the limbo where I I it's suggests it opens up some seriously terrifying things of Europe. Firm believer in heaven and and so forth and you're expecting. To go there but now you can't because your brain has been three animated. Just I don't know I. That's just that is terrifying thought. Yeah it's it's there's this in a we keep crossing these boundaries whether we're talking about a guy or were talking about re enemy to brains. Or talking about growing and creating new species and test tube in his whole bunch of things here you know that. An old school thought would be it would be saying you know you're playing god a lot of people still believe that's the only sit and boy I tell you what I think we've got a lot. To think about before assert continuing down these pants. And you and I talked about this many times science will science of course will be the death of men a 59 all humankind should say. In general if it's not media and a master of something else but. I mean it's just with with everything that they they're designing whether it's things like this whether it's. Billion nuclear device than the size of a suitcase and smaller and mean. It's science is gonna it's gonna be the death of a human guy. On technology sees he also hopes keep us alive longer for the gonna until it's it's it's apparent now they're going to be tell us the keeper brings alive today I don't. It a big circle it is is a vicious cycle and I tell you what I'm talking about animal communication center is going to be a bit of relief physicals are talking about this particular time guarding him right now but hopefully candy cane Hoover doesn't know about them doing that in the next pregnant out of touch so ask we can ask her where race and it. I mean it is just the we get asked her her thoughts on. What to what's going around with with those pigs at that point yet it's a great question and it's one that we're going to be deed debating and think many times on the program and she will be taking calls and giving a read. It's sorrow make she'd take on the number it's 844687766. Linger until treated for four. 6877669. And will let you guys know when we're gonna open up the phone lines against call him with questions and a. And get a read from candy cane Cooper Jim aren't let's get ready to bring candy cane in and a start this conversation. Are you listening Jason JV I'm Dioner Hillary. Okay. Her parents there are. Our website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And six fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scare Connie mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Spirit con dot com. It's. Time I really weren't staying here and saying you are we going to long time today here on its beautiful. Tools and a new house seat house of with a friend you know we get five of these gorgeous days in the spring and five in the fall that's an instance that's pretty much and now welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio. You're gonna wanna write down the phone number to join us during the cup part of the program where you except your calls is 844. 6877669. Time talking with candy cane Cooper she is an animal communicate or we're gonna talk about. How she communicates with pets living and pass on and at what they say what they mean why they need to communicate how it all happens. And candy cane welcome to beyond reality written a script cavium tonight. Well I hope thank you for having me at people. Alex are coming up. So let's start yet let's start at the beginning how did you get started with a whole list. Well I asked a question of lies. You know people on me now how making. And that's where their own you know is secretly thinking there. I think he Lily on the me you know I really need but born that way. Pitting Mexican back. Contrary to. When it about creating cool. That I McCain my animal by Ali holy had a lot of we were apparently very open and I'm would bring everything home. And I'm kind of the light onto my little dogs live wire with a while Hulu. Very ill one night and I have heard here on me and out side is there any lingering in Britain and they're. I have never deny me and they told me that I would jingle. Didn't hear anything. And I think couldn't figure out why I only and they weren't here in the lake Iowa. And the next morning. He become older. And you know I look back now yeah a million years later I didn't realize that. Well yeah now and how it went down you know. So when you say they you heard. It but nobody else hurting you can understand when no one can hear and we actually hearing eating your year's series is this more of a telepathic message we're getting. Yeah I don't see him did it and promote community you know what I think actually you're in the morning. The remarkable what you're getting unemployment. Is you know you're probably in different man. Are we are. And me and it really helped me. She in my like eating better and her. I can't even more than Sharon. They are in hard hit you know I'd like in the nation learn or vibration and collecting animal. You know their energy. I actually have a conversation without making are having right now. And when did you realize that you're different and then most of the other people out there that you have this ability in other that others did. Probably. We got and then when my parent it looked didn't hear what I heard. I don't you know he might need your Rick of normal but I agree. Hanging. It is now. Apparently unborn that. And then here and I bet all the that I started to feel a little you know who want a comfortable about it and I can tell I'm Eric. Aren't really that he chilling out and Carol I decided that I can do. He did in any longer and made it my lack lack of an expert about back twenty years of my life. And where to get into a lot of that but I just wanted to understand this awakening you had a little bit more as you started to recognize that you had a special gift. Number did you start to question where it came from did you do any research to figure out why you and maybe not everybody else. Little bit questionable. I wouldn't be a little bit of trade is because. I remember having looked critical. I think they're they're Carlyle. What OK partner. Apple Murton. Yeah can't get drunk and I'm here illegally and compete and it laughs I think yeah and you can. We need a clean. And then finally we're having a conversation and I want now. Well I haven't looked lately your head for many years. To me that he get Atlanta felt like I knew that it is you know I invalidated all the iron in my life. Aren't really didn't harm it beyond that. Okay let me ask this because we always talk with other animal communicators in the past her and they are they tend to pick up on a motions and and feeling and things like that they didn't mean animals. You're actually hearing words. Let and I do get all I do get below chairman you know I can upgrade your remote viewing of the where you know it telepathic land animals in another. He or country. And I can see what you're seeing in the in the blue get there in. I don't know. I work a lot meta content is a lot of high end. Valuable animal. You know re org and amateur let alone you aren't onliners. Shall die. And medical yeah. You can't quite figure out what the requirement. I didn't look a lot of our. On the war appeared very liberal and open what I keep on our and I like McNabb play. When I can actually feel like they've handled. And so you're. So you actually kind of air empathetic with them not only do you do you hear them talking to communicating with few that you can actually kind of feel what they're feeling. Kinda I'm actually completely do you are like yeah I don't think I did body oral you know are there any fear it. And he looked wrong. And does this. Apply to any animal urges that they have to be a certain. It's type of animal and when I'm asked that I mean as you know late it would what can you do need communicate with an insect. Decision easier is off for certain areas or certain level that it Heston and you know a certain level of evolutionary. The sophistication that it has to have. No I'm not feeling the communique. On most. I mean what led to the latest tropical although I haven't been able to a clip I have experience and her being in fact. Is here. I'd link him league opener went on to learn her like they want that you won't. Well I look at that was the general grasshopper. On the door that landed in the naked eye on the Christiane. Really any particular not. Pop yeah it is not fair thing. I've been you know level of intelligent. That happened you know larger. So so we're there. Went back into yet would that indicate to you candies that all animals have some level of ability to communicate to whether it's with each other. Or in this case with you I mean do they all have that in level of intelligence than. I think now. You know I had an idea I ever met. Animal that I couldn't communicate that I have wanted to I had what I. Content to let me let meaningful. And very tired and from that back a little bit. He did tell me to go away. So I could communicate link panic because you're honoring games I expected that. Yeah you're. Yeah you have to OK we're talking with candy cane Cooper candy is the an animal communicators or website is candy cane coup project common candy spelled with an I. We're gonna continue our conversation after the break we have a whole lot to talk up plus we're gonna take your phone calls Kenny can communicate with living pats and also those that if passed away. The phone numbers 8446877669. Again until treated for 46877669. Elicited Jason GPL beyond reality radio. We're taking your phone calls later in the program needs four for 68776690. Last night when I was saying that fond rampant de republic three to many sixes in there and I was just do you say three to exercise is considering that sue many success from happening and you lost me there but it was kind of a 666 thing I don't know what was going on but he's had a spell that out for me to slander -- grab a three to exit TO or is it TW and Iraq. At a of righted out people diagram will make him very near text it to me and make more sense are so. Candy cane Cooper is an animal communicate her website is candy cane Cooper candy spoke with an I dot com. And in a week before they breaker talking about candy how you got started with all of this. And damned if I was gonna ask this question you kind of party answered a bit of like a little more specifics if you can and I'm not sure that it's possible but. When you hear. Communication coming from an animal do you have to ask Ford first or does that just come to you when they feel like they need to communicate with you thirtieth to open a channel like some psychics and mediums can have to open up a channel. To make that communications start how does that work trio. Will definitely get questioned. You know our. Our started doing it professionally. I was a little nervous about it. Beacon and can really calm cool very easily. So I kind of developed this little I do like a little guided imagery with me. The Chilean caretaker for the person punch connect to it actually hired me she didn't fashion. And being cool or burn to get them to relax me and making them more about part of the Russian. Who. An honor I don't really need it and I am on the call. I mean I looked into the animal and I'm a little cream poor client that I would actually from many years. They can just shoot me attack and one should read my gamer and I'm hearing the animal. Communicating and I'm trying to I have one very special bring it linger merry. Short haired chairman. Don and see is. She contacts me I don't know what and I have to like apple at the mom in the middle of the night. And say you know I'm married got it going or where it got that going on. Because I can't ignore it actually we took me. Wait I thought. I would tell Atlantic ordinary I'll let you know and take the fashion. Nice and so. It's got. It's. Well it's gotta be tough though he were saying it and little while ago how. Let's open a door and and you heard grasshopper saying look down on certainly I mean that would make it. So you're pretty much couldn't even walk through your backyard without. Hearing on this animals voices or look for Tuesday's stepping. Yeah well you know I don't know how like an eagle at me you know lynch. He achieved it absolutely. Can't I get it really hard to lie down much so. I can load Whitney and our own land can say it. Maybe the county animal currently each other or do feel like the Irish crowds of people. The conversation. When and where nick will I don't live show that you are being happy and didn't today. I mean of course I looked awful lot of heart breaking. Situations and quite done. I do a lot of heat nation. All parents. And and that's an honor me. I'm really I'm not to rain shouldn't be at the end of the game at all. Well and among but I'm not even saying to him being trained I mean being and picking up on all these things slate acute setting grasshopper in the same meal more assertive. And he mowing the lawn month it would be like slaughter. Will be interesting especially you know I go into an area like it. To collect it go until I'm you know I don't like that. On you know I go ensure an area with a lot of it he can deal around. But returned and wouldn't and a lot of the animals at those who are actually living a better life than they would in the wild and they're there for reasons well I don't know how it is. A where you are but a lot of the ones around media there in there at the zoo for the fact that he can't make it in the wild on the wrong. So yeah it's a benefit to them to be there that it it would be deceased. Well yeah. Even like oracle and that they're better care portrait and they're not at all. You know and here in LA and he had that whole top contradicting that Billy that Allah and and I am looking back very hard. Who and a lot of people tried to get me a note there wonder line and the united connected back because the whole political. That K. Again. What makes it possible for somebody like yourself who you said you thought you think you're born with a disability. And some people aren't or Lisa don't recognize they are what's the difference is is it or some people just genetically pre disposed to this or is a spiritual. What makes a difference from someone who can do this and someone who doesn't. How. Could question and I went back on the current. I get apt to each group and I won't do it because I yelled back. Communicators. You know a lot of heat and then I am a little bit you say they keep Shaq actually taking people's money and giving them while. Because you can do it Eugene Nowak. Don't have a little. Spiritual like you know rich pool but she goes she can get into the green I mean. Anybody that net that hasn't gotten that. Between you and I and I met it there not Korea I mean I don't know what they're doing. I'm an idiot and well IIIPO that will occur but probably have Boren a little collection little trigger Strickland me. And I'm just fortunate work to be Warner parent. When only occupant of the water per Butler can't you know turn like me I told like how. Yeah that's the only way I can look at that until you tuned in naturally and me chip. Have have you have you had an opportunity to talk to anybody who has so realize they have this ability. And maybe it's just a question of who they were at some point in their lives were willing to open their minds to it let alone just you know having the skill or not just. Allowing yourself to open your mind in your thoughts in your feelings too. Learn learn learn bracket I get her on the current and alike are eyeing the moral courage stand and you know everybody out there and the lip and change. Then he'll pick a line have it you know yeah. I say the same thing everybody. Allegation we'll end the heat. Chew. You weren't really sure what action Arnold people who now you know have changed now. In the dictionary and learn getting the right answer they get black. You're getting the right there when you're hearing me you don't really different from them all. So how do you validate why do you validate that what you're getting from the animals actually correct. Well. Now I wanted to make it stereotype or Larry curry and in China actually. And remove the diet is telling me about you know her purse purple belt that how much. And I think they duke blue color I know a lot of color. I'll be working like Obama Atlantic. And moving on the animal geek how cool but they're old. At that moment and then you know. The owner can drive right out and looking to earn a law and retrieved it and let it cool he couldn't. But it's a runaway well to tell you and Quincy. It almost look a lot. It's giving way to Blair adding it doesn't know but it showing me you know visual. I was blue you know looking at I went. Whereas in other words is an animal got out on its owning dug too deep and do situation. Actually add back rule that Clinton yeah like that I you know all our I guess I don't question game. Dairy high and toward. I was working Blanton doing on the Chan and Macon county different things to look at and telling me. Looking in the back and try to write that line and in a minute later. I get back from the earlier saying oh my dash and the special apparent order litigant. Why there who are elected learning. You know. Like yeah. And the court I'm like why can't you know all around you had it coming back. And they don't actually I'm Mercury. Let's talk about the feelings that she had not the words but the feeling you city kind of feel what's being animals going through and I'm assuming that means if there's a medical issue. You sense that as well like if that if the animal has is a stomach problem you can actually feel that. Now I have little I don't know any Oliver and idol immediately how Langer who. You know because they let me feel. And that is it does that I'm sure you've used that ability to help diagnose. But have you had that's actually be able to come in based on those. Feelings in that be your your. Recommendation and actually find those problems and fix them. Yes yes I have I would settle that and Carolyn Kirk. It'll actually progressed that here. Older and after that the several of them that. In the year in a situation like that we need to there don't you figured out. And reclaim a colony turned Indiana links aren't they tell me until I need a lot of that letter channel diagnosed. But I just we made when it feel like and not get in the marine better. Leader Angela. Right we're talking with candy cane Cooper animal communicators her website is candy cane Cooper dot com candy is spelled with an I. We're gonna continue our conversation. And order take your phone calls in the next hour at 84468776. Radio Jason NG here pistons came came Cooper animal communicators tomorrow and we've got Thomas Hewlett joining us he's a writer and author of the twelve stakes series. Which combines vampires and alcoholics anonymous talked about how addiction fuels his writing also talking about seeing ghosts in Los Angeles and making monsters of the heroes. In literature instead of the valance well. Came with a vampires if he if year. That would fit in Paris. Hit somebody from it was an alcoholic I mean if that is all the bullets or what is that is give them more to drink or. Well I'm not saying you're drawn probably I mean into the blood is the locals in the blood and there's a pins blood so they just in more of it at that point. We get more minutes until the waters are all actually alcohol which can. And what are you turning to would you turn to come up I'm just Chara are looking for some explanation are you can makes vampires alcoholics anonymous I mean it's just don't know. No we're gonna find out tomorrow night with Thomas Hewlett to join us through that again tonight we're talking with candy cane Cooper about animals and communicating with animals and can't the you know all this discussion about talking with animals especially we've really gotten ended talking with deceased animals. But you know it in LED's it leads us to a question about animals and souls do animals have souls. Oh absolutely. True they are much. Getting back to get it truly a great learning Italian bell. I Berkeley. Doctor Nicholas. Locks out here at La and Atlanta. And we do like actual. Column to Tunisia are little people all I do a lot of in the current current crop of what can people do not want to meet the stake in don't know when the right hand. Mary and get caught you know again Shenzhen. And illegal action gap there and I secretly and there aren't okay how like Cadillac. Royal are currently stationed at Maryland it leaned. Forward doctor auction you know performs well honed euthanasia. And it really quite beautiful launch and turned me particularly at whether the look into that thing that. That I feel like I do in my career. That moment when he animal Schroeder and forms to the other side. Let me ask this coaches are and we we brought this up numerous times throughout the show. When it comes down to putting an animals sleep putting an end to what kills us. What gives us the right to to be able to do that one come. Like I've let a father's got cancer and I met Saddam. Are you buddies living in and he says hi to each day each state is another date for him and yes he's he's uncomfortable that policing he wants to do is. Is new and go and so what outlook gives us the right to do that with animals since we we can't do with people. We're people can have a right now do you know. Basically trouble trouble on the roll out. War won't that that song existed do you itself assisted. Suicides went bowler and I would not work when I wanna know how. It communication. I mean little on the other line according to act I can live animal upper range. The current portion and how long can kind of go Caroline piano McConnell option and that dairy technical needs lots. Now oh we're on calming the situation like that I'm very great all back and an option play can be lurched. Hiding or about what Kim were polite I don't know. You know it really happened cornyn and I eat you out lurch like stepped caretaker at. The island that China gala event. Children and eat any animal by. Well basically we don't have the right to do in Tripoli and only. Then of course it becomes a situation where you're doing it out of out of and carrying I mean an animal entirely walked him barely get around McCain and get outside to his team to use the bathroom about it to go to bathroom. Of course be you're sitting there and you feel bad from the wannabe had become over time but also in the same. I'm a big animal I I've got three dogs have yet to Katzen. And so forth but also in the same it's it's one of the things we liked. You feel it playing god in a situation like former. You can't situation last week with a gun ability and he can't search. Owner word pressure portal and yeah and I branch and pocket and then I was shocked and now I wanna try to buy an all that on I want to do bad. Little bit slow let me have it I want to do all the children. And already. Burned little strictly to get treatment. Parent in the crease and wrinkle in children mentioned no. Sure. Haven't tried. That's your spoken and we know we're black we're getting ready to go on to break your enemy askew to do something for me when going to break there's been a fly buzzing around my face. Since we started the congress say to you please tell it to lead our own at least after the surely it whales are so different we have somewhere specifics again with a fine as far as me. All right so we're gonna take a break here when we come back we're gonna take your phone calls as 8446877669. If you wanna talk Kenny Kenny. Are you gonna do readings how how we gonna do this with the phone calls. And in that and will you communicate with their parents and it would living or deceased OK that's great okay so again take 446877669. If you wanna talk to candy cane Cooper. Yes and if you haven't yet machine head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be on reality radio dot com you can find all the stations we are on a cross country now that list is constantly being updated news stations being at all times may she checked in Austin. He can also download the free iPhone and android separate from the website which allows you again to listen life catch past shows join me online chat more. Or any night these wanna listen to computer just go to the website be an island Ria dot com click the pop up button in the operating corner. And that'll pop up Jeremy Hillis and the show law hang only cheating myself and just Greek unity peoples so. Our were gonna take a quick break more to come to listen to Jason and GBM beyond our military to be back after this. It's just been on the West Coast Wednesday. East Coast many respects her. And myself Jason Allison and it was awesome JV Jones. I think. Virtually every one. Has at some point in their lives lost an animal a pet that they cared very very deeply for pets become part of the family very very quickly. Often they show unconditional love my shift cats. And down on the back that's why do that I think they're just a joke a drive me crazy but they do and they become a part of the family and you know there are people that that look at animals and pets and they say you know you know they're they're not they're not people in and mean that maybe true but me and they showed some very very human qualities in some cases. Even more human qualities and most people right now. And you know when you lose that patch that part of your life. You grief. And our guest tonight candy cane Coopers and animal communicators channel we communicate with animals. When they're alive with pets when they're with us which also communicates when they've left us. We're going to be taking your phone calls just a moment I know we have a full fall minds are announcing just stay on hold we will get to the calls. And if you're trying to call in right now on just continue to try as we take the calls lines will open up and you can get through the numbers 844687. 7669. But before we get to candy and gets a great show coming up tomorrow night check it. Through their remember in February to talk to would Thomas if you writer and author of the twelve stakes series. Of vampires and alcoholics anonymous. How addictions fuel is running against sometimes we get we get these descriptions you know look at me to deceit was this kind of come together but and you always got to wonder elected slick put the commons right places and everything else yep by guys because you that you're not sure sometimes you know by group and Lisa make she tuning just will be able to figure out what vampires and alcoholics anonymous. How would you mind who I mean probably. Action is simple and that and then third today Colleen morrow is an author and she'll join us she founded a magazine called intuition which is a magazine for harder potential of the mind. She also wrote a book called spiritual telepathy. And she takes readers. Beyond the intuition basics and introduces them to the next step a more advanced form of intuitive perception called spiritual type telepathy which is what we'll talk about Thursday. You know I forgot also I can give a shout out to my sons they had their birthdays Sunday and Monday my twins and my plans for everybody out there wanna earn my twins have different birthday was born 11:55 PM the other 12:19 AM. Which is great they have their own individuality and yes so it may turn fourteen game Minnesota and we will that's on the. Of those brain teaser you know you know of father and daughter fathered a son walk into the the hospital there's three of and there are some in one of those deals generals claimed she thinks well this conflict but it's far and the area you wouldn't if you look at my boys is it a little Brothers twins budget figure with a fatherless and not yet be criticism close sour cherry blossoms are not. Welcome back to the showed springer guest back into the programs research into some of these phone calls in the your website is candy cane Cooper dot com and candy spoke with tonight before we certificates of phone calls here candy what do you what things do you have on the website the people might be interested in. RO. Room. I don't in other question. Well I know there's a whole bunch of information and there's me information about Qiyue talks about the services that you provide. It's on your website their people can contact you through the website and get you don't touch it with you to get some of these services. Apparently I'm an opera and the media shouldn't. Law school. Medical issues. Are there electric and who you need anything they have a copilot and the law of the B port eighty. Maybe purchase an animal and adopt an animal to make sure it could match. I mean anything that you learn can imagine that you teach you know about it at all. I'm here to help you act. That's great okay let's go to our out on sir good. I'm sorry did you guys on the money to add to that. Eric let's go to our phone lines we've got a lot of people and another bunch trying to get through here this is always a very very popular topic when we start talking about the stuff because people are very very invested in their pets whether those pets are living or have passed on like having a child it really is let's go to and it's a child at that ultimately in many cases can't talk to you directly in my ship the services somebody like candy cane Cooper right let's go to Becky Becky welcome the program where you calling from. Thank you so very much from Redondo Beach politically channel and the very deeply appreciative fares being able let's speak a malignant. And he. Hey I don't have a cat named Serena and the ones that get past three months ago named spirit and I am very concerned. Serena is calling out for crying out quite a bit and she was born late term. Stomach guilt Geithner. What was seek. And when architecture. By France and the glitter or some equivalent rent the fact so how tortured apparent change my cap until much the other cap capture the kind of traumatic because right. I would seriously sick and it wasn't surprised that tipped to put her down and wasn't quite ready to put them down but he was very. That there. Then you put down. They're wearing me again. Here. Nap including at the one that currently one that you're worried about right now. India had. Okay learn people aren't focused portal and I definitely need to work on it until until the true yeah. The professional who is somebody. I will let you know it is illegal that's up chip we get out and leave okay. Okay I'm okay hi baby I'm pretty quick Serena asked in the white black and white cap. So. They're the darkness and they're very careful about golf so I couldn't get in your old car but there are no it's direct our. Spirit and then term. Syrian and Derek curry who he held the white chatter me and I'm. I know may be. Looking at that I can think of there's like five step outright that all the neighbors look after but. I think it will let that side I had popular. Costs like the book in the cabinet and white chat in your room that they hadn't read. You like it to gender gap into content they have. Okay when he ran back to visualize and wanna. Okay he protecting him aren't there actual current term special her. OK. Well looking I have watched and selling it. Colonel that Allen when he learned. Rang. And you worried that her which might have moved well right now. Or something because she howling good color along. Very content very little ultra clean rain aren't hearing aren't doing and in China. Although bet I'd like a hundred people cookie cutter who didn't really think. Not my heart right in my chance. Yeah different like occur quickly agree Molina on. Let me play a whole new look I mean yeah what are you crying out there weren't all. Are you crying out. There. I'll keep this one happened in winning new I don't know what this. Oh. Are there and then I think or another another cat in the wool. Actually careening. She hasn't pain. A longer stomach area. No I'm not into it in my stomach and you reach out. Are certainly never the white cat. It can mean. How okay yep culture anatomy it's a question no one area of her lunch cart. It's. Normally would be separate tax Ferrell and pipelines that she had can be lonely yeah I feel very trapped in high and it didn't elect. Like hard issued by the extra. Very heavy on my chance all of our mentioning aren't. And she's telling me that should have been cooking each getting like. And like a deeper look thinking how Lincoln camp called you know how much are blocked in your champ. At gearing up. OK it's a deep ground that passion feeling right now she's turning her prediction very little she true. An area where a little Chip Kelly let. And Neil Campbell into army and we're gonna tell you that you're going to be okay. Hasn't unreal that telepathically and you say it out out. It can be fine tuning your okay. Learn all that he won't make you feel better okay. Whenever there aren't gonna take care. Why are her congratulations. And I you know little in the capital and it. There you heard the greens being carried her she can't catcher per hour. Yeah. Well who are their. Own. Q. Becky thank you for the call and investors look there yes thank you very much let's let's get another call in here this is Tom. Tomas calling from Colorado Springs hey Tom welcome to the program. All of my owner Darren let me try out my radio issue thank you so much or are taking back call. I don't Carly Castro weigh in September. Okay and I'm I mean Canada's skeptic I want to admit that well I'm you know I'm not calling the trip to Europe for insane. Just wanted to know. Does Harley. Having me saying that means is say to me. Or. Anything that I should have done for hammer the thing that I should do for him now. Okay. To be opened her because you're you are blocking he's going to be include lightly tapped into the lady and daddy doesn't like her okay. Written up or you'll certainly hear and Emma and learn to go. It is September of this past year. Can harm and ruled the question in the land extending term. Excellent you know. Ford Explorer and a little old Arnold and he did turn. I kept thinking and we are World Cup have you asked the question. Harley. I hope that guy. I treated you well it worries thing. But it. I hope I did great by U. And I love you very much and if he had anything to say for me. I hope peace here right now. He says that he can't grow wrenched at LLP they didn't get the right wing. Who. End. I England. It's a little bit ago when her intriguing legal right choice. Urgent feeling guilty you can move Little League because. They they get mauled by being equally it. My true October light. You know when your true that's true and there's not much and neither can do it. Sounds to me warning he should just leave me this gala ring where they you do everything. You gave him a very good line. Tom thanks we'll be yet Tom thank you very much for the call we have to move on here because we have to jump to a quick break before we can take anymore of your phone calls. We're talking with candy cane Cooper tonight she's an animal communicators and our phone number. Although the phones are kind of busy bee Michael would get through 844687766. Her and her communicate her full mines or fall but keep trying and 8446877669. And he knew the story to the phone lines removing a short segment here but I think we get at least one call in this is all this is Liz calling from New York hi Liz welcome to the program. Hi how are you. From the show. I I have a question on my lost money. My baby hook nine years ago period on my have a lot of guilt. And hoping that she. It okay. Ocalan cool. Name is daisy many. The old little consolidation. Chewed the chill Allah. A Chihuahua Lola I'm in a while. Now actually short hair. Cult like they're okay but our eyes dark and when you first started on the par litany. Well I sold my company and Donna Shalala. He has no issues short hair. Okay and look at laurel aka. And I didn't want the cheap side buddy the hand they need that after an operation. He knew he handled her. Blown and I just have a lot of guilt for bringing her to that specific sat. Oh OK. I'll turn it has into. OK and she ruled me out. Nineteen people want from him or me I thought yeah you're in here and Shalala and I have tour let you. Former orange no. Accumulation and about the operation. Going crack children. Without. Oh. Sure he. Yeah we're very orange or yeah connection than that. I can't. You tag. I don't look at land there or who stealing all that bad lied about it or pop and blew me you have heard. Different sound. I mean yeah that that particular track. Yeah he decided to go ahead and do it anywhere. In new. She knows bench. And we don't share that because current conditions and we're looking constantly beating her mind. Cheryl on. Aren't going to saying I only Ireland so guilty. Lou on who. Because you felt like who better and she knows that petition called the pick and who do you think. Actually cricket you know should that she doesn't hold that against you guys. I'm getting pregnant or you can predict that the situation like that on your intuition. And garlic in heart and not what you can get. The right word but what what what your intuition Tokyo and that will now. Liz thank you for the phone call we've got to go to break here's when asked what she going you know I think attendees also saying here is that Tom you know you did everything you could trying to make the right decisions and and in do the right thing for. Your pet and nobody nobody certainly the tennis Mecca fault too for that. Parents are gives equality for 4687766. Night until freed 8446877669. If you have any questions you want a reading from Cain became Cooper and animal communicated loosened Jason GP yeah. Yes we do here talking with keen to keep Cooper animal communicators and we get full form so let's just get ray back to a. All right let's go to. In this is Beth calling in from cal. Nice to have mentioned until the beleaguered Internet color that I have a special on my web site right now argue that learn. I think a lot of people want again like for the current and they're not. So bored I went I didn't feel I have a special and get her right now actress turning on client. So I'll let you check out click that button and they look me. Two young men out there especially me. Let's also thank you very much are you a big trap that a let's go to death in California he does welcome the program. Great I like all right. You're on with Candice ago. Yeah they are trying to act I have. I have 22 on cat brother and sister and one of my catchy goalie country should constantly be Allen recruited she got the lead issue but I finally. Was able to get her weight down but I don't know like Sheikh Ali I'm very. And then the other one did not that indeed you are tricky and it doesn't eat that much. And down and leasing it to be not super Monday morning could to keep drinking water in and done. At which when achieved what might be going on let them. OK and older and are working. Malibu. Now them okay Schumer want to talk our. And social and special section really really like election. Rule and now blanket polish so hungry while they are and what are you are still really hungry. I'm. Yeah it. While I have to be kept on how much should I get her because she'll gain weight again so I have I've found the right ratio to cheaper at. The right weight I don't T think Apple Mac I'll return. I'd say no I'm eating more or location burning like eBay or Google. I kind of got hammered out a plan. Yeah. Now that I. Am very. Because money you did gain weight and you need to maintain nearly narrative that's what you can't eat all that time. And the whole. I look forward looking at me I won't get the cool. Morning July. Market. Well I can't okay just yet clear whether they like all I'm little wary about. Their get out the high. And I don't think they are military exploration. And are there that you're like me being. It it's so that you mention that ticket and I acknowledged that should be bigger concern not like you can't you know it kind but I need to eat it and guys kinda getting pepper and why why are being like Vanilla gorilla like you are brutal and it earned a little Vanilla. Do you think it has been like coop. I'll take some analysts during a tradition and. Yeah yeah I think they're bench you know at laid Randy rental yet. You know like a regular paper that I cannot teach him a little giving him another black being black cat and outs but shall live life. Yeah I do I do golf it would attempt. Ruth yeah not try and learn from it what are. A little actor Charlie your brother I don't let alone came out there to get your wool cap yeah okay. Particularly at your brother now regularly check unemployed yeah. Weaker. And me and not having a appetite cents. It seems little picky all the current and I don't know if it they're going to be about like a night on site. Can move in the rotating the trigger around. And I tried. You know all went the decrease in a strategic arm being yeah they don't match. It employee and get little or a lot of that that are little older than Kemper and I have talked to any title you election. Your ranking on the are helping ultra. On. Older. I'm eager and nervous but. Can I let them out by incremental locked in that little can in theory I have on the side in. I doubt there are you by car not to me out but he hollered all the time and I have to keep going out and talent to be quiet in. And he'll be quiet but I don't know why you are learning all the time. He might want to add that look because my pool at our light vehicle look like after the La. And indigestion and what could be an all share under a lot of that turtle that opened an imperial. Yeah he would have looked and I think maybe. And got him on the quiet need to earn. And opulent com they had a tightly cranked back up because who'll actually Q Andre. And he gave ample skill like little weekend and doesn't get a yet could keep drinking water he acts like he's gonna screw up in the you can drink water playing your something's not right look at them. Yeah I totally taken the bad and how the Zack and New England they're likely indicator the album or are Andrew you know I haven't had a look at look at him in there. Through here and doesn't end and he can find out went to compliment but I'm sure that it had to pick back up weren't. I am a quiet it down that it can. A certain feel OK and there's. It doesn't you know and not a lack of appetite. That he hungry he really does want to eat. Beth thank you for the phone call we appreciate that let's go to Chris who's calling in from Kansas City Chris you're on with candy cane Cooper. How I am. I discuss Karachi Pakistan neat dark I'm topped him much which. His name is earned and are unpredictable anyway and he didn't. They wouldn't homer. Any other than you know really it's wouldn't. Act talks. Yeah I'm Chris what was the name of the dog it was earnings yeah. We're getting a little wind solar and in the background and. And after looking and it got an EQ. That black out her. A what now and how will actually. A year and a half the law and half OK all staff wow there and barrel here now and then and the chair. Seven in our viewers and I have my boss one year to seven years is this America. Is that math and. No they're numbered but I'm I'm way I don't check it but he is in that it shouldn't have been. But maybe you're not yeah not there are any arm wouldn't think yeah I'll do my. I am happy that you've got to tell him. We have very happy and then he says. I should note that you took a long long time making the decision. And they all looked under that you cannot. I. That's our time it wasn't like at the moment little achieved my regular Brcko and our. Like actual article bringing you. Chris. That I'm are American and you guys that could ideal of America. No sides terrier. And Andrea Chang I'm anyway. You know that you do on a battle. We know landed out and again. Don't think you'd hoped where. He current topic and get higher and I think he turns eighty but I. So that I have yeah. Yeah Malaysia and. Yet that kind of happens doesn't it Chris thank you very much for the phone call. Let's go to Debbie who's calling in from Missouri hey Debbie welcome to the program here on with candy cane Cooper. Right thank you guys for taking my call I loved your show first. Two very much. And that the reason I'm calling is you guys can probably hear in the background I have too bad these two parakeets. OK let it. One it boomer. The other is deputy I'm calling more for them learn he's been ill he pretty young he's not quite a year old. He's been ill often on we've had him on antibiotic and we hope we finally got to. Him on the right track. And I didn't make sure that he's feeling OK and what he think about dusty in what does he thinks about him they haven't been in the tank cage together yet because he's been sick. And you know on this kind of money to make sure I'm doing everything that I need to do to make them happy. I'll go where it should you know like you do not quite ready at a company. But he very happy that he got eight. Oh era in. Or actually. Hit center and we can really attack others. Cain. Now I'm sure a little and now. Now he's pulling it out he's definitely smoking he's got it GN songs that can't control Berry. I can't right at racial they're very low as well you like wow what how like Lauren there. About the great well. Now he actually looks pretty good. You know I mean he's not make it anywhere he'd want her very anorexia I better hurry. Although the bear that you know and there are running out. As far as who. General that are the location. Let me check by the colonial. England have been political show. And he was not report Sunday at this time he cannot get them up and on since April. And we just could never quite getting well he would be out of it for five days. And then he would caddie would be ill again. And I basically want to make sure we're not missing some thing. Yeah the early and it turned me I'd order a little. And I'll show as they're coming out. I PL a little off balance like I'm wobbled in here are. Well who knew going back and forth. Range were cited here. I can feel good and then doesn't look at field now on the alert I didn't I mean any harm learning. Blake will. Okay but I think that our current war should rule full or anything else. Ten. Can act. I want to work yeah who that you like I mean what medication for did give and they diagnosed with the issue. Unanimous actually. And we can't and we have no idea how he got it just it's a bacterial infection. And you did it crop and he was regard dictating a lot and boom boom you know. I just wanted to I just went. With him walking in everything I'm going maybe he's walling feathers maybe it's not you know maybe that's started warming or at. No they don't do look a little theme there are anything like that. Electric against internal and sometimes antibiotics. Can make them feel a little by little woozy aren't in the Little Rock Ian. And Mary and her gravity but other than that I do really well. Debian sir we just running at a time to thank you so much for the call I hope that help we're gonna get one more in here discuss Steve has been waiting so patiently. Candy we've got just about a minute for Steve's call so let's turn to do this one quickly pasty sorry that this is so quick but welcome to the program. I think I have they arrested Hillard talked he is a fair piano from me. And we recently got a new puppy and it percent say he's been very anxious. It. Arm he can greens alive I don't fault you know a lot about Fox's stream alive when. Dead puppy is in the room. And he starts calling me at we keep them inside a large cage in the media room. Firm's own protection because he's too curious. Now you call me where who'll be happy. Okay I need it. And a lack. I'm not a happy you mean I don't tell me as. Always that you. And Oracle's Larry. So are just so we understand here can we are saying is that Tom do you think that. The Estefan and home. So what you said Edison to make sure. And abruptly the broad. Both of whom now that I'm trying to think it'll work out or ask. He's had a bit at that and that doesn't. Steve thank you for the call oh yes thank you we we just running out of time here. I'm candy I've I've got a quick question because frequently we have when we have callers they will ask specially you know if there's surpass surpass has passed on. And particularly if it's something to do with the medical situation in the was euthanasia involved you know they ask for the ped is forgiving and understanding and I would suspect that they always are but have you ever encountered a situation where you they weren't. Well Wagoner. Warned that they typically finished showed today we have achieved cricket example tonight. What degenerate and that he kept it. I didn't get. A little further into the conversation back and you can learn on and Donald going grateful. He felt guilty and abduction and it was my timing needed to count and then after about the woman who made a bad inclusion of and Don they died. After the surgery. She knew better. But Don contract it was OK. She didn't make it looked intrusion. And worked lecturing to how badly unconditional love little. Were that bad technical yeah. Dave has. There he decides what the line and like her and I. Aimed at bringing I think they benefit humans. Has kind of made apps so are you that there. Blair because you're animals there let the world watching and didn't do its job he can they don't know it could be a let me lay out why because he had to get example. Lie I'm not saying that the dog that died completely. Didn't forget her I. Right away you can deduct our little station knew better and she thought about it and she wouldn't hang a pitch that bad angle. But candy thank you so much for being with us it was a great program and our listeners greatly appreciate not only your incite the taking their calls and doing readings for that I was very very. Warm now we look toward having again after nine OK so it's candy cane. Cooper with NI candies with the nine candy cane to put dot com visit the website. Jason JB thanks candy cane Cooper went so it is the same can be with a nineteen corporate dot com check it out to she's an animal communicated we appreciate you being on the show tonight. Initiate tune in tomorrow will be talking most Thomas Hewitt and auto writer and author of a twelve stakes serious about vampires and alcoholics anonymous were American charter or gold that's about. If you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page for us. And had to be under really radio dot com you can download free Ashley and enter that. Los Angeles and live sketch pad shows John Allen -- more you can also final decisions we are cross country constantly updating that list are about to add more stations we just added a couple of the day. Another one in Atlanta and up Providence, Rhode Island in my home state. And you can find the of this illustrate their from the web Satan ketchup catch station in your area or just listen for the website. If you download the show of my iTunes or anywhere else just do us a favor and read it for us Dell's push for a makes it easier for people find in this pretty much what it's all about. It is send we appreciate you do in the forest and we also appreciate you listening regardless of how you listen. I was so that's gonna do it for us tonight some catchy tune and tomorrow it's Jason TV beyond reality radio Kessel tomorrow. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into the swing held since Leach toxins they. It's only you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason is slow and she supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.