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James Olson discusses the benefits of whole brain thinking

May 27, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author James Olson about the advantages of whole brain thinking and how it can bring peace to ourselves and the world. 5/25/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's there's violence goes right am I spokesman here are stuck somewhere and in between what going to be on her failure to do it myself Jason as always are some cheesy Johnson so what do you do in a world. Where an upstart company. That's been around I don't know. Let's say ten years maybe it's longer than that maybe it's fear shortage and I'm not no I'm not I'm not exactly sure I don't know but an upstart company. Becomes more valuable. Then any other media company in the world including Disney which owns some of the most amazing. Film properties ever created. They own amazing theme parks that are very very profitable. Yet you have a company. Netflix. That is now. Worth more than any of those companies any of the any of the networks ABC CBS NBC that are owned by whomever. On. Netflix is now the most valuable media company in the world. He Saturday or what are their what's their value. The market cap today. Just went up to let's see 161. Billion dollars that's an 82% increase. In value. This year. This year may twenty civilians were ready in six months into it. And I as vice just appears they'll keep growing Netflix members are well I mean you know any time you get to immediately and honestly media companies but Internet. Technology companies hum exploding like day Easter warring about a bubble situation and you know Luis we've seen those crashes come and go. I don't know if I you know I don't know that the the basics and and the valuations behind this. But the fact that. Disney is only worth a 152 billion dollars in you've got Netflix. And a 161. Billion dollars I mean that's a pretty striking thing what is Netflix own I mean they do have some original program of course they've been doing that the last few years but basically they inspire the rights to play other people's stuff. On a streaming service it's pretty it's pretty incredible pretty Smart. It is pretty incredibly. I don't know why I felt like that was important to open the show up you and our charter on Netflix before we want on the air and I just thought of that in my while this is something it's pretty cool and we we you know we see things like that we seem companies like. Even FaceBook you know yeah more valuable than. And and and this is probably not the rate comparison to make anymore but at one point it was then General Motors or book a room or more valuable than sitting down I don't care scary thing is that on paper to natural. It's it is unbelievable it's unbelievable stuff welcome the show but this is not finance talk tonight I promise is just limited seats shocks me that surprises me. Well welcome the unreality radio everybody if you haven't yet had over at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under really radio dot com where you find all the stations where an across the country and that list is ever growing and getting bigger and bigger. House check in Austin you can also now Treo iPhone and android average there ritualized listen live catch past shows join telling Chad are. Where you surf the web sites quickly the pop up bug in the operating Hank warrant the website listen right online from a from sitting just sitting in funny computer. You know I concern not to drop its Netflix slicks thing and I'm very sorry but it just a breeding her chat room in and they were talking about the days when Netflix was the company the used to milieu dvds. That's how they started it was a just some not. I'm a rent by mail. Company and they they just everyone goes to us that there was another company as well probably in an a blockbuster had a version and then the red box now where you can go or whatever but but. Netflix a one point recognized very early on the value streaming. And I guess one of my concerns and I don't we open the form went up right now in case somebody wants to weigh in on this and seeing a lot of people say I love Netflix I I watch Netflix is well. Oh Netflix what they do. That someone else can't come in and just do what just stream and in the Internet is public anybody can use it to stream stuff if they want to. You know they do have original programming which is actually some really good stuff there yeah. Also has some weird algorithms slash type of media playing system where it's able to take four K video and lay it on your TV or on your devices. And not sit term Bebo offering all the time as well my. Right let helps too because that is one of the annoying things in a stream is to get into that situation but sort of fascinating in the same you know same thing with with as social media company YouTube FaceBook is kind of the big dog in the in the markets which is different one. But assert terrorists but what's to prevent somebody else from coming along I mean we saw what what what was the the big search engine before Google came along there was zone you know. There was Yahoo! and prior there was Altered Beast and there was a there's another one and number using an. Netscape was the dominant browser everything's changed really clear. Yet AOL things change really quickly in technology so. When you see a company worth 161 billion dollars and you've got stock in that company have to worry about you know what's so many to come along tomorrow just knock them out and move or crazy thing is those companies now via any little company that might yet pose a threat at some point so that's the strategy yet exactly yet anyway so that's gonna talk but and we're actually talking about your brain and the fact that. Most of us know that everybody has a right brain and a left brain and one of those sides is responsible for your creative. Per part of your personality the other part is responsible for your logical part of your personality. Others also some gender. Relationships between the right brain and left plane brain but our guest tonight James Olson has written a book called how whole brain thinking conceive the future. And he talks about. Harnessing the power of both parts of your brain making them work in concert to achieve greater things in that Serena talk about tonight. You can also check out his website at a whole brain path dot coms are. Our whole brain path. Yes and then I just to give you a glimpse of what's coming up tomorrow night of course is a best of program. And Monday night is Memorial Day so we will also be airing the best of program and then Tuesday Kayla Ambrose is joining us Wednesday its Laurie MacDonald Lori is a clinical hit hit no circus circus murders are about abduction she's an abduction researcher. She's president of opus and will be discussing hypnosis and abduction. And it's going to be a great week shows makes you tune in are it's so let's take a break and let's start talking about whole brain thinking. And you listen Jason NG beyond beyond our Ellen revealed. OK beyond reality revealed friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check out scare con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scary Connie mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Spirit con di. They're great they're into the the program it's beyond reality radio GC GDR's owner Buhner. This down because we will take your calls later received 446877669. If you want to join our discussion. To going to be talking about well your brain and your personality and the right side to your brain and the last citing your brain what did they each do you. Why don't they work together. What would happen if they worked together. Our guest tonight is James Olson he's an author of a book called how whole brain thinking can save the future that's a pretty I ambitious claim and we're gonna find out exactly how it all works James welcome to the program. It's great to have you on beyond reality radio. Think it's a pleasure to be here. Thanks for coming on. So before we get started about the books specifically and the ideas in it how did you get your start with the all of this kind of us. Stuff I mean the this isn't something the wake up thinking every day but. Apparently you did at one point and you decide to write a book about it how did that start for you. Well and they integrated political and sit and see that kind of an expired me right there and I also found that. I was and they do they look to convey my ideas verbally. And so I felt that I needed to. Write them down in order teeth to get them out. Partly that's because there does the complexity involved that's when you're standing around type in December. You don't have time to get. The more complex ideas across have ideas it's just impossible to conventional. That that kind of started the Indian writing. And I thought it. And I've been really blessed side I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood. I had a wonderful living parents. And I didn't never wanted to in my life. Do I have move everybody my parents and our demeanor getting angry at each other. And so. I don't really blessed. Ten. They in this situation and I felt to give something back and so and so is searching for is something to do in. And that's separate. I I decided that that I wanted to kind of joking aside it's like drugs. The effect but I can you know it's obviously that the dangers associated church and they can. They can and you need to do that forever I mean it. They're looking in the in this slide it seems to work forever invincibility. You attack rather than words can put this group that works for you decide if so I think that ten to try to find the joy this time and that's certainly. Exploration. In the early in the I've had I've been through I have been fortunate enough to do that. Good junior abroad program to Europe once and that opening is that. But the difference so that means that I grew up on a farm. In the post Oklahoma. You know with these wonderful parents in those kind of influence in the world. And certainly I went to Vienna inferred. Austria for six months. Distillery. And that is that is a wonderful experience some of them really. In June that it has been more than never opened my this. For the world and so you know. What kind of this background. Until she's studied. Various things side kind of let myself be a good. And that's system that that that's can their right where they have right brain where it do things erratic. Things the road readying their tracks. Things to have the Bloomberg or we get the things we need. As opposed to things are seeking approach to the library and so. So I would. Started. Learning about. And so what that I went through that we can workshop when we can. It was chilly neuroscientist. From the University of Texas. Now the brains of the participants. And if you ask his sisters took questions from noon. He doesn't usually. You know have to circle. Any that the use the left brain people on the Lipton erratic brain people on the rise of course and then there's been more balance people were in the center. And I don't stat that I have missed throughout the balance. And I the in my arteries researchers think that people think that that. Returns that I missed third from the news and the on these little brains front so I'm gonna root for the group that. And I think that pro about thirty participants. So afraid left brain for this group. And that they needed and I are ready to look at the time. They're particularly change the direction that might build that kind of wondered are those terms that the most important thing we can. Learn is still learn about ourselves. In. What what could be more important. To learn about myself and didn't have the brain filters and deprivation. The problem which I make all of my decisions. And so Lou and I ordered to have. Hello I'm certain misunderstanding there right brained people that the other people under the shadow this half circle and in wondered what put the rumors have been receiving the world and food this this is cousin that you and offensive. The can. I have to ask you. You said your parents didn't argue you don't have remember the Freddie should there were human. Yeah yeah. But are pretty Indonesia right this is currently working. Well. Contribute. Of course yes there. Yet I'm so as you would kind of journey down this path and after we've got to just a couple minutes here before have to go to break and when we come back a wanna get into some of the definitions of some of the things you birdie said some averted the terms Murti used here. But before we do that. As you were bum going down this path were you surprised. At how. As you started to understand rape brain vs left brain vs whole brain. Ed how maybe the world started to change for you your perspective on the world changed as you started to better understand the differences. Well absolutely. Once you understand that the two sides of the brain are really compliments for the third don't intend to do work together. You use you or your fear throughout the society whether it was you were used to as conservative or liberal. You come to understand that they're both positions are are invaluable. And that that there is that there's a little that they can work together and you know hunger demonizing of the side because you understand. That the little aside to wherever that side it is plays an important role with it it keeps us kind of on the similar patent for this kind of a apparently processors system in which. The right thing in the left brain. Are each vying for a supremacy in the sense that they. There are also seeking this unity. And one helps leather and in days they work together and had the same time that there are kind of out of the chair of the so disillusioned and two to be angry you Digisette people that are are burdened with the conservative brains and they're conservative brain is. Dominating their thinking and some people are born with. But the erratic brain through local brain. Dominating their thinking in this in this and that's nobody. There's no reason to be angry about that. But it gets an interesting concept when we get back from the break like I said we're gonna get into some of the definitions here of some of the terms. And phrases that our guest James Olson has already used don't forget to stop by his website the whole brain path. Dot com we're talking about his book called how hold brain thinking concede the future. And make she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page source. And had to beyond reality radio dot com we can find all the stations we aren't across country always constantly adding new stations just recently had five more. So check it L also grabbed the Treo iPhone are hundred operate terrible shall listen live expression was joined Allen Chet more. Listen right from the website is clicking the pop Oakmont and in the upper hand corner and the sorority from your computer. Brit take a quick break more to come elicited Jason NG EPO. You're welcome back beyond reality really would Jason and JV it's great to have everybody along with us we are going to open a phone lines later in the program. You wanna rate down the phone number it's 8446877669. But if you have the app jedi don't have to read the phone number down. Now it's right there to train with the mud menacing call this quick combining your phones doesn't magic for you right there you can also listen the show life impasse shows all on the go it's edited. It is that the country literate dot com and that's pretty impressive stuff our guest tonight. Is James Olson he's an author of a book it's called whole brain thinking. Can save the future check out his website the whole brain path. Dot com and James before the break we talked about coming back. And getting some of these definitions out of the way so we all are understanding what we're talking about so let's start with hole bring thinking. By itself what do you mean when you talk about whole brain thinking. Well from for most of us were in the side of the brain doesn't make sense that's where you talked about let's bring down that your. We're left brained people. And right bring people that because. What decided to bring totally dominates the other. That's episode that we don't have access to move aside there was room doesn't work or anything that is just so absolute. It kind of makes it's special it's specialist. And it it is reflects who wrote the universe is designed. Kind of into the hole doesn't. The pick their brains he's the big picture and let pregnancies and detailed. And it's so that is the closest relationships. Were and kind of looks work in little access the urgent and so Lou. Lee who we just. Do. We think reflects who delay the universe is designed and in this uncertain. Respects since. That the brain is there to help us understand our our reality. Our university in. In south but I am in my interest is mostly in consciousness. We gonna talk about the brain because since the brain its work. This consciousness since two registering you run a yen Nobel prize in nineteen influenced. Toledo Cleveland. I hope. For finding out that the two sides of the brain are independently conscious. And they. They created diluted somewhat different factors. That they created a division between. So how'd how as one able to tell if there are right or left brain dominant. You need to do. Know what what put characteristics are which is this is what might put this forward and try to explain if it's not really simple. Not terribly simple badly that I can I can give you a little bit of the guys here. The most news in the end that is the mysterious. Stereotypical male. Is little brain in this stereotypical. Female. His erratic right now and not all manner are left brain you know within our right brain. And they are that are mixtures that there is that there is done and it's. Which gets back to that is to resume question that is done and it's in one side. Potential takeover of the leather like like didn't think of taken an aggressive male and real anger these strong male. In the end is certainly in an assistant slipping lower. At the Mayo is physically pat referred he has been many. And so he'd done and a terror in and he needed the the Netherlands and they can have wonderful loving relationship. In the end it end here and that done and that's where the done and it's it is. You know if you don't understand yourself who didn't show the world and you're angry that nominates can just. Try to do everything in food. There's. To a certain degree a little less so this has this you know most of us so little brain dominant or right brain development. The those that. Harper who it is. And there's another. Group of people that use both sides of the brain that as a team. And night I think maybe most of us think that that's where we have. But that's not fully the sensitive that only a minority. Has that. That type of Donetsk. And so that by genetics in this 43 types of genetics is pretty deceased for brains. Types who left brain right brain and hybrid brain and the guillotine. Break. So I I have to ask you to soreness and if he may have just answered the question but I was going to ask. Are we born in born predispose to one of those two sides being dominant or is it something that we're look we learn over time. And if. It's in this whoever is. It's those that have primarily we the group were genetically. Predispose to either left brain right brain. That you wanted to move to pick combinations. And that's the same time we're living in this culture and you can't be as many people are. Right brained on the person pitchers living in it strongly left brain dominant culture. There is dominated by males. Who pose Lou Williams has seen in India doing things and culture so that also programs and so and so you have. He your brain is telling you one thing and the brains of the culture that the collective brain. The comes through in culture is telling news and maybe telling you something else. And I kind of puts you in an awkward position yet to decide. What you would do look who's viewed. Somehow. Integrate it is so it makes sense. Yes it does Anna I wanna give back to this if if we are genetically. Influenced as to which side of our brand will be dominant dominant does that mean there's thirtieth skeletal structure tore personalities based on that. Genetic pretty is predisposition. Well I think that's a reasonable conclusion that there are so they're quite so limited. The it's true yes. Interesting. This this boost its genetic dominance there's. Genetic element into the very common. Thing and I can explain that I think very simply. Pure and green flowers in the neighborhood platter really apparent. He didn't read the right parent and you breathe those two. Throughout kind of format camps. And it's saying with a grain and so with the flowers. You have either wrote that the not a regular road. Well that's going to require you to. Where the us bring our peak which is a hybrid that's combination of the roof and lights. Lou the option bringing it. Maybe rodent like that are older rats that are quite the most. Interesting that. That's done evidence that that affects networks throughout biology. And listen to very simple mechanism that. That take it to the do think we're like this where everything is further these two options and it kind of expect is that gives gives and gives you glued to our passions from the ten. Interest so if we have right brain we've got left for an RRO do we have. And agreed understanding and amongst scientists those that study this yourself. That there're certain characteristics. That exist if you're left brained. Verses this other characteristics that exist if you're right brained or those things established and and somewhat. Static. Well yes and I would I would hope so yeah. Because there's been a tremendous amount of the research done over the years. Do that in the third comes from the fact that. They're a preponderance of the side it is probably think this is not the case. This is this a very interesting story the this subject was very popular back in the they lose the eighties and then ninety's and that's the time to win. When there's a Nobel Prize given for this discovery about the lift bringing in the right brain. And people are very attrition in this book science is very slow process. And it and they. And the brilliant very complex and so between the two things. Scientists were not able to. Two of the public that if information. Team. To make the decisions that there was there was no agreement that they and he even those. There's no disagreement that. The news there's a lot of disagreement back then through side this eventually gave up on this subject. And the public went on to order further interest. And our security reasons. And I actually when I started. Bring this. I don't know that this has this this kind of they were discredited this this subject so it started working group. Two to understand does that mean that it's not a and so very attractive simply because low as far as the the war and its ability to what I have discerned. The chancellor is that the there's been a lot of research and those of burglaries. In part of whoever researches and that's. If you look at the right places in the door and make it all comes together. Like like a jigsaw puzzle and and if you put the right people together he is seated for instance this very. Integrated. Harmonious. Conclusion that this is the left in the right and they complement one another in and you can tell the tale of the they're the assistant. For its true in this same road when you. Working in Lithuania jigsaw puzzle in particular that they crossed. Over together all of those. You know automatically fills in some of the meal at the hypocritical words in an orphanage. Yeah did the weeks and cost increase certainly loose and this is imminent return of a UFOs and the government's I don't know how does an excellent premise of this let's take a break we will try to get James back on the line not sure what happened there but we've got a lot more talk about. As James continues to talk about right brain left brain he'll talk about sexuality he'll talk about gender. He will talk about. Artistic abilities as a whole bunch of things at this right brain vs left brain. Discussion touches on and then we get into the whole brain thinking which. Could change everything. Absolutely and I'm sure you'll you'll have some questions so feel free to take on the number 844. 6877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. You listen Jason GB. Last couple days while beautiful. Whether you're in Cooperstown two days in a row we actually had beautiful weather that doesn't happen very often now line in week it was beautiful here today and tomorrow's 85 and then. Saturday is ninety. The and he norm I feel like one of the boys of summer in a welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio Jason and GB our guest is James Olson currently we didn't lose him but there was a little bit of an an eruption their. So sorry about that James with thanks for hanging through that. We only have a couple minutes here before it. Yeah I will have a couple minutes here before we have to go into our top of the hour break but I wanna I want to get back to this right brain left brain. And the idea that on some of these traits and personality. Characteristics are pretty well fixed and when somebody talks about. You know a one sided your brain is the logical side another side of the brain is the artistic side of those. Just. Urban legends or are those actual characteristics that one side vs the other side of her brain carry. Well looked like anything there's some truth that. Those those are some of these big characteristic. That 'cause finest partners. I'd give that. That is the because both sides of the brain however create so called blue. The right side it is it is more creative. In May may be quite a bit more credence that that's the left side contributes. Two that creation and so that's why that upsets. So this was when we use that. That example for doubt that particular characteristic for example. Yeah there's should your question. Yeah it does and I also wanna give back to something you said earlier that. You know we. Whether were right brain left brain kind of determines in this I don't want to get into politic politics here per say but it's an interest in conversation. It if we can determines whether you're conservative or liberal one side of the political spectrum of the other. I was always under the impression in and America tell you what my personal political beliefs are but it will tell you that my kids share them. Because life assumed I taught them. Just to believe in those things is that not the case of these a week predetermined buyer that which side of the brain is Dominic. Where you can certainly beat the idea of the gimmick and it's it's it's there's a mixture of both. There's a mixture of cultures and mixture of the brain and culture can actually beat some strong and honest to. The that the culture can dominate. You're you're. Period only natural beliefs. And in that in that they had that the that this is no toes you know except that you're definitely. Into it and also. And there's vertical nature to this we talked about. One side of the brain beat them more conservative. That there is an extremely conservative and there's a concede the slight concern and so. It purely. You're slightly concerning the new president in the loop will definitely you're you're more easily. Killed in two. Simple ways of thinking didn't you are for example if you're very strongly to give very. It's strong sense that you know he. Bring. Sure consensus that's being conservative. Oh yeah and I guess if you grow wall if you grow up and household learn some news to fans most of the family has a belief system of one way. You tend to swing it that way so it might so it makes it really tough to decipher if it's. Because your left to right brain or if it's just that your following in your family's. Finley's police systems. That's true idiot doesn't make it difficult and that's that's why is this is all of this is not more obvious because it is too. Conflicts. Right so. Yet and and we're just we're description were scratching the surface here James because when we come back from our top of the hour break we're gonna start talking about how all on your book how whole brain thinking can save the future. Explores and discusses the idea that if we can learn how to harness the power of bolts are right brain and are less rain instead of allowing one to be dominant. A we can actually achieve some pretty great things I'm I'm assuming that's the premise and that's where we're going to be talking about at the top of the hour right. It OK perfect so get our guest is James Olson he's the author of how whole brain think he can save the future his website is the whole brain half dot com. You're gonna wanna call in with your questions during the next hour ready for 4687766. Time will be taken those questions. A before we had to bring to our disorder a couple reminders if you go to the beyond reality radio web site you will see the beyond reality radio official. Coffee mug this is it the finest coffee drinking vessel you'll find on the planet. It doesn't hurt. I'm glad I was a dozen required as a matter of your right brained or left brain this particular coffee mug will make your coffee. Delicious and sale time she grabbed her remarks. So strenuous match. And and and also if you wanna step by scary time dot com you'll check out that event there's a lot of stuff happening it's Derrick Todd. This year June 16 and seventeenth Framingham Massachusetts. If you're anywhere near the Boston area doing just that. If you download the show from iTunes or any lord just do us a fair burglary at forest Israel's push it forward makes it easy for people find and that's what it's all about. We're gonna take a quick break up the phone number again is 8446877669. Toll free 8844. 6877669. Annual synergies. In GPS and Dioner really. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday schools there. Stuck somewhere between welcome Dioner failure radio with myself Jason pause in the only sauce and cheese feature to continue our conversation in just a few moments. About two right brain verses left brain vs whole brain how would affects us and how we can be better. If we learned to not let it affect us so much and take control of it because that's the whole concept here but here's something that's gonna. Make you scratch your brain make you scratch your head anyway and and nothing gets your brain so people can army's current enough yet I suppose. Get it some people into the the standup in the can scratch their brain but. I'm. A creature was shot at a ranch in Montana. And at this point it's only been a few days but scientists are having trouble free and not exactly what discrete trees. If first they thought it was a wolf. But it's not a walls. It tears were too large it's laid and its body were too short and the fur was uncharacteristic. Of a walls. So then some people thought maybe this was a bear club that was in May seated. And just ill or something in in their for looking strange but. Those who are familiar with that type of preacher saying no that's not with this thing this. They don't know what it is until they get DNA back some people think it might be a dire walls. Which opens up a whole new discussion via. But in the information manager from Montana fish wildlife and parks. Department says it was near ranchers place it was shot in the game wardens went to investigate it. And they. Couldn't identify it but they did have the whole animal on the senate to the lab in Bozeman Montana and the waiting for DNA results to figure out exactly what this creature its. Well we Arum Bozeman Montana just due. Hopefully somebody either give us a call and let us know what's gonna that would be pretty cool actually so we'll keep an eye on that you know there are pictures and maybe slip to put some up on her FaceBook page to to show people but. It looks. Kinda like a wolf but it doesn't look Michael Wolf so I AM and miniature wanted to get some weird things Emmy for a last year people were freaked out around my area because this animals are on our own and and go crazy while it was a fox with me which yes see that's the thing when they get -- they look exactly and it was just it was it was weird looking animal. Mean to seem to find out what what that is. The end and we will keep an eye on it. That's story and if we can get any answers for you will so anyway tonight our guest is James Olson will bring him in just a moment owner remind you that Margaret is a best of program. Monday night because it is Memorial Day will be another best of program Tuesday we have Kayla Ambrose joining us topic is to be you to be determines what you know. As we get closer for that and then Wednesday Laurie MacDonald was a clinical hip no therapist and an abduction researcher will be talking about those two topics hypnosis and abduction. Cindy Corrie shows all next week's emaciated tune men and check my. So James Olson is our guest tonight he's an author his book is called how whole brain thinking can save the future. The website is the whole brain pass dot com again James thanks for being with this we will be taking phone calls and 844687. 7669. If you wanna weigh in on this discussion. To do start talking about the possibilities of being able to can overcome what are genetic predisposition us. And may be an environmental and learned pre dispositions that force us or have conditioned us maybe. To be. Reliant on whether it's right or left brain. Reliant on one side verses the other of our brain their four. Not really utilizing and not understanding. Com how the use of our entire brain can actually benefit us. Whether they're assistant. The consistent with that left brain uses its. I talked about the great line in terms of its operating systems there. They're different ways look at the brain but I look at. The operating systems or management systems. That many checks from the various processes at various things that the brain damage and and so. By studying these systems. And see that there isn't really do the success of the holistic system and in order to have a whole brain thinking we need to bring that we need to understand what these two systems are. And use them in. Where would we just wouldn't understand the tools are working that we need to understand the system. That is feed this information once a week and understand this system. It makes it's good that we had the choice. Which side of the brain can use it or not. It's it's who we have this control over the burning through the mind that. By the by the choices we make. In this case by episode the greatly. We tend to listen to. So for example was pure pure left bring. Typical guy. And you look deeper hole brain thinking. What you need to do it is to. Understand. That system. The right brain pluralistic system. Understated it challenging the big picture. And understand that it. Geathers and promotion by it by drawing inspiration to that. And so we're going out and aggressively to Lleyton moves typically do in the Hillary in wouldn't have been the same think to. If there were keeping their red brilliantly. We can. Reached out for the information we think we need. Otherwise we can just. Sit there and listened to thriller. Sergeant so quiet road brain destroying the votes and so this is kind of the process of getting the boot. The brain from disintegration and once you understand this. System and understand the two components with a cute the strengths and weaknesses of each side of the brain are then. It's a simple process forty they. Typical. Machine to. Do it for example. You cut it and you're letting you know your left brain doctors that you make a conscious effort to bring erratic and brilliant ways said the scene things. And right brilliant ways of doing things. In ten that you're that you're. Attempt to his soul of the crow that the opportunity to understand that the. Knowing in your bookie going to. Is the root of a lot of the problems in society and everything firms centers or violence. You know that racism and and things like that so the right in the right side of the brain is sort of the the peaceful the then more connected. Part of the brain. Yes that's correct. It is. It focuses on living thing whereas they beat the left brain focuses on the that they think this just. Typical who wrote that didn't put the brain is doing it dividing up. There was the world and he's a special and so and so it looks. That the bigger aspects of some of them. Forward looking that the group which is the big picture for example the senate extensible what looks at the Gilbert's. That's for the politically mixed still that's the right brain looks you relationship development folks don't know what's. Together. And we do that cited. Is that there are selfish side it it takes care of such a shout it needs to be so principally that the Bronx. This early with being so patient. Weapons program this would you viewed. Total access and so deserved this problem with the excess. If you are extremely selfish that you just don't care about anything. It will review or else there of course course that's a problem. But it didn't do a little selfish otherwise. You're just. Then the dude that is gonna let your life it's for the pro immediately lame is that the people who you are wanting. So. So there's there's always this year than you're saying they actually you know that you're saying to teach us it's the two sides so what side. Takes current security bureau decided. This is from indeed through security at its its fees of world peace. For example that you can't live in your hybrid you can believe that. That there are dangers out there are so you have to users that bring. So we use both sides of the brain the low side again welcome to the company. That are less culture is as the mystery bidder indicated. Otherwise it's it's kind of put the ball that you could override the default so it makes sense. Yet that's yet James. At the risk of of touching upon a third rail here of talks. How does this a sex sexuality because they know you address that. Well I miss sexuality. Did as I was. Primarily as an example of the the these really good example with the effect the right thing it's slipped framed that's I would predict hybrid system. However that brilliant system or a team operating system so for example. The left side. They're losing control of the let's it is masculine side where there was undermanned. You have the masculine side. Inactivity and so it is so little intention it's so pure that bring that over the typical male then did you this masculine. Operating system. If you stereotypical. Female. The think mostly builds these direct brain teasing the promotion. Salute to a few different perspective on the world. And so that that's so that it. And it it has its characteristic characteristics. Through the road map of the operating system at the right atmosphere. Hard put to be characteristics that we associate with. He built. And thank you lose the left side has characteristics that we tend associated. With miracles. And then there's these other two palpitations systems and that's urgent or fluidity to notre. What you noteworthy because pollution systems. Political hybrid system. It is you have accommodation with masculine than their dividend. Operating systems so you have accommodation that masculine. And is that gender and that can be very personally invite these strongly conservative and in the end moderately masculine. We're in and that the work that can be that a person can insist. Broad spectrum let's sexuality can take place in the U. Have detained system. Then you're right brained. There at the politicize attracted to their bodies and do you look at masculine side is attracted to that too that have the bodies. So let's make sure that you bisexual. So who. That's you know. That's kind of for a broad jurisdiction. The best conservative. Bisexual. Which is both and then the hybrid which is this. Single system that's an integration that doesn't. The right to repeat his students to read it like to. You know I've and the main thing ever realized through social conversation is that women run ring in the world would be peaceful place. Oh so the we're gonna get in defense officials can come back from the break Ariza followed numbers a 446877669. And give us a shout if he had any questions on the subject tonight Nielsen is Jason GBM beyond auto. Jason GPS guest tonight is James Olsen who's the author. Book called how whole brain thinking conceive the future we've only got a couple minutes here we've got to jump beckon to break but I think we have enough time that we squeeze in one phone call. Let's go to Ed he's calling in from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania hate Ed welcome to be on real. You wish to thank you so much mistakenly called it racial usual. The award went to guess what's the deal that would eventually vote. And in defiance. The last seven presidential or not. Mistaken is that for the last six of weather lets them president. Have been lit and then we'll and Obama they won't abortions. Even a large role in the world Bobble when I'm sorry when bush was running against Wendell was left handed. Parole to lift and and bush. Of forty to 41 left candidate and what I hope and and the city pruned many of the many of them and let Janet Wilson recently or and the quick comment number must hand and a great parade that do I am not attracted to nobody. Well that that's a great point Ed and I think you know if regardless of whether its last four of the last six or 50 well whatever the number is there's certainly disproportionate number. Of left handed individuals that have occupied the White House or other things. That would be you know whether there scientists or whatever what what is with that James is there is there something to. Well. First to the world through thirteen to ten tablet to run the dominance works was just for information you know. In order this for information out that I don't normally do that to this it's fat as a little complex built. The up it is revealed by candidates and then there's been one of the reasons that. Let direct brain studies have been. Personally discredit it is because there's so many people that are right handed including women and it's your right hand with that. Six less. Red you are left burning down and and we know that most women aren't let's bring down it. Overall I think that's a question in the world defectors have been confusion didn't content in this content in this. But handedness there were perplexed. The done and it's the that the brain has that puts information and the input in the out there are separate. Accept the so cheap to separate them and and so you can beat right very pertinent. And let praying for word out and so that confuses older more concerned I apologize if that's so instead of confusing the both detonation because of that because. And this is confusion that. Women being right handed and so that that team back to the precedents. That that's very fascinating. In the end I didn't know that the president again that reflects that are that good donuts and up there into the food. So that the presence of so I'm all of them males might have been left brain dominance. Food. To do with input which is the roots date that's a perspective that's the road they seed the reality. That. What was big coup when they go to team. Did things. They they take that into. That left brilliant for the and they turn it into right bringing. Packed with food so we know these these presidents. Left handed that's suggests that they're. There's even word for it throughout. So that's. Other than that I can't really comment on them what it you know that's just. That's just very interesting is that it worked out that it. He generally has sorry the phone numbers 8446877669. Until free date for four. 6877669. Give us a call beginning questions are you left or right brain comment. You listen Jason GBM beyond really really. Gonna receive 44687766. Kind of forget tomorrow night is a best of program and Monday night will be as well since it's Memorial Day. So we will return with life programs on Tuesday night tonight we're talking with James Olson about his book. It's called how whole brain thinking conceived the future the website is the whole brain path dot com. And James are gonna take another call here in just a moment before we do that. But this might be a tough question to answer but helped paint the picture for us as to what the world would look like if we can all grasp this concept and and blues the divisions between right and left brain and use our whole brain in achieve that whole brain thinking. We believe we would lose most of that Maria the divisions. That separate us because we. You know insurgencies. Google says the enemy in. Vice Versa and so. Real procedure that we don't work. With because if he conceded that are in our government which is becoming. Increasingly. Polarized. Because that the electorate is becoming increasingly polarized. And it it's reflected in our government and the inability. To work together I mean oil. In this in China which is more united. Both in terms of they respect for a ride it and left brain ways of doing things and because they live in certain dictatorial societies which are also as you know buying back. I was gonna say verdict hurt you get killed a few dissenting in China some cases to celeb might have a little bit to do that too. Yeah yeah pretty good drive through and it's it's it's obviously Byrd used both sides of the brain to YouTube uses streaks. The hurled the pro. Spectrum the attributes that the brain is is that they keep trying to do to make available to us so. Who who do more peaceful world like I haven't spoken about peace but we knew. Under what you what you don't see the other person's immunity. It's a more peaceful feeling. I was in the in the in your own interior. And then there's there's also this. Certainly this internal division or that the left brains telling you one thing in the right brains telling you another. And it's frustrating in you don't know what to do. And if you. Are able to integrate the two sides together. That you that the two sides to working together instead of the competing who were who were in contrast. We can use the opposing views so let's in this were peaceful feeling. 22. Hold brains think in both within yourself that and within many cultures. More or bring in the thinking. Are as good or phone lines we've got John calling in from Florida hey John welcome to the program. And keep trying to communicate in how it's weren't room. Brett. ADD HD HD hero. Ged and or there was mental. Circor distraught colts. As start marsh and it left brain right brain. Separate thing going golf. That's a great question John is there any. Right brain left brain component to any of those disorders. James. Yes. In the end that's no most special thing you know. Under the best person to ask on this the good. Were strewn in the end most of them. Program and I did what I do in the united Turkey out of my room here at the but I think there is deliberately lit. Tend to be left brain disorders. Principally because. And the rest brain wants to be in control. And in the end. It's there is some sort of disorder. And the rest grainy it is. It is. It is lacking in the context. Crept into these when you think about these issues. The that you brought that. Where are these. Fundamental. Problems here is that an inability. To relate to the context. Of the privilege. That the law enforcement. Of all aspects of life. And food. That that does tend to be they the and it's so the left brain is primarily. Responsible for most of the problems. In every respect. Thanks and they can always explain why more boys. Aren't diagnosed with ADHD than females as well correct. Yes yes it would. John thanks for the calls a great question. Back to this discussion about. Peace and not viewing you're. Too black a better word adversary as an enemy if we were all whole brain thinking I mean. By the very nature of all of us if we could achieve this and think using whole brain techniques. That isn't a silly. Resolve differences and it doesn't necessarily you know in case of an image in this idea of war is it doesn't. Change the fact that there are more resources on this side of the of offense vs. Our side of the fence and I want those resource and in those things don't go away so what does it actually do does that make us. More agreeable to solve problems together or. I'm not sure how it accomplishes the peace component here. Yeah yes it is in those make this more agree global. Lou that the each other's visited it Jews Moorer. Opportunities. In rural options to us. And we. Really if we can start. So didn't do little or no we knew we tend to assume the through the side. It just doesn't do that. Then just don't understand. Whichever side you're on the other side. All the problems. And the problem is that they don't understand. How things are. And so word she used. Can rid of that attitude. And you understand that there might be something. If the other person that the other person seeing that you don't. Then that you can you can. Still trying to find out what that is and also would you have to polarize. And do you use you treasury children into the side. Group that the extremists injures injures. Camp. So I use legitimate. They'll think you're you're you're. You're dealing with the other way and so who. You must be. Europe threat you. You might be this is seen as an enemy if if there. Even though you're actually. The same side is that the person is she is an enemy. So. It's also our problems we do understand that. Does the two sides came. Compliment when it went another that they care and find ways to work together that you know to look for an answer if you do you think. There doesn't move. Opportunity. To sell the pros that didn't that you don't really try. The Blue Line. The next piece or difficult to achieve. But why and Dario I totally understand with what you're saying you know one side sees the other as pretty much. One an enemy and and so forth but and why does seem so much for amplified over the last 1015 years where. The 1015 years ago and different people would different views and beliefs left to right. It's like they communicated in still understand beaten each other Latin. Each person has different views and now it's just. It seems pure hatred if you have if you're different than somebody else and and you saw a system. I see is this part of the natural. No word pianist and things were if something goes in like him the boot. It's it's so dependent on it's feelings or blue in the strings in the other and our our culture goes just. Strong firm. Conservative salute rules and back and forth. No bill out of herself as a problem so well well he's. Well it was a concern these kids some of the problems we return live ruled it was better than the liberals don't so that's ultimately turn back conservatives think kind of goes. Back in the world. And then people are being done that but they're getting angry and they're seeing it doesn't work and they're getting frustrated that they're getting is obscured. And the finger it's just success debates this and they have also I think that that. There is this. There is this true and long term you know centuries old truant. Tourists. These people are part of who we get the more polarized we can look at. The orient you face the differences because it is its society it's it's. The movie it's premature. Where you have a glimpse intercepted extremism. Extremities. And of the dangers of this strain extremities. And this C different. Let varying ways of doing things are pro right great what it's doing things. It's this is buddhists but he is an about face and until we learn this. We'll keep going down this past. It's so poorly you know we get so bad. And it will reverse and I don't know the reserve yet. However we are. Hopefully getting close to the point where the polarization order reverses that it if they will get worse. James this is. This might be a tough question to answer but I think it's particularly insightful and particularly from our audience but we had a caller we didn't wanna go on the air that wanted to know. Is being right brained or left brain made any difference in did it affect the types of dreams or maybe sensitivities. They you have been in our turn in our discussion sensitivity to be like psychic sensitivities or medium ship or ESPN one of these other sixth sense type sensitivities does. Being right or left brain have any effect and any of that that you're aware of. Well let's just the right brain incident the brain that's sees unity that shows us unity in and that's sick they connect it's this side it's connected to the to the spirit world and that the last scientist. Is that it is. Decided that takes care of us on on very sinister and so please so that there were outside it is decided that. That they tell us about the collective unit. And in the end the rights and furthers. And if society it's energized by my. Chorus so let's side is energized by here which which is a protective mechanism so yes. The these are these the spiritual movement it is is basically right brain visited in most of the these decent and it's been accepted the caller talked about these are right brain. Don't come from the are kind of through their brain than the broad based prevention piece in the consciousness and and and in we weird guys that. Now James you wrote another book called the whole brain path to peace the role of left and right brain dominance in the polarization and reunification of America. Europe and a few years ago. Do you recommend if somebody's interest and in pursuing the either of these books that they start with one or the other lurking in May start either way. So it is completely getting during the first American in just started to street didn't do it. It really does everything archipelago. The concept. And there's there's new information in the in the blue bird count over I think it is thinking concerning the future traditionally dealt with. And then when you and recommend people read that particular book and and we've been talking about it all night what do you hope. A reader will walk away from when they close the book after reading the last page what do you hope they've they've accomplished other then finishing it. Well I hope to achieve them with a sense of peace and hope they understand that there are. Are two systems of consciousness to assistance. Let see. Feeding through the brain in the consciousness and so essentially. There are two ideas coming in Europe where the war in May be done over the nevertheless. When they can always. Gain access to the back on the side. It's simply. Asking that by by asking the right questions but knowing that there assists this so the way of seeing and doing things. And and trying to do their best to to bring. The opposing views in that there are there ways of thinking in the in the in that case it didn't bring in the let peace. With the others and within themselves. Your we've given up the website a few times is there any other place he would send people if they wanted to find a copy of the book. Where there was Camilla I don't know they kick the recommendations. It's approaches where the support your local bookseller polarized. Since those people who just whether you wanna do. If you root through my web site it's because they have a zone. Well and I hit it. It was so it's available you have to learn what. There aren't and the brand new web site and it's so open except for on the food. This is. At the very top on the right there were three little lines and you can access that's silly place that access my interviews. And questions and answers that might be health. Well thanks so much for coming hang in all of us and we look forward to at some point talk and you get an avenue back on the show. I think it's been a pleasure in the united united that I really appreciate the opportunity. Elevate you can't have a great nine again the website is the whole brain path dot com in the name of the book is how whole brain thinking conceive. The future. So emaciated check it out. Are we're gonna take a quick break and come back wrap things populace and Jason GB and B unrelated radio. It's the topic that. Could probably use another couple hours an explanation because pretty complicated but check out his books centered on his web sites on the stuff American crap Coke create sponsors credit products just no wonderful company always coming up with this cutting edge stuff sort of celebrity much do it for us. Everybody enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and will catch on next week chastened GDP on reality radio talk to say man. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's in the week you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish in the agency hello fading centrist because well for Jason and his fellow actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be sure to visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.