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Dwight & Rhonda Hull & Dan Baldwin talk about spirits of the old southwest

Jun 27, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with authors and paranormal investigators Dwight & Rhonda Hull & Dan Baldwin about their book that chronicles discussions with spirits from the old southwest. 6/26/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Welcome everyone it's beyond reality radio I'm Julie Johnson thanks for joining me by the way Jason is off tonight but we've got a great show in store for you in fact. Talking about spirits. Of the old southwest. Effect there's a book they're going to be talking Merkel speaking with the spirits of the old self Westhoven you know to work. YouTube audience there you can check it out. Get conversations with minors outlaws and pioneers who still roam ghost towns. We talked about that book with our guest the first hour to be Dwight in Rhonda hole. Dwight is a pet psychic and animal communicators and a paranormal investigator and Rhonda. Is a psychic medium plus says she's gonna number for the sensitivities are gonna talk about. And then in the second half the program the third author of the co authors of that book Dan Baldwin who is eight. Writer Andy paranormal investigator will join us and finish out the show with him but we're going to be talking about the book plus some of their other investigations. Some of the other work they do particularly where it was Dwight his work with animals. On what so what that's all about. So is going to be a great show tonight be prepared for that tomorrow night another great topic this is something that's very very popular with our audience. Every time we have the dream interpreter on our phone lines ring off the hook so will be prepared for that again tomorrow night with Cindy McGill. Should be taking phone calls should be talking about dream interpretation. Of what it means and wayward of their what are the hot buttons intrigues what are the things that we all. Might be dreaming about that have a significance. Plus shall take your phone calls and talk about your dream specifically. Wednesday night's program is another two guest program the first hour guy McCourt who is an author and a paranormal researcher and investigator. Bullock talked about growing up and living in a house of hell. 75 years of documented accounts in this house and how it inspired him to become an investigator to help other families deal with paranormal issues. That's the first hour Wednesday night's program. The second or Jamie Bartlett who is an author will be discussing his latest book called the people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy and how we conceive it we talk a lot about. How technology is changing our culture. Some ways it's good. Some ways see it's bad some ways we just not sure how it's going to end up being and it's a bit scary. So I Jamie Burke we will chat with us about that. On the second hour of when tonight's program. So we've got a lot of great stuff coming up on the show jot down the phone number 28446877669. If we get a chance take some questions later will open of foam onto you know about that. I'm also stop by the web site beyond re on the radio dot com is a lot of great information there including beyond reality radio coffee mug if you don't own one of these underground mine. One reminder sentenced you to wanna use to hold hands and this is a straight on the desk. And we go to the website click on the picture of the mug there you can order break from the website domestic shipping is included in the price if you're ordering from overseas to send us an email. And we will. Quote a special shipping for you indebted to that way Sones it's really easy deal you've got to Smartphones download the app it's beyond reality radio mobile app that's the one I think there's an old one on minute to go to the two confused when you wanna see beyond reality radio mobile app. And then allow you to join the chat room and also allow you to listen to archive programs some of the old episodes of the show. And you can listen lines trees there as well if you don't happen have a radio station in your area that's a great alternative but we do love the radio stations were on and we appreciate. Then being affiliates of beyond reality radio this number of them if you're unsure. Go to the website we have our affiliate list right there you can check it out British beyond reality radio dot com. All right so we're gonna do here's a gonna go to break and we come back I want to bring Dwight and Rhonda hole and we'll begin our conversation it's beyond reality radio. I'm my GB for Jason Knight is not with this will be back with this tomorrow night the action. It's beyond reality radio and TV Johnson Jason is off tonight we've got a great show for you lined up we're going to be talking about a book called. Speaking with the spirits of the old southwest among other things just three authors of that book white. And Rhonda hole we're going to be talking to in the first hour of the program. And also we've got Dan Baldwin joining us in the second hour of the program the three of them wrote the book together but first we're gonna bring. Dwight and Rhonda into their show guys so great to have you on the program welcome. Great to be hair pink salmon aren't. He has a great great to be here at Cathy Hume I'm my pledges and make sure we're all here we're gonna try to you know I was. What these questions up a little bit so we're not talking on each other but the first thing I I just want ask I know I noted juror website is believed and B is. As an honey bee bee he believes Carol normal dot com what's the significance of the bees. Well I'm looking up on that because the bead and and many ancient culture is believed to be the Matt Bender between that flight and the neck. And so we thought that was perfect for what we do and we have fondness. These are here in Arizona and it's actually my eight and one of my spirit animal so. We just adopted the name and it it really worked well Brad. Do we know the source of the mystical. Nature of these these bees I mean I I was reading some of the things on your website and it seems an ancient cultures. This insect. Which obviously is is a very very important in six given its roll on pollination and and crops and such but do we know other than that is there is a good reserve greater significance to this animal that we're just not appreciating. Well other than being the giver of life sending without being there is no lie yeah. I'm delight I don't know if you want to add anything more tomorrow. You know how I think that's probably work first originated ya know we agent Egypt for sure. The other revered to be it was you know. You know almost royals symbol. Because there was the you know. Conduit between disliking an actual and I think that's probably because you know it is polite to be years of life giver. So I'm pretty sure that's the reason that two you know there's so many different cultures and use should be so each one could have their own reason. No makes a lot of sense in this was kind of a side question I was just very very curious about that so Dwight let's start with fuel how long have you been investigating paranormal. I have been investigated we'll next month will be 34 years. So come a long time mixing in veteran and may choose. But that's the fifth and it makes me old I thought well. I I don't as did not and should probably shouldn't say this but I just again as midnight past Terry just finished number birthday so. I see those those ticks you know clicking on the calendar too but you know it's all it's all how you feel or not. So up look at what got you into this I mean you know and people don't wake up one day and say hey I'm gonna start investigating paranormal phenomenon something triggers a generally. What triggered it for you. Well from beyond that I always. Natural. Curiosity about spears goes to town I grew up. You know psychic hasn't even as a small child also I was able to see. At that time I thought you know just imaginary people are people who your mom and dad couldn't see the course later Clinton durst spirits. I've always had that natural. You know attraction to the spirit world and such I'm. You know I gotta be honest with you you know Q school I think you know I kind of played it down because back then. You know necessities such you know used to. You know come out lesbian a psychic that it now. Back then. So well pitched to a particular course. And it is really honestly I think it was after ghost busters. Originally air considered in June no pity for. And I started I did my first investigation in July of 84. You know try to sell that well you know you really can you know investigative notes a movie better this should be front and try and you know my father was a police officer and he told me as some hotels you know kind of flea bag hotel also speak at the time has been. They had a lot of murders and you know suicide just a little that would be a great place to try. So my first investigation on one of those hotels. And I had to do any VP and image you know I was sort of percent. So as you went out out in this venture for the first time you said you caught it needs CP US had some instruction. Because I don't know I mean I remind first experiences goes turning as a child actually. I didn't node to bring a reporter I didn't know to bring a camera I just went out and would use my ears and eyes and hoped I saw some things. I'm did you have some kind of guidance before you announce first time. You know about. Not physical as far as you know somebody would mean years of record talked to. But I didn't read this a lot of homes holders books. You know before I did that and you know. He you know. It was kind of you know the godfather regulations at that time of the paranormal and it wasn't real super. Accepted even back then soon you know thankfully ghostbusters got to put. You know ghost hunting on the map so to speak. But yeah I did a lot of research and reading at a like say a lot of hands harm's holder. And did back then the only equipment was very rudimentary. You know we don't have all the you know bells and whistle equipment we have now. So obviously my first recorder it was a small reel to reel tape recorder well yeah is what are what does it tells us some idea. If you let me who has accomplished is this has EMS meters back down. That's naturally you know Polaroid camera. Rhonda. Strategy your start. Well mine is not nearly as exciting a delight I was about thanks. Without my seven pounds and was seeing I don't said that person. There he looked at the real as you and I can meet. Public than couldn't see him. We had a little bit of a conversation and he basically told me that I was different from other children. Better and he went there the first of many that was set up in my life and to me you know there was no real purpose or meaning I didn't really get into. Paranormal investigating using equipment and on that door right. It is seven Utica so. What you said usage or yours wasn't as exciting as doing I'd say you know seeing a whole body apparition to start right out of the blocks is a pretty exciting way to start. Little bit normal that to me I mean I didn't talk about it with. Other people accept our family my mom and my grandmother but there. Eleven. Well there really investigating I was I was just talking to people who. We're just normal people I mean there were no different than the living in fact for many years I didn't know. Really that they were they were that I didn't know the different. So you couldn't run out of you yet is a child when you started having these experiences you didn't differentiator couldn't differentiate. Per say you know whether you were speaking to someone who had passed on orbit just your neighbor. Right exactly. Now that also led to some confusion at some point for you as a child. I got older they start it started coming to me differently I generally. Seat them as much physically they would show only seeing basically my my thigh. Or whisper things or some and they would typically appear to meet. But it wasn't as often and so it that part of it. And kindness. Against pot means that it was different duke and at my grandmother. It did you ever have the experience where you went to an adult whether it was a parent or grandparent Durham neighbor whatever. And said hey I was just talking to you know mr. XYZ. Who said this and the adults says how that's honey that's sweet but mr. swayze died four years ago or anything like that where. I mean we often tend to discount kids when they say those things and I'm thinking maybe we need to start listening to little more closely. You know actually for me I didn't have that experience and if I went to my mom's mom and my grandmother vote for. Very gifted. And my mom went a little bit afraid of it that my grandmother was pretty open with me. He did have experience. She didn't direct comment that you generally talked to me about it a credit front of the Stanley. Accurate actually my age died. And I think they were like twelve or thirteen. Got hit by car. And he didn't necessarily appeared to me and my groom is in the basement of the house and that he would Playtex let me. With the lights indoors and moving things and it freaked the hell out of me how to actually. But I would you know scream from my mom and and Tyler. And she never discounted that she would like no attempt at it. So you had the benefit reduction. Ethiopia had the benefit of some of parents that. Had their own sensitivities so had an awareness. And more right close to the idea to begin when it's. Exactly and my son at the same way he's very gifted he had. They're friends when he was little. Lead they would all go everywhere with us. And because I've I have experience of my life I never discounted at LA's. Try to help him grow his own against Tony and that's when he didn't want to ignore it but when he was accused or get that he you know I'm. We have got a lot to talk about tonight we've only got about a little less than a minute here before the break so Obama stay with you Rhonda for the moment here. As you were. Getting older and you said this some of these experiences became less of a physical type of experience three didn't seat. The deceased person it was more of a messages that would come to you. In your mindset I think you used the phrase. Did that change the way you looked at it at all or was that more of a just viewer or head dirty accepted it. And knows just kind of a part of your day. And it changed my aide Chris saps tonight it may be at the growing into it kind of thing. They don't physically appear at opting in front of me but they will physically appear in my mind they would sell me themselves in my mind that. Pretty and tell me you know to me pictures that tell me information. And they need to hear and and put it into my mind I. And when they do that would you get a picture you see who they are or you just getting words and messages. You know it every spirit is different it's like every person is different so sometimes more. As someone is more forthcoming million more information. That there really catty and spirit or more apprehensive then. Or don't really have a lot of things sound. It depends on the person. Okay hurry we're gonna take a break here we come back we'll continue our conversation with Dwight and Rondo halt. They are co authors with Dan Baldwin of a book called speaking with the spirits of the old south west will continue the conversation. On the other side of the break it's beyond reality read. Beyond reality. I'm Gene Johnson thanks for joining us and I were talking about the hawks beat Keane. With the spirits of the old southwest conversation with minors. Outlaws and pioneers who still roam go style towns are we talking with all three authors but right now we've got two of them Rhonda hall and Dwight hall with this. And Rhonda enjoyed both of some really really unique sensitivities and capabilities and when I get into that a little bit. Dwight you are an animal communicators. And I guess you'd call it a pet psychic is well. When did you when did you first become aware of those abilities those sensitivities. In your life. When I was about five. And coached football and pound Coney Island. I'm gonna guess it was about five. I noticed that I was able to understand our cap. It would actually you know. Communicate with these tube like pictures. And those like wallets and cutting interest rates and you know I try to live underdog since saying. And I just I was normal I I didn't realize it was a gift until you know much later what my grandmother. Recognized at it and said you know you've got a gift and you know you need to. You know helping animals. So that's when I started really delved into. And when you have these conversations with the animals and you still do. What form does it take can do you do you cure is do you hear them is an English is it isn't as a come to you telepathically. How does that all work. Well for me. When I communicate Vietnam War and I connect with them and when when I connect with the don't mean you know. I guess. Like a better term telepathy. You know I can look at their animals to replies I try to always looked in the times. And cannot get that connection and when he guilty connection feel it's almost a physical connection. And for me I get. Pictures. You know back and forth on so it's kinda like from the is like play and dictionary. You know they give me you know pictures. In certain sequences and I know. Can get an idea as to what they're telling me. I don't hear an actual physical boy meets. Get. I guess again I guess you'd say to open ethically I give. You know. Verbal information but not actually you know voice I don't explain that anymore but. Most of the time notes it's true like the dictionary kind of thing. Distinct dictionary like the game dictionary it's kind of an image and haven T Bill. Clinton and pressing way to describe it. I'm Ron I would ask you about a few things because they've noticed that that there's a number of words that I I know the meaning of some of them I don't know the meaning all of them will be can shed some light. Some of that is sensitive you have include clairvoyance. They're sending hints clue sorry. I was at at a high relative to keep going. I was gonna you go to the list here. Clear knowing cleared or Claire cognizance. And I think there was one not clear audio over a maxim not a remote can read my handwriting here but tell tell us what these things mean. So there are crowded hearing they're going and seeing clear. I'm a passionate about trans. There knowing it their content event and you know sensitive ceiling impasse. There's a ton of players. Pretty much. I have about five that. And spirit communicate differently well shown anything so we'll just. Talk to me clerk took their audience. And Kimmel and feel things feel there you know their emotions. So it worked in a variety of ways and I truly believed that everybody. On the planet has some degree of kids in various period. Waves that. It that the matter when you consider what if you recognize that. You know that's interest in we we hear that from other folks who have these sensitivities as well they say that everybody has some degree of this is just a question of whether or not a you accept it. And beat him hum once you've accepted if you learn to use it and it's almost like any other skill you've got to really use it and practices and and and work it to make it. I'm become more effective do you agree without. Absolutely it's just like any sport or music or singing. Mean some people are naturally more gifted as with anything. On that everybody has the ability to use their gift just. That I can play golf. I'm not compress it well look at practice. Thinking. So we views and you obviously been doing this quite awhile but you also said that you know came doing very very naturally in the beginning even realize it was a lot of it was happening. So what is it that help that gives some people that ability is and isn't it genetic thing isn't an environmental thing isn't it geographic thing. And I think that no I think it happens everywhere geographically. I think it. I don't think that everybody is medium. But I think everybody has psychic ability all the other. Gets eight. But a lot of people on me. People are media and I would say probably. A large percentage of children who have imaginary friend there are not a match. There are actually media and and you know through growth and acceptance. You know with their parents or whoever. They can learn to utilized at at you know once people understand that at nothing to be afraid and then he can move forward. To wait EU again Beck's your animal communicating skills and abilities you talk about raising awareness and advancing the relationship between human. And non human animals. On both a personal and spiritual levels what does that mean. I don't know how to basically it means to be able to. Hope we've got to bridge the gap from animal to human. And vice Versa. I've worked with a bad so I'm war with our shelters. You know to try to you know kind of bridge that gap and help. Both the human side of it and the animal side of it. And in in what way what are we what are we try and get to at the end of the day here. Well at the end of the day. It again that it's kind of case by case. You know if somebody calls me and to talk to their animal. Sometimes they have you know very specific you know questions or concerns. And I'll try to get answers you know from the animal. From the pet I. I'm used to what those entry are. A lot of times with shelters. Are trying to. Give them shelter people more background as to where the animal came from. What kind of you know environment it was in before it brought so they can better understand why the animal's behavior in the way Indians. And there are you know to stop barking to stop you biting or whatever. So it's just a lot of times just bridging that gap between the human in the animal and find out what Peta the animal needs all the launched. Is. A lot of times it's no up huge. Piece of puzzle. You can also communicate with the animals that have passed on is that exclusive to pets those that had a human. Relationship but during their lifetime or is it any kind of animal. Is any kind of an animal. I generally are receive stick to you know that took tests and so has become. And nobody comes to me and says you know I shot a deer lastly could you tell me. Signatories. And the like us that's not grossly it's mostly patched but. I have. You know we've got Raikkonen desert a lot we can look crossed obviously all kind of animals. And I'll try to connect with them. Just to see. If so tell me anything if I can connect with them just try to get an idea as to what they're doing out there but most of the time it's it's it's that. Pet animals. And I I can understand how that may comfort of pet owner greatly. When people lose past that's. It's really no different than losing any other part of your family. But in that. Process when you're working with a pet owner that's lost depending you're communicating with an animal. It does the animal. Completely understand what's happening there I mean. You know there is a difference in intelligence but we we don't know what the differences so dizzy animal understand what's going on. Again such it's kind of individual for the animal some do some don't. Most of the time the animal does know that you know something happened that they're not. In the physical body anymore. I have talked to use some animals have crossed over factors recently we have a friend of ours should give a good idea. From the bars have wanted to look at password recently. And came to me and say who can tell me if you know he's OK if you know. Such as well I'll do my best and try to connect I was able to connect. I was able to tell her you know what the animals died or was gonna die ship went down. Vital to work experience cause the cat had you know in that transition. And I was also able to tell her that her brother. Who have passed on years ago. Was on the other side and greeted her animal. And they are together on the other side. And that made all the difference in the world. To this this woman. And just so you know who. I did not negotiate. A brother passed on. I said we'll hear your camp wouldn't to the other side. It was greeted by mail about this size in about them down and he says name and so and so and she just. Burst out here she goes just my brother that died a few years ago. So she she was very happy note to see that you know her cap wind and was actually with somebody. Well Rhonda let's talk about your work is a medium because you also reach over to you to the other side and you worked offer clients who were trying to communicate. When those that have passed on does that work in the same way is it is that it telepathic anything Q you said as you grew up in these experiences gonna change and became more. Of a telepathic Corey you know a mental image palm was the way that it was being is that the communication was taking place is that still whole works for you. It'd it mostly telepathic although sometimes it will be. In audible all I'll hear it. Or they'll send me pictures. Yeah I mean it is very similar to them although I don't wanna have that. Bridging that gap and I forgot to mention that at bridging the gap also had to let humans know. You have a better understanding of their animal and that it is in May be there pac that it hasn't film. And it's intelligent and they can understand you. Are so many people. And to have this you know I would just packed our it's just the top sorts of attacks. They are really intelligent creatures. He stepped. Really what he's trying to do it is bridge that understanding that don't treat them at that they're just a path. Or family member. I might challenge that it remaining challenge that intelligence notion as I see my dog running my religion through the. It's a different aspects that they met that now dead arcade that's. We're pretty much the same way bill you know come through an inch from any spirit can come to any age that they were in life. They don't always come through as they were when they. And they can go back to any time frame in their life where. Day where you know at that time they want to come through when they're 35 or whatever. So. And it it the average predict a friend and they don't only have like a long when that conversation content that's listed priest and a French. But anything I can do to help. Keel all the hard or help people. Moved through the grieving process. Again is. Is a worthwhile. Sure you know a quick question here before we have to go to break Dwight one one of her chatters in the chat room asked if you're able to use those guests guests to communicate with and most help find missing pets. I have done that. I don't do that frequently actually. So I think the quick answer would be yes I have done it it's not something that. Doesn't like to do only because it's it's very difficult because the animal is holding hers. You know I ordered the nature of jewelry and I can tell somebody you know well he told me he's by this bridge or whatever but senate didn't get out that you may not be so it's it's kind of difficult to actually nail it down. But I have a good. Definitely have helped people find lost pets or pet center runway and unfortunately. You are passed on and I Mortimer the body. Right okay. Right now we're talking with Dwight and Rondo hole we're talking about their abilities but also about their books speaking with the spirits of the old southwest we're going to be bringing. In the third of the co authors is that booked and Baldwin and our next hour it's beyond reality radio we have a lot more daunting job tax. Johnson Jason Hawes is off tonight you'll be back with us again tomorrow night we've got a great show lined up tomorrow night but tonight we're talking. With Dwight and Rondo hall about their book called speaking with the spirits of the old southwest were given to then just moment. Also will have the third of the co authors Dan Baldwin join us in the second hour of the program as well to fight another question in on the came from our chat room. Is related to tech communications. From deceased pets doesn't matter if the pet has been recently deceased or deceased long ago does that have any impact in how. You're able to communicate with them. Not not really. In conference win a long ago and I have sometimes a little more difficult time he'd make a connection. But it. No it doesn't have to be a recent. I'm not passing for me to connect with the animal. I've done readings with people and animals they have when they were. Little children have come true you know that's 3040 years. Or fifty years you know so dominated. Doesn't have much Syrian. But sometimes it does make it difficult for Pepsi only. Animal they wanna talk to from forty years ago in that you're really takes a lot to even try to connect. Rhonda we have about a minute here for a top of the other break him and hold you to over a little bit longer into the second hour before we and a bringing Dan into the program. But runner when it comes to communicating with those of deceased now we're talking about people not pets at this point. You have clients come to you and ask you to communicate with somebody. Does it ever happened the other way around as the spirit come to you and say hey we you please find my daughter or my knees or whatever happened to be. This is who it is in can you bring her to me does that ever happen that way. Sometimes it does actually and you know I can't always I mean I decided to do that that. I have to have a name there. And sometimes that I'm gonna last I'm on get that the first name and maybe. I'm not pitcher where they live directory name are you know done little. Clue. And then basically I just announced that on page a day. And somebody here that looking for. So and so you know if you know that person you could do please PM me. But once a week I do readings unpaid back. And that's how I do my reading. So my reading our spirit need readings and I don't have people ask questions that people put their names that kind of sent it out there to the universe and that there. People that they wanted to talk to and then whoever come through I just. I that the method done they've let on mine on the page and but the good news that the tips from the that they look like what they passed. And here's the math and tonight typically do career for a week. So that they can get their methods Whelan and typically. All it. Someone knows that they're talking about some that brings closure. Right right so we're gonna break here on the other side of the break we're gonna continue our discussion with Dwight and run to hole for a few minutes and and we're gonna bring Dan Baldwin and Dan of course. Is the third of the three co authors of the book speaking with the spirits of the old southwest we're gonna get into that book. In the next hour it's beyond reality radio I'm Jamie Johnson thanks for being here don't go away a lot. Turns out Jason's off tonight he's got a great show for you tonight white in Rondo halt. Are joining us also Jim Bolden will be joining us a little bit three of them wrote a book that is called speaking with the spirits of the old southwest conversations. With miners. Outlaws and pioneers who still roam ghost towns. We're gonna get into that in just few moments don't forget tomorrow night it's all about dreams will be taking your phone calls for dream interpreter Cindy McGill she's been on the program before does a great job. The talking about the interpretation of dreams also talking about you your dreams specifically when you call and that'll be tomorrow night's program. Wednesday we've got two guests one each taking in our guy McCourt will start the program guy is an author of paranormal researcher and an investigator. He's also somebody who grew up in the than Hart house of hell. This particular house has over 75 years of documented accounts wrote a book about it. And also inspired him to become an investigator to help other families deal with paranormal issues we'll talk with guy in the first hour Wednesday night the second hour Jamie Bartlett. Will join us he's got a book it's called the people vs tech held the Internet is killing democracy and how we can say that we've talked about. Technology and its effects on our culture. And our future. This is one of those discussions that would be the second hour of Wednesday night's program lot of great stuff coming up don't forget the phone numbers 844687. 7669. We also like you to stop by the website check it out beyond reality radio coffee mug is there. If you're so inclined it's a great way to enjoy your morning coffee or your nighttime coffee if you're listening to Willy radio show. Like this one or hot chocolate whatever happens to be. Also a place you can go and find out what radio stations carry the show across the country. And you can join the chat room there. You can also it gets back episodes of the show it's on the website beyond reality radio dot com. If you have a Smartphone download the app that Steve beyond reality radio mobile app that's available for. Iphones in four Droid phone so it's available for everybody pretty much. Anyway we've got a great show underway here and bring our guests back into white and Rhonda haul and we're gonna talk with them for just a few more minutes and and we're gonna bring Dan ball went into the discussion. And I wondered am askew Rhonda specifically. Before we get into the discussion of the of your role in the book. You've also done some work with the law enforcement only tell us about that. Well in. 2000 and I joined a group. Much actually founded in. The only area of Arizona. And say it's a group. Run by a former. DEA agents and so basically at age group that like it's. And and my cashed my mind went blank and search and rescue on other people that are. I'm involved with finding missing persons are helping to solve homicide cases and we only work a case we would only indicate when we're contacted bylaw enforcement or the family. Who never went there looking for a site works for them for about. Five years though the volunteer on that actually how I met and he was. Doing the same thing using his standalone. Am worked him pretty. And dictate that they get to college and then I left the group into it out and trying and I still do it. I just and no longer. Have a commitment that group. Just yet there were a quick question about it rewarding our. How does a law enforcement view that contribution because I've heard mixed things. I'm I think gun law enforcement and agencies are more open than others bad. I think typically it is a last resort only. Often times that when the person on looking for a quite a long time. And you know it if you have nothing else can you mean you can't deny your other leads you know what let's harmed if I didn't write it if he get is some kind of illegally GQ. The person then you know. And it didn't matter where. Sure if Dwight let's let's turn the topic here to the book. Who the three of you worked on the book together. We're going to be talking to Dan in just a few moments here but so would you in Rondo what were your roles in putting this book together. Our role primarily mine. Could each of us have kind of specialty. Did we win now we can put together. We came together for this you know for this purpose you know Roland is psychic. I am too but I like to. You know stay with animals so my role in this book was I was you know tech guy. The investigator. I would ask a lot of questions from the panel recession and such like that. I would basically conducting interviews with experienced and would use have been doing to get answers and then run under. Would either. Confirm or we were confirmed her. Take on what was happening or what conversations happening. I'm so my role was basically as an investigator. And beyond economics thing. Around very you obviously were using your psychic abilities new medium ship and the collection of information for the spoke to two all. Travel together to these sites do an investigation and that's what served as the foundation for the book. Did at exactly what happened. Yeah we we can occupied doing something together. Do see how are in different so that's a mansion and delight no he he can pop to the spirit. And he just. Prefer to see animals but he did quite a bit of that end up one. I doubt we we came together whom we found the location I was kind of close I. And just to see if how it would work if that would work. And it really worked well that one time around an old jail. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere and a ghost town. And we actually. Ended up helping. Someone crossovers. I mean it was it was really. And lightning and emotional experience then elect a grounder and I think we need we need to do that we need to write it down. And new whose idea was it to. Two focus on this particular region geographically but these particular stories. Well you know we Donald damn end up medallion made sense so that about three hours from but we all love the history. The old black and that there's been all over Arizona but. There's so much history here whether it's native American and nor cowboy aid or and Mexican immigrants coming through in that 17100. Eighteen hundreds there's so much to treat there with so much to explore. It outlets don't try to pocket and these people see if anybody will tell us their story. And in their work really well look there's so much of it here you don't really have to go hunting court if it everywhere. Well I think I'm Dan is actually in the room with soon I think a three year old in the same place combo disorder or metric to break. When I come back one of you can around the switch over to Dan won and more start that conversation you know you don't we don't assert that the so we have to lose all of you so powervu guys when work that I just can have three on at the same time it's it's a little confusing. All right so we'll go to break and we'll bring our guests backing and again we've been talking with Dwight hall and Rhonda haul and we're going to be bringing Dan Baldwin and in just a moment the three of them wrote a book. Cold speaking with the spirits of the old southwest conversations with minors outlaws and pioneers who still roam ghost town. It's beyond reality radio. I'm Jim Johnson. The show it's beyond me over the radio and TV Johnson. Jason Hawes off tonight you'll be back. This tomorrow night we're talking about a book called speaking with the spirits of the old south west. How conversations with the miners outlaws and pioneers who still roam ghost towns fascinating topic fascinating part of the country fascinating history. And today joining us is a third of the three co authors is that booked and Baldwin and I Dan welcome to the program which are beyond. I'm gripping your thanks for the invitation. So let's start by learning a little bit more about you how did you develop an interest in this topic to begin with us. I basically stumbled into it. But eighteen years ago. I had them. Well I was interested in the sacking phenomenal but it was just way out there you know what I hadn't studied religion like yeah and I hadn't one point ahead overwhelming urge. To find missing children it was sort of like a voice you know find missing children came out of nowhere. And now. There's a power of their third and so strong and like I couldn't shake it sort after about yeah. 03 months of that that urge you being there and help find missing children that you love got to do something about it this is some kind of command coming from somewhere. And outside it occurred when you know I'm not trying police dumpster and I am not a private detective and the like to try and no experience finding people at all. And it just hit me you know pilot he tried this psychic thing. What started hanging around a couple of psyche bookstores and try different thank you terror are trying to like get in Monday yes so a woman. Clean implement it says I can do this I can do that. And I picked up the pin looming and started working with it and I'm myself well into the browser that was about eighteen years ago. Interesting and I know very very little bit a little about that particular technique explain how works. What basically. The pedal himself that this is real important understand there's there's no magic whatsoever in the pendulum hit it so I'll wait on the strength. And so it is it's just too old to hammer you don't talk. But what you do that you you hopeful that the weight you know restraining hand in the latest thing in them that's the pendulum. And while you're conscious mind is looking at the pendulum itself. You're conscious mind if it's cattle like jumping you know they get themselves to watch and trying to inflation watched a watched. Watched watched. Well now occupies you can't just mine until they hit the tension galore the subconsciously was trying way it would depend to a why you can't just mind its focus on the way. You're so conscious mind is their book there about freedom to do that so the subconscious mind stuff. And it's not just connect with a higher power and you can define up higher power however you want to defiant but there is a higher power. And you ask the questions the higher power provides the answer. Yes and little down to the sub consciously or subconsciously and just simply answered two year basically your fingertips and you make the most building your fingertips swing the pendulum. And they rights wings usually yes. Unless he's usually you know. And it does it depend on just goes back and forth that mean you generally. You're not gonna get an answer or you need to retraced questions. The theater that the important thing is the answer comes from a higher power. Down to usurp not just in to your physical body. Ands or what types of things can you give answers to basically anything. Anything yeah. Didn't think anything you go Nancy you can get a yes or no. And when you hear you but would you be just so I can really understand this yeah. When would you most likely be implementing this technique when you're trying to communicate with somebody who's passed on. Or you're trying to you know get answers to you you've misplaced your keys and what types of things and I didn't mean to say that and adjusting way I'm serious as. No honestly tell you that you would even doubt anything you conduct your car you conduct your physical body. You know. Would it do I have a probably Monday chant yes or no. I would about anybody trying to do that it's okay to do they haven't checked we get doctor also. These things you can ask a question about it and getting gets in the Lansing you can ask you can work with your Kindle. I got a boat looking for missing children and I used the technique generally will call mapped out again I would look at a map and just blew the narrow down the search area. Until I got a specific. You know what longitude and latitude. So and then from that thought I'd like to know you sense that. Now I would you know we get elected in the long Qaeda in you know they search party could therefore go to a specific area. So instead of you know the missing person is in now. Luckiest county Arizona I can go to. Let alone so and so let alone so and so you can go directly to that point. Which really made these the size of a football field. It's worked out Lum. You know I'm someone say it doesn't work a 100% of the time but you know what I'm good enough I'm looking pretty well. Yeah I don't think any and I techniques work a 100% of the time I think now you know zone there is there's certain of file fallibility in all of them. Anybody until you in this in this certainly includes site he should write a 100% of the time is either lying or diluted. Conceptually right we can't please pick it up somewhat stay on the other line with us raw under two idea right on the other line so so round I don't they don't let me out very flattering backed up. Rod I wanna ask you about this to housing though because I'm sure you use and Dwight in Dan all kind of tried to corroborate each other's findings did you find that the Dow closing. Was a it was a that reliable way to back up the things that you were sensing. Absolutely. Actually it worked really well because of wind and investigators you go you get. Information via your equipment you have to a lot of times got back home. Download the information and you know if he got me VP and then go back to the occasion that the Pentagon really narrow it down if I am. Sensing more to wipe it and saying all that we know that someone is fair. Most of the time daydream just before we ever get there. I can tell them straight out you know others and that does the lady here named Mary. Yadda yadda. When we get there will start a panel on session. That happens a lot or. You know I'm and saying that someone here. Or there more than once bearden and Dan can invalidate patents. No locked in times like invalidate that as well with what he's telling that the pendulum allow that to narrow down. Specifically who we are talking to me that we don't have to wait time. Is trying to figure that out. And I. Yes and denigrate Dan we've got about thirty seconds here roof where before if you're jumping to break again that. Do you find that the more you do this more accurate becomes or is it is it has it been the same. Accuracy such is started. Nowadays understood earlier vanished like India to get to the more you fractured the better you get added and the more you understand it and the idea is that the more. Quick your reactions are. It's like you know that were playing the piano you know the more you practice the better you get. Right right OK let's take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation it's beyond reality radio I'm talking with Dan Baldwin and Rhonda halt. Authors of the book speaking with a spirited. Heal itself blessed beyond reality and. Showed little Johnny Cash. For you songs called Jackson's bumper music content beyond reality radio Jason is off tonight I'm Jamie Johnson thanks for being here. We're talking about the books speaking. Wins the spirits of the old southwest conversations with the miners outlaws and pioneers who still roam ghost towns were talking with authors Dan Baldwin Rhonda halt Dwight hall who's also one of the authors of the book was where this in the first hour of the program. Janet wanna ask you about ghost towns get. You know obviously ghost towns or are called that because they've been abandoned and they're just in others there are people leaving their purse say anymore. But do ghosts don't have a propensity to have more gold send any other time. I would say probably less into the cosmos ghost town's only existed for a short period of time. He's take a city like New York which he's been there forever you know they're bound to have a lot more. We'll spend man you know bit down like Google Canada here good Cortland or at least similar. If you play just like get to Atlanta navy a year or two years. That they may be you might be able to make more contact and so they are just because it's so isolated that I would say the more the bigger the population the language and then probably the more go to you don't have. Is there any particular anguish her emotional. Residue. In a ghost town they may not exist in a regular be known American town. You know lacy said those ghost towns they went up fast in a lot of cases they were abandoned fast in the result fortunes made in a lot of cases and fortunes lost. Does that. Stress or emotional capital lend itself at all to leaving some kind of bomb. Spiritual footprint. I would say that can restore one of the most emotional probably on each President Obama but the most emotional response we've ever had was in tombstone which is saying you know are living city it to go down but it also has a population. And we had a stationed there that they. It was giving AM. What we're doing now glad wanna do fund raiser for wounded warriors and we had about thirty people that come through for. In LA you know this spiritual weekend. We are looking for a ghost and spirits. And we had ascension there one night and it was actually recorded. And it was so emotional they were like thirty trapped for forty people weeping. It was so powerful we have released we were able to release a spirited and it was incredibly emotional. It looked like a wave of emotion going to have people and that's in a jam the other has an actual living population. When you and these towns and you start to do your research where does the information to the stories come from. Are are they just kind of found you know. Biggest urban legends wouldn't be the right way to describe them but are these just like local legends that you followed up. Or is it was a little more scientific than that. However praised both you know socially you that you guys you'll find in the book we have well. An accurate history of his location that we go to that we pull that from history both from records that are their interviews with people you know the usual source for historical. You put pistols were search. That part of what is extremely accurate in terms of actual history but there we go into the psyche period and that's what we do the actual striking was search on that site. So well. You know the refugee question is probably I'll be about historical record but we also talk with people on the site. You have played so they're there's you're a spirit of old Joseph was so they're so that's Google you'll check soldier well. I wanna I wanna bring Rhonda back in here in this discussion as well. I'm assuming that all three of you were kind of geographically. Centric to the southwest so therefore these stories probably it kind of circulated in your lives. All along and there are some pretty famous ones too that you know might be more nationally known or or you know more more famous for me from a historical stance as standpoint. But what is it about the southwest you mentioned the the Indian population human mentioned you know migrating. Mexicans during the the whole transition between that part of the country becoming you know beat being part of Mexico and then being part of the United States. On does. All that together particularly the Indian heritage. Add to this this psychic or this spiritual fuel that you sensed as you do your research. And you know there's. There is you can't really go anywhere around here without their being native American. Kitts street and in many key as native American spirit. And again I think it does in offense fueled some of that. And into white night were actually were all transparently none of us that were born in greater. In that you're from Louisiana twenty some years ago. Or longer and lighten and tear. Of out that from the Ohio and I only mid year. Seven years ago from Portland Oregon to. It catalog of this the whole state so. That's united the locals so it was easy access for us. So one of the things that I think guys are I read somewhere along the way up as you're putting this book together. You kind of tackle some mysteries too I think there are some some kind of on unanswered questions on that you may have actually found some answers to. In your research is that true. Trying to think now on the book. It's just generally go get it going we're working on the case. And thank each and every night and a lot of money. Sir did not mean John. On the spot. That's okay John Ringo is the one in his that the Taliban and kind of and unanswered question is am. I think it's in the book as and solved or are to the side that we as. Through talking to him and through doing witness testimony going back to the records of the day. We've learned that it was murderer and he David the name of the person that murdered and don't. Yeah we're able to do that in some cases. Now Dan this is kind of off topic is first the spoke goes but you've written a lot of stuff on a whole variety of topics you write for other people you write on base early anything. That your past two. I'm when it comes to this paranormal discussion is this something that's more of of of love is as or more people more emotional capital into this type of writing then then maybe some of the other topics achiever and about. Yeah definitely definitely definitely no doubt about it now and your writing my novel and I know my mysteries and westerns in the two others who think like that. And I enjoy legal community full of people but in terms of just emotional. The emotional kick of the paranormal that is where is worth that. I annually I enjoyed it was searched. These you know like Latin anomaly history buff from way way way back. And they exploit you with the help spirit is really something special. Tell me I'm not yet to tell me about Saddam one of the one of the investigations that you did in preparation for this book that you know still mean maybe to haunt she was probably the bat a bad word two sets that there's a connotation there I don't want it. Don't want implies. But senate tele about one of the ones that kind of stuck with the. Bet you that's got to basically gambling that she is better known as Medicare wider. Come along a lot from the can still Mara. Are we investigated met Matty ended up. I have been a town coping now which is your superiors on the the stakes it goes down now. NG they're in the canal open now cemetery and we went up there just to do reading just see we don't usually go to go to break yours that we wanted to go to that spot. And that he showed up in it was quite an eye opening experience. It was an emotional experience. And we can become friends with that we've been we've been back several times and every time we go back but he is beginning to teach us some interest and think about the other side and also about her life back here. We are. Bartlett London our students. And we're not built hundreds we're we're students. And these aliens who met here has been really really fascinating she's kind of bringing us so long. Not only would the this historical record of what really happened back in machines out of bringing us along with what goes on in the the spirit world. And that's that's Ager get some billion it is fascinating. She can book one QB and vote could. So you just said book to what spoke to. We have just finished writing. Book thing which is a problem look at this one. And it's pretty much along the same lines accepted but they were a little bit better at it because we've been working together for so long. It is stated we're gonna be. You know apology that this well practiced without finish it this week. And we're over to kick around ideas provoked three. No I think. Dwight had mentioned Hahn's hold serve as an influential character in his life when it comes paranormal. Money each state could turn Rhonda and Dan. Of course and paranormal. Personalities are over investigators are researchers that helped to define your. Interest and you were a process. As a comes to the paranormal. I can tell you from my perspective John Edward was acute in front of my life. Going back years and years and years. But especially so crossing over from many years ago. Did Howell. Reaffirm my guests the work that I do he can invalidated. I you know he's. A 100%. You know the real deal and he's been kind of the leader. In the forefront. For every other psychic medium that ever a shuttle or. And impact came out of climate throughout. And W Dan. Okay well. You know clear out. Blonde is a clear audio in a clairvoyant and declares can't get into and caliber player newbie. I got killed this pretty related and a pretty late in the game so much of my real influence is what I have to plead to like Rhonda we'll dad about it. We're looking into that anybody else at. If you had to. To pick a a location for a place to go to investigate who may be starting third book. What would you picked Dan. I don't rule that would yeah. I would draft in the desert go to Chapel Hill and spit my parliament followed this bit. Which. Spoken like a true. True wandering spirit have you Rhonda. Well try a certain book were actually thinking about going more along the lines. Animal communication and like hunting through the eyes of animal. But. If we had to go more towards human spirit I would wanna go to. Tennessee would be my first stop to talk to Maryland a lot of. Mom can. We're gonna take a break here in just a moment and after wrap up our conversation. Again the web site is believed paranormal it's the eat eat so don't double Ian believes paranormal dot com. Arm what some things do you do other than write books I know that running you do you have public services to and you do your debt housing work for clients as well. Very very rarely if somebody like black and Rondo or friend or someone that they recommended that tranda oldies psyche ward the primarily. I spend my days walking into the individual would like Rondo. And writing and actually I'm a writer a little bit Olivia does. And and by Rhonda Rhonda you do offer many of your services for folks who in need right. I feel I do a lot of free reading a lot of what I do is giving back at people and when I'm not doing that. We're usually out exploring some talent or hiking in the desert so. And I know Dwight does that if you are very good and and the best way to contact any of this review is through the website is that right. Patrick art awesome the book is called speaking with the spirits of the old southwest of conversations with minors outlaws and pioneers who still roam ghost towns are guest. And then Dwight hall Rhonda hole and DN Baldwin thanks guys for being here on the program it's been a pleasure. Thank you thank you I guess that's are much OK we're take a break when we come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality radio I'm Jeannie Johnson thanks. This is that true or not they. We hit each deep crap. I was an ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wish you HD along for the ride. And they buy Pampers ad and now I'm getting some ground thank you which city Steve Cochran. 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Credit goes fertilizer comes with all the things you need to make your morning tour into a whole lot more like a hearty stain resistant. It meant a supplies fertilizer reasonable story corrected copy of People Magazine and in ocean breeze air freshener crack turtle iTunes music as he. Project have been neighbors over for fertilizer part bringing to grabs for the weekend visit your kiln fires around so it's a big help when potty training. Didn't get to use and dependence attorney is excellent experience. It's the footprint to return to nicer. Thanks cracked. Started small business for the ones by selling your extra internalize it and roots what's the scoop with your pool don't flush on those kids down the toilet crock of turtle the president fertilizer is available for special limited time price and get this free pass from Decatur distort your internalize or materials. To cause unpleasant odors. Action today. And all right thanks everybody. For joining us tonight thank you did Dwight in Rondo Holland Dan Boland who we are being our guest tomorrow night we've got a dream match. Snipes going on cinema Gilles premature probably wisest taking your phone calls by the way. Will be discussing dream interpretation. And helping people discover their true identity through their dreams. And Wednesday guy McCourt and Jamie Bartlett will be splitting up the program guide is an author and a paranormal researcher and an investigator. He's written a book about growing up and house of hell. This house is 75 years of documented accounts and an inspired him to become an investigator and an inspired him. To help other families. Deal with their paranormal issues and then Jamie Bartlett will be talking about his book the people vs tech. How the Internet is killing democracy and how we can save and I know it's killing retail. At least local retailers. Are suffering and disappearing malls are disappearing. And what the world looked like got malls in some ways better. But in some ways have not having those who local reach those going to be difficult. Anyway that's our discussion winds and nine in the second half of the of the program be sure to join us Jason will be back with the ist tomorrow I hope everybody has a great evening it's beyond reality radio on Jimmie Johnson thanks for being here. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jackson knows all and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.