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Dream interpreter Cindy McGill

Jun 28, 2018|

Jaosn Hawes & JV Johnson talk to dream interpreter Cindy McGill about the meaning of dreams. Cindy takes calls from listeners and offers her advice. 6/27/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. There are. Our panel West Coast and east and start somewhere in between what can be on currently reading with myself Jason Hawes and the result of these TV all at least some JV Johnson you know I can use two or three of me actually to that I can do one thing that you go second go take a -- and I could still be out doing the show and cadet another one of me doing some other stuff around the house I think two or three mean my main basically we bristling with Tom and aiming to spend that long of today are. I had to get up early today now had to get over I mean my my son's Heather moving up ceremony moving up there officially high schoolers at street that's preliminary you know obviously I've known your your boys so I've known all your kids but your poisons are basically toddlers yet well yet you new coach for saying you. You really hung out with us I mean they were. The did you start walking yet. Genesis is just hard now I think fourteen and a bigger than both of its hard does it just believed it that much time has gone by a rocket teams and and a son James that scare con and it's great to see him but I remember this week. Any kid who was right in the roller coasters at the Disney with the within the of the life and the rest of the fairways are so it's funny I guess that happens I guess it's a good thing anyways aboriginal community I'm marketed today etiquette don't worry descend from these might seek to dismiss him or on anymore doctorate is elicited Shepperd our walkers take what Columbia on earlier radio ever bust it's Jason and javy. And hopefully javy you had a great birthday yesterday thank you yeah. I did I did. Mica said I was I'm not getting older so when he fair 23 and half via okay so you've been. But any US amateur having yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like a FaceBook page forests than had to be under really radio dot com. We fight all the stations we are across countries less costly being updated with stations being added some machine check in Austin. He also download the free iPhone and android separate there ritualized is to listen life guess that shows only go and a lot more. Or just any night were lies just feel free go to the website it beyond reality radio dot com and click either the pop up button which. Longitude hang out and Jeremy GG myself and a great community people or just Folsom libel and you can listen right from the what's. We have a great show lined up tonight we and I say that almost every now and I do see different and a connect. But tonight we've got an armor sets horrible I know but I just as a million internally the optimist back to bed tonight Gary tuchman dream interpretation within returning guest Sunni McGill she's been on the program before. And she's just fascinating with her with her ability to and analyzed dreams and talked about why we dream and why we dream the things we dreams. And what certain things all mean beyond just interpretation you know why. A why some nights we remember dreams why some nights we don't Endesa he will be taking phone calls and talking about your dreams as well. A little bit later in the program but this is always a fascinating discussion fascinating conversation and Cindy so fascinating guest. Well Cindy is and if I remember correctly she sets of all the time and they do a thing every year at the burning man forceful yet but she also. I mean she is so good she actually interprets. Org chart yes she goes to the way isn't nearly the adult video old convention in Las Vegas lost some of those dreams and even a I can't imagine zealous or my dreams are but I mean if you're actual porn star. And whatever it. Hunt so be prepared to call in an offer. Or get some guidance from Cindy about your dreams and we all have. Dreams that we just wake up like what the heck with wide and I read that what was that about. Sometimes we knew we dwell on that them for days as we try to figure them out some DOD and VA meanings obvious but. In many cases it helps to have somebody like Cindy. Kind of walk through with you would. Give you better idea what the next going on in your subconscious that would make you dream that way and I. And I barely. I barely remember it here and there but I will say like last week I had the craziest. And it was one minute I was on the hot air balloon. And the next minute I and it's in in Iraq and in more that your honor knowing I was leaving it there were utter contempt and but and then all the sudden I was and one of those little. Little things locally along more with him a fan on the back in the wings you know those little one senior things where people are flying around. But in the did you see like when they show old clips of people trying to fly back before airplanes were real similar but the ones that I seen now of people actually below him one cedar little choice today exactly them and then it switched over to I was in another type of thing flying it was just wide open in the air and I had no idea what was going on. While his own source telling me I was just hide a that's what. But all flight related stuff all that play well and it was open air flight and through which receive a one or more I mean who wins that you're phase sheer. I don't Jeb a scar through flapping in the wind and goggles on and what are your coffee store he hit that gentleman goggles no I did not I don't know why don't know because I don't think so its leaders see myself and it was weird those aren't the leaders are gonna is gonna wake up more or falling element bidders from our west the window open then you went Salmonella. Something we're Atlanta we'll have destiny with that means. So who knows you so EEE we were to segments for the truth to come in and we didn't mentioning yesterday but the reality TV world. Los somebody. All stars who Richard Harris and also known as the old man. Passed away at the age 77. And increasingly agree much a people and it it said that. But he lost in losses battle but guess who lost his battle with it's a long issue Parkinson's disease that is battling. And he'll he'll be greatly missing and he was a key element on the show or use very important person and and it is just seemed like all around great guy straight shooter and sadly I using user curmudgeon he was a bit of curmudgeon but that was would demean and so when hearing. Some people say abrasive products and more just straight. Street four straight shooter you I'd prefer to deal with the people who tell you. Exactly how it is and so beat around the bush didn't know as a worried about you know how you feel. He didn't pull any punches and he was the brunt of a lot of jokes from some of the other guys too and then he took it well but. Yet you know anytime somebody that's been in the public guy for that long and and a new and all along pawn stars spin on the ever spent. Month barefoot while 78 years ago should rethink even more fair but then again time. I don't seem to have a good grasp on it but either way it's been around long enough that Tim most people who CNET and I'm watched an episode or two and you know he was a well recognized and so gonna lovable guy and then it's a shame. Yet he we will be greatly men stand our hearts go out to the entire Harrison family and I only wish you all the best you know. All right so we are ready to talk about dreams here. On the engine and I'm I'm always rated talk about dreams OK so let's take a break in when we come back to bring Cindy McGill and we will open up the phone lines a little bit probably sometime during the in the second half hour of the program election know when to start calling and Aaron in a phone number just take it down is 844687766. Mind and toll free 8844. 6877669. You listen to Jason indeed even beyond really radio will be back. Radio the phone number 6446877669. We will open up our phone lines a little while so you can join our conversation. With Cindy Miguel dream interpreter Cindy by the way is the author wrote a book called. What your dreams are telling you a mocking solutions while you sleep on her website is Cindy McGill. Dot org Cindy welcome back to be on reality really it's great to have you here again. Thank you let's skip to be back with the debt. Now welcome back to the show. So what have you been up to since you were on the program west it's been a little while. Colonel Mike get the yes and now a lot of things to change. Well we're missing I think we're gonna that the Texas and out I just got my burning man tickets in the mail so that's exciting this year. We have a team camp out they're so. I think get started going around check out some or. So you know. It it thing virgin. Living writing on it seems like where constantly. A watching thing the ball again did not in our lives and the lives of other people around us and it's fun and it's an even. Are all the things that we. Hear about burning man troop. Thank you for a lot of great but this festival is that really what it is what we hear is that are reluctant. Really ever in its it's created space packed ink. That's the way I look at it any way you know there's just a lot of people that are just incredibly creative are much they do their art they have. Our projects that they put out aren't what they called bio which means each. And it's just gathering up around you know what I think it up to around 70000 people or more this year. And down. You have to every kind of person to once stood just go out and live a free expression and watch out for around ten day. We actually have a theme camp this year where we do dream interpretation. We do on a lot of beer work we lot of you know cute. Trying to breed how open live and give direction and should help people she's trying to get grounded again. If for the next phase of their lives and sell. You know it's a hodgepodge. I don't know what you really hurt him I think we've all heard different things that. It's quite an exciting. Ten days. In a little unfair we've heard many. We've heard a lot of us lot of different things about earnings in the have made via myself really think we should probably attend at some point. You are it is a survival thing you have to really make sure that you accurate food water or leave no Trace. Which means that whatever you bring in you take out including guard agents. You make friends with your neighbors and in you know just people can really. How let your hair down a little bit then I am. In see how they acting. A lot of ways it gives a base for. A connected freedom where are everyone's on the same playing field. And there's nobody bit more period and someone else at least that's the way. It's the end that I. When I've been out there and around. And you get to meet a lot of really incredible people. Sam is your is your attendance there and you go and I know you do dream interpretation while you're there. But is it visitor is an a business trip for you hours of more personal journey. She got out. You know I am. I have a nonprofit corporation so we can go around as a group not. We inherited healers and tear than people who have a lot of different I get mix. Where we can arm and putter gap in. And you know we don't there's no money it tables to everything it's about gifting. It's about it it would we interpreted dream someone may have made. A piece of art that they carry over round with and then will we you know had an encounter with emerald we've we've done some sort of your work with them then they it they can get but the peace ardor making give up something that they feel is it you know special to them much and down. So it's been a real fun it is truly actually. Ben. A great experience for me because I have had my eyes opened to a lot of the real finding creative people that it would probably would have never met the real work world where you have stepped. I'm an image you have TB a certain player you're working a job in your expected to be a certain way and so. Our people are very free and open out there. I'd say it's more bartering and that's Canada and and neat concept deceit on. Sit simulate. Every once Alito we're willing to help each other our I mean if you got a flat tire on your actor like. Three people all want you know just. Trying to pump up retire get you back on the road again you know everyone's very attentive cute helping each other out. Just a great concept of community. We've got a few minutes here before we have to go to break I wanna turn the discussion to actually. What we're going to talk about what's his dreams and interpretation of dreams tell us why it's important for us to understand dreams. Yeah I think they're really they're a lot of information. That can be given that we can work out and are nice he's been as well as three feet messages. From I I call him got her column creator. The one who put together about direction. About warning. About being able to. To really get a grasp on them it imminent saying certain things that are going on in our lives so. A dream or dairy fairy ballot there. There's something that you can't make I mean we've topped a book for our show about living that dream mean. And I know what people do lucid dreaming I'm not saying. So much of Bluetooth streaming it because I think. I want to play now I want it to just have a own language and I want to be. And able to hear or see something that I can't controller manipulator make it say something or did you know that it may not saying. In so I am a fan of letting the dream. Great and it felt. Sort of like a powerful and they when you wake up in the morning he shot dealt what you can remember in your mind will actually bring things back to remembrance. Pieces of the puzzle that will come together and and it's it's a really impacting during that something that is bored and now. Four you know what you're walking through what you're living through. You won't forget it. It is like Brandon on your spirit on your heart he can't forget it. We run into people who had a dream thirty years ago. And they can recall it justice that they had a and I look for. Now those kinds of dreams are judged. You'd can't you know you'd see you're not going to forget it Indian it has been hidden meaning. And Matt Palmer layered them up a mark Ford now. And then as you live another year another he said that dream. Will open up. And you'll see another side of it like you didn't see the first time union I had it interpreted or remembered it so. It kind of politic relax it's really quite interesting. All a lot of times streams and illegally get a short. But many here but a lot of times streams can kind of tell you a lot of personal information about some ideas well to correct correct yeah oh and a lot then that's what a lot of people are little standoffish on. A sharing dream of mission because they're worried that normally sort of give an inside look into into them and and their life correct. Yeah I'm I'm a chronic optimist. So I always try and look on the other side every positive happen negative and every negative has a positive so. If people think that they had a negative dreams and it meant something bad. I usually look on the other side of the bed dreaming golden let's look at possibilities of how low. And what could this possibly mean that would did it the end she let a good way forward. So. Usually once I've interpreted the dream for someone and they've been a little bit skeptical about telling me that dream that they see that it got hope for lack and it. Now they're willing to tell me under a may be a more. Personal during because they don't feel that they'll be violated they don't feel like it will just speed thrown. Into a pot without her you know just. Negative during camp. All right so all get into a lot more that we come back you listen to Jason TV I don't know. Beyond reality great. Terror 6877669. A phone lines are open we will will be taking your calls shortly. Talking about dreams and their dream expert tonight Cindy McGill Cindy is the author of the book called. What your dreams are telling you unlocking solutions while you sleep. And her website is Cindy McGill dot. Org we encourage you to visit the web sites NB a before we get into this too much more USA has a lot of great information plus services and stuff. How how do you recommend to me navigate that there's so much on the. I yeah I now the good old timer right. How we have and video appeared and the like that we implemented during we've interpreted bet. That also has you know people want my book. You can order it there. And I would just say you know go on and take a look browsed around he what you. I think it is impacting what ticket and trying to take camera with a whenever we go out. And you know I'm. I'm a mom and grandmother. And down I have a real heart for the upcoming generation and the younger she has to end. You know additional people to sell. I would just say browse around in which you the end. And see if anything you know picture harder kitchen helper gives you something that you can hold on pew. Amid chants to make sure you notice any legal dot org not dot com or as I wanted dot com and it's all orient or writing and I don't know I returned no idea where I'll. Be and his daughter her. So Cindy. Wouldn't people have dreams sometimes they remember them sometimes they don't. But some people have recurring dreams is the right thing unique or. Particularly important or more important about a recurring dream vs any other run of the mill dream. I think that a recurring dream is like a knock on the door is like a continuing knock Mike. I'm knocking again I'm telling you again I'm giving you another. Insider and I'm helping you not. Art is not excused it stream in an orchid. It's psychic wanting to get your attention or one in chi Chu. Pay attention what could this possibly mean why am I still having such. It don't belong. Also with the you can have lacked that working man. So if you're having a recurring dream it usually come and play you'll have a cure three or four times. And possibly a during a month. He's than maybe longer. I'd like if you look at what what do you walk and right now. What is it that your life is all about at this moment. And Al McGuire you're having a knock on the door all the time. Is what is what is that not trying to get you to open up to. So I I paid closer attention to recurring dream cannot and one where at places like burning man Sundance Film Festival. Any of the event that we go to Q we asked people. Randomly on the street heavy had a dream you can't forget or one that you can't more than one. Because it both of the most important council could be the one that. Contain a message that need to be heard a lot. When you come get clients that ask you to interpret through James how do you start. With the questioning in in the eve of a guest probing to really understand what's happened you just love it do to slow them just tell the dream in the new interpreter US questions. And guide them through our remembering what they dreamt. Yeah I'd usually out of Lipton and while I'm hearing that during. I actually have a picture that formed in my mind. So I can but dream the dream with them try to eat. And there would be a few questions like for instance. If you have a dream that your driving a car. And am yours you're in control basically. I want to know is that a car that you currently aren't. It that the car you currently own it has to do it now it's a card that you don't own. Are you never had that kind of car than it had other significant. And it hit the car that you want termed it means that half thing. Something that you were looking now at a time when you get to have that kind of car so those are questions that I would. Want to find out like to get my eight timeframe on that thing like clay. You know how how would your affecting your what are we living and inadequate what are we looking at a dinner now saying is that something from the pastor at something. They had significance like a convertible. It gives you an openness she haven't opened you don't have any any lid. On you at all you'd have freedom or. Any kind of you know as a new. I guess expression or something Q impact cheap you've got no hindrance she'd gotten a feeling you've got nothing show. Those those would make a difference in in the hearing a victory emitted in interpreting the drain. So and it's something as little as that that you're able to tell if it's talking about something that they're holding onto from the pastor of the present for the future of the light little tiny thing like that. That's interesting actually TV and I were talking a little while ago about the dream that I I just recently added him it was weird to have never had that I've trained before but it started off. It was a hot air balloon and then all of a sudden I was and one of those little like one person seat airplane things flying around. And it and it kept on going to take things like that now I don't I don't own comfortable and I don't. Nancy so if I don't. Yeah and I'm. Exactly so almost made me you'd made it confused him because I had no idea why something. Like that would like a dream like that would it would justice shall. I think it had to do with creativity number whine because your hot air balloon which is really colorful and it's time. And it also are written you know your risk taker anyway. But also I'd have to do that you personally because there's not anyone else here. You are in a single passenger vehicle but you're also going to need high. Are your ex a year and a fielding and cheese something that is. Quite. Interesting or different but it's a personal journey. For you. And and it felt while it could it looks Pacific should be really fun and the beginning hot air balloon and that six incher is fit. It's very colorful it it gives you a new experience her a thrill that you didn't have and then it changes into a single engine or single C. Flying apparatus for some sort it have to do that you are sending collector something of a new level of understanding. And possibly creativity and may be a new. Opened door for youth that is the arms. Is it building on the other words you're going about where you are right now go. It's gonna because it is a good journey. That Mattingly explains all countries hit my seats that you think that if we should talk about it though it's a million and a half Sydney. Dreams are healing I know that but why are they healing why and how do you dreams humorless. Well. A number of ways you know. First stop your you're not. You're not really. Yeah happening. So anxiety. OK so when your sleeping near rash you're you're pretty much in. Kind of a honorable place OK so. It can be healing and that it exposing some things they're giving you my dear they're giving you some. Pulling the curtain back and showing you what's really going on like. I just. Listen to our watched the video that YouTube video. Whip Jennings scored and that carpet look karaoke with pub. Hart yeah I watched that or why did I watched it last night it was really really good idea. Did you hear Ricky dead Arab. It was pretty younger I think in the sixties while McCartney said that his mother you'd have to weigh actually. I McCurry was that a kind of life when he just. Shell like things were just got to controller he was having to struggle. And his mother he said came to him and a dream and basically said let it be me. And he decided to write a follow. About let it be me. And everything in his Black Sea that began to work out like he'd just it would wisdom. And backed peace said speaking words of wisdom let me. And so that was the healing right there that's one of your healing during game where he stopped striving and struggling and trying to figure things down Egypt. Took the fact that this mom during that time in that during game. And the all opera became. A little. You got the best of all ballots there's two. And so yeah we're we're gonna take a break your Cindy again the phone lines are open date for four. 6877669. If you'd like to discuss a dream that you've been having I know last time we've had had some people would. Called talking about some very. What may be considered disturbing dreams at the time and they were recurring and I remember having that conversation so again the numbers 8446877669. So. If you got a question for us or our guest Cindy may goal and our dreams gives the shelling duels in the Jason GDP on really. Today show it's beyond reality rating Jason and GTE air phone numbers 8446877669. Lines are open to wanna join our discussion about dreams. Or you wanna share dream that you had maybe get an opinion from our guests and Miguel. She's a dream interpreter the website is Cindy McGill dot org and her book is called. What you're dreams are telling you unlocking solutions while you're so while you while you sleep Cindy can. Dreams actually unlock solutions can they solve problems for us. Yet. Making sure he has an. Yeah in the good economy can't talk about. Gifford if people knew it had. Extreme as to where they've been in. In a work situation. And they couldn't have they can figure out a solution she duke. You know like I think there was even one and about I BM machine or something like that years ago and that everyone has tried to come in and fix that staying. And someone had a dream. About screw that was laying down on on a metal platform. And they went in the next day at work. And looked at the machine apart there was that accurately and on that little metal thing. But the thing back in the whole machine work again you know just back and it thinks so. Yes there are. Time when you can solve a situation dark you'll be given a download of wit style mark or. Mike my. Fringe here. Had a dream where. He. He had a re occurring during more all of his teeth fell out on the lap left out of this now. And he was really concerned in it was funny because he didn't really think I had. He didn't think it meant anything he kind of mock me a little bit in her hair Dresser. And down he had a dream and it was so real the dream was so real that all of the heat spell out. That he was gonna get up at 3 in the morning and called me because they bring about that bad. And the next day though in the morning he didn't call. And I said well you might want to check it just means that you're losing your ability. Q a breakdown deet tails something's going on important decision whether it signing contracts or something like this. You need to get more information because it's a warning during account year. That. You know you're eager in danger of swallowing something hull. So he did. Go back over the opening another shop and heritage. And he went back over the contract and they found that 50000 dollar loop well. He would have been now 50000 dollars. So it can't earn a lot. Situation. While he's collapse. And in the way. Keep falling out so yeah. It is pretty cool it's really great actually aren't Q. Trying to. You never set eyes on it you've got your arm puncher wrapped up in the emotion of your life if you are wrapped up and whatever situation you might be as and you bring someone like myself for another dream interpreter. And we listened to the dream and possibly see something completely different. And helpful. That will unlock a pollution it will give you an answer it will prevent you from. I'm making a huge mistake or it will tell you to go ahead and take the ring. So. Those the best solution life. Let's take let's turn his fit one of these listener calls and hear this is even calling in from Kansas evil welcome to the program. Name or show. You want to share a dream this. He had I had line and a year ago when my hands on real time. I'm a man. Time it worked on the committee where I can run alone gentlemen com. On the convention and a half and down. Goalie had. He had a business relationship. And one night them. It looks like he came to out and didn't lose did it mean he had nine. Can't keep plants and it carried and and a hat shirt and at T Healy. And he didn't. He came in and he did. At underground command anything about it really let thank you for your friendship. Because I'm going to be leaving in not finally. Chan man who want the paper. And it would without prior trailer and I sober. This from our name. The public eagle Ray. Allen hello. America I have to leg. And do they kept away. And then he gave Richard a pat on the back and Shanahan any religion really grateful Harpring hit and I have no reason why I didn't talent lying or. Anything like that but it or not he was gone inside. Glee. There sooner. And you got your business. Because you were a business trip this man and you were able to. Get. Things resolved this and that's why before this happened that that what it was. He would hit a customer. And four for the county. And asked her what to talk. Yeah. You know I think. There's a couple things the court you've got what we call for side you were able to see things. Before they happen which is aghast at the two resident on the inside India. It probably is you're gonna have more dreamed collect data if you haven't already about. Future things to think it could happen or will happen or may be drained them and they already you know played out just so what you saw. And down. And I think that I've are running to a number of people like you we do have dreamed about certain things and then. Within that link to time in the during. Things do what happened just the way they do bring did out. And my ads I've. Is pay attention. To those dreams because. You figure being given. As an insider and so it's so tricky see. You didn't see the pathway a little bit more. And fans. And it again so it it identified that gift. That is venue residents. And I believe that it will help end it Q because you paid attention to it. It had a court that the man passed away you are intently to parent but it seemed that gets you were getting kept up. There's some. I change it kind of means there will be that manner and the customer will not be acceptable to use and that length of time. And I don't think it was your responsibility. To protect that argued that that you needed to say anything or tell anyone. I think that was for your benefit. Can now but I believed that term you know you'll also April awakening something and you. And a lot of people are born with a gift like we're vacant seat and they had to turn. And the eight they have subtle so many people tell me I dreamed you know. Let's sum let's get into their tent city let's get in that to that on the other side of the break even thank you for the call will take more of your phone calls on the other side of the break an 8446877669. Synergies NG. Beyond really real will be back after this. Schools and I used to so. Read news myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome Jeannie Johnson. We are talking dreams tonight and to weird interpreting dreams in fact if you've had a dream and you'd like to get an opinion on it. Give us a call but he 446877669. Tomorrow night we've got another split showed it to guess one in the first hour one in the second hour in the first we've got a guy McCourt who is eight paranormal researcher investigator and an author. And he's written a book about growing up in a house. That is known as a house of hell this particular analysis 75 years of documented accounts. And it expo inspired him to become an investigator. So that he could help other families deal with paranormal issues. So well so has my child. If this if that in the second hour in this league and Hollywood. Jamie Barlow will be discussing his look at people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy and how we can use either. It's weekend and I mean you we talk about technology and what it's doing to culture and society frequently there are some very very positive. Consequences but they're also some other experience so many and I'll be honest it's Anna I lie love technology mostly to it as well. But it dries me it tries speakers especially with with the kids. I mean just seeing how they're always everybody's always on their phone and do you go to dinner with your wife he looked around and and other people are sitting at the table and they're on their phones and and and in talking anymore. You know and it's just it's technologies earlier it's definitely killed the whole social. Connection tonight we're talking. Assuming that is so I neurosis considered social or not but hurt the other I guess is Sunni McGill she's a dream interpreter. The website if you wanna get more intrigued information about Cindy Cindy McGill dot org her book is called what your dreams are telling new unlocking solutions. Wall years while you sleep in a city that I want to revisit on the eve this call from the from before the break in. And you said this that it was a bit of a perk pre cognitive dream in the not everybody has that ability. Is that some thing in your estimation. That comes. From some kind of divine source is it just stay psychic type sixth sense. Or is or something else to. I think it comes from divine source. I think that we're wired. You know put together a supernatural. And them. I mean the Nike Kelly kind of play into that bad I don't feel like that kind of important. Information like she shared. About in five weeks. I'm not gonna be here anymore that I think I feel like it sell what we call per prophetic guess it's something that. People can be formed at but it offered something that. I'm gonna say that's a part that they you know that god warned people. And tell people I think stick term and I mean I ran into so many people view it didn't recognize or realize that it it was actually coming permit divine source they felt like. They were scared that they were didn't at some of them didn't wanna go to sleep or they were afraid they'd have a dream like that. That they do it had to do to they have something that work on the inside of them and I believe that it activated by. A divine source and down. Give them. Information. And gives them for guys like cash at end kind of a window into the future you know. I'm. I made you believe in god and I and I also believe that there's no time inhabitants. So sometimes people can eating way ahead of time. And ended they connect with to give birth to during and and it makes it more powerful it works better if you connect to give out with the gipper we get to work batter and that's my approach. That's mine. Conviction and that's kind of where I go with that I mean. I'm always double listening or listening Q not just to do green itself but I'm listening. You really do want to put them together and why if that message coming at this time. So. I feel like there's always hope. I feel like people have a future I'd know I feel like people. And have a the ability and they show that we should have a right to live. Very fulfilled lives. And bury. Exciting line and I think you I appreciate what you said about the technology. And about the young people especially on some of the computer games and things like that it's really disturbing. Because they're being conditioned. In their mind about what they what they believe it's reality. And we're losing try we're. That Iraq that world co existing on the same planet and we need to begin to find ways. To bridge gap thing get along and puke had the best intentions toward one another. And instead of the violence and all the stuff that's gone on and hatred. Let me ask don't let me add this one over our listeners who was asking a question on the and they wanted to know. What if there's any meaning behind dreaming about having to kill a loved one because they're sick. I mean I believed that that's really not our call. And I and I understand that that can sometimes people are and a sobering position in their end. You know he will he feel like it would be better it'll say it is it like doctor to consider that kind of thing or are helping someone. And intricate so that they are not change that's really not our call I don't think I feel. Mike were over stepping were coming more into got place where we really don't belong. I feel like. There's a level for comfort. They're healing available. There are. And it really. I think that we can getter so. You know convince ourselves. It taking kind of a god complex well I'm just gonna. Take over I'm just getting in there and it whether it for the good of the person who's suffering or whether it's for your own good. You know being downwind they're a chapter of pure lack for something like. Yes and I wouldn't I understand that Cindy but beyond the personal. Feelings on dreams sometimes it's coming from a place that's beyond that. So what are what would the dream be telling this individual and they who's dreaming it. Yeah I think I think there's streams that come from both sources that temperament. You know from God's work and then outlook from from an evil tour. And I would have to examine that I would want to. I'd I guess I would. Say that is probably not the rifle. At my opinion. I would just say that you know I just think that. You know what he's stepping cute. Taking a lot of another person it that would green because you feel strongly about it I would. Really stepped back and not take action on something like that. Just because I just don't think it's our life I think. Yet. You know an appetite Orleans. And you're totally understand and they were just asking the question so and I got out Sharon so I just wanted to pass by because a lot of time. A lot of times something you have a dream about. Money it has nothing to do it with your intentions or you are your thoughts or you know the you're actually thinking about doing this individual sometimes a lot of times in dreams things happen and you sit there and wait annually I would have never done that why why did that come. Right enemy animation wonder wonder why you why you're getting that impression or why you're having Adrian how something like that. Is it that because you are sleeping in your vulnerable like we talked about before when you're in a dream state. He. And I did faction or thinks can be planted. In your mind about certain things that we really. You know came from a negative light she didn't come from a real good place and because you had a dream and it was a strong and you think oh my gosh you know I I I kind of what I feel I feel like people have we all have the responsibility. Our own self. To guard our own heart and you really. Beat could be more on the lack side of things rather Intel went when you have a drink like that I think. They're sometimes to see that can start to be planted. That there watered anything that you that you pay attention to or nurture and grow whether it's good or bad. And now yes I do believe that there are all streamed to their streams that can come that aren't from. A directional source or from. A divine source in a good way. And I think that you know they're good and evil in the world and an and in the spirit and I think that that could possibly be from an evil life. OK so much is so you do you or your under the belief system that. When your sleeping you are vulnerable to possible wall negative type entities actually feeding you information to try to see how far they're able to push or manipulated. Yes and you I'm trailing children where they have night here. It conditioning thing I think I think that they come in when they're young and they try and terrorize them that they trained make them. Care Ernie they plan seen there they begin you. Give them ideas or things that just aren't they your destiny. It's not there are bad that's not what they're meant for and I I interviewed a number of children. Is ahead. Very scary check you know real terrifying type dreams and those are just not. Dreamed that you want to nurture. In other words that not York. Lou Grant that's not what your made sport so that it is produces a seat at fear. On the inside of children and then they begin to lift that sheer and they're afraid of everything. So. I try to encourage parents and unite. Usually interpret dreams to wit a parent or a parent there and I'll trying to encourage appearance. Chew. Is that a positive. You know time before the child goes to bed so that these kind of pot can be. You don't and. I guess impacting the kid. You know you've another a number of people who had children with and I care. And it's just looking at it tactic. But you know I just think it's a really negative tactics. Of an evil thing to try and character trying to make something really. You know pick a grip of the child. And end this so that they know what to do that in other two Xian. Cindy we're gonna run. I'm here I'm certain reporter run out of time and want to squeeze one more call and hear the forest stick right so let's jump to David in South Carolina he David welcome to the show. Today I have a question. I have a six year old. And 1 morning he woke up. And I that would veto baby economic and drain book. What would bring at all. Eliot good question and diet dream book are great for children. I know a number of people in parent who is actually. Can't go. Train up their children they can get perspective. About how that child is what they're meant to do good life by that child's dream I know and here it you actually parents. Their child according to their dreams not exclusively but they used to action as part of the year re hearings for that child. It gives the arrogant pride in Q. Some things that you know a lot of kids have dreamed when they're really little. About I wanna be Favre and her would be a nurse or wanted to each and it has to do which human service that have to do it helpful thing. And that's just their make up that's their DNA that's what they but today are that they're in a sense to their side and you know they wanna help now. In so I don't care to actually parent their children. In hard. From the tree so I would encourages. A. Didn't hear David just a that quick clarification and question were you asking that because you don't know how your child got the idea decreed that Jim wanted to write a book. I don't know when you're right. All that you put them if they're people. And what dad can you might see them in my journey. And well listen up yet let me we're gonna hold stick people we're gonna hold David on over the break Rex and I have to take a couple of quick break here together to do it long in the segment. But this is a very interesting question and very interesting discussion. Yes so if you have a question about your dreams and give us a call and speak to us our guests in the McGill at 8446877669. Again tool free at 844. 6877669. Illicitly Jason GD BR. Really revealed will be back. After the show beyond reality radio JC GB front received 44687766. Ninths in terms are dreams allow us to sail away. Before the break we were talking with David in South Carolina and David we just want clarification here this going to be very quick segment C got about a minute. But you're child six year old child was waking up. Telling you that the more needed to write in or creed dream book and the only thing they're putting in the stream look at stick figures. Yet we're. And then your describe more about. So it puts the stick figures into the book and then scrambles off over them. With whatever their whatever he's here is that here Sheikh. Now. I can tell you whatever he Israeli scrambles over the figures and that's and that's all he does. And interesting. All right I'm gonna get tests and these interpretation of that here we've got to again about a minute Cindy and if we need to continue the conversation when carried over to the other side of the break. I would like to know here. All the stick figures look the same or if they have different aspect. When he writes them down her RT. Is expecting him now. At all by. Ballot that same okay. I think what's happening is he's probably I'd coming alive again Blakey. Awakening to the odd that there are messages into green and he may be a little bit afraid to ask him. Why did why do you scribbled eked out another word. I want to champion. Creativity. Like to champion. What people are or how they're processes. Go so I would maybe have a conversation would never say. Yes let's begin queue up. But together and show it to me and help me understand what you think her how that came across to you and now wire used crippling need to now. After year drying out that it works. You know because I think it to could be the beginning it's like at this stick figure to me speak. Just simple. Like it a part that become an artist. They're going to start would stick figures are something that help them the best they can't to describe what they see. I would encourage that but I would not want to know why why he scribbled it now like what's going on here and down. Begin Q take note of the answer. Did our. David thank you very much for the phone call ensuring that would this and we'll get to the rest of your phone calls on the other side of the break. So stay on hold through brick. Arie you listen Jason TV beyond reality radio back. First our music paranormal researcher and an investigator and an author. He's written a book about growing up and living in a house of hell. This particular house is over 75 years of documented accounts and in inspired him to become an investigator to help other families deal with paranormal issues. And the second our role have Jeannie Bartlett Arnold will be discussing his boat people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy and how we conceive machine tunis can be a great show yet great discussions tomorrow night tonight we're talking with Cindy McGill Cindy is a dream interpreter her website is Cindy McGill dot org. And her book is called what your dreams are telling you unlocking solutions while you sleep and I know. Other links to purchasing the book on your website Cindy is it available anywhere else. Yeah I am a time. And I think he will get it aren't the noble. And I think that they're not so bad. And e-book our guys downloadable QB can dole lurch back and it ain't so. Yeah I think that's still they're cute style. Ing get in several different ways rates. Or let's jump to the phone lines trying to get if few of these calls and before round at a time this is Tammy. Tim is calling from our neighbor to the north Canada he Tammy welcome to the show. Thank you very much I took them. So what's on your money to. 820 my I came I had. Island eleven Claudia told that it was occurring dream. It into an apartment block at the time and in my game I was in my apartment and then two doors down another apartment. And don't go to the break open the door and I opened that up with a crack and I would hear it demons and you know on that like really bad side. And I called my mom about this and so and as I hate to see terrified of Arab side always. Wanted to Oprah or less than you know like you can they control you agree you can or outdoor. Quite yet opened the door and I started playing these demons then at eight did quite late Ted cheating on them. I've already announced that president. I'm having. And the same dreamland. Being attacked by April 18 minute and down. I was. It got late help and I seen my only water and I couldn't speak that is just look at it like Ingrid and I hate it. I woke up there in the exact same way that I am and knows. The same in talent when I was younger. Though there is the end of a little unnerving. Yeah. And you you were about eleven or twelve when he had a dream. Yeah. I'm here to my suggestion. I believe that YouTube had the ability to open the door you've also got the ability to close the door. And what I think will happen is. You know I I would suggest that you. And begin Q may. Content conscious effort. In your life you begin to closed door. That are not benefiting near that are not giving you a quality line. I believe what you don't feed will star. Andy you can close the door and be rid of that. Experience you know what curiosity. Anything that may have. Tried Q inner and at that time in your minds to beat. Ginn cute term that you were are actually you are. You know in it's a negative way east shuttle arm. Again once you've had the authority to open the door you've also got the authority to close. And that's wrecking your act and I feel like countered. You know earth I don't know too much about you know reachable par. A holy water that kind of thing but I do believe that you. You can't eat you kind of take back your life you know from Taylor acute begin cute take back. The authority over your own existence your own future you're quality of life and down. And it basically turn your back on things that have. You'd you'd feel that have. Could have entered in at that time to torment you at eleven and twelve year old is the growth spurt. I kind of alike an acute. We your teeth coming and I know that sounds funny but you get picture dollar ticket twelve year old or. You'd it would compete dreaded a win. And those particular. Time that your natural life. Also have to do with your emotional like your spiritual life and in fact that that when you're in the Shia. And and again when you're eighteen when you're 21 when you're 28. And so there's just some number that over the years I've just. Kind of use is my idol got liner competent. And I believe that. You know now you're older and you'd can definitely. Shut the door. Thanks for the call Tammy we appreciate you sharing that with this let's go to. Ulalena. Calling and half from our chat room actually healing you welcome to the show. Thank you appreciate how I am trying to make it clicks and you have nothing on call on hold. This. Drained happened product in five years ago and it can't really stuck with me simply because I can remember it stream in touched it and hit it PPL. And I don't remember Mike and I never remember my train and perhaps the chart trying to. But this particular line I was in as small gift shop. And I was walking around looking for something. It is trying to you know Coca drama stop and insult the lady walks up mean and put something in my hand and she is this is what you are looking core. In effect opened up my hand I was trying like a minute piece that would that like furnished didn't you know and occurring right in on the trip try to. Was eight gold and that it kind of fraud. Don't say at the time I had no idea what an eyebrow was actually tax increase searches. To find out what it was. And it seemed like every sentence can always. We're looking forward and I know it probably symbolic but I've never been able to understand. You know what was it trying to help main bank. Yeah I think at the it would be near any gift shop. So I think it has to do with curiosity. Out of your kids skiing or what you're looking for arms in terms of something that led to. I get there are always. Treasures you know there's something that you. A want to. Take calmer you are it's important TUR special. I believe that bad. Europe you were being awakened at that time he's said it was about 25 years ago was that correct. They had the during. That's cracked. And I think at that time it was a spiritual journey for you I think you were looking for something and I think it. As something older and ancient or something as some sort of an ancient boy. Or an ancient presence was getting he was something big debut I've temporary satisfaction much however I do believe that. As you search. More. Your guidance I represent guidance and I believe that term it will begin to unfold Te puke. And that your way a treat pull away. And I believe that you'll begin to be it outlook in light and a weight can. Four I've gotten her first signs. Spiritual side. And it will give you that clarity there will be as as we grow in the natural. There are things that we embrace who we were younger that we no longer embrace. There are things that we've learned an armed. I think on a spiritual journey at exactly the same way you'd you'd get connected at one point but as you grow. You find out things that you will and will not allow all. You've got to do you. In your life and I think pitcher or spiritual journey and I believe that truth is going to make you. A winner. And keep you inside. In 200. Growing and what year. What your treat this and how you're gonna live without. Great thinking out. Appreciate that our welcome. Thanks for the terrible and you appreciate you calling in on Cindy we have to say a few minutes left here. When we. Go to sleep at night do we have the ability. To steer or guard our dreams and anyway. Yeah that's what we're about lucid dreaming. You know you can and they aren't consciously or subconsciously. We decided. That you know you want to. I mean. Can make it have a different ending Archie. You know Q. Did I that your I mean people aren't good at it people are good at lucid dreaming of and it is the direct hit. Dream that you are. Even a year in a vulnerable that your subconscious. Say you still it can take control right. And so. You know I. I really. I don't really recommend that the only time I would ever say that is it you're having. Fear based during games. Where you're having dreams where you're being chase where you've been bullied were you being pushed around you being an after an actor I mean we've heard at all. Turn and they say. Is that if you're Melissa during lifted dreamer that would turn and face it income may candidate to lead you alone. And 99%. Of the time that I have. Help people that and they permit that dream stopped. They no longer have actually during May no longer have a two remaining during they no longer and they'll tell me. I don't have that dream anymore because they turned and faced their fear. They commanded it to stop and it did. And so in that regard. Lucid dreaming is good. Are or you can't I would I would recommend out of the way. If it's that I didn't stream into it giving you guys is that giving you insider or something. We by nature wanna take control or we just want you. You know because we do that we we govern our life we make our own choices we exert herself than. And ways that we think are gonna. Make that the bastard benefited them the best way. But it it it guidance stream. If you allow the dream to play. It will keep you hidden secrets are real game keeping you didn't see. In the naturally it unit in your daily life. And that vote counted during I I'd recommend. You'd just Q a lateral. Kind of drop you're here drop on her arms control issues you know and a laugh all. That guidance to begin to give you in Europe apple player eliminated. It will help you figure life change and give you. Think she didn't say we are all short sighted. In our in our daily life we we only see. Certain things there are hidden things that are going on all around us that we don't know. And so I really encourage people to. Loudly your. Dream not to become a source of information for you. Again once again I think there's he's at all. I think when you're going through something you're gonna dream more I know that usually my dreams come in about three weeks. I have three weeks of solid dreams and then I'll go for two weeks earned a month. And not have anything real significant. In my ally. And it'll be a team that that I happened to be here. That I needed that information. Now. Let me let me assist when you were just saying a minute ago about standing and facing your fears your dream. And the more you do that. Yeah and you know count carpenters. It's like you view it in cattle like you know overcoming the hurdles. That have trip backed up all her line. You know if certain things certain triggered. Think at. Jeopardized as it usually start early on. When you're at something you'll be that you or something will be out what happened TU. It is that trigger and it brings you cracked actor that it's a like cat crypt at Kryptonite into all it takes you right down. And so if you're if you're having him being chased during that keep theory on that one that you can see an adventure here. And Amanda to stop. The other thing is that that theory saying that trying to change you. May look like at a troubling problem. But it will actually propel you into your future it makes you weren't. It makes you go forward it forces you to go forward in line. And I think you know we have. We heard complex that. Mag majestic. BER. That's. Opportunities that tools to be over commerce. And Q. Get over our hurdle. And really. Who live your dream that you had where you're flying and all of a sudden you're going to hire and you're. In an aircraft you've never been there before some sort of apparatus. Is it taking you into new height. That you wouldn't probably doesn't think he had achieved certain things on a lower level. One last question volume we're gonna run on time when less questioned Cindy. People often talk about to have visitation dreams particularly from loved ones that if passed on. Is he your beliefs those dreams are again spiritual in nature or are these something happening in our subconscious that's that's a part of the grieving process. I think it's both. And I don't I don't think that is not necessarily. The person you I think is on increment hear anything like that I think that it. With the memory. Of the person he passed on and the wisdom they care under the influence they have in your life all they were army her. And they're giving you a message are they giving you a it's something written. Have repeated something she youth that they said one neighbor here. And I think it does have a spiritual element to it. So it out. It is an emotional unaccountable letting go and part of the grieving process but it also may be spiritual in nature where EUR. Brought to mind. That your grandfather. And use an injury and you remember that just as clear as the ballot look like they're standing there if they're bodies there. Boy everything that they have when they were earlier but but it. Influence or the message or something that they give her head. And placing your lack that they're giving you some helpful. Either assuring you are there giving new. You know as some direction. For. Like I can think of it like with them you know. Is setting but I don't think it's one of the other I think it. Said he was had a great conversation a great time appreciate to joining the program again and hope you're gonna come back and at one time. One more time give your website and where people can get a hold the book. Yeah it's and he may guilt or. And that you can order MacBook Air it will be happy to get that you Alka have a documentary. That we actually showed at the Sundance Film Festival called dreams a documentary. And at that downloadable. And document treaty can look at that actual dream on the street. So we've interpreted them in the government to fill reform and to pick up a little east to watch it gives you a lot of inside so. That that the web side I'm glad to come back on your show I love being a rookie guys. Now all they know much Cindy we look forward to talking unions complain thanks for coming on. Our chair have a great night. Ours are gonna player Carol I was really take a quick break and come back wrapped things populist and GC GE. Scored in the first hour G. In the second hour it's two guests tomorrow night you're MB on reality radio pure madness in her madness an hour an analyst behavior haven't yet. And I don't see. It over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio link to FaceBook page forests than had to be under daily radio dot com week final decision that we are cross country can download the free iPhone and android outbreak there. Lois listen live sketch show on ago and more. Or just any night were light listen rates from the web site. Just by clicking the listen live button and hang out with us there. I'm if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else do us a favor and just read it forced results pushed forward and makes it easier for people to find. That's what it's all about so that's gonna do for us tonight's Jason NGB on her only real Quechua Lamar. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced when Al Susan Johnson since it's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.