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Film maker Paul Taitt discusses his paranormal documentaries

Jun 30, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with documentary film maker Paul Taiit about his films about supernatural topics including shadow people. 6/29/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's there's analysts don't stride and still as many are stuck somewhere in between what can be on really redo with myself Jason Hawes and it was awesome. You each ounce in other words of Rodney King come back to me do you remember when Rodney King. Was beaten by the LAPD. Yeah back in what must that cash it was I was a late eighties early ninety's it was a long time. I don't exactly match or is clear but that was one of the first like viral videos so and it and it gave it created a lot of change and created a lot of discussion armed but his words a certain number the news conference. Can't we all just get along. And you know seeing what happened in Maryland today as you know those words come to mind is what the heck is wrong with people can't we all. Just get along I don't understand why people resort. To killing people when they have a group of complainer gripe and I don't know the details of this particular shooting but I just don't understand what's happened. To our culture towards society why he would let it break down to this point I just don't understand. On that scary in it for those you if you haven't heard five are dead after shooting spree at capital gazette. In Maryland. Thirty year old Jere and Jerryd Ramos has been arrested according to reports Ramos had so that they were back in 2012 after reporter had written a piece. About Ramos is pleading his guilty plea for a criminal harassment back in 2011. So. I guess he had a grudge and hence and that's that's that that's a chaotic. Have a grudge or somebody's in disagreement and in some of these people be they go to this crazy. Just Stu with the handle it's there's. Alan not the same. Well again there's a breakdown somewhere I don't know if it's if it's starts at a young age. Not when I'm teaching things you know I think there's a I don't know who I've worn out the ones to solve the problem for sure but I don't really think some of them might be mental but sell some a lot of it might also be upbringing. I two I totally totally think that that has a big partner and our our prayers go out to. Well families sin and anybody who well and everybody that this affected. And a better note we. Generally interesting program for you tonight we've got Paul Tate joining us he's a documentary filmmaker Indy researcher and he's been reading observing and researching many aspects of the paranormal senses early childhood. And his fascination with the paranormal began as far back as 1976. And it. Came about from a strange and truly frightening experience actually a couple of experiences he had as a young boy. While living in England. Gonna discuss those experiences plus the paranormal films that he's made some pretty interesting topics. And you know we also have to do and I do this is another on news headline that we have to a follow up on our good friend Josh warrant. Ice I've seen the reports on he claims that he's the first person to ever discovery time war. And he found this time more work near Las Vegas now safe place. Haven't I'm more I think Vegas anytime we don't want to take its speed and and it's I'm more that we wake up sweating literally I was really 23 days later read and I assure all Armani Blanton. We know how how we got that tattoo and that there at all it's just as weird it's more than just time that says. But war has said he's been measuring the rate of time all over. In areas between Las Vegas and the top secret air force site known as area 51 and last week he found in the desert just north of Vegas at plus spot where he claims time slows down so we're gonna have to bring him on the program soon. So we can talk about that of course Josh Warner is also the guy he sent us those are wishing machines yes that's ahead T oops. Well and and the crazy thing is Josh is using a device that was built by race some guy am I on silicone valley. California and it's it's a neat little contraption I'd love to learn more about. And but so to next to something with an atomic clock and jostle have to explain it to us but we definitely got to get him on the show and talk about that. I'm leads you care about what's been going on the Philippines. Not known just brokers in us and in us. Harrison classes at a high school in the Philippines were canceled last week after thirty girls claimed to have been possessed by some kind of evil spirit. This year that right thirtieth. Puts a lot of rules but then when busy evil spirit. Any help it's and it's of the incident took place in the city of kivu and began when one student reportedly spotted a faceless men with half a body missing. Suddenly appear in our classroom were to them this account or spread throughout the school and more than two dozen students also claimed to have seen this mysterious figure. Over the course of two hours the kids started showing strange symptoms like compulsions and typically reasoning. Some needed medical aid while others became just wild and crazy. I especially when a priest was and listen to assist them the chaos even cause even the unaffected students. And became fearful believing that they would be next fall victim to what ever had possessed their classmates. Eventually school officials are forced to cancel classes for today. It became too much for them to handle. But. They were having the building as wolves classrooms blessed by priests Donaldson intervention can drive off the easy Il's parents. Crazy. Now I need you know what's Suffolk that seems to have been in. Asia and you know there's been reports of defense similar things in Japan and some of the generations from Kansas and South America as well yes true South America has been some stuff like that to me. Have you. And a flesh and blood craziness out about them. If you haven't yet have a head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page for us. And had to be under really radio dot com. We can find all the stations we are across the country analysis costly being updated you can also download free iPhone and android app right there which allows you listen to showed catch that shows only go. Or just listen rational website and united were alive to storage for the website click in the upper right hand corner of the listen live button. And I Youkilis in the show right there lying and now not a great community of people in the chat rooms on two down this show my iTunes or anywhere else. Stews favor Reid Forrest who helps push it forward makes. Easier for people defy. So my gut now is gonna say tonight we're going to be talking about things like shadow people. Supernatural assaults and nothing about the subject nightmares. And night terrors these are all subjects of a document Terry's that our guest Paul Tate. Has ever produced and and made and they'll put some pretty interesting films and he's done a lot of research on these topics and it's going to be great discussion. Yeah and you can actually check out his website at dark element films dot com against that again that's dark element films. Dot com and if you have any questions later on the show will be opening up the phone lines and 8446877669. Dental free date for four. 6877669. Were to take a quick break a lot more to come to listen Jason TV. Yeah I'm really radio. True to life for some people here. Will be considered in Florida yet but yeah welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason NGV we're going to be talking about documentary films in the the the subjects that. Our guest Paul Tate has researched and put into those films including shadow people super natural assaults and more. And we're taking your phone calls a little bit later date 446877669. If you'd like to join our discussion during Ellsbury Paul under the program people. Welcome to beyond reality radio spree to have you on tonight. Thank you married there and doing great thanks for coming on. Yeah you're welcome back we have available in full its. So let's go let's first get a sense of when you started taking interest in paranormal topics how did that start for. Well. Our first experience. Would the power mobile world started when I was about Favre is old. And what happened there's we've moved in sort of parliament in my parents. And are had a room at the end of the parliament. And every night. Well now. Every single night all the law might farms in that room. I would wake up to the state workshop that we trigger spending a ball mark there. And that shot a retreat would be staring down but he wouldn't say a word. It wouldn't lose it and just stare at me and it turns turns urine like. Perfect position perceptible. So our quick. I'm not be screaming lord sold as you know muscle my multiple those come and learn and get me then you know have a large singing. In the end I end up sleeping in my parents rewards street in that room anymore. And and we left out and about a year off to meet you then. Banned. Then I'm not the farm remember it took over there. Our apartment. And that sort reluctant to do you ought to go to see what happens there it is quite. It's quite aware of what happened there but in my first experience. Before before you tell that story let's back up to the first one how old were you when you waking up when you were seeing this dark figure standing at the end of your bed. That was about target blow that hard you know I didn't know anything about cardinal Walter and and I didn't move you know what what. Well and they can really never heard a deterrent shut of people that still as far as spotlights just some normal morsel. And it was just hold talks similar to chat room. That would just stand out mark there's an art describe it having. And rotated couldn't it was looking down in the arms looking ups or C was around the word. I have all the heads north figured it was. Prepared to back in the seventies that was. That there in traction here do you move in London which follows first central part of that that's what our city was an effort. And it wasn't until I spoke to prop in the mine in part that we lost in the it's kind of obstacle course more strange turn. And when you say strange Denton I get asked is this first time we've ever talked but. On when you're talking about the moon the shape and everything else in the top. Did you at any point find out that it was happened. Well aren't. You know growing up through my. From my spirit but did not while I'm partly connected with the problem lying on FaceBook. Now 67 months ago now and I was telling him up now you know. And the saw my making but I hadn't gone into any details that I deserve to commit the connection so many say that's cool you know. And the process they opposite cost you questions about this before had mentioned I think Russia others. Accept it and they all went into clothing mart remark brought lifting except that acting strange. Little pitcher ever see anything strange that route. And he just. Just call it operate he should worry why he thought he knew that white white Santa. But it's certain to sort of mode because you are to a disinterested. Adhesives are never open wheel without this. And then he went off to tell me that he's awake at night so. Far in the stocks shadowy figure in the inspector. And he fit the war are. That was the connection and life went to mark intellectual you know they can walk and an actual look and maybe it will attract. As he described as there are. So I went on to tell him what art scene that we just couldn't believe that we both have the exact same experience. In the same room around the same age. Yet at that settling extinct is for over twenty years now I've been tracking cases that all of them what they called top man and yeah. And the appears all over literally all over the world soon and mainly to young children so it's just its interest in it. It is it is part of it lately you know while those Clayton what I want he says public like you know a lot of in my and it should trust some awful. Well if that would act was that was one of those men are who are lesbian visited part of north. And I didn't think it was a natural all these years. Did you ever did you other than beings not obviously frightened as a five year old child seeing this figure at the end of your bed did you did it ever do anything other than stand there dated. Did reach for you did it move to a side of the bed did go in and out of the room and all or did it just stand there and not move and not do anything else. Not but it didn't get to still there and that was the that was the bandits and caught it just so they're staring. You could feel the stared resultant let kissing you are and what what what strange is that that effectively to this that you know. I'm 48 years old. And that it is very day I will not sleep on the market as part of our ticket pillow and a couple might hurt some and make a little. There holes are completely in what some are still have to cover market because. I do not want something staring down a little sleep in the open label single statement. And that's had that effect so me it'll from large. Yet it's tough and it's traumatized she took. The point where even now being full ruin your you still deal with that just because it's worked itself into your or your subconscious mind and everything else from when you're younger. Correct you just don't want just don't want the signal to football league they want something fortunately. It's not nothing and let describe just can't do it. Has anything like that happen to you century left that home. Yes all the so there's respect in the spirit the car that certain onto the top. Well we'll show other people. Have happened to what I was about eighteen years old. And I was working a couple of Scotland Yard in London. And we had a trip off the work it was a probable coal. So aren't firms are about four or what happened was turned out big bucks who got our our our workplace. And we will go on the also werewolf. All of this whole wanting it and then you know we've been brought up before the well and then turned weak on this on this also look to if you want to. Clijsters and sort not. And then we ended up at this and said the Kennedys corporate chick who just carries. And that they are 81. Case that cropped out virtual. He's the natural Cho that it under the ground you know a bit there's there's the problem that tomorrow and these are the holes and there are an absolute darkness so we were a downton and the caddies and it was about fifty plus old from open. And that and we had the section of the caddie words regardless started as a partner notices of rockets call all of the carrying into the zero by photons. Down there and Carla didn't know what that is then so that he. Or camera all land. So we sent them now and getting what you described zero micro loans isn't somebody actually takes you are important not yet heard it eat you can't even. UConn and they are in the end it's just you'll blackness. So. That was. That was a pretty chilling you know. Out of experience anyway we ended up walking further down into the carries too well shots. And the guard was talking about history of this world shock that is closed off now than it was up to the surface back in the state. And understanding that the fact that group and that was the German lady who was great friend all of one among well cold exposure Germany rejecting. People a whole hold it right there to say I want you to have time to tell the story we have to take our break but. I wanna get back into this idealists and Jason GBM beyond really revealed back. It's. The guest writers have to ABC documentary filmmaker also paranormal researcher. His website is dark element films dot com. Some of its films include your worst nightmare. Shadow people and supernatural sold to talk about all those topics and more. With Paul and Paul before we went to break you were telling us the second part of your normal journey if you will when you pick up that story where you left off. Yeah I was saying we will down and pass the ball but it carries where they were playing were all shot to know well shelf there have been sealed up. And are standing at the practical route. And that was just German lady standing next to me who has Opel on vacation. From Germany actually was a trend a lot of my work colleagues. But I had never met also up in another lady's name we would listen to folk arts cooking without the Arab world show often all of a sudden. I had the into turnaround at the heart was being watched sort turned around. And what I look to the public K which is about thirty feet from. Behind me are seated and it was almost as if somebody was down there tracking what a cigarette it was a strain column. And then it got quite certain parts and then all of a sudden two more and there's a period. Now they look forward trying to negotiate with these ball. And then. So would not happen like park at the German radio national and that's certainly look at that well you know what do you make of that sheiks are regrettable both hold the ball land and what condemned his carry. And all of a sudden those talks started or rotate anti clockwise in the off to a cross well so she was looking at the confused and I was confused or because I couldn't make out what that won't concede nobody's standing there just he's been spending. And all of a sudden. They opened up the top ball went up to the seat being. I have not hard sitting close to him the ball who went down as a perfect triangle up. Formation had opened up and then from the sand so that trying to formation jump. This jet black similar chart it was almost. Like you know try to feet. Five and a half feet past and jump Carol you could see no features buttons. Jet black or somebody was wearing dark suit. And Arabs are looked at the lady she was just daring like or afford it and she looked at the arm band this staying. We both look to that we will observe and that was just. Looking around the apartment as if you couldn't even say yes we're looking that the war looking up at the same then and it didn't. Even acknowledge our presence in the state worker. But all of a sudden the German made no problems out screamed shoot the sequel really hard but she's singing. What she met well what amounts scoring. Yet to see that it had that it looked white apple. You speak sore for the first part. And then it. Sense that it left which was a solid case for and it just runs straight through that weren't just dissipated. It was like as if the war didn't exist sort. So the crowd of people came rushing towards something that has screaming. And I was already on my way down to cease fire. Front you know. Projectiles. From sculpture to read that was down there as cold as well farm nothing. Although went back to the court to explain what happened and I couldn't speak she was turtle for a when patrol car except me. He says you know that has been reported. Down into these caddies are a number of people in the post and go back. To the surface to call for the local. And too bad right down our experience in the world we're so we did it. I've been terribly strange dresses. She won't internal reference back in Germany the publishers think what what some backup restore only judged you know I didn't interest rates are whenever that. That was the the first part of you know artists singing in mind if I'm levels something like that and right away I could make sense of it but I didn't called shot at present but then. Are to full it would goes to this so shut the person. What did you expect that. Well for these two relates to start rotating in a counter clockwise motion and spread apart like that so. Would you can consider what you saw up portal opening up. The something came through them. That's what our air full vote for the years that it was I think that there are down there in the channel has kitty is some talk that gateway polls or. You know eight point between two places that allowed them. Thing to come through. Into our reality and maybe you know I don't know maybe it it could still be down that far maybe it was just a warm up staying but. That's what my art has come to the conclusion. Over the years that that was some sort of gateway. And even more confusing though it turned and it ran in to a solid solid rock hall. Correct natural water ran straight into the actual war that the specific didn't exist to. In about it was. What it was a then. The apartment it was then I will that would ensure with the we have actually seen thus when she screamed making just reacted to the sound I don't know. It wasn't quick that it couldn't be up. But then all of a sudden when she sprained it reacted the way it did almost like you you know you you capture not government in the backyard and were tortured my. It oh it just struck it was so far it. Well you being there of course. It has to be based on oh how you perceived it so. Do you think that it was just that it hurt you or do you think may be came through and it's geysers its eyes were trying to adjust and in the darkness and or decent just couldn't see you in general. RA from the white actor by I think. Looking back to their credit because they are just the way act and our spoke to a probable re so Chara. Had a similar experience at the prison. Where she had walked into prisons so. Seeing one of these students and it was looking out the window itself. A cheap shot a flashlight on all I had people looking out there that we both laws on our home. As you thought it was just confused as to where that was coming from. That was holding his arm up in the light in the people's lives looking at a at a in Syria. And then she took a camera to take a picture of it and that's what they react if reacted when it something. Almost as if if it reacts to. Just animate objects and just not stop picking up on. Human organism or all of it. They get great make it let you know in particular problem frequency just beyond up visual range that we you know and the same possibly could be just beyond its visual range or something. It happens where. All of a sudden in the besieged. I frequency make yourself the way people some. You know maybe that's what people sometimes he goes quickly see just beyond the frequency range and it seemed something that normally they wouldn't. And lately it could be something let. He had a lot of times that some holes some some of the series out there. And when it comes down to people who are truly sensitive is that they're picking up and they're picking up frequencies are able to. Connect with frequencies that that most people are out there are not able to pick up. On and sometimes those that. Sometimes a veil has really thin and the average person depending on the elements and that means that make up the structure or whatever are able to see things at at a specific time for whatever reason. Then just disappears. Hurts a little you know about our our our that there are locked in and being used in people's legitimate argument that the that it carried the little. You could if you think about it you know there's. Aren't there any measure are 5% for the existence all the instrumentation that they have. Not far simply partnership they simply called it well much thought I'd mention this in the document tree. So how do we say that old life that we know and central. We proceed would exist in the 5% we can measure up but nothing can exist in the mountains are sent archery the lead. But there's no launch in the 95% that we can't agency that exist in the sense it's about. And understand that we just we just policy publisher in Kabul where does it. It's almost like two radio stations will talk in their signals on different frequencies and you can shoot it soon. A particular frequency you want experience that reality. And but it essential work for the news we think that the Palestinians openly they exist. As we've been up there a level and frequency range. Paul at some point after that you emigrated to the United States or came to United States and got into film making tell us how that that happened. I was around the video for the forest projects corporate videos since. The late nineteen. Those are on the so. Or other key interest in Seoul from school London east of late I've Creighton it's been indecent. School and then. In mind what I wanted to you know Korea has equipment's on the old friend and you know people look at noon. And used to make here and let the little things you know. Well I have Martin in the states. RA he met a paranormal group the principal shot that I can I have this little Britain's schools were able to do. What Michael Eric Rivera and I you know I knew how to do a lot of things about what I have to make some money for the lives so they can listen to ensure. And I thought we hope you never are you know Margaret Heather and interest in the power mobile I told them about some of these experts are Belgian some long. They sit there with a different studio reform must secure lot and question ideological equipment so I ended up being the crew it. Until this harbor investigation team has there's video of the sort so I went into that for about a year and a bit. Paris also made you stop Obama so that it shouldn't be made a little documentary about a 1001 who hadn't. The steakhouse we do it. And you weren't quite good document tree and then on he went on a bit some late Q worst nightmare shall we lost our. That part four I should let the in the children so I put security your worst nightmare which went out there. But other holocaust incidents and then. From that was the fuel in there and aren't helped out on the field shut of people. I've developed my forfeiture question featured in less so on the industrial show other people and then missed patents and production so. Is my main central. Or take a break him Lumia comeback won't get into some of these specific topics that you included in those films. And a lot more we've got a lot to talk about it's beyond really really your guess is Paul Tate tonight. Harry loosened Jason TV will Beckett. In turn. Filmmakers also. This website is dark element films dot com and some of the films and he's worked on and produced are called. Your worst nightmare also shadow people and supernatural assault and Paul even be mentioned that you. You helped on the film shadow people. His I know about a commercially released horror film that was called shadow peoples at the when your that you worked on. Yeah that was. And where you are elected technical consultants or something because of the civil your experience. Well what are who was what are really your worst nightmare. And it is it brought out there and it ended up being featured on the ritual ratios are very very huge circle all the on the also promised this group that's what the trouble but now. Was part of president. And then armed conflict that the moon through it. Could probably YouTube video that strongly. Meaning the national trade up. And this. Production company on cattle for what makes more chrome O I can based films they're making musical show other people alarms contacted by the Jerusalem. Sorry to directly or stroke and I hadn't hit. In the making this move equal shot at people and would like to use some of fuel. Document Cheshire home in the actual movie itself. But they wanted to get that sense of reality type. Interviews and might mark document true world we have interviews and what effect Cong and and then we are talking about shut people and he was just in the whoa whoa what are full they're role and it's called special for it then equal. You know pretty excited and say you know we shut the structural wall before we start actually shortly. And heroes could double to put you in the film and then he says although he should not political your packet out there because of the Cold War pitchers and so he told them. I've mixing apartment about what about from the truck so they simply put lucky we like to be thrown. So Latin. I thought I eighty and eighty across the word arch ourself all the cameras here on the problem across the world interviewed. I believe that he knew and then pull more interviews you know in the in the field so well there's both our direction that. And then the use didn't. Trips or mired in the assortment documentary. In the military so that's palatable to learn. When you I'm Kim United States starting making films did you heaven intention from the beginning to make films that told these particular stories or ads did you was this just kind of what came natural. Our war actually. What are they might enjoy it hadn't even planned on making sure on your notebook that you shall. I actually process myself. Aaron. Obviously being in the paranormal group our culture now a part of it just kind of came together and I saw that I wanna let my first. Documentary film all good drug as soon as that front presence there's we shot on the figure is that people say you know the most you know most parts of offspring. So are put to get. Right here for the silver then. Look for people who are now we know social and there were also shouldn't didn't walk up to you MySpace more than they were. Craig's list and then brought on people out there won't come forward. So that would start to look at. For a two who started to rather serious people who started to meet people who psychologist. Are people who dealt with the patients Arab doctors and what patients and suffer. Probably my error as he fluctuation. And you know we've been strident. Description of the talk about it. Stroke and we just portal opens. Introduced. And tolerant good document should form and put it out there and not a crime though. It's no supernatural assault and produce an awful the worst start there because. What happened Judy if you process. We were talking to these people and they were all reporting Cindy saying shut it usually can. And I are full so full article is so upset about the equal to those interviews. And keep in the side. Nick document chose to provinces. And then used them right Iran won't it won't in the rubble in a novel on which show which is what. Didn't see what you were so small that content look in if you go back ten years. I don't I don't want to. Ask a question you don't have time to answer here when we have about a minute before we have to go to break maybe minute and a half. So for folks that are curious about your films and and wanna see them what's the easiest and most convenient way for them to watch your films. That we go to well. Element films dot com you can stream the videos or you can purchase say it urged it DPP your mayor ray disc. Or you can just and you could happen on line like if you weren't including from bar from my right lower than in other stored on licensee could rupture they are. What are people consider that the easiest way. Let me ask this quickly though when you're doing your dock on sleep paralysis did you find more cases to be of medical conditions or more cases to actually be of the paranormal. We are and lots of the ball over par mobile. Well Arnold are case's jury will be did you process. But the medical want to get wouldn't find many most of the people that came forward we're having the Protestants were department present. And it just turned stretched and there are people rescued partner in western policies but we did happen if it is we had he hadn't. There's people who actually rather than the night carriers old fart at present. Market and it did just because through the years of investigating I've come across the there's I've told many of those cases in a lot of those cases tend to be. More of the medical conditions some people who claim to see things in. And so forth mess where they're feeling old pal lot of them definitely seemed to be more medical condition where they just felt await their chance and they couldn't move. And we'll get into a lot more that only come back but. The phone number revealed on the phone lines next hour so getting questions give to charity 44687766. Night and told treaty 44687. 7669. You listen Jason NG. Young beyond reality revealed that. It's there's then the West Coast Friday on the East Coast and you are stuck somewhere between welcome Dioner Hillary do with myself. Jason cars and they always awesome she each so you know our guests tonight Paul Tay was talking about. This and figure he saw at the end of his bed when he was a young child five years old. And he said it can had a rounded. Head at the top as a shadowy figure he thought. That you mean based on what he knew of hair styles in the seventies and maybe was somebody standing near that had an Afro you know that. Yes which would make bishop and I decided whoever remember reminded me of those pictures of view from the seventies when you had the asks her in the seventies I was. To an early morning and he saw it earlier Florida after a very very supportive and Afro. Anyway but the other thing that I thought of two was that we've heard people on the program have talked about alien visitation and is very very similar description as well aliens veterans may. Champions with app for us or just the rounded head kick but is so when he was telling that part of the story without whom I'm wondering you know if we ever if he ever got closure on whether or not this was. As we talked about topic manner had men. Or it could've been an alien visitation all that but I think I think he's learned sense based on others' experiences that it was a shadow figure. And damn he's gone on to make films I don't wanna talk about that with him just moment. Well even beyond that the whole serious a top hat man and its release a lot of it's really popped up brought it up and one of the episodes of ghost hunters Wear when I was in a skating with spy with my daughter Samantha. And it's just and I never thought I'd get the response that I I've done but haven't following cases of the top ten man for 25 plus years now. And it's just the cases from him are crazy in the always seemed to happen in the east spurts in certain areas it's like. For whatever reason aren't two months and it happens in the northeast and then. There's like two months it'll happen in areas south American and two months here happening on the West Coast and but it always seems to happen these pockets. And it's just crazy how that happens and it he tends to the show himself mainly to children and it's in all the world times of a lot of stress and a child's life for their dealing with abuse issues or things like that that are going on home but that's when he tends to show La and whether he's good he's bad. I don't know because it there's mixed mixed things out there are some people have said that. If he he tells them to be be quiet at certain times. To avoid. Physical abuse somebody being as always know where they are as always telling them you know but then again you fight you get cases. He does this for certain reasons to gain your trust in the moves on with it and and in use it to to better himself with use cell. There's a lot of mixed mixed thoughts and mixed police when it comes down to whistle stop. By the way if you had in these experiences yourself you wash your story with a seat 446877669. Is the number. I don't bring Paul in because and whenever you go back to his experience as a five year old boy seeing this figure at the end of his bed Paul you heard Jason's a description of of some of the things that he's learned about top hat man and that he will. Visit a child when there's smoke there's some trouble or some emotional anguish or. Some other stress in the child's life was really like that going on in your life at the time of these hesitations. Not parading up. What we did find when we made up eventually our shuttle people who. A lot people who are these experiences. Holes he shot a reshape who will. I actually Robinson's. And acting upon those are all lucky say stress trauma that something got a woman that lives in. What you are the people that we interviewed had recently moved. So that was enough peace within their life they were probably anxious about it in place but it was a little sort of stress they're on the long stretch. But the go to sleep if you don't know an act when you look at some strange stuff. Can happen if you stress spell our our divert some might Hastert now apple are all of that is because our recent renewed interest in an apartment. So could they are being there are rose and you know stress it as a kid myself I don't know but it definitely could be something like that it triggers you know these things lately. Are people upset with the amnesty. Attracted by feel and are you feel stress level so could there could be. It could be something to the. But I'm sure during your research you found. That shadow figures in the top hat man are two totally different different entities that the shadow figures they do they come regularly they do whatever the top and Meehan seems to be. This one type of entity of its own and it it tends to show up Ed just these weird certain times throughout a child's life. But they're definitely two totally different types of entities is that we your research head at found out. What that yet it is a unique typically. They're on you when you have typical silhouetted shot that people so you exert some of them are in the prize assumed that that part of China Russia and develop full shot at we will look if people didn't see shadows as. Well you know that it would be a missed it comes down. We have one of those extra nurses in the field somebody's soldiers a black man so help rising now to ground and she knew it was the deputy I didn't towards. Speaking about that that happened and is not just children that will say this we have very very peculiar not settlement terms the little. Cheaper than battle she sold it so what happened what she broke out one night and that shouldn't be holed out the FR I like our it will. One of these happen. I think it is actually pull Archie are fresh for it was our orphaned you know might. Trying to let it trickle something. It's still there and it just stared at the same rate that at spared me what I was hit. Are there to shoot woken up but they actually try to pull out our armed break. The so she's sort of that'll just sorry that is not just children Apple's been seeing these things to. Ohno as add solely hundreds and agree with you but it seems the majority of the sightings of it seemed to be children and a lot of times adults who sees hat man. It when they sit there and think back the a lot of times they realized that they had some sort of visitation with the hat and when they were younger. So it tends to beaten if they had a visitation when there were a child sometimes they'll they'll have another visitation as they get older and wife as well so I'm a bloated now when you talked with her. Did she could she recall any time having any similar experience when she was child. No she did not experience she apparently that particular at the woes. The experience. That is described in the Tillman were much sense happens you know she says she's been laying there. Couldn't quite get to meet one by almost let loose and then she closed below. And all of a sudden she felt. This thing Grupo let that stop calling out there on the bed. And worship with the Rashid though. And spending their folks are bad in our that you looked Arab. One of these cold shot of the victims were happy wherever. Or she says that it turned away from. And then. She was staring at just just frozen. There are overweight and then all of a sudden it turned what apartments and looked toward. And that it was Chicago here in the U pulled the markets are referring. And you know she reached for the life of that this was posted the luck of she sympathy vote. She reached for the a lot of the issues hit the life it was called. This part it will go up into the room. Enemy it also makes you wonder though if if he'd try to pull her out of the bed and then stomped turn around and looked better. Tom if he was trying to Warner of something or trying to tan you know show her something or get her away from. You get her out of the room for some sort of a reason. Did anything further happened when it was her experiences. Note our that was ever experience and it and and she's she got up and devotion to looking around the globe could hardly ever bring an end of skidded towards our. The point. The point I have heard you know Arab people suggest that the struggling to figure out some sort of guardian. Our approach suggested to me about my childhood experience. But make you that and the people watching out for me what I mostly in or some other reason some people's label you know. We need sleep some arms. People can do to get to properly and talk about that are preparing some problems in germ what they interpreted quality. There's there's. There are dispensing products as well there will open their long walled city shabbily treated quote lock on the optical engine suggested that in your loan. So from turning. I'm just not something our suggestion to watch found that out shall eat a lot of people but that. I have I have had that he he shut it conforms to the guardian and the credit for a. Well and then that is who won big misconception out there are a lot of people believe that first off just a shadow tape and Steve that it automatically is. Is a negative type thing or something there to cost an arm and a lot of times that it's never seems to be. The fact empty and people automatically draw that conclusion with that. And sometimes even throw researching. We've found that a lot of times human spirit can't fully manifest themselves and that's the way that they're seen and there are only able to manifest themselves from certain point when you turn on the elated it totally just. Abolishes them but. But a lot of times are trying to manifest themselves and that's the most energy that they come up with and they appear it's a shadowy substance but just because to shadow figure doesn't mean that it's a negative type. And Ian and I think that that's a big misconception out there. What it it is and there are there are good and that it never think there was one particular case that we carry the cross during the making the film. We're very it's really cold bone and Patton we need. And I didn't feel so well hearts there's news. As well and that she was actually physically attack on one of these things. And it was an ongoing thing or not I don't associate we live far she saw the outside. What should look in the well. That they came inside so. Others have by election people what they. You know here's something. Yeah yeah yeah we did what we heard their big pop sound. Yeah. Patents road. So achieve what she was attacked inside. And eventually we achieved cheers and a magician sparking outcry Archie gets very upset about it. And that and it's remote possibility of the work of about some of the scenes they were tried to console and then. Stretching out of the so why are you in so upset she shared. Interesting things have been killed in my hope that there are attacking it. Russert on oversight and don't bring that is so so she went away and without you know are not even a year off with you if you are. We were restricted local. Have left the door was found dead in her apartment on the prospect. And we should country for years probably will be making our leisure award. She had died nobody could tell that they they actually a lot that actual pick up in the actual courses because they pick and trying to reason. We just should be natural course is actually used to actual. And we go to the movies or the document tree. Two organisms dedicate their memory. Let's let's let's turn to the phone lines here in the music quick break this is Derek calling from South Carolina he Derek welcome to the show. I. Very. Day Obama a bomb on the and an authority on now. I'm not are you guys. They're yeah you do. Hey all guys on this apparently are out of this story should consult. All it ever since I was a kid off a 48 doubt that this so all our. Adam Everett about the case. You know up at the finish shadowy figure but it. It's almost like when you get what state where you're you're all obviously. Nobody goes the fully played yet mind is that away almost like. You can't boom. It out and yell and now you and make our military says at some of a jet that but it a whole lot of mental effort thought up for a free. I've never Serbs reject or anything like that but it. Omar threat on the that it would begin debate is that faster predict that sort of 02 got think about it you know. What are you what do you think Paul said. Anything that I can crusher Gary you're researching for yourself. Yes that's that's pretty typical. Hadn't. It it it certainly if you if you can't because it's so more than 22 Nicklaus is quite a shall episode sometime be on the ball well you know it it seemed like purple when you cabinet but it might. Art and second what what do don't go for prolonged period. They say that it can't turn until like the outlook for the experience. Sensation. You get the feeling that intellectual orbit. What the cola has had at the part that it. The product it is what it is very typical that putt description is very typical people. We're not in the right top. And they're rival open and they won't be able to move and they're you know there's probably culture and they'll feel. Some under tremendous pressure bearing down on them but what some people are content that domestically on top of from. Up until they hit shots didn't fall in the room all feel like that the president stands historic. And that you know typically what happens juror and arms it promises episode but will people go apart for long. Browsers aren't they tend soon has been so happy well for the sensational experiences. Are we're gonna take a break here and by the way thanks for the Calder we preach preach teacher comments and you joining us on the show here when I take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation with Paul taped. Larry Ellison Jason TV. You honor really revealed back. We're talking about top that man we're talking about sleep paralysis we're talking about. A supernatural sober talk but whole bunch of things whether guests tonight Paul Tate. And up Paul is a documentary filmmaker and a researcher his website is start. Element films Paul we have just about a minute here before it's take another break so again gifts. People an idea how they can see the films and what order would you recommend them viewing your films. Well I haven't decrepit. About element films well column you concede parent sit virtual assault that you constrain their own competitors and The Who have been to the you work smarter than that respect that was released in 2000 when Wright is not on the web site is actually being re edit it then it's gonna be released. At the end of this year so just keep your eyes so. That would assume virtually so is available right now to strewn all safari on this. Ari sort of go to break when we come back to pick up the conversation on the talk about the Jin as well because. I know you've done some work on mad and I also wanted to speak about safe house faith comes into this is there any relationship. Between a person's faith in what they may experience whether it's from shadow people or top that man or any of these supernatural phenomenon. If you got a question for us sir desk of this quality for 4687766. Night until freed before 46877669. Listening Jason GP Dioner early radio wooed back after this. 687766. Night reading and be patient we'll get back it's your phone calls as soon as we can we're talking with Paul tape tonight is documentary filmmaker. And a researcher of the paranormal his website is dark element films dot com. Paul order we're out of time here this always happens we have great discussions and this is one of those I wanna talk about the Jin a little bit because we've heard a lot about. These particular creatures in these visitation is how they relate. To what we talk about when we talk about shadow people are they the same thing are they related are they similar are they completely different. Well and Martin are lost her book and include sir and there's. Interview that we haven't been in the document chief commercial and probably. Hadn't. And there's also introduced Robert is Robert Scoble called Jesse cutie. Read. We're all the same belief that these that show other people are agenda. If that's what they are on the chin for those who don't know would you go back to his mother. And even pretending it never rape in mobile. And there are racist to an actual being patents that have been described by. You know people from. Sentries. And that existed before I'm trying to deal. Almost slipped in the beginning there were angels and chin. And then bad and below. When mine came alone. You and what all sparked talk. About down so Americans and they didn't she used illegal to June were used as police refused to out there on. Too bad because he believed that manned car and we'll do your lips and chin. And according to the lower the school's problems and I have been chin as a result their refusal to bow down. Will cost now what we know as they are mentioned in some alternative existence in the alternate reality. And it's effective some of the junior. Or fractions of the chamber of French full. And and bears are seeking to you know. So we have to and the wrinkles problems of merit. And certainly from local more people actually achieved all our. Some of these Durham the shadowy. They do it but the one that calls more problems of people like the directions and attack. And stuff like that so that you and in the shadow people. And well linked to look. And through local turn it they talk about these these shots and creatures it is not the war started. I think all the technology they talk about the attitude so art in the Marcel talks to you wouldn't be such at least being draw on all chip that's what they are. Well in June were able to according to full glory able to manifest themselves in human form. And people could create world tea from the area. You're so good moments shape shifting and could take any form they won't vote. You know I have their computers animals little shot of the animals to sleep in the secondary and their forms. There and didn't spend as possible. Let's jump to the phone lines here we've got Judy from North Carolina that wants to join the conversation he Judy. Welcome to the program's great caviar. How. Can can call. I'm pummeling Cuba Iran and an issue we all. Hated I concur. Is making extra long. And the document introduction outlook open up for me. If things black. I have worked at all accounts I remembered who have been the rule well I have it just Irish parents. And I have ever heard you were. When I'm out stick to keep. Up with all so. I'd never finished it. If I grew older if it's the old. I'm so I hit it he I think it you know clear I was a little. And move out lonely and don't let alone in Honolulu and can see the upside down on the Indian. Latin which created it and don't have an impact. And it didn't you can't go. And killed in my they went in I don't experience a little. My child active accounts. Thank you rich Gator yeah. I didn't know what I was gonna go out the window and keep straight up in the air all black yeah it was. Is it interest you in the opposite gluten strange you know my. Project from Warren. Walt can now go Wall Street like that Al not I don't run its own app and a lot it's time Yahoo!. It would try hanging. And lecture on the current and year out. A spirit can't create cute at. It it's affected the when you are just war. And I would actually not a whole lot of it out now accurately during war. And look I think it's hot out here reflecting. And a ready for acute thing it's so true and not experience while ago we have XP ER and barrel. That out he experienced the cabinet and the data Biden. And if I'm expecting it and met who now not that he now hooker. Not that that will shoot that bad I can't let them or what Hitler or it straighter. Well Judy thank you so much for sharing those experiences with us and Paul I have to imagine. That time as you told these stories and as you researched these ideas you probably had people like Judy come forward and say man I you know I thought I was crazy experiencing these things it's it's so comforting in a way. To know that somebody else's head these same experiences. Yeah you're right in it this is the case so a lot people would use you mention the stuff they don't talk about it they just refused to talk about it for fear of being labeled crazy for fear people laughing at them. Not so blatantly out who the heck he's experience little or meet somebody who's willing to listen to them. Oh you know and accept their experiences were brought ridicule. That they feel that tremendous sense of relief some people hope that you are in years. And why he's on the but when they're right we'll soon. The people like our local league record book adventure yarn and you know basically download them talk about their experiences. It actually helped people who have these terrible my terrorist attack and we trust is. We we found that are talking about this helps to have the feel of the problem is great until well. When you on. Were researching this than in people who expressed a great deal of fear by having these experiences did you ever come across any ways that people would be able to protect themselves. Personal that they need to protect themselves and secondly. Even if they don't need to but may want to is there a way they can protect themselves from these type of income owners. Yeah common share respectfully what other than that it is very difficult to pull. Problem people say that you know at least in these entities are attracted to treat it. That's all right. Fear itself in court she Sunni Arabs our own go to sleep. And you're you're you're you try and I'll have to industry processor heartland about that appearing later in your room. What happens is that you are so you'll know the level of fear they record becomes leak that's where those and then. And episode Steve Francis is more like the captaincy because you working so far it was so anxious. And it. What people can can pump it is an eight try to calm down try to Iraq and even meditation little. Just lay there and that. You know my reputation before you go to the back and help calm down to that you're not anxious. If it just happened to you when people have. Street drug to protect. And in front of king what it would thought you meet him at the hard. And helped to write that hold wouldn't. You know that state of being in the state of mind. Are they can help search YouTube YouTube if you see what you Portugal this pressure on. But also people in who have visited by the shadow reforms. Such somewhat concerned that far between like saw the light in the room more seizing on. But consults it and stay at battle that it will not stop that occur and so that could be. Just simply capitalize on good what are common but did not know in that fear for our. Mark that. Ole patent miniature. The life although he didn't that just sort of disrupt what their distraught about efforts there. We don't know we don't have also took it up close and they both earned and well. What about conclusions did you come to any definite conclusions at the end of these. Films Demi can you say with any certainty where these things are coming from. Com or what they are or any other conclusions. Well our car but let me. From Oakland earned people you know let let the of people and notre. Alter what Ben and they wouldn't. From Dario purple balloon. Our 81 Roger essential 100% convinced about statements and what our troops and certain standards that are seeing them. Actually that was somebody else so we're not. You don't eat but because certain Creighton somebody in the afternoon. At the exact same experience as millions will be actually that they are so mean that it was that something was. And possibly try to tell everybody that does exist. In the joke you know. Also believe it exists. I probably won't what do concern it will be that you if you leave it there experienced is it's some of the evidence we have a strong. They're experiencing. It from. I think that we had to cook eat and if some of the there researched that people don't like it was always going to be. And yesterday cutie and you'd. And the Gupta do you do to make it was able. I can't convince everybody that these are integral part contribute art to be very real. If subsidies that fuel to document tree. And then make a hero of mine. Yeah I think that's important in and I cannot tell you how many people. I've spoken to in my eight years of talking about these particular topics that said you know I didn't believe until one night. I saw it was my own eyes and that's sometimes what it takes it just takes that personal experience. And the number of personal experiences related to this particular topic. Is is is plentiful there are a lot of these a lot of people have experienced these things and there are very few explanations but there's a lot of a lot of information. There has because one of our people essential he won in our people worldwide. Will experience atrocious. Oh per billion people. When exterior street Francis. 18% of those wonderful article think they'll want to have to eat strange the world didn't count is that we discussed in your. So that's a lot of people having these are all for those people not many chemical can do about them until. That era show like this world you document should not what we that we put out or they need somebody who's got an experience to bring it. Some people say you know. Are competent to happen to use our. I was the only one before it was crazy so if it happens to lull people you know low enough that your experience in the. What's next for you anything on the docket and new film what's what you were not. I don't know my main focus right now is. And trying get this I have re medical your worst nightmare. There are different this year. It's a long process that document you feel about the below what it was and so it. So right now that smuggling truck and so do our films slated to be. Created and shot over the coming. Up right now that must focus. If people have. Experiences do you are you still looking for people to share these experiences with you. Well I can definitely. What in the on the web if you go to the the almost stopped and the film's well called out to the main page at the wrong. There is the compact. The real culprit the promotion to ensure it wouldn't though. I prefer people go cold you know because people you know they were almost sure the stones and there's a lot to people slowly but don't like. You know. To have people on the forefront now trying to sort of distorted by a very big part in the eight molecular at least respond and and get them. You know report in May be happening yet you can crowd certainly on the yen the work side. You can see the intro. As popular films so called great. And as a final note I know we set and a couple times already go working people get a copy. Of super natural salt working in the work and they see your other films. Yet Dirk they during www. Dot com and you can stream. You can purchase of literary and purchasing these anti copy and you could also have happened like. A rat hole on line overstayed their and the 999. And keep that they're all bicycle that you what are your life. It's great eight Paul thank you so much for joining us I hope that we or when you have a new project doubt you'll join us again and and keep us updated on now what what Europe too and what things you're investigating in and what would be next in your next documentary. Definitely thank you for cup war would enjoy the show. Okay all right so once again the website is dark element films dot com it's beyond reality radio we're gonna take a break and come back we'll wrap things up don't go away. Got some more. Yeah. I gotta go again didn't you didn't. She hits the crap go turn the lights crap tell her you're duty do its duty with the crappy coach fertilizer turn regular helpful. Human waste into fertilizer for your honor we'll do it we may as well get some benefit from a month to may the players never get. External ice and cooling which you can whose opinions yeah continues to rising picky picky. It's 100% natural and crack internalize it works great with house plans to do. 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It may not even be equal to craft Golan bombings that you'll save on the way to the the greens Franco helping out the living so you can afford to dock. Which. Ready for joining us. Think people take for being our guest tonight and appreciate that again his website dark element films dot com. Tomorrow night is a best of program hope everybody has a great weekend. Enjoy your selves so street hot and most of the country so you get a chance you don't enjoy that weather take care to be on reality radio things are being you can. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason hello slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.