WWL>Topics>>Tiamat Medusa discusses her body modifications to become the "Dragon Lady" & Tolly Burkan explores overcoming challenges as the founder of the firewalking movement

Tiamat Medusa discusses her body modifications to become the "Dragon Lady" & Tolly Burkan explores overcoming challenges as the founder of the firewalking movement

Jul 13, 2018|

Jaosn Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Tiamat Medusa - The Dragon Lady - who is the world's most body-modified person. LAter in the program, Tolly Burkan, founder of the firewalking movement, discusses overcoming challenges in life and finding happiness. 7/12/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's on stimulus Thursday in the east many years. Somewhere in between what we're going to be on our earlier radio myself just because we always stingy Egypt's now we are of course aren't a sports program here by any stretch of the imagination but when there's something that's pretty significant in the sports world we mention it. Light curls college volleyball and while that's when we we just to have that taken particular interest. But no seriously in the World Cup England got eliminated two dollars song and in the semifinal game which was as an upset and death it's pretty striking so. I don't know how many people been watching the World Cup here in the United States given the fact the US and make it. Which is just bizarre. But it's item my son's been into it's on watched a few games. I'm pretty certain. I was I was surprised to see the news Amman on England it was just while. All right I don't really follow it much. And I was is a place prize yet news shocker a lot of theories are disappointed English soccer fans are as they call it football fans. Unravel after the loss today when I I see if they had Beckham. If this had Beckham they could spend an expansion. I knew I was watching the beginning of the game and England was up one nothing and I kind of walked away from from it thinking that they were gonna probably. Dominate or win anyway and then see how things change interest in sport anyway welcome welcome to the show speaking of interesting. We have a very interesting guest coming on tonight T imagine legion Medusa. Is an individual who is now that the claim. And the right to claim being the world's first half human half reptiles rep toyed through body modification. Yen and it doesn't have to clear about it being ailing descendants are some we've had people on the show that have had that in fact claim that. Donna Donna yourself you know some interest and yet I talk a. Al why. Howell. What it means. Near the whole bunch of things and in team that's an avid campaign or for people being able to express themselves. So it'll be an era interesting conversation that's during the first hour and then the second hour we're gonna talk about overcoming challenges with somebody who's kind of invented in become synonymous. With what we would consider me be one of the more extreme ways of learning how to overcome challenges. Far ordered him. That's. That's one of those things Rivet so he scared the hell sodomy and who has blood hundreds hundreds Tolliver can. Author and founder of the fire walking moved in and we'll be discussing overcoming challenges along with the fire walking. Yes and the the interesting thing about that to me is that are we talk frequently about Tulloch nieces or any type of mind manipulation over matter. And that's what this is all about its mind power over matter I don't understand and am I can't wait to ask tolley this question but I don't understand how. Use of the body. The mind can control the body to the point where can avoid getting your feet burned visual look. Crosstalk cools and the stuff the stuff he can do with a mind over matter I'll be honest of course you know I've done martial arts my entire life in the fact I remembered. I was back probably 2122. And went to a demonstration down. Donna South Carolina and it was a big martial art conference but they had a bunch of Chinese. Martial artist. And Jim to say. I I don't know how to explain it but these mirror folks saying they were literally cracking these huge cases bosses what are. With their heads. And it was the most insane thing I've ever seen his I'd always in practice she in of course before before NAFTA tournaments and so forth. But to see them do it and then to take it to that extreme I'm thinking. Stub my toe no matter how much him intimate I don't title fields just it's still hurts not whining about us this desert cracking things with their head with their skulls. Yeah it's it's incredible stuff I mean I can't do an empty soda can't. Let that it's a. It's incredible stuff and that's what Tully will be talking about so the first tower. We'll be buddy my education second hour we talked about overcoming challenges mind over matter tomorrow night readings of Rebecca that was something that we had promised we do the first Thursday of every month however because you and I were on no fourth of July break for the first Thursday of this month it's been moved to this week. And you know what's this week Friday thirteenth that's right. That's an order stopper Cain. Cain are detained nine of course Cain played adjacent four he's I think he's the only actor that played Jason stories more than one in more than one film so he's got that distinction I'm not the original film but there is different and it's a couple the other ones yet. If you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond that reality radio it to FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under really radio dot com we can final stations we are cross country atlas is constantly being located. You can also listen right there from on site by clicking the listen live button. Or download the free iPhone an injury that printer which allows its listen 22 new shows Paris shows during our chat more only go. So we try to make it easy for a few down the shore from iTunes or anywhere else is to us a favor and read it for a sales push forward makes it easier for people find and then that's what it's all about. Yeah great stuff so. Take a break and when we come back we'll bring in our first to get first guest again it's Tia Matt Medusa TM mad legion Medusa actually also known as the dragon lady. We're going to be talking about body modification. With Tim that when we come back aerials an adjacent to. Is he beyond really reveal that the. It's. Your guests had first guests will be team that her return to do so also known as a dragon later many talking about body modification. And then later in the program telling perky and who's the all it was an author and founder of the fire walking movement will be joining us to discuss. Overcoming challenges he's been doing that for long times teaching instructing him guiding. People to overcome the challenges in their lives we all have them. And some people don't know how to get through difficult times and this tell is gonna help give us some guidance and some information how to do that. Can be agreed Cho so but let's welcome our guests and team and thank you for common trials tonight. Well thank you Jason and JB for having me happy to be here Rick. So let's start by just learning a little bit about you this is for some even on the program. TM mats so tell us about yourself. Well. My name is Tia pat legions reduce I noticed a dragon lady. I am the world's most of my male church sexual I had been out injunctions or actual. And our aim at the process. Up more seeing basically. In my outer appearance. To match that a ball which is in my soul which is Margaret Chilean. Metamorphosis. So I am undergoing treatment education relations simultaneously. My mail to help your position and my. Human tumor touring and part human partner until he or she. So I have to ask. And forgive him but maybe it may be an ignorant question. But we have people on this program that talk about ripped a means in the in the sense of an alien race. Mom is dad. Where you you say here's what your soul is is it as a reptilian is that we referring to are you referring to reptiles. As we know them here on Merck's. Now. Your your right it's well a combination of those belts. But I do consider myself or be a part Chilean eight member or observer alien species were you spoke error. And I bet that many people you know you usually you have other guests show us our partner Chileans. Yes I need to consider myself to be repugnant to get. Still you. And some people. Also discussed the fact they feel that they actually have some ancestry with the reptilian race. It is that we should feel as well. I don't you and the breeze is. Is that. You know I try to explain to people. Especially those who are critical and they start the feature you should call us you know they get ya ocean currents are that's just on the air in real life it's not to act a lot of people are very. You know most people are. It just once he wanted to be sure but. I do. You consider myself to be more the humor. And there or yes. Well I agree with you it would people are behind a keyboard they can be a total different type of person and I've done I've done TV for a long time and so you see you get to people who urges. It just route when you know when they're behind keyboard but when your face to face it people it's a whole different. Whole different world and I've gotten very close friend of mine and javy knows that Ryan who. He's very much in the body modification and he's too is I mean is nicest person in the world you can never judge somebody. And we're all I'd buy that. On yes and you can make your pretty good point there and that people just need you're you know a lot money. Out. Do you is people should relax. When it comes to butter might be occasions. People don't eat should be going all off the deep gash and then sell saying all that. You. Look at what do you enjoy the people. I am becoming. What it out. Whether he. Well liked it. What if people agree where the dollar is really not my concern. These terrorists I don't have time. To be. Dealing with. These likes the door is stuck in the mud or it will be under its. Are your armor drag and I mean because who. And to me Osce to your body would you do with your body is your choice it's shouldn't be analyst snowmobiles. What is it my body and then and it is my choice him it. Yes you know my buddy mark and she sure does all it won't solve expression. It's also. A message to the human race. Act people need to really. Really do pay attention to some of the words from some murder the wise people that are coming in the years. Like it's there you know loving one another is being kind to what are Butler. I think she married she really needs to take a look at themselves. There. Serious look see things as they are really Omar. Mr. there because you know you're right I agree plus. And at the bet that people right under Chileans that were Emo and law. These are just east or is that people that I read animal you're born. Why. I guess this might do her educate people. Yeah see you got it wrong. We are we really aren't. This. Team matter what point in your life did you decide that this was the path he wanted to pursue what point did you start to feel and comfortable a with the way. You were born and realizing he needed to make a transformation. Well did very first time that realization. I can't hardly. Then we digress just a little bit. Might transfer to raise much escalation. In its sorrow. Is. In parts. My we are saying. I don't like your way. Humans. Are like you're ways. Because. They're angry tying them in my life. Going back for my childhood. That I had heart abuse. Checked in that key stat the Barack. It's all for humans. Not one number two in. Where there are there you're talking about. Us or are important visitor. What are has a Doctor Who longer market should have been here's what. Humans. So people who should there are pointing the finger. Or someone like me in two. Actor NIC and me. Which is kind of crazy is people say you hurt your you're so you say yeah. I'm not sure I had no idea who you're talking to. You're talking about what you're talking about because. You're saying. Making just aren't that this really explain to initial where you really public office. So the transformation was. Part in part free you do become. Who you felt you were but also in part for you to leave. What you would consider to be in. And unjust. And unfair. In May be imperfect human race. Yes. Yeah it is my way of telling the human race. I am done being human you know I don't hate the human race. There are some elements in the human race there are ripple T Albert how. Your point were. I could see but don't Cha for instance. But. For the most part. I'd love humans and this is dragon it is my responsibility. To humans. Are dragons protect children stand. At that point that that I can't. Be there or my friends and we're people too is to show people. Okay look at the and I am really transforming myself. I removed my ears are you remove my nose. I removed most of my she's. Too so that when monster resemble the mouth of a rattlesnake with only two banks. Or small teach them. Each. And I have eight or on my hair you'll be adding more. OK yes this is very extreme a lot of people don't understand it better think that time cheered. Picture normally but when you talk about me here next year. Yeah that's that's certainly fare much older take a break here when we get back from the break we're gonna go on to some do you tell over and talk about some of the specific things that. TNN has done. To modify. Her body. And you know what's involved and to you know that there's a lot that's been done in this lie that she still plans on doing. Am so a lot more calm real soon Jason Taylor yeah. Thank god. The radio stations security program around the country that list continues to grow and thank you to all of them for being part of beyond reality radio Sam we as provided by. The Westwood One radio network were very very pleased honored and happy I'd be part of that group and be on all those radio stations as it was continues to grow. Yeah or costly adding new stations that ballistic re checked out at beyond reality radio dot com to find a list walk station most likely in your area it's not. Chances are we're going to be in that area soon but download the the apps or listen right from the web sites all free up until that point. And while you're on the web site check out to be on reality radio official. Coffee mug ice have we been talking about changing it to the official coffee Cecil. But that did get confused and confusing was ship's official who just called the official. Ship. That what we do weights on the website you see a picture that is the case coffee carrier coffee Kerry at a coffee holding device. Tonight we've got two guests on the program starting our first hour with T American legion Medusa who is also known as the dragon lady. She's the first and only half human and half reptilian wrap toyed. Later in the program we're going to be talking about overcoming challenges with tolley Berkman and Tully is the founder of the fire walking movement and has written many many books given many. Lectures and presentations and how people can help. Overcome adversity in their lives. So team that before I went to break you're talking about how all Howell the well the human population out there is just. Well there's so so much bad with CNN and end I'd I can agree with you wish you on that to a point on. It's it's just Slaton made it's funny from the mine asked why oh why don't hunt. A civil bottom line I said and I I can justify hurting the person for an animal personal purposely do you wrong. And the fact of the matter is so there is a lot of bad out there. But you do have to admit that there's also a lot of good inhumanity just like any species out there you've got a good and bad in within within any of it correct. That is 100%. True and I. The way it's it's I can explain that in turn it makes sense everyone is. I'm here in the real world. Everybody's cool. One is hungry or mean or nasty Judy I would say that set its error in my twenty years. That I bet on this journey. Percentage why is there probably about less what percent of the people that. All those years and almost all across America. And I've met so many people thousands and thousands of people countries. But I was in New York do your TV short term accumulate 2000. But. The real world people aren't so. I see a lot of that good that you speak. Out. And this that we are here. To why that until. Thousands of France is the people of course is not Iran met but. It online and you know what the other you don't relationships. Or so I. People like cult threatens to different countries. Who have been following is from the time I was a man oh for twenty years ago. You know all. It's a good people in my life and so grateful for that. And I don't. It isn't insuring myself insuring yourself or with the world as any human. Rip Tyler rip toward. Something that the world is used to seeing you know shock a lot of people. And also. Adding people see that not everybody is the year what these people's nerves or. And they're standing around me see costs. Go port. And it. Yet and that's discipline that's the place wanna get out because there is alive and there there's a lot of bad does a lot of good just like when it comes down to. Even me even reptiles and reptiles a Taurus or eating eating their own kind and and others and and attacking is but so but there's good and bad and everything. He. Could do like eat eat snakes to say. I hope I circus act and I'm a member of this orient. Reptilian race. We aren't the virtue that that the circuit were to. CN mad when you decided to make this transformation. He started as a male human. And did you have a a roadmap. Within ten point that you're trying to get two or is this something that's just evolved over time you've made decisions. Each step of the way independently. Well a little little votes. IE. I let my prior little cash back when I was still. And and it in a different world I was a banker I was urged president one of the strengths of the church. And so I don't that. My job as a banker a little corporate like. Because I became HIV scare in 1987. So I started treatment not the way and its treatment nearly chilled me or if it's. I'm really I. Being in there an exemplary employee it's ever ever ever colleagues see it going for eight years there aren't sick. You calling in sick every other day maybe twice a week to three days and weeks it was. It is important for us I think I need to do the right thing for my clients because. Those years I spent just as a banker. Those listen live animals amazing years of my right ear and most influential years. In making me. The strong person that I cannot take this I was asked president. Has it reached its not really. Acceptable. Grow but I became a jury positive I almost I decided to eat and make my transformation at that port facility. I do not want cheap starting looking like humans will. Start how many. Surgeries and modifications have you had no clearly you know tattooing and those types of things is a lot of components to each one of those but. If you could kind of ballpark of course how many surgeries. And changes to your body if you made. Well you want in no particular order embarrassed our let him. Go down because that would help this connection. But I have eight more implants on my. And then I have. Shy and implants. A shot there also durable underneath the skin. It plans. Oh on each of my eyebrows. Get you know making my eyebrow about it it be bridge to look what it actually it's. So I'm working on getting for it in my act premium look to you but I want it to be. Where reports that and so. Those. Negotiations. Instinct is so be sure is actually our time from my body she Euro in. What's going on in my life everything. Everything into consideration. Dot all I's and cross off tees are used to doing your part. So. And then part of bit. Is is an evolution. That's just how it is uncertain mall and I get this old yet. Okay I'm going out that there. Instance. I am this Larry my eyeballs at the white part. Is currently staying green with time to eat so I know my eyes to essentially didn't choose. Am. It was done. Lime green and then. That was six years to go into orbit years. That being spread I think it is terror is it the course where it. So the yellow and blue which congress separated from each other the blue recede into the back of the yellow came to the front program terrorists. Well I'm going to be those are areas where this and that that means that each. Separated. Does a little bit. Feel color looks to me it's almost like so what I'm going to do is add and well he chewed those spots. And that would be. And under my store in my life as I changed my it could physical appearance. It really dressed that way because that's what changed is make my eyes really. Really to. We knew what you engage you and continue were. Yes so I got got got more air to browse and highest. I have my tongue bifurcated and I am in the process of removing. Most of my teeth with the exception of six that are bleeding in my. And in fact just this past Monday I head to Europe the last order are coming out removed. I gave her the one kicking our next Monday through the following Monday the last one they're not only sixteen remaining a month. I have future plans. For my mom's my appreciation is what you are not going to do or cheer his. My project is. Top secret and it's underground so this is some information number is sure what I'm pretty sure I'm not sure okay sir and had both what appears remote. And my notes you know pretty much all cartilage in my nose was removed my nostrils completely removed. Myself am completely remove them just a little bit of skill which is attached. To the bottom two upper lip where this are there was. And it was you whether it's. OK more to explain that some of the other my medications are actually out. Our. Arch not considered. Buddy Martin each Haitians in or if you don't cheat everybody chewed Albert Josh. Because it's. Oh people do every day in hospitals and it's okay in society approves a bit. Unlike the one I just mention each year's site and. We've removing my ears quite hot. It makes me feel good to warm up so what who has select child not to do match OK so. In December I got. Trust protector and so I had my prostate removed. And there in April of this year. I had eight triple hernia. So each of those Carney is is by anybody and it should because they each balkanization. Think you do physically at your body but there's just scratch. When you put your nails you know your eyebrows. Surely it must address all of the bond market change. So I also had an April orbital street RTS at the scene I mean. I got bored yet to reach a higher technically you and and just so far. I think that's. Well that's that's its own tournament this unit is solid there was nothing. Said. Yeah. It's it's it's been fun journey for me it's still are not going. Joining me. My goal is that I will be completely finished with my motto which is what turns. With my separate dragon information about the you're wearing funny part that's just small balls get so. Now as Anderson oh and you're describe. Mean these changes in a we've guide a chat room that is commenting in a lot of people are cringing and saying boy that sounds like it hurts or how can you know how can a person. Go through their dead the daily routine without ears because even though I mean it's one thing to to notice the appearance of that. Another thing. To have your hearing affected by that because those little things and insider had to catch audio city can hear it sounds a so. It helps you helps you walk through the pain. And the people who will light some modifications that you had to make. By going to this process. Absolutely. Well I appreciate. A conference and the questions and I'm happy to answer now are the hanging. I have a really high tolerance I had hit teach it to teach. These should you removed. Just this past Monday. I had no medication. I had no swelling I had no pain so I don't know who are surges Matt that you like and that magic owners. The term and as far as. What was okay and did what must. The other one was you know how to how there are certain things that these changes will affecting your daily lifestyle. They're not having years I'm sure has a consequence. Bomb here you know not having teeth has a consequence out how you changed your your daily routine or your lifestyle to accommodate that. Well I'm I'm glad that you cast and some very good question and something. About because it shows should you. Deep intense city and the G three. For art and planting. And that that I put it to my project it's it's there's a scientific. Missed two ripped. This is to send. It. Oh it's like since. Moved my ears first of all nobody can talk behind anymore as I can hear so that's a positive. And actually improve your deleted here behind you. Yes actually cards. And its is Israeli. Interest in our testing so all. I got here is removed it's funny routines so or the last two years are kind of been. You don't AG and listening to things. You know is there a somewhat uncertain one of her clothes on mine there my my perception. Would be totally well. I went through a winter and just check it out. I know that there is CR did in Houston close to zero to look like it's the right. So why don't oh wait there so we're right hitters are still barrio. Looking away from from from the tracks not been able to see what the chambers coming and to listen we're gristle and shorten. Jury clearly we're trying to come from a heart or it's army. So good to see the effect the effect might be minimal and in fact it actually helps in some ways to jump to break we're gonna have about a minute left and we come back we'll give team had a chance to let you know with. The you can follow her progress and their activities are really take quick break more come Millicent Jason GDP on our earlier it back. It's. Tough to America needs to say Gregor. And Tina got about ninety seconds here. It's enough time for you to let people know how they can follow your work your progress. Your your changes in and I know the year active in promoting some cause. Is well. Absolutely think you'd come. On YouTube Jim my agent Medusa also on the wizard our. She. I'm on all social media platforms are easier to find just who Jack or Jill Motley and reduce it but you can find me anymore so I appreciate your audience or your attention tonight. And I hope that I assume because I'm also a director or Mark White to a body modification documentary might be coming here now. Well thanks so much for coming hang out with us and we look forward talking unionism point. Thank you to put the pledge Jason and Jamie. A good night. Right thanks so much again if you're looking for a team that it's spelled T I eight and eighteen minutes legion has and Allegiant and Medusa. So it's not too hard find TIAA. And AT. And engine she makes a great point LEQ and I were talking about and we've we've got good friend who does a lot of body modification and people tend to home they tend judgment for the it's an old person and it's their bodies there and they can do whatever they want I. I agree. I also agree can be striking at times when you began when you're not expecting that. And I know Ryan knew he brought his name up and he's one of the best people I've ever met slow burn just as sweetheart of a guy. You know than ever gave you the truth even you couldn't I should get a tattoo that it's exactly I tattooed grant T tattooed me he's tattooed a bunch I don't know. Merit yet. Well so we've got a great show coming up next hour of talking with Tolliver canned author and founder of the fire walking movement will be discussing overcoming challenges along with fire walking movement some and she tune in. Four number is 8446877669. And tore free days or 4687766. Panel will be opening a phone lines next hour. You listen Jason TV on the honor and. Used when you start somewhere. With myself Jason husband who is awesome GP job so. You know talking in the previous hour road body modification with their guests Tia Matt you know it got me thinking you know stints as simple as piercing our ears we take for granted in most cases. And now a lot of people pierce their noses so or their lips. Or other parts of the body and it's kind of becoming more and more accepted just like tattooing is becoming more and more accepted. Whereas you know maybe 2030 years ago it would be looked at with the with the raised eyebrows so get Argus is time moves on. Things that we think are strange at one point become. Have a chance or do become mainstream. We and and tattoos and stuff like that it's just I mean every everybody has them out everybody but them a lot of people have them now. Of course when you're going to certain extremes of body modification on. I can see where some people might be a little standoffish some people might find it a little aisle there to each their own on that. On AC sometimes sort of little kids might get startled. Yeah I aircraft had one migrant kids with me at one point you want in a mystery meat is somebody's at the big and big holes in their ears and and even that transcends just sleaze trying to figure it out trying to understand it but teach their own on the. And a lot of cases people choose to do that to two to undertake some type of market modification with that because it makes me feel better. They like. We'll I don't know we grew up but what types of situations are going on noise and sometimes to therapeutic thing for them and they and they like what it does. To the way they feel. That's called. In a way overcoming the challenge and our next guest tolley Berkman is an expert in overcoming challenges is also founder of the fire walking movement. He's an author. And we're excited to have him on the program tele welcome to be on reality radio. My pleasure I'm looking forward. Thanks for coming on telling him with a look at sort of the says well so tell you've written a number of books on the topic you've given presentations discussions lectures. You sounded the fire walking movement. But how did you chart a course in your life to get to this point. When I first got the invitation to be on your show I went online to see a little bit about. What you're doing and I suddenly realized that which are calling paranormal. I call normal. And things that I do. Are not beyond science it's just beyond logic and beyond. People's normal experience. But the fact that I it's taken literally millions of people. Over glowing coal. That have been measure is cry is 2000 degrees. If few decades ago this with a seeing paranormal. But now after doing it with millions of people we've been able to. Measures see results and experiment. And now there's scientific explanations. But there's also scientific explanations about how big an orgasm. I'm not interested in the scientific explanation. I'm interested in my experience when I walk on fire. It exhilarating it's me and the way that the scientific explanation. Has really no relevance. This famous skydiving and I'd jump out of an airplane. The exhilaration that I am feeling. It is my experience if you wanna give me just scientific explanation. It's not parent or mullets. Science but the finance firm needs. Is that distraction and the only thing that I do that I think you might call. Paranormal. Is very take groups into casinos. And I demonstrate. How people can use their mind to change the electoral chemical charge and their body. And implement the slot machine. And I did this on national television inside edition. With so sure I was a fraud there we're gonna expose me and they came and they were flabbergasted because the numbers don't lie. And the last time that I do this every single person who came left with more money than they came. So. I give you a scientific explanation. On how this works. But most people would say. This is very friend sure it's the edge or maybe it's a little paranormal. But again there is science but again we don't understand all of the science. That can explain all of the phenomena that we don't understand. What I like tell you broke that down initially because pair of course before the word normal stands for beyond so event and because parent means many different things depending on what word it follows and so beyond the normal aboard were used to we're not saying that it's. It's supernatural by any means were just saying that it's paranormal so it's beyond what the norm of how what we know is and and how it. And how it's done I think that that there was a great explanation that you put out there. I'm I'm basically. Carrier. If there's something that I don't understand. I researcher I steady year and to get you an example. A lot of people used to receive a diagnosis of cancer and they would assume that was a death sentence. But we know now. If you get a diagnosis of cancer there's things you can do. That will improve your chances of surviving. And one of the things you can do is what is now called. A mind body approach. It's hard to convince a lot of people that the mind is a real. Substantial. Entity you can't dissect the mind out of bodies the way you can take out a kidney or a liver. But we know that the mine exists and I can give your listeners an example. Right now. Okay I'm alternate Lyman. Who this is a juicy lemons. I'm gonna read this lemon up to my lip and let's start sucking on the climate. Excuse me like I suck on my lemon. Can't borrow. Oh good warm up. Now I'm sure. All these people listening who don't have lemons has some kind of reaction. In their mouth. Now is it possible to have a physical reaction when there's nothing physical player. Well it's very simple. As soon as I start sucking on that slam him. You start thinking lemon and all your association from the past with lemon are. Triggered are stimulated. Until your mind is thinking lemon and what that does this it creates. And electoral chemical change in your brain. And that electro chemical change is transmitted along the nerves and into the soles of your might hold. And you have a physical experience because every cell in your party. It's connected to a nerve. And every nerves it's connected to your brain. And I just demonstrated your brain. Can be implements to buy your mind. And this is pure science but it's very. Friends should it's almost like magic because you can do things with your mind. That absolutely changed things that are going on in your body. And you can literally manufacturing. Your body anything you combine in a pharmacy. So once you learn how to use your mind. You can start experiencing things you never dreamed of before. Telling we talked about mind over matter. Are we talking about mind controlling matter or means the minds ignoring the matter. Oh well you know it's. I'm misnomer to think mind over matter what we just do with the eleven members mind in the matter. I mean the body. Is matter. But the mind even though you can't dissect your report out of the body you know it fair. In this matter that you're calling your body. So it's not mind over matter its mind. In matter. Using your mind. To change. The electoral chemistry of your body to change the circulation in your body you can take more conscious control of your body systems but you probably realize. When you started down a path of helping people understand these principles and use these principles. Was it something that you were doing but first to find answers for yourself. In your life or. Was it more of an epiphany that you decide you needed to share. Well I need to give you little program and give your listeners a little background because. This is probably. The most profound thing that I'm going to be sharing this deepening. I'm seventy years old. Obama have a say in my early twenty's I place attempted suicide. The first time that I attempted suicide my heart it's soft I have created died. And they revive me and I suspension. A long time and Coleman I was three and a half months from the hospital. And you're talking to somebody. Today. Who writes books on how to use your mind to be a more effective more powerful and happier person. Now to go from that. Dark end of the spectrum. To literally be opposite end of the spectrum. Is no small thing. And the way I did it is after my second suicide attempt. And I survived. And that was no. Simple feat because. I literally. Was paralyzed from the waist down after my second suicide attempt. And it was a long road to recovery but I thought if I'm going to survive. I've got to learn something that I just don't know right now. Because I know there's such a thing of happiness but I have not only. Never experience that I don't think have ever met a happy person. And I see a lot of pretenders. Until I went on a quest. And I met a man. Who was 54 years old. He gut polio when he was twenty seven's. So literally half his life. He wrote a quadriplegic. Paralyzed from the neck down he had to be carried to the toilet yet to be washed he would be wiped. He had to be says yes he says to be brought into be dressed. And he was happy man I've ever seen in my in two terabyte. I could not. Believe. What I was seeing how how is it possible for someone who's a quadriplegic. To be so happy. And here I thought I had problems. Might might myself doubt in my he. Trivial problems were driving me to kill myself and here's a man. Who's a quadriplegic. And he's happy. How how is that possible. And so. Fortunately this man has been with he's deceased now but. Whose name was Ken. And you'd written a book. And he was literally teaching people. How to be happy. And it never occurred to me it could be taught. And it was essentially some eastern philosophy is that he'd literally americanize. And the bottom line was. He says look you know it's not the circumstances of your life and you look at its circumstances. And obviously if not your circumstances is that determined mode you're gonna be happier or not. He says it's what you tell yourself about your circumstances. Well that that that's very profound. I mean this is the key difference what. Turned my light program from someone who the hell bent on killing himself. To someone who now teaches people how to be happy. It's not. What happens to you it's what you tell yourself about it so if you get fired. And in your mind you'd say oh no now I'm roomed. This is the worst thing Mecca of possibly happened or what is that Judy you're immune system your blood pressure. Your mental outlook your whole body chemistry. But if you take the outlook and say look this is just a challenge. And I've been in. Athletics. I know how to deal with challenges them. Quite like challenges them which are probably happy even better opportunities as a result of this book that kind of a person. Is destined to succeed. And silver ratio people lose the connection. Between their mind. What's going on on their lives. And showing people that they're not victims it's not the circumstances. Because I can assure you people with. Horrific circumstances. Far worse than yours. You think your tumor is so horrific I can assure you people who've had tumors and strokes. And their families gave them up for dead. And today they're successful business people. And you're talking to someone. Who turned his own life round so this is not just book knowledge I'm talking from my experience. Now it's credible story. On the aren't so our guests and his colleague Burke amber and author of founder and founder of all fire walking movement. British take a quick break a lot more to come he'll listen to Jason GP beyond relative radio and I kept. Oh nice move back to Foster good. The first part of the program make sure you join us for that. Then we've got a best a program for Friday night's program as we do every week and the mortgage backed tunes to Friday thirteenth story and hired under covers and knock mafia that we close our souls into our bunkers and do not move. On to Jackson movie Saturday the fourteenth didn't know our original it was like the worst on his eighty movies it was a rip on Friday Saturday. Is selflessly did the noise down sedative fourteenth the day you really. Nice earth look for that one definitely. Our guest is telling burqa and he is the an author and founder of the international fire walking movement tell who's got about a minute here. Before we go to break and then we'll continue their conversation but in this minute we please give folks. Is information or how they can find out more about your work. And I don't boys and on your book is being. 'cause if people go to my web site they can have a visual picnic. They can march people fighter walking me to watch people putting five inch needles screw your hands while they're grinning. And my website is www. Totally Burke can dot com and all spell my name. You like tall Ole LL YE be like boy yes you are KE. They eat and then to Nancy dot com. And on my web site you can see housewives smashing bricks with their bare hands. After only five minutes of construction. And after the break when we come back I think your listeners will probably would like to hear defiance. Behind implement from the slot machines and walking on fire Taylor explained that simply. So they are now JV entirely to casino sort of like to a science time slot machine Paris quote below get into a lot more that we come back you listen to Jason GBM beyond reality radio will be back at tennis. Helps people understand how we can overcome challenges and how they can be happy. Because many of us aren't too many bskyb bogged down in day to day decisions and what we don't have vs what we have and we lose sight of what real happiness means. And that we've all done and at one point and another and our lives. Yet and we're gonna get into a little of the science on how one tolley actually teaches people to be able to well first off walk crossfire and secondly. The whole thing with the slot machines telling me you're talking about being able walk into these places and we'll just give off an energy correct. Well no not correct path to what I should do is start. We're a little baby steps. And let's start with fire walking and move on from the slot machines. We usually get an operator's manual whom we get I generator. Or motorcycles. But. Unlike. Appliances. We don't get much operator's manual for our brains. And so literally that's what my books do is show people. How to use their mind because most people. Used just a small percentage of their potential. And my books are meant to show people. Using very dramatic means. On how they can tap into undiscovered realms with them their brains with them their minds. To start with the baby steps when I was in the eighth grade. By science teacher. Boiled water and a paper cup you put a couple of war or on a bone and burned her and he boiled the water in the paper cup. That seems. Like magic to me. Many explain the science he said look. The water boils at 212. It doesn't matter how long the water is in that cup. It can't get any hotter than to troll the can turn to steam and that you know what happens but it monitors water and the cup it's 212. And the water keeps the paper at 212. And the paper can't burn until it reaches 451. Degrees so as long as there's water in the paper cup the cup can't burn. Well the blood and your body is similar to the water in the paper cup when you're walking on fire the soles of your feet are like the paper. And that cup. And as long as the blood is flowing through. Full of your feet they're constantly. Making their feet 98 point six. And we don't stand in the fire we just quickly walk across the cold and our feet really only touched the hole for. A fraction of the second each time. And so. The key is to be sure that you're not in the state of panic. So that your interfering with the flow of blood for your feet because people do get earned. And so my job is to help you look at your state of mind before you wore on the Cole. And most people when they stand firm of the cold. There and stayed iffy year and so what I try to do is show that there. I hear is really a metaphor. It's a challenge for any thing in the world that might populate. He year and it doesn't matter what that might be because if you have a technique to overcome that fear and take the first step onto the coal bed. Now you've got to valuable tool you can use for the rest of your life. And that's why my techniques are always very dramatic. Is so that people don't forget them. Most people learn a lesson and then when they most need it. It's not readily available. But what do I give people a lesson. It's indelible they remembered for the rest of their lives when you walk on fire you don't forget that. And advocate people can go on my web site at the visual feast all three you don't have to give your email address or prove you're not a robot. But you can see people walking on short of broken glass. Smashing cinder block with their bare hands and certain about housewives. Not like they'll you know karate expert. People putting five into quilting needle through their hand. Smiling while they're doing it. Because I've been giving people tools. Showing them here. This is a tool you can use when you're. In this situation that you're challenged by whether it's fire walking or asking for a raid he were dealing which your relationship. Are your son being expelled from school. These are all challenges. And we don't get the instruction book shelling out. Hard to use our mind to deal with the challenges. So. I show people for an example. If you're in the market and somebody just have a a huge fight with his wife. And he comes into the market unit meant to say anything. You can feel. Something about this person. And you know. This person is charged with anger or negativity. But if somebody else is walking past you in the market and there's smiling and there's serene. You can tell the difference. Between those two people that you originally said it's an energy. But I call it and electrical charge. And this slot machines. Are controlled. By a computer chip. And the computer chip is called a random event generator. There was a physicist named how much moot at the University of Texas. And he was fascinated by the fact. That. There were prayer chains. People who. Had illnesses. Or. Were active in their loved ones would put them on a prayer chain at people with frayed further recovery. And it seemed to have a lot of people who got prayed for. Did in fact recover. So good. Doctor sure what he decided. Let's try to do some experiments. To figure this out. And so we had to control group and he had another group and he did it very scientifically. And people who were sick they didn't know what they were in the control group or not. And the other people who were being prayed for a they didn't know they were being pretty four and the doctors didn't know the whole thing was a double blind experiments. But the bottom line was. You sit there is. A statistically. Significant. Did your year that people were prayed for. Are better off than the people who aren't. To be set up this experiment with this computer chip the REG to see if we could influence fit with our ball. And again there was this statistically. Significant figures showing. That we could do this while how do we do it. Well we are an electromagnetic. That's what we are we are an electoral magnet. And using your mind you can get shots. The chemistry in your brain and change the electromagnetic. George of your body. So where ninety people into that being though. We go to the slot machine. And we experiment. We say okay. When I'm in my head what the electrical charge vs when I'm in my heart. And your listeners and they have an experience of this just by imagining you're paying your bills that your. Desperate to kitchen table what does that feel like. Now imagine that your in church and that at a holy sanctuary. What does that feel like. Well if you difference because when you're paying your bills during your head. But when you're in the sanctuary. You're in your heart. So when I'm kicking people into the casino I'm not showing them how to get rich quick and showing them how to differentiate. Between when their and their head. Where mayor and mayor part. Because most of these recoveries from disease. Referred to people. Or heart center rather than it centered. People were Linear thinkers of rational thinkers. They're not able to do with the intuitive people are able to do. But you can learn how to be intuitive you can learn how to move from your head to your heart and the slot machine. Is up biofeedback device. So you experiment when you're in your heart there's something about your electric charge that makes the machine pay off. And the bottom line is you can go on my web site. And CB reporter from inside edition experimenting with Tiffany turned to the Cameroon since well the numbers don't lie. And when we first started doing it's I was intrigued and so. We past the casino to attract our players we have the old players cards and we've put in 9000 dollars and took out a 1101000. Dollars. And the last time we did this every single person not put more money than making it so obviously. We can do things opal mine. That influence. Our bodies. And the immediate. Environment around her body. And this has incredible implications. For people who are. Suffering from stress related disease. And people who were trying to overcome. Illness or an accident. You can do things with your mind. Basically. Improve your odds of recovery. Tolley. When you started to. Offer. Construction and seminars regarding fire walking which is become a phenomenon unto itself. I'm I think everyone of us has seen an example of this at some point or at least heard of one. That's that's something that you just wake up and say it and visiting this is agree way to prove this let's walk across talk holes. How did that that whole concept developed for you. When I was young I was professional magician. And I always assumed fire working with the magic trick. So the first time my friend said to me you know I've walked on fire to wait a minute you walked operator show me. So. My friend Linda built this big fire in. The cold for raked dealt with branches from trees. And she walked barefoot across the cold. And I knew that she wouldn't let me do it if she thought I'd hurt myself so I immediately took out bridges and talked and walked across the cold. And without even order for bird might be that turned around and I walked back the other way. And then I started researching it to see how it is possible but the only real way to research player Wharton is to have people buy or working in. Study done and so I started first doing at the friends in 1977. That I put up fliers and I started inviting the public. And you know them very famous people started coming to my classes. Like. Doctor Andrew YL and actors. And people you've never even heard of before came and this seminar so empowered them they became. Celebrities like Tony Robbins for example. And it's not that we need to know how to fire a war so that we can show off that the next and the barbecue. It's not a belt fire walking it's about learning techniques to overcome the challenge. Of the fire and for an example I say to people before you walk on the fighter. Just put your body is your body relaxed or is it stressed. If you think you're gonna burn up when you take that first step you're not gonna take that first step. So the only people who take that first step or people who know. Before the even more on the fire that they're not gonna burn their feet mean you're stupid you're not gonna walk out there to think you're gonna burn it beats. And so the confidence. Is that an emotional. And electromagnetic. State in your body. And what people have to do is recognized. When they're in that state. And empowered state that that's the way they can move through life. To make more money to be held a year to be happier. It's basically been new frontier learning how to use your mind. To get what you want in life. Give up feeling like you're a victim that you have no. Involvement. In your own future. And I'm trying to empower people and that's what my books are about the showing people how to take charge of their lives can create what they want. And the truth of the matter is. Like should be easy edited this and injured doing something. Throughout the work. And so mostly racial people loose. Here's how you. Find what you need to stop doing. And a lot of people they realize oh my god you know I've just been thinking Jews small my life. We injured your thought. Create your life wherever you believe about yourself that's you'll become. We only have about a minute left here with you may be men and half but. I suspect that more of us then not. Are we are going through our allies would this veil. In front of us the one that you're talking about piercing what is the first step for any of us to take. To us or to pierce that veil. I would say read my book dying to live. I talked about. My suicide attempt about meeting this quadriplegic who totally changed my life. And the it showed how I learned these lessons. I learned the most hard way and I wrote my book so that people didn't have to learn things the hard way. Then hopefully I moved to pass. So they can just follow my footsteps. And dying to live is my first book and a trilogy I call the self empowerment trilogy. And dinner and e-book form audiobook paperback on Amazon or my web site. And I give this is my contribution to making the world a better place. It is letting people know about these books and first book the very first step. Is read dying to live it reads like an awful it's a true story. Poehler went from. Being hell bent on suicide. To be coming the world future. An amazing story it's always thank you so much for being on the show tonight I can. See very quickly and easily how you can inspire people because of the you've inspired a bunch tonight. Thank you so much for having me good nine now. There and I. Right so tomorrow night we remember it's were readings with Rebecca. You always fills up fast it does it does will and we'll be doing that during the first hour of the program and then we will be having. A second guessed the second part of the program and I'm just trying to pull opening near the slick just. This is not off the presses too you know on the press are soft the threats is kind of I don't want to give the name is Matthew Ryan who's a developer of Gamal wave healing. We'll be talking with him in the second part of the show tomorrow night. It so we're gonna take a quick break come back wrap things up populists and Jason GDP unreality radio will be back after this. So basically yeah she's like dead. It was like dancing around with her in this video or somebody was in terms that would it was arms drag her from room to room like flicks who's deceased. Really more that I have to look that up assessment remember I don't know it's just a bad dream my batteries that it will be because you've had some great security crisis you know there was talk about them off I might have some after tonight's program to. So I definitely a big shout out to time Medusa for coming in hanging out of this dragon lady. You check out our website Intel labor camp for author founder of volt fire walking movement. Mom and big shout out both of them come and I and I all of us tonight in just discussing stuff. I few having Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be on Israeli radio dot com we can find all the station where across a country that this is costly being updated so check in Austin. 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Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.