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Jennifer Longmore discusses soul purpose & past life regression

Jul 19, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Jennifer Longmore about her work as a soul purpose coach & past life regressionist. Her new book is called Heal Your Money Story. 7/19/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Yeah now west. Thursday and the east and you're stuck somewhere between welcome to be unrelated reveals. I saw Jason Hawes Leo is awesome javy Johnson I don't know if I had a past life for not I don't know from what my sole purpose is there's a lot of things I don't know I and those are two with a big questions I supported. Any mean you don't know if you had a past life we had that person on the past that said that we were cousins that marry ordinary comment which or married eat I don't know married each other's toes or whatever was. Yes you of course ship pass well before right before said that sort had to return if you will before I I just jump on board with the theory I'd like to get a second opinion and and make it went tonight. My only your third into the war or yet. We're going to be talked. Jennifer long more tonight she's a sole purpose coach and a past life regression she's also an author she's got a new book out it's called heal your money story. And there's a there is a connection with your souls purpose. With the guidance you get from within yourself push your spirit guides and how it affects your financial health throw your life and the way you look at all of that. It all ties together and that's when we talking about tonight. And those are important things about me nice to see if my past lives are what's holding me back from from making money in the sloppy in what I'd like to know because this if that's the case then the net you an idea here in you know getting married in the during the source slowdown Alois basement and now Marshal Bernard. And trying to hang on. And you put it it's they want gonna be a 120 radio everybody. Jason and javy if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under daily radio dot com we can find all the great stations we Aaron across the country has constantly being updated to check it often. He can also download free iPhone and android app. Which a logic test of the touched it shows Pashos everything else on the ago. Or and also just anytime you want just listen library from the once they click the listen live tab in the upper hand corner. And to listen right there from hanging around the web site if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else do us a favor and read it forests helps push it forward makes it easy for people to find. And that's what it's all about. Yeah I woke who's who booze and this one word of warning this one caution. That has nothing to do with listening to the programmer downloading anything but it has to do. We've what you buy at the grocery store. You know we all like fruit vegetables we'll go to the fresh produce section at least I love it please don't scare me and I only I don't know I don't know Obama but a woman in Connecticut. Went to a local grocery story or local. Yes I know that's problem I I won't tell you what to meet with the chain of the store's case until later in very tight little valued in our ask us Ernie was and we Rocha went to what are local grocers truthfully she shops all the time she bought a lot of pro Duce among the produce was of a bunch of grapes. Took them home. I'll wash them was getting ready to eat them when she noticed a black widow spider crawling out from the bunch of grapes that's not the first time this happened yet says that's happened a bunch of times a paranoid bunch of people found throughout the years. Yet and there are you know obviously. You when you're from your buying fresh producers are good chance and I seen stuff before I mean he sees little Malik Simpson's been like lettuce I bought a civilian and you gotta really really be careful about which buying well there was also. That one a few years back with a banana straight there was that banana spider will shoot lights are highly highly dangerous highly poisonous. You can die with and so many minutes getting bit by it and it kills awful lot of people who get in when they get the bananas because they they put him on the shoulders when there. When they're climbing ever walking around and attends the bite people in the neck and neck region. But to have one of those showed that it showed up a few years back somebody's thank god somebody found before in the and a big bit. Yet the bottom line here is that when your buying fresh produce just got to look at over really really carefully don't assume I mean this is stuff that's growing. You know in many cases now organic farms where they don't use pesticides in the don't use other ways to control of some of these past several shall open in the producer just be careful. And so when you get home throw in the front yard hit it with the pressure washer as Georgia State it's probably good start anyway. Boil everything that's a normally Garcia of that is definitely scary. Another don't you hear about this whole forensic experts looking into the shot turned. Things been going on now well bloodstains on the shroud of turn are probably a freak who says forensic experts yes. This is just not what happens to a person on a cross at one forensic investigator. The shroud of turn long considered to be sent in by some and be the burial cloth of Jesus has inconsistent bloodstain patterns that to suggest it is a fate. A new forensic investigation has found. Hold the cathedral of saint John the Baptist deterrent Italy of the shroud there's an image of crucified man which we on the but it's been analyzed for decades and in Rio carbon dating it puts it around 126 to thirteen ninety. It's regarded by the Vatican as an anchor on arm rather of course rather than a genuine religious relic. And just few years back it was over two million people ones on there in 2015. But they're saying the blitzing Paterson patterns investigated. And the report came out on Tuesday by the journal forensic science. Com. And they were looking at the different way things are set but the research concluded that balloon appears patched with bloodstains from a steaming model. Not a crucified man or face down corpse. Adding to evidence that the shroud is a medieval fraud. And well what I know is that over the course of my awareness of the shroud of Tori and it's been tested many many times so many many different ways and some of these tests come back and say it's genuine and in some Americans say it's a fraud. And I don't know I mean if it serves as a source of of inspiration for people against us but B wouldn't this. And that's what I would you and I always talked about that whether. If it's an addition comfort somebody with their belief system just late in investigating when your basking in turn almost on people. Wanna go holy water so people wanna go across to whatever they wanna do if it comforts them. The Soviet that's all the matters. Yes and that's the bottom line was this. You know I think he was very very recently they did some testing on. I don't remember if it was the sweat stains and and I can't I can't remember but did in on that report came back and it seems genuine so. I don't know but I do know the Middle Ages. There were every every king queen prince. Royalty across Europe had to have some holy relic to have any stature. So there were a lot of rural holy relic showing up throughout sure. I'm sure you and of course with TARP frauds or mart would be popping up again being sold so. Who knows but again we've got a great show tonight so on May she stay tuned we talked with Jennifer long more sole purpose coach past life regression test. And we're going to be discussing if your past life impacts your ability to make money today. So stay tuned we're gonna take a quick break a lot more to come to listen Jason TV and Ellen. Our sole purpose coach a past life regression missed also an author with many books to her credit including. Her newest book the book we're talking about tonight specifically heal your money story. Jennifer's website is sold journeys dot CA Jennifer welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on top. Well thank you for having me and I just aren't we have a great day in the house. Made a big part of our servant that we aren't a does that mean something or we can learn some things are so. And speak all I have really envy thing neurology chart data by talent to really get started when he's got that Cheney is. In UMass coach. On the trust you have the power of three apparently I think we're gonna have people today. While okay good blitzer real way to start the so he let's let's gonna get some definitions out of the way here for people who might not be familiar with the kind of work you do what is this whole purpose coach. And so cricket coach is a nice way of saying I help people take your around what they wanna be would make ground up as a nation matter all of the allusion to keep them connecting with neighborly. So that means we still have a chance. Yeah. Yeah. It's good Dinara because sometimes a night's super fast. How did you. Find yourself in this line of work from what I understand what I know about you thinks it'd happened happening very very early in your life. Yet they can't. Actually I was pretty young I didn't have ordered and I know like a little Italy Japan where where. Even he can't land which we don't have human language of the comprehension to really be able to explain to people. And I grew up that are really spiritual home where I actually very except for these camps I still couldn't identify what was going on and and we ended up going into sailing for Patrick crashed in the last war. Can't my parents wanted to figure out what their deal latch on to figure out particularly deal plans. And then ballad my introduction and I went to school and let old people don't really like took steps people looking a little funny. So I spent mind the majority of mine child trying to figure out on the NN. And not treat people when I mean things that I didn't know that I do about them. And and I eventually leaned into the captain type you know lack rejecting that and making a going away make you aware that being angry edited and leaking going trying to go into that. Almost common thing as a somebody and people who have abilities tend to try to keep it. Quiet because the or they're worried about being ridiculed or judged or made a move and and things like that and it makes it really tough for that individual. Absolutely and not talk about I would really wasn't trying to meet people in Hong Kong I would wish he truly deeply compelling thinking that they can dirty cap and I think helped put the phone that going to rain which can decide that later with a ring with the track record I sat at the it would be. I didn't feel like what I would do I think hockey ability to articulate guy. People would want to get really you know than your contact lake. And I didn't know how I didn't know when I was going to come on channel and that being pretty shy and keep to myself. And we Chile China and with the crowd and I certainly don't think L people. Right now apparently and that when I finally started to do this at the witness. I realize at first I was going to need to let go out with my attachment to what anyone directly whether they like triple or whether they didn't like they can't weather the course Haiti. Or anything in between and that's given me a lot of treatment can. Do you find that some day at your face with a lot of naysayers or people that might look at the work you do and whether it's for religious reasons or for. Just personal reasons or just skeptical reasons on the get a lot of resistance. Crackling got a lot of resentment at being that I'm really intentional about what hang out at technical like all and glacier that I like you wanted to use my awareness and OK as a person sitting in front of me right now on the actual capacity. Here what I do if they don't I usually just that you know is speaking English only basic terms about the fact that I tell people. You know get clear what they wanna do attend light cooking like out of them not wage everyone gets you just being and I coyote energy. And we can build on top of that other. What are some of your first memories I know that in in discussions about yourself who talk about the fact that you were a baby basically an intent and you remember having some experiences at that point in your life which. Already sort of open those doors for you. Absolutely blown it and he give you a little bit history behind eternal grant are what this psychic medium that you just saw crime that the police. And my mom is scary injury that might add Staten. And really big animal thinking there. Like I'm sad how how socialism right across greater and greater with the least a hundred years old I would go there she. Country are flawed and won it all kind of character and in. They spent they do during the debate alive you know I don't tell that your typical but yeah. And I would just have a long conversation that these folks and not realize that they weren't physical form. That can. In like I was surrounded by a lot of this stuff and I was scary truck and I can shed some like Teddy bears stable and flying around the army that they would fly around. The preeminent gentle sort of plan that often let achieve I was sleeping I look as probably being worked on by my guide at that time. A lot of friends in the garden equipment technical play. They had no idea that the rest of the world let them living in a tight end because the court that it can't get to check your Bob. Well and then then that's the thing it's not like you're born with the fear of of spirits and things things like that so if you if you're born within your growing up with it seems sort of natural. At that point. Hopefully me and everyone in my helicopter best way to return but that's my parents. Who lived fifteen minutes away Eric Elliott won Roma and round at which overeating cold I mean any kind of gear with creeping cold. There were a leash and you know Doris. Slamming in the basement when nobody can. I'll kind of things. So if this was normal and try I don't necessarily feel abnormally and when I went to school. But what I didn't like because primary dealer you know on features a collection here and you know I didn't like people feeling Conklin coming to light. Knowing that. I'm creating an even try to people now obviously now I know it's not. I can't control how people respond to me at that time I really get alcohol and we're wondering lilac unintentional hurting people. Jennifer it's good break here and about a minute but to the scene that you described when you're talking about your childhood and you go to now out into the garden or the basement you had these conversations with with what you didn't realize war. Do those that have passed and you're communicating with their spirits. Bobo is kind of reminds me and if forgives the I don't know if it's a cliche here and up and it kind of reminds me of like the movie the sixth sense is that AT&T U I mean it was at that. Was it like. The he had it was except it was then I would never try it. Pressure I don't see where that was an engineer they clearly trying to. And you didn't have bloody mangled faces coming to grab it wasn't like that that. So you know it's pretty Anderson we have what we just a few seconds here before we go to break so before we do the break we come back Newser talking more about this just gives people your social media handles and your website. And adapting to find me at times face spec I have a cup of coffee each. Which integrated joint and then my web site is triple W dot soldier Ernie stocking. All right so. We're gonna take a quick break the phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. If you haven't ahead over FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. And had to be under reality radio dot com find stations in your area all across the country and more loosened Jason dvd. It's. Jason. Heard 6877669. If you wanna call when we open up our phone lines a little bit later in the show. Tonight we're talking with Jennifer long war Jennifer as the sole purpose coach of past life regression missed also an author. And her book most recent book is called heal your money story she's written many many books about these topics will be discussing all of it throughout the course of our conversation tonight. Jennifer. Three years old we are talking of which childhood and all the stuff kind of was revealed to you wish you were. I would say growing up but at this point only three years old from your your your sole purpose your sole purpose not SO well the purpose but USO UL purpose was revealed with the appointment to three years old. He had it I think they're really the acting trapped by the way easier Levy out actual change that I wish sneer while I was keenly felt shouting from the rooftops at. Of those megaphones why can't we all get along. And plan but I feel like that you could be two masters and I mean I am sure it will create peace on all of cultural. He couldn't find him to compete from her computer and their action with universe and all those kind of things. And jazz and I mean I don't eat go about this way to people thinker is peaceful because I didn't shoot however. So I I Felix loving to tell the truth and try to find me Shirley package and it can put it that people can handle. Thanks I mean that area needs and which I obviously didn't know how that would all come together. Even when I do have a lot of clarity and my carpet let you touch screen and it's my job. The good girl to go and followed conventional path. That's silent auction Turkey night trying to be forensic investigator. Wanted to ask her many years so talk about you know going cycling track that. All of hold three when you realize that you were different than most don't. I mean that. Pretty much and I went to public school in England JK a kindergarten. Certitude really realized partly teacher we're all these. And to hang out with me and ask questions about their personal lives which could even judge relating that now how talked about it happening. To connect the dots. But they would have me reading about you. Keeping counsel and staff. Standing at the front of the river with people are comfortable to get Kyle so. Ironically I'm not among them by a lot of attention I'd like should be under the radar like you kind of the point being in the spotlight. Allen and those in Tony Robbins tapes of personality I really like to let people lined felt. A little bit intricate than that time. All that had to be a big weight on your shoulders especially being that young. Yeah I mean I was grateful to my mom because she can't help looking at a Christian your I was critical to her as she taught me how to read and write at a time it's two years old time went to school having a lot of it management at Accenture chip outs. It's our academic style action packed. It is potentially out because the teachers didn't know what can make it be so they would welcome Leo and politicking like period and that's schoolwork. Well the other kids and a consummate I was getting sent out here by the we're in trouble and just because stating it stripping work that you could be. Focusing on the hollering. At school at an interest in time pressure. We talked about the fact that you were getting these messages and you're getting these energies what's the source of all of it. Firm blue. I mean I really do you feel like income it's exactly front door so yes I communicate with the different guys send in different. You know council of what I than talent. For me I just like to go to Iraq I know that I have the benefit of not having been programmed. By religion and plants. And going to try and land so I have always been free to think on my knowledge. And not have to strongly attached lecture from me let's not actually had to Allah I tripped over the years at such. Let's go right clean my spiritual connection. One of the things I didn't have to worry about what I will try hierarchy. Happy to go tractor angels a coach restart and guide to try to. Be worthy enough to talk to god storage unit where every one call that energy. Like it go to wrapped up and catapulting about what. The top not only go on the top so. You play it safe for a lot of years I would say probably years between childhood in and when you kind of had an a weakening. Well you're playing it safe and trying to fit in. It was wears her frustration developing in the US these messages continue to come to you in these feelings continued to come to you. Early scientific very question I was so angry. At the universe like what are you kidding me given me that Spain you haven't given me structure manual people are looking at me funny. I'm now a teenager and making friends really important. And I have to try to tell my land after circling. Partying and you know trying to do you think about it akin to working around me kidney stone tablets arm and I felt really abnormal. It is very rare time for me. With idol at seventeen when I realized okay. I need the resistance is not making vale being there at eight I'll go away so what would happen and I actually just. We searched at just won't do it and had fun with that. And asked what things really turn car opening up my mom and I would go to my crystal singing mobile content together and and deleting all kind of metaphysical being the trend which. Total neutrality turn to Brad and just you know. Immersing myself from national language state didn't have a corporate. Three dimensional words to describe all of the things I been experiencing protect achieved here. As you who. Became an adult and you started to. I guess maybe opened up to this little more as far as the idea of of embracing it and and pursuing it. That I understand craft that he had an accident the kind of change things for. Yes pretty dead and it was such it can't even though boy it did not like about the time. I plan my life with spinning out of control are on aim high achievers like that it would be a great idea to kick on a course Berkeley university. And also had two full time jobs and apparently it didn't have the energy for about. And I got stopped my car my car started spinning. Out of control and then all of a sudden my car wouldn't refer to run across my own little to travel. And the next thing I know I was being. Stroked by this woman nobody else could he or she is so real to me. And it. She was China wrap me up close and it kind of scattered around my car. And honestly nobody taught her that she was so real that adaptation to the one that collect our workers. How to split second like cattle and I think I'm actually. According to cross over into the other traffic and traffic looking at a 120 Albert about match. And I just remembered saying I don't wanna die today. I wanna stay and that's with a permanent to reverse. It I don't know Evelyn. Latinos that we can't and to build an access point or about 21 years old aunt ordinarily should. It is an opportunity to go I can read that I think are not happy with our press. Commercial protest silently when a comment. So that is what happened to what is known at the time. I think we've discovered leaky can't eat eat eat energetic I'm language ready for a critical things experience change politically. And I was waking master by the time violent and to try and I wish he would. Pretty challenging and a lot it's an interesting job to be very intuitive and then to be very energetic confident and be toxic environments. It. It was pretty challenging that I should just. Well and Ricky Ricky has just decree easy thing to get involved with anyways I mean it is open to that's like it it's really what got me started in the whole paranormal field then to steal somebody somebody that was so. There was a reiki master and and I had always dealt with she anyways because it was a big martial artist when I was younger so Ricky wasn't too far from that. But just. It breaking has Tennessee to open up a lot of people to do it. Who are closed and then they start feeling like they're going man they're seeing things are hearing things are feeling things they never really. Experienced prior because they were closed the whole time up until that point. Yeah absolutely it's so interesting you say that because I joke about the Ricci is like the key we try to crack dealers. It's the starting planes and then you move on to things that are core intent try to kind of took action you had opened yet whether it be. Your normal or whether it be you know crystal clear. Into the bullying or whatever is whether that global event can now. I have to back you up because you kind of glossed over a point here that I think you need credible explanation you said you're not sure if everybody knows. That we have a dual exit point it 21 and in her fifties. I'm certainly don't know what that means and I I suspect that a lot of people listen don't explain that. Sorry that I realize that it got over well. I mean do you understand from just seeing Tony leading car could be here. And it's you know there's a lot of kids will that you Contra trample on their 21 years old. People to have freak accident and like should. And speak and some presidential feels like India and so on track their blueprint and or their lake. I thought I do what I kinda far. But I really don't want perhaps that's. And will create a way that they trade up. Portal homage to their friends to be able to lead the planet if they decide that guy is gonna start a and then that he's a little irony in in the public anywhere between patient either fifty or 65. They don't want is very healthy people now the problems that have heart attacks and now her can't pass away. For example. And fat cats again because where that light fruity tiny generalist who came on and try such a feel good about how to live my life. Usually by then odd people that have done things that there are holding onto that a secret like a really deep Turkish secret. Cool man constantly Q. Can't get off to plant can they can't look at the little things right and they can't live with the pertinent actually cracked. And that it usually shocks people we often hear that I don't like and commercial healthy they are right there and I agree to what happened ten. Some part of that just needed to lean. When you say leave the planet are we talking about in a spiritual sense are we talking about in a dimensional sense or something completely. Actually dying like leaving their physical body and not coming back. I don't care. You know former. Yeah. I know just it's it's here we we have a lot of people talk about these types of things and some people better do a lot of things we need for different words tunics were on the same page here are winner take a break when we come back we're going to continue our conversation with Jennifer long more. She's a sole purpose coach a past life regression is also an author her book is called. Gil your money story she's got other books to her credit you can find the mall it's sold journeys dot CA. If you have a question for us our guest Jennifer long more. We're going to be opening a phone lines the next hour in the numbers 8446877669. And 1238446877669. Nielsen Jason GP guiana island radio. Back to show. And stop by the hour on the radio and web site check out feet beyond reality radio official coffee mug it's they're for sale to beautiful little mud nice little beyond reality radio logo on their domestic shipping is included free in the price. And it looks really great on your desk on your table in the morning when you're having your pancakes in your coffee in your bacon junior rigs and hash browns and mental stability goals or at a healthy breakfast get into the legislative seven course meal it's and the like breakfast Gilani and that's that the F coffee with a banana yeah regularly for five cups there's that it goes so yes there's the the coffee mug is there. I were talking with Jennifer long more tonight she's the sole purpose coach a past life regression is also an author of many books to her credit including. The one will be discussing soon called heal your money story. And Jennifer right you know before we this is kind of a short segment here sort of I don't wanna get into the new book yet but you've written many. Bonus and if you had to guide one of our listeners to say hey if you if your best first step in my work would be this book which one is. I need it defying diet friendly cash record. It's great it really opened up to the concept of what personal and political Bristol and why were here. A lot of times people are afraid of getting it wrong on this book really just all showed issue you know put your pitches and how that getting dark earlier carpets and then how do you. Because your what your language how you actually iniki which your record he earns. So that it it will you can really share information mentally that you can apply security at Eli. When people start to learn about their souls has it changed anything in that maybe. Religious in nature or does it change the way I mean I'm assuming it changes the way they. And viewing their purpose of their life and probably the way they live it. Absolutely it's a great question and facts I have a lot of folks at me. Take it's pretty hard core religious at least have a lot of she claimed to have a lot of Jewish Korean. A lot of Christian claimant count that we're going to be looking at the same but Catholics believe that. He had the Havoc and can be hanging deep relief ilk held to this kind of organic. And they've been programmed to believe that god and McCain obviously that judging and punishing god. There's a certain protocol to follow. They have to be driven by being a girl or cripple any and Dan so Communist or like me they create an opinion at this time Felix in my became something wrong. NIC and this probably budget hidden agendas on why that belief systems actually pushed that way today and to sort keep them in line and keep them away from things of that nature. And it's so. Feel like people are drawn to religion we really create captions we didn't create. You know keeping median crowding the kind mechanics spiritually. I won't somewhere along the line and my opinion it really didn't work. As many things like history when groups orbits at times seemed anxious you know a lot derailed. Cat yeah I I only encourage people that feel into what they're tripled even if I tell people I can't get a how to actually in your body dispatched key electric your body. Because I want people to really feel power and only what my truth is crushed AirTran could go on. Once again we're talking with Jennifer long war and her book is called heal your money story she's got many other books or credit they're all listed on her website if you go to sold journeys start. CAA you'll see information about all of that plus Jennifer you've got a whole bunch of other stuff there too does not just books that you offer people who were looking for some guidance. Absolutely yeah I'll firm HM and digital training program to people really just prefer that you can't study only have been on my group program going on that are applied the top I need to act. Each literally an opportunity for people to work with our title each Eid depending on what people are are creating looking. Well if you haven't yet met everybody had already FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio link to FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com we find all the stations we are cross country list is constantly being updated. So check it often are adding new news stations all across country all the time. You also get the free Smartphone apps which allows you to cast the show past shows on the go and more. Or any night were lying just feel free to click the listen live button and listen rate they're from the website. An ankle hanging out there with a great community people on an online chat if you don't show from iTunes or moral systems for different read force hopes pushing for an makes it easier for people. Cry yet and now woman come back and our next hour we're gonna continue our conversation with Jennifer long more talk about a book you'll your money story will also open up the phone lines of freedom calling join the conversation. It 8446877669. We always appreciate comments questions and concerns from our listeners so we look forward to having you calling into in the conversation. Listener interaction always onscreen. Parrot a lot more to come you'll listen Jason GDP on a daily radio. Heard you myself Jason Haas in the it was awesome achieve each arts. Gee do you think there's a greater propensity for ghost to exist in the ghost town. Vs any other place. In a ghost town vs Allen. It's it's tough because a ghost town at lake. Paul feel Nevada and it was in Biron had 3040000. People and they have all these beautiful hotels and everything and then now all of a sudden nest one. So the possibilities of course impairment I would think more for drama like a residual type. Once just the energy all those people being in a location like Waverly hills you at sixty plus thousand deaths. The place is notorious for its okay so it's it's a ghost town came up for sale would it be a good place to buy if you were onerous in the paranormal. I cast would depend on what really went on there. There's all these and either some ghost then they called ghost towns by and hit some of them at late him under people you know I was. Yeah well there's a town called Cerro Bordeaux in its in California in the Owens valley in California and it had it's been abandoned for decades. There's a couple of caretakers are on the property year round. The kind of Roemer on the town kinda keeping things. From completely collapsing. It's got several buildings and they've been trying to sell it for a long time and they wanted to about two million dollars for in it's a town that experienced a boom in about 1865. When this when silver was discovered nearby. There's a saloon and hotel and museum chapel. And it is so long you know I if you mistreat our players on the West Coast area here we we spent our time it was on the east syndicate for us and there's an eight bed bunk house also several small home small this is there's a two million dollar price tag on it but a an investment group has offer one point four million dollars. To buy it and turn it into a living museum where bide they will kind of recreate what the town was like in 1865. When it was a Boomtown. An awesome stone does yeah and there's also some talk about some paranormal. Taurus ghost tar tours that kind of thing as well. So I don't know if they if they offer is completely accepted in it's a done deal or not but some might be placed keep an eye on for vacation some time that. West Coast I'll stick to the East Coast and it it's beautiful place parents. And there's a lot of Greek history on a wild place as well those all those. Ghost towns are boom towns that you know the feast towns are just sprung up out of nowhere because of the gold rush for the silver rush or whatever happened to be. A they'll have pretty unique stories say you know they rose and from the ashes and then fell back into the ashes over the course of just years and no need they went from zero to you know thousands of people back to zero in no time so. What that's like going through illegal feel the vibe is so strange because you've got all these that you you get these beautiful hotels and an all these places and you walk in. And it's literally like history just came to a complete. Paulus in time. Andy you're walking through these rooms and it's really it's eerie that way. And do you sit back and you look and again used to have 3040000. People in this town now it's gotten in 20/20 five. And you'll only see those people a night when they're coming out of the minds. You see him there lanterns and then that's creepy enough yet an opponent. It's got to be creepy very sits in talking with a Jennifer long more Jennifer receive sole purpose coach and a past life regression list. She's got a book out called heal your money's story she also has a website you should visit Seoul journeys. Dot CA and Jennifer again thanks for being here. Tells us a little bit about your past life. Regression has worked do you work a lot of people and if you do lead when it comes specifically to talking about. Their past lives and down at what point is that beneficial for someone. Well that's that doesn't get it below the question that a great question I appreciate you asking her. So how like staff has been around for me for a long time and I definitely do a lot of pats are except in the tragic record in the Arctic each week that path like tap. Yeah your money or that. Because so much of our money dilemmas actually starter before leaving accurate and that's why people like specialty where Haile. I appreciate Groundhog Day. Because there's a ballot that we need another lifetime that would still be called and you just how are very powerful upcoming energy and we clear them. Let me out answer machine about poverty each. Balance of public service. And that we either just can't allow us to have money we don't know where he earned noble and a to have money to be tempting. And then additionally we can't can't try it's can you beat someone stole all of the capital on our farm that we just don't trust anything that could just delete Gillick. Whatever we haven't been valued could be stolen July about a black he wouldn't you drop unconscious but at the program that's where cellular Grammy. We've ultra personal temperament to manifesting in the treaty like China went on. Are we all products of past lives do we all have that in our history some of us have the ability to actually call some of that some of us use. Services and people like you have the ability to help us bring that back but this is something that's part of all of us. I believed sound and injecting me kind of glad that fat because I remember. I don't remember how long battle in Latin canoneers and some analysts being very Checchi. All of these. Unconscious people on the planet. And similar need to come under that plan that should be helpers and relational or chemicals needed to help connect climate performed very each. Needed to functional activities like being cashier's. Like picking up garbage like building building and things like which. I spoke with a lot of these folks by the way and they would come to me procession went back and I was gonna go to. And they're very awake actually and location at a decline in Bihar. Sweeping assumptions and those of Arctic get a little bit right chant actually try but I colored light patrol bet. We think that some of that similar to behold another being on the kind of things and in fact sometimes. Perhaps the most masterful people coming. You know winning that we would consider conscience because they don't need to master are certain things going on that play and I can just hold X. You've written several books and you mentioned one of them denied divine guidance he also wrote to 365. Wisdom bombs quantum goes for the sole. And then you've got to heal your money story. The title alone seems to be kind of a departure from the things he talked about it. So what was the inspiration for going in this direction would this particular book and why is this book different. This spoken different beat as I am copying people look money in the diet. A lot of people will say only typical in the anchor pretend I don't really limits I don't really need money to live that. They constantly focused on how much slack they. Constantly out of spring because they don't have money. They're not living their pocket lift to get it on that but each we all need money to be part of our dream team to help either fuel trapped in the past. It doesn't have to be our primary motivation that we do any true that I didn't just cyclone nation actual people in our world. To help us propel our purpose to go to Italy so much we can do on our own. What I was doing stop perpetrating a liar. I would how people constantly come back and looking questioned by managing long email your pro potential conflict going on pre what's really going on. I'm always always every single time come up that line at love to live my purpose they don't have the money do you action. Whether it be that they usually the relationship they felt that the relationship would suck it up. And they can be pretty daily work without that Christian radio and the time leading that Christian and they actually felt like eating at different pitcher to present to take a secret Keener around their work. They're gonna keep me beat. And waking to realize is that not only were people making money to read and lighting are. Living color but it was never really go mining for its money is just a tool that we used to treat about her. To mask the fear that they don't want okay. I imagine that Saddam as you talk about past lives affecting our ability to make in manage money. Pass rush from the effect every. Part of relies word decisions like that have to be made and you've you've chosen in this particular book to focus on the money angle. Yeah who'll what makes that what brought that to that to the top of of the list for you. I was just hearing from so many people. About their money pain and so many dealers struggle. Where she that's feeling like they're more spiritual home. Are being broke or at less spiritual for having money. And it's never about the money regardless of what people think it's incredibly it's not that about each many simply have that in a higher or what authorities there. And it magnifies their great qualities that make the eyes aren't that they need an all the pattern that we wanna let Colin GP LER. And when people really doubt that an increase in the top of the bailout money at that the truck energy return back to be neutral energy. They're afraid actually decide what kind of relationship BT wanna put money. Well as money at it. Let's just be honest people people worry way too much about it and too many people think that it it actually defines them with with what they make. And too many people out there are work there aren't living to work instead of just working to let. And round and it's it's sad it's sad to see that. Absolutely and I've been there what I would confront next I was the public servants I was I they're making chuck China to get five. I wasn't quite making snatched up by my belt. And then when I can blame between to have the awareness while I cannot call on my that's another forty years this is not sustainable. I can't Irish he's extra. Could be on the speed channel rollercoaster better twilight I didn't know what it was gonna look like but I beef made the decision not comment. I was going to find a better way to help people. And so how people are still there were in Orange regardless blanket picking her to land. Without all of these you know and I haven't traction out of jail be the child she can't adjustable. We're talking with Jennifer long more we're gonna I'd take a break when come back the opening chapter of her book he'll leave your money story is called the truth about money. So we come back from the break we're gonna find out what the truth about money that's Saturday and phone numbers 8446877669. Illicit Jason NG he'd be on reality radio that. Good much. Something like nine years ago at this point he was ever stand in the airport is with grants and that it popped up on the in his Baylor. Yeah yeah I was actually my son's Little League practice and you know came it just so bizarre that his fifty years olds and the like that kind of an exactly what we just got done talking about. But our gas stood Jennifer long more. Who said their points in your life exit points which he called them. At 21 and in your early fifties and if these strange stories of pop of people just inexplicably diet of course Michael Jackson at some substance issues too so. I'm not sure but you Jennifer we're gonna go about any kind of teased the opening chapter of the truth about money but before we sir talking about that I wanna go to or fall minds because. We've got Mike from Kansas City years as a question hey Mike welcome to the show. You don't think that. Should undermines. I'm sure I'll what are your body or do they aren't all the work of all I'm Dalton. But you can put you what ought. To be seen all assault. Yeah well there's no question a lot of people are struggling Jennifer and to Europe as a message for them what's the message. And carrier they're struggling because I can really appreciate that it. It never feels good when you feel like you're just asking your and Erica Pratt. One step forward to except apple upgrade. I will say in his Matt. Condit we eat we have some movie at. A chiropractor this society one in that we have to work hard for the sake of working hard to do we have to work hard earned money each. And three we're not deserving of money are we got hurt or that that's. Also been compound it by any Crandall believed that than projected onto I don't believe that actually after weeks. It's really hard to extract our culture now. A woman thing don't you and incursion Iginla anyone else person that really messed. Are focusing on obliquely do you want to have around money they know that can be challenging each issue really are a lot right now. I want you give yourself permission to late certificate of completion in your mind that you gun and I eat lunch today it is that I'm married living on to try eating. Chocolate and keep your commission are focusing on. Okay well what do I want my relationship with money to be. The couple change over night collects catcher energy focusing on ET one be it or that I know for sure that energy Luis. I was in hand so if we keep focusing on Wentworth lacking we will keep manifesting a lot. That deficit up your perspective and all their might it didn't answer your question. Yeah. Yeah. Yet I think a lot of it in and tricked me from wrong Jennifer and a lot of it is what you're saying here is you know it's these ingrained beliefs. That that whether it's society or our parents are our immediate environment or are the people that we feel like we have to compete with that have created some of the stress. That forces us to feel like we needed cheap a certain level of income or whatever happens to be now there are substance. Or subs is some states subsistence issues that we have to face all of us need. A roof over head and food and our miles and our families go outside so there are certain realities as well but it is that kind of what you're saying. Absolutely and then on top of the when we eat so we really have to manage our mind the mind doesn't know the difference between what we are. And what's not it focuses on how we feel what Israel. So we really need to be mindful of our favorite green state and were vacillating between I left Winger ray screen and the equally strong that day. And we all we mourned where your brain waves at the end of the day when we get tired and that's when people tend to watch thinks. Or any kind of on social media. Here about how wonderful everything and they're gonna highlight real. Which we never really know it's true or not I. And oral we're getting Collins eat. People that are safe cooking their competence in speaking out. So we're surrounded with information in at least a highly digestible Burberry reprogrammed and I think brain waves. And that compound and relax that we need to focus on line. So we hot is so I know it sound sloppy at saying well it got to focus on. Great or we can really feel like interpreting it a contraction in the brain doesn't understand that that's not actually happening actually starts to believe it to be true. Yeah and just seeing it again union made great points in everybody's am posting their positive aspects or. The their life falling apart I mean annually and focus more on our own lives. Analysts and everybody else is that they are posting a social media and we'll get into a lot more that there's a lot more to come phone numbers 8446877669. And 8446877669. Listen Jason G. PM beyond really radio. Beyond reality. Radio JC GB our guest tonight is Jennifer long war. Author of the book steal your money story among many other books check at a website at Seoul. Journeys dot CA and this CAA is for Canada right Jennifer. Yes. And everyone wants to lobby the guys that hit don't culture he's dot com for the past you can't do anything that was just tell me correct about the dollars and I welcome mat a. Are we go outside a several people and also we're gonna delay answering the question that I had asked previously and take some of these phone calls just as people winning for a while this is Jay and Jada I believe calling in from Tennessee needed to welcome to the show. I'd tell you guys. Should. I'm. Convinced that I know how I died in the past life. And then I just wonder if such fear that happened and why. If I brought it went in from allied past. Moon you know that's quite possible. What's that you're that you're having. And apparently only actually acquitted cute I'm wanting to know what. The technical and it's been you know. Appetites. Oh yeah had a. He. Well he rare bit of a risk taker so. And sometime until we have an angelic architect we forget that we are happening in physical form. And yes he did you did how bad pain related deaths so. Hearing the truth sometimes instead attorney and sometimes it can actually or traumatic occasion you know it's like it's living up to you looking more. It goes beyond. So. What would help you live your life now. You know wave that you didn't have fear gripping the tightening. I don't dominate. I would be helpful. But it Jada other other than having this fear of heights of the do you have another reason to believe that may be used something that if that cloister deaths in a past life. I. Don't know I just for whatever reason believe that I died at certain lane. And wound. I disconnected the June fingered won and they are they related to the other one won't. Is that common Jennifer is this just epic match. He and there and pledged last and thank you for sharing that. Incidentally most people know right then I know you know and I know you're aren't true it is that you're giving up. Challenge is gonna and gently poke at the kind that men and equipment. Because sometimes we get cute if we won it downplaying Alan duke with arched he is now we're afraid of what's hot woman really allowing deflation which guy we want our concessions and the winning shot but relationships last social situations and I ask. For you you already know that that's a package deal and you can take the wisdom dramatic experience. And we'll be keen my politicking that was definitely being the DB Eric shaking a baby about leaving the bath water. He can extract which have not experienced standard setting intentional you're wearing your program reached at any trauma that no longer serving you and I chime. Thanks for the call Judy we appreciate it let's take a call now from Celeste in Florida he Celeste welcomed the show. Iran would Jennifer long more. Long meanwhile colonel kept chanting like gasoline between. I'm not me. And Mary Hart felt strong call. In mind that there is ill. Yeah. I yeah same net. On. My father's side at this same in my in my parents were divorced when I was a teenager. And I'm now fifty blind and back of my parents and Ernie Neary. Only have been living separate lives are like and there are 25 years. If I step. Father and asked to weigh in fact the only area in my mother and I met with alzheimer's. Fact. He beat me. There's been a lie as hash Cellini Delhi on. Truly. In my father's flag and the same money. It today actually I ended there is now. About mine yeah there that 'cause saint and that Ernie and trust long. And I need and it. Actually. He had been out yeah me. And me Shannon's. In my heart. Had been just absolutely. Great torn apart. Yeah I am more under rain. And finished. I guess. Pardon me feel like her age he's able pardon me feel. He's just like a slaughtered like even. I mean yeah and he can you know and it's that I handled this situation. I'm sorry you're going to that's blasts and with a name like the last it's not surprising when you're trapped game. What you are in this sense that you're holding so much blame it's very easy. For people to get triggered by your life. Great so that doesn't mean for you people. Trying to throw you under the are taking a archer who marched just keep doing that understood that asking how a lot like I'm Kent and so that's part of what triggered trio. You know we can't we don't have control over what other people Cuba we do have control over. How we can match our own energy each item you already know that and actually kind assuring that the current your brain to remember. Yeah how prevention to cut ties to people. You don't have to be playing applicant be sent situation so it's because there's a black connection. Way. I you'd still wandering. I eat and eat can't I didn't handle. How I handled it hit it tried ball. He's the negative. All are coming from other sources Jesse I might finally. He's really gone against. Cut in my house that fit your gang. I'm back. Against. Eat at fast and tight because Angie. A long may need that couple analysts at keiki care act and I love Eric K the first part and they year low and Gerri nice father is not what I call on my father and my stepfather. Is dead. But as I love it did not have health care. Room can't get to a New Orleans. Happy that they need to warn you need the conflict and the night. You are. You are I'm getting some hypertension in your body for sure so. I don't know what you're health plan and we have different health care can't act like I like by 21. How to navigate back Qatar and analytic and Eliot that you wanna really cheap could learn how we're gonna major health a priority each. Stand you welcome your life in his contributions here at all. And actually feature called workers. So unless Celeste thank you very much for the call in and sharing your story with us and know best of luck to you of course. Let's go back to that question Jennifer that we had a post before the a break too which was the opening chapter chapter of the book is called the truth about money and I know we've touched on some of this. But what is the truth about money. Well I'm glad you actually pay you. So we have all kind of stories that we project on to money we don't even realize cricket again. The truth about money in his bank in Chechnya energy and treat or create an energy we're kind of energy. Everything on the planet in the galaxy won't universal beyond that I actually. And it all comes from the same terms week I'm gonna aim towards. And money can't and that we present into that it might or are we actually have we want commonwealth money that we realize what a bind to the illusion that we don't understand that would attract. We eat. We ultimately will contain frequent scene itself were coming from that sorry we have we are common with apparently don't handle a week and I and we better understanding about probably realized. We realize that money it's neutral and doesn't have an agenda and it doesn't make a neat thing doesn't. You can weenie increments. And we can allow it to be and then and then Biden and Islamic media that and a mere something that's that's understand. It's harder to be relationship with. One of the things that you mention that opening chapter is money is infinite now we all. Oh that you know there's not an endless supply of money coming into our allies but your truck similar meaning literature. Yes I'm talking that he energetic suspects. We look at the mandatory that the sample the other day on a group coaching call so I'm sure that happened and other places in the world that not outline and other current. He used apple orchard in British Columbia. And there weren't enough and nobody wanted to manage it. And several times and time I'm talking actual match kind of apple or calling to kick out of being wasted. Because nobody was managing it and nobody wanted to vaccinate. And he can't be Apple's cash and asked what happened on the planet right now we actually a lot of money you look at the people that have a lot of money in the country a lot of money. It's not about trying to teach it to that the distribution of wealth that the distribution Apple's. Determined how wealthy we are we can all be abundant we just need to know how it happened to that distribution channel that we call toward test. Rather than buy into the illusion that only certain people learn a lot of contacts. Why is it that it's all of us at some point or allies who would very very few exceptions but even those who may have been born into a significant amount of money. If there's a dissatisfaction. There's always every every runner at some point in their lives has quibble we call money problems. There are those self made problems. Absolutely am glad to have that weird scary. And we're very patched at being in the chin much not to continue. You trash. I hope we can match. I have too many burden that many responsibilities I don't have a money had a time which will be battling doesn't gain you much much it is not not. And then he gets perpetuated by deciding to attack because while these big belt billboards that process that we're not going to be like Obama spent a lot of money machine that our car. Our action and you know we're getting gadgets all the time to give us more time that was taught her how to try. It's such a trapped in their attention and distraction. And I think our purpose so long that we're distracted by penalties and a potential or receiving. And we can't be that they're being politically ignorant you. So there's just affect everybody's trying to focus more on well main means that things whether it's it's clothes whether it's expensive shoes and things like that everybody's focusing on that. Which again is just taking away their ability to really just focus on life in general. Absolutely yeah and then what we know that there's a lot of supplemental program is it true she you know television and I have. You know fighting and things like act. We have historically more information and we real ranch in the matches that we're actually getting all the time that we're not a not a memorial be find appealing to them or not and I. We start hating on the docket are actual physical reality. Which also extend to our bank account. All that and that's rate down to all the of this sports stars showing up on the commercials trying to sell you different different types of clothing marinated in other words you don't buy issues need to be more like this individual by disclosing to be more like this individual. Yeah absolutely. It's not good enough and tell acts liberty. A stretch it one more phone call here. We've had a lot of people waiting so this is Joseph and Indiana he Joseph light give a quick question for our guest Jennifer. Not that deep down a bit of pop up now. Today it. Me or. Whatever. We struggled our RO. We are put. It just. Always. That car out. Port. We go up quite. Well. Mean. And I'll. Hold it. Up. Gonna. Well I'm telling you something that may sound kind of strange channel piquant there which means you're mean it felt like you have nothing to lose by trying what I catastrophe. And we'll see how that's played out for you. Oh a shirt earlier attack where relationship with money. And want to end up happening is that we unknowingly protect all kind of other relationship experience on money so our relationship that I apparent relish but I certainly our relationship with the globally what we are younger. Our relationship with whoever. And they don't realize we're doing at the that we start writing out. A letter to money we start. The airing out all Berkeley and center as you know we're talking to a person what happened and we start to reveal. Actually hit it about money story coming and they cents comfort when I protect I realized oh my goodness I'm saying. He let me know your air from me. But I never really feel like you're there will be like in view but I just don't really keep up my back at your belly up front and then it kept me on the Internet that is my attack. And I realized I was unknowingly protecting my relationship with my tax content might mean and I can turn. Collecting and how I was communicating with money and I would start reading okay that's how we tell each other in the past. Now this is the kind of relationship I'm on how the U. I guarantee things will start to shift in your press action because I like how do there's actually science show actually quickly. Arnold Palmer Arnie and sometimes it doesn't work why not have fun with. Try. Times that this silly approach when you on the surface it looks silly to them when you delve into it makes you think more clearly in kind of put things into perspective so that might help either Joseph. We're running we're out of time here so we just we just have to let you go on and that is true for a conversation as well Jennifer ran out of time. Once again and let people know where they can find the book and find out more information about the other services that your off. While thanks guys that are really had a great time Atlantic action chiding the orbital and other Chichi thing. Still he can find more about this plug in any of the other but I have on my lap and triple Teddy got culture he's got the game. Airport and then an inordinate amount of time probably too much violence and especially in my group of the current cost. That you're looking team connect with people that speak your language that maybe decrease or you. And farm you know got that I can find me. Well Jennifer thanks so much for coming and hang in all of us and we do look forward to talking you again at some point in the near future. Wonder file being guys I really appreciate it. Have a great night. Are right so we're gonna take a break come back on wrapped things up listening Jason dvd on a daily radio. Our sole purpose could pass like progression is author of the book you talk about tonight he'll leave your money story. And you can check out our website at Seoul journeys dot CA console. Journeys dot CA. To me she checked that Alan. It and a lot more common if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page forest. And had to be under really radio dot com you can download all the ability to download all Smartphone apps final stations we air across the country. You can then connect with the iTunes accounts can download shows from Aaron so much more suspicion check that out. Lot of great stuff to see their mind to do and to be part of the show we really appreciate your support their so while I'm and that's going to be due for tonight another good night tonight. I'm gonna and think about how much past what is affecting my money situation because. Yeah after I got to leave it to yet exactly dream about it a crisis gonna do it for us you listen geez NGV beyond really reveal to chill tomorrow and. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this why don't seem to regional incidents with. It's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.