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Dr Stephen Flowers discusses the Fraternitas Saturni of the Brotherhood of Saturn

Jul 24, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Dr Stephen Flowers about the occult and the Fraternitas Saturni and its role in German upheaval throughout the 1920s and to today. 7/28/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On Ellis coasters in the east and many years and between local and we honor you reveal myself Jason most news. And each problem with the running out of SF program two nights zero. Westerners in front and then having the weekend. Is that a loose all track of time. I lose all track of what data is it j.'s inside edition and add that to have this just latest like this blank. And of this I guess its state of zen in a way. Clear my mind of anything important and tried to just make it through you know to the next meals gonna what they do all weekend and then. Either way oil will be gonna show tonight at well and it's funny because I kept on thinking all day today that they were some. Yes CL messed up right I yeah yeah and Poland is totally lost and welcome to Monday slashed Tuesday. Well I welcome beyond that video recipients Jason Allison GB Johnson. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under really radio dot com you can find all the great stations we're across the country atlas is constantly being updated. With news stations being a little time can also download the free Smartphone apps. To las illicit life catch past shows join me online chat on the go. Wishlists right from what cyclical sunlight and return you can listen right mall hanging out the web site to download the show from iTunes or anywhere else it was a favorite mystery to force makes. Easier for people find so I I you know I say we always have great guests on the show when we do we always have really interesting topics on the show. Tonight however we're going to have what is going to be not just an interesting topic but a mysterious one. And I would say an educational one as well we're going to be talking with doctor Stephen flowers. About the friend or need from past threat or need is Saturn V you could say I heard it before you are governor you said as far as I know I can hear and say amen scripts which is effectively it's Latin for other brotherhood of Saturn and it's it's I don't want to stick with that I know below these are generated. It's a base and a book that he's written of the same name and this is a mysterious and secret society that formed in Germany. In the early part of the twentieth century after World War I. I'm a lot of weird stuff was going on in Germany around that time as they were suffering from the effects of other horrendous losses. That they suffered as a part of World War I so that we are seductive talk to Stephen tonight about this he's he's done extensive studying about this in many many other topics have been. That touch on a COLT isn't. And we're gonna get knee deep into it when we bring him into slumber it's going to be interesting. It's going to be a great show Tom a lot of different things go mingle among women who's on the campaign attention GB but well and you're from New York State's atomic. My grandfather was in the Highland Park area of Rochester. And but a neighborhood in Rochester New York has been plagued by maddening mysterious sounds for the past year. And is now contending with seconds acoustic irritation. Here and there are. People Highland Park meet news in late June when residents declared a local to local newspaper there were fed up with hearing and stereo sound that had been tormenting them for months. Since that time an area expert managed to come close to cracking the case before things took an even stranger turn on. May not long lead was Alyssa by the newspaper to determine the nature of the sounds. By way of recordings of obtained by both himself and then the witnesses. And although the audio engineer couldn't quite match the sound of specific known source. He was part and able to possibly determine that it was originating from a small power plant area. But while he was working on that. This investigation now sort of took another weird turn. As a second sound appeared on the scene. According to a new report second noises recorded by a resident named Tracy Hanson. Who says that she hears at random times during the day and that her neighbors all sorts parents and yachts out. Based on how it seems change in tone depending on where she is and when she hears it. She speculates that it's coming from up high. But conceded that she has no idea where it may what may be causing it. So for at least part he observed the second sound as well. And he says that it's different from the original noise that Clinton led to this investigation you Highland Park residence kidnapped now seem to have two mysterious sounds on the. Well you know these mysterious sounds are being reported all over the world. And many of amends they've been proven to be fake and he sees some of these YouTube videos and you and they do research on the they realize the sound is just being played from some type of audio speaker and it's from a movie whatever people try to pretend it's just ambient sound. But there are some that that are still baffling scientists and a local officials can trigger words coming from. Talent and be inching to see what they're able to figure out this and of course there's those of weird homes that. The people here at second base saves coming from the earth and so forth com. My mom has since it's weird I get a and has a grandfather certainly like to yeah. Dressing room Buhner a signal to nobody local has some new and interesting yet. I know Canada has a home loan blotter reports of a strange sounds. Filling the sky and and nobody can trump knows this pro took it should be moos traffic noise we talked. Rapture rapture and that's exactly. I don't know and an image. And oh man are its soul and one more signal I'm Chilean on this because you remember I was in the I was in Hawaii during the tsunami that hit Japan 2011. And him are we we'd gotten out of their after the tsunami Ennis and Hawaii I'm. I I refuse to go back to do the reveal because as Antalya everybody saying hi to your refined and refined and upon talking to a scientists down and over here in New England he said well he used to tell you that the radiation is gonna go as far as the wind can can travel. And so I chose not to go back and and to the reveal out there seven to do it from facetime asserted that was a little safer. We'll now. Hormel down 2011. That was sparked by a massive tsunami causing waves and overwhelmed them and a Fukushima nuclear plant. On despite the fears about the radioactive particles possibly entering the food and drink chain. The World Health Organization system the risk also Japan was slow. But now it's revealed that line made in the West Coast US states. Since meltdown contain radiation from the actions fall. So wind coming from the Alaska. That's not good for a lot of reasons first also are going to be good for wine producers the vineyards in the West Coast that are selling one all over the world not just country with people think there's radiation and and more on the. Said it was showing up in in the sushi and self that was gonna thereto in the National. Research at the French national center for the scientific research report that finding the sweet yeah. The radioactive material most likely be present as it was carried in clouds in the United States which ban and to the water system through rain. Carries a Fukushima of course are still. Strictly off limits. To humans due to the toxic levels of radiation but I'll last year there were these crazy pictures that couldn't and emerged of these. Reading packs of wild blowers pretended while Boris lives exclusively in that zone. In poachers were actually drafted descendants a lot of the creatures after the senator roaming to us surrounding towns with. And I think this I think these stars just gonna keep on getting bigger and bigger over time or two to still going on. Yeah they've been talking about these radiation clouds. In the atmosphere high up in the atmosphere no eventually settle somewhere in the humble and we'll start seeing the effects of it which I guess is what's happening now can be cost Simon I don't know if these are levels of radiation and have any serious consequence to them. But it can't be you know can be good for you and I'm not sure enough. There's going to be it's going to be that no won't be deathly won't be good things for sure. Right so let's go to break him when we come back we'll bring in doctor Stephen flowers when I talk about the brotherhood of Satan. Excuse me saturns and that's a different my gosh then I'm having also this month that I still young yet always straighter now so if I were to take quick break more coming loosened Jason TV. GCG you break him on the phone number and. 800 join our conversation later it's 844687. 7669. Our guest tonight is doctor Stephen flowers he's author of the book. Called the Saturn and their friend or need is Saturday which is translated to the brother. Who'd of Saturn and we welcome must even to the show hey great to have you on tonight Stephen. All are you doing I'm just glad to be here. We're doing great thanks I am and on I'd be doing a lot better find it an easier time pronouncing all these things to cut costs for Dioner Soviet I I practiced that practice and I still messed it up the first army said it on air but either way you're the expert and you're gonna tell us all about it so let's starts. By just getting some definitions of the way what are or were. The frat or need as Saturday. Structure he touched so attorney so his a magical order in Germany still exist shouldn't. It is going to plug strong stole. And began in the 1920s. In the bottom our aero release and historically. And didn't little looser interrupted of course but he is the Second World War. And then sort of re manifested in the 1910 and in 1950. And has been going in one form or another. True route to the present today it's an issue Torre order. Based on some masonic structure or. On the 110 but it is highly eclectic. System of Mike Scioscia called education conventions sisters it's the curriculum local training and and development terms outlined in the and that the decrease stow. And lit by. Or are critical or usefulness. Of magical playing it was that that is sort of a there's no anglos or you can grow through. Pain that he died in 1964. And their teams to us we're gonna. Ideologue occurred genius behind the whole war thing. And you said it's still going strong today. Total. You know it's still. An independent corrupted what happened tonight or typing published list. Is that. In 1971. The days. Are fresher. Got a hold their. Internal documents or sold or given to him by. Today you know partnerships of the order. And he published the move essentially kind of study groups such kind of groups. And that's open here. Secret. Rituals and things like that were exposed to that point. But their response to that was true what short free right. The rituals and definitely retool. For better system. And so let they could doesn't continue to practice sort. And forms that were not public defense but my work is based entirely wrong. Those documents and things stroke. For 1971. Can prove that reason I would side. Supported and it didn't get in sport by. The present anxious hopefully put the order in Germany that book but strangely it. In determined early on in the Clinton and 1990s. And has become the current. Pictured a pretext. To gingerly before. People interest is in. The order you can should they objected so well let me. The job that those to their satisfaction and practice of the book is a written for the present additional. This written by structuring your. I think in order to best understand how this organization got its start it's probably. A good idea to kind of outline what was going on in Weimar Germany. At the time following the conclusion of World War I and these unbelievable stringent. And burdensome. Consequence is placed on Germany by the allied nations at the treaty of Versailles is that's what set the recipe for a lot of the stuff to happen. Right well let cost a lot of further. Term from Portland disorder which allowed prefer certain. Speaker you know for the freedom truth exists and there is specially in Berlin. That two times so that terror groups not let them much in the way of law and order there. And so there was a lot of folks. And we'll just Luther king kind of activities going wrong. But also adjust our artistic and that's where. All of the great triple in size as were actual ark. So except for DW Griffith here's someone like that and interest rates we really didn't have. For example. The great park and I work film taking in the east. Twenty east. Personally but turned in Germany today that it was really exciting ark. Had developed. In the film making industry. So what. But that's. Another dimension. Of who was going on sex solid she got it sort of origins. If local my ultimate favorite books. It is little one publish you know Carroll hopes. Cult voluptuous panics picture. It is they kind of play you were looking to the world by market. Berlin in this kind of beat the arch and sex and things of that nature and have mentioned it because can. Appendix a group of one of the rituals took a portrait and so turn me and so look my work on the subject to use than it used his appendix and that. We're talking with doctor Stephen flowers and we're gonna continue our conversation in just a few minutes owner remind everybody that his website to seek the mystery dot com. Stephen is there another web siders at the one that you want people to go to get more information about your work. Well he couldn't cycle liquor. There's show. A Wikipedia page. That someone put up to its pretty good as far as looking into home might work some different things there's only one. I went through that page national there's really only one thing glaring inaccuracies I wouldn't such. Put things exactly the way that was put there wrote I think that's pretty good patriots. You can have a page except as they can only find one. Terror and that's a pretty good resource also. And then I'm also launched FaceBook under mining Stephen flowers. And if people wanna get in touch satellite that's fine also. Right and come back from our break we're gonna get into the book in more DTL the detail and the organization. In a lot more detail and we're gonna have to because I know very little on the subject so it's going to be interest or are you listen adjacent TV on. Yeah I'm really radio will be back after this. Stop by the web site beyond reality radio dot com. Check out all the things yeah. Going on there including beyond reality radio host's monologue which is available for sale there it is one price for the month and includes domestic shipping if you ordering from overseas. Or our friends to the north Canada or Mexico to the south there is additional charges that you have to. Contact us for as we don't know what there until we check now. But emission coffee to sort it really does this something about it that just makes the coffee absolutely delicious or hot chocolate or been a what are we are happy metric units that foresters do whatever it all calling it. It's a little bigger coffee Irish if you need to say we got some great shows coming up during the course of the week Michael May's. Will be joining us tomorrow night he's a creek did seeker and an author who will be talking about. Shadow cats the black Panthers but North America. He's a mysterious creatures of people say they see that in many cases are denied to exist and were we talked about. And then Wednesday would get Douglas Cottrell on clairvoyant and teachers spiritual healer. I'll be discussing clairvoyance Ian remote viewing and a lot more when it comes on the baton will also be having Rick Hayes on. A psychic medium and like consultant. Will be discussing life as a psychic medium the reasons for haunting is signed signal if you are being visited by loved ones in spirit it's. And the experience. To delete and then third snake doctor Dawson church was an author and researcher will be joining us to discuss mind to matter issues. We've actually had a few minor to matter sayings a mind over matter conversations last few weeks and always the recess an excellent B series in its program. Here I'm beyond reality radio and remember Friday night. Is always a best of but it's always a great programs while. Makes you tune in checking out tonight we're talking with doctor Stephen flowers and a Wii and bring him back in here because he's got a release things have been talking about. Stephen I've I've got to ask for another definition here because it's a worthy comes up often in this conversation. What exactly by your definition is a call to some. It's Coulter is so. Well it can be a true true different things but. Harder. Kick in most. Useful definition. Is that it is the unit discovery. And the huge so. Law calls and poor. Lou decoration little creature isn't normally. Hidden from the and conventional human. Mind or consensus. Reality. Thought Cole. There's a list French scholars study yet. It is characterized by two different things and that is that it is penetration. Or techniques. Which. That they are in the post and times to his credit did. Who were. Rejected. At the present day grow. Weary extinction. Or it is stipulation. Penn has yet. To beat discovered who work used by the present today. Maria how do you war consensus. A fortune as possible or regal. And so you'll see something like that's true information. Or techniques can share from one. Too because there are things that we now think you know there's all that's just marketing and that's just advertising that's just psychology. Work. That's just this sort of better than it says that we have accepted. Now amnesty. That is the early twentieth century a lot of lists get an. Kind of thinking where were techniques being used. Formats manipulation. And other things of that nature would have belong to an a hole. Kind of police assistant. Two has to take. Cricket proved them or demonstrate didn't become part. Consensus reality then nine they transitioned into. They intra normal. Intellectual world of Lesotho. These society. But socially sanctioned caskets one thing's for COLT and polished. Coal. Some people astrology in the patch was considered to be. Sign here and saying look there is something that coach learned women who blew engaged and then this was not considered all that. The whole conditioning and bring us lunch period a lot of things we call cult no were. We're trying to trick or considered could be heard scientific. And don't show the league sanction. As far as that's concerned that definition being so thick which is the whole thing that's different. Pro cup something which is actually trigger. Is eternally. Put something out there in Peru in the Middle East so I think it is kitten and so that's a Turkish war. The topic coaster. A little which scholars electric fusion for something which it is. Strongly. Mr. ensure that we were talking and a decade commitment order. Anybody and everybody living today which. Something like an X. How how what what are the and so short hidden cosmology. That lies behind the workings of the world looks. Strangely true. He liked that the loss to access tomorrow. Both the arms and so force social network beef could truly. Has sort triggered because that kind of relation would never. It's almost designed not confer QB people compete. Regular size Stewart normalized. To always consulting with his politically. Pull. To initiate certain people who are people who are under grow. Training and I didn't learn of these things and make use of looks. The eternally. Kitten or esoteric. So that IPO. This luminous church Cecil. Sure groups from. The whole country used so not a little mostly. But this current. Terminology as I understand that we're a separate truth in that kind of way. At the formation of the brotherhood of Saturn what was the objectives of the group and those objectives remain those DN group's objectives today. Well they're probably quote lower. Hopeful of suck up some kind of dramatic changes in the initial holes and credible. Change is sure if you were living in the nineteen tornadoes in Germany and and let the situation that you alluded to. So dynamic. Time like two serious. Although it didn't end that for exactly the way. A similarly the atmosphere of what was going on in Germany in the 1920s. Blows similar troupe put the United States can't western your potential for. In other places. Experienced in the 1960s. That trying to put. Tying them as the most some think it is so going to happen and something being. It is about to happen and we can somehow. Patent on eight this city. And of course in Germany actually. Sort of things that gets overlooked mr. I misunderstood. What are which. In this cultural history. Is distracted really. What. Well there are some loose lips. Call that the reform movement toward let's or form of life movement that began around eighteen to eighty. And continued. True that they had been tote the Nazis. And still in Germany you'd go out on the street it is serious thing. The stroller so circuses or form Howell street 4000 books. That Hillary you are formed out. An eagle and there's host homeopathic. Remedies and murder optional discussion kind of like. Try to keep delaying an alternative philosophies. And things like that. And that's what this idea of reform. Meant student again in these eighteen. TDs. And Cote won't sanctioned event and part of our period was really. Eight. Will grow Lou saturation or actual links or so of that the cost. Most of the people of England and has grown up completely within. That kind of stimulus. It's. Shockingly I don't go into this in the book and sort of poker and Portugal Poland to this put. Things like national socialism. Is really trying to do and should. This. Unfortunately blunt as it turns out that. A lot of the ideas they forwarded. Were on the moon prudent in this reform movement. For example a big thing about. Nazi who people think it's all well sort sanction these I think it's about literally gluten thing matrix thanks. About it we'll see abolition. Interest. It's black abolition of the earning money. Interest. And sanctions force. Tendon that was considered complete the room true. Social tools and so of course those are real. Reforms satellites. That was the reason why it. They have actually really had to piece from the western perspective from the Western European American perspective. Had to be. Destroy them you know here actually since but it want to rooted. In. This kind of reform and talent peak. And it also can Nazis and children grew up finish we're out there were born around 19100 it is a generation. And they. Grew up things site do you just like people who put Hitler it was a fake tea totaling Yankee group of section lynched. With the budgetary. Threw up until the scientists. Taxpayer pursche. Dictator cure you from the other vicinity artist I'm up tanker. In the orchestra. And and should have a new Egypt in we as far as just personal habits and thinks that lecture concern it's so look. That social pretty easily world. So far I marcher who named it the structured touched attorney grow out of glorious himself was left foot and a left wing sort of radical because I. And I took part in. That's still strewn overthrow the government from the left of perspective. Which of course again when we look at the Nazis certainly right currently left well and literally left in. The rushers socialist and it. That your family or recruitment. We think you couldn't tell us what that's epitome of the right wing but just pick and choose what. Issues we want to talk about. A true their perspective suppose they were really poor play. Credential actually chose to instead of basing socialism on plus apps and economics is based on. By college. Atmosphere. Do you and so. Two. It is an open. Something that's simply is parked in this world. Critical worry us plenty left. Or old or we're into it he remained her straight in the eastern Seoul. And incorporated. War workforce and that the east German. Government and can remember the Communist Party in order to work they're and then in 1950 he's sure he wanted to. Reading news order and obviously that wasn't going to happen in the east Germany also here that's in each carrying. Well. Where street ending an injured west Berlin. And looked again and ordered him in 1950 cooked in the first edition of my book. Thought had took some I don't know what happened that's what I'm just curious going home from between his. He would be arrested by the Nazis. And then mysteriously you beat let it go you know. Well the most mistreated solving the mystery kerosene has so many good contacts. It and among these people. Think he goes well actual order that's what happens at least kind of site at least. It is it's not really you know curious if you know the right person. Elation you're just about any. Post kind of people you interpret I think of course will see every show proceed he did it could have shot. Such connections and get to those that I can skate. In any kind of negative that the repercussions in the Nazi they're averaging. And then can survive the war and stay until he's truly an. Etched in order troop renewed it is. Occult activities. Our guest is Stephen flowers doctor Stephen flowers we're discussing different turn fraternities. Sec tourney and and so I'm trying to save or as well. And a lot more to come we're gonna take a break you listened Jason G. He beyond reality radio we're back after this. Prestigious. Santa. It's Saturday night telling don't. Just even closer guess he's got to this book. This is one of the most of the cold titles to pronounce we you do it forest but it. That's correct order was originally that it will that's my title fork is such that the books about also we get. The to Los looking through the fraternity subterranean thing. Then the title tilt your this is where you need to come. When it was first published a well brilliant. The businessman in the publishing industry no longer with the Carl we're actually looked Llewellyn. Re titled fire and ice. And he said because it is it there's sort of some kind of and farrier or or social kind of accessible certain Minnesota. Coal fired and I ascendant and he he liked that and that he should do but it refers to it's the sort turning and little philosophy of this this kind of polarity of the so much interest for coal and central usual portions. It inter acting. He picked up on that. And shall re title the book fire and ice. But it has its weakness too because you think quell. What particular asking and it could be putting things thing you know I mean that's such you don't usually in. Publishers say you just title and look at it that person is looking forward looking for their interest to date and astrology and get hit astrology or title this structure to sort of turn that he would have to let it that's in the title he jokes actual. It does have a stroke back but it any forward is going to have which Metroplex. And tops short term he. So I. Spent time. Does it does in order to get into more detail again the web site is to seek. The mystery dot com mom and you've got a lot more work we read about a minute your little less than a minute gun for we have two good or tough there or break you've got a lot of other work on that website as well. Some. He could and here in the U I would actually just. However your contact me through that seek to mystery Q what. Just look at all of our books every. Book that is available in anyway shape or wrecked collection is a community can get on Amazon. And including mice that looks about published myself. Through my own publishing company and they're all they're looking to get interest. It just search for either lightning. Course Kurdish people people's worst poor my then I'm right germanic. That traditional things under ticker source and insults of course we're gonna a lot of my work is also little of that thing. Aaron Gray a lot more to come Millicent Jason je Giambi on reality radio will be back after. It's just been the last couple. Schools to. Start somewhere between Iran and beyond are only review with myself Jason arms dealers arson JD John who's laughing. Right now I'm just glad because you were bolts get in trouble with the some Sunday on the US and Friday on the east and we're we're gonna have. To do a show and get an expert in on the phenomenon known as Monday ism. Monday morning ism because I we've but we seem to be experiencing Monday isn't tonight. But but have you noticed though in the chat room I've been helping people fix their toilets. I have been the year the got to do it I can't I mean drama rotor Rooter guy and I know I know this stuff so people ask me pulling questions and a guy known through the process. When a guy Garrett will welcome back just a show or what needs beyond reality radio tonight we're talking with a doctor Stephen flowers about his book. Which covers the history doctrine in rituals of the magical order of the brotherhood of Saturn. To bring him back into the program in just a moment. Tomorrow night we've got Michael May's on his secret to seeker and an author will be talking about shadow cats the black Panthers of North America. Which examines the mystery behind the sightings of large black long tailed cats in America sign says there is no such animal. But people have seen these things are at least reported seeing these things will also be talking about SaaS clutch. He's a board member of the North American would eat conservancy. SaaS questions yes I ask you assess practices. This is our question of the port number yup we know Michael may he's now got to enter an utterly confused and he's actively involved in obtaining evidence in North America that North America is home to. This species. To species known assessment or bigfoot. RA and then Wednesday were retarded lived Douglas Cottrell clearer point teacher and spiritual healer. And also will have rookies on the psychic medium on life consultant so it's really great show machine to an end. Answers and a doctor Dawson church was an author and researcher will be on discussing his work. On mind to matter issues we've got a full programs course front and and as the best stuff. Our phone numbers 8446877669. If you would like to join our conversation. With doctor Stephen flowers about the brotherhood of Saturn and again doctor flowers really great to have you on. On let's go to my. You are discovered that Jew without forward the world that you have been. Victimized by one of the most sinister. Practices enforces. Try to today and that is the auto correct. Function in your computer it just looked that your web site and stated auto correct it is here. Fraternity tops two fraternities and that's probably one of the reasons like that title this difficult. Started didn't help beneath. A secret that may cause they're gonna we're gonna blame that and that's going to be our. Yeah yeah I accept. Every time I put a tight fraternity concert corrections. Can be so no longer true we're wish such. Being plagued by that little that little impending. That similar machine. Well thank you for clarifying that I wanna turn this topic to you personally at what point two it's also been by your career path. And how you became interest in this particular topic as it stands. Whole idea plot so loose interest it's. Shortly considered. I can certainly won their belt so. And graduated from high school went to Germany and all of this kind of anxious. New pictures and whatever and disinterested in sort of a COLT saying shouldn't vampires and all that long before pitching popular it was a monster kittens extremists. You know try and sponsorship solutions my Bible it's and other and it LL let. So I was introduced as the there's and the church. And I don't know the culture as a little things of that nature. And one of those things so that in Britain are looking at those little boat hit encyclopedia. Of the and explain. This is an Irish are in college and our. And didn't that there's an article in there about this attorney took some current. And it mentions how secret isn't hard to find out about. Let me it is and so forth and so wants. And since I had to. Learned that a German. Militia and able to read literature and I wish published find out about the established. 1973. Years something like that. And so the about two years later I had the opportunity to steady and Germany and tanks in contact with. You know that a professor who goes through wouldn't talk to sort of thing there. Academically. And so we have all of these resources and there were other racial believable also. Autos in Germany and so what is group of Paula. Send us in the early eighties and then it shouldn't be a book project for me that that's what it betraying. You know a few years later that. It was a little equally important region of the trial that order for turning such a turn. Who likes my books dissident introduced. Pace scholarly a pro true and is not trying to grind and actually wearing other works tell you this is absolutely. True moonlight way. It's Sony's sober. Presentation. Risks. Copious documentation from the original sources. About court. This group is about the plate belief thing can how they operate. In the and the object to Wear a console for that reason it is appreciated by the people who are actually doing it in Germany. And then also got another sure. There's an orient here. In North America then out of Toronto but that's not really yeah. Trying to sucker nature of the the court who sort trending this whole shoot. Spoke their true Germany that kept that exists here they're trying to. Get that materials saying English as much as possible and that's a big reason why. No warning recent I actually knowing that Germans can really be a part of it does say that this voluminous body of material that they produced a group of executives is Poland German I think they're in no mood to actually differ. That can do that you hope they have people who could do that very easily. But they really just slow steady kind of what they. What they are because so they can become a member of this organization. They have an annual. Conference. And there are a person who is petitioning to become a member. Pastor shot leapt to hear in person. 10% to their application. And then there will be a whole. Soak thanks. Give back on the trying to playing the previously drinks and collect call and will convene the late in the year social work Holst. And you will come here and then will puke puke over cancer earlier in your application and and sort of super here that it's the way they operate. And so. And the thought by many horse you know it's not not yet. Correspondent Sharyl computer and it fails whoever wants it will be so it's. Part of also missed because it. Stephen as this group was organizing in the 1920s. What is what was the criteria for membership did you have to belong to a a certain religion. We had Jeff to be a certain race did you have to have certain political beliefs or what criteria. I they it is said that except glowing portrait. What they had post cold you know in a hurry in terror graft. That there were actually didn't accept Jews let us. I know for a correction factor that's you know and no longer the traditional rules that really anything that closely ever. They were completely at sort of sit through group gloriously true. A left wing guy and I don't know whether that is that you know actually. True or not know whenever objected to that fact that I put in the air. About a true 1920s. The two. Of course that's will also be troop opened psychotic orders and so of course in general Poehler we wouldn't site that they were not. Yeah and north production sonic order. But it took. That that close. Well the only thing they have been to the display that was not something that was. They're extremely pronounced when warrior for the other you know and again that's an obscure fact it's actually like a big. And there police Sharon fatal accident just part of the the time period pollution. There are no restrictions are not a lawyer who and where there's coating that. Called sonic conflict. Did the a group half of a brother or a sister organization elsewhere in the world like was there some those that are something in America. That may have been affiliated with the in this group or was it strictly. A journey I'm based in soldier. All right. Belly just dirt here and there are sort of yeah it was totally. And remains that that would Mario Germany Austria German speaking. World and their reasoning is not too late chipped. Torture language. For that reason it's just again. They don't want how do you. Communicate. And to teach someone actually. So from the that's their problem that's what to hear him the way they're thinking about it. This sort of here's Ursula options were reduced so we operate. Channel. You know that sort of split the objection. And of course I think there are people. That's important. The laughter certainly want your water or how will be a part of a Christian you know there's all kind of sex orgies going lots. Everything I gotta be met and so it was a chance to. Who. Should. Chancellor shall remain very elite very secrets. Most people to each other late in the they date they only knew each other by their order names in the news that are. But it should billion making us you know in in publications org regimes are in Tripoli accepts. And that's a throwback to a time Oakland. These kind of organization courses well also banned by the Nazis. But that was frequent gingerly into Q. Could become a member of an organization we're twelve was. How dangerous to be a member of something that would be made illegal and European member it would be crying and discuss and essentials. Something they lived listening here's clear and present. Reality it lunch and so there's secrecy political all of that and also. Practiced. A host. It was sort of necessary shouldn't mending relations until you know after the the second world order and then they wouldn't term it becomes what it is now that's not necessary anymore but. It was they don't think going back. Treatment for a relief for centuries before the war in these kinds of groups. And you you mentioned a couple words here in your last answer that were going to talk about after this break you mentioned sexual magic in orgies in this. Group the brotherhood of Saturn. That was a part of what they did in your gonna explain that forests Stephen when we come back from break. Eric. You'll soon Jason GBM beyond reality radio phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freak for four. 6877669. You have any questions for us or guest. Listen Jason JVB and really radio back. Maybe Jason. Talk about the brotherhood of Saturn. Stephen. I teased it before I went to break but it is an important part of what this group. Was about and I'm assuming still it was about you have to explain. But there is a in a room in your book there's a lot of discussion about sexual magic. And this this whole side of this group that sound to me you know make some people raised some eyebrows Telus with this part of the group is it what it's about. Well I think that the F. Some people involved. It in it to from the beginning that it grew out of some typical Penn soffa poll literally. And that was also connected to a where this these Ethiopia who are pretty Crowe Leo who you currently playing. Then and they go out and vote culture Crowley later also boats. That. There's very eclectic order so essentially east eastern things Tom Cruise element that sort of thanks. Comes in to write tonight. Have a little bit in the books it has overtly sexual legislatures and a version of this sort of tight game. Right it would approve. And the punch a lot on how country right and so forth so. It's sort of based on that are inspired by it. And solar and then of course we also as we discuss several times here. The seniority lists Weimar Germany obsession with sexuality. And that sort of thing also in part of the zeitgeist of the hole. A little movement. But. So slow it was. Rooted in the all of these things and then beyond that so it was highly. Experiment. Goal. Experiential. Kind of political workshop. Mentality. As regards a lot shot not just actual footing such. All kinds of magic and bits and demonic magic and things like this. Then they'll play a part in the live the rituals and has slayer or. Britain and there and performed in the normal part of regret. Then they said well let's explain work of these different carriers know who will restrictions were going to. To do well all kinds of things but not. Coercing others into doing and saying it's okay these six people here. Or really interested in this kind of saying whatever it is. And so what you look forward is called a steady circle bush to begin cross ice. And that group within. Good morning and experiment with this form of four magic of folks Lou. So magical working and then. Who report acting which part of the lower opening order right bwic grew from there and others couldn't call. And that was the worry they also late hasn't esoteric. Can the reason for doing it this way because as we are delving into. Things which are dangerous. Stand and Carter link. Forces. To tell polished. And cool if you kick people out there I would be true. And didn't listen to take this responsibility on ourselves. Than that it's okay. Sorry Stephen we're gonna have to take a quick very clearly it's a hard break you listen Jason GV beyond reality radio back after the. It's. 687766. Maintenance talking with. Doctor Stephen flowers about the brotherhood of Saturn and Stephen before he went to break we were talking about these sexual magic rituals and I read. Your step by step. Description of what these rituals some of the many ways entailed. A very very interesting. The series of steps and events in what was the point of all that how did that. And those rituals. Help disorganization and further itself towards objectives. Well that was and the objectives is. Gregorio assumed his poem or title and who points out of course you ultimately. Objectives are true. One there's just so social thing incident that assuring in the the advent of media age of aquarius. There's a word panda. Which should be ruled by Saturn. And but. More directly and I don't know an everyday basis it was the initiation. Of the individual. True to the point a variety success. Sort of semi. Divine being in his or her home ride because they. Hi and initiates. And they and so. These sexual rights. Were a world. Does that. Calls. This society at that time of torture does the centrist coalition country dual forces. That govern. That are cosmological. Universities. Are quite sit there and if so polarity of masculine feminine. The electromagnetic. Kinds of stuff. Forces. And so for them. Stand for the national sort absolutely hunt cricket. Individuals and so forth. The most direct and most practical and the lows to. It will work direction especially as the most direct way of accessing. These forces it's the end experiencing. Harnessing them and using them. True any purpose let the world can comprised. It is true peace sexual. Magical practices. And so it can be turned. Two Indy kind of skinned. Magic place. It could be or religious were mystical nature of hoped. Quote convening this kind of put. Union between these electromagnetic forces and becoming a hole or a more powerful in certain individual or could be used for some source service. Purpose street Patrick's. Church palace moving more troops to any kind of form an electrical source sure rates and a lot of things. Which usually see in the history of ancient magic. Look for the units this. Documented forms receive public criticism. Wrote his book called from critics who manager for larger than two years ago. And it's based on the second degree magical for hiring all of that in those commercials extra hole. It's great match tiger reach. And all of the strain in short sure he's simply content they can sanction can at nothing to do. Which speak. To us from electrical and and the height source optical discourses that we find in the body pork when in fact they are the one who sang. People watch the majors and these are the practical. And experience. These people and here are social also optical. Just by the same group people. Their goal approaching it from Atlantic respect to that states can practice electrician and also it well it in order to know. How the line with who these forces work in this way. I can sit and think and ponder than discuss reflects a little philosophers to possibilities to work and I can. Experiment like an elaborate collected in the laboratory. And actually experience. The skirt causes. And effects. True the news. Rituals intrigue the magical operations. And they're. Actually proved to myself how the universe. Is working or how it can be mentally to work through the use. A secret or as we started out singing a cult. Walls. There and so. Truly am pregnant. Being part of the time period where in the same place in time. Wherein these things work tribe gets the best candidate who isn't nothing you wouldn't normally kind Gupta recently. And so they have but the actual tree to about two experiment. And dabble in this sort of thing. And able that's Howell. It couldn't kind of be so prominent. In the news for the group. And so open as we know it in the in the early days of the Tokyo which formed by Germans also. The whole sexual component it was something people joined. Thinking it was a normal return you know fraternity. And normal masonic fraternity. And there has that it would actually decrease systems all the sudden. You know. People are shortened to bring out sexual. Sings and dances the real secret finished a course Pickler. That time were totally unprepared for nowadays people join these groups say conditions what is possible optical and we get that part to Rex. That. In the older established kept secret little trinkets are turning it didn't ask to be because of the time period. It didn't alternate time and you know step and a culture that they existed it and so that it was kind of a precursor. To. Much later. At times in the in the Western European and American when these things were cool but there were much more open. True but play a lot of reciting word illegal mean they're both. Homosexuality. Was illegal in Germany for the so forcefully at least. The other groups with slick piece steady circle cycle your belt where we don't let people might experiment. It didn't match seeing out they average well you know that's not true that it cruelly turned it into that but that was fine man who sure that's what you're. Experiment and try and end it and that's what generally should. Not illusion dress like this or anything it's mandatory it was more experimental. And then they had there. Sort of formal rituals which. More like masonic lot rituals and then. That word preformed that or initiate actions and that sort of thing. Stated Stephen that's. There's a movie. Eyes wide shut and went as your driving these things to me I keep envisioning scenes from that film and I I'm us. Probably. A silly to even suggest is a real connection between two low what was shown in that film based. Compared to what you're talking about but was there connection. Yes support civility in public let's go to there were the movie would have been a whole lot better they say it sure that in the time period that the book was written in the ginger German. Novella callebs there kind of trial aluminum and the dream of local. But our ocean Hitler. And it's sent to into you know. Have around the turn of the century. So. Would explain that to. Yeah it is because they ditch move reveals a lot of things that were taken from the book obviously. That would explain the and he kind of shocking. And action looked like a pro. List in the movie most people don't like Plante at the nutritional free lunch you know and we're doing them and you know my church people get together in an article what's the big big. Stir that's apparently a pro troops. But the whole aura of its spin except that in 19100. You know that would explain that sort of their reactions a live picture captures in the the blues beat. That we're so. Scripture shocking. And that she likes change and that sort of thing but that's where this person who eventually option that you actually see the use of things and different parks performs it wasn't certainly involve putting new people. Who were into that sort of city. I'm sure just like can look in the travel industry in Germany in the 1920 east. Use city. There were a lot of local person alternate. Call being Kabul. Being one of them that is still a person crew. Yeah responsible were. The design and the whole idea behind. Not straws to. He does. He has a big part of it have a little things written about him being here. Ten he he wasn't cold there's but he was involved in the field industry. You see a film like in 1934. Thrill. Black cat to. Edgar who work force are often very little girls six and should panic cult that is described shoulder. Well that is pretty much taken up Edgar who worked. Wasn't it wouldn't shoot video showing the film industry. In Berlin kept a time. And sort of big issues will be so replaces Carlos is fresh outlook hurt changed character. In the the black capital poster Carolina of course. You're in another obstacle to a Ehrlich but the human thing. Shall look approved solutions Hans current station soaring glass links there was a set designer. Poor actually holes in the Weimar period in Germany who has. Involved in strange thing strange geometry. And in the years. Angles and didn't geometry through alterations. In states and that sort of thing. Some of my favorite those are yeah it was a semi serious sums it we've been we've neglected or phone lines we're gonna try to see squeeze in a caller to hear before we have to run on a time. This is a senate from North Carolina who has a question for Stephen it's Opel Michelle. Discuss revenue and on I'm curious what are Alastair growing bomb was obviously statements. And is it says that he practiced sacrificing of young boys. By the score like the governor Boris. And I'm wondering like. Palace the sap turning fraternity. Any different from day and there and how would they compare to like the brutal society. I am curious about that as well okay trough here. Thanks for the question Stephen. I think epic real little or cruelly what you're alluding to. Publish any second place orders by the hundreds. It takes to Greek Tokyo ritual. Mask those magical masturbation. They're returning each. Chart or the he sacrificed a ball. And he didn't. This in terms of Europe's player it is time that day so that's what the first thing that. That's. Croatian engaged in what does that. Typical sort of country. Philosophy has what's called a show that you're chateau the language. In which should. View Caltrans here. Practices or whatever it is in some kind of the metaphor. And that's what that is. So I'd hate to burst the bubble on the net but so that's so it goes swept. So. There you have that as far as I ouster scrolling. Stand the rules society is present witnesses say yeah. Fiction you know it that never forgot. Really existed. Since there was so books written about this rule power of course the real. Our powers or something that is lynching. That it would belittle it in. In his book called brutal sort of becoming a race. Which is behind you there's a power and energy. Which can be generated which wish. Greg or something like atomic energy hey hand and the Germans didn't. Well right about this and of course they are seeking. This kind of thing. But the Internet people likely so French. Writers. They wrote the morning of the magicians and things like that they render missed apologized and built up certain. Things of that nature Corey should have been not been approved and troops had has been kept existed that is for you real actual. Groups or orders or couldn't eat that nature. There was also an interest in net then there was the exploration. Of alternative. Energy sources. Lot of German scientists of course. But. That lets. There there was little you know really and things like that. Describe little brittle society or to the order to actually like but it hasn't been proved that no pretty stupid exists. So the book is called the fraternity system so turn on an actress attorney and again are on the authors Stephen of forest doctor Stephen flowers he's been with us tonight. More out of time Stephen one other projects do you have in the works what do people expect next new. What secular traditions are lyrics starting coming out as my notebook gonna. The early 80s20 century German ruined magician political recruit new addition of we're not might twitches. Who has written about the same time there's just look at my fraternity so attorney was written. And interest momentarily here this next week I will be coming out with my. They look on the Pentagon optical illusion called Wu was on our side or ancestral can't vote sovereign wiz don't. We don't pick the coach on the console than and ten and another force coming sanction this. In their traditions. Our a book on notre roll call the major internal rock which is about to literary. Interpretation of that. To rope and another slew of books. One well that we're talking Orix. How often times slipped and things about parliament is number seven monster cute and so more electric projects. It is a book called COLT. Six meditations. The midnight which is that he seriously at series. On the esoteric. And pretensions implications of these things. Of horror movies from the beginning. Connecting certainly on paper cut it off and budget certainly trying to position monster kids started making horror movies and well maybe good maybe where you sort of don't have that. We're gonna go. We're gonna have to have you back on Stephen talk about some more of these projects he's done a lot of fascinating stuff and we'd like to chat about it some yeah thanks so much for coming on and we look forward to talking against even have a great night now. Okay so we're gonna take a break we'll come back to wrap things up it's beyond reality radio Jason GB compared. Sir returners that are returning excess tax attorney I can do now for a turn to us attorney S name of the book. Well our guest doctor flowers in the past the way I do before you wake you one more thing. I am very very pleased that did the SEC does not frowned upon some of those things that were sent an eight. Here as they were of little racy opens it to looked on our faces and was must have been quite shocked it's so big and cute deceiving. Are you coming on and talking to us about his book and tomorrow night we've got Michael May's scripted seeker and author will be discussing shadow cats. The black Panthers of North America. Dolce getting into the room wall big foot and a lot more. Getting ahead over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page source and had to be under reality radio dot com. The finals station to air and across the country atlas is constantly being added juicy chicken Austin. You can download the free Smartphone apps to us it listen lies catch a show on the go and allow more. Or any night rely just listen right from the website beyond reality radio dot com it's gonna do it for us she listened Jason GV me on reality radio can chill tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason thanks GB Jackson introduced when Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's in the week the only angry news. Yeah you know stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason hello slow and it chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. 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