WWL>Topics>>Douglas Cottrell discusses spiritual healing & clairvoyance, and RIck Hayes talks about his work as a psychic medium

Douglas Cottrell discusses spiritual healing & clairvoyance, and RIck Hayes talks about his work as a psychic medium

Jul 26, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to two guests - Douglas Cottrell is a spiritual healer, clairvoyant and teacher. Rick Hayes is a psychic medium and each discusses books they have written about their work. 7/26/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Are a lot of pro currently I am I can't Johnson's beyond reality ringer Jason is off tonight and we quit show lined up for you this evening. This night. This morning where we happen to be tonight we've got Douglas caught trial on he's clairvoyant a teacher a spiritual healer and author. We're talking about clairvoyance remote viewing. Quantum meditation. Developing into wish him. Premonition predictions prophesy. We'll talk about all that stuff with the Douglas in the first hour of the program plus we'll take your calls he'll consult with few on the phone lines. And the second part of the hour. And then for the second hour we've got Rick k.s joining us he's a psychic medium any life consultant. With him will be talking about life as a psychic medium what that means how it feels what it's like. Plus the reasons people experience on two things. It's going to be really interesting topic also signs to know if you being visited by loved ones in spirit. And also experiences seek belief in. That's all coming up on the program tonight. And two guests each when he in each hour tomorrow we've got the doctor Dawson church on he is an author and a researcher we talking about mind. Two matter. And then of course Friday night as the best of program like. I gotta tell you a missile but. Little off tonight for assault and is pro because as I looked at the national day calendar I found out that today. July 26 for those of you that if crossed. The dateline. Is national all or nothing day. Kind of appropriate and that we've all been there all or nothing right. It's also national aunt and uncle's day so if you have an aunt and warn uncle most of us do. Big tree wish them happy. National and aunt and uncle Stan and if you are an aunt or uncle many of us are. Tom I think you should be expecting a phone call some time later in the day I think we deserve that. And we've got a lot of great stuff coming up a good point out that scientists. Have just confirmed. Vets they have found a very very large reservoir of water liquid water. Under. Ice and rock. On the surface of Mars. It's a sub glacial lake in it was discovered by ground penetrating radar on the Mars express spacecraft. It's about twelve point four miles wide and perhaps no more than a meter deep. But the discovery is the latest piece of evidence that suggests that water was not only present on Mars in the past but is still flowing in some capacity. And the findings assuming they can be confirmed by future observations would actually be the most significant discovery of liquid. Liquid water. On Mars today. So it's pretty exciting stuff so as we continue to learn more about the red planet in the also continue to learn that there's a possibility we might go there are some day that it could pretty exciting as well. So we've got a lot of great stuff coming up raid on the phone number and he sure wanna get eight. Consultation with one of her guest tonight we are open up the phone lines the numbers 8446877669. And I'll let you know when those phone lines are open we got slick it ready to man the phones dinosaur were not yet though we haven't coming up to nor about. All right so let's see. We'll take a break when we come back we will bring our first guest stint again that's Douglas Clark trail he's declare boring teacher he spiritual healer and an author that's all coming up on beyond reality radio don't go away you've got a program. Or 68776. 69 even when a column later in the program we open up open up the phone lines for our guests. Speaking of guests are first guest of the evening evening. Is. Douglas Cottrell and Douglas he's check out as well CeBIT the way it's Douglas James Cottrell store dot com he's an author he's clairvoyant he's a teacher. And he spiritual healer. Some of the books to his credits include secrets of life in new earth and the complete new age health guide Douglas welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the program tonight. And it's a pleasure to be here thank you correcting on the show. So we've got a lot to talk about we've only got one got less than an hour to do it so let's get started right away what I wanna know first is how did you become aware of and recognize she or sensitivities in your abilities at the beginning. Not usual that her my daughter Shari and so we're in 1968 and she answered here. Take challengers and ultimately was put into an institution ranchers cartoon characters of marriage. So the next four years you anguished parent there was some uncertainty where that they medical authorities that time could. Do something or helpless. Christiane Jerusalem. Just feverish years you don't realize. And then Wednesday aren't used to work for the Toronto daily star newspaper and depressed from a friend of mine bill shake and more perks. And he can't beat this book by pitcher Casey called there is a river. And changed my life and I didn't even know what time. I had not sure and investigated. Or have any. Practical understanding occurred. Anything of the called herbal and psychic ex senator. Matter fact there was the world's biggest skeptic and then however because insurers condition. And I would grueling as any parent worst I can find some solution basically to answer the question. Our crew Cherie. Yeah about it this institution where it's something that could be done. Well Omar got. We met rots Peters and who voice deemed a new Richard Casey. For those who may not know Richard Casey went the other great clairvoyant. Who has the association research and like in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Roster eaters who moved in Oakland Michigan and we met him in Toronto. In eastern Canada. She in a matter of minutes literally twenty minutes rush Pedersen answered all the questions. That languished in my mind could something be done pressure democratically numerous yet. Not only beauty culture could be done. He was in his state of meditation. Rick I got morning Thomas scored deep trance meditation Reid changed her name to quantum meditation to upgrade now. Within that state of mind be near permit myself my wife Karen or our daughter. He was able to tell us exactly what happened at a time Cooper. Why should we copy convulsions. What could be done and other problems they were in her body. Off I was amazed. A practical guy some people sitting us governor and and when approached Peterson answered my questions and protests took him without giving away and be a particular teacher or cherry. I was not only you relieves and not only do we dictionary a key institution and. Slightly. Integrated or alternative health. Recommendations. Which increasingly troubled by it she lived in Social Security agers a page. Rely expand their back to home institution was between six and here's a page. She came home to shoot six and a half. Are you of course where is your. Archery as men as well and I origin digital file did you do. Most important thing army wanted it opened up my mind to really was a god. Where universal. The dimensions involved and that their audience future seeing. And all the paranormal. Pellets or gets. Are real. And I got confirmation that reading the article as First Corinthians chapter twelve and talks are not keeping it secure against virtual gifts. And there is what's that dream interpretation. And a meditation and the like and virtual feeling. And so that's certain element. To investigate. I'll brought streeters and legacy and ability. This internal matter Edgar Casey. Was able to tell me and no one else out and intolerant back in 1974. What could be done for Sherri and not only was it accurate. It's a life. A little while later a beacon to investigate other intuit people man. I was introduced to grow our challenge right to a Syria are well known. Broadcaster took time. Q reverend Alan Colmes. Notably Kelly Holmes laid hands on me Wednesday. And I shall execute stringers were going inside my authority. And that I'm looking down at the hands on me. I meant student. Or you're doing what's out and at my curiosity was kicked again. Every time. In my life. Wearing extra virtual kept our little. It would be discovered a drug called out. You're all dispute teacher or someone I would meet or come from trees straight background. On your grandfather and father were in Childress essentially on a recent newspaper business. And at no time we are out there and the industry so what we call paranormal. Element of physics. Since that becomes somewhat knowledgeable on all this virtual coach because well shall we are as being people are curious. I'm tenacious. I want to know where at least one or culture and work he has any sense in my life I would daunting to people who. Very skilled at what they were. Two in the paranormal world and our older sample and I became so to a I teaching there are lessons or not and satiric background a little more than their parental background. Serb hands on your well. From that time until. Now I'm almost seventy and 68. After I guess we consider it. The buy out. Followed in the steps up surprised Peter's and our become known as the Canadian actor Casey. Our web site useful testimonials. Also predictions on which futures seeking work or ordinance grossing. Encircled my books including January. As well as some to poke you mutual earlier. Yeah I boldly and say I can increase seat forcing their future and I. And many many occasions or some videos on Mario web site when in particular by a circus to. Handle autistic children. And this is one of my tips stories. Because it color here should not only is beneficial. And that. It proves supporting get into it and researchers or intuitive people can receive health conditions in the body. Even when a person president. It's kind of like bring it home for me because trot streeters and did exactly the same in my Camry and my daughter share. The Syracuse since it's on the are you on video too short one. He is an instructional person. I get a mixed up when and twenty at all or Harvard and Eritrea. I guess in the middle rolled that fluctuated comes credentials. And he recount the story in which Turkey and the consultation and I was giving him. If true wouldn't the hard not question apart hard case. This little boy was stroking his fingers together and lenient sentence. Taking it sounds some thousand or music they were on fire. In that moment trying to address the question what was he doing so everyone else while it was just autistic behavior. However. During that want to medication I was able to pinpoint a nerve problem. There was including in the next. And since it was like. When you pitcher elbow funny bone morrow announcing that feeling goes all the leading on your hand. That's a look and I have been doing it for years. And had been some tree and all sorts of terror trees and manipulation sore and caller got. To stop industry including Tony's hands down and Micah. In that moment I was able to identify the X bacteria and exactly what's causing the problem. The parents were or is it talks. Professional people and so they wouldn't just need to worry. Psychic guy right. He went to the professionals cougar Schweigert it was all men and act to a lot of inflammation. And true manipulation on marcher results you've got your chiropractic. Now little boy in a matter of days and weeks no longer to into the hands were rubbed his fingers together. Economy's. Feeling sensation once you do hands were on fire and we need to leave that conditions are the nervous system. Totally with so little boy on the pastor abnormal. As I found out much later. He still blowing and hand use because of that behavior. Appreciation. He was able to create attention and you learned about 500 homers and vocabulary and now it's an adult is governed society living a life. This is what motivates me this is sort of be. You know to begin the Oakland meego helped and America. We trust leaders and help in. Are we treat our daughter sure yet what would guilt living. So being able to see the future. Being able to see how conditions in a body. And being able to get exact. Cause of the problem not a dime a medical doctor and a Ph.D. program not a medical doctor. I'm able to direct skilled people to cure your own examination proved what I check or predicted it. Or observed more rhetorically. And over forty years. Ton more than fifty or 60000 ready scripture readings much more than that Casey get themselves with a key was. At a thirty. And I started its alternately sweet four years old which you again in itself to looking back oh my god slowly sinking in four years old. When I get a good paying job. And I had doubled in commodities and a partner and we get much better. Own might like sort of went from. I direction though you know being in the newspaper. In a practical guide to getting involved in this psychic realm and might likely is never ever been to all. And I can tell you it's been amazing journey. And I can teach critical to do this I'll be intent and since September in forward to actually. I think it's 380 seminary drive that you are collateral. Restaurant they are getting information on the web site cheaper interest that. I get great pleasure out of teaching people how to develop your intuition and underdeveloped or spiritual healing abilities like creaky only better. Or more power what you say because we include visualization and the consequences to assist us. We have teach people to do dream interpretation palace I recall. Like America. Great pleasure at seeing people and make you respond to all my gut is going to work or Communists what they weren't previously. Even though he can you know get on the skeptic and I don't believe in San. Which are welcome because I used to be one just like that. So any particular area. Where there has been. Some investigation. Route cycle and grows people. Looking for people on your side who after all only. The only difference is they need to transition a factor on TV I'm that your mind is still there we've been able to Kamal where that little has been was lost. Where that you replies it. They're godmother attitude ministry when. Arabic culture communicating with people on missile might know this is liquid medication that's all about. Only can you look into the future you could look into the Karachi and culture different dimensions. And my my. My best. Effort let's let's go to Doug let's hope these people argued spiritual healing yeah let's let's hope that the rest of the break we have to go to a heart break we'll come back and talk more it's Doug. This cold trail fun non. Her 6877669. If you wanna join our discussion with Douglas Douglas Cottrell Douglas of course is a clairvoyant eight teacher he spiritual healer. And an author. His website is Douglas James Clark trail store dot com. Some of the books to his credits include secrets of life in new earth in the complete new age health guided. Douglas before the break you were talking about so he's teaching people how to heal spiritually. I'm not sure we cut you off their so what exactly. While would do you do when you teach people how to heal. Well it's we Albania. I'm building that we found to be called a mini mansion spiritual center and it's an animal and Ontario. And now we're branching out to the many mentions spiritual center for worse. It's all concrete. We teach people how to use street spiritual forces the shock critical that we need. Are you that you are combined with visualization. And entry points and how to push the energy into the bar. We don't take credit for personally and we don't charge equal he's sore poor poverty rates we you know take donations that he's non profit. A centrist. What is the matter of being able to understand that. The same energy that people talk about or is. Crude to be the chuck crushed the life giving energy around this can be. Through practice it can be amplify it. And they can be directed. And probably direct it what we called a spontaneous feelings. On people called miracle transformation events can happen. In which people will respond. On very quickly and be increased. Another occasions it's an incremental thing where the relief comes over several weeks. Almost every single person receives some sort of been trigger feeling at that time. And the benefit this this is kind of a contagious threaten our people who practice serious or interest Internet. Can cure meditation and application. The techniques that I teach or under on the can discover recite it. And the able Serbian initiated tickets are really count on them first. And kind of wakes people up. The ticket developed this on the wrong. And shown them. Where that the balance point got a body gritty interest interest entry points on the body to put this energy and also explaining a little bit about understanding that everybody has a problem. Typically because they have a mental and emotional or spiritual in balance and now. So the proper way to appear to instantly you'll somebody is trying to get that spiritual. Imbalance or difficulty. And then the physical part it's really quite easy that we are all over the years that's repair that street so people tumors that disappeared. It fat people are despite this straightened out because people were compulsions and and different things disappear. I don't take personal credit I don't make any guarantees. And I believe whatever spiritual. Or force is taking place between. The person and got my. We outrage and shall interventions we believe there are in the dimensional beings that are benevolent and kind like a holy family. Except Medea we grew since virtual beings of these. There's no one religion that Cindy better than another. Because that we all religions have great strengths what can a man. We should look to the strength of their religion executes some hints on how to be a virtual person. When it does that was developed. Like a great Soria and seeing people really feel that warm cinder solar power crews where there are fingers are tingling and they get. And I'm gonna make going to an experiment on the people. Usually which could result if. When you come work with people and you help them heal themselves are you teach them to kill themselves or you diagnose them. With your abilities. Where's the information in the energy coming from first of all free do you as the person that is diagnosing or seeing these. The ailments is it a visual thing for you or do you feel it in your body where they have an issue how does that work for you. OK they're two very good question. And I've got her out modify it's just a little it is not a diagnosis. I'm not a medical doctor regularly make our utmost respect for trained individuals. What do. You get my I see in my mind size and image. Now I can tell you did it occur very differently. I can tell you that I can see exactly where the areas. Sometimes I don't know the anatomy party. But I might be able say it's got a liver as opposed to some sort of got the square area. There was demand was hurt well not demand problem. And I was able to intuitively tell him that he resign actually. On the problems caused. By the small. Plans in the kidney. The talk circuit these programs the next day he went a little clinic. Yeah and a concurred beacons. It was a very rare condition but it did excuse. Me after that he had surgery. Opening up these block bought it talks are grants and saved his life. Markers that we are either prominent man. Deported you don't want to pinpoint it Bard being able to see in my mind side. Well that is done. Is going to be able to teach people as I learned to trust. And number one problem my maternal Austrians and producer and educate you probably upset that the same guys that are in. Don't confuse the enemy. He intellectual mind. You know him being a reason. Calculation. That the doctor is seeing can. European collector at all the and the media in tuition. Which deals in in a different way it's like. And arithmetic question. India analytical side rather what I call a rational logical truth that these steps are doing a calculation. On a content we decide it's virtual iron you to skip the answer. And that's the hard work. Did you know that took computer answered their most recent explanation. How did I get that answer well to the reality forget all that nonsense that technical look at. Just accept the answer and that takes a lot of training and trust in himself for how it's done is why are we don't acoustic social. Couple weeks ago and I was able to take the audience through an experiment. We're anywhere in to be seen. An object that I had a look at. Here's the kicker. I'd originally had a group which Q yeah I was going to put laden might ask. And inadvertently. They'll host Richards Eric. God wouldn't it. Media production people are supposed to put people who which cute picture immediately countries spoke after the experiment. Unfortunately here Richard got. He then got wind of that it was gonna be looked Cuban have to go to the water. We're second item which was a little red in key Torre ambulance was substitute for the first site. To a non beer and walked through telling people giving him parameters were giving away what it is again I know other mine works. It's the middle law and order and peace to call that you monkey mind. That minute between the conscious mind and that sort of conscious mind or between the intellectual mind and the situation in the middle. And I agency imagination as well loose both sides of logic. In to a intellect and into portion of our power that's another story from Olympic. Do you take these people truce. Exercised. Several of the people came up with her. A red Ferrari are little pinky Torre wondering described it almost exactly. And retreat spirit to being our host we've done this before. Would be able to identify the caller to shape and some markings on this little. Three dementia by 11 and perhaps change dinky toy on my desk at my office. However are. Other people started to chime in from the audience and I do think we are through the cure is utilized on that I could see the color. He was on your desk. And I heard cynical Micah at least people are now all our time working. They're going to have to be before we and I basically pitcher in the movies can do to control people. Which you know what you went through loans. Rubens Q was sitting on my desk in my house. At the same time I was doing your show at my office. Where this'll be cute or respond to that there. Now that we are proof that people can see. Remote viewing crow reportedly. Alps so booby because there was no way that Lou it's cute image. We even in my mind tell practically being transmitters send out. There was no way that anybody else was expecting it to be there and yet terrible repeat several people saw that very clearly. And Eric if you go to the goes to crucial or can control the altitude preachers under these brokers. I was astounded you know and again curiously Sunni people the audience to look at a location which was my desk unfortunately I forgot to add to. I bet that so it's funny it's funny and amazing all the same time let's see if we can sneak in a couple calls because at times in a real short here. Let's go to TJ in Rhode Island he TJ welcome to the program here on Douglas Cottrell. Thank you thank you love I appreciate throws like that and I want to say that with the doctor I'm very sympathetic to his skepticism. And his initial reluctance to embrace any of this because while I am a very respectful skeptic but they do not stick in many respects. I'm also very much a secular materialistic. Part for me it is conceivable before or after death life. And today is the 25. Week anniversary of having lost someone and I've got to say that. The house. Still has never felt more empty than it does right now. And I get no impression of any contact with the the person who's left. And I find myself having to make. Decisions. And you know I don't know its rightful role lower worldwide and you know I don't know why I get sort of stuck in this. You know how I phrase that lack of sensitivity. Very interest in points TJ. 125. Weeks haven't lost one for small source for your loss. What are your thoughts on that Douglas. The person is. Lost in space there are not sure to take out some way themselves. You'll find their this is too short a time. My experience where it goes people. That it's a sick people like Q and I we passed over just Jewish. Should shrugged off the body is that it takes while to get Korea it. And you're gonna have a vision or dream this person coming back they're going to be wearing a blue out critic here very nice blue. Like what they're almost address sir jock or something like. But right now the person doesn't realize that there. Which you can do is this might sound little you know. Oh British port while you can handle ample to pitcher of the person. And sort of say you're caught sober when you're ready I'd like to ignore your Albright. Now thing when you made that repetitive pretty your title bout police sending out a prayer. And the person might like double candle arcs like if he can. And the person who would say oh if there's buy outs are like I can hear his voice over guard. I talked I'm now able and I talk every day packed up their air and their remains there are hearing in my in my world. Personally pocket the. Well should give them a little time at which my first impressionable time because you're not quite aware that they're proud son takes some time. To sort of a symbol. Margaret bused away anyways several months. And trying to nearly getting frustrated nice dude where are your. And she says. I'm over at the grand care. At all later. Some predict if they do talk to you don't talk in a very brief sentence or phrase. The same day my granddaughter. Here down listeners and told her mother my daughter that she receives talking to meet me. Aaron my daughters and really what you mean he says he hit ocean this hanging out with us watching over us. And almost he got recite her. So I don't mind that she's back at my weren't really didn't care to hang out with me EC was tenderly with Greg cures like normal off the hook up. And JTJ thank you some great period you're. Thank you for your call and I sharing that with this and I have to say we'll take another call or dissect it back to say my father passed away when it's been four years now. And I had my first. Dream where I know he came to me just a few weeks ago so we took all meals for your argument. About forty if you looked young yeah. And probably sit side here badly smarmy natural concern back right. While I tell you part of what what happened was a week he walked into the room and we embraced and my father and I warned hookers and we didn't hug each other a lot and blah. And he walked in and we embraced. And we hugged and we both cried for very very long time that was the dream. And down it was it was refreshing reassuring comforting all those things and it took me almost four years or maybe even more than four years they did the math. Throw for that to happen for me. There was more than a dream of racial yeah I think you're right deficit secure let's go to be great. Yeah let's go to Michelle in New York he Michelle looked into the program. How I thank you so much for letting me say hello to and I guess it's here. MM not to do which you kill me than you could be duly so many other things he chose to help 3040000. People with your gift. I want to acknowledge it pretty clear that anybody but. If I feel like I could hit this kid if I went its value in Texas so are you coming up to the northeast. If we can really tell if somebody else says forget that it needs help learning how to do it. That's certainly good question. We've never spoken before to declare trying to. What we do they say three. Quarters. Examination. In other words you have people spending a lot of money and it is expensive. We would give you for 200 dollars devaluation of if you are out there or inability. If you have the mental skills to see visions. At projector mind. Sort of remote viewing my projections can or doubt about it before you come to a course you would have been assessed and I would know when you would know. It you have abilities to see at a distance because they understand how the mind worked so well I can do what's in it it could very short. Our examination by there are people out there who cannot see in their minds on. These are the people that make up the balloting skills. Or that feelers skills more comical or send him. But yet you would do that. Comics or you can Google my name publishing cultural dot com or go to the Russian couple store. Dot com and there is information about it you'd love to see him forward. Hey you like you. Thank you Michelle for the well phone call brokered. All right so we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna come back and wrap things up with our guests Douglas Cottrell comets beyond reality radio and TV Johnson to pull. Douglas portrayal. DC clairvoyant a teacher spiritual healer and author. And were Greta time actually that that went very very quickly Douglas I have to talk to our producer slick Eddie. And we've got to get you back on here for the full two hours because we barely scratched the surface of tonight's conversation. Well I really enjoyed being on your show you're an excellent post and the audience such great questions or any time. I love radio Smart media and so my son against you meet them to us. Well I appreciate hearing that one more time before I let you go let people know where they tend get more information about your work where there might be able to see you back innocent. Okay my my name is spelled Douglas James Cottrell see oak tree Tea Party girl out you can Google it I'm at a at a million tracers. Big you go to YouTube rams in rental and now aren't 300 YouTube's about me in full at Douglass change structural dot com onto it. Or just. Although refusing to store when you go to the shame cultural dot com and you'll get to me when we're at the other it's been a pleasure in Georgia short. Perfect thank you so much are so in a few moments you'll come back from break we'll bring our next guest. In mobile have Rick k.s joining us he's a psychic meeting him medium and a life. Consultant. That's all coming up on beyond reality radio don't forget to stop by the web site beyond reality radio dot com. Check out the beyond reality radio official coffee mug. It's a great vessel to drink coffee or tea or hot chocolate or anything it can hold cold drinks hot drinks doesn't matter. It's rate their looks great on the desk he hopes pens and pencils and you can see on my desk here. So will be back to wall I have Rick Hayes with a sits beyond reality radio. Yeah. A great second hour. Our program lined up for you were case we joining us in just a few moments he's a psychic medium also life consultant. Wanna check out his website its lights gift dot com we'll be talking to him just few moments order remind you a couple things for falsely make sure you. You make you know we wanna bring Douglas Cottrell back for a two hour program down the road here is sins against schedule we can do that right. That right and I think by the way I just just. Agreed to make an appearance in Philadelphia actually near Philadelphia it's ten Hearst asylum you may have heard it have heard of it it's a relatively notorious. Haunted location. And it's socio August 18 and nineteenth I'll be there with grant Wilson and John disastrous. My whole bunch of paranormal celebrities and I'm anxious to be part of the group and hang out and say hi to people and go do some ghost hunting at Pinehurst asylum. So you just have to depend Hearst asylum dot com and you'll find information about that event again it's August 18 and nineteenth coming up pretty soon. Don't forget tomorrow night we've got another great show for you wind up doctor Dawson church he's an author and her researcher will be talking about mind to matter issues Friday and it is always a best of program on beyond reality radio. Monday night. We have no more slave take a UFO author researcher and investigator. We'll talk about his encounters with the you'll fall why he writes about them how he's investigated them. And I Yasser as a podcast we'll find out more about that Tuesday night Justin L wage will be witness he's a medical intuitive. The human MR eyes what he's known ass. We'll be discussing medals medical intuition and its application to modern health challenges. And new discoveries and practices for enhancing clarity of the mind body and spirit we can all use a little bit of that. To let's all coming up on beyond reality radio over the next a week or so so make sure you continued to join a stop by the web site to be on reality radio dot com and also the FaceBook page it's on our FaceBook has beyond reality radio all one word. Would love to have you like that force and be part of our group there we pass on a lot of information on the report paranormal news in no stories and pictures and comments to all. Found on the FaceBook page. So were to take a break and when we come back our guest Rick case will join us it's beyond reality radio I'm Judy Johnson it's. For this group based. And number 844687766. On ready down 844. 687. 7669. Is a telephone number a real cases a psychic medium a life consultant. His website his wife's gift dot com. He's written many books including stepping stones. Thoughts along life's path and you're not crazy you have a ghost was welcome Rick to the program he ripped open beyond reality radio great to have you on tonight. Good morning good afternoon good evening whatever it is JC it's great being. Here but it's a pleasure it's a pleasure having on and we've got a lot to talk about and a very very short period of time here so let's get right into it. Let's find out about you how you first recognized. That you had the sense sensitivities in your life. Well I I've I shared. Popular world war with many get talents and skills and need and ability. I'm no exception. I know that I was wrong with these abilities but I first recognized them. My memory can only take it back so far Gaby crowd around I've pictures note and a member and experience I had that was not recognized these abilities. Via receive those here those in bid that would those in the next part of life like all the like continual. So it's been you know it it not I always hear I didn't get hit by a Mack truck or anything like that it just either I was born with them. A recognized them bad. One that thanks for me was I just kept in myself my family who back kept to myself up until seventeen years ago and experienced in my life seventy years there shared with me it was time for me get. There's all of my at the purpose. And let them in years it's been a phenomenal pat remain outside trouble over the country speaking in. And you know your co host gate and it seemed like every time I was invited to go to a place I would go and took place they would tell jade and with bigger than that and if we kind of crawled as a you know on and by the way out of the gate and I understand your beard not that there's in the and these are good friends so and for me personally I did my ability to get something out like we all have. It just the matter is we're growing up we're told this coincidence we're Croat imagination we start blocking the ability. And me personally I'd get I accept them but I kept in my up to seventy years ago and that I begin my past. A lot of us recognize that society kinda teaches us to ignore these things and we have. Frequently will have a viable we call intuition or premonition this or gut feelings whatever happens to be. And more often taught especially youngsters to ignore those things because they're not real it doesn't really happen and that's that's kind of what happens in society isn't it. Absolutely but how will they get you know being in. You know the public with these buildings the last seventeen years I can't recognize especially in the last 67 years. I recognize that more openness to the at the what many called get our ability that BO would you connect to visit with the next part of life. It but it has been society you know I was raised in a very church upbringing. And based on the church is a lot that these. Now I lose and the traditional plot being picked it you know it if it taught me to do it. What I had with it and keep it to myself. For many years and bad could the great thing is like there right now is that. It might have your we're seeing an openness so these type abilities I think had a lot to do. You know committing yourself or of the show that you have a coach so like there's. Given that ever won an opportunity to be more open minded and and to you know to to look at it may be a different perspective the light itself. Well I think that's a great observation and I will give the credit where credit is due and it was a lot of people before me in this program. That kind of pave that path and made it more acceptable talk about these things and recognized and and and accept them in a white. I thought it interesting the city to eat your abilities you have you had all your wife he didn't get hit by a Mack truck and what you're referencing there is an important point. A lot of people. That we've had on this program who have these sensitivity say well I had a near death experience and when I came back from that is when I recognize these sensitivities but. You're saying that's not how it happened for you free you you had him in you and it looked the other way for awhile and then you ultimately embrace them. Absolutely and anything with those he had near death experiences it. It's about the trigger for them as they headed the whole time. When we get into a what are called trigger effect her. We have something or alive that affects those here practically. And sometimes this wolf. I I'm you can tell Obama doesn't act I'm gifted down are now down to earth guy. I call it it it hit in the back they have with the skillet you know says he did it eat you realize they've built in bitch being given. And so you know and that's what I feel with those who. As you mentioned about those who shared that they recognize they're built in when something near death happened. And actually actually it was then put them in the whole time that. Experience was what needed to trigger within ten to recognize and acknowledge them. And to begin enhancing and. So as a psychic medium how do you connect. With those on the other side the spirit world who well. Where you're gonna find them not obvious the guy did you know people ask me you know what do you do. Certain things that are expected mean there are no idea I'm district case I do that I do it and that's where I have been doing ever since been in the public. IE. I hate. Beat them are here to Emma Peel them. Are a truly knows that with this physical body more than his bite threat to walk on this or learn like prolong life experience by. We complete this part of life could lead the physical body movement called the best hope. And we go into the bodies there then and coordinate the Turkey was called heaven I call it like continual. Like goes on and so for me I I. The kingdom. The first a law in field in the present it like it here in a room. Yet your eyes closed and someone needs something that room to date they usually they don't wanna wake you up they walked into the room with javy. You just get to feeling someone came in the room. And at the same thing from me with my ability I can feel them and then I then begin seeing men. And that he'd been in different ways at the end the most common way is in the elongated like very bright color on the in the center usually different links. People ask me is that the body now I don't know if it is we're all big energy. It could be that no 1 actually that I am acknowledged in president of little what I call up when newspaper it. And then I sometimes even mention edge general forms. I also see him that's what we depart prime in this industry or by separation. And to have begin hearing them. And a sometime let them first let's see them. But where Putin is keep in mind you're no longer has the body so that no longer speaking with the typical fourth. It is what I define as an energy it thought communication. I'd say that. But active actually waited that very easy way to give an example that. Is that here everyone recognizes this example interest you know home when you're watching television and and JB you click OK when the commercial comes Lama gave Jason a call and see what he talked about that time. Foam range that you look down and get any gate and the idea on your own right in the thick and Japanese say Jason engaged to what's going on JD you say what it right to call you what people look at as coincidence it really isn't it's the communication. It pure energy thought they communicated with gay and in that flight he. At TI that bought you your call I speak with them in the same perspective by tear them. They give me I hear sometimes we'll send deductibles and I'm here once you've worked trying to help produce industry is well. It just. One hit it I'm I'm very grateful because I'm actually be able to be a part of this flight that I get to dip our the next question and you know I'm kinda I'm not happy medium actually got me in the eye and I'm in the middle. So as you you know develop this and you work with people. It do you do you consider yourself different than others and do the same thing or. You know is there a difference between. People who do this or. Tell some that works. Well I you know I don't really pay much attention that I feel like that everyone has their own unique way. You're gonna fine me you look when you find someone that medium or are you sign on one that medium and psychic. We're gonna have some thoughts that are very very at send more. I sure there is basically you're developing your own built these boards first thing he wanted the UU wanna be viewed and gives. And that's what I've done I mean I was and a bit this past week and there was other psyche means there they were doing different banks. Such as you are utilized in the cards that are utilized in the in the month. I don't use them you will to move up he liked those 2% but he something visual that is actually helps the person has heeding the quote reading. Something nick HD in touch and feel. I can you admit I need it if they wanted to meet Cuba you would go so. But. I did feel like. You. In it especially with today's society that if you haven't tied or you have a degree of yet something you know all the side you're. You're labeled as this type of person. I think I hear you get used and that's what I've done it throughout my career is just being me. Are so when we come back from break here were gonna talk about so haunting us and the reasons behind haunting isn't. Also how you can tell if you being visited by its a loved one in spirit form. Those kind of things we have to we we we're gonna run out of time Ross Richard phone calls. So we have a lot to cover Rick we've got a lot to do in the next half hour or so. All right so your website is life's gift dot com. It we have about a minute here before we go to break if people go to the web sit in the fight. Well that that is the site that low it represents my service as you'll find my service is on there you'll find video on their. Our you'll find out. My information on there are some question didn't you might ask directly in bed pretty general question that went on there that it is my thought on. It is it is decide that we created actually I'm begin this industry and begin in this at it and if it aside that I am very crowded and the great thing. All right so we're in take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation Rick k.s were opening up the phone lines too soon you can no call and and join our conversation. It's 8446877669. Is the telephone America's a psychic medium also. A life consultant. And by the way you need to stop by the beyond reality radio web page check out the website check out the be on reality radio coffee mug that is their for sale. Domestic shipping these included in the price it looks great on the desk. Looks great on the breakfast table where every where be put it looks good I would recommend you get there and pick up your beyond reality radio official cost bug so it got a lot more with Rick is coming up don't go away it's beyond reality radeon TB Johnson thanks. Her 67. 7669. If you're on hold be patient we will get to your phone calls our guest tonight is Rick k's he's a psychic medium a life consultant. His website is likes gifted dot com he's written books like stepping stones thoughts along life's path and you're not crazy you have a ghost and wanna talk about that Foreman Rick. You're not crazy have a ghost how to people know if they have a ghost. Well the press. Well it it not really a go it mow the majority of the time it is one spirit that is. Connected is dumb way to the hall. But the way you've been determined is we haven't been he had personal we have been do you think that everything that happened. In all especially whereas the last you know with everything we eat greasy. You know a picture although the wall we automatically think we have to go equator now we all met the group of those. Only share you got your life speak. In your life but also don't get your life after what what I call the live at the logic which is. You know if you add up quick picture gets all the wall Egypt has picked on or Kuwait. Dan I think that had them to do with the picture about it the picture element that the logical that understand it. Then there is there is someone trying to get you met each. We have a chance to get to feel that now home that is haunted. Is automatically but called the you know because the media and the other television shows and films and movies that. Automatic delay has been happened in the pond and we ought to make a wanna perceive that it's something negative and at the bit it's what all the go. The allotted time you'll find it will be. A loved one that either is connected to you trying to give your best he did say hey I'm with you here. Or there's been times who went into residences there are our historical location where they have a there's there's a lot when there in spirit that is saying I lived here once I had good weeks I had experiences here once I had memories here want. Not yet been read that it javy bad I mean in other locations you that you Mickey you're going to pin our our debt on the had no. That is the place have been took up a time and when you go there. You know they're going to be there there are column to go be like two guys either going there can be no there there they had memories there and experience in there. Better to guide you and tell you about the places than those who led the expert in the memory there in the past you know that lifted their likelier. And that it can hurt there the one who's going to be able to share those cute. On I've got to cut though I'll on the stepped on my other people pose at this time but I do not feel I do not I know that. Here are not trapped. You know a lot of been debated a lot of individual appeal that. As there can be trapped in a location and our response to that is yes I'll go to you that it shadow just went through law would go to law app can be trapped you know they. Instead they accused of being there they used to be there were many at Purdue at the root for different rate than they may have had good experience there or you're ever they may have had. A time in their life there that they want you to understand and want you to know about it. And that can hurt is one example. Well there's there's love when there in spirit that you connect that I connect with that connect with their and they want me to understand what it looked like the beat there. And who better to know that they know they're there so. And a half behind in your house be on it you know I look at it glade. You we perceive to look at the work on. As a place where you go the hour. But if I looked in the dictionary and then another book our local regions on pig I wrote this and that it did in the dictionary it says the definition and a hot. Is a bit Nadal and to continually beat the company this day around her persist or credit to BitTorrent have inhabit. And Gaby I read that definition. Had to be mature richt. I think we lost three other ER Rick we lost you for a second there you read the definition what. Well read the definition of man and does not. I'm doing noble thing in my own home I must vehicles myself. Though when you look at when you look at it Eddie haunted. Our on thing if you look at it any different perspective in a sense of it took place where others have lived Arab may have experience and they're and they're just trying to get you to understand. It it the mega hit that the fear in the mega activity at the hockey becomes less and less. Wrote another one my book that I didn't I didn't make it except this part I actually ball that the more than someone. This statement is the only period have a beer itself. I expanded on that statement that it don't create edit yourself but do understand we'll eliminate that fear because once you begin understanding. I'd get him hurt much you begin understanding individuals they're actually there what you be and what you begin to understand why they're letting you know this. Then the peer becomes less what. Right so let's let's take some time here and it's perhaps in these phone calls we've had some people waiting for awhile. This is Joseph and Indiana he Joseph welcome to the program you're on with Rick case. Owner. And month. Period I. I'll. Tell you and about that did you wanna do some readings. Well I I can I would you know you invite me back to the show we could get they hate that because. I enjoyed did reading. On this show that. I really wanted to share that marker couple things are vote thank you for calling and I do you feel like. Yeah there is big mother inaction are much and what I'm really neat really is a mother connection. I also feel like this mother connection with you. Is someone who want to relate keys that. Something about pollute something about walking walking better work walking greater. And I also want to share with you that. Did we lose Rick again. I'm here okay I'm I'm here I'm I'm I'm all we hear of them will get stern though. What what was missed was the caller first. It's Jolson Indiana. No is it your mom. Do you have a mother type figure that if strengthen it. Well I can be a grandmother. It. Okay it because to be on your mom's side. And they admit admit it here mom will you let would you relate your mom and that you point that here that you walk these greater pummeled like he straight up and down. He's walking straighter and outlook outpost was your grandmother that you don't also want to be here with you that. He's going to give nick is actually saying something that gives you nick goes well though that. I don't what that all about but he's also get it nickel you've you've got a grandmother connection that is. They immediately wanted to share that with you that the key message here Joseph is not so much for you part prohibitive for you and your mom. That he has threatened walking crater up and down so we're you able to walk before you trend in which what you have and it would authorize a knock at. Aren't you didn't. Futures. It. You. Don't all of it. Well it's humane walked OK but what you want to acknowledge is in you mentioned the cancer. And McCain who would would deteriorate the bodies so you go our expert spare herb. Our message queues like you know that he's been their body out she's walking straighter the most like you walk by ourself and also let you know that. Joseph thanks for the phone call we appreciate Conan from Indiana let's go to. Deidre in Florida he do you draw from the show. Tony and UK yeah mr. heck am I think wanted to cry. And time on it can't mention and kicking tee you. I had her very hard time. With my Brothers bad. It wasn't being Healy and bad panel. That. And powerful it cannot be expected. And when he passed away. And not only. It was like pilot. Kiss and hand me hit me on his depression and morning. And Atlanta in the Langer time I was saying on my front porch and laugh or cry he hand. And then there and remember each key and very here in hand. I heard hand easy my nickname and I'm not gonna tell you what the nickname like that. He is his fault you know he didn't make the team defense. And very clean and people into the wall Powell. And then all want for our hurricane following in the marine capabilities carrier. And they're very eve stopped and it went back to England then spill. Cool night Indianapolis CNET. Loomed. On. Any English you know I know you get violent the crime you eat. On. For me as blanking me matter and that he would win beauty but because the only got they'll find the elder that we guy. He then did it captain very calm. Yes. And that means the 'cause I wasn't able to attend his scene now. So that comforted you. Yeah at that must is that a common story Rick that you know people have these experiences and it really does serve to comfort. Absolutely and and now what men are or acknowledging our loved ones presidency and and then especially the signs in the message that you received. We received signs from malevolent. You know some deal that one that went eleven when transition to next our lives if we got to wait to certain at a time. At bat before they're able to map it to us. Now he held them why would they be putting out but it now holding tank waiting period to let you know they're around. The moment you Trenton into the body spared you are with your loved ones. So are meant to you because you recognize. Designed that you receive. A lifetime relies because the society we want to second guess we wanna say that was the coincident that really that it bubble. It don't second guess when you receive those on and what he was doing there as he was actually. Helping you know. They know that work on their grieving process they understand that because they had emotions. Here as well one time. So he's recognizing your your great but he recognized in that you're with a I need a real quick what is it do you have a military connection as well with you. I am. Ferrero or verify handling and our candidate and I thank you again our on his side and if I am I. Okay. I really feel like he's going need to share with you though he was someone that. Keeps talking about his military. Elite with another level and that at a lot that is and the connection. Feel like he went on one nick that he's what he's saying all he. They're talking military is what it's all night talk about military reservist and he birdied one recognize this is via. This could be you know and again it could be a family member that is I feel like I'm going dad dad dad so humble and down like that line and so. I'll but he he's ready I'm beyond that to share that with you as well of this adult pleasure we either eat with others as well. Teacher thanks for the call we have to move bunkers and run on time here wanna get one more phone call in. This is gonna ask to be a pretty quick when this is Jim from Colorado Jim welcome to the program. Just slaughtered confirmed or your guest upset when I was about four years old. I can always tell what my couple Jake are buying present and he were coming I can't tell you wire foul. I'd just at a certain feeling in churn out there they would be. And that's exactly what you're talking about Rick right you know and cool as you and me and Jason as an example like I've taken to give McComb said when my phone rings. Yet their name and again that is. And I've been at the very beginning we all given many talents skills and ability to get in our life. On birthday and we are he'd like Marek had so congratulations you for acknowledging that. Jim thank you it. Something else you said well as I never bothered to tell anybody because I didn't think your orders that big between. We dismiss it don't whip. You know he Jim thanks to the caller in. Manila amid elects Rick to Rick respond to that good Rick. What is is gone again thank him of that and and and with him sharing that with us tonight he is opening up and and you know don't be afraid don't be afraid just follow what you feel. On the I want to say they're real quick you JBI. As I was talking you have feel like. I don't know and sometimes they get bankers like Gary thank them crazy do you want me to say that you now hold so. I feel like I've got it I need to share with you dad dad I've elected dad. Don't feel like you need to share with you that each outlet is dead as well would be your grandfather. And all I'm curious to share with you this you. He's saying keep the change. OK I hate double. I don't know what that means what that all about it and I think he's element your your grandfather exactly and to keep the chains. And Eric's we have. We don't have a lot of time but it and I have to share this with you Rick and you will you would have had no way to know this we obviously didn't talk about this. My grandfather or mother side. It was a it would lift to the depression was a very what we would call cheap man but I call frugal and whys of this money he didn't spend a dime we didn't have to that's the way he was brought up. And he owned a business and he used to cut I used to live within when I was a youngster. As for for awhile and used to come up from the store which was below the where he lived he'd come up at noon have launched many line the foreign take a nap. And while he was taking a nap and he never gave anybody any money but his change would fall out of his pocket. As he rolled around on the could you sleep on the floor and front of the TV and they need to then my grandmother woods would say take the money G means you've comic Jimmy did the money and keep this so I give quarter get a nickel or do whatever what happened to be. And you know for years I didn't think my grandfather knew about the money I was taking my grandmother told me to take it. And I think you know as he is and his life came to an end. I skimmed the realization he actually did know that I was doing that mean he just you know he let it happen and so I think that's what you're talking about. Yeah he did and he still knows that. He's still though those. Real quick. I wanna share their there today affiliate station in debt is a party your. Did this show being aired on that show it's my home base on this show about them they gave DAX epic and morals seven point five. Thank you for having. Not really be showing your network so that all goes round pick your home conflict and to be on route out so acute that. Yet we appreciated to all our affiliates are very very important for so Rick were were basically at a time I've got about thirty seconds for you here. To give your website again your books so what are brochure and pass along. I did go delight yet dot com you'll be rom that I travel all over the country. I'm also on mobile app called DP GA get circuit your door for the he HE PDA. And month FaceBook Twitter and all that social media step that I know about half of of the about it but I'm on. It and gave the dog again I want her to thank you forget the opportunity to be on your show it and look forward coming back. Yeah we'll we'll definitely have you back in just like our guest of the first hour we're gonna have to schedule for two hours next time it just wasn't enough time. All right thanks so much Rick k's again it's lights gift dot com we're gonna take a break come back wrap things up it's. Eon reality radio and chief Johnson. I tried to tell us when you do quickly demonstrated the point across my grandma. He's taking a nap at. Once every day and change in his pocket he would never. Give me money because that was just out of character for him but he ahead in and knowing knew every dime and every penny he had in his pocket and money would fall out of his pocket. While he was sleeping on the floor my grandmother would tell me to take it I always thought he didn't know that I was taken the money criminal obviously but I'm pretty sure he knew so. Rick reference there was pretty cool. Anyway thanks for hanging out with a us tomorrow night again we've got a great program coming up tomorrow night we're going to be talking about mind to matter issues. When our guest doctor Dawson church that's going to be good win tomorrow night's join us for that. I'm javy Johnson thanks for being here don't forget Friday night is a best of program. Stop by the web site stop by the FaceBook page check it all out and we'll catch you next time and. And the only radio is supposed to blow Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced in Alexandria Johnson insisted. So can only be a really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers and Jason is slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Canadian that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.