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Dr Dawson Church discusses mind to matter

Jul 30, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Dr Dawson Church to discuss the influence of the mind over things like genetics, health, and even the matter around us. 7/27/2018 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Are pouring hello everyone it's beyond reality reading going GP Johnson Jason has the night off tonight as he travels to he taps family reunion. Temps and we groups all across the country get together once a year and they have an event and that's where he is this weekend so we wish him well he'll be back with the next week we've got a great show lined up for you tonight. Of course we always have a great show lined up for you. That's part of the deal right. Tonight we've got doctor Dawson church joining us he's an author and researcher are gonna be talking about his new book called mind to matter in an explores the idea. That our brains can actually influence the matter around us they can actually materialize things not only can they but they do according to doctor. Dawson church. And he's got a whole bunch of examples of how that works. To talk about that plus we're gonna talk about some of the other. Books that doctor church has written including the genie in your genes and sold medicine. All relate to how the power of our minds cannot only affect our health. But it can expect or genetics or DNA. That's all coming up and of course we'll take your phone calls later in the program at 844. 687. 7669. Yes people are commenting on the YouTube stream. Yet there's some big giant balloons behind me yes and if yes that's exactly what they are. We've got also great shows coming up for you there for the rest of wall next week this week we've got to tomorrow it will be a best of program president is every Friday night. But Monday night Nomar Slavic will join a season UFO author researcher and investigator we're gonna talk about how he got interested in the field plus how he writes books about the field that cover his investigations. And a lot more just an early age will join us he's in medical intuitive on Tuesday night he's known as the human MR high. Will be discussing medical intuition. In its application to modern health challenges and how new discoveries in practices for enhancing clarity of the mind. Body and spirit can help assault on Wednesday night JR Freeman EZ US air force veteran. And an author. During his eighteen years with the air force he had two near death experiences where he experienced the afterlife. We all are curious about that. He's got a five book series called the other world and beyond and it describes his journey into the other world and the Weston's that he learned that he brought back to apply to his life and of course. All our lives as he teaches us and then Thursday. 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Domestic shipping is included in the price it's right there on the website beyond reality radio dot com we also ask that you visit to the web they've faced a page. And spend little time there like it of course in check out the information that we have there we've got a lot of great paranormal. News stories and the other listeners people who were are members of our community post things there are a lot of great pictures that a lot of our listeners. Want comments on whether they capture UFO picture maybe a ghost picture whatever it is on the FaceBook page system beyond reality radio on FaceBook. So I'm I don't know if you've been paying attention to this we talked about it a little bit last night. But the next month tomorrow night it's actually we've got two very very important celestial happenings. We've got two things that ruled that don't necessarily happen very often and certainly don't happen at the same time happening at the same time tomorrow night. We're going to see the longest blood moon eclipse of the century. And we all know lunar eclipses that's when the earth passes between the sun and the moon so we CA shadow effect on the moon in the moon. It's appears briefly and comes back. There's been the longest blood moon clips of the hit of the century to be another 125 years or so before we see that again in addition to that. Mars is going to be at its closest point to the earth in fifteen years. So we get it kind of a double treat in the sky tomorrow night hopefully the skies will be clear you can actually see the moon and you can actually see more hours. But it's going to be pretty spectacular so if you haven't. Planned on it you should you should try to get a site especially if it's clear skies take advantage of these things don't happen very often in fact. I think it's I think they said it was a 125 years or so. On before the blood moon mole actually last this long again so these are things that don't come along very often take advantage of them. Are to take a break when we come back to bring our guest and a one of the things we may if you some time in the end of the show. Spend a few moments whether psychic remote viewing experiment we we have teased it a couple times that we've intended to do it. And we just run out of time because our guests have had a lot to talk about. And I think we're gonna try to carve out a little time tonight. At the end of the show to do that and what that is as we just pull playing card from regular card a 52 card deck. And which have you komen we've I'll focus on a look at the card Tokyo concentrate on. And you get an opportunity to see if you can can pick up any yet on any of that energy and and figure with the car it is and if you care and then we've got DOT Schroeder's Richard or something for you. What slick Eddie decide what that's going to be. Let's all good fun now and that'll be later in tonight's program. So we'll take a break and when we come back we'll bring our guest and again it's doctor Dawson church. And we'll be talking about his book mind to matter beyond reality. Every station's parent program around the country. Really appreciate that list of affiliates growing and if you get an opportunity you're listening on one of those great radio stations just truck from wind go to the website find a contact page. The sentiment email whatever it takes just Tom thank you for caring beyond reality radio it's important to us and hopefully it's important to you as well. Right so to be talking about a book called mind to matter or guest is doctor Dawson church in the spring Dawson of the program he does some welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. Like I could be yet thank you. So. Let's talk abouts some of the things that you've done some work on specifically you studying you've written about a lot of things related to health psychology. Spirituality. How did these disciplines which some people may think are very very unrelated. And they all come together how are they related. They counted the bodies and what my particular deal that Vista is this epic genetic which has Powell external influences affect our keynote tour and he's done at all. And what is remark about about the only thing is that when we have both via feelings and experiences behaviors beliefs. All of these things are affecting our keynote and so by. But he stressed scenes and immunity teens at least jeans and it turns out that when you have a shift. And any of those parts are your. You're European of Europe your mental functioning emotional bunch thing but the fact that the other keynote so you can back to publicly measure of mental state he state emotions spiritual experiences all of those. Even if present in the body and especially on the genome and that's fine by me appealed interest. All right so let's talk about your book the genie in your genes before we get to the new book mind to matter. That book reviews research that links exactly what you said consciousness emotion and how it relates to genes and gene expression. Are you saying that when we have a stressful. Occurrence trauma generalize. And the that are body chemistry. And our minds actually do something to affect our genetics. Very directly and an example I think now. Is that these relate to is say for example Europe having a good day and you go pro war for a you're in your local part and suddenly. There is a top that breaks loose with so there is writing it you. C span it biking. Looking pretty threatening you know override it in the genes that that code for adrenaline quotas well. Another step by chemicals that the simply because of the data being relaxed and happy. And then the genes that code for those hormones term not. And so that's really obvious example all the way in which X total experiences affect gene expression. And the way your body translate external threats and opportunities. Into. In total. Singled like like hormones but what I really needs to then. Is what happens when you talk to you are. Now four hours later about that experience and if you bit that he was holding that experience. Then bowl on the same in total by a chemistry has triggered the now there is no doubt that he memory the dog. And yet remembering that doc trouble the you're triggering the expression of the same genes in the absence of any external factor only your pole so yeah absolutely. I would any hunting dog today dynamic beat both by the the buy out both copied into our experiences. Okay just so I understand this because it's it can be can be rather complicated refused it and mind blowing at the same time when you start to consider this. On my and understanding would have then. That our genetics gives us the ability gives it this is that it it puts the adrenaline gland in our. Body and it puts RR. A brain in our body and it's the brain in that circumstance that you just. Describe for us that are that an ax or activates the adrenaline glance of the adrenaline. Starts to slow in the body having that that physical affect who what you're saying is that it's your brain is actually switching on and off genes. It's literally turning on little jeans because Butte party's right adrenaline and cortisol are ready for large volley you'll. They are it could be folded on each other and to bring you these big complex proteins our bodies need liquid. And a blueprint on the genes. And so what. What what we have that yep yep but he collecting genes but example that he would 'cause I color height had color all of those types of things does he is the turned on once early in the the department of a building your body at a that they brought to life. That just another simple example when you. But I take a bite on the meal like today I'd buy at lunch it might take a bite off the protein. Further than it spent public that the gene that codes quite apart after about I think a lot about that that the F I think about it but about it. Outlook carbohydrate accurate. If Haditha triggered so they're all his dynamic the triggered genes. And both actually make up around 85% of the genome. Only about 50% 15%. On those hard coded factors like you're hyped any like color the skin color and so on. All the others that he 5% are arbitrary inaudible dynamically. Based on single in the environments deliberately could beat. From the Beaumont but we'll float well I think but you know hockey to be had been at all time and sometimes like that quote bode for example. That those teams not turned on in an average up to effect and dropped the stimulus. So your body goes from making you know just a normal about a quarter though to keep you look at the way to making. Let the corn ball in literally into effect of that because you're at that is needed that font stress response in their teens to survive the other are. How do you think it odd that the benefit you that way all the time. Well that would be my next question then as our minds are affecting these genes in those jeans are producing these results. If we for example to use your example if we encountered that dog. Four times a day and it becomes a regular occurrence do we permanently. Alter our genome. On to the point where we we actually pass and on as we know we passed genes on to future generations. You know that it's such a good question and about. Seven or eight years ago yet it would have been and the now today the answer is yes whether they're taking. People about it but it is is holocaust survivor is. People who survived the Holocaust were effected at the genetically. And so there are activate tags on their teens. That make those genes express certain ways they have been more heart disease they look has there they have more health challenges. They're very adverse effect that happen. In the ethnically and Latino ball off all of the virus. That the athlete standing with Serbs blocked a between four year this has shown that. There. Eric had their children. Have similar genetic tag bean pot long and they read it to. So for example beef with the children of mothers to a Democrat store to another through depressed are more likely to be depressed and have that genetic tag southern genome. And then. The granddaughters all the those grandmothers are as well and in in inedible but he is like the mouse rat studies they found these these effects persisting. Here. Other adverse emotions but the thing and seven generations now the lines so. We he had no idea just a few years ago. That we were affecting the Gina looked upon our kids and grandkids. And this is studying new research shows that that be are and so yacht if you if you are reenacting your parents behavior. The chances aren't that you are are being affected by the way you were raised its annual that affected children that way but also hopeful because. Went for example you. They were raised and admit abusive household. If you then as an adult to have your own kids and you don't abuse them you're damned cut that epidemic tied. So it cuts both ways either you can reenact you'll try to look up and that because I do hit the same way. Boy you break the cycle and then you break it at its FaceBook and so this is the good news bad news and that go into either way. We have a little less than a minute before we have to take a break camp but my question now is is this is the phenomenon that you're describing right now is this what we know as instinct. We think it is instinct and yet it is strongly conditioned behavior and so a lot of my life now rod look all the brains of people mode network. We think we're consciously think remained content choices but it's huge amount of productivity is governed by you what what Michael and state. But it certainly does. Part of way to break it therapy day there's not enough can't control. I we're gonna talk a little bit more about that when we come back from the break her guest is doctor Dawson church. Check out his website Dawson church dot com there's also website for the book we're going to be talking about mind to matter dot club CL UB. We'll be back in just a moment we'll continue our conversation right on the phone number we'll take calls later. It 84468776. Attacks beyond. Doctor Carson churches and author and a researcher his most recent book. Is called mine to matter you can find out more information about it by going to mind to matter. Dot club. Also you can check out Dawson church dot com. We've been talking about actually some of his earlier work. The genie in your genes is a book that he's he written rope previously. And doesn't want to revisit this idea of instinct. We talked about conditioner learned behavior. But at the same time we know in many species they have. Traits and behavior dead and we we can't figure out necessarily remain the weekend it's it's beyond me. How they learn these things and we call those traits in stinks they just seem be passed on. In the genetic code somehow. Is this related to what we're talking about. JD lobby really pushing things to be about that is that hadn't it'll be you. Feel the science cold emergence. And one of the examples I use it by writing is looking at. Flock of birds that time than mine. The presentation medical conference at night I show any to put video clip. There for a million birds in the slot for a million birds. The whole week leading and looting and moving in perfect formation driven by instinct and you looked at now how on earth. Do they managed to do that because of noble conductor. That does central without her credit that elected for president say. OK guys the president's going to put the foot left now I dropped out these northern doing this stuff completely instinct truly. In perfect harmony and we have we have. The of the huge part of the brain that no other very few other other other animals the people cortex the other big faking brain. And without thinking brain we have the ability to do things which are instinctual which topple a personal and we can make choices and so. These detention and the part while alive but I think school but the putt territory but so it stick. And I knew I would be fine that. It pays to have to pitch into intend to use up we've double cortex and there it's off the pace that. Buy out both by our intentions by outdoor setting where he. The against the grain of bought into the lead naturally. We should be doing that the real world that I think that the human being. And to finding those part you'll likely it is moved pollute leap and be part of the universal that the way that Arafat. As part of the you'll likely be used to creep up in court records say you know. I would make a choice here but for example when you're when you're having that just about that genetics but you're happy that it that the state. To treat Europe hit the legal way you do it is the head. And you say you know that the functional I'm not that didn't do that or like yet who says you know. I'm not gonna have thought that cocaine and Bachmann at an extra drink. And so would be then take control over it think. Well luckily by the quartet that's real art to knowing when to go to blow up up up up up and let's say you know I have to choose a different parts. When we and another concept that you introduce her talk about anyway in the book is at the genetic medicine what is that. Bid is just eight huge shift in the health care. That I believe is what we're we're where we're really moving toward now. And I called the age up personal at the genetic. And what's happening now is that we're mentioning the attack on these multiple states where night. But it paid when I used acupressure what I use the whole one of the whole post up threat production tools and over in my books. We lift the arcade Latino in one. Study that was public and better technology to obesity. The researchers looked at people use the acupressure and against the pressure over the fingertips but acupuncture put the body and they got this really good one car. Treatment with but by therapists use the acupressure and called the therapy and they talent in that one hour at that 72 genes. We're regulated buying at that our therapy genes that code for things like depressing cat which humorous genes that code for improving memory and learning. Gene that codes for immunity in anti viral activity. So what is happening now is that we're discovering that. These feel good techniques like acupuncture Europe but meditation. Like mindful that there be used to think where just. Nice ways of eating better but now realizing our posted happy genetic interventions and so. Web that it is going is to recognizing that these kind of feel good practices are just ones that benefit you psychologically. But their actual real measurable. Medical interventions that it does what what it is get a Fred who died those locked. March. Where it but with that but that's excitement at Serb Cilic two centimeter lump in her right breast. Spread to her lip does that provide arms spot on her right lung. Very serious problem doesn't she choked his attitude that the that he healing only know conventional therapy not even the wealthy. And by march her lip that he had gotten about the guy that that might bite made her a lift those were cleared. Bite you in the know has to Martha's but there are only using chi gong acupressure. Diet. Exercising very the other might solid but it kind of up all our practices so these types. Up on alt. Upping we do what felt. Can have powerful effect on the genome and in our bodies. If this approach. Is so miraculous. How do we learn. To embrace it at how does and how do we learn to teach medical science to embrace. It takes a while because JD for example I've been bankrupt presentations of the BA. I would Washington DC to the first president tension BA in 2004. Finally. People that lack vision therapy that I teach was approved by Didier Lapierre. That's thirteen year and it takes a lot law. On time but worked its way into Britain's national. It's too clinical excellence Britain Britain's national health care system that's worked its way into the pulpit and in Canada into different parts of the US. It's now pretty widely used in part of the day so it is while Bennett and Chet that. The deal that that the kind of changes were shelling experimentally. In studies at the so powerful that that medical students and psychologist thought. Our art let the accepting it in one survey PayPal that what you said the therapist psychotherapist I'm not using is that any technique. Because they just are are so affected like for example. There are now over. We've we've not because of what 3000 veterans. In the opposite threats project stands seven randomized controlled trials and we find that fourth. Clinical piece EST. Flashbacks nightmares intrusive thought. Those veterans get better in 61 side sessions so. You just can't match that record with conventional talk therapy useful would drop and some of these these therapies are like that they're just so quick. So effective that they make there way into mainstream medicine. What we get to a point where this type of approach particularly with life threatening illnesses like cancer. Will we get to a point where this'll be the more common way to treat. I don't think he ever be in the usual they're people who need chemotherapy radiation. They need to they need surgery. Boy I hope will happen though is that when people have a life threatening diagnosis. That they will look at all the options both. Conventional topic and an event that and so people that you put his arm really the most effective thing people will meet conventional approaches. And the beauty of it is yet have to decide that it that it believed the war. You look at all the options and an inside look bad for you and your circumstances. That he may have tried with the cute doctor. With your candidate and practitioner with a purpose and make a try to work for you. Is there is something that it's it. Is people are predates pre disposed. Four in other words. Are certain people more likely do see success with the data with the nontraditional approach first is the traditional medicine approach or is it just is it just matter of again personal preference and how much you commit to. That effort. I think it's very public case by case basis and but people. Especially those at least strongly in their therapeutic for that example if you believe strongly in that medication that the placebo effect extend. And the placebo effect below. Is gonna it has the effect of the medications so. It is it's that the patients believe the people believed so strongly it as a deputy. That that by itself will have some effect. It pretty bearing bite bite bite can expect hey put my presence. What they at least five people we skeptical. Some people believe that he will heal them and that will likely be to work for them. Others need hell and so for those people tell you in the title. But given art that is that it is well and the department I would Ike knows that the Fed by the side note but but but it took very serious cancer while back. As fit the look that you got the diagnosis what would you do and I wrote that looked like putting things right I would personally like at the diagnosis. And what that is engaged. You belief system whatever that you'd you'd you'd you'd you'd try to go with the lead and it just believe the doctor would be the therapist at a ready ready. All the belief in one of the giants that he went into it he brought mr. in New York. They looked at heart that the people was at the heart disease and they found that the strong at the single strongest back to Europe. Over the next fifteen years in where they got heart disease or not was. Whether they believe they were with ought to be and so the but the believed they were. And that we get Huckabee is that did beat they they were conducted. Police incredibly. Powerful. In creating reality. We're talking with doctor Dawson church author researcher and we're gonna continue our conversation after the break. We will be talking about his most recent book called mine to matter you can visit the website for the book of mine to matter. Dot club you can also visit Dawson church dot com to get more information about all of his work. And we're gonna continue this after the break it's beyond me out there. Doctor Dawson church tonight not doctor Robert. Doctor Dawson church is an author and researcher. Got many books to his credit including the genie in your genes soul medicine and mind to matter which is most recent book we're going to be talking about that in just a few moments. DOS and let's talk a little bit about you this whole thing got on your radar. It's a pretty unique and specific. Approach. To a lot of things that we've been talking about what pointed to interest you do bitter relieved grab your attention. Well I saw people heal in surprising ways and of those to move. For provoking experience as he was who was told the therapist in 20032004. And the first group. Veterans was returning from Iraq. And suddenly PDF he was not on our radar as a country again and several of them said to me I was working with a veteran. And usually get PDF deep and fourth session 5007 sessions and they were there were clear PDF the united like. No way that nothing happened they've but that bad development for BP official position of the American Psychiatric Association with that PDF these intractable. You know that you can Medici with drug maybe if you do get worse. And so that was capped the no. Science behind the idea that the media it was terrible that that. As like these stories about people using these these these fairly simple. That he technique with these veterans that and I met the veterans and I ain't quite that mobile that eventually. Help to do a wolf skilled pilot but if Marshall university medical school and low. Hole in succession and sure enough those veterans did this and this is went away and I I was at I was I was. JD I would absolutely stunned but it's exceptions. Wrote that although that it would have gone. And so we then launched a full scale national randomized controlled trial was published in in a major psychiatry travel. The few years later and it showed the same things fixed sessions and the flashbacks nightmares. Interest of both. The functional ways of looking at the world all of those things just than it is quite like wiping the slate clean and we think the hard drive was it just an amazing phenomenon. And so we then then Libya it has likable comrades. Be raised more. Needed more study is being looked at demonstrates projects to get these these therapies to veterans quickly and so that that was real turning point for me to see the data. I I it has to do things were very erratic totally. Could you tell me and you here ready work will be curious if he's having data and I believed itself so. Just good stories are not in these hard science and part science tell you things. That are put time into the lead you'd you'd think well that makes sense of the time. It's really. Popular it's beautiful art science tells you so to it would be worth fighting up what science says that look at it showed about these new therapies flaws. They just they work so quickly. Other than not miracle here at the network brevity. They work for roughly 900 and betterment the other one that had veteran agent did not work portal that that would may need medication or other forms of intervention. But that that really that the of the Iraq War. Was one of those things that with bullet veterans coming back. With a terrible way to learn about PD ST that beat the paradoxical gift that society is that. It accelerated to reassert should calm with the group's findings there was a huge amount are new research. It's it's either that methods and we now but it holds its storied team but I won't vote once psychiatrist at Walter Reed recently. It said O'Toole and you know I put you on those that other succession protocol and you know now we we that we never. Take a lot of exceptions it to a Prius fine so lovely a long way. We only have a couple minutes of four of the top of the hour break and wanna give you a second to talk to the folks about your web sites as I've mentioned to hear. And he has several different things going on how to people navigate this and one information to make find under various sites. The announcement did right now is mind about a golf club. Because at might about a duck there are links to the that would cut project blue links to our Life Partners to sort of like petitioners. Who apply these methods with their clients. And so all of that is the mind and adopt but that one single URL. Is that rates to unlock all the rest. It's mines to men and I am still not even use a kinky used to these extra letter stated I don't dot com dot net still throws me a little appetite dark cloud CL UB. Yeah does that mean something specific yours is just. Well ethical thing is that people posting on our FaceBook page that hockey community at that people posting things like. They put it these stories miracles stories hitting it of them maybe even stories but it takes distort people distance. Deduced that it takes were wrecked many people do at Sony they're having huge breakthrough so that the target of opportunity people. Building about Biden matter at applying the principles are sort of thing for their lives. Okay we're gonna take a break and when we come back and continue our conversation we're going to get into doctor Dawson doctor church's book. Seoul medicine and then also mine to matter which is the most recent book also take your phone calls at 8446877669. Don't forget tomorrow night's program is a best of as every Friday night is is in the mood back alive programs. On Monday and Monday night. We've got Nomar Slavic joining us Susie you a full author researcher and investigator we talking about his research his investigations. And death he's written about them he talks about them on a podcast that he does regularly every Monday night's program to a foes don't forget to use schedule especially the skies will be clear for you tomorrow night. Go out side. Check out the longest. Blood moon of the century it will be occurring tomorrow night in addition to that martyrs. Is actually closest to the earth well actually I think it's a couple days away from being its. Closest to the earth but it's close enough. That it's spectacular site with the blood moon that's all going to be happening tomorrow night hopefully skies will be clear. Here in Cooperstown New York I don't think so it doesn't look good for us but hopefully will be free you are were to take a break we've got a lot more coming up it's beyond me out. This is a he would this tonight but we'll be back Monday I believe. He's he's had a tap Stanley weekend tests and the groups get together meant true I think it's Louisville or something this time around not sure that's where he has been will be back next week. Look forward to that. Don't forget tomorrow night is a best of program. We will have one of the best programs of the week's selected by our syndicator. Will air. And then Monday night. No Morris whether it will join Assisi UFO author. Researcher and an investigator he'll talk about his encounters and his investigations. A view of follows Tuesday Justin L edge will be with us he's a medical intuitive. He's known as the human MR RI. We talking medical intuition and its application to modern health challenges. And new discoveries and practices for enhancing clarity of mind body and spirit and then Wednesday's program. JR Freeman. Who's a US air force veteran and an author. Will join us to talk about his toon near death experiences. That occurred over the course of eighteen years in the air force. During those experiences he actually visited the afterlife. And he wrote five books series about it called the other world and beyond it describes his journey into the other world. And it talks with lessons you learned while it was there and how he applies those lessons to his life. And then Thursday night it is the first Thursday of August so if you've been listening to this program for awhile you know the first Thursday of each month is readings with Rebecca. We've got psychic medium Rebecca Foster joining us to do readings for our listeners or even have to do is call in and shall learn if you're reading. It's simple as that readings with the Rebecca that's theirs in its program. Tonight we're talking with doctor Dawson church. About several of his books his most recent book is called mind to matter and you can visit the website for the book called mine too mattered dot club. You can also visit Dawson church dot com. Other books to his creditor the genie in your genes in Seoul Mattison and again I Dawson thanks so much for being here with us tonight. I'll talk about soul medicine a little bit. You co wrote that book. And in that book you talk about a weakening the inner blueprint. For abundant health. And energy this sounds like the holy Grail let's talk about that habit. I about the book one of the great figures. Trade between that the north PD and nor does the bit about. An edgy and that is that and that had been used and healing for millennia. What those startling example is that there. Bobby weapon that was discovered of the border but for the Italy. In 1992 which sacred and up the OT VI and the obvious 5400. Vehicles. And so again very very old. Body which could go to the guide formula 5000 years and this. Ancient bodies there are tattooed there and has that quote tattoos but they correspond to acupuncture points. That people might use today for applying acted legally act which dealing. Four at the very diseases were talking suffered so these points but note prolonged high energy therapies and used the patent alliance to help people heal. So we have. Many quote many more therapies available today. That that book political and all the argue the edit edu and he minute that the deal and I have seen so many remarkable recovery problem. Very kind of these that's what it'll Letterman and a new book by the matter is that the the work. Colleague of mine built banks that. And David many steady is the healing methods and he looked to beat the experiments over the with mind. And via the researchers in fact you might split the substance of courses that the globe madly glad humorous. Bill would instead hold hated these might be getting my diet very rapidly ought to have been infected with the if you call the agent. They they have lippold at least seven days. But my ability to hold these mine. The Cuban simply shrink up pull the disappear. I might go about their full life span so. And that Z he'll let these powerful. What it means that you without the years and now if they need huge comeback in Madison. And that birdie able politically and all the other editing that and not use that. In conjunction with conventional that's. When you use the word energy what exactly are we talking about here is it is it too broad minded energy is it electrical energy is it so is it spiritual energy. It's measurable energy would go in if possible get an MRI. The the radiologist is measuring the C. The electromagnetic energy up your brain in the EG who eventually be adequate to give your brain and so. What we do not get to build up is pretty comprehensive database. What these entities should look like what you put you in a positive mood when he peaked at about Republican meditate when you apply these that these events stress reduction methods. The signature. Brain waves that you is that it. They have our lives or any EG are completely different the JV will pick somebody for example where it with high anxiety that panic attacks. But it's stress. Global tech bubble that was an MRI. And the energy and their brain is predominantly in its third at bat that bad is between. Between fifteen and 25. Cycles per second for the make luck luck but then he's been trip. But the thing that your entity are strapped in the brain will then give them at a deemed expendable piece the yet he. The pressure will use and take with them we've got to be cut in the event that he met with them and suddenly all that energy in their brain schett. So there's that it's so that's called a couple of the G. I've seen now we have the tools that accurately know what Kennedy profile is the competence of the deal presents we try to train people to acquire. Those kind of attitude the the content of those committed national heart that he. It was the play ability and all these edit the ship showed up. And they're they're all those types and you'll functioning so that went and has that that high level all that bad all stressed. You know EG. Single happening in different part of the brain. And the part the brain that argue with final flight are highly engaged the part to do with happiness. Are toting dormant. But with a group meditate when you apply editing techniques with them and that progresses and all of that than those vital flight because he's the appearance. And happy it's because he's then come on on the so you have people be shifted the energy because he is as you of people out these advanced imaging technologies. Could any of this or talking about now or what we're talking about previously. When we were talking about the genie in your genes. Is this another way to say the power of positive thinking. You know that's sold threesome that Dick and yet. Like for example I teaching at an Al like club right now so the last week. I hope but some pop and I day. I've put up two critical part of your monitor very simple that tool that measures that we are off coherence between different. Rhythmic punch and that your body. And so I sat there but I separate that I've had little possible but be hooked up to the the devices eight. Not gonna meditate and they watched as all on the ideological signaled in my body. Wedge into the Green Zone all of these two green light lit up at night totally relaxed but nobody could. But it says an 89. And think about my. Email inbox. But I. Still like to turn arrests that one of the negative vote totally. All the physiological signal in my body worshipping. So absolutely that that part of the sort will trigger a whole variety of beneficial deterrent for example the political goes down you adrenaline goes down. Yours ballot serotonin and bill me. With. What would apart that sort happy. Productive thinking all the those those bureaucrats that are is that Portland shipped they're function. And what happens with people for example about high quotable deprived people well what what depressed people are anxious. What but he for example I talked about in the table like books. Compared optimistic at that and after the live on average. Eight years longer. Than pessimists because the biological. Low lit up at the of that quote adult but he does huge unfavorable. Changes their body and lost the mount format plot to blow density while the memory and learning abilities the press community although. Oh things simply produced by a mental state. Like the tendency to think negative vote so absolutely and things of that sort. Our that your body dramatically. Once again we're talking with doctor Dawson church about his books and Bernard changes topic to the newest book mind to not matter in just a moment but I wanna get. Just kind of or bring this whole thing full circle because. This is that the topic we opened the conversation with when we were talking about. The genie in your genes and now we're talking about soul medicine we're talking about the ability to use energy it to help heal us. On the so there's it seemed as a thread that connects all of this and it really is an attitude thing is an. And the great thing about that Cheney is that attitude is under our control I have opted in doubt they'd like and even now have a down day tiny. They concede that they actually manatee even shoes and control that and Elaine and UConn will read that the lights so the good news about the does that. You have so much ability to shift not to viewed. When you do that all of these downstream biological weapons well to give up but they haven't guardian that they show the savvy to achieve protected. By just one hour up that kind of ship so that does that these major changes in the body. Or let's stick go listener call here this is mark in North Carolina he Marc welcome to the program you're on with doctor Dawson church. Take. Two questions first of all. You're right the beginning that he said. You've seen this dog can financially and within two seconds you have product. So you're saying that the transcription from DNA aren't a million in translation. In the or is it right ascension into plastic. Particularly on. They've produced in. A girl. Guys that era and. To second those teams reached peak production and there about a hundred of these genes the cool immediate. Early teens because they transcribe. And basic function really quickly. And the mostly to do with stress because if for example if you digest you put a little bit slower than they could and that is that apart at the love of the private. No big deal out of the survival. That is US deterrent without you go if there was a ruffle in the grass. And they missed. We tiger they died so those genes that had to leave a hundred genes. Colby dirty jeans yup they transcribe it used to those those proteins within if you look prefect and. Trichet the body did did it not also have a storage pool. For this immediate release. It can call upon. It does get a look at a Danish. Really quickly dynamic IP and response in diamonds. And so it had storage pool for example I don't get too technical here but Bennett but. For example are cortisol is made from two precursors which uptight middle to protest throughout the other two precursors. Abundantly available in our our body. And dad went to were called upon to make stress hormone. But critical. We turn that we combine that point middle of the project wrote. It quote though in the study in a couple of seconds so yeah that's part of who worked very very and we do the precursors that. We do something with us because there's so in response to threats are. And let me get on the second question and a world. Hot for time here don't hit so hard boring yeah. Yeah the other question is done. Ice says it like if you continually stress like if you inject director miser. Humans. They let's say take amphetamine. OK and you're constantly flying. These new crimes. And sometimes. If I remember correctly they they would down regulate could be maxim decreased or they would decouple from the G proteins second messenger. System is is that still correct these days and. Things happen with chronic stress not you either debit your body terribly badly with acute stress center for example when you did react. Act two that dominant part by going to fight or flight may not quotas well. Your body break that down in about twenty minutes mad about it red bell and adopted it they cut corners on about twenty minutes and I think that happens bout. If you're thinking about that over and over and over again to get PD ST if you triggering the release of those stressful until the time over and over again. That's when you have all the degradation for people with with hyper political time like for example piece EST victims and people who have been in combat people who who have. Really terrible member youth or or emotional wounding. Called their childhoods. They are making a lot of those threats promotes quantity over time. And that's what has that affects the pub like if you have a few bad experiences you'd be destroy your body. That is used there's little lift in my book but he need Eugene bull bad things happen from chronic high cortisol. Including refused knuckle match these bone density. Decrease get a recipe. Used memory and learning all these things happen over time. If you have I quote solid though it does that Harold all of the body but again only if you're driving yourself into vital life. Which you're thinking your emotions when there's no real threat in the present time. Mark thank you for those very very insightful questions we appreciate a phone call we've got to go to break here we've gone long it's beyond reality radio. The senate staff. Got it. Guess that goes to church and on the other side of the break organist. Start talking about his most recent book called mind to matter and Dawson before we go to this next break one to once again get your web sites out. But that that is mind to matter not. Lob not thought a couple of Bogota CO WB might add that part is having the book as well as the meditations about other things too. Great if you're waiting on hold to join the conversation please be patient we'll get to some of those calls. On the other side of the break. Once a general money tomorrow and it is a best of program on beyond reality radio and Monday night we've got no Morris Levitt joining us easy UFO author researcher and investigator. Also I will be appearing I've just agreed to go to Pinehurst or con. I panders to asylum near Philadelphia. That's August 18 to nineteenth so I'll be there there will be ghost haunts of vendors and what shoes on it's going to be great time began its pen Hearst parrot Condit who won check out the website. It's Penner spare time. Dot com beyond reality radio I'm Jim Johnson one of their best. Numbers before her 6877669. If you wanna join our conversation our guest tonight doctor Dawson. Church and doesn't we've got to talk about the new book we haven't really had gotten there yet there's been so much talk about about your past work can just the concepts. That winning did that work but mine to matter is a bit different. We're talking in here talking in that book about the idea that your brain actually affects. Reality it actually. Affects the matter. That's around you tell us what the concept is here. Well the earlier. Discussion we had. Is. About how the mine and especially about the fact the body. That is pretty young controversial ad boat people acutely sensitive troop. And there is a lot of medical research showing that as your votes change as a mental state change. Things change all the holes. Cascade of changes happened in your body into the one well was ready. Solid and that split the first problem by the batter is about the huge ship the top of the body. As your thought change of mind changes as yet spiritual experiences as you have in those changes that you that you be present itself. And so that the first kind of big big part of the new book by the batter but Katie what I hope that this kind of the eagle was difficult thing to do but I they have to decide decide to buy into the concept of our boat you know what you know people create things. And I did pretty believe that I I was agnostic about the article will probably two real solid. He reviewed scientific evidence is that for that that. At all all but the Trace the evidence that the fight them by how many links there on the chain of causality between sort of thing. And as I read the study. Read the book if you decide it's. I was absolutely. Astonished by the strength of the evidence showing that we are lately shifting molecules. And substances all around that lift clean buying the content of our art our our minds now is not just any old mine any old state. There are certain characteristics of people who are like old that dramatic actor people who really good. At doing this setting up a for the called coherence there at heart to hear it there at metal coherent. And they look at PEG can patrol the MRI. Optimism locked benefit directly very different patterns. From the average person one by example constantly done by the colleague of mine. And they had people that the room and there out of a locked up DNA. The DNA of suspension and an editor at the fluid speaker. And today we're intending. Pull that DNA that we had to quit after the DNA to change noted Chris does molecule type of and we can measure that using ultraviolet spectrum of things that we invented before laughter. And people think that the root of intending to be needed change nothing happened. But those people if they added that the coherence metal coherence heart appearance. They've been intent of the B they changed the DNA indeed it did quit so I've yet to come across experiment thought experiment shelling. That it what does like 400 in the book shelling of that as the ship docked constant especially in the incoherent state. Mac or rather lit the changes little but not the book is all about might matter in the outside world rather. This is the stuff the scifi this is the stuff I write I knew that you know we talk a return to talk about things that you know we have entertained us for years. As as fiction but. We're turning a corner here. Well let's say it in the first part of my that in that say that there are there ways in a tight end. Make by both become reality in video that plays well at Petit. I guess odd there's like some of the temple put it back in the warm up a putt I've met at that I've added that it got the piece that. There are people who met at extraordinary things and I think that the bank had to do with my mind and it seems like he cannot do like I hardly without any of the younger. I can't make myself into. Happy couldn't find the Himalayas to the week. So that the U clearly cannot incite violence in the book is let's explore the middle ground what and we do and JD what we can do is. Immensely greater but what we believe just what went on an example. There are simple clinical trials which up all about water people either. Who lay their hands on war Europe and said they used say that the water in various ways. They thought of that football being angle between the Upton in the 200 dead. Changes in the water that's been blessed by it either. If you take that that he'll water and used water plants with plants grow taller and popular book oracle. That a control group with with would be awarded by by regular water and that that would have been Brett does not because the fact. So we're affecting molecules like like what anybody's Seve sent water and I felt study up. Freddie up they like this so. We do expect those things that support that would you do with that. And any in that feel healthy wealthy and ebony realized that you watched litany shipping molecules to argue. All the time that itself type fiction it is science fact. While Darren let's take a call from a listener this is Vincent Missouri he Vince welcome to the program. Great what's on your mind. Our question about it are the negative. I don't now probably. Perhaps that is a long time and it would take a brawl just part of despite positive. Wars are negative. And then without the negative. You can have. You can't have that there you can't have this and management depend on what people look at how they view war is war. Those are misses down let your level this is down to our very core. You are positive and negative and energy so it's Mara didn't feel a bit negative in the best you can date going to be part of that the best you can do it. But I don't think you can have one without the other. Well. Well it certainly in terms not charged that that's the truth. And so that the positive poll swap bodies they have a whole lot bodies. But the wheel and things like a pullout be reversed will be signed in for example in patients who looked healed but the thing called river. Thoughtful and it does that does that that's let. Then they have looked holding in any kind of progress. And many people are living life with way too much of the negative sure there today that it happened but rather problems be brought into. That many people up when I bet they're quoted the level for example people who live in. Nice clean. Decent circumstances with good jobs that's secure apparently is and a walk around the court as well. That looked like they're in the juggle being perceived like tigers all the time we tend to have a far higher level. Negativity and the need to and at the new contribute to that like in the book I talk about poppy let me use. Foxy negative media negative music negative people. If we're being triggered a pot pipe invite the spot being created all the time often. That does have that there's consequences so yes that have been if for example you aren't the driving down the road and somebody pulls out. They run the red light. You need final flight you need a negative response to say. Hey a that they that they had that defeat at the break that stopped you need that that rapid. Stress response that that that that you could say that it's July but it. But people are living that claiming that high level. Negativity all the time they are at their mind that way and that's what he uses the fact so. Yeah out we will read have a system for PDF safety because part of that is the key into the negative stuff but watching the threat environment we response them appropriately but if that threat detection system that turned on. All the time it's like having yields are. You or your radar on high alert. Often at that ought to waive the bodies so absolutely we need that protect the system we need to be able to think negative even at an appropriate get out of danger. But it worked inappropriately engaging that biology all the time. It it degrade all of our assistance. Thanks for the call Vinson the very insightful question we appreciated. Does this. Concept is this idea the fact that we can actually affect matter around us with our minds. Is it something that we need to learn how to control or is it is it is it fixed in its ability. Is there potential there that we just have not yet learned to tap. I think many people are due to get unconscious. We look out it went by to matter is Dukakis think you are expecting these things all the time and just 11 example is. Four B. What I read those studies on Howell. Well and he there is less water. That it changes the molecular bonding angle up the idea that in the opt. I began to get serious about pressing my that I just sit down and they will let things. Like literally every every time so you are expecting the world around you may have will do part of the also I think that. Many people are keeping themselves in that negativity. And so. Look they're creating but the creating negative circumstances and that they create and over and over and over again. I talk a little bit in the book not too much about. Part of the knicks and how. We literally throughout the patient through the observer that the collapse. He hit an appeal on. Up possibilities instead of the single. Probability. By observations so when you believe something when you have a commitment orientation. Through literally do you think those that throughout you do it all the time anyway he made it will say. I didn't you love and compassion and kindness and beauty you'll probably rather do it unconsciously that yet the other all the time. Let me take responsibility for our lives we then do it can't be to create. Luckily in beautiful that sentence but felt rather that the rent of one define themselves that. Now it in the book you have some examples of how this. Concept actually affected people's lives can you share one or two with a us. Well they are so powerful JD and the book is full confidence that I'd I'd find the defiant below. It is engaging in people's stories that are suddenly hitting stories that people who. Change that really what my examples of that meditation retreat the sky they become today. He had a large range humor. And it'd be monitored by doctors that they kept as possible cold and yet to send in Houston Texas and I was doing based. That and much of people at the the conference CDs with them. And he had this amazing metaphysical experience when he was in meditation. He is it is EG signature. Brain waves through the charts. We are up with what's happening that I would think that vegetation. And I felt that the leafs huge that the people around me. What the beach in Tabasco and rearrange the tissue in my brain. We like well this this is completely crazy crazy story in that band and experience. So we urged him to fly on its way to hold. We sit like that and yet at that even moderate to adapt your brain cubicle not about have to do and other allies. He flew back by MD Anderson by Houston. But it means that there was no more rain humor I mean that there are these stories look like that that are just astonishing stories that would look forward day laps. Between cutting the whip up with a with a clean your room. And leaving about one of the the bottom line is our bodies heal amazingly. Miraculously pot would be apply. If and his editing techniques. We're gonna run out of time here I did see some thing on the web site on your on your. Dawson church dot com website that I wanted to ask you about is section called EST. I'd I was reading through that sounds very very interest in what is that is that is that available to anybody. Yet he is free it probably. It fulfilled might better dot com web site. And essentially combines thinking affirmations that cognitive therapies with. Acupressure and so you apply pressure to thirty neck onto planes and then that shift apart and that's what we've do you think. With these veterans for the last ten years weeks we beat the that they have in their war memory at the traumatize the media beat these successes but yet he. They will again and they are free opposite and so yet is what what do you think with with veterans. All we've used in the federal lined up with all the ties people there. In the Congo. In Haiti you know public sort of patent in the world that people have a lot of suffering so if you had W back to the rating trauma. At I don't know if this is gonna be embarrassing for you would all but I've never been to a web site before where there's a special link for the person's famous laugh. I don't. Who why pat Dawson why do you have the link for your piece for your laughs what's that about. Do you note that thousands of people have dialogue and the reason so. His thoughts spiral. I think I thought. As that JD what what my day about seven years ago my teenage daughters tackle Mike voted by the but my patent. And he told me the world funniest joke. But but but that's what I'm up. What what what. Also on sexist left that's pursue her a all right it would be who were word we're out of time it's been as a fantastically interesting conversation we appreciate your time doctor Dawson church one more time give up the web sites for people to check on you stuff. Mind to matter dark. CL UB dot club might have been if we get meditation you need is yet to protect capping. Information that patient everything else is on that might adopt our web site. All right thanks again for being with us tonight it's it was it was very very interest and we'll hope to have you back some time soon. It all right we're gonna take a break we'll come back wrap things up it's beyond reality radio. For joining us tonight thank you doctor Dawson church for being here great guest. Remember to check out the website mind to matter dot clubs CL UB mine to matter dot club by getting used to those extra. Domain extensions on web sites I'm not used to yet I'm going to be honest with you. We've got a best stuff for tomorrow night's program and Monday night I will be back with Nomar Slavic he's US UFO author researcher and investigator. We'll be talking about his experiences. His investigations. When he's written about this podcast is documentary whole bunch of things have all be about UFO's. It's Monday night's program I'm beyond reality radio thanks for being here again. Pitch next week and have some great weekend it's going to be Goodman. And I don't know ingredients taste good G suppose GB Johnson introduced by elements into each incidents with the it's can only you don't really read news. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello fading sent peacekeepers will purchase almost all actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.