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JR Freeman discusses his experiences in the otherworld

Aug 3, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to JR Freeman about his near death experiences and the time he spent in the Otherworl. He was instructed to write books about those experiences. 8/2/

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Wednesday analysts Thursday on the east many are stuck. Somewhere in between will be on the radio with myself Jason Hawes and it always always some cheesy jokes well it's especially awesome just tonight in general it's because Cassini and am earnestly trying to avoid tape dubbed definitely accentuates that your attempt to handle credit Jesse attend regularly walk the walk mean to these corners I don't know what it's clear that loss for words I but it's a great night not only were we going to be talking with JR Freeman about his near death experiences in the book he wrote which. He was actually told to write while he was on the other side he calls at the other world. But it is a very very special day for you and yeah well it's. Of course in this house on extra inch it's our anniversary. With a does so it is always you can say that without I mean it says it's her 2 year anniversary evening with Erica that's right we started come old man. Another idea it's it's unbelievable that two years have gone by two years ago August 1 so what Tony sixteen we started our. National syndication with the Entercom radio group. That was after what. 78 months of view and I do in the show us once we meciar. Around a marine Emmy nominee on line I'm just that we just screwed around they had fun we did and it was funny because we never well and of course and there was always. While this might this might really take off but we never really thought about it and we're like they were sort of getting contacted by a lot of people went. And you and I find and we setback notes are talking has this to some of these some of these companies and NCC with the thing. Yeah and we did an intercom I wanted to step beyond their stations so the Toyota for the best choice yet via and then and there are some others but they wanted to own the show they wanted to change and now we're about right I mean. Now that we we had to have the control that we have because you know otherwise we were of him in order to. Do it kicked off the air. Ages ago but and then obviously Westwood stepped up enough marchers 2017 and brought Stephen Moore station so anyway thank you for being a mean the whole saying the reason we're here for two years we've been and we're continuing his because of all of you listened to thank you very much. Absolutely and it's time to be honest with you if you guys weren't listening if you are tuning in if you weren't. Talking about the show well we wouldn't be I'll turn it showed never made it to the as far as it's come and it is then all because if you you know and we we know that and we do appreciate that we have Joseph most respect for you all and and much slow firm beyond reality pretty. If I am absolutely and I know I speak for you. Mom I think a beach ten years in the last two but it's on me but yeah did at this point but so many of us that well it's funny and because it's worth it worth even in the radio industry for so long and I've. I've been the TV industry so it did it's those two worlds that have collided and united to some radio in the past when nothing like. Nothing like you know and it's those two worlds collide and you and I've been friends for a long time long long time prior to the show. And I've I've learned definitely a lot more than that I knew. When it was originally doing beyond reality radio and it was grand myself way back in the beginning eventually go senators well. And an you're you're right it's a lot of ups and downs a lot of learning and and it's funny because I'm so used the way things you'll TV and sometimes a frustrating you and I talked you'll know how it goes in the radio Justine you straighten me now. And it's just it's crazy. Well you know the other thing in the nets aboard folks with our. It behind the curtains dilemmas here but the other thing that's really quite interesting is as immediate changes the landscape of media has changed so much you know radios evolving. Online delivery systems are evolving all radio stations have you know there audio streamed at this point pretty much. You know and these are these are things that we're learning how to take advantage of as well we know we have a lot of online listeners we know we have a lot of people. That download the show the next morning because he went tens of thousand yet when one doesn't get uploaded in time we get told about it we if we get and we get told. So we you know this whole thing is evolving so we're both learning as we go along with the bottom line is we love talking to our guests. We love talking to our listeners on the call we love talking to our listeners when. In chat yeah would just love interact yet and that's what it's about and we love having fun in away we knew we can get away with it's currently we're serious when we need to be serious. And who would like to scurry around to. We like collapse and I think that's important. As what sets us apart from a lot of the other low we said it from the very beginning we poke fun at yourself this if we can't do that there's no sense in doing this we really want to be it's who have finally it's on you all the time so let me ask yourself to perfect a pentagon November very kicks in because of that but now and and C Iliescu to help secure scan is for so do you like I know you and I've been to Disney World wanted to know where there is this don't you over my suit you and I have gone to use music parts yes yes yes we've had I cannot remember though are you a roller coaster guys aria yeah okay as long as as long as is the ones that my feet aren't so I can't do the ones that we've Anglia because at one time. That one time and I think you remember this we went sued and there's no it was actually universal. And I I got on that want to hide it was a roller coaster thing in whatever it Peja but. And I didn't have anything from a feat to get on and a guy pushed the the lever thing for the Chester common. And I must have liked it and breathing in or something at a time has been fully click and then when the thing took off. And literally slid back and forth in my seat the next ninety seconds. And let me tell you. It was a very young well you know exactly I mean yeah it's true I don't we'll tell you tell me for the next week gave me and the bags appease revealing intimate frozen ice frozen bags of these. I am not a roller coaster person I'm not a guy I don't know I got you on that one I got you on that 10 I've got the picture of you are gonna close you know oil tomorrow I'm gonna go to everybody tomorrow I'm gonna post a picture of Jimmy's when I got him on. I got him to go on this roller coaster with me in my son's. And a picture was snapped and it is probably the worst picture of Jimmy that has ever. Ever minted Ed you'll be more than happy to posted are able to a long beyond I don't especially my son's face he's looked shocked you look you'll what you're ready to vomit again I think there. Eyes but so I'm not big for those kind of rights but. Public this there is a an amusement park. It's called Ken Kenny wood and in those pirate ship rides were too big ship and its goes back and forth like a pendulum aria yeah well. That ride in this particular music music amusement park malfunction and it wouldn't stop. Hello and the people that it's usually a two minute ride here and the people were stuck on it for ten minutes eight Kerner excuse me fifteen minutes he kept going. When there's not a whole lot of want to come here when they got off people worthless is sick people were. Frightened obviously very very terrified that he knows they're going to get off. But they did finally get off some of the comments where I'll never get on one of those again. My kids are crying there's people panicky all over the place a guy in for army got sick. It just can't let go is when that. I mean if somebody gets sick in front view at one point there Friday at one point they're behind you and then there are fronting him behind you again so it's just not. I mean it's Judith and her release yet ownership is not your friend at that point. But this particular amusement park actually the day before. Had a Thomas the tank engine ride. Which they had just opened come off the tracks so it's at a I don't know we even know where this this a particular has his work this inspector just I think they need and it is shut down for dared to kind of check out their operations makes him in school this. Pirate ship ride was 35 years old and they said it's had a great safety record ball I mean maybe criticize your. Yeah it'll be five years older they get insurance code is changed cents I mean I can can you imagine if you had coaxed me or tricked me into getting on that ride and I got stuck on this for fifteen and. Those are enough to church the other ones and that's actually what I did a gush armor and in the night this thorn you know well the big drops and stuff but. Hmmm I remember Six Flags. Years and years ago probably fifteen years ago. News out near where Steve used to be a police officer. And we here and I want mass area. And we I was on what they call the black widow whatever but it goes for Reagan he goes forward down this huge hill in the round and then it doesn't backwards. And there was a guy. A couple of rows behind me whose parent here artist can with a and his kid gets. When it was going down the hill. And it's just you should've heard the screams and moans and the cries because there's no wait I mean you went down the hill that you have to go that put. He gets sick when we went downhill so everybody by Lehman. Just ended. He you know what happened yet but and it was just one of those things you like on guts and not anytime beverage are all those ceremonies. I'm always trying to make Sherman can warm front seats and I never wanted to be the guy in the back. Yeah it's a good move and I just take my you can also take my approach which is just don't know man that's that's mine. Ornery or entity get suckered by different yes it is a bit with friends like that. Where we got a great show tonight JR Freeman is a US veteran of the air force and he will be talking about his near death experiences and his five book series. Called the other world and beyond which he discusses. And describes his journey in the other world tomorrow night first Thursday of August we have of course readings with a Rebecca Foster. Yes were metal coming on and giving it premature readings that anybody who calls then. And wants a reading and she's phenomenal just such a great person and the form mine's still fast or narrative. So make sure that either you call early and because we usually open the phone lines right up yup and because and we want everybody to get a chance with a and she's just phenomenal person I'm sure many of you heard before and those of you who might not have. Mission tune in and take your colon. Yet it's a great night she does a great job and will be going into full two hours tomorrow night with verso blow up when he time that we had to cut people off last time we just couldn't get to all the calls. Friday night of course is a best of program and then Monday we've got to guess Monday night Bruce Solheim is a history professor and an author will be talking about his book. Timeless apparel personal history. He just released it it documents 34 paranormal experiences he's had since he's four was four years old including ghosts. Angels demons near death experiences telepathy telecommute sis pre cognition encrypted now. You know I talk about this frequently some people are kind of lightning rods for paranormal experiences. Yeah it appears that Bruce is one of those folks. Yeah and the second hour left Terry Lovelace on lawyer and former assistant GA now we have AG's are. Attorney general Ayala and we had a mom the past we're going to be picking up where we left off on his UFO sightings and stories. But Tuesday night in one my favorite so we have and the sky is just incredible Charles rich warm. All known as doctor knowledge and will be discussing his book the all time book a fascinating facts and it's Larry yeah I mean some of these facts suggest they're crazy. He had their their mind blowing and it's also great if you're if you're one of the is kind of like trivia buff guys or gals because a lot of this sacks he talks about that at that kind of thing. And they have a chance to play a little game. Maybe when we have fun Charles on more love won't give away a prize if he'll let him masks couple slick. We're what trivia questions and see sitting at some people to call and do some might that I think on the right. Definitely having Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio with the FaceBook page forest. And then head to beyond reality radio dot com you find all the stations where an across the country you can also find all three iPhone and android app. Geological tests to show life touchpad shows joining online chat more. On and or he just assertion what's typically in the listen lie suddenly every corner of our website. Also if you Dallas shook my iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor and rate forest is Coke's push it forward makes it easier for people find them. That's what it's all about just trying to get the word out and you've all been phenomenal and we're greatly appreciate it. Yeah we really do. Ariza gonna take a break and when we come back we'll bring in our guest JR Freeman we're going to be talking about the other world beyond. And beyond our heels in the Jason and cheesy beyond real just pee on reality really I can't say enough to say it's critical we are important to me beyond yes sir. I have to. It's. Later in the program received 446877669. This is a topic that we get a lot of interest and we have a lot of discussions about him basically it's what happens after we die. And our guests tonight JR Freeman experience that he had two near death experiences during his time in the air force he's an eighteen year veteran of the US air force. And he spend some time on the other side he calls it the other world and he was instructed to write some books about an effective wrote five books series. It's called the other world and beyond. And dole welcome to the program JR Freeman chair welcome to be on reality radio. I am glad to be here I don't stay. We're doing great thanks for coming on the first off I wanna start off by saying thank you very much for your service and done everything you've you've done to this country. Visual they're welcome glad. To join the military. So this is a short segment we've got just a couple minutes here but it gives us enough time to kind of get a little bit more information about you tell us. About yourself and how. You know we'll tell us about. How are you kind of asserted on this path I guess. Well I was born basically. And Louisiana and I was always under the weight from. These type of spirit and everything that was going on in my life with the voodoo practices going wrong in Louisiana. But. When I joined the military and that had an accident. That hit in the back and hit without going to one of the club and that put the into a coma so medically induced coma actually. So it. And then when I came through at the top guys had died. I like what. So. This despair came in talks start talking to me and but some meetings and ever since been it just never been the same license it really wanna bring this out to. I didn't want to be shown or anything this man you know those guys on that. Well. Well that's a common thing a lot of people feel a lot of people worry about when they have these experiences or they haven't experienced that. Sort of shows from something or teaches them something a lot of times fierce and they're worried about bringing out because there are fearful of the judgment they might get from those around them their loved ones friends and and others. So we're gonna get into a lot of detail about your experiences plus you know what happened to you as a child you say that these spirits were kind of plaguing new breakthrough your childhood up into adulthood. Are gonna have all those details come out in the conversation don't remind people that. I JR's website is JR Freeman author. Dot com you can go there you can find out more information about his books by and other work that he does plus his story his personal story and this person journey lot of great information there. So when we come back from the break we'll continue this discussion with GR Freeman. And later on the show of course. We really get to death will be opening up the phone lines will probably be doing that second hour. The phone numbers 8446877669. Dental treated for four. 6877669. A quick break a lot more to come to listen. Jason GDP on relative radio. Described as we talk tonight Jim are free music US air force veteran. He's also an author's website is GR Freeman author dot com. In his book series is called. The other world and beyond it's a five book serious and JR it's in a series it's not serious serious JR thanks for being here. Let's talk a little bit about your childhood. You say that. You were having contact and basically what would be in some cases considered harassment. From. Some type of spirit entities what was trying to contact you what were they doing to you and how were you dealing with a. Well. I'm try to answer your questions this is my headaches is that this is really bad tonight. Because of my injury but that I'm gonna take it but the 19. Several places because my mom move from Cameron. Louisiana to. Alt field Louisiana. And that's when it really happened when it starts seeing all kind of a spirit as far as these little. Preachers I don't know. Most people call them demons or something. Know limited limited Claire I'm so let me just clarify something or is this what you're talking about now. Is prior to your injury right. Yes this is prior to my injury. This is when I was a child. Like. I know ten years old. But. This didn't always present in him and how we would have problems. Dishes would follow up to at the cabinet door fly open. Which is the follow up all. We have a lot of term normal activities in the home. It just. My parents would put believing what was going on because they would work during the night Monday it was a truck driver and also minister. On the weekend so he put. You repeat it all the time. And one time one still lead down and it. As I was in the bit. What I was trying to think that my mother. And she was like no guilt going to barracuda bit and I was like trying to fight its outlook looked you know that they know he just sang these these could not praying it had gone to church you know. And that you will always bring up and Alec constantly pray constantly and I never could figure out. Whether these these are doing to me why did torment me so much. And tell us how about my sister. What it is food to she was political practice just popped into the and and and should be viewed with utilities and then. About the future and and it was you know put these goner put these crosses owner. I hit and and I'm look also what does he do it took her. And it was just so our feet until. Lately it. I thought over the what's being released this stuff in these. Out of smoke within the house and the shuttle people committed and until my mother was in the room went up to Limbaugh and people woke up must between running in the living room and my mom's room and as women. People saw everybody saw the same time and up like a look at the mom and look at that much mustard and they'll look at the same thing it is great these creatures. Smoke within its right at the door. And the mom to start praying. And she's like repeat cute cute cute didn't even smaller entities and did it it is. And it just turned and just come a long. It's a public opinion but you couldn't see the whole shape up and it just and I concedes it was just the route system is that the period just staring at me. And and didn't he just went away and get a message must start trying to go quiet composite and the ultimate. And LaMont destructive but single owner and no rubbing her down and did after a few weeks is it that way and again it is so they start coming into the house. All kind of weird things rectum approach is all the normal place and conflict. What is going broke up my mind to look at particular fight in my time update with their but it was going to vicinity was as they like it. It's like a normal thing for me growing up running away from these these spirits. And a then I would cry at nighttime no father would try to force me to get in you know quote sleep in my bed and so one night. He says I'll concede that you're you're you're in there and make sure I'll show you that nothing there. And so he came in my bit and then slept with me that night. I woke up M. And clot that was like on fire. And I'm looking like. And the channel we look at upbeat when he wake up at all and I'm seeing this creature sustainable is it going just looking at me piercing at the end and I play. What is this what are they doing this and try to put the squeeze my bet is real tight and people want to wake up and that couldn't and that's just the just. I just didn't talk it all night long until they wanted to see nothing wrong and I like. Oh. I just did you know. Let's let's back what was a time frame of everything you just told us was this all. Like within it within the time you were ten years older so or did this happen over the course of many years. That's happened over the course of several years but. That being really isn't like a constant it is the concert that to salute. Who would greet these out just told about. They do things that is what the black out in my life and won't even bring it up. Because what I've. And we and we get that now you you'd be your sister being involved with the voodoo aspect now who was who was there are. Prominent. Voodoo activity around the area that that you're from at that time. My motto would go talk to his involvement form do we go from some type of ambition would go see. And he put teller I think the fulfillment what you need to do and I don't know what he was what type of I don't know if it was food to will be doing but you could go to him. And he would tell us late this that your child is doing need to get it did it take this week it will potion to take this and you can you'll. He was that this man was stopped you thought you know stop seeing your daughter's up at his opponent to remove the purses on that he put on her. And that she would have thought that a life. But she would go right back into it again and you know that the team Amare was fighting for her but. My sister would go back because she is on drugs too so this guy was giving her drugs and she wanted to. Continue on going to have to get to drugs and if you come backe put more on her. Well and and the reason I ask that is because houllier from the more and more still section right of Louisiana. Yeah Eric is I spent time in in Wesley Canada's friends out that way that's not far from your area. And I know that there was big Syria. Religion aspect out there so I didn't know if if that if it was more that than than in the voodoo aspect or not. Well I'll. Homes sold it to simply commit so but you know but about this stuff. Well yeah I'm I spent a lot of time around near where you're from so and I've got some very good friends out towards a Westlake area so I've been out their holes late Charles areas well. So and a lot of a lot of that activity. Tends to be tends to be all that weighs I didn't know if was more the scenery that that because I'm sure you're aware that they there's a lot of pockets of that out there. As well as as the brutal aspect. And so now this I was blown away from all of that. These spirits. And this one that I didn't find out until happen definitely not talked about when I die. That's when it came this one came to me as I was at my mothers who. And that's us but developing these type of policy is to try to not to try to actually get rid of these things around in my life. And now on direct control of these than that it doesn't even bother me anymore. And I hit a lot of the people there you know problems in their life is these because people harbor these types of beings. In the Dominican wherever they go and I don't know if you have that problem before you go to once the war. And you have this problem with this one person's like that he is something that is that the person just like. It's just hearsay choose such as slip something in this is so mad and just wanna hurt you. Even though that they talk a really nice to you which could fuel has decided that that person not really a nice person. But after you leave there and did you go to another place like a gas station. And transferred from that person that the spoke with Malkin has pursued in the gas station but. When you won't have all these problems at the beast poses. And these these attached to you and now I can remove old out of these so now it's like. It no longer resides in me are two of the people that these. But they still come expected you know. That's when I've been fighting Indian might have been trying to I want to help people to realize that you know we're not alone in this place. Right we're gonna get into talking about how you do that and and the books you've written based on what you experienced on the other side but I wanna continue this discussion about what happened it was a childhood so we under a new during your childhood so we understand it. You said you're being attacked by saying these things and what you've described. From what I understand he said he only scratched the surface was primarily. Just visual stuff you saw things that were scary. Did you ever have any physical harm come to you. Or did you have any kind of mentally sign on occur any psychic attacks. From these things to you as a child. Acute attacks as far as. What what he. Is attacking you mentally attacked attacking me be your emotions. Or you know you you and your just your mind. No physically and and mentally as well too so it was open Japanese and outside of me. So yes you're you're correct. So and that being it but it was just me at first thought because but when I saw my mother seeing the same thing about such received the same thing and say well. There's no longer. In sodomy it's actually Al. So is desperate people in the same thing so it's not really something about all of my family is on the realized things. Men chief Jimmy JR's actually telling the truth. There's not they feel the same thing now and what I've been feeling when I was a child. Well and that's important iron in. It sucks on one aspect that others are experiencing the same thing but also what it's a good thing for you Kazaa help solidify and helps. Back up. The experience is that you're having and sort takes away the whole thought there might be right here reminded of at that time that you're crazier there's something wrong with you. But now others are having that so it sort of puts you in a better place mentally to know that that you're not losing your mind. And when you don't. I opened up to one person it was a military about it. Before you before you get into that chair we're gonna take a break right now I don't wanna get into the military company yanks don't take this step at a time. So let's go to break when we come back we'll continue or conversation with JR Freeman using US. Air force veteran and an author his books series is called the other world and beyond. I loosened Jason dvd on really radio. When we see fit. 1677669. Our next hour or guest tonight is JR Freeman he is a US air force veteran and he's also an author. He had a couple of near death experiences out of body experiences he crossed over for a period of time he was. Talk things he was told things and he wrote a series of books called the other world and beyond we're gonna get to exactly what those books include in just few minutes. JR we've been talking about your childhood and how you were plagued by a demonic. And other types of spirit energy. That. Attack June many different ways it's certainly. Emit its presence known constantly threaten your child but at what point. Did things start change for. When. Missed part. That time when my mother and my sister. So what is that the being at same time. And I noticed she does this type of energy about her. And and it and it comes in the emanates from the bottom of the first summit out of output and I can feel it in my myself as whale. You talk about your mother your sister. I'm talking about my mother Angie. Rejected this type of frequent back. And how this being just listened. And it and it just went away. And that's just what development over time and that's what I think is I say I want this and not in fact get. And so that's what started going returned with cities these mutant. This is mostly shamans sister would go to would talk to him about her daughter. And they would tell her what she needed to do. And so I thought taken notes and writing things down in what probably would perform and what they would do to get these. These energy beings our. Energy vampires away forever or even so whatever people what it called these type of but the entity. The life. So you're hanging out your mom when she was going to these these classes are or learning from these these individuals. And while you're there you're listening to pretty much trying to take that information to teach yourself. Yes. Because I was little I was going to the same problem to live in the same house and it is also to read those types of things. That's what started the development and might you know all of us started understanding. What I need to do to pay to make life better I can be difficult to sleep at night. JR we were just a couple of minutes before our next break but this this is how would continued for a wild ride and then then you who decided at some point during the military. It changed even more for. I left let them. 1988. Join the military I want to get too far away from Louisiana as possible. And that was my only outage that they can do it it can obtain that the times conflict. It's actually go. Ever since then hit it just went away and it stayed there and we have until I got married and 1994. The devices in California offers. So when you join the military you said you wanted to get as far away from Louisiana as possible was a specifically Louisiana you're trying to escape or was it. The house you live din. The house and basically yes a bit we wanna travel to Louisiana at all. It was so dark cloud. When a test to orange Texas and get to the border of fighter whatever. Pessimist but seeing you know the dark cloud in in Louisiana and has that feeling comes back against Austria I don't wanna come back. Develop go visit my parents when I was in the military in the same feeling when I went over themselves as they wish to. So in other words you you think do whatever in these entities are there are isolated to that area of Louisiana. It. And what do you what do you think just throw all the time dealing with them what do you think is holding them there. It's all I wrote this in my first book it was. This one that was in match I found out what it was it was this. Minister are priests. That has children. In in this whale with him. I don't know how to get the whale but is like dirt trapped in fact is we have a whale on Barack how we never use the content captain. This city water we need is wheeled anymore so much debt due out on top of the whale. But that will was. Indiana and I asked him about like you know we owe them our policies say I should know that I think. Because back and so it these how did you see this is under house and that's when you know that started developing these type of visions. Of that you know the passion of the future. And I thought it meant so I wanted so popular about what my brother opening up to people in the air force but but I ability. And I thought everybody at this point and so this whale brought up but this. These people are trapped in the air these kids and also although other teams up I don't know maybe is so burial site where or how long all of what ever who there's there's people on that on the property. And they're being targeted. All the time and it just comes up into our home. And and just I guess they want to be free. I don't know that the freedom and that part. Yes it's just that for whatever reason they seem to be in the long it coming up and and trying trying to make some sort of contact him an area when given a lot more that we come back. You listen to the beyond reality radio Jason NGV in our guess is JR Friedman US air force veteran and author and we have a lot more to come. I don't really revealed myself Jason Bosnia always Olson Judy Johnson. We are going to continue our conversation was JR Freeman using US air force veteran and an author. Of a book series called the other world and beyond which chronicles what he was told and what he learned during toon near death experiences. During this time in the air force. But before we do that. Is so pretty interesting announcement come from Canada actually that a new radio telescope. As actually picked up signals from space. Better intermittent and and repeating. Which when you start if you're repeating signals. From space you start to think maybe there's an intelligence behind them. This is an observatory in Canada. It's called the Canadian hydrogen. Intensity mapping experiment or chime. And it's detected the first ever. FRB which is a fast radio burst. At frequencies below 700 megahertz. That's that's obviously a radio frequency. And it picked this up on July 25. Now they get them all the time these are an unusual to have these bursts but generally they're very random and they don't repeat. This one. Has been repeating which makes it. Very very curious as if it's giving off it's like a beacon and since earnings sending something out there and hopes that somebody would. While some somebody or something would we're here. The up and you know the other explanations for receiving any kind of signal like this are things like exploding black holes are magnet ours. Or of course possibly highly advanced alien civilizations it because it was exploring black hole aren't you wouldn't expect keep on repeating right course it would happen and getting it done it once in the to be done but instead it's morally somebody sending or something is sending out holes for some sort of communication charm or like a beacon. In this particular array of telescopes audio telescopes is in British Columbia and they are monitoring associate with and more comes of it. And could be interest yeah. We've got a great show as I said tonight tomorrow night Jay readings with Rebecca Rebecca Foster psychic medium she always joins us on the first Thursday of the month. We're gonna dedicate the two hours to doing readings for you our listeners all you're gonna have to do is get ready to dial because the phones sold fast yet and make sure you. Call an early on that one wall will make sure the phones are armed and ready go because they fill up extremely fast. And Paula if you wanna reading if you ever had a reading your either your interest in having having want for the first time. Calling she's a great person in just a wonderful it's a wonderful person talk with them I think you'll really enjoy. The metal beat tomorrow night's program Friday of course a best of tonight we're talking would JR Freeman about his after her near death experiences and the books he's written as a result of those experience it's a five. Book series called the other world and beyond in JR let's let's fast forward this story a little bit to the point where you had your first. Medical situation which resulted in the first near death experience. Yes I was. Once in my car one. Wednesday and I just fell out. And they ticket so it was it but. Sir you did what what happened I was getting ready to go to work and allowed. Thank you pit mine and my car you just seem to. Yeah and so big. Military guys came in about to report to work and that they bought me and and into the cat scan MRI and everything it found out that I had a pocket fluid. Fluid in my head and the doctor says. Antitrust settlement. But I just what is it just goes like this through it you know it doesn't drain properly. And we will promote ourselves prepared to drain the fluid. And so they'd get dead the first one was okay. And it fails the sec one really. The second operation. That's when everything happened for me act but again I got a staph infections a bodies such getting down and and I died on the operating table that are we through. And Vienna. And I put data in and why can't this time. Of the so called what they put in a comatose Connecticut and get. Infections in control under control. So I was in the public a year. And San Antonio hospital. Now men and women in assist general quick I know that muscle actually hadn't had some problems at one point with some leakage from chemical companies out there. On an aid could any of that been associated with with. Those issues that they were going on out there with that. Yeah a lot of cancer. With people would fit with that problem I think it was a lot of sort of chemical with. Well for whatever date they be put. And all the religion chloride yeah. Yeah don't mind my brother died of cancer my father died of cancer Marley gets cancer. So most of it mostly cancer looked at me is different with the I just said it was like. I got hit in the Akamai he had that they dealt with the club that other wouldn't happen. And what the doctor Linda this is nothing wrong with that could have been a problem. They separate public mind where it but it's too. Drains two years I'm not trying but. Since split two years ice. Yes spinal causes cervical fluid. So it damaged that so it just start collecting you know I hit. After several years and that's when I think it's and that's partly I have at all but it. Well policy that's what it is as well. So. During this experience what happened to you what happened human spiritual sense. I went through that tunnel. And he's been supported just it was a twisting tunnels but. A tornado. Black smoke tornado is just what the end and it just and that the emphasis. Like light and it just that promotes small speck and it is got bigger and and hold our. Place to turn white. And I couldn't see anything until fourth came on. It. What you're doing you know here in and that would it be bad for the second time. State. For a little bit of total for awhile but I still could not see who'll. These being so what it was open there was just talking most people stated. It was just my conscience and still just talking to myself. That is but something about the future. And the things is happening but there are apt I wrote my first book society that stuff that happened. And so it is about to happen to be 24 week. Four and a and an assist. And mass. It's JR let's back up so I care what year did did you did this happen to you worry had these visions in this experience. 2000. I did in 2005. And you were seeing things about the future when you're seeing things in the future that would have been between that 2005 date and today. Today and 2036 and twenty when he. It had been between between today and when it happened did you see things on that day that. You were were projected or our vision of something that was going to happen. Between that 2005 date and today. Okay did it did those things actually end up happening. Okay can you share with the us. It's an example of what you saw when there was this was occurring to you that actually ended up happening. And and in that book I wrote the book because they won't prove people prove but it so I didn't know the names of the people that was going to be. That is. The new law was going on what about the law but. I didn't know that it will be a black president these bases but it that way. And I'll start writing about dispersant becoming vice president. And that's it someone's gonna get shot and hit. And it's gonna change everything and is going to be instant appeal and is gonna happen in this 42 months of this. President. But the second one in in charge is gonna raise all kind of problems what we have right now make it be the worst of what it was the first one. Wrote about it's whale. And we are really Internet face right now with that its presence that we just have. And it assists and just gonna be even just the worst week it's 20/20 four. Our work to take a break right now we come back we're gonna get into some of some of these predictions are these things that you saw JR that are that are gonna happen in the future and mobile will talk a little bit more about that plus more. About who you talk to what you saw. While you were on the other side aren't a lot more to come to us and Jason JP yeah. 67. Conversation we're talking JR Freeman he is he US air force veteran plus he's an author. He experienced too near death experiences were crossed over spent some time in what he calls the other world. He wrote a five books series called the other world and beyond about that experience. And JR let's talk a little bit more about the predictions are real what you divisions I guess it is that you saw. Or were told about. That had yet to come true those dates have not happened yet what do you. If you wanna share some of them was this anyway what are you seat. What did you see. That was coming anytime. Within what we would call the near future. I don't wanna scare anyone or make anyone feel that this is the end deputy dean. But. I was told that the safety to get people out up about it but. It is going to be a major defense and 20/20 fourth is coming. So I've been preparing and at I don't know what it is that this won't let me know what. This is it is going to be and I have been trying to figure out what. Whether it put wet until it is and did not tell me what exactly was going to be and I can't get a feeling why is it says that the told me about my. My daughter was going to happen to her. And I tried to stop it. And ended and no matter what that did it you know I did all these scenes to try to stop her from doing what she's what I saw what she's going to do. And no matter what I did is it happened anyway. And it just took me away for what I spoke to be doing analysts police focusing on her. And a real principled people do what I need to be doing that writing these books and do what I have to do to try to tilt of the people who actually understands the lead. And it's coming. Yeah. Is a something catastrophic. It is gonna be. Is going to be recognizable. And he said it's 20/20 four but do you have any more specifics on the day. I think that map of modernity to fit and the an acute need a point where. Each I'll say guess what each one. As that twelve years like the salute all the players trying to. I'll just listen up. Solar flares. That happened with the sun. These twelve years that has since starting with. 2012. And in 2024. 2000 particularly keep on let me the first six sets of twelve years. And then the next who's going to be another. Well. Six it will ears again. And that it worse each twelve years so this next one's going to be another cycle that's coming in the first it was a bit and it says as much. Now we have an all these natural disasters this next one. We need it and we need to prepare. And people not preparing. Well especially with the solar flares yes to worry about electronics being knocked down and things of that nature and satellites being interfered with correct. Correct and I. And the thing about people focusing on net but if something else if they told me about a major news it is coming this must be something significant. Well a little kimbo why wouldn't they give you an idea of exactly what the enemy to tell you and events coming in but not give you the wrong what is coming here unable to prepare properly for. What is supposedly coming. Like if they would meet before that it was. A look at the goal we've done. When I spoke with wanted to be hit over the they come with that because we've been at war. And student and if we. We need you to come with that because what you have and conflict with the regular person I know we need you here with. And I think Chemical Bank is said no because once you come here and you know things that you cannot take back with you to that place. So it did not kill me say but fit don't want to sit here. I sit I have to go back and so is that what I'll see you back. And that's when it and like. Biggest thing. In my mind. So that's when I was at my mom's house that would actually need this. Like Cain and appeared in front of me. And not taken to not as if they you know it. What are you or you if they went out it was going to light that we have a the local figure pictures and look at look at those pictures that you take you where all the plays that Japan. And and actually. And an assault on the powerful well as in the military. And say that may be right there in what is it. And it period in the middle of the picture of what a lot of and I think that assaulted before. And I have all these pages of its output and on the front of in my book. Though of a book one of both sides and here it is. At different places different times. Different cameras different fields and his killer of white light that. Pillar of a sit in front of in the from the camera. And I kept securely adopt a time when mount when a Catholic. Leaders so it wasn't bad. So it is not like what he only do right out of the investment Toby I want to read his book. Every 1992 that you want to write these books and you know what the right. Yeah they want initially what you need to write. And so these things start with your life but something about to myself right it is so it seemed like what is that it is quite well right description here. This means another thing is not actually what I'm telling you what description is what people say is split in the Bible is what I'm saying what do when I'm telling you what's going to happen. Year now this. I'm okay so we have to take a break here in JR will continue the story and the site now also wanna get the answer to this question you keep saying they said he there Muir told I wanna know who it is. Or what it is that is giving you all this instruction and guidance. Organ to that as soon as we come back at numbers 8446877669. And talk freely 44687. 7669. Listened Jason GDP on reality reveal. We'll be back at this. GPS system. Just a moment but first. Gonna jump Tora listener line here and grab Barry from North Carolina he very welcomed the program but along times we chatted. Hello America hello political aren't there more Rhode Island. Same old same old home warm hum out there around North Carolina. I'll listeners Poehler and has banned for today but anyway. Two times. Awarded task you humiliating ball are about that continuing. Same old Brooke how urged by a case that is fascinating. That they observatory. In Canada evidently he has picked. And then my second question is richer they are. Locked and fascinating. Story it doesn't manhandled. And but the thing about it and I negotiate noted toward each ordered all our. Is our Big Easy. I don't hear of Kabul optic beaver electorate that is. And in. I'm not sure or apple matte what but. Anyway. What do you think about both Lowe's on there. Those are great points let me answer the first part first and bring JR into addressed your second part. Mom I don't have any more information that was a news story that we just picked up and thought it was interesting enough to pass and number will keep an eye on that because clearly. If there is something that is repeating with a regular frequency and irregular pattern. That that indicates some kind of intelligence behind it or something we don't understand either way it's fascinating. Are whispering JR and to address the other part chair what do you think about this 224 slash trump connection. That is what it. Good analogy that he's bringing them out because. We all know that he was selected for the says is there. This first presidency. This necklace is. I've amnesty anybody else tapping him I don't think anybody else is going to be I think is gonna polity you'll be elected again. Are you sorry did you just say that he he's going to be the final president. Org or you just say you don't see anything beyond that. I don't see anyone out that it. OK again a Manassas does that mean there's not going to be another president or does that mean. That you just don't know who it's going to be. I don't know what was going to be he's not just. In the civil war is gonna come. OK well that's that's. That's. Yet that's some pretty serious stuff tell us about this war would lose it's gonna happen before twenty for 24. Did give me a definite. Eight on that I don't even know I'm just what is going to happen. And coming and a and I know people getting prepared for it. Golf filled it feel it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah you'll have to you can deathly she'll attention out there I mean I'm their countries. A crazy place right now in unit you have. People fighting over and it's just it's it's insane and it's kind of it's can scare. It is the fight of dominance basically out of what it is right now. Because I've read a lot of things a lot a lot of my my friends will all be alike in almost going on with him. And that in drug crisis. And you know if people are just dying off fast like to point on what what is going on this world. And and it just like good so he says just watch watch. There is a lot of weird stuff going on but now omen of good in the heart of the question that I had posed before the break. Who is passing this information on to you or what is passing this information on tear now. I. The extension of myself. OK and so knowing it well no so in other words you were yourself the Selma that your. Telling yourself the future. It. Is the future telling mine. A myself of the future. It's your future self tell when you're current cells of what is to happen in the future. And do you know from what year that future sources is from. It. But it would have to be from 20/20 four and there are. Well beyond that OK so the Americans so than there would still be. Us craft. Chaos is coming we got that thousand years of chaos. Is less than a thousand years right now. JR when you. Get these messages from your future self is it in a spiritual form is your future soften the spiritual form or physical form and do you see it. Do you see your future self to get a visual of your future also features self. It's not really seeing it this is. Basically just knowing it spared this. It beyond C. I guess he was sepia I guess once they elect is it third eyes seeing it. Because this is like another dimension. Because. It's pure light and I don't look alike there but I cannot see it and when I took pictures if I guess the flash that the camera took it. But I didn't know what the time as unknown now what it is. I just to the digital something with interesting process that I have a feeling that's typical pitcher. And so it was just one of those moments that I've taken a lot of pitches when I'm going places. Overseas in different business areas. In additional depth so it until it it would be all all my life like. And so would show me before but how often I'm in right now. And I predicted this this also gone to the end and I told myself that to keep doing what I'm doing and the bishops say where are you Republican. Like it's are written that in this. In this space and Mike in my area and I can see myself. Seeing myself. But it's not that white light is myself and show me a picture of myself is how. And I wrote about it in 2008. And here it is from my. Like how they get displaced and up. And it's it terrifies me when I'm gonna kitchen took on Mike and I thought of myself what can get myself an alum here in the it is moment. And this is same thing with this Bisping is gonna comment in the 20/20 four my parents is that the same thing. How do you know these things how do you know what is going to happen. And just like I predicted that that. What said the storm of people I. I can 2008. And nine somewhere in the wanna come in and outside Texas. And just before it got here and the sun shining out his son was shot outside. And I told that I have to we have to leave and say what you want. I think we have to go we have the lead that it takes to get out of here we have to go. Is that I'm not going anywhere that if you go if you look a what if I'm leading assist the something's coming into something coming. And that I have to go some wind or something and I saw it a turnover weather channel and is that there's so storm out in the gulf. I think that it we have to go and so they activate. And we just drove slowly up the Alley and it is mine my nieces who you know passengers stayed in Houston. And it was just so big storms coming just like it clicks justice. Big win and they sit the last I don't know what what happened development there so don't like they say they cannot and stay applicant if they insist on the fact. And JR JR we're gonna run time here and get a couple other things don't ask you before we lose have to what you go from. When you have these communications with your future self was this only during your near death experiences or where does this happen more frequently than that. Frequently becomes Eagles. It don't have direct control over. But it started after the near death experiences. If it is I. I can communicate better with it now than it did before it was there with me but I ran away from the developed scared even as has an adult. In the air force of like. Is that is it always your future self or has there have been other presences. It was just one president that told me. Like that council or something. Hierarchy. Hierarchy and this one's supreme being policy supreme being the ones in charge. That's the one that Citibank is that it you have to go back because. I edged image come back to the so. A clear world. Now on the books that you greatness is it five separate books or is it one book with five parts. When I got hospitality rights but as seven books out about it was chapters of books turned into those chapters turn into both. So what that stuff is already written by Pacific classic since seventh book right now is is like got a hundred pages in book 608 in book seven. Our but the other world and beyond that five books series is that five separate books. And that that series of books those five books we about a minute left here that series of books out walks people through here at the beginning of this is that of how he certainly experienced this stuff plus. What you experienced in the near death experiences and these messages from the future that you're getting. And working people get the books. Attic of our web site to go to Barnes & Noble are. Amazon. You'd get a cheaper with me give it 30% discount to the blessings blessing. As a as a. Prom though it is simply blessing or blessings with a mess. It no less at the end okay and the website is JR Freeman author dot com right. Well Gerri thanks so much for coming hang in all of this and we look forward to talk to you again at some point. It is taking take care. I've heard in our sovereignty we're gonna take a quick break and when we come back will love begin to wrap things up it's beyond reality reader Jason. Aspect ratio or truck yet it's been a good one and he knows it's a little bit better when we have the opportunity to bring a long time friend of the program on. Somebody that we haven't spoken to actually quite awhile. And at least get updates all the time so we're excited to have this guy back I figured he was lost are somewhere but it's NASA's herald butts they welcome back to show a man. Teachers and Judy essentially government after a wanna quit your real quick grow we have to change or machine from Britain knew he changed leasing agency NASA. To be different streaks agency. Oh OK so the advanced space agency so. Who what is that's asset. We actually just on our troops shape because since it agency people wait for tomorrow. Sort of labeling or you don't like that. Perry that might explain why. We have heard from meanwhile fewer involved in a long time legal battle whiz you know the government that would explain. Yeah you guys were out for awhile and and then and that would explain a lot but you just say welcome back Brandt spent a long time since we talked. Yes she did it'll do him a lot of projects with orchard on broad sense he's been able to publish or doing. Dig deeper and deliberately just. Just deepens it and yeah Americans are church. Well that's great script now I have to ask unum pressure since this Harold your calling about this particular topic or not gonna wanna ask you about something because it recently NASA. The you know national aeronautics space cessation. Agency I mean announced today were actually going to go to the planet that you've already been Ben very very busy yet. There's purchase PC time now own merit or national forms appropriate Arenas. Out we've Felix trying to compete. Because. These are finally realized what we've always blown. How attractive curators and all wrong. Yeah well I know you've done a lot of work there I know that's the case I mean you view what was about a year ago you started your missions. You're perhaps we have done a lot of work when you are in news and it would release are hoping people a year ago. And we have to be honest it's. There's been a lot of rumors out there and I'll meet you I'm sure it is impossible to know first hand you're finished exactly pro many many times. I'm not really up to date on what's going on now there are so but. And I mean I'm I'm sure how many times are NS has been probed their order you to. I I don't I don't really have you know home and concrete information you know I know that Perry's organization has been there I know that Z NASA is planning to go there I don't know is any alien races have been there. Kennedy instinct and what it what do you think about about that there. Well I know many people have gotten I have talked to the whole game. Pulled marginally immigrants are. Current possibly Iran is comfortable playing aliens. I know you've just been told many Chinese party of many individual. So what's what's you were gold this time around. This time it's very similar to borrow what we've talked about rock star. We didn't he's going. Going deeper and deeper will be able to push through lots suggestion materials. Until hopefully eventually hitting some sort of a solid mass. I'm I think there all the Google has happened their before it really opened up immediate seizure fluctuated it bridge tournament. Well there's no doubt you know that trail has been blazed so you're not you're not pioneers in this particular respect you know did the depth that path is probably pretty well worn at this point. No I agree we Jimmy I think that it's probably amend probe really hard and people have really. At Angel pushed through in and just tried to get in as deep as they tend to see what's possibly and and here it is going to be a lot of pleasure involved I mean when you actually achieve these goals you have to have a smile on your face. Well we do at the end of the opening. There's certainly a huge smile becomes crushed I finished. Just knowing that I was able to go further than any mission for us on. And really just just leave my mark and many people you know or more men attributable legitimate and future. I definitely think that's good work and our. Eyes I think he gestured are doing a wonderful job on. Our oil which I thoughts and our issues and there's a question of benefits mankind I mean it's it's their for the good of vault and mankind should use it. As you know what do I have no problem was mankind taking full advantage of what's there. Well only greatly appreciate literature and he just people and to use it ignores it and let me use this tax cap. To get all the answers that we really launched. Absolutely and I am sure that everybody appreciates knowing at a time. About this probe and today and what might be happening so it's never one of those things shoot you just wanna wake up and find out is is going on. Now he might yet you know you're gonna wake up mad you'll be sore he'll be angry. You know so you wanna you wanna know ahead of time. We just spoke forged at this time and really just monitors said. Taking her fuels and I'm driving you know. That's awesome I just wanna say thank you so much for colonists and I know TV's highly appreciates -- from you as well and just and just knowing what's what's to come that we appreciated Gary thanks for the call make sure you keep this up today we wanna know what you find what you're encountering in this second effort you know I'm sure it's not going to be any less exciting in the first time around. There's not a cultural and to be honest with you to. Will we get this going I'm gonna make sure cheesy picture of a second tour now. Are you on that note have a great night area and they're herald and it's always so wonderful having young colony side. And that's gonna do for tonight thanks everybody for joining us join us again tomorrow night for readings with Rebecca. Rebecca Foster will be here psychic medium that's tomorrow night's program on beyond reality radio every night and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only the only angry news. Yeah you know it's still going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason is slow and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Canadian that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.