WWL>Topics>>Bruce Solheim discusses his 34 paranormal experiences. Terry Lovelace continues outlining his encounters with aliens.

Bruce Solheim discusses his 34 paranormal experiences. Terry Lovelace continues outlining his encounters with aliens.

Aug 7, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Dr Bruce Solheim about his 34 different paranormal experiences - everything from ghosts, to precognition to cryptids. Then Terry Lovelace continues his conversation about his encounters with aliens including an implantation. 8/7/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Are well it's the all. Here as well it's beyond reality reviewing GB Johnson Jason is off tonight. He's got some stuff going on he'll be back with a shortly I'm sure. We have a great program lined up for you two guest tonight actually the first hour we've got Bruce Solheim doctor Bruce Seoul on joining us. He is history professor and an author he's written a book called timeless. They paranormal personal history. And this book. Outlines and documents 34 personal paranormal experiences. That says Bruce has had since the age of four of these things include ghosts. Angels demons near death experiences. Telepathy. Telecommute says pre cognition. Encrypted it's. Covers again. Purcell also be teaching a class on paranormal history at citrus college in this coming semester in the fall. He's developed a theory or a model but he thinks might help explain paranormal phenomenon and if someone is to do that I would say. Doctor Bruce Solheim is that guy given the fact he's had so many experiences. In our second hour reported pick up a conversation that we had back in June June 1. The program that we aired June 1 actually. We had an interview with Terry Lovelace. Terry is a lawyer and a former assistant attorney general also was in the air force and we had him on the program and he missed colleagues about his UFO encounters. And we just ran out of time. We had a month for two hours and we ran out of time could not. Cover all the materials and we kind of left off and very very interesting place he was telling us about. An implant that was discovered. In his leg when he had had a knee injury and had an X ray in the doctors asked him when did you have. A piece of metal put in your leg was a treadmill from from military combat what was it and then and that it happened and it turns out. That Terry suspected. Highly suspected it was an implant of some kind morning's UFO encounters so we'll talk about that story to. And will we'll get this I'm bound to the bottom of it anyway we did have time to do it on June 1. We also some great shows coming up in the next few nights that you should kind of jot down the topics as these were things you gonna wanna share Sherman face or whatever. Tomorrow night's program doctor knowledge Charles Wright whom will join us he's written a book called the all time local fascinating facts he's gonna number. Of fact he's gonna talk about the are all very interesting and actually quite intriguing in some cases. So that's tomorrow night's program Wednesday crystal reed who is an author Andy pet psychic will be when this to discuss pets and her book. How to live with a psychic. Thirst in its program teeth but koskie was an author will be with us to talk about the flan and idol mystery so we've got a lot of greet. Three programs coming up. I'm beyond reality radio. And if you're unsure about what's going on check out our website it's beyond reality radio dot com and also go to the FaceBook page British beyond reality radio on FaceBook. All the information can be found there we update the FaceBook page should daily as to what's going to be on the program. And that when you have the most. Recent and up to date news sometimes you do have scheduled changes. So we've got a great one tonight two guests coming up and we are going to have all want to talk abouts were not to waste anymore time. Coming up after the break doctor Bruce Solheim we'll talk about his book timeless paranormal. Personal history beyond reality rating didn't. Great to have you along. And also thank you all the radio stations carry into the during the program around the country we truly appreciate our affiliate wis growing. Growing all the time thanks so much for being part of beyond reality radio Stanley. Tonight our first guest doctor Bruce soul one's written a book called timeless. Eight paranormal personal history as welcome Bruce and the program Bruce great to have you on beyond reality radio. I thank you for having me Judy. So I've got to say something because in in in reading about your story. There are certain people that you meet in life and we need a lot of them on this program just because of the nature of the program. Who seem to be somewhat of a lightning rod for paranormal activity I would say you fall into that category. Eight would you agree NB why do you think that's the case. I I've never thought of it that way but I think you're right. It started at age four and I. I think it's just some people are more aid into certain cities things there's also a hereditary aspect to it my a my mother was psychic she wasn't a psychic that she was psychic. And we used to talk about it and she was really the ones who and introduced me to this the idea of something beyond what you know what seems to be than normal in other words the paranormal. So I I think I just was born into it. And it started very early in the cited it's been going on my whole life central while I just thought it was like everybody. At this stuff and then it it came to be that well maybe there's something kind of special about this and that. I want to have to do more with that. You know my whole life but it just it would get on the back burner but things keep happening so. This guy Agassi I would admit to being a lightning rod yeah. So he said it started at age four and you view. Grew up or you were born in Seattle Washington anyway I don't know how that's respect your childhood or not but it's started each for. What was the first experience. Well we were proud I was born in Seattle and it dead page forward we travel to Norway my parents are from Norway. And northern Norway and 200 miles above the Arctic Circle pin down a little remote island and dead. That would ensure that we were there are there for nine months look at my grandmother. Little I was playing outside and suddenly it became very ill. And my necklace really stiff and I went. To run I went home and my grandmother had this little bit in the kitchen it's old farmhouse that she would then. And my whole body became stiff and at a really high fever and I couldn't move my head. And all the relatives are coming over saying you know this is what happens to you know uncle so and so and he died the next day and you know all of us knew it was terribly frightening night you know I thought I was yeah I wasn't gonna make it now I understood in this league and I look at. And and then I I saw. An angelic presence. And it was it was very warm military lights. And it what it made me feel are listed everything was going to be all right and yeah everything's going to be okay I had nothing to worry about. And I was able to have to go back to sleep. And I saw this angelic presence in the in the ceiling and he's old you know these old farm house that had these beamed ceilings. And I woke up the next morning and I was fine and my mother said it was a miracle that I had a guardian Angel. And my grandmother green and try just except that it you know I'll get everybody in the guardian Angel and this is what happened. But that was the first that was the first experience there was an angelic experience. No as a four year old clearly you. I don't know that at that point you could discern that that was an angelic experience and I think you might be basing you know what you were told that the time did you have any. Certain dear proof. Then or sense that that was an angelic experience. I I had another. Experience with a similar. Entity that I believe is my guardian Angel. When I was eight years old or seven years old. I was debt. Total deception pass state park in Washington State. And we word. Crossing the bridge over to Whidbey Island and there's this middle kinda island between infopath silent. And I was running around the that alignment and went it's very steep on all sides. And they're in those days in the early sixties there were no guardrail there so you know of any kind of safety thing that is just the same people wouldn't be foolish not to. Run out the clip. But it I I did I ran to the edge of the cliff and I have 22 memories wind is that I. We went off the clips and then everything was was black and the other memory I have that it was that. I was suspended in mid air and felt this. This presence again this lights this bright light this warm this. Feeling that everything would be okay and the next thing I knew I was back on the trail my father Bradley. By the shoulders and then was yelling at me and very upset. And Adam. The my parents never wanted to talk about it I I tried to talk about it in vain I think we're too frightened and then didn't want to talk about it so there's. There's been a couple of experiences like that that they grew older it came to realize that this this is an angelic experience this is my guardian Angel. It's kind of hard to misinterpret that I mean if it was something else I think that tell you might have some questions but with the level of certainty that you tell these relate these experiences is pretty clear that you're confident that's what was. Armed. Do you does that help you in your day to day life knowing that. That and guardian Angel if you will. I'm has been there for you before and I'm assuming you would expect that guardian Angel to appear again should you needed. Well I I haven't hit. It's kind of interest and I. I don't wanna count on at night I don't wanna overtaxed. You know her efforts. And so I am cautious. I'd I do know that it's there does it get that extra level of competence and then also. This idea that in this theory you mentioned in the intro there. That I have slowed that you know then a state sun under the title the title as abruptly as it is known is indicative of a timeless. I think that we are timeless I don't think that's and I think that we do. Continue on. And so I'm not worried about that I'm not worried about. About debt and been in that respect announced part of the reason I wrote the book was to. Convey that to people that we should start having such reached here a bit. Because I I've had all the experiences that indicate that that you know that is not the end. Yeah and I think when I. When the experiences that you share is a near death experiences that that experience had an edge to at four or was that something separate. Yeah that was yeah that was the first one and yeah I I would say yeah and the near death experience all of ma. Forks in the road time. And I think that it at a certain point. You could die and and Canadian one dimension you deal and in another you continue to live and I remember ever since I was a little kid I thought this. It very young I didn't I would think I think I wonder if there's just you know like I didn't call at a fork in the road at time and the government that frustrated but this idea that. That. You know we get a second chance or maybe a third chance and am and we continue on. And it and then the other dimension or the other reality or whatever that would may be we did die but we we just continue on. When you say when you say the other dimension do you mean. Parallel dimensions that were existing in simultaneously. Or do you mean our soul or spirit whatever that distances. Moves from one to the other. After after after our physical form dies say here in this dimension it moves to another winning continues. Oh I think they do run parallel and then. When that fork in the road that time happens then then don't go on and I've physical. And to be died there that you move your beard spirit moves into the next one. And I think that can happen anytime I don't know how many times it can happen that I've had lots of forks in the road and time. And the interesting thing is that these. I think there's a spiritual component that ties all this together that is really tied into the one great consciousness and that. Really behind this whole thing is that there there is only one consciousness and and that's universal consciousness and we all have just a little piece that. And I think that continued on in that so I think explains things like white people can remember past lives than. And and and and that type of thing. These these ports in the road time I think there. Very. Profoundly bad I just had when I think recently. In the end of June. I was driving. My youngest son and we are driving armed arrow highway here and doubted. Momentarily just like that split second I'd look to weigh in next thing I looked up and I was running a red light and there's a car coming from north and south than they were going to shoot cheat on me turning from both sides yeah we're treated at a catastrophic. Accident. And times slowed down. And to the point where I can just look around and think about it and say what is the best way to get out of that bank and I was able to maneuver. Through the use it you know what like through the head of the pin. And it and then time came back to a normal speed again and I think that in bin Laden. In one dimension I think that. We probably didn't have a catastrophic accident that would have been bad for me and my son and also the whether you are split in the one that I'm living in right now. We got through it. And antenna and edit it there are researchers who say well that's just the middle and at the brains illusion or you have packed memories or whatever. That says and that's it compresses the time so then it seems like its side in slow motion bit. I believe that that. I mean yeah Albert Einstein already been obsessed with these with the theory of relativity that. That you can give you as you approach the speed of light that time does slow down. And I think once you enter that paranormal you know that. Work on the road at times that. You are instantaneously. Connected to the universal consciousness and that's why it. Why kind slows down and there's there's other instances the attitude that. Getting to you know technical about it that I think that's where it. What happened. Very interest in word and continue this conversation. On the other side of the break again word guest is doctor Bruce saw Limas book is called timeless a paranormal personal history. His website is his name including his middle name Bruce all love all LAV. Sole line. Dot com if you're watching the YouTube channel you'll see that up pop up therefore you. Also posted in our social media. We've got a lot more ago so don't go away because we'll continue our conversation with Bruce in the manner then and our next hour Terry Lovelace will be witnesses talk about his UFO experiences. It's beyond reality radio until it's. That this is 96 off on another project for a little bit so we'll get him back on the program soon as we can and we've got a great one for you tonight we're talking with a doctor Bruce saw one about his book timeless a personal or paranormal personal history. Later in the program we've got Terry Lovelace joining us to continue the discussion we had with him back on June 1. About his UFO experiences including an implant something that was implanted in him. That he discovered after he had hurt his need in the had an X rays so we'll talk to. Him in the next hour. But again renowned actor Bruce so on is our guest and Bruce. Let's talk about some of these other experiences you've had we talked about the end Gallic experiences. Ghosts any any encounters with what we would call ghosts even though. I'm ready to ensure what that definition is anymore. Right well a lot of different type episode of experience and I've had a house full full bodied apparitions. One of the most frightening. Those experiences I've had woods so Colby-Sawyer college at the old academy building which is a well known aren't good location or it was. And they belong to Kobe is their argument you'll it part of Colby College it was called the New London academy at one time. In and night in New London New Hampshire in that was on a job interview there and I arrived too late in the evening. And and the man so who picked up from the busting their from the gods. I took me to this old building and I did this all the cabinet building and I thought one's kind of a strange place it's it looks like from Stephen King the whole. You know missile building. And I've. It took me in there and took me to there are several rooms upstairs in there and it was so I'm. I looked around and it says this or anybody else staying here and he says you know you're the only one. And any laughed and that sort of news that did it was a very spooky place what I I got myself ready and you outlined on reading and I started to hear things. Like chair is moving around voices. And I got to act and I thought maybe the man had returned intrude and something and somebody who's with them and there was nobody there. So I went back and yeah abdomen to lie down or certain reading my book again more voices more shares more people. I'd been and I'm an old Dick troll you know like on local control and started. And I got that again went down and look where I thought that it sounds coming from and it went away went back again it started up again. And I thought to myself. I called my wife and that the time. And I met twice now and I I called her and I said total what is going on and she said what most people would probably say no get out. And I says well. I don't wanna do that I mean I you know I am here for a job interview in 99 on the world's second stand just gonna hunker down and I'll make it right did make it through the night. And the next day I met people and and there is a street sweeper. That outside and I by the copy shop and I. He says it will ask what I was doing there and I sent divers they're too good for governor you and he said well. Greece Spain and I said the Eagle Academy building and so what did you did they tell you would pocket. And I said no. He says well there's a lady geared for a job interview last week and she didn't make it through the night cheap. Went running out into the street they had to put Europe and another town or another hotel or whatever. Not so great and then there and so did the interview and I. Everything went fine and then I I missed my past and so I have to stay one more night. And once again. Although it has started again. The people didn't. The chair is that the you know bit the big trial has started up again and it says Q I mean at first I may get through this night so I was reading my book and then all of a sudden in the corner. There was day. On women and it was a it was a woman but now she was semi transparent. And she was just you know like an old puritan looking woman you know dark. Clothing. And very. Sour look on her face and she within the corner by the windows. And I just sat there and looked at or she didn't communicate that you got it Hitachi was upset. And after she and that after she disappeared right I. Pinch myself like I think I called my eight my wife again told it was going on each segment again get out much that I'm not to do it I'm gonna make it. And then she went away when she went away all the noises one away. And and that was probably one of the most. Frightening ghost experiences that I've ever had done the next. Morning I got up and I went and looked around upstairs in their portraits on the wall paintings and I found that changing don't know who this lady was and it was. It was mrs. Cole and she was the founder of the college and it was an all women's college so I think she is very upset that I was there. In good in that room her in that. Doesn't it. That was that was one of the most frightening don't know about another I've spiritual experiences aligned with people that have passed on in fact boost regularly. You know do you know that facility has ever been. Investigated by a paranormal group for anybody that did any kind of so you know from that camera work or. Audio worked just sees fit to catch something similar to what you saw. The cut the students say the opposite 1999. When this happened. The students there's said that today a group had been in show had been I don't know which show was that they had been to Colby-Sawyer college and investigated I don't know what they captured or what they found. It is it is side I stamps online and on people have talked about the experiences you know not only appealed academy building but also. Other buildings on and on campus there so it's it's pretty well documented. And I didn't know any of that going in. So it's not like I knew you know I was oh I'm just waiting this Diego did just to be bicycle right in the not too surprising luckiest that I am a lightning rod so yeah just in. Going going back to that point I think certain people have a there's an energy about them or it's it's probably bad in the combination of the fact they're they've got an openness of their mind to be able to see some things who's. Some people don't see things just because they've completely close themselves to the ideas but I ask you about something because you this book is called timeless. A apparel personal history. You written a bunch of books but your other books are very very I'm very very serious topics not that this is an. But you've written about Vietnam do you bring a book called women in power. At what point and indeed you have to go through any kind of reconciliation process with yourself to be able to change. From writing about those types of topics to Redding to paranormal a book about your paranormal experiences. Like I always wanted to talk openly about it I've always wanted to write a book about American collecting stories myself you know keeping them private you may be sharing it with. A couple family members and that's about it. And but I always wanted to share them and to a broader audience because they are there's I have an obligation to do so and it was. What sparks this whole thing was that two years ago dear friend of mine passed away. And I had a vision of him after he passed away. And it became very clear to me what my mission was supposed to be I was supposed to share these stories not just keep it to myself. And and and and that was a motivation to get a motivation is that. I'm nearing retirement you know I'm a retired probably five years. And I before I was kind of I was reluctant to share them because they've got. In people who wouldn't take me seriously as a historian you know maybe had that trouble finding publishers from a historical works may be my peers wouldn't accept mean maybe the administration would. You know. Try to find a way to get rid of me you know I backed out of all these negative things which are all. Really that's unfounded fears when it comes down to it. And because now I'm gonna be teaching the paranormal course announced its community education it's not like part of my regular teaching load bit. It is through the college which I think is pretty unique. So that it's it's it's but it started what really talk to me to start writing the book was my friend Jeanne. And he said something really interest and I I talked to him actually quite often I. But it. And I have I have two very dear friends that have passed on that night I talked to on almost. You know. A very regular basis in fact this morning I did. And you saw pastimes and you mean pastime so that you do this in the end in the way we might call medium shipper is a medium bullet. Yeah yep there Agee you know. Media should consider myself to medium but I guess that that is what I have a knack for now that I I've accepted it after written in the sport I. I started to you know look into meditation and other other forms of relaxation that can put in also bring wage Stater whatever and want to found something I called walking meditation. And dad can I can't sit still sit to meditate that was my problem. So we might need paranormal things just happen kind of randomly frequently very randomly but now. I I just walking meditation I can get into what I call the zone and I can open up to move. My dear friends and others there are others that continue to desperately want to communicate and that's. And it is becomes kind of confusing because there's a you know. All these different voices and people that wanted to that want desperately to it should reach out. Some of them speaking different languages you know some of them you know they're very old you know it from long time ago. It's specifically connected to tomb. These two people. You know my French team and and another friend of mine Mya. Sure as a teacher and centrists and and and died two years ago there's about three years ago. But it bit anyway what Jean told me and want him. What inspired me to write this book was that he told me that it if he said it's all true and I says what it's all true. He says everything. And it into. It blew me away and I really have to think about it and I site refined it and I asked him more questions I civil you know it's like. Did you mean like paranormal things are true that third aliens that there are you know these scripted and seeing big foot and all that you know any. He says it's all true. And you know it is his. He's helped me facilitate the writing of this oxide open myself up. Not only to them into the spirit world good to. Opening myself to get these stories out get them written get them published. And help people to do likewise to share the experiences they've had to not be afraid to share the experience has been. And hopefully we can develop a framework that render at understanding and they're scientists who heard. Doing wonderful work like I don't know if you ever had nineteen rating on your show doctor dean rating from ions. I don't think we no not yet. Excellent he'd say he'd probably be preeminent. Paris psychologists studying our league is that he instituted. Analytic sciences. In central California he's got those that organization started by pastor not to Edgar Mitchell. After one of his experiences in space. And he has written several that would that most recent one is called real magic and he's found out that what he's been researching you know. Kinesis and taught that the immediate action and all that. You know that he says this is really what it is is magic. He's been studying magic for the last forty. And he was also part of that political stargate you know the the secret program that they have. To spy on the Russians he was part of that either one of scientists on that. Project is a very good looking guy and I communicate a lot within my shared my might carry with him. Does this quantum reality theory that there and he'd he'd. Seem to think it was just ignorance on the right track. And site I feel pretty good about that. But yes so this is my friend Jeanne is what kicked this whole thing option and it just came out very quickly thirty force stories came out. And you know everything from these angelic experiences to these ghost experiences spirit experiences. And say a couple of demonic things that it happened in my life that are also some of the most frightening. Things have happened. You know we're gonna I heard a dirty tell that we need you on the program for two hours one hour is at one hour is not going to be enough summit makes recently Teddy wreck after this reaches out to you. So the weekend now we can get your schedule I've got to jump to break here when we come back we'll continue our conversation. It's beyond reality read your guest tonight is doctor Bruce Solheim in the second hour Terry love's place. Hers would they have like three minutes left with few. So I don't I do have our producer on it so we can get you back as we have so much more talk about but in the three minutes. I wanna take. The time to say ask you why you think somebody should read the book and NB give us you know where people can get ahold of it. Okay I I think they should read it because it could help them. Open up. To bear experiences that stay at these experiences. And can open up about it and talk to other people and and do further research and reading. And also had to to not fear you know to live in fear that. Dep because I think. It is we live and so much fear of death than we do we really don't live and I think that what we need to do we need to open ourselves to death and of course I think is going to be a very important part of it. And I I do want to make an announcement about this course that you do decide no we haven't had Hume minute or so. You have a couple of minutes and give you couple minutes. That I am gonna have guest lectures and including being raped me that's I guess I mentioned earlier a lot her eighth member of the clergy a psychic. And but I know lecture the final meeting on October 30 just borrowing I'm planning is that never in the totally. A ghost lecture. Oh that's ever been done I did I I've I've been preparing myself and my spirit friends you know my aunt Jean Fredette he meant in there at their game for it. So I'm I'm gonna give it shut. You know the whole thought oh let's not let us personally. Lesser LSI gloss over that. He said you're preparing for this and you you oh how what's their role going to be. Well they're gonna do what they do for me which is like can I can hear them. And I'm hoping that we can make it so that students can also hear them. While and and that's what I'm focused I'm calling it rather than a guest lecture and calling it biggest. Thoughts and now I. Depends I think naked eye can make it more open or maybe it you know. Get recovered somehow I think it'll it'll be a really big deal you know and it's it's not that these guys it's very except for those that are passed on to contact us and it's very tough for us to contact them. Oh we know been looking for them out and trying to communicate for a lot of years and it's a very very difficult process senior you're fortunate Jesus gave glimpses. And India you've had more than that so you're very very lucky. Again in the in the next thirty seconds here let people know where they can get a hold of your book and working they find out more information about your course. I'd say he can get it an Amazon. Timeless they paranormal personal history. And they can now if they want they can write to me. At peaceful time at citrus college dot edu and I'll tell them about the course. Or they can go to just the citrus college website look at continuing education. And and then. That it does take a right to the bid that place where they can find out about the course. It's little and I'm hoping that says it's gonna spread I think I'm the only one teaching on southern Californians are they now. To the right now adds Tony it only one I've herta. Heard of again we're gonna bring you back as quickly as we can get it scheduled we can continue this because you're a lot more to tell us I can tell. Yes I do have a lot to say. I know you appreciate the time JB was very it was very fine art. Thank you or I enjoyed it as well again doctor Bruce Solheim check out his web sites Bruce all love OLAV. Solheim. Dot com you can get more information about his work and his books not just for a normal book. And he's got other works there as well sorry we have to take a break and when we come back we will have our second guest of the evening Terry Lovelace was with the sun June 1. That program we had two hours with him and that wasn't enough to get to his entire story of UFO. Implantation. And sightings so we will finish that conversation when we come back it's beyond reality radio and TV jobs. Chase has had her and her and her this again soon he's on doing network and another project right now but he'll be back. We've got a great show lined up actually the second half of the show on the first half we had doctor Bruce Solheim with us and you need to check out his book and his website. The second hour waiting for us now is Terry Lovelace we have Terry on June 1 or June 1 programs and he was discussing his experiences. And encounters with UFOs. Actually more. With aliens and you floats. And we had to kind of cut him short when sort of talking about the implant. Something was implanted in him he discovered it after he had a knee injury went to the doctor they took an X ray. And they said when did you have did you get metal in your leg did you have shrapnel or something from from combat and he had. I'm gonna get their full story from him when we bring him in just a moment order remind you that tomorrow night's program Charles Wright bloom you know in his doctrine knowledge. He'll be within us to talk about his book the all time book of fascinating facts and they are fascinating we've had him on the program a couple times already. And it's always very very interesting in him and try to come up with some kind of trivia contest something we can do with that I doctor knowledge and give away something tomorrow night. On and then Wednesday night crystal reed who is an author any pet psychic will be will listed discussed cats and her book called how to live with a psychic. Thursday night's program keeps McCloskey. He's an author Keith will be talking about beef plant in vials mysteries we've got a great week of programs coming up of course Friday. Is always a best stuff here on beyond reality radio. We're gonna take a break and when we come back we will bring in our next guess again it's Terry Lovelace we're going to be talking about. His experiences with the aliens you folks beyond reality radio. How are also the FaceBook page is also beyond reality radio stop by there. Say hello give it a white Q did updated on things we've got going on including our. Guests and anytime we have the last inning guest change which happens occasionally. But tonight we've got a returning guest Terri Lovelace. Is a former assistant attorney general lawyer he was win this on our June 1 show. And on that show we are talking about his experiences which were numerous. As they relate to UFO sightings and interaction. And we've gotten another opportunity here to kind of pick up that story. If you have to listen to that go back to our old shows and find the June 1 show and listen to that at some point. Because it's fastener and start we won't have time to get into all of the ins and outs of his story tonight as we I only have one of less than an hour. But we wanted to pick it up where we left off Terry welcome back to the program it's great to have you back here with us. Thank you very much Judy I appreciate your back onto us though we didn't have a. Have a chance to always finish last. We didn't NM pickup with sound is starting a kind of start the story over. When you went to the doctor you had an injury and you discovered that you. Had something in your league that you didn't know was there are now. To give everybody some background. Terry is spent some time in the military had some experiences and some sightings there. But the whole thing started few Terry when you were a young boy and you had your first. What you would call they encountered you saw it an object that hovered over you you think there was some intention there you were selected for some reason. Armed and that kind of sets the stage for what happened later in your life so let's pick it up with with the story of how you discovered. A foreign object in your late. Sure all. I separated and culture let your worst. Shedding nine. In 1980 picked up running as a hobby. And I ran on to the next forty some years and I noticed that. Every time I would run about whom I'll more. She is spot. On my right knee are there we go completely down. A sizable. Well. All right it had clearly defined edge should end. And she were started in word and it. I asked my doctor about it blew up yeah let's worry about. Sort of and then one H well or to reach well Paul. And I might have broken leg. And we're the constant temperature now. Rich media X ray room innate in me on the table and made. It the usual two shots rang me. Once straight. Head on and then another one. Normal lateral ankle and saw. And I can tell the technician was an ill. And shuttled her purchase. And a rattle. She asked. Clicked questions you showed earlier written shrapnel wound. Are actually it's anything new out this piece of metal in your. Home. Show me. And the DAX little. And they look. For probably twelve shots. Also we are. And I ask. What she called we are radiologist and it'll. I knew something I was going medical people kept Altria any not a actually. A radiologist came down and he's. Pops might hit my don't look only our New York's. Studies at fruit. Walks over and again ask the questions. And injury and I'm sure. A Texas trinity oaks my knee and says you're there. Should be right. Shenzhou the NASCAR race there. Is this thing. It points to it and you actually don't need medical degree she adds its slow or are we square. Outside pure anger. And questioned why the church to. And he insisted that I take up a chance against we're look. We didn't leave sure you can find its car. Portal entry each city and wore. He looked away for forty minutes he didn't find. All of this century. Lack. I guess escort you shall wrestled her lack. Only joke it's wrong. Nothing that there is loss. Shall what are person my leg. Got there or by some means other than preaching our integrity student. I have I have are. Which was described as an. Both. And Paloma and com I have a collection. Com. Artifacts is what the radiologist refer to us. In a slower how tight. Don't give a copy of the key here. Extra assured there. Are there people. Are going to see. And our. So sure that I artifacts loan. Consistency. And. But he should I don't think that are able to shoot we rose. To issue doesn't just sprout in the middle of your middle or shall. This is also arranged day. Dershowitz oh yeah. From the site shell will clicked around like marbles ought. Head aren't sharp shooter. Actually let this. They lined up. And race for. And that's all right I asked the doctor archer how does it should I. Worn out or let us. Under the skin we're about thirty year correspond scar. Well and his answer. Your radiologist at 43 years which. So you win win this was discovered now Ira remember in the last discussion we had back in June we had to Russia few questions at the end of one of them was. Is are those objects still there and you said no. A bomb and they knew who relayed inexperience were from and ask you about again that you think may have been the time those were extracted but. When you well when the doctor was telling you when showing you that you have these objects in your leg. That you had no idea of how they got there. Did you do anything to investigate them did you make any effort to try to identify them other than seeing them on the X ray. I get I got cut age and experience. And I am I wanna lie and yeah. So let me say this idea. I need a connection. Numbers. And the items being in my leg. On the right hold us. And it was a little tough to deal. And I there was credible well irked you much. And and and thought in all I'd live with this long to just ignore. It. And turned out to be impossible. Is just knowing that I had these things my way. Triggered a re. Arm night Ayres. From an abduction incident that happened and eat in nineteen (%expletive) and shove. It. Shall. I saw some people. Actually have talked to find surgeons. And the answer that I did this we will take them out all its. Are not causing any problems. Or risk of surgery is greater than the benefit of and your sixty year old man with a history corner are re disease. Prior art and so no surgeon. Well that's changed. That was as of march. I published my book on Amazon. In March and this year. And since there. I I've been contacted by our our medical people. Michigan. And we're. In talks right now. And hope we agreed to hang out. Are all the items below many are still there. So so so. Then it was the other is the other one gone though the with a with a one that was above any. The one above the knee is on an auction of us single strand one here. Unveil accomplishing Austrian warfare. Inside. Tiny it's clearly there an extra. And you said on the way home a tee you kind of hit you that says that abduction incident in 1977. Was most likely when you receive these implants. How much of that abduction. Episode do you remember or did you remember at that point. I spent you know forty years trying to get. Yeah honestly I. Didn't read you apple related literature. At all annual interest in the genre. Answered. With life and it would trigger these. Just horrific night. Any condition that way. Just avoid the top. And her. Till I decided to write to blow up wasn't. Really much. Was the rate rating of the book therapeutic field. Are there are here. It. Rob back a lot of memory. And sure. Oh. These these are genuine memory sees it should isn't my imagination is these are real memory. I kept pretty good records. Where we're and I. At this event. Kept a journal my dreams back in 1977. And certainly it. And then over the years that I hadn't horrific night admit coach. And we thought we lost those little books. On my wife owned and stories like Korea and she went. And that's what a year it's. You to write a book. Re reading all of the cheerio again I wrote. Contemporaneously or at least make errors brought a lot of this stat. It opened my mind that them. Like yeah I remember. Yeah actually it's. Just the memories that I can't art on a Linear. They are true peace. Are looking and a wish or story on your stroke. But. I think you don't we it's it's pretty well put together now restore that in the book. Is. It's accurate. Obsolete as accurate as I can Nagin. And it gives a pretty good accounting of what happened. We've got about a minute here before we have to go to break donor remind everybody the name of the book is called instant and it doubles Dan and by the way Terry's website is alien abduction Texas dot com. I'm Terry when you're writing the book. You. It relays some experiences and involved other people now I think you pseudonyms in the book right. You you are. A bias. To bias and is that because the person who whom the actual person did not want their name used or is it because. There's a fear of of maybe. Government retribution what there's got to be a reason there. Well there are now. Our legal relations. Okay. It's it's Leo okay that makes a lot of sense. On in in the minute before we have to go to break here like a senator I gave your website in your in the name of the book I don't want to. Getting to know the story to have time. But where else can people find more information about this the book and what you what you're doing you a FaceBook page wearing that. FaceBook page. And it's just. Incident at levels. And and devil's den is when I hear doubles down and up until the point we had you on the show the last time I think of a place in Gettysburg. You're talking about the is it a national park her state park. It is just they are adjacent to are very large national park. In the wake of the Ozarks area. Region shell western Missouri. Northwestern Arkansas. And Rubin in the border where. Got it okay well we come back from the break we're gonna get into more of this with Terry. Our phone number if you wanna call and join the conversation Z 44687. 766. And a dinner guest is Terry Lovelace and his website is alien abduction Texas. Dot com stuff they're taking a look at that will be right back. Or god Charles Wright whom he's known as doctor knowledge. Knowledge in a nutshell books the all time book a fascinating facts. Lot of great stuff very interesting things as it says it's all fascinating he'll be our guest tomorrow night. Wednesday crystal reed who's an author and a pet psychic will be with this discussing pets and her book how to live with a psychic and then Thursday Keith McCloskey. Will be discussing the plan and aisles mystery. And a book that he wrote. So that's all coming up this week re now we're talking with Terry Lovelace who again was a guest of ours on June 1 and if you get a chance go back to find that program. And listen to his story doesn't make what we're talking about now. Take a lot more sense because Terry your story is long and went over it occurred over the course of many many years. Yes. It occurred and my childhood incidents were very. In a while when there was a one on us a lot of for burger breach and choppers at least I think it. But yet based expand from childhood through age 22 when I was in the military and and then 1987. Had an incident and this. Remorse. While. I think we're workaholic this as I was. Rates you charge you broke the ready you. And the discovery of the year and plant. We keep it below. Missing from my right. Our research team is set my wife found original books that gave immediate earlier this will. Its accuracy. And of course Jordan era. The shopper weight loss. And a fairly dramatic loss and an unintentional weight loss. And. Com. October. Are when he seventeen. Just four months ago or some. I had a visitor. And you know this is this is a successful for what will be. Because it's just sounds so outrageous. It's just. But it's the true. Lower used to hearing the outrageous on this program so. I don't think anything is beyond our ability to police. I woke up sitting bolt upright in March urine might be more. Three something you. And thought that I sent the lionized here but. Yeah mom and. I go. Well all should be almost. And seated directly cautioned me this what first looked to be. A cheap Asian wall. Our rest Olin. With a red score are around. Us and not. And a wig. Because you're had oversight. Assuming we pick. A unit head just trying to show that skew. It in. Ridiculous. And. First thought crossed my mind was leader or not or it's. Reid looks ridiculous. And these things or communicate all traffic. Anyone who has ever had. An encounter. And communicated well and knows how rushed it is. Just let apply it crosses your mind is rarely question you would choose an X. We can all read each other's lines were teach. Him. Requires some social. I ever call. She looked familiar. And I taught. Share wore oversized X I X it's. She took that law and X off her race I remember. This is a woman and she doesn't she age and a day. Long. Was with you I was a duck it's sure. Those memories we're we're nice all or I remember. Or be taken its shot. At a party with other children. Any any big white room with a great attic floor and a she was familiar. Now and I knew her. Tell us what you do might be more. Add she said you should not write a book should or. Shouldn't speak a quicker cents. And I shovel why why even. Hundreds of people write books. I know by special. Works what makes me any different. She showed terrain. I saw some things witness and they use. They're important. I don't even know that your work. I had no idea what she not. This encounter was dirt reached. And and things and might let us ask for worry these things where they air war. She surely. She answered questions she's nearly there are many reasons they serve many purposes. She should if you. Want a book might even at one. She said were at or I should refer to them ask her oaks. I said her hosts. She explained to me that. I ever purge them as aliens she calls them oaks. She told me that she was a hybrid. She was happy alien it can't hear what. And that. They are there is a program a hybrid it's. Oh. Meetings. And I asked her how long now. She said three generations. And I ask her how many people these things and implants. She shared many thousands. Of three generations. She stressed you're reductions. Our analysis actually blow where there. As you said it you're gonna get G Richard. I host role model home. English and your leg folded hands terrestrial scientists or else it's no common remove it. That was pretty mature. For her solution. And three weeks later I got. And it felt like somebody hit a baseball bat. Out of my spot on both sides of what. Up. And I had aced me. Shoot photographs would balk at the strange. Or out of lay out is. Comparable to my licks. The bruising chatter is like an apple. And the first thing at all its order woke up well. For a batch she was telling the truth so bloody did come back and removes some. Radler. The first thing I did. School ought to get an extra which is not any seemed to run you can't walk into an image and children safe and likely get an X rated it doesn't work that way. I was fortunate enough to do our crack. And down. I had copies of X threes and sent back I need to get a full archery. Can any Alina I had in my leg it was removed last night. Any ask you hide your mobile he's escorting me to the four. Holding up this newspaper this. It looks ups and distracts. Takes the paper and says. We X. Many took me into his office. And shorten routes my leg. Rahm and I told him the whole story. All the while whistles free like crazy people are being honest or. Can this guy. As an experience she murdered or what you said it's much. And that he promptly broke your prescription for. X ray and I went and got an action and I look at it was disappointed I didn't see anything wrong. I was relieved I want the thing out of my way. And again it's on them. I just had the X rate they're they say that it should be there are. They left a piece of wire and she only X ray chiropractor reading actual actual or not me. And it's tiny but it's clear. A link to wire my leg that slow. There. Terry why do you think you've been selected and you had to inexperience is a young child that you felt you words you were. Specifically selected for. I'm clearly these southern towners. Were men and not random in anyway. Why do you think you were selected to be part of this. I. Believe that it's really don't. Unfortunately my son. As recently admitted that aren't. You world fourteen. ER. Mr. torn had at all being outside is more. We had some candid discussions. About and and there aren't there were two other came in such a step forward after published or. Com. You know and the conversation always starts with you're not gonna believe this or to think I'm crazy but. Wrong. But it's true. It is almost daily La and summaries. It. When did your son know about your experiences prior to you writing the book. I commercial warmer and daughter are adults. And they were they were shocked and our. Eight news that debt would have screaming nightmares you know once or twice a year. Well. My wife and I are never told him. Oh we better just between us Aaron. According to recent dramatic and as we knew we condition and we talked about this fresh or as our errors. And little sleep. I'm Russell. Again. Something terrier. It makes you see it make sure he'll kill you talk about it. I have a feeling like are not supposed to. Talk about the slope are not supposed to reveal this. And I feel guilt I feel like or repeal fear we secret or something. Oh. And I think that's that's they're doing and knowing that that's they're doing and aren't rules casts that earned. I wanna speak out. And let people know it's not as real. And. Don't you never know written. Dinners or what. As soon as you've come forward with the issue obviously wrote the book in you're somewhat warned not to. Maybe non threatening way but you were told there be consequences if you did and in the implant was removed. In the news continued talk about and on the show and others. Has had view most experienced any other consequences. After coming forward. Are still dealing with the reports. Hey wait. Where it was normally around while Iran is normally one bank while. Why are we crept up she quit running tumultuous warned that a standard where all over the past years or so. Well and I'm down 21 just. And I need to move a ninety colonel who shall. Of course and your source pretty pretty dramatic pretty rapid weight lost my doctor as. Very concerned arm. Couldn't X and and you know I'm taking dietary supplements endured everything akin to deal with that and being in a way it's it's a struggle. You know. And you think that tennis is something that's being done to you in some fashion. Look for costs. Ryan Wright who expert called my doctor doesn't breed that it was aliens worst. I am. You look do you expect that. One of these days. There's going to be kind of a I don't know how to how to say it. A culmination. And into a big event in your life that's gonna be related to this late in whatever it is another abduction that may be. Permanent or something even even scarier than that do you think this is all headed somewhere for you. I don't. Know that urge troubled by the still in here that hello I'm gonna wake up with news woman in my living room. Well. And sharks are against world ended June. I am not probably a little bit kernel at but I think appropriately shall. Yeah I mean I would I wouldn't call a parent is or is there were caught cautious herb you know wary. We only about a minute left here. Is someone who is to read your book are they going to close that do you know it's flip that final page over and and have harbor fears of their own. I. Think an. It girl I published herbal march 10 got seven reviews. And shut indeed. Three of them or five star ratings. And my book I give my. And and I seen the epilogue if you've had an experience like. I'm. Not a doctor or or us alone it'd be happy to talk. And unbelievable. And it's unbelievable the number of people return regularly. Judy again reporting rails today and sure. And you know I got one from your person your Christian did air force colonel and a history. We're individual who you judge. Rahm. Broad spectrum house watch track track and she shirt sales and are you nature to cross section. And that the real legal. Well. Travels in the room. The majority of people told me that. Yes you know my iron. Rebels and she knows she told about it and or its apparently secret or. Own. Lot of people this this. But resonates with a lot of people. For some reason. Well I think by I think part of then we've seen them with other paranormal experiences whether they've been an alien or ghost or bigfoot relate to whatever happens to be wind. Somebody tells the story there's there's there's a contingent of people and it seems to be a lot of people that have had a similar experience and have been afraid. To express it because they think well maybe I'm crazy and then someone tells a very similar story and it puts some would Judas legitimacy. Into their mind in the lets them Embry build a sigh of relief if you will. Plus. It helps me validate. What I that I did the right they can forward. And I am I know that it helps folks who write to me and we have ongoing communications were there any day they told me. What scoring on nine in touch with him and I know that that's helped them. I'm sure panacea. Assured us once again let people know where they can get the bookends and keep trekking your work. Yes think you're the book is considered an end up there and I am my website is. Austin. It's that it it doubles in the title with a ball. On baseball. I have a website it's marginally functional. I. Had to experience you're also unchecked me Lovelace. And LA and yeah. You all option. William O Lovelace or Atlanta or gmail.com. And you knew we had an experience and as I sorrow or share with your arm my experience and happy to listen do what's her. Terry thanks so much for coming back on the show with a torn chat with you again. You saw last year and Rasheed are OK we got to go to break. Welcome back to wrap things up it's beyond me. Tonight thank everybody for joining us. Our guest tonight for being here it was went very very very quickly to very very fascinating guests. Tomorrow night doctor knowledge Charles Wright whom will be here to talk about the all time book. A fascinating facts it's beyond reality radio I'm Jimmie Johnson OC tomorrow night and. And don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson since it's. Only you don't really radios. Yeah you know start going to finish in the agency hello and anything sent inspectors will purchase most fellow actress and host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.