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Dr Ken Hanson discusses the Dead Sea Scrolls

Aug 16, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Dr Ken Hanson about his work researching the Dead Sea Scrolls and Biblical archeology. 8/14/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Or is there a list Tuesday. Now it's running your start somewhere in between a welcome you on really reviewing myself Jason Bosnia was. Some GB Johnson minute there I was like person voice coming from it's who is that streamers are nervously and that's been heard in a week. That's good to have you back when it's friend beat that man it's I mischief it's been a strange way it. It looks like it into the apnea could we have a great show tonight we're Douglas some cool stuff yes we. We've got to actor Ken Hanson who's a he's going to be talking about the Dead Sea scrolls. Also the mysterious copper scroll which was one of the Dead Sea scrolls on in addition to that we're going to talk about paranormal experiences of an ancient priestly class. Inter dimensional beings mysteries of biblical archeology and has the ark of the covenant survived history in time sound stuff right opera it is right upper rally and it sounds like the stuff of hood Indiana Jones movie there really this exit in Iowa and elementary and options like Indiana Jones read up created an infected doctor can Hanson's nickname is Jerusalem Jones. It's different so it's if he's got a little would Jones thing going there and do. Any if you look at his web site which will talk about a little later he actually wears the Fedora and leather jacket. Very much like Indiana Jones choice here snakes. That I don't know what gonna have to ask him if that's the Mets hats that they had to be snakes he had to be snakes if you're having him this year. It over to. FaceBook dot com slash beyond that reality elect FaceBook page forest. Then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can find all the stations we arron across the country. You can also download the free Smartphone apps which was listening live touchpad shows join Allen chat more. Or just anytime you want to listen right from the website relies. Just by clicking the listen lies tab in the separate hand corner. And you can also connect into an online chatter on hang out of the bunch Greek people in and so forth the downloads from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor Rita forced results bush afford makes it easier. People fight yet it's a great a great community of people to be involved with susteren Chad and keep track what we're doing on social media. Then he'll know things like on Wednesday night tonight we've got marks damage coming on. He is going to talk about the colts entities that watch over human destiny they're known as the Edgar course. Yeah that's what they're known us OK and Thursday will be talking to Tito. I'll bail reincarnation specialist it'll be talking about his new book the Mark McGrath on the parallel life. Which centers around the reincarnation experiences and centers around reincarnation experiences entry. Yes some good stuff coming up hey did you see that video that's gone viral. It's been circulating all over the Internet of what looks to be like command walking through the clouds. Near and we're gonna have to have Slaton right where was very sweet just I don't I saw it justice. It was sent to me I watched it and it is pretty spectacular if it's legitimate it's pretty spectacular some people think it's an image of god walking across the sky. And it is it's it's subtle and you have to watch it a couple times before you see it but eventually can see it. And I am hoping this slick and put it up on our FaceBook page so the people can go to they're be on reality radio. FaceBook agent and take a look at it because it's pretty cool at the Sonics say so they're definitely check out. Which Jenna don't over the weekend. Mom I did a lot of I'm cleaning catching up organizing. We've whereas the picket told you will you know this but I think I mentioned it on the air that have had some computer problems here in the studio suited are complicit she is windows I hit it's true. And I can deny that are very prompt on Mac arm but I did a computer swap out. Arms which on turned into a quite. A larger project an endeavor should be but that's again the nature of windows and you know you don't need me to plug computer and you should be able to turn on us are working on it. I plugged this computer ran and it took like eat I'll worse. For this thing to do all it's updates and all its in it was a brand new computer all it's everything and I'm like. Have other things need you don't know how long it's gonna take you're sitting there you know on the needed. Anyway if nothing my problems but that's been a good deal of time this week into an. Wilson Torre Maya miles M youngest daughter should say decided she wanted to. Garden do some investigations with the taps teams out there and they are doing if they were doing a fund raiser. And now and Medicare four. Breast cancer and things that so I'm it was at this. This anti ship so. It's sold that well randomly I just as you showed up with everybody there was great OS and all these fans a ghost hunters legislate. They have no idea I just knocked on the door locked in a there there are so I RL them for a little while it was good time. Grant it to it it's one of those things if I like seeing. My this is my third daughter and involved in the paranormal whose interest it. And so now she really wants to get all sorts on Abacha cases and to the my boys we'll see which how many of them out of three. Jump into the field been well under the three that you that you would need to right now why it's important but it's funny Torre this attorney goes as she says to me site and it's like two weeks deliciously. Do you think if if I put in application that is except me taps. A but I think she's gonna have not done yet and he I guess or maybe he just assume it happened so that I think she's definitely upped the budget to achieve did you hear on this is as opposed to weird things that mean I'm going on news first off. In of them British awful hunter. Who ended up passing when mysteriously Max Beers and he 39 year old the one that. They found his body berliners and Poland Poland that's one down and they hit harmlessly to leaders last. Blood before right but now there's all the sweet stuff going wrong with it where com gets his laptop. Was totally wiped before it was him and act and and to quote Hillary Clinton knew my with a clause yeah exactly you can just hear it all up and everything else but. Now so mom and who will storage talks about how that was clean and I was wiped. It is his cell phone seems weird things whose own words had gone on but. So and wells in December that's when sixteen record spears is terrorist buddy and vomiting blood Faried and all that other stuff op. The data to effortlessly made many enemies in this investigations. Authorities in Poland where mr. Spears' tending conference initially concluded the sudden death was due to natural causes. A message from this phone sent to his mother and dissipates before he died warned. Your boys in trouble if anything happens to be investigated. Well I guess is this time pre inquest and going on and went on part of it went on yesterday. The court heard from the spokesman for Max Mon Adam Taylor call from members of the polish emergency search services and so forth to appear as witnesses. Arm again this whole lot of weird things coming out now because again has his laptop was all wiped clean and it's been things done to this phone. And the China understand why even though he and his death is mysterious enough. And it and sending text messages to his mom saying these intra. Yeah I get extra really makes you wonder did you or did you mention it was a losing your goers so that he actually died for this been going on for awhile yeah it was I think it was a well over a year but yeah yeah so every year. And hide it's it's slow area and hopefully they'll eventually be some answers marks the end there's been a lot of mystery surrounding this whole thing and of course having him a pass away in Poland it doesn't make it any easier when you have those international borders to deal with other makes everything far more difficult to get answers. Yet that that that's something that needs to be the need to be some answers. Generally does and of course listen with a lot of things who's involved than he did he mean he made some serious enemies but. It is it opens a whole cannot arms and really start skin a little spooky when you find out. About the things as all as his laptop being pretty much Asia cleared of all the data and and things that you make you wonder why. Yeah we'll have to keep in mind that story by the way slick did get the video of the image walking through this guy. On the beyond reality radio FaceBook page if you haven't seen it check that out because it's pretty it's pretty darn interest Sam I'm curious as to what you think if you think it's acre. If this says something legitimate. On the checkout turned break and that's FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio again FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Our solar take a break in when we come back to bring doctor Ken Hanson into the program most are talking about the Dead Sea scrolls are you. Some GDP. Johnson so happy that you could listen to get a chance to look at that video I did that majority moment it's really. It's really. There. How how but the problem is sustaining since so much can be done with. Programs like Adobe aftereffects. And things like that so it has been a little worried and that and despite the fact it almost everything is true that you read on the Internet. Sometimes you have to be a little cautious as immigrant. Yeah. Have to be extremely cautious yet let's let's bring her guests in the program tonight we're talking with doctor Ken Hanson. He is the and author any researcher. His books include the Dead Sea scrolls the untold story and his website is treasures in time dot org. Ken welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on our program tonight. Good to be rescued from the University of Central Florida Orlando. That's a great place to be so it is a very it is a great place let's talk about the how you got to start what what did you develop your interest in these topics. And how did you get started and are started on a professional. There was a long and winding road I gotta say I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Normal little kid. Went to university of Illinois and studied history pre law curriculum going to be a lawyer. When it dawned on me gotta say one fine day you know it could just be the world had gone up warriors. I'd put it that I thought well we appreciate you think in that. Yeah exactly but up until well. OK if it's a miserable field and I've really am not about to be a lawyer wondered with the history degree supply. Down our. Our professors what we thought let's say you've got to zoom in there are you focus on one particular. Of history it's a broad tapestry. That whole world Israel what what are okay. And I'd just like buying intellectual curiosity take me word wanted to go. Am I wanted to go back to the very sea bed of western civilization and western thought and culture and if you're on that road. Did go in the league give back to the ancient Geary that where all began. We're talking about the ancient civilization boot Egypt and Mesopotamia. And lack in my little right hugging the eastern flank of the Mediterranean Sea with its ancient land called the land of Israel. And I was keenly interested in the back and forth interplay between ancient civilization doesn't. But applicable a little place where everything seemed to gel and come together. Gay burst of cultures of cultures in the west especially Judaism christianity Islam. Popped on the east bound plane for apology. Still a senior in college never before been out of the United States. Except that single afternoon in Tijuana. Is that true. And what myself down in the middle eat it and it from the middle of an entire culture. I found in the food everything totally foreign to me it was massive massive culture shock. Almost bailed out one hole but I Eckerd come halfway around the world study on a roll little little nondescript school or American. Nestled. Away on mount Zion can you imagine lived lived on about the fine. And threw myself in two of the study it a little institute called the American institute for only Latin but he got but it engineering history. But if we weren't just sitting in a library. We were out in the field all the time. Every week sometimes every day we're out rummaging around antiquity to an ancient archaeological site. And doing the real kind of an Indiana Jones up for the awaited Indiana general. And I just got the ball because you'll get over the culture shock anyway. And somewhere along the line during like first semester studying overseas. Can be explained how he group is taught in the modern State of Israel. I'm amazed a lot of people don't even know that he grew is that language of Israel it is a packet and a but they said look you if you want to really get into this study Hebrew and sent what the modern like orange yet. That modern language it hasn't changed. In 2000 or even 3000 years the only language in the world that hasn't changed but it. You learned a lot like what you do well with the ancient world and I cannot down. So I enrolled in a little. Program actually pretty good program sponsored by the Government of Israel can do immigrant covenant. And we're talking about Jewish immigrant could come from all over the world every country and all the language group. And that that did the amazing thing is all they care about is what more can you imagine if we let that attitude you can our institutions today. They'll they'll they'll that you agreed to one thing and they weren't interested in grammar linguistic and all the thought that we keep trooper here. Big it is virtually total. From day one the very first shot lol you got five hours a day five days a week. He broke. Now on yeah and after if you look at that beautiful winter at a hospital course of the do. Enemies and I'm assuming you ended up on the fluent side. Well I asked how I. We've got intoxicated by it because I realize I'm ordered an ancient yet modern language. And he's one of the few Americans over there who actually managed to do it I decide who might go in good. Speaking at moving it dreaming it. And so one day I'd like to test myself. And conductor just if you want to study able to get around and confrontation in the streets in some of the ninja rule. Pop on a city bus. Bound for and panic of the Israel museum of Jerusalem. Called the shrine of the book. And walked into it. And on you've got that huge central road Condo built supported sculpted concrete and the enormous gold. And that daylight. And smack in the center on the role loud boom really look that the war on the glass king. Is the complete book of the prophet you shut Yahoo!. We call him Isaiah. 2000 years old and ancient scroll this is one of the Dead Sea scroll and that the museum that would go help them. I walked up to this glass case. And there that this. Parchment is just a few months ago I would not. I'll he would struggle. Like I came to Israel and they make you bet good is if you went a step that thing. It would have been chicken scratch just if you want to go and look at it and I manage to make out the letters and start reading what. And I'll I'll never never forget I fell one package religious book itself out of apartment you know penetrated and to me. And the words read. Quote quote today and muted voice is public. Bobby Bowden probably would benefit shed in the wilderness particular book the way of the lord the ball. Yeah who bought a Bob if it got a little Angel got all that is that was written in big. Make. A password. In the desert. And I am reading the that the school. Well hey I think he left us with that we've got to take a hard break but yeah I mean that's great great place to finish off on how you'll listen adjacent. Sanford. Doctor Hansen this treasures in time dot org you should check that out he's got a number of books to his credit including a one they're going to be chatting about tonight why should probably chat about more than one but. The Dead Sea scrolls the untold story. And dad can I have to say you were you're describing how you kind of developed a log and an interest in all of this and one of the things you said was that you. You know we developed an interest in western civilization you went to the cradle of that civilization. Total people don't understand when they think about the holy land and they think about the history there they only think about religion but in truth. That is where. Most of the ideas that we take for granted were intimidated whether it was through religion or not it's still is the foundation of basically everything we think can do isn't it. You are so right on that exactly right. And it's it's not just about religion it's about culture about civilization between or. Jewish culture or civilization and western Christian civilization obviously. An awful it while it while it is directly wounded in this whole. Bubbling cauldron. That we called the ancient Neary. The world just would not be what it is today it's certain things didn't happen exactly when they did. As you're and who first told developing a fascination for the Dead Sea scrolls. You have learned Hebrew. I'm tell us a little about the Hebrew language because we've already established that it's an ancient language yet it's virtually unchanged from thousands of years ago. Yeah it's just remarkable is no language like get. On the earth it's just Semitic language and it's very forward to Arabic. The situation. And Arabic Islamic culture are. Really remarkably well people think Paula Jews and Arabs you just can't get along. My goodness these are kindred through little patient with kindred languages that. Arabic Hebrew going way way back thousands of thousands of years old he grew into a date. Everything in terms of the languages that are used today. Indeed language of the Bible of course for the books we believe these. It's difficult to know even how far back we can Trace it. That an academic issue like so many but certainly thousands and thousands of years and eat it has had a little bit of evolution over time. I kind of liken it to the difference between. England could be couldn't Shakespearean English end modern English. There are a few changes that you've beaten down they give all modern English you could probably handle Shakespeare made little oil. But it's the same language and that's about the difference between ancient biblical and did the scroll Hebrew and modern Hebrew. You live over there any modern Israeli could pick up that the text of the Bible that you can that does the bulk and that a lot with the like in the newspaper. Will spend an hour and a museum I had that a Tiffany involvement in the they didn't sub. With my eight acquisition of the language. Study all the way to PH knee. And earn it in Hebrew language and literature which which I accomplished at the university of exit off then. We can all Israeli faculty and that's a fanatic and never spoke a word of English Bulldog in grad school and if bill Bolling look trunk of our. Genetic studies program here in Orlando. But it's amazing when you realize how little that it all the language is out there have changed over time. But just how little of that language has really changed it to its true age as mine. And Derek another reason for that and that's because the Jewish people were conquered. There nation was destroyed. They were conquered over and over again the golden conquered them and eventually. They had to lead our land and we talk about the wandering Jews and indeed that's true the Jewish people have wondered all over the world. And they law. There are language in terms of the spoken language. They spoke Arabic they spoke Yiddish over in Europe and they only people who incredible intranet due to price. And it. Went into sort of the suspended animation of the language for 2000 years. As the Jews wondered over the fate of the year and was only route five around the turn of the twentieth century that another amazing story. It really want to land. Basically was responsible for replied in a dead language aimed at the is that big you would. And he he was a European who originally from Russia. Came to Palestine attribute got to have a common language and they laughed and nodded not. Why you guys are the type track speaking of Latin food aid in America and they were gonna reply Latin that was spoken language at the argued. And the sky didn't he blew and it became the modern spoken my entry to ancient biblical Hebrew can provide it started speaking it again. Ken let's talk about the Dead Sea scrolls because we're gonna find ourselves at a time there's so much to talk about. Give us the history in a nutshell of the what the Dead Sea scrolls are. Well we're talking a little of both when he essentially the year in 1947. Could the exact. And we. Talking geographically. About the lowest spot on the face of the year it's the lower part of the great. Drifted phallic. That stretches all the way from Lake Victoria the Africa in the foothills of of not alone in northern Galilee. It's a huge crack in the crowd earlier the fact just in the last few days the new part of the head of the rift has opened up in Africa she cracked. And we'll read the content of the splitting apart. At its lowest spot it's politically covered more than 12100 feet below the level of the Mediterranean freak. It exactly in that spot we find a saline Salt Lake. Called the Dead Sea it's the natural border between the modern State of Israel and the kingdom of award. 12100 feet below sea level. And 1947. And we've got it better when Sheppard lab wandering around out there wouldn't block and go. To broker there. When wanted to go get missing from the rest. There's this little kid don't know that a where the growth has gone and you start. Rummaging around through every nook and cranny up and down the western shore of the dead the open it edit sort of desert caved and looked confer and grow. And didn't find anything. Start Rolling Stone to eventually into the cave entrance to. A look of up on the court. There's old rim of shocking borrow click on the western flank of the dead the girl don't end of one cave entrance after another big rock Lincoln hill. It'll frightening parable of the newly opened. Billy kind logo doesn't scare anything out of the case buddy here is something inside a KE. It sounds like something breaking or cracking. Something blinking in the air and he called himself halfway up. The side of the court and squeeze it through a very narrow Kagan good news and you got to think of Indiana Jones to go to can't make it up. We've been through there and find themselves staring at a whole roll of big earth and where pottery jars. Leaned up against the cave wall. And his own has impacted one of them and that was it. Cracking trial that he hurt. You start trying the lid off a boat yards one after the other and there are all empty cup one. Pry the lid off a one jar. And deep inside is it big bundle of something called all rolled up to cover local without. Some sort of cloth material there's no what it is the Bible all the others on the clay jar you really worried about desert gold who doubled to a cap but these. We doesn't really high tailed it out to the Apollo eleven walked go back with better when campsite. They pull away before action covered. And are confronted by. Several pieces look crumbling dictating. Parchment. Cover local with the chicken scratch sort of writing in the Camry. There are what they. They're native tongue is Arabic. And even though it effective language Hebrew UE you know Arabic in UW can't read it who did what they count and into the ancient evil. This roll it up again the incident will burlap sack immediate dangling from the hole. At bat the beginning of the crowd that all the good he will they wander for weeks you will need that the Judeo. Liberal act. The first that he will eventually make it to. A little problem called law have heard about Lance. And find a little. Arab shopkeeper. By the name of how little. They fell. The parchment to Congo. And then they take off another shock people look at a Arab shopkeepers began rehab either. And he had to up to Jerusalem and find a and archbishop in the Syrian orthodox church. I think it's a one for the world these cultures and religions come together to slow it only trigger a couple that together right. And pound on the door of this. Monastery. And the archbishop beaten. And now the Arab shopkeepers felt the first did he scroll to the archbishop. The archbishop looked out and they can't read it. They're essentially. Did emissary contact a Jewish professor. In what she Jerusalem with the 1947. And the city is the idea in the on the brink of Israel's war of independence is a big. Ugly no man's land through the middle with landmines. Lou there and in fact one of my buddies lost his leg 21 of the land mine. And he was real. And on and the professor. The Jewish professor now being that emissary of the archbishop. At a checkpoint between the western world and he didn't and the global tribal. Little that the department material covered with ancient Hebrew the ring and he looked at it either agreed. The first person you didn't get blown away weeks old are older than any other part would you ever seen. As bad beginning of what becomes a ten year are fond of discovery. Troubled older taken United States they're put on display in The Library of Congress they try to sell them for one million dollars. And nobody dies. In in the end another Israeli. Professor. And political figure a military guy also is in the United States and manages to body. Several of these schools in the US brings them back to Israel. And the whole saga just evolved over the next ten years and we got a whole library now. Of ancient document 2000 years old. From the days of GDP John the Baptist in the Romans good king Herod and didn't we got a whole cast of characters storyline. We've got entire book on loan to the world until. 19471948. It's a phenomenal story. Woman crazy thing is I know some of them actually being sold to classified ads. And one. Please call eight acre petrified ad in the Wall Street Journal back in the US. And it can be archbishop he did it because he couldn't find anybody willing to pay a million dollar. In the Middle East you ask from inflated ridiculous price and and you start bargaining. Here in the US we think OG up and up the propaganda that or how to target yet a let them. The Old City of Jerusalem that a lot of bargains and classified ad. At the wall street journal of all places. And that's when the Israeli professor vehicle body discovered that classified ad. And the the professor than that he guy and yet the need and not a military commander in the yellow what they did Israel visiting in the US. That of accord in the Middle Eastern regional problem bargain. And he manages to buy the first war of the dead bolt not for a million bought a quarter billion to under control while. Which product could change back in the early 1950s which. He he's ecstatic he brings them back to the fledgling State of Israel and eventually they build that great will conduct. Trying to the book mutiny in the eyes and a walk and in two years later. Well and somehow we lost the ability to hagel I think that's a sudden the key thing and there aren't so we gonna take a break and a lot more to come. He listened to Jason GE MB honor alien radio. Already crying products taste it's her best director candidates are. We are going to get in a very serious discussion about the Dead Sea scrolls and other biblical RP archaeological wonders and I've got ashy Ken. When it when the Dead Sea scrolls. For small. It's hard to understand this is a collection of not just rolls it's a lot of people fret earth in a paper pursue a bit of parchment. And papyrus fragments. What percentage. Of the material has actually been able to beat red. Translated in understood. Pretty much all of that at the moment. They're lying about a number of more or less complete scroll. Some damage but some. Almost perpich like that I'd say at school but I first there not 66 chapters long beginning to end completed in prior. And there are a number of other more or less complete role in that great. Israeli museum and to this day but then. There weren't another. Let's call it the mother of all caves discovered a few years after the original fine. Because when they did when the batter when Shepperd first found both the original goal. It was like a mad dash to comb every nook and cranny up but now the western shore of the dead the uncle of the great school lunch that I could see how much more they could try. In one case in particular would discovered and afraid not archaeologist. But again by the better with great student could get their first. Cocaine number four. The started out as. Complete school. But they were buried it in the war vet even covered over with and the couple have been bought and just what they're for 2000 years. And you can imagine what happened to during the 2000 years they crumble. So rather than nicely inscribed. Scroll we've got hemmed up on conclude thousands of little tiny pieces. A woman no bigger than a postage stamp or thumbnail. And because the better went out to not be archaeologist. They just started pulling that up out of the ground a big handful of optimism there burlap sacks and off they sped. And eventually. The government of Jordan paid. Two dollars and fifty cent street square injured material that would turn in and the told the betterment started telling these pieces for the government of Jordan. And they housed all of these in the basement of a different museum called Rockefeller. And tried to piece them together over the next forty years. For a long decade. And nobody could even look at that for four decades and all kind of speculation arose what the hiding in America out of mystical secrets that taught. It's the world's biggest trickle up uncle. And at this point we can read. Virtually every tiny peek. Of those parchment but the trouble is they're all broken. And is we don't know where they came from or what ordered the bill. And what good is a word nerd awards Derek in because the other until that work we will go on either within the last few months. Eight team of Israeli. Scholar who managed to piece together 62. Of those tiny pieces to basically reconstruct. Yet another Dead Sea scroll and that's what goes on continued. OK we don't have time to get into much more here we've got about thirty seconds we have to take our top of the hour break but I do have another question. And when we get back we're gonna can do so much more detail about all of this but are there more scrolls to be found in your opinion. Op. And there is. Absolutely. Maybe. And don't know. If not impossible just that is what we think that everything they. Could be found had been found in nothing more out there. Some well know. Some tunnels that show up our our guest is doctor Ken Hanson. And a lot more to come in the next hour loosened Jason GD Dioner Ellen revealed. Wait a minute. Pub where we are to haggle. I've got to get what you begun and I am not comfortable doing do you want to do but I. Want to do. This blog our goal. And I cold all right. I don't want trying to act. It could not you tell me that's what twenty shekels and look at it real equality that is don't you can't buy out in nineteen it out that can't take puffed. We'll tackle public use his words not taint is definitely plenty I would did I. Come up hagel. Or a TV Ted small block that hey I'm trying to insult me and even a poll I don't think about my strengths are out that hit it. I don't you brought you that it's cost me twelve tournament and make something out. So I wanted to be on reality radio it's Monday on the last Tuesday on the east. Did that that's not declared a regular throw little lemon there but I don't or from a haggling. You know it's it's that's the funny thing her guest doctor Ken Hanson mentioned that when boo when things are discussed about you know buying buying or selling in the Middle East it's expected that till hagel and Monty Python did his skit. In the movie life of Brian that address that specifically and as they do so it a debt believed they had kind of poked fun. At whatever culture they were you know making a sold out in that case it was the middle is so that was that was pretty appropriate. Well it's funny because they were younger course he settled flea markets and stuffing out of and you'd walk up to the table somebody's saying I'm 110 dollars this and you. Never felt proper setting this thing I'll give you eat it fairly you can cure insulting them via an incidental but that's not how it is when you get overseas yeah I have to tell you. Mrs. my grandmother who immigrated from Italy in nineteen ready after World War II with my grandfather. Dishes and barely spoke English very mild mannered woman you know just spent her time in the kitchen that's basically all she did I went to Italy with her one summer. And suddenly the haggling monster was unleashed should be on an every street corner should buying fruit. Haggling for everything I've never seen a woman hagel more than my grandmother did when she was in her native it's. It's their version coupons yes it's mine it's written my grandmother my grandmother would do that as well but it would be more she'd find every day and can in the crush restore. And Jacob every Ellington and again and be like this is ninth in this is eighty something cents I'll give you fifty. And it was insane then they know how to do an uninitiated but she say so much money shouldn't be coop. Straight and how to get it done welcome back to the program everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason NGV. And our guest tonight is doctor Ken Hanson and we've been talking about the Dead Sea scrolls and there's so much to cover here. And ten and one. Kind of back up our. Story here just a little bit because there's still some important information for us understand what these squirrels are and that is who wrote them and when they written. Now that is quite a question. Quite a question local and it is of this street and remain so today. The dominant idea among archaeologists had scholars is that you have an ancient mystical. Don't the scenes at the scene was sort of auction group in the ancient world so that. What was going on in Jerusalem and in the great temple that they're the most days we all long all the tribal. And we need to get away from all of that. We've got a strange mysterious character who is described over and over the scroll but that would give that they. He's just called the teacher of life should. That he sure why should he keep that kind of a big political character dropped all in quite. I think a rare as a nation will be one can open. Under to understand the scroll. Go watch Star Wars and best way to do it. Good and evil light and darkness the force of the dark side of all the book that caught on out of the middle of the Jordanian desert. 2000 years ago. And that the future of righteousness. Who believed that the Jerusalem would defy old. Has brought his own walk over the Eiffel. I'll into the middle of nowhere. The country even read the truck at a tea where it has prepared the way in the world that in the desert prepare the way. And he takes a look early and if you're in Jerusalem. You live there you go where the desert that you go do we. And you could see it stand up on the non apology look you can eat and eat the dead heat shivering thought that the could you head straight. Into the desert and that's what this guy did he took control of the fight or out there and basically created and alternate fry it in the middle of nowhere. Eagerly awaiting the messianic age. Now what effect called the green personally I agree with that designation but. No way do they call them so we are obviously. As we don't know for sure. I think they're an auction actually. An even earlier group that I called a visionary and nobody heard this group. But this goes way back into biblical times this is a group of people controlled shortened from the establishment of you can even back in the geek King David key element. But they work eight priesthood that would showed a side. And we do read that in the Bible they could appointed to high creature what little it would kick the way by Solomon. And did they went off could be got in detention with what was going on in the regular preach it and this group called the visionary. Began to cultivate. Believe it or not paranormal experience. And they began to write downs the vision that you to pull revelations. Over centuries. And I think that that boot boot visionaries then evolved into the particularly. Out of the Dead Sea. Looking at the end of the world and they believe on that from the look forward to come any day at the end of the world would take place at any moment. And to begin in writing down their paranormal experiences. Ian many of the school. It's it's unbelievable the whole library we never knew that the. Now these experiences were they communications. With the other side that they were being told. Apparently. No no but one gripe that I have with modern scholarship. As a scholar Michael is that we're not crippled negated that. You know we're just supposed to deal with literature or one more. An apology we never are allowed to ask what. These people might have been experience. When they get fabricating all the equity leading making you know the experiences they had with the other five did you call. Oh where they liar and basically what did they really have a kind of experience we're not supposed to go there but I think we ought to go there. And when we looked at some of what they wrote. Clearly not what's going on the outlook on they produced for example my favorite of all of the dead in school. Is a tech that had to beat pieced together troubled not attract them. And on that it would sound horrible case. We also found an identical copy on top of a lucky black hole but held out against the Romans from may have heard it called the fraud. And it's out there and all of in the middle of the word the desert and got two identical copies of the same did see lol. And it's called the phone and tablet sacrifices that the oldest. Expand. Example. Of Jewish but the truth of which today we call Khobar now or cabala. The people all of Madonna is a. Jewish bid the has been so difficult that. And big described. Paranormal and cattle there as well they didn't they call these being Angel. But I've got my own translational. At that point the text right in front of your. So. The you indifferent to the mystical tech it's called the salt of fabric sacrifices that they didn't feel school not in the Bible you wearing your Bible. An unknown tech. And here's what we read. While they are soaring aloft and murmur of voices is heard. And the listing of their wing didn't do it accompanied by a clamor of joy at all. It is the murmur of Angel let things get this picture area like thrown. A ball in the firmament. Of the charter have been. While they themselves. From being local police with the war really dwelled goal of cleaning enjoy the song. Blunder of the radiant expanse. Radiant a span. Mystical beings. Some kind of inter dimensional beings they called an Angel. Or that we have eight Sharia like little. And debt became the very center of mystical speculation. From ancient times right down to the present day. It's called America how hot. This is the chariot drone. And it's amazing thing is in the modern Israelis are living right on top of the Bible. And most Israelis are not particularly religious minded. But everybody knows the Bible we know they're injured tactic speak the same language and incidentally the Israeli battle pink today but any in the world mind you it's called the Barack Obama. And it's named after this mystical chariot role that we all find in the book of Ezekiel. Which a lot of people think you described a US. Forward prouder of them guide it Sherry at like rolled it Electronica. And now I'm reading it control. Whenever the queen of action arena our emotions. Angels. The people are inter dimensional being. Identification dark to control all around the between the war he wheeled like fiery operations. And they are most holy spirit. Looking like stringing a wire. In the light that the British model. Or a lustrous where quoted Lou wouldn't garment. Radio wonders. Were going to try this glorious wonderful area. Think about that. My own. While we actually have to take a break here but when we come back pertinent to continue our conversation with doctor Kent Hance and visit his website treasures in time. Dot org. One of the books that he's got featured there is Dead Sea scrolls the untold story there are many many other books so to his credit a lot of work lot of research but a fascinating material and if you have a. Question for us or doctor to enhancing give us call at 8446877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. Elicited Jason GP Dioner Eleanor you know. Casey Casey karma. 8446877669. We're talking with doctor Kent Hance and his website is treasures in time dot org and Nick Cannon gonna tell you we already need to Reese they're not reschedule but. Scheduled view again because we had a list of topics that we're gonna go through with you. And I'd we've I don't think we've gotten through the first one yet and each one of these topics could clearly be a whole program unto itself. Yeah I think your height. There's a whole lot to talk about. And of course scholars. Spend their entire life digging into the stuff. I like to say you cannot make these things up and you know the old Latin truth is stranger than fiction and get the true. We have. Just a couple minutes here ten before we have to go to another break sadly but. Oh when we talk about the Dead Sea scrolls with history changing or history confirming. That's a good one. They change history in the San. That a lot of people in the ancient world delete these visions and these revelations and they are we believe that they were in the the end of days that the and the woods near personally I think he's dead a character by the name of job. Some people call him John the Baptist with a member of the ancient sectarian movement. And how do you suppose all of that changed the world in fact even if wild look. May be rooted in two in a lot of the thinking. Of distinction effect Judaism christianity and Islam this is a bubbling cauldron that produced all the that your religion but. Culture that dominate the western world for the day. Absolutely history changing in that sense but in another offense did the world land. Re not not yet and it. Well and of course there's news is misconceptions. Mr. readings and all of that but this is the fundamentals that everything else pretty much just. Coronet current came out. Exactly exactly and he anyone understand the school look at star war. You've got these duality these. Unseen forces of good and evil light and darkness. It in the world court the dark side they call themselves and track the sun don't like. From Dwight worry the members of this group and everybody felt it was not a member when you don't have the content of dark. Little little wake of growing your cube by the way but it only our our little group we've got all the answers them all the knowledge and all these guys only out. Can be dangerous. And when you on asserted to dig into these tax and you were. Understanding them did you cope with the same. Types of conclusions and understandings that it accepted. Academia had at the time. Well I'm trained it's a traditional Judeo scholar blood drew days ago. Color of the Jewish world. Now Dick. And basically I do up the hypothesis. That this group which called BC. But what is that there are all kind of debate could counter or debate. There are many who think these these were not be saying they would follow a group maybe they weren't zealot or maybe they were ancient Agassi's. And whatnot. And the better how do we understand the impact of them what about Jeter but that or what would you get relationship but all end is that both. Scholarly opinion is all over the place and we have the treatment at our own viewpoint regarding. So yes I accept. Most of the scholarly opinion but there's a lot of my own views as well. And not to mention an effect so there's the whole angle the scholarship that would that would get into what with the experience with the wonder. These are paranormal. Experience to encounter and we can't talk about that we can't speculate what was going on in their head or no we just deal with the. Especially when yeah of course just deal literature book to understand the people need to understand. Things are writing as well. You bet ya it at all we'd together. The experience to what they do right now where they fabricating this where they just make ended up where were they telling tall pale it'd come down to him. Or did bring out some kind of oh I caught paranormal and honor. Where there are whole group of people like all of the visionary tour actively cultivate it. Omelet spirit. Why because they were the outsiders. They didn't control the temple they didn't controlled Jerusalem. They were shoved aside and so they began to look for other means of forty. Spiritual or paranormal empowered they started to cultivate along the. All right and with that we're gonna take quick break a lot more to come to listen to Jason GB Dion though. I've seen the show. Jason GPS test tonight doctor Ken Hanson. And we're gonna quickly Iran time we're gonna get to some phone calls in just a moment tussaud's you've got to hold please be patient. Ken at what point did you get the nickname Jerusalem Jones I love it. Well actually a friend of mine WB Jerusalem's old guy I've been going around drew years and years. Given talks and well of course as an author I gonna be book signing could do talks presentation can actually tell the story of the dead heat school. We get to this story to actually have the story of discovery and then we have the story of the teacher right just that the group would that cycle and the ancient world. But I would tell the story and and one day I put on after the war right but I did try to Universal Studios has tried to Orlando. An Iranian Indiana Jones adored the adult story somebody called me Jerusalem's old in the name. That's Kevin's got to be an honor. Yeah. It it's purple are listened to the phone lines this is CJ calling from Rhode Island he CJ welcomed the show. What TJ but that's OK I love Jason Jason javy your great so wonderful people I'm glad for a chance to talk to doctor Hansen. And I get to first question first comment really is. What you're mentioning of that passage regarding the Harry for loan and voluminous. I don't know what you wanna call it appearances around at that sounded very much like a poetic primitive description. What occurred many times on the US post so tight here which is. One large ship. And dancing from a distance you would somehow get lots of small boom of the objects coming out circling it basically dancing around that. So exotic and interesting thing when he said that. Yeah it reminded me very much of that but again it's from a a poetic. View from a a primitive person. You know prospective. And the second one was. Considering and touching on knocked it says of some like state attorney at the Antioch Korman and Dirk. At any body. Given that there view of and Cilic creation and powers convert Jews regarding humanity has anyone that you know a lot or have you yourself. Done it investigation. Or point comparison. To see how much of this derives from the series that were. Basically. Formulated recently and put forward by exactly right if that should regarding the N and hockey. On the bit guardians Kamerion. We'll let you down a lot of debt there. A lot like try to take the first question. Which well again. A separate comment regarding any update to carry on it won't Antioch. The way it came across when you were saying it that sound it's me very much like a modern day description of the UFO. And I got it oh yeah it does sound like a modern day description of state you level. Again chablis scholars are not supposed to go there I don't wanna be I know that I'm glad television don't like how they could I get a chance to talk with some of your house. Or prevent something like that not are you roll your right and they definitely have a way he might have a nice. Yeah yeah exactly exactly and and I think it's too bad. The decode some things. Is going on. I think beyond physical reality. It is if all you how is just. Science. He's the material world and you acknowledged nothing else. Well there's a whole lot of human experience that we can't explain what you do with Paula that. Ashley Robinson expressed my son has actually only hazardous to eat. Of all to be on the opal late cycle naw. Named in the cannot. Apparently the cattle. Who. Is noted commonalities. As a scholar until all through history. The bit between what people record. And bought her experience it and we'll call you rebels. And his idea is in the draft or was. And that the US hole you represent. Oftentimes it's out operational kind of villain aerial. Hope in something beyond. Our own experience. And it can pretend it felt across crimes in different ways. In different ways as. Out of spite or Angel or old or Mike good it's in the Greek world that we had. Come on to lure in touch with another reality. And we shouldn't just dismiss all of that. But we all these liners or would they really weren't in public but different cultures experience from the phenomenon in different weight. And the modern iron and one policeman of the material objects and we call the new levels. Now are these visitors from other one written back. We can't bear. Laurie hill and the other one or two regarding the on cannot keep theories with Zacharias that's it when you have people like. And hander and then the other not expect go around talking about. The intermediate powers for choose whatever. And now the there instrumentality. In the creation of humanity. Because that is there anybody you know or have you ever done some investigative cross comparative research into some Marion religious beliefs that make. Crossover would be a basis for this the out of state. Yeah I Hal. And I think there is crossover there is you go over in fact we find the term unlucky mentioned in some of the literature. Even beyond the dead equal there were entire book. And that the Dead Sea scroll affect loved the book like. Drew believed and that never made it into our Bible. Monaco the Whitman has admitted it destroyed the plot. And on and hockey are mentioned along with a mysterious clash cold bowl watchers and yet are we trying bleed over with those beasts from Marion mythology. At an I think there's. Something to. Now as far as fiction when it fell is concerned I think we got to be a little bit careful we start speculating about rove want it. Could you don't want to disconnect our rationality entirely. And I'm not an expert in astrophysics but I'm told that are little plant like that really couldn't couldn't function could. The interest in orbit. Doesn't that I have to leave it alone but but in terms of of the other bit that the American part of that the that shook a bit. And you mentioned knocked at the them all these things bleed together. That because of the intermediary intermediary. Hours. And that are bitch meaning humanity and the design. Loral with cal water that. In modern society that that's what parents in the cabinet that'd be a global exchange there used to be Shyamalan had the ancient Greek world would mediate between the physical world the material world of the spiritual world. And now we don't have those guys have an individual we could have looked ultra right. TJ thank you so much for the phone so we just don't have enough time to keep going on this particular one a conversation bit of we appreciate your comments and your very insightful questions. We only have a few minutes left with you can wanna ask you about the copper scroll because. Although the work of the Dead Sea scrolls. It's a bit different it's gut. Different characteristics different messages different. Language kind of explain what the differences are and why it's important. Yeah out there which one scroll completely different from all of the other. He scrolls are compose and they're written on parchment material actually it's called columns are fallible which would give you a Kosher animal in the same material used to make oral scroll today that we find in synagogue. That's what they're good people were composed on a couple of one. Only one that we found in a separate K this one by the archaeology at. It's content worth pals didn't cheat sheet of very pure highly refined copper. And then one sheet of copper was riveted into the neck into the net. And it would migrate to operate with valuable. They ruled that into the scroll. It was. Forgotten about the cave entrance petroleum. In antiquity. And talk about that Indiana Jones Jerusalem don't they had to dig through. McCain but a lot cave entrance to get in there and there they found the proper. School they could a little. It hit the dice in antiquity he'd gone dribble they had to lie at. In the little park can you imagine the only way to get the thing open and and through all the letters are in the process but finally they got a law. In the open and began to translate it transcribed it I look at myself in the original Hebrew. And it is amazing. It hit in the territory. And inventory. Of buried treasure. You could not make itself. Over 200 tons of gold and older and country created artifact of the sacred temple in Jerusalem with. Location. Where they were buried. In Jerusalem and in the wilderness of Judeo. And what can you imagine when he archaeologists stumbled upon that's fine they dropped everything they ran out of the that would metal detector trying to find. And to date not a Trace of the treasure ever calm polite. And the question remains did somebody find it some where along. The history. But that's a whole lot of bowl the fine how can we have a record of any such. With the whole thing just hope somebody line YY and tried to tripping into it she could copper. Or is. The treasurer bill. Of who they need to be Trout and I have a friend a friend of mine. Who he is an amateur archaeologist in his own right. And he's actually as we speak. He surgeon at fort. Well season insurgents were. Now beat that you think there are clued in the copper scroll the did admit thread. And it did that he thinks he's got an ankle on where the actual contents. Might be. And he's not ruling out the ark of the covenant. Does that have. Tell him anything you do with the copper school project. At act actually it goes yeah. Yes so are you talking in general are your took a little bit are you talking about Jim Marshall there's someone at some yes I sure am I'm talking about gender card in my. Okay yeah because. To his theories are urban middle bit controversial but what is going on with the Israeli government and their. The lack of its willingness. To allow people to excavate tuned to see if these things are there. Yeah I depends who you talk to there are point is that the and that. You need to be as qualified archaeologist if you're gonna do this kind of research. And you need to get an institution behind you and archeology department behind Google and beat already think that the and much excavation has already been done in the region so let's just leave it where that. And when it come seek out on guard series I have some problems with gender identification as well you know that. Of the Republican edited the original Hebrew and quite see and what he would. My opinion is look what is the problem with the what do we have to move it. I didn't hit it in June of this article that I'm the first one will spend up there and at duke falling a bit. Well you know a bit this is controversial stuff and of course. We're dealing with the mine field in the Middle East and geopolitics. Come into play here in an uncanny way the only. Part of the world were archaeology and geopolitics. On the front pages the papers are all intertwined. Can. Do you let's let's change topics just a little bit although it's related. I hear. It's not hard to believe that there are these things or many other things treasures. Whether there financial treasures are just archaeological treasures. Still buried still waiting to be discovered it was just reported in Egypt that it and other sphinx was. Uncovered during construction project these things are seemingly lost to history. Buried all over the place but let's talk about the ark of the covenant for a second. Do you think A there is a literal ark of the covenant and do you think B it's still hidden somewhere for us to find. A I think there was a literal arc of the covenant I think there was a little trouble even that is debated. By scholars and by the way there's one side in the modern political conflict that denies there even one as a Jewish temple. It in the city of Jerusalem that's where did you political very incendiary. I think it exists but I think it was there it was walk industry it just wasn't mentioned anymore we don't know exactly what happened to. But we have and extra biblical text. We've got the bulk of Mac could be which never made it into the Bible that I looked at the Jeremiah. Actually. Took the art out of the city when it was about to be destroyed Biden Babylonian city it is in the eighties. Out in the desert dunes and even in the desert. Is it possible that those alien baby with a fallen entrance. Is the resting place of the ark of the covenant we're told but it where about will only be repealed at the end of the eighties. So is it possible. I wouldn't rule anything out wide release of that well. It's really uncanny to 86 survived from antiquity. Including the dead beat school go to the questions like this to light at all and that the arc where ever found it would be port can be great. Discovery ever made. Bard rob. I'm I'm not holding my breath to be honest because things are destroyed didn't equity. Warrior or fountain. Pretty much sold off secretly and so yeah yeah. What's next in this in this. Effort to not only understand what we have here in the form of these Dead Sea scrolls but also maybe continue to search for additional answers. What do you see is the next steps and what would you hope for. It's just more digging is that what we need to do. We need more escalation. Yup and we still have fragment that as we speak are attempting to be pieced together. I mentioned 62 tiny fragment that we're just if you want to go finally released that piece together. So we still have more to learn those particular fragment talked about the be comfortable old new or ill and knew why it and these are to be a couple days that this never came down to what the duty of the what are they about what they need to know that all the mentions a solar calendar which is the usual good in the Jewish world eagle lunar calendar. So it's that kind of thing not not to mention a continuing discussion about the relationship of geez it's. Would that that did he know about them. Some people think he was one of them. I think John the bat that's what I don't think Jesus what the bigger the scholarly kind of work that continues to go on and there are entire conference with international conference that the continued on the Dell. Are we're gonna try to squeeze one more question from a caller in here but we only have a very very short time here. Randy from Indiana hey you're on the program you've got a few seconds here body. Okay again did you ask the city there's no arbatov god buried about a letter big board. About they are up about Arctic. You your connection isn't too good but I yeah I don't think I saw that when the voter you're right what was the name of the program Randy. I got out of the job. And I'm like oh good god I've heard and it I can't look cold and it did a lot of people a lot of although documentaries and gone about the arc. Because purported Internet that's bit bit later product ever you guys states government. And it talks about America told Bob Butler has. A complicated oh. No interest in. Actually commitment that busters or reconstructed an arc of the cut at. Just approved adequate and try and generate electricity. Hey Randi thanks for calling sorry it was so late in the program we just we have to look too good just to run a time and the same thing with few can we decide it's time but we're gonna have to have you back. I mean you got so many great looks so many great topics. Sound good. Nugget and I want to invite people with a look at my YouTube channel I have an entire YouTube trends that go to YouTube type in Canada and Americana and could. What I'm doing is creating entire video. Series entire like many TV episode I'm doing at the university about making a bailed the public. And I've got the thing on antiquities. Are you the Jewish culture on the Dead Sea scroll of course. And even the Holocaust major debt Cooper at the and all the free you can go there you didn't want to you can download them on your own. And out I don't well over proudly followers now so check it out and follow. That's personally I make so much for coming and hang analysis and and we look forward avenue on again at some point soon our organization quick break we'll be back to wrap things up in just moments beyond me. For joining us don't think. His website its treasures in time daughter that's treasures. In time. Dot org and also look him up on you to what you are saying is I was checking out some videos earlier and he's got some great videos of Eric explain a lot really really make you think so but this in a pretty much do a frustration head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and elect FaceBook page for us. And had to be under really radio dot com final stations we aired across the country can download free Smartphone apps. And so much more Sheehan a feud talent show from iTunes or anywhere most of us a favor and just read it forced results bush or makes it easier for people defiant. Mean she tune in tomorrow on the rest of the week that some great shows lined up you listen GC GG beyond reality radio until tomorrow. And it's. Taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's studio then yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason host hello and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio de radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.