WWL>Topics>>David Race discusses his blend of comedy & the paranormal > Then John Kuykendall talks about his research into bigfoot

David Race discusses his blend of comedy & the paranormal > Then John Kuykendall talks about his research into bigfoot

Aug 23, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to David Race about his podcast that blends comedians with paranormal. Then John Kuykendall talks about his search for bigfoot and other paranormal phenomenon. 8/23/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Wednesday unless there's and the policeman you're stuck somewhere in between we'll. And we are really redo myself Jason Lawson he always awesome cheek Egypt's. So I don't know what have an I don't know somebody sent out in a note and said send TV stuff I don't know what the deal Liz. But I get a package today is taking no thankfully nobody ever got in mind that if you cut this a little concerned about that. But idea I get a package I opened the dot. And I got news of one of those electronic. Is looks like a tennis racquet bug zapper things. Because occasionally has flies but some of those for Steve buzzing around the studio I got one of those. I got skin cream because attended each my skin a lot apparently. I got lit bomb because I tend to put lip balm on because I like soft supple lips. I got and spreads there's no comment there from Europe are going to be on we are you aware family show. I'd I got orange slices those little candied orange slices which everybody knows I love. And when I went on I get bunny ears the bunny ears I have no idea I think they were earns attended for huge day I'm not sure but I have been here for. Com OK I eat. I'm happy that you you'd get these great gifts and I want to thank oh our good friend and listener toll for that wonderful care package that was really really thoughtful. That was very very sorry that path and I don't think he whatever I just don't tell me when you get my well actually on the show elements I law. This if he needs yeah I will say that the the million dollars didn't come today you know the winner and asked for less discerning and yet he got one half the show and banana as well going to be unrelated to everybody it's Jason and -- Johnson if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page forest. That had to be on reality radio dot com. He find old station that we Aaron across the country that was has constantly being updated so check it off and you can also download free Smartphone apps. Which allows you listen live touchpad shows on the go. We're just listening night and now we're live right from the website just click the listen lies tab in the upper hand corner. No connecting or online chat room great bunch of people and can listen right hairline and on the lips. Yet it's a great thing a great resource really to listen to the program. Under a couple things in the news or wanna touch on briefly by the way. Two we've got to gas coming on the show tonight our first guest will be David race he's a comedian and a paranormal enthusiast he's. Done some podcasts in the paranormal taking unique perspective on the topics that we talk about so we'll have him on the first part of the program. And then the second part of the program John kite in dolby who have bid deal gives us he's an author and a paranormal quick did investigator who are we talking about his work. In hunting for big foot. But there is a a candidate for congress. And this doesn't happen very often. In Florida. You know the story oh I am I on the retirement of on the news early and and it showed my news well. She she has claimed that today she's actually communicated with the aliens throughout her life and inaction and one point extra trash rolls actually visited her. And she's sort of been called a strong candidate and has a good chance of victory in Florida in their district she's end. But I love to have more on the shuttle I would love to have her come on and tell us what her experiences were. Think they're pretty or Africa and I'm. Maybe they told her how to fix this stinking world. I would think that if she's got a aliens communicating with her she might have some resources that she could use an Election Day I don't know I mean I'm not saying it's fraud I'm not saying anything like that I'm just saying you know they must have some kind of resource developer campaign. Maybe like a big laser to force study it for weeks. And at the death rate the diaper and I saw independence yet that's resident and they told me edible for somebody I would go to human interest an idea that's a good point. Mobile suit I asked slick to see if we get a hold of this this woman her name is. Ileana rose let teams let I don't know Latin ands or something and make it's really sure how to pronounce it. But either way it would like ever on the program. If she doesn't get abducted again. What's it I mean she's got him survive through Election Day by the way to some some not so great news. I'm not really sure how this plays out but life expectancy has declined in the US in the syllabus is a kind of return of fortunes for. Developed countries. We've seen increasing life expectancies throat of developed world food from many many decades and for the if one of the first times ever we've seen that change and life expectancy is now declining. In incumbent in countries with high incomes. On partly because of the effect of the open you wait epidemic. Really it's that. That's here. It's our annual there's a big problem but it's affecting younger adults and when those younger adults die from that addiction or overdose of whatever whatever happens to be. Obviously that has an impact on life expectancy but the bigger problem here is the open your problem itself. It has reached epidemic proportions. And it is something that needs to be dealt with because it is destroying a lot of our youth. And we I'm we've been seeing a lot of it there in little Rhode Island as well as well as all these other states out there and it's scary scary thing there's just a picture posted not too long ago on online of a father who. Would pretty much had an overdose he charms awful in his car was just kid in the backseat and it pulled over and thank god he pulled over but. We count showed up kid was still in the backseat and they they ended up having to get father shot but it's just terrifying people just. He is bad enough when you do that but when you do it may have a child molest you your children. There realms I guess that's the problem with the addiction the addiction becomes the most important thing in your life and everything else suffers because of that and usually starts with some type of a prescription pain medication and turns into something far worse than that so. If so if you're one of those folks who I'm thinking you know that knows somebody in your family that has. That kind of problem you really need to seek help before we come sunk. Catastrophic. Absolutely so while back to our gotten I don't write anyway that you got all those great guests agreed that nothing and I mean let's share plus I didn't say wouldn't you if you said the number it's truth I don't have to but are so we're gonna take a break a lot more to come Millicent GC GG beyond really radio will be back after this. Agree with Jason JB thanks to everybody for being here enough to get a convergence of some of what might appear to be very diverse. Topics. That would be comedy. And paranormal coming together. Like like an atom bomb exploding slick story life clicked it could be. David race is our guest in the first over the program tonight he's comedian and a paranormal enthusiast. Also a paranormal podcast show host. He is podcast is called monstrosity. With David race and his website is David REIS dot com David welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show. It is nice coming up now the the big overriding pressing question here the most important thing we have to get out of the way. Right in beginning of this discussion is how did you get David re stuck come. You know that's funny no address that before when I was a disc jockey. Other radio guy you know from the foreign comedian and when it destructive people always thought that might fake radiant it. And it was my real name. In fact there were to radiate it is really true the direct it this sort of new York at one point. We're just I can't wait incidents. The three disc jockeys in the road network daily for awhile strayed into India and take part orders radio speaker. You got another but the guns and not an extra. Radius speak for your ships. That that bleed just like her hero back to back to back were less main race speed and link. Ha but that's kind of addressed if you know I I thought we have a little camaraderie here because I started in radio when I was sixteen years old. And if my name is GG on the show here but my you've given name is James Johnson sort of went by Jim Johnson and everybody thought that was a state. Yeah core at them. That is connecting interstate ten you can picture. Yet so I guess the next question would be how does somebody who's a radio guy. Become a comedian but even more importantly a comedian who's got an interest in the paranormal. Well it's a supporter. Had a great together from competing in it basically was you know triple a comedian type that that when they aware. Kids you know we rely on getting in the most trouble in the classroom I was I want to class clown I was didactic except freshman record for suspensions and I school. Not a different you know fighting hard things to other kids my consistently monitored jumps in it's in the back of the room and do it endless amounts of joking disruption. And then when I became a disk jockey. Two different ten years and I would work humor in Q a lot of players do I was a lock this guy can respond. You know what would be generally thought of that classic rock stations back to 1015 years ago they were usually for just a a water station album oriented rock. But. I would work a lot of jokes in between record and not just do the time attempting like that. And I start planning radio really limiting I just stated it list. It started it very difficult difficult need to work. In the constraints of what part of America wannabe dissent only he you know and just give way to throwing stones tickets and shut up. On I had it affirmed in near the end of my career record and actually. Sent me a memo one time that you data rates effective immediately. Cease all attempts at humor. The Obama. There. That and that that man look at that sums up my career I needed it I was I was working you know it has. A largely very constraining. Plates radio's very destroy any weird you know a ten record our destruct. And site eight. In a weird way no way it did lead to stand up that partly partly from the from the limitation in the emotional and professional imitation that we're talking about but but actually. More directly even. What are you doing radio a lot these guys. We acknowledge that you you think you make a lot of club appearances you know giving away T shirt and then and things you know and I quote. You know with the Sox fan and you like yes Saturday night at all the luck club while bringing rock band onstage I brought. The band onstage wrap up Blues Traveler onstage I've brought without scientific statement. To get stayed pretty hot and think an addict and doing that admiring your career and started standing in front of the microphone. You know bringing band on stage. I started getting more more comfortable with speaking. To a live audience in doing it that the united yesterday getting sensed that I can do this than I can actually. Take this away from radio on and start doing standup you know from blog site that back on the comfortable with the idea stand up and I think that done. When I moved to the radios and actually. Any easier shift for me to make and it would be Christian order comic coming in coal. Audited in stiffly so that you few weeks ago I helped out one of them local radio stations here on Rhode Island. On a morning show and they play music as well. And GV and I we get away with some crazy stuff doing this show and we we like to have fondly known and who. Things that probably would get a shouldn't shout off of any any other type of our radio stations. But it's such a different world to you have so. Everything so fine tune when you're doing good morning I'm morning shows that that play music as well and and they have their their beats and it's like you never really have time to show who you really are. Right now in the morning radio even with a lot of records you you're actually that one day part that are a part of decorated it might let you actually do a little something. Yeah he tried being. You can sometimes seven to midnight show or something they really want to clamp down and I was never a morning guy locally in night and things so I would really observe what they're trying to clamp down on me and I was just kind of running wild I remember. I had an intro idea I would have little thing about it is it just took my shell in my direction economic news station I lived in an intro in New York that I had a guy right. I wrote actually has got more support me and I play at top of every one of my you know my music intensive rock radio. It would ultimately be a guy it would change. The host of this program has been training for years in the hopes of becoming the host on a different program. I. And I also remember clear as day. Bringing the band on stage. Especially Purdue University on an island and not desist. After Robbie Robertson but the band was there a model without to have been involved than when he when he was in the band but long after he was gone it was still Levon Helm rectangle and if they don't know the guys in the band that worked so portrait manual instead but it the rest of them went there and but what state zone at Stanford university and from the few thousand people. And that was without really starting to break in my mind towards let's let's let's but instead of or something and I spoke to just do a true bring up they were standing next to this stage looking at right of the scene Levon Helm and standing ten feet away you know next to the states. And I spoke to just straight like Peter Frampton comes alive kind of boring guy yelled at me now I exit like I'm I'm completely meeting mr. Instead I think there and did. I think ninety seconds that you. And Irish and I just remember the the audience laughing at the I think that you remembered the look at. Daggers I was getting from members of the bands like I come odd to have more on the drumstick or and I can't tell us to edit their dirty jokes. We haven't addressed the paranormal yet we only get about a minute and a half here before we have to go to break. So as far as you don't turn taking the lives the plunged to become comedian as a profession. At what point did that happen for. That was probably very late ninety's and that put around and I did like. A few months had a few months months location data earlier and that. Maybe the late ninety's mid late nineties but but I really starting to have much more seriously do we talk more often do not. Switching actor radio I'd say somewhere in the late ninety. About. And it it tell us what the original podcast was again we about a minute before. Break. And you'll feel like this was comedians talking about before. How long did that run for how hauled home one reproducing that. You do it made 7UP as stated strategy to deal really quickly. And I just quickly quickly executed it pretty good. While okay are ordered to take a break and when we come back we're gonna get into David's. Thoughts on an interest in the paranormal. And how that paranormal curiosity. Collides with his profession as a comedian. And produces some pretty hilarious results and you have to life but you have to say yourself and the paranormal I haven't laughed so long that the people you run into lightly of course someone you don't you you want to connect and we and we say laugh at them you don't necessarily mean like a blast that to make fun of things aren't just you know did except that that some of the south is just difficult to. Believe in in many cases talked about he got to have you know it's it's a numerous well. Absolutely. Final stations we are across the country download the free Smartphone apps that allow us it tests show all ago. Or any nine relied just click the listen libel and join us right there on the web site. You went to Richard Quick break more come listen Jason GP. Comedians worlds are men first got her. Some other people would say there two very distinct worlds and they shouldn't come together license to come together in your studio right and what's with the bunny ears on the weird mask starring ally idea I led to the whole thing is a little bit strange and as Ned care package again it came to set a bunny years and I know that that's I don't understand what open among them were on the wolfman asked. It's gonna cooler and it now the doctor. Do the phone numbers 8446877669. Tony join our discussion our guest this hour's David race he is a comedian any paranormal enthusiast. He's got a podcast called monstrosity with David race which talk spoke paranormal topics but before we talk about that specifically David tell us how you developed an interest in the paranormal. Well I mean early at earliest before heading east series is you know growing up. I was really into. The original concern attraction to Leonard Nimoy and every child might like to Rochester school reruns. And would you know sit terrified at every topic community that show made me here partner and everything mr. I'm the best background music like ever on television every single track in the background would terror could protect children. So much better than what they knew that and outmaneuver. And side that you know that the copy that should have mentioned the topic is a kid but then later on as an adult. In about 2007. I have what I ate very firmly believe is a bit of an incident. And I did run by the PFR a the bigfoot investigating guys and did that to an after hours of interviews with them on the phone with them drilling rig drilling be over a couple of phone calls kind of determining that all because of the incident. It kind of you have to themselves or to the putting a part of the country that are making up. And I think you know there there assessment was that likely won't pick an incident. So after that incident 2007 would it say about. I I became really shouldn't in particularly in that. That's part of that panel stopped and started. Reading everything get my hand on the bigfoot world I'm a moderate. Hundred books. On the topic everything occupied and so watching every possible trouble in never mystified bigfoot or any documentary confined to come back to you too much well documented all. So like dove into that. And then I guess that is it can tell it like in circuit so it likened to a lot of W post up or sound practical and pick case fascinating the Australian. You have so the powers to disappear you know while flying assessment in Australia at that seems to be you abduction in midair or cap that case fascinating. Haven't. Had a ton happened to me or and didn't even take a tremendous interest and I'll admit in the ghost. You know area until more recently last couple years since. In much more deep into reading and that's doesn't learn not to I think I sent to come up went out there that you know. Parties in both stopped in the last couple years been before but you're close and they've always. Oh my attention especially after my round exit. Well and Jimmy and I talk about in search of all the time is there was a show that we both just loved. It was just one of those shows that and I haven't seen the end of the new one Bada. The old one whit says anymore I mean it was just phenomenal show and it always kept you like glued to the television and it was really spooky show when you watched it. Yeah it was at least look at the background music and he was great on it and didn't shove it really the only in this show that the truth Indonesia has in common are that they showed a guy who plays Mr. Spock. And they used to very similar fine and graphic on the word insert that hit nothing else. Well I'll tell you and and Jason said it we have a lot of people to come on this program and exposes just her generation that got their paranormal beginnings by watching that program and listening to Leonard devoid Nimoy is voice. It generated. And those topics were foreign to most of us until we saw them on that program we didn't have the Internet to be introduced a lot of these ideas. The show brought those ideas to us and it's it's always it's always puts a smile on my face when I hear someone else say that exact same thing. But you let I had some experiences yourself so you had a UFO incident. Yeah do you approach that. 345 years ago that I can revert back on the last five years content. Driving Los Angeles which seems to be your pot that might research futile central front of one of the great you'll vote spots in new American history but. I was driving one afternoon. In this effort in the valley I would like when I tell this story is that you know maybe ought to you know to do just that is at home while they're listening to you just shouldn't. You can Google street view this with me and I think it is independent they can literally united. And analytic literally watch particular ride with me in the air on the screen and say except I was driving. On. Sepulveda boulevard. In the Van Nuys area maybe they get near victory boulevard somewhere around that corner. I believe I was actually on Victor Ortiz took to public facing east it's important bird. And it and yeah getting published because they got street is sort. And I'm looking up to. You know media and it may have to distance and I can see broad daylight in the world so we definitely something I can see. In the sky what looks like over Burbank Gupta. Little dots. That are very very high up in the air maybe ordered six of them. Silver in color very very small very high up. Generally sitting almost bill. But occasionally moving around each other a little bit or 11 might you know squirted and trying to move towards another one and then. There might or might change places within a slight bit and it just kind of hovering around each other tremendous altitude. Sally you know without ever leaving just the general space they were in the general area of the staggering. And I'm thinking this just strangest thing ever existed and I then I was studied enough on your host know definitely has some. And I put the car over. And I remember sitting. On Sepulveda boulevard. Probably pretty close to victory there were some kind of store parking lot I I want to say it was an empty store furniture store or something like that. And I remember sitting. Facing my card due east you know it is part in apartments stay looking straight toward Burbank. Looking across Apollo restraint toward Burbank to parked on the side it's public and continue to watch this thoughts tend to implement. The caught my license and that's here you can see it and she was much further west of me in the west valley at times so. Could not. But I continue to watch just about ten minutes and then I decided I need to continue. To my destination are going to some appointment or something mysterious cities covers. Just continue to drive and I thought hawks keep my eyes in the camps in the right direction to keep my sanitary just try to keep my eye as they continued up the streets at east. And I published an eye on it for another model. But somewhere. You know it's further toward Sherman outside I. It just became difficult to either to see it any longer or maybe did that make sure just as as they drove it was parked at. Import an anymore I I was where are hoping to do was to figure out exactly where directly over second. Determine okay I'll match coldwater canyon and Bob about street to try to in my head I I would I really want to know right where what. But I lost sight of for a period. You'll so you use you have these experiences you have an interest in the paranormal to begin with him you're comedian and you bring all that together. And you start a podcast. I think it was called comedians. Talk I know about bigfoot. Tell us how that came together and it was that enough was that an aha moment or was it over couple Beers with friends. Most definitely well. I think it's coming into Adobe air your friends but it was a moment you know by myself with myself. I was at home in the same problem talking to you from random home office it's kind of thinking about that actually do podcast every constant podcast that they all do sixteen there. Podcasting every comic doing right then they're buddies hanging out talking to each other didn't understand what the medium and there was a lot of you know that John Johnson show that not just content on your hands. And he judges but I didn't see what. Would be so appealing to budget to David ratio just didn't get it I held out for a while it seemed like longer than most much needed credit going toward the podcast. The one they just admit that revelation. I know tons of others they put stuff I had no different incident I speak about this step with tremendous passion and fire you know. And and knowledge not hit authenticity. And I had found a ready for talking other contact talked to him about these sort of things. Did they would giggle and laugh at just how we engaged I want in this opportunity just start clapping yelling at my passion about it. And I thought let me. Hang that plane around pocket religion. Duplicate fraud take my radio background. You know executed pocket pretty well but I will. You know talk with fellow comedians about bigfoot my position being strongly that there are real and I had my own thing happened or not. I'm Kim who wants to market and we'll talk with a different experts from TV you'll get the guys confining to furthest one out on the phone and and just have this sort of serious panel discussion. You know what with a with a that it can be that truth in the room so we'll be you know then busting you with whatever content they make funny or not and and I had a comedian I can't help but when it suited joked I'm gonna hit it subsite I you know just a ball on the achievements Mac so there's going to be some goats I don't mind captives. And I just watched this show and within. A few episodes. I would only do one about how to plan and within a few episodes it was done. I was getting a lot of TV interest and I had a but meetings and quickly sent a development deal. By the seventh episode I was already decided development deal would have executed palace in wind up doing like. A weeklong shoot we try to entire pilot I mean this is a real shot out of the entire hourlong episode. And I got packed together a couple of other content that children you know put them on the road Meehan and filming. But we never were able to make. Out of that shoot what I. In patient should be maybe it wasn't meant to be a reality show I'm not sure just it just didn't come together but the way I want it came out but we're documentary and I intend. You know date I made it probably was enough contact to make it. More what I intended but just not the end result wasn't what I. What I needed so. We. Don't let it. Sort of go land that that that shows no more that the pilot you know substantive elsewhere didn't but. I then decided to launch a new podcast recently. Under the name much our city and my atrocity is very similar results showed just it just takes in sort of all of that he. Normal stuff you know they did it feel we can be talking a bit forgot reluctant monster guy you follow a guy or Bermuda a guy. And I also thought that contrast that we should consider stretching it out beyond comedians so even though the gas generally in the studio are comedians. You know perfectly happy to talk to rock star aura actor. You know renewed personality or something in the room not it doesn't have to be medium where it is shock comedian in the title married to. The people the Rooney had a. So David explain to us your big foot experience as you haven't tolls while things. Two not at had to tell have a tonight. Yes there's you know I still reconcile net electric capital columns to people who. Who achieved it typically in the seventies when Genesis played some silent on when to talk just. At the end of the first song that post comes up to root generically and just say that was terrific Patriot Act play another one horse and he hasn't done. But. They'd be this big concern of mine is that in 2007. I list upstate New York not at all far from Whitehall York's same county actually. Sort of the person that specific town. In a vacation house of my father owned. That you don't use my whole life iMac Brooklyn packed house all cut. And this house was. Deep in the woods and private property had decided to private property was way up a mountain and ethernet cut out in the middle of the woods I mean no neighbors. For our motto in any direction it is there was no one. In bullets. And in the middle of the night. I want to vote sleeping in the in the guest room and it's like a log cabin to sturdy log cabin type of home. And Miller Mitchell at 4 o'clock in the morning just from the complete you know crickets and silence that you hear the words. Something. Banged on the wall next our heads a group that we I would slipping back to the screen window you know with the blonde close. And right next to something banged on the wall. Kind of like it about 1011 foot height. The hardest. Cement one. Saw the hardest smash some banged you can ever imagine you know walk amid the only other thing that would make this work it would have been orphaned meteor right. And it's true for those viewer trying to follow along this some bang is a technical term that's watch hunters use right and it's some bang. Yes I attacked. But it that it cannot happen but see. That if this was really I mean this was hit that if it is reform ticket human being and done and hit this wall it would candidate at the at that type of you know it is what it. That person would understand there were there arm in dust there but it turned it to the baby powder on the spot that no human being couldn't. Ever hit this wall that hard. And actually you know who and walking out of a dead sleep. And at the time I wasn't. To inaudible but it such that doesn't by any media talked about it but because you're dead asleep in the dark of night. And woken up by the sudden smash. For whatever reason. And I actually comment. You know I think it would almost like god intervention that I that I didn't do that for whatever reason I did not. Open the blinds. I didn't like to grab the blog and you look at instead they just sort of jumped up won't change what am I like to the second ball jumped up as you couldn't help but jump. And we salute each other and don't percent you're. Just gonna put it right back and went back to sleep. And I'm thanking god that we did that because if I had open those lines like right in front of me is two feet and we have idle and applied. There's not a not a doubt in my mind and I think to be a federal investigators that talked me if you are became convinced. As what was standing there. I'm again this is very close to white on the same count. And subsequently. After I. Started learning a much different. Stops and the I found out it picked a tactic commonly bang on the walls rural homes like that this is not an uncommon behavior perfect. I started putting together other things that happened that night and happened in general. On the property I don't know about my father and also seem to be bigfoot related for example earlier that night. My wife was standing on the balcony of the house in the fronts and has the other side she just has been over the to a telescope would have interest in and out there and I remember her looking around. And a nervously to see me scared and that she just came into a little bit just to me it slipped into the country's fruit something blocking. So she had a she just had a feeling of that something was out there in the woods OK we have to take quick break we're gonna come back in just a moment. A lot more to come to us and Jason GDP on her radio. Radio and Howard just goes by the way too quickly our guest for the Sowers into the reasons comedian paranormal. And Suzy is in a show host and Dave we're just at a time here but let people know how they can listen to the new podcasts pro monstrosity would David race. They can get much press it podcast dot com and from my trusty pocket dot com via links to every possible adolescent. They image on everything. Aren't always look forward avenue and again at some point and and talking a further down the road. Have a great night. All right thanks again its David Grayson again go to monstrosity podcast dot com you'll be able to check out his work there. All right so. We're gonna take a break when we come back a loan program and he's joined with their next answer and be talking about. Scripted it's and in all the crazy things out their big floats and you know limit all the cool stuff to. DNA in a lot of heat our next guest John has done a lot of work looking for bigfoot he's got a lot of evidence and documentation. On that effort and he's written some books about it we're talking about all that the next hour. Well in his new book actually isn't number one on Amazon so should be interest like are you listen to Jason GB beyond reality radio. It's Wednesday nonetheless there's things. He spent years there somewhere between welcome on our review myself just in Bosnia was Olsen chief each. We've been talking about. Ticks and tick borne diseases mosquito warned they just it's just he keeps coming up on in the news and and we mentioned this a few days ago I believe these Asian tick it is not. It's an invasive species. They don't know how I got here but it's here. And it's showing up virtually everywhere and it's it's dangerous because it's carrying these diseases and Oprah first. To bite humans vs wild animals and that's kind of a new twist on the ticks story usually these takes her more interest and in. Wild animals or orb dogs and cats but human bites to her urgent almost no accident went away. They're dangerous but these creatures don't look for human hosts however this Asian tick does. And they are bringing Lyme Disease. And many other tick borne illnesses to all parts of the country. It's kind of scary you know when these invasive species shows show. Well it is it's too and it's crazy KGE had to wonder where they've been this whole time. An Emmy and added there was just something that was showing up online the other day about this new spider their columnist writer from Allah whoever. On budget and couple people's party died from it and and different league West Virginia Tennessee Mississippi. And he sits there wonder where these things back and while the sudden they popping and now. The end there's a lot of changes going on in the insect world impersonate I mean they're even talking about black widow spiders now showing up. As far north as Canada when they tend to be a warm weather spider and you know this is just the way you nature kind of corrects itself and makes things more virulent when. Conditions are right it's cyclical thing and but we just have to be careful. It's nature's way tactics as it hit that's exactly is really the way it seems like Marvin nature you know want to send a few of these are yet Acer does so you know began be careful you're going outside use insect repellent. Long sleeves long pants if you're gonna go somewhere where there's a potential high potential for ticks woods fields pretty much everywhere. If you anytime you step outside your house and every time you and I go well we do something or hike in the would you constantly ask me can I check you for ticks can check you for tickets really weird equal knowledge is what we sure. Welcome back to the program everybody we've got a great hour ahead of us here when we of organs are talking about crickets particularly. Big foot and others. John. I can dollars are I guess for this hour he has written a number of books including haunted America do you believe squat files and legends. Of I can't read my own reading list of the peek the peek cardinal John tell us what it is age not welcome to the program good to have you be unreal at a radio. A little Johnny their. Okay American that was the sauce and John's got a are able gets like Tom Everett I have to read my own writing here I tell you I rate these things down and then I go back Richard Reid immediately doctor's handwriting I do I do have doctor's handwriting which is part of the problem. Yet it's legends of the peak I was right could read my own writings. I'm but anyway yeah this tick stuff is kind of scary and done you know. If people who don't check their pets regularly I mean those pet Bourne takes sometimes those. Those things get on the pets and then they they don't actually embed themselves in the pets and they they jump often need the you know and the next thing you know you find him on your back. Welcome to what confuses me the whole thing is all right so my dogs we treat him with this thing you just you squeeze on the back of the neck and antics tea if if they get a ticket seems to fall off and be dead when we find in anyways. I can why can't increasingly tough for us humans apparently just or something Thomas back in my neck and will be covered for you know remarks are so let's take a break -- get John back on the line here is anyone answer that did you yeah I don't think editors Aaron or leave it alone artists or it's figured quick break. And a lot more to come to listen to Jason and. Is he beyond reality reveal good move back to. On reality radio Jason cheesy and we are now going to be talking about. Creek did this and big foot I could do a little bit of that in the last hour as well but. Our guest this hour is John kind can do all he is. Author a paranormal encrypted investigator. He's written books included haunted America do you believe. Squad trials and legends of the peak and others and I hope we have them on the line now Johnny with a system. On either. It does not sound like keys that are I don't know I don't measure what's happening here we have an interim we just have a bad connection. But I do know that who I wanna go back to would discuss something that our last guest brought up this hole in search of idea. I didn't seem to reboot of of that program and and any future it's aired yet. I thought people he. It has or were an episode or two has its the guy who actually pleased. The spot in the newer movies. And which don't get me wrong I mean he plays a great Spock I haven't seen the news the new insert chose or get a check and Alan. Engulf merit but. And I miss I missed the originals yesterday for the best or not. Only not only were they really just groundbreaking but at the same time the way they presented it something about Leonard Nimoy as voice first of all the news just haunting in itself what's funny because impairments are tracked and it's one way but then you airmen that and it does it it brings that whole creepy stood. I'm so the when they bring this thing back and they you know I think obviously there's such an interest in paranormal topics that it's easy for people do have an interest in this kind of sank. But if they make it too shall lucky in the do we have computer graphics and all that stuff it's I think it's gonna take away some of the charm. Or and I agree with that on a percent. It's how many did the spooky this deftly from that show was it was amazing and shows like that. We had in search of and you'll also wolf said who's that other one it. That O sightings sighting yet to break was another phenomenal shall act fan. And essentially you've had other shows have come and gone and I'd I've actually helped nominal a lot of them from MTV's fear to scariest places on earth. Which are great shows as well. Hawaii you just don't seem to get that quality anymore and for whatever reason pressure. Let's see if we've got John now John are you with a us. It's your breathing I got there I hear breathing but it is not responding to us. John are you there yet I mean I think he's there for some reason he's not hearing us and I'm not sure. Why that would be so. You know what this chart illustrating get mr. Woodruff Jon either. John Harris. You. Aaron. It is what it is I don't know okay. So our Morgan has the kitty try to get to hold it John in another session because I'm not sure why that's not working. My amendment I'm not sure. We see a lot of paranormal TV shows coming gul and I want to ask Cuba turner movies for sic Jackson returning on this ice started to watch. Show a movie called demon housed in a minute. I was no that I announce here I just when you're gonna get your opinion on what you think about taking beast paranormal cases and turning them into. I guess I don't know if I would call that movie documentarian or not. Because it had some dramatic. Elements to it I'm not I'm not really sure I'm curious as to what you think. Or I know that that new movie demon house was the one made by Zach beckons from those adventures and it was our Matt Powell said he purchased in who arguably was the Vegas area. Com I don't know it's just that I've heard a lot of mixed reviews and disarm it really didn't hasn't done well in the and the ratings wise spot on. I'm not really familiar with story. And its interest thing but. I have a hard I guess I guess my question would be more along the lines of if you had to pick one of your cases that you had done over the course of the years. Would you see a movie coming out of one. How jeez. I'm that's that's tough questions. I've never looked at a lot of people out there aren't we say any names just look at every case as I can make a movie or to make a TV show about this. And that's never been our agenda that we've had more than enough offers to do that. We just we just have chosen not to because honestly I don't wanna first off change change a case to make it for television changed. Live the stories behind it and trees behind it. Because then why he may keep though why you venues is making. A hormone. And that's not what it's about it's it's about trying to help all those people. So I think that's mine that's my biggest issue on the and we had you know I've had everybody from all Lionsgate and software that are opting. Our our books suites New York Times best selling books where to me to wanna make movies ever cases it's just. I don't I don't know I don't feel right about it what do you think. Me I don't know I. Ice I think that it can be entertaining I think there can be in an entertainment value to it but you might look at the country itself how much sexually solidly in the conjuring was really dramatic film even though supposedly based on a true story of Bessie into the house she really didn't have anything going on there at that time we've had injury apparent that the parent family was. The movies conjuring is based on. We've had her on the show many times talking about how really what happened in the movie wasn't accurate to anything they experience there. Our host let's see if we have John now Johnny was us. It's important to show that a subjective and ordered. Good to have you did you have wages with us though. So John you are the paranormal and encrypted investigator. Tell us say he start. Well see sorry girl but continue to go well let Beck elect. Treat me like slammed seven years old Columbia River you know what street. And in Connecticut yeah. There's. Yeah that was kind of like soy got started because my mom almost like Google. I learned a whole more across from a mortar. And how century and come find out what the old mortuary and had built a new approach shrieks. It and learn so we're really northern army we'll sort out what little you know it was converted into into two larger house. And am I you know Conan you know still for years not home. And I. Knew a solo home. We're a little will double. From public park your whole. You know he had enough I'm looting and and that policy and where were you dialect efficient humor getting the better during what color or small really small room. In the in the street bet. There are certain to uproot or look stupid bumper. Well you know come before and now they're still abuse were Barkley bet you know. Certain people that you're gonna show and now we have the viewing him but it. Are here Mary that was actually would still two weeks. To support their post lumps. Although you earlier period literally got like three years. You. Could be creeping into Europe and in the house tour and like you know we are these. Call border worsened the outcome polar beat. What we're on the merits. It was it was like it happened like every other night. And and you know it looked like Arab League all security bulletins or what it will boycott how much this was planned to meet. Them. And then you know on my lane of linguistics birthday might end came over and there are media com game you should look to ha. For a two up then and so that was comparable stalling game a little like it because you'll sort of Mario first require. Open open box and it wasn't quote we report and Norwegian sports were sixers all but there was interest ignorant. My motto don't really get up at W homer in the Arctic and so somehow my sister's in the local. And he's. You know there are similar German they're playing the policy table. You know. I'm going to suit the kitchen he. Won't cool. There are old. Review. Hey John I think there might have a short or using a headset by any chance. And take you risk losing a little bit there you kind of get really really soft on us. Might do Mike here we know you have your theory at the moment. No particular. Brady asked your sister got the ouija board. You might be socially you have to weed border parliament called the table. Illinois a couple of months so somewhere in certain and how are. Pellicano was giving we're in preschool in the sort of went into your kitchen remodel and so mom made me Anders is a little girl standing there in the kitchen. You know I'm like well who are you. Initiative that is what did stare. Then turns around and Terry Laurent you can supporter to still search team what Cuba breach finishing Jerry goes in the door to door political. Script for me now. Hum. Go to Europe in this house source Europe we don't go mum on mossy. Just clogged with that you don't want to order a recurrence you know London. Unfortunately the world are closely shooting up these curtains. Over over a closet door not much is certain policy in new and dining area appears to be awake periods where the Buick through a further two bodies installed much and she's screaming. And she until age onto their church we're somewhere in order so what's going on you know. She is going to give him that might commit butcher knife. Well what you want more so when the pitch and Yugoslav situation residential clobbered tomorrow. In her room and Islam. Is sort of curtains are polling results. There are coming out matter to all American likes like one point. It used to I don't of them in the squad director to throw those mikes. In an omelet journal historical treaty salt you know I'm like skier now. So she told me she's simply a result sure Oprah to open the curtain. So are sort of politics Tuesday. You know the Chernobyl the curtailment of sorts in their soul. Right John. And John hang on one side because we we gonna take a hard break tonight I don't want to touch off again so. Are you listen to Jason TV beyond reality revealed. The call to its. On the line John package that was our guest tonight he's an author of paranormal encrypted investigator. Number of books to his credit. And we're talking about his experiences as a child how to get into the paranormal and we don't have a lot of time when Jones and without a conversational long but I wanna remind you that the phone lines are open and 844687. 7669. So John. You're about to tell us there was a knife in hand the curtain in your I think your mother's closet was kind of billowing out and you were told to go look and see what was in that closet. You are console look on the clock missiles to be merely cute you know I walk over to your curtain. They admit that I turn my sister's story and she turned around our house in this thing I saw it go through my motor spirit and now the wall. And I stood here and helicopter up in my parents argue it was like Willie. Ruling that distributes a number receipt hamsters are never seen us you know also structural. Home but he wouldn't tell us what you know we know little mortuary. You know and you know we'd you know he's you could learn who missionary union at the table and this is one here and we're always. People were. Onto the floor shrapnel and simulate but it is always look forward to deplore such human moment just you know what doesn't just more to worry about our ditch your lumps you know you're Graham Paul you don't do you still some some finger numbing and I don't know councilman Graham ball. Two you have a ground ball you know he doesn't want to share stories and lower schalken whatever. No. What do you do to pals who literally going to be you know. Huckabee the former sister go to mark attachment to your Slater pushed a folder until seventeen years. So you and I are. Did Johnny's wanna kind of change that the topic a little bit here because he had a little ghost experiences in this house but at some point very very Anderson in. Encrypted and specifically big. Qatar ha okay you want to recruit you literally and boy you know total started you know October 1967200. Problem you know I was only you know what when your solar time which I dearly he until you know. No conflict and how. But in the ability embody creek Kim I don't know lowers interest and monsters you know creepy England it's got during the winter student bigfoot that first saw. Village in a ball he preached. I want one and two and you know more about this caused apparently based on the true story. Who are you guys fascinated with slow them you know this. Creature. And counsel from many many years you know hard boiled it took to know well films you know I decline you know what sort of terms on social and try to try you know these were working on some more preclude our home. So we are as years go on you know on they are no good interest to end in glory notes and you know he's into really you know home. Military film you know to me. Is one of the I think the best and you know eventually so Google+ clutch. Popular you know inherited fifty years later it and you know. You in Warsaw Poland saw how calm but you know what would Brigham history is there right now that saw scorched. You know there is slow you know cal learned how little people to look into this time. There job and you're one of them oh you're used spend a lot of time you spent a lot of time looking and wanna get a sense of how much time you've spent looking in what you've seen. When you've been on that search. Now and it's in the thunderbird to the gate. I mean you know her broker for about the five years. And I have yet to see one but you know we only see what's left behind tomorrow tomorrow. Public as well you know. You don't run out during my trying to you know patriots put parent should know they're finally announced you know trying to catch strike total. How are going now long out of the mountains how. You know you're you have something that's eighteen inches long about climate of course it's into the war addiction has person in the snow down about six who have insurance such. Islam and then impeached and next to a period and it's not even dirtier would likely go down about two creatures into traditional social can beat overhead he felt walking up premiere I go to political Mueller state park and wallets. Apparently invited him also political perks. And in audio Lotto tomorrow and you know continue until our very you know internal refugees that adult. Canola particular ressam was a slow start talking park Rangers about it you know interpret their decision. Armed beauty you know you go into the woods like you're Australians. Just you don't wondered often during a quarter of two laps tomorrow and Hulu YouTube would actually find these changes you know Lisa and dawn and also found. Is really big nose that looked into the ground I'm gonna multiply your seat and all these branching lower premiums. He had buried in Israel and I do do you want the greatest English only then can depend pleasure part were you all around that stuff. I used they are you on. As an H oh some UH yes coaches. Yeah okay and that's what this is now is that a word that a lot of people in the bigfoot community use for these spots are what are these whatever it you know many we're. Multiple columns some of home and asked you know. You know article which is because communal urge you to me who just article mentions how helical fortunately since we've been recalled from Jews. Tax cut. And you come across you know things you've seen bedding in there have you seen any and the biological evidence of the creatures like hair or. Anything you'll. Yeah we other low and some here that was in a war in the in the ground hum. Pretty unusual and actually was great at the time rules. Who goes there for a long long long long time harmed. And in their little ones association Canada about marriage to DR such in this colonial Curtis Strange because to look on silo notably rock structure in the piggy it's also been moved to our country strong could change feet long. And you have to be at least three two storms we circumference. And it will worst album title until you pull this singled to. The final shape of the mountain and that put you know other. Branches and their stock around it. You know I'm looking around and number I'm saying you know well what kind of moved up here. You know because when you brought real policing should be you know it's YouTube clip of about what you're looking. You know neo liberal talk together and and take you know hey look what made such you know what the nature was newcomer animal you know. And in both you look at things like that one could move something that Henrik. You know an old adage hurry up to silently to the mound and make people hot from the field duplicates and obsolete them. Com. In Seoul. He looks to me. That you do know all the so what we're we're we're could be healed from his talk scorched. You know the public to be some blood under so I'm gonna do or do not have to do it. Aaron. But you know you know I remember Charlie tissue samples looking Lanka you know we do final order sample hop com. Have you retained a lawyer have you ever tried to have the hair analyst. I didn't want to about three years ago and it just goes back usually human DNA. It also runs 100 Rangers about it initially you know it could be kids need to mix things out here a little kid who'd do this so Milliken and going to the course or how Molly in the nowhere shrink the pool. You know thousand Altria also rocked Jerusalem they'll. So all John John with some you know with the research you've done in the investigating you've done and things you've come across in the forests forest. There are a lot of schools of thought as to what bid for it is whether it's flesh and blood creature it's an inter dimensional creatures and alien related creature which your beliefs. Well until you what they're the only good news story about him come military action. Additional Soviet paying diagnostics director outlook two in Texas. Nuanced and street. Did you hear her daughter. Now he's not really so go ahead. Here I knew I was you know little about our researchers in and done doctors are yes you know scientists that in 2000 and talk trash cans she had 111 different problem samples. All of our hair fibers. To shoot Barbara sort of some credit she had some offer sequencing you know or like your carry such. And that is that a DNA on that could change back QB should believes and that's. Species look to build 151000 years ago as a cross between almost saved me and then an unknown foreign. So basically it's liquor and Russell speech and looking at. In the this is some something that I can that you know Britain and what I've team unit you know on a ball you don't. The researchers that you alternate Bozo and took too long. Feel on their web sites and brings him. But the DNA evidence right tinker around. You mean economic climate summit of the food that they believe little sought court so. Church and sample our hair sample comes back to be too much. And the but the ten years and others reported Q alone that's come back what can unknown primary also and there are some who don't have catalog. Seoul home com. So I think that maybe you know she may have something you know home you know catching on their goal pictures could be by picker you know substance so can. I'm sure there toward your group's Grammy. So you might be so you're in the camp of what I would say is probably the more traditionalists. Of the of folks researching and investigating the bigfoot phenomenon and you're thinking flesh and blood sub species or some type of primate. Yes fingers crossed between myself and it's cross between human and he's on the primary it's because they are believed to be in jail to vote. Pop total current labor something that you don't have catalog jerked. So could learn something no one toward extinction also Algiers and us so we humans do in an awful lot of examples. Yeah so I'm so sorry Abel it hadn't knew if if it's still altering hasn't gone extinct. Gloria agreement are clearly not actually put him primate penal part of its contributed a did you name it would extinct yet still don't know what they've been. Our Google. Do you an elderly screech soon. Combo but so. And you know he can catalog and if you didn't really say water really how. I'm tired just thinking you actually get one you know because so. Generally called species because there's no. Nobody heard there's no way to catalog or keynote speaker so. Yeah actually one. So John if if it's a flesh and blood creature and it intense has DNA like every other flesh and blood creature has. What is me. And its ability to be so elusive what gives it that. Skill that over we know how many hundreds of years we've been reporting. Sightings of these things yet we can't get a good photograph we can't do you know alone can't find a skeleton we can find. Any thing but glimpses here in matter what makes it so Lucent. Choose console you know there is something that no room and talking and ire last couple years about the community here dimensional being. No there's a lot of reserves and I've talked to your but it didn't really think this during the sometime reader dimensional being under people ordered to do photographs of these creatures that are cloaked. Which is huge and she's you had shoot Pete but here like. Little regular person that you know. Now midseason this something crazy because I never saw anything like that. You know it into your name there brought their boats and part of you'll post a little mobile world or something well there treatment or some tiebreaker dimensional being. The color solution. Are. So are you earn out amount are you saying now that you believe it's flesh and blood but it's also inner dimensional. I don't believe we'll took them to do what Hussein is a bit slower researchers though believe Richard dimensional. So what I hero extinction want to battle with what you're talking about until I had an experience last year. Had a good experience western economies changing. But they're also loved ones and I want to rent you a military social story about what happened why I saw that I'll tell you actually. Home you don't know do some research with a couple tread the line. If you're going down there also and shrill stand up to decrease permits August you know guy I seen this part. It's a little bit hot outside of interpret. Qwikster malware sort of a trial. He didn't put on clean you talk to you tugged and apparently slot for us footprint you're talking about. More attention to corporate. It's polite to really huge you know also we we we we I guess you never measuring tape on their elected government in my card player my different era and imports of Israel like up high thirteen clip you know. But in conditions like Turkey and so. I am Bruce slip Nicholas one pitch in the footprint was still challenge is there have been here is scheduled six inches wide and that's why it's so locked. Chan who like something had Kaymer colossal book how but made one step from one site to the other there was literally used to almost six huge costs. So when we're looking at this part of you know on the near the bears are in the area that wasn't a bear. He'll put part who have talked to look the Rangers are dirty and we feel we are you know so how. And you're a resource or a terror and their initial military parts of everybody here there is nothing compared to the one that we just. You don't go to ground. There are doing so little that predator is there are so shall we decide that we're gonna go anywhere else all the way to confirm what is going half Colombian air and walk about thirty yards in no. Into the brush you're under promote cross social creek. I know Aaron had just. You know those big diesel including some he was Sunday marks archery. So okay Tony knock three times Austrian were similar waiting in we don't need no response rate and truly doesn't again. And actually you know we viewed a couple of marks you know just to bottom just to part of us. So then you decide to endure again so he knocked a couple more times. New York couple more knocks back. So absolutely we use our little Monica school you know how to go. So we started to know considered listen first second so let's listen and. Next thing you know all. These years. By eagle had read walking. You know like it's right next June is not there. Applicable walking next you want some grass. You know or don't like dry grass huge future me. You know it was right next to him and saying what can be Jerusalem's walking one step another step of blocking and we're looking at each other weren't sure what we're gonna try. You don't hear it but we don't see it. And my got other guys but we know what it was so dark element trilogy turner also and it's really laurel. And we're looking NATO like you know we didn't want a movie because it's like I thought it was six in the council almost. We're looking and we can't see anything green here and it's getting louder as cattle under such and so we're looking on the ground looking negotiator so you walk and that's not there. So we're looking in disappears you know. Knew there who have purchased Mubarak but it was moving around you cheap period. Such this war on terror groups five minutes a week you know we're pleased to either leave because. Fields in those cured crap articles. So we've been mixing you know just completely stopped to. The original silent. And then about thirty seconds that he heard growl. Or something in the area although it just came to look at coral cape premier. So when they were talking about. You know I heard about this inner dimensional beautiful big color. And I had this experience so books. You can walking like it was right next you would you see it. Started it obviously gas started to make some sense and John route were out of time here we got a late start because of the connection issue working people get a hold your books. All you can go chew do. Disturb my web site or director rebel council regarding the two squads at trials dot com. Squads X-Files. Dot com are. Right John thanks so much for coming and I and our in this some leotard GM has some point. And when we have more time than thanks so much. Where you're able to slow appreciate it. Yeah I apologize to John for having that connection issue in the big beginning of our discussion. There is so we're gonna take quick break come back unwrapped things populace and Jason TVP honor all our. Thanks John McEnroe certainly a little late getting on the program would be a connection issues we did have a chance chat with him so. We can check out his books and deadly thanks to David grace makes you tune in tomorrow yet Steve Asher author and researcher in discussing his books haunting of Kentucky's state penitentiary. And on things western lunatic asylum some machine to an end. Jason GT beyond reality radio have a great night catch. Mark and I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. It's entirely on really renews. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish in the agency hello and maintain something speakers well Jason is slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.