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DB Moffatt discusses fate and accident of birth

Aug 31, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with author DB Moffat about his book The Misbirth that examines fate, and the accident of birth. How do these uncontrollables sdhspe our lives and can we escape them? 8/30/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's. I am east and hair stuck somewhere between welcome to be under O'Leary do with myself Jason Hawes and the owners arson Jimmie Johnson. We've got a really interesting show tonight we are going to be talking with DB Moffett I would point out something last night. We were talking with ML. Airman news tonight it's DB mosques. And tomorrow will be and I am GB Johnson. And I am TCU. What's the initials is that the trend I don't united I didn't think it was a just it was easier. I don't I figured tomorrow yet Michael Odom Bryant on we have just column MB and B yeah I think it's just it's just what he's unison go with a couple of letters instead of trying to remember names and that's the way to go from this point. I think this is true but I sort saint tonight's going to be interesting night we're going to be talking about. What role does he play in our alliance in his new book the miss Boris he takes a shocking look at satellite for the troubled teen. In the influence. That his family's violent and just rushed past has had on his identity and future. Yeah it's going to be an interesting discussion. We all are subject to state in one way or another raw also all subject to. The conditions were born into some people are born into very very but we would consider to be favorable conditions yet they can't seem to make it go of their lives. And other people are born into what we were considered to be very dismal conditions and they. Take those situations and actually learn from them and become very very successful people. So we're gonna talk about all that stuff tonight with IDB. Yes if you haven't Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash from beyond reality radial it to FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under reality radioed Eric com you find all the stations where across the country you can download free android and or Smart iPhone app. It also listeners who website click in the pop a button and what we try to make it easy if you download the show from iTunes. Or anywhere else just do us a favor and read it for ourselves push at Ford makes it easier for people find and that's what it's old well. Yes it's it's a great way to participate in everything we've got going on here. And there we appreciate everybody doing that also you know when your honor FaceBook page feel triggered throw things umpire you know we were always looking for room for photos and people to share their paranormal stories it's the kind of thing that we like to read and downs sometimes and Sherman the air to it's it's not like to know people are saying. And your notorious for sharing sorry year old model pictures you're notorious for sharing some mild modeling because you are admitting using girls turned off Motley it and that is very clear that a so I. I haven't really gotten in depth in this story but have you heard about this guy who was charged with firing a gun at a ghost. Technical know but I want to. Terrorists on this Christian and days Devoe. 25. Lives in Connecticut. And the officers say sorry loads of Vernon. Officers. Found found there was a warrant for arrest after pulling him over for. Illegal discharge firearms and making false statements to please second degree reckless endangerment. Misused in misusing an emergency call and disorderly conduct. On this story it's weird as it goes according to an affidavit supporting his arrest and Devoe dialed 911. Early in the morning of July 26 to report that a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt. In a mask. And holding a rifle broken into his home while he was on the phone with dispatchers he could be heard yelling hey and firing two shots into an apparent. Attempt to scare off the intruder as with 2%. The investigators arrived at his home however found no evidence that the residents had been broken into. And or anything that this mysterious man. Supposed leadership with a gun or coming in this home with a gun. Trained dogs failed to pick up the sand in the area. Yes indeed it's the affidavit states and Candace in the streets turned up nothing suspicious in addition neighbor said the did not hear or see anything that morning. The would have made them raise any eyebrows except for a two gunshots of course going off. It's tune. Troopers and his sworn stand discuss sworn statement. He was describing firing two bullets as warning shots that he intentionally supposedly aimed over the pitcher's head. Investigators found the scenario unlikely. Disaster ballistics analysis showed that two bullets had punctured wall into those homeless and three feet off the floor. So that's strange enough on. So after statesman. State police uncovered even more just certain things with this story including shell casings discovered in front of in the home. The vote told troopers that there are some things you just can't explain like seeing ghosts. While you know you're in their right he told please that he is a paranormal investigator. For five or six years. And most recently encountered an apparition at the former Mansfield training school hospital. He also said he didn't want to be considered insane. He had allowed for the possibility that future was of supernatural. Origin. And that's what dogs and nobody else picked it out. While on ten should've just I mean. I mean if you're trying to shoot it goes with the gun. Use it. It's still a DJ you are you're really not Paramount as Kennedy and you might be a little sick. The only thing you can really shoot a gun with a we've learned this from months and I think as of 1984. As those those proton packs that the ghostbusters used in just long you don't cross the stranger good. Yet but this so he was released after posting a 5000 dollars bond and I don't know it's. Conceptually strange most of Sarah and I did I don't think. Anybody should be firing at what they believed to be ghost if that's true to what they think it is. It just imagine who could be on the other side of the wall yeah cause all sorts of dangers inherent in that particular practice or when recommended at all NC makes you wonder if this story has any. If truth behind it or was he just randomly shooting should he should just go to Susan and MB that was that was is excuse soon. We here because initially it was a get amassed guy a broken whose house with a rifle and then it became a ghost says you should again there was a shooting three feet. Off the floor. Is none of that makes any sense. Now I know and I see no sense in it whatsoever so I am whatever teach her. Right so we're going to be a bringing DB Moffett in just a few moments talk about his book the mr. Burris. Also talk about faith which is what the book. Basically it touches that topic plus many others about growing up and trying to deal would circumstances that you. Grown up into in trying to avoid. Outcomes that seem likely because of those circumstances so we'll have that conversation in a world it's something fun tonight. We're gonna have seemed bumper music and at the end of the show. After people hear all the bumper songs throughout the course the night we'll take phone calls. And see if is this whoever can figure out what the theme is or was. Animal lone woman on the teacher. Now we did this in the past yet it turned out pretty pretty good yeah it's fun it's a lot of fun so we'll do that beginning in a listen to the bumper music at the end of the night will open up lines for that specifically. On what you know don't try to guess before we tell you to. Aaron so what's and the phone number will be 84468776692. Freed 446877669. And take quick break a lot more to come to listen Jason. JTV on failure. It's. Aren't you a little what was the theme for the bumper music tonight. Contests at the end of the show what you call an insignificant figure out what the common thread was love songs of Clinton on the thing is when you pull this stuff had he you don't need to tell me half to cut and I like to see you guys still. Battling anything so you win bragging rights movement but you can't say at first those are you don't say you write it down and hold it up to those to the video camera barrels a hurry so what we're talking about a whole bunch of thanks and it was DB Moffett he's an author his book is called the mr. Burris. The title itself. Makes you start to wonder what we're going to be talking about and let's let's get a right from DB himself ADB welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on tonight with a us. It's great to be here we do you guys this evening and right up the that I just wanna thank you good understanding with me it. If it truly means a lot to me. I'll make you very much and we look forward to time talking with you about the book tie yet we've got a lot of stuff to go over but I want to start with the book itself. The title the miss birth what does that mean. Well it's funny US that idea. I was finishing up my. My first book and IE which was a totally different on the but anyway I began to put together in the and I idea of poor for this new book. And I started out before into anything I'd I'd sort out with a title which is a little bit unusual. And the word yes birth just happened to come to me given the context of what that was going to be writing about. And to my knowledge guys I don't recall contest plea of a reading. We're hearing the word before but it did sound appropriate from the material that I was going to be covering in the book. And so I consulted. Two different dictionaries. It to ascertain the exact. Definition. And to my surprise it's. The word miss Burton was not listed in either of those dictionaries. Which kind of sealed the the title deal for me and so like IE. I went from there. So tell us it kind of in a nutshell here what the book is about because I know what it covers and crosses a lot of themes. So as best she can summon up force. He met and the missed bird starts out with Betty. Our high school blind date which ends up on lookers plane with an unexpected. Pregnancy. Which results in a shotgun wedding and a marriage made in help quite frankly. The young couple has a baby girl. And beyond father has deeply rooted. Emotional issues to begin with the and a extremely unhappy marriage yes. Literally pros. Yes on you don't smoke remembers. Which. Culminates. In and the father violently. Rape beating the then eleven year old girl. She becomes. Pregnant. Which was an extremely hard chapter from the right and that the chapters exactly one page into line because we get to two daughters. But I felt that that had to be included in the book. To really. Practically. Explain the emotional situations. At least two of the three main characters in them whisper. Anyway the white pines at about the border situation in discreetly. Arranges to have these. Pregnancy. Terminated the physician who is going to. Take care of the procedures in middle aged man who is married and he's been wiped unable to have children. And in lieu terminating the pregnancy. And it turned out via a little boy that he presents is white may raise as Iran. At the age of sixteen. The young man received an athletic scholarship. And a very the prestigious prep school. And as one of the inducement for him to attend an athletic scholarship actually. One of the inducement is he's going to be a minute don't private tutor to help him. Prepare for the SATs. And it turns the young. Female tutor. Is that a PH the and also happens to be peace and eleven year old girl so violently abused by her father. Sixteen years earlier and that guy who's basically where this bird starts. With a book actually began. While you know when. Particularly when you talk about fiction. Authors always have an inspiration for the stories they write. In this particular case you must have an inspiration for the release for the reason you wrote this particular book what we deputy. Well I don't know it was so much inspiration. As it was basically. They recounting that some of the years. That I experienced as India. As a young I'd be. A younger man he well. And these characters by and large in this earth or. Oral law you. We're all people that I came in contact with during the course of those years. And I just thought it would be sort of provocatively entertaining. Read Korean the pretty dark swap that the yeah. The reading public which is what I proceeded with the book. So a lot of the news. Characters. In the book are actually based on people that you met or lived with the or had relationships with during the course you want. Yeah. So yeah I wouldn't go as far as saying this is autobiography sold by a biographical book however. Were you and in any way trying to. Help resolve some of those relationships for yourself by telling those stories. Not really too that the two great question it because and people that was how how how difficult was to sit down and sort of relive those past experiences. And I found it to be. I'm really not difficult at all which. Well you know rather good move because. It indicated to me that that chapter of my life no pun intended. Is definitely you know behind me and as I say I wanted it to be sort of the difference. Different sort of fictional read and by and large some of the feedback I'm getting. That goal was accomplished. One of the I guess headlines for the announcements of the book when it was released is his senate quoted here new novel dramatically explores the deadly role of faith for one dysfunctional family. We're gonna talk a lot about how faith plays a role not just in your story but in our lives. But was the it is the central theme of the book seat. I think to a great extent. There he is the central role and when I. When I chose straight again you would is because I wanted to do be it mean. That. A goodly number of people could relate to and and that they as fate would have simply mean what I mean is. Who amongst us is not. Been walking down the bout with life not minding their own business. Bank and all the rules. And suddenly through no fault of their on and find themselves. Confronted. With. Circumstance or situation. That they had nothing to do wit and yet. Find themselves having to deal with it. And really the essence of the men's birth is how the characters between main characters in the book. Try to come to grips with the circumstances. That. State is has dealt them. And it. Paul with that and I know we're gonna take a break and a lot more calm me listen Jason NG EP on morality radio today. Jason champion our guest tonight DV Moffett he's the author of a book called the mr. Burris. And we're going to be talking about the themes. That that book. Is. Has surrounded and as some of the characters and will be taking your calls a little later in the program at 8446877669. One of the themes and we introduced this idea before the break on that the book focuses on his feet. And DB let's start talking about feet a little bit first of ball. I'm not so sure it may sound like a simple. Answer or the question may sound a little naive but what exactly is fate. I believe. Eight. It is and truly. Then you'd like he used the term preordained but essentially. Faded. And aspect of life that presents itself to most people during the course of their lives. And as say they had earlier. Arm. Will present them with a set of circumstances. Or situations or bans. That. Pretty much. Dictate the course is the rest of their lives. And I and I think the the the key element in fate is. How people deal. With the circumstances. That fate has has thrown at them and again as I said earlier it through no. There are no necessarily doing more fault of their own and yet there the I have no choice but to work handled the situation. As best they can happen. And unfortunately many people. Tend not to handle. They very well because is the more times than not the reaction is hey it was not my fault. And therefore I'm not responsible. War what I say or do or anything else that's kind of the warmly syndrome well. And the I think really the beat the essence of this earth it is trying to. Again it is gonna sound kind of trite but there's a reason that it is have grown to be old with us. Net is. You've got to try to take a negative. And make that negative or positive and I think that's the really be the essence of the atmosphere is. Taking the idea that hey this although that wasn't my feeling this was not my doing not my call for one shameful want to pilot. And making making the best of those are. Sort of Clinton as many times as you get knocked down the years wanna get on him you know composure self and keep pummeling toward. Well I pretty much that you know that that's a nice way to put it. Which OK and it's a lot easier said than done by. I think if one can learn to take solace again in the in the fact that hey. Although it got to deal with this. And this is not my this is not my fault and I think people can derive an and the strength from Matt knowledge that they. And they did not create an unpleasant situation. Put themselves through those around and that they can move forward. With that thought in mind I think it. Makes them and the people around them better human beings. Is everybody subject to feet. Or do we make our own fate. He Jen you guys do it very very insightful questions I the I like that. I'd have to say that's but pretty even Steven split. I I think. People can. Two do we have their own. Create that those circumstances that they ultimately have to deal with it in the cases of the book in my book the desperate. Com the treaty main characters. Had nothing to do would be the circumstances that surrounded there lies from the very date the very day of their power. So. In that respect they had nothing to do with it. But I think we'd all agree that. There are more times than not where. People can say or do things. That will have Altman. Implications. And ramifications for them. More times than not not pleasant. Ramifications. Through their own Jones. Well many times throughout your life so be people who come into your life who sort of change the course. Where you're going in and and Carlson how things are going life. And you know you can't you can't stop that because and then the minute there there that sort of change that path. Very very true. Very true in an impact in my case. That would is would change my path for the better. And that that person. News with Cindy mind. My wife and I you know I knew from the very first time that I saw her. That I. I wanted to be with there and I knew she was my girl you well. Took me took her awhile to figure that one out back. So. Basically. Her her inspiration is he really. What altered. The Mike at this particular mark my course. In terms of life is pleased to report its many many years later Cindy united are still. Fighting happily ever after together. Well that's just missed incredible thing and I think we all have a similar stories of that of course are. Are better perhaps. You Wear when they came into our allies they they shapes who we were and they sorted guided us on a path that would help them. Would have been very dark. Very so so very true. DV is fate. And you've already answered this to a degree but I want to ask the question and just explored a little bit more but his fate itself. Always so I want I'm only use the word bad but that's not in a sort of saying is and always something with the struggle with or is it something that. We should week we can embrace because it seems as though when we say oh that's a defeat we kind of have thrown our hands up. And given up on shaping our own future. Well. To try to answer that question. I would say that to a of fairly large extent. People can play a role. Is it in their states. Mom. As they say in it and in the in the book. Betty. Had no real it wasn't that they had nothing to do the circumstances the book release details how they handle circumstances that they. But. More times than not if you look one actually today. Can create. There are there states through their own actions or interactions depending on the circumstances. The characters in your book that are subject. To dealing with their fate. And and trying to I guess. Persevere. Despite of the circumstances that they. Find themselves in or were born into. Do you do they become heroes or cure wins in the book are or are they victims. They've been in in in the case of in this pretty pretty pretty. They've become victims now more than more than you. And which is not necessarily mean that it's. You know what a depressing. Down read it and I don't I don't think it is but. Essentially. Mom given the way they handle. The circumstances. That. Presented themselves to them again through no fault of their home. They did not handle those circumstances. As. That is that could have or should. Well and it and I totally agree it's not a depressing tied breed but I will be honest when I first got it was sent to the count or toys. As looking I read the back and I'm like. Why the hell that this is the most disturbing to expect Astoria I think ever but then as you start reading into it. You you really you you get locked Indians rolled with. Well I will say. I'm not bad at the expense of trying not to council serving. If the book was specifically written to be eight. That's pace. Provocatively and are angry. And I think one of the for me the sole. Of the of literature of the action. It is dialog. And as such. If you look at any given page of the book. 70% of it is if it is dialogue because I mean. Over description because I think becomes tedious. And I've always been far more in two. What the characters in the book. Are thinking saying and ultimately doing. Well I agree with you I don't care if the wind was blowing I don't care about all these all these different factors of course I don't. Exactly and in I've got a great I've got very close friends who are New York has bestselling authors are Judy called the originals and their incredible author writing and the fact of the matter is though I violates his seat mauled the communication back and forth dialogue and and really. Helps you understand the people. Exactly that that that that was my that was my thinking going into it and home and I think it is the more the dialogue the more vivid picture you painted each character. That present similar herself but during the course of the of the book. Or we're talking with DB Moffett about his book called the mr. Burris and the central themes in the book we're gonna continue the conversation on the other side of the break. Parents a lot more to come elicited Jason GP Dioner L radio. Telephone number eight. 46877669. Or take your phone calls later in the program don't forget tomorrow night we've got Michael Brian joining us he's the travel psychologist. We talking about his book. He's got a couple actually these co authored with Rosemary Ellen got really good friend of the program some head on a few times. We always enjoy having Rosemary Ellen on and Michael wrote the road to strange series with her including the road to strange travel tales. Of the paranormal and beyond. And the road to strange UFOs aliens and high strangeness. Make sure you listen to the bumper music because chief he's gone he's trying to pull one on our whole patent hold on and all of our ideas and you told me what the whole thing as butch pulled there's a there's some connection with his bumper music. It'd be fun to figured out. Debris Friday as of Friday is a best of program of course and then we've got a great we can shows coming up next week tonight we're talking with DB Mossad about his book called the mr. Burris. And DB would you say this is a tragic story. Yet. I would I would classify it in in the in the B. In the within the confines of classic tragedy and it's it's not. What would it I think there's a distinction between. Tragedy and and depression despair that. You'd hear that tape it it's more along the lines of classic. Classic tragedies. Many years ago well. The book also deals with the topic of teen angst in boys. What are we talking about we talk about teen angst. Well. Right off the bat I can. He will I can only speak from my my own experience in in terms. And that it is in terms of he Manning's and specifically covered route related to Marty. My high school experience. Well and I. I was the only. One don't mind. My group of friends that went on to the particular public high school. Most of them one on two. Boarding school prep schools were their vehicle. And ride up the bat I was kind of an outcast. The reason that. Everybody in that school knew each other you know. A prior to attending attending high school. So right off the map markup that's kind of play a mark. A Smart guy if you will. And the other experience that I happen to have was that I didn't experience a mighty. Adolescent growth spurt total. Nearly the age of fifteen so if you're. Running around as a freshman or whatever sophomore. You know over the height of 53 in your already. You know an outsider if you can make. It connects via these high school experience a little precarious time. But that that just. Didn't speaking from. From my own experience. And the other thing I would say to women can sit that he meant I think it's. It it is. I think it affects. Guys more than girls in respect that but the the big difference and it between. A guy who was thirteen or fourteen and a guy who's seventeen or eighteen is huge compared to I would say idea. He EB counterparty. Female experience does the beat the disparity in those particular agents. I think. You know we've all he is though if we don't remember her own teenage years we certainly know someone who has recently gone through them whether it's niece nephew of child whatever happens to be. And those are just difficult times to begin with do you think that as society is changed in your book. Starts. With the story in the fifties it was a very very different America in the fifty's do you think as those times have changed. That that teen angst and the process of reaching a teenager is. More difficult or easier. I think today and many at that again a very very topical question. Because. I think today in many respects it it it it it's far more difficult. And then again I'm just on the third party observer obviously. But. I I think. Teenage bullying and school bullying today is far more acute and far more vicious. Then it was when I was going through those years and I think that's a direct result of social media. Because it's very easy to. You know get on line and saying anything you want about anybody can get. You know a bunch of people to kind of go along with the UN corroborate that and in fact there was that the tragic situation. Where. My elder daughter has India and panic as she's gone back to. Grad school may have a a a very income or. And one of these children are. Young people that should be. Takes care of or did it take care of recently. Committed suicide and he was twelve or thirteen so. There to your question I think it's. For more vicious because. In my day if you wouldn't wanna say something. To somebody about you'd have to say it to their stake. You know Clinton and some that is yet to run different person. And. Now they can put too much saying anything they want and get a hold you know wide audience. And you know once the once the crowd turns making it just must be. Very very devastating for the younger person that I have to come to grips with that sort of that's what I just sort of that believe in economy. Yeah and I totally agree it's as the father of some of six kids say I've seen you online bowling and just your social media and it'll drive you now. RA bomb and we got to take a break our guest and his TV Moffett author and we're talking about his book in this press. He'll listen to Jason GP beyond relatively. It's Wednesday unless there's been on the east many years but some between. Yeah. Solstice in Bosnia Toys 'R' Us and JB Johnson so we're gonna continue our discussion with DB Moffett in just a few moments continue talking about his book called the miss Burris. In the meantime tomorrow night we've got Michael O'Brien joining us he's a travel psychologist he's actually V travel psychologist talking about his book. That he co off coauthored with Rosemary Ellen guy Lee is actually a couple of those it's the road to strange series. Including the road to strange travel tales of the paranormal and beyond and the road to strange UFOs aliens in high strangeness. Much pretty much everything recover Russia or if it's really is the whole bold gambit. There's a story that's good that's come out of Washington State that says a little bit disturbing that I wanted to share. In mountain Vernon Washington. A man. So has murdered and decapitated his girlfriend saying that he received instructions and had spoken to god. It seems pretty dark god according to this gentlemen god said that. He was to do that. He took their toddler they the they had a three year old. To say goodbye to mommy after he Slade at this moment. On and then the boy who's in the man I guess is name is Timothy Hernandez. 32 years old. It was just sitting and waiting because he did this in his parents home. And when his parents got home from of all places church. They found him there with the body of his girlfriend and build woman's head resting on her back. He decapitated your master cylinder. And when the police showed up he said god. Made me do it or god spoke to me and told me to do it. I don't I highly I highly doubt they got anything to do would then heinous act. But. You know it just presents one of those one of those situations where. I think this is my own read of this situation is known as a mental illness issues there. That needs to be addressed and that we talk about these things on the program a lot Weathers and whether it's possession cases. Or whether it's even just its standard paranormal cases were people are seeing things are hearing things you know. That's the first thing needs to be resolved this is mental health and all too often I'm people who too quick to blame more to. Give credit depending how you look at it to a paranormal occurrence or demonic. A possession on before addressing the real issues. We'll announce it in a lot of people find it strange that and what some of the first things we are we going to immediately investigate. It is our people self medicated under medicated. Over medicated. It's there's all these things you need to look at and then. Are there are other issues to Wear them they need assistance beyond. And you know internal investigators and to some sometimes people take offense to that but these are key things that really need to be looked at. When now when we do we come into your home. Men he stuffed. All right let's sum let's return to our conversation with Stevie Moffitt again his book is called the mr. Burris and DB working people get the book. Amazon.com. Is. Where they can and get the book. See previews for the book it'll put a background on me and but everything else. Would he be. I think he is the most in most convenient way to do would be Amazon dot. Com. And I would also add that. From those. People commercial buyers but bookstore owners what there are some of the above the publishers. Provided day. Quota. Quite steep discount or wrote quantity quality purchase you know like if you don't mind I just wanted to get back declare myself and I said earlier sorority. You need to bullying and I and I didn't wanna mall as conveying that. Always had the tie up between girls. I was just speaking from my own experience as a guy but as I mentioned earlier we have. The daughters. And they vote experience there their share of bullying so. Teenage. Arismende if you will or whatever you wanna call it bullying. Is not strictly confined to India. But the mail if you will. On knowing I totally agree with you on that answer three dollars and three sons I've seen oh boy from both fans and yeah its and it's just as bad it doesn't matter if it's male or female. And then you make a great point when you are saying it earlier. Is they have these avenues where. If and when they post something there's you know. 203040. Other classmates that are that are seeing these post. Or other other children that that they know so. It helps really fuel it because in the summer feeding off the bullion. It's over and it's not like it was you know 2030 years ago where we can you made a great point somebody wanted to say something about you when the smoke your face and it said. And a lot of times you'd settle that great then and there aren't and call of the day and things to be resolved but it found that kind of a world anymore. Well in many cases as well to see me add to that it takes a lot more guts for someone to come up to somebody and say something in person whereas when they can hide behind the mask in the Vail social media. They're willing to say things that they just would not say don't know the person face to face it's almost the same thing is as red road rage. You're you do things in your car to other people that are cutting you off for whatever that you would never do to them if they did the same thing view on the sidewalk. Will you get this crazy stuff in these days going through the schools where and believe me I'm I'm one of those kids I hate I Grubman a time where. Fights in school gym they were a normal thing a lot of times you'd settle things or 3:3 o'clock you'd settle things I don't think it was the best idea. But now it's it's like one of my sons is having an issue last year with some kid. And he was told by the principal. You can't defend yourself unless the kid hitch you three times. He hits you three way he's gonna hate you three times before you can finally throw shot act. None of that makes any sense and I think a lot of the stuff these days make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Dvi lieutenant took a tangent there are no. I just want yeah I totally agree well meaning it now and it's it is it's relevant because you know what it you know it's funny from. Some of my experiences along note that very avenue. There were instances where there would be. Physical situation. And once it was settled was almost like two athletes coming away with a mutual respect one another I mean. It was stupid whatever the issue was it was settled then and there. And I've not changed media. You've become best of buddies but there was just. I mean. Each each each could move on and it was in it was done in the loop over and did not. Sort of faster vote what what you're saying and as I say in terms of the social media aspect it's that a bit. Being settled one way or the other it seemed to just passed during grow and I think that's what. And really start to. Mentally affected the young person beyond. Person going through a period and in light that is tough enough without. Without adding a layer. Difficult. Absolutely yeah. I I had intended to start this segment off. Just trying to get a little bit more of your backroom ground DB tell salute about yourself. Well IE. I was in the financial services industry. The numbers of years I'm here and started right out of college. Them. Selling Coke called compatible phone book trying to so like interns double. And which was kind of in the interest in experience because. It. Latin Pete who. Yet. Fairly proficient on the phone that he will. And of course and then the financial services industry evolves we started getting into all sorts of other. Types of investments and one not and I was able who. To locate financially. And in which ultimately allowed me to decline to. The boat to. What I enjoy doing and that's. And that's writing. So. From that vantage point. Right now Lima. A full time full time writer who will. Is that the desperate just came out. Via. Piper spoke beltway justice. And met a few years ago which is a totally different drama that that's a political satire. That is predicated on. Today's capital called Washington DC or some people will prove to that is the swap. In. So like I got a kick out of that kind of on and which again. Prompted the nit berth because I want to do a total totally different John. And people kind of vastly. Well are you trying to build a via. A reading Baikal the reading community you know kind of I mean and Harry Potter I'm not. I mean. You know each book bet on Brighton is totally different. Different job different characters. And different purposes. And not me that that keeps. Huge things different and to a certain degree keeps me keeps the pressure. As we continue to explore themes in your book the mr. Burris. Let's talk about people and how they can be awfully challenged to acts but what we would call morally ethically or even legally in some cases what is it about. People that seems to be that they seem to be drawn. Two maybe this side of that those tracks that we should beyond. Well. Again that could come back down to the circumstances. In my case some of mind and my activities that they. Very young man were then were not. Legal war. Ethical and moral or immoral if you will. But anybody that is drawn to what I Colby. The street. There's an old expression and I don't think we'll ever going to style and that is street and anybody who's. Lived or experience. The street if you well. Knows exactly what I'm talking about and anybody who. Emphasizes about it or romanticize there's about living in all life on the proverbial street is. Either never has. Who are. Well once they do they will be. Greatly disappointed. Yeah you always hear people wanting to do you know him better themselves from that never wanting to go to that. We're talking with the DB Moffett we have to take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation about his book. The miss birth we've got a lot more talk about Harry listened to Jason MG CD on an island. Song welcome back Cotter but concerns that agenda hurt I loved the song theme summer Roth mark since a lot of but I had no idea I never heard this. I thought not and as I said you Hambrecht and Clinton who was I never heard that Natalie back to say who was because it's up to the the audience trying to figure out what the common theme is or bumper music tonight so you guys will figure that out. Welcome back to the program is beyond reality radio our phone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna be part of our discussion any we will be taking calls. For the bumper music theme leader don't do that yet okay that's not who was slick Eddie will not let those calls through right now but we're talking with DB Moffett about his book. Called the miss birth. And we've been talking about a number of different themes better in the book and discussed in the book and what things we've been touched on it DB is kind of the circumstances of birth because a lot of what your characters go through our. Related to how they were brought into this world. Or circumstances of birth something that will automatically pre determined what our fate will be. I would. Say it depends on them. And the circumstances. Rounding rounding those bursts. But ultimately you know I think it comes down to the the the individual themselves so I mean. You can. You can be. Born into a situation. Where you were. After a you know a wonderful loving family carrying family. Apparently that adequately provide for you both emotionally and financially. And for whatever reason. And out to the not such. Not such a nice person. And not contrary view and be born into circumstances. That are. Not quite that had been pages. And yet. Pull yourself up over to their credit by your by the bootstraps if you will union com. And go on to it. To lead hey hey. A very. Worthwhile worthwhile life so again I I I think it's really I think you know went to a certain of rebirth is it it is obviously state. And that's basically how each individual. Deals. With again the state that. Has been. Scripted scripted for that. And we've all we've all heard the stories of you know do is I don't know if Ted Bundy Bundy is one of these people but the serial killer in and that and the thing is. You know they had such a normal life they were raised in the middle class loving family this that and the other thing yet they turn out to be something very very different than that and we for the other stories work. There have been people born into very very dismal circumstances. And those those dismal circumstances have turned out to be the motivating factor which makes them very great people. Exactly except you know it didn't know getting back to the end story that you mentioned earlier about that. Tragedy that has to place not. Was it Mount Vernon Washington yet. It was we have about thirty seconds for us to jump in to break. Oh I'm sorry well anyway I mean I it is you know listening to that whole situation night. I think is I don't think it has anything to do we've got I think he just wanted to make the people around him as miserable as he. Why it seems like he you don't do well. So are were and knew where to take a quick break and a lot more to come Millicent decent TV yeah. Back to the program it's beyond reality radio Jason and Jaycee and our guests and is DB Mossad are talking about his book that mr. Burris. DB EU had mentioned that a lot of the experiences that you write about. Some of the characters. Some of the things the characters went through our direct directly inspired him and me been inspired is not through word influenced. By experiences you had in your life. When he is is the results. As the book ends in these in these issues become somewhat resolve toward the end of the book. Is that also I auto biographical as well I mean do do is this really kind of by a shadow of of kind of things that you went through from start finish. We're. With literary embellishment if you will sure. Some of the them the actual occurrences in the desperate. Did not. Actually know physically. Take place let. Yet by and large. It was based upon. Unquote real life I don't know there's such a bang but true life. Experiences. So. Yes and which isn't shape app hopes. In other words I didn't have to sit down and try to create a bad guys they know where you know line encountered. A number of less than. Let the nice people and you know during those years so it was. More or less. Depicting reality and coming up with. Fictional names and deletes and down to. Win people read the book what are you hoping may walk away with the when naif. Peter finish the last chapter finish the last page and close the back cover. Is it more than entertainment is it more than just entertainment. Well I'd you know Victor is from the outset I I I wanted to via. Repeat my cup provocatively. Entertaining read. But. I think again it gets back to what we've been discussing this evening. And that is you've. Hit it up most of nothing else. You've got to again take a negative and make it a positive and move full as you put it. And and move forward. And always take solace in the fact that hey even though this wasn't my fault I'm gonna overcome. And not only overcome but I'm going to succeed. And and I think that's what. I was token most people would would come away with an idea you know when they finished the book. Course of your literal literary influences. Or. Inspirations. Well my. Ma but personally my idea. I think the person the is that. I would say. I drew a lot of Hahn was. James Joyce. Yeah. Remember. And I mention him you know what I'm reading him in the book he had a tremendous influence on me in terms of the is this stream of consciousness. Our approach. In does the crap that is right in. But as a kid I guess might might favor at all there was the implied. James Bond and we'll put amuses me guys is you if you read. Those books. But double those seven what is not. They don't like night with the with the white hat you know what I mean it was it. The dark side to James Bond that is rarely depicted in any of those movies. So that I found kind of interest. Well it's funny how different things like I mean right down to some of the original stories of men and Snow White and all that stuff are different there are when here's when they make it to us. Two in the movies and so forth. Very true. That is that they it it's very true and I think that is. Direct result of trying to appeal to a wider. Wider range in audience quite honestly. And as I say which I guess who's they promote financial. Perspective makes makes sense but I I you know I have to say that I do remember. Seeing the first couple James Bond movies is it. And I am going wool. Is he's not Crennel active he's a little more dark mat but. Anyway be that has made its it's as Stella. Private enterprise. They get they know what they're doing. Stuff we've gritty here in the books and a one this and we kind of touched on this but I want to circle back to adjust a little bit bad decisions when people make bad decisions why is this so often. As is seems to be the case with the characters in the book what is this so often lead to a string of bad decisions. Because they didn't big Eagles themselves. I mean maybe. Yeah you know that just exactly. What happens and more times than not unfortunately. Or at least in the case of the characters in the midst or our home. They kind of allow those. String of bad incidents to take place because after all in their mind. None of this was their fault to begin to sell the dollar and upon going to be miserable so everybody around and kind of you know I mean. It didn't you which is let's say it sounds ducks it's like what you've mentioned about the back Cutler at the outset of our part of our conversation. It's it's not the big news if it's not that it's not as dark as civic. It would it would seemingly be okay. You what's next for you. What is next for me. IE it's started eighty. Another book which I had to put on hold forth. Almost a year now. And I. My mom who is 92 and was living in Winter Park Florida Orlando. Florida. Reduce. No longer capable of living by herself. Meet physically she's OK but I mean it's a quick time. And so she's. You know I had to. Take care per you know wrap up the situation down there. He's been living with a and next week. Will be going into a place which is independent living not assisted not nursing home not assisted it's quote independent living which has an actual. House and we've been there are several times and it's a it's more it just. Actually moving from one house to another but I think it's gonna work out very nicely for. But in the general and it's been sort of difficult to actually sit down and focus on. On on this next book but you know I don't go and I think over the next several weeks you. It back to a again it's totally different. On the than a minute spurt or. Beltway justice for that matter. Yes it's tough when you're mines everywhere else and you're focusing on on those other important things to really be able to focus on and sitting down and just right it. Well again it say beyond. Spiritually I did a piece recently. You know they wanted to know the getting into the actual. Process of writing you know what with the you do and what not and and don't do one thing about focus on in in that article. Was I have found my experience. When it comes to writing. That the most important thing you've got to learn is one to stand up and walk away. Because you and only you know as a writer. When you're not on your grade game. And when you're not on your a game that it's time to just completely. Void yourself the that current project because. When you return you're gonna find that not only get you saved yourself a lot of aggravation. You've also saved yourself a lot of time well. That's that's what I've learned. Not only during the process of writing but also during that as I've been. Helping my mother. Adjust and readjust to a you know another phase in her life. Spoke DV were at a time thank you so much for spending it with us and sharing. The book the mr. Burris with this where once again can people get a hold with a booked. I would go Amazon.com. And I'm most anxious to work this bumper music it KV I have an idea but I don't. It's up so. He probably good because you think you probably shouldn't do that that you probably got it. If you probably shouldn't guess you probably so leave that for the listeners the navy I. I'm not quite well liked Ike Ike well let's put it this way I could go. PG thirteen I've got two ideas one and PG thirteen the other. Use. You know with some with some editing. And I might adding closing. Don't ever let Alex that is site cheese she is very very valuable asset to your operation. Now all they do so much and they shall come and hang in Alice TB it's been a pleasure we look forward talking you again. So I look forward to that as well. A good night. Have children okay so what we're gonna do now and again thank you DDB gore we're gonna do now is rule going to go to breaks phone lines are will be open for people to call and participate in trying to come up with what the theme was and our bumper music tonight we'll have a teacher for the first person that gets it. But we're not gonna give you multiple gases were gonna give you one shot at it when you get on the line and then we have to move on and. Person says Tommy hammering it down is that originating at the trade to me home my gosh I wanna teacher at a musical ones the one under back you can use one thing I would say. Tomorrow and tank top earner in its ninety some odd degrees outside knows very different the phone numbers 8446877669. And tool free 8844. 6877669. You listen to Jason NGV beyond reality radio. Yeah back instance. Jason and GDP expanded TV market for. Ford joining us and I sharing his Brooklyn new inspiration behind his book the missing birth with us tonight. Are sort of surging calls to to see who has figured out what the common theme is with the threat is roller ball for music 90 here's the thing. I don't know if the first person to gonna get it on and off it'll take ten people I don't know how many people as anybody of the it and him via. I think it's kinda easy however. If somebody gets that we're so gonna go to all the call so don't hang up because we still wanna see how many people actually had figured it out. When they called day and so if if you would just stay on the line even if somebody gets and although only the first person's gonna win. Themselves they teacher. Eric present affair yeah it's a sound pretty fair so let's go to the phone lines are let's go to this is Norman Norman's Cohen of Florida hey Norman welcome to the program. Our area in high. Is it about sunrise. Nuts are great guests Norman but it isn't it is and what song did you think it was about a sunrise. So Rory and place at all. Did you anyways. Great guests appreciate you calling in our let's go to brag. Greg is in Colorado pick Greg welcome to the program. What do you think. I I really have no idea I'm in this day bands covering and other banned. Now that's a great guests actually do we just heard The Beatles doing a Kansas City which clearly was a cover but no that's not the answer reluctant support but thanks for taking a shot force. OK now let's go so low laying out. At least lane is in Missouri you Missouri looming. You're right okay Aaron disarray however I did all right so. You heard the songs you you've been listening you guys have been chatting about it a what do you think the common theme is in the above music tonight. I'm winning go it. Geography. Well that's close that's darn close but it's not specific enough. Story. Today I didn't I though let's go to. This is Julie Julie is in Washington I'm assuming it's Washington State is that regularly. Well welcome to the program on the show have you heard the buffer musical night. Yes. So why Azteca eliminating error problems with drink yeah. Yeah I have. Come and yeah I got on the lead lap and traveling and Lybrand thanks to play will be genocide. Yeah you know that's a really good guesses well very close to a low lane you said with with geography but it's not the answer were looking for just aren't very very close is just not it though. While do you think maybe we won't get an answer to this and I don't plan let's find out I mean we we we left you know we left plenty of time here soon. And who it's one of those ones where it means you got it took me awhile to see. Apparently cheated but if but it's one of those ones that I had a really sit there and and think of mean. Where you know it's interesting because. He can't make it guests until the last song is played because you that you know I could throw a wrench in the whole works here. And I'm going to lists of songs by the way the numbers 8446877669. If you wanna try to do this we have a teacher on the line for you. But I'm remain the songs I'm tournament this'll at least in case not that not everybody got you don't got the mall so. We in America with horse with no name. We had The Doobie Brothers China growth. We had Boston with hitching a ride. We had The Beatles with Kansas City. We had to be geez Massachusetts. We head to the loving spoonful swift's Nashville cats we had Chicago. With wake up sunshine. And we had Atlanta rhythm section with sewing deal. That's the whole list. Home it's it's one of those ones might be throws people off I think. I mean there's some there's some there's some intentionally misleading things in there but. If you'd if you think about it it's I thought it was I don't know but. Then again I palace sources so we'll let you think it's easy featured in Kmart suits your. The question is. The question didn't know guessing in in any of the chat rooms is not an account so if you wanna call and we've only got time for one more phone call we've got open lines written up because I think I may have stumped. Votes. So anyways or waiting for a phone call make sure you tune in tomorrow you've view we've got Michael Bryan coming on the travel psychologist. We'll be discussing the book he co authored with Rosemary and Allen currently along with his own books. So machine tuning checked out he's also known for the road to the strange series which co author under the rules marital and -- of the road to strain pilots elusive until one deal in your beast has been a time this is Vince of course a good friend of the program they danced giving guests source. Yeah and I 2.0 ports. Great guests and bring gas not the right one though but thanks for Colin thanks let's go to Karen another friend of the program hey Karen. I hit a record edit called that I am going to. Well you've got about thirty seconds Syria he think he can wrap this one up for us. We heard. Then that's not it. And I think they're all kind of close at all in all the is that you know the all the answers kind of close and I can see why people would think that only. Should he should probably just c'mon tell us now I think we will hold it over election we might have we might take one more call I think we just time to squeeze one more day when he sector very very quickly here. Just waiting for a slick to pass it off to me and we will do this and this might be the magical. Let's say this might be the one. Parents oh this might hit it felt about it if there right right so oh it's it's did you eight well the program. The Obama when he Lee which are yes and. In that. In this this can lead America. Yeah it's not cities in America announced aren't close but it's that's not it are I'm this is just gonna have to go and we'll hold it over for tomorrow it'll have to wait but Jared that's pretty much gonna do it for us tonight Amaechi tune in the Mariano agree show it's Jason GG beyond reality radio can till tomorrow. And the only news tastes good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. It's entirely you don't really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Canadian that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.