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8-5 6pm Jim Mora, Vaughn Johnson

Aug 5, 2010|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie are broadcasting from Saints training camp, and they're speaking with former Saints and Colts head coach Jim Mora. They also check in with former Saints linebacker Vaughn Johnson about Rickey Jackson's induction into the hall of fame.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mysterious -- some -- Saints camp coverage on home of the world champion New Orleans Saints. WWL. Radio alone pros OK guys on him Bobby -- bad. I'm Deke Bellavia coming up at first break. Almost saint coach Jim Mora checks of the radio Ottawa talk to coach more about Ricky Jackson gone into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This week can now I note. For Saturday's black and gold scrimmage it has been moved he was there isn't going to be out around 250 in the at noon they have moved it to 118 in Omaha. The Saturday back in those scrimmage we'll be at 11 AM on Saturday will be open to the public we will come on the air at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning and and we will be with you from 10 AM to 2 PM ramping up given you everything it's handing out at this scrimmage if you can't make it in the NF. Will be having the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and we'll go live the king and visited many people who -- you can have all of -- Speeches for the class of 2010 -- for -- from 5 AM until 9 PM Saturday night once again the Saints. 2010 black and gold scrimmage has been moved to 11 AM Saturday morning here at the Saints. Practices are they on the outdoor field. We will be with you from 10 AM until 2 PM and they will have Hall of Fame coverage from 5 PM. Until 9 PM about mid day Saints work announced -- some players sent some of banks that dale Benson now so you say -- just compartment. Yeah I know -- -- -- -- that point you know we talk with him Mickey you'd say well why you know what you move on the scrimmage. You know and change -- and it's a combination a couple of things you know we expect him Louisiana maybe an afternoon shower -- you look at this point -- -- also. Think skate of from the heat you know content to be a lot hotter in laid an afternoon in at 11 AM so that's why they China. Melo -- I guess make him more convenient for fans and developed a bearing because the fans I gotta give them credit they have come on -- watch practice. It's almost been unbearably -- to descend down do you shirt soaking wet. So I think it is China you know make it the best possible situation for the fans to go to win as a team the black and gold scrimmage. But he like you said of I think. This is the case what I got in all season even after the OTA's and mini camp going into training camp. Then at times he never again have experience our depth. That he knew what I'll be injured wrist impaired Thomas they well then at some point bring in a veteran running back you know Justin Fargas. Was on the radar going Baghdad around the draft while they're brought in Ladell Betts and Justin Fargas today. And if you look at -- -- bad speak. He had that knee surgery. But from the reports we got that both Justin Fargas and Lavelle -- and they look ready to go. They'd -- be at the U as good as he gets ready for play to play goal at ten season not all goes up and down time. We like better what kind of contract he can work out -- I know Saints fans remember this because it was a special season of post-Katrina. On December 17. 2006. When Redskins came to the superdome Nigeria only won four games it was coach gives his last year Gregg was that the music coordinator Dave beat the Saints are sixteen -- ten dollar Bill -- We had and I hope -- there who don't know affairs that we have a opportunity. With a win there pickle they'd sold NFC south about retreat to safety while the -- of NFC south of info over to some of the teams losing yeah dragon but you look Goodell -- that day -- 22 carries a 119 yards. Averaged five point four yards a carry mean that's getting it done you know -- always hit -- measuring stick. -- ride it out four yards and a career totals. Ledell Betts has 3176. Yards rushing and thirteen touchdowns. And now I think -- -- Clinton Portis says being hurt for the Redskins and that has been in a number of times they have a need missed a beat. Bullet -- -- has been in there that's wow look at that career average of four point one. Then -- is getting it done is also as a pass receiver and running back he's had 1500. Five yards three touchdowns courtesy -- five receptions are you looking that. Total production of 4006. And 81 yards. So then you don't was really high he's been high on him since April. And Justin Fargas 'cause I tell you what you have caught a competition that they haven't the Raiders backfield. Justin Fargas has won that job that was a thousand yard rusher my utility has always been high on him. So I think it's a win win situation where do you bring into. Cub fans are Justin Fargas that is being. Once again the Saints but I can go scrimmage it has been moved it will be Saturday morning at 11 AM open to the public out. Here at the practice facility at 11 AM as a black and gold scrimmage Debbie de -- -- -- at 10 o'clock we'll go to 2 PM -- -- 2 PM and then later that evening we'll have the Hall of Fame ceremony for you from 5 PM to 9 PM alright here on the home of the world champion New Orleans Saints. This is WWF and welcome back once again the -- black and gold scrimmage this Saturday will be an eleven to 8 PM at the saints' outdoor facilities open to the public. So we -- via radio who started 10 o'clock that morning go to 2 PM once again -- -- scrimmage has been moved to 11 AM this Saturday morning. For those wanna come to got the Saints an annual black and gold scrimmage it's a huge day sad day for the organization in many ways including what takes place Saturday night. Think in Ohio. As its the 2002 and it. Induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame including Ricky Jackson upon the 2010 class and -- present Ottawa commander. Longtime coach of -- here in New Orleans always Saints coach Jim Mora to the radio huddle coach Mora thank you so much for the time we appreciate -- -- Typewriter guys I don't know what they coach have you done under great yeah I got -- -- -- -- hole came the care and if you look at Ricky now and what I've always respected about you about the discipline. What it takes when you've you know coaching a team -- trying to build a championship. And now you being ex marine and tough course that you were I know this means a lot in his -- just heresy. When you say Ricky Jackson is as tough a football player as I've ever coached. Right and if any is no question about it I mean I think one at -- one of his was one of Israel Lhasa Apso his confidence. You know I just it's naturally -- -- made it gets through that tough guy to -- the contact. And I think -- I think you know he rebel a little bit sometimes against the disappointment and end and rules and things like that but I think. You know in the long run he respected that. But. They guy you know that that was that was one of the is that the best things about Ricky and I think you know one of the reasons why going into the Hall of Fame certainly. Another. Really strong at that would be as pure ability as in all the years I coached him I think he only lost collapsed he only missed practice. But two weeks after he got his side job broke -- in 1989 after our first game. Being an act in a car accident that the guy I was he showed up everyday and I think this is important from a coaching standpoint. To have guys that you're -- -- you can count on they're going to be there every day giving it their best shot. Not just done one -- a week -- on game day but every day he was suited up ready to go practice -- did a good job. And coach when the when you mention that he bugs discipline little bit was that because he wouldn't take his ankles would take -- -- -- Blair's -- and things like that. Dogs are not -- -- stars he was fine Rick Ricky. You know. I don't know Rickey was a guy that is that there that I I mean I never felt like it did get really really close to Ricky and we're just finally made. But. I I think he respected the way we did things and and and appreciated the fact that that what we were doing was was successful and we were winning games that he was. Playing well and had good teammates surrounded -- those kind of things. And then now court tomorrow would you agree with this assessment of and I think you would at. When you look at great linebackers and bum Phillips had this quote quote. That if you look at great linebackers -- usually good in two it a three areas do you they can rush to pass third. Our own bid -- good against the run but you can't rely upon a man a man coverage and pass coverage or zone coverage as far as having that discipline. But it seems like Ricky had -- -- game no matter what the responsibility whether it was in pass coverage are as a run defend their. Card and being this slowly containment are again after the quarterback especially. You know most quarterbacks are right handed considering he's coming you know less. From the left outside the quarterback it's incumbent to have that kind of -- that he did then so really to me. He was the complete linebacker. Yeah I can do it all and like he's their body I mean come guys. Baby were stronger one area and not as strong in and out there we're known for one thing -- they could do better like sacking the quarterback or something like baton. Not so good and other but Ricky can do all I mean this is -- -- -- -- be maybe the best thing about him from a standpoint of just his ability to play football was that he was really really strong -- -- -- get lineup bonnet tie it and and most of it tight -- back in those days lined up on the right side and he could he could handle a -- and physically. He could take kind of fullback Europe only -- lineman and stuff famine and make the play for its great round player. Terrific pass rusher you know we'll get after the quarterback like he's dead. They've played zone coverage he could cover a back or tie and man for man. So he could do it all you know a he would always around the ball I think he's one of the top fumble recovery guys in the in the history of the NFL you know he was just. He played an all time I think I -- the right time. Yeah -- was second all time out you know I though it didn't you know you look at this year's championship team coach -- and they created 39 turnovers I'll look back and you know Ewing Calipso wells defense and he always has high praise for a big fan Joe -- to that line back in the core. I commemorative tomahawk chop whatever you wanna talk about it. You know Ricky being able to force those turnovers which is second all time inability to -- nine fumbles. And then and then recovered -- save any -- forty I mean that didn't happen by accident I was similar technique to it. It kept it out the end the end at the right place at the right time and you know it certainly has ability and it had come to do it that and it doesn't just happen by locked. But yeah I mean technique I may need. The guy that guy was a technician I mean he had circle certainly a lot of natural ability but he was also a -- because he just can't get by and -- natural ability alone and be as good as he was so yeah I mean he. Coach of old guy tough guy I mean he had at all there's no question about it that's -- according to the Hall of Fame this weekend. Any out of a coach just kind of gets here -- -- -- traditionally -- -- -- about linebackers that you had the opportunity -- coach in the NFL. Whether you're an assistant coaches head coach -- when Europe renewing -- -- Steve Nelson Andre Tippett didn't Clayton -- soon he come down here with just thinking get Ricky Jackson Sam mills Von Johnson that's what I'm not asking you to rate those guys but I mean that's a pretty special bunch of guys -- coach would you admit. Yeah I was lucky to have guys like that you know I was only in and in New England one year. And Steve Nelson was a veteran and and really an outstanding player there it was Andre Tippett rookie year that you could keep. The athletic ability dad that he was gonna have a great career in the NFL quite quite it was it was a rookie also. Didn't have quite a career that it's Steve did or Tippett did. And then of course you know coming in New Orleans and and having guys like like the four guys you mentioned the dome patrol. You know very fortunate that's that's one of the reason where win a lot of games because they have a guy like that you you win you wind isn't good players and we certainly were fortunate. In New Orleans they have not only great linebackers the death great players a lot of positions. You know go to our memory -- in the locker room and obviously you know you got butterflies in. Unity trillions -- and I remember him challenging players. If you scared say you scared of nothing wrong you know because when I fear there is no courage and Ricky really challenge in the players. And gone out there and leading by example and no you don't find too many guys like that. Yeah yeah era you know I don't remember seeing any of that by Ricky -- but you do Bobby -- you were right there with him but. You know Ricky never impressed me about that as -- -- get a guy that he was scared I usually. I really look forward to the competition. And and any you know that the toughness and that physical play of of a game and an even practice time period look forward to that. And you know cause tomorrow I'm and I agree with you I use this analogy that. You know if ever you -- -- new and a dark out and out of that that I know if you had Ricky Jackson inside you might be outnumbered but you probably. Both could could come out alive so to speak of there was this defense you know and and no guns or anything involved but I tell you -- -- that at a table. And you know the all the -- analogy I guess you know when you have a long career you play -- a number of guys who you wanna be in the foxhole with and Ricky was definitely -- -- those guys. -- you you you've you've heard me tell my story Bobby and I've told that to a lot of people that. Went when talking about a guy like repeated you know again I didn't say it broke quickly you just said it -- if I if I was ever backed up in a dark Alley and had a bunch of guys coming after me. You know what clubs or stick their their fifth or whatever I could pick. Two -- three guys that I ever coached they help me out of that jam the one of the guys would be Ricky Jackson. Saints coach former Saints coach Jim Mora coach -- thank you so much for the time we certainly appreciate -- Joining us here on W I would -- I enjoy doing it -- really like coach all right. Boy you know coach Jim Mora Bobby told about that -- the -- -- all business like marine like Dan and from day from the first day into ma'am but. I TC you know it was it's all about winning games -- both like he says I'm a fan -- that'll be good at the top he said you know. Those guys respectable we were trying to do they voted to it as far away when -- won a lot of games have a lot of us. Cynthia and -- -- you don't locate and he let me tell you right quick that teams that I have been around the fifteen years of pro football throughout you know high school college. Who have coaches that I have been around when you play -- time he might think guy he's a jerk. You know but if this trend of coaches that have been California and that's the most teams that I had success is set -- You know guys trying to be buddy buddy with you. And coach Marlin to kind necessary it was all business -- Enron and have a beer now and you finished playing yeah I gonna have a beer when dad was all business when you may as well probably. Or five years down the road that you appreciate it would -- -- Torre is right right 'cause I mean he made you run that extra sprint. -- don't get me. I fabulous that this again I still get -- every time we talk about Hafner and sprints over there and in Hammond and you all know we we'll -- -- That are run sprints thin until somebody threw out hardy fellow. I mean it was a solid used it was Frank Warren a Tony Allen's movie look at him fallout and fallout that's sounds like some means to them borrow them people who Sunday -- pro told a sold out. No no we didn't he establish that discipline and young boy isn't going on tomorrow him no no no I didn't think he would have energy enough and good -- though you -- just -- it was all football football football but that's why we're enabled. To have a couple of season won twelve games won eleven games won ten games is because. We've -- more established with the Saints in those late eighties early ninety's. As the case he came Manny bad and he is Saints color and is diploma saying okay guys down on Big -- -- event will be -- you called the next that would be visiting with say try to make. Reggie Bush conversation with Saints out our power Christian Gant can also will welcome into the huddle free agent. A running back. PJ hill who's in the fully competing for a roster spot and welcome back along with the Kasey Kenny about -- eight bear I'm Deke Bellavia 2601870. 8668890870. He's the number to get involved. Here and once again beat New Orleans Saints who have their black and gold scrimmage. It would take place Saturday morning -- that is new but Saturday morning at 11 AM here. At the practice at the practice field on airline driving the rigid schedule to be later that afternoon but his move at 2:11 AM Saturday morning we'll have full coverage for you here. On Saints radio beginning at 10 AM will go to 2 PM also the Saints have a signed at ride receiver. Marco Brantley who has it was a free agent though most recently -- -- -- -- Chicago Bears played college football if you remember him. With field Oklahoma Sooners and played against those and went eighteen to play an issue in the -- A national championship game in January 2004. And there's a spent time with that the bad as the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And his career stats about a ninety receptions 1283. Receiving yards. And nine touchdowns. So he is and it's the mix here also by the once again you they're by -- the Saints working out a couple of backs today running backs. The dale Benson just an apartment. Yet the ego -- Benson Justin Fargas no Fargas has been on the radar ever since April you know talk where -- that Terry would veteran. Backe you can bring in here and you never can have too many were -- president how we do by committee. And that's is never disappointed in a Redskins uniform whenever Clint Portis. Hasn't been available. Es -- that rocking gotten it done Saints fans remember. That's fast so it's a special season after Katrina when we went to NFC championship game. The Redskins came that a dome and it is sixteen to ten or that game had a 119 yards. And averaged five point four yards per carry as a career I guess fairway had a disappointing averaged four point one. So Lavelle -- they get a contract worked out I think it's a win win. They have enough skins on the wall when they would be -- -- -- -- Lavelle -- but you know -- way to do by committee coach Payton. This the ideal for these guys in their career -- his coach pay when know how to utilize been. Do you look at Mark Bradley. You know as a wide receivers -- wide -- -- team is always trying to get better. And they think that thing they can upgrade here here's another a pretty big receivers six foot. 01 panties down a 59510. Guys six foot 1201. Pounds. So that that that Mark Bradley of and we think and that's correct. That the Saints have signed him that'd be a good addition to the competition and there in the receiving corps. 2601878668890. -- activity is the nobody can -- -- -- Bobby. And so we will talk a while ago coach Mora Morten Andersen pat swilling. Mister Benson on the air flight up to the can put their -- over the weekend. Gave Ricky Dixon though so horrible -- Yeah game and let it looks like him out of them mister Benson is playing you know had an out there and so Ricky Jackson. You know sport meant a -- ring and I guarantee that probably means as much to him. Come from the Saints organization as much as winning it with the 49ers when you think -- I would think so I mean after all the time he's been down here I mean look let's face when he went to four and I -- was basically a pass rushing specialist I mean he -- to fill roles and it looked did very well they had nine and a half sacks and 37 years so I mean did very well but I mean effective wreaking. Decide to go and Hall of Fame as a saint if you will and they have mister Benson induct him I think that says a lot for the respective -- has for the organization the organization has for him. And you look at Ricky now the I mean I hope he indeed. Ricky is company now he's in the real world living in this world he has a fuel company. And is known as mr. -- so you know he acknowledged with the Saints have meant to him. Throughout his career -- so I just stands to reason is such an important part of the Saints organization. Don't -- convince him to do that being the first player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame well another one our rookies teammates and the fame member of the dome patrol on Johnson six into the radio huddle whether it's gone. -- I was surprised thank you so much -- given us some -- time we appreciate it. I glad the -- does. Hey would you got to meet meet I tell you white I look at that dome patrol and and and mine always said this. -- you know going back -- high school playing days and days always say you know you travel in high school buses on the away games. I said I'll always one Von Johnson on my side because I want that be the first player off the -- so there is a team. Could see U goes oh no we're very cynical and I'll vote will look cool to get rid of political. Lowe are. Able above on them looking back and you -- days it Ricky and with Sam I would pat. And now arguably. You could say that the best line backing corps ever and I think -- betting dollars that Wayne and in NFL history. Bubble what's the equivalent -- -- -- you have your relationship -- Ricky. You know when I on the back on the road favorite trio poker -- I realize approach -- -- -- equipment not only will those guys Duke. -- just competitive. Side and you have to play better but they were real might probably about that you weren't. We will go out to dinner where would hang out. -- don't -- refused to. I'll responsive Rick earlier victories -- -- maybe he would toward Barrett berserk the tone for primary about. I was very giving pleasure -- -- C. -- matter what you get out on the field -- on the -- -- gave it make it happen Booker talk that you repair work and so. And of the games but it became very hard and worked harder proctor Bernard -- the -- -- carrier. Development -- into the hall of -- -- is about brand of football player -- more Portland outspent. And on I tell you I'd that was one of the first things that Ricky said about it was the competition that you guys had. Day in and day out where the -- in the weight room where you in the film room what she did you practice what you need to gain. You know he's Saddam might be a little wager here and there. You don't how many -- yet -- -- we got. But you all made a friendly competition and that's what may go bond together so well. Out. So look what we're really do -- -- -- Beer -- tackler pretty liberal Christian daylight between him and the Grail which time it did in -- you can you can -- him on it. Went over a -- work and you know. Rev limit commentaries about special -- it's critical about the -- we were to -- we grew -- the chamber. And the -- I'm a competitor admit that we had really helped perfect girl more outstanding play. And Obama when you look at their linebackers. Today in the NFL obviously the Saints coming out of a suitable Vick treated now all world champs. -- what made it so special when you look at inside linebacker is obviously ray lewis' name comes in the forefront but looking at a leader now like a Jonathan Vilma. And talking about yet -- well alongside Sam mills and had. You could be relied upon not necessarily always to be a run -- discomfort. But also you rolling the passing game and knowing what it takes whether it was covered him back on the bag feel -- zone coverage and how do you compare what you all they compared to linebackers today's seems like it's more specialized in you don't have the complete banks like you did back in the dome patrol. Oh yeah I agree I agree Barbara you know. Linebacker -- but it actually true battle groups. Early tomorrow shields which you know Brett where we worried about. Did not play a lot of that aren't so our military laughter fielder. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And look at the game planned upcoming game planned it better big -- player was cute cute little it was a rare it. More -- -- what everybody else somewhere in the you know are terrible mark straight what. Remember -- they are all privileged members could -- my but we do that memorable too much about it. You know in order to Eastern Europe so we don't deserve special we had to do. Now you glad you're. -- you know we wound back the way other player wanted to -- an alphabet -- I'll assume somebody else to come and are prepared the main difference right now. And then now -- do you bring them court so well obviously was a -- -- -- coordinator bud Ricky give a lot of credit also to the big -- -- In about what he meant because you look at big I mean obviously astute in the game. And how he can motivate players from a strategic standpoint and also push in the right buttons. I -- if you -- how -- you wouldn't believe -- linebackers -- you seem like he's like a 14550. Pounds soaking -- But a big you know Ricky said that Vick was a big part of him being their complete linebacker. Out. Solo literate world -- Merrill we first came here it was. You look for about -- tomorrow Burke which -- where we don't have to him for our fifth trip -- -- therapy in -- I've ever else for Mark Prior for the big gap and bring about the world very prepare for a linebacker. Enough things about him. -- that would pay him battle. You know what a big spiritual -- -- just goes to show you how smart he worked very. It would river Charlie goes there're permanent it was really challenged those spare. And he would give a moment inside on. These -- -- pressure they're Warriors are prepared there's terrible he definitely will the tremendous effort to vote totals bet if you -- There must -- of the day. Vaughn Johnson thought always a pleasure thank you so much for Cust found a bag it was looked old Tarik is it goes to the Hall of Fame say night we appreciate it. Aren't sure you are I'm sure our -- happy for -- if everybody to certainly do. But -- a failure I'll spend a person wherever I'm sure have people aren't currently no longer. I drive volley appreciate take care. Aren't Molina meet. -- I tell you what day he would break his dad bullet head he would not because not -- you know. I'd do it cap. All would be brought to the table I'll just thank god everything they have a sense here at practice no dog thank our -- -- no no they probably save one -- may go -- history no no no doubt a lot of clothes on their side in such respect for Bobby net and muddy feet deep. He noted thanks for not hit me the noble but I can feel that win Mona may be blowing -- me but I think they've brought so much that it cable. -- Johnson number one of those guys market big two guys I'm telling you -- valid point you get behind Johnson and Ricky. Aren't the fox old Pete Pete got I think I'll bet you UPB three. -- -- -- Ricky and find an -- -- do any of the -- I can't you do with twenty men I'd say don't let the dog is going to get into -- NBA I mean there's if they -- stay down they'll beat you down big events included a bigger than them over the -- things that I can say that is gonna hear they're taking -- vehicle but I always detailed fine thank -- he he looks so mean I never forget speak to a -- and the players' strike in 87. -- and say too much UN as quiet as as -- felt really it. But I can remember boy -- by get this Jazz a hard time when they cross the picket line. And that they was so scared of common bond says something -- and let -- fifty people listened. Because you weren't just talking to be talked enough how many sets them he minute and he was go back -- up. As a Battier Bay's OK guys -- come back to you calls we'll get to Allen and moved into her extensive sports talk on WW hey welcome back to sports office politics go let's go to. Yeah this is -- I don't know if this is Alan C eighteen years it eighteen and I in Pensacola hello AT and thank you for Colin WW yeah. Here we here I thought you get out they shouldn't go to -- tinted down. Per at stake is the call and WWL. -- -- Robert great run home game. Constantly up. Which he got us on. But look material or real for the -- Colorado a rebel rebel but I was could not -- embargo alarm years ago. I don't know what good -- but whatever -- club drove Ricky Jackson he grabs him up like a little boy. And I'll Melbourne -- -- big Ricky come off the field they would they would call them back support for each other bodies snatched him up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was a live fight this regulate what have between Ricky and saw I -- -- is probably talent to life. To be more aggressive in his coverage that they can -- that a quarterback can blitz and they come up and challenged the receivers. Is that -- -- -- -- cushion at and and then the quarterback get rid of the ball by just again it's. Because I see -- get a lot of times that's it makes your by Greer and Tracy Porter is so good. Are you put them in the dome patrol where you come up when challenged the receivers bump and run. The quarterback would be do doing in his pants because it be nowhere to go with the ball. And nine and that they don't fellas one thing you can't have always -- needed to. Well but I am I thought it had I really thought this whole thing if you could have -- like the Saints have been. And I think it's definitely would -- -- team of the decade is still holds. But if you gonna take in the dome patrol -- defense. And just surprised -- Tracy Porter over the Dolphins who have now. We did then I'm talking about you dominating. For -- team. Are periodically for a hundred reported out of broke what are a couple of hundred but I don't really did even better and of -- as you put down All-Star team parents thank you so months we'll -- back to -- call this is full assault Jonas Savimbi did you. And welcome back let's go to eighteen and now we can't name break in Pensacola AT and we apologize for the name thank you for calling back. He had absolutely no problem my brother I'm glad I got the doubt he -- guy aren't you on. -- are you there. Am -- here a DNA he had god you go to the guy that Italian background -- but I do you name. I -- APN I had great grandfather I think third or fourth was a canny very sudden -- have friends -- -- -- with -- -- -- they had on the screen right here tonight aliens so it went eighteen and I know AT&T and played yeah represented a good as a nation of Florida Panhandle what you guys. Do you got an eyebrow about all of its but I want LSU graduate from BellSouth dot com and overall I -- -- over him but the -- lot bigger about Korea for years. Both are good ball for the most what if they -- saying and I hope courts are maybe a mile span. Let's say is thank you collect more appropriate and -- America the uniform. Yet we appreciate -- Why I tell you like he's back in California I don't know beat out of you probably not leave Lisbon but I'll let you end David every -- coach Mora awaits where he learned. And every one you know how you build character. And they character did you have with Dan and who's your mentors no. The Marines hell of form coach Mora to the kind of coach who was I guarantee you that. Because he probably don't you brought the boot camp with the calendar training camp. Who -- you 100%. About let me put it out of question to your real quick and nobody is a bigger. Ricky -- and then. Okay a lot of valid in high school eighty obviously out when I watched you play a thousand times the outbound calls -- other normal. I mean especially. You know although -- -- -- we had the bad debt that we did that today and we walk after this is Bobby Abreu out there on the field I want. I know -- late eighties early ninety's so when. I'm. No there was -- -- -- -- and Sammy would equation right quick. But my question what.