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08-07-2010 Jim Henderson, Greg Bensel

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Jim Henderson and Greg Bensel talk to Deke about the upcoming induction of Rickey Jackson to the Hall of Fame

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- very good evening to you and welcome to -- -- 2000 and T and induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio was seven greats. -- be trying to nine have -- In stride into the Pro Football Hall of Fame including home with keeping a close alone the great city champ Ricky Jackson would hear the profiles on each and every seven. Individual that will go to the Hall of Fame tonight also some great interviews from this past week as we have. Pat -- -- Johnson Morton Anderson and of course longtime Saints coach Jim Mora speaking about Ricky Jackson but first. Let's go live up to can't where -- John by the voice other New Orleans Saints who was covering the Hall of Fame ceremony Jim Henderson. John -- married Jim first of all thank you so much for the time must be an exciting day eat a big camp. Is it really is it's been a gorgeous day I think there is probably the fourth time of the event here in. He played here against the Steelers back in 2007 I believe it won't rain all night. Near my assistants well Earl slobbering really hot. And it's been absolutely gorgeous here today. Probably their eyes -- not upper seventies -- very low humidity. Very bright guy and a very festive atmosphere as I sit here in the stadium at. Fawcett stadium getting ready for these festivities. Jim as you all walk around a babysit this scene Faris doesn't hall of famers pro football people -- -- you -- -- and even maybe some us the members -- -- -- nation that -- trap go to come out this he really bad trying to night. If I if I just talked with a couple of Ricky closest friends who've been out here and Friday and they Ben wedeman any of the parties talking to them about. I was nervous minutes before he'll probably be. Evan and I think when he made some good -- -- speech but also it's excitement and Tom Benson -- -- all the parties and it dawned on me. The big parade here improve in camp -- call early in the morning and Saturday we went down to beat that man a number of previous hall of famers riding along with the inductees and what do you look at this collapse and not think many would argue it's the best collapse. But perhaps it's ever been inducted into the Hall of Fame is -- he's a big part of it but of course you've got Jerry Rice and Evans at America huge contingent forty niner fans internally Cowboys fans. Here tonight. It's. I was at a New Orleans Saints Jimmy Anderson and the guy making Ohio at the pro football hall of Famer covering your behavior -- the WW TV is a sports directed. And channel four. Jim some great teams you have called throughout the years certainly this year in the playoff victories in 2008. I and 87 I had a chance to go back and why some of those things last night the games in Atlanta -- win -- can't take over San Francisco defeat. Defending world champion Giants in the dome and then of course. The goal line stand in Pittsburgh yeah. All of a game Jim called Jim I would assume may be. Fasano because -- football games they have a certain field. The what's the type of feeling for -- innocent covering this event tonight who covered his transcendent moment anyone. And the guys finally going into the hall of -- what's fifteen. You know -- -- they. Don't want great pride what you do I understand band does it beaming premiered here and talking about what a great feeling remains from -- -- 44. And I ran -- a bunch of -- fans that included one Spain and I'm always calls and our Internet show. Speak for Michigan and they came over or -- -- stat. And talking with them and they were talking about the great respect but they have -- -- the -- but it's -- people themselves out of that are maybe the Lions can't do franchises that we're very similar. -- got to blog about stop. I think it's been very exciting Ellis back a bit he's seven feet and one of the games that I remembered. And -- fell behind -- against the tangles with so badly came back in court and won that game and Ricky had a huge game that day. It has always been his best in the biggest games you don't that it does but the biggest moment just look. Because of the Saints Jimenez and as well this of reporting and covering the sport WW -- television check -- all of those reports on WW TV channel four. Jim babysit is seen as far as as you're close to where. The I always will be -- at night they'll be introduced him make his speeches very -- scenes -- are rounding out at no faceted from TV I've never made their. It's it's a beautiful site you must be even better to see a person. You know big I have not really covered it offensive moved him -- to the stadium back in the years I covered it. And I walked the dogs and Saints were playing in the game you didn't get that much access to -- yet. Your own things that you had to take care of opened our spots too but now it's really down on the field that also stated that makes the world with different uttering all in years past and whether it be really how you felt a lot of these. Old timers. Absolutely all. Some of the previous hall of famers who -- Really battling his economic got a great job now. Putting them in the shade. It's a huge -- -- count on one hand down -- what I guess that would have to be. -- Not a shot right out of full field was covered in many of the family members. And bar -- for the people who will be enshrined tonight hi dawn on -- field level and certain faction. And oblique prevented him tiger off the stadium. They probably about two thirds full and I'm and one of the end zone. Frankly if the opposite end of -- that you hate is that. That's beginning to fill up as well not a great atmosphere that you thing obviously for them Ohio and it's if there Marty brought it's great to see it every year album celebrity get on -- nicer -- that complement the. He is the long time -- the New Orleans Saints into night they're covering the first thing going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame player's standpoint. The great Ricky Jackson Jim Anderson always a pleasure thank you so much I'll be -- telephone I take about those great reports filed for you -- WW -- Thanks rapidly if everybody. All right Jim Henderson the voice of the Simpsons. What -- cited must be tonight I think in Ohio has. Ramirez thing winning here tonight Ricky Jackson does make these feats have missed advancing introduce him kind of as they say you know gives of the way it is always one person that speaks and -- they actually dusty comes up and says some some more -- -- a you know several moments to make this speech. The chance opponent will they be in the house you know they have to be fit well it's the clients of 2000 and -- Here -- the other six members that are going into this evening Russ Grimm. -- -- -- -- Floyd Little John Randall Jerry Rice. And Emmitt Smith. Let's say the bio on Ricky Jackson info Alaska yet to come we will be busy with great -- the vice president of communication of the New Orleans Saints and tell us about the trip. As tricky flew -- put mr. Benson another saint dignitaries on Thursday and was given a -- a championship brain for the Super -- for a -- -- -- -- -- Saints. On behalf the Saints and mr. Tom Benson -- will get the greats talk about that on the program and set it up right before the actual ceremony speeches began to. And the 6 o'clock out so -- -- sit back relax and listen uninterrupted programming from here. And it's OB 8 o'clock out of we get to 9 o'clock tonight. All we hear all the speeches and so much more the first -- introduce you into the clients at 2000 DNA goes into the Hall of Fame tonight. He -- Ohio. This Pro Football Hall of Fame profile was brought you by Mercedes-Benz certified -- vehicles. Certified affordable. Luxury. The spacing can't -- been awaiting the best of the best is about to be filled. He's regarded by many as the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game and Jerry rice's numbers can easily support decades. Rice owns virtually every significant receiving mark including receptions receiving yards and most 1000 yard receiving seasons and total touchdowns. Drafted out of Mississippi Valley State by the 49ers in 1985. -- quickly became a threat in the NFL. But the next week was to be the best which required more than just talent. There's sacrifice that you have to make. If you wanna be the best. And I respected his game in hand. It's hard work hard work and your appreciation for the game and I loved this game. Legends are made in the post season and that was an area where rice set himself apart. I'd pray here. Longoria for a little place that's. It's okay. -- -- -- Check book with the call on CBS radio sports. Jerry Rice played in each conference championships and we're Super Bowls earned three Super Bowl rings with the 49ers. And was named MVP. In Super Bowl 23. A member of the NFL's all decade team -- the 1980s and nineties and the NFL's 75 anniversary team. Rice was a shining example of talent hard work and class and now you can call Camden Ohio home. I thought I don't know what like I just won a lot of our shop -- got my -- -- 250 -- Going to -- ball thing. From humble beginnings growing up in Texas to a college playing career that started at trinity valley community college. -- Randle was always a longshot for NFL success for former Vikings say coach Dennis Green says it was a simple emotion that began Randall's ride to the Hall of Fame. I think jabs great love for the game live those things -- separated him from some of the other players Sunday. Quick -- -- -- it was truly loves Texas and I smaller school was not drafted did not get to become buying. And at the start at the very bottom of the latter. Undrafted in 1990. -- became a fixture on the Vikings defensive line and the following season. And brought his special talents and desire to the NFL. John -- I don't quickness speed and movement. I think that goal and -- -- all the same read off the bat is absolutely you know incredible I think get a special effects. Of the impact of the game. From 1991 through 2002 Randle led the league with 131. Sacks while opening up more than hall of Famer Bruce Smith during that same span. He was first team all pro for six straight years and played in seven pro -- Randle had an ongoing rivalry with the Packers quarterback Brett Favre will be sacked more than any other quarterback Favre said that Randle was the toughest defensive player he -- But it had to be Brett Favre to see a lot of John -- coming your way -- seconds -- snap at one now back because I Stadler rental company cat. And Randall just ordered immediately. Right the why have a line of scrimmage. -- share with the golf on CBS radio sports. The man who brought a franchise to life and kept it a mile high is heading to camp. He was known simply as the franchise. Floyd little three time all America running back at Syracuse was the Denver Broncos first round draft pick in 1967. As a rookie -- lead the AFL and punt returns with a whopping sixteen point nine average. It wasn't long before the Broncos were using little for more than just special teams longtime rival -- the leader of the Kansas City Chiefs. Strong quick -- explosive. A little love between a powerful -- pitch well but I feel it made him look -- That you have a conflict helpful I didn't I can't black two are totally uncalled golf claps a lot of trapping plays. And Florida's fairly unique ability and skills that he made that work very well for a. Little went on to lead all of pro football and rushing for the six year period from 1968. To 1973. He also had more all purpose yards in his career than any other player during that period. The opposition in the fans Floyd was the Broncos Dolphins. Floyd with his running game this files produced a tremendous amount offense but Denver I think if you didn't have -- -- tremendous amount of yardage. For the most consistent basis -- have the women will always painful looking left. He retired at the seventh leading rusher and pro football history but his greatest contribution may have been -- the fan base in Denver. Little was credited with saving the team for relocation foresee expansion of Mile High Stadium and -- getting straight sellouts at last today. What was a charter member of the broncos' ring of fame in 1984. We forget and took a lot longer I never thought this -- would ever come on get over thirty years it is and how. Now I sit here. Russ Grimm might never been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame without the foresight of his college coach Jackie -- Cheryl looked at the 215 pound freshman quarterback and saw a lineman in the making. By the time he graduated from pit crew was at 270 pound lineman with a great combination of speed and strength. Andy's third round selection by the Washington Redskins have been 1981 NFL draft put him exactly in the right place. I don't know it's fortunate. As I was drafted somewhere where it was kind of a changing of the guard. You used cars here and and we had a lot of key young guys and it had to step up and play any created camaraderie. An immediate starter in his rookie season and teamed with Joe Jacoby on the left side of the Redskins won. Green was one of the cornerstones of the hogs offensive line that paved the way for a powerful running game on a perennial Super Bowl content. Rams offensive line coach Joe -- solve the desire in this August right from the start. He -- BA -- pro football player not total must sit could be great in the NFL you're gonna have to work harder and longer than anybody. And that's what he did he just got better and better each year. Following the 1983 season Grimm was selected to the first of four straight pro bowls in all -- played eleven seasons for the Redskins winning three Super Bowl ring. Dad was a first team selection to the NFL's 1980s all decade team. In the process he won the hearts of many including his old life coach boss -- -- thrilled this day has gone. I think this was long awaited I think it's a wealthy serving I think he's one of the greatest. Football players I've ever been around wherever coach. Emmitt Smith always knew how to finish the job. From his days in high school and three years at the University of Florida Smith broke the 100 yard marketing game a combined seventy times. He was selected by Dallas in the first round of the 1990 draft. And after narrowly missing the 1000 yard mark is a rookie went on our record run of eleven straight seasons with 1000 yards rushing. It was the ability to do with every week and every year Chris Smith believes that -- Martin. -- was the most important trait that I ever wanted to portray. I want to people -- know every time that they turn on the television or Tony wise to Dallas Cowboys. And I was playing without. There we had a very good chance of winning and they were going to the best performance but they're obviously. Smith one rushing crowns in 19919293. And 95. And along with Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin was a cornerstone of the Cowboys offense which ran two wins in Super Bowl 2728. And thirty. And with his place in history already firmly established. And it took aim at Walter Payton as the NFL's all time leading rusher on October 27 2002. In the game versus the Seattle Seahawks five cents a Randolph -- Good. Brad -- with a historic call on the Cowboys radio network. By the time his career was done -- -- -- total by more than 16100 yards. Cleveland's loss was Detroit's game in the Hall of Fame career of one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. Dick LeBeau a member of Ohio State's 1957 championship team was selected in the fifth round of the 1959. NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns. But he never made the browns' roster after the teams cut him during his rookie training camp. He then signed with the Detroit Lions. And after breaking into the starting lineup for the final six games that year he didn't miss another game until 1971. Setting the all time record for consecutive games played by a quarterback with 171. His longtime teammate hall of Famer Lombardo says one word best describes -- -- do tremendous games study that's -- they can survive if you don't you're gonna lead. You do this -- -- with three pro. All selections we'll both retired ranked third all time in career receptions -- 62. Get all -- picked off 29 different quarterbacks a level of experience and education that served him well as a player and into his next career. My understanding what receivers would try to do -- and -- game studying film was one of the greatest attribute. So those attributes from a player has now been transferred to a coach that's why he's become -- Raiders coach if you look to ballplayer. Now beginning his 38 years and NF LB best -- coach. Football has two Super Bowl rings and is credited with the invention of his own voice. Put this weekend it's about his playing days and humble land being recognized as an all time great. I have always been proud of those low numbers from what I put up as a player I'm very very appreciative that the committee felt good to me. Let me. With this Pro Football Hall of Fame profile I'm Scott Graham Westwood One radio sports. And they have it when you talk about the guys. Going into the Hall of Fame. We'll have the spotlight on Ricky Jackson just a few moments let's set it up here from coach Jim Mora was -- -- -- on sports talk okay guys on him Bobbie Barrett -- -- centers a couple of notes you know I'll. I want of the famous quotes from Jim -- -- play -- and you know could -- Woody should they you know you may think you know what you don't know. An interesting about these guys would you list -- some -- -- things here generous in. Dick LeBeau. Drafted by Cleveland in the fifth round defeated Andreas. But never played for a traded to Detroit. And for people who -- before about nowadays the defense according to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The firestorm. Defense is what he implored us defensively. And his defense has had been number one overall three times in the last six season. And never ranked worse than ninth. From a coaching standpoint you talk about years like almost people born to do things picabo was -- to do defense. And he. Completes. A secondary. That featured diet -- night train lane you O'Leary Italy Ambon. That will all be in the Hall of Fame after tonight all full of incredible. John -- story. As you heard junior college Texas a and acknowledged. -- give you an idea. Of how dominant of a play he -- us know all the defensive tackle in NFL history. Has 100 sex. John Randall it is Korea what a 137. And a half sacks. That's amazing. Anybody -- -- -- three consecutive games and -- forays of -- thoughts on their you know they great. Great team that won't assume both the 95 it. Lose to the Falcons -- if -- could go -- lose the Broncos. One of the greatest offense is. They play defense turnover happy San camping but just couldn't get there but John Randle goes of the Hall of Fame other tidbits in -- tonight. About guys that are going in obviously Emmitt Smith. The numbers that he has all the time leading -- 181355. Yards and eleven consecutive 1000. Yard seasons. And then along with. John Randall his pants the NFL. Undrafted into the Hall of Fame Russ Grimm. A quarterback. At the University of Pittsburgh. He was a quarterback going to university Pittsburgh when Hugh Greene was there and Ricky Jackson. Was at the University of Pittsburgh as well. But Jackie Sherrill. Turnover total offense and loved. Thank you would have been -- Hall of Fame quarterback. -- oaks. But he was opponent -- hulks. And O'Hair to the victims. -- with the Redskins it is fivefold DC and I -- I notice I was reading of my own. He paved the way cameras Graham Joe Jacoby all those guys. Paved the way for the to -- a ferocious. And Super Bowl history. John Reagan's been the big fourth quarter of one he feels awful attack but they beat the Dolphins under 66 yards but just a few years later. The highest scoring quarter in Super Bowl history 35 points in the second quarter. And 204 yards by Timmy Smith is still -- Super Bowl record today so Rose Graham helping pave the way. For those two Super Bowl records that is the clients of 2000 -- -- but before. We get to the one with focus in on a more post Ricky Jackson. Is coach in New Orleans Jim Mora spent time what does this week. And what better way to have. Questions about Ricky answered him by guys who knew Ricky and -- opponent Ricky stinging here in New Orleans and all pro Bobby Hebert. And okay guys now who basically took to arrange the interview at that we introduced coach more. His coach Laura talking about working with Ricky Jackson and why he's a Hall of Fame. All of -- Saints coach Jim Mora to the radio total coach Mora thank you so much for the time we appreciate you don't know five. -- -- I don't know if they coach have you done under great yeah I got me I've coached army hole came out the Caron. If you look at Ricky now -- know there what I've always respected about you above the discipline. What it takes -- when you've you know coaching a team trying to build a championship. And now I'm UV index -- -- coach that you were I know this means a lot in his -- just hearsay. When you see Ricky Jackson is as tough a football player as I've ever coached. Bright and if any is no question about it I mean I think one of that's one of his was one of Israel assets. His toughness. You know I just. Is naturally tough I made it gets through that tough guy loves the contact. Now I think he'd I think you know he rebelled a little bit sometimes against the disappointment and end and rules and things like that but I think. You know in the long run he respected that. But. Big guy you know about that was that was one of the biggest that the best thing about Ricky and I think you know one of the reasons why going into the Hall of Fame certainly. Another. Really strong out there would be as your ability yet in all the years I coached him I think -- only -- collapsed he only missed practice. But two weeks after he got his side job broke -- in 1989 after our first game. Being an act in a car accident that the guy I was he showed up everyday and I think this is important from a coaching standpoint. To have guys that you're -- you can count on they're going to be there every day giving it their best shot. Not just done one there weaker on game day but every day was suited up ready to go practice start get a good job. And coach when the when you mention that he -- discipline a little bit was that because he wouldn't take -- -- -- -- -- -- hardware is named head I think. I had dogs dogs dogs don't know Rick's cars or he was fine Rick Ricky. You know. I don't know break he would pick guys that it's good that I I mean I never felt like -- did get really really close to Ricky and what she's finally made. But. I I think he respected the way we did things then and and appreciated the fact that that what we were doing was -- Successful and we were winning games that he was. Playing well and had good teammates surrounded by those kind of things. And then now court tomorrow would you agree with this assessment of that I think you would. When you look at great linebackers and bum Phillips had this school quote. That if you look at great linebackers are usually good in two it a three areas do you they can rise to pass sir. Our own bed they good against the run that you can't rely upon a man a man coverage and pass coverage or zone coverage as far as having that discipline. But it seems like Ricky -- -- a game no matter what the responsibility whether it was in pass coverage are as a run defend their. -- and being fiscally containment are again after the quarterback especially. You know most quarterbacks are right hand in considering he's coming you know left. From the left outside the quarterback gets in common to have the kind of -- that he did then so really to me he was the complete linebacker. Yeah I could do it all eyes and like he's their body -- some guys. Maybe we're stronger one area -- -- strong and another we're known for one thing that they could do better like sacking the quarterback or something like that in. Not so good and other but -- -- -- this was this crucial -- maybe the best thing about it from a standpoint of just his ability to play football was debut is really really strong guess derided at lineup bonnet tie it and and most of the tide is back in those days lined up on the right side and he gets he gets analysts tied him physically. He could take out of fullback or a point alignment and stuff salmon can make the play great great -- player. Terrific pass rusher you know we'll get after the quarterback like -- dad. Could play zone coverage he could cover a back -- try and man for man. So he can do it all you know he was always around the ball I think he's one of the top fumble recovery guys in this. In the history of the NFL you know you just say don't you know I think they -- the right time. Yeah I think it was second all time out you know I doubt it didn't you know you look at this year is -- -- -- team coach warrant they created 39 turnovers I'll look back and you know Ewing coach so wells defense and he always has high praise for a big fan enjoy working with the line back in the core. I commemorative tomahawk job whatever you wanna talk about it. You know Ricky being able to force those turnovers which is second all time NFL history twin nine fumbles. And then and then recovered urgency Vinny Forrest forty and my dad didn't happen by accident are with them let technique to it. Yet KL BN BN at the right place at the right time and you know it certainly has ability and it had come to do with that and it doesn't just happen by -- But yeah I have -- technique I -- -- The guy that guy was a technician I mean he had circle certainly a lot of natural ability but he was also -- this year because he just can't get by and I'm natural ability alone and be as good as he was so yeah I mean he. Coach of old guys tough guy I mean he had at all there's no question about it that's why it's gonna -- -- this weekend. And they go to a coach I had just kind of -- siren was sitting here good distant -- become -- reminiscing about -- linebacker that you had the opportunity to coach in the NFL. Whether you an assistant coaches head coach bill in Europe -- -- -- Steve Nelson Andre Tippett didn't quite -- soon he come down here with us thank you get Ricky Jackson. Sam mills on jobs and that's what I'm not asking you to generate those guys but I mean that's a pretty special bunch of guys -- coach would you admit. Yeah I was lucky to have guys like that you know I was only in and in New England one year. And Steve Nelson was a veteran and and really an outstanding player it was Andre Tippett rookie year that you could leave the athletic ability had. That he was gonna have a great career in the NFL quite quite -- whether it was a rookie also. Didn't have quite a career that it's Steve did or Tippett did. And then of course you know come and -- New Orleans and and having guys like like the four guys you mentioned the dome patrol. You know very fortunate that's that's one of the reason where win a lot of games because they have a guy like that you do win Q when did have good players and we certainly were fortunate. Enormous they have not only great linebackers that -- great players a lot of position. You know courts -- -- in the locker room and obviously you know you got butterflies in. -- adrenaline is pumping and I remember him challenging players. If you scared say you scare has nothing wrong you know -- welfare there is no courage and Ricky really challenge in the players. And gone out there and leading by example I know you don't find too many guys like that. Yeah yeah era you know I don't remember seeing any of that by Ricky -- by -- Bobby could you were right there with him but. You know -- ever impressed me about that as bad as the other guy that he was scared -- -- -- -- what I truly look forward to the competition. And and again you know that the toughness and that physical play of other game in any event practice I'm sure he looks forward to that. I you know cause tomorrow I'm and I agree with you I use this analogy that. You know if ever you -- up by new and a dark -- that that I know if you had Ricky Jackson and decide you might be outnumbered but you probably. Both could could come out alive so to speak there was this the best you know it and and no guns or anything involved but I think Ricky -- that this table. And you know golf though all the analogy I guess you know when you have a long career and you play -- a number of guys who you wanna be in the foxhole with and Ricky was definitely one of those guys. -- you you that you you've heard me tell my story Bobby as I've told that to a lot of people that. When when talking about a guy like -- just you know again I didn't -- it broke quickly you just added that if I if I was ever backed up and it's dark Alley and had a bunch of guys coming after me. You know with clubs -- sticks or their favorite whatever I could pick. Through three guys that I ever coached they help me out of that jam the one of the guys to be Ricky Jackson. Saints coach former Saints coach Jim Mora coach mark thank you so much from the time we certainly appreciate you. Joining us here on W I mean I'd I enjoyed doing it I really like coach all right well you know coach Jim Mora Bobby tell about that there's still vote. All business like marine like dad and some days from Thursday until now but. I DC you know it was a it's all about winning games count both like he says -- I've -- -- so we've -- at the top he said you know. Those guys respectable we were trying to do they bought into it as far away -- -- won a lot of games had a lot of success. Yeah and had been you don't -- big let me tell you right -- the teams that I've been around the fifteen years of pro football throughout you know high school college. The Colts is that I've been around when you play them -- -- he might think he's a jerk. You know but if this trend of coaches that have been California that's the most teams that I had success -- -- you know guys trying to be buddy buddy with you. And coach Marlin to kindness and it was all business doing Enron and have a beer now and you finish playing yeah I gonna have a beer when dad was all business when you probably are. Or five years down the road that you appreciated what's demanded -- -- right right 'cause I mean he made you run that extra sprint. Be a good game. That was at this yet I still get tickled every that we talked about family and friends over there in in Hammond and you all know we we will we will veterans. Prince then until somebody threw a party fell out. I mean it was a solid used it was Frank Warren a toenail is -- look at him fallout and fallout. Unlike some he's gonna borrow the people who Sunday and throw it out to fill out the no no we did he established that discipline and yards and going around him borrow him a no no no I -- been -- -- heavy energy and number and good no no no you could just resting it was all football football football but that's why we learn naval. To have a couple of season won twelve games one learning he's one thing gazes because with coach Morris established with the Saints in those late eighties early nineties. And that by BA -- -- guys had a conversation a long time great. Saints coach Jim Mora and his thoughts all on the the great Ricky -- just your moments will be pocono but Craig Benson the vice president communications at the New Orleans Saints. And then we will go -- to camp at the top of the 6 o'clock hour wedding Hall of Fame speeches will begin the class of 2002 hander Russ Grimm. Dick LeBeau Floyd Little John Brando Jerry Rice Emmitt -- and of course city can't. Ricky Jackson spoke before we get to. Greg it's a back door -- back to camp and is it Ricky Jackson's bio I -- bio Westwood One and I think you'll find is very interesting. As what a great year was the Saints -- -- remarkable -- -- thirteen you know being the number one seed going to the post season. Win a Super Bowl and on the eve of the Super Bowl finding out their first player would be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I wanna play it would be Ricky Jackson. In a year that celebrated a championship on the volume perhaps the greatest thing ever which is the Hall of Fame. For new orleans' Ricky Jackson was the beginning of a new era. Drafted in the second round in 1981 Jackson helped change the fortunes of the Saints who won just 55 games of their first fourteen seasons. For the next thirteen years the Saints won 105 games and never finished below 500 during Jackson's final seven seasons. According to fellow dome patrol linebacker pat swilling it was Jackson who set the bar. Recruiting got a -- -- your button got him going you know -- -- the epitome of just the leadership I would need you to do that -- what they won't have a look how important. These big guy who would -- got to get itself going though he did everything for a football game we needed. -- Ricky was more than just a leader or a linebacker. Ricky Jackson was one of the best all around football players we want the toughest guys I've played with the -- in the guys it's just where do anything yet but they don't put. Still he plays longer than any of the eight linebackers picked before him in the 1981 NFL draft including hall of famers Lawrence Taylor and Mike Singletary. And his defensive coordinator Wade Phillips remembers a spectacular debut for daughter's very very good fire when he came on the first there is grateful. First -- known as a starter. Broke furcal and Jackson went on -- six Pro Bowl selection and he's still the saints' all time leader in sacks with 123. Ricky knows his numbers fell off all the same story. Our first root problem. -- programs most terrible special award emerged both drew -- what you -- don't feel. With this Pro Football Hall of Fame profile high star break. Westwood One radio sports. And the city champ and by all right Dana Ricky Jackson a lot of great and notes here on Ricky Jackson -- you know. Gone into the eighties they're after the 87 season he'd already played making his fourth Pro Bowl. At a 114 tackles that season and 87 and nine cents at four pro bowls in just his first. Handful of seasons and the National Football League well back I think can Ohio with a vice president of communications of the -- -- Greg Bledsoe is it Weathers and Craig thank you so much for the time it must be very exciting -- -- -- right now. TD yeah clearly is included in the new home. And the gonna get -- I'm gonna get the dog a couple minutes and dog that they -- We've been integrated in the dominator that he and I. Want to kind of -- enormously. And simply end -- I did they don't really. Reagan must have been Bears fans who you'd be apart of the plane ride we were kids we were told it has to answer your game. Ricky unassuming little Florida of course things champion's -- and kudos guys to be talking about Beckett -- look at how. I don't think it's a really really put the franchise on the map. Mr. Dixon took over and of course -- Ricky Jackson at don't put show really put New Orleans Obama map. No question often you know all -- -- the -- and win rookie in the -- -- -- the duo trying. -- -- a lot of money disappeared for a walk. And Coleman can't mister Benson -- they -- give it -- get back and then on the inside knowing it's gonna blog. You -- look at the government's objective always is sensible bowl champion Portugal and -- the women on the plane -- opened the idiot knows government it was really neat experience. Okay go tell us about tonight now we know Ricky will get there makes a month makes them not nice comments and talk is ultimately other six inductees will as well. There's -- is scheduled to say a few words about Ricky is well. Yes it's well what happens is grew up about a month ago mr. Benson. And I would -- -- -- -- within the don't know Argentine eighteen segments and how hard it was prisoners segment. It's okay no -- -- do something Andre you have become the voice of god think. And then on Ricky. And the speech and grabbed Edwards and often people that Jerry is a great speech if you -- at all -- But our car everyone would not -- -- is gonna leukemia and I basically -- important. It's going to be an excellent speech I don't know. Create a when you talk about the Saints fans out there hot right now. Who won in a sumo richt is going into the hall of Famer -- -- have you bumped into a lot of black and gold we can only imagine they win Rickey gets up there. We're gonna his chance of food that we weren't breaking event every. Well no question no I don't know why it's good events here our dot com wrote hello Jerry Rice Ahmadinejad and a lot of things are definitely didn't want to do crowd cheered and it's packed with people -- and confident that. Everybody notices are supporting them I want to stop the big picture -- didn't they didn't. We really need and have learned to let everybody know we got -- important for the Saints big Saints fans that. If if they're not bend don't specifically you know look at brought the repeat. Running down with a vice president communications of the New Orleans Saints great dancer who isn't I think can't Ohio Hall of Fame stadium where they. And ducks in the hall of -- get ready to be can't break you know which -- order BP guys were going to -- -- maybe a way to -- which number would Ricky will be speaking of. Yeah -- gonna go oops it's going to be rough Graham and then -- do you spend an awful preliminary good. No I -- most Graham then I can even get on the low -- -- well. Injury you always have all American and John mad I finally get open and -- -- -- -- -- Belgrade we know -- again had to be busy this whole time I was really voters who -- for the playoffs to get so many inquiries -- -- things about interviews and so full but. -- kind of Agassi say is that Katie can't take compound and analyze all of it. They request you had ahead after this to a close daughter training camp open at this point. Well about may -- touch with people who know Ricky players now this is that I have just keeps the spotlight on the organization to. So basically almost a whole year it and you know when this wraps up did you Thursday night you saw pre season games. Looks like they'll -- -- the people another part Hoya -- job security. A lot of there's a lot of his teammates say here below -- flew in. We have a lot of lot of support here from from explosions stuff production it's it's a good experience to their mutual need to see everybody that's. That's. Had a better than that country but it's organization at some point they would do with food and arguably your best pursuit great it is mister Benson. I let him know lead them down here in new expansion in the -- issue this thing in young people who would be don't know when -- was. I his prime but he came in any indicator of the very close relationship and so if people feel all bad as well I was. Other ceremonies are getting set to be DNA has been doing the national anthem and have great fans of vice president communications into all of Saints. Okay thank you so much for joining us Miami can't have a safe trip but to DC the New England it was a -- bag next week. They can become a valued -- and you need to. All right. Greg they're so Great Dane Nicklas Saints organization is the activities of Kent Ohio getting set to take place in about two minutes. As you heard him Rickey Jackson will be making his speech sic it instead Russ Grimm -- Ricky Jackson indyk from the bowl. They have to him will be here wanna say yeah. Floyd little. It in the last two will be the big offensive guys -- Jerry Rice had John -- Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith. Will be the ones toward that Ian so we'll get to hear the C champ early on -- end though this afternoon and he's -- now kind of monitor and -- the television they are. Don't the national anthem and what would do is we'll go to the podium and we'll have a all the video and everything gets played. And on the speeches come up -- Kerry Collins for you hear a tonight on the cover it's called the Hall of Fame did you hear all seven speeches and Ricky. Will be speaking to second to second tonight behind a Russ Grimm. Well have to tell to one of -- he's teammates and we were fortunate enough get a date to do so. -- -- Nineteen anyone defensive MVP says brigades -- could have been MVPs several times. He was that good or the other side -- in the whole defense kind of the leader of the dome patrol and the Saints defense is. OK guys I'm Bobby Hebert and myself conversation with pat swilling all Ricky Jackson gone into the Hall of Fame. And welcome back. Ricky Jackson goes into the pro football hall of Famer Saturday night he can Ohio gentlemen who played -- -- doing -- in a New Orleans upon the famed dome patrol is. Put us now -- swimming jaundiced pat thank you so much for the time we appreciate it. Bring them. Pat Rickey we're suggesting him on a program decision I'll I'll take of a lot of folks of the Hall of Fame where in the end. Everybody that dome patrol and a guy who played close to Armando has got to realize you can see him get is that just do -- -- to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend. Heart really does enough. How excited where we're depth will be there -- -- and you know it they're -- the -- to their first happened got a lot of interviews this week about Rick you know. You know you look at his numbers and everything he's done enough thank god -- peculiar -- spoke about his numbers I mean you're -- Unbelievable got 11100 tackles and and the list goes on and on but make some of the I think him as the good people -- devastated stupid. You know it could have been better -- And then -- pat they don't you think as a defensive unit good that's where you wanna get I mean he was fortunate enough. Think college had -- -- green -- one side him on the other side any -- the same then the Saints bring you on board. -- they -- you then all of a sudden that the bad that complicates things on the offensive end as a coordinator trying to set up a blocking scheme. When you got you coming from one end and now Ricky on the other side. Progress they've made itself are all up the coordinators and over the years that you become of those guys -- here. No they always talk about we start they're -- think you're gonna push the New York -- -- in. They got so are you would ever consider so honored that he wasn't sure what to do you know we both players so well but. You know -- I look back further from here and and -- -- -- -- -- battery you know aren't so much here from him more how to play the game and in -- I think I felt that there have been a young guy he's -- seven -- familiarity and not bad -- -- all of remark before you wanted to be good at it he thought I -- -- I think there but made it all really good -- film aren't -- In all the but the government but we all want to be good -- -- each -- -- starts in all of sports the profit but net fat from a bunker above a great player. Third and patty also today you just -- lose that right did the competition that went on between. You guys whether it was during the offseason whether it would weightlifting session whether you are running whatever the case may be. It was thought it was a friendly competition every day amongst you guys in. I'm quite sure that on any given day wanna be one all battles and some of the one -- and you might win one might win the other two whatever the case may babysit it was just that it was a great competition -- -- for you guys. There wasn't a week we had a little wagered on cars stacked in our mouth -- Boldin. On -- been -- mean American dead and gone and you know a lot of fun but. You know what I can tell it well you can practice I know a lot of bombard. Won't go to your feet deep opposite. And see how quickly adapt it to the quarterback he get there. You know and I think I felt that in my in you know within a -- -- -- their bare minimum both been. Hey you know pat at pat with that being said I -- -- -- my regarding his offense I remember a -- -- a blitz drill against self. Paramount one -- two -- maybe three coach tomorrow what kind of whisper I guess our go to UN -- and say. You know just will run ovitz and office Hingis and -- confidences so he can -- -- -- They -- did it and Bobbitt I don't play guy. Opponent connected veto -- it's still opponents haven't enough that it got quite important if he he blocked me from my thumb in a field. I had -- no question yesterday bill constantly memorable and it -- -- run -- Penn State he was the big -- where he was always. You know picking on Dombrowski in the -- -- -- meeting -- with the team as a member of play with the Cleveland Browns came with the Saints but he played at Penn State. And I and now he was just an offensive lineman that was on the team now bill Myers started maybe you wanted to be that he wasn't a starter -- play in and play well. -- I am glad you remembered that are here didn't -- -- though though he refuses jokes they're you don't always like ugly anyway get it and I'm running back a couple of -- -- oh. They are out there there. -- -- we're okay with cats living here on a Saints radio W Tokyo pet. And you thought Sam and -- very close on and off the field did not you know. If Sam born -- bullets they have to say about Ricky going into the hall of -- night. Oh man I'd say what he'd he'd be a real resolve. Me Ricky MES everywhere. You know curricula but what they unofficial. Leader of -- being. But they'll look at kind of the -- somebody inspiration about it -- -- don't think career real theory and he'd be the theory 400. Regular Bill Belichick spoke about a guy you -- see anybody get -- met at a separate them you know Kevin -- have looked differently but. You know. A minute there but the federal law or that a fairly well guys then you don't Ricky -- is always and he probably ever. Everybody cover on the field and off field and Damon now meet him and five yards and have been doing a lot of our very best and together because every its popularity and also because of the Saints and you know if it's been fun if the beer together again and felt by both but. And FM -- would have been picked this site is real there's there's all about. -- -- -- When you -- when you reflect and look back -- -- career you know it's all about right place right time. Taken advantage opportunity and you know as individual player you gotta go out and make things happen and do it. When you reflect even on your career win and you look back -- a special season in 1991. When you're NFL defensive player of the year. When you look back of the that's to be pretty special and I'm sure at this day -- -- you take them for granted. No I don't Bobby and you know Bobby -- look at all the great players I have around me and then not to repeat the -- and a great player. You know all the other guys it would open forget about Frank Warren both. You know you don't win both honored by yourself and you know when you're young -- in. Anything you think you're being you don't think it although they get paid to do -- on your -- but you never do it -- sixteen for eighteen defense there weren't doing their job of I was fortunate you know best -- ever have a great -- -- things turned out well that when that is the third year Brett. You know Barca looked back open here at her because you have to -- -- they're spread your friends you know been good article well forming but haven't Ricky on the other side. You know way it's it's unbelievable. What he's helped me about the king meant I was waiting game until the darker go out of my the third the -- They're they're underpaid they're twelve and a Colt Morton everything that -- -- favored us helped lead here. And you know pat when you look at all the stats and everything you know. When you gave game balls like player of the game are you had a key interception or some. I'll wonder if Ricky saved his balls he probably did that this is pretty unique you look at eight career interceptions. Do you know his first pass interception was against Joe Montana. And his last was against Troy Aikman. Hey here's a moral crime to Hall of Fame both so Miller Ricky probably won't even have those balls but I dug out pretty amazing. -- big dumbest person is -- in my Canada and you topped it all put eight minute game. Bobby you know you know weren't so weren't held belt back. I think that if he hadn't really cared about me -- All the recovered fumble. Support -- other half of them -- nothing prepared.