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Dynamic Sports Duos and Favorite team nicknames

Aug 13, 2010|

Bobby and Deke invite you into the radio huddle to discuss your favorite team nicknames and dynamic sports duos.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening around and our number two of sports saw the second -- last night's game between these. Saints and the Patriots allowed -- Kasey Kahne Bobby a bad the ability open. The tile weighed in ninth at 8 PM to 601878. Our toll free 86688908. Sending today's pretty fan leadership's opinion poll are you discouraged by the saint lost. What do you think it's a good thing that will make them re focus you can chime in here are okay issue vote on line WW now. Dot com has scouted pavement goes into the hold of things basketball Hall of Fame this weekend with talking about. This duo. Dynamic duo in sports. Who all day which ones all the best. Is it. Pippen and Jordan hard to beat that six championship. Barrett Mikhail. What about magic in -- all of for the -- Miami packaging. And Moses Malone. Number one name is -- and also names. Of unity in sport -- instant. The wide receivers of the -- -- background joked that the posse. The dome patrol. Main saint -- and -- 1000 Bob and Ralph Sampson. And Hakeem Olajuwon with the Rockets 84 Rockets loose on the but Los Angeles Lakers and went on and off the Boston Celtics in the finals the steel curtain. And Bobby brought up last -- the purple people leader and a few simple. 260 point 786680. -- here it's and the also broke the hall that the very. Yeah and offensive line and he had and -- dressing up and always getting Cameron with the addresses and haven't taken those reasons had a band playing again and then Russ Graham you know -- knowledge along -- Ricky. Being mourners members of that hall office of line getting into the whole thing. Andy going about four to go to callers about him last night's performance. And obviously you know you bring up fundamentals and missed tackles in you know coach Payton signing that it was a sloppy. And -- they got a game credit. Because he's on the bubble he's a Gregg Williams is the guy. Is safety Pierson Prioleau who led the team last year and special teams tackle. And he's on the ball -- because here's a twelve year veteran. You know and not necessarily noted as a starter. You know mainly contributing on special teams but he I know there was at least three of them boring. You know incidents that he just -- And didn't make the tackle and -- he did pull any punches. He said talking about tackling says tackling when you're playing defense. And especially on special teams tackling is everything. And obviously we didn't do it well today. He said you just have to make the play he continued. To -- tackling is almost an attitude 80% attitude. And 20% fundamentals. Though we have to swarm better. And hopefully will be better next game that's all you can do is slightly got to get better next game. NFC by -- my mistakes. When this fundamentals. You know whether it's actually having that attitude. You know to get it done and -- -- you have brought the term -- better. There's too many times and I see. Where he he look at these guys that are real nifty can make you miss that we got a swarm at a more people around the football. You know where you have to a three guys were has no angle where he can make you miss -- and you can always like not just one player making the big kid like bam bam -- 23 guys. You know a tad -- the next guy with a full ball and that's what they have to do better swarming and no one. Incident -- last night goes on -- return. And now Jim and -- was given. Two -- credit -- is a big hit but I look at it. Bonds' second year pro active first you've played yet I needed them. Oh old mantra -- the -- -- under the safety and you know he made a nice tackle. And you know hokey and Jim has given him credit Republican. Wishing you gave up eleven yards on punt return. You -- swung the boy you gotta get down faster. You know and corral him well a great returner. Or a great athlete in space she can't let him get going and so that's -- You know and you know listening. Pierson -- is that he's so we've got a swarm manner -- -- -- more more hats around the football. And in their four Democrats on the football you know I gonna have as many missed act. As their professionally execute because Liz and I -- we -- back in the bag use of an in depth. Look at things found it came out of the different short -- To the phones we go and we go to Jefferson first. -- Mike -- good evening thank you for calling WW ago. They'd be anybody him. I two questions one. First question is actually. I'm not the point -- -- last night shortly -- -- missed tackles in that special teams work while. But. But my question is he -- You think maybe they weren't on the grass on on tackling on defense. Because that is pretty decent and there -- the injury factor. No not at all like once in a live game though did that. When they miss the tackles a disk support technique and maybe maybe not playing and the control on the Patrick Robinson a couple of times. You know you might want the big -- so idiotic controls and not the right -- the opinion that with them. No way it is no even relative breeze teasing game no doubt they're competing and it's alive. And no no you concede. As hard hits and three season as you would in a -- with -- thinking of and I saving themselves out there. Competing but it -- not do agree -- this. That it is different no matter how many years you've played in the league and and I can remember dropping back in that first pre season game. Is to get used to began the speed of the game is not practice. This how guys are flying around a whole lot faster and and you decision making. You know no matter what position you playing so knock -- see that. That you can build upon OK now you realize and compared to practice that's all you've been doing. Not again actual changes the speed of the game and and how you have to improve in that area and so that's why I think action pre season games held while also. Because. You know realizing how much at the turn up a notch an actual game compared to practice. How real happy with that with the political the back quarterback I think. I think I think Jerry Manuel and me candidate I think he people culpable back there that you will -- Well. To me it was a wash that I mean to say. Think is gonna be the case of cheese annually into being tournament to. Quarterback he's gonna be the clear winner. Well over a Patrick Ramsey adding a big close. You always go with the better because of that experience. And not to say that -- -- -- Daniel eventually could pass about Patrick Ramsey. But as a what I see in the last night. It is very similar very closely you can't always go with the better and Toby unison to see what happens. You know next week in practice against -- -- omelet and -- You know them running the tags in and ultimately in the first home pre season game and they'll. Grade on I'm on Greg thank you for calling WW they'll. It is -- area you Greg. Part of my question a couple of innings. Sure -- change in. In I don't know bigger and saying but it com. -- right. Pray. And put forward -- -- for the 49ers. And. Become our rice -- Montana did think god I don't know and I don't think they have a did have a name that goal rush I don't know I know on them and I never knew it. It was kind of like give them praises. You know like. They commons is hammering you like they will use Google rush I don't anybody every game in the -- (%expletive) and -- The question is. During the last try. Our offensive are strange. When bush made the touchdown. It'd New England camp expert -- Or not there -- If bursting -- including. You know I'm sure I don't know throws across the board. But I I guarantee it is still had probably some players that day going to be within them one unit. But you know could -- in the play to read somewhere between fifteen. Eighteen plays which came about as you going to -- -- Bobby see you on the you know on the play before Reggie Bush scored. Vince Wilfork and Brandon spikes made the stops well then yeah one team -- -- -- so the -- allied one's going against the one today as the case and in. If you look at it league got a few anxious that. If you look at that twenty play drive went 86 yards in ten minutes. So drew and 26 -- And there's no way coach greens gonna take out drew and on that last drive which got momentum is always running and and high note. And and that's winning that was an impressive because and it made the score. You know ten to seven because Howland started out. That was in the case and in if you look at it. The you know it's kind of frustrating. When you watch any game unfold before his saints' first team offense -- its first down they were down ten to zero right. And then you look at the divas who wanted to get better known as in game plan to stop the page is it. -- the Patriots first three drives they gain 175 yards again numbers now so we still got a ways to -- of it. That's why -- brag but I never discouraged. As far as you know Wyman ad blitz him or doing all -- no -- draining great wins in that setting up a game plan for pre season. Coming back -- and -- -- they -- mean he's got to go one minute outing -- for. From remember until he brought it up so does the contract job and Mike Joe -- -- issue colleges Scottie -- goes into. The hall. Basketball thing is we can't talk about this duo of its fourth and also means that units in sports what it was a pair of defense have both groups like the fearsome foursome. Orange crest to steel curtain it's all fair game his body bad Deke Bellavia basis sports talk on WW. And welcome back next week you get it. And. Eight days we'll give way to cut it there -- fourth off of Madden eleventh hottest game on the street food nation if the game of ball games you. I've been so when you -- known Drew Brees comes -- Hawkins loses pregame change in when you play with the Saints they score aunts and then -- crop he would Santa -- -- Is who dat nation in the green men. 2011. You can win it by listening and next week man next week on the program when you hear about BA bands singing. Me and you calling and and you get a chance to between men and eleven from play and trade on -- a tour. And WW AM and -- and dot com about great duo was in names in sports. -- -- Italian on deck but the contract he's got a great contract thank you for calling WW. All right puzzle you know doing well yes yeah. Will they bring -- in game where it just wasn't Danica now they go back that you realize people in that inning game. And you bigger. And replaced the part due not that I think dollars to. Yet you know like contract. I I try to. Look at the glass samples that I have Anthony and you know you see and do things in practice Kenny -- and -- -- -- I'm inspired by. Is someone -- particularly deep junior delay it. I mean how he was getting after the quarterback and ever Russian to pass on that edge -- seen him do it and practice day in and now. But also ordered the McCain. -- -- -- -- -- -- Dot slam and damn boy you right about that the Houston Cougars they took the -- embarrassed Palmer course -- -- be back Jimmy V they a year ago ironically by -- so I am at the end of the game you know and a Final Four championship game but that was a great you know. -- by -- -- and Thad five. Yeah now -- about is that it wolverines. Chris rather calling the timeout right here in the superdome again I count and -- -- that Iraq has tried to go on contract -- thank you so much. All right -- in -- got another hoops one that not mean -- -- -- -- -- with no but he's got to do when James thank you for calling WW. It was. -- -- -- -- and you know showtime it is in -- but it could just to watched simply your offense right. GMC yes yeah away. -- moment and in which freshmen in in Golden State Clinton and now. They had a good you know they had a good team and you that you're right now. Golden State has had some good players and and they look like they were really putting it together in the Chris Marlins Korea when he Leno when he picked up Chris Webber. And there was just had -- have been exciting team but in the collision of the and he moves on Washington but. It DNC has got I always enjoy all lights in the boy's Miami them blocked and Joe Barry Carroll when he played well though big goal is an exciting brand of ball. The what you valuable arm him on when you know bug fixes them it was 77 they won the world championship. And the Golden State Warriors you know. Now they play -- coliseum these to play in the Kyle -- which is actually San Francisco. You know socially athletic -- more in the Bay Area you know you look -- -- isn't you know the Bears to discuss Altman's there and be. Now when you talk about a family the I don't know d'antoni name but Rick Barry and his can't. You know I'm looking at Wrigley John Barry's hole all of them played major college basketball and you -- that Monday at an MBA. I'll always thought about this illegal but I colonies in. And you get what you families' names as a monument at these -- gains Brian. I think you beat them all the Brothers. And played in -- of them in the world that that they would win the -- You know what I'm talking about James. And. Yeah and I bet that's a go no man at the go around TMC Tim Hardaway Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullen of the eighties Golden State -- Yep they just be they have a problem became it devolved. Yeah. -- it is in the. And UConn UConn all three scorers do you know anyone I'm gonna send us some debate it might work out a big battle. Bill James thank him a man. And appreciate economic -- and manners gallon no one's about but so is Joey. Christened -- at Joe in you know market home. He's won by about even known them both on it. The if you could think about two I don't know them I know and I know I'm Italian degree you know all right comin' back -- And welcome back. Second guessing your thoughts on last night's Saints Tony 724 loss to the Patriots talk about famous names of groups. Individually and sports that came against the witness selanne back those basketball players baseball. Got them hockey guys on the board Bobby somewhat last out and one on the ball but couldn't team. -- you know this one. This'll -- Tournament don't know enlighten me -- Peyton. Well the Raiders to -- moderated give Cobb George Atkinson. Will Abram soul patrol. Rate. Yeah they would those type of thing in there they acted apparently -- across the middle Mano. I don't know if they'll ever be a portion of pro football. In the section of the AFC in the 78. Inning in -- in the eighties. In the Sammy in the AFC. You have to Dolphins. You have the Raiders. It was the nose with a -- championship teams. Between him Broncos team that Boone got to a Super Bowl here in New Orleans. Always teams that Neville could hear it over the heart beat the Steelers want you know the AFC central one and we do want you to use it three team that wanted -- If he sort of was made up of known to team from Ohio Cincinnati Cleveland and Houston and Pittsburgh and that's -- mom preteen when division. Winning -- no more games and in obviously the eighties in Nancy. You talk about foreign regrets saying the -- -- may as Giants. And Eagles Vikings. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh did -- by the eighties. Remember. Like the Broncos at times Abrams and Seton foreign news you know kill them in -- -- -- that the hand yet -- well we've been like 42 and then and there is actually six in his -- things Linear feet and that and at the -- don't know two years people open Cleveland had gotten to -- -- of the Fed him and about a matchup. -- -- right and they have two good run and brought him back they had better you know pretty good -- -- -- and then you know pretty physical and he has good time in the with them but. It is -- via. Went. Almost -- couldn't get there and gave it back. To the phone to -- mark in home has got one no one has mentioned yet -- Good evening thank you for calling WW ago. Actually got -- -- a PR. At all like reality all the warrant for -- but. Look in elect culprit. And they don't turn on the. Oh turn on the -- -- -- -- Bobby Bobby invited me on that on during the break but I didn't and that was one I didn't know yet that's what they enabled OJ Simpson media person in 2000 yards that -- electric come -- -- -- -- turned on the -- And old -- don't. Not it is a go mob mob but last night your thoughts on the preceding game. -- -- go into our game by the but but I thought in my opinion great big government program earlier all. You know it -- the -- other you know go shopping and interbrew Manning. That -- -- -- you know we're all but you know -- -- and would have. Mark thank you so much -- one no one is making him Bobby. The and that becomes all of it and kind of block full OJ Simpson -- the cloth like smokes and he turned on the -- Yeah and now the -- and I remember I was watching a game as little boy -- -- it was cold wind OJ win over 2000 yards. -- -- him and it was cold damp cold here you know knew it was cold there you know like L policy was in this they go on and I've been nice -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you do not know. You do don't you have a -- and the values that burned wood in transit and you come and. No the only time whatever family and then held on them have experienced that as in in 1977. Played wash -- all. In Monroe we now on the sideline heaters so we had two big barrels in the head would Cabrera that I mean yeah yeah that that Al's size and he. They did very generally get it done back do the phone calls Metairie -- John John good evening thank you for calling WW ago. There -- -- gulf war are actually true local personal merchant -- so. Maris and -- They'll children duo on foot -- -- laws in the so slow their throat so murderers row. It doesn't -- cool very. Murders row now what is he got in line on an island with born and raised about -- yeah -- now about it yet farmers really. Pitches feared that these numbers mean batters and I kind of murderer you know I'm just in time it John -- that's ago where almost two -- -- showed no one -- that don't appear. Well. Well oh -- -- which collective you know senator. What are trying to -- in the post first -- there are troubled straight their trouble. -- stop and blitzed. Yeah yeah in the it's gonna have to but you know and and Johnston on the argument that thing but the -- that -- And yet as the if you look at it all well excited you know -- game undefeated team. You know Reggie was here it's one armed snorting completion to an eleven yard sack. And I guess it rains it deplores. Because and you look at Julian Edelman the thinking come and Wes Welker. Eagles and a party yard punt return remorse that your third time. We got a kid Ellis got a lot of negatives but the -- the pre season. But it is pre season you know them and the question. Why would mowers that even and the tackle why wouldn't. He's part of the plate coverage was with a do let him score a touchdown. Yeah I mean you wanna go that meeting Rosen -- him more than what you them it's a -- You know good quality to tackle. Okay particular go to me and it. -- but the got to go dark while report. Yet because they get Intel of doing that Ohman and you. You may get a everybody else miss all of the DBs on those passes sentence you had and then on the par return you -- -- opponent that you yet and it damning and have all of that. Thank you so much for the call let's go to -- for Jill long lines to Joe thank you for calling. It was gone out there. Right on what I wanted to but it was born with. Receiving game today I think. I think -- like. I'm not on color Ingle well. The same time shopping day you know the year in the first time -- -- ever went -- lead into the season. And it also were all on the curriculum identical to -- after the game. I think that kind of -- but it but it made your old that you were born in the dinners and what did it become a -- -- -- in the -- you know provision Drew Brees on the. No you're right you know some Mets that somebody brought up we -- token non back in the back of -- than the date is that we you know. It was almost -- you know what they did -- reminiscent at first spotted a game against the Colts -- slower a slow and then they got now there's a hero -- last night Joan you know 23 and outs and and they put together that -- played draft. Right you're right -- I wanted to -- -- think it was you in the the Philadelphia on the day. But the only question of why is -- BC's lineup that we dealt with you know they haven't played on it in game one on one game -- in right. Game three. Well. Period only one thing is not like it because they wanted to with a rookie into Indian meal grant to work means these positions if you it is. This game and now you know you want it it snaps with the bursting on the -- it's sickening but he gradually more we know he's at the he'd play. Applaud -- for all that the CR's sports it would -- it of course. They do it in the -- you -- gain but it'll put them yes because before. You game like he you'd like -- he's done it like the eyes focused all she's all right. That's what I thought about that I think that -- -- did did you graduate work enough for him. -- today Joe that could be a case -- Alvis Dunn you know junior -- Okay that they might put him in the third preseason game going against the wall and you know -- a gold as the charges okay you've had success is that twos and -- on the what you done in practice now put him in an obvious pass rushing situations. You know with the one thing we can do. Comin' back we have Chris Josh Davie Joey in my. Mister Collins -- -- behind those guys is sports talk you're listening to WW TO. And welcome back. Basketball Hall of Fame class of 2000 to hang on in his weekend has been a class Scottie Pippen. DJ Dennis Johnson. Jerry Buss thought the Jerry both make goes on. Cynthia Cooper -- who won a championship and the WNBA. In the -- for a Houston Comets under and now on LSU women's coach van chancellor. Also belong in the 1960 US Olympic team won the gold medal in Rome featuring Walt Bellamy Jerry Lucas Jerry Lewis and the big -- Oscar Robinson. In 1919 years dream team the greatest team -- assembled. Just a notable plays the mailman or Karl Malone who goes in separate this year Michael Jordan magic Johnson -- -- Patrick -- programs -- Definite answer anymore yet the you know and don't get me wrong people and no I don't want -- -- -- be younger generation though he used to you here. Colby LeBron. All of those now. Trust date date they would it wouldn't I'm not policy it would be close but in their cramped he wouldn't be close not with these past. Well and they've played in their games they Chrysler about -- you look in the president is so to speak dream team finished well in his -- and on his brain agrees now in the final Spain. Right now that you -- anything tabloid that money -- raucous Soliai inappropriate rubio. Rubio and and it was called the Spanish Amado plays the trailblazers Roy yet they broke a number Rudy Fernandez and Sergio Garcia Vietnam and -- NFL motto opponent. Men. They would in that game against you with the when market now some shots. By -- the competition -- the and you know compared to mine and the Americans you know in the All-Star players that the -- -- -- -- -- compared to and it was. With the against the original dream team because the NBA's more global. Right you know where the games at least a more competitors but I've always remember want want want want to want those guys are good the -- wasn't -- -- -- there's one team BA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where the original dream team I mean analyzed their renowned in that. Who was to watch a dream team and they're winning 4050 points emails I Bible to swing wise women -- blowouts. I don't know his game they're competitively. Let's give back to the phone lines Harvey for Chris Chris thank you for calling WW ago. -- -- looking -- sports preceded and ebony and it's it's what ideas and whatever it is. Other people's support things become out of it healthy that festivals incorporated update it pretty much -- Who's -- play where you know. Yeah actress that's a great point to me because you look at the competition the to get ready -- is that Texas them one passing attack in the whole NFL last year. In if you look at overall you know it's going to be a big challenge for the defense. They were number one overall -- thank them for total offense and and you going against the charges in pre season and Philip Rivers in the and you going against the Titans and you know at times -- analyst of the -- does not like him pre season the plane. The Lions on the grounds or something. Where you know -- don't worry about the recognizing the competition is good. To develop the team to get ready for the regular season and adding Hinske. You know like the caller said is that health status for the team right you know you look at it was good work in new England and all of a sudden you come back home. You minus -- -- Hamilton and they -- -- More stated now dealing with a shoulder injury. -- -- -- -- Grissom won't what is -- what is your name you when it's right there. Well. One remembered I guess a lot of people like Duke the Chinese bit -- Chinese because unit -- -- good back that day. -- it was so good. And I I'll remember that well well -- would have -- he got the earliest he told me at. And it will play and it'd that would relish it and that was delicate. And that's what it would score you know good. No you're no good daddy came about an emotional about we we thought decode the solely about his book in parliament -- -- them is that. Wanted to home game to -- them out even if things don't put no man and that's the image and that means. He's about me bad Deke Bellavia coming back to all you call this this -- saw an open last 8 o'clock at night recapping last night's game second guessing it. And I also don't have fun topic into the mix. Dave -- this is WW. I coming back doing Ken I'm not north it's on the -- guys all of the free guy. In New Orleans he's got -- want -- -- what -- you guys that gets I'm gonna open -- to 8 o'clock wanna hear from you recapping last night thanks. And Patriots -- second guess and give issue adults and also talking about famous duo in sports. And KT -- Of units and sports like receive. Defensive back. The offensive line team's engine running back running back pony express. I think you need maybe -- it was a tall enough -- -- -- leader.