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Aug 20, 2010|

Deke, Bobby and Hokie invite Pete Prisco, NFL Writer for CBSsports.com, into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The the final hours -- -- here this evening thanks -- coverage on -- radio WWL off pro -- guys on him by BA bear with us. -- to Steve in New Orleans on the call held on during the break he will lead us off this -- we it was -- with Pete -- -- CBS sports dot com. Not right of National Football League will Jonas. Asking you who will be a surprise team or teams to make that post season in the NFL this year. And which Saints player or players do you think needs to step up. It tomorrow night's game versus the Texans on enhances that and making the roster 866. 889087. To the phones that we go we start off with Steve here in new all Steve good evening thank you. All those sort of debate in. Jimmy Graham do you think Cuba at the roster are below and develop. No there's no waiting up well in the practice squad has some team definitely I think what's that -- even more they caved in like PGA in August that somebody Eagles. No because -- that their ability that future talent. I mean he's still learning football. That know the Saints would take that chance okay it has Delaware I think they would take intensity -- -- an active -- After every -- -- we've put that guy after an open market them Michaels -- -- gotten out -- go and now we don't always wearing a boot I don't know how serious his injury is an ankle sprain and in this Saints organization is saying is that nothing serious. But it the way these series though that they would just protecting that put -- and into reserve. Nevada but I I think that he will be on the active roster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why why he did that -- At left tackle Matt not -- jemaah special. At least get a good job. But calm. In my opinion not just the action was negligent. You all. Right. Well you know Zach Strief I think he's almost like an insurance policy and he steady. But they don't think of side the potentials maybe dinner of LaMont Busch ride. I'd in his Zach Strief has instead because he has started in emergency situations -- left and right tackle now they primarily got them focused on. You know right tackle back in a giant -- coma. The other right now I don't think they have confidence. In Charles Brown. With Cornell that's built developmental type guy and Charles Brown even though he might get there and they wanted to eventually consider when they draft them. It could be that -- Mitchell you know starting left tackle they don't warrant as big money. In the push rod but as of right now let's say. Your -- Vikings game if something happens with bush tried all of a sudden Zach Strief is now you starting left tackle and they game. Oh thank you. All right the thank you so much to ham and follow mark on to mark thank you for -- WW. But a small markets and cause -- -- in tomorrow night's game we talked about the expensive team to Bobby. Audience here at the end in the relays that we Erik Coleman a guy who had to be active in the fight again who really had an opportunity them on nights is that the sand again. Then though is what is gonna do on the lights the you know and you know not so much even you know whatever unit he's on you know the talk by coverage units punt -- kickoff making a tackle. But also in their return unit the guy you have to block make sure he's -- You know you gotta get the job that he almost. I'm acting as the grade a 100% but he has to be a difference maker and that's I Harry Coleman can make this team. Like Fred McAfee it was a difference maker Ewing Cunningham is running backs the police that you income on him right as a safety they'll -- -- difference maker. On special teams and that's why Harry Coleman. Know those games on the pre season game Barry Coleman. In his Saints uniform and maybe a potentially a future NFL career. Is going to be in a game like tomorrow night casino number of NFL teams delegate the film all that they -- -- you know when Harry Coleman does. Okay we went folks out their scouting you Buick scandal were there and what effect of I I'm I'm scalpel not a free safety comes count not -- on lap back there. With an opportunity where you look that way you know this -- es -- -- right here. But his ability on expansion teams really makes them better commodity always divisive person he's a good player and he might be able to help on that. Well the difference is taking college most few starters do not play special teams and that's where. The you've got to start talking to coaches -- -- -- did he do anything in his early years on special teams I mean. If it's a guy like Reggie Bush when he was in college yet he did return punts and kickoffs and things like that. Own up through his eight years but. By and large you started in college don't have anything to do special team they that -- they use the young kids four and you know so you kind of getting big back through history maybe -- -- pull up a little bit take something like that and you know sometimes it's not that easy. And yet but I would you view you've got to ask the questions for the coaches because generally speaking in. You're only knows -- opponent kicker. Guys that are draft eligible and they say well here's our special teams state which united to -- was a huge start and free safety play on special teams. I'm like that you've got to ask that question before they bring it out. In coaches stayed -- yet he was good specialty in airports in his freshman and sophomore year but the last couple years we don't need -- momentum we get young kids and -- about. Oh what kind of stuff so it's it's not as simple as it sounds to wait years ago all of its inspection team statement put in there and I'm gonna watch aptly specialty right -- You know it -- you know as hard also to judge the is like the heart of a player. Threw me a lot of -- desire and passion. To make plays inspection teams. You know where you've got to be a difference maker whether it's instincts and you -- built to run. But just haven't bizarre it's almost like rebound and it if you look at. You know guy you know and the coaches or talk about this in the NBA whatever you look at Dennis Rodman. And it just had a knack for the abolish the instincts and he had a passion. To be a top rebound without that you look in its present these players when -- they have a passion. And they won excel in this and be a difference maker not just like. You know I really wanna be playing and all of it to defense and in -- okay I'll do specialty they'll spend the it has to be a priority. And a number of teams and everyone's -- size and that. Because they're limited them a roster spot you wanna make the team the high you make it is having that passion and a bizarre to get things done special -- And as it is stood out here about -- appears to improve Courtney Roby Troy Evans guys like that but it just seemed like it is that they as a spot for one more out there. They can they can be owning any -- way when you talk about right. Who's going to be coming down the line and who can end and that's why it's such an important time for -- and -- him because he is not. A right to teams gamble you to comment on that does the moment up president of well commandments. Whether -- not radical the National Football League in the country CBS sports that comic. Pete Briscoe joins us now here on Saints radio Pete thank you so much for the time we appreciate. -- It was good great Pete and no we kinda I think the listeners -- who is there you know potential. You know dark cars our team that previously went in the playoffs that come out of the NFC and AFC you know a lot of people kind of look at this sexy pick may be that Texans. You know if you look where they're at as a team part of 49 at depending on how Alex Smith plays. But that when you've gone around different camps and looked at the NFL. Well what is your perception is as two possible teams that could surprise and ANC in the NFC get to a -- Well in Indiana the the Patriots are gonna hear back Falcons -- I think about -- even -- -- It was very good against the wind I think -- -- extra you know prepare I think he will be -- with Matt Ryan. I think we'll take more offense on. Michael Turner lost -- to top physical not put them Juan and I think defense that was -- to -- guys you know Robinson helps them. -- the ones who helped them. And ensure you know court -- it's going to be a guy it would help -- the depressed or so. If you -- in the achieve it could make the playoffs that the NATO last year even though it would not happen but say how resiliency. In the AFC. But there's you know a lot of people. When you look at it you're able to make the playoffs and are good and you you know used to -- in the NC create couldn't run and in the heated public think that the -- after watching them the other dale there. And starting them a little more they have a lot top tier talent a mother and he'll probably five of the top twenty players in their division. Are on their team but I think -- while whole spot. -- all that the fact that they had start with Mario Williams whose star Andre Johnson -- match probably didn't start let me -- yards last year. You know course being in line -- you know popular players. For them yet they'll hold out if they happen but Alan around. Visiting alone -- Riders -- NFL CBS sports that company Crisco is our special guest. Beat course everybody's excited about the Brett Favre put new tees comin' back he says this is my point that final season. And some call the call in and say way you know he's he's milk it for more money. Pete how do you see his whole fall to two -- is that the guy really it is is it that indecisive person is the is. You know he's not as healthy now this time is -- out now than before your your spin on this -- -- thoughts -- I don't think you wanna go to training camp -- take part in offseason work -- -- come on back in my life I mean yeah obviously yeah I think I think what he did very well received was named it. If you remain black form he would name another you know they would Terrell Owens or somebody like that to -- exact same thing people be -- and we got it won't take part in offseason workout he didn't wanna. Live in Minnesota wanna go home to Mississippi. He didn't want to part training camp and conveniently enough to from the campus -- break he decides with a little -- -- you know teammate who are well that was property you were. He decides to come back you sell it she -- the -- -- he's got to prepare for a lot of things in his career he got to prepare for the buy it and he can you prepare for himself which player and I don't think it and you do thankful. -- why that why do you think he get to prevent. -- does that thing you know certain networks are bad with -- you know before latter one I think that's wonderful. Lovely guy. You know and whatever he -- Big news from the continue to keep honored news I mean a lot to do it it and they don't talk to from their teammates and and an argument that the New York Bob who's arguably. All fame player. -- could be in the hall fame you know the put together a group last year that had her reunion of sorts noticeable in the one on one appeared warlords. Brett Favre didn't return phone call. Yeah that's ridiculous to me his teammates in New York didn't like it keep making repay at the end you mr. -- how manipulated the Jets -- not question. And it -- -- loud the big news could look at impact player than he has. One thing's gonna come about what Darrelle Revis images -- get something worked out like -- week one. But you played the game you know out. Hard it is for guys in this game checks. And and and you know it's one thing is out happened that there training camp checked but the old I was born in the game checkered. You know I think reader I think Mankins I think McNeal I think Jackson all of those guys. Are we shall comply because there's only so many. Earning years so bring her in weeks in an article player's body is used to being you leaving money on the table that's stupidity. Beat Briscoe CBS sports. That count as a space against Pete did this year. Last year year before that -- Ryan -- -- -- you talk about Sam -- fifty meaning guarantees. Peyton Manning. Drew Brees Tom Brady -- guys that are in the contract process right now. These are accomplished guys that it wants to vols have beaten the top statistic wise is Sam Bradford it's fifty meaning guarantees. What do these guys did and it. What's wrong with that from a that big it's that kind of money and it's all predicated on what he did -- a whole another week before he steps into one it's considered professional. I'm I -- in his life. Every player or even better player in griping about the book he'd get in Costa who want to look who got that contract. But you aren't directly you want to repeat and -- getting contracts but now that you're better you're is that -- -- about the systems but as a the open are received there in the other thing here is Sam Bradford. In whom they -- -- -- -- -- for the -- in the opposite -- in the state grants and then he'd be one of the top tier guys like in any country in three years from now. -- fifty million -- Guaranteed money will be aboard. So I don't I don't have a real on that be considered and between -- -- -- the way it is now for any better player goes -- about it. Particularly a guy who the -- that it was more losing positions it's been a hypocrite. Pete cover in the NFL for as long as you have gone back to the Steelers a couple of years ago to you know that before that the Giants. Is there one common pain that you that you saw in there comin' back at their championship that did not allow them to get back. Two -- championship began nor is it a combination of things it just may be one thing -- course of the last several Super Bowl champion you followed. So why they weren't able to get back to the title. Well I think -- is the key thing. And I think some teams that have health issues after Super Bowl on the that is you know that you're being -- he's been harper. And that's saying is that dynamic -- and and you know players to walk because you know comment for the sponsor usable affecting big for everybody but the better. Do it as the celebration factor let's say at this -- celebrating clear into day. And that is an issue that's going to be up and they potential on the good coach. You know one of the best and that and the political book while. When you book it -- celebrated -- -- back from -- can handle that I think all those Super -- he's a problem with it which is like so -- repeat. Ended up need looking at the top running backs -- the elected AG Peterson obviously. You know you talk about Kenny holed that a -- ball consistently and I cost his team. But to me right now would you accomplish as. Not only being one dimensional but look at it is a long runs of 85 polish arts Chris Johnson and the Titans. If he's healthy is any one at that level like we cruised Chris Johnson holly -- with the Titans last year. Well I think he is Peter and Chris Johnson who want to work in you know right now I'm Chris Johnson and opening conclusions in that class. But the thing that Chris Johnson's beauty of modern day you know he's not. Number -- and they'll film. You know for so long I wouldn't say it's a probable. Back them being strong isn't -- Not further from the draft in the swept what not seen it wouldn't bet the slipped everybody's spread out what cracks in. Increases more guys can take it to the house and and -- mean he spread them out and -- to say that he's got. And that's why I think Chris Johnson is the deck -- the back -- -- -- -- But he Briscoe won a time ride the National Football League in the country CBS sports dot com Pete thank you so much for the time we appreciate you helping us out. Our guys are now right that the the phones to go to Shreveport for Rodney on line 1 rod good evening thank you calling WW -- Get it developed by. I called -- and the street for. And a backup quarterback John David booty and a lot of people come and now not object to expand. Their well playing. And. Thought about -- ties with the what event will have a number ninety and it's clemency. Where. Yeah but you know it's opportunity farm now. -- -- can make an NFL roster that the kid street you played quarterback to be an NFL team. Values with the Vikings now with the Texas I think he might have which I shot. And beat you become an -- because you know watching the Texans offense. Depending on what he doesn't pre season games he's not it'd be noble and match job I think is that franchise quarterback. But he possibly could needed number two in beat out or -- while ski on a kinetic. At this I don't own business movie watching them and write -- -- please yeah I think all about is that too. He has that I assume that to our problem -- say for sure but. What I saw most of what it through practice we saw any just because he went in they would the second need right I mean I sit there at that means I'll watch him ago. Yet he's better than me via my right if that. You know like here situationally -- can keep record backs mean he would not back. Yes it is delegate situation. Like we have here in the states between packed packed grant -- Daniel when there is a competition where area and I I think detection -- their whole deal is clear cut. Right up to victory yet our miles ski in the -- in the -- -- That's up throws by me being okay guys that and the ability at 5042601870. Our toll free 86688908. Said this is what's out -- camp coverage on a home with a New Orleans Saints. You're listening to W that -- Yeah. And welcome back. -- -- -- -- guys on and Bobby a bad time Deke Bellavia tomorrow is game day coverage starts time and dances and Steve quoted Oceanic real. In the quota. First take from three to -- it's a countdown to kickoff Katie came Bobby a band myself will be -- did not gain they -- still at 7 o'clock Saints and Texans kick off in the dome Santana report Christie Garrett. Color and it's okay guys on and the -- saint Jim Henderson. Bring you the saints' second receiving game of the season. And the first one and the Louisiana Superdome. 5042601870. Or toll free 866889087. All beat them was to be involved. It about it wanting to. That was mental reps that we. Talk about. But maybe that is much because we beat Houston museum in practice and Estes having not that we deal with you see some time do you come and he we have a much of notes. But the merits you see some time to practice okay. Defense doesn't do something right which we have them to a pulpit then sometimes the whole groups of them it's individually. And in a receiver drops of. Well you know I mean their say. You know. Punishment reward kind of thing that you know we knew we needed the right thing he would you know at the next day when you watch it takes and one thing another. When you do the wrong thing everybody sees it that they've practiced it right and trying to be sold yet and -- Getting lackadaisical. Said no that is crucial sometimes -- -- alignment that was here I think and we ship that it takes that can jump on all sides of the tackle in the Haslem. I hadn't made it in my mind is gonna come to me but I've -- -- always emphasizing. That no you can't afford. They say one or two times to game three times have like a first and fifteen. Our our you know could you jumped offside just too hard to sustain drives. It's harder not to gain five yards on first down at it is to him. -- back in his first and fifteen anyone okay well if we get our front yard that second in the end. Right right yet been peca looking and we get a break down also looking at the old line right now and the roster spots that we gonna see a come about you know -- things you can't the follow the ball. But the one message that was in the day. With that now he's a starter and that being -- mix but they put them on the second unit input Terrence Metcalf and you might feel whose parents. Make camp knows that Eric Metcalf. Or Terry Metcalf. You know -- that the running back you know with the Cardinals in the Cleveland Browns play -- Eric with the Falcons but. Terrence Metcalf -- a seven year veteran. I'd eight year veteran should say on all this. In the 87 season with Chicago. He's notre started both guard positions appearing in 8014 and had 25 starts. But it Bears to be kind of reminds me. But that insurance policy that season that -- like Jamar Jabar Jamar Nesbit. In columnist that was that this team. So he's definitely in the heated about it and you know I guess that we can follow while would you look at the center position we all those John I think they'll win the you have a better like -- in seven years guiding Kansas State. That NBA draft Matt can't. And that way limited roster spot unite is gonna be if you're back of popular senator you -- play votes thinner and guard. Very similar to like Zach Strief you know right and left tackle says -- it is his feet and competition and pull between Nick Leckey and -- candidate. And in that young guard you've got to throwing better. Now I have to admit I haven't seen enough of them but I had him at one about the pitch in dark -- assembly. Because he's gymnastic type player he's big Brandon Carter he was a region on -- Texas -- he's 663218. So you know he's competing with Terrence Metcalf. So I'm just looking at those needs to meet in a -- -- -- for president Jeremy -- they had him on the roster kind of a project. He went from what Davidson and the tide and they put him in the practice squad at all with the tackle. If he has size. You know he's six foot six about it -- 1995. In that range and have him ahead -- Charles Brown I don't think that's going to be the case. But all of those guys in the mixed in with the coaches are doing -- you know that. That fans don't in the was going or -- that there watching that film again and don't company. They know who's winning in the running game art pass protect his side's opening there's a lot of back -- spots that are up for grabs along that thinks elements that line. Yep and I think you know we talk about these two call back delays here at this was the week did your mom -- I really opened up a lot of guys. And he's going on the that the Merrill Williams mean to mean it's a meaningless situation that way is this he get the same. -- where he opened it. He open arms and one direction in practice he open whereas in another direction in the game right right all of us so real like okay we've stated that this is don't be rough. No we had thought poking based on practice Mario Williams might happen to a three sacks in the first half and you know was ironic he's -- when -- entry. And last week against the Cardinals. In their first quarter Mario Williams did have two sacks against the Cardinals last week's it was going to be a challenge now when I noticed also won practice. Is that he wasn't simply. That right the Fitzsimmons. Now I nobody in my round yet been adamant that the that Savannah State Drew Brees did a bootleg he -- blew past installed and through what -- -- not -- support group and he did that Iran is it. Mario Williams is flying by rule. Thank god that that wasn't real game situation is he -- his responsibility. Denied Bynum that Yankee new Yankee -- it'll be. And he's big in -- again and their like snapped. And -- -- I'm glad the quarterbacks will live on that plate. As out of an accused Mario Williams IBM -- in his seat but he's going against -- on. You know when he's gone against Busch ride because Mario Williams. If you look at his numbers and -- is that the last three years that we all look at who's getting it done. Number one effects. In the last three season the markets where. 45 sacks -- limit to reduce the and we won. Jared Allen party four point five easily have a sack behind the markets well where in third place. Mario Williams so Mario Williams -- they'll debate between him and Reggie Bush Mario Williams has gotten it done. In detected uniform they just think. That he could be potentially leading in a three year period that he came to take plays off. And it's a pretty good. You know a category you were right behind Mario Williams with 34 and a half sacks. Is Elvis Dumervil who led the league in sacks the Broncos last year now he's obviously I'll put this season. So now -- on the 'cause it's on the edge and not interior line. Watch it Mario Williams and inept first quarter -- -- going against street art in my anguished by the -- we've got a job inept person they do against them. Mowing you know you're looking to -- close poking at practice. Quality -- and this precedent there have been -- smaller -- me he's and I think he's the best in August and you use the attack and look sorry sort of pay it. To which way he had hit it. No he he's a man and he's the kind you know always would joke and say you duplicated that computer. You stereotype linebackers -- -- event like middle linebackers I don't follow it yet is Sam mills his name wouldn't come up no but Yvonne Johnson's name would come up. Look people instead -- NFL at the incident. Now how you want to look physically Mario Williams would with that that's that you it's been well. No question about it now Bobby earlier this week coach -- I think about it child Browns on the work with the with the top units there to get a look at him you think they do this week. Yeah I -- addicted it they they could put him in there to see where he's at NC how -- -- ago. You know could refuse to struggle at times and now I'm not saying going against will submit like huge legal it. You know we kind of joked about it we say here we -- This all American you know UNC type players Charles Brown vs jubilant from Stillman and he went to temple. The Dallas like Stillman would have been you know as he's behind right you know opinion and it just shows an NFL level it don't matter where you 'cause you came from. You know whether it's a house whole college name our colleges never heard that they can find an individual. 5042601870. Toll free 8668890. Rates it would take a great time out coming back. Playoff teams this year who will be the surprise playoff teams in the national football only have won it in Valencia. You think we'll be in the playoffs this season and who do you think insist that before the thing that had their status. In making the roster this season. He's Bobby ain't bad that's okay guys on all pros with the -- in every day here on state radio Obama Saints. On WW. -- It would lose 60187866889. 0878. On the numbers to get involved backed the -- ago. Todd in Madison -- -- this -- could be. Todd Boylan go ahead -- you know and things go to. It's time there and vote. Yeah -- attack. Your -- radio time we got to go away. Oh. Foam broke well I heard of that being gum and I don't know them yet basic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ultimately uses. Lot of words and -- -- -- -- -- time we've we we've sought by the phone care but we appreciate you could go begging the that's that it instead of other thing and you know at the Golan. That -- the position now. If you look at linebackers obviously we talking a dog guys that are competing. For starting jobs that. I've got you know to shape without but he was started out the camp pretty good like -- -- I make it plays that we talk about both big kids on a Wake Forest kind of rich their rookie years I think he was more present any offensive line. In an effort to it is Stanley aren't you know not -- -- -- injured he that we always hurt now and -- have got to have luck with injuries that you don't want to be snake bit. But Stanley articles that guy I know they like to keep around. They -- nothing -- no. Now let me get what you see last year not that no yeah I mean he had his he had a few moments early in training camp -- and obviously when you get injured and he's been out there 8 PM meet as a coach is that you got to move on -- -- -- -- -- Think he's ago at the Texas so I pay what those last two freezing -- That's going to be real important is that -- you know going against the charges in the night animal we got to see it gets an opponent. -- what you could do what about a's teammate too long. While he has gotten better he got off to a slow start in in camp. Chippy -- -- was a little chippy when he tackled. Chris had -- dreadlocks guy you know started a fight here as if he's an aggressive guy he's the one. The I think will pitches I am not saying -- dirty player but on the verge. It's seen them you know tattooed guys come across the middle. And they want him to work out -- you know to be in the mix to get playing time at the opinions in ways that well. He had a big hit on special teams last week yeah yeah you Sadako. Okay but it was that an eleven yard gain but that that fact of the matter realize that come up and hit that guy not a -- Let's go to it's got they -- -- -- bag let's go to I don't I want Todd thank you for calling back we appreciated. Sorry about that guys know prompts on the right he. Aram -- that -- team there is probably Miami's they've made them a pretty big free agent there. I you know what I had -- -- -- I agree with the air about it and all of older veterans that the Jets brought game you know obviously in doing them because their ballclub that. As Duke got a lot of those pieces that they want to pursue both years ago but. Mean when you -- -- ought to be the best receiver in football and I think I think Jimenez is a good quarterback I think people could the league in batting order and I got -- -- they -- -- -- an aggressive aren't all that they've got an aggressive coach I you know our car. Yet I think they did some good things -- -- great. And they get two good running backs make him run that while can't innate you know they've proven that they give him a New England fit with that. You know what I think the Jets the Patriots all the Dolphins one of those three. You don't want them could win the AFC. Did have the arm is not really a sleeper by the Washington not make it to the playoffs something definitely wrong. Yet they think China I guess. You know there's a disappointment. You know considering. You know their fan base as rabid that they won a winner and I think coach Shanahan competed in the -- -- Along with the economy and have and they've -- -- -- -- Dole's underachieving team can we talk about. The Cowboys and their achieving I think the Redskins to look at the talent I mean how they've played. This thing -- or even an 06. And it and that's kind of how their seasons have come about. When they beat the Saints in the superdome. That I and Greg who have been accorded that they willed that team they with the faith in the trenches but aren't there Redskins a lot of teams that. That means they got the talent that he has been under -- And now coach Shanahan and make that might be different. Yeah I want him breed the opening game and there are all -- -- -- weighted -- you can tell that ball credited the chairman and that we are -- different team now -- I'd call it Miami in the AFC and Washington and NFC. We got to tack that thank -- for Carl we appreciate and you don't -- another linebacker before with the caller numbering and -- are -- I'd and you know you want to make -- team in these kind of outsider looking in and he had a special game last year against the Texans and that he water yes Anthony Waters and practice this week may play. Now now he's the guy they got in the middle right now. You know obviously behind. Vilma you've got Marvin Mitchell that he waters is in that makes. If he can make plays and special teams whose. He really made the play the game last year against the Texans as far as there in the red zone act on the goal line native schoolwork. He rushed in there sacked the quarterback and cause the fumble. And this week Anthony Waters made plays that might war yeah -- like because I think a lot of Mario interviewed in this week's yeah. He's still and is going to be Woody hobby picture of an expansion team to be a difference maker. Comin' back will wrap things up to it will Bob -- sports talk Saints can't cover it's 5042601870. Toll free 86688908. Said he. Saints radio here on WW. All right Bob -- them next Bob what's on the children. We're gonna talk to saints' sideline report Christian Derrick Morgan as Saints financially put any stock at all in what the team doesn't pre season. Plus we have a pastor and Florida who is sponsoring September the eleventh a burn the Koran day now does this slate of -- great way to taken mend the fences between -- in the -- have they'd burn the Koran day. All right Bob will be list and -- and I want to thank all the -- -- at the Hampton and suites that would business park if it one pick in mount street in now would. Go to their web site new wall at Hampton in dotcom. All called -- Bible for a 73356. Or six for your next trip in to town to watch this Saints. But OK guys I'm big Bellamy is McCain team can embody a ban on the relay has shown good night people.