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Head Coach Sean Payton Post-game Press Conference

Aug 21, 2010|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton holds a press conference following the New Orleans Saints’ 38-20 victory over the Houston Texans in their second preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just in regards to any injury notes will we'll update you as soon as we know tomorrow it was good to get a win. There's there's still a lot of things that we got to work on we had almost over hundred yards of penalties Snyder ten penalties you know we're struggling covering kicks cover punts a lot of things that that are sloppy that we need to clean up but. Fortunately we still got. More time left and more pre season games to evaluate these guys and questions are what you happy as a -- to -- You know I thought we hit some good temple early on in I was pleased that we -- able to score early you know we came up -- but we did a good job and third downs in the first half. I thought that was important -- pretty good balance. When you when you look at runs and passes and yardage -- were pretty close to 5050. Sean is probably the most extended live action you chase Daniels scene would you like obviously four drives scoring drives. You know what I wanted to do -- is give him. A lot of a lot of reps and try to do the same with Patrick next week when when drew comes out I think it's harder when you. Continues Letterman at some point I just wanted to see how he would do number one with the first offense and how we would. Handle it with the second offense. You know there's there's some good things his job is to move the football score so. To his credit we did that and yet. His job isn't to throw interceptions. In his job isn't to let the play clock run out and the other so there's a lot for him to work on but the repetitions. You really can't simulate. You know for specially quarterback when their lives and so I wanted him to get a lot of stamps and plays in and so they'll be a lot of good tape. For him and that that. That'll be good experience for him. Sean was that your plan to play. In that long yup and then running I didn't know I didn't know when drew were. You know we're just gonna base it on how many snaps in in you know that there was enough right -- drew where I moved him and and then I wanted to see him a lot. Who had the two running backs ivory and PJ how they do. I thought pretty good people with a tape but I thought they. You know there's a couple times they get off the landmarks you know -- -- we took a minus play but I thought they ran hard I thought they. You know there -- some hidden yardage there in -- thought they. -- some good things will see on the on the video. You talk about what Adrian Arrington was able to do I guess for the second pre season game in early may be pleased yet. -- he did he play you know he plays in the basic plays in the nickel he comes in side with the second group he handles. The packages well he knows what to do. But all will look at the tape I thought the big play versus cover two worry caught down the middle defense. You know sparked us you know he's been he's been pretty steady in this camp which is which is a positive. Coach he's. The touchdown you ran Reggie between the tackles in for the touchdown that picking up all of them the power that you've been taught him on him running with more power in the -- cheer them. Dog in a -- a lot of it is similar things we've we've done before so that. From a plate type there's there's there's nothing new you know we just have to have you know you just can't run him outside you have to have balance with with the holes he hits in you know I thought he appear early on did a good job so that wasn't anything different. How would you grade that pat. Woolsey will watch the film and -- -- Lola. We'll -- too long after you guys do. Shawn Shawn. The offensive -- seem like in the first half the first -- got a lot better push this week job I thought LT ball pretty good you know I thought. We protected pretty well -- we had a good mix of run and pass you know I think it's pretty good defense we played just haven't practiced with the now couple days so. I was pleased. How those guys play early on then and certainly we see the tape while which is degraded -- but that we -- pretty good balance and those guys handled the protections well. He -- -- to see improvement in the fundamentals even he says there's some things you still need to clean up did you see the improvement. Yet in some respects I did think we tackled better. I think that. You know the penalties just stick in your your gut the wrong way I mean one series there's there's. You know we've got a third down or off the field personal foul the next play. Those twelve guys on the field the next play you know were or in the neutral zone. And single handedly allow them to move the ball down the field and we get the kicking game fouls in -- mean those of the things it. That tell you that you got a lot of work to do. -- of without having seen the film except the most glaring thing that you that sticks out that the coverage units you know. Every time -- kicking -- for -- you know you're holding your breath right now on the ball comes to fifty and so we go look at who's doing what in in what we're doing and and evaluate that closely the penalties though obviously were when you get into the regular seasonal. We'll kill you mean hundred yards that's that's worth seven points. In regards to yardage so that's not good. Anything else Harry Coleman Al wood's. Comments on the play. Nothing specific we'll see we'll see the tape and get a chance look at it but I I wouldn't have anything specific thing that they got more reps reps later wrong. We'll take a look at the film. Else. They --

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