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Drew Brees Post-Game Press Conference

Aug 21, 2010|

Saints Quarterback Drew Brees offers his post-game comments following the New Orleans Saints’ 38-20 victory over the Houston Texans in their second preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Prior what I can attribute most of last week -- in our young guys didn't their first opportunities and you know first real game action NFL action just just kind of trying to find your rhythm again. Yeah that I'd say that week of practice this week was better than that are we practice. Last week for the Patriots game -- think the temple practice was. Blah -- faster a lot more upbeat. This week fraction against the Texans and was there. So I think that attributed to it as well but that's for the pre seasons forest two work out those kinks and identify young players that you know we're gonna go to help you and you know guys got some pretty significant playing time tonight just like you know chase Daniel and and others and he had an opportunity to some -- shot. He's -- six birdies 50. On six foot -- quarter inch of actually after half an inch taller than them there's this dispute as to whether he's six foot. Really what it is is he's a rookie and we're just gonna get more time. So that's where it is right now I was really proud chase you know he's worked extremely hard. He's. You know as a look throughout this offseason him time and he committed himself. That I only you know preparing himself physically but mentally studying the offense. You know he's he's a competitive guy who's. You know had success despite the odds you know accurate throughout his entire career -- don't -- back high school college and and now. You know to get up you know really -- first -- -- -- a lot of playing time -- pre season. You know -- just. He wins games makes place. Gotta be something she -- that you know despite. The size or whatever everybody else wants to focus on so I've been -- ever before so I Norris but and that's why am I'm proud of them happy form -- You know we just gotta keep him humble. Make him go under again. Drew -- when you're -- it seemed like the offensive line had a blown. Defenders off the ball left and right and creating gaping holes I mean where were you seeing from that unit. Tonight. You know we thought we ran the ball very effectively tonight we we converted some third downs from football. You know that's a great group in front of me and an even as we you know moved on the second group you know they were they were doing the same thing you know we've. We've made that conscious effort to to be very balanced and and obviously feel like we got some pretty good horse threw the football too so. You know when -- -- -- stay balanced mix run in the -- and your -- -- Because you know that opens up some big play opportunities in the past game and then you know and they. When they get scared of that and then you're gonna to handed often and get 567. Yards a pop which seem to be case and I at times. Up pre season has kind of a different mindset than regular season but the crowd seemed to. -- -- -- it tonight -- also those is about a bigger precinct rather seen. Obviously feel excited for football season be back here again as are we. And you know I mean heck even the media gets this nice new hero trying to figure you guys to. But no it's exciting -- back installment yeah see some of the renovations -- -- new locker room. And and then. You know you you -- you get out into the into the element and you know just. Like -- said it was private. Most rowdy pre season crowd ever seen and it just gets excited for your season. For her. Well first of all don't trip over the turf next time maybe but. Just pay its third down try to make a play their completion convert -- changed and then you know we come right back with -- quarterback sneak and very little punch in the end zone so. Kind of bam bam. -- two plays in a row where you're trying to catch them off guard and no more there's been a nice play if you know -- -- in the zone getting open and you know we work on those kind of things a lot so we we try to make it look easy but it's not. Major you talk about the thought process of giving chase that extended periods on what you think about some like that is supposed to maybe a couple series and got tried to do something navy. You know force opens in limited time. -- he has an extended time to be -- good point. Dad. It's tough it's tough. You know when you have four quarterbacks in the pre season just because there's only so many snaps to be taken in. There's definitely you know when you know you're gonna play certainly you feel like okay. I can just can be called -- take the completions taken any throws you just move the chains knowing that. You know -- a -- overtime here you know feel rushed you know I have to make a play after impress. You know and I think that's where you get yourself in trouble so the fact the chase for serious and significant playing time you have to have three quarters of football's was good very good.

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