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Jonathan Vilma Post-game Interview

Aug 21, 2010|

Saints Linebacker Jonathan Vilma addresses the media following the New Orleans Saints’ 38-20 victory over the Houston Texans in their second preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As an appointment system work you know tackling coming off the New England game you guys certainly a look at the film you you guys certainly tackle a lot better. -- -- did a good job of that -- some and I say that though that we improve on matching -- from getting some game experience. Last week against new England and come back. Have some real good practices against the Texans and now being that's a second pre season game we're really game -- something. Guys you guys don't rest -- you'll -- -- at all council working you guys get better what what has happened these guys get ready for the regular season. Our -- The last thing when the penalties that that killed especially defensively. And we had entered counties in a row cost us the touchdown things like that -- you're trying to make that that that make ticket kicking game to make that -- unit. We can't have those. You guys a battle pretty good against Houston's offense match up they led the league in passing yards last year and in of course Philip Rivers coming to town and San Diego next week. Well that's -- like -- like to challenge one of phase two quarterbacks we've faced by one of the best quarterbacks right now on the league in two threes every day so. You know we we we appreciate that coaches Julius he's -- challenges against equipment -- sound a lot next regard.

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