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Bobby Hebert, Post-Game Commentary

Aug 21, 2010|

Bobby Hebert offers his post-game commentary following the New Orleans Saints’ 38-20 victory over Houston Texans in their second preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

1000 impressed with at the start of the game there was that three and out and we could head back to back three and outs against the Texans. If not a silly penalties and I'm I'm not I know was questionable would you look at it. We have flag and a personal followed by Hargrove. You know shop to guard -- went to seven yards but you know third and eleven big -- seven yards simply would have forced the punt but Hargrove got -- penalties so really. Going against the number afford even -- offense and NFL and one passing attack he could've forced three and outs and that's really how you won a starting game. But this is outstanding the in the game's all said and done. You know to get it down as to get it done efficiency but third down -- agency. -- going to be about party and have present we were eight of 1650%. It is incredible on third down defense and efficiency you know if you run 32%. That's -- as good as against the NFL they're only converted one of eight. So 13%. And you talk about the office total net yards Portland nine yards and I'm impressed with is that defense. Holding detect since on the 300 yards -- the pre season game. And that's impressed and he gave up 200. 91 yards but but this is ridiculous. And coach -- address this you look kickoff returns at five. Of 197. So if you look against the Patriots. And now against the Texans just their kick off coverage unions in now allowed 334. Yards. I mean we are getting gassed a big -- get an average of 33 point four by Whelan. 52 yards. Tonight Slaton went to 63 yards the start the second half than John singles the 55 yards. I mean you know the moratorium against them but human in special teams meeting. No you cannot afford to do that because a lot like another area -- -- emphasized penalties. You know anytime you're around a hundred yards and we had nine in 97. That's like given up seven points and you -- but few position also it when you given up like a hundred yards plus. I mean that's that that's points 334 yards and two gains you almost talking about. You know fourteen to seventeen points of that that's definitely areas the have to be addressed abilities Daniel. Was outstanding take advantage of his opportunity fifteen to 213. Touchdown they had the one interception. And with the Dallas Clark it was a -- thing you know we seem drew -- the Dallas Clark. And is sensitive practice so. Overall trees then -- outstanding given it taken advantage of his opportunity. Now you might you know call anything it was chase Daniel an element to nothingness -- case witnesses his game and his opportunity. And I wouldn't be surprised I think is going to be decay is going to is that charges UC Drew Brees started Patrick Ramsey basically haven't. The same type. As far as playing time and roll like cheese and -- -- tonight. As you know Patrick Ramsey mean get in the game -- looking at the rushing attack Reggie Bush was outstanding. Seven yards a carry I thought he was running hard and that -- when a touchdown. Chris ivory was running hard now he didn't have quite is gonna average like he'd -- last week at five yards per attempt. Tonight he had twenty carries to six yards. By 3.3 average with PJ hill. That's a nice run six attempts 32 yards five point. Three yard average overall you know good balance you know running -- passing purple ball Adrian Arrington again. You know -- canal which is Daniel. In the number three catches 71 yards 23 yard average this is like every stint Arrington has been in the Saints uniform -- pre season. When healthy he always see him average at least you know twenty yards per reception. By Pierre Thomas who look to catches. 38 yards now he ran the ball seventh -- 24. But human discreetly as good as anyone. In NFL we've seen that in the playoffs last year a big part of the things getting in and film. -- perfectly executed outstanding blocks. About -- Carl nicks -- David Thomas Zach Strief not a Big -- in touch but he said of the blocks well. It was a with the Nittany and they'll leading tackler is a -- July and Dunbar. A but he was active with six total tackles and a wanted to plays of the game kind of set the tone also Will Smith who ended up with three tackles he had a big. You know forced fumble and then also the beginning to gain Sedrick Ellis you know we can get their push of the middle about the tackles he -- would have big sack. I think we'll have success again after the quarterback. You know will submit our wherever it is on the other side whether it's of Alex Brown. What does -- will -- then when has Bobby McCray. Doping get a push and attack of the stars in the past and down that's gonna come abuses Cedric Ellis. Came up -- a big sack and a special teams tackles begin. In all goes back in a trust factor in that recovered a fumble. When training holiday on that front the end of leading the team with three special teams tackles. -- -- young guys you got to step up. And I'm looking at the want to are making the tackle. You know you're supreme Alou Troy Evans Courtney Roby and it was the backs and last year. The top two tackles on special teams they on this list as being pierce and -- Alou with three legacy an acorn it rolled in with the law and so still the jury's out who's gonna be to youngsters and players of the contribute. Because we have a ways to go on physical courage and I know -- -- court but it was his opponent and kick off coverage and the penalties.

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