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Junior Galette Post-game Interview

Sep 2, 2010|

Saints Defensive End Junior Galette addresses the media following the New Orleans Saints’ 27-24 loss to the Tennessee Titans in their fourth and final preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I do you feel like gum you've done enough so far to to make this roster harsher light among. From so far away from us most -- attitude I have in my -- I'm convinced that I'll right now I'm not on the roster or. As far as like that like the approach I take to desist you know. Each and -- get comfortable who -- -- -- -- government enough crucial to the coach that I belong on the Portuguese team conflict are really of the Kamal phoned. This Thursday and you -- just stands out -- just be the guy when you watch the film relay won't. There's no we can let him go to another team because is gonna come back on us that's the guy wanna be so this was an -- for like I'm -- mom I'm not come across well. And and I'm just on to starving and I'm just fluctuates Thursday. Given the magnitude of the game do you guys and you know the guys that are fighting for the roster spots as any extra added pressure knowing that this that could be it. There's there's never any new -- is this full boar and lose you gotta realize that this is just. The game only is our view of the day it's a game you guys immunology need to plead his god give me the ability -- his wonderful game in week. Once we knew people so -- not it there was failure of Tim Thomas -- plane. For the Saints and -- played with a one of the teams who -- -- job interview and soon sold was not also like this is this is the you know things were. You know government things weren't were. Not to work out with -- the same -- really don't feel like is -- a select I have the talent and then the -- Not came -- a lot of shots stood to play in this league and they've been as we're gonna say is everything -- syndrome wasn't whenever you start losing one day at a time. Where have you gotten better from day one of training camp and now I'll wrap up pre season everywhere. There's fewer as far as my game has been polished a true light you know nicely done. Know a lot of I -- rock Arkansas say -- so muscle that I am enough already enough relax and be. Oh domino effect loosely who as far as right now on the scene one day at a time and just listen and do better. -- anything that's his first. Four months and neagle or is any in the league which is mentioning their playbook in no one imbedded -- you know even but it is just. Sarcasm being known embedded in -- -- to -- genius and he. And as they you know hopefully will play the mega loses -- there media these middle linebacker both. There's probably one filling of a wanna be that -- -- wanna be in this league that I have to. -- -- playbook and changes sought to play so much -- and junior thanks a time MS luck against Titans and at Dublin's.

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