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Chase Daniel Post-game Interview

Sep 2, 2010|

Saints Quarterback Chase Daniel addresses the media following the New Orleans Saints’ 27-24 loss to the Tennessee Titans in their fourth and final preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

TC ledger you know scored drives started the second half discussion thoughts on how you thought you played in if you feel good about making -- final roster. You know thought of the grew -- it's. You know we just we stalled a little bit there and into the third quarter beginning of the fourth I believe on. But two or three drives penalties hurt hurt us in and even as he's gonna get that fixed put -- you know just. Did you know we we had a chance to get an iron to ten scoring and driving. Me it was maybe like four -- drive and and scoring and partied until he. Gives the ball on the 37 years ago and then there we I think we get that down by the 1012 yard line on -- -- -- with one last play and you know unless interceptions started -- managed to get you gotta make a play on fourth down seven seconds left on the clock come. You don't really -- the final announcements and you know some more counterfeit remark that that last play it was -- just you know you really have -- -- to defend deployment. Yeah I mean it's its fourth fourth and two I mean he he was over for a split second best let's open and then. In the NFL you know sold the -- my -- and a that he just. Got to try and make about destroy guess but I mean as for the -- Utah to play game lines. You know there are doing about that just. So all of I think he crumbles and pass as a coach is that he is any indication on whether it. Just no no clue. So willful way to find out outside and the -- What's it going to be like -- -- next 24 hours waiting to get the word fun and if you made it and I'm fassel go about you know everything that's -- on here so are other played well my three pre season game there playing and showed a lot of good thought there but I moved the ball that I can play in the NFL I can make all the -- needed so -- The students chased him some time let's look to cut from thanks.

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