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WWL>Topics>>Roman Harper Post-game Interview

Roman Harper Post-game Interview

Sep 2, 2010|

Saints Safety Roman Harper addresses the media following the New Orleans Saints’ 27-24 loss to the Tennessee Titans in their fourth and final preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Roma coach Payton decided to rest several starters tonight for you know next week's season opener against Minnesota -- talk about the import some kind of by healthy you guys are pretty healthy football team going into. Next -- We you have all your bullets you -- next week really kicks off the season -- -- all -- and we will have everybody healthy and everybody. Excuse thereby we can we need to have not had planned we will need all of whom you know. It's going to be a big game exciting game and -- play in seven days so we gotta get ready so -- does feel like you're ready you know with the starters. But you know we still got some work to do on the go look at this room tonight hopefully get some things corrected. That's always good to look at some of it's on the film and see -- the little things aren't. How teams are attacking us and you know and Minnesota's was get this film too so they're gonna look at we gotta do is just to make some plays a little bit better and it's always go to Columbia are right that we got a long way to go to be an established that are honest team is -- season the guys you form friendships with possibly. -- leave the team through -- -- -- touchdown cut downs loom on Saturday always in Minnesota you know some bad part about this this whole league in this and if so zone you know it as far as things gonna happen every year and it goes afternoon you know. Where were really tight knit group the defense of backs especially. No so great room and they that we got everybody cares bites of ago you know hug him joke around each other -- we all do build relationships have. A lot of times you know and because it cut and and they've gone and hopefully that figure picked up by somebody else because it's very talented team but because saying Thomas for the game. These guys self gonna get back at the bit then game week for the first time since February incidental. Yemen in Austin you don't you think about you have just come off time off and -- vacuuming and getting going and thereby be out there and I know that the Dole's going to be rocking on Thursday and I'm really excited about it. Roma face a top percent think.

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